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Published by Halston Media, 2019-08-29 12:20:34

The Katonah-Lewisboro Times 08.29.19

VOL. 2 NO. 24 Visit for the latest news. THURSDAY, AUGUST 29, 2019

Work ‘finally’ begins
on 684 in Katonah

BY TOM BARTLEY run-down roadway between Route 35 and

CONTRIBUTING WRITER Harris Road. at stretch, roughly a mile

and a half to two miles of heavily traveled

e long-sought state resurfacing of interstate, has long drawn criticism from

I-684 in Katonah, a stretch of pavement public o cials, private citizens and rst

crumbling under a half-century’s relent- responders as unsafe and long overdue for

less pounding of cars and trucks, quietly resurfacing.

became a reality this week. is week’s start of that work capped a

Without the fanfare that routinely ac- frustrating, two-decade e ort by Bedford

companies major public works projects, to prod the state into action. In the cam-

signs went up on the interstate last week paign, hundreds of residents petitioned

announcing the scheduled start of work Albany, demanding attention to the road’s

this past Monday, Aug. 26. Bedford Su- defects, and the Town Board repeatedly

pervisor Chris Burdick, who for years has and formally called for the same thing.

PHOTO COURTESY OF “A FISH STORY” pressured the state Department of Trans- At least twice the town was assured that

Sam Roberts used his life as inspiration to write “A Fish Story.” portation (DOT) to make the needed money for the rehab was on the way only

Healing hearts repairs, said in a statement that the work to see that funding siphoned o by higher

could be completed,weather permitting,by priority projects elsewhere. e abrupt

late November or early December. reversals burned Burdick. In 2017, he re-

Burdick was not available to discuss the members, the supervisor had proudly an-

‘A Fish Story’ returns years after its repaving last week, but in his weekly news- nounced the state’s commitment then was
Bedford Playhouse debut
letter, the supervisor said he was “thrilled” left “with egg on my face”when the money

by the state’s action. was diverted.

A DOT spokesperson, Heather M. Perhaps recalling such abrupt shifts in

Pillsworth, con rmed the project’s start DOT priorities, politicians were posi-

BY HELU WANG movie he made, aptly named “A Fish Story.” in an email late last week. “Paving will be tively low key this time as an I-684 over-
STAFF WRITER For him, making the lm was therapy,
done at night and require lane closures, haul at last became a reality. Ordinarily, a
Sam Roberts wishes he could sh with and he’s hoping it will feel like therapy for
his father just one more time. anyone in the audience who’s ever dealt with starting with the northbound center and multi-million-dollar highway restoration is
Although he knows it could never hap- left lanes,”she said. worthy of trumpets and breathless press re-
pen—his father died 1986—Roberts’mem- SEE FISH PAGE 9
ories of these special times are preserved in a At an estimated cost of more than $9 leases. In this case, though the rehab work

million, Morano Brothers Corp. (Cro- had already hit DOT’s drawing boards by

ton-on-Hudson) has been contracted to SEE 684 PAGE 4
ll potholes, repair cracks and repave the

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pg 10-11


684 “Finally— nally— we are Sent last ursday, Aug. 23, Scott, in his Facebook posting, majority of its cement nish and
going to be able to pave this,” two days after a reporter’s query thanked “everyone who made texture thereby reducing friction.”
FROM PAGE 1 Bedford Councilman Don Scott about Scott’s Facebook post, the enough noise, and I do mean we Less friction means drivers have
announces in the video, shot be- email credited a handful of state had to make some noise, to get less control of their vehicles.
May, been put out to bid by June side the busy interstate, its tra c legislators with nding the mil- this road taken care of.”
and had contracts negotiated thundering in the background. lions to pay for highway repairs. In November, Burdick sum-
weeks ago, the o cial channels “Construction will begin in just Indeed, concerned residents moned regional DOT o cials,
of communication remained a couple of weeks,” he says in the ey included two Westchester and elected o cials have been including Lance MacMillan,
markedly silent. Aug. 19 posting. senators, Peter Harckham of Ka- making noise for some 20 years. director of the agency’s Pough-
tonah and Shelley Mayer of Yon- But over the past year and a half, keepsie district o ce, to a meet-
It fell instead to Facebook to By contrast, Pillsworth, kers, and Assemblyman David some local voices were growing ing with the Town Board as well
make the community aware— DOT’s regional information of- Buchwald of White Plains. more insistent. as the area’s Albany lawmakers,
and give motorists at least some and an in-person presentation by
advance notice—that the grad- cer, only con rmed the repav- Asked last week about their Dean Pappas was chief of the Nardone of his roadway studies.
ers and pavers were on their way ing in a terse, one-paragraph ability to pry loose the needed Katonah Volunteer Fire Depart-
to x the troubled road. email. money—normally an open invi- ment in spring 2018 when he e supervisor, backed by
tation to political chest thump- warned that the unsafe interstate the board and legislators, urged
FOR RENT ing—both senators, through put more than his re ghters in DOT to make I-684’s repair a
Heritage Hills press aides, had nothing to say. jeopardy. In a letter to Buchwald, “must-do” project.
Each promised future informa- he noted that the department’s
1 BEDROOM/1.5 BATH, 960 SQ. FT. tion, perhaps as early as this week. heavy re and EMS vehicles In a February resolution, the
$2300/MO. PLUS Security Deposit had to lower their speed to navi- board unanimously implored
Such a close-mouthed ap- gate what he called ird World local lawmakers to “include suf-
Non-Negotiable, 1 Year Lease Minimum proach could suggest that politi- conditions on I-684. at slowed
cians, having been once burned response times, he said, adding to cient funds in the New York
Max Occupancy: 2 • No Pets by DOT, are twice cautious when the peril of anyone caught up in State budget for the long over-
Renter Pays Water Usage, Electric,Telephone/Wireless/Cable it comes to heralding highway the emergency. due repair of this dangerous
projects. stretch” of highway. But when
Optional: Alarm System Activation A few months later, in Sep-
e lawmakers appear to prefer tember, Peter Nardone, a Ka- scal 2020’s spending plan went
• 4 Steps • Private One Car Garage • Washer/Dryer • Full Eat-In Kitchen • works clearly in progress. Mayer, tonah resident and professional into e ect April 1, none of its
• Granite Countertops • Stainless Appliances • Electric Full Oven & Microwave • for example, was out with a press engineer, continued the citizen $175 billion had been earmarked
• Open Floor Plan • Terrace • Gym/Outdoor Pool Access • Central Air/Heat • release last month announcing a drumbeat. In a letter to DOT for Katonah’s troubled road.
million-dollar repaving of Cen- o cials, he detailed the speci c
To apply, email [email protected] tral Park Avenue in Yonkers. But hazards inherent in the highway’s Still, as Burdick addressed the
All applications MUST be faxed to 914.232.0227 her news ash came more than a worn pavement. annual Katonah Forum in May,
month after the work had begun he expressed cautious hope that
and only weeks before its sched- Insisting a high-friction as- repaving work might yet take
uled completion phalt overlay was “urgently re- place this year. It appears now
quired,” Nardone pointed out, that the supervisor clearly was
Buchwald, for his part, also is- among other things, that the ex- correct about the work; it re-
sued no formal bulletin but did isting pavement, poured in 1969, mained unclear going into this
provide, in response to a query, was “worn down and has lost the week just how the state is paying
the $9.2 million price tag. for it.

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Paper Trail Alone with my thoughts

Ilove paper. Lined paper, blank paper, of my daily activities. As an adult, I gave up This weekend I’m reporting rst interview with the company
notecards, stationery, and stick-on notes. keeping a diary and instead, I have a calendar to you from sunny Belmar, 39 years ago, I stressed how easy it
As long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed to keep track of my activities and classes and New Jersey. I know every would be to replace me. And the

inch of this small shore town that company, realizing what a valu-

walking up and down the writing deadlines, as well as a booms with able asset that

aisles in o ce supply stores day planner with big boxes to summer rentals. is, hired me on

and back-to-school displays READING, write down my daily accom- I’ve been com- MAN the spot. Since
WRITING & ing here now
to admire all of the wonder- plishments. “Good stories in OVERBOARD then they have
ful varieties of ledgers and CHOCOLATE my ction writing class this
for a summer RICK never been able
folders and index cards. KIM morning! Drove to the post weekend for the MELÉN to nd anyone as
last 25 years, easily replaceable
Years ago, old fashioned KOVACH o ce, did grocery shopping

o ce supply stores were and walked two miles with by myself. It’s as me, and thus

a treasure trove of leather my neighbor!” a great chance they have never

ledgers and journals and desk I save special cards sent by to recharge my replaced me.

accessories. In the olden days, people took their family and friends. Holiday cards, birthday batteries and be alone with my My hotel is right across from

desk accessories seriously. Elaborate matching cards and thank you cards are valued, especially thoughts for a couple days. You the beach, and the minute I park

desk sets included fancy letter openers, pencil if the sender took the time to write a per- should try it, and if you want to, my car in a GREAT space on

holders, fountain pens and leather trimmed sonal message inside. I have a box of drawings you can be alone with your own Tenth Avenue 12 drivers in a row

desk blotters. Once in a while an ornate desk and cards from my young students that have thoughts instead of mine. Why pull up next to me and ask me

set will appear on Antiques Roadshow, some- sentimental value, too. I also hold onto miscel- haven’t you done this already? when I’m leaving. I’m used to that

times made by Ti any. laneous articles of interest, recipes, old address Because when you mentioned question from my old girlfriend’s

As a tween, I received a new diary every books (my friend, Ellen, wins the prize for the that you were thinking of taking Mom so it doesn’t bother me.

Christmas. Each pink or red leather diary was most address changes) and envelopes of di er- a weekend for yourself in Belmar ere aren’t many hotels around

lled with clean lined pages waiting for my ent sizes. your wife’s eyes lit up thinking of here and this is a quirky place in-

inner thoughts to be expressed. “Victor walked My desk drawer contains an assortment of the peace and quiet, the freedom deed. ere is no smoking allowed

next to me on the way to the lunchroom black, red and blue pens, colored pencils, mark- to do what she wants when she inside any of the rooms, which all

today!!” Some of the diaries had gold edges ers, a stapler, scotch tape, yellow sticky notes, wants, not having to deal with all smell like smoke as if they were

on the pages, others had a special tiny key to paper clips, postage stamps, scissors and a ruler. your disgusting habits (you really burning parts of the Amazon

keep prying eyes from reading my inner secrets. Of course I have lots of writing paper on the need to clean up your act). You’re jungle in there. ere may be other

“Victor said, ‘Hop on’ and gave me a ride on his shelf of the small bookcase next to my desk. To thinking that there’s a slim chance policies that are loosely enforced,

mini bike today!!” this day, I still enjoy back to school shopping to that the place could function but I don’t care because I’m right

I was the kind of kid who loved writing to replenish my supply of white and yellow lined without you. across from the beach.

pen pals. If I met a friendly girl by the hotel writing pads, pocket folders in a variety of pri- It’s the same reason that many In the afternoon I pedaled my

pool on summer vacation, I would exchange mary colors, envelopes, and sticky notes. I like Americans won’t take time o bike over to Point Pleasant to see

addresses with her and then add her to my pen to wander up and down the aisles at Staples work to go on vacation. It’s if the place lived up to its name.

pal list. Of course that meant I needed lots of or Target to purchase a fresh batch of manila because they are afraid that the As I crossed the Manasquan River

stationery. I loved selecting colorful stationery folders, a new ream of printer paper and pastel company will realize how easy I noticed a sign that said “Bridge

with matching envelopes. My favorite statio- colored index cards. I always make sure that I it is to get along without them, Freezes Before Road.” I couldn’t

nery as a young letter writer had white pages have extra pens for my writing class students! and they will become expendable. help wondering, how much be-

with blue edges and a blue swirly script letter Kim Kovach enjoys Post-it notes of all sizes. Re- e day that your company hired fore? Is this something I should be

“K” in the left hand corner. I still have one member to sign up for morning and evening adult you they began the long process worrying about in August? Some-

sheet of that special stationery that I saved in writing classes for the fall at the Pound Ridge of eventually replacing you with body felt it was important enough

the back of my desk drawer. Library beginning Tuesday, Sept. 10, 6:30 p.m., somebody younger and smarter to put the sign up, so I used ex-

And calendars! I love calendars—the kind and Tuesday, September 17, 10:30 a.m. kimko- that they can pay less money to. treme caution. I parked my bike at

with beautiful landscape photos or photos of Most people don’t understand SEE MELEN PAGE 7

cows or just with big boxes to write down all that, but I do. When I went for my

BRETT FREEMAN, PUBLISHER 2 Letters to the editor and op-ed submissions may be edited. The views
JODI WEINBERGER, EDITOR TRACKS and opinions expressed in letters and op-eds are not necessarily those
TABITHA PEARSON MARSHALL, PRODUCTION MANAGER of Katonah-Lewisboro Times or its affiliates. Submissions must include a
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Editorial Office: (914) 302-5830 SOMERS, NY 10589 necessarily be published. Letters and op-eds which cannot be verified or
Fax: 914-617-8508 are anonymous will not be published. Please send your submissions to
[email protected] ©2018 HALSTON MEDIA, LLC
the editor by e-mail at [email protected]
For more information, call the editor at (914) 302-5830


MELEN her in Ta ebnlanneksseeteanAdveunsuhee.redChLeIrPPmEveeR, “gCiMralsnAcyoGomuAetaZokvIeeNroaEunrdpiacstkuerde?” WALLAUERS Area: 00100-08-19 Rockland
out to
FROM PAGE 6 After enjoying the sunshiPnreoof Releeyahsaend me their phone. “Of Account #: 333992 Mail Week: 08/19/2019

the bike stand and parked myself all day I like to go sboamnde.wIht’esAriepmp-rovctheoiusBrtsyhe!i:nWg0?7hI/e2rteo2ui/sc1ht9htehFe -ssidtoepoof n Ad #: 4379539.INDD This ad is the property of CLIPPER MAGAZINE and
at the tiki bar. Point Pleasant did at night that has a
live up to its name, it was both Kimberly Scappaticci duced. Please review your proof carefully. CLIPPER
pleasant and pointy. I ordered a responsible for any error not marked.
frozen margarita. At the tiki bar portant to support live musCico,notarct yotuhr eAcpchouonnt eSearnvidcenCoowordtihnaetocra: mera is phone: 9149484000
margaritas freeze before both the you’re going to be left with thSattaceyfaAcicnkgetormwaarnds me. I hit another COUPON PLACEMENT MAY CHANGE PRIOR
road and the bridge, so I used ema8il:[email protected]•u7e1r9.cRomte;. D6,[email protected], NaoYl.c10o5m41 •
more extreme caution. fax: -
crap that they play at restauraTneatsm: Ebu3tton by mistake which takes
ere was a minor dust-up that mistakenly consider themph-one: m71y7p-i6c6tu3r-e41a1n9d sends it to all of
when a seagull took a tern for selves trendy, where they playema ail: [email protected]“Smorry about that,” TAKE $25 OFF
Your next service call
tiny part of a song over and ofavxe:r 717I-3s5a8y-,2“6b0u3t if it’s any consolation

and over with a lot of reverbSaalnesdRepm: yJehfafiAr slotoorks better than it usu-
a catchy beat, and then they just ally looks at the shore.”

the worse and ew in the side get bored and stop, and play a ASPPuRnOdVaEyYOaUrrRivAeDsObRefSoUrBeMIITkCnHoAwNGES BY CLICKING THEMAePnPtRioOnPaRdIAfToErBdUisTcTOoNunAtB. OEVxEpiOrResSSIGeNptY.O2U0R, 2P0R1O9OF & FAX TO THE NUMBER A
window, scaring the crap out of di erent part of a di erent song titim. Ite’sI❑awlmaAkdoesistuacpphp,resoocvekpd-rooubtatbimlyeaby
everybody and almost causing an that has no substance. ❑ Ad is approved with changes ❑ Ad is not approved make changes indicated
alcohol-related tragedy, me spill-
ing my margarita. It reminded Tonight’s band was in ne lot has happened before I know
me of when we were walking on
form. ey played, “Shut Up it. I guess I’m done recharg-
and Dance,” which my wife ingSIGNATURE my batteries because I used DATE PRINT NAME

the Atlantic City Boardwalk and always loves to dance to. She my phone, my iPod, my radio

my sister Anne started feeding always feels the need to stress and my laptop so much that

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she doesn’t discriminate, and band yells noisily, “MAKE thoughts don’t seem to want to

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ing an act of charity because it’s too speci c, so I make some of
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What’s happening Nextdoor?

BRUCE free to use, and bills itself as “the Nextdoor—is nowhere more Nextdoor lists a set of beliefs and forth about whether a senior
THE BLOG world’s largest social network for evident than when someone will that ends with “We believe that citizen was a hero or a nuisance
the neighborhood.” ask not for an opinion, but for a amazing things can happen by for spray-painting lines on a town
BRUCE mundane fact, like, “Does anyone just talking with the people next road to warn motorists of what he
APAR STUDIES IN SOCIOLOGY know what time it is now?” door.” at’s a worthy sentiment, deemed danger spots.
Forums of social media like for sure.
Once upon a time, we’d at example is meant to be e well-meaning, if transgres-
go next door to borrow Nextdoor also are studies in a joke, of course, but it’s also not e platform is well designed, sive, gent was charged with a
a cup of sugar from a sociology. Given their druthers, as far from the truth as it at rst with its user interface cleanly and misdemeanor for painting gra ti
neighbor. many people today would sooner sounds. Social media neighbors clearly organized. on public property, so, in the eyes of
ask a neighbor for an opinion on sooner will ask each other such the law at least, a hero he is not.
In these times, we go Nextdoor. a pediatric dentist than Google things as what time a store closes, You can follow or start a topic
It’s news to no one that something like “best dentists for where responses may or may not for discussion; start or join a group; I don’t have an opinion to share
Facebook is a virtual village green children near me.” At the least, be accurate, rather than go to here on this colorful community
where people trade recommenda- they’ll do both. Google, where the answer, readily nd goods and services for sale contretemps, but I do look forward
tions (“We love their spaghetti found on the store’s own web- or for free; see which stores and to the Nextdoor thread that has
squash so much we asked for the Likewise, we’d sooner ask site, presumably is 100 percent services your neighbors have voted people debating this incident’s
recipe, so it doesn’t cost as much people in our orbit what they accurate. as favorites; and invite people to “copycat crime”of someone saying
to enjoy it!”) and condemnations thought of the new Marvel events or meetings. they knocked down mailboxes on
(“Waiting 30 minutes for a table superhero movie than rely on a WARM RESPONSES OVER their block to protect their neigh-
is intolerable, and we even lied professional lm critic (which COLD BOTS ere’s a pet directory where you bors from receiving unwanted junk
by insisting we had a reservation. explains why they are a vanishing can list your furry friend, to meet mail.
You can’t trust anyone nowa- breed). In a world gone tech-tonic, up with other owners; a handy
days!”). with digital devices diminishing map and a listing to show which Talk about “going postal.”
Now, there’s, In the evolving vernacular of and devaluing physical interac- of your immediate neighbors are
one of the newest online com- social media, the meaning of the tion, it’s hardly surprising that using Nextdoor; tips from public Bruce “ e Blog” Apar is a writer,
munities that, I’ve noticed, has word “neighbor” has expanded. folks favor the warmth of a agencies such as the Postal Service; publicist, actor, and civic volunteer.
been gaining traction locally. I It increasingly implies not only response cloaked in humanity and a blog of “inspiring stories of He is sole proprietor of regional
also noticed, after some digging, people on your block, but just over the cold mechanics of a bot neighbors coming together.” marketing agency APAR PR. He is
it’s very well nanced, so it has about anybody in your town dutifully delivering “Just the facts, the ghostwriter for new ForbesBooks
the potential of staying power. It’s who’s part of the social media ma’am,” as Sgt. Friday used to say GRIPING OVER STREET title, “Fisch Tales: e Making of a
thread you’re following. We can on ancient TV show “Dragnet.” GRAFFITI Millennial Baby Boomer,” by Bob
be virtual neighbors with some- Fisch, now available at Amazon,
one on the screen even if we aren’t If you haven’t already “gone” I came across a couple of WalMart, Barnes & Noble,Target,
literal neighbors with them on Nextdoor, you should check it interesting threads recently on and other online bookstores. Follow
the street. out. NextDoor that stood out to me, him as Bruce e Blog on social
and actually inspired my writing media. Reach him at [email protected]
e social appeal of meeting Under what is labeled “Our this column. or 914-275-6887.
places—whether Facebook or Manifesto” (an odd word choice),
On one discussion I happened
upon, neighbors were jawing back

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FISH a cabin for his family, but died before it Somers High School PTSA - Class of 2020
was nished. e regret of not getting to Proudly Serves Up
FROM PAGE 1 enjoy his father’s “heaven on earth” cabin The SHS 1st Annual
with him inspired Roberts to write the
“What a gift if you can change the bro- movie.
ken hearts and give them a reason to look
forward,”Roberts said. “I truly believe at that moment my fa-
ther was saying to me ‘stop wishing about
e movie, a story about loss and love, the past and start living your life. You’ll
will return to town this ursday, seven be nothing if you hang on to the past’,”
years after its debut at the Bedford Play- Roberts said.
house. e lm features Roberts’family and
some local residents. To match the surrounding scenery of
his father’s cabin, Roberts, who’s original-
Longtime Katonah resident Patrick ly from Canada, went back to his home
Collins, who plays the role of a sheri suf- country and spent two years scouting a
fering from the misconception that he left lakeside site. He found the perfect cabin,
his best friend to die, is one of them. Hav- matched the topography, and shot the
ing performed in over 30 movies, Collins movie on 35mm lm to give the audience
said “A Fish Story” was di erent from any the “look and feel” of the real site.
other movie he’s done.
Roberts moved to Bedford more than
“ e experience is so unique,” Collins two decades ago, and was glad to see his
said. “It’s a collaborative work and con-
nected with so many people.” rst movie come back to the community,
where he raised his kids, coached base-
e lm was shot in Lac-Sainte-Ma- ball and connected with many families.
rie, a remote town in Canada. e lming
involved many people in the town, who e lm’s debut raised over $40,000 for
o ered their places up for locations and a local grief-counseling center. Over the
helped build sets. years, Roberts said the movie has won
17 awards, including best lm, best actor
e main setting, a cabin, was pre- and a writer’s award.
served as “Sam’s Cabin.” Years later, the
town also built a podium to honor the “One thing I always feel about the
movie. movie, is that in a very special way it
touches people’s hearts,” Roberts said.
e movie is an homage to Roberts’
father, who spent a lot of time building

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• Only 1/4 mile from 684 exit 6. • Only 1 block from the Katonah Join us at this exciting fundraiser in support of the Class of 2020

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Ed and Joyce Lannert with Lucille Naughton

KMA Bloc



Billy Furbert, Katonah resident, Alex
and Greg Connors run the siste
Salsa Fresca truck at the dinn

Ofri and David Felder are celebrating their 40th anniversary at the Block Party Maria Nikitin with Gerald and Kathy Fuhrmann

ck Party Newman and
Katonah Museum of Art hosted a block party Beth James
on Aug. 22 with singer songwriter Foxanne. welcome
Museum goers socialized with good music and everyone
food and crafts for kids and drinks for the adults and serve up
from Gristmill Distillers. some drinks.

Sheila and Joe McSpedon and
Evelyn Tapani-Rosenthal

x Brown, 7, and her Stephanie Perell, her mom
er Reagan, 5, got their Nan, and Graham Agee
ner from the Salsa
sca truck

Samantha Andrus, 10, and
her sister Kaitlyn

Jean Sheff,
Vida Foubister,
Rita Landman
and Executive
Director Michael

Gitlitz get the
party started.

Diana, Elena
and Tara
Phethean listen
to the band.


Emotional fortitude critical to school success

STRONG you haven’t met my daughter. that there is a connection think about this. Are you put- little confused as to what is
LEARNING She’s entering ninth grade and between high intelligence and ting undue pressure on your going on around them or they
to be honest with you, even emotionally healthy students. daughter to do well in school? have di culty quickly under-
DR. LINDA though she’s intelligent enough Do you get angry when she standing the nuances of what
SILBERT to get all A’s, I’m not optimistic Emotionally and socially doesn’t do well on a test? Do is being said to them. Others
about high school. healthy students have many at- you ground or punish her when have a nonverbal disorder that
Dear Dr. Linda, tributes that help them succeed. she gets bad grades? Are you a stops them from learning cues to
After reading your column I had her tested for ADD Among those attributes are perfectionist seeking to make social and physical interactions.
and ADHD but have been told knowing how to manage their your child perfect? Does your
last year, I, too, went out and that she doesn’t have either behavior well. ey have good daughter feel responsible for ose children need language
bought boxes, bins, baskets and one. I feel she has some kind coping skills. ey know how your happiness? Do you live in and strategies to understand
a hole punch. And it did help, of emotional problem because to deal with social issues and a high-pressure area, e.g., an what is happening around them.
because I was able to organize she has one meltdown after relationships. Plus, they seem to area where students are expect-
my daughter’s school papers. another. I really feel that if we make good decisions. Are they ed to get into top-tier colleges, Are you sure your child does
But it didn’t help her because can stop these meltdowns, she’d born with these attributes or are and your daughter feels she can’t not have a reading, writing or
she had one meltdown after be ne. they taught? Probably, both, but keep up? If you said yes to any math disability? Are you sure
another in spite of having it actually doesn’t matter. What of these scenarios, think about your daughter hears everything?
everything organized. Concerned Mom matters is that if a school-aged what you can do to remediate Some children miss things and
Dear Concerned Mom, child (not a 2- or 3-year-old) the situation. become frustrated because they
Now, you’re recommending has continuous meltdowns, physically don’t hear it. Any one
metacognition. You suggest that For a child to achieve in something is wrong. As a par- Next, are you sure that your of these can cause high anxiety
I help my daughter think about school, it is not solely depen- ent, your job is to learn why this child does not have a physical or in a child which, in turn, can
what she’s thinking about! I dent on intelligence or aptitude. is happening and how to help learning disability that has not lead to meltdowns.
agree, that’s a good idea, but Years of research have shown your child develop strategies for been diagnosed? Many children
that emotional fortitude as well dealing with it when it happens. have language-processing issues Finally, many children,
as well developed social skills that make them constantly a including pre-school-aged chil-
are critical to school success. In To begin with, as a parent, dren, have meltdowns because
fact, some studies have shown they can’t articulate their needs
(hungry, tired, etc.) and don’t
Country Dance have the brainpower or skills to
respond appropriately. If a child
A Different Kind of Dance School doesn’t feel well for any reason,
just as with an adult, they can
Jazz Tap Director, Linda Duci pWhoeneacrae lolnalywaay “fall apart.” So many children
Hip-Hop Ballet come home from school hungry
Modern Pointe 80 Triangle Shopping Ctr (914) 245-8606 and exhausted and mom or
dad say that they must do their
Yorktown Heights homework immediately or they
can’t watch TV or play on their
Ages 3 to Adult electronics. ese parents don’t
seem to have the sensitivity
Our staff of teachers and assistants have been working together for years to provide to their child’s needs. ey’re
caring, professional classes for everyone. human beings, not robots! Even
adults can’t focus well when
Our Goal is to offer performers of all ages and at all levels new experiences in a we’re hungry or tired.
fun, family atmosphere, while gaining confidence and versatility.
Emotionally, socially and
Summer Classes are still going on! Early Registration cognitively healthy children can
Come in, Call or Visit us on the web: get a B, a C or even fail a class
A Tues Thurs and they don’t have meltdowns. U
to observe or try a free class! G 13 15 ey are strong enough emo-
U 20 22 tionally to stand back, examine
S what went wrong, develop
T & strategies to respond di erently
the next time around, and move
27 29 on.

5:00 to 7:00 pm Instead of projecting what
you think is going on with your
child, seek professional assis-
tance in determining the root
causes for why your daughter
is having all these meltdowns.
Only when you know the real
why can you help her develop
strategies for responding appro-
priately in challenging circum-

Dr. Linda

Dr. Linda is co-author of
“Why Bad Grades Happen
to Good Kids” and director of
Strong Learning Tutoring
and SAT/ACT Test Prep.
Send your questions to [email protected]


articles at


How to transition to college successfully

BY ELAINE MCMAHON whole semester with lots of ma- bilities so everyone knows what you will use time and time again. picture. Money matters are one

GUEST COLUMNIST terial to cover. Don’t expect to is expected of them. Walk away Learn to Budget. For many of the biggest sources or stress

study the night before a test and from heated exchanges until ev- students this is the rst time for college students. A simple

Each year, millions of Ameri- do well. eryone can discuss them calmly. they will manage their own - spreadsheet outlining your ex-

can students prepare to embark Practice Self Care. Balancing Learn how to di use uncom- nances. Have a frank discus- penses may be all you need to

upon a new adventure on a col- your class load and social life is fortable situations by talking sion with your parents before stay on track.

lege campus. As their departure tough, and your health can suf- though issues instead of arguing starting school and have a clear SEE MCMAHON PAGE 14
draws close however, it is very fer. Diet, rest and exercise are over them. is is a lifelong skill understanding of your nancial

common for feelings of excite- all key factors in keeping you in

ment and anticipation to quickly balance and at your best. Adopt

turn to stress and anxiety. Here healthy eating and rest habits

are some ways students can bet- immediately. An unhealthy diet

ter manage the transition from and lack of sleep can lead to poor

high school to college. academic performance as well as

Get and stay organized. Un- serious health issues. Try to es-

like a typical high school day tablish a regular exercise routine

with xed periods and classes that you enjoy. Not only will it

held in a single building, college keep you in shape, it is an excel-

class schedules will likely vary lent stress buster.

from day to day and be spread Work on con ict resolution

over various locations across a skills. Almost all college fresh-

campus. Take the time to learn men end up living with a room-

when and where your classes are mate, oftentimes a complete

held and map out the routes to stranger. is situation inevitably

allow enough time to get there. results in the need for frequent

On larger campuses, students negotiations about space and so-

nd it helpful to follow Google cial boundaries. If there are rules

Maps or learn the campus bus that you absolutely need to live

system to ensure they make it by, they should be communi-

to class on time. Use your phone cated to your roommate imme-

calendar or a daily planner to diately. Don’t wait for tensions

keep track of class times, o ce to build, and if a con ict arises

hours, assignments, exams and use the word “I” instead of “You”

deadlines. Getting and staying to avoid a combative exchange.

organized at the start will help Practice active listening and try

you settle into a routine, which to see the situation from his or

can reduce stress. her point of view.

Embrace time management. You will also have the oppor-

Lay out your class schedule, as- tunity to meet and work with

signments, tests and other re- many new people. is can be

sponsibilities and create a work- very exciting and challenging. sKcinhicokso-tloyyffleeath!re
able schedule. To be safe, for Connect with your professors
every 1 hour of class time, plan early in person or via email. A
2-3 hours of outside study time. brief introduction will make it
Kick procrastination to the curb easier for you to come back to
by carving out speci c times them if an issue arises such as
to work on long term projects. a grade discrepancy or if you
Schedule study blocks to prepare need something clari ed. When
for upcoming exams. Sometimes working in a group setting, es-
there are only 2 exams in the tablish clear roles and responsi-

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e Lewisboro Library is located at 15 Main St., South Salem.
Focusing on finding the right fit, RZE supports students and families For more information or to RSVP, visit
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Brown Bag Film: “ e Public”
RZE offers a wide range of services integral to the application process On Tuesday, September 3 at 1 p.m., the library is showing the
as well as support through the transition period of freshman year. lm “ e Public” as part of its Brown Bag Film Series. In the mov-
ie, an Arctic Blast in downtown Cincinnati has homeless patrons
Visit our website for more information ocking to the public library to escape the extreme weather. With
and to schedule a consultation today. local shelters over owing, they try and turn the building into a shel-
ter for the night by staging an “occupy” sit in. What begins as an
Elaine McMahon act of civil disobedience becomes a stand-o with police and local
RZE College Counseling, LLC o cials. Viewers are invited to bring a lunch or snack.
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Spaces are lling quickly for the Defensive Driving course being
Peter D. Ho man, P.C.
o ered on Saturday, Sept. 7 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. e Defensive
CONCENTRATION IN SPECIAL EDUCATION LAW Driving Insurance Reduction Program is a six-hour course consist-
ing of a series of lms and discussions about driving attitudes and
Special Education Student Discipline behaviors. Completion of the course results in a 10 percent liability
insurance discount to the principal operator as well as a maximum
Representing Children with Representing Children of four points o the driver’s violation record. Register in person at
Disabilities in Need of a Free Facing Discipline in the the library. Payment is required at time of registration—cash or a
and Appropriate Education check made out to John Coxen. e fee is $45 or $35 for seniors.
Educational Setting
e library will be closed on Monday, Sept. 2, in observance of

Labor Day. On Tuesday, Sept. 3, at 10:30 a.m. there will be a “Music
Together” Demo Class. is is a way to sample one of the popular
area music programs. Suzanne Lawson of Bedford Arts & Music
leads this musical story program for infants up to age 4, accompa-
nied by a parent or caregiver.

Bullying In School Child Protective Services

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Bullying in School Investigations and Appeals

200 Katonah Avenue | Katonah, NY 10536 MCMAHON

914-232-2242 | www.pdho FROM PAGE 13

[email protected] Remember, you are not alone. Adjusting to a new environment is
di cult for most of us. In a 2017 survey of 48,000 college students,
64 percent said they had felt “very lonely” in the previous 12 months,
according to the American College Health Association. Students
also reported feeling “overwhelming anxiety”, “very sad”, and even
“hopeless.” It is important to realize that you are surrounded by
people in the same boat. Luckily, professionals who can help you
academically, with mental health issues and personal counseling also
surround you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Elaine McMahon is an Independent College Counselor and the
owner of RZE College Counseling located in Goldens Bridge.
For more information about her practice, please visit her website



Brynn DiGuglielmo sends
a pass in a 2018 match.


Defending section champions graduated talented seniors

BY ROB DIANTONIO “ at girl has got an engine on her,”Nut- of the leaders on defense. “She’s a
CONTRIBUTING WRITER tall said. “It was her presence that allowed
Grace and Erin to get forward so much solid defender and held our de-
Coming o a Section 1 Class A girls soc- last year because of that support she o ers.
cer championship last year, head coach Da- Having her in the mid eld is key for us.She fensive line last year,”Nuttall said. Charlotte Wilmoth goes after the ball in the
vid Nuttall and John Jay will look to reload does a lot of the hard work and she doesn’t Juniors Regan McCarthy and 2018 regional semifinals.
in 2019. take a lot of the glory.”
Lauren Munoz are two other
e Indians graduated some talented Charlotte Wilmoth, a senior forward
stars like Erin Walsh, Grace Vittoria, Ana who is committed to Ohio State for la- defenders who return. Amelia Ellin and
Dorta and goalkeeper Allison Oestreicher. crosse, is another player who Nuttall is
counting on to ll the scoring void. Hope Young are two seniors in the mix on
“Between three players, we lost 53 goals
(from last season),” Nuttall noted. “Ana “She got a few goals last year and we’re defense. “We’re pretty con dent about our
Dorta scored 23, Walsh got 21 and Grace hoping for her to increase that,” he said.
got nine. ere are some big shoes to ll “She scored our winning goal in the (sec- back line,” the coach said.
there. Some girls have to step up now and tion) semi nals. She may not have got
get more goals.” many (goals), but sometimes it’s about the Caroline Ettlinger, a senior, will be the
ones you score.”
Nuttall knows that what a player did the starting goalie.
previous season doesn’t have a ton of bear- Brynn DiGuglielmo and Mia DiChiara,
ing on the current campaign. both juniors, are two impact players in the “It’s her time to step up now,” Nuttall
mid eld. Senior Audrey Bond is an attack-
“ ose girls had some good stats last ing mid elder and a “very creative player,” said. “She’s been our keeper behind Allison
year,”Nuttall said.“Ana, for example, got 23 the coach said. Adeline Angelino is another
last year but she didn’t score that many the senior who Nuttall hopes will have a “good for the past couple years.We’ve got a couple
year before. I say to the girls, ‘Sometimes season scoring.”
you’re in form and sometimes you’re not in of young players as well who could get time.
form.’You might have had a bad season last “We have people who can nish,”Nuttall
year, but it doesn’t mean you’ll have a bad said. “It’s just who is going to step up.” We’re looking for them to really push each
season this year. e main thing is that as
long we keep creating the chances, we just A young defense took an early hit when other. You’ve got to work and show you can
need someone to nish them. I’m hoping senior Kelly Nolan was lost for the season
there are a few that are going to get in dou- due to an ACL injury a few weeks ago. earn it.”
ble gures this year. But our focus has to be During her sophomore season, Nolan also
goals. We need to replicate the amount of su ered a torn ACL on the opposite leg. John Jay opens the season when it hosts
goals we scored last year.”
“Kelly came back from an ACL injury Beacon at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 4.
ere are plenty of players up to the task last year and made it back midway through
of lling those scoring holes. the season,” Nuttall said. “She made an “I don’t think there’s pressure to live up to
impact in the section tournament but now
Senior Kaitlyn Weis will be one of those she’s hurt again and that’s a big loss for us.” it,” Nuttall said when asked if there is pres-
players and will run the show in the mid eld.
Catherine Labriola, a junior, will be one sure to match what the team accomplished

last season. “I feel there may be nerves from

the girls knowing that some of the players Kaitlyn Weis FILE PHOTOS/ROB DIANTONIO
that they’ve lost, who were big personali-
ties on the team. It was a memorable sea-

son for everyone. I think there may be the A grueling three-game stretch comes

anxiety of how do we replicate that. It’s go- early in the season when the Indians face

ing to be a case of building the con dence Pearl River (Sept. 10), Rye (Sept. 14) and

in the girls. I said to them that it’s high Somers (Sept. 18) consecutively.

school sports and every year you’re going to “ at’s going to be a tough run for us,”

graduate players and lose some talent from Nuttall admitted. “ ree very big teams and

your squad. But you’re not just losing tal- it’s not long into the season so we won’t have

ent. You’re creating opportunities for other much time to prepare. at’s either going to

players to step up. Now it’s their turn and be a wake-up call for us or it’s going to be

you’ve just got to want it.” something to get our season going with.”



Preis leads John Jay into 2019 season
Indians look to take next step and reach section nal

BY ROB DIANTONIO of what I would do if I were hitting. I’m usually right with where
CONTRIBUTING WRITER they’re hitting to.”

When you walk into the gym at John Jay during a Taylor Ho man, a senior, returns as the team’s starting setter. Fel-
volleyball game, the rst thing you will probably no- low senior Annie Rutherford is John Jay’s libero.
tice is how hard Lily Preis hits the ball.
“I think I have improved a lot as a player,” Ho man said. “I used to
e pure velocity of the ball as it crashes down to be a scared little freshman setter on a varsity team. I have de nitely
the court is staggering. Preis, a junior, is an outside grown a lot through my four years and realized the things I need to
hitter and one of the top players in Section 1. do to help the team be successful.”

Preis missed a few weeks due to injury last season Ho man knows what a luxury it is to have a player like Preis on
and she said it changed her perspective. her side.

“I learned to read the game and see everything stra- “Lily Preis never fails to amaze me,” Ho man said. “No matter
tegically,” Preis said. “Basically, putting the ball where what set I put up to her, I know she’ll kill it. At practice, she’s giving it
no one is will work more than hammering it as hard her all. We haven’t had a game yet, but I know that when we do, she’s
as you can.” going to bring her ‘A’ game.”

And she’s not just a threat o ensively. John Jay graduated some key hitters like Vivian Turriago and Daisy
“During club season and while playing beach, I’ve O’Neill in the front row, so the Indians have some holes to ll.
completely changed how I play defense,” the junior
star said. “To say the least, I guess less and read the “We graduated almost all of our hitters last year, so we are trying
hitter more. I can see the whole court and try to think to focus on our o ense during preseason,” Preis said. “A main theme
has been to hit every ball with a purpose and hitting to an open spot
Lily Preis during an October 2018 match rather than just hitting into the court. We have ve rst-year players
on our roster this season. All of them are coming into big roles and
FILE PHOTO/ROB DIANTONIO with that they are changing positions.”

RUN FOR RECOVERY Kira McMann, a junior, will be counted on to be a strong presence
in the front row. Sophomore Lily Hodor, a sophomore newcomer, is a
5K Run/Walk player that both Preis and Ho man are excited to see develop.

Celebrating Recovery and Raising Awareness “Both Kira and Lily put in a lot of work during the o season and
it’s exciting to watch them play,” Preis said. “Kira is a hitter who plays
Saturday, September 21, 2019 any front row spot. She’ll see time at outside and right side so we can
get her the ball a larger percent of the time. Kira is also an incredible
FDR Park, Yorktown, NY Lot 1 blocker and a great defender. Lily Hodor was primarily a libero, but is
becoming a threat in the front row. On defense she is able to touch any
Onsite Registration: 7:30am — Race Start Time: 9:00am ball on the court.She’s a smart player that gives her all every single play.”

To REGISTER or make a DONATION: Madigan Flynn, a junior, is a newcomer who is “really working hard
as a middle (hitter),” Ho man said.
Text run4recovery to 71777
e Indians reached the Section 1 Class A semi nals last season,
Online $30 where they fell to Nyack on the road.

“Our goal has been the same the past couple of years: to get farther
than we did the year before,”Preis said.“Ideally, we want to be playing
for a section title, but that’s what everyone else wants too. I’m very ex-
cited for this season. e team is super close already and we all know
each other inside and out. We all want to win the section.”

John Jay is scheduled to open the season when it travels to league
rival Lakeland for a 4:30 p.m. game on Sept. 3.

“ e goal is always section champs,” Ho man said. “After the dev-
astating semi nal loss last year, I think that’s what all the returners
want. I know that’s always Rizz’s (coach Tom Rizzotti) goal and all
the newcomers can agree with that as well.”

Student Rate: $20 Saving a Life EVERY 11 MINUTES

First 150 people to register online get free T-shirts!

Day of race - onsite registration $40 aloneI’m never

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register here: Life Alert® is always
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or contact us at [email protected]

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Batteries Never Need Charging.

Proceeds from the Run for Recovery 5K Run/Walk will benefit For a FREE brochure call:
Search for Change • Run 4 Recovery • Drug Crisis in our Backyard
Make checks payable to: Search for Change, Inc. 115 E. Stevens Ave., Suite 203 , Valhalla, NY 10595


SPORTS Taking a look under the hood
In “Go Like Hell,” a book about Ford’s at’s how I plan to treat this sports sec-
Athlete Spotlight
desperate quest to beat Ferrari at the MARSH tion going forward. I need to develop the
We are elding candidates to famed 24 Hours of Le Mans, author A.J. MADNESS same connection with it as Miles did with
be featured in our Athlete Spot- Baime writes about the importance of a his car. Only then can I get it running like
light section.
driver becoming one with his car. BRIAN a ne-tuned machine.
To be considered, send an MARSCHHAUSER
email to [email protected] Ford, with its endless budget, thought However, the fall season is just days with the varsity ath-
lete’s name, sport, position, and it could simply buy victory by throwing away. So, I don’t have time to wait and see.
any other relevant information.
money at it. Hire the best engineers. Buy Our car is being entered in Le Mans as-is.
on Concussions the best parts. Contract the best drivers. But with your help, we won’t falter. As

Westchester County and But when Ford’s machines faltered at the 1964 race, and I learn who’s who and put names to faces over the next few
Phelps Hospital are holding
their second annual Confer- even more disastrously in 1965, the company learned a hard months, I’ll need my dedicated readers to keep me in the know.
ence on Concussions from 6 to
8:30 p.m. ursday, Aug. 29, at lesson: “ e whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” At a game? Take a picture and send it. ink you have a
the Westchester County Center,
198 Central Ave., White Plains. e following year, Ford took a more tactical approach. good story? Tell us about it. Are there areas where our cover-

e free presentation is open Almost immediately after the June 1965 race, it got to work age could be stronger? Shoot me an email and let me know.
to the public, including all par-
ents, coaches, school administra- on winning in 1966. Carroll Shelby and his driver/engineer, Unlike Ford, our resources are not unlimited. We can’t
tors, athletic trainers, health care
professionals, and youth athletes. Ken Miles, took the car out as often as they could. throw money at every problem.

Topics include how to recog- “Finally the car was getting the development work it But we have something greater. We have a network of tens
nize signs and symptoms of con-
cussions and the role of exercise needed, and with each lap, Miles’ intimacy with the car grew of thousands of readers, all intimately familiar with the inner
and rehabilitation post-injury.
deeper,” Baime wrote. “His colleagues described ‘an almost workings of their communities.
Speakers are: Dr. Rosanna Sa-
bini, medical director, Northwell mystical sense’ of the car’s inner workings.” As Ford ultimately did in 1966, we can capture that check-
Health Concussion Program;
Dr. John Leddy, medical director, ese tests helped Ford and Carroll Shelby home in on the ered ag by working together.
University of Bu alo Concus-
sion Management Clinic; and Dr. car’s critical issues. With Miles’ feedback, they learned what
Mark Herceg, director, concussion
assessment and treatment ser- worked, what didn’t, and where improvements could be made. Email me at [email protected]
vices, Phelps Hospital, Northwell
Health. PBJareiwinngetilinrnyyg,osCu, rAoiitnenmst,siSqorutewerseli&cnagnC,coBomllreeoctntoizybeolsue,!s
Fireplace & Boiler Flue Experts
RSVP at concussion19.event- Chimney Cleaning, Chimney Repairs, Gas Conversions, OPEN WED57N1ESRDOAUYTE- S6A•TU8R4D5A-6Y2F8R-0O3M6210AM-5PM Wood Burning Stoves, Fireplace Glass Doors, Fireplace
Inserts, Exhaust Fans, Chimney Relining, Repair Leaks
Lewisboro 914-232-6600
Appointments Diwscaolkv-eirntbhaetwhtourbldf’rsobmest DENTAL Insurance
Physicians Mutual Insurance Company FREE
e Katonah-Lewisboro Information Kit
Board of Education, at its Aug. A less expensive way to help
22 meeting, made the following 5 Reasons American Standard get the dental care you deserve!
coaching appointments for the Walk-In Tubs are Your Best Choice
2019-20 school year: 1 1B4a0ckyeedarbsyoAfmexepreicraiennScteandard’s CALL 1-855-225-1434
2 Ultra low entry for easy S$A1V,I5N0GS0 NOW!
• William Carter, modi ed entering and exiting
volleyball coach 888-609-0248IncludesLFiRmEiEteAdmTeriimcaenOStaenrd!aCrdaRlligThotdHaeyig!ht Toilet Get help paying dental bills and keep more money in 1-855-225-1434
3 Patented Quick Drain® your pocket
• Matthew Gallagher, junior LapSRLnuheCdrcocewdchioovaeemesr,esaoprn.rfaSroDneteyeeselieuAnwlxmfloewinreSmwrNhic.awaoatswanisolaekSniurn.t.aOtNCunYbdS,esaLW.rrBadvemBasCl9teaicd8rdhioc2eeant7snl9ttyoes6wrtila;eNhnStYidulw,eaPistruodhutl-kpnfuupaNsllmlYi.eci:n5osNs5mltYaa4,slfRl3toa.o1rLtHciooi;kmtnlNhaiYtoneCfrdo:arnHNeeLIsYCit.pb#rieec2rrtai0hotoni2ous2ns7aeW4nhd8aol-fklodD-.rICnMliAcBue.asSnttashbfi,neeLgtiyb, wreTsuratabrttrisimaoCnneoty., fast water removal system This is real dental insurance — NOT just a discount plan Visit us online at
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5 44 Hydrotherapy jets for an
• Alexandra Gallo, modi ed invigorating massage Don’t wait! Call now and we’ll rush you a FREE MB17-NM003Ec
eld hockey coach Information Kit with all the details.
• Kerrie Kuntz, varsity cross FREE IN-HOME
country head coach (girls) EVALUATION! Insurance Policy P150NY
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varsity soccer coach (boys)
• Paul Saloom, varsity cross DONATE YOUR CAR Yocuor ubludsbineeshsercea. rdCall Brett Freeman at 845-208-8151 to find out how.
country head coach (boys)
• Haley Scallon, varsity eld Wheels For Wishes
hockey assistant coach benefiting
• Alexandra Swiatocha, varsity HMuadkseo-An-VWailslhey®
cross country assistant coach 1FWW0re0eee%AAVclTescaohexipAcDtlceMecPdeopiusctctktBVuibopelaheAtiscN,lMeYsoWRtuoHrncEnyRicnlEegso&r NRoVts
• Lindsay Zekus, junior varsity *
eld hockey coach *
* Call:(914) 468-4999* Car DofinnaatniocniaFl ionufonrdmaatiotionnd,/cba/all W(2h1e3e) l9s4F8o-2r 0W0i0shoersv.isTiot wlewawrn.wmhoereelsafobrowuitsohuers.porrogg.rams or

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CLUES ACROSS 26. Return to 56. Swindles 25. Sportscaster For puzzle solutions, please see
1. Job 30. Related to Iran 57. Not young 26. Hastily set up
5. Retirement account 31. The first 58. Log-shaped pastry 27. Midway between
8. Parent-teacher 32. Pearl Jam’s debut 59. Professional engineer northeast and east
organizations 33. Nocturnal, catlike association 28. Beloved
12. Audibly mammal 60. Arabic feminine name basketball player
14. Leavened bread in Indian 34. Hymn 61. Sacred text Jeremy
cooking 39. One who engages in 62. __ and ends 29. Consumed
15. “To __ his own” arbitrage 63. What remains after taxes 35. One point east of
16. Violent disorder 42. Less bright 64. Type of watt due south
18. Not wet 44. Indian lute 36. Television
19. Worst (French) 46. Discovers CLUES DOWN network
20. Move with springy steps 47. Weatherman 1. Pack full of clay 37. Allow
21. Georgia rockers 49. Jai __, sport 2. Relating to wings 38. Wife
22. Moved quickly 50. Spy organization 3. Type of bean 40. Grayish-brown
23. Blood proteins 51. Ancient Greek oracles 4. Former MLB commish mammal
Bowie 41. Written language
5. Short-tailed for blind people
lemur 42. Insecticide
6. Cheese dish 43. Della __, singer
7. To any further 44. Cleaned
extent 45. Eye membranes
8. Enzyme 47. Past tense of fly
9. Taiwan capital 48. Anwar __,
10. Extensive Egyptian statesman
landed property 49. Currency
11. Remove exchange charge
13. Remove the 52. Dark stain
head 53. Easily manageable
17. High IQ group 54. One who does not tell
24. Israeli city __ the truth
Aviv 55. Soluble ribonucleic acid

To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear
only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the
numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

Putnam/Northern Westchester a L Si e s S Ar E He r Be t
Women’s Resource Center Of y R Lo a e o M , t E Sp n
Of y R Ne g Bo h O , An E Sp r T
5K Annual Walk
To End Domestic Violence FY rT n

Help Make A Difference! P A.

Sunday, September 22, 2019
8:30-11:30 a.m.

Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park, Lot 4
2957 Crompond Road

Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

Register at: WWW.PNWWRC.ORG

935 South Lake Blvd. Suite 2 Mahopac NY 10541 Katonah
(845) 628-9284, X242
Chamber of Commerce


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AUCTION 150+ Parcels! Money back guaranteed! Call HOME IMPROVEMENT DEMAND JUSTICE
Saturday, September 14, 2019 Today: 800-404-0244 Victims of sexual abuse by
Registration: 8AM - Start: 10AM HEARING AIDS!! Buy one/ BATHROOM RENOVATIONS. Catholic clergy or by authority
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ANTIQUE LOVERSTAKE NOTE community solar with Go Solar. Save Money. HumPauntenSaomciety
- BRIMFIELD’S Famous Outdoor No Rooftop Panels Required. Check out our Facebook & Twitter pages!
Antique/Collectibles Show, 4,000
Dealers, startsTuesday, September Jangles is a beautiful, sweet, & perfect medium size girl
3rd. Info on 20 individual show who is wishing to find her forever home. Sadly she was
openings - brought back to the shelter because of unforeseen living
September 3 - 8, 2019.
changes with her
FINANCE owner. Jangles is
housebroken and very
Denied Social Security Disability? loving! Jangles just
Appeal! If you’re 50+, filed for SSD wants to cuddle by
and denied, our attorneys can your side so she can
help get you approved! No money enjoy your love &
out of pocket! 855-478-2506 affection. Meet Miss
Jangles and friends
SOLUTIONS any day 10-3.

Corresponding to Last Jangles
Week’s August 22 Issue


Save up to 10% on your No installation of any equip-
annual electricity cost. ment on your roof or property.

Your utility will stay the same, No upfront costs Mugzy was adopted from us as a
and you can continue using a or long-term contracts kitten 8 years ago. Due to illness, he
third-party supplier. that lock you in for years.
has been brought back. Although
a bit chubby, he is a handsome and Mugzy
very awesome guy. We are working

on a weight loss program with
him and he should be at "fighting
weight" soon! You can meet Mugzy

and friends any day 10-4:15.

visit to learn more or call 877-285-7973 Putnam Humane Society, 68 Old Rt. 6, Carmel

Open 7 days a week from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m.




LSuunnDcSdhpAaeSyIcpLBieaYrclusian! lcsh! We Offer Catering
On & Off Premises!

$10 OFF


Only valid on Dine-In and Dinner Menu.
Not to be combined with any other offers. Expires 9/30/19

A huge variety of interesting, tasty Pan-Asian fare highlighted by tricked-up rolls and other intensive
sushi creations means there’s something for everyone! Reputable Chef George Li balances the relative authenticity

of Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Malaysian & Vietnamese cuisines into his fusion dishes.

286 Katonah Ave, Katonah • 914-232-3900 •

tengdaasianbistro-katonah • tengda_katonah • TengdaKatonah

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