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Westchester Wellness November 2019




Why they walk

Men in the

One man shares his story
with breast cancer


Diet’s role in
disease prevention

Why you should own a Fixed Indexed Annuity A
By Andrew J. Cavaliere, CLTC k

People are always looking for the perfect investment. Clients want to earn the highest
interest possible without putting any of their money at risk. These sorts of investments
have never existed… until now. A Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA) is a guaranteed insurance
product that offers above average returns with no market risk to principal and no
management fees ever1.

In this historically low interest rate environment, many clients are reconsidering where to
park their hard earned cash for the long haul. Certificates of deposit, savings accounts
and money markets are literally paying next to nothing and the stock market is at the
highest levels in recorded history. So where can clients position their money and earn
superior returns without worrying about losing a penny? FIAs offer real double digit
returns in up markets without any risk to principal in down markets. Folks everywhere are
not only taking notice, but investors are flocking to FIAs.

So how does a FIA actually work? The annuitant buys a traditional guaranteed fixed annuity that also allows him or her a
to participate in an external index via the carrier’s trading desk. The carrier purchases options against the index either n
monthly or annually. When the index is up, the options are exercised and the annuitant earns interest, usually subject
to a cap. When the index is down during the same time period, the options are allowed to expire and the annuitant is E
credited the contract’s minimum guarantee of 1%. x
So let’s review, when the market index goes up, the annuitant has the ability to earn superior interest and when the e
market index goes down, the annuitant earns 1%. Further, since the carrier is only tracking the index on a 12 month r
basis, annuitants do not need to worry about current market levels. Policies are only capturing gains in the next 12 t
month period. There is never any risk of principal or of losing any prior year credits which are all automatically reset
into the policy accumulation value on the policy anniversary.

Fixed Indexed Annuities offer clients the following 12 guarantees:

1. 100% Principal Guarantee

2. 100% Participation in S&P 500 Index

3. 100% Guaranteed Fixed Interest Rate Option

4. 2% Premium Bonus on first three (3) years of deposits

5. 1% Minimum Annual Guarantee

6. No Sales Charges or Asset Management Fees ever

7. No Taxes are due until distributions are taken

8. Annual Reset Feature credits all interest into principal annually

9. Access to 10% of your principal annually

10. Loans available up to $50,000 in non-qualified accounts

11. Death Benefits bypass probate

12. Income options you cannot outlive2

For almost two decades, we have seen scores of clients earn double digit returns in bull markets, while losing nothing
during down markets. Time and time again, clients are astounded by how they can earn so much interest with no
principal risk. Here are a few actual client examples: a 76 year old retired plumber earned 11.47% from May 2013
through May 2014, a 57 year old owner of a construction company earned 15.63% from September 2013 through
September 2014, a 59 year old municipal worker earned 17.67% from March 2014 through March 2015 inside her
inherited IRA, a 75 year old retired widow earned 14.39% from February 2016 through February 2017 and a 57 year
old business man earned 10.47% from February 2017 through February 2018 …!3

There are few products that offer returns like this with a 100% principal guarantee. Do you own a Fixed Indexed

For more information about Fixed Indexed Annuities, please call Andrew J. Cavaliere, CLTC at 914-682-2190 or toll free at 877-676-9900. Andrew is certified
in Long-Term Care (CLTC) from the Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification, Inc. Andrew is a member in good standing of the Million Dollar Round Table
(MDRT), which is the premier Association of financial professionals nationally. Andrew’s offices are located at 50 Main Street, White Plains, NY 10606 and at
263 Tresser Blvd, 9th Floor, Stanford, CT 06901.

1 Surrender charges may apply if withdrawals are taken in excess of the annual free withdrawal schedule. Advertisement
2 Fidelity & Guaranty Life, Index-Choice 10 Fixed Indexed Annuity 2018.
3 Fidelity & Guaranty Life actual client statements.


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Nancy Heller, a founder of Support Connection and
Katherine Quinn, Support Connection’s founding executive director.


Editor’s letter

T here are so many di erent ways to de ne being healthy, and in this issue we cover them all. From what to eat,
to building a better relationship with yourself, we have advice from the experts about the foods that ght cancer
and the mental health exercises you can do to stave o stress. We also have stories from people about resiliency,
ghting cancer, and hitting personal records later in life. However, with all things health, it’s always good to remember that you are

the authority on your body. We hope these stories inspire you to think about how you approach health, broaden your de nition of

what healthy means, and empower you to tackle new challenges no matter what you’re facing. Be well. Jodi

We love to hear your feedback! To share your thoughts or sign up for an online subscription of Westchester Wellness, email ww@ Follow us on Facebook at


Westchester Wellness Contributors

Barbara Cervoni, LMSW, ACSW. She has been on sta at Support Connection
since 2004, where she is the director of services and communication. EDITORIAL TEAM
Anthony J. Enea, Esq. is a member of the rm of Enea, Scanlan & Sirignano, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF
LLP of White Plains. His o ce is centrally located in White Plains and he has WW@HALSTONMEDIA.COM
a home o ce in Somers.
Dr. Gomberg is a Pediatrician with expertise in caring for infants, children and
Understanding the link between healthy environments and healthy people,
Karen’s personal mission to help people become healthier in their environments LISA KAIN
led to her co-founding Bright Formulations, a company that o ers the Bright 914-351-2424
Energy brand of organically grown, full spectrum hemp extract products. KAIN@HALSTONMEDIA.COM
SOMESH N. KAUSHIK 914-202-2392
Dr. Somesh N. Kaushik, ND, BAMS, MPH, MPA, E-RYT500 is the owner and FORHAN@HALSTONMEDIA.COM
chief medical practitioner of Dr. Kaushik’s Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Clinic CORINNE STANTON
in Cross River. 845-621-4049
Adam and his wife Lauri have owned Go No Sen Karate in Peekskill for the past 914-334-6335
25 years. Check them out at CONNELLY@HALSTONMEDIA.COM

Elizabeth Pasquale, LMT, CST, NLP is the creator and director of Well On e TABITHA PEARSON MARSHALL
Way® LLC, holistic therapies in Ossining and White Plains.
Westchester Wellness is not responsible for and does not endorse any advertisers, products or resources referenced in advertisements appearing in this DESIGNER/PHOTOGRAPHER
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experiences, expertise and/or views of those writing. Consult your own doctor for diagnosis and/or treatment. ASSISTANT PRODUCTION MANAGER





334 ROUTE 202, UNIT C1S
SOMERS, NY 10589



Five Ways to Fight Cancer with Your Fork

Proper nutrition is essential to cancer prevention.While no single food can completely protect you against cancer,studies show that diets rich in a
variety of healthy foods can o er the strongest cancer protection.Here,I’ll discuss ve ways you can ght or prevent breast cancer with your fork.
1. Eat the rainbow green, leafy vegetables. ese fruits tumor growth. Women should be herbs and spices to our meals is a
and veggies contain avonoids, eating two to three portions weekly. great way to get vitamins,minerals,

A complete diet includes foods powerful antioxidants with anti- 3. Fiber, fiber, fiber… and antioxidants in. It helps make
of many naturally occurring colors. in ammatory and immune system our food taste better, too!
bene ts. You should be eating two You should be eating 25 to 30
is is because natural foods get cups of fruit and two and a half grams of ber per day. Foods that 5. Limit added sugar
their color from speci c vitamins cups of vegetables every day. contain ber can help you maintain to 24g a day.
and antioxidants; for example, red
foods get their pigment from an- When we follow a colorful,

thocyanins, an antioxidant that (mostly) plant-based diet, we also a healthy weight and lower your All cells, including both healthy

can help prevent cell damage. A have a diet higher in ber and risk of breast cancer, diabetes and and unhealthy ones, use glucose, a

diet consisting mostly of white, lower in calories. Maintaining a heart disease.To increase your ber form of sugar,for their energy sup-

processed foods — or even whole healthy weight is the number one add the following to your grocery ply.While it is not necessary to cut

foods from just one or two color recommendation for the preven- list: 100 percent whole grain or all sugar from your diet, it is best

groups — is not as nutritionally tion of breast cancer. whole wheat bread, barley, brown to consume simple sugars (candy,

complete as a varied diet. 2. Up your omega 3’s rice,beans,peas,and other legumes. baked goods, and fruit juice) in
Diets comprised mostly of
4. Spice it up moderation and choose complex
plant-based foods aid in the pre-
vention of breast cancer. Limit carbohydrates (fruits, veggies, and

Omega-3 fatty acids, found in whole grains) more often.

your consumption of red meats seafood (like wild salmon, Atlantic Research has shown that spices For delicious and nutritious

(beef, pork and lamb) and pro- mackerel, sardines, black cod, an- such as allspice, basil, caraway, tur- recipes, visit

cessed meats (most deli lunch- chovies, oysters, tuna, and rainbow meric, cinnamon, clove and garlic

meats). When eating meat, choose trout), can help prevent breast can- (among others), may lower cancer Patricia Talio, MS, RD, CDE, CDN,

sh or poultry. cer by activating speci c genes that risk and a ect tumor behavior. Registered Dietitian at Northern

Be sure to eat berries and dark block the pathways responsible for Adding these colorful and agrant Westchester Hospital (NWH)

Is Your Biological Clock Ticking?

The Trend toward Later Motherhood…

Ask the Doctor Q: What’s behind the trend toward later parenthood? have the same degree of risk in pregnancy as that of
A: Women in the U.S. are waiting longer than ever to a younger mom-to-be.
Dr. Navid Mootabar have children, according to the Centers for Disease
Chief, Obstetrics & Gynecology Control and Prevention. In fact, the average age of rst- If you’re over 35 and considering pregnancy, you may
Northern Westchester Hospital time mothers is now 26, up almost two years since 2014. have to visit your physician more frequently to ensure
In the last 10 to 15 years, we’ve seen the average age that the pregnancy is proceeding smoothly. I recommend
Learn more about of rst-time mothers increase greatly, mainly because scheduling an appointment for both preconception
Dr. Mootabar, visit women are pursuing careers and education rst. counseling and genetic counseling. This will help your physician identify and minimize any risk factors so
DrMootabar Q: I’m turning thirty. Should I be worried about you can improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy.
my “biological clock” ticking? Women over 35 can deliver healthy children and have
400 East Main Street | Mount Kisco, NY 10549 A: The best time for a woman to get pregnant is a safe pregnancy. It’s all about taking care of yourself,
(914) 666-1200 | between the ages of 20 and 35. In this age range, knowing your risks and coming up with a plan that is
you are most fertile and least likely to experience right for you and your family.
complications. Though there is a slight risk of declining
fertility by the age of 35, it’s only about 5 percent. Q: I’m worried that when I do decide to have
Egg quality and quantity decline after age 35, and children, I won’t be able to. What are my options
good ovulation cycles become less frequent. Eggs of if I can’t get pregnant?
poorer quality are released, making it more difficult A: Advances in technology help many women over 35
to get pregnant. get pregnant and give birth to healthy babies. In vitro
fertilization is a process by which a woman’s eggs are
Q: Will older moms-to-be face risks? extracted and combined with a sperm sample, creating
A: A mere twenty to thirty years ago, the maternal age an embryo that is transferred to the woman’s uterus.
of 35 was considered advanced for childbearing; it was In vitro fertilization now includes a procedure called
also considered the age at which a woman became pre-implantation genetic diagnosis that helps identify
– virtually overnight and automatically – a high-risk chromosomal and genetic abnormalities, ensuring
pregnancy. Today we know that if you’re a healthy physicians are implanting healthy embryos.
35-year-old woman who is pregnant, you may often


Building better bodies,
stronger minds

Kids need a positive environment to grow


Negative in uences are everywhere. ey are present in the neighborhood and your children’s school. ey are on TV, radio, and the
Internet. Your little ones get exposed to di erent environments as they grow up. ese bad in uences exist in di erent environments.
ey expose your children to bad habits, attitudes, and behaviors, which they can easily pick up.
So, how can your kids stay positive when surrounded by negative in uences? How can they make smart decisions in your absence?
e answer is by promoting a positive environment. And this starts with you, the parent, being a role model to them.

While many parents fear bad in uences, there can be an upside in this scenario. Research shows that dealing with bad behaviors at a

young age can be advantageous. When children are exposed to negative behaviors, it can strengthen their character. ink about getting
exposed to bacteria, which helps bolster the immune system. It’s also the same with negative in uences.

But of course, children need to be prepared in dealing with such negative in uences. is is where positive environment comes in.
Positive environment starts at home. When you provide a positive environment, you encourage children to feel positive about themselves.
And when they feel positive, they’ll have a clear mind that can determine wrong from right.


Kids copy what they see. is is how they learn to interact with the
Est. 1987
world.You should understand this basic fact about child development.
Having said that, you must become a role model for your children. | (203) 740-0175
P.O. Box 774, Brookfield CT 06804
If you want your kids to possess good behavior, you should also watch
your behavior at home. Here are some tips that help foster a positive Shrink Wrapping Protects
environment for your little ones. Your Investments!

• Observe paternal resilience. Paternal resilience is the ability to • Boats • Jet Skis •
cope with challenges in a positive way. • Motorcycles •

• Build a sense of connectedness with supportive people and in- • Patio Furniture •
stitutions. • Grills • Fountains •

• Understand the best parenting practices and child development. • Landscaping &
• Create a positive parent-child relationship. Provide avenues for Construction Equipment •
your children to express themselves.
Call 203-740-0175
With a positive environment, your kids can build stronger minds. to schedule your wrap today!
is allows them to overcome negative in uences. Saying no to bad
habits, attitudes, and behaviors is one key to achieving better bodies
that are healthy, active, and t. And as a parent, it is your role to create
the positive environment your children need.

At Go No Sen Karate, one of our main goals is to create a positive
and supportive environment for kids. We don’t only help kids build
better bodies and stronger minds. We also help parents like you guide
young minds towards the right path.

Let us help you become role models to your children. Learn what
you need to do to create a positive environment for your little ones.

Adam and his wife Lauri have owned Go No Sen Karate in Peekskill for the past
25 years.Together they have built an award-winning, successful martial arts
school in Westchester County. Check them out at


Urgent Health Facts About
Teen Vaping A pediatrician reviews the

health risks of this disturbing

Vaping among teens is ex- e most popular brand of “pod change those brain cells, reducing
ploding into a very dis- mods” is JUUL, a device that the body’s ability to release its own
turbing pediatric health stealthily resembles a USB ash pleasure-producing chemicals, and
trend. In 2018, 21 percent of drive. e rechargeable batteries increasing the demand for higher

high school students and 5 and replaceable cartridges allow levels of nicotine to get the same

percent of middle-school stu- users to “customize” delivery; they e ects. Repeated exposure during

dents said they used e-cigarettes. can use “extra-strength” nicotine, adolescence can also impact learn-

ose numbers are on the rise, with for instance, or adjust the voltage ing, memory, and attention.

the CDC reporting that among for more a more powerful “hit.” Vapor exposure

high school students today, one While much about the long-

in four (28 percent) reported term e ects of this new teen

using an e-cigarette in the previ- danger are still unknown, recent Lungs are designed to inhale

ous 30 days. reports of serious lung complica- one thing: oxygen. Inhaling any

Initially positioned as a way to help tions and even death from vaping other substance is risky and dan-

adults quit smoking, vape products has allowed more information gerous. Without regulation of the

now pose serious health con- about potential health implica- substances in e-cigarette cartridges,

cerns for kids, who are at- tions to come to light. Here’s a we can’t be sure what’s in them.But

tracted to the “cool” devices with run-down of the risks parents based on the reports of injuries and

over 700 avors ranging from need to know about: deaths from vape products, they

candy and juice to alcohol. Nicotine addiction contain a number of toxic chemical

substances that have been associ-

ated with acute eosinophilic/aller-

SARAH'S HOUSE OF HEALTH Nicotine is highly addictive, gic pneumonia. is type of pneu-
especially in young people; it is as monia can cause severe pulmonary
Experience Wellness hard to quit as heroin and cocaine. illness and even death (it may be
People ages 14 to 30 who use e- linked to CBD oils or vitamin E in
cigarettes have a higher probability the ingredients).

of starting cigarette smoking (80
percent) compared with those who Explosions and burns
never vaped (31 percent). Another

study followed ninth-grade stu- ere have been cases of vape

dents who used e-cigarettes, dis- devices blowing up in teens’

WE OFFER covering a strong association with faces, causing severe facial dam-
increased use of tobacco/cigarette age and even breaking bones.

products. e pods or cartridges No one knows why these devices
CBD containing nicotine-infused juice are combusting, but it may have
THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE can range from 0 mg/milliliters to something to do with the lithium
as much as 36 mg/milliliters of the ion batteries or using devices
substance—designed for people without safety features, such as an
ANGEL CARD READINGS who smoke more than a pack a automatic shuto .
NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING day. Rewiring the young brain. One thing is certain: vaping
BEMER THERAPY Nicotine exposure during adoles- is bad news, and parents need to
cence can harm the developing keep their kids far away from it.
YOGA prefrontal cortex of the brain—the
HOME PHYSICAL THERAPY part that is responsible for control- Do you suspect your teen may be

ling emotions and impulses and vaping or using nicotine products?

doesn’t nish developing until For information or to make an

900 SOUTH LAKE BLVD about age 25. When exposed to appointment in Somers or Yorktown
MAHOPAC, NY nicotine, the brain tells cells to re- Heights, call Dr. Gomberg’s o ce at
845.803.8028 lease special molecules, such as do- 914-849-7075. Dr Gomberg is a
pamine, which produce that feel- member of White Plains Hospital
WWW.SARAHSHOUSEOFHEALTH.COM good high. Repeated exposure can Physician Associates.


Confidence isctheskeyw3w5G6w5o.2kCiNrdtoowsmolobphveuSoeenikelaeddalkrtniRa(nhwdstgyeiK,t.hCccaftoaohhohrmiritslalrdaac•pon!tup9odpe1tyon4,nM-)Dl7ay3no7oj-r$,5oN24Y295 ! Somesh N. Kaushik, ND, BAMS,
Counseling for Women & Families MPH, MPA, E-RYT 500
Christina Stone, LCSW Dr.Kaushik’s Ayurvedic & Naturopathic Physician
333 Westchester Ave
White Plains, NY 10604 Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Clinic
347-481-7617 APemrsinonda-bliozdedy-tsrpeiartimt aepnptsrouancihqutoe health and healing.
to each individual.

Yellow Monkey Village
792 Route 35
Cross River, NY 10518 DrCKelal u64s6h-6i7k0.-c6o7m25
914-875-9088 (M, T, W)

Because You’re Supposed
To Feel Good!
CranioSacral Therapy,
PLyEMmFp,hEDFTra, iannadgeNLTPherapy, Elizabeth Pasquale, LMT, CST
Well On The Way
Ossining &
White Plains locations

Great For: Love Your Skin,
Love Yourself.
• Stress
Organic Facial Boutique specializing
• Anxiety in skin rejuvenation. Sophisticated
skincare handcrafted & imported
• Sleep
from Bali, combined with
• Inflammation advanced technology.

Full Spectrum, • Pain Book Online • Botanic– • 646.509.8754
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Hemp Extract Oil with CBD Yocuor ubludsbineehsesrcea. rdCall Brett Freeman at 845-208-8151 to find out how.
Formulations with Integrity™

Healing Mind, Body & Soul

Kelly Murphy

Ayurvedic Health Counselor
Private Yoga Teacher

56 June Rd, North Salem, NY 10560


Walking Through Participa
the Years to Make 25th Annual Supp
a Difference


Each year, participants of Andrea Karl, Robin Perlmutter, Marlene Stager, Support Connection Peer Couns
all ages complete a 3-mile at the 2019 Support-A-Walk
walk, often in honor of loved
On Sunday, Oct. 6, 2019, ones. ere’s a Survivor’s about breast and ovarian cancer. It Rich’s dream of helping others. In
thousands of people from Welcome Area where was a great success, with hundreds September 1996, Support Connec-
across the Hudson Valley and volunteers greet and welcome of people taking part. Right away, tion opened in Yorktown Heights
beyond gathered at FDR State cancer survivors. Walkers are Nancy and Rich knew they wanted supported by funds from that rst
Park in Yorktown to take part in encouraged and cheered by local to do more. So they invited every- Walk. Katherine was asked to be-
Support Connection’s 25th Annual bands, cheerleaders and other one there to join them in planning come the organization’s executive
Support-A-Walk for Breast and community groups. Even though another Walk and to help them nd director. She has been in that role
Ovarian Cancer. It’s an inspiring, the event has grown in size and a way to bring support to people af- ever since,leading the way as Support
uplifting community event that scope over the past 25 years, the fected by breast and ovarian cancer. Connection has grown in strength
brings attention to the needs of warm and welcoming atmosphere and impact. And every day, her trea-
people a ected by breast and and the important sense of purpose Katherine Quinn was at that rst sured memories of Isabel (whose life
ovarian cancer and raises funds for have never changed. Walk in honor of her dear friend was taken by breast cancer) serve as
Support Connection’s year-round e rst Support-A-Walk was Isabel who was dealing with breast her inspiration to continue helping
support services for those impacted held on Oct. 1, 1995, the brain- cancer. Katherine readily accepted others coping with cancer.
by these diseases. child of two local residents whose the call for volunteers that day, and
lives had been impacted by cancer: became part of a small but dedi- Today, Support Connection
Nancy Heller, a breast cancer sur- cated group of people who not only serves more than 500 people every
vivor, and Richard Adamski, who planned the second Support-A- year. Most of those individuals
sadly passed away in 2017 and Walk,but also gave life to Nancy and reach out for support multiple
whose wife, Myra, had died of
breast cancer. ey gathered a
group of like-minded volunteers
and planned the rst walk in tribute
to Myra and to increase awareness


ants in the

Lou and Denise D’Amico, 2019 Walk Ambassadors and part of the original
group of Walk and Support Connection volunteers; Katherine Quinn, Support
Connection Executive Director; Nancy Heller, Support Connection Co-Founder;
David Sacarny, the first Walk donor who also provided space and phones for
the planning committee. All of them have remained actively involved with
Support Connection and the Support-A-Walk since its inception.

selors ey serve as a safe haven where ere are education- spite of this growth and expansion
women and families can share al programs, such as of services, Support Connection
times through the year. e people fears, worries and questions. ey informational webi- remains dedicated to providing a
they reach out to are the three peer help those dealing with breast and nars and in-person human connection in an increasing-
counselors on Support Connection’s ovarian cancer realize they are not workshops. ere ly automated world, and is strongly
sta who are all cancer survivors alone, and that they have someone are social activities committed to the local community.
themselves in addition to being to lean on as they travel the often where cancer survi-
trained counselors. It was Nancy overwhelming path from diagnosis vors can meet and Because all of its services are
and Rich’s vision to create a place through treatment and beyond. spend time with oth- provided free of charge, Support
where women with breast and ers who know how Connection must continuously seek
ovarian cancer could speak with and Support Connection o ers many they feel in a warm contributions to fund these services.
gain support from other women other services to those dealing with and relaxing set-
who had also experienced cancer. breast and ovarian cancer. Like the ting. roughout the year, Support at’s one reason the annual Sup-
Peer Counseling program, they are Connection makes sure to provide port-A-Walk is so important. But
e Peer Counseling program is all free of charge and unlimited. a wide range of programs and ac- there are many other ways to become
the embodiment of that vision. tivities so those dealing with breast involved and help, for individuals as
ere are monthly support groups and ovarian cancer can choose well as businesses and organizations.
Peer counselors provide led by trained facilitators who are what best meets their needs. To learn more about this, to make
personalized one-on-one support cancer survivors. ere are wellness Support Connection’s o ce has a donation or to learn more about
and guidance by phone, email or programs such as yoga and tai chi. always been Yorktown Heights, Support Connection’s free breast
in person. ey o er empathy, though its reach has expanded over and ovarian cancer support services,
understanding and information. the years. Its toll-free cancer sup- visit or
port and info hotline (800-532- call 914-962-6402.
4290) enables anyone to speak with
a peer counselor, no matter where Barbara Cervoni, LMSW, ACSW.
they live. ere are support groups Barbara is a writer and a social
in di erent communities across worker with more than 30 years of
Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess experience working in various not-
counties, as well as two that take for-pro t roles. She has been on sta
place via toll-free teleconference. In at Support Connection since 2004,
where she is the Director of Services
and Communication.


An Antidote to Disease

In this article I will reveal to you one of the for us and thought that it was their responsibil- you’re about to criticize. “If you can’t say some-
root causes of disease and give you the an- ity to point out our shortcomings in order for thing nice, don’t say anything at all” is a worth-

tidote. us to be our best selves. We internalized that while adage.It’s actually easy to find nice things

First, the story that led to this discovery: A critic and continually bark at ourselves about to say to people and authentic compliments.

most curious wonderful thing happened to all kinds of perceived and imagined faults. In- Sincere compliments feel good because they

me while I was visiting the Field Museum in stead of making us better versions of ourselves,it come from love. Your kids will wonder what’s

Chicago. I was in the Egyptian exhibit when backfired on us. Criticism creates a negative self happening if you suddenly stop criticizing and

it happened, inside a simulated pyramid. You image,insecurities,lack of self-confidence,even- start complimenting. They’ll suspect you’re up

know how, in museums, they often keep the tual unhappiness,self doubt.From that develops to something. Persist anyway. They’ll soon love

lights very low in order to protect the art work? all kinds of personalities, from the overly meek it,even though they may not admit it,and teens

I was walking in this semi-darkness through a to the overly aggressive types. Low self esteem just may begin to act more kindly toward you.

narrow corridor, up some narrow steps, around leads us to feelings of unworthiness.We then try When you’re ready, you can try this.

a sharp corner, when I bumped into a woman to find our strength pushing ourselves too hard Throughout the day, when I look in the mirror,

coming around the corner from the opposite or bullying others, or by hanging back, believ- I say,“I want to love you more and more.I want

direction towards me. ing ourselves incapable.It gets worse because we to trust you. I want to be kind to you. I want to

It’s hard to fathom just how fast the mind carry that critic with us as we relate to our chil- be your friend.”

is working, how fast thoughts are coming. In dren, correcting them at every turn, until we’ve If you can’t say that,you can say,“You’re OK.”

that instance, I don’t think I was having an beaten that worst version of ourselves into them! or “I want to like you more.” You will feel your

unusual number of thoughts, but I remember The pain continues from generation to gen- self-acceptance begin to grow gradually every

them because of what happened next, and that eration.Maybe I’ve exaggerated but actually,no, day you say this and your health will improve.

there were many, in what must have been just a not at all.This creates a low level habitual stress. The reason this works is because your words

fraction of a second. I saw the woman coming It’s been shown that people living with low lev- are nonphysical energy streaming from you and

towards me, too late to avoid bumping into her, el stress over a long time are much more likely either increasing your resistance to your true

and the thoughts were, “Oh, what an attractive to develop disease than experiencing a sudden, nature or aligning with it.

woman, what a friendly smile! She looks so short-lived big stress. When you say these nice things to yourself

nice. In another circumstance, we’d be friends.” Our self-talk will create disease or well-be- in the mirror, you are aligning with your true

and then we bumped. But the crazy thing was ing, your choice.That’s the good news! You can nature, and naturally restore health, vibrance,

I didn’t bump into a person. I bumped into the do something about it! You can turn the whole and energy.

wall.The walls’highly polished surface served as thing around and become your own best friend When you persist in thinking/speaking/act-

a mirror! I bumped into myself. and your children’s cheerleader! ing other than love, persist in criticism, feelings

In that moment, I had one of the most pro- Those adults who criticized us told themselves of unworthiness, stressing, you resist this natu-

found revelations in my life in a way that I will and us they were doing it out of love, because ral flow of love that you are. That never feels

never be the same. they wanted the best for us.We say that too. I’m good and never results in anything good.

I don’t know about you, but my usual stud- here to tell you that there is no love in criticism. A root cause of disease is you resisting your

ied reaction as I gaze daily into the mirror, first Criticism does not feel good, either giving it or true nature. You are more than this physical

thing in the morning preparing for the day, has receiving it. Love feels good. So criticism can’t body that you see. You are physical and non-

not been what I experienced in that museum. be love. It’s all about vibration. The vibration of physical simultaneously. This nonphysical you

Far from regarding myself with joy and happy criticism and the vibration of love are different. is pure positive energy, love streaming forward

to see myself, I’m habitually critical. I can find You can’t possibly be loving when you are criti- throughout time.This non-physical you wanted

fault with my hair, my face, my clothes. I am cizing. It’s impossible. The vibration of criticism to be physical so you were born. And when you

not alone with this habitual reaction to myself. is deadening and creates disease. The vibration were born, you joined with a friend, your body.

As I talk to my clients, they are without an of love is enlivening and creates well-being. So An antidote to disease is: Befriend yourself.

exception also critical of themselves. I’m sure decide for yourself. Do you want to love or do

there are people in the world who greet them- you want to criticize? Of course you want to Elizabeth Pasquale, LMT, CST, NLP is the

selves warmly with love and appreciation, but love! That’s your nature. You are love. creator and director of Well On The Way® LLC,

this article is for the rest of us. Sometimes its hardest to start with yourself, holistic therapies in Ossining and White Plains.

We grew up with adults who wanted the best so start with others. Hold your tongue when 914-762-4693.


CBD for Holiday Stress and Anxiety


The summer ew by, and if for anyone—for those who su er and depression. CBD based sup-
you are anything like me, the from anxiety, traveling during the plements can signi cantly reduce
thought of the holidays being holidays can be far worse, bringing the symptoms of anxiety by bring- may o er a good alternative.
around the corner makes me pret- on terrible panic attacks. ing serotonin to normal levels, CBD has been used for many

ty anxious and stressed. CBD can help lower the num- helping to regulate sleep, mood, years now to help combat social

Don’t get me wrong. I love that ber and intensity of panic attacks appetite and the level of anxiety we anxiety, stress, insomnia, and de-

my son will be home from col- that we may experience, keeping might experience at any given time. pression. e holidays are a di cult

lege and the family will be getting the mind and body calm. People Anxiety is among the most com- time for many people who may

together—often—to celebrate who have tried CBD for panic at- mon emotional problems our society need relief from all of the stress that

anksgiving, Chanukah, Christ- tacks describe the feeling they get is dealing with. Nearly 264 million it can cause. Turning to CBD can

mas, birthdays, and more. from it as a clear-headed calmness. people are living with anxiety world- truly help us to clear our minds, be-

But with all the festivities comes Panic attacks and stress are only wide according to a 2017 report re- gin to think about the holidays in a

a lot of shopping, cooking, driving, two of the problems that we may leased by the World Health Organi- more positive way and truly enjoy

cooking, schlepping the dog, pack- encounter during the holidays. zation. And many people are looking the upcoming holiday season.

ing, unpacking, and did I mention Social anxiety is another big one. for an alternative to traditional treat-

cooking? ere’s just so much pressure to ments - moving away from psychiat- Bright Energy Wellness is proud to

With so much to do, this joyous show up at a multitude of business ric drugs designed for anxiety and de- o er Formulations with Integrity™,

time of year can become incred- functions and social events, and it pression which often have unpleasant the highest quality, full spectrum

ibly stressful. But there are ways can become overwhelming, get- side e ects, toward more natural, ho- Phyto-Cannabinoid Rich Hemp

to help calm our anxieties and ting to a point where we just don’t listic options. Hemp oil or any other Extract products on the market. Visit

de-stress during the holidays and feel that we have the energy to see cannabis products containing CBD

CBD is one of them. anyone. is is completely natural.

What are some of the triggers (I’m getting exhausted just writing
CARING HEARTSfor anxiety at the holidays?
about it!) If this is the case, try-

For many, spending time with ing CBD for social anxiety can re- AND HANDS LLC
family members can be the major ally help! Because CBD can help

holiday stressor. We all have rela- to relax and calm us down, it can

tives or friends that for whatever help us nd the courage to get out

reason just rub us the wrong way. of our Christmas pajamas and go Call Us Today
to See
Being on the road or in the air can and see friends and family.
the Difference:
be very stressful. So, what is CBD and why does

If you are “fortunate” enough to it work?

not have to travel for a holiday cel- CBD is short for cannabidiol,

ebration, you are probably hosting, one of the two main cannabinoids

which brings its own set of stress- found in cannabis (marijuana and We Understand
ors. Getting the house ready for industrial hemp). Although the Home Is Where
guests, ensuring everyone’s food cannabis species contains over a The Heart Is.
sensitivities and dietary require- hundred cannabinoids,only two—
ments are being met, wondering THC and CBD—have caught
how long guests will actually stay… the attention of researchers. THC

And what about the cost of the (tetrahydrocannabinol), is the psy-

holidays? It’s not just the gifts but choactive ingredient in cannabis Caring Hearts And Hands LLC Is A Dependable
Non-Medical Provider Of Affordable Care,
the decorating,entertaining,parties that can get you ‘high,’while CBD Services And Helpful Support To Seniors.

that we can’t go to empty handed. is not psychoactive like THC.

It all adds up. We whip out the e human body actually has a

credit cards in November and De- built-in system designed to receive Companion Care • Personal Care • Daily/Weekly Visits
cember only to open those bills in the bene ts of cannabis called the • 24 Hours/7 Days Nursing Home Care
January. Talk about depression! Endocannabinoid System (ECS).
Assisted Living Care • Respite Care • Lite Meal Prep • Errands
For some,the thought of getting e ECS plays a major role in ho- • Bill Prep • Transportation & More

on an airplane can bring about a meostasis—our body’s ability to 914-962-3002
severe panic attack. Crowds at maintain a healthy inner balance.

the airport, potential delays due to CBD works just like selective
weather or being on a packed ight serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SS-
with all sorts of people.Travel dur- RIs) a category of psychiatric drugs We Can Provide Caregivers, HHAs, LPNs.
ing the holidays can be a challenge speci cally designed for anxiety Free Consultations.


At 78, Mike Palen’s weightlifting feats have reached astonishing heights


Mike Palen can lift 855 pounds. Let’s put wood to a Mount Vernon sporting goods “I decided to go to the Y where they had
that into perspective. A concert grand store to pick up weights and bring them back real professional equipment and develop my-

piano weighs nearly 950 pounds. to his garage. His friends started coming self.That where I discovered I liked competi-

Pretty impressive, right? But wait—there’s over, bringing their weights, too. He wound tion,” Palen said.

more. up with about 2,000 pounds of weights in his Palen’s idol was Tommy Kono, an Ameri-

Palen is 78 years old. dad’s garage. Eventually, those friends gave can gold-medal Olympian, who, back in

The longtime Mahopac resident, who up weightlifting. But Palen never did. Today, the ’50s, set world records in four different

grew up in the Crestwood section of Yon- he still has all those weights in his garage in weight classes.

kers, has been lifting weights since he was 12 Mahopac—all 2,000 pounds. “He was the one I wanted to be,” Palen

years old. “I was small in stature, but I was a scrap- said. “I would compete in my head with his

“I developed my own dumbbells from ce- per,”he said.“I was known as a small kid who totals. My friends told me that I should get

ment footings that were in a picnic table that could take care of himself.” into it because I was doing stuff no one else

my father had made,” he said. “I put them His older brother was a star football player was doing. I started doing it competitively—

together with a bar in the middle.” and Palen felt the pressure to live up to his lifting 150, pressing 150, eventually doing a

Like many young boys, Palen gravitated sibling’s reputation. But he ended up break- lot more than my body weight. I was doing

toward athletics—he played football at St- ing his leg twice and said it was probably totals that were close to Olympic standards,

epinac High School—but weightlifting, because he was trying too hard to live up to so my dream was to make it to the Olympics”

for reasons he can’t quite put his finger on, expectations. When Palen takes on a chal- Palen even won a few trophies, but he

seemed to call him. lenge, he doesn’t shirk. eventually decided that the rigid rules and

“Back in those days, bodybuilding was “But I think I was asking too much of my techniques required in competitive lifting

kind of shunned,” he said. “It didn’t become body at that point,” he said. weren’t for him.

popular until later on. But I found instant He joined the Air Force in 1962 and con- “I had good brute force, but trouble with

results.” tinued his weightlifting endeavors while in the rules of the lift,” he explained. “It’s very

He was so motivated that he and a friend the service. When he got out, he began to lift technical. When you do a clean and jerk,

made several trips on their bikes from Crest- competitively. you have to pause with the weight at your



shoulders for a certain amount of time and He found he could press 250 pounds, lift a few beats before dropping it back onto the

wait for the judge to clap and then you go up. 235 pounds in the snatch and 315 in the clean rack.

I was able to do it, but on a couple of occa- and jerk. “I started with 300 pounds on my rst lift,

sions the lift didn’t count. ere were a lot of ough he was busy with many other en- then to 400,” he said. “To me, 300 pounds

technicalities that I didn’t like.” deavors (he owned a summer home in Ame- is light. Now I can lift 855 pounds o the

And something else happened along the nia in Dutchess County that needed tending, rack, my personal best this year. People tell

way that derailed Palen’s weightlifting ambi- and he had a pilot’s license for small aircraft), me I should look it up in the Book of Guin-

tions: Life. He got married to Sandra, whom he still found time to get into the gym and ness World Records. A lot of kids just stand

he met in Yonkers. e two moved to Ma- continue his workouts around and watch me. I love to give advice if

hopac and started a family. “I always found time to do it and all the they ask.”

“We couldn’t a ord Westchester, but I other exercises,”he said.“I could do more than Palen said he believes the mission of Silver

never thought of Mahopac,” he said. “I had a 2,000 sit-ups.” Sneakers is very important.

friend who moved up here and we would visit Ten years ago, he discovered a program “ ey are very supportive in getting older

them on occasion, and I thought, why not?” through his health insurance company called people to the gym,” he said. “If we got more

at was in 1965. Silver Sneakers, which provides free member- seniors to do that we wouldn’t have a lot of the

“We got married and had kids right away,” ships to senior citizens at participating gyms health problems that we have today. I want to

he continued. “New house, new job. I was 23 “ is got me out of the garage and back to inspire older people to get into some kind of

and weightlifting just got pushed into the the gym,” he said. tness program.You are only as old as you feel.

background. I stayed out of it until our second rough Silver Sneakers, he joined the It’s because I do this, God has blessed me. I

child was born. I was out of it for about four New York Sport Club in Somers. don’t have any limitations.”

or ve years.” “For me, it’s about maintenance and not Palen was asked what his biggest in uence

Now, with the Olympics and competitive overdoing it. I can do anything a 40-year-old was outside of the world of sports.

weightlifting no longer a goal, Palen got back do, including one-handed pushups,” he said. “My biggest inspiration has been Sandra,

into it for the self-grati cation and the health “My legs have not changed much and have my bride of 55 years,” he said. “She keeps me

bene ts.And growing older didn’t seem to slow a lot of strength in them. I could lift four or healthy, wealthy and wise. She de nitely helps

him down. In fact, he seemed to get stronger. ve people in the pool. I would go underwater, me lift the 855 pounds.”

“I found that weight training kept me and we would make this pyramid.” At 78,does Palen see a time when he’ll walk

stronger than normal, more able to play sports at led Palen to developing his own spe- away from the gym and retire from weightlift-

later into life,” he said. “I played softball into cial technique. e barbell is placed on a rack ing?

my 50s and played volleyball until about 10 about 5 feet o the ground. Palen, squats un- “No,” he said with a smile. “I will continue

years ago.” der it, grabs the bar, lifts it above the rack for working out until I drop.”

I N D E P E N D E N C E | D I G N I T Y | C H O I C E | Since 1998 Volunteering
changes lives
theirs... give a little.
An Intergenerational Adult Day Program
...and yours! GET
providing dementia care A LOT.

914-241-0770 volunteer.
Volunteering with RideConnect gives me a
95 Radio Circle, Mount Kisco, NY 10549 powerful sense of value and meaning.

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My Second Home is a program of Family Services of Westchester Volunteering with Ready to change lives?
and receives funding from Westchester County Department of Senior Programs & Services RideConnect nourishes
my soul and enhances 914-242-7433
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from National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA)


‘When Am I Going Home?’

My clients and their families It is a decision that is both com- Medicaid, there is no five five-year savings and no more than $879.00
regularly tell me that their plex and heart wrenching for the look-back period for the uncom- per month of income. If the ap-
spouses and loved ones who people placed in the position of pensated non-exempt transfer plicant has more than $879 per
are admitted to a nursing home or making the decision. I have expe- of assets (gifts) with respect to month of income, they can enroll

rehab facility regularly ask them… rienced first-hand the emotional eligibility for home care Medicaid. in a Pooled Community Trust

“When am I going home?” toll the decision to place a mother, Thus, if one were to transfer all of managed by a charity, and their

It has been my experience that father and/or grandparent in a their non-IRA/non-retirement income above the $879 can be

the vast majority of seniors would home inflicts upon oneself and the assets to their children and/or a utilized to pay their expenses for

prefer to age in their own home family members involved. Medicaid Asset Protection Trust, housing, clothing, food, heating,

rather than a nursing home and/or Fortunately, in New York City, on the first of the month following electrical, gas, taxes and insurance,

other long-term care facilities. the five boroughs, Westchester, the transfer the applicant would be etc. If the Pooled Community

The decision of whether one will Rockland, Putnam and immedi- financially eligible for home-care Trust is not utilized by the appli-

be able to age at home is contingent ate adjacent counties, the Medic- Medicaid services. Additionally, as cant,they would lose their monthly

upon a number of factors, such as aid home care program is acces- with the Medicaid nursing home income in excess of the $879. For a

one’s finances, eligibility for the sible and an obvious first option program, the home care program couple residing in the community

Medicaid home care services,phys- to nursing home care. Perhaps, also permits the spousal impov- needing home care, they can have

ical and mental condition, the level the most important factor in mak- erishment rules. Thus, if assets are up to $1,287 per month of income

of care one requires and whether ing Medicaid home care such an transferred from an ill spouse to and $22,800 of savings.

the home is suitable and/or can be important first option is that un- the well spouse, the well spouse There are numerous beneficial

made suitable to serve one’s needs. like eligibility for nursing home can refuse to utilize their assets and reasons for one’s health and men-

income to support the ill spouse, tal well being to remain at home

and can instead execute a spousal as long as possible. The Medicaid

refusal letter. This would allow the home care program in New York

ill spouse to become eligible for provides seniors with a significant

nursing home and/or home care incentive to remain and age at

Medicaid subject to Medicaid’s home.

right to pursue a claim against the

refusing spouse for the value of the Anthony J. Enea, Esq. is a member

Do you know what steps services Medicaid provided. of the firm of Enea, Scanlan &
you can take to avoid your If the option of avoiding a spou- Sirignano, LLP of White Plains, and
a home office in Somers. He can be
estate going to probate? sal transfer and executing a spousal reached at 914-948-1500. Mr. Enea
refusal is available, either because is the Past Chair of the Elder Law
the well spouse’s assets and income

• Asset Protection • Past Chair of Elder Law are below the community spouse and Special Needs Section of the New

resources and income allowance York State Bar Association (NYSBA).

• Elder Law Section of NYS Bar Association or because both the applicant and He is the Chair of the Senior Lawyers
spouse are willing to transfer their Section of (NYSBA). Mr. Enea is

• Medicaid Applications • “Super Lawyer” In Elder Law non-IRA/non-retirement assets the Past President and a founding
(Nursing Home/Home Care) for 10 consecutive years to a Medicaid Asset Protection member of the New York Chapter of
Trust and/or to their children or the National Academy of Elder Law

• Guardianships Contact others, then executing a spousal Attorneys (NAELA). He is also a
(Contested/Non-Contested) refusal letter and its financial con- member of the Council of Advanced
ANTHONY J. ENEA, ESQ. sequences can be avoided. Practitioners of the National
• Wills, Trusts & Estates Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
Managing Member The eligibility requirements for and is a Certified Elder Law
Medicaid home care require that
Fluent in Italian

the applicant necessitate assistance Attorney as certified by The National

with the activities of daily living Elder Law Foundation as accredited

(walking, dressing, bathing, going by the American Bar Association.

to the bathroom and cooking). Mr. Enea is the President of the
WHITE PLAINS • SOMERS • WWW.ESSLAWFIRM.COM From a financial eligibility per- Westchester Bar Foundation and
spective,the applicant,if single,can a Past President of the Westchester
914.948.1500 have no more than $15,450.00 of County Bar Association.



Disco Night at Putnam Golf Course National
Geographic Live
Nov. 16 • Putnam County Golf Course, 187 Hill Street, Mahopac
Nov. 15 • Tarrytown Music
When Disco Unlimited hits the stage, you are instantly transported to a time when Hall, 13 Main Street
Saturday nights meant white suits, platform shoes, and your very best dance
moves. And dance you will when you experience the magic created when the Mark Synnott presents Life on the
boogie begins. This group has become the No. 1 disco show and dance Vertical as part of the Engaging
band on the East Coast! Doors open 6:30 p.m., showtime
8-11 p.m. Conversation Series. Mark Synnott
is a pioneering big wall climber
and one of the most prolific
adventurers of his generation.

Run Santa Run

Nov. 30 • Harrybrooke Park, 100 Silver Road, New Milford, Conn. Holiday Lights 2019

Enjoy a course that takes you through Historic Sleepy Hollow’s treasured Several dates in November
sights including a stretch along the Hudson River with views of the Headless and December • Bronx Zoo,
2300 Southern Boulevard, Bronx
Horseman Bridge, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and the Old Dutch Church.
You never know what might be lurking on the course in Sleepy Hollow. Holiday Lights is back at the Bronx
Zoo bigger, better, and greener than
Costumes strongly encouraged. ever thanks to LED technology. Mark
your calendars, the winter magic begins
The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze November 21 and runs through January 5.

Several dates throughout November •
525 S. Riverside Ave., Croton-on-Hudson

The tri-state area’s biggest, most electrifying fall event. Meander Eaglemania
through an 18th-century landscape and discover a breathtaking
display of more than 7,000 illuminated jack o’lanterns—all designed Dec. 6 and 7 • The Heights
and hand-carved on site by our team of artisans! Tour the brand- at Brother Vic’s
new Museum of Pumpkin Art, where classic paintings get the
gourd treatment, see who let the (pumpkin) dogs out, listen for the Back by popular demand! After selling out their
Headless Horseman—and watch out for swooping jack o’lantern last show at The Heights, Eaglemania is returning

bats! for two nights, December 6 and 7! Eaglemania
performs all of the hits of the Eagles, as well
Deck the Mall as Don Henley, Glen Frey, and Joe Walsh’s solo
albums. Their attention to detail and their ability
Dec. 14 • Jefferson Valley Mall, to reproduce the Eagles exactly leaves their fans
650 Lee Boulevard, Yorktown with an experience that they do not soon forget.

The third Deck the Mall Event for Relay for Life of Yorktown Arthritis Foundation’s
and the Jefferson Valley Mall is on Dec. 14! This is a great time Jingle Bell Run
to get your holiday shopping done all while supporting small,
Dec. 7 • Purchase College,
local businesses! We’ll be your one stop shop for jewelry, 735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase
makeup, candles, skincare, clothing, kids items, ornaments,
signs and so much more! Need gifts wrapped? We can do The Arthritis Foundation’s original Jingle Bell Run is a fun
that too for a donation! So you can leave the mall with every way to get decked out and be festive, while racing to raise
item wrapped and ready for the holiday season! This is free funds and awareness to cure America’s #1 cause of disability.

to enter, so bring the whole family by!

To be featured on this page, email Bruce Heller



929-999-8603 914-948-1500


914-393-7908 347-481-7617
HIGH Q CBD 914-762-4693

914-682-2190 SALON/SPA

646-670-6725 caringhear
SEEDS OF AYURVEDA 914-937-2320
seedsofayur RIDECONNECT
203-740-0175 THINKING OF

More than 50 million Jingle Bell Run
Americans (1 in 4 people) Purchase College
have been diagnosed with December 7, 2019
Come join us and get your jingle on
Two-thirds of those who at our JBR 5K race!
suffer from arthritis pain are
under the age of 65, Register as an individual or a team:
including 300,000 children
under the age of 18 who
are affected by juvenile
arthritis. Contact Kelsey Torgerson,
Development Manager, to learn
more at or


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