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Mahopac News 06.11.20

VOL. 11 NO. 15 Visit for the latest news. THURSDAY, JUNE 11, 2020

Police investigate string
of larcenies in Mahopac

BY BOB DUMAS not new to Mahopac. He be-

EDITOR lieves a car stolen in the Dahlia

Drive area in June 2019 and

Carmel police are investigat- eventually tracked down in

ing a series of larcenies, includ- Waterbury, Conn., is connect-

ing a stolen car, that took place ed to the recent thefts. Cazzari PHOTO:
in several Mahopac neighbor- said that when the pandemic BORCHERT

hoods in the early morning arrived, the crimes seemed to

hours of ursday, June 4. wane, but have since picked up

Chief Mike Cazzari said traction again.

that the car was stolen from the e chief said he believes it Showing solidarity

Lake Casse area where thieves is a team of thieves working in

also stole money, a credit card concert, perhaps from nearby

and other items from at least Danbury, who use the ill-got-

six unlocked cars parked in ten loot to buy illicit drugs in

driveways. Similar thefts took Watertown.

place in the Austin Road area “It seems to be the place Two peaceful protests were held i Robert Langley addressed the masks and social distancing. e
last week - one Wednesday and crowd at both events, which were protests were organized by con-
and some other Mahopac to go to purchase the drugs. one Saturday - at the courthouse held without incident. is photo cerned citizens via social media
in the Carmel hamlet in support was taken at the Wednesday pro- and were not a liated with any
neighborhoods as well. We’ve been catching them do- of George Floyd and the Black test as participants carried signs particular group or organization.
Lives Matter movement. Sher- and chanted while wearing their
“ ey look for unlocked cars ing that for as far back as I can

and steal valuables,” Cazzari remember,” he said. “It is de -

said. “It’s a crime of opportu- nitely more than one person.

nity.” But you have to hit a lot of cars School budget vote deadline extended

Similar crimes were reported to get enough money to buy

in neighboring communities, whatever it is you want.”

the chief said, including Kent, Cazzari said the investiga-

Patterson and Pawling. North tion is ongoing, and no arrests Gov. Cuomo signed legisla- e original deadline had been their right to vote,” Cuomo said.
tion last weekend extending the June 9. “Extending the deadline…builds
Salem police also reported a car have been made yet. And he deadline for school districts to on our previous executive orders
receive school budget ballots. To “ e COVID-19 pandemic to make it easier for New York-
theft in that community. Post- had one bit of advice for home- be counted, school budget ballots has changed our world,and while ers to vote…and it will help to
can be received by mail through we are making great progress and increase voter participation as we
ers on Facebook said it was also owners. Tuesday, June 16 by the school the numbers keep going down, continue to ght this virus.”
district. no New Yorker should have to
happening in other Dutchess “It is not a good idea to choose between their health and

County towns, including Fish- leave your keys in your car,” he

kill and Wappinger. said. “Lock your car. ese are

Cazzari said the crimes are crimes of opportunity.”

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26 Bonnie Smith retires after
28 40 years at MHS.

pg 3


The Staff Outdoor dining and in-store retail shopping returns

EDITORIAL TEAM Phase II reopening began in sta to instituting 6-foot spac-
Putnam and the Mid-Hudson ing in table arrangement, as well
EDITOR: 845-208-0774
[email protected] region, and outside dining is back. as lines for payment areas, rest-
SPORTS EDITOR: 914-302-5628 Barbershop trims and “cuts and rooms, and food pick-up areas.
[email protected]
colors,” o ce-based work includ- Restaurants seeking to open new
LISA KAIN ing Putnam County agencies, and outdoor seating spaces such as on

914-351-2424 in-store retail shopping are also sidewalks, grass lawns or park-
[email protected]
some of the familiar activities that ing lots, are partnering with local
914-202-2392 have resumed at this stage. town and village building de-
[email protected]
CORINNE STANTON Putnam County o ces re- partments. ese municipalities
[email protected] opened June 8, with Phase II an- are working to expedite permits
917-446-7757 ticipated to start o cially the fol- to accommodate the restaurants
[email protected]
BRUCE HELLER lowing day. Modi ed schedules and their customers. Restaurants
[email protected] and services may be in place, and may be allowed to expand out-
appointments may be necessary. doors with PCDOH and local
914-924-9122 Calling ahead is advised. menting innovative safety pro- safety measures such as tables Code Enforcement approval.
[email protected]
GABRIELLE BILIK “ e good news is that we tocols. Towns and municipalities spaced 6 feet apart. All sta will Retail shopping, barbershops
[email protected] have local businesses that are are working to streamline the be required to wear face coverings and hair salons, and county agen-

PRODUCTION TEAM committed to the well-being of permit process to allow more lo- at all times, and customers must cies are also reopening, all with
our community,” said County cal restaurants to begin to o er do the same when not seated. strict New York State and Cen-
PHOTOGRAPHER Executive MaryEllen Odell. “We outdoor dining. e private/gov- Restaurants with outside dining ters for Disease Control (CDC)

[email protected] have counted on them in the past ernment partnerships are work- areas will be required to follow requirements for face coverings
to sponsor our little leagues and ing together both for the health 13-pages of guidelines issued by and distancing. Some apprehen-
DESIGNER support causes we care about. of our community and to support New York State Department of sion is normal and ultimately

[email protected] Now they have stepped up to do our local businesses.” Health, issued on June 3. It covers wise, but signi cant progress has

EXECUTIVE TEAM everything from donating meals For outdoor dining, restaurants everything from mandatory daily been made to lower the infection
CEO & PUBLISHER to front line workers to imple- will incorporate the “new normal” health screenings of restaurant rate and this is good news for
residents, businesses and organi-
[email protected]
zations alike.
Putnam County’s Health

AND EDITORIAL SUBMISSIONS FOR Nesheiwat, urged all employees,

MAHOPAC NEWS IS THE THURSDAY whether they work for small busi-
nesses, not-for-pro t organiza-
CALL BOB DUMAS AT tions, or the county, to remember

845-208-0774 OR EMAIL that “If you are not feeling well or
[email protected]
you are exhibiting symptoms of
COVID-19, you should remain
WEEKLY DELIVERY, CALL 845-208-8503 OR home. We have done a great job
EMAIL [email protected]
SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE COMPLIMENTARY FOR of ‘ attening the curve.’ It is im-
OUT OF TOWN MAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE portant not to lose sight of this
and to continue to pay attention
MAHOPAC, NY AND AT and monitor our health.”


POSTMASTER: can be mild or severe, include
fever or chills, cough, shortness
824 ROUTE 6, SUITE 4 of breath or di culty breathing,
fatigue, muscle or body aches,
In these uncertain times, headache, new loss of taste or
(ISSN 2330-1627) smell, sore throat, congestion or
PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY runny nose, nausea or vomiting,
824 ROUTE 6, SUITE 4 ONE THING IS CERTAIN, or diarrhea. ese are the cur-
MAHOPAC, NY 10541 rent symptoms presented on the
CDC website at
BAILEY COURT Joe Tock and his team are virus and may be updated as new
334 ROUTE 202, UNIT C1S symptoms are identifying with
SOMERS, NY 10589 this novel illness.
ready to help you. Additionally, some people
have been found to spread the
disease “silently,” meaning they

are asymptomatic and have no

symptoms or their symptoms are

so mild they don’t know they are

sick. People should err on the

side of caution and if not feeling

completely well, to stay or work

from home whenever possible.

is is also the reason for the

mandatory use of face coverings

LAW OFFICES OF JOSEPH J. TOCK in public spaces, where distancing
is not always possible. Examples
of these types of situations are in

963 Route 6, Mahopac, NY 10541 hallways, elevators and small re-
ception or waiting areas.

TOCKLAW.COM • 845-628-8080 Article courtesy of Putnam County

Health Department



Ed Board addresses directory/school. tragedy as a means to polarize school community is steadfast in and our larger community. We

racism charges Please be reminded that each our community. As we are all its condemnation of racism and are dedicated to educating our-

school is equipped with social aware, social media has unique discrimination in any form. selves so that we can continue

To the editor, workers, psychologists, guidance attributes that can be employed, We stand in solidarity with our own learning and growth.

[Editor’s note: is letter was sent counselors, and/or assistant prin- either for the greater good, or communities of color and we We are not where we need to be,

to the parents of the Mahopac cipals who are trained to address alternatively, for harassment and are committed to taking a stance but we are committed to getting

School District.] issues, as the social and bullying. e Board will not, and against racial and institutional there.

emotional well-being of our cannot, tolerate the use of social injustice. To that end, we will If you or a family member

We are writing to address the students is of utmost importance. media to spread unsubstantiated continue, as well as enhance, our needs support, reach out to any-

recent proliferation of social me- Needless to say, these are trou- rumors about the conduct and e orts in supporting our sta one on our clinical and guidance

dia postings accusing the district bling times. We are all saddened beliefs of our community, super- through professional develop- team.

of racist conduct. and hurt over the senseless loss intendent, administrators, faculty, ment experiences that can raise Leadership Teams

Starting this past Friday eve- of life that occurred before our sta and students. awareness of racial and institu- Mahopac Central School District

ning, a number of accusations eyes in Minneapolis, and the Mahopac Board of Education tional structures that result in

(some new, some old, some anon- general issue of the mistreat- Mahopac schools inequities in our society. Peaceful protest
ymous, some subscribed to) have ment of individuals due to race. condemn racism We are also committed to not provides hope
appeared on Instagram, Twitter We all certainly want to play a
and other social media role in enacting systemic change only teaching our students the
that becomes both part of the
outlets. value of being caring, collabora-

tive and compassionate people, To the editor,

However, the district cannot fabric of our country, as well as To the editor, but also the importance of un- e peaceful and well-orga-

address incidents that have never the educational culture of our [Editor’s note: is letter was sent derstanding multiple perspec- nized protest that took place on

been brought to its attention for schools; we all want to be part of to parents of the Mahopac School tives so they can be equipped to Wednesday, June 3, in front of

investigation pursuant to the a solution. District.] challenge the racist norms and the County Courthouse in Car-

Code of Conduct. If anyone feels As you may be aware, in the inequities that still exist today. mel stands as an example of how

they have been either witness to, fall of 2019 the district had been e senseless killing of George If you have experienced a the right of free assembly can be

or the subject of discrimination, accused of racism for utilizing Floyd, as well as the countless situation in our schools that you utilized to further the ideals on

please report these complaints to the Mahopac Indian as its mas- other similar occurrences that would like to bring to the atten- which this country was founded.

your teacher, guidance counselor, cot. We reviewed the complaint, involved men and women of tion of the leadership, contact e attendance of Sheri

or building principal. e princi- and ultimately determined that color, brings forth both feelings your building principal. We are Robert L. Langley Jr. for the

pal is empowered, if warranted, the Mahopac Indian was an ap- of anger and sadness. During here to listen and to help. We duration of the assembly and

to address and remedy the situ- propriate symbol of pride, as it these unsettling times in our na- know that too often we feel un- the thoughtful professionalism

ation for the betterment of our honored the Algonquin Indians tion’s history, it is fair to say that prepared to have these necessary he displayed in addressing the

students, our schools, and our who none of us has all the answers. yet di cult conversations with crowd from the steps of our ven-

community. inhabited Mahopac long be- However, we recognize that the each other and with our chil- erable institution gave all of us

e link for each building, fore any of us. recent organized and peaceful dren. in attendance some hope for the

where principals’ information can We ask that all parties be re- demonstrations have magni- We will continue to foster resolution of the con icts that

be found is spectful, and not use a national ed the pervasive and persis- open dialogue and e orts that are shaking the foundations of

tent inequities and oppression are meaningful and thoughtful our country.

that people of color experience within our district so that we can Je Hodges

in our country. e Mahopac support our students, families Carmel

Proudly keeping SCHIFFREN healer of the world’s ills. How Mara Schi ren, PhD, is a
our community wonderful it is to spend time writer, certi ed Functional
in Good Hands FROM PAGE 10 outdoors walking in gardens Medicine Health coach, certi ed
and meadows. At the end of my Peak Performance coach and
it has certainly rained enough walk, everything feels di erent. psychological tness specialist. You
lately to make us feel we are can reach her at [email protected]
inhabiting a tamed and charm- e world is illuminated in an
ing rain forest. entirely di erent way and all
one’s priorities have changed.
Nature is a solace, a great

Living in our community can be 12347980
expensive, but I’m here to help
you find ways to save. I’ll help
you find the right amount of
coverage specific to your needs
to keep more of your
hard-earned money in your
wallet. Give me a call today.

Shari Zimmerman
957 Route 6
Mahopac, NY 10541

I’m always here with local advice
you can trust.

Subject to terms, conditions and availability. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance
Co., Northbrook, IL © 2020 Allstate Insurance Co.




BY JESSICA JAFET selection of paint, design and hardware those who visit the stores.
CONTRIBUTING WRITER products—many under one roof—
that have made the business a regional “We’ve got plexiglass up
Being at home these past few months
has prompted many people to tackle xture. Unlike big-box stores, the at all counters, we do social
their home improvement “to-do” lists, retailer is dedicated to serving customers
with painting and decorating projects in in a personalized, old-fashioned way, distancing, masks and
full swing around the area. by o ering quality products and
competitive price points. gloves—even employee
Wallauer Paint & Design, the fourth-
generation, family-owned and operated “We kind of look at ourselves as the temperature checks,” he
business headquartered in White Plains, go-to place for all things DIY and home
has been serving these needs since 1921. improvement; the local aspect is a big said. “We want to make
As one of the largest Benjamin Moore driver, of course.”
paint dealers in North America, it has sure our customers feel safe
16 stores in Westchester, Putnam and In partnership with Ace Hardware
Rockland counties. at four of their locations, Wallauer and to know that Wallauer
continues to focus on its “Pro Centers,”
e shops o er interior and exterior described by Klein as a store within a is doing our part; most
paints and stains, along with decorating store—where the full-service hardware
services, blinds, shades, shutters, custom store features a Wallauer’s paint and importantly, we want to be
bedding, carpeting, draperies and design center at the same location.
window coverings (with professional To make purchases even easier, the their local and convenient
installation) and more. Six company also runs an e-commerce site,
o ers curbside pickup, as well as home location.”
of the locations contain dedicated delivery for its products.
design centers where sta can provide Klein, who has been
customers with decorating expertise To serve the needs of contractors
and o er advice about color and design. and individual homeowners who are the COO and General
undertaking paint and other home
According to the company’s Chief improvement projects, Klein asserted Manager of Wallauer
Operating O cer, Ed Klein, it is that Wallauer Paint & Design is taking
Wallauer's longtime service ethic, along customer safety very seriously, with since 2017, is a veteran of
necessary precautions now in place for
with an extensive the paint business, having

previously worked for

Benjamin Moore for 17 A family-run company: Donna Duncan,
years. He has noticed that Bob Duncan Jr. and Nate Duncan

the current situation has

caused some changes in long-standing room was painted two years, four years

habits of customers. or ten years ago, people are wanting to

“Typically, when somebody wants to paint it now and new cycles are being

do a painting project, whether it is a set. He remains optimistic about the

room or a house, it has a cycle of every business, despite these uncertain times.

four to ve years,” he said. “I think what “I’m seeing a lot more of these

is happening now is that we are resetting projects, even for a fresh coat or a new

the cycle; no matter if the house or a look, people are just doing it,” he said.

Bedford Hills Mohegan Lake Headquarters

655 Bedford Road, 1948 East Main Street, 30 Virginia Road,
Bedford Hills Mohegan Lake North White Plains

Carmel Yorktown Heights 914-948-4000

1924 Route 6, 1965 Commerce Street,
Carmel Yorktown Heights

Mahopac Lewisboro/Cross River

537 Route 6, Cross River Plaza Shopping
Mahopac Center, Cross River

See for a complete list of locations.



Mahopac schools need to address racism issue

BY DANIEL EHRENPREIS to condemn acts of hate. and intentional as they only hap- organizations wrote letters to our seeing this as an opportunity to ed-
GUEST WRITER As the blatant racism in Amer- pen when our predominantly elected o cials and received no re- ucate ourselves and move forward.
white student body interacts with sponse; a poignant indication that
[ is letter was sent to the ica is currently being addressed more schools of diverse student Anthony DiCarlo and the school We cannot sit in silence as we
superintendent, district clerk, school through protests over the un- bodies. ese incidents are a symp- board do not care about students watch riots break out across the
board members, and candidates on just death of George Floyd, let tom of lack of action taken by our and community members of color. country, during a pandemic, im-
behalf of Mahopac for Racial Justice, us remind the Mahopac Central community members and leaders. pacting Black Americans. We
a new coalition created by community School District that it has not Upholding the Dignity for All It is now the responsibility of cannot allow candidates running
members of color.] been innocent in creating a cul- Students Act can no longer be used this district to create a commit- to represent our school board, one
ture that allows racist actions to as a facade for “promoting diversity tee on diversity and inclusion. e of the most powerful positions in
Our school district and munici- persist, the same culture that has and inclusion”. committee should encompass peo- our community, to sit idly by while
pality have witnessed our student taken so many black lives. In 2014, ple with multidisciplinary perspec- across the country res burn in
body make headlines for racist Mahopac students made rac- Removing the race-based ath- tives to ensure that voices do not go order for impacted people to be
remarks and racially incited in- ist comments during a basketball letic identity that Mahopac has unheard. is committee should be seen. We know that true justice in
cidents. ese incidents signify a game against Mount Vernon High held onto will help to create an tasked with proposing updates to our community doesn’t look like
larger problem: the prevalence of School. Speci cally, the Mahopac environment that fosters equitable school policy regarding equitable multiple racial incidents occurring
racism within our school district students used Twitter to degrade treatment of minoritized groups treatment of all students, as well as within our school district as well
and community. Although recent the Mount Vernon students af- in our schools and community. For generating monitoring and evalu- as keeping a mascot that is shown
events have sparked the conversa- ter su ering a loss. Our students years, community members have ative measures/reports related to to psychologically harm minority
tion about racism in our nation, belittled and stereotyped Mount tried to remove this mascot but maintaining and developing inclu- youth— and having that tarnish
Mahopac residents have been Vernon students’ income status have been met with no resolution. sivity. Staying silent in the wake of our reputation.
speaking up about anti-racist ac- and family situations and made injustice only augments the power
tions our community needs to take racial remarks by referring to them e district is also very aware of the of hate, which will further damage In light of this time, we have the
for years, but our voices have not as “monkeys” and “gorillas”. While condemnation it has received from our communities. choice to take a stance and change
been heard. this led to the creation of sensitivity organizations that actively sup- our future,we have the choice to be
training and consequences for stu- port and amplify Native Ameri- In reference to this incident with vehemently anti-racist and cultur-
e purpose of this letter is dents involved, it has not corrected can voices, such as: e Wisconsin the global protests in honor of ally responsive. Work with us. Not
to urge our current school board the underlying issue. “Indian” Education Association, George Floyd and President Don- against us. e community is dam-
members and candidates to de- Religious Americans Against ald Trump’s interference, a state- aged by your complacency.
velop an action plan to address this A similar incident occurred in “Indian” Nicknames and Logos ment is needed,on behalf of all stu-
injustice through three steps: 2019, where our junior varsity la- (RAAINL), Maulian Dana & dents, in an unambiguous manner. Read the full letter on our social
crosse players insulted New Ro- Penobscot Nation, e John Hop- If our elected o cials truly respect media pages—Facebook: @
1) Remove the “Indian”mascot, chelle High School athletes with kins Center for American Indian our residents of color, then they Mahopac for Racial Justice;
2) Create a committee on diver- racist remarks and actions, calling Health, Coalition of Natives and must take a stance by saying hate Twitter and Instagram: @
sity and inclusion, and them “(expletive) Mexicans.” Allies, and the National Congress has no place here. You must check pac4racialjustice; contact us at
3) Ensure timely public response of American Indians. All these in with our students and families; [email protected]
ese incidents are calculated




Outdoor Seating
“Under the Tent”
at Olympic Diner

Friday, June 12th

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


195 Route 6, Mahopac, NY 845.628.0876


A steady hand
in a di erent


e process of applying to college can dent?” “An op- “We had students narrating aerial tours of emotional about what college they select
be overwhelming during the best of times. portunity to the campus while explaining the campus without having to cope with outside in u-
So, one would think doing it as a deadly highlight mean- layout, activities and personal experience ences and pressure.
pandemic rages on around us would be a ingful learning.” transitioning to college. It was excellent.”
Herculean task. We had presentations about Quinnipiac, “ e college process is emotional because
She said with stu- High Point,University of Miami,Bucknell, of student set expectations of their college
But thanks to GuidED Consulting dents now stuck at home, Northeastern,Ohio State,USC and more.” experience,” Hardy said. “ rough new for-
LLC, based in Mahopac, it might have ac- there has been an opportunity to focus on mats, the college experience de nition has
tually gotten a little easier. “what sparks a student’s interest” outside But through it all, GuidED still main- expanded. Students go on websites and do
the normal school routine creating more tains its core services. live admission information sessions or at-
When Dr. Deborah Hardy formed the well-rounded students. “We continue to tend student panel presentations with the
business four years ago, she started as the build a personalized list with speci c col- “We still keep doing the college application school. ey watch videos and get more
“mobile school counselor,”visiting students lege resources matching what is important process,”Hardy said.“ at hasn’t gone away.” speci c information on internships, re-
in their homes. en, as the business grew, for them.” search, or student activities. You have webi-
she opened her brick-and-mortar loca- By June,Hardy says her students will have nars from professors on di erent topics or
tion on Route 6. Now, with students stuck Hardy said the students now have a dif- a personalized college list, teacher recom- you can audit classes remotely. is technol-
quarantining at home and college campus- ferent schedule with free time. She steers mendations, essay, resume, and supplement ogy is giving a di erent perspective of the
es shuttered, Hardy has adapted to online them toward free online courses where questions complete as well as the application. college selection experience.”
virtual guidance and the results, she says, they can learn a topic to develop a new skill
have been better than ever. to add to their resumes. “We were able to o er online college Hardy got her BA in sociology from
essay and scholarship workshops to ac- Rider University. She worked as a direc-
e idea behind GuidED, says Hardy, a “It really makes them brand themselves commodate more students,” she said. “By tor of school counseling and in admissions
veteran school counselor with 27 years’expe- better,” she explained. “Colleges like to use getting ready earlier, students can relax this at Dominican College as well as Berkeley
rience, is to help students explore their skills, the terms ‘context’ and ‘authenticity.’ is summer! We take pride in our commit- College in White Plains. She is a member
and plan their high school academics and can show the context— who this student is ment to assisting our clients.” of the National Association for College
activities to connect with their interests. All and what they are passionate about. I sent Admissions, and the Independent Educa-
components that guide the college process. out ideas for the students to get engaged To help students with their profes- tional Consultant Association.
Her business motto is, “Counseling with a outside their classroom work. I posed ques- sional resumes, Marnie Piazza has joined
heart because it’s all about the student!” tions that would let them re ect on their the GuidED sta . Piazza is an experienced To learn more about GuidED and how
future purpose. ey shared they wanted to writer and editor with a broad background in Dr. Hardy and her sta can make the col-
e admissions landscape changed be- learn about business,medicine,photography, resume development, college essay support, lege application process smoother and
cause of the pandemic. All students are or create a blog. A year ago, students did not and copywriting. She focuses on crafting less stressful, call 845-628-0726, or visit
online, obtaining pass/fail and without ex- have time for these enriching opportunities results-driven, creative, and strategic content.
tracurricular activities. “Previously, the col- that enhance their application process.”
lege selection process focused on building a One bene t of the quarantine that Har-
list based on grade point average,test scores, She also connected with current college dy realized was that students could be less
etc.” “We therefore established a stronger students who were stuck at home and had
self-discovery opportunity for students them share their current college experiences.
aligned with the new application question:
How did the pandemic impact the stu- “We did 25 presentations in just the
month of March using Zoom,” she said.

GuidEd Consulting, LLC
845-628-0726 • • [email protected]
935 South Lake Boulevard, Suite 9 • Mahopac, NY 10541



Paying tribute to an MHS i

On Friday, May 22, the sta , faculty and ad-
ministrators honored secretary Bonnie Smith
with a special retirement parade at the high
school. Smith is retiring after 40 years on the
job. Some 250 vehicles, including a re truck,
drove past the high school, tooting their horns
and presenting the long-time high school sec-
retary with gifts.

Stay Safe. Saving a Life EVERY 11 MINUTES mus

aloneI’m never playing an eclec�c mix o
Enjoy Life Alert® is always
y h es. here for me even when [email protected]

CLASSIC REALTY away from home. join Lauren, Colleen an
harmony to yo
Grace Vinciguerra One touch of a button Help at Home FIRST AID
sends help fast, 24/7. FREE! KIT
Lic. RE Associate Broker GwPiSth!
3 Heritage 202 Center, Help On-the-Go
Somers, NY 10589 I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

Toll Free: (800) 981-7093 Batteries Never Need Charging.
Cell: (914) 629-0236
[email protected] For a FREE brochure call:

Each Office Independently 1-800-404-9776
Owned and Operated

URSDAY, JUNE 11, 2020 PAGE 17


Many of the vehicles Bonnie Smith with her children,
were festooned with Rebecca and Brad, who suprised

signs and balloons her at the parade.
honoring Smith.
with the
staff of
the high

Longtime friend and coworker, Peggy Giacopasi,
right, passes Smith a special box of tissues for
“happy tears.”

sends best
wishes. NMeawhsopac

WWhahtaist itshethmeomstocsotmcmomonmon
myoisummsaeinseam?gtahenadatcygooenuddistcieooenn?dthitaiot n

sical vocal group CREATING CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE TThheeItIctchhy yDoDgo!g!

of favorites, old and new • In Home Electrical Upgrade • IIssyyoouurrppetetscsractrcahticnhg,inligck, ilnicgk, ing,
• Smart Home Setup • cchheewwinigngfefeeteotrohravhianvginchgrocnhicronic skin 914-248-5135 • Electric Car Chargers • sinkfinecintifoenctsio?ns?
• Generators •
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our next event! • All of Your Electric Needs! • with

10%WheOnFYFouSPreersevnitcTehisCAadlls 914.455.2158 PPrrooggrreesDssr.siAvinevdreAewnAiFnmriisamhml aHanlosHpoistaplital • [email protected]
Licenses in Westchester, Putnam, NYC & CT! 149 Route9D210r.24A&-n2Ldov4reel8l wS-t.6FSor2mise2rhs0,mNYa1n0589
2N6o8wRwAowcuwct.eperpo2tg0irne2sgsSivCoea-mvreeteC.crorsme,dNitY! 10589

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DUMAS the same. a white neighborhood, you BECKERMAN “Oh, I got it. Move!”
A cop’s job may be one won’t relate. “No wait! I haven’t moved
FROM PAGE 10 FROM PAGE 11 out of the way.”
of the hardest jobs in the You may not know this but “Oh, shoot.”
We ended up just selling world, and they deserve all getting killed by a cop has “Do you have the paper “What?”
o our assets—our trucks, the credit and respect one now become the leading cause towel?” “I dropped it.”
freezers, yogurt machines, and can muster. But those who of death for young black men “YOU DROPPED IT?!?”
what accounts we had left. I point out in the wake of the in America. According to the “Yes.” “Yeah. Hmm… it should be
went back into journalism. current protests that “not Los Angeles Times, about “Is it two-ply? You’ll be here somewhere.”
all cops are bad” are missing one in 1,000 black men/ safer if it’s two-ply.” “I can’t believe you dropped
But the Rodney King the point. Of course, not all boys can expect to die at the “I have no idea. Go open it!”
incident was much di erent cops are bad, just like not all hands of police. at makes the door? “Where are you going?”
than what’s taken place in plumbers or accountants are them 2.5 times more likely “No.” “I’m going to open the door
the wake of George Floyd’s bad. But a bad cop makes than white men/boys to die “No? Why not?” again.”
murder. King was beaten life much more di cult for during an encounter with “More spiders might come “Why? So, the spider can
badly, but not killed. ose the good ones because like cops. No wonder they want in.” leave?”
cops were rightly angry for a cancer, their bad behavior to break stu . “No more spiders are com- “No. So I can.”
the peril King caused with can metastasize and cripple ing in.”
his reckless driving and that an entire department. It Two years after the Rod- “How can you be sure? You can follow Tracy on
anger was exacerbated by becomes systemic if that ney King riots, O.J. Simpson Maybe this one called for Facebook at
their bigotry. e African cancer is not removed. It will was acquitted of killing help in spiderspeak.” LostinsuburbiaFanPage and
American community’s pollute the still-healthy parts his ex-wife and her friend, “I’m taking it outside. Open sign up for her newsletter at
response was immediate and of the body. although the evidence of his the door.”
convulsive. It was not a pro- guilt was overwhelming. But “OK, ne. But let me get
test; it was not organized. It And that’s been the that jury, nine of whom were out of the way before you pass
was an unadulterated visceral problem. We’ve been using African American and one me.”
reaction to years of mistreat- Band-Aids to cover up the Hispanic, was never going
ment by LAPD. e looting, cancer, instead of employing to convict him even if the Editorial Submissions
the property damage, the loss the deeply invasive surgery DA had a high-resolution
of life—the city still bears needed to remove it. video of O.J. committing the Press releases and photos should be submitted
those scars. crime. It was simply payback to Mahopac News by the Thursday before the next
So, when us white people time. publication date. Submissons can be emailed to
But unlike today, the sit on our couches watch- [email protected] or mail it to
King riots were limited to ing the news while scratch- Now, all these years later, Mahopac News, Bailey Court, 334 Route 202, Unit
just Los Angeles. It’s been ing our heads and wonder that high-pro le trial has C1S, Somers, NY 10589. Send a self-addressed
nearly 30 years since then why the violence, why the resulted in America having stamped envelope if you’d like your photo returned.
and still the problem lingers destruction? Well, years of to endure the stunningly ba-
like a chronic infection. oppression will do that. And nal adventures of the insipid
until you know what it’s like Kardashian clan, whose late
e names and places have to be shot while eating ice patriarch was one of Simp-
changed over the years, but cream alone in your own son’s lawyers.
the color of the skin remains living room, or jogging in
e su ering never ends.

We Are Here For You

Let us help you plan for the
uncertainties life brings.

WWW.ESSLAWFIRM.COM | WHITE PLAINS • SOMERS You don’t even have to leave your home
to do your estate and elder law plan!

We are available for consultations
via Skype, Zoom or Teleconference
during this difficult time.

• Asset Protection • Elder Law • Wills, Trusts & Estates
• Medicaid Applications (Nursing Home/Home Care) • Past Chair of Elder Law Section of NYS Bar Association
• Guardianships (Contested/Non-Contested) • “Super Lawyer” In Elder Law for 10 consecutive years


Managing Member • Fluent in Italian



NYSEG honors Putnam Hospital Daycare
staff with parade centers
reopen, slots
More than 50 NYSEG vehicles drove GRID company, coordinated the event CEO of NYSEG. available
through the campus of the Putnam to demonstrate their appreciation for e event on Wednesday morning
Hospital Center in Carmel recently to those in the healthcare eld working to As Putnam county residents begin to go
pay tribute to the healthcare profession- stop the spread of COVID-19. was preceded by a donation of 50 pre- back to work many are worried about the
als. pared meals by to sta at the hospital. availability of childcare.
“Everyone at NYSEG appreciates the
Field crews from NYSEG, an AVAN- hard work and commitment of those “We are so grateful for the support Putnam County Executive MaryEl-
and appreciation NYSEG showed the len Odell wants residents to be aware that
serving in our Putnam Hospital sta this morning,” several daycare centers and family daycare
hospitals and hospital President Peter Kelly said. providers are open and that slots are avail-
the healthcare “ ey themselves are essential, frontline able.
professions to workers, and still took the time to hold
aid our neigh- a drive-by salute to our sta . ank you Parents seeking childcare for their chil-
bors who are for such an uplifting and inspiring act of dren as they go back to work are advised to
goodwill. It truly boosts everyone’s spir- contact the Dutchess/Putnam Child Care
ghting CO- its during this di cult time.” Council Inc.
VID-19, and
today’s convoy As part of the company’s coronavirus e website for the child Care Council is
of vehicles is response e orts, personnel have been
a just one way inspecting electrical circuits that pro-
we’ve been vide power to hospitals and other criti- e phone number of the Carmel o ce
able to dem- cal facilities. is 845-808-1659
onstrate that
appreciation,” Last month, NYSEG, along with sis- e Poughkeepsie o ce number is 845-
said Carl A. ter company RG&E, donated 17,700 473-4141.
Taylor, presi- N95 and surgical masks to the state’s
dent and COVID-19 response e ort to assist
healthcare workers on the front lines.

Putnam 845-628-2580 |
Veterans 888W-4e29A-r5e6O4p1e| nwTwowS.beerlvlehvYaocu.!com
Park PC Bell HVAC_NonContract.indd 1 Be Prepared For The Hot Weather3/16/20 3:04PM
Putnam County Veterans
Memorial Park on Gipsy Free home air purification system Any Of Our Services Duct Cleaning Services
Trail Road in Carmel re-
opened on Saturday May with a new high-efficiency Coupon must be presented at time of service. Coupon must be presented at time of service.
30. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Cannot be combined with any other offers
AC/Heat Pump System Installation
Park hours are 10 a.m. till Expires 7/1/2020 Excludes Service Agreements Offer Expires July 1, 2020
7:30 p.m. Parking is limited
to 50 cars at one time and Offer Expires July 1, 2020
does not any groups outside
of individual household/ CALL NOW to schedule your preventative maintenance visit &
family units. New special
lations are in place as well as
extra seasonal sta trained SCHEDULE EARLY AND SAVE! 845-628-2580
to enforce restrictions such “Service was fast, courteous and professional.” ~Mark C.
as social distancing and face
masks. Special regulations
have been posted through-
out the park to remind
guests of the heightened re-

e beach reopened on
Friday June 4, and is limited
to 50 beach/swim users at
one time. e playground,
exercise equipment and
large group pavilion remain
closed, and all group sports
are prohibited.

Article provided by County
Executive’s O ce


Dental practices reopening in Putnam

Gov. Cuomo announced last “Our dental health care pro- return to their o ces.” ers, proper use of
week that dentists could start see- viders in Putnam have been team From physical distancing to personal protective
ing patients for routine dental care players from the start of this pan- equipment is noth-
starting on June 1. Originally slat- demic,” said County Executive personal protective equipment, ing new. While
ed to reopen in “Phase 2,” dentists MaryEllen Odell. “Some donated New York State has shared a 12- dental settings are
were given the green light sooner masks and gloves to our frontline page document which includes a traditionally de-
than expected with declining state workers and all have now invested link for providers to a rm their signed with patient
coronavirus cases,hospitalizations, time and resources to ensure safety receipt of an agreement to follow and provider safety
intubations and deaths. for their patients and sta as they the guidance set forth. in mind, accord-
ing to the Centers
For dental health care provid- for Disease Con-
trol and Prevention
Congratulations SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT TO (CDC), dentistry describes new safety protocols.
CLASS of 2019 in the time of the Some changes patients can ex-
JULY 4, 2019 coronavirus goes pect as they return to their den-
Carolanne Matheson, Claire Fon, further to balance the need to tist’s o ce include plexiglass par-
provide necessary services while titions at reception, waiting room
Emily McGrath, Ally Dubbioso, minimizing risk to patients and modi cations including chair
Caitlyn Tiedemann, and Sam Cerrato dental health care personnel. spacing, removal of magazines
and mask requirements as well
(taking the picture) On March 16, the American as screening for symptoms of ill-
PHOTO: DEENA BELL Dental Association (ADA) was ness. Additionally, because many
one of the rst national profes- dentists donated their personal
Congratulations Congratulations sional health associations to rec- protective equipment (PPE) to
CLASS of 2019 ommend postponement of all essential workers and closed their
CLASS OF 2019 but urgent or emergency proce- doors for over two months, some
CoCnLgArSaStuolfa2t0io1n9 dures. Just over two months later, may have had to rebuild their
SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT TO CONGRCAlaTUssLoAfTI2O0N19S 2 the ADA designed an interim PPE stock.
TRACKS return to work toolkit for den-
JUNE 27, 2019 PHOTOS: SARAH BUSSINGER tal practitioners. Together with Modi cations to dental care
PHOTOS: TABITHA PEARSON MARSHALL documents from the CDC, and will impact everything from pre-
now New York State, the com- appointment communication to
SUPPSLPEEMCEIANLT TO prehensive guidance addresses provider and patient interactions.
July 4, 2019 ways dentists and hygienists can According to the ADA, dental
reduce the risk of coronavirus o ce sta may call patients for
SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT TO transmission before, during and a preliminary health screening
after visits. prior to an appointment. Patients
June 27, 2019 may notice their dentist or dental
PHOTOS: SARAH BUSSINGER “ e dentists of Putnam hygienist wearing additional pro-
County are thrilled to be back tective gear such as a face shield
Celebrate OurNow More Than Ever, Let’s seeing their patients,” said Dr. and gown. While the state al-
2020 Graduates! Daniel Doyle, of Doyle Den- lowed o ces to begin reopening
Mahopac News, Yorktown News, North Salem News, tal and president of the Putnam June 1, Doyle recommends that
The Somers Record and The Katonah-Lewisboro Times will be honoring County Board of Health. “ ey residents check with their local
are now seeing all patients for dentist regarding speci c safety
each town’s 2020 High School Graduating Class with a special insert routine procedures, not just for measures and exact reopening
section that will be kept separately as a keepsake. emergencies.” dates.

p1rddo0aovefi%monpatllsabonaoutucdrfwnetalotmdaifilelulnreetrebconreets. Readers can purchase $254E.6ig1h”RtAExhDA2PDS.:a5EgR1”e As dental o ces begin plan- Article courtesy of the Putnam
a small display ad with ning to reopen their doors, they County Department of Health
may be adapting their o ces to
a photo and a meet new safety state and federal
congratulatory message! guidelines. Doyle Dental’s web-
site and patient correspondence
Send a photo and a
few sentences honoring

a graduate to
[email protected]

The focus will be on the JULY 2ND EDITION
high school class and
Ad booking deadline:
may also include content
from the lower schools. JUNE 24
• The section will include lots of
photos of the graduates Ad approval deadline:
• We’ll include lists of senior
awards, profiles of the
valedictorian and salutatorian, and

a beautiful centerfold spread.


Mahopac Falls FD pays tribute Libraries to host virtual
to MHS grads teen talent competition

Every Friday evening at 8:20, the Ma- A Summerlong Virtual Tal- ster, Patterson, and Putnam
hopac Falls Fire Department honors our
MHS Class of 2020 by putting “One ent Competition for ages 11- Valley. Viewers will have the
round on the Horn” for the graduates.
19 will be hosted by Putnam opportunity to vote on the top
Recently, the guests honor were mem-
bers of the Class of 2020, as well as mem- County libraries so teens and videos of each week. e acts
bers of the Mahopac Falls Fire Depart-
ment. Members Josh Finney, Samantha tweens cab make the most of with the most votes will be
Faeth and A.J. Watts had the privilege
to salute their classmates in a way that their time at home this sum- announced at the end of each
few get to do. With other members, all
Mahopac alumni, on hand to lend their mer and have fun, be creative week and will move on to the
support, at exactly at 8:20 (20:2o in mili-
tary time), our three member/graduates and show o their skills. next round. If your act is voted
put “One round on the Horn.”
Film yourself performing one through you will have ve days
One alumnus was Putnam County
Deputy Brian Neary, who was return- of your special talents (or get a to submit a new video.
ing from a call and heard the siren and
stopped in to give his congratulations friend or family member to help Four rounds of competition
to the graduates. Neary was a member
of the Falls FD, and a welcomed law you). Acts can be one- to two- are scheduled from July 6 –
enforcement presence at many scenes,
as well as a friend and role model. e minutes long. Talents can in- Aug. 17.
graduates were thrilled that he took time
to stop by. clude: singing, acting/storytell- Round 1 - Videos due July

MHS Class of 2020 members and ing, dancing, gymnastics, yoga 1; voting starts July 6, and win-
MFVFD members, from left, Josh Finney,
poses, TikTok dances, tricks, vi- ners are announced on July 10.
Samantha Faeth and A.J. Watts, put
“one round on the horn,” aka blow the sual art, slam poetry and spoken Round 2 - Videos due July

siren, in honor of the graduates. word, crafting, creating, or mag- 15; voting starts July 20, and

PHOTO COURTESY OF JACK CASEY ic. e sky is the limit (school winners are announced July 24.

appropriate please). Round 3 - Videos due July

Send videos to Gail Perillo 29; voting starts Aug. 3, and

at Mahopac Library: [email protected] winners are announced Aug. 7. In the sub- Round 4 - Videos due Aug.

ject line write: Virtual Talent 12; voting starts Aug. 17, and

entry. In the body of the email winners are announced Aug. 21.

include name, age, title of per- e top three nalists will

formance (state the name of the take home cash prizes. First

song or piece of music you are prize - $300; second prize -

using in your act if applicable). $200; third prize - $100.

Videos will be posted on six For more information, call

participating Putnam County Gail Perillo at Mahopac Li-

library websites: Mahopac, brary at 845-628-2009, ext.

Desmond-Fish, Kent, Brew- 136.

FLAG DAY TENT EVENT Dr. Del Vecchio and his surgical team
hope the community is staying safe and
In Mail-In RebAaPAtARePPIRLsRI1ILLA–11NJ––UDJNJUUENNI3EnE03s300tant Savings healthy during these difficult times.

* ** and Available for

* ** * ** * **


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C&A Auto Ser viceBy onlBinByeyoonrnlilnmineaeiolo-rirnmmraeailbi-lai-nitner.erRebbeaabtetae.t.eRRseebpbaatiedtesbspypaGaidoidobdbyyGeGoaorodPdyreyeeapararPidPrerMepapasaitdiedMrcMaaasrtsdeter®.crcaardrd®.®.

845 - 62CCC8&&&A- 0AAAA8UAUUT0TOTO8OSSESERERVRVIVCIICECEE Je erson Valley Oral Surgery WWW.JVOMS.COM Cortlandt Manor Oral Surgery
3535 Hill Blvd. Suite N 1983 Crompond Rd. Suite 101
287 Route 6, Mahopac • check out our videos on YouTube Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
MAMMHAAOHHPOOAPPCAA,CCN,,YNN1YY01150045514411 914-736-3343
8488544-565-2-66822-88-4-8874427722 914-245-1220



ease...mind at Wesley Mackey Jr.

• Elder Law Wesley Mackey Jr.
• Wills & Trusts passed away on May 18
• Estate Planning in Carmel at the age of
• Medicaid Planning 73.
• Guardianships
• Probates He is predeceased by
his loving mother, Mil-
CALL US We make home and hospital visits. dred F. Sassman; hon-
TODAY! orable father, Wesley D.
Mackey Sr.; and adoring
(845) 621-8640 stepfather Matthew D. • 625 Route 6, Mahopac, NY 10541 Sassman.

For today, retirement Wesley is survived by
and every moment his goddaughters, Kath-
in between. ryn Long and Kim- Wes Mackey Jr.
berly Weger; and cous-
Tier 4 planning isn’t about getting a new 403(b) ins, Nancy See, Edward See, Michael See, Judy Ra aele,
or buying financial products. It’s about becoming Douglas See, Cheryl Ann Bruce, Debbie Giovannozzi,
educated and empowered around the events Richard Jarvis Jr. and Robert Jarvis.
and decisions in your personal financial life. It’s
about being prepared. Maybe it’s time. Wesley was born in Pleasantville, N.Y., later relocating
to his nal resting place of Carmel. ere he resided with
Call me today for your initial Confident his mother and enjoyed sitting on the deck that he proudly
Retirement conversation. built and taking in the wildlife views that often came close
enough to feed.
Confident Retirement approach
Wesley was a veteran. Up until recent days, he visited
Michael A. Bucci 203.302.6744 the VFW in Mahopac almost daily and enjoyed being sur-
Financial Advisor rounded by his fellow military family and friends sharing
41 W. Putnam Ave. stories. He was also a member of the Sons of the Ameri-
Tier 4 Planning Greenwich, CT 06830 can Legion Post 1080 in Mahopac and a member of the
A financial advisory practice of [email protected] American Legion Post 270 in Carmel.
Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC.
CA Insurance #0M83870 Wes, in his early days, along with his father, shared a love
for racecars. Wes would often be heard boasting about the
The Confident Retirement approach is not a guarantee of future financial results. The initial Confident Retirement conversation provides an overview racecar his father built and raced and after his father passed
of financial planning concepts. You will not receive written analysis and/or recommendations. the same car was enjoyed and raced by a second owner in
Investment advisory products and services are made available through Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC., a registered investment adviser.
A private cremation will be held.
© 2020 Ameriprise Financial, Inc. All rights reserved. (05/19)
Vincent D. Troini

Vincent D. Troini of
Mahopac passed away
on June 5 at the age of

He was born in the
Bronx on Dec. 22, 1950,
the son of Dominick
and Angela (Langone)

He was a devoted and
loving father who always
expressed pride in his
children’s accomplish-
ments. Known as an
avid lover of Christmas
by friends, family, and Vincent Troini and Maddy
neighbors he created
light displays that would draw sightseers from all over.

As an active member of the community he often took
on di cult and unwanted projects, and rmly believed in
helping others. He was a retired professional electrician
who was an A-Class journeyman and foreman for Local 3
IBEW for well over 30 years.

In addition to these achievements, he served in the
Army National Guard and was honorably discharged. For
those who knew him, he was a man who could be counted
on by his friends and family without question. He will be
dearly missed.

Vincent is survived by his children, Jason and Cassandra
Troini; his sister, Josephine Sandow; and his brother, Den-
nis Troini.

A private cremation will take place. In lieu of owers,
please make memorial donations in his name to boystown.
org or


Byrne and family help out Human Society

Assemblyman Kevin Byrne (R,C,Ref-Ma- diagnosis of acute leukemia, a relent-
hopac), his wife, Briana, and their newborn son, less and deadly form of blood cancer.”
Braeden, dropped o a donation of food and ac-
cessories to the Putnam Humane Society in Car- e assemblyman said that despite
mel on Tuesday, June 2. the loss of their dog, he was glad to
see the supplies could go to good use
e family donated several unused collars and and to support a great local organiza-
unopened treats and food on behalf of their late tion that cares for animals in need.
treeing walker coonhound, Tracker, who sadly
passed over the rainbow bridge in mid-May. ey “I was happy that we were also able
were also able to deliver some hand sanitizer, which to deliver hand sanitizer to help keep
was made by Corcraft and the NYS Department the Humane Society’s employees,
of Corrections and Community Supervision, to volunteers and visitors healthy and
help assist employees with staying safe during the safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic,”
pandemic. he said.

“It’s always a painful experience to lose any Assemblyman Kevin Byrne and his
member of the family, and that goes for losing family with their donations for the
our furry companions too,” said Byrne. “Tracker
was an amazing dog. We adopted him from a Hu- Putnam County Humane Society
mane Society in Arkansas that rescued him from
a very dangerous environment. Sadly, his life was PHOTO COURTESY OF ASSEMBLYMAN
cut short at only 5 1/2 years old due to a terminal BYRNE’S OFFICE

Grocery/med deliveries available for seniors

Family Services of Westchester teers available to shop so that the vul- quickly to meet the new demand for de- viduals can inquire about receiving grocery
(FSW)’s RideConnect program is ready nerable population can stay home and livery services to seniors and those who are or medication deliveries by calling 914-242-
to assist older adults 60 and up in West- safeguard their health during the CO- immunocompromised. e program also 7433 or emailing Karen Ganis at [email protected]
chester and southern Putnam County VID-19 outbreak. continues to provide seniors with trans- Details are available at www.fsw.
who need shopping and delivery of gro- portation to essential medical appoint- org/seniors-grocery-delivery. ose looking
ceries and/or medication. RideConnect’s core mission is to pro- ments like chemotherapy and dialysis. to volunteer can visit
vide transportation resources for older teer-grocery-delivery.
e program has hundreds of volun- adults 60 and over, and it has mobilized Seniors and immunocompromised indi-

ExOeAucsurktNiavebewoMuJetumniboerrship MODERN



GOLF DIGEST’S 16TH BEST IN NY (1999) 914-245-5588

Complimentary green fees at over 250 clubs with Anglebrook Signature Gold Unlimited* Robert Trent Jones, Sr.’s
Cost-e ective Weekday-plus Annual Membership • Non-Equity—No Assessments Final Design
Six Membership Categories—Corporate, Individuals, Couples & Families
Outings, Banquets, Receptions • Liberal Guest Policy

*Restrictions apply


County warns of seasonal return of tickborne illnesses

e warmer weather and

“cabin fever” have many people ‘Because Lyme disease is prevalent in our
heading outdoors for some relief. area, residents who have been bitten by a tick
While the l coronavirus contin-

ues to be on everyone’s mind, and develop any of these symptoms within 30
ticks are on the increase with the
spring weather. days should visit their healthcare provider.’

As both experienced hik- -Dr. Michael J. Nesheiwat
ers and novices alike hit the Putnam County Health Commissioner
trails in record numbers, the

Putnam County Department

of Health reminds everyone to

protect themselves not just from known, anaplasmosis, ehrlichio- Executive MaryEllen Odell. “We

the virus, but from ticks as well. sis and babesiosis are increasing encourage people to continue to

Wearing a mask or face covering as well. Powassan disease, a rarer enjoy the outdoor spaces and also

outdoors when social distancing and potentially deadly infection, take appropriate precautions to

cannot be maintained, now goes is also carried by the same black- stay healthy, which includes pre-

hand-in-hand with other safe- legged tick, or “deer tick,” that venting tickborne illnesses.”

guards such as tick repellant and transmits Lyme disease, anaplas- Health Commissioner Dr.

protective clothing to reduce the mosis and babesiosis. Michael J. Nesheiwat said that

chance of infection with a tick- “Our community has many while tick populations vary each

borne disease. beautiful parks and trails to ex- season, those who garden, hike, FILE PHOTO

Five tick-borne illnesses infect plore and for many of our resi- camp, hunt, work or otherwise

residents in the Hudson Valley. dents, our natural landscape has spend time in the outdoors,

While Lyme disease is the most been a saving grace during this should still protect themselves. bitual tick checks on both your he said.

common and the most well- challenging time,” said County “Personal protection and ha- clothing and your body are key,” e Centers for Disease Con-

trol and Prevention (CDC)

recommends the use of Envi-

ronmental Protection Agency

(EPA)-registered insect repel-

lents such as those containing

During these trying times, DEET, picaridin, IR3535, and oil
of lemon eucalyptus (OLE).

“Personal protection can in-

Schneider Financial Group is working clude use of EPA-registered
repellents as well as treating
clothing and gear with products

with our local businesses by helping them to containing 0.5 percent perme-
thrin or wearing pre-treated
clothing,” Nesheiwat said.

To nd the repellent that is

improvise, adapt and overcome. right for you, search the Environ-
mental Protection Agency data-

base at


e county Department

of Health works closely with

Call or email today to see how healthcare providers to share the
most up-to-date recommenda-
tions and best practices for evalu-

we can help your business. ating, diagnosing and reporting
tickborne illnesses. A physician
makes the nal diagnosis based

on a combination of available

tests, observation of the patient,

and the patient history as well as

description of symptoms.

e most common symptoms

of Lyme disease include fever/

chills, aches and pains, and a

bulls-eye rash.

“Because Lyme disease is prev-

alent in our area, residents who

have been bitten by a tick and

develop any of these symptoms

within 30 days should visit their

healthcare provider,” Nesheiwat


For more details regarding the

845-628-5400 | [email protected] | symptoms and guidelines for
other tickborne illnesses, visit

824 Route 6, Suite 4 | Mahopac, NY 10541 the CDC’s webpage at www.cdc.

Securities offered through Cantella & Co., Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. Cantella and Co., Inc. does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. This material has been prepared for informational purposes Article provided by Putnam
only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction. County Department of Health


MFVFD welcomes
two new tanker


Mahopac Falls Fire Depart- predecessors with 2,500-gal-

ment has welcomed two new lon tanks and larger 1,500

retrucks into its eet. gpm pumps. Both have pre-

e next generation of “twin” piped deck guns and room for

trucks have been put in service, 2,000 feet of 3-inch supply

replacing the original set of iden- line. PHOTO COURTESY OF JACK CASEY
e department also opted The new fire trucks flank the newly refurbished ambulance of the Mahopac Falls Fire Department
tical 1988 Pierce pumper tankers.

e old trucks served the de- to refurbish the older of its

partment well, one in headquar- two ambulances with a new sion, making loading a patient ed for working closely with First

ters and one at Station 2. 2019 Ford 450 4-by-4 chassis easier due to the height of the Priority Group of New Jersey Article courtesy of MFVFD/Jack

e new Smeal pumper tank- with Liquid Spring suspension four-wheel-drive vehicle. and getting the most “bang for Casey

ers are more exible than their and air adjustable height suspen- e committee was commend- their buck.”

NWH recognized for excellence with Beacon Award

e American Association of Crit- VID-19 pandemic and has continued to ceiving a Beacon Award for Excellence evidence-based care for patients and

ical-Care Nurses (AACN), recently demonstrate their professionalism and demonstrates the team’s commitment families.”

conferred a gold-level Beacon Award commitment to the community. Re- to providing safe, patient-centered and

for Excellence to the ICU at

Northern Westchester Hospital My Community Bulletin Board
(NWH). NWH is one of only
two hospitals in the state in the
Medical/Surgical ICU category

with Gold Level recognition.

e Beacon Award for Excel- Business Policies Home
lence—a milestone on the path Umbrella Auto
to exceptional patient care and
healthy work environments—

recognizes unit caregivers who

successfully improve patient

outcomes and align practices Neal L. Sullivan FPFMPTM2W888AAM84444HHOU5555OO-S---66M66PCP2222AU8AO888C--S-C-O2626,C86,T86N01NO017RY373YOOE1ET1XA0XT05D.RT514O.04N1511AO0D5RTNHORTH
with AACN’s six Healthy Work
that achieve this three-year,
three-level award with gold, sil- [email protected]@aHErcICTahTEr-cvCihsTi-ovniss.icoonmsA.cIAo,mNCARBAIA, NCARB
ver or bronze designations meet
national criteria consistent with

Magnet Recognition, the Mal-

colm Baldrige National Quality

Award and the National Qual-

ity Healthcare Award.

“We are so proud of our team Service: 914-669-9679 Buying Only
for receiving this award which Auto Sales: 914-485-1195
is a testament to their commit- If you have items for sale call us!
ment to provide the highest lev- Fax: 914-669-9685
el of person-centered care., said WE BUY: Jewelry • Coins • Sterling
Catherine Manley-Cullen, MS, 6 Dingle Ridge Road - North Salem, NY 10560 Paintings • Bronzes • Clocks • Collectibles
RN, associate executive direc- • Antiques • ETC.
tor for patient care services and [email protected] • 845-628-0362 49•
chief nursing o cer at NWH. CALL FOR APPOINTMENT years!
“Our ICU team has really been

put to the test during the CO-


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Mahopac News, you 1 1B4a0ckyeedarbsyoAfmexepreicraiennScteandard’s
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Mahopac, Mahopac Falls LapSRLnuheCdroccewdchioovaeemesr,seaoprn.rafSorDneteyeeselieuAnwlxfmloewinreSmwrNhi.cawaoatswainsolaeknSiurn.t.aOtNCunYbSd,esaLW.rrBadevmBasCl9teiacd8rdhioc2eean7tsnlt9tyeos6wrtila;eNhSntYidulw,eaPisrtuodhutl-kpnfuupaNslmllYi.eci:n5osNs5mltYa4a,sflR3ltoa.o1rLtHcioiok;mtnlNahiYtoneCfdro:raHnNeeLIsYCit.pb#rieec2rrtai0hoton2ious2ns7aeW4nhd8aol-fklodD-r.ICnMliAcBu.easSnttashbfi,neeLgtiyb, wreTsuratabrttrisimaoCnneoty., fast water removal system
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e challenges of online nursery school

STRONG Dear Kelly, imitating the adults around them ize. Appropriate social skills room, Mom needs to respond
LEARNING is is not a matter of “let- as they play school, restaurant, begin in the home. However, a by saying in a serious voice (and
house and more. By watching preschool that provides oppor- with a serious, but not angry
DR. LINDA ting him get his way.” e idea what the adults do and say, they tunities in concert with child expression), “What you said are
SILBERT of attending nursery school create their make-believe world development levels only enhanc- ‘not nice words.’ It makes me
online for 3-year-old children with their friends. rough play es socialization. Children in this sad to hear them because they
Dear Dr. Linda, goes against the whole objective they learn how to problem-solve age group are learning to share, hurt my feelings. Please use your
I’m writing to you about my of preschool. It is simply unreal- and create. eir emotional, so- take turns, care about each other, ‘nice words.’” e adult needs to
istic for children that age to sit cial and cognitive skills develop and more. It’s di cult to pro- let the child know that it’s OK
3-year-old son, Jack. He attend- for an hour or even 15 minutes and grow. is can only be done mote social skills in preschoolers to feel angry, but it’s not okay
ed a great little nursery school and be part of a classroom with a group of children playing if they’re sitting alone looking at to hurt someone’s feelings as a
before the pandemic. e teach- experience online. together at preschool or at home a computer. result of it.
ers now provide online classes, alone or with siblings.
which I must admit are pretty e only reason he sits glued As far as Jack screaming and Take a breath and keep doing
good. At rst, Jack enjoyed them. to the television watching Preschoolers need to move. telling you that he hates you— the best you can do. Hopefully, it
But now he won’t even sit for “Sesame Street,” “Mr. Rogers,” or ree- and 4-year-old kids gen- that’s not at all uncommon for will be sooner than later that all
a second to be part of the class. Disney movies and cartoons is erally can’t sit still for an extend- 3-year-olds to do. No, you don’t little learners will be able to play,
I know nursery school is good because they have been written, ed length of time. ey need to want that behavior to con- learn and grow together again.
for kids, so I make him sit there. directed and produced by the skip, run, throw and try to catch tinue, but before you address the
Plus, I paid for it already. entertainment world. ey know a ball, jump, hop and dance. behavior, rst focus on why he’s Dr. Linda
how to keep children’s attention. ey’re excited to zip up their saying that.
But it’s been horrible. He A children’s show like “Sesame jackets, put on their socks and tie Dr. Linda is co-author of “Why
screams, tells me he hates me (I Street,” which combines en- their sneakers all by themselves. In this case, that’s easy—he’s Bad Grades Happen to Good Kids”
can’t gure out where he heard tertainment with education, is ese major accomplishments frustrated because he doesn’t and director of Strong Learning
the word hate) and basically has well-scripted, well-researched, need a parent or adult physically want to go to online preschool Tutoring and Test Prep. If you
a total meltdown each class. I and produced by well-paid pro- with the child (both to help and and knows no other way to have any questions, email her
don’t want him to feel that if he fessionals. Even Mr. Rogers had to applaud). Yes, a preschooler express his displeasure. Listen at [email protected]
yells enough, I’ll give in. Just to a full sta to produce each of his can show their teacher how to him and the meltdowns will Visit
let you know, he can sit for hours shows. Even in their classrooms, they can do these special things likely stop immediately. for reading, writing and math
watching TV. So, I know he can preschool teachers can do just so online, but the child needs to be activities to do at home. Call
do it. Am I doing the right thing much! in front of the camera for this If he continues to say insult- 845.628.7910 for info.
by making him go to online to happen. at can only last ing words, however, here’s an
preschool? Here are some reasons why so long for a preschooler. ey example of how to address it.
it is so di cult to have nursery need space and freedom to move If a pre-
Kelly school online: around! schooler
Preschoolers need to social- tells Mom
Preschoolers learn through to get out
play. ree- and 4-year-olds of his
make sense of the world by

Why Pine Grove School?

Certified Teachers • Honored Center of the Year
Healthy & Nurturing Environment • Drama & Art

Music, Yoga & Meditation
Library, Science & Computer Centers
Humanitarian Projects • Corporate Calendar & Extended Hours

• Infant (6weeks-12months) Celebrating 40 years
• Wobbler/Toddler (12-36 months) serving the community!
• Preschool (3-5 years)
• Pre-K (older 4’s)
• Kindergarten (5-6 years)
• Before & After School (5-12 years)
• Summer Camp (3-12 years)

Certified by:
NYS Department of Education

845-628-7500NYS Department of Social Service

85 My r t le Ave n u e, Ma h opa c, N Y 10541 • w w w.pi n e g ro ve c o u nt r ydays c h o o l . c o m


The hunt for Dewey goes to town

Library program engages kids and local businesses

BY BOB DUMAS mined). Dewey will remain at each lo- Dewey relaxes at the library. PHOTO COURTESY OF MAHOPAC DISTRICT SCHOOL
EDITOR cale for one week, beginning on the 19th,
when a photo of Dewey at the location able for pick-up in the Library’s adult gar- to get out and be seen. is is another way
Since the summer of 2008, Dewey, a will be posted on the Library’s Facebook den beginning Monday, June 19. to do that. Even when we are not open
u y stu ed bookworm type of critter, page, which can be accessed from the great things are happening.”
has been hiding in the Youth Services area home page of the Library’s website, www. Green said the hunt for Dewey is also
of Mahopac Public Library for children to (you do not need to a good way to keep people engaged in the For more information, contact Perillo,
search for. When they nd him, they earn have a Facebook account to see the pho- library during the pandemic. head of teen volunteers, at 845-628-2009,
a special “I Found Dewey” sticker. He’s to). Young patrons can then visit the busi- ext. 136, or Green at 845-628-2009, ext.
only around in the summer, and since it ness to get their “I Found Dewey” sticker, “We are always trying to get people in- 153.
looks like the Youth Services area may or wait until Wednesday, when a second terested in the library,” she said. “We want
not be welcoming patrons this summer, photo containing a clue will be posted on
library assistants Gail Perillo and Cindy the Library’s Instagram account. While
Green thought it would be a great idea to Dewey will only be at each location for a
let Dewey visit various businesses in town week, the stores will continue to hand out
instead. stickers while supplies last.
Many of them have been closed due to
the pandemic, so they came up with a way In addition to the traditional Dewey
to support them and bring in some foot sticker that the Library has been handing
tra c. out for years, children will also receive a
“We know a lot of businesses have been smaller sticker designating the store that
closed and we wanted to support them in Dewey visited. Beginning at the Kick-O ,
some way,” Green said. “Dewey will be children can pick up a local map where
hanging out for a week at 11 or 12 busi- they can place these special store stickers
nesses. Some are not even quite open yet to keep track of all of Dewey’s travels.
and we wanted to try and increase foot
tra c for these family-owned local busi- At the end of the summer, the children
nesses.” can return to the Library and show sta
Kids will be able to spot Dewey at the members their sticker- lled maps. Each
various businesses from June 19, the date child returning a map will receive a cou-
of the Library’s Summer Reading Pro- pon for a free ice cream from one of two
gram Kick-O , until sometime soon after local shops, courtesy of the Friends of
Labor Day (exact date is still to be deter- Mahopac Public Library. All of this in-
formation, as well as reading logs for our
Summer Reading Program, will be avail-

‘We are always trying to get people interested in the
library. is is another way to do that. Even when we are

not open great things are happening.’

-Cindy Green
Library Assistant


LACROSSE Hynes drafted into pro league
Mahopac alum won national title at Yale

BY SKIP PEARLMAN Hynes said. “It’s exciting to have

CONTRIBUTING WRITER that opportunity, especially after

how my senior year ended. To be

Mahopac’s Aidan Hynes able to play with the best in the

doesn’t remember the exact mo- world, and get a paycheck, is def-

ment his dream of playing pro- initely an exciting opportunity.

fessional lacrosse was hatched, It’s de nitely a little crazy with

but the 2016 graduate (the everything that’s been going on

Indians reached the sectional the last few months, but it will be

championship game that year) is a cool experience to be there for

about to ful ll a lifelong dream three weeks playing against the

after being drafted (10th) by the best in the world.”

Atlas Lacrosse Club of the Pre- Because of the pandemic, the

mier Lacrosse League. current plan for the Premier

Hynes, a recent Yale graduate League this year is a two-week

with a degree in mechanical en- training camp in June, followed

gineering, saw his college career by a three-week tournament

come to a premature end this with no fans, in a location to be

spring because of the coronavi- determined, possibly in Florida

rus. Yale, which won a national or Utah.

title in 2018, saw its season Hynes, who also has a new

end four games into the season. full-time job with OLA Con-

Hynes got to play in three of sulting Engineers in New York

those games. City, is thrilled to be living his

“I pulled a hamstring in a dream.

scrimmage and missed the rst “Between working full-time

game, Hynes told Mahopac in the city and being able to play

News this week. “I played in the professional lacrosse as long as

next three, then it was over. at I can, and train on the side…

was pretty tough to deal with. that’s the dream,” he said. “Emo-

After four games, it was really a tions are kind of mixed, I’m super FILE PHOTO/ROB DIANTONIO
happy about the job, and super Aidan Hynes controls during a 2016 game with Mahopac.
shock when it happened.”

Hynes was struck by the fact excited to play lacrosse at the

that he didn’t get to play a single highest level. But there’s also a lot

home game this season. I missed out on my senior year.

“ ere are a lot of things I feel “Overall I feel super fortu-

like I missed out on,”he said.“So, nate,” he added. “ is pandemic

I’m not as happy as I would have has a ected a lot of people, and

been about my senior year. Not I have a job and a chance to play

getting to play a game at Reese professional lacrosse. Not a lot of

Stadium, our home stadium, was people can say that. So, I feel very

disappointing. at was some- fortunate. But there’s still that

thing we look forward to. Senior sting that I wasn’t able to nish

Day is also a big deal, as well as things o the way I wanted to.”

the playo s and the opportunity Hynes, who started 47 games

to make a playo run. I think during his career at Yale, pointed

we had a good chance, that was to the 2018 national title as a ca-

something we were de nitely reer highlight.

looking forward to.” “ at was also a pretty crazy

Hynes and his teammates season for me,” he recalled. “I

were hoping to possibly return hurt my knee early, missed half

next spring to play their senior the season. But to come back and

season, but Yale said no. contribute on a team that made

“We kept hoping we could it to the National Championship

work something out,” Hynes was crazy.To actually be in it was

said. “But nally, Yale said we so surreal.

can’t come back to just play la- “It’s hard to put in perspec-

crosse. It was de nitely devastat- tive what I’ve accomplished,”

ing; a roller coaster of emotions.” Hynes added. “It probably took

After being drafted eighth me a week to comprehend what

by Connecticut in the Major a cool accomplishment that was.

League Lacrosse draft, Hynes And getting drafted, something

was picked 10th in the newer I’ve worked for since second

(1-year-old) Premier League. grade, it’s certainly super cool.

“I’ve been playing since second But overall, that national title

grade, and as a kid growing up I is de nitely the highlight of my PHOTO: YALE ATHLETICS
Aidan Hynes, a defender, was twice named Second-Team All-Ivy League during his time at Yale
always thought it would be cool career.”

to play professional lacrosse,” So far.


CLUES ACROSS 28. Sound unit 52. Clumsy seeing
1. American composer 29. Ancient city of Egypt 54. Satisfied to the fullest 14. Indicate time
6. Very fast aircraft 31. Crease 56. Display of strong feeling 17. Male parents
9. Workplaces 33. Polished 60. Popular awards show 20. Tab on a key ring
13. A mount on a surface 36. For goodness __! 61. Cuisine style 21. The Great Dog
14. Small freshwater fish 38. College basketball 62. Expresses pleasure constellation: __ Major
15. Double-reed instrument tournament 63. Monetary unit of the 23. Frying necessity
16. Canadian flyers 39. Scorches Maldives 25. Former CIA
17. Famed astronomer 41. Describe precisely 64. Utah city 26. The leader
18. Smooth, shiny fabric 44. Thick piece of 65. Fight 27. Produces
19. Profited something 66. Messenger ribonucleic 29. London soccer club
21. Conspiracy 45. Frocks acid 30. Closes
22. Infections 46. Indicates near 67. Body part 32. Region in the western
23. Chum 48. Senior enlisted US Army 68. Suspiciously reluctant Pacific Ocean
24. Secondary school member 34. Not present
(abbr.) 49. A note added to a letter CLUES DOWN 35. Small drink of whiskey
25. Resistance unit 51. A nose or snout 1. Fruit of the service tree 37. Begat
2. At some prior time 40. Helps little firms
3. Mongolian city __ 42. Pointed end of a pen
Bator 43. Fencing swords
4. Strongboxes 47. Inches per minute
5. Russian river (abbr.)
6. Gurus 49. Hymn
7. Horse mackerel 50. Philippine island
8. Pearl Jam’s debut 52. Flemish names of Ypres
album 53. A way to inform
9. Confines 55. Small lake For puzzle solutions, please see
10. First month of 56. Linear unit
Jewish ecclesiastical 57. Central Japanese city
year 58. Partially burn
11. Famed Idaho 59. Sports award
politician 61. Part of your foot
12. Prevents from 65. Atomic #21

To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can
appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using
the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

Peripheral Artery Disease –
Your Limbs, Your Life

Discover lifesaving treatment options…

Ask the Doctor Q: What is Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) lead to a heart attack or stroke. As the population ages,
and why does it occur? PAD is more prevalent, advising an annual screening for
Kenneth Goldstein, MD A: PAD is when plaque deposits of fat, cholesterol, PAD for everyone over the age of 70.
Chief, Vascular Surgery and other substances build up in the walls of
Northern Westchester Hospital your arteries. Over time, these deposits can cause Q: How can I reduce my risk? Or, if I’m diagnosed –
atherosclerosis, a narrowing or complete blockage How can I manage symptoms?
Learn more about of the arteries. Think about a clogged shower drain. A: Get the help you need to stop smoking. This is a risk
vascular surgery services When there’s no place for the water to go, it drains factor you can control. By damaging your blood vessels,
at NWH, visit slowly over time. If you continue to ignore the clog, the chemicals in cigarettes increase your risk for PAD by you can expect more serious plumbing issues. four times, according to the National Institutes of Health.
The same is true with your arteries. Also, exercise as regularly as possible, and stick to a diet
400 East Main Street | Mount Kisco, NY 10549 rich in fruits, vegetables and legumes, and limit meat.
(914) 666-1200 | Q: How do I know if I have PAD?
A: PAD symptoms often begin with leg pain and Q: Behavior modi cation isn’t working for me.
worsen over time. You’re in pain because there’s not What are my options?
enough blood ow or oxygen in your limbs to keep A: If you’ve been diagnosed with PAD and your symptoms
up with the demands of the exercise. Symptoms may can’t be managed through behavior modi cation alone,
mirror less serious complications. See your doctor if you have options. At Northern Westchester Hospital,
you have a non-healing ulcer, an ingrown toenail, we use balloon angioplasty, stent placement and
thickened toenails, hair loss on your feet, cold feet, atherectomy procedures to treat PAD symptoms. These
or no pulse in your feet. techniques help keep the blood owing in the arteries
of the lower limbs and are often done without hospital
Q: Is it serious? stays. You’ll resume daily activities within a day or less.
A: Though progression isn’t rapid, severe PAD can For severely blocked arteries, bypass surgery lets us
cause tissue loss and gangrene, and can even be bypass severely blocked blood vessels. This ften requires
deadly. Regular screening for PAD is critical because the a three-to- ve-day hospital stay and rehabilitation.
condition can be a marker for coronary artery disease
and cerebrovascular disease, which could ultimately


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better furs, complete MEDICAL BILLING! Become for $99. 100 pills for $150 (w/SELECT All Included
BOY SCOUT COMPENSATION estates. We simply a Medical Office Professional FREE shipping. Money back Package.) PLUS Stream on Up
FUND - Anyone that was pay more! Call Barry online at CTI! GetTrained, guaranteed! CallToday: 800- to FIVE Screens Simultaneously
inappropriately touched by a 914-260-8783 or e-mail Certified & ready to work in 404-0244 at No Additional Cost. Call
Scout leader deserves justice [email protected] months! Call 855-543-6440. DIRECTV 1-888-534-6918
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now! Now offering a $10,000 CDPAP Medicaid program you

Prepare for PUZZLE
power outages SOLUTIONS
with a Generac
home standby Corresponding
generator to Last Week’s
June 4 Issue

877 516 1160 PUBLIC NOTICE a orded through Zoom. e 118 Old Route 6, Carmel, NY
particulars will be provided on the 10512 – Tax Map #55.12-2-5 –
FREE By the Planning Board of Town of Carmel’s website (www. Bond Return
the Town of Carmel, pursuant in advance of the
7-Year Extended Warranty* to Section 267, notice is hereby meeting, and email comments BARONE, MARIANO
A $695 Value! given that a public hearing will may be directed to the Planning 32 Overlook Drive, Mahopac,
O er valid March 16, 2020 June 30, 2020 be held on: Board at: [email protected] NY 10541 – Tax Map #65.18-1-
Special Financing Available JUNE 17, 2020 7:00 P.M. 4 – Regrading Application
Public participation will be VIP WASH & LUBE
Subject to Credit Approval By Order of the Chairman,
*Terms & Conditions Apply Craig Paeprer

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Chuck is an adorable young B E STTH EP RAIRCEEAS ! I N
very loving. He loves human Gun Sales & Ammunition 1928 Commerce St, Suite C
companionship, but no dog Gun Accessories Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
parks, please! He does not
care for any other dogs or
cats. “Chuckles” wants to [email protected]
be your one and only. Please
consider this handsome guy.
He deserves a loving home.

Chuck FFL Services & Transfers

Neo is lounging around posing NRA Basic Pistol/Personal Protection
for his photo op. He is a 3 yr old UTAH Concealed Firearms Course
handsome boy who is a bit shy, Private Lessons
but when he knows you he loves Permit Assistance PICKUP HOURS
to be pet. He also is a great talker. Refuse To Be A Victim™ BY APPOINTMENT
If you’re not paying attention to Group and Private Classes ONLY!
Neo him and he wants your attention
he will let you know. Such a great

cat. Looking for a quiet home
that will let him take his time

getting comfortable.

Putnam Humane Society, 68 Old Rt. 6, Carmel 914-455-4210

Open 7 days a week from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m.


Nearing retirement? What Tompkins
questions should you ask? Mahopac Bank
aids impacted
e recent market volatility GUEST and 67. As you created your
has a ected just about every- CORNER retirement plans, you likely also businesses
body’s nancial and investment calculated when you would take
situations—so, if you were TOM Social Security, but you may More than 840 Hudson Valley companies have re-
planning to retire soon, will it CASEY need to review that choice. If ceived a total of $116 million under the Small Business
still be possible? you postpone retirement a few Administration’s (SBA) Paycheck Protection Program
portfolio is not where you years, what e ect will that have (PPP), thanks to Tompkins Mahopac Bank’s work to
Of course, the answer thought it might be, can you on when you choose to take So- expedite the program.
depends somewhat on your (or do you want to) adapt your cial Security and, consequently,
employment situation. With lifestyle plans? And can you the size of your bene ts? You “Small businesses and their employees are the back-
so many people’s jobs being accept the same exibility with won’t want to make a hasty bone of the local economy and are key partners to us as
a ected by the coronavirus your other lifestyle goals, such decision, because once you start the Hudson Valley’s community bank,” said President
pandemic, your retirement plans as purchasing a vacation home, taking Social Security, you can’t and CEO Gerald J. Klein, Jr. “We wanted to do our
may also have been thrown into pursuing hobbies, and so on? undo your choice. part to support these businesses, so our team worked
confusion. But assuming your to process the loans as quickly and e ciently as pos-
employment is still stable, what Tradeo s—Based on your is is certainly a challenging sible. Even when that meant working nights, weekends
adjustments in your nancial retirement goals and your time to be entering retirement, and in between, we’re thankful to say these e orts have
and investment strategies might willingness to adjust your and you’ll have some questions helped to cover payroll, interest, rent and utilities pay-
you need to make for your retirement lifestyle, you’ll want to answer. But even in the midst ments for local businesses and protected more than
retirement? to consider your options and of uncertainty, you still have 7,000 local jobs.”
tradeo s. For example, would many choices. Consider them
Here are a few areas to con- you be willing to work more carefully and make the decisions Dr. Hongli Wang of Beacon Dental said that as a
sider, and some questions to ask years than you had originally that work for you. small business owner with bills to pay during the pan-
yourself: planned in exchange for greater demic, he was worried about the future of his business.
con dence in your ability to is article was written by
Retirement goals—Now is enjoy a comfortable retirement Edward Jones for use by your “I owe Tompkins Mahopac Bank a debt of gratitude
a good time to review your lifestyle? By working longer, local Edward Jones nancial as I now know I have the nances to see some light at
retirement goals and assess your you can continue adding to advisor (member SIPC). Tom the end of the tunnel,” Wang said. “ at’s because of
progress toward achieving them. your IRA and 401(k) or similar Casey, a licensed securities the bank and the time they took to help me.”
You may want to work with a retirement plan, and you may be adviser associated with Edward
able to push back the date you Jones, located at 163 Route 6 Since its pandemic response also required the bank
nancial professional to deter- start receiving Social Secu- in Mahopac. He can be reached to restrict services to drive-up, ATM, phone and in-
mine if the current environment rity to receive bigger monthly directly at 845-621-8647. ternet banking, sta also worked diligently to educate
has materially a ected your bene ts. You might also review Edward Jones, its employees, and customers about electronic services.
goals or if you need to make your budget for opportunities
modest adjustments to stay on to reduce spending today and nancial advisors are not estate “As an essential business, we know we’re fortunate
track. potentially save more toward planners and cannot provide tax to be able to stay open and accessible to customers,”
your retirement goals. or legal advice. You should consult Klein said.
Retirement lifestyle—You your estate-planning attorney or
probably created your invest- Social Security—You can le quali ed tax advisor regarding APARPR
ment strategy with a particular for Social Security bene ts as your situation.
type of retirement lifestyle in early as 62, but you can get 25% PUBLICITY WITH PERSONALITY
mind. Perhaps you had planned to 30% more each year if you
to become a world traveler wait until your full retirement
when your working days were age, which is likely between 66
over. Of course, in the near
term, extensive travel may not
be possible, anyway, but once
we move past the pandemic,
your freedom to roam will likely
return. But if your investment


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