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North Salem News 07. 04.19

North Salem’s only weekly newspaper mailed to every home and business.

Vol. 5 No. 14 Visit for the latest news. Thursday, July 4, 2019

Community voices outrage
over Sassone demotion
School board remains mum

BY JODI WEINBERGER pulled from that agenda.

EDITOR Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Freeston referred

all questions about the appointment to the dis-

Dozens of former educators and athletes trav- trict’s legal counsel, Hilary Moreira of Bond,

eled from all over the state to the North Salem Schoeneck and King.

Board of Education meeting July 1 to speak in In an email at 11 a.m. on Monday, July 1,

support of Henry Sassone, who was removed Moreira said the district is “formalizing the po-

from his position as athletic director and varsity sition of the director of physical education” and

boys basketball coach after more than three de- regulations dictate that whoever holds that po-

cades. sition must have both a Physical Education

e board, at its annual reorganization meet- Certi cation and an Administrative Certi -

ing on July 1, did not re-appoint Sassone as boys cation.

varsity basketball coach or Eric Buzzetto as var- “Unfortunately, Mr. Sassone does not

sity girls basketball coach. It’s unclear what will hold the required Administrative

happen without coaches when in a few weeks Certi cation to be appointed as

summer training typically begins for these sports. the Director of Physical Educa-

Amanda Heyde, a full-time physical education tion and therefore he will revert

teacher who had been with the district for two back to his full-time physical

years and coached three sports, will also not be education teaching duties,”

returning next year. Moreira said. “As to the dis-

Heyde said in a phone call she was told she trict decision not to reappoint

wasn’t being brought back because of low enroll- Mr. Sassone as the Head Bas-

ment. ketball Coach for the 2019-

e board appointed coaches for many of the 2020 school year, the district

district’s other sports as part of its consent agenda respects the con dentiality of

during the meeting. personnel matters and therefore

Buzzetto said he received an email shortly af- will not comment further.”

ter 8 a.m. Monday from High School Principal SEE SASSONE PAGE 18 FILE PHOTO/SKIP PEARLMAN
Vince DiGrandi that his appointment would be



20 Vail’s Grove community
comes together.
pg 12-13

Page 2 – North Salem News BALANCED ROCK Thursday, July 4, 2019

The Staff Crafty volunteers cepting Kindergarten through hinney, a visual artist and friend Peach Lake on July 21 for Swim
High School. of Kodama-san. Accross America. Swimmers
JODI WEINBERGER needed Hammond MuseumWaterview/Salem Hills Re- e sculptures are in the and contributors wanted to help
EDITOR: 914-302-5830
WE[email protected] form of Möbius bands, named fund cancer research and treat-
SPORTS EDITOR: 914-214-4285 habilitation and Healthcare is for a German mathematician, ment. Contact Rob Leder at 646
[email protected]
ADVERTISING TEAM looking for a “yarn gathering” of e Hammond Museum is that take the shape of curves or 260-4444 or nd us at the team’s

LISA KAIN volunteers to help support our located at 28 Deveau Road. that have only one side, when Facebook page at https://bit.
[email protected] resident’s Sunshine Fund at Wa- revealed as geometric forms ly/2MSLLyC.
914-202-2392 terview/Salem Hills Rehabilita- New permanent collection. in space. In other words, they Town News
[email protected] tion and Healthcare in Purdys. Two important marble sculp- are physical representations in
845-621-4049 Crafty crochet and knitters need- tures by contemporary Japanese marble of an eternal concept of
[email protected]
JENNIFER CONNELLY ed to create market bags which sculptor, Masami Kodama, have movement, time and space. e Town Board will have reg-
[email protected] will be sold and ra ed at the an- been donated to the permanent Tea Workshops. ese Tea ular meetings on the second and
914-205-4183 nual Skilled Care Nursing Home collection of e Hammond Workshops will teach you the fourth Tuesdays of each month
[email protected]
BRUCE HELLER Week, May 2020. 100 percent of Museum and Japanese Stroll basic principles of Japanese at 7:30 p.m. at the Town Meet-
[email protected] the proceeds go back to the resi- Garden this past August, and Tea Ceremony and the prac- ing Hall, 66 June Road, North
TABITHA PEARSON MARSHALL dents, which supports purchases they were unveiled in the pres- tice of being a perfect guest in- Salem. All meetings are subject
DESIGNER/PHOTOGRAPHER they may not be able to make ence of the artist on June 22 in side the Japanese Tea Room at to rescheduling upon adequate
[email protected]
CHRISTINA ROSE otherwise. For more information, niches in the Museum’s Guild the Hammond Museum’s Tea notice, as circumstances require.
or details, please contact: Denise Hall, dedicated for their perma- Room. Limit of attendees: 10 All agendas and live meetings
BRETT FREEMAN Moore, [email protected] nent display. per class. RSVP Only. Members are posted on the Town web-

PUBLISHER: 845-208-8151 or 914-940-2103. e two sculptures are carved $35. Non members $45. Bring site at:
[email protected]
North Salem in smooth, polished marble, one an 11” sq. cloth and white socks. town-board/agenda.
SHELLEY KILCOYNE in white and one in pink mar- RSVP only. Upcoming dates: Town Clerk Maria Hlushko
Soccer Club ble. ey were acquired for the July 20, Aug. 24 and Sept. 21. has a notary license. Residents
845-621-1116 Hammond Museum and Japa- are welcome to come to Town
[email protected] Registration for the North nese Stroll Garden’s permanent Swim Across Hall if they need documents

Deadlines Salem Soccer Club 2019/2020 collection through the auspices America notarized. To make an appoint-
season is open. Visit northsa- of Kodama’s representative in ment, call 914-669-5577
THE DEADLINE FOR ADVERTISEMENTS to register. Ac- the United States, James McEl- Join Team North Salem at The Schoolhouse
EXPERIENCE For more information on any of
NORTH SALEM NEWS IS THE THURSDAY MATTERS. these events, call 914-277-8477
BEFORE THE NEXT PUBLICATION DATE. or email [email protected]
For more than e theater is located
FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL 36 years, individuals at 3 Owens Road, North Salem.
and families have Francisco Roldan Classical
OR EMAIL [email protected] been turning to our Guitar, Solo Recital, July 13.
law firm for the Tennessee Williams Revisit-
Online guidance and ed: A staged reading with Mill-
FOLLOW US advocacy er Lide, 3 p.m. July 21. A read-
they need in ing of Williams little-known
Location challenging poems with narratives describ-
times. ing the theater connections and
North Salem News personal experiences of the actor
Scottish Tattoo, 6-10 p.m.
334 ROUTE 202, UNIT C1S, Aug. 3. e Scottish Tattoo
SOMERS, NY 10589-3207. Schoolhouse eater Fundraiser.
Mark your calendars now and
APPLICATION TO MAIL AT don’t miss this great party, fea-
SOMERS, NY AND ADDITIONAL Highland Divas ree Inter-
nationally acclaimed Scottish
MAILING OFFICES. singers who have performed ev-
POSTMASTER: erywhere from Glasgow to New
SEND ADDRESS CHANGES TO Zealand including with Jimmy
NORTH SALEM NEWS, Fallon. Also Featuring School-
334 ROUTE 202, UNIT C1S, house Favorite, Peter Calo on
SOMERS, NY 10589-3207. guitar. Also Scottish Dancing ,
Bag Pipes, Delicious Food with
and Camaraderie for the Lads
©2019 HALSTON MEDIA, LLC and Lassies!

North Salem
Fall Recreation

LAW OFFICES OF JOSEPH J. TOCK All registration forms avail-
able at:
963 ROUTE 6, MAHOPAC, NY 10541 ation. Questions? Contact North
Salem Rec at 914-669-5665
TOCKLAW.COM • 800-869-8080
Summer Camps
Hendrie’s Soccer Academy:
August 5-9 at North Salem
High School


Thursday, July 4, 2019 North Salem News – Page 3

Fifth-grade takeover
PQ students speak out on sustainability

North Salem fth graders from Virginia Tait’s classroom researched
environmental issues and then wrote letters to the editor on a number of topics.

Read their pieces below:

Urban sprawl, the origin of a Economic Issues to be so small. Giant Pandas habitat is
crumbling society e economy is being de- pretty much bamboo and trees. 99% of pan-
das diet is bamboo. Female pandas can weigh 150 to 220
BY SHONAH ROSE BRYANT molished by Urban Sprawl and public o cials are the pounds, and a male panda can weigh up to 250 pounds.
Sprawl. An unsettling word that no one really uses reason why. Sprawl is funded by poor regional and local Also giant pandas eat 20 to 40 pounds of bamboo a day.
government planning. is is a huge problem because if People may think that cutting down a little piece of the
anymore but instead of ignoring this topic we need to planning is poor, people don’t bene t from it. People lose forest won’t do anything, but really they are destroying
start paying attention. Urban sprawl is endangering the money and start going into debt. Usp causes hidden debt animal homes. And over time many animals that you may
environment and everyone living in it. Urban sprawl and unfunded infrastructural services. Did you know that love including giant pandas will die forever. In China, log-
causes air and water pollution, destroys habitats, wild- the cost of a 2 bed 1 bath house in the suburbs can cost gers and farmers are destroying pandas’ homes and there is
life, open space, and causes economic problems. less than a studio apartment in the city? ( is alone en- no where they can go to stay and live. Also without bam-
courages sprawl.) Sprawl causes high taxes and is a big boo trees, there will be no trees for pandas to climb. Gi-
Pollution inconvenience to the people. To solve this, we must per- ant pandas are also dying because of hunters. Hunters are
Air and water pollution are one of the main environ- suade our public o cials to use town funds on the water, killing them for their skins and other things. Some people
mental problems in the U.S. and urban sprawl is the sewer lines, roads and most important public services. don’t care about panda bears and kill them for sport. And
cause of it. Because of Usp (Urban sprawl), it is almost if this keeps happening, then giant pandas will go extinct
necessary to own a car if you live outside the city and Urban Sprawl has been a problem for almost a century. and you will never see giant pandas again.
according to City Lab, around 52% of people living in Frank N. Ikard once said, “Will Urban Sprawl spread so Help pandas! Pandas need our help and there are many
America, de ne their neighborhoods as a suburb. Did far that most people will lose touch with nature? Will the ways to help giant pandas. First, we need to plant trees
you know that more than 12 billion pounds of lethal day come when the only bird the typical American child and bamboo, so they can have more space to roam around
chemicals are released into the air by cars, buses, and sees is a canary in a pet shop window? When the only and have more of their habitat back. Second, we have to
trucks? Eventually, as more people come from outside wild animal he knows is a rat-glimpsed on a night drive stop destroying their homes. It is not fair to giant pandas
the city, more tra c is created, and more ground-level through some city slum? When the only tree he sees is and millions of other animals that humans are destroying
smog is made. If you didn’t know, air pollution (aka the cleverly fabricated plastic evergreen that sheds his their homes, and they can’t do anything about it. Also if
ground-level smog) sooner or later will turn into wa- gifts on Christmas morning?” We don’t want our world we want more pandas, then we’ve got to stop killing them.
ter pollution. en that polluted water gets mixed into to come to that. Ways to help are to join environmental Care about pandas. Because there are only 1,864 pandas
the water cycle and makes the oxygen we breathe and organizations such as your local Sierra Club, vote for of- left in the world. Another thing that we can do to help
the water we drink very unhealthily. e water hits the giant pandas is to encourage people in China continue to
runo part of the cycle and pollutes 40% of our main cials you know have the same goal as you and want to protect them. People in China must stop destroying their
water sources but natures made a x for this. Wetlands protect our earth, and spread the word. Don’t be a part of homes and plant trees and bamboo.
can lter out 90% of water and air pollution, but an the problem; be the solution. In conclusion, we all need to put in time and e ort to
alarming 50% of wetlands have been demolished in the help giant pandas, because if we don’t , then they will die
past century. is pollution can cause diseases such as Save giant along with millions of other animals. Humans made
asthma, bronchitis, and even cancer. pandas this problem, so humans have to x this problem.
Loss of space
BY AIDAN SANTIS Do you really
e fact that Usp is the cause of disruption to habitats, Do you love giant pan- want african
wildlife and even open space is very shocking, consider- elephants to go
ing that a human being needs occasional fresh air to keep das? Well if you do, you
their mental health in check. According to New York must know they are dying extinct?
Daily News, 1 out of 5 New Yorkers are diagnosed with fast, and we need to help
depression and anxiety a year because of the environment them soon. e reason they are dy- BY ELIZABET REYES
they are living in. Did you know that 18,600,000 homes ing is because of habitat loss and Have you ever dreamed of
have been abandoned since 2014 and yet over 600,000 hunters, but there are some ways to
Americans are homeless? is is a huge problem, espe- help them out. going on a safari to see Afri-
cially in the U.S. People have decided to destroy forests, can Elephants? Well, that dream
swamps, and sometimes even open untouched land in- When pandas are born they will not come true if you do not do
stead of wrecking or renovating an abandoned lot and are pink, blind, and deaf. Gi- something to help them. African
placing a new building there. It is also proven that people ant pandas are so small because
living in countries that have been marked by sprawling of bamboo. Bamboo is hard for SEE LETTERS PAGE 4
are more likely to walk/bike less and weigh more because the mother to digest, so not a lot of nutrients gets
of the lack of land and overall beauty. into the mother’s milk. Giant pandas have evolved
to have a low metabolism because the bamboo is so
hard to digest. is low metabolism causes the babies

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Page 4 – North Salem News Thursday, July 4, 2019

LETTERS Elephants are dying because the native people that live there. usually animals usually can’t re- problems. One
of poachers. Poachers are hunt- In conclusion, elephants need produce. A reason this is happen- problem that is caused by
FROM PAGE 3 ing elephants for their ivory tusks, ing is because of air pollution. You the invasive plant having lots of
and people are making sculptures our help. If we don’t do something see air pollution is like smoking seeds is that they multiply very
Elephants are endangered be- out of ivory tusks. Elephants are soon, elephants could be extinct for bees. is smoke can kill them. quickly. e star thistle can have
cause of human activity. El- also dying because of habitat loss. forever, and our future generations Since air pollution is caused by us, up to 150,000 seeds, and the tree
ephants are amazing for many won’t ever get the chance to see we need to take responsibility. of heaven can have up to 325,000
di erent reasons. Sadly, they are eir habitat is getting hotter and them. Elephants could be extinct seeds at one time. If eaten,the star
dying because of habitat loss and drier, causing a high risk of the in the near future because people What are pesticides? Pesti- thistle can poison a horse. e
hunters, but there are ways we can calves dying. ere is also less food keep hunting them and because cides are chemicals that can seeds of invasive plants spread
help them. because of the hot and dry condi- they are losing their habitat. We kill and hurt animals like around and make more plants,
tions. e population of humans need to help them.Humans caused bees or bats. Pesticides are and these plants keep spreading
What are elephants? Elephants is growing, causing people to take the problem, so we need to solve it. killing animals, and we around until there is a whole forest
are the largest land animal. ey the habitat of elephants. From need to stop that.Right full of these invasive plants. e
only have one calf per litter, and 2002-2011, elephants lost one Honey, pollinators now there are 20,000 invasive plants will keep on grow-
they rarely have twins. Elephants third of their home range. ere need help bee species in the world and only ing and take over native plants.
are social and enjoy living to- are tens of thousands of elephants 4,000 in America. Beekeepers are Another reason invasive plants are
gether. Elephants play a big part killed every year. ere are only BY ANNALEEN JARAMILLO using thousands of pesticides each spreading is because people bring
of maintaining biodiversity in the 450,000-700,000 elephants left Imagine sitting on a bench at year to stop parasites. e chemi- them here from other countries
ecosystem they live in. African today in Africa. “Elephants are cals in pesticides are also killing or places and plant them in their
Elephants live in the savannah, in listed as vulnerable high risk of the park enjoying a piece of fruit. bees. Usually when you buy honey yards for decoration. People do
the grasslands of the sub-Saharan extinction in the wild.” National You look to your left and a busy at the store, it has pesticides in it. this without knowing the plant is
desert. ere are also African Geographic Wild. honey bee sits next to you. You an invasive that can rapidly de-
forest elephants. ey live in the think,“Please don’t sting me. Why Now that you know about stroy a native habitat.
Even though elephants are can’t bees just disappear?” Well, what’s happening, it’s time to tell If invasive plants and bugs
Congo River Basin endangered, there are still ways bees are part of the pollinator you about ways we can help. Polli- were eaten by other animals,
in western central we can help them. One way you family. Without them, the piece nators are amazing. Did you know there wouldn’t be so many
Africa. can help is by donating money to of fruit you’re eating wouldn’t be they can pollinate 250 million invasive species. But since they
organizations that help protect available. Only 35% percent of plants a day?! One way we can help have little or no predators, there
the world are creatures; 25% of is to start a pollinator garden. In are a lot of invasive species in the
elephants. Some organizations the 35% are pollinators. Pollina- a pollinator garden, you can plant world. We could help get rid of
are David Sheldrick Wildlife tors are dying rapidly and some things like milkweed and other na- invasive species, but a lot of people
Trust and Tusk Trust. You main reasons are habitat loss and tive owering plants because bees don’t know about them. e bit-
can also get more people to pesticides. Luckily, there are ways love nectar. Or maybe plant the tersweet vine is an example of
help by encouraging them to help. Pollinators need our help black gum tree because bees are an invasive plant that can harm
to care about elephants and attracted to the berries. You should things. e bittersweet vines
their plight. Another way Pollinators are animals such as never plant invasives or else they choke the trees and take away the
you can help is by doing birds, bats, and bees. ey usually will take over. Another way to help sunlight as they grow bigger, and
ecotourism. e de ni- like nectar from owers. When is to leave tree snags or sand around eventually they end up killing the
tion of ecotourism is, they get nectar, pollen goes on the because these things help the bees tree. e Japanese knotweed looks
“Tourism directed to- pollinator. When they go from have homes. Also use electric cars like a smaller version of bamboo.
ward exotic, often to stop air pollution. You should e only di erence is that the stem
threatened, natural ower to ower, they spread pol- also stop using pesticides. is red and green and the leaves look
environments, in- len. One of the reasons pollina- di erent. is invasive plant takes
tended to support con- tors are dying is because of habitat Pollinators need our help. Pol- over native plant areas such as
servations e orts and loss. But wait, what is habitat loss? linators dying is our fault, and we where milkweed and ferns grow.
observe wildlife.” If you Habitat loss is when an animal need to take responsibility.It is our Milkweed is very important for
do ecotourism and visit Af- loses its home. For instance, when fault because we rob pollinators of the monarch butter ies because
rica to see the elephants, you a patch of milkweed dies,monarch their habitat, and we poison them they are able to lay eggs on the
butter ies die. Without a habitat, with pesticides. We need to stop plant and the caterpillars are able
will be helping the elephants and this or else a lot of things will die, to eat the plant to grow. e Asian
including us. “If bees are wiped longhorn beetles lay as many as 60
CALL TODAY TO DESIGN YOUR DREAM BACKYARD o the face of the earth, man eggs in the trees and the baby bugs
would only have four years to eat the tissue under the bark of the
❖New Driveways OUR live”- Maurice Materlink. tree which causes the tree to die.
Forty-two percent of endangered
❖Asphalt Overlays 30TH We should take charge and or threatened species are at risk be-
❖Parking Lots help our friends, for them and for cause of invasive species.
YEAR the future. In order to get rid of invasive
❖Unilock Driveways species, people have to know
❖Stone Walls, Patios The attack of about them. Unfortunately not a
invasive species lot of people know about invasive
❖Landscape Design species. People plant invasives in
BY LUCA NISHIMURA their yards for decoration without
914-962-8727 845-632-0732 914-232-4248 Imagine you are walking knowing the plants are invasive.
Telling others about invasive spe- through a beautiful forest. en cies can help us get rid of them.
suddenly you turn around and People can help get rid of invasives
you see a tree comes crashing
down in front of you. ere are SEE LETTERS PAGE 5
vines choking the dead tree and
bugs are biting at the bark. In-
vasive species are taking over our
world. Some problems invasive
species cause are that they can
multiply very rapidly and take
over native plant habitats. ey
also have little or no predators to
kill them o , and they can harm
or kill other things. But there are
solutions to these problems, and
we can help.

Many invasive plants have lots
of seeds. is can cause many

Thursday, July 4, 2019 North Salem News – Page 5

LETTERS Sea turtles in trouble waters all over the world. As you ocean. We have caused the prob- their habitat, and it is not okay.
can see,the leatherback sea turtle is lem, we need to x the problem. is means that wolves are get-
FROM PAGE 4 BY HENRY ROSSI a very amazing reptile. Hundreds
Imagine that you are a sea tur- of thousands of sea turtles die each Gray wolves need ting killed so people can take over
in their yard and any other place year because of ocean pollution. our help their habitat. Wolves should have
with invasive species. If people tle swimming through the ocean a large habitat away from humans.
know how bad invasive species about to eat a “jelly sh”. Stop! at is why we need to protect BY FELICITY ORTIZ Wolves come to farms that were
are, they will want to help get rid them from extinction. Do you know that wolves have once their land and attack the
of invasive species as fast as pos- at’s not a jelly sh, it’s a plastic animals which is why humans kill
sible. e bittersweet vine is able to bag! Sea turtles are dying because Although there are many prob- been under attack for over a cen- the wolves, and that’s how they
regrow after being cut once so you of human activity. ere are many lems, we can x them all. One tury? Wolves are endangered be- are being killed. Imagine if you’re
will have to cut it many times be- problems, but there is also a solu- thing that we can do is cut down cause of human activity. “We all habitat got taken over, and you got
fore being able to kill them com- tion. As Mahatma Gandhi said, on plastic. Another thing that we have a responsibility to protect killed. Well that’s what is happen-
pletely. “Once an invasive species “Be the change that you wish to can do is, for the plastic that we endangered species both for their ing to the wolves,and if we don’t
arrives, it’s about impossible to get see in the world.” do use, we can recycle it instead sake and the sake of our future stop this, our future generation
rid of,”-Sean Hanna of throwing it out. We can also generation.” is quote is by Lo- would not really have a good life
Sea turtles face many dangers. reuse some of the plastic that we reta Lynd, and it is important be- because the ecosystem will be out
To conclude, invasive species are Sometimes sea turtles mistake use. For example, we could reuse cause it says how we need to help of balance.
hurting our world. ey spread very plastic bags for jelly sh. en, plastic bottles instead of just using the endangered animals, not just
quickly and have lots of seeds. ey since sea turtles eat jelly sh, when them once. Also instead of using the wolves. Wolves are amazing If you go on some websites such
also have very few predators. Edu- they ingest the plastic bags, they plastic silverware, we can use real creatures but because they are be- a EDF, WWF, or NRDC, you
cate yourself, and then do your part die. Another hazard for sea tur- silverware instead. Companies ing hunted and losing their habi- can donate money to help save
to help get rid of invasive species to tles is longline shing lines. ese should also reduce the amount of tat, they may go extinct. ere is wolves and other animals, or you
make the world a better place. lines can extend for 60 miles. Sea plastic that they use. For example, about 7,000 to 11,200 gray wolves can just buy something from web-
turtles can accidentally get caught cupcakes can go in cardboard in Alaska, 3,700 in the Great sites. Making a purchase or dona-
on these lines. One more hazard boxes instead of plastic boxes. Lakes region and 1,675 in the tion will support programs that
that sea turtles face is that they north. protect wild animals like wolves.
can accidentally get caught in at is just a few things that we You can also write letters to law-
can all do to protect sea turtles Wolves live in a pack which is makers, and ask them to stop giv-
shing nets and drown. at is and their environments from the a mom, dad, and a baby. Wolves ing people hunting licenses to kill
why sea turtles face so many dan- harmful e ects of plastic. communicate with howls. eir wolves and other animals. at
gers in their natural habitat. sense of smell is 100x stronger way we could all help the animals
Sea turtles are dying because of than humans. Wolves are impor- more.
e leatherback sea turtle is as human activity. Sea turtles face tant because they help balance the
ancient as the dinosaurs. It can many dangers, even the leather- ecosystem. If they die the ecosys- We should save wolves because
grow to be 6.5 feet in length. e back sea turtle. It is as ancient as tem is not balanced which is not they keep the ecosystem balanced
leatherback sea turtle is an amaz- the dinosaurs, and now that there good for them and us. So in that and they are very important. Life
ing swimmer. It is also a very good is so much plastic in its habitat,it’s case we must keep them alive. would be bad if we had no wolves.
diver. Leatherbacks can dive up to endangered. Although we have
depths of 4,000 feet. e leath- many problems, there is also a so- Wolves are being hunted for at is why you should help save
erback sea turtle is the heaviest lution. Sea turtles are dying very wolves.
reptile on the whole entire planet! rapidly because of plastic in the
It lives in tropical and temperate SEE LETTERS PAGE 6


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Page 6 – North Salem News Thursday, July 4, 2019

LETTERS animal is going extinct and no- number will continue to decrease. farms and in open land, So when Please want change and a bet-
body knows. So, basically people We should never hurt them. ey
FROM PAGE 5 are buying gira e products, and are one of a kind animals like all farms are destroyed, the popula- ter future for the birds in North
they think that there are so many the others. So, we have to take
Giraffes are silently gira es and it won’t matter. Peo- charge now. Donate money and tion decreases. e white breast- America. It is estimated by 2050,
becoming extinct ple kill them for trophies. How petition so we can save the gi-
horrible is that. e population ra es. ed nuthatch is very scarce because 50% of the endangered birds’
BY ANNIE KANE level of the gira e is vulnerable.
Imagine you’re a gira e. You Do you want to save of deforestation. Also, range will be lost. Hu-
ey’re decreasing. Bald eagles the birds near you?
reach down for a drink from a were almost extinct, but every- habitat destruction is mans must stop harming
water hole, when you are almost body helped, and now they’re at BY JACK MILLER
done, and BANG! A poacher the top of the charts in popula- Eighty-two out of 993 birds in endangering common birds of North America.
kills you. Sadly, gira e popula- tion level, and their numbers
tions are decreasing at an alarm- continue to increase. We should North America are endangered. songbirds. Many things
ing rate. is is because of hunt- do that to gira es. People used to Human activities are harm-
ing and habitat loss. Gira es see gira es all the time on a sa- ing the birds of North America. In addition, are harming
need our help. fari, but soon, if we keep killing
them, we will never see a gira e ree reasons for bird species habitat loss these birds,
Gira es are one of a kind. again. being endangered are hunting,
ey’re the tallest land mammals. pesticide use, and habitat loss, a ects many such as habitat
eir pattern is like a human’s Be kind. We should all be However there are ways to help.
thumb print; each is di erent.An- kind to gira es. We should peti- bird species loss, pesticide
other reason why gira es are like tion gira e poachers and trophy A big problem for birds is
us is because we have the same hunters. We should also take the hunting and pesticide use. For endangered or use, and hunting.
number of neck bones as them. pledge to never buy anything that example, the barn owl is being
We have 7; so do they! Females hurt a gira e even if you don’t hunted so much that it is en- not endangered. But there are things
are 14 feet, males are 18 feet, and anyway. We should also spread dangered. Also,the mallard duck
a calf is 6 feet. A baby is called a the word. Tell everybody about is hunted for sport and for duck Migrating birds we can do to help. So
calf, a female is a cow, and a male how we should help the gira es. meat. Also, the bald eagle was
is a bull. Gira es don’t drink wa- Tell them your ideas. “Not a sin- endangered because the animals have a good memory, remember to help the
ter every day. Basically, they only gle creature on earth has more they eat had pesticides in them.
drink every three days. ey do or less of a right to be here,” said so if we destroy their birds near you by
this because it’s a very awkward Anthony Douglas Williams, and ese pesticides called DDT
position for them to drink from a he is right. You could also adopt a made their eggs soft, so when the habitat, they will have providing a good
water hole. And, in that position, gira e from GCF (Gira e Con- mother eagle sat on her eggs, the
it’s hard to get out. A poacher or a servation Foundation), donate eggs would crack. Luckily DDT no place to live when backyard habitat
predator could kill the gira e eas- money, or buy merchandise for is now banned and the eagle pop-
ily when in that position. the money raised to save them. ulation is rebuilding. they migrate back. for all the birds,
“Silent Extinction” Dr Julian
Fennessy told BBC News. A si- Gira e populations have gone One of the major reasons for Knowing birds are not just those
lent extinction means when an down 40% since 1985, and this birds becoming endangered is
habitat loss. e barn owl lives on threatened or endangered is that are en-

troubling. However, we can do dangered.

many things to help. First, we can

help the birds that live near you.

Some things you can do is set up

bird feeders and put bird seed and

sun ower seeds in them. Sun ower

seeds are full of fat and provide birds

with energy, especially in the winter.

Also, set up birdhouses and bird baths

in your backyard. In addition, support

conservation groups like the Audubon

Society. According to a study from Tex-

as Tech University making your back-

yard a bird friendly habitat will increase

property value.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “ Be the

change you wish to see in the world.”

Support a great cause! Monday, July 15, 2019
Join us at the beautiful Salem Golf Club for the
Salem Golf Club
13th Annual Friends of Karen 18 Bloomer Road, North Salem, NY
Golf Tournament held in Memory of 10:30 Welcome Players
11:30 Lunch
Erin O'Connor 12:30 Shotgun Start

Friends of Karen provides emotional, financial and 6:00 Cocktail Hour followed by Dinner
advocacy support for children with a life-threatening illness and
their families in order to help keep them stable, functioning, and $250 Golf Package includes: 18 Holes
of Golf, Greens & Cart Fees, Practice
able to cope. Range, Lunch, Dinner & Networking

Register or donate online at This ad is sponsored by:
or call Mike O’Connor at 914.552.5143

366 Underhill Ave
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

Thursday, July 4, 2019 North Salem News – Page 7


Now offering no new membership fees when you join!

Championship 18 Hole Golf Course Children's Activity Center
Driving Range and Short Game Area  Fine Dining & Membership Events
Year Round Fitness Center Golf & Game Simulator Room
Heated Pool with Outside Café & Bar No Assessments or Sales Tax on

18 Bloomer Rd, North Salem NY 10560 * 914.669.5485

Page 8 – North Salem News Opinion Thursday, July 4, 2019


Where in Father’s Day at the shore
North Salem?
If you live in the Northeast, MAN ships that were blockading mer-
Can you gure out what spot this poem is talking about? why would you ever need OVERBOARD chant tra c and screwing up our
to get on a plane to go on economy. President omas Je er-
BY BONNIE FRUTCHEY vacation in the summer when the son could have lled you in better
Jersey Shore is right there in your RICK than I can, but the ship exploded
What screams THE FOURTH OF JULY more back yard? It’s so much nicer than MELÉN prematurely, accomplishing its
than the iconic structure for the tubas, drums, horns, my real back yard, which consists mission but killing Somers and his
etc. to blast forth their marches once the parade is over
on the most exciting day in July than a gazebo, rotunda, of a green-colored substance that crew. What has this got to do with
I refer to as “grass” but others dinner? Well it took so long to
ere is a snazzy new park and gazebo, rotunda,
kiosk* in one of our hamlets with just-planted trees, lush might refer to as “I can recommend a good land- explain that now I’m famished.
grass and lots of space for people to spread blankets,
bring picnics, congregate to celebrate the day and, per- scaper but I can’t picture this ever being a good e next day at the amusement park, dads ride
haps, listen to town o cials and VIPS giving speeches
about the founding of our country. landscape.” Plus some ant hills owned by ants that for free on Father’s Day! I’m not a real Dad, it’s

Other times of the year, imagine music of various can’t really a ord to live anywhere else. e good true, but I play the role of Dad to three four-legged
genres being played in the round*. Classical, jazz, coun-
try, rock ‘n roll? People enjoying the sounds of which- news is that there are no sharks that I know of. Ev- creatures and several ve- nned ones. I’m a bit of a
ever music as the sun sets and the stars ll the darkening
sky with subtler starlight which stirs the imagination but ery year we spend Father’s Day weekend in Ocean disciplinarian, and when I say “sit,” I just sit down
calms the stresses of the day.
City, New Jersey with my sisters, their spouses and myself because no one else will. I can safely say that
Young children fall asleep on blankets while big
brothers and sisters race about chasing friends. Older whatever kids are around at the time. It’s a great I would have made a great Dad, but if I actually had
people in the audience who have brought chairs and
a table for their snacks and drinks shake gray heads way to get together and spend time with family. Is to be one it probably wouldn’t be as safe.
and roll their eyes when the kids zoom past them but
remember days when their children ran around having there anything more important than that? Yes there I got ride-shamed into going on the Log Flume
fun; so they just smile and look at each other wistfully.
is: Where are we going to eat for dinner? by my brother-in-law Paul. e ticket-taker got
Happy Birthday America!
ere are about 14 of us, and they’re all related a little suspicious and asked which one of us was
to me, so draw your own conclusions. We need a “Dad.” Paul is a few years older than me so he
e answer to last week’s column was “ e Keeler
Hay elds.” Send answers and feedback to [email protected] restaurant that can accommodate all of us, has decent had to suck it up and be “Dad” but he didn’t look
food and hasn’t yet heard that I carry a retractable pleased about it, and I was afraid I would have to
JODI WEINBERGER, EDITOR trick fork that extends about 30 inches so I can reach mow his lawn for a couple weeks if the ticket-taker
across the table and steal my niece’s dinner roll. Our decided to check up on us. I guess that meant my
Editorial Office: 914-302-5830
Fax: 914-617-8508 reputation precedes us and I just saw it go down 9th sister had to be my “Mom,” my other sisters were
[email protected]
Street, so we need something on West Avenue. “Aunts” and all of a sudden I was in the movie

Ocean City is a dry town. ere’s water, water “Chinatown.” By the way, I am not a thrill-seeker

everywhere, but not a drop to drink of alcohol. So and even the ride with the helicopters and airplanes

we have to venture back across the bridge to Somers that doesn’t have a height requirement makes me

Point if we’re going to get a cocktail with dinner. a little ill. So I would have been ne if my “Dad”

It’s ironic that I travel all the way from Somers to wanted to throw a football around instead.

Somers Point to get a drink. e town of Somers My other brother-in-law Bill said he would ride

Point was named after John Somers, the rst Euro- the GaleForce roller coaster, and that’s something

pean settler in the region. He operated a ferry that I wanted to see. It rises 125 feet into the air, then

ran across the bay to Cape May County, and his it comes back down at a 90-degree angle, and then

grandson was Captain Richard Somers, for whom actually goes concave on you. If you’re still at all con-

the town of Somers is named. It’s doubtful that scious you ride upside down for a while, then the ride

Richard Somers ever set foot in the place, but the comes to a stop for part of a second before it rolls

founding fathers of this town were looking for a war backward to a gentle stop. Why stop there? Why

hero, and World War II hadn’t been invented yet. don’t they just launch you into outer space on a bun-

Captain Richard Somers died a hero’s death when gee cord, snap you back so that you bounce o the

he out tted his ship Intrepid as a oating rebomb SEE MELEN PAGE 9
and sailed into Tripoli Harbor to blow up the pirate

BAILEY COURT, 334 ROUTE 202, UNIT C1S Letters to the editor and op-ed submissions may be edited.
SOMERS, NY 10589 The views and opinions expressed in letters and op-eds are not
necessarily those of North Salem News or its affiliates. Submissions
©2018 HALSTON MEDIA, LLC must include a phone number and address for verification. Not
all letters and op-eds will necessarily be published. Letters and
op-eds which cannot be verified or are anonymous will not be
published. Please send your submissions to the editor by e-mail

to [email protected]
For more information, call the editor at 914-302-5830.

Thursday, July 4, 2019 OPINION North Salem News – Page 9

Understanding the Constitution

Dear Dr. Linda, you fully understand it? is for each state to be fare well, c. everyone’s out for himself
My son is entering seventh grade in 9. What does the phrase “and secure the
Here’s a little quiz to see STRONG independent, c. neither
September. I told him that he’ll be learning how much you remem- a nor b blessings of liberty to ourselves and our
U.S. history for the next two years.To this ber. LEARNING 5. What does the posterity” mean?
day I remember my seventh- and eighth-
grade history class because that’s when I fell 1.What is the “ e DR. LINDA phrase “establish justice” a. to be sure that the citizens will be
in love with American history. As a result of Preamble to the Consti- SILBERT mean? blessed with freedom during their life-
those classes I became a history teacher. tution”? times, b. to be sure that the citizens’ chil-
a. to set up a system dren and their children, etc. will always be
To make a long story short, I started to blessed with freedom, c. both a and b
talk to my son about our Constitution. I a. a patriotic song, b. that is fair, b. to be sure
began with the preamble. en my wife 10. What does the phrase “do ordain
reminded me that you wrote a column at an introduction to the that there are enough and establish this Constitution for the
one time about the preamble. I remember United States of America” mean?
that and was wondering if you could pub- Constitution, c. an amendment police in certain states, c. neither a nor b
lish it again in honor of the Fourth of July? a. order people not to follow the Consti-
2. What does the title “ e Preamble to 6. What does the phrase “ensure domes- tution, b. o cially authorize the new form
ank you in advance, of government under a set of rules, known
Mike the Constitution” mean? tic tranquility” mean? as the Constitution, c. the country should
write a constitution
Dear Mike, a. before you walk through the Consti- a. to make sure that everyone stops work
I would love to dedicate my Fourth of Answers: 1. b; 2. a; 3. c; 4. a; 5. a; 6. b; 7.
tution, b. it’s about the di erent laws in the at 4 p.m. to take a nap, b. to make sure that a; 8. b; 9. c; 10. b
July column to the Preamble to the Con-
stitution because it’s one long amazing Constitution, c. has nothing to do with the people in our country get along, c. to make Happy Fourth of July!
sentence separated by commas. Many will Dr. Linda
remember having to memorize it when they Constitution sure everyone gets along with their friends
were in school. However, not many actually Dr. Linda is co-author of “Why Bad Grades
understood what they were memorizing. 3. What does the opening phrase “We 7. What does the phrase “provide for the Happen to Good Kids,” and director of Strong
Learning Tutoring and SAT/ACT Test Prep.
ink back. Did you have to memorize the people of the United States” mean? common defense” mean? Send your questions to [email protected]
the Preamble to the Constitution? Did com. Find more articles at
a. It’s about the people who wrote the a. to do what is necessary to protect the

Constitution, b. a select group of people in country from its enemies, b. to give every

our country, c. all the people in our country household an alarm system, c. neither a nor b

4. What does the phrase “in order to 8. What does the phrase “promote the

form a more perfect union” mean? general welfare” mean?

a. the purpose of the Constitution is a. to move the country in a direction

to create a better system of government that will improve the lives of some, b. to

connecting the states into a single united move the country in a direction that will

country, b. the purpose of the Constitution improve the lives of its citizens, so they’ll

MELEN Add Value
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Trump campaign rally? Bill rode
the thing and said it was ne, Sero’s Contracting
although while we were talking
it looked like he was re-attaching We specialize in targeted home improvements — both big and small —
his esophagus to his epiglottis.
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Father’s Day Blizzard from Dairy Licensed & Insured • Local References • Brewster, NY • 845-216-1955 • 845-279-6977 • [email protected]
Queen. Is it okay to use the word
Queen anymore? ere has been
a lot of talk about what pronouns
to use when referring to people
these days, and I have some ques-
tions. My rst question is, what’s
a pronoun again? is is National
Pride Month, and the thing is, not
everybody falls into the two cat-
egories of “man”and “woman”that
questionnaires would like you to

t into. Guess what, they NEVER
did, and now people are talking
about it a little more and taking
charge of their own descriptors
and their own identities.

I will admit that when I rst
heard the term “LGBTQ” I
thought it was a subway line.
After a week of not getting to
work on time, I realized that
there was a whole world of gray
areas out there, and I’m going
to just sit back and let people be
themselves. I’ll do my part by
being myself, since no one else
seems willing to do it.

Join Rick and the Trillium vocal
group for some melodies at the
Downtown Peekskill Summer Music
Series Sunday evening, July 14, at 5
p.m. on North Division Street

Say hello at: [email protected]

Page 10 – North Salem News OPINION Thursday, July 4, 2019

On Stage: Gloria Estefan’s story of glory

BRUCE (Emilio) who invited her to re-
THE BLOG hearse with his Miami band soon
fell for her, and she for him. It was
BRUCE love at rst note.
“On Your Feet” is on stage
through Aug. 4. For tickets:
Broadway; 914-592-

If you’re a music fan who is A MILESTONE IN CROSSOVER Jose Luaces and Maria Bilbao portray Emilio and Gloria Estefan in the musical about them, “On Your
near Elmsford anytime soon, APPEAL Feet,” at Westchester Broadway Theatre in Elmsford through Aug. 4.
and you see a conga line snak-
ing its way through the streets, Despite her multilingual skills, PHOTO COURTESY OF JOHN VECCHIOLLA
you might want to join it. ey’ll the label executive who signed
be on their way to Westchester Gloria at rst rejected the idea of gery, there was no certainty that eir fame and their contribu- BYRON ST.CYR IS A JOYTO HEAR
Broadway eatre, where “On her singing in English. Her mar- she would be able to walk again. tions to our culture transcend the What is perhaps most regret-
Your Feet” is bringing audiences ket appeal, he thought, was strictly music business, as attested by elite
to their feet with the inspira- of interest to Latin audiences. Yet—as if scripted by a Hol- recognition that includes Ken- table about “On Your Feet” is that
tional story of Emilio and Gloria After his momentary myopia was lywood writer—less than a year nedy Center Honors, Presidential we don’t get to hear more of the
Estefan. cured, the Estefans and their hit- later, at the January 1991 Ameri- Medal of Freedom, and Library stunningly sweet and silky voice
making Miami Sound Machine can Music Awards, there she was, of Congress Gershwin Prize for of Byron St. Cyr, as her father Jose
She’s the Cuban-born pop went on to become the rst Latin on her feet, as were the movers Popular Song. Fajardo. Con ned to a wheelchair
diva whose signature sound of artists out of Florida with cross- and shakers of the record busi- for most of the story, due to his
“Cuban-fusion pop music” has over appeal to English-speaking ness, welcoming her back with an In the title role of Gloria, Maria multiple sclerosis, we mainly get
sold 100 million records world- music fans. emotional standing ovation, as she Bilbao does justice to the power- to hear Mr. St. Cyr in a duet with
wide. He’s the one who discovered made her rst public appearance ful vocals and stage charisma his daughter during a ashback
her, married her, and produced ey were riding as high as the following the near-fatal accident. synonymous with Ms. Estefan. scene. His glorious voice leaves
the recordings that have earned sky. en, on March 20, 1990, As Gloria Fajardo, her embit- you wanting more.
the power couple more than 20 that ride came crashing down. A CULTURAL TREASURE tered mother, the vibrant Karmine
Grammys. Cruel fate intervened, in the form All of that—plus the fraught Alers makes a worthy antagonist Beyond the principal actors, the
of a tractor-trailer that rammed to Gloria’s rising ambitions. Jose real stars of “On Your Feet”are the
Ms. Estefan’s life story doesn’t into their tour bus on the way to a relationship she had with her Luaces (with a passing resem- nearly 20 songs that inject this juke-
exactly need to be “dramatized”; concert date in upstate New York. mother Gloria Fajardo, and her blance to Julio Iglesias) makes a box musical with lush romantic bal-
its truth is inherently compel- father Jose’s contracting multiple dashing and sensitive Emilio who lads like “Don’t Wanna Lose You”
ling. e young Cuban musician e megastar’s spine was shat- sclerosis after returning from mili- both protects and nurtures the and with infectious rhythms (what’s
tered, along with her spirit and tary duty in Vietnam—forms the love of his life. better than the perpetual motion
hopes of continuing a landmark absorbing story of the Estefans. of “Conga,”and the surprising fact
career. Facing delicate spinal sur- that it was rst performed at a bar
mitzvah—how perfect is that?)
Be Prepared BEFORE the Storm Hits!
Add to that the exuberant danc-
845.621.4450 For ALL your Electrical Needs – Big or Small ing (choreographed by Rhonda
Miller), the evocative tropical set
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(Keith Nielsen), and the versatile
SUMMER RIDING PROGRAM to Get Your Generator, Outside Lights & 10-piece band on stage (under
All Your Electrical Needs Completed. musical director Bob Bray)—which
July 1st–August 30th • 1–10 Week Sessions received a deservedly sustained ova-
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agency APAR PR. He also is an
actor, a community volunteer, and
a contributor to several periodicals.
Follow him as Bruce e Blog on social
media. Reach him at [email protected]
or 914-275-6887.

Thursday, July 4, 2019 OPINION North Salem News – Page 11


District should use this issue. I could not imagine a in electric school buses in our solar power energy station and ture for our children, will be
electric buses way that I, as an individual could district. Here’s some fun facts also recharge themselves when willing to support this initia-
have any chance at impacting about electric school buses. they use their brakes. tive and others. Please see the
To the editor: this impending catastrophe. Facebook page, North Salem
It seems like the main job of 1. Electric and renewable 6. EB’s are safer due to the de- Green Initiatives if you wish to
Recently I attended a talk technology are eligible for NYS creased likelihood of rolling over get involved. Can we reverse the
a parent these days is to worry. by a group that inspired me to incentives and creative ways of as they enjoy a lower center of climate change course we are
We worry about our kids’ in- change this way of thinking. gravity. set on now? Personally, I’m not
tellectual development, their Perhaps we are not all as power- nancing are available that can sure, but that shouldn’t stop us
physical and social develop- less as we believe ourselves to be. make this investment virtually 7. Two major manufacturers from trying. For the sake of our
ment and spiritual development. painless. are Canadian suggesting our children. For the sake of their
It seems a monumental task at e group is called Mothers Out northeast weather will not be future.
times, to cover all the bases, so Front and they outline a mission 2. Electric school busses have unmitigated by design.
our kids have the best ability to to help organize locally, to take a life span 12 to 16 years which Sandra Tica
reach their potential and have a local action to address climate is longer than dirty, expensive, I am hoping there are other
successful and satisfying future change. e simple and brilliant diesel busses. ey require less parents in North Salem who Croton Falls
life. Despite my relative con - idea is that lots of small local ac- maintenance and are estimated share my concerns for the fu-
dence that my kids are coming tion will add up to signi cant to have lower operating costs; 19
along well enough, there is one action. ey have some excel- cents a mile vs. diesel 82 cents a
worry that has been gnawing at lent and inspiring examples of mile.
me for years and when I allow some of their successes on their
myself to think about it, it makes website at 3. Zero exhaust fumes de-
me deeply concerned. What I have been inspired to become crease the onerous carbon foot
good is all this work we do for a member of the Hudson Valley print per child in the 23 square
our children, if we leave them a chapter of this group. mile district of North Salem.
world that will be in chaos due
to impending climate change? On June 19, I attended the ose with Asthma will espe-
For years I have given in to the North Salem School Board of cially bene t by getting to avoid
belief that I am powerless on Education meeting. During breathing the toxic diesel fumes.
public comments, I outlined
a proposal for the investment 4. It is estimated to save
$25,000 in annual fuel costs per

5. EB’s can be powered by a

Since 1973

Your Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodelers All Under One Roof



Cabinetry • Counter Tops • Ceramic Tile
Shower Doors • Closet Systems & More!


Brewster, NY Mahopac, NY

19 Old Doansburg Road 594 Route 6

Pawling, NY Bethel, CT

3 East Main Street 101 Greenwood Avenue


Page 12 Vail ’s Grove c munity North Salem News – T
dedicates m ument

On Flag Day, June 14, the Vail’s Grove Community dedi- ing. Veteran Jack Waltzer, who served in Korea and Viet-
cated the Vail’s Grove Monument Park. A Monument Com- nam, spoke at the dedication. As part of his Eagle Scout
mittee fundraised for three years to make it happen. The project, Christian Duffy and members of Boy Scout Troop 1
monument has names of veterans, both deceased and liv- assisted with the work and landscaping.

Christian Duffy and Jack Waltzer

Jill McManus, Cindy Battreall and Missy Leahy-Quinn

Thursday, July 4, 2019 Page 13

Mildred Martin, who has been in Vails Grove since 1924, Diane Jack Waltzer and Juliann Salerno
Altobelli and Sue Enos, who has been in Vails Grove Since 1945 welcome everyone.

Holly Warner, Theodoro Farrel and Regina Nancy Jones plays a medly of
Angerame military music.

Claire Navin, Janet Scully and Korean War veteran Front row: Frank and Victoria Miele, Madeline Tramontano, Lisa
Donald Navin Dirsa. Back row: Tom, Christian and Marie Duffy

Vails Grove veterans pose in front of the monument.


Page 14 – North Salem News BALANCED ROCK Thursday, July 4, 2019

ROCK East Coast Panthers Bas- Summer 7-week classes for For youth, there are classes for Do you want to include a hands
ketball Camp: August 19-22. 9 adults, teens, tweens, and kids pre-school, middle school, and on and creative activity into your

a.m. - 3 p.m. at PQ Elementary begins the week of July 8. Try high school ages. Look for art classes that enhances your con-

Entering Grades K-9 - 8:30 School. Girls and boys entering something new in a relaxed, cre- with ne-motor skills, after tent without taking away from

a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Registration grades 3 through 9. Fee: $250 ative environment or enjoy fa- school art, knit/crochet, clay and your curriculum? Have your stu-

Fee: $190 ($220 after June 1st) Railyard Arts vorites in the company of other wheel throwing, and art therapy. dents make their own interactive
Ages 3 & 4 (Beginning Soc- creative people! Enjoy seven For new moms and moms with and sculptural book for their

cer) – 9:00 am - 10:30 am. Reg- Studio classes week classes in stained glass, wa- pre-schoolers, learn to knit / writing. ese books can meet a
istration Fee: $140 ($170 after ter color and oil / acrylic paint- crochet with other new moms or wide variety of writing goals in

June 1st) Railyard Arts Studio is lo- ing, mixed media, printmaking, while pre-schoolers enjoy a story all content areas. Ideal for teach-

For more info: hendriesoccer cated at 621 Route 22, Croton drawing, wheel throwing and and a ne-motor skills project. er of grades 4 and up and other Falls. For more information, visit hand building with clay, knit- Summer In The Yard! Sum- creative people Sunday, July 21,

academy ting/crocheting, and art therapy. mer Intensives for Kids 6-12 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (1 hour lunch)

years old. Young artists will cre- $80.

ate in both the art room and North Salem
the clay room daily. ey will

for Yorktown explore a variety of art materials Democratic
and learn techniques while they Committee
have fun developing their own

Celebrating 10 years style of art here with our certi-
ed art teachers. ere are 4 one Volunteers needed. ere are

week sessions Monday-Friday, 9 a few open seats on the town

Who do you know that deserves a free car? a.m. to noon. committee and the Democrats

Create Your Own Monsters, would love to have some new

Play with Your Food, The Mad volunteers come forward. It’s a

• Nominate a • Help a Friend Artist, and STEAM Summer great way to meet new people
Friend to Win in Need College Portfolio Intensive for and be involved in who and
incoming high school juniors what shapes our community. If,
1 of 5 Cars
and seniors to develop their on the other hand, you may be

portfolio for college applica- interested in serving on a town

tions. is summer intensive will committee we suggest you keep

not only provide personal feed- an eye on the Town’s website,

• Yorktown • Nominate back and counseling regarding, and send an
Helping your your portfolio, but it will also inquiry to the Town Board. Sev-
Yorktown help you set summertime port- eral vacancies are listed. Contact
Neighbor folio goals and give you time and us at P O Box 525, North Salem,
studio space to work. NY or northsalemdemocratic
[email protected]
Silk Scarf Painting taught by

Michelle Mullaly. Design, paint North Salem
and wear your own artwork!

• You Can Learn how to work with dye and Republican
resist to create a long rectangular Committee
silk scarf that can be worn year

Give Back round. Just bring some sketches
of designs or patterns for your November 2019 brings a se-

scarf. Limited to only 8. stu- ries of local elections with op-

dents. Silk scarf and supplies portunities to serve as a vol-

are included! ursday, July 11. unteer. If you are interested in

From 9 a.m. to noon. serving on the Committee or

Entrants and Nominees Visual Literacy Bookmak- volunteering please contact the

MUST be residents of Yorktown, NY ing Workshop for Educators Committee at: North Salem Re-

and other creative people publican Committee, PO Box

To enter you will need to tell us why your Yorktown taught by Michelle Mullaly. Are 289, North Salem, NY 10560
friend/neighbor is deserving of a free car. you looking for a way to get your 914-662-6620 [email protected]
students excited about writing?

...a little bit about their situation, financial hardship, injury, etc. for consideration (150 words or less)


Letter of Good Conduct from the Yorktown Police Department

Clean driving record from their insurance carrier or D.M.V. Your ad
could be here.
Documentation of hardship (ie. medical records, payroll deductions

for energy payments or other documents supporting hardship)

• Enter between 8/1/19-9/1/19
• Drop off completed applications at the shop or mail received by 9/1/19

• Winners chosen 9/15/19

*FIVE WINNERS will be chosen by Auto Body, Inc Call Brett Freeman at 845-208-8151
a committee of Yorktown residents. to find out how.
All decisions are final.
**Recipient is responsible for any
taxes, registration, and insurance.

See website for details.

Drop off or mail completed forms to the shop:

1798 Front Street,Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

Yorktown4Y cars ad yorktown news.indd 1 6/20/19 2:40 PM

Thursday, July 4, 2019 North Salem News – Page 15

BEDFORD GRAVEL 241-3851 UpdYaoteuroHr Iommperove
Norm Ave., Mt. Kisco FAinvaanilcaibnlge

Serving the Area Since 1949 (next to Kohl’s) CASSAS BROS. $500 OFF
Any Complete
Gravel•Mulches•Topsoil•Fieldstone CONSTRUCTION LLC Roo ng Contract

• Sand • Stonedust • Sweet Peet • Item #4 EXPERT ROOFING
• Unilock Pavingstones • Flagstone
• Belgian Block • Cobblestones All Types Of
Roo ng & Siding
Fully Licensed & Insured


mrchimney.comIWCnhsoeiomrdtnsBe, yEurxCFnhilneiargauensStipntFoglav,aneCscsh,,eiCFmihrn&eiempylnaBRecyoeepRiGaleleiarlisnsr,sinGFDga,losuRoCreesop,naEFvirixerLerpsepialoeakncrsset, s Susan McCarthy

914-232-6600 Dog Walking & Overnight Pet Care

Veterinary Assistant Experience
Servicing North Salem,
Ridgefield &
Western Danbury



S 1,5005W21RaelkaB1Ue-4saInl0notctrkenyaTeresiludnaoAbrgwbssymaeonAanfedmrtererexieycxpYrfaiieotocnriarnuienegSrnaStcBsateyaennsddtaaCrrddh’os ic$e

888-609-0248IncludesLFiRmEEitAedmeTriimcaenOStanedr!aCrdaRlilgThotdHaeyig!ht Toilet PfLibanaiyfsstettAetawnmilmtlaaeeettdreiiWocrQanrauen,rimIcrSNaktoCnaDvLtnrayUadloDiasnnIyr®NdstGtheelmabbaotrhbAaNcDked
5 4in4viHgyodrraotitnhgermapayssjeatgsefor an
RSpaLehunLcorCdcewhcdivoeaoemrse,aesoprfr.narSDeoneeteyeslAuinewmxlfleowienrSwrmihNc.waoaatwnsaiosleSkanritnu..aOtnNuCdbYSae,sLWrr.BadvemaCBsla9ietdcdr8hioec2enat7stnly9otse6iwtlrea;hNtnSiYwdlue,aiPtsrhoudult-pfknuupNalsllimY.eicn:so5sNml5taaY4s,lfltRa3o.toL1rHiociom;kntNlhaiotYenfCrodar:nHeNLesIYCitbp.r#eiecrr2taiho0tiono2usn2sa7We4nhad8olkf-ldo-D.IrnCMliBAcue.asSntthsab,ifneLegitby, erwTsrutaabttririmsoannCetoy., FERVEAELUINA-THIOONM!E

Wheels For Wishes
The NThewereYoisIrfkayColihmuilwidteeVdriecttipimmreesvtiAoocuftsiltleyemaa cpvaiocsrteai;mridlyooafnlcolhotiwlddseslyaeoyxuuinatolcaorebnvutiasvceet,iynoguur sc.laim. benefiting
****1FWW0re0eee%AAVcTlescahoexipAcDtlceMecPdeopiucstctktBVuibopelaheAtiscN,leMYsoWRtuoHnrcEnyRicnElegso&r NRoVts
Our firm wtoilpl rfoilteeycotuyrouclrapimrivaancoy.nymously Call:(914) 468-4999* Car DofinnaatniocniaFl oinufonrdmaatiotionnd,/cba/all W(2h1e3e) l9s4F8o-2r 0W0i0shoersv.isTiot wlewawrn.wmhoereelsafobrowuitsohuers.porrogg.rams or
CALL (833) VICTIM 9 • (833) 842-8469

DENTAL Insurance Donate A Boat
Physicians Mutual Insurance Company InforFmRaEtiEon Kit
Ageltesthseexdepnentaslivcearweayyotuodheesleprve! or Car Today!

CALL 1-855-225-1434 “2-Night Free Vacation!”
Get help paying dental bills and keep more money in
yTYDohouoiusrnci’psatonrIwcnegkaafeeoiltttrd!mceConavattealilrloaninngoseKwuibrtaaennwfocdiretewh—yeaoN’llullOrtrTuhnjseeuxhsdtteycatohaudeiilcasskc.uFopRunEtEplan 1-855-225-1434 800-700- BOAT((22662288))
Visit us online at w w


Insurance Policy P150NY sponsored by boat angel outreach centers STOP CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN

Increase referrals and name recognition. Advertise in the North Salem News Bulletin Board and reach over 3,500 USPS delivered mailing addresses every week. Call 845-208-8151 today!

Page 16 – North Salem News Thursday, July 4, 2019

Kennedy Catholic
HS graduates the


The Kennedy Class of 2019 and their friends and family.

aloneI’m never
Life Alert® is always Kennedy Catholic held its commencement June 8, at St.
here for me even when Joseph’s Church in Somers, graduating 144 students.

away from home. Following the familiar strains of “Pomp and Circumstance”
and an invocation delivered by Anthony Sanseverino from
One touch of a button Help at Home FIRST AID the graduating class, Patricia Curtin, the salutatorian who Valedictorian Eileen Cooney
sends help fast, 24/7. FREE! KIT lives in Hawthorne, took to the podium. Curtin, a National Salutatorian Patricia Curtin
GwPiSth! Merit Scholarship winner who will be attending Notre
® WHEONRDYOERU! Dame, delivered an alternately whimsical and moving
Help On-the-Go speech that lit upon the transience, and importance, of
I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! memories made in high school.

Batteries Never Need Charging. Diplomas were then conferred by e Most Reverend
Peter Byrne, auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of New
For a FREE brochure call: York, and Rev. Mark G. Vaillancourt, Ph.D, president and
principal of Kennedy Catholic.
A number of local businesses and service groups rewarded
nearly two dozen members of the graduating class for both
their scholarship and public service. e Somers Women’s
Club, Somers Democratic Club, Somers Police Benevolent
Association, Weinstein Pharmacy of Katonah, Lincoln Hall
Foundation, Northeast Westchester Rotary Club, Knights of
Columbus of Somers,and the Carmel-Kent Lions Club were
among those acknowledged as the awards were made to the
graduates. All that local money went to lining the graduates’
pockets on top of the nearly $42 million in merit-based
college scholarships already awarded to the Class of 2019.

In her valedictory speech, Ossining native Eileen Cooney
thanked the school’s faculty for their focus upon developing
her “moral compass.” Cooney, headed for Providence
College, was also the recipient of a NY State Scholarship
for Academic Excellence.

Kennedy maintains a very active and invested alumni
community, and the school wastes no time in bolstering
its ranks. Fred Compton, director of advancement and
alumni relations, formally inducted the Class on 2019 into
the Kennedy Catholic Alumni Association just before the
newly-minted grads led out of the church.

From the invocation through the valedictory, the name
of the 145th graduate was continuously invoked during
the ceremony. Brendan Maguire, member of the Kennedy
Class of 2019 until his death from cancer last summer, was
a beloved presence in the classroom and on the ball eld.
Maguire’s family has established a scholarship in his name.

Rev. Mark G. Vaillancourt, Ph.D, president
and principal of Kennedy Catholic.


Thursday, July 4, 2019 North Salem News – Page 17


A True Local Bank right
here in Yorktown!


Residential and Commercial Mortgages - Cash Management Services
Small Business Loans - Lines of Credit - Auto & Personal Loans

Online Banking with Bill Pay - Mobile App with Remote Deposit - Savings
Checking - CD’s - Money Market Accounts

Stop in and visit our friendly staff, we’re neighbors and we’re here to help!


2002 Commerce St. Commerce St
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
Roger Campos
Branch Manager

Serving Putnam, Dutchess, Westchester
and Rockland Counties Since 1871.

Page 18 – North Salem News Thursday, July 4, 2019

SASSONE on behalf of the North Salem that, but he’s not easy because
Teachers Association, said the he’s committed to excellence and ‘[Henry Sassone’s] legacy will never be

district “acted in poor faith” by demands excellence,” Dahl said. tarnished and yours will never be repaired.’
e public comment portion delaying personnel decisions that “Maybe our society has lost the

of the meeting lasted more than had a “major impact on some of values that made this country -Dan DePaoli, Alumnus

40 minutes, with many speaking our teachers.” great.”

about Sassone’s legacy on and o “It seems callous to take such Anthony Nicodemo, who is

the court. an approach when you are deal- president of the Lower Hudson generations of the North Salem beings, but some of them were on

Sassone has been the athletic ing with people’s livelihoods,” Basketball Coaches Association, School District. To remove Hen- the wrong path and Henry had

director for 31 years and boys Minzlo said. “ e teachers have where Sassone is vice president, ry Sassone from the North Salem as much an e ect on straight-

basketball coach for 34 in the dis- to question the nature of our rela- questioned the district’s motives School District, either you don’t ening them out, guiding them

trict. In 2017, he had his 400th tionship with the administration in not keeping Sassone and again understand everything he’s done and mentoring them, counseling

career victory and was inducted and how much we are valued.” mentioned DiGrandi’s tweet for this district or there’s ulterior them as anyone else,” Broderick

into the New York Basketball Alumnus Marc Miller called praising Sassone. motives.” said. “Yes, there were parents who

Hall of Fame. out DiGrandi, who had tweet- “Why would you look to get John Lauro, a former district didn’t like Henry’s decisions be-

e veteran coach read a state- ed last year that Sassone was a rid of someone you feel so great employee who worked with Sas- cause he had an anchor in integ-

ment in the hallway outside the “class act” and one of the “hardest about?” Nicodemo said. en, to sone for 21 years, said he watched rity … maybe that’s where some

school board meeting, thanking working” coaches after his induc- the board,“Why would the board the physical education and ath- of this unacceptable decision has

his former players and colleagues tion into the New York Basket- take the word of a second-year letics grow and become success- come from. Maybe Henry pissed

for showing their support. ball Hall of Fame. principal over a man with a 34- ful under Sassone. o the wrong parent. You dismiss

“My goal is to continue as the DiGrandi has since deleted the year history and an impeccable “What you’re doing is not him, you’re doing the community

department chair and the athletic tweet. record?” right,” Lauro said. wrong.”

director here in North Salem,” “Everyone in this room knows Alumnus Mark DePaoli said Dan DePaoli, another former Two speakers asked for more

Sassone said. “I will look for- that Coach Sassone’s impact is he felt “disappointed” in the dis- North Salem athlete, called the transparency from the district.

ward to serving this district in strongest o the court,” Miller trict’s action. move “petty and personal.” “I want an accounting of what

any capacity this administration said. “Coach Sassone’s lessons of And without the district giving “His legacy will never be tar- went on here and why we are

decides.” hard work, discipline, persever- a reason for Sassone’s removal, nished and yours will never be making this decision,” said alum-

At the June 26 school board ance, personal responsibility and speculated whether there was repaired,” he told the board. “Do nus Greg Vasek. “ is doesn’t sit

meeting, Freeston announced respect for others … prepare us “ulterior motives.” the right thing, not only because right with me and a lot of other

that Sassone would be a physical for the real world.” “He stood for core values of he deserves it, but because the folks who are taxpayers in this

education teacher for the 2019- Miller called him “the best integrity, about teaching kids that entire community deserves it.” community.”

20 school year and a few days man outside my family” that he you get what you earn, not what Neil Broderick, a former North Sassone’s daughter, Melissa,

later the district posted a job ad knows. you want, about being humble, Salem athletic director, said he who is also employed by the dis-

for an interim director of athlet- Bill Dahl, a former teacher and being a great teammate, about watched as Sassone guided hun- trict, commended her father for

ics and K-12 physical education. former teacher’s union president, being unsel sh, about doing the dreds of players over the years to his work through the years.

“For those guys who have come asked the board to undo the “mis- right thing,” DePaoli said. “If become better men. “ e force behind the athletic

out today to support, you will live take” of not appointing Sassone. those core values make him old “I know every one of these department and the North Salem

in my heart forever,”Sassone said. “Henry has never been an easy school then I don’t know what young men who have come up tiger is Henry Sassone,” Melissa

Michael Minzlo , speaking guy to work with, we all know we’re trying to do for the future here and they are quality human Sassone said.

Pain Shooting Down One Leg?

What you need to know about symptoms
and treatment of sciatica…

Ask the Doctor Q: Do I have sciatica? re-evaluated. If your symptoms persist, you may
A: You probably do if you feel a sudden and severe receive an injection of steroids at the nerve root
John Abrahams, MD, FAANS pain, along with numbness and weakness, radiating to reduce pain. If this regimen fails, physicians will
Chief, Neurosurgery from the buttocks down the back of one leg to the offer surgery. However, if a patient comes in unable
Co-Director, Spine Surgery, foot. The pain can be crippling. It is usually intense to stand – basically bed-bound – we advise surgery
Orthopedic & Spine Institute when you walk, diminishing when you lie down. sooner. It is important to know that 80 to 90 percent
Northern Westchester Hospital of patients get better without surgery.
Q: What causes sciatica?
Learn more about A: The sciatic nerve branches from the spine in the Q: What can I expect from surgery for sciatica?
Dr. Abrahams and lower back through the hips and buttocks and runs A: This minimally invasive procedure takes under
advanced spine surgery at down the back of each leg to the foot. Sciatica occurs an hour, and consists of removing the disc material when this nerve is pinched in the lower back by spinal pressing on the nerve. Most patients are pain-free
disc herniation – protruding disc material – or by following surgery. We have seen patients who arrived
400 East Main Street | Mount Kisco, NY 10549 a larger fragment of disc material. Disc herniation unable to stand or walk for more than a few minutes,
914.666.1200 | usually occurs during normal activities, such as walk out the same day after surgery, completely
rising from bed. asymptomatic. Sciatica recurs in ten percent of people,
who may suffer recurrent bouts of the condition
Q: Am I at risk for sciatica? throughout their life.
A: Sciatica is common. More than three million
Americans are diagnosed with the condition annually.* Did you know?
Apart from the fact that 10 to 15 percent of patients
have a family history of back problems, there are no 80 to 90 percent of patients with sciatica
risk factors. No behavior predisposes you to it. get better without surgery.

Q: What are my treatment options? *
A: If you have sciatica and it is not severe, you will back-pain-and-sciatica
typically receive oral steroids (anti-in ammatories) for
seven days. Once you’re more mobile, you will engage
in physical therapy for a period of time and then be

Thursday, July 4, 2019 North Salem News – Page 19

e Ruth Keeler Library would like to thank Butler Excavating/ Hardscrabble Supply for donating their services and expertise in repairing our drainage system.

Ruth Keeler Memorial Li- Mondays
Stories and Songs – 10:30
““ eeyy aarree mmoorree tthhaann jjuusstt oouurr bbaannkk..brary is located at 276 Titicus a.m., for babies from birth to
eeyy aarree oouurr ttrruusstteedd aaddvviissoorrss..””Road. For more information on 2-1/2.

any of these events, call 914-669-
hands-on. Registration required. July 10 from 3 - 5 p.m. Contact Books and Puppets at 10:30
( e Nature of ings is an en- the Library if you are interested in a.m.; family story time for kids
vironmental outreach program.) participating in the program. No of all ages.
registration required.
LEGO Challenge. We chal- Saturdays

5161 or visit lsLRehEnoipvgGese33.rOrr,yddos--MMuggpciseerwwaaatennecorrhhaeeevtttoomaarreiaabbonakkttaaanltnniiikoo,nnseoooennoonwwpl,,ssiRRffesspk,aaeenajjemmuuaaactnllsseiitottllEEdh-yysshht--aettoohoolaarlwweowwMttaeemcnngiikMMammeeeeerddsdstaapp,ddnnooeeaarrAcMvvggttoaaeeeeumEnnullmmoogttsdppiueeenllioommsnnubgtccttmleeaaeCCtnn6ttoooiittaoorrInccKannppnoodt..eiismmssiieess..4NlcppaaetaaarspnntL.uyymroiebn. rCaSrTteyau.nmetMesfdroeareiydst, Tuesdays Story Time at 10:30 a.m.;
Mother Goose for Babies – family story time for kids of all
Family Fun Day. Come out 10:30 a.m., for babies from birth ages.
to Keeler Library on Sunday, to 2-1/2.
(Bilingual stories and songs on
July 14, from 1-4 p.m. for a great

afternoon of FUN for the entire Nw11iol,lJrttteuahhg““lkaayWWiesttt1hhhhpr8eeooalann,mmtci&oooeeeuun--ottrrJoornullwweaalqssynnttullbb2ioouraa5ccrennaasdkkdall.bbtaffeeaay4eennsll,iikknnpJgg.wwum,,””laayss.ssaabbyyssooecauuhdnDDggiadoobhhnnnlttbceaaooerlldduuaitn..vtto,,““esFFwweooekceerratittmmsduuannsiiassaassnbweettdueeddilllgyyli,,!naOvlseporetengbetrtoattheaslel, Wednesdays some Saturdays.)
family! Get a balloon sculpted MahwwjeeommngeettfoTTroommBeppgkkiiinnnssnMMeraashhtooappuaagcchBBt aannakkg.. eNNsoo.wwN,, otthhreeeyyg’’rrieesmmtraootrrieeon required. Story Time at 10:30 a.m.; Writers workshop
family story time for kids of all is workshop is from 11 a.m.
SSIIBBIILLIITTIIEEtaenSSrdsiirnnliadttceooe!dERRonwEEjAAonytLLhaIIeTThionIIEEt SSadto..agblaenwdaa- by JoatthhnaaSnntajjuuussdtt ioonuugrrebbraaonnnkkW,, tthheeedyyn’’rreeesaadllmmayoo, sstt oouuSrrtbbouurssyiinneetissmss aaeddvvaiinssoodrrssc..””rafts ages.
to 12:30 p.m. and led by Mary-
refreshing ice cream sundae! All ursdays anne D’Amato the rst Wednes-
activities are free, but contribu-

tions are always welcome.

Charcoal Workshop. Learn

beginner charcoal techniques

and draw a variety of objects from

observation on Tuesday, July 9,

MMAARRTTMMAAAABBaafNNAAo.nmrAAdNN.aGGOOdtEEouRRMMluEEt1rsEEAAspNNdaLL.naTTmEEyd,SSCC. TTtJOOaeuAAtelRRTTyntPPhEEs..1.is1N,woforeorkxmpshero1ip0- MMaahhooppaaccBBaannkk..ccoomm
enDDcooenniaasllddnMMecaaerrsttsaaabbryaannaoond materials
will be proPPvirrdeesseiiddd.eenntt e workshop 0044//1199
is free, but space is limited so
registration is required. Register

for one or both dates at the Li-

brary or by calling.

Bagels & Books

Keeler Library’s Bagels & MARTABANO REAL ESTATE
Books book club will be meet-
ing on the rst ursday of each

month at 10:30 a.m. through Donald Martabano, President

June. Extra copies of the books

are available at the library for

checkout. e books that will be

discussed are Varina by Charles

Frazier on July 11; A Place for

“ eAUyus gbauyrsFte1at;miamnaodFraerehtMehenaanMnwiirjtzuhasNotnoour bank.
BSeoeprydteemarsbrebery1oR9u.icrhatrrduMstoeradis aondvisors.”

MarAutarbsdaCanryoefaRrtoeimavleE6st-Mat8eopmM.meann.,taaggeeemvse1ern0yt Corp. is a
3rd-gteoneardautilot.nF, faacmiliitlya-toedwnbeydJdenevAelormpm- ent company

bwruhsotekrnoawnds juDstehbboiwe imRipzoor.tWanot rlokcation is.
on a creative, artistic project with
“Whfaemn oiluyrolarsftrlioecnadl sb.ankewparsobjeocutgmhtaoyut, we missed

that hboemyoe-utrowownnbaonrkanfeeelainsgy,,”ssealfy-sdDiroencat-ld. “Fortunately, “ ey ar
thwaenmplejiudbliesrettpasoTrrwouoymrj’iselblcApatbkrneiptnkrasB,ovtMvohaiixedalyeahes’brdo.elpePabafllyemrconBoomtnasytnetookhofu.efNrsuAtbohpuwre-ts,itnheesys’raedmvisoorres.” ey

TURNING POSSIBILITIES into REALITIES.Cart.Share your work with other Martab
creative individuals in a fun, sup-
portive atmosphere. School-age who k
children must come with an adult.

Book Bingo on Tuesdays, TURNING POSSIBILITIES into REALITIES. “When our
July 9 and 23 at 4 p.m. Play book that home-t

bingo and win book prizes! Chil- we met To

dren younger than Kindergarten

must haMve aanhaodpulatchBelapnerk. .com than just ou

Ecology Hike for the Whole

Family on Wednesday, July 10
04/19 at 10:30 a.m. Hike the Durand

Trail behind the library with

Andrew Middlebrook from the “ ey are more than just our bank. ey are our trusted advisors.”
North Salem Open Land Foun-

dation. Rain or shine. No regis- Martabano Real Estate Management Corp. is a 3rd-genMeAraRtTiAoBnA, NfaOmRiElyA-LoEwSTnAeTdE
tration required. development company who knows just how importaMntAlNoAcGatEiMoEnNiTs.CORP.

The Nature of Things on hjuosmt oeu-trobwannbka, tnhkeyfe’reelinaDglmo,”nsoaasldtysoMuDParroretbnasuibadasledinnn.ote“sFsoartduvnisaotresly.”,

Monday, July 22 at 4 p.m. for ages “When our last local bank was bought out, we missed that 04/19
4+. See and touch exotic animals we met Tompkins Mahopac Bank. Now, they’re more than
up close. Learn about endan-
gered species and conservation

Page 20 – North Salem News Sports Thursday, July 4, 2019

North Salem native impresses in lacrosse

Harvey freshman Ellie Kalman averages eight goals per game

BY DOMINICK DEPOLE He is intense, but just the right amount intense. It
CONTRIBUTING WRITER is so much fun.”

As a freshman in high school, it’s hard to even Her love of the game has propelled her into the
make a varsity squad, never mind lead to an HVAL record books already at a young age.
title while dominating o ensively.
She has now tallied 152 career goals and was se-
Ellie Kalman, who attends the e Harvey lected as an HVAL all-star in 2018. ere has only
School, has de ed all odds, scoring almost eight been one other player at Harvey to ever score 200
goals per game this year on the girls lacrosse team. goals, as Kalman will go after the record for the
next three years.
“It’s really exciting (being a younger player on
varsity),” Kalman said. “It’s really cool. Lacrosse is “ at’s really exciting to me,” Kalman said of the
my favorite sport for sure. I love the fastness and record. “It would be awesome to also get an oppor-
our team bonding is so special and it’s fun to be tunity to play in college.”
with everyone. Playing with them makes me feel
so amazing.” After quickly climbing the ranks from the sev-
enth grade until now, Kalman continues to polish
e North Salem native, originally from Pound her game as a high school student.
Ridge, has practiced with the varsity team since the
sixth grade and has played since the seventh. Playing on a travel team named ‘91,’ as well as
working out with a trainer helps Kalman stay on
“I really love the sport and I practice a lot,” Kal- top of her game.
man said. “I take a lot of my time doing wall ball or
anything to get myself moving. I’m really aggressive As a team, Harvey knocked o Wooster in the
and make a good e ort at cutting for the ball.” HVAL championship in which Kalman had an-
other vintage outing in early May.
Introduced to the sport in the third grade, Kal-
man stopped playing for a few years before starting Harvey’s program has been undefeated for two
back up. years now, but something about this season was dif-
“My coach (Greg Janos) is the one who really
made me love the sport,” Kalman said. “He is the “We had a lot of good moments this year,” Kal-
man. I watched the team play and said, ‘that looks man said.“ is year,our dynamic was really strong.”
like so much fun.’ When I got on the team I was
really nervous and he made me feel so welcomed. Ellie Kalman


Prevent dehydration
this summer

A person’s desire to be outdoors WHAT ARE THE SIGNS OF Understanding dehydration
can sometimes be at odds with the DEHYDRATION? and how to prevent it is
outdoors itself. e dead of winter essential for anyone who plans
tends to be a time of year when Johns Hopkins Medicine to spend time outside during
people know to stay indoors, but notes that people experience the summer.
the dog days of summer can be dehydration di erently. However,
dangerous as well. there are some common PHOTO PROVIDED BY
symptoms that indicate someone METRO CREATIVE CONNECTION
Heat-related diseases like is dehydrated. ese symptoms
dehydration can put lives at risk. include: HOW TO PREVENT their electrolyte balance, such Dehydration poses a signi cant
According to Johns Hopkins health risk at any time of year, but
Medicine, children and people • thirst, DEHYDRATION as Gatorade, can help prevent people who spend time out in the
over the age of 60 are particularly • less frequent urination, summer heat may be especially
susceptible to dehydration. • dry skin, Drinking plenty of uids when dehydration as well. Pedialyte vulnerable. Limiting time spent
Understanding dehydration and • fatigue, outdoors on hot days and keeping
how to prevent it is essential for • light-headedness, working or playing in the sun is is often recommended for sick a close eye on your uid intake
anyone who plans to spend time • dizziness, and uid levels can help prevent
outside during the summer. • confusion, and one way to prevent dehydration. infants or children who have dehydration.
• dry mouth and mucous
WHAT IS DEHYDRATION? membranes, Being sure to take in more uid experienced vomiting, as it can Article courtesy of
e U.S. National Library of • increased heart rate and Metro Creative Connection.
breathing. than you are losing is another way help restore electrolyte balance
Medicine notes that a dehydrated Children who are dehydrated
body does not have enough uid may exhibit additional to prevent dehydration. Anyone, that was adversely a ected
and electrolytes to work properly. symptoms, including dry mouth
On an average day, the human and tongue; no tears and crying; and especially people who sweat when kids became sick. e
body needs about three quarts no wet diapers for several hours;
of water. But the USNLM notes sunken abdomen, eyes or cheeks; a lot, should keep a close eye on solution can be equally e ective
that anyone planning to spend listlessness; irritability; and
time outside in the hot sun needs skin that does not atten when uid loss when spending time at restoring electrolyte balance
signi cantly more water than pinched and released.
that to avoid dehydration. outdoors in the summer. Sports that was thrown o during heat

drinks that help people maintain exposure.

Thursday, July 4, 2019 LEISURE North Salem News – Page 21

CLUES ACROSS 29. One’s way of doing Mediterranean 9. Winnie the Pooh
1. Bridge building degree things 55. Prices creator
4. Catches 30. Wings 58. On a line at right 10. Riddle
9. A heavy type of music 31. Quotes as evidence angles to a ship’s length 11. Grads wear one
14. Original “Twilight for 59. Where boats are 12. Body part
Zone” host Serling 33. Acts glumly parked 13.The top of a pot
15. Rodent species 37. A man’s title 60. One who values 19. A type of meal
16. Finnish lake 38. It comes first reason 21. Lake __, one of
17. Street (abbr.) 39. Edible mollusk 64. It might be on your the Great
18. Home of the US 41. Resembles a pouch driveway 24. Capital of
Naval Academy 42. He/she checks your 65. Small Iranian village Jordan
20. It held a convention health 66. Used to emphasize 25. A type of logic
once 43. Nobel Prize-winning 67. Mathematical term 26. Khoikhoi
22. Makes a loud, ringing biochemist (abbr.) peoples
sound 44. Stop momentarily 68. Long necked birds 27. A fixed time of
23. Cave 46. Formerly (archaic) 69. Eyeglasses prayer in Christian
24. Lessening of 49. Commercial 70. When you hope to get liturgies
something 50. White vestment worn there 31. Arrives
28. MJ’s nickname “__ by clergy CLUES DOWN 32. Lemur
Jordan” 51. Island people of the 34. Small bodies of
1. Portuguese still water
district 35. __ route For puzzle solutions, please see
2. An 36. Breaks apart
assembly of 40. A type of line
witches 41. Caption that
3. Having few translates
teeth 45. Winged
4.The act of 47. Criticize
going across severely
5. Nepalese 48. Leg bones
dynasty 52. Monetary unit
6. “Bye Bye 53. 007’s creator
Birdie” actress 54. Accumulate
__-Margaret 56. Establish by
7. What the law or with authority
princess found 57. Breed of goat
beneath her 59. Millisecond
mattress 60. Mock
8. 61. Make older
Pennsylvania 62. Some don’t want to
transit be given any
organization 63. Wrath

To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear
only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the
numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

Grill up hot dogs with the works

Backyard barbecues simply would not be the same without hot dogs. While many people may not
eat hot dogs during much of the year, come summertime when the grills are red up, hot dogs take
center stage. Hot dogs make great additions to backyard barbecues because they can be tinkered
with to provide a host of di erent avors. ose who really want their hot dogs to pack a avorful
punch can try the following recipe for “Hot Dogs Stu ed with the Works” from Andrew Schloss and
David Joachim’s “Mastering the Grill” (Chronicle Books).

Hot Dogs Stuffed with the Works

Makes 6 servings


2 teaspoons spicy brown mustard
2 tablespoons ketchup
1 cup refrigerated sauerkraut, drained, rinsed and coarsely chopped
4 large hot dogs, such as knockwurst
1/2 ounce cheddar cheese, cut into 4 small sticks
4 slices bacon
Oil for coating grill screen
4 long hot dog buns or small sub rolls, split


1. Heat the grill as directed.
2. Mix the mustard, ketchup and sauerkraut in a small bowl.
3. Slit the hot dogs lengthwise, forming a deep pocket end to end in each one. Fill
the pockets halfway with the sauerkraut mixture. Put a stick of cheese in the center
of each and top with the remaining sauerkraut mixture. Wrap a bacon slice around
each hot dog to hold it together, and secure the ends of each bacon strip with wooden
4. Put the grill screen on the grill and coat it with oil. Wait a minute or two, until the
surface is hot. Grill the hot dogs until the bacon is cooked through and the hot dogs
are browned on all sides, about 2 minutes per side.
5. To toast the buns, put them cut-sides down directly over the re for the last minute
of cooking. Serve the hot dogs on the buns.

Page 22 – North Salem News CLASSIFIEDS Thursday, July 4, 2019

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Thursday, July 4, 2019 LEGAL NOTICES North Salem News – Page 23

PUBLIC NOTICE parcel as appearing on the tax the List of Delinquent Taxes LLC FORMATION NOTICE against may be served & shall

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE roll, and (c) a statement of the is available in the O ce of the 21-23 High Street LLC, Arts mail process to 437 Harrison

that on or about July 1, 2019 the amount of each tax lien upon Town Tax Receiver, 270 Titicus of Org. led with Sec. of State Ave., Harrison, NY 10528.

Supervisor of the Town of North such parcel, including charges, as Road, North Salem, New York. of NY (SSNY) 4/25/2019. General Purpose.

Salem will execute a list of all of the date of the execution of the Collecting O cer Cty: Westchester. SSNY desig. LLC FORMATION NOTICE
unpaid 2018 delinquent tax liens list. Karen A. Roach as agent upon whom process

held and owned by the Town of e ling of the List of Receiver of Taxes against may be served & shall Straightlaced Entertainment

North Salem. is list shall be Delinquent Taxes shall constitute Town of North Salem mail process to Tara Day Roberts, LLC, Arts of Org. led with

known as the “List of Delinquent and have the same force and 430 Bedford Rd., Pleasantville, Sec. of State of NY (SSNY)

Taxes”. e ect as the ling and recording NOTICE OF NY 10570. General Purpose. 5/3/2019. Cty: Westchester.
e List of Delinquent Taxes in such o ce of an individual LLC FORMATION NOTICE SSNY desig. as agent upon
whom process against may be
will be led with the O ce and separate Notice of Pendency

of the Westchester County pursuant to Article 65 of the Civil Notice of Quali cation Acreed Management LLC, served & shall mail process to

Clerk on or about July 1, 2019, Practice Law and Rules with of ON POINT HOME Arts of Org. led with Sec. of 460 Forest Ave., New Rochelle,

pursuant to Section 1122 of the respect to each parcel included in INSPECTIONS LLC. State of NY (SSNY) 2/20/2019. NY 10804. General Purpose.

Real Property Tax Law. Copies such list. Application of authority led Cty: Westchester. SSNY desig. LLC FORMATION NOTICE

of the list will also be led in the Every person having the right, with SSNY on 5-6-19. O ce as agent upon whom process

Supervisor’s O ce, the Town title or interest in, or lien upon, Location: Westchester County. against may be served & shall Cava GC LLC, Arts of

Attorney’s O ce and the Tax any parcel described in such List SSNY designated as agent of mail process to 98 Cuttermill Org. led with Sec. of State

Receiver’s O ce. of Delinquent Taxes may redeem the LLC upon whom process Rd., Ste. 490 North, Great Neck, of NY (SSNY) 3/22/2019.

e List of Delinquent Taxes such parcel in the manner against it may be served. SSNY NY 11021. General Purpose. Cty: Westchester. SSNY desig.

will contain (a) the tax map provided by Title 3 of Article 11 shall mail process to: 199 DEER LLC FORMATION NOTICE as agent upon whom process
identi cation number of each of the Real Property Tax Law. RUN ROAD, WILTON, CT against may be served & shall

parcel, (b) the name or names A list of the properties 06897. Purpose: any lawful Vito Portanova Landscaping mail process to 5 Wayne Ct.,

of the owner or owners of each scheduled to be included in purpose. LLC, Arts of Org. led with Ardsley, NY 10502. General

Sec. of State of NY (SSNY) Purpose.

Did you know? 5/8/2019. Cty: Westchester. LLC FORMATION NOTICE
SSNY desig. as agent upon

whom process against may be Locust Lane LLC, Arts of

served & shall mail process to Org. led with Sec. of State

57 Lakeview Rd., New Rochelle, of NY (SSNY) 6/11/2019.

While July 4th is synonymous with American independence, one of the United States' founding NY 10804. General Purpose. Cty: Westchester. SSNY desig.

fathers felt that July 2nd was a more appropriate date to celebrate the colonies' declaration of indepen- LLC FORMATION NOTICE as agent upon whom process
dence from Great Britain. John Adams, who would serve as the second President of the United States, against may be served & shall

felt July 2nd was the correct date to celebrate the colonies' independence and even protested July 4th 115 Touraine Avenue LLC, mail process to c/o Kestenbaum

by refusing invitations to appear at events on that day during his lifetime. Adams' contention dates Arts of Org. led with Sec. of & Mark LLP, 40 Cuttermill Ste.

back to June 7, 1776, when Richard Henry Lee, the Virginia delegate of the Continental Congress, State of NY (SSNY) 2/4/2019. 300, Great Neck, NY 11021.

rst introduced a motion calling for the colonies to declare their independence. Voting on Lee's mo- Cty: Westchester. SSNY desig. General Purpose.

tion was postponed, though a ve-man committee consisting of Adams, Benjamin Franklin, omas as agent upon whom process

Je erson, Robert R. Livingston, and Roger Sherman was appointed to draft a statement justifying

independence from Great Britain. Lee's motion was approved on July 2nd, and Adams even wrote

his wife, Abigail, that the day would be celebrated as the anniversary of the colonies' independence

for many years to come. But that was not to be, as American independence is instead celebrated on WHY DO WE

July 4th, the day when the Continental Congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence.

is article is provided by Metro Creative Connection. ADVERTISE



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Businesses | Individuals | Organiza ons | Events CALL BRETT FREEMAN AT (845) 208-8151

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Page 24 – North Salem News Thursday, July 4, 2019

Discover the Houlihan Lawrence

Consult with the Somers Office experts to discuss your options.

230 Hardscrabble Road
North Salem

Magnificent Colonial. Stunning five-bedroom
custom Colonial on fifteen private acres with
stream. The spacious Chefs dine-in-kitchen has a
fireplace, granite counters, and sub-zero refrigera-
tor. Cherry Hardwood floors throughout.

WEB# NN1535685 | $1,425,000

5 5.1 5,394 15.97


21 Sunderland Lane 23 Sunderland Lane 31 Carolyn Way

Katonah | WEB# NN1511779 | $1,359,000 Katonah | WEB# NN1551891 | $1,300,000 Somers | WEB# NN1550577 | $650,000

350 Cushman Road 246 Furnace Dock Road 40 Lake Drive

Patterson | WEB# NN1540876 | $649,000 Cortlandt Manor | WEB# NN1523422 | $649,000 Holmes | WEB# NN1538770 | $639,000


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