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Westchester Wellness September 2019


Go No Sen

Adam McCauley
teaches life lessons

through karate


The Family

A kit that
helps your family
create meaningful


LGBTQ youth

How to be the
best parent ally

Why Whole Life insurance is still the best choice. A
By Andrew J. Cavaliere, CLTC k

The answer is quite simple. Whole Life insurance is the only permanent life insurance
product on the market with a guaranteed premium, guaranteed death benefit and
guaranteed cash value to age 120. Let me say that again in case you missed it the first
time. It is the only permanent life insurance product on the market with a guaranteed
premium, guaranteed death benefit and guaranteed cash value to age 120.

How can that be…?

First, term life insurance by design is not a permanent contract. It clearly has a beginning
and an end. In fact, did you know that only 1.8% of all term life insurance death benefits
are paid to their beneficiaries1?

Do you know why…? a
Most insureds are unable to maintain term life coverage because of the following:

• Originally inexpensive term life annual renewable premiums become exponentially expensive at advanced ages
so insureds are forced to drop the coverage.

• When the existing term life insurance contract expires and the individual has become uninsurable due to a serious
chronic illness, the insured can no longer buy new coverage.

• In NYS, term life policies non-renew at age 80 so the insured can no longer secure coverage.

Second, for the last ten years, Universal Life (UL) insurance policies have gone under changes that are making them
less attractive to consumers. Many carriers no longer offer the “No Lapse” or “Secondary Guarantee” Rider.

What does “Secondary Guarantee” mean…? E
Universal Life insurance has historically been a non-guaranteed product. It was originally designed as a more p
competitive version of permanent Whole Life insurance. The cash value of the universal life contract is solely based e
upon current interest rates and there is no annual dividend. Often, due to poor design and underfunding, these policies r
can run out of money in later years and lapse when you need them the most. To circumvent this scenario, the carriers t
added what is known as a “No Lapse” or “Secondary Guarantee” Rider (ULSG) at a premium. This rider effectively
guarantees the death benefit of the insured to age 120 even if there is zero cash value in the policy, provided the
insured makes all the scheduled premium payments and does not borrow against the contract.

So what has changed…?

In July of 2005, the National Association of Insurance Commissioner’s (NAIC) Actuarial Guideline 38 (AG 38, also known
as Regulation XXX), became effective. It requires all insurers to hold greater reserves on both new and some existing
no-lapse UL policies. The increased financial obligation as well as the ongoing negative effects of this historically low
interest rate environment, is hampering the life insurance companies who depend upon earning an interest rate spread
and substantial long-term growth on their reserves. Many actuaries simply no longer feel confident that they can cover
these liabilities with the existing lower profit margins.

The majority of carriers that have decided to continue to offer these products do so at a much higher premium. So
when you compare these new higher UL premiums and their corresponding policy benefits with a similar Whole Life
policy, the answer is clear that Whole Life remains the superior product.

In summary, if you are contemplating purchasing permanent life insurance for yourself, your spouse or for your children,
and are cannot decide between guarantees and lower premiums, the answer is really not that difficult. The old adage
still holds true … “you get what you pay for.”

For more information about Whole Life insurance, please call Andrew J. Cavaliere at 914-682-2190 or toll free at 877-676-9900. Andrew is certified in Long-Term
Care (CLTC) from the Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification, Inc. Andrew is a member in good standing of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), which is
the premier Association of financial professionals nationally. Andrew’s offices are located at 50 Main Street, Ste. 1000, White Plains, NY 10606 and at 263 Tresser
Blvd, 9th Floor, Stamford, CT 06901.

1 2013 American Council of Life Insurers. Advertisement


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Table of Contents 6 POWERFUL WAYS TO BE












Kids at Go No Sen Karate.

Editor’s letter

There’s a lot of back-to-school advice out there, but what I really appreciate about the articles we have for
you this month is that our contributors hit at the core of what makes a child successful. Adam McCauley,
owner of the karate studio Go No Sen, stresses con dence when it comes to facing bullies. We feature e
Family Keystone, a company that believes good students come from supportive families and provides you with all the tools

necessary to better connect with your kids. We also have an article from CoveCare about being there for the LGBTQ youth, and

with all the ugly political narratives happening right now, it’s important information for the most vulnerable children. We hope

you take the lessons from these pieces and commit to helping your kids the best way you can, not just with their homework, but

to be a kinder person on this earth as well. Be well. Jodi

We love to hear your feedback! To share your thoughts or sign up for an online subscription of Westchester Wellness, email [email protected] Follow us on Facebook at


Westchester Wellness Contributors The Staff

Anthony J. Enea, Esq. is a member of the rm of Enea, Scanlan & Sirignano, LLP JODI WEINBERGER
of White Plains. His o ce is centrally located in White Plains and he has a home
o ce in Somers. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF
[email protected]
Understanding the link between healthy environments and healthy people, Karen’s ADVERTISING TEAM
personal mission to help people become healthier in their environments led to her NANCY SORBELLA
co-founding Bright Formulations, a company that o ers the Bright Energy brand ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER
of organically grown, full spectrum hemp extract products. 914-205-4183

DEBORAH HARDY [email protected]
Dr. Deborah Hardy is an educational consultant focused on assisting students to BRUCE HELLER
achieve their post-secondary journey.
SOMESH N. KAUSHIK 914-202-2941
Dr. Somesh N. Kaushik, ND, BAMS, MPH, MPA, E-RYT500 is the owner and [email protected]
chief medical practitioner of Dr. Kaushik’s Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Clinic in
Cross River. LISA KAIN
JASON KLATSKY [email protected]
Jason Klatsky is the publisher of e Pet Gazette magazine, website and social PAUL FORHAN
media. Visit 914-202-2392
[email protected]
Adam and his wife Lauri have owned Go No Sen Karate in Peekskill for the past 845-621-4049
25 years. Check them out at [email protected]
CARYN MCCURRY 914-334-6335
Caryn McCurry, CLC, ACC, has been helping people move through change since [email protected]
2004. Reach her at [email protected] or 917-885-9607.
Jaime Roche, MSW, RYT is a 200 hr OM Yoga and Yin Yoga certi ed teacher.
She is a seasoned practitioner who enjoys helping her clients develop a practice PRODUCTION MANAGER
that supports their physical, mental and emotional needs. DESIGNER/PHOTOGRAPHER
[email protected]
Linda Samuels, CPO-CD® is a compassionate, enthusiastic professional organizer CHRISTINA ROSE
and coach, founder of Oh, So Organized!, author of e Other Side of Organized, ASSISTANT PRODUCTION MANAGER
and blogger on organizing and life balance who facilitates change in others’ lives.
[email protected]


[email protected]


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7 Powerful Ways to Be Your Best Source of Help

The past few weeks, I’ve been writing and this quote, “Work, but don’t forget to live.” 6. Reframe. There is a standard term used
thinking about reasons and ways to en- This is an excellent reminder that while each in the coaching industry, NCRW, which
list help from others. Business coach Dr. of us has our “work,” it’s crucial to develop means Naturally Creative Resourceful and
Shannon Reece asked me a question, which other parts of our self for a better life balance. Whole. This concept encourages coaches to

made me think about a different perspec- view their clients in this positive, proactive

tive. On her blog, she asked entrepreneurs, 3. Organize. Creating perfect order is not way. While the coach is there to help guide

“What is your single best personal and cre- what organizing is about. Organizing means and ask questions, it’s the client and not the

ative example of ‘ME time’ that you regularly creating just enough organization to support coach who is capable of discovering all the

use which allows you to step away from your your daily needs. Small changes can make answers. Adopting this perspective shifts us

business and recharge completely?” a big difference. It might mean organizing away from trying to fix someone else. If we

While it’s essential to understand and your make-up drawer, folding and putting start thinking about ourselves in this way,

identify when we need to ask for help, it’s away the clean laundry, reviewing and pri- we become empowered to find our own so-

just as necessary to know how to be our own oritizing your to-do list the night before or lutions.

source of support. Here are some ideas to unloading the dishwasher. Reigning in some

consider: of that daily chaos and stress can have posi- 7. Rejuvenate. Going back to where I began,

tive effects. let’s take another look at Dr. Reece’s idea

1. Re-sync. There are times when we feel like of “ME time.” None of us have an unlim-

we’ve gotten off-track. Our electronic devic- 4. Review the basics. This may seem obvious, ited supply of energy. We have to restore

es might be in sync, but we aren’t. We may be but simple things like drinking enough wa- it or we’ll have nothing left for our family,

sad, agitated or anxious. How do you bring ter, eating a well-balanced diet, exercising friends, business, activities or self. There are

yourself back to center? Perhaps watching and getting enough sleep are important ways many ways to help refresh. Maybe sleep-

a comedy, writing in your journal, cooking you can take care of you. It’s essential to lis- ing late, spending all day in your pajamas,

a new recipe or riding your bike will work. ten to your body. Incorporating the basics in meditating, walking in the woods, sitting by

Some like to keep a “Feel Good” file to store balance is vital. We all have challenges. Reg- the river, or enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee

encouraging letters, notes and inspirational ular exercise is one of mine, which I continue helps you to get your energy back. Finding

quotes. When they need a lift, they pull out working on. ways to restore your reserves is the best type

the folder to shift their perspective. of help you can give yourself.

5. Declutter. Letting go can be difficult, but

2. Balance. A funny coincidence was that as I releasing clutter can be helpful. The clut- Do any of these ideas resonate with you?

sat down to write this article with my cup of ter might be physical, such as overflowing What are your best ways to help yourself ?

Yogi Tea, the hangtag on the tea bag featured clothes closets, piles of magazines and cata-

logs or cabinets full of rarely used kitchen Linda Samuels, CPO-CD®, is a compassionate,

gadgets and appliances. The clutter can also enthusiastic professional organizer and coach,

appear in over-scheduled calendars or too founder of Oh, So Organized!, author of “The

many thoughts running around our heads. Other Side of Organized”, and blogger on orga-

Focus on simplifying your spaces, time and nizing and life balance who facilitates change in

minds by allowing the unessential to be re- others’ lives. She is an empty-nester living with

leased. This is one of the most significant her husband in the Hudson Valley in a small,

ways you can help yourself. colorful home with a purple front door.


Common Challenges and Tips

for Breastfeeding Mothers

There are few greater privileges a woman has ing and discourages sore nipples. Plugged Milk Duct or Possible Infection
than being a mother of a newborn baby. Engorgement
A plugged milk duct or an infection called
But sometimes nursing your baby—an in-

timate, natural and wondrous act—can be a mastitis my also occur. Most common in the

challenge at rst. Overcoming these challeng- Another common problem among breast- rst few weeks of lactation, mastitis can be

es often simply takes a little practice, a little feeding mothers is breast engorgement. A caused by an obstruction, infection and/or

patience, and sometimes a little help. few days after giving birth, it is normal for an allergy. Symptoms for a plugged duct and

The Latch breasts to become larger or even swollen when mastitis are similar: Pain, heat and swelling,

they begin milk production. It generally takes but they are more intense with mastitis and

about two days for normal physiologic en- are often accompanied by u-like symptoms

In breastfeeding parlance, a good “latch” is gorgement to recede. and a fever. If you experience these symptoms,

critical for happy baby and mother — and for Although engorgement is sometimes un- continue breastfeeding and contact your phy-

e ective milk transfer. If breastfeeding your comfortable and slightly painful, if the baby sician. I also recommend reaching out to a lac-

baby is painful at rst,it might mean your baby is latching well, you should continue to ex- tation consultant who can provide guidance.

is sucking only on the nipple. At the Lactation clusively breastfeed through that two-day Am I Making Enough Milk?

Center here at Northern Westchester Hospi- period. Frequent feeding will help relieve the

tal, we encourage breastfeeding mothers to try engorgement. Applying ice packs to the breast

the “asymmetrical latch” position, where the after feedings for 15-20 minutes often helps Another concern among mothers of new-

baby is latching onto the nipple and areola in decrease the in ammation. borns is, “Is my baby getting enough milk?”

a slightly o -centered manner. is way, the If the baby is having trouble latching because Many new mothers wonder if their milk

baby gets more breast tissue close to his or her the breasts are too full, warm soaks and gentle SEE BREASTFEEDING PAGE 8
lower jaw and tongue, which enhances feed- hand expression prior to feeding can also help.

How does Obesity put
Women’s Health at Risk?

Know the medical conditions – and best treatments…

Ask the Doctor Q: Why do people become obese? Obesity also increases the risk of irregular or painful
A: Obesity is now recognized as an energy storage periods, high-birth-weight babies, gestational diabetes,
Dr. Mitchell S. Roslin disease that’s hormonally based. It can develop when and miscarriages. There’s a greater risk of breast cancer,
Director, Bariatric Surgery Program we eat large quantities of simple carbohydrates that especially post-menopause. Sixty percent of cancers
Northern Westchester Hospital break down fast to sugar, such as bread, pasta and of the uterine lining are caused by obesity, as are a
white rice. In response, your body produces excess signi cant number of uterine broids. Obese women
Learn more about insulin to keep the right level of glucose in the blood – with cancer have a higher rate of mortality and
Dr. Roslin, visit a condition called insulin resistance. recurrence because treatments, typically tested on non-obese people, may not be as effective.
DrRoslin Excess insulin production is a serious problem because
insulin prevents fat breakdown, so more food converts Q: What are the best remedies for obesity?
400 East Main Street | Mount Kisco, NY 10549 to fat, promoting fat storage. High insulin also reduces A: Weight-loss (bariatric) surgery can work because it
(914) 666-1200 | the efficiency of the brain hormone, leptin that tells helps establish a new weight set point , which is the
your brain you should eat less. In women, there’s an weight range your body is genetically programmed for
extensive, complex interaction between the hormonally and that it tries to maintain. However, you must also
based reproductive cycles and insulin system, so subtle eat more protein and vegetables – foods that break
hormonal changes have a greater effect on women. down more slowly. FDA-approved medications help
some people lose weight. We now know that the best
Q: Are obese women at risk for certain treatment for obesity is multi-pronged. Beside surgery,
health problems? I use medications, behavioral therapy, and special
A: Absolutely. Most problems revolve around excessive exercise machines that make it possible for anyone to
production of insulin. Obese women have more difficulty run. Exercise greatly improves insulin resistance.
conceiving due to problems ovulating, and are more likely
to have abnormalities during pregnancy, such as high Did you know?
blood pressure. Obesity is the number one cause
of female infertility in the U.S. Obesity is the number one cause of
female infertility in the U.S.




Support groups are also great

production is meeting their ba- for mothers of newborns. Sup-

by’s nutritional needs. Hydration, port, friendship and advice can

good nutrition and adequate ca- encourage breastfeeding success.

loric intake will encourage good What better way to learn tips

milk production. Nursing moms and tricks than from other new

need about 500 additional calo- moms. I lead the breastfeeding

ries per day. Regular, “well-baby” support group at Northern West-

visits to the pediatrician, which chester Hospital, and any nursing

always involve documenting ba- mother is welcome, regardless of

by’s weight and measurements, where your baby was delivered.

SARAH'S HOUSE OF HEALTH will reassure you that your child Most hospitals have resources

Experience Wellness is gaining the proper amount of to help mothers with breastfeed-

WE OFFER weight at the right speed. ing challenges, and we are here

CBD Fatigue to help you as well, even when
you’re home. Northern West-
REIKI chester Hospital has a Breast-

ANGEL CARD READINGS Let’s not overlook the issue of fa- feeding Resource Center avail-
tigue.No matter how you choose to able to all our new mothers.
BEMER THERAPY feed your baby,you are sure to expe- We are also available for

YOGA rience exhaustion. Sure, new babies breastfeeding consultation for
sleep about 15 hours a day, but not women who are struggling with
MAHOPAC, NY consecutively, which means your lactation issues after their hospi-
baby will be having meals through- tal discharge. ere is a $100 fee
out the night when the rest of the for this appointment that is usu-

world is sound asleep. Expressing ally fully-reimbursable through

your milk using a breast pump is your medical insurance.

always an option. is allows some- Know that you can achieve

one else to feed your baby while you breast feeding success, despite

rest. ough you might have heard any challenges you might en-

the advice to “sleep when the baby counter, and we are here to help.

sleeps,”that’s not often a convenient

option. More realistically, consider Kim McKechnie is an RN, IBCLC,

limiting your calendar – and your Lactation Coordinator at Northern

expectations – when you bring a Westchester HospitalVisit nwhc.

newborn baby home. Try to limit net/calendar to nd breastfeeding

visitors early on, delegate some of support groups, new mom support

your regular chores to a signi cant groups or childbirth preparation

other, and grab naps whenever the classes o ered by Northern

opportunity arises. Westchester Hospital.


Your Rainbow,
Not Troubles


The double rainbows appeared in the sky as I arrived home. A stormy afternoon and
apprehension of possible extreme weather settled into a beautiful sight of the bright,
colorful bands and a serene sunset. Like everyone, I posted the amazing scene on social
media. e comment soon came: “Look for the pot of gold.” My response without overthinking
was that my pot of gold was my home, my life, and everything I can be grateful for.
When I looked at not one, but two rainbows, I was in a state of awe and thankful for that
moment. I sat by the window and just watched for a while as I re ected on all the good things that
life had given me. e rainbows were a celebration in the sky.
Mother nature can teach us a lesson about our own humanity. e dark clouds that came by earlier
remind us that we will face di cult times. Challenges will be put in front of each of us to see how we react.
e challenges can strike fear, anxiety and concern. It is an uncomfortable state of mind that may create a
wide range of emotion. How can we change what we experience?
What if you looked at those dark clouds and saw a contrast of colors, texture, and design as if it were an
artwork in development? A di erent view on the same scene. How might your mind then process what it’s
seeing? How will your emotions be impacted? e way we view the same situation with another mindset can
change everything.
A di cult situation, such as an impending storm, is also a reminder that after every bad moment there is a
wonderful outcome. Look at the clouds at the end of the horizon; the rain falls, but right behind it is a ray of light.
e sunset is begins, and the tip of the rainbow forms. e chaos of thunder and lightning is over and the colors
are highlighted above. It’s a reminder to be thankful the storm is over and a time to re ect on what you have learned
during the obstacle. What will you do di erently to respond to the next challenge?
Nature is a canvas that is in constant motion.Take a breather, look up and be in the moment.What will the sky bring next?

Dr. Deborah Hardy is an educational consultant focused on assisting students to achieve their post-secondary journeys.
Learn more at

When it comes Shari Zimmerman You’re in good hands.
to protection, 845-621-2557
957 Route 6
trust Mahopac
an expert.
Proudly protecting
our community
for over 25 years.
Located next to
The Chophouse Grille.


S ince CBD came onto the scene,sellers and and will not get you high. Most people start have been using a full dropper-full daily and
early adapters have been touting the mi- feeling the effects of CBD one or two weeks you do not feel anything, perhaps try the 500
raculous benefits of using it, from reduc- after they are taking it consistently, every day. mg bottle—however, don’t go right to the full
ing the symptoms of anxiety and depression dropper-full. Start with a few drops and in-
to decreasing pain and inflammation, basically 2. Pay attention to the amount of CBD in the bottle. crease the amount each day until you get to
improving overall health and well-being. The Just like Tylenol comes in regular strength and the full dropper-full. If that doesn’t work, try a
masses, eager to cure their ailments with this extra strength, CBD does as well. When you bottle with a higher amount of CBD and use
wonder plant, have been racing to their near- buy CBD,make note of how many milligrams the same dosing methodology. This is a pro-
est CBD supplier to try it. Many have had (mg) are in the bottle, how many servings are cess, so have patience!
great success and have become CBD enthu- in each bottle and how many milligrams are in
siasts, encouraging their friends and family each serving. If you have a bottle with 250 mg 4. Determine your timing. Taking CBD must be
members to try it. Many also have had disap- of CBD (or 8.33 mg per serving) and you do done consistently, as it has a cumulative effect
pointing results and can’t understand why. If not feel a difference after two weeks, perhaps in your body. Some people like to take it at
you are among those who wish they had had you need to take a higher amount of CBD, say night, and some in the morning. Some like to
a better outcome, here are seven reasons why 500 mg (or 16.66 mg per serving) or 1,000 mg split their dosage in half, taking it both morn-
it may not have worked for you and what you (or 33.33 mg per serving). Don’t give up! Try ing and evening. Some like to take their dos-
can do to change it: a product with more CBD in it and perhaps age throughout the day. Whatever you decide
that will solve the problem! is the best for you, be sure to be consistent!
1. Set your expectations. First and foremost, re-
member that the CBD you are buying over 3. Determine the proper dosage. CBD dosing, at 5. Determine the quality of your product. If, af-
the counter in New York is from the hemp this stage, is more of an art than a science. It ter you’ve titrated upwards slowly and taken
plant, not the marijuana plant. So, if you are is not like, say, antibiotics, where a doctor will the product consistently and still do not feel
expecting to take one serving of it and then prescribe the dosage based on the patient’s anything, perhaps you need to examine the
“feel” something, like you might after you in- weight. With CBD, two people of the same quality of the product you are taking (or, you
gest a product with marijuana, you are setting weight but with different ailments may very may want to do this step first). Quality has
yourself up for failure. The main compound in well need different dosages. The industry ex- many dimensions, so let’s look at each dimen-
marijuana is THC, which has a psychoactive perts advise newcomers to “start low and go sion separately:
effect that gets people “high.” CBD from the slow.” So, like in the example above, if your
hemp plant does not have a psychoactive effect bottle contains 250 mg of CBD and you • Purity: CBD comes in “Isolate,” “Full
Spectrum” and “Broad Spectrum” form. These


terms relate to how the CBD was extracted complete than Isolate CBD, but it is not as indicated above. You may also want to try a

from the hemp plant. If the CBD is an Iso- powerful as Full Spectrum CBD. di erent delivery method (i.e. go from soft

late, that means that the CBD was isolated • Organic: While many farmers are grow- gels to tinctures). Treating with CBD is more

and extracted. Many companies will call this ing their hemp organically, always ask what of an art than a science.

“pure” CBD. Earlier this year, the FDA de- was grown on the land before the hemp was

clared “pure”CBD a drug, which is being used there. Someone could have been growing to- 7. Know what is in the bottles. You may have

in medication to treat epilepsy. Since CBD matoes or cucumbers there a few years ago heard in the news that many brands of CBD

Isolate is now considered a drug, it is only al- and they may have used dangerous herbicides were tested and not all of them had CBD

lowed to be sold with a prescription at phar- or pesticides. e residue from these contami- in the bottle! Some, in fact, had higher lev-

macies. However, that has not stopped others nants remain in the soil and the hemp plant els of THC than CBD! If you are not feeling

from selling it, so be wary of what you are sucks it up through its roots. en it ends up anything, you may have a bottle without any

buying if you are concerned about legal issues. in your body. is may be a reason why you CBD in it. Or, worse, if you weren’t planning

at being said, this form of CBD is ideal for are taking CBD and not feeling any better. So, on getting high, you may have a bottle with

people who are subject to regular drug tests nd out how long your hemp growers were THC that is over the legal limit. Make sure

because there is absolutely no THC in the growing on the land and what was grown you are dealing with a reputable company that

formulation. Full Spectrum CBD, on the oth- there before. A reputable company should be tests its products at every stage of the produc-

er hand, is legal because all of the compounds able to tell you. tion cycle and labels its products appropriately.

(cannabinoids, terpenes, etc.) were extracted • Extraction: In order to make your tincture,

from the hemp plant—not just the CBD— gummy, salve, vape, or any other kind of CBD Finally, you may be asking, how do I nd

and, therefore, the formulation contains the product, the CBD must be extracted from the out if the hemp in my formulation is truly or-

full spectrum of the plant. Yes, this includes plant and formulated into the nal product. ganic? Or how is my CBD extracted? Or how

THC. However, the amount of THC in- ere are various extraction techniques and much CBD is actually in the bottle? Many

cluded is such a low amount (.03% is the legal some are better than others. e two most de- reputable companies o er lab reports so you

limit) that it will not get you high. Believe it or sirable extraction techniques are CO2 extrac- can check these items out. But don’t be fooled!

not, the very small amount of THC is needed tion and alcohol extraction. CO2 extraction Just because you receive a lab report does not

to help “kick-start” the e ects of the CBD. does not leave any chemical residue behind in mean that everything is A-OK. Read the re-

Research has shown that CBD is more e ec- the product. Alcohol extraction is very much port and understand it! It is just like reading a

tive at healing when THC and the other plant like cooking with alcohol—it adds the avor, blood test. On a blood test, you can see what

compounds are included in the formulation. but the alcohol burns o . Alcohol extraction your cholesterol level is, and then right next

is is known as the “entourage e ect.” So, if does not leave any chemical residual behind to it appears the range that it should be in. If

you are not feeling anything from the CBD in the product, either. Some extractors use your cholesterol is over the range given, you

you are taking and you have titrated upwards hexane or butane in their extraction processes. know it is time for intervention. If, on a CBD

and are taking it consistently, check to see if ese are cheaper ways to extract than using product report, you see that there are pesti-

you have CBD Isolate or CBD Full Spectrum. CO2 or alcohol. However, these methods cides that are over the range given, don’t buy

Most who use a CBD Isolate need a lot more leave chemical residual behind. And guess it! Or if you see a lab report where pesticides

of it than those who use Full Spectrum. A Full what? You end up ingesting these chemicals are not even tested, don’t buy that, either! Ad-

Spectrum CBD will give you the desired ef- with every serving of CBD you take. So, if you ditionally, you’d be surprised at how many lab

fect sooner and with lower quantities. is is are not feeling great after taking CBD, this reports are o ered up with THC amounts at

generally why CBD Isolate is cheaper in the could be a reason why. inappropriate levels or very low or no CBD.

market place. So don’t let claims of “purity” When you get familiar with reading lab re-

fool you! In this case, purity is not always best. 6. Review your history. If you have had some ports to verify what you are putting into your

“Broad Spectrum” is the middle of the road success with CBD and it stopped working for body, and you follow the advice above, you will

between Isolate and Full Spectrum. Broad you, you may be wondering why. If you read start to see CBD working for you!

Spectrum has all the plant compounds, but the above and determined that you are taking

the THC is removed. But, once again, while a true full-spectrum, organically grown prod- Bright Energy Wellness is proud to o er Formulations

this kind of formulation may be needed for uct that has been extracted without harmful with Integrity™, the highest quality, full spectrum

people who are subject to regular drug testing residuals, then perhaps you have hit a plateau. Phyto-Cannabinoid Rich Hemp Extract products on

because this doesn’t have any THC, it is more Try a higher dosage and start titrating up as the market. Visit

A Wiser Choice Providing Comprehensive
Medical Marijuana

Evaluations & CertificationsTo
Eligible NY State Residents

Owned & Operated By 28 Year Certifying patients in both South Salem, NY and New Canaan, CT
Family Nurse Practitioner
(patients must meet individual state requirements for certification) Confidential, private and local.
Barbara Polowczyk
[email protected] 914-393-7908



Combat BullyingThrough I t’s your friendly neighborhood martial arts in-
structor here. As you can imagine, our school,
MARTIAL Go No Sen, deals a LOT with bullies. You could
ARTS It’snottheadvice say we’re experts on the subject and we know the
biggest bullying deterrent. Hint: It’s NOT know-
you would expect ing how to punch or kick really hard.

BY ADAM MCCAULEY No, it’s something a bit harder to teach: having

Bullies prey on the weak. They can sense those
who lack confidence like a hawk can spot a wound-
ed animal, and then they pounce. But they back
away from those with confidence. Why? Well,
they’re scared themselves. Fear is all they know.

Pride? Self-respect? These are foreign concepts
to the bully. Sadly, many of them have poor home
lives. They’re victims themselves. Confidence is a
delicate thing for a child to gain, though. But the
following seem to help quite a bit:

Encourage their passions.
Offer positive, kind words and praise.
Listen to your child (really listen).
Self-defense skills help a lot, too. When kids
feel safe, confidence is a natural side-effect.
If nothing else, parents sleep better knowing
their kids can protect themselves from any bully
who comes their way.
If you’re interested in a program that’ll teach
your kids self-defense and positive life skills like


goal-setting and discipline, then you came to lies tend to prey on children who are loners as assertive voice. This also lends them a very

the right person: me, your friendly neighbor- they see them as easier to intimidate. Around commanding presence, one that’s able to ward

hood martial arts instructor. friends, your child is not only more confident, off bullying. Practice with them, give them

You might be wondering why a martial bullies will avoid having to deal with an entire the know-how to firmly yet calmly state their

arts instructor like me talks about building group of people. thoughts. With enough repetition, your child

and boosting your child’s confidence and should be able to repeat this in any situation

self-esteem, imparting positive life skills such • Be aware of your surroundings confidently.

as goal-setting and discipline. Is there a rela- It is best to teach your child to be aware of How does martial arts help in building a

tionship between martial arts and those skills? his/her surroundings. Bullies aren’t just other child’s confidence? Well, think of it this way.

Before I’ll answer that, let me share some of kids in school. Sometimes your child might When you know you’re capable of something,

the self-defense strategies your child can use encounter them outside of it, too. Is there a don’t you feel more in control? That feeling

to combat bullying. suspicious-looking stranger hanging around? lends itself to confidence. If a child knows

First, let me clarify, this has nothing to do Do they feel safe? Teach them to listen to how to handle certain situations, even under

with initiating a fight by hitting or striking their instincts and always be aware of what’s pressure, they develop the confidence to as-

another person. It has to do with being aware happening around them. sert themselves. Of course, martial arts also

of your surroundings, listening and trusting teaches people of all ages the value of disci-

your gut, walking away or, as much as possible, • Flight is better than fight pline and self-control. It can give your child

evading before a problem erupts, how to use Because some kids are very impulsive,they can the ability to better manage their anger—so

your voice to show confidence and carry your- often choose the wrong thing to do when caught instead of lashing out, they are able to tackle

self with confidence. in a stressful situation. Between fight and flight, the issue calmly.

Here are some defensive which one works best for bullies? Of course, the Do remember, however, that these tech-
answer should be to simply walk away. You have niques are not meant to encourage fighting

strategies your kids can use: to teach your child that doing so is not a sign between children. Martial arts combines these
of cowardice; rather, it’s showing the bully that combat techniques with a healthy sense of

• Have a confident body language they won’t play their game. Fighting would es- battle ethics—one that teaches them to only

By maintaining good posture, a child can calating things and could potentially get out of use what they know as a means of protecting

convey a lot long before they’ve even said a hand.Teach your child how to recognize a situa- themselves or the people they care for.

word—it eliminates the perception by bullies tion that could lead to something dangerous and

that they are an easy target. make sure they understand why it is much better Adam and his wife Lauri have owned Go No Sen

to leave the fight than participate in it. Karate in Peekskill for the past 25 years.Together

• Be part of the group they have built an award winning successful

Work with your child and encourage them • Have a strong, confident voice martial arts school in Westchester County. Check

to build and establish friendships. Most bul- Teach your child to develop a confident and them out at


According to ancient Taoist philosophers, Indian sum- earth element corresponds to the stoma
mer, or late summer, is considered the “ fth” season. It imbalances will lead to di culties not
is a transitional season corresponding with the nurtur- but absorbing and distributing nutrient
ing element earth. It is the time when we see nature giving Emotionally speaking, an imbalan

out its last great burst of energy as it returns to its center might lead to worry, obsessive thinki

and leads us into harvest; a time when we can see earth’s forming our thoughts and ideas into

energy transformed into abundance as the fruits of its la- feel stuck in negative thought patterns

bors ripen right before our eyes. toward our true purpose.

Spiritually speaking, late summer is a time for self-nur- If you nd yourself experiencing im

turing and self-cultivation. e powerful energy during element, now is the time to plug back in

this season lends itself to great personal transformation. tentionally engaging in activities that no

When our earth element is balanced, we can clearly see spleen meridians and lend themselves to

and appreciate the abundance that surrounds us and are harness the late summer’s energy best b

also able to re ect on the work that has brought us here. and drawing energy inwards as we prep

We feel grounded, centered and connected to ourselves as Below are some activities that will he

well as to others. balance during the late summer season

When our earth element is imbalanced we might nd

ourselves experiencing symptoms of digestive distress, fa- 1. Eat seasonally: Farmers markets are

tigue or issues with blood sugar. Since the summer, with produce that is locally gr

Wide Knee Child Pose/Shoulder Opener Half Dragon Pose

Take knees as wide as the mat and press Come to all fours. Step your left foot fo
between your hands. Place a yoga block
the seat back towards heels. If the seat does inside of the left foot and place forearms on
(if this isn’t available place hands on oor
not meet the heels place a folded blanket 1. straight). Allow your left knee to move s
forward and let your right hip release towar
between the back of the thighs and calves.
oor. Keep the spine long from tailbone
From there take a yoga block, bolster or rm crown of the head and the upper body r
Hold for 2-3 minutes before switching sid
couch cushion and place your elbows on top allowing the chest to melt
towards the mat. Spine should be long and head should rest on the edge of
the block or bolster with chest releasing towards oor. Hold for 3 minutes.


FTH SEASON’ An elemental time
of transformation


ach/spleen meridians, to hit one farmers market a week so you can connect and take that you’re worriess are distracting you throughout your day,
only digesting foods advantage of the bountifulness of the late summer season. try some “worry batching.” Set aside 10 to 20 minutes a day,
ts e ectively. same time, same place, as your worry time. When worries
nced earth element 2. Nurture your soul in nature: Engage in activities, speci cally, come up outside that time, write them down and then men-
ing and issues trans- in nature that excite and ful ll you. Take a late summer tally set them aside until your designated worry time. Psy-
o actions. We might trip with family or friends to someplace natural you feel chologists have found that “worry batching” greatly reduces
s and unable to move connected to, like the beach or the mountains. Camping the amount of time people spend on worrying. Give it a try!
is great activity for the late summer as it provides lots of
mbalances in the earth opportunity for rest, fun and connection in the outdoors. Jaime Roche, MSW, RYT is a 200 hr OM Yoga and Yin Yoga
nto your center by in- certi ed teacher. She is a seasoned practitioner who enjoys helping
nourish your stomach/ 3. Trim down your schedule: Late summer is time to start wind- her clients develop a practice that supports their physical, mental
o connection. We can ing down. Start tapering o high-energy activities and in- and emotional needs. Jaime is also a trained psychotherapist
by slowing down a bit stead focus on engaging in activities that nourish you. Light and certi ed parent coach for Tournesol Kids, a non-pro t
pare to “ripen.” walking and yoga are two great activities for late summer. organization that empowers children, families and communities
elp you achieve more See the late summer yoga sequence below for poses that will by teaching holistic healthy child development strategies. You can
n. help strengthen your stomach/spleen meridians. nd Jaime’s current yoga class schedule as well the other services
she o ers to children, adults, families, schools and communities
in full swing in late 4. Reduce the worry: Worry is the emotion that greatly im- on her website: To contact her directly,
rown. Make it a point pacts the function of the stomach and spleen. If you nd email [email protected]

orward Sphinx Pose Front Hip Opening Pose
on the
n block Lay on the belly. Place elbows Lay on back and place a yoga block underneath
r, arms under the shoulders, forearms on the seat. Allow head, neck shoulders and
slightly the oor. Press up through the upper back to relax on the mat while pulling
rds the forearms lifting the head, neck the left knee in towards the belly. Allow right
to the and shoulders and lengthening leg to release towards the oor. Hold for 2-3
relaxed. the spine. If compression is minutes and then switch side.
des. felt in the lower back move the
forearms slightly forward. Hold 4.
3. 2 minutes.

Supine Twist 5.

Lay on the back, bend the knees and
take the feet as wide as the mat. With
arms out in a T formation allow both
knees to drop to the right. Hold here
for 3-5 minutes a side. If inside knee
needs more support place a folded
blanket under the outer thigh.


Supporting LGBTQ Youth in Our Community

Listen, include, Imagine being a young person and feel- someone, especially a transgender person,
advocate, stay ing confused, isolated and not accepted using a word, especially a pronoun or form
informed for who you are. All youth who are on of address, that does not correctly reflect
the path to self-discovery need positive role the gender with which they identify. Us-
BY ANNA CORBI models, especially those who identify as ing the right pronoun and gender identity
LGBTQ. LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, allows the youth to feel like they are im-
portant enough for you to make the effort
bisexual and transgender.The “Q” to know them and respect them. Oh, and
is to recognize those who iden- if you don’t know what gender someone
tify as queer or someone who is identifies with or what their pronouns are,
questioning their sexuality. just ask them! A simple question can go a
LGBTQ youth need to know long way when showing support.

that they are not alone. As adults, Let them be who they are.Being a young
it is our job to make sure that they person in today’s society is really hard for so
know they can always be them- many reasons, but can you imagine being
selves around us. Fortunately, afraid of openly being who you are? LG-
there are many ways for us to BTQ youth often feel that they have to act
show support. like someone else around others because
of the fear that they will not be accepted.
Here are some things that you Many LGBTQ youth are fearful of being
can do to model compassion rejected by friends, loved ones, schoolmates
and inclusivity for LGBTQ and the community. It is extremely impor-
youth in your community. tant to let them know it’s OK for them to
be authentic and be who they are.
Start by listening. LGBTQ
youth need to be heard. They Advocate for the LGBTQ youth. Align
deserve to have a voice and with LGBTQ youth to make their lives
receive respect. Take the better. As a community, it is our job to
time and pay attention to give all youth the tools and support that
they need to allow their voices to be heard.
what they are telling you. Show LGBTQ youth how to advocate for
Most youth are aware of themselves by writing letters to local poli-
what their needs are and ticians and work alongside them to help
how they are feeling. Let make a positive change.
them know that you gen-
Stay informed and become an ally.An ally
uinely care about what is someone who is supportive of LGBTQ
they have to say and that people. Be that person! Take some time to
you are there to listen. educate yourself about the LGBTQ com-
munity. Whether you show your support
Model inclusion and by attending LGBTQ events or displaying
kindness. It is crucial a rainbow pride flag during the month of
that we model inclu- June, that’s all it takes to be an ally!

sion and kindness Every youth deserves to feel a sense of
while supporting belonging. By taking these steps, you can
LGBTQ youth. show LGBTQ youth that you care and
Modeling kind- that they are welcome and safe in their
ness is easy for most community.
people, but I bet
you are wondering, Anna Corbi is the Team Leader of Children’s
“How can I model Community Based Services at CoveCare Center
inclusion?” It can be in Carmel. CoveCare Center partners with
easy, too. We can all individuals, families and the community to
model inclusion by promoting justice and foster hope, wellness, and recovery, and to restore
equality. We can also model inclusion by quality of life by addressing mental health needs,
making an effort to use inclusive language. substance use and social and emotional issues.
One way to use inclusive language is to ask For more information, visit CoveCareCenter.
about gender pronouns. Pronouns are lin- org or call 845-225-2700.
guistic tools that we use to refer to people,
such as they/them/theirs, she/her/hers, he/
him/his. It also helps to be mindful of mis-
gendering. Misgendering means to refer to


Yorktown Entrepreneur

Launches CBD Product

‘Medical Mike’s’ hemp-based
rub geared toward athletes


With CBD oil making its way ter quality of life.” workers would be PHOTOS: JESSICA JAFET

into the mainstream and The 29-year old, a 2008 gradu- ideal customers that I think a lot peo-

now being found in cos- ate of Lakeland High School, given the targeted

metics, natural medicines, foods currently works in real estate do- areas of muscle pain and soreness ple can really get a lot from—

and pet products, among others, ing title insurance, but said his that comes from their work and whether it is athletes, whether it

Yorktown’s Mike Vanacoro has passion and interest has always repetitive movements. is pets and the elderly or young

added his own creation: a roll-on been in the area of wellness and “I just want to try to break children,” he said.

rub containing the compound fitness. He previously had a com- the stereotype of cannabis and

that he hopes will help consum- pany called “Amped Athletics,” hemp in general, because there For more information, visit

ers find soothing pain relief. where athletes would represent are so many medicinal benefits

The salve, which he calls the brand in order to drive busi-

“Medical Mike’s Cooling Rub,” ness to a website that offered per- CARING HEARTS
is specifically geared toward sonal training and meal planning. AND HANDS LLC
athletes and comes with a claim “When we started to get
that each bottle contains 300mg more traction, we started to have
of anti-inflammatory hemp-ex- athletes all around the United

tracted cannabidiol (CBD) that States, predominately power-

will help alleviate muscle tension lifters; they would wear our Call Us Today

and soreness. clothing and I would go to their

Though CBD is a compound competitions all over the States,” to See
that is extracted from hemp and Vanacoro said. the Difference:
marijuana plants, it is a non-
psychoactive chemical that will Looking for his next entre-
preneurial enterprise, he decided

not make users high; it is said to to create a product that would We Understand
Home Is Where
contain properties that can help be initially marketed to athletes. The Heart Is.

with inflammation, chronic pain, He then developed it using veri-

nausea and anxiety. fied suppliers: the oil is sourced in

“We use a CBD isolate, so Colorado and the product is made

there is no THC,”Vanacoro said. with other ingredients like MCT

Vanacoro first observed the oil, menthol, peppermint, clove

benefits of CBD oil while caring and cinnamon and is assembled Caring Hearts And Hands LLC Is A Dependable
for his dog, a St. Bernard, who and packaged in Pennsylvania. Non-Medical Provider Of Affordable Care,
was suffering with joint pain Services And Helpful Support To Seniors.
and discomfort. He gave the dog Now available on his website
and shared through social media,

pure CBD oil and was impressed “Medical Mike” said that local Companion Care • Personal Care • Daily/Weekly Visits
with the results. gyms, friends and athletes are the • 24 Hours/7 Days Nursing Home Care
first wave of customers for the
“It really helped calm her product,which retails for $40 each. Assisted Living Care • Respite Care • Lite Meal Prep • Errands
down; it helped her with her • Bill Prep • Transportation & More

movement, and it helped her Future plans include selling the 914 - 9 62- 30 02
with sleeping,” he said. “She roll-on rub at retail stores—along

ended up living almost to 13 and with a continuing effort to inform
I firmly believe it was because of the public of its benefits.Vanacoro
this oil—it helped not only for explained that beyond athletes, We Can Provide Caregivers, HHAs, LPNs.
her to live longer, but with a bet- musicians and even construction Free Consultations.


The Ayurvedic Approach to Arthritis

Balance is key to reducing, eliminating pain


While osteoarthritis (wear and tear on joints) and Plant or nut-
rheumatoid arthritis (autoimmune dysfunction) based drinks
are classified and treated differently by conven- or yogurt are
tional approaches, Ayurveda takes a similar approach preferred over
to both. This may include diet modifications, herbal dairy prod-
remedies, detoxification and lifestyle counseling with ucts, which
meditation and therapeutic yoga. However, although may be hard to
the approaches may be similar, each plan is unique to digest. And warm
the individual. And that uniqueness is based on one’s or room temperature
dosha, or body constitution. water is preferred over cold, as cold re-
stricts circulation.
The basis of Ayurvedic health is maintaining balance
in the energies that make up the body, mind, emotions Herbal supplements that are warm-
and spirit.These energies are the elements found in na- ing and aid circulation–cinnamon, clove,
ture–fire, water, earth, air, space–and all are present in coriander, cumin, nutmeg, ginger, tur-
our bodies in unique combinations, called doshas: Pitta meric–are preferred over hot spices,such
(fire/water), Vata (air/space) and Kapha (earth/water). as cayenne and chili peppers, which can
When these energies are out of balance, illness results. aggravate inflammation. Ginger and tur-
meric also have anti-inflammatory proper-
Ayurveda identifies arthritis as often being an imbal- ties and,along with garlic,aid in digestion.Other
ance in the Vata dosha. Vata controls movement in the herbs that may be introduced will depend upon
body–circulation, blood flow, breathing, elimination of a complete dosha analysis of the individual and
wastes–and an imbalance results in stagnation and a tailored to specific medical needs.
buildup of toxins. Toxic buildup leads to inflammation
resulting in pain and discomfort. Vata is also associated Another component of balancing Vata
with the nervous system. Any imbalance in this dosha and preventing stagnation is to keep the body
will increase sensitivity to pain in the body. Therefore, moving. Therefore, a sedentary lifestyle may
to minimize the sensations of pain, inherent with both contribute to the underlying causes of arthritis.
forms of arthritis, and reduce stagnation of Vata, bal- However, care must be taken when adopting
ancing this dosha is paramount. an exercise program. Gentle exercises, such as yoga,
tai chi, swimming or walking are preferred over
As the Ayurvedic philosophy’s aim is to discover the high-impact exercises, such as running or jog-
root cause of an issue, diet and digestion are often ex- ging, which aggravate the joints. Also, es-
amined first as underlying causes. Poor diet and weak tablishing a routine for eating, sleeping and
digestion allow toxins to build up in joints and tissues, working will help to keep Vata in balance.
inhibiting their function and mobility.And,if the body’s The stress and anxiety caused by a lack of
circulatory system cannot efficiently eliminate these routine aggravates the nervous system and
toxins, chronic conditions continue in the never-ending contributes to an inflammatory response.
cycle of increased inflammation that causes pain and Stress can also be helped by establishing a regu-
discomfort. With inflammation as a recognized factor lar meditation program–the numerous benefits of
in the development of both forms of arthritis and the which have been scientifically documented. Medita-
cause of much of the discomfort and pain, uncovering tion, it has been shown, creates many physiological changes in the
its origin and reducing its effect is a major component body,including the reduction of pain.Also,repeating a mantra along
of any Ayurvedic regimen. with a meditation may help to calm the mind and soothe the emo-
tions, bringing peace to the nervous system and thereby reducing the
To break this chronic cycle and reduce the immediate perception of pain.
discomfort or pain in the body, an Ayurvedic program
might suggest a detox regimen along with a diet plan. Ayurveda offers myriad safe and effective alternative treatments for
Ayurveda’s signature detox program, Panchakarma, re- arthritis. By following an Ayurvedic program, a lifestyle can be estab-
moves deeply imbedded toxins while it simultaneously lished that will keep the Vata dosha in balance, aid digestion, soothe
improves circulation and relaxes the nervous system. the nervous system, reduce inflammation and mitigate the chronic
The particular herbs for this treatment will be chosen for cycle of pain and discomfort in the body.
their Vata balancing properties.In addition,anti-inflam-
matory foods that will also aid digestion and be easily as- Dr. Kaushik’s Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Clinic, 792 Route
similated will be incorporated into a Vata balancing diet. 35, Cross River; 914-875-9088 (M, T, W); [email protected]
Foods such as cooked vegetables,whole grains and fruits;
are preferred over heavy, oily, rich, fatty or raw foods.


Kids and Dogs Go Together


It is amazing the impact a pet can have on a person’s life, but this is 90 Ringgold Street • Located in Historic Peekskill Landmark
even more so the case with a young child. Unfortunately, not ev- Peekskill, NY 10566 • Overlooking the Spectacular Hudson River
eryone has a home environment where they can have a pet, but did • Spacious Studio, 1-2 Bedroom Apartments
you know there are actually programs that pair a child with a dog in a 914.788.8860
classroom-like environment once a week? Equipped with Full Kitchens
Call to Pre-Qualify • Weekly Housekeeping Including Linen Service
Typically, making good decisions is the theme of these educational 845.242.8939 • Restaurant Style Dining Serving Lunch and Dinner
and fun programs which match a group of kids together with an • Transportation to Doctors, Shopping and Outings
equal number of trained therapy dog/handler teams. LIMITED • Educational Courses and a Full Array of Activities
AVAILABITITY! • 24 Hour Security and Emergency Response System
As you can imagine, these programs highlight the power of the hu-
man-pet bond and promise to build a child’s con dence, enabling them
to participate in group discussions about real-life issues, such as friend-
ship, self-esteem and bullying. Pretty cool that just hanging around with
a dog can unlock the anxiety that keeps kids from expressing themselves.

e objectives of these programs are to encourage children to make
positive choices throughout their lives by helping them build self-esteem,
self-advocacy skills and communication skills. e informal atmosphere
created by the dogs’unconditional love and acceptance,encourages most
children to overcome their inhibitions, enabling them to actively par-
ticipate. Programs are typically planned around the speci c needs of the
group with the primary focus being on making good decisions.

Not surprisingly, there have been many heartwarming improve-
ments when kids are paired with dogs. Some more incredible sto-
ries involve hearing the voice of a child who had previously refused
to speak and witnessing a young man rise out of his wheelchair
so that he could “walk” the dog he was working with that week.
A student at Blythedale Children’s Hospital was quoted as saying that
connecting with a dog helped her become a better problem solver and
gave her a chance to re ect on how she would better handle situations
in the future. Another student noted how his program helped make
him more aware of himself. ese are just some examples of how a
child’s life can be dramatically changed by the love and help of a dog.

In our research,we found one such program where there is actually
no fee! e program is a 501(c)(3) called K9sPLUSKIDS (and they
will gratefully accept donations and grants to enable them to reach
out and touch the lives of more children who would bene t from this
program). Ultimately, their goal is to strengthen and empower chil-
dren to work towards overcoming physical and/or medical obstacles
through the development of empathy, patience and perseverance.
What could be better than that? To nd more information about this
and other ways to connect a child with a pet, please contact [email protected] and we will direct you to a program in your area.

Jason Klatsky is the publisher of e Pet Gazette magazine, website and
social media. e magazine is the only free take-one publication distributed
wherever you take your pet, including vet o ces, kennels, groomers, day
care facilities, shelters and pet stores.


Setting Intentions

with the
Family Keystone

Moms with a mission for a kinder world


As elementary school teachers,Debbie Hille live by,” Reiber said. This can be especially useful for newly-

and Stacy Reiber observed that students The process was transformative in many weds, divorced families, or blended families,

with the most success—academically, so- ways, with one of the main things being who have new paths to forge and new tradi-

cially and emotionally—tended to come from that her kids felt listened to and heard in the tions to create.

families with strong bonds and traditions. planning of their family’s future. “Traditions make the families stronger,

“They all seemed to have guiding princi- Using their skills in lesson planning, they they make a family feel unique,” Reiber said.

ples of how they were running their families,” came up with a simple way for families to go “We love that families can choose how they

Hille said. through the process of creating their own want their lives to go. You set the tone for

Hille and Reiber are both moms to three unique Keystone, cementing for them the your family by setting traditions.”

kids and each has about two decades of things that are important. They also liked the idea that a Keystone can

teaching experience. In their time connect- The Keystone creates a way for each family change and grow as families evolve. You can

ing with thousands of kids and families, they member to know that they belong to some- make a new one for every new stage of life.

were really able to see firsthand how families thing bigger than themselves. In Hille’s family, one of the Keystones is

with a shared mission were thriving. There aren’t many times that families do that any dream can be achieved. So when she

With so much pressure to do all the things sit together and talk about the things that are interacts with her kids, she focuses on how

– for parents and kids alike – the moms felt important to them, another benefit of an in- they can bring ideas to life.

like they needed something they could turn tentional planning process. “Nothing can stop us from trying different

to that would help inform their day-to-day Hille said she was surprised by some of the things,” Hille said.

decisions and priorities. answers her children gave as to what was im- They Family Keystone kit comes with

Intuitively, the moms believe, many fami- portant to them and what would make them everything you need to create your own,

lies do operate with a set of guidelines, but feel supported. including writing prompts and discussion

there’s a power in sitting down to write them For Reiber’s family, it was about spending topics. Once the writing is done, Reiber and

out that builds an extra bridge of support and quality time together in nature, playing, and Hille transform it into a statement piece of

connection. having dinner together every night. art for your home.

On New Year’s Day four years ago, Reiber The Keystone has helped everything from The Family Keystone will be donating $1

sat down with her husband and then two big decisions to small things, like how to from the sale of every kit to For Pete’s Sake,

children and wrote what would become spend a Saturday afternoon. For example, a cancer respite foundation that enables can-

the first Family Keystone. when Reiber was deciding on a preschool for cer patients and their families to strengthen,

“We sat down with ques- her 3-year-old, she looked at the ideals set in deepen and unify their relationships by cre-

tions and paper to write the Keystone and chose a place that valued ating unforgettable and lasting respite vaca-

ourselves words to play over academics. And when the family as tions. The Family Keystone will also give a

a free weekend with nothing scheduled, she free kit once a month to a family going on

fills it with ideas that bond them, like a hike a respite.

in the woods. To learn more about The Family Keystone

In this way, the Keystone helps or to get your own kit, visit thefamilykey-

reinforce what makes each and find them on Facebook and

family special. Instagram. You can also follow using the

hashtag: #TheFamilyKeystone.


Are you overwhelmed by disorganization? Great For:
LCinodnataScatmcuoemlsp, CasPsOio-nWCatDee’,®ree,nthtohedruaesyiatfosotrihceaplnpr.oofregsasnioizneadl
organizer, • Stress
tomorrow. • Anxiety
• Sleep
914-271-5673 • • Inflammation


Somesh N. Kaushik, ND, BAMS,
Dr.Kaushik’s Ayurvedic & Naturopathic Physician

Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Clinic

APemrsinonda-bliozdedy-tsrpeiartimt aepnptsrouancihqutoe health and healing.
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Love Your Skin, cYoouurldbbuesinheesres.
Love Yourself. Find out how.

Organic Facial Boutique specializing Call Jodi Weinberger at 914-302-5830
in skin rejuvenation. Sophisticated
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A Mother’s


Video games! I know they’re cool, I know Seth was a pretty good student—he was very, have liked, but it would have to do.
they’re neat but sometimes I’d like to very capable and had a great memory so school The next morning as Seth got ready for

dropkick them with my feet! came pretty easily to him. He didn’t need to class his friend Andrew called and said “Seth!

My now newly turned 12 year old just study very much but he also didn’t necessarily al- OMG—the new Grand Theft Auto 45 is

looooooves his video games. The technologi- ways get the grades he could since he wasn’t very out!” Seth was jazzed. Straight after class Seth

cal demon fighting for first place in our house into school. It was boring and long. Seth’s mind ran over to Andrew’s place and they played

is the Xbox. was often on other things, maybe video games. and played and played.

Now my son and I have had many conver- The truth was if he put a little more effort into At 3 p.m.Seth’s phone rang.When he looked

sations in my house about the addictive nature his school work he’d have amazing grades. at the caller ID his heart stopped. It was his

of this electronic evil. We’ve discussed how it So along Seth went, up through middle contact from the Lead Engineering Firm. He

sucks you in and slowly starts to sever your school, into high school and then off to college. paused for a moment and anxiously answered.

connection to things in life you love like read- He’d done all right in school, kept on top of his His contact excitedly said “Seth, where are you!?

ing, playing outside, going on adventures or schoolwork and always managed to find time You were supposed to be here an hour ago!”Seth

even managing your life. You see my son was to play video games, alone and online with his felt like a fool. He knew how amazing this op-

starting to drop the ball more and more in his friends. He got into a decent college and was portunity was and couldn’t believe he’d forgot-

responsibilities, both at school and at home, now in his junior year and on the verge of land- ten.Seth thought,for a moment,about lying but

and I was confident it was the video games. ing an amazing internship with the Lead En- dismissed the thought. He replied,“Oh my god,

Over the years with my boys I have taken to gineering Firm in the country.They had offices I’m so sorry. I got caught up with some tech-

making up stories about another child named on both the east and west coasts and currently nology and honestly, I completely forgot about

Seth that is “just like my child” and through had an opening in New York City. Seth was my interview” His contact replied, “You know I

those stories I’ve been able to send home a their top candidate and had one more round of understand, I like my technology too but I just

message previously ignored. They’re not only interviews to go with senior management and don’t know that I’m going to be able to get you

able to enjoy hearing me tell a story but it gives the owner of the company.You see,Seth always another appointment…I’ll see what I can do.

me a chance to give them food for thought. had a quick mind and was really very good at If I’m able to schedule something else, I’ll give

The other evening at bedtime we were having understanding how things worked and fit to- you a call.” Seth thanked him and reiterated

a rather difficult time with my son.We faced re- gether. From a pretty young age he’d thought how much he wanted the opportunity and said

sistance, attitude and the ever-powerful obses- engineering was for him. He thought it would goodbye. He couldn’t believe he let this happen.

sion with the Xbox.All he wanted to do was get be super cool, just like you! (Another smile.) That night he met his friends at the pub

online and play with his friends. So as the eve- Seth’s interview was on a Thursday at 2 p.m. for a beer. He sat quietly at the table with his

ning quieted down and my son got comfy in his He had early classes that day that left him buddies, nursing his beer, distracted and lost in

bed I decided this is a perfect time to tell a story. more than enough time to get into the city for thought. In the background he heard shouts

“Once upon a time there was a young man his meetings. Seth liked being prepared but of laughter and tidbits of sentences about

named Seth. Now Seth was a smart young often forgot things, as he frequently felt dis- the new video game and what else was com-

man, inquisitive and full of curiosity. He was tracted. On Wednesday he realized, “Oh no, I ing out but Seth didn’t chime in. All he could

handsome and fun, had a great sense of humor don’t have a suit for tomorrow!”So Seth ran to think about was his missed interview.

and was a very cool kid overall, just like you! the Men’s Shop and got a suit off the rack.The Seth hoped to hear from his contact the next

(This got a smile out of my son. He always tailor in the store made some adjustments to day but there was no call. He went home for

loved hearing when Seth was just like him.) have it fit better. It wasn’t as good as he would the weekend to see his family and to just be at


home. Although he remained preoccupied, he Seth went to stand the gentleman, with a very and I want to clear my head a bit. I think it

always felt better around his parents. Nothing straight and serious face, said to him “Uh Seth will feel really good. And oh yeah, Mom, I’ll

got past his mom though. She asked him what I have just one more question for you. What be coming home this weekend again. Can we

was wrong and he told her the whole story. happened to you last week?”Once again,for just go to the tailor and get a few more suits made?

She nodded understandingly, acknowledging a moment, Seth’s heart stopped. Should he try I want to have them ready for when I start my

the power of the video games. She told Seth to lie or come up with a story? What should new internship.”Seth’s mom smiled knowingly

she believed in him and he would gure it out. he say?! en it became clear. He lifted his chin on the other side of the phone. She loved him

Seth couldn’t help but notice how his mom al- slightly, squared his shoulders and looked the so much and knew he’d nd his way. She said,

ways had such faith in him. It felt good. gentleman right in the eye and said “Sir, I got “Of course babe, I’ll call as soon as we hang up.

At the end of the weekend he headed distracted by some technology last week.I made Love you and see you Friday.” e End.

back to school. He was so hopeful for a call. a mistake—one that I will never make again. My son smiled. I thought I saw a little bit of

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and ursday Being a part of the Lead Engineering Firm is a glisten in his eyes, maybe some unshed tears

passed. Nothing! No call. He felt disheart- where I want to be. If you give me the chance I as he let the story wash over him. I on the oth-

ened. He really blew it. promise to show you what I can really do.” e er hand had tears streaming down my cheeks!

en Friday, rst thing in the morning, a owner paused, weighing Seth’s word carefully. I don’t know where that story came from but

call came in from his contact. He told Seth he en he too lifted his chin slightly, squared his I guess I had it in me and didn’t even know it.

didn’t know how he had done it but he was shoulders and took Seth’s hand in a rm hand- My son snuggled into his bed. I dropped a

able to get Seth another interview. e only shake and said, “I respect your integrity and loving kiss on his forehead as I prepared to go.

thing was that Seth needed to be there in 1 honesty Seth. I trust this issue won’t arise again. I asked if he liked the story and he smiled his

hour. Could he make it? Seth told him abso- Welcome to Lead Engineering Company.” sweet dimple smile and nodded yes.“Love you

lutely! is time Seth was as sharp as a tack. Seth couldn’t believe it had really happened! Mom,” he said as I started to leave. I turned

He took great care in putting on his suit and He called his mom to share the good news She and looked at my sweet little man and said “I

xing his tie, made sure he had all his paper- was so proud. ey chatted for a bit and when love you too babe…to in nity!”

work as well as multiple copies of his resume. she asked what he was going to do for the rest I gently closed his door and exhausted, as I

Seth went in for his interviews and was at his of the day, he stopped and thought for a min- often am, padded down the hall to my bedroom

best. He nailed every meeting including the last ute. Andrew had wanted him to come over to with my heart lled with so much love for my lit-

one with the owner of the company. ey were his place to hang and play Titan Fall 27. Seth tle man of today and my young man of tomorrow.

just wrapping up as the owner was telling Seth became thoughtful for a minute and then re-

how impressed he was with him and interested plied to his mom “You know mom, I think I’m Caryn McCurry is a certi ed life coach. Reach her at

in the possibility of Seth joining their team. As going to go for a run. I’ve got a lot of energy [email protected] or 917-885-9607.

I N D E P E N D E N C E | D I G N I T Y | C H O I C E | Since 1998

An Intergenerational Adult Day Program Volunteers Needed
Making a Di erence...
providing dementia care One Ride at a Time!
Mount Kisco • 914-241-0770
White Plains • 914-422-8100 RideConnect provides free volunteer
transportation to older adults age 60+
in Westchester County.
My Second Home receives funding from ese rides enable clients to remain
Westchester County Department of Senior Programs & Services active and continue to lead ful lling lives.
Please consider giving the gift of
2016 Innovator Adult Day Center Award mobility and independence!
from National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA)
For more information on
volunteering or to request a ride,

contact us at (914) 242-7433.


A Pooled Community Trust Can Keep New Yorkers in Their Homes


Apooled community trust is regularly utilized to prevent the spend lish and fund the pooled trust; however, there may be Medicaid and/
down of income by the recipient of Home Care Medicaid. It is a or SSI transfer of asset penalties for those over age 65.
speci c type of Special Needs Trust (SNT).
An SNT allows a person with a disability to continue receiving e most frequent utilization of a pooled community trust occurs
government bene ts, such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security when an applicant for Community (home care) Medicaid has in-
Income (SSI), irrespective of the dollar value of assets and income come in excess of the amount permitted by Medicaid. For example,
held by the SNT. e purpose of the SNT is to supplement (not for the year 2019, an applicant for Medicaid is permitted monthly
supplant) the bene ts paid by the government to help improve the income in the amount of $879. If the applicant has income of $2,000
quality of the life of the person with the disability. e legal require- per month, the excess income of $1,121 is paid to Medicaid assum-
ments for an SNT in New York are delineated in the Estates, Powers ing the applicant does not enroll in a pooled community trust or has
and Trusts Law of New York. monthly medical expenses in the amount of the surplus. However,
once enrolled in the pooled community trust, the surplus income less
Unlike other forms of SNTs, the pooled community trust has no age the monthly administrative fee paid to the not-for-pro t can then
limitation and has no payback to the government requirements (such as be used to pay for the disabled person’s living expenses, such as food,
a self-settled SNT). However, the funds held in the pooled trust at the rent, taxes, mortgage, clothing, telephone, utilities, private pay care
time of the bene ciary’s passing remain in the pooled trust and may not services, etc. Without the ability to enroll in the pooled community
be paid to the bene ciary’s estate or family. If the pooled trust chooses trust, most disabled seniors would not be able to retain their monthly
not to keep said remaining funds, they must be paid to Medicaid up to income and continue to reside at home and receive Medicaid Home
an amount equal to the total amount of medical assistance paid on be- Care. It is a critical component in allowing seniors to receive Home
half of the bene ciary by Medicaid. As such, it is recommended to use Care Medicaid and be able to utilize their income for their needs.
the funds deposited to the pooled trust on a monthly basis.
Additionally, the pooled community trust can be of use and advan-
e pooled community trust is established and managed by a not- tage to a disabled younger person with special needs. For example, a
for-pro t association that acts as the Trustee of the Trust; a trust disabled younger person may be a bene ciary of SSI and Medicaid.
company must also act as a Co-Trustee. As a pooled community trust If said person were to receive an inheritance, an accident settlement
can have numerous bene ciaries, a separate sub-account is created or recovery,or accumulates too much income,which would otherwise
and maintained for the sole bene t of each disabled bene ciary. disqualify them from SSI and/or Medicaid, the use of the pooled
community trust may be of signi cant advantage to them. Depend-
Any person, irrespective of their age (even over age 65), can estab- ing on the facts for each disabled person, they may be able to receive
the inheritance, settlement, recovery and/or excess income while
Do you know what the cost of continuing to receive SSI and/or Medicaid. Said funds and/or in-
your long-term care will be if come can be deposited into the pooled trust and be used for the
you are not eligible for Medicaid? disabled person’s living expenses as delineated above.

• Asset Protection • Past Chair of Elder Law ere are presently over 20 not-for-pro t organizations in New
• Elder Law Section of NYS Bar Association York that o er pooled trusts. e assistance of an experienced elder
law attorney in selecting a suitable pooled trust not-for-pro t and
• Medicaid Applications • “Super Lawyer” In Elder Law enrolling in a pooled trust can be invaluable.
(Nursing Home/Home Care) for 10 consecutive years
Anthony J. Enea, Esq. is a member of the rm of Enea, Scanlan & Sirignano,
• Guardianships Contact LLP of White Plains and a home o ce in Somers. He can be reached at 914-
(Contested/Non-Contested) 948-1500. Mr. Enea is the Past Chair of the Elder Law and Special Needs
ANTHONY J. ENEA, ESQ. Section of the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA). He is the incoming
• Wills, Trusts & Estates Chair of the Senior Lawyers Section of NYSBA. Mr. Enea is the Past President
Managing Member and a founding member of the New York Chapter of the National Academy
of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA). He is also a member of the Council of
Fluent in Italian Advanced Practitioners of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and
is a Certi ed Elder Law Attorney as certi ed by e National Elder Law
Foundation. Mr. Enea is the President of the Westchester Bar Foundation and
a Past President of the Westchester County Bar Association.




Health and Wellness Events Near You

NashSkill Music FestivalffrrbThoeehamevaevCeaenrHotreddhamtumegowfdeJeuoiiPwsflssnlodheosFo!boaienonToarednkwrchnnWRsydtneaaokiowvrasragierbelshiblloditshryashtoowhrukrfitudaaontiiahBlltttilrlkbnel.toceCbdiasmaoubserohrmlitldaluveleaaoutiannsvonrwttyikanlengoetersiol.sonsnyddNofgob,P.nsfPalfeooioevetsfivehnohhyeoeeootaSkumr,ukdsdyt5mksiuldaihilbldsilgonoiyisechnudat’rtyll.
HudasnodnFVoaoldleyFeWstine Brewster Fall Festival

TDhcaeoepHannllyeaHud,eb6cdeufer6pvsuadoe3lnttasCnr6heocyovisenneRauS.twlVonTtehlehathupeeyyeliettlwseebeFkHyimoaaen9uuWniner,bndngdRfeetsriunhyrosfoaoeitunanol.lcnltef&oeVodbwvtwamsheeFli.ilennnceogtkeyoD,dtLafauoalFtklobceeidhnossetr ss ofvterhTeenehretee1Bbr2Crtreai0unwiMlngtvsumseatrebniiaennrrdlneSoFAotw,atrvrrsasetlel,stnreaeFdC5rtef,vo,saf0Baatalilr0rmvflieieea0twisitlol.ytypTnsivtehofaerpofiislre.rpfcenoaloesdonmeldnwyn,utifltsaiuvhlne.


Yorktown Feast of San GennaroWSEEPDT.N11E-S1D5AY-SUNDAY, Mount Kisco SeptemberFest
SEPT. 29

The WildaWndithWinild: HMoelidsticicinHeerbalism
Patterson Rotary Blues and BBQSSUEPNTD. 1A5Y,

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email Bruce Heller at
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914-666-8069 OH, SO ORGANIZED!
GO NO SEN KARATE 914-271-5673
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It’s Swim Time!


Our pool has something for everyone – from swim lessons for kids to adult swim. Our fantastic
aquatic facility features a beautiful 25 yard pool and brand new state-of-the-art HVAC and U/V

systems. Join the Club of over 48,000 who have learned to be water safe at BGCNW!


Swimming Lessons Adult Lap Swim Hours
• Swim classes for kids ages 6 months–18 years. 7:00am–9:00am (year-round)
• Renowned coaches with over 200 years 11:00am–12:30pm (September - June)
12:00-12:45 pm (July - August)
combined experience.
• Home pool of the BGCA Swim Team Masters Swim Team
• Early morning, mid-day and evening practice
Champion Marlins: champions for • Adults 18+
20 consecutive years!

Adult Aqua Aerobics
• Monday and Wednesday 10:00 AM

For program information or to register
please visit

914.666.8069 • [email protected] • 351 E. Main Street, Mount Kisco, NY 10549 •


Now in Yorktown Heights at 3379 Crompond Road

White Plains Hospital Physician Associates is pleased to offer internal and family
medicine, endocrinology, and orthopedics in our new office located next to the AFC
Urgent Care in the heart of Yorktown. Same-day appointments are often available.


To make an appointment call (914) 849-7060 or online at

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