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Published by Halston Media, 2020-03-17 19:26:51

Mahopac News 03.19.20

VOL. 11 NO. 3 Visit for the latest news. THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 2020

We are here for the community

during this uncertain time

Dear Beloved Community, essay in 1948 called “On Living in an lives, how we treat our neighbors, and Page 2 or Page 4, we provide a directory
Atomic Age.” e point of the Facebook how we act as leaders. of phone numbers and email addresses
Iwant to avoid the pitfalls that may post was to replace the phrase “atomic that you can contact at this newspaper,
come with writing a front-page letter bomb” with “coronavirus,” and Lewis’ My own response has been far from and we encourage you to do so.
about COVID-19, the disease caused argument remains the same. perfect. roughout this crisis, I’ve been
by coronavirus. incredibly concerned about the state of A newspaper is no ordinary business.
“ is is the rst point to be made: and the local economy and how it will impact We have the ability to make a positive,
I don’t want to contribute to a panic, the rst action to be taken is to pull our- our clients, and frankly, how it will impact and in fact, life-saving impact on our
nor do I want to downplay the serious- selves together,” Lewis wrote. “If we are us. I’ve probably caused undue alarm for community. An example of this was a
ness of this either. all going to be destroyed by [coronavirus], my children, my wife, and my employees. story we published on March 5, on the
let that [virus] when it comes nd us do- front page of our sister publication, e
I aim to speak from the heart and to be ing sensible and human things—praying, But over the last week, I’ve been Somers Record, about a local woman in
candid with you. I write this as a fellow working, teaching, reading, listening to incredibly inspired by the leadership I’ve need of a kidney and liver donation.
member of the community, as a local music, bathing the children, playing ten- seen by my colleagues in each depart-
business owner, and as the publisher of nis, chatting to our friends over a pint and ment of our business. One colleague who After publishing the article, three
the leading source of hyper-local news a game of darts—not huddled together received a rare piece of good news last residents in Somers contacted the woman
in this town. I also write this as a father, like frightened sheep and thinking about to say that they would donate a kidney
husband, son, employer and friend. [coronavirus]…” ursday sent an email to the entire sales to her, should they be a match. What
team as an inspirational note, and as an a blessing that we could share this vital
I’m confused about this crisis. I read is is not a perfect analogy, because attempt to boost my mood and the mood information, and what an amazing testa-
con icting articles and analyses, where sadly, in the case of coronavirus, our own of others. ment that we had readers respond with
some compare coronavirus favorably bodies may unknowingly be carrying the such an amazing o er of sel essness.
to the u, and some say coronavirus is deadly weapon that could cause harm to Meanwhile, my editorial colleagues
far worse, and that our country will be someone else. But our overriding concern, have become leaders in communicating at is the spirit that is alive and well
completely shut down in a few weeks, just especially for those of us relatively young breaking news through our TAPinto. in our communities. is is the life that
like Italy. Indeed, since I began drafting and healthy, should not be focused on our net community websites and through C.S. Lewis was calling us to live.
this letter, we’ve come close to this. It’s own personal safety, but how our actions our pages on Facebook. Because of their
also a bit perilous to write my thoughts in may impact the elderly and other vulner- leadership, we’ve become an important I know these health and economic
a weekly paper, as the situation is fast- able people. pipeline of information to the commu- scares are frightening. We will pull
moving, and from the time this paper nity. through this stronger than before.
went to press to the time it arrived in your But to Lewis’ point, as we are chal-
mailbox, things may have changed drasti- lenged as individuals, families and com- And the rest of our team has stepped roughout this temporary crisis, it is
cally. But what I write about is timeless. munities, and also as a country, our focus up by simply being present, working hard, our pledge to you that we will be a calm,
should not be entirely on how we prevent and trying to ignore all the pessimism unifying force for good in the community.
A Christian pastor and friend of mine sickness and death, but how we live our surrounding us.
reposted a column on Facebook by the -Brett Freeman
late, brilliant C.S. Lewis, who wrote an I want the community to know that
we are here for you. Each week, either on CEO & Publisher of

Halston Media Group

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LEISURE 28 MARCH 19, 2020 Heather Macguire teaches floral design
e o a s
e i workshops at Railyard Arts Studio.
OPINION 10 See pages 6-7 for the full story.




We are in this together gether can we overcome this trying time. ering addicts and ex-convicts were part FROM PAGE 8
Let us look out for each other. Let this of the rehab!
Also last week, New York State
To the editor, turbulent time bring out the best in us. It is unbelievable how many people are set up its rst drive-thru corona
testing station, able to test up to
e fear of the current pandemic of We are a community and together we will scared of recovery and can’t stop spread- 200 people a day, outside of New
Rochelle, which has been the hot
coronavirus, or COVID-19, is escalat- survive. ing the stigma. You can’t shield your spot for coronavirus in the state.

ing. When going to the supermarket, I Rabbi Avi Korer children from every bad thing in the In addition, in his nal press
conference of the week, which was
see the shelves depleting. Hand sanitizer, Chabad of Putnam County world, so educate them. Being ignorant a tour de force, President Trump,
along with the heads of industry,
soap, toilet paper and medicine are being Carmel will teach your children to be the same announced all sorts of initiatives
that are going to fast track the
grabbed o the shelves. People feel they way. People are people, no matter what American response to coronavirus.
In fact, looking ahead to positives
need to hoard as much as they can in fear Denying sober home they’ve been through. that result from this crisis, I feel
of the worst. was ignorant con dent that allowing private
Jo Williams industry to push cutting-edge
e question I propose is, can this sit- Mahopac techniques into the government
uation bring out the best of us? We need sphere in order to create a fast
response to this crisis will turn out
each other to get through this anxious To the editor, Accident waiting to to be a huge blessing for the entire
happen industry.
time. We all have networks of commu- e ZBA members who voted against
e stock market surged to close
nities that we are part of, be it work as- the sober house should be ashamed of o the week, making up for losses
experienced earlier that week.
sociates, acquaintances at our kids’ after themselves.
is kind of business initiative is
school programs, fellow congregants and ose who were against it because of To the editor, a strength of President Trump’s.
May it continue throughout this
neighbors. e question to ask ourselves the fear of socialization within the com- e intersection of Wood Street and crisis.

is, do I know anyone who needs my help? munity, explaining the house to your Bryant Pond (Secor) roads just o the Mara Schi ren, PhD, is a writer,
certi ed Functional Medicine health
e risks of coronavirus are much higher children, and it being too close to resi- Taconic is an accident waiting to happen. coach, certi ed Peak Performance
coach and psychological tness
for the elderly and those with compro- dential homes, do you think those in re- e four-way stop sign doesn’t do the job specialist. You can reach her at
[email protected]
mised health. Perhaps shopping for basic covery should be living life in a hospital, and may actually add to the confusion.

supplies needs to be done for someone in a commercial location? A proper tra c light is needed. How-

who is afraid to go out. As COVID-19 Sober houses are homes, as in an actual ever, am I being cynical to note that the

continues to spread, there may be peo- house that you and I live in, not like a intersection is just inside the Putnam

ple you know in quarantine. Who will nursing home. Valley border with Mahopac (Carmel)

supply them with their basic shopping Little did you know there is a rehabili- and the cost of a light would be borne

needs? If there is a neighbor who needs tation service, also a business, located in by Put valley. Whereas, aside from a few

help, perhaps we can leave groceries on Brewster right next to many residential PV residents going to the Secor Deli or

their doorsteps. homes where families live. You probably for a pizza on Secor Road, almost all the

We are in this together. If we don’t interacted with the “residents” when you tra c at that intersection is heading to

help those who are in quarantine, they bought a Christmas tree at one of their homes in Mahopac.

will leave their homes to go shopping tree lots in Mohegan Lake and Ma- Vincent O’Reilly

and put everyone else at risk. Only to- hopac, and you had no idea these recov- Mahopac


Cold Spring Putnam Valley Carmel



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Yo n k e r s

Mt Vernon



Overcoming nonverbal learning disorder

Dear Dr. Linda, Dear Sarah, teacher uses the prescribed strate- but misses cues from body lan-
My son was just diagnosed guage, facial expressions
A nonverbal learning disorder gies and treatments with a child STRONG
with a nonverbal disorder. I’m • Has di culty with sarcasm LEARNING
a teacher and am familiar with (NVLD), also called a nonverbal with average to superior intel- • Has di culty understanding
most of the disabilities and disor- visual information DR. LINDA
ders, but I’ve never heard of this learning disability (NLD), has ligence who has some of these • Has di culty with spatial SILBERT
one. Of course, I went online and relationships and judging distance
looked it up and my son has most been around for some time now. symptoms, it helps the child. • Has poor organizational and children very often fall under
of the symptoms. So, his teacher planning skills the radar as kids who get into
and my husband and I started However, many people don’t • Has di culty following “trouble.”Teachers will pull them
following the strategies and rec- multi-step instructions out of line for doing something
ommendations we found online recognize it as an actual disability SYMPTOMS: • Continuously asks questions wrong, but they have no concept
and suggested by the psychologist of what they did wrong.
who did the testing. It’s made a or have even heard of it. In fact, • Can read uently, but can’t tell STRATEGIES:
world of di erence. My son still • Practice getting from place to When children can’t read
has the disorder, but once we it is not recognized as an o cial you what they read because they have dyslexia, we
learned what to do to help him, place don’t yell at them. Yet, being yelled
everyone is happier! He’s doing diagnosis by the Diagnostic and • Can do arithmetic easily, but • Minimize transitions and at is common for children such
so much better at school and at as Joey, who spend much of their
home. Statistical Manual of Mental can’t do word problems before each transition; give verbal time confused. ey’re accused
cues no matter how small the of something they’re not guilty
Please share our experience Disorders (DSM-5). Plus, it is not • Has di culty drawing transition. of and are at a loss for how to
with your readers. I’m sure there change their behavior because
are many children su ering with covered by the Individuals with • Has di culty writing a story, • Point out connections, dif- they don’t understand what
this disorder, along with their ferences, explain directions and they’re doing.
families, who would appreciate Disabilities Education Act. ey but can tell it to you multiple meanings.
learning how to work with it. Having said that, if a child
do not recognize it as a disability. • Has di culty manipulating • To answer continuous ques- has many of these symptoms, it
Sarah tions, explain to the child that doesn’t mean that he or she has
However, I personally have visual-spatial information you will answer a speci c number NLD, but an assessment by a
now, and then let’s say, three more quali ed professional would be
worked with children who have • Has di culty tying shoes at 3 o’clock. bene cial. As with any other neu-
rological disorder, once the source
many of the symptoms of a child • Has a large vocabulary, but • If the child shows signs of of a child’s di culty is identi ed
overload, gently remove him or or at least narrowed down, we can
with a nonverbal disability and let can’t tell you a story her from the activity. provide e ective support.

me tell you, it is real. e prob- • Has di culty with riding • Don’t assume the child under- ank you for contacting me
stands what you or someone else about this disorder. Even though
lem is that many other learning a bike or participating in team has said simply because they can it still isn’t addressed as a “real”dis-
repeat it. Rephrase it to be sure order, children who show evidence
disabilities and learning disorders sports they have processed it correctly. of NVLD seem to do better when
their symptoms are addressed, and
share many of the same symp- • Resists change Years ago, I was working with they are assisted in developing
a group of children, and when compensatory strategies.
• Seems to lack common sense walking in a line, Joey, a 10-year
• Sees speci cs, but often misses old boy regularly walked into Dr. Linda
the bigger picture the child in front of him. Of
• Relies on the spoken word, course, the children he’d bump Dr. Linda is co-author of “Why
toms. Plus, all the children who into always turned around and Bad Grades Happen to Good Kids”
are classi ed with NVLD do not said things like, “jerk,”“idiot,” or and director of Strong Learning
exhibit all the symptoms. Even “What are you doing?” Tutoring and Test Prep. If you have
any questions, email her at [email protected]
“Yowuearnedthyoourorusgtahflyfso, it seems that when a parent or Joey had no idea what the
knowledgeable about children in front of him were
complaining about, nor did he
our case, prompt, understand what he was doing to
elicit the response. He had trouble
responsive, courteous... with spatial relationships among
other things. Unfortunately, these
employees like yours

are rare and a valuable

”asset to any business. Classic Realty
Licensed Real Estate Broker
Law Offices of Joseph J. Tock Each Office Independently Owned and Operated

Grace Vinciguerra

Lic. RE Associate Broker

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Toll Free: (800) 981-7093
Cell: (914) 629-0236
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Welcome to the gra
Long live rock ‘n’ roll
Makena Sophia While the coronaviru
Kraus Romero to shut down Mahopa
Mele Torres-Ocampo annual rock show - Ill
only partially success
three nights, the show
just one (March 12) an
was limited to family m
although the performa
The student musician
spirit of the saying ”th
on” and gave shining
rock classics such as
Way or Another,” and t
Ozzy Osborne’s “Crazy
For more photos, ple


Caitlin Some of the Illusion Dancers

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RSDAY, MARCH 19, 2020 PAGE 17
rand ‘Illusion’! Kelly
us did its best
ac High School’s
lusion - it was
sful. Instead of
w was reduced to
nd the audience
members only,
ance was also

ns embraced the Laveena
he show must go Lee
performances of
Blondie’s “One Luke Konopka
the grand finale -
y Train.”
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Haven Wittman Lia Larsen
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Welcome to the gra
Long live rock ‘n’ roll
Makena Sophia While the coronaviru
Kraus Romero to shut down Mahopa
Mele Torres-Ocampo annual rock show - Ill
only partially success
three nights, the show
just one (March 12) an
was limited to family m
although the performa
The student musician
spirit of the saying ”th
on” and gave shining
rock classics such as
Way or Another,” and t
Ozzy Osborne’s “Crazy
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Caitlin Some of the Illusion Dancers

Saving a Life EVERY 11 MINUTES

aloneI’m never
Life Alert® is always
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RSDAY, MARCH 19, 2020 PAGE 17
rand ‘Illusion’! Kelly
us did its best
ac High School’s
lusion - it was
sful. Instead of
w was reduced to
nd the audience
members only,
ance was also

ns embraced the Laveena
he show must go Lee
performances of
Blondie’s “One Luke Konopka
the grand finale -
y Train.”
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Haven Wittman Lia Larsen
Peter Dorovitsine Larsen

Our new location:
WE do the work so
YOU DON’T HAVE TO! DeCJiuccsot n&exStodnos oarndtoCVS!

FAX: 845.208.7072 IS NOW A REALITY!
opac MORE
PHOTOS ON 160 BRYANT POND RD., MAHOPAC, NY 10541 So excited to add value to
[email protected] | TACONICTAXPROS.COM our wonderful community of
pets and owners!!

Progressive Animal Hospital

(914) 248-6220 •

268 Route 202 • Somers, NY 10589

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Jamison Christian Emma
Castrataro Laimos Lubbers

The entire cast of Illusion sings the finale song, “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Ozbourne,
with a guitar solo by Makena Kraus.





** WE SERVICE ALL BRANDS OF PORTABLE GENERATORS ** James & Rose Paciullo, Owners | 845-621-1642

EAST ROAD MOTORS BE READY FOR SUMMER! Full Service Remodeling Company • Design Services • Cabinetry Distributor
Putnam License: #PC3014A • Westchester License: #WC17026H05
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MVFD receives $50K grant for state-of-the-art stretcher system

A $50,000 state grant has “Making sure that our rst juries for emergency medical ser- emergency vehicle—a real plus miles and is home to about

been awarded to the Mahopac responders have advanced up- vices (EMS) rst responders and when you don’t have an extra 14,000 residents.

Volunteer Fire Department to-date equipment to do their caregivers. crew member on board to help SAM funding is among the

(MVFD) for the purchase of a jobs and ensure the safety and “ e power stretcher system, with the lifting. So, this is an im- grant programs administered by

state-of-the-art stretcher system well-being of our residents is a both the lift and gurney, will of- portant asset for the department.” the Dormitory Authority of the

and gurney for its emergency re- top priority of mine,” Harck- fer safety bene ts to patients e Mahopac Volunteer Fire State of New York (DASNY)

sponse vehicle. ham. “ e Mahopac Volunteer and rst responders,” said Chris Department answered over 1,000 to support community and eco-

e awarded grant funding, Fire Department serves a busy Pfa enberger, a Mahopac Volun- calls last year, re and EMS in- nomic development.

secured by state Sen. Pete Harck- district, and the said. “Funding teer Fire Department commis- cluded, out of three di erent sta-

ham within the State and Munic- for the new stretcher and load- sioner. “It also allows one crew tions. e department’s district Article provided by Sen.

ipal Facilities Program (SAM), ing system will bene t both the member to lift a patient into the covers approximately 14 square- Harckham’s o ce

will reimburse the department rst responders and residents. I

for total costs associated with am happy to have helped gain Enjo A Al Yo Ca Ea
the purchase and installation of a this important investment for the
Stryker Power-LOAD fastening community while also alleviating Cruis -Lik Brunc Bu e !
system and a new, corresponding some of the nancial burden on
gurney. e Power-LOAD has a the town’s taxpayers.”

battery-sourced hydraulic system e loading and lifting ca- An Indulg I A Arra ...

that raises and lowers the gurney pacities of the new emergency of Freshly Prepared Hot Dishes and Breakfast Selections Enhanced with

for easier loading and unloading patient transport equipment will

of patients. help reduce debilitating back in- Carving, Antipasto and Pasta Stations, Fresh Fruits and Our Renowned Dessert Display!

Soda, Espresso, Cappuccino, Coffee and Tea included.

MUSINGS Mahopac Library Easter Mother’s Da
Closing Sunda Ma 10t
FROM PAGE 4 Sunda Apri 12t $49.95 Per Person
(Excludes Tax & 20% Service)
reconsidered and re-scheduled Mahopac Library is closed to $49.95 Per Person Kid Friendly Menu
if at all possible. By slowing the the public through March 22, and 3 & under, No Charge
spread of COVID-19, it can will probably extend that closure if (Excludes Tax & 20% Service) 4-8 years old, $19.95
allow the healthcare system to the Mahopac schools close for an Reservation Times:
be better prepared and have the extended period of time. All pro- Kid Friendly Menu 12:00, 12:30 & 3:00
available beds for the most ill. grams and meetings scheduled to 3 & under, No Charge
take place in the building are sus- 4-8 years old, $19.95 Villa Barone
Town Events pended - at least until the end of Reservation Times:
Update March. Check its website for up- 12:00, 12:30, 3:00 & 3:30 Hilltop Manor
Recreation Classes: All win- 466 US 6, Mahopac
ter classes scheduled this week Church Services
are cancelled. Registrations for Suspended For Reservations Please Call (845) 628-6600
all Spring Classes, Summer
Camp, and Bark Park can be First Presbyterian Church of
done online. Mahopac, located at 411 Route
6N (at Secor Road) has suspended
e Egg Hunt scheduled for

March 28 is postponed to a later their worship services due to con-

date cerns about the coronavirus, now

Senior Citizen Drop-In until the end of the month. For

Group: All drop-in meetings the latest updates, call 845-628-

at the Mahopac Fire House are 2365 or check the church’s website:

cancelled until further notice. e

Aqua Turf trip that was sched- ---

uled for April 14 is cancelled. St. John the Evangelist Cath-

e Recreation & Parks Ad- olic Church (221 East Lake

visory Committee open meeting Blvd., Mahopac) - All public

slated for April 2 is rescheduled Masses are canceled. is in-

for May 7. cludes Sunday Masses as well as

Carmel Police weekly. All Mass intentions will
be celebrated privately by Fr. Ca-

Policy ruso, Fr. Patrick and Fr. Justice.
Funerals and weddings will be
Do you know what the cost of your long-term careTo assist the policy in keeping permitted but should be limited
the community safe from CO- to family members only. e Par- will be if you are not eligible for Medicaid?
VID-19 infection and attempt to ish House O ce will be open

minimize people physically com- Monday thru Friday, 9 a.m.-1 • Asset Protection • Elder Law • Past Chair of Elder Law Section of
ing into the police department or p.m. e Lenten Lecture Se- NYS Bar Association
Town Hall because you need a ries has been canceled and Bible • Medicaid Applications
copy of a police report, please refer study has been postponed. e (Nursing Home/Home Care) • “Super Lawyer” In Elder Law
to the “Records Division” section Knights of Columbus Council for 10 consecutive years
of the town’s webpage for contact #5743 Lenten Meal on Friday, • Guardianships
information and a link for online March 27 at 6:30 p.m. has been (Contested/Non-Contested) Contact ANTHONY J. ENEA, ESQ.
accident report retrieval. www. postponed. For more info, go to • Wills, Trusts & Estates Managing Member
Fluent in Italian

Mahopac News is located at Bailey Court, 334 Route 202, Unit
C1S, Somers, NY 10589. You can contact us at 845-208-0774 or 914.948.1500
email [email protected]


County names new Emergency
Medical Services chief

Putnam County’s Bureau of Emergency Ser- istrator. He is also known nationally as an educa-
vices has hired Casey Quake as the new director tor, and will bring that presence to our o ce.”
of Emergency Medical Services.
In his new position, Quake will be responsible
Quake, who has spent more than a decade as a for the oversight of county EMS agencies and
paramedic, educator and manager, has been work- EMS education programs. He will also assist with
ing with EMStar Ambulance in Putnam County other duties to ensure the county is able to serve
for the past three years. the community. Quake was selected after inter-
views with several candidates, and will replace
“ is is one of the most important jobs in terms Bob Cuomo, who retired from the Bureau more
of keeping our residents healthy and safe,” said than a year ago.
County Executive MaryEllen Odell. “We are
pleased that our county continues to attract top As an added bene t, his service dog, Teddy, will
talent for such vital positions.” be joining him at the Bureau.

In addition to his work as a eld paramedic, Article courtesy of County Executive’s O ce
Quake is a faculty member for the National Asso-
ciation of EMS Educators and has traveled across From left, Ken Clair, commissioner of
the country teaching other professionals advanced the Bureau of Emergency Services;
life-saving skills.
Casey Quake, new director of Emergency
“Mr. Quake has the experience and drive to Medical Services; County Executive
lead our Emergency Medical Services into the fu- MaryEllen Odell; and Bob Lipton,
ture,”said Ken Clair, commissioner of the Putnam
County Bureau of Emergency Services. “Over the deputy commissioner of the Bureau of
years, he has held progressively responsible posi- Emergency Services
tions in EMS as a clinician, educator and admin-

Doing your own TAXES? Mahopac man
Don’t be a cottonheaded convicted of child rape
A Mahopac man has been Carmel Police Department in-

found guilty of rst-degree vestigated and arrested Salmon

rape and sexual conduct against on the charges, and Putnam

a child and now faces up to 25 DA Senior Investigator Mi-

years in state prison. chael Benvie, the NYPD, and

Khori Salmon was arrested the Bronx District Attorney’s

by Carmel police in 2018 af- O ce collaborated throughout

ter a lengthy investigation and this case,” Tendy said. “Put-

was found guilty at a jury trial nam ADAs Melissa Lynch and

that concluded on Wednesday, Nicholas LaStella brought the

March 11. case to trial and they did an out-

Putnam County District At- standing job. I’m very proud of

torney Robert Tendy said Salm- everyone’s hard work during this

on’s course of sexual conduct di cult prosecution. And I want

against his child victim began to especially thank the jury for

when he resided in the Bronx, reaching a just verdict.”

where he sexually abused a Tendy also commend the “in-

9-year-old child. Salmon moved credible courage and resolve of

to Putnam County in 2017, and the young victim” throughout

his abuse continued, cumulating the ordeal.

in the rape of a then 12-year-old “We will always vigorously in-

victim on two occasions in his vestigate and prosecute anyone

Mahopac residence in January who harms our children,” the

2018. DA said.

Tendy thanked multiple law e trial was presided over by

enforcement agencies and per- Judge James Rooney. Sentencing

sonnel for their work on the case. is scheduled for May 6.

“Detectives Frank Chibbaro

and Michael Sheil, and Detec- Article courtesy of Putnam County

tive Sgt. Michael Nagle of the DA’s O ce

call today: 845-628-5400 Photo Submissions
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County goes red to
honor Judge Reitz,
support heart health

Despite the rainy, cold weather, women die every year of heart PHOTO COURTESY OF PUTNAM COUNTY HEALTH DEPT.
dozens of Putnam County em- diseases than all cancers com-
ployees, from commissioners to bined. Putnam County employees gather on the courthouse steps dressed in red to mark American Heart Month
clerks, came out on Go Red Day and to honor the late Judge James Reitz
last week to honor Honorable e overarching message is
Judge James Reitz who passed to encourage everyone to spread event will take place on Sunday, will be joining with the Ameri- the Heart Walk. To learn more,
away suddenly from a heart at- the word and get your numbers April 26, at 9 a.m. at Brewster can Heart Association to create visit
tack last June. checked. A basic annual physi- High School. Walking is a heart- a world of longer, healthier lives and register.
cal and bloodwork should check healthy exercise and participants free of cardiovascular diseases and
His widow, Barbara, joined the your heart rate, blood pressure can join this community team or stroke by participating, fundrais- Article courtesy of County Health
group in support of Go Red Day, and cholesterol. create their own. Either way they ing, volunteering or sponsoring Department
which is the rst Friday of ev-
ery February—American Heart In April, residents will have
Month. Every year, from coast the opportunity to join the 2020
to coast, Americans unite for a Putnam Heart Walk, which will
common goal—the eradication also honor Judge Reitz. Walkers
of heart disease and stroke. e can recognize him further by join-
slogan, Go Red for Women, calls ing the community team called
attention to the fact that more “Honoring Our Heart, Remem-
bering Judge James F. Reitz.” e

Lake Mahopac Garden Club installs new officers

At a meeting last month, the e Lake Mahopac Garden ey traditionally meet

members of the Lake Mahopac Club provides decorative public at Sycamore Park in Ma-

Garden Club were joined by plantings, as well as, education hopac on the rst Tues-

Federated Garden Clubs of New on conservation, horticulture and day of each month. New

York State District IX Director design for the community. e members are welcomed

Rosemary Eshghi for their an- Club sponsors an annual ower For further information,

nual Installation of O cers. show and tea. visit their website at www.

Pictured from left are

District IX Director Rose-

mary Eshghi, Outgoing

President Lois Chanofsky,

Corresponding Secretary

MATERIALS Phyllis Hoenig, Presi-
dent Loraine Stern, Vice
President Regina Morini,


nie Roberts and Treasurer

Linda Signorini.

SCCtocloerwpea&bensanFoNyeildSliolTaronaptdnhSdeoirlmn uWlcCFBeleheaslmggtsiiecuntnomhtnPPeBerluFsooocdttkruenscWratsamlks
Mason Sand & Patios HELP WANTED
Item• T4opsoil and muFlclahgsatovnaeiTlarebaldes
3/8”, 1fo1r/4a” sWlaoswhedas $2Fo0r Spteeprsyard MANAGEMENT/
MGVar•uarliAcvoheulwsgCirdaoelvoerseledalMenucdltcihpoanFDAtioilreolafTldinypdapSaegetovescneoPerrVsaCtiFvoer DISPATCHER
SCwemeeetnPt eBe•lotDckes livery aREvxoacciaklavHabatilomenmWerorWk ork POSITIONS

100 Buckshollow Road • Full time jobs
Mahopac, NY 10541 • 845-628-8110 • Health benefits
• 401k plans
Hours: • Paid holidays & Paid vacations
Monday-Friday 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM • Starting Salary $39,000

Saturday 7:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Call: 914-733-7016


Austin Road students get up-close view of American history

A link of the Great Chain comes to school from Boscobel


Everyone knows the American

colonies defeated England in the

Revolutionary War. It’s an intrin-

sic part of our history.

But few know the story of the

Great Chain—without which,

the outcome of the war could

have been very di erent.

e Great Chain was just

that—a gigantic chain that was

strung across the Hudson River

near West Point that prevented

British ships from moving down

the river to resupply troops and

attack strategic rebel outposts.

e plan worked and played a

pivotal part in the war. Recently,

fourth- and fth-grade students

at Austin Road Elementary

School had an opportunity to

learn about the Great Chain and PHOTO: BOB DUMAS

check out one of its links up close The students an up-close view of a link from the Great Chain. MMER CA
and personal.
~ ~ Fun programs for students 12-15 years old ~ ~
“I have a new project I call Instructors are experts in their fields.
To register for camp,please visit
History in Our Backyard because the Great Chain story, as part Sterling Lake was the furnace.” For more information,
there is so much history going on of her History in Our Backyard Bayne said he found the lo- call 914-248-2220 or 914-248-2431.

in Mahopac and Putnam County program, Cerbini will have her cation and discovered artifacts ***Discount of $10 per camp for payments received by 5/8/20***
Register early to guaranteecamp choice and discount!
in general and I want to teach the students research ve historic showing that, indeed, a furnace

kids about that,” said Mary Jean sites and events in the area, like from the 18th century once stood

Cerbini, the Austin Road teacher Red Mills, or Sybil Ludington’s there.

who put the Great Chain event ride, for future projects. “ e British wanted to come

together. Bayne gave a PowerPoint pre- down from the Great Lakes and

e link that was brought to sentation on the chain, which was Canada—bring ships down the

Austin Road came down from forged in Sterling Forest, which Hudson River to supply their

Boscobel, where it is normally was rich in iron ore—explaining troops so they could attack the

on display. Don Wildman, the in detail how the idea came to be New England colonies,” he told

host of e Learning Channel’s and how it was built. the students. “If they were able SU MP

“Mysteries at the Museum” em- “My mother, who was a teach- to attack the colonies, the war

ceed the event, and Doc Bayne, er, told me Sterling Forest had would be over. But if we put a

an environmental educator for a furnace that made the Great chain on the river, they would not

Sterling Forest State Park, told Chain,” Bayne told students. “I be able to attack.

the story of the chain. (Sterling heard there was a map by Robert “George [Washington]

Forest is a hamlet in the town of Erskine, George Washington’s knew that, and he asked Peter

Warwick in Orange County.) mapmaker, and I found a copy SEE CHAIN PAGE 24

Hoping they are inspired by and discovered that at the base of



PHOTO: BOB DUMAS e following Mahopac students received semester. He is majoring in criminal justice.
academic honors at their respective colleges ---
Doc Bayne, environmental educator for Sterling Forest State Park, and universities this past fall. Patrick Riolo, a senior at Syracuse Univer-
tells the story of the Great Chain.
Jonathan Manahan (computer engineer- sity, was named to the Dean’s List. He is a bio-
CHAIN ing) and Erin Butler (biomedical engineering) medical engineering major.
were named to the Dean’s List for the fall se-
FROM PAGE 23 mester at Rochester Institute of Technology. ---
Drew Riolo, a freshman at the University of
Townsend, who was the furnace master in Sterling Forest if he --- Maryland, was named to the Dean’s List.
would make a Great Chain and put it across the river.” Kristen Huber and Brianne Petrone were ---
named to the Dean’s List at James Madison Kayla Gorelick was named to the Dean’s
When the chain was nished, wooden planks were used to stretch University for the fall 2019 semester. List at Tufts University for the fall 2019 se-
it across the river at a strategic location from Constitution Island to --- mester.
what is now West Point. e Americans built forts along the river Jennifer Laga was named to the President’s ---
in that area. So, if the British tried to stop and move the chain, they List at James Madison University for the fall Zachary Cummins was named to the Uni-
could be red on. 2019 semester. Students who earn President’s versity of Hartford President’s List, signi ed
List honors must carry at least 12 graded credit by a 3.75 GPA or higher, for fall 2019 semester.
When Bayne’s talked concluded, the cover was removed, and the hours and earn a GPA of 3.9 or above. Laga is ---
Great Chain’s link was revealed—a rusty artifact about 4 feet long. majoring in nursing. David Keogh was named to the Dean’s List
--- at Curry College for the fall 2019 semester.
Students were then able to get close and touch an actual piece of Shane Laguna was named to the Dean’s List Keogh is a member of the Class of 2021 and is
American history—not something you get to do every day. at the Fashion Institute of Technology for the majoring in psychology.
fall semester. He is an illustration major. ---
--- Michael Long was named to the President’s
SUNY Morrisville recently named Robert for the fall semester at SUNY Cortland where
Sokerka to the Dean’s List for the fall 2019 he majors in exercise science.

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County to launch Master Gardener Volunteers offer
‘Parents as Driving scholarships to Putnam students

Partners’ safety High school students graduating in June inter- have o ered this scholarship to promising Put-
ested in a career related to horticulture, environ- nam County Youth. Past recipients have attended

mental science, sustainability, and similar topics are programs in Environmental Science and Sustain-

invited to apply for one of two $500 scholarships ability at Cornell University and SUNY Platts-

being awarded by the Master Gardener Volun- burgh, Electrical Engineering and Renewable

teers of Cornell Cooperative Extension of Putnam Energy at R.I.T., and Wildlife and Conservation

A new initiative that partners cur in motor vehicle crashes and County. Law at Unity College.
of the Putnam County Clerk’s 16-year-olds have higher crash
O ce, Putnam County Pro- rate than drivers of any other age. Students must be Putnam County residents but All students who meet the above criteria are
bation STOP-DWI, Putnam
County Sheri , Putnam County e Putnam County Depart- can attend any high school or be home-schooled. encouraged to apply. Additional details about the
Tra c Safety Board and the ment of Motor Vehicles will be
County Youth Bureau has been distributing this booklet to par- Awardees must plan to pursue advanced educa- scholarship, application form, and eligibility cri-
formed, called Parents as Driving ents of teens applying for their
Partners. learning permit and asking that tion in a recognized institution of higher learning. teria are available through high school guidance
they sign the Parent/Teen Driv-
is new initiative emphasizes ing Agreement. Deadline for the application is April 30, 2020. o ces and online at
the role of parents in promoting
safe driving habits in teens. e e booklet and agreement will For 10 years Cornell Cooperative Extension dening/scholarship. Questions may be directed to
Youth Bureau has developed a also be available at the Putnam
booklet that contains some ba- County Youth Bureau as part of of Putnam County Master Gardener Volunteers [email protected]
sic guidelines to help parents in a comprehensive program ad-
their role as driving partners and dressing safe driving which also Summer camps at Tech Center
includes a Parent/Teen Driving includes the SIDNE (Simulated make career exploration fun
Agreement. is agreement out- Impaired Driving Experience) re-
lines the responsibilities of both quired by all county high schools Looking for a summer camp graphics, hairstyling, law en- sion three runs July 13–17; ses-
parents and teens in promoting in order to qualify for a school
safe driving. parking space. where your child can learn a skill, forcement, health careers, culi- sion four runs July 20-24; and

Crashes are still the leading e public is invited to join explore a career and have fun? nary arts, sports medicine, metal session ve from July 27-31.
cause of teen deaths and six out county o cials at 10 a.m. on
of 10 teen crashes involve driver Tuesday, Feb. 25, in the lobby en the Tech Center Summer working and more. To register, go to www.pnw-
distraction. One-third of deaths of the Putnam County O ce
among 13- to 19-year-olds oc- Building, 40 Gleneida Ave., Car- Camp on the campus of PNW All programs run from 9 a.m. and click on
mel, to kick o the new initiative.
BOCES is the perfect place. to 1 p.m. and cost $235 per week, Resources and then Summer

Students ages 12 to 15 can except for session one, which be- Camp. ere is a discount of $10

learn about architecture, athletic gins on June 29 and costs $185. per camp for payments received

training, 3-D printing, computer Session two runs July 6–10; ses- by May 4.




Directed by: Randy Mani, Director of Tennis at Hardscrabble Club.


Directed by Billy Pate, Head Men’s Tennis Coach at Princeton &
Todd Doebler, Head Men’s Tennis Coach at Amherst College







All Rights reserved. Nike and the Swoosh design are registered trademarks of Nike, Inc. and its affiliates, and are used under license.
Nike is the title sponsor of the camps and has no control over the operation of the camps or the acts or omissions of US Sports Camps.


Strange days ahead

Normally around this time of year, new problems. MARSH time you read it. times together.
you’d ip to the sports section and ex- School closures MADNESS So, in this time People often turn to sports in mo-
pect to nd interviews with players and
coaches talking about their goals for the typically result of uncertainty, it ments of turmoil because of the com-
upcoming spring season. fort and distractions they provide. It’s
in sports being BRIAN feels strange to pick one of the reasons why people get so
But right now, the goal is to simply canceled. But can MARSCHHAUSER up a phone to ask upset when politics or other divisive
have a spring season. sports continue if players and coaches topics permeate their sports coverage.

Fears of the coronavirus are creating classes are being about spring games With that in mind, we’ll do our
uncertainty around the globe and in our best to “stick to sports” over these next
towns. With con rmed cases multiply- taught remotely? that may not hap- several months, even as we face the
ing every day, especially in Westchester unthinkable: entire seasons being wiped
County, it seems unavoidable that our Can practice pen. I have decided out by a highly contagious and some-
schools will remain closed for weeks if times deadly disease.
not months. requirements be reduced or waived? to pause any team previews until we get
Nobody knows what tomorrow
Municipalities and schools are being Can teams play into July? It’s di cult some clarity on how the spring season holds, but we’ll be here every week—
advised to limit gatherings, at least even if there are no games to cover.
for a few weeks. e virus won’t be to answer questions that nobody had is going to look. ere are too many
contained or eradicated by then, but Brian Marschhauser is the sports editor
it gives everyone time to reassess and ever thought to ask before last week. I unknowns at this point. of Halston Media. He can be reached at
[email protected]
gure out creative solutions to these don’t envy the people who have to make I have instead told our reporters to

these decisions. focus their e orts on hard news on how

We’re in uncharted territory. Every the virus is a ecting teams and players,

day brings new realities, which, as you feature stories about the people in our

can imagine, creates challenges for a districts, and other creative ideas that

weekly newspaper. Even this column will keep us entertained and distracted

could be laughably outdated by the as we try and navigate these tough


Virus sidelines spring sports seasons

CONTRIBUTING WRITER “Schools are closed, and there’s a reason
Section 1 schools and athletes are hoping to salvage some of the spring season.
e spring sports season will not start we aren’t allowing practices,” Dullea said.
on time. at much is certain. But what and Carmel high schools were last Friday. tice individually, practice with Dad. But “We need to practice social distancing, and
happens beyond that is anybody’s guess. the concept of reducing groups. is is un-
But as of Monday, reports on social me- some kids think they are invincible.” chartered territory,but if we want to get back
“We’re trying to be positive, but now on the eld o cially,we need to practice and
with the closing of restaurants, bars, gyms… dia suggest some athletes—and adults— By practicing in groups, even small ones, follow what the public health department
We’ve never seen anything like it,”Mahopac and county/states are instructing.”
Athletic Director Frank Miele told the Ma- are still working out together on school the students could be hurting their own
hopac News. “And hopefully we never will Mahopac, Carmel and other schools
again. It really does a ect everyone, from grounds or in other locations. cause. around the section are keeping their n-
child care workers, to athletics, schools, gers crossed, hoping to save even a fraction
stores… and that’s not even mentioning our Miele said he has advised all of his “If I had a group in front of me, my of the season.
elderly (and vulnerable) population.”
coaches to discourage any kind of captains’ message would be: It’s in your best interest “ at’s what we’re hoping for,” Miele
Many school districts have been moni- said. “We do think that there is hope for
toring the spread of COVID-19 on week- practices or even small gatherings. to work alone,” Miele said. “We always ask saving a part of the season, but we hope
ly basis and making decisions independent everyone is taking this seriously.”
of county, state or federal governments. “I would tell them not to do it,” Miele the kids to work hard. But now you have
And because sports cancellations are tied Other projections say the spring season
to school closings, they are generally the said. “I’ve told all of our coaches to com- to do it away from each other. You’ve got a may be lost completely.
second domino to fall. ese factors—
among many others—make it di cult to municate with the kids, and to discour- wait to get together until it’s over. Do your “People might not want to say it, but
get any clear picture on what an abbrevi- it’s probably in the back of a lot of minds,”
ated spring season could look like. age captain’s practices. Hopefully in a few work—but not as a group.” Miele said of the prospect of a longer lay-
o . “We’ve seen two days become a week,
Seasons for baseball, golf, lacrosse, soft- weeks it could be OK, but you certainly Carmel Athletic Director Susan Reid a week become two weeks.”
ball, tennis, and track and eld were slated
to begin the week of Monday, March 23. don’t want to be in a situation where are Dullea, NYSPHAA Section 1 rep and the Most winter sports teams had wrapped
Formalizing steps already taken by most up play before the virus spread into New
regional schools, the Section 1 Executive you or any players get sick. For now, prac- Section 1 football chair, echoed Miele’s York. But for some athletes, like Mahopac
Committee announced Monday that it senior Jess Kasper, the virus has also a ect-
was postponing all practices, combined ed the end of their seasons. Kasper quali-
practices, scrimmages and contests until at
least Monday, March 30. e committee ed for the bowling state championships
will reassess the situation and give further but did not get to compete.
guidance on the spring season at that time.
“Of course, you feel for an athlete and
School closures generally result in cam- a team like this, who has worked so hard,
pus facilities and elds also being closed, and now does not get to compete in the
but rules regarding eld use vary from state tournament,” Miele said.
school to school.
e winter athletes and teams that did
e last organized practices at Mahopac get a proper send-o are likely feeling
grateful that they got to nish their sea-
sons. Meanwhile, spring athletes, especial-
ly seniors, are hoping they get to see even a
small piece of theirs.



Three players earn post-season honors

Mahopac will return all starters in 2020-21

Mahopac junior BY SKIP PEARLMAN nie DeMeo earned All-Confer- berman and Kristina Rush.
forward Mia CONTRIBUTING WRITER ence and All-League honors. “Julie had a really nice year
Klammer was named DeMeo averaged 10 points and
All-League for the ree members of the Ma- 4 rebounds per game. And junior for us,” the coach said. “She has
second time. hopac High School girls bas- small forward and team captain a quick release and got more ag-
ketball team earned post-season Mia Klammer earned her sec- gressive. Julia came o the bench
honors, capping a winter that ond All-League nod. A second- and became a starter after Shan-
saw the Indians go 15–7 and year varsity player, Klammer was non went down, and was our
reach the playo quarter nals. a sparkplug who averaged 10 most improved player, really gave
points, 4 rebounds and 4 steals us good defense. Lauren also did
Mahopac, the No. 5 seed in per game. a nice job o the bench, and real-
the Class AA playo tourna- ly kept getting better. And Rush
ment, beat Roy C. Ketcham in e team’s third captain was also came o the bench and gave
the rst round before falling to junior Shannon Becker, who was us a spark. She can shoot outside
No. 4 Albertus Magnus in the injured for part of the season, but and inside, and she can play de-
quarters. helped give the Indians a more fense, and she’s made improve-
intimidating front line when she ments.”
“We were a young team, and played.
the girls worked hard,” said In- e Indians will lose two se-
dians coach Chuck Scozzafava. “All of our captains did a great niors in April Heady and Ol-
“We had some really nice wins.” job,”Scozzafava said.“Mia would ivia Conlin. Both players con-
always talk to the younger girls tributed, but neither was in the
Ironically, the coach felt his and did many things for us. Cait- starting lineup, giving Mahopac
team played their best game in lyn was quiet, but she got erce an experienced group returning
a loss. and went after rebounds, and the next season.
other girls followed. Shannon
“I think our best win of the and Caitlyn really got after the “You get about as excited as
season was beating Our Lady of rebounding. All three captains you can get (thinking about the
Lourdes at their place,” Scozza- did a good job for us. possibilities), but we still have to
fava said. “But our best game of face Our Lady of Lourdes, Ur-
the year overall, I think was in a “And Melanie really took a big suline, and other good teams,”
loss to Our Lady of Lourdes— step forward,” the coach added. Scozzafava said when asked
the rst time we played them.” “She’s still young, and she did about next season‘s potential.
a great job in all of our games. “It’s exciting because you want to
Junior center and team captain She always plays good defense, see how good you can be. I’d re-
Caitlyn O’Boyle, an inside pres- and she doesn’t let a tough night ally like to see them get a league
ence and third-year varsity play- scoring a ect her.” championship. And whatever we
er, earned All-Section and All- can get after that—great. We’ll
League honors for the rst time. e coach also mentioned con- have good experience back, but
O’Boyle averaged 11 points and tributions from sophomores Julie we’ll still be young
12 rebounds per game. Sopho- DeBrocky and Julia Paolicelli,
more standout point guard and along with freshmen Lauren Be-
second-year varsity player Mela-

sophomore point
guard Melanie
DeMeo was named
All-Conference and

Caitlyn O’Boyle

earned All-
Section and All-
League honors.



CLUES ACROSS 26. Of she 50. Turkic language instrument For puzzle solutions, please see
1. Currency of Guinea 27. Temporary living 52. Body part 13. Minor dust-ups
5. Avert something bad quarters 53. Pulse steadily 15. Strongly alkaline
10. Sounds 28. Bag-like structure in a 55. Embedded computer solution
12. Immediate dangers plant or animal hardware company 17. Extreme scarcity of food
14. Legendary Tar Heels 30. Indicates near 56. Indicates shape 18. Dash
coach 31. Spiritual leader 57. Thou (plural) 21. Philly culinary specialty
16. Californium 33. Soup dish 58. Odd and remarkable 23. Popular lager __ Adams
18. Work standards 35. Philippine island 63. An evening party 24. Snitch
government dept. (abbr.) 37. No longer fashionable 65. National capital of 27. Trimmed
19. Coastal Scottish town 38. Peaks Zambia 29. Greek god of desire
20. Triangular lower back 40. Alabama football team 66. Tantalizes 32. Take to the limit
bones 41. __ King Cole 67. Dark brown or black 34. Cool!
22. Trouble 42. Digital audiotape CLUES DOWN 35. Sound mental health
23. A way to smile 44. Open trough 1. Not naturally outgoing 36. Native American group
25. Something that is not 45. The woman 2. Exclamation of pain 39. Test for high schoolers
what it seems 48. Cools down 40. Rocky peak
3. Polynesian garland 43. Preferences
of flowers 44. Bother
4. Surrounded by 46. Call attention to (slang)
water 47. Snake-like fish
5. Church towers 49. Bulgarian capital
6. Hot beverage 51. Don’t know when yet
7. Body parts 54. Italian Seaport
8. Travel documents 59. Brooklyn hoopster
9. Railway 60. Where to bathe
10. Gradually wear 61. Equal, prefix
away 62. Beverage container
11. Measuring 64. Denotes openness

To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can
appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using
the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

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LEGAL NOTICE principle use). e property is NY and is known as Tax Map A MANDATORY Pre-Bid by a Bid Bond, the coverage
located at 150 West Lake Blvd., #74.42-1-16. Meeting will be held on April 2,
By the Zoning Board of Mahopac, NY and is known as 2020 at 11 AM at the Town of of which is speci ed in the
Appeals of the Town of Carmel Tax Map #75.7-3-1. • Code Requires/Allows: 4’ Carmel, Town Hall, 60 McAlpin
pursuant to Section 267 Town fence; Provided: 6’; Variance Avenue, Mahopac, NY 10541. Instructions to Bidders.
Law, notice is hereby given that • Code Requires/Allows: Shed Required: 2’
a hearing will be held on: as Accessory; Provided: Shed All questions about the is project is subject to the
(only); Variance Required: To • Code Requires/Allows: 25’ meaning or intent of the Bidding
MARCH 26, 2020 7:30 P.M. allow shed w/o principle use front yard; Provided: 3’; Variance Documents or the Contract provisions of Article 5-A of the
To hear the following Required: 22’ Documents shall be submitted to
3. Application of ADAM the OWNER and ENGINEER General Municipal Law of the
applications: STELLWAGEN for a Variation By Order of the Chairman, in writing (email to Richard
of Section 156-15 seeking John Maxwell Franzetti at [email protected] State of New York.
PUBLIC HEARING CLOSED permission to retain existing are acceptable). In order to
DECISION OF BOARD shed. e property is located at 9 LEGAL NOTICE receive consideration, questions For any reason whatsoever
Elm Lane, Mahopac, NY and is ADVERTISEMENT FOR BID must be received by the
PENDING: known as Tax Map #86.55-1-12. ENGINEER no later than 2:00 or for no reason e Town of
1. Application of JARDINE NOTICE IS HEREBY p.m. of the seventh day prior to
• Code Requires/Allows: 10’ GIVEN that sealed bids will the date xed for the opening of Carmel reserves the right to
(LONGVIEW SCHOOL Side; Provided: 2.5’; Variance be received at the O ce of the Bids.
– CONTRACT VENDEE) Required: 7.5’ Town Clerk, Town of Carmel, 60 waive any informalities in the
is seeking an Interpretation of McAlpin, Mahopac, New York e work under this Contract
Section 156-10F that only 50’ • Code Requires/Allows: 10’ 10541, until 11:00 AM on April comprises the furnishing of all bids or to reject any and all bids.
of frontage is required because Rear; Provided: 6’; Variance 23, 2020 at which time all bids tools, equipment, materials and
this is an “instance of a cul- Required: 4’ will be publicly opened, read and labor for the construction of the No bidder may withdraw his
de-sac, turnaround or similar recorded by the Town Clerk for Carmel Sewer District No. 1
case” (emphasis added). In 4. Application of MARIA the following: Sewer Main Extension. bid except by written request
the alternative, applicant seeks BUCALO for a Variation
an area variance for frontage. of Section 156-15 seeking CONTRACT #C251 e Carmel Sewer District No. submitted at least twenty-four
permission to retain existing pool TOWN OF CARMEL 1 Sewer Main Extension Project
e applicant is seeking an storage house and shed. e CARMEL SEWER DISTRICT consists of the installation of hours before the time of opening
Interpretation of Section 156- property is located at 2 Jennifer NO.1 approximately 450 LF of gravity
23 which provides “…for a Lane, Mahopac, NY and is SEWER MAIN EXTENSION sewer main along U.S. Route or until the lapse of 90 days after
minimum of 10 parking spaces known as Tax Map #63.16-1-69. 6 and related Work including,
plus 3 spaces per classroom shall All bidders must comply with demolitions and removals, the actual opening thereof.
be required for those schools with • Code Requires/Allows: Rear Section 103(a) and 103(d) of maintenance and protection
pupils of elementary and junior Yard/Pool House 20’; Provided: the General Municipal Law of tra c and environmental e Town of Carmel is exempt
high school age. Schools with 5.7’; Variance Required: 14.3’ relating to non-collusive bidding protection as shown, speci ed
pupils of a least high school age and waiver of immunity against and required to complete the from payment of sales and
shall provide at least 20 parking • Code Requires/Allows: Rear criminal prosecution. Project.
spaces plus 5 per classroom”. Yard/Shed (2) 20’; Provided: 2.4’ compensating use taxes of the
Applicant’s history as a private & 13’; Variance Required: 17.6’ Copies of the Contract e foregoing is a general
school involves only a handful of & 7’ Documents may be examined at description only and shall not State of New York and of Cities
high school students who have the OFFICE OF THE TOWN be construed as a complete
ever been able to drive to school. 5. Application of BRETT CLERK between the hours of description of the Work to be and Counties on all materials to
BROWN & ELSIE RUSSELL 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM beginning performed for this Project.
e code envisions the higher for a Variation of Section seeking March 19, 2020. be incorporated into the Work.
parking space count for schools permission to build a deck on lot One Bid per perspective bidder
that signi cantly or totally without a principle house. e Copies of Bid Documents will be received. Bids shall be on a ese taxes shall not be included
consisting of pupils of high property is located at 152 West may be obtained at the O ce of unit price basis.
school age. e higher parking Lake Blvd., Mahopac, NY and is the Town Clerk upon receipt of in the Bid.
requirement is inappropriate known as Tax Map #64.19-1-85. $50.00 per set; cash, credit card, Bid security, and proof of
herein and inconsistent with certi ed check or money order, quali cations to perform the e Town of Carmel will
Section 156-23. e property is • Code Requires/Allows: 10’ payable to the Town of Carmel, Work shall be as described in the
located at 110 Scout Hill Road, Rear; Provided: 0’; Variance non-refundable. Instructions to Bidders. furnish the required certi cates
Mahopac, NY and is known by Required: 10’
Tax Map #52.-1-12. Bids must be submitted in a Bidders shall comply with of tax exemption to the
• Code Requires/Allows: 10’ sealed envelope, with all required all special and statutory
• Code Requires/Allows: 100 Side; Provided: 1’; Variance bidding documents, at the above requirements in accordance with CONTRACTOR for use in
ft. Frontage; Provided: 52.74 ft.; Required: 9’ address and must bear on the face the Instructions to Bidders.
Variance Required: 47.26 ft. thereof the name and address of the purchase of supplies and
• Code Requires/Allows: 10’ the bidder and the inscription: Contract time of
NEW APPLICATIONS: Side; Provided: 1’ 2”; Variance Bid for Town of Carmel Sewer commencement and completion materials to be incorporated into
2. Application of JAMES M Required: 8’ 10” District No.1 Sewer Main will be as speci ed in the
Extension Project. e bidder Agreement. the Work.
MAXWELL for a Variation 6. Application of MICHAEL is solely responsible for ensuring
of Section 156-15 seeking FRASCONE for a Variation delivery to the Town Clerk. e Bid Bond Form is Non-Discrimination in
permission to construct shed (no of Section 156-15 seeking contained in the Proposal.
permission to install above- Employment:
ground pool in front yard with 6’ Each bid shall be accompanied
fence. e property is located at It is the policy of the Town of
120 Cross Hill Road, Mahopac,
Carmel that their Contractors

shall comply with all Federal,

State, and local law, policy orders,

rules and regulations which

prohibit unlawful discrimination

against any employee or applicant

for employment because of race

creed, color, or national origin,

and will take a rmative action

to ensure that they are a orded

equal employment opportunities

without discrimination because

of race, creed, color or national


Provisions concerning this

requirement are detailed in the

General and Supplementary


By Order of the Town Board of

the Town of Carmel

Ann Spo ord, Town Clerk

Did you know?

Broadening one’s horizons through crafting can be a worthwhile pursuit. Crafting can serve as a
relaxing pastime and provide an opportunity to learn rewarding skills. Learning to crochet is one way
for men and women to combine creativity and practicality. Crochet is a form of handwork using yarn
and a crochet hook. According to the Crochet Guild of America, there’s no way to know just how
old the art of crochet is. However, crochet expert Annie Potter has said the modern form
of the art originated in the 16th century, primarily in France and England. Others
surmise crocheting traces its origins to Arabia before it spread westward through
various Mediterranean trade routes.

is article is provided by Metro Creative Connection.


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GUEST a big impact on how long your term care insurance policy that Route 6 in Mahopac. He can be
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survey by Aegon Center for working years, contribute as withdrawal rate. During your Life changing care since 1829
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IRA and your 401(k) or similar withdraw money from your Call 1.844.855.CARE or visit
What steps can you take to employer-sponsored retire- IRA, 401(k) and other retire-
help ensure your money will ment plan. And every time ment accounts. But you’ll want
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the amount you put into your each year, especially during the
Here are a few suggestions: employer’s plan. early years of your retirement.
• Estimate your longevity. It’s important to establish an
None of us can say for sure • Protect yourself from long- annual withdrawal rate that’s
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