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The Somers Record 06.13.19

Vol. 9 No. 10 Visit for the latest news. Thursday, June 13, 2019

Somers VFW Post 8213

BY CAROL REIF Iraqi Freedom.
CONTRIBUTING WRITER He attributed the latter to factors such as the

e Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8213 is high cost of living in northern Westchester and
gone, but its spirit will soldier on, says past Com- of buying a home in Somers. Such folks are more
mander Tim McArdle. likely to have less time and energy for things out-
side of work and family duties, he added.
e Post, launched in 1994, was o cially dis-
banded on Wednesday, June 5, when its charter was In the past, some folks had suggested that the
turned over to the Department of New York VFW. lack of a physical place to hold events or hang out
with comrades, family, and friends might have
e military service organization in Somers been problematic. But McArdle said recently he
had been valiantly battling dwindling ranks for a didn’t think that was the case.
number of years.
e organization’s chief mission was commu-
At its peak, membership hovered around 65; at nity service and not socializing, he explained.
the end, about 40 vets, mostly from the Korean
War era, remained. And that is why, McArdle said, he is con dent
that its good works will go on.
e low numbers were mostly due to older
members’ passing away, being unable to fully SEE VFW PAGE 22
participate, becoming full-time caretakers for
ailing spouses, or simply retiring to warmer cli- Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8213
mates. And attempts to recruit eligible, younger Commander Timothy McArdle during Memorial
vets didn’t “pan out,” according to McArdle, who
served in the U.S. Air Force during Operation Day 2018. The Post disbanded this month.


Meet the candidates for town justice

Voters will have their say on June 25 between three McDermott has served as a judge in Somers since If elected, Pascucci would be the rst female town jus-
candidates running for town justice in Somers. 2000; before that he was a member of the Somers Plan- tice in Somers.
ning Board.
Incumbents Judge Michael J. McDermott and Judge We asked each candidate to talk more about why they
Denis Timone face a challenge from Donna Pascucci. All Timone was rst elected as Somers Town Justice in were running for the position.
three are running on the Republican, Conservative and 1983 and is completing his ninth four-year term and has
Indepdendent party lines. served on several town boards. SEE TOWN JUSTICE PAGE 3

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ELEPHANT’S TRUNK 4 A Touch of Red.
LEGAL NOTICES 36 pg 20-21

Page 2 – The Somers Record Thursday, June 13, 2019


120 Stat1e2S0trSeteatte Stre
Albany,ANlbewanYy,oNrkew12Y20o7rk 122

Office: (O5f1f8ic)e4:6(25-1784)44862-74
Fax: (51F8a)x4:6(25-1087)94062-07
[email protected]@a.noyrsgtpba.o
ff ff


First Vice PresFidiresnttVice President
Second Vice PrSeesciodnedntVice President
Secretary & TrSoeocpreBtaDryel&egTatreoop B Delegate [email protected] Albany, New York 12207
SANTOTPRrHIeCsOiHdTMeAnAtRhSDHM.e.MAUMNEPGDEUEoRREJlRi.TcheeMBarPechon14lethi2cv0e1o9 lBeennteAvsosloecniat tAiosnsoocfiatthioenNoefwthYeorNkeSwtaYtoerTkrSotoapOteffFriTsacrxeIo::n((oc55p.11e88is))rsp4466rI22no--cu70.47di94s08

ffTroop A DelegTartoeop A Delegate
MSecIoCtnHdoAViEceLPGrae.siSdIneDntERnAKoIS utoncaennthoeunecnedSTotAhTrEesTeReOmOnPedERnoStPrBsoAefEmNMDOeRincSEhtS aoef lMJ.icMhcaDeleJr.mMocttDfeorrmSootmt [email protected]
Justice. Justice.ROGERL. RIUTTA.

Secretary & Troop B Delegate
CHARLES A. Di SANTO March 14 2019The Police Benevothlent Association of the New York State Troopers Inc. is proud

ANDREW CA. NDDARVEISW C. DAVIS Treasurer to announce the endorsement of Michael J. McDermott for Somers Town
Troop C DelegTartoeop C DeleTgHatOeMAS H. MUJONHNGR.ECELARRK
President Troop A Delegate
It is withItciasrwefituhlANDREWC.DAVIS
ccoanresfiduel rcaotniosindethratiothnethPaBtAtihseePnBdAorissinegndMoircshinagelMJ.icMhcaDeleJr.mMocttDermott
Troop D DelegTartoeop D DeleFgirastteVice PresidentDTrOooMp DINDIeCleKgaPteEDULLA It is with careful consideration that the PBA is endorsing Michael J. McDermott

ASTSOHCEIWATEISOTNCHREESCTOEGRNCIZOEUDNJTUYDMGEAGMISCTDREARTMEOSTTTJAroSoOp ENDSeHlegETJaRArteoISoDOpAENNDSeHleMSRgEeOacIRotCGenIHdEDAVRAiEcLeLN.PRGreI.sUiSdTIeJTSTDDATnrrTAooSEtooefAELOppPEHFEoNR.IDDnE.SAeeNPlHlreAegKgEfKLaaR.ttMeeJoIISODESHRArNoNScTmOeNEmefeonrersflfeoionknfoSrfeTfiocStMroeroocrmciesccmmwhebeaoreesetnmetnlTmteMJo.rcrwMoseJnsemmcIruJDnmvCuTeessuurttHtnmiohtcietenociAy.wtrctaeoiTrsEitehneindmeyLlgee.crnaheJtdaJaamseTutl.SloerresfrhnsThMeuNtgihpteeeAanswipngCfcoTaYiecsrcoDtevitiErehneiykorg.EnSbaaTmsteaRatfeTtltRoomelrMre.hehebOee,erlanerpOnsOgltdgoawcfhwTrPetehheeTaEennsfaaelnoRaeFrwftdlcSOleaeinemdcreRPvinvniietBdntgSuhraAgeOlsabsmEMnefNfaeeEoDcmRvriOeSnebrRg,TeSbaOrmEnesWSfdeoomNfwretbJeh,UeeanSrnseTladeIoCwdfwEtienhdenielvaeidwduianlds ividuals

of justice in
oaunrdloincbsaypl icaroilnlugortfcsyoiomsuamrdcimtomlilreeeandtgautonedsim.”dpereopvlyinagptDTTMSTphrrrTAoooArEeoooLeUpppPEHFKGqRcIDIiED&.uCaeNPeHlElaeAetgKgDELTMTDTSeala..terrriMTteAooodelJCAteEOooogELyOUpppPaHREtHFKGLReNIEDIED&.CYSeNPeHlTEleAeTATJTCSgKOgODeErrrLHaNooeca.H.teraNooMtAeDesppelJCtNueOaRERCArgErOeLyREaHrDDRE&tWL.eeeSCNllETeeCLgArgYSoaAa..ottTDeeDpROAKBiTTTPCMTMNJTGOrrrrrESCVHIDoooooAINNHTOoooooClNoAAUpppppEeNOIHWiRRLTKNGRSlEALNeCBekYDDID&fMsECE.CeOtgeeeSHOLllDEl.TfeeDaNeeNegg’,k0faeeftJe0NNSTitauoteecathl0swarMtaeerteJllYyPniyao.rco7Prinls,kecciM0c7soS0oe.tht0belaf,uiiratc0aocverecnmtDeTvi0eevctrtoeheBtel0eoaeapeneJrretdtana.rrnhmnsrhkecedPeMtsoBeitvrofAeeeTiro.dctrvrneoultDeoevnedptifneesiooeinrrartirmtrdhestnAermlehdoedesdummgesnaoheoumreMtdtrcbennsateeiejaorttisrosifrit,oonraoiisfforfdteehhrnlNMeredemeiNpponeaerieucwfestwdhepYtnsdnoahetoreikeeoYdfrmslobsofNiyJhtret.rNehimkieMomwpenSecwbYpDstdoeaoertYrmrtksomoseiSte.rhootikaomtefttnSletfbpsothTearerltratoSoseNoow.pmhoeeefewrnlrstpshfIYnToeloocar.wrNwciksenepmewrnoefuYnodotrrckement
NCO East Delegate

PETER M. NPUENTEZRIAMT.ADNOUMNINZIICAKTPAEDODfAfUiScNerILsEtDLLeGlaAeg.aCtteHAeRLESPONoSlticaIettiesfrwPoiotmhlicctaehreeffrurolamcnokntshoidefeTrraartoniooknpotehfraTttrthohreoopPuBegArhitshMernaodjuoogrrsh,inaMgrMeaijrcoehrpa,eraleJrs.eeMnrcetDepedrrembsoyettnthteed by the
New YorNkeSwtaYtoerTkrSotoapterTsrPoBoAp.ers PBA.Troop L DelegTarteoop L DeleTgraootep D Delegate
FREDERICK W. SCHEIDT for Somers Town Justice. The challenges facing members of the law
Retiree Liaison enforcement community are greater than ever before, and we need individuals

General Counsel
Troop E Delegate GORDON D. WARNOCK

Troop NYC DeTlreogoapteNYC Delegate Political Director

STEPHEN K. JOHNSTONE like Michael J. McDermott in leadership positions to help law enforcement

B"METATKEIRNGANTDEENS CHARLES WCH. MAURRLEPSHTWYroo.pMF DUelRegPatHe Y Proud Member of the National Troopers Coalition - National Association of Police Organizations
Troop T DelegTarteoop T DeleDgAatLeE I. PALMER
SCOUTS IN THE COURTS PROGRAMofficers better serve the residents of New York State.Police Conference of New York -New York State Public Employees Conference
Troop G & H Delegate Nearly 7,000 activPeRanOdVreItDireEdSunRifEorAmLedLmIFemEbLeErsSoSf OtheNNSew York

NCO West DeNleCgaOteWest DMelAegUaRteICE E. COLEY

Troop K Delegate

MNCIOCHEaAstEDLelReMNg.CaICtOCeOHELaALstEIDELeRPTlRrEeogT.oapECtRLeODMLel.LeNgIaUEteNRZIATA State Police fromItnhe2r0an1k1,otfhTerooSpoemr tehrrosuCghoMuratjoirn, airteiaretperdestehnteedSbcyotuhtes in the
Speaking at the annualDANIEL G.DCAHNAIRELLEGSG.OICNNHOAB.ROL’LEESAORNY New York State TrCooouperrtssPpBAr.ogram whereby Somers Boy Scouts and
SHS PTSA Teen Driver Officers DelegOatfeficers DeleTgraotoep NYC Delegate
Safety Program, Judge Girl Scouts serve as bailiffs during court sessions.
McDermott and State FREDERICKFRWE.DSECRHICECTIKrHDooAWTpRT.LDSEeSClegWHat.EeMIDURTPHY On average 40 scouts per year serve as bailiffs.
Retiree LiaisonRetiree Liaison For his efforts, Judge McDermott was recognized
JOHN CONBOY as the 2019 Scouting Citizen of the Year.

love to Teen Drivers. General CounsGeel neral CounMsIeCl HAEL R. COLLIER
NCO East Delegate

Political DirectPoorlitical DireODctfAfoicrNerIsEDLeGleg.aCteHARLESON

Retiree Liaison

RICHARD E. MULPVrAoNuEdYMemPbreoruodf MtheemNbaetiroonfatlhTeroNoapteiorns aCloTarloitoiopner-sNCaotaiolintiaolnA-ssNoactiiaotnioanl AosfsPoocliiacteioOnrogaf nPiozalictieonOsrganizations
Police ConfeProelnicceeCoofnNferwenYcoerko-f New York S-tNaetewPYuobrlkicSEtmatpelPouyebelisc CEomnpfleoryeenecseConference
General Counsel

Political Director

Proud Member of the National Troopers Coalition - National Association of Police Organizations
Police Conference of New York - New York State Public Employees Conference

Judge McDermott with his law partner wife, Fausta, McDermott Law Firm has supported several
have maintained a law office in Somers for 20 years. Somers sports programs.
Their law office is in Mill Pond Professional Building.



Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Somers Record – Page 3

TOWN JUSTICE Michael J. McDermott Donna Pascucci Denis Timone for you?
I am a resident of Somers
FROM PAGE 1 I regularly meet with local or- rampant bullying, threats to our munity Pulse Coalition.
ganizations, including Heritage schools, community safety and Residents should vote for me since 1977, with my wife Meg
Michael J. Hills clubs, on strategies to pro- rising incidents of domestic vio- and three children, Anna, Tim
McDermott tect elderly citizens from scams lence, need to be faced with fresh because of my commitment to and James, all of whom attended
and internet safety and discuss energy and a new perspective. It a fair and balanced judicial sys- the Somers School System.
Why are you running for newly enacted legislation a ect- is important for voters to have a tem, my proven commitment to
town justice? ing our residents. choice of candidates. the town, and my extensive legal I received my Juris Doctor De-
experience. gree from Marquette University
I am the nominated candidate I remain active in the Town’s I am also running because I Law School and am admitted to
by the Republican, Conservative Boy Scouts troops in which one realize that our judicial system What role does a justice all State and Federal Courts in
and Independence Committees. son reached the rank of Eagle can be unfair and unbalanced. have in town and what makes New York and Wisconsin.
I bring vibrancy to the Somers Scout. Ten years ago I initiated As I have experienced rst- you qualified for that role?
Court by being active and invest- the Scouts in the Courts pro- hand, judges have the power to In the Town of Somers I was
ing in my community. For this gram whereby scouts serve as impact lives and I believe that A justice’s role is to preside a past member and temporary
reason I seek re-election as judge. baili s during court sessions, as- everyone who comes before the over the Town’s Justice Court on chairman of the Somers Zoning
sisting the court clerks. For my court should be treated with the speci c matters, such as vehicle Board of Appeals and Judge in
Why should residents vote e orts the Boy Scouts of Ameri- fairness and respect that they de- and tra c infractions, landlord/ the New York State High School
for you? ca named me the 2019 Scouting serve. tenant disputes, small claims and Mock Trial Tournament. In ad-
Citizen of the Year. criminal matters. A town justice dition, I am a member of the
My extensive trial experience Why should residents vote should also ensure the judicial New Rochelle/Westchester and
ensures that all trials are prop- I am an active member of lo- for you? system operates the way it is in- New York State Bar Association,
erly and fairly conducted. As cal organizations such as the tended, with integrity, fairness, together with the Westchester
Bronx County Assistant Dis- Somers Lions Club and Cham- Residents should vote for and balance. County Magistrates Association.
trict Attorney, I successfully tried ber of Commerce. I provide pro me because I am committed to
more than 30 narcotic felonies bono legal services to several lo- preserving the rule of law, our I have been a practicing civil In Somers I have been a mem-
to conviction. As an active trial cal charities. quality of life in Somers and our defense trial attorney for over ber of the Lions Club since 1984.
attorney in private practice, I community’s values. I come from two decades. I previously served I have received the Melvin Jones
tried cases in federal, state and I have been appointed as Act- a law enforcement and military as counsel to the NYPD Police Fellow Award, Lion of the Year
local courts and argued appeals ing City Court Judge in Mt. Ver- family, and am a practicing attor- Benevolent Association and in- Award and helped establish and
in appellate courts including the non, Peekskill, White Plains and ney, so these values are ingrained terned with the U.S. Attorney’s was the mentor for 10 years of
Court of Appeals. Additionally, Yonkers and Acting Town Jus- in me. Because of these values, I O ce. I am quali ed for this the Somers High School Leo’s
numerous written decisions I is- tice in Carmel, Mt. Pleasant and am running on the Republican, role because of my diverse legal Club.
sued as judge in criminal, vehicle Yorktown. I am also Arraign- Conservative, and Independence background, which gives me the
and tra c and civil matters were ment Magistrate for Adolescent/ lines. experience to deal with matters In addition thereto, I am a past
published as Decisions of Inter- Juvenile O enders at Wood eld that routinely come before the director of the Italian American
est. Detention Cottage. I have lived in Somers since court. Club of Somers and the Attor-
2008. I have 3 children: Dillon ney to the Somers Fireman’s Be-
My law partner wife, Fausta, You can learn more about Mc- (Somers High School graduate), Denis Timone nevolent Association.
and I have lived in Somers nearly Dermott at JudgeMcDermott. Savannah (SHS 9th grade) and
30 years and raised four chil- com Dalton (Somers Middle School Why are you running for After law school I was drafted
dren, each of whom attended the 7th grade) so I am strongly in- town justice? into the U.S. Army and while
Somers Central School District. Donna Pascucci vested in our community and its serving in Vietnam, was awarded
For the past 20 years, Fausta and future. I served as vice chair of I was honored to have re- two Bronze Stars with “V” de-
I have maintained a local law Why are you running for the Somers Republican Com- ceived the Somers Republican vices
practice. town justice? mittee for almost 10 years and Town Committee’s endorsement
have been a tireless advocate for for Town Justice, together with I am presently a member of
What role does a justice I am running for Town Justice school safety initiatives. I cur- Judge Michael J. McDermott. the Somers Veterans of Foreign
have in town and what makes because I believe that the impact rently serve on the Somers Com- War and American Legion.
you qualified for that role? of current issues facing our com- Why should residents vote
munity, such as the opioid crisis, What role does a justice
I am acutely aware of the chal- have in town and what makes
lenges families face and the di - you qualified for that role?
cult choices our youth must make
in today’s society. erefore, I As a Town Justice in Somers,
have assumed many leadership I developed innovative sentenc-
roles in our community, largely ing programs for individuals
aimed at protecting the youth. who were involved with alcohol,
For example, I regularly par- drugs and family o ense charges.
ticipate as a PTA panel member Over the years as Town Judge in
against drug abuse, DWI o ens- Somers I have performed and
es and supporting driver safety participated in 10-15 weddings
initiatives. As Judge, I have de- per year which I nd one of the
veloped e ective programs, such most enjoyable and rewarding
as community service, to prevent aspects as Town Judge.
youths charged with violations
from becoming repeat o enders. I am running again as Town
Judge in order to maintain the
high standard of Judicial and
Administrative excellence that
has been established in the Town
Court of Somers.

Gary Forbes Chris Radding Homeowners Policy cover
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The Forbes Insurance Team AC, Heat, Well,
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Page 4 – The Somers Record ELEPHANT’S TRUNK Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Staff Women’s Organiza- For more information call Judy at ter All Stars for Veterans and My you’ve always wanted to o er up
tion of Hadassah 914-277-5087 or Hannah at 914- Brother Vinny. ere will be mu- with people like you! If there’s a
JODI WEINBERGER 669-5917. sic and entertainment throughout memoir, a ctional idea, an his-

EDITOR: 914-302-5830 On Wednesday, July 10, at Somers the day along with games and torical tome or even a book, there
[email protected] noon, the Tamar chapter of the rides for kids and food trucks. is no greater time to preserve your

GABRIELLE BILIK Independence DayWomen’s Organization of Ha- Pull-up, park, party! For tickets written words in a class with other
SPORTS EDITOR: 914-214-4285 and more information, visit som- local residents who are explor-
dassah will hold its Annual Gala
[email protected]
Luncheon at the Four Brothers Somers Independence Day ing an idea or a work in progress
LISA KAIN Restaurant on Route 6 in Ma- Block Party 2019 kicks o at 3 Writers group with author and journalist, Linda
hopac. Come join us as we enjoy p.m. Saturday, June 29, at the Se- Spear. e workshop runs contig-
[email protected] a lunch, win ra e prizes and lis- bastian Capital Urban Campus. uously throughout the year. e

PAUL FORHAN ten to Alex Carciente, an infor- is year the focus is supporting Join other writers to share your fee is $150 per six-week session
[email protected] mative speaker from A.I.P.A.C. the veterans through Westches- talent and desire to write what on a rolling admission on Friday
845-621-4049 at 10 a/m. Bring your ideas, paper,
[email protected]
JENNIFER CONNELLY W Styl . . . pen and pencil or laptop with you
914-334-6335 so you can develop strategies for
[email protected] becoming a lifelong writer. Peo-
NANCY SORBELLA ple at all skill levels are welcome.
914-205-4183 Contact Linda at: 914-617-9195
[email protected]
BRUCE HELLER ‘Triple Play’
914-202-2941 Watercolor Exhibit
[email protected] You’ Smil ! at Muscoot Farm

PRODUCTION TEAM Hope Friedland, Edward Ja-
cobson and Lori McQueeney, ex-
DESIGNER/PHOTOGRAPHER hibit together as ‘Triple Play’ - a
[email protected]
watercolor and mixed media art
ASST PRODUCTION MANAGER show. Lori McQueeney, a Somers

914-214-4285 resident, is the watercolor instruc-
[email protected]
tor at Katonah Art Center, Hope
PRODUCTION/DESIGNER Friedland teaches watercolor at

EXECUTIVE TEAM both the Larchmont Mamoroneck
Center for Continuing Education
PUBLISHER: 845-208-8151
[email protected] and the Scarsdale Adult Education

SHELLEY KILCOYNE Programs, Ed Jacobson is an archi-
tect. All three are members of the
[email protected] Westchester Artists Guild. Main

Deadlines House Gallery, Muscoot Farm,

THE SOMERS RECORD DEADLINE every weekend in June. Saturdays
noon to 4 p.m., Sundays 10 a.m. to
4 p.m. Opening Reception June 1,

914-302-5830 OR EMAIL brin o efe Registration for FC Somers
[email protected] frien tryouts for the Fall 2019/Spring
2020 season is now open. Please
Subscribe Receiv $10 of click on the link to register at
WEEKLY DELIVERY, CALL 845-208-8503 Brazilian Blowout ere is no charge for the tryout.
OR EMAIL [email protected] Please note that certain age
SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE COMPLIMENTARY FOR Specials groups have 2 tryout dates. Your
RESIDENTS AND BUSINESSES IN THE TOWN. child is required to attend both.
OUT OF TOWN MAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE Th Hai Whar Kerry, Lesl , Mad On the day of the tryout, please
$150 PER YEAR FOR FIRST CLASS MAIL. arrive at the location at least 10
914-232-7271 Salon Hours: Tues-Fri: 10-5, Thurs: 10-8, minutes prior to your scheduled
PERIODICALS POSTAGE PAID AT Sat: 9:30-4, Sun: 10-12 (By Appt. Only), tryout. Players must bring a soc-
SOMERS, NY AND AT cer ball, water, and shin-guards to
Closed Mon. tryouts. If your child cannot make
ADDITIONAL MAILING OFFICES. the scheduled tryout time, please
POSTMASTER: 20 Valley Road | Katonah | NY 10536 email Mark Hopper at [email protected]
BAILEY COURT for Fall 2019

334 ROUTE 202, UNIT C1S Somers Youth Football regis-
SOMERS, NY 10589 tration is OPEN!

(ISSN 2330-1597) Tackle football is available for
PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY 3rd to 8th grades and ag is avail-
HALSTON MEDIA, LLC AT able for 1st and 2nd grades.

BAILEY COURT Please visit somersnyfb.
334 ROUTE 202, UNIT C1S to register!

SOMERS, NY 10589 More information also available


Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Somers Record – Page 5


for Somers Town Justice


✓ VOTE for the candidate who will
bring fresh energy and perspectives
to the bench

✓ VOTE for the candidate who will
uphold the law in a fair, balanced,
and objective manner

✓ VOTE for the candidate who
is committed to preserving our
community values and quality of life




as Somers’ First Lady Justice

PAIDFORBYDONNA on Primary Day—Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Page 6 – The Somers Record Thursday, June 13, 2019

with us!
GDRAADDUATESERIOUSLY FRESH SUSHI e Somers Library is located at 82 meet on days the Somers schools are closed
& GREAT ASIAN FOOD Primrose St. Register for programs at som- due to snow. or by calling 914-232-5717.
We Offer Catering Programs are funded by the Friends of the Somers Library Non-Fiction Book
On & Off Premises! Somers Library through donations. Club. Mondays,July 8,Aug.12,Sept.9,Oct.
7, Nov. 4 and Dec. 9 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Daily Lunch Senior Benefits Information Center. No mysteries, no love stories, no elves, no
Specials! Every Wednesday, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Senior schools for magic (not that there’s anything
Bene ts Information Centers (SBICs) help wrong with them!). We will be concentrat-
Sunday Brunch older adults 60 and over and those caring for ing on history,biography,technology,astron-
Specials! the elderly achieve a better understanding of omy, computers and science. In the future,
Medicare health plans and prescription drug members will choose the books to be read.
A huge variety of interesting, tasty Pan-Asian fare highlighted by tricked-up coverage. Information is provided about dif- For the May meeting, we will discuss e
rolls and other intensive sushi creations means there’s something for everyone! ferent types of government programs. Meet Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell.Cookies
with trained counselors in a private setting will be served. Space is limited to 15; please
Reputable Chef George Li balances the relative authenticity of Japanese, to get information about: register on our online calendar at somers
Chinese, Thai, Malaysian & Vietnamese cuisines into his fusion dishes. or call 914-232-5717.
• Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and
286 Katonah Ave, Katonah • 914-232-3900 • Medigap supplement plans Mondays Writers Workshop. Mon-
days, June 17, 10:30 a.m. If there is a book
tengdaasianbistro-katonah • tengda_katonah • TengdaKatonah • Part D prescription drug coverage in you, a memoir, a ctional recounting of a
• Medicare savings plans for low-income time in your life or an historical tome, there
seniors is no greater time to preserve your written
• Financial bene t programs such words in a class with other students who
as Home Energy Assistance Program are exploring an idea, a work in progress,
(HEAP), food stamps (SNAP) or a chapter in their life. Bring your ideas,
You will be able to meet with trained pen and paper (or laptop) so that within a
counselors in a private setting. No appoint- few short weeks you will have developed the
ment is necessary. strategies to become a lifelong writer. People
If you can’t visit the library in person, you of all skill levels are welcome. Space is lim-
can leave a message on the SBIC helpline ited, so register early!
at 914-231-3260 or email us at [email protected] with your name, number, a time to Genealogy Workshop for Beginners.
call between 9 a.m.—5 p.m. and whether Have you ever wondered who your ances-
your interest is in Medicare services or other tors were? Do you wonder if you have family
bene ts. A counselor will return your call
within two business days. SBIC will not SEE LIBRARY PAGE 7

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Bedford Hills, NY 10507 Mahopac, NY 10541 Yorktown Heights, NY 10598
845-621-1131 Cross River, NY 10518
914-241-1666 914-962-3000 914-763-3325
• • •
CARMEL 1948 East Main Street KATONAH
1924 Route 6 Mohegan Lake, NY 10547 180 Katonah Ave. • Katonah, NY 10536
Carmel, NY 10512
845-225-6613 914-528-6111 914-232-3979

Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Somers Record – Page 7

LIBRARY where she often exhibits and sells her work. Somers
Linda Spear’s Writers’ Group Open Super Deli
Fine Food & Italian Imports
Mic. Saturday, June 8, 10:30 a.m. to noon.
Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner
members you weren’t aware you had? Both the Monday and ursday Writer’s
Come to this workshop to discover your Workshops, under the guidance of Linda
We have you covered with
past and build your own family tree! Top- Spear, have been meeting for three months, multiple catering options

ics covered will be: How to get started, working together and giving each other including

keep track and organize; Family stories feedback for their work. Now, as the work- BBQS & PIG ROASTS!
and traditions; Charts and software pro- shop is ending, come and hear the results of
grams; Collecting vital records; Online the members’ hard work as they read their
Servers/Chefs available • We take care of everything for you!
resources (including library resources, stories, essays and more!
One Lovell St • 914.248.8975, etc.), census, probate Alan Sklar Reads Hemingway’s Best

records and newspapers. Upcoming Pre- African Big Game Hunting Story: Sat-

sentations: Beyond Beginner Genealogy urday, June 15 from 1 - 2:30 p.m.

June 15 from 11-12:30 p.m. Navigating the Unexpected - Are you

Summer Art at the Somers Library. Ready? Wednesday, June 19, 6:30 - 8:00

Mondays, 617, 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. p.m. Life happens, and with signi cant life

You can begin/continue to explore paint- events comes stressful and emotional chal-

ing with acrylics. is is a fun, relaxed lenges. Be ready for any curve balls that life

clas with inspirational background music throws at us when least expected! Join us

to inspire your creativity! Instruction will for a panel discussion with local profession-

include mixing colors and additives and als who will address frequently asked ques-

the application of paint with di erent tions to help you take control while experi-

tools to achieve dramatic e ects. Supply encing life’s key milestones, including:

List: Charcoal pencil, Sketchpad or paper, • Getting married

Brushes, Canvas or canvas board, Pal- • Transitioning through divorce

ette knife, Acrylic paints. Optional extras: • Coping with the loss of a spouse or

Sponges, Rollers, Folding easel, Fixative loved one

spray/hairspray. A $30.00 fee, payable to Come hear strategies and tips to keep

the instructor Judika Lieberman, is due the you on the right path to nancial, emo-

rst day of class. tional and physical health. Space is limited.

Art Exhibit: Oil Paintings by Mindy Registration required.

Yanish: “Faces of God”. June 1 - 30 during How to Increase Your ENERGY, VI-

library hours. Opening Reception June 1, TALITY and YOUTH (While Decreas-

6 - 8 p.m. Mindy Yanish has been making ing Your Need for Medication & Surgery).

art since the age of 3. Primarily self taught, Saturday, June 29, 10:30 a.m. to noon. At

she received her Masters degree in Paint- this educational workshop presented by

ing from the School of Visual Arts. She is SEE LIBRARY PAGE 26
the owner of O erings Gallery in Katonah

Tuesday June 25th

Robert Prisco - Westchester County Democratic Committee
- Hudson Valley Stonewall Democrats (LGBTQ)
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: - Westchester Hispanic Democrats
- Westchester County Assistant District - Westchester Hispanic Law Enforcement Association
Attorney for 32 years - Westchester Probation Officers Association
- Chief of Local Criminal Courts and - IAFF Local 628, Yonkers Firefighters Union
- Yonkers Uniformed Fire Officers Association
Grand Jury Division - Westchester/Putnam Central Labor Body (AFL-CIO)
- Chief of Major Case Bureau - Building & Construction Trades Council of
- Deputy Chief of Homicide Bureau
- Tried to verdict: murder, attempted murder, Westchester and Putnam
- MPACnow (Mediterranean Political Action Committee)
kidnapping, robbery, burglary, assault and - Rated 100% Pro-Choice by WCLA-Choice Matters
weapons possession cases.
- Violent Felony Coordinator
- Mental Health Court Coordinator
- Member of Criminal Justice Advisory Board
- Member of the Raise the Age Committee

- Albany Law School, Juris Doctor, 1986
- Villanova University, B.A. Economics, 1983 Paid for by Somers Democratic Town Committee

BAR ADMISSIONS: Paid for by Prisco for County
- New York State
- U.S. District Court, Southern District of NY


Page 8 – The Somers Record Thursday, June 13, 2019

Serving Somers Foam containers, cups
& Surrounding Area banned in Westchester
For Over 30 Years

Summer Special! A measure mostly banning expanded polystyrene in Westchester County won unanimous approval
Monday, June 3, from the county’s Board of Legislators.
$135.95 e change will take e ect in January, giving restaurants six months to use up their current supplies
On A/C Service! and nd alternatives.

REG. $189.95 Our A/C Service includes: Expanded polystyrene-white, lightweight plastic foam-is often incorrectly referred to as Styrofoam,
• Evacuating & Recharge A/C System the trademarked name for extruded polystyrene. Unlike its more-rigid cousin, which is primarily used
•Up to 1.5 lbs refrigerant & leak detector dye for construction, expanded polystyrene can be molded into co ee cups or packaging for food leftovers.

Please present coupon prior to service (most vehicles) ose uses, along with the sale of loose- ll packing foam, will no longer be allowed in Westchester.
Packaging for raw eggs and meat, however, is exempted. Styrofoam is also not covered by the law.
All Repairs Done • We Perform Dealer
Locally & In OUR Scheduled Maintenance e bill was co-sponsored by County Legislator Kitley Covill, a Democrat whose district covers
Bedford, Lewisboro, North Salem and a portion of Somers.
Repair Shop • Licensed Air Conditioner
Repair & Service Covill said expanded polystyrene is bad for the environment because it is so di cult to dispose of.
“ is material doesn’t biodegrade, so it clogs land lls for decades or more,” she said. “Once it is used
• Licensed for NYS for food, it is di cult to recycle economically. And when it breaks up into smaller pieces, it drifts o
Inspection into our waterways, where it’s often eaten by marine life mistaking it for food.”
Polystyrene bans are sweeping the nation. e list includes Albany, Nassau and Su olk counties,
• Automotive Computer New York City, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and the entire state of Maine.
Diagnostics “I’m proud that now Westchester County will join our responsible neighbors in this kind of proper
stewardship of our shared environment,” Covill said. “I hope this will be the rst but not the last piece of legislation we’ll pass that will allow us to leave behind a safer, cleaner Westchester for our children
and our children’s children.”
“We’d Be Glad to Drive You Home” Food establishments nationwide have already started to move away from expanded polystyrene.
Dunkin’ Donuts, for example, has pledged to eliminate its foam cups by 2020. A recyclable, double-
We’ll give you a ride after you drop your car off, walled paper cup will replace them. McDonald’s has also phased out the use of expanded polystyrene.
and at no extra charge (including the return pick-up). County Legislator Mike Kaplowitz, a Democrat who represents portions of Somers and Yorktown,
said the argument against banning it “wasn’t terribly compelling. In the end, there really wasn’t much
“With alternatives out there, it just made sense to ban it,” Kaplowitz said. “We’ll miss our DD
(Dunkin’ Donuts) cups for a while, but they’ll nd alternatives.”

Real Fruit Somers Custom Framing
Smoothies! & Gifts

NOW SERVING The BEST The Perfect Gift
LONGFORD’S ICE Cuban Sandwich for Graduates, Teachers,
Weddings or any Special
CREAM! in town!
Many Flavors &

Banana Split: BREAKFAST SPECIAL! Try our Huevos
Rancheros & Famous
3 Scoops + Shrimp Chowder
3 Toppings $750 Breakfast Sandwich &
SUNRISE Available!


155 Route 202, Somers • 914-556-6523 DipAlwoamrads••SNcheowosl CMoevmeroargaebilia

OPEN 7 DAYS! Mon-Thurs: 7am-3pm • Fri-Sat: 7am-9pm • Sun: 7am-3pm

$5 OFF PURCHASE OF $45 Dine-In Only 253 Route 202, Somers
Expires 9/1/19
914.276.3173 •

Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Somers Record – Page 9

Vote on Tuesday, June 25, 2019The members of the Somers Republican Town Committee request that you
for our nominated candidates for Town Justice,

Judge Denis J. Timone and Judge Michael J. McDermott

Supervisor Rick Morrissey,
Councilmembers Tom Garrity
and Anthony Cirieco, Town Clerk
Patricia Kalba, Receiver of Taxes
Michelle McKearney, Highway
Superintendent Candidate Nick
DeVito, Somers Republican
Chair T.J. McCormack, County
Legislator Republican Candidates
Gina Arena and Michael Grace
together with Republican District
Leaders and supporters of Judge
Timone and Judge McDermott
Photo Credit: Alan Zale

Judge Timone and Judge McDermott

have maintained a high standard of judicial and administrative excellence which they will continue to bring to
the Somers Justice Court and the people of Somers.

Vote for experience, knowledge and respect for the law
at the Republican, Conservative and Independence Primary Election

Judge Timone and Judge McDermott

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Paid for by Judge Denis J. Timone and Judge Michael J. McDermott

Page 10 – The Somers Record Thursday, June 13, 2019

Happily Opinion

Having a ball Not quite precise!

Last Saturday and they’re swinging Warm weather probably the best “Dad”
we went to the each other around, means fam-
Fred Astaire MAN testing out the laws ily BBQ s and WHATWAS moment. He casually told
Dance Studio Show- OVERBOARD of physics, and get-togethers: sitting on I THINKING? us about this episode be-
case Extravaganza at RICK eventually the laws cause none of us had been
the Somers Middle MELÉN of physics win. ese
the deck or at a picnic RUTHANN home at the time to witness

table in the park and SCHEFFER it. Mom had purchased

School, and it was a people who think enjoying the companion- a full-size bathroom rug.

twirl-wind of activity. they can just waltz ship, laughs and good Dad measured and knew

ere were twists, right in and take over food. he had to plane the bottom

turns, bumps, grinds and dips, and that the place are in for a rude awakening. So One summer, Dad decided to build a of the door so it would move smoothly over

was just in the parking lot. irty-four it pays to know what you’re doing. Once picnic table with attached benches, just like the rug. He removed the bathroom door and

students of all ages and sizes danced the I saw two fully imbibed lasses trying to the ones you nd in the park. He was a brought it down to his workshop where he

night away in well-choreographed two tango, and in 30 seconds they had each mechanic, extremely handy around the house carefully cut 1/4-inch o the bottom rather

and a half-minute routines to all dif- other in a clove hitch. It takes two to and very precise in his work. He bought the than plane it. He brought the door upstairs

ferent types of music, along with their tango, three if neither of them knows wood, hardware and paint and began the to re-hang.

instructors. ere were tales of love lost, how to untie a clove hitch. project in his basement workshop. We could “Oh **!!&#, what did I do?” We weren’t

tales of love found, and tales of love Remember back when I was in the hear the saw and hammer, the radio play- home so he could let the words y and turn

lost and found at the lost and found. seventh grade? Neither do I, but I do ing country music and a few soft expletives the air blue!

ere were full costumes: Snow White, remember that my Mom signed me up here and there when something didn’t go Dad had reversed the door and cut the

Pocahontas, a harem girl, a Spanish for dancing class, thinking that it would as planned. Jack and I sat on the stairs and 1/4-inch o the top rather than the bottom.

senorita- you can dance to just about make me more poised around adults or watched our father create this heavy-duty e door knob was on the left side instead of

any fantasy. e professional instructors something. What it did do was acti- picnic set—believe me when I say a tornado the right and there was now a 1/4-inch open

took it all in sweeping stride, and they vate my hormones, and all of a sudden couldn’t have blown it away! space at the top of the door!!! Back down

didn’t seem to mind lifting a student or my entire endocrine system, which Finally, the set was built, sanded and paint- to the basement he went. Fortunately, the

two that had been o the keto diet for a had been sitting around playing cards, ed--it was handsome, and we couldn’t wait to strip he had removed was in one piece; he

couple of weeks. nally had something to do. ey made get it out in the back yard. Dad opened the used wood glue and reattached the strip. He

Ballroom dancing has become a lost the girls wear white gloves, probably to basement door and we all took a side of the sanded, repainted and then re-hung the door.

art, because there just aren’t a lot of balls see if us guys had been recently dusted. table, lifted on the count of three and started Dad was so exact about this work, one would

to go to these days. Back in Cinderella’s ey should have made them wear full up the stairs to the yard. have to look very carefully to see just where

day, they had a lot of balls, and they haz-mat suits, because who knows what Oh, no, no please it can’t be! e set was the strip of wood had been replaced.

had big, long balls. If I had the balls we were up to right before class? I was too wide and wouldn’t t through the door! “I couldn’t believe I did such a dumb, stu-

that Cinderella’s evil stepmother had probably out working on my mini-bike. Dad calmly removed the door frame, but no pid thing,” he laughed while telling us of this

I’d never get anything done.To me, the I always made a bee-line for Cathy use, it still didn’t t! It became deadly quiet, mishap. We’re sure he edited his story for our

weirdest part of that story is not that Kummings, who was as tall as I was you could hear a pin drop. I’m sure Dad had innocent ears!

you could train mice to pull a pumpkin and I didn’t have to bend down to hear some choice words ready to shout, but we Yep, Dad made a couple of “mistakes;”

that turns into a carriage, all of that her if she said anything when I stepped were on site and he had to choke down the but we won’t forget some of the awesome,

seems plausible. But who the hell would on her foot. “You smell nice,” I o ered. words, gritting his teeth. Instead, he dis- treasures he created: wood grated cheese

design footwear made of glass? If they Even then I had the gift of human mantled the set; we pitched in carrying the containers where he painstakingly punched

play the “Mexican Hat Dance” there’s interaction. She replied, “You smell like pieces up the stairs. He calmly and methodi- hundreds of holes into a piece of sheet met-

going to be carnage and bloodshed, carburetor parts, but at least ones that cally put the picnic set back together again in al—while straightening the garage last week,

many hats ruined, and the handsome have been recently ushed.” the yard—just like Humpty Dumpty. Once we found it on a shelf; it now hangs on the

prince is going to think you’re an idiot. e teacher, Mr. Richard would put in place, the set was never moved again garage wall in full glory. His Christmas trees

Dance lessons are never a bad idea, cascade around the room, one hand in and we enjoyed many years of barbecues with were a work of art, shimmering and shiny.

because I see a lot of couples trying com- SEE MELEN PAGE 16 family and friends. anks, Dad, for showing us that no one is
plicated moves on a crowded dance oor,
Sister-in-law Patti remembers what is perfect--and, what’s a little “blue air,” right?

BRETT FREEMAN, PUBLISHER BAILEY COURT, 334 ROUTE 202, UNIT C1S Letters to the editor and op-ed submissions may be edited.
JODI WEINBERGER, EDITOR SOMERS, NY 10589 The views and opinions expressed in letters and op-eds are
TABITHA PEARSON MARSHALL, PRODUCTION MANAGER not necessarily those of The Somers Record or its affiliates.
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Thursday, June 13, 2019 OPINION The Somers Record – Page 11

e return of Super Grillman

LOST IN Super Grillman was blissful in would be able to get the same grill west, and if it was good enough for “I don’t know,”he said reluc-
SUBURBIA his grill existence. But then the un- satisfaction he’d had in the ‘burbs. Billy the Kid, it was good enough tantly.“Super Cast Iron Pan Man
thinkable happened. We moved to I gured, this is exactly the way for Super Grillman. My husband,
TRACY the city, and sadly, found out they they used to do it in the wild, wild however, was dubious. SEE BECKERMAN PAGE 14
BECKERMAN don’t allow grills on the balconies
of high-rise apartments. Some- Wishing everyone
When we moved to the thing about a re code and the a Happy Fathers Day!
suburbs 22 years ago, risk of burning the whole build-
a superhero was born. ing down, or whatever. Suddenly, Mike and Robert
He couldn’t leap tall buildings Super Grillman was out of a job.
with a single bound, but not long — A new generation of family dentistry —
after we moved in, my husband “It’s not me I’m worried about,”
became empowered with delu- he said.“It’s you. You will never $99 New Patient Special Dr. Gianna Ferranti
sions of barbeque grandeur. He again know the joy of my excep-
took on the alter ego, Super Grill- tional barbecue.” First Exam, X-Ray, & Cleaning*
man, had his own monogrammed,
titanium grill tools case, and wore I decided that now would not Regular value: $350. Not to be combined with insurance or any other offer. Exclusions may apply.
a costume, or rather, an apron, in be the best time to tell him that
red, white, and blue imprinted more often than not, his excep- INCLUDES COMPREHENSIVE EXAM,
with an “S”and a “G”on it. tional barbecue presentations DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHS, PHOTOS,
looked less like a medium rare COMPREHENSIVE PROPHYLAXIS (CLEANING),
Not content to practice his craft burger and more closely resembled ORAL CANCER SCREENING,
on your everyday, run-of-the-mill a charcoal briquette. LASER CAVITY DETECTION, FLUORIDE.
grill, he let the grill gurus at the *Mention this ad when scheduling your visit
grill store talk him into something Still, I felt bad that Super Grill-
they called the Pinnacle of Grill man was now a superhero without 4 Heritage Hills Plaza, 202 Ctr, Somers, NY 10589
Greatness because it could grill, a cause.
smoke, or rotisserie your meat to 914-277-4222 •
perfection. It was truly the grill Hoping to nd a way for him
of the gods, and my husband, no to exercise his superpowers in our
longer a mere mortal, was now new kitchen, I consulted some
akin to or, the god of thunder, cookbooks and websites to learn
or in this case, the god of BTUs. how to get that burnt barbecue
Instead of a hammer, my husband goodness without a barbecue.
ruled with a mighty spatula.
is is when I found out about
the cast-iron pan. Apparently, once
you season it (which involves oiling
it and baking it a number of times)
you can get a similar sear on your
meat that you could get on a barbe-
cue. I was thrilled that my husband

Vote Tuesday June 25, 2019

in the Republican, Conservative and Independence Primaries

I was honored to have been unanimously endorsed by the Republican, Conservative and
Independence Committees for Town Justice, together with Judge Michael J. McDermott. I was

rst elected Somers Town Justice in 1983 and am completing my 9th four-year term.
I have been a resident of Somers since 1977, with my wife Meg. We have raised our three
children here, Anna, Tim and James, all of whom attended the Somers School System.
I received my Juris Doctor Degree from Marquette University Law School and am admitted to
all State and Federal Courts in New York and Wisconsin. I am a member of the New Rochelle/
Westchester and NYS Bar Associations, and the Westchester County Magistrates Association.
I have been a member of the Somers Lions Club since 1984 and helped establish and was mentor
for 10 years of the Somers High School Leo Club. Additionally, I am a past Director of the
Italian American Club of Somers, Attorney to the Somers Firemen’s Benevolent Association, and
have participated in the Somers Relay for Life with my family as the Timone Tuskers.
A er law school, I was dra ed into the U. S Army and was assigned to the Americal Division,
196th Light Infantry Brigade while serving in Vietnam, and was awarded two Bronze Star
Medals with “V” devices and Oak Leaf Cluster. I am presently a member of the Veterans of
Foreign Wars and American Legion.
As Town Justice in Somers, I developed innovative sentencing programs
for individuals who were involved with alcohol, drugs and family o ense
charges. Over the years as Town Judge in Somers, I have performed and
participated in 10-15 weddings per year.
I am running again as Town Judge in order to main the high standard of
Judicial and Administrative excellence that I have established in the Town
Court of Somers.

Denis J. Timone
Town Justice of Somers

Paid for by Denis J. Timone

Page 12 – The Somers Record OPINION Thursday, June 13, 2019

Itching to tell you

I’m itching to tell you about ing at me and panicking. I didn’t and now at this later stage of my “calmed down.” JUST
my itching. I’ve been plagued know what was going on, but I life, I sometimes nd it easier to I’ve tried sprays and lotions and JO ANN
by insect bites my whole life. remember being whisked into the stay indoors than to risk the bites
My rst inkling of a problem was car and taken to an emergency and days of itching. have even clipped on an ultrasonic JO ANN
when I realized that I was getting room. As we passed a mirror, I zapper, all to no avail. In fact, I FRANCELLA
bitten and scratching way more remember thinking,“Who’s that?” Ken’s family loves having think I heard the little buggers
than my sister. One side of my face was blown up barbeques and they try to cater giggling as they glided in for a attractive to mosquitoes.
to three times its size. to my problem by having their smooth landing on my arm. • Drinking beer. Mosquitoes
I was outside playing after din- entire yard sprayed the day before.
ner on a summer night when I was Over the years I’ve tried to pro- Although I really do appreciate I give up! ey have won! I are drawn to skin that excretes
three. I recall my parents look- tect myself from bites, to no avail; the e ort, those ies, gnats and concede that the insects are much beer through sweat
mosquitoes still nd me. Once smarter than I am; but, I won’t “go
RE-ELECT they purchased a package of gentle into that good night.” I’ve • Perfume – heavily scented
towelettes saturated in DEET. I done some research and found fruity or oral perfumes are a
MCJuDsticEeRMiMchaeOl JT. T was happy to try them, as ev- that some people produce more of magnet for mosquitoes.
“The Town of Somers will forever be grateful to eryone had moved their chairs certain chemicals in their skin and
Judge McDermott for his selfless dedication, constant to the lawn and were taking a some of those chemicals attract Although we may now be a bit
contributions and for bringing good to all that he does.” fun trip down memory lane. I mosquitoes. Blood type also fac- more educated on the subject, I
wanted to stay with the crowd, so tors into the equation. don’t really think it will help. ey
—Somers Town Board Proclamation of Recognition I unfolded a towelette and wiped are stealth, weightless and by the
it on my neck, arms, feet and And so, to help minimize time you feel an insect on your
VOTE ON PRIMARY DAY—TUES. JUNE 25, 2019 ankles. ings were going pretty mosquito and other insect bites, it skin, the damage has already been
well for a while until I began may be helpful to understand what done. So, on the next hot, steamy
JudgeMcDermott.comNominated by the Somers Republican, Conservative and Independence Committees getting lightheaded and nauseous. lures them: day when the insects are ying
about, if you have nothing better
PAID FOR BY JUDGE MICHAEL J. MCDERMOTT ank goodness Ken realized it • Wearing dark colors or red to do, zip me an email, dial the
was the DEET and began wiping • Type O blood. It is twice as phone or send a message via car-
it o me with a wet towel. at attractive to mosquitoes as A or B rier pigeon to say hi. I’ll de nitely
night when we returned home, I • Exhaling. Mosquitoes are at- be home!
counted twenty-nine bites. e tracted to carbon dioxide and can
scratching was non-stop, and Ken sense it up to 160’away. [email protected]
seriously thought about sleep- • Sweating
ing in another room until things • Pregnancy. Pregnant women
exhale more and their skin is
warmer than normal, which is


There are over 3,500 species of mosquitoes and 175 of them are found in the United States.

$45 Off
A/C Preventative

Additional costs for multiple units. Not
combinable with any other offer.

$50 Off
Any Repair or Upgrade

Additional costs for multiple units. Not
combinable with any other offer.


Call Early and Schedule Your Maintenance. Have Your Air Conditioning Checked!

Schedule early for the appointment of your choice! 845-628-2580 |

Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Somers Record – Page 13



Dear Somers Community Members,
As we approach the end of the school-year, I want to update you on some of the exciting developments within our schools. 
Somers High School 
Approximately 92% of the students in our current senior class will continue their studies in college or university. Leading the graduating class this year are Valedictorian
Katie Taylor and Salutatorian Kevin Lee, who will attend Yale and UCLA, respectively. Congratulations to Katie and Kevin and thank you for representing our Somers
community so well.   
Another crowning achievement at the high school level, Somers High School received the National Blue Ribbon of Excellence this year. is accomplishment is a clear
measure of the commitment of all members of the high school and district community to ensure students are provided with a world-class education.  

e faculty, sta , administration and student leaders have been preparing throughout the year for the implementation of a new schedule at the high school next year,
which will include a school-wide common lunch. Please visit the Somers High School website for more details and information.  
Somers Middle School 

e Somers Middle School faculty is continuing the implementation of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (MYP). All students will experience an
MYP unit next year in each content area. e following year students will have three MYP units in each content area, including interdisciplinary units. In the 2020-21
school year we will apply for full accreditation for the 2021-22 school year. A critical component of this work is the start of the world language program in sixth grade
next year, which would not have been possible without the voter support. Students will be able to choose from Spanish, Italian and French.  
Primrose and Somers Intermediate School  
At Primrose and Somers Intermediate Schools, faculty and sta have been diligently working on their identi ed School Success Plans. Both schools have also embarked
on developing stronger technology literacy skills, including basic coding using the technology program  One of the goals of this curriculum is to ensure
that our students are versatile digital learners and responsible digital citizens.   
Another area both schools continued to focus on this year was supporting the uniformed set of social justice standards – identity, diversity, justice and action. ese
learning expectations were often delivered through the morning meeting time, reading aloud, and social studies lessons.  
A team of teachers, parents, students and administrators convened to form the Superintendent Education Equity Advisory Team (SEEAT). e group identi ed the
overall mission of SEEAT: 

e Superintendent Educational Equity Advisory Team provides direction and leadership in culturally relevant professional learning, as well as district practices. e
Team serves as the “educational equity lens” of SCSD and strives to provide positive change for all.  

e three focus areas are: 
1. Curriculum and learning activities that re ect the range of diversity in our district/community 
2. Organization structure that re ects the collective value of educational equity 
3. Learning that enhances the knowledge and skills of our faculty, sta , families and community to better meet the needs of our diverse district/community 

Please keep an eye out for the related actions for each focus area next year. 
is year we celebrate the TEAM Tuskers Mentoring program’s sixth year. is program has grown from six students to approximately 80 students. ank you to

Midge Miller (coordinator) and Phyllis Morrison (assistant coordinator) for their leadership, and to all the community volunteers for sharing their love, wisdom, and
compassion with our children. e program would not be possible without them. If you are interested in being a mentor, please go to the TEAM Tuskers page on our
website at   
Budget-Election Results 
I want to thank the community for passing the school budget and approving the safety and security bond. is bond allows us to improve the safety measures in our
school, including, but not limited to, swipe key access down to the classroom level, increased video surveillance, and panic lockdown systems in all schools. 

e district budget maintains our current educational programs and provides enhancements like world language in sixth grade. We have stayed within the allowable
tax levy amount for the eighth year, and we are poised to continue to provide an unparalleled education to the children of Somers. Please join me in welcoming newly-
elected trustee Chadwick Olsen to the Board of Education. 
I hope you and your family have a safe and wonderful summer. I look forward to the start of another exciting school year in the fall. On behalf of our children, I thank
you for making Somers such an amazing place to live, learn, and laugh together.   

Dr. Raymond H. Blanch

Superintendent of Schools

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Page 14 – The Somers Record OPINION Thursday, June 13, 2019

Litter Task Force thanks yearly scholarships, and give out safety vests regularly before Judge Timone and Judge
residents and businesses and litter pick up supplies. We would also McDermott at conferences,hearings and tri- FROM PAGE 11
like to thank business owners who have sup- als which are held in Somers Justice Court.
just doesn’t have the same ring to it.”
To the editor: ported us with discounts and in-kind dona- We have always found both Judge Timone “Just think of it as expanding your

It is a dirty job, but someone has to do it! tions critical to our success. It truly is amaz- and Judge McDermott to be fair, reasonable, galactic grilling empire,”I advised him.
So, one day, Super Grillman went to
Yes, we are talking about all the litter on the ing to see how much our Town means to all well informed and extremely respectful to at-
the local butcher and bought two nice
sides of the roads in Somers. Litter clean up of us and by keeping our roadways litter-free, torneys and litigants alike. Both judges pos- steaks. He red up the cast-iron pans and
set out his steaks for their sear. Everything
is a never-ending job,but thanks to the dedi- commuters from other towns and states can sess the necessary and appropriate judicial was looking great until we realized the
apartment had begun to ll with smoke.
cated residents and businesses of Somers,the see that Somers’ residents and businesses temperament to mete out justice fairly and We opened all the windows, but to no
avail. Within minutes, the smoke alarm
task gets easier and easier each year. take pride in their community. objectively but with compassion and con- began blaring and we could not gure out
how to turn it o . And then the dog be-
We had a very successful 2019 Spring We look forward to another successful sideration in every case. We have also found gan howling along with the smoke alarm.
We knew it was mere moments before
Town-Wide Clean Up and it is all because Somers Town Wide Clean-Up in the Fall of both Judge Timone and Judge McDermott the super police came in and gave us a
super citation for disturbing the peace.
of you, the residents, business owners and 2019, as well as our Annual Fall E-Recycle to be dedicated, hardworking and profes-
But just then our doorbell rang. I
employees of Somers, who never fail to give Day with City Carting! For more informa- sional in every respect. Both are individuals opened it to see our new neighbor stand-
ing there with a broom. She came into our
100 percent to the task at hand. Our sincer- tion about the Somers Litter Task Force, of impeccable honesty and integrity who, as apartment, swung the broom at the smoke
alarm. and knocked it o the ceiling. en
est gratitude to: Mr. Peter Mcmanus, Su- please call 914.486.0355, email us at: keep- members of the bench in Somers, undoubt- she calmly walked over to the still blaring
smoke alarm and removed the battery.
pervisor Rick Morrissey and his extremely [email protected], or write to us at edly help to make the Town of Somers a bet-
“Wow, ank you so much!”I said.
helpful sta , Somers Town Board, Somers PO Box 92, Lincolndale, NY, 10540, and ter and safer place in which to live and work. “How did you know what to do?”

Highway Department, New York State “Like”us on Facebook. It is with great honor and without reserva- She gestured across the hall into her
apartment where I could see a man in an
Highway Department, Brett Freeman and Dr. Suzy Moravick, President tion that we respectfully recommend to the apron fussing about in her kitchen.

e Somers Record sta , Andrew Far- on behalf of the Somers LitterTask Force residents of the Town of Somers that they “Allow me to introduce my husband,”
she said.“Super Stir Fry Man.”
ber and the Somers Library sta , Somers Board Members vote for both Judge Timone and Judge Mc-
For more Lost in Suburbia, become follow
Women’s Club, Somers Police Department, Local attorneys support Judges Dermott in the Republican,Conservative and Tracy on Twitter @TracyBeckerman
Timone and McDermott and become a fan on Facebook at www.
Somers Fire Department, Northeast Rotary Independence Primaries on Tuesday June 25
Club, Somers Lion’s Club, Somers Veterans as these two individuals are clearly the most
Organizations, Somers Land Trust, Somers quali ed and experienced candidates for the

Chamber of Commerce, our Home Own- position of Somers Town Justice.

ers, Pond, and Lake Associations, Girl Scout Judge Denis Timone and Judge Michael Charles J. Scheld, Esq., MaryPatricia

and Boy Scout Troops, and all the dedicated McDermott are well known, well liked and Sweeny, Esq., Jessica Bacal, Esq.,William

residents who pick up litter on our roads, on well respected in the Putnam and Westches- Fleming, Esq., Gary Rick, Esq., Andrea

our trails, and in our wooded areas. ter legal communities. Each brings with him Rendo, Esq., Judith Reardon, Esq., Joseph J.

e Somers Litter Task Force expresses to the position of Town Justice a wealth of Tock, Esq., Kevin P. Sweeny, Esq., Andrea

our sincerest “ ank you” to City Carting, knowledge and experience that has been ac- Catalina, Esq., Patricia Moro, Esq., Je rey

DeCicco & Sons, Forbes Insurance, Lawton quired by many years in private practice and Chartier, Esq., Jay Sherman, Esq., Angela

Adams Construction Corporation, Route as long standing members of the judiciary in Zagreda, Esq., Kim Demers, Esq., Richard

100 Market, and area residents who pro- the Town of Somers. Christensen, Esq., Emil Piedra, Esq., Muriel

vided donations to further our ability to o er We, as members of the local bar, appear Sanders Fine, Esq.

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Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Somers Record – Page 15

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M e a d o w l a n d g m c . c o m5496/26094 and Canyon 8964/26223. Financing in lieu of rebates. Pictures for illustration purposes only. Not responsible for typographical errors.Ends 6/30/19.

Page 16 – The Somers Record OPINION Thursday, June 13, 2019

Here I go again MELEN from e Lion King. It was a
pretty complicated routine, and
Television commercials for THE least, devastating. e public rela- FROM PAGE 10 she performed it beautifully.
making life better through SEASONED tions people have de nitely done
chemistry are thoroughly CITIZEN their research, aiming their mes- the air holding his imaginary We met with some of the
overwhelming. First they promise sages at the older, more vulnerable partner’s hand, the other on contestants after the show. One
to cure everything except death and ADRIENNE viewers: All those under 85 can his stomach. He looked like a had false eyelashes and couldn’t
then go on to list all the side e ects KAVELLE buy burial insurance and not feel little teapot, short and stout, wait to get them o . “ ese
there was his handle, there was things are like windshield wip-
that might kill you! Whatever guilty about leaving their children his spout. When it came time ers,” she said. Her real eyelashes
for us to mimic the moves, I were a little upset, and if they
happened to the promise of ‘ rst this tremendous monetary burden. couldn’t get it right because I had known she wanted wind-
was trying to do a cha cha cha shield wipers, they could have
do no harm’ ? Instead, we are faced If you’ve made it to over 85 cha instead of a cha cha cha. handled the job. Diana was
dressed in kind of a feline cos-
with choosing the lesser of two evils: your head- though, tough canooties! I guess they gure if you’re ere is a moment when I tume, and I didn’t want to get
nish dancing with someone too close because I’m allergic.
ache may dissipate but the drug might cause a brain that old they can shortly focus on your kids to buy when, ushed with relief, they
say, “Wow, that could have been e moral of the story is that
tumor; alleviate your indigestion but watch out for their own insurance and protect your grandkids! way worse.” it doesn’t matter what age you
Anyway, the exhibition was are, what shape you are, what
esophageal cancer. en we have the monument and cemetery ads. really fun, and there were some size you are or whether you
participants who could really have two left feet, you can prob-
en we have the legal profession commercials. May as well make the choice while you’re still stand- dance. ere was one guy with a ably dance better than I can. If
bunch of tattoos that picked up I could meet up with Cinder-
Here we are told, if a drug harms you, take the maker ing, write your own epitaph and check out the view! his instructor and held her aloft ella after the ball I have a few
like he was about to throw her questions for her. Like, can you
to court and receive a giant settlement…if it killed a Let’s not forget the ‘emergency button’. Not a bad 20 yards down eld in a perfect really become princess if a glass
spiral. Another guy looked as slipper happens to t your foot?
relative you’ll become a millionaire! idea at all, but why try to scare the bejeepers out of if he might keel right over if If so, that’s interesting, because
his instructor left him alone for Kate Middleton and I both
Let’s not forget the testimonials from people who us with peers in devastating situations: alone on the more than three seconds. You wear the same shoe size.
could feel the joy some of them
have been ‘cured’ of cancer or heart disease or some oor where you’ve fallen with no one to nd you for felt doing things others thought Join Rick and the Trillium vocal
they were too old to do. ere group for some love and harmony
illness we’ve never even heard of. Sometimes they days if at all; slipping in the shower or passing out in was a group of young students at 12 Peekskill Lounge Friday
doing a group routine, and evening, June 21, 8:30 p.m. at 12
are given labels: ‘actual patient’ or ‘actor portrayal’ , the park. Seasoned Citizens are not idiots, just tell us some of them obviously had a North Division Street, performing
lifelong passion ahead of them. with Sun Solo
always in very small print. In even smaller print is a how being able to call someone quickly will be help- My friend Diana danced with
her partner to “Circle of Life” Say hello at: [email protected]
disclaimer, “You must not expect these results, every- ful, without all the histrionics. Scare tactics stink!!

one is di erent”…but how many of us read the small We can understand our needs without all of those

print? When you’re hurting and seeking a panacea gruesome illustrations.

you’ll try anything. Now, as I do occasionally, a piece of advice. If you

Which brings me to our next subject. A number really want to take care of your children and human-

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Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Somers Record – Page 17

Students named
Future Innovators

Somers High School student Nitin Seshadri and his STEM team, D2NK, were win- Specializing in Saving Get it Done
ners of the Future Innovators award at the third annual Johns Hopkins Healthcare De- Mature & Ancestral Trees Right
sign Competition in the Advanced Health Systems track. e team designed and devel-
oped a wearable sensor called AI4VI – Advanced I-Sight for Visually Impaired – that Storm Damage
detects obstacles above the waist to help visually impaired people navigate the world Protection &
around them; 130 high school, college and doctoral teams competed. Nitin’s was the only
high school team selected as one of the 31 nalists. 24 Hour
Emergency Service
Nitin with the Executive Director of CBID program Youseph Yazdi,
PHD, MBA at Johns Hopkins University. * We Work Directly with
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Ask the Doctor Q: What is Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) lead to a heart attack or stroke. As the population ages,
and why does it occur? PAD is more prevalent, advising an annual screening for
Kenneth Goldstein, MD A: PAD is when plaque deposits of fat, cholesterol, PAD for everyone over the age of 70.
Chief, Vascular Surgery and other substances build up in the walls of
Northern Westchester Hospital your arteries. Over time, these deposits can cause Q: How can I reduce my risk? Or, if I’m diagnosed –
atherosclerosis, a narrowing or complete blockage How can I manage symptoms?
Learn more about of the arteries. Think about a clogged shower drain. A: Get the help you need to stop smoking. This is a risk
vascular surgery services When there’s no place for the water to go, it drains factor you can control. By damaging your blood vessels,
at NWH, visit slowly over time. If you continue to ignore the clog, the chemicals in cigarettes increase your risk for PAD by you can expect more serious plumbing issues. four times, according to the National Institutes of Health.
The same is true with your arteries. Also, exercise as regularly as possible, and stick to a diet
400 East Main Street | Mount Kisco, NY 10549 rich in fruits, vegetables and legumes, and limit meat.
(914) 666-1200 | Q: How do I know if I have PAD?
A: PAD symptoms often begin with leg pain and Q: Behavior modi cation isn’t working for me.
worsen over time. You’re in pain because there’s not What are my options?
enough blood ow or oxygen in your limbs to keep A: If you’ve been diagnosed with PAD and your symptoms
up with the demands of the exercise. Symptoms may can’t be managed through behavior modi cation alone,
mirror less serious complications. See your doctor if you have options. At Northern Westchester Hospital,
you have a non-healing ulcer, an ingrown toenail, we use balloon angioplasty, stent placement and
thickened toenails, hair loss on your feet, cold feet, atherectomy procedures to treat PAD symptoms. These
or no pulse in your feet. techniques help keep the blood owing in the arteries
of the lower limbs and are often done without hospital
Q: Is it serious? stays. You’ll resume daily activities within a day or less.
A: Though progression isn’t rapid, severe PAD can For severely blocked arteries, bypass surgery lets us
cause tissue loss and gangrene, and can even be bypass severely blocked blood vessels. This ften requires
deadly. Regular screening for PAD is critical because the a three-to- ve-day hospital stay and rehabilitation.
condition can be a marker for coronary artery disease
and cerebrovascular disease, which could ultimately

Page 18 – The Somers Record Thursday, June 13, 2019

County promotes safe sleeping for infants

Safe sleep practices will help reduce the risk of sudden unexpected infant deaths

Placing the safety of Westches- the ABCs of Safe Sleep in both e New York State Depart-
ment of Health continues to re-
ter County’s children and fami- English and Spanish. DSS’ non- port that nearly 100 infants die
each year in New York State due
lies at the forefront, Westchester pro t partners will help distrib- to unsafe sleep practices, and Sud-
den Unexpected Infant Death
County Executive George Lat- ute the information to child care (SUID). Locally, the multi-dis-
ciplinary Westchester County
imer launched a public awareness providers through its partner- Child Fatality Review Team
reviewed 100 child fatalities be-
campaign aimed at preventing ship with the Child Care Coun- tween 2008 and 2018, and found
that in 31 percent (involving 31
infant deaths attributed to unsafe cil of Westchester, and through children) an unsafe sleep environ-
ment was identi ed, and that g-
sleeping environments. e ABCs the Westchester County Diaper ure climbs to nearly 54 percent for
infants under age one. While that
of Safe Sleep, as recommended by Bank. e information will also doesn’t necessarily mean unsafe
sleep was determined to be the
the American Academy of Pe- be distributed through the Health cause, it nevertheless was present
and of concern, pointing to the
diatrics and others, explains that Department’s WIC program that ongoing need for public educa-
the safest way for babies to sleep serves pregnant women and in-
Also Statewide, the New York
is Alone, on their Backs and in a fants in Yonkers and Port Chester. State O ce of Children and
Family Services reported that of
Crib. “Losing a child is heartbreaking the 221 infants under age one
who died in an unsafe sleep en-
“For any parent, the death of and devastating to families,” DSS vironment between 2014 and
2016, 62 percent were sleeping
a child is absolutely devastating,” Commissioner Kevin McGuire in an adult bed, usually with one
or more adults or other children,
Latimer said. “ at is why it is said. “And Westchester County, leading to our campaign for fami- is not a safe alternative to plac- • No blankets, pillows, toys or
lies to “Share the Room, Not the ing a baby in their own crib, and bumpers.
crucial to remember that your along with its local and State part- Bed.” every parent, family member and
caregiver needs to understand the • Dress baby in one more layer
baby should always be sleeping ners, is prepared to do everything “It is so unfortunate that un- safest way to put babies to sleep. of clothing than you for warmth,
safe sleeping and bed sharing are While new parents will learn the and use a sleep sack.
alone, on his or her back and in possible to educate parents and leading causes of death for infants, ABCs of Safe Sleep in our local
because most of the time these hospitals, it is extremely impor- Back:
a crib, every time you put your other caregivers about the ABCs deaths could have been prevent- tant for us to reinforce these prac- • Always place baby on his/her
ed,” said Commissioner of Health tices across Westchester County.” back.
baby to sleep. It is our hope that of Safe Sleep, and the risks of bed Dr. Sherlita Amler. “Bed sharing • No sleeping on side or tummy.
All parents and caregivers • Tummy time is for supervised
by launching this safe sleep cam- sharing.” should use the tips listed below play time only.
to keep your baby safe, and reduce • No pillows or wedges in the
paign, we will ultimately be saving Westchester County also cre- the risk of Sudden Unexpected crib.
Infant Death (SUID) as recom- Crib:
children’s lives across Westchester ated a promotional video for the mended by the American Acad- • Baby sleeps safety in a separate
emy of Pediatrics: crib or bassinet.
County.” campaign to reinforce the sig- • Use tightly tted sheets with
Alone: no blankets.
As part of the campaign, DSS ni cance of safe sleep practices • Baby should always sleep • Never allow baby to sleep on
alone in a crib. a couch.
will be providing 500 bags lled that will be made available in all • Share the room, not the bed. • No futons, chairs or water-
Baby can share a room with par- beds.
with sleep sacks and paci ers, of DSS’ District O ces, as well ents, in a separate crib. For more information, visit
• Baby should not co-sleep, or
two baby items that have been as promoted in the County’s My share a crib with a sibling or pet. sleep

proven to reduce unsafe sleep in- Westchester Newsletter, on the

fant deaths. e bags also include website and on all social media

informational yers that illustrate platforms.

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Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Somers Record – Page 19

We Want YOU
Pull-up, Park & Party at

Somers Independence Day Block Party!

Food Truck
Kelly-Oster 2PM: GATES OPEN Vendors
Irish Dance Troupe Kids Zone
Sebastian Capital Urban Campus & Rides
Dan Zlotnick Rte 35 & 100 •
& Band
Brought to you by Face Painting
Cadillac Chris The Town of Somers, Sebastian Capital •
Ruggiero & Band
& The Somers Lions Club Zippy The
(Doo Wop) Clown

Just Nuts Band
(ultimate dance band) (done right!!)

Class Action Band •
Ford Mustang
(rockin it)
Special Guest Stars
(tickets still
tSiecBlkluseytosyueotauFrArlyS—T! available)



SPONSORS: A portion of proceeds go to
local Veteran Charities:
NYSEG • Pepsi • Allstate: Karen Merri Agency
Westchester All Stars for Veterans
• Ace Endico • Appliance Sales Plus • Bridgham Barr Orthodontics & My Brother Vinny

• Putnam County Savings Bank • Park Ford Mahopac • Route 100 Market Special Thanks To:
The Somers Volunteer Fire Department
• Mavis Tire of Mahopac • Mancini Real Estate • Michel Design Works • Somers Chase HoA
• Money Mailer of NE Westchester & Putnam • Carquest Auto Parts • City Carting & The Somers Police Department

• Central Auto and Truck Parts • Scientific Electric Company • Somers Chamber of Commerce Please leave grills home
• Forbes Insurance • Somers Record • Healthy Home Energy & Consulting • Advanced Auto Parts Please no drones by order of Somers PD

• Jilco Windows • Lawton Adams Supply • Penny Lane Dance Academy • King Kone • GuidED

Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Somers Record – Page 25

Somers Seniors

Adult services are through the Van Tassell House in Somers. For more information, contact program director Barbara Taberer at 914-232-0807 or [email protected] You can
also visit or on Facebook at Somers Senior Services. All services are for ages 60 and up.

Chair Yoga available to those in need. workout with Lori; 10:45 a.m. through Friday not hesitate to be critical or forth-

Bene ts include improving Transportation Wednesdays is body movement Book Club: 12:30 p.m. last coming about your thoughts. We
with Lori; 10:45 a.m. ursdays is Monday of the month. With the are here to share, listen and enjoy.

exibility and balance, builds meditation with Manjula; 12:30- assistance of the Somers Library a Bridge 10 a.m. Tuesdays and

strength, and increases muscle Wheelchair accessible vans are 1:30 p.m. Fridays is strength and monthly selection will be assigned ursdays. e club welcomes

tone. Mondays through August available for transport to all des- balance with Lori. and distributed to members. Do new players.

6 from 12:30-1:30 p.m. at the tinations. Line Dancing with Rich-

Somers Adult Program Center, Medical Appointments: ard. Tuesdays 10:30-11:30 a.m.

98 Primrose Street. Transportation to medical, den- Richard Barnett has been leading

Somers Senior tal and physical therapy appoint- group music and dance classes
ments is available on Tuesdays, in Westchester for over 20 years.

Day Trips Wednesdays and ursdays be- Line dancing! Beginners welcome
tween the hours of 10 a.m. and as well as more seasoned dancers,

July 21: Ivoryton Playhouse, 3 p.m. for Somers adults who are singles and couples welcome, or

Essex Ct.,“Mamma Mia,”Ticket/ unable to drive. Door to door. $5 maybe you’d like to join us…have

restaurant luncheon, $99 per se- round trip fee a seat, listen to the music and en-

nior. Shopping: Mondays transpor- joy the dancing. Lunch is available

Registration begins May 1 at tation is available to clothing/gift following the class.

the Amawalk Fire House (1 Lib- shopping plazas including JV Mall Meditation with Manjula

erty Way, Amawalk) noon-2 p.m and the Danbury Mall, Christmas ursdays 10:45 a.m. Deep Owned and operated by two Registered Nurses
then starting May 2 in the recre- Tree; Fridays transportation to Breathing and Guided Meditation
with over 80 years of combined experience!
ation o ce in Reis Park (82 Prim- area grocery stores. Destinations techniques are designed to pro-

rose St., Katonah) 8 a.m.-3:30 include Turco’s, Stew Leonard’s mote relaxation, build internal en- Proudly Serving Putnam and Westchester Counties

p.m. Checks must be written to: and Stop and Shop, Shoprite, ergy or life force (qi, ki, prana etc.). Dementia Care Companion Care Nursing Care
In-Home Evaluations Respite Care 24 Hour Care
Somers Seniors. For additional in- Door to door. Deep breathing and meditation are

formation call 914-485-1960. Library: Hop aboard our alter- an internal e ort to self-regulate

Nutrition nate Tuesday run to the Library. the mind in some way. Meditation

Door to door. is often used to clear the mind and CALL US TODAY for a free phone evaluation!

Meals on Wheels: if you are Activities and Trips ease many health concerns, such 914.265.4299
as high blood pressure, depression,

having trouble preparing meals or and anxiety, thus reducing stress. Route 202 Suite #3 Somers, NY 10589

getting out to shop, we can help Water Color Class: Join Diana Mah Jong Wednesdays 12:30

out by delivering a hot meal to your and Janet every Wednesday from p.m. We have beginner tables and

home. $2.00 donation suggested. 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Free. tables for more advanced players.

Lunch at Van Tassell House: Exercise Classes: 10:45 a.m. Tile sets are available.

a hot meal is served Monday Monday is exercise and music with AHIS–Person to Person meet-

through Friday at noon. $2.00 Lori. 10:30-11:30 a.m. Tuesdays ings, second Friday of the month

donation. Activities and outings is music and dance with Rich- Card Games, speakers, holi-

available to all. Transportation is ard; 12:30-1:30 p.m. Tuesdays is day parties and Wii: Monday

Do you know what the cost of your long-term care
will be if you are not eligible for Medicaid?

• Asset Protection • Elder Law • Past Chair of Elder Law Section of MichaelMichael O'Donovan O'Donovan
NYS Bar Association
• Medicaid Applications Financial Advisor
(Nursing Home/Home Care) • “Super Lawyer” In Elder Law Financial Advisor247 Route 100 Suite 200
Somers, NY 10589
• Guardianships Member SIPC
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• Wills, Trusts & Estates 652B-A Member

914.948.1500 MKD-8652B-A
Financial Advisor 914-401-9218
247 Route 100 Suite 200
Somers, NY 10589 Member SIPC


Page 26 – The Somers Record Thursday, June 13, 2019

LIBRARY Create a Summer Seashell Plaque Design. is program is bring their own two fabric choices turned in your game card, you will
Wreath (Adults): Saturday, June a mini series. For best results, it to customize design. After three be entered into a ra e to win one

22 from 10:30 a.m. to noon. Ju- is recommended that participants classes you will have a framed ini- of 10 drawing prizes.*

Dr. Edward Markowitz of the dika Lieberman will lead the class attend all three program dates to tial plaque to decorate your room, *Ra e Prizes - ere will be 10

Advanced Wellness and Injury and materials will be provided. be held on ursdays from 3:30 or to give as a gift. is program ra e winners chosen for gift bags

Center in Danbury, Conn., you Registration is required.. - 4:45 pm: 6/20. Take your love is for students grades 6 and up. that include gift cards, books and

will learn: How to improve the Teen Dungeons & Dragons of fashion and interior design to a Space is limited to 10 participants. other gifts!

way you feel, look and work; How Club (D&D). Saturdays, 6/15; new level! Join us for a fun class Pokemon Go! Friday, June 14 Summer Watercolor. Mon-

to limit your need for drugs and 7/6 and 8/3, noon to 2:30 p.m. where you will learn how hand from 3:3-4:30 p.m. Feel the wind days, 7/1, 7/15, 7/22& 7/29,

surgery; How to reduce your pain Join us to play Dungeons & sew and appliqué your initials! in your hair and grass under your 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Explore

naturally; How to reduce the Dragons this summer! Familiarity Participants will have the op- feet! Run wild with Pokemon! using watercolor paint to see

harmful e ects of stress; Why our with Dungeons and Dragons is portunity to choose from a vari- Whether you are a seasoned fan, the vibrancy it can bring to your

health care costs are rising an we encouraged. Grades 6 and up. ety of fabrics, ribbons and colors. or secretly curious, stop by to Summer endeavors! Quiet music

are still so sick. Atelier @ Somers: Applique Participants have the option of make new friends and become will be played for extra inspiration.

part of a vast community. Re- Suggested Supplies List: Water

quirements: You must have access color or multi-media paper, Water

Law Firm of to a device that will accept the app cup, Plate or paper plate to mix

Tracy Christen Reimann for download. We will meet in the colors, Pencil/Eraser, Watercolor
If you are in one of these situations… Program Room, then play outside. paints, Optional: tracing paper.

is event will be cancelled in the ere is a $30 fee to be paid on the

event of inclement weather. is rst day of class. Make checks out

program is for students grades 6+. to Judika Lieberman. Registration

July is required.
Summer Writers’ Group.

I just lost a parent. Mondays, 7/1, 8, 15, 22, 29; 8/5,
Book Bingo for Adults this 12, 19 & 26, 10:30 am to noon.

My spouse has been diagnosed Summer at the Somers Library: Join us at the Somers Library for
with Alzheimer’s. Have fun, try something di erent, a writing class for all levels where

and join with children and teens participants can be creative and

My special needs child is turning 18. in summer reading. Who knows... share their e orts in class. Each
you might be a lucky winner! Back week writers will have their cre-

I just inherited a family business. by popular demand! Book Bingo ativity challenged in di erent

or another... for Adults, an adult summer read- ways. e class will be lead by Jo

ing challenge! Ann Francella, a columnist for

I can help! Call me at 914-617-8447. • Fill out a registration form e Somers Record, and Kathy
and give to the reference librarian. Neggers, a published author.
Make sure to include your Somers Space is limited.

Estate Planning & Administration • Elder Law • Special Needs Planning Library card number. Moon Landing Movie Mania:

• Receive a game card to take Space Movies to Celebrate the

• Real Estate • Business Formation, Sale & Purchase home and keep until you have 50th Anniversary of the Moon
completed your Book Bingo card. Landing this Summer at the

Professional Expertise • Personalized Touch Participants will receive one free Somers Library - Fridays: July 12,
book for registering (while sup- July 19, July 26, & August 2 from

plies last.) 12:00 pm—2:30 pm

376 Route 202, Somers, NY 10589 • • Put an ‘X’ through each com- • July 12: Destination Moon
pleted square on the game card. (NR) - Almost two decades be-
Try to get a ‘Bingo’ by completing fore it became a reality, Tinsel-

a full row in any direction. Keep town imagined what the rst trip

Bethel Springvale Inn ... track of all the books you have to the moon would be like with
read, etc. on the back of the game this 1950 movie that’s considered
Westchester’s Best Value in Assisted Living card. to be one of the rst space-themed

• All game cards must be re- lms to actually incorporate real
turned on or before Wednesday, science. Plus, the lm won an Os-

August 28. car for its convincing (for the 50s,

• Once you have completed and anyway) special e ects.

July Move-In Special ESTATE SALE - LOG HOMES

Studio Apartment Special Rate PAY THE BALANCE OWED ONLY!!!


$3,500 /Month - Rent, Basic Services 4 Log Home kits selling for BALANCE OWED, FREE DELIVERY
& Enriched Care Program
1)Model # 101 Carolina $40,840…BALANCE OWED $17,000

Bethel Springvale Inn Assisted Living offers: 2)Model # 203 Georgia $49,500...BALANCE OWED $19,950
3)Model # 305 Biloxi $36,825...BALANCE OWED $14,500
 24 hour on-site nursing 4)Model # 403 Augusta $42,450...BALANCE OWED $16,500
 Chef prepared meals served restaurant style
 Personal Emergency Response System NEW - HOMES HAVE NOT BEEN MANUFACTURED
 Outings, events, activities and more
 Personalized care levels for your comfort & safety Make any plan design changes you desire!

Stop by Our Open House 6/22/19 from 11 am– 1 pm Comes with Complete Building Blueprints &
Construction Manual
62 Springvale Road, Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520 914-739-4404 —
Windows, Doors, and Roofing not included BBB


Thursday, June 13, 2019 SCHOOLS & CAMPS The Somers Record – Page 27

It’s June! How much do WHY DO WE
you know about it?
Dear Dr. Linda, tional Chocolate Pudding Day,
I wanted to let you know how STRONG c. National Flag Day, d. National
much my family and I enjoy LEARNING Juggling Day). MEDIA’S
the little tests you give us in the
5. June 14 also celebrates a LOCAL

paper. I know this must sound DR. LINDA popular nursery rhyme which NEWSPAPERS?

corny, but my children and my SILBERT probably originated in England Advertising in Halston
Media is being part of a
parents actually do the tests but was published in the U.S in community. While walking through
different towns, people recognized
together. Even though we don’t 1850 as a dance song. (a. Pop our picture and connected it to the
services promoted. It was a great way
know all the answers all the Goes the Weasel, b. Jack and Jill, to get new customers while validating
our work with current clients.
time, each one of us usually gets some of them. c. Old Mother Hubbard, d. Old King Cole).
Dr. Deborah Hardy
I have a request. You wrote one recently for a 6. June 17, 1944 marks (a. Italy’s National Day, Student Support and Educational Consultant

child who was born in April. Since both my kids b. Greek National Day, c. Icelandic National Day, GuidED Consulting, LLC

have June birthdays, my youngest turning 9 on d. America’s National Day) as the foundation of TO ADVERTISE WITH US,
CALL BRETT FREEMAN AT (845) 208-8151
June 4 and my oldest turning 12 on the 25th, that republic and the end of centuries-old ties with

would you write a little test for the month of June? Denmark.

It’s really a fun family time for all of us. 7. What day is celebrated on the third Sunday

Barbara of June in the U.S. but is celebrated on various

Dear Barbara, days in other parts of the world during the spring

ank you for letting me know how much you months. a. Mother’s Day, b. Grandparents’ Day, c.

enjoy the little tests. Here’s a quiz about special Siblings Day, d. Father’s Day

dates this month. Wish your children a happy 8. Which famous American woman was born

birthday from me. in West Tuscumbia, Ala. on June 27, 1880, and

Famous People and Special Days during the became an author, political activist and lecturer de-

month of June spite many disabilities? (a. Helen Keller, b. Annie

1. Oscar the Grouch, the famous puppet born Oakley, c. Jane Addams, d. Grandma M ses).

on June 1, loves (a. trash, b. cookies, c. dogs, d. 9. On June 25, 1788, (a. New York, b. Virginia,

none of the above). c. Rhode Island, d. Delaware) was admitted as a

2. Ed White made the United States’ rst space- state, becoming the 10th to join the new union.

walk on June 3, (a. 1959, b. 1970, c. 1976, d. 1965). 10. June 30 is (a. National Sun Watch Day,

3. Aesop, the author of a collection of (a. Span- b. National Moon Day, c. National Star Day, d.

ish, b. Greek, c. French, d. English) fables, was sup- National Meteor Watch Day).

posedly born on June 4. SEE DR. LINDA PAGE 28

4. June 14 is (a. National Yo-Yo Day, b. Na-

Why Pine Grove School?

Certified Teachers • Honored Center of the Year
Healthy & Nurturing Environment • Drama & Art

Music, Yoga & Meditation
Library, Science & Computer Centers
Humanitarian Projects • Corporate Calendar & Extended Hours

• Infant (6weeks-12months) Serving the Community
• Wobbler/Toddler (12-36 months) for Nearly 40 Years
• Preschool (3-5 years)
• Pre-K (older 4’s)
• Kindergarten (5-6 years)
• Before & After School (5-12 years)
• Summer Camp (3-12 years)

Certified by:
NYS Department of Education

845-628-7500NYS Department of Social Service

85 My r t le Ave n u e, Ma h opa c, N Y 10541 • w w w.pi n e g ro ve c o u nt r ydays c h o o l . c o m

Page 28 – The Somers Record SCHOOLS & CAMPS Thursday, June 13, 2019

Congrats Tusker Tots!

Tusker Tots held its graduation ceremony on Friday, “It is truly wonderful to see my high school students

June 7, for the Class of 2019. Melanie Ivey, the director of take on a leadership and mentoring role for the tots

the Tusker Tots and Teens program oversees the tots and throughout each year,” Ivey said. “I’m fortunate to have

teens during the year during which high school students been given a rare opportunity to make a positive impact

create lesson plans for the tots and teach the lessons. e in the community and provide a sense of togetherness for

program has a lot of one-on-one interaction for the tots preschoolers, teenagers, and parents alike. When the little

and teens together. ones have a place to shine in Somers, everyone wins.”

Nicholas and
Liam are

excited about
Tusker Tots


The Tusker Tots Olivia, Penelope, and Emily enjoy the
Class of 2019 with snacks after the graduation ceremony
Ms. Ivey

DR. LINDA Watch Day! Watchers hope for a
clear night so they can see a me-
FROM PAGE 27 teor or shooting stars. Watchers
are looking for a streak of light
Answers: 1. a, 2. d, 3. b, 4. across the sky from a heated
c (Interesting facts: National and glowing meteoroid falling
Yo-Yo Day is June 6, National through the Earth’s atmosphere).
Chocolate Pudding Day is
June 26, National Juggling Day For even more family fun, go
is June 13) 5. a, 6. c, 7. d, 8. a online and research more about
(Interesting facts: Helen Keller special days and events occurring
was the rst deaf-blind person to in June and during the months
earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. in which everyone’s birthday
Annie Oakley is a famous sharp- falls.
shooter and starred in Bu alo
Bill’s Wild West show. Jane Ad- Have fun,
dams, a social reformer, is known Dr. Linda
for Hull House, a home for
disadvantaged people. Grandma Dr. Linda is co-author of “Why
Moses is famous for her folk Bad Grades Happen to Good Kids,”
art. 9. b, 10. d (Interesting fact: and director of Strong Learning
It became a tradition to look Tutoring and SAT/ACT Test Prep.
for meteors or shooting stars Send your questions to [email protected]
on June 30th, National Meteor Find more
articles at

e er est i raditi al usic & a ce

3 Days of Concerts, Dances,
Workshops & Jams

ld ngs39thAnnual

with Roots

Folk Festival

June 28, 29 & 30, 2019

lta o t air rou ds

in Altamont, NY near Albany

Tickets & Info: 518-765-2815

Thursday, June 13, 2019 SCHOOLS & CAMPS The Somers Record – Page 29

Olivia Kate
receives her

Nicholas, Kate, and Jesse



Tusker Tots Class of 2019 Summer in the Yard!


Art • Pottery • Kids Classes • Teen Classes • Art Therapy

7 weeks starting the week of July 8 — August 23

Art portfolio class for
4 one-week sessions: college admittance prep.
Monday-Friday, 9am-12pm
7 Tuesday’s July 9 – Aug 20
Week 1: July 15th to 19th 6:15 to 8:15
Week 2: July 22nd to 26th,
Week 3: July 29th to Aug 2nd 7 Friday’s July 12 – 23
Week 4: Aug 5th-Aug 9th 12:30 to 2:30

PHONE: 914-617-8541

Page 30 – The Somers Record Thursday, June 13, 2019



Senior captain a force on face-o s for Tuskers

Somers senior Conor Jaykus FILE PHOTO/ From a personal standpoint, Coach Dom Narcisco taught power, what would it be and
was a team captain and face-o ROB my parents have been my me that a strong work ethic why?
specialist/mid elder on the varsity DIANTONIO biggest role models. My mom and family are two of the most
boys lacrosse team. He was also and dad have supported me important things to embrace in I would choose the ability to
a defensive back on the football and achieve success. unconditionally and have taught life. Coach Dom’s in uence on y. I’m not a big fan of sitting
squad. me there is much to learn from me will always be present and for in tra c and being able to y
What was your favorite team both my successes and failures. that I am grateful. would solve that problem.
BY ROB DIANTONIO activity, pregame or post-game I will continue to look to them
CONTRIBUTING WRITER ritual that you shared with your for guidance. Tell us one thing about If you could pick one place
teammates? yourself that not a lot of people to visit on vacation that you’ve
How old were you when you From an athletic develop- know? never been to, where would you
started playing lacrosse and My favorite activity after a ment standpoint, coach Rob go and why?
how did you get started? home game was the tailgate. Win Weiss has been my coach, I was actually born in London,
or lose we would all get together mentor and supporter since England, and I lived there for I love shing, so I would
I was in rst grade when I of- and have lunch, which I think two years. I would love to go back travel to Lake Okeechobee in
cially started playing lacrosse. really helped the team bond. rst grade. anks coach Weiss at some point and visit London Florida because it is one of the
My dad played lacrosse in high for everything you taught me. as I don’t really remember much best lakes for bass in the U.S.
school for John Jay so he had a Who has been your biggest about it.
lacrosse stick in my hands long role model over the years and What is your favorite food to
before that. what have you learned from Will you continue to play eat before or after a game?
them? lacrosse in college? If yes, where
How did you feel overall are you going and why did you Before a game, nothing beats
about the lacrosse season this pick that school? a good bacon, egg and cheese
year? sandwich. After, I would have to
I am attending the Kelley say my Nanny’s meatloaf.
We didn’t go as far as I would School of Business at Indiana
have liked, but I couldn’t have University and I am going to look Best place to eat in Somers?
asked for a better group of guys into playing on their club lacrosse Somers Super Deli. e buf-
to end my high school lacrosse team. falo chicken sandwich is incred-
career with. Overall, I really en- ible.
joyed this season and I am really Do you know what you want
going to miss being on the eld to study in college? If yes, what Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat
with them. and why? or Instagram? Why?

What are your keys to suc- I am planning on studying Instagram. I think the scroll-
cess with winning face-o s? nance in college. I have taken ing is addictive.
some business courses in high
Warming up beforehand. If I school such as economics and I For a young athlete growing
had a good warm-up I would go nd the dynamics of the nancial up in Somers, what would you
into the rst face-o con dent. markets interesting. tell them about the experience
Con dence is huge in a face- of being part of the lacrosse
o . If you hesitate at all you will Who is your favorite profes- program and why should they
almost surely lose. sional athlete and pro or college go out for the team?
sports team?
As a senior on the team, how Nothing beats the camarade-
much did you value being a My favorite athlete would rie, honor and pride of walking
leader? have to be Eli Manning and my out onto your home eld and
favorite team would be the New playing lacrosse. I have been
My past three years on varsity York Giants. I’m a big fan. in the lacrosse program for 12
I was lucky to have witnessed years and have made friends
a bunch of di erent leaders on What is your favorite music to with players and coaches that
each team. It has been an honor listen to warming up for a game? will last a lifetime. e Somers
to be a captain this year and pass lacrosse program is excellent
along the insights I gained from is year I listened to a lot of and I highly recommend anyone
my predecessors such as commit- Mötley Cruë. It really got me interested in lacrosse joining. I
ment, preparation, sacri ce and amped up for a game. am proud to have represented
always giving it your best to win Somers and will always consider
If you could have one super- myself a Tusker.

how we sell your home
for more!
FLAG DAY commemorates the adoption

of the flag of the United States on Carol Christiansen
June 14, 1777 by resolution of

the Second Continental Congress . 914.261.7689 mobile
Café Realty™ [email protected]

Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Somers Record – Page 31

1-4 pm

Wed., Oct. 16
7-9 pm

Michael Abbamont Cherie Adams Olivia Astrologo Patrick Brown Kyle Bruenn Sebastian Cano Nicole Cicchetti Jessica Curran

St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Columbanus St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Columbanus
Pennsylvania State Uni-
Sacred Heart University Pace University Suny Polytechnic Institute Fairfield University Quinnipiac University Seton Hall University Fordham University

Cara Dennehy Mary Di Graci Michael DiLullo Sofia DiPippo Aileen Dwyer Daniel Eliseo Isabella Fonseca Alessandra Franco

St. Columbanus St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Patrick’s Bedford St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
John Jay College Of
Binghamton University Fairfield University University Of Scranton Binghamton University Criminal Justice Fairfield University Siena College UMASS Amherst

Olivia Frantzeskos Vincent Galati David Galvao Liam Gerrity Victoria Hunt Anna Keller Raven Kirby Grace Kokasko

St. Patrick’s Bedford St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Columbanus St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Fordham University Pace University Hamilton College SUNY Maritime Sullivan CCC Marist College University At Albany Hofstra University

Scott Murdock Debra Nichels Nicholas O’Mara Marina Passero Dylan Peters Nayeli Picon Kristen Quarless Jan Rivera
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Patrick’s Yorktown Sacred Heart University St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Patrick’s Yorktown
Stevens Institute Of
Technology Providence College Villanova University University Of Connecticut La Salle University University Of Tampa University Of Connecticut

Alyssa Sayegh Joseph Tock Mia Troetti Alexandra Vespucci Eric Volpi Gwyneth Warn Erin Wolter Adriana Zuzarte

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Patrick’s Bedford St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Savannah College Of Art
Marist College Sacred Heart University Sacred Heart University James Madison University Lander University NC State University Seton Hall University
And Design

Congratulations to the Kennedy Catholic Class of 2019 and
Northern Westchester County and Putnam County Catholic
elementary schools Class of 2015. God bless you and may you

achieve great things in your future.

To learn more contact Mr. Brian Bruder, Director of Admissions
54 Route 138, Somers, NY (914) 232-5061 Ext. 137 | [email protected]

Page 32 – The Somers Record SPORTS Thursday, June 13, 2019

Somers Lady Hammers win 11U WYSL
Westchester Cup championship

BY RICH MONETTI the ball around, Ulaj eventually Sloan
CONTRIBUTING WRITER took the pass from Mazzella Wassermann
and the trophy was in the girls’ goes above
e Somers Lady Hammers sights. the fray
traveled to SUNY Purchase
e rst time Somers’eyes got

for the Westchester Youth big Mazzella was also on John

Soccer League Westchester Jay’s heels. e game’s tallest

Cup championship on Saturday, player was poised in the crease

June 8, and spent a large part of and had the John Jay goalie at

the afternoon in the John Jay her mercy, but the attacker took

Jaguars, end. Unfortunately, the bounce just over the goal.

all the o ensive that owed A bit lower, the crossbar

between Julia Duzynski, Lindsay would get its say moments later.

Ulaj and Liliana Mazzella had Nicole Galletta had the helpless

the 11U team no closer to home goalie out front but the loud

as the clock ticked well into thud failed to put a dent in the

the second half. Clanks of the score again.

crossbar and post were of little e girls pressed on

solace to coach Milan Davidovic nonetheless, and the

either, especially as the prospect sideline gasps echoed

of a uke goal loomed larger by pride as the net

the minute. minder tried to follow

“I was very worried,” the triangulation

Davidovic said. through the John Jay Julia
But the girls ultimately had a crease. In this case, Duzynski
the misdirection was has her eye
handle on their coach’s anxiety probably one too many on the ball
and pressure nally brought the

Hammer down on John Jay’s passes, and Somers was PHOTOS: RICH
hopes. turned away.

Lindsay Ulaj came free in But Davidovic will

front of the goal and got the live with that type of Liliana
game winner with about ve excess any day breaks out

minutes remaining. “Everything is about for Somers

“I had to kick really hard teamwork,” he said.

because it came to my left foot,” Of course, the coach

said Ulaj. wasn’t leaving out his

Ulaj kept the play alive defense. Sloan Wasserman was in no

seconds earlier when she did a “Our defenders are the best, position to disagree and had a

slide tackle into the goalie to jar and they played amazing today,” step on her coach. but I’m faster,” said the defender But these girls know that no

the ball loose. Somers working Davidovic said. “ ey had a lot of fast players, with con dence. matter what happens, they can

Somers did have another close laugh it o .

one prior to the game-winner. “ at one, that one, that one

Ulaj’s shot was mu ed by the and that one are very funny,” said

goalie, bounced o the post and Wasserman of Alessia Matteo,

left the attacker at a loss. Ulaj, Marley Hawkins and

“I wish the goals were a little Mazzella.

bigger,” Ulaj said, conveying the SEE 11U PAGE 35
team’s frustration.


❖New Driveways OUR

❖Asphalt Overlays 30TH
❖Parking Lots
❖Unilock Driveways
❖Stone Walls, Patios

❖Landscape Design

914-962-8727 845-632-0732 914-232-4248

Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Somers Record – Page 33



Sue - Office: 845-276-8608 Lou: 845-494-9857 Hunter Douglas SAVE
Showcase Priority Dealer
Shades Above the Rest for Home & Office


WESTCHESTER 914-277-4229 • PUTNAM 845-278-2575 * Maintenance * Planting * Pruning *
Fireplace & Boiler Flue Experts * Shrubs * Plants * Lawn Maintenance * Soil Test *
Chimney Cleaning, Chimney Repairs, Gas Conversions, * Landscape Architectural Planning * Horticulturist *
Wood Burning Stoves, Fireplace Glass Doors, Fireplace
Inserts, Exhaust Fans, Chimney Relining, Repair Leaks (914) 248-7768


CASSAS BROS. Update or Improve TAhLe SLheFlleUy FEaLmilyCO.
Your Home
FAinvaanilcaibnlge 1606 Rte 22, Brewster
$500 OFF • Burner Sales, Service & Installation
All Types Of Any Complete • Tank Removal & Installation
Roo ng & Siding Roo ng Contract • Propane Available for Cooking & Heating

Fully Licensed & Insured 845-278-7312


PBJareiwinngetilinrnyyg,osCu, rAoiitnenmst,siSqorutewerseli&cnagnC,coBomllreeoctntoizybeolsue,!s Donate A Boat

OPEN WED57N1ESRDOAUYTE- S6A•TU8R4D5A-6Y2F8R-0O3M6210AM-5PM or Car Today!

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Information Kit with all the details. purchaser. See for other restrictions and for licensing, warranty, invigorating massage
and company information. CSLB B982796; Su olk NY:55431H; NYC:HIC#2022748-DCA. Safety Tubs Co.
LLC does not sell in Nassau NY, Westchester NY, Putnam NY, Rockland NY. FREE IN-HOME

Insurance Policy P150NY

Increase referrals and name recognition. Advertise in The Somers Record Bulletin Board and reach over 7,000 USPS delivered mailing addresses every week. Call 845-208-8151 today!

Page 34 – The Somers Record SPORTS Thursday, June 13, 2019

Moon competes at state meet

runs in

100-meter dash
and relishes

Ashley Moon (8) in the 100-meter dash trial. BY ROB DIANTONIO
Any track and eld athlete
Add Value heading to compete in the
to Your Home state meet for the rst time is
naturally going to have some
When we’re done, there is nothing left to do. nerves going into the event.

• Bathroom Remodeling • Kitchen Remodeling • Durable Vinyl Siding • Room Additions • Add-a-Levels • Somers’ Ashley Moon
• Replacement Windows • General Carpentry • Basement Finishing • Painting • Interior Trim • Handy Man • experienced that when she ran
in the Division I 100-meter
Sero’s Contracting dash last Friday, June 7, at the
New York State Public High
We specialize in targeted home improvements — both big and small — School championships. She
clocked a time of 12.65 seconds
to maximize your home’s value,comfort and beauty. to nish 14th out of 27 in the
preliminaries at Middletown
Licensed & Insured • Local References • Brewster, NY • 845-216-1955 • 845-279-6977 • [email protected] High School.

“Overall, I think could have
performed better,” Moon
admitted. “But I am very proud
of myself for being able to go to

Moon, just a sophomore,
said that competing against so
many amazing athletes was a
“little intimidating” and the
experience showed her how she
can improve.

“Everything at states was very
professional,” she said. “I was
surrounded by amazing athletes
and it was a little intimidating.
Before the race, I was talking
to some of the girls and they
were talking about their mind-
blowing times like it was no big

Moon said that her plan for
summer training is to “focus
on my start coming out of the
blocks, so I can hopefully get a
new personal record.”

“I thought Ashley performed
well at states this weekend,”
Somers girls track and eld
coach John Vegliante said.
“ is was her rst time at the
state meet, which presents an
entirely di erent atmosphere
than the other meets we go to
throughout the year. It was a
great learning experience for
her and I’m proud of how she
handled everything. To make it
as a sophomore and gain that
experience now just sets her up
for more success in the future.
Her track career is just getting
started and I can’t wait to see
what she does in the years to

Thursday, June 13, 2019 SPORTS The Somers Record – Page 35

Liliana Golf season wraps up
kicks up BY LUKE BUGONI Nathan explode in the Ivy League

PHOTO: RICH CONTRIBUTING WRITER and over the summer at a Westchester

e Somers golf team completed Sophomore Ava Minisolo made

their 2019 season, which, according sectionals and the cut for the second

to coach Leigh Fiorito, saw many day. She was named All-Section

impressive individual performances. while junior captain Doug Shirakura

Senior and Columbia commit was named All-League.

Nathan Han returned to Somers after “We’ll be looking for more good

a year at Ethan Allen Prep School stu next year [from Minisolo]”

and won his second NYSPHSAA Fiorito said.

title in three years. e rest of the team was rounded

Han nished with All-League, out by juniors Laurence Shaw,

All-Section and All-State honors. “ Michael Huber, Frank Lopez,

“Nathan is a phenom,” Fiorito sophomore Maddy Coombs,

said, “I’m looking forward to seeing freshman Owen Kerins and Eli Yates.

11U e camaraderie and closeness go along
way, according to Davidovic, and lie at the

heart of this team’s success.

So Ulaj seamlessly took the cue form “ is is what every team should be,because

her teammate and ran with it. Hitting the we are a family rst,” Davidovic said. Nathan Han
Photo courtesy
game-winning shot in March to win the Of course, the coach also praised the of Leigh Fiorito

11U girls basketball championship, the commitment of parents who support their

attacker deadpanned what she might do to kids and have him dreaming much bigger.

top this. “In ve years, I hope this team can reach

“I don’t know, maybe I’ll go skydiving,” the nationals,” Davidovic concluded.

Ulaj joked.




Screened Top Soil Cement Products
Clean Fill Belgium Blocks
Cowbay Sand Flagstone For Walks
Mason Sand & Patios
Item 4 Flagstone Treads
3/8”, 1 1/4” Washed For Steps
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Mulch All Types PVC For
Various Colored Mulch Drainage
• Player Evaluations Sweet Peet Excavation Work
• Women’s U20/23 League & Training Cement Blocks Rock Hammer Work

• Boys Technical Training 100 Buckshollow Road
• Summer Training 08-02 Mahopac, NY 10541 • 845-628-8110

VISIT WWW.NYXFC.COM to register Hours:
Questions? Email [email protected] Monday-Friday 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM

NYXFC is a nationally ranked soccer club located in Saturday 7:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Dutchess, Orange, Putnam And Westchester counties.

Page 36 – The Somers Record LEISURE Thursday, June 13, 2019

CLUES ACROSS are two 60.Talk a lot 28. Relative For puzzle solutions, please see
1. Mathematical term 27. Garnished 61. Actors’ group biological
(abbr.) 30. National capital 62. Unit of measurement effectiveness
4. Seaport (abbr.) 34. Basics 63. Slick (abbr.)
7. “Unforgettable” singer 35. Initial public offering 64. No seats available 29. Used to check
10.The GOAT 36. Winged horse 65. A way to change color the heart
11. Used to harvest agave 41. English synthpop duo CLUES DOWN 31. Western India
cactus 45. Mars crater 1. Belongs to the island
12. Luke’s mentor __-Wan 46. A lot daughter of Chaos 32. Credit card term
13. Muses 47. Small organelles 2. Wardrobe 33. Female deer
15. IBM operating system 50. By reason of 3. Derek and Jeff are two 37. British football
16. Hungarian village 54. “Growing Pains” 4. Disfigured team
19. Popular conversation actor Kirk 5. Hawaiian dish 38. Persian
topic 55. Free from 6. What a hack drives jurisdiction
21. N. Atlantic island contamination 7. Horse gear 39. Freshwater
23. Fail to discern 56. Genus in the 8. Do away with mussel genus
correctly mahogany family 9. Narrow straits 40. Opposite of
24.The President has one 57. Body part between Sinai and happiness
25. Irish Gaelic language 59. A belief in a supreme Arabian peninsulas 41. Ban on trade
26. Gasteyer and Ivanovic being 42. Bitterly regrets
13. Corrie 43. Assented
14. Hawaiian 44. Well-
flower proportioned
necklace 47. Part of (abbr.)
17. Midway 48. Indigenous
between people ofThailand
northeast and 49. A man of your
east stature (abbr.)
18. Insecticide 51. Advantageous
20. Comfort 52. Female sibling
22.Town in 53. Electronic
Galilee countermeasures
27. Informal 58. Swiss river

To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear
only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the
numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!


Corresponding to Last Week’s June 6 Issue


LLC FORMATION NOTICE of the LLC upon whom process against it

30 Blossom Lane LLC, Arts of Org. may be served. U.S. Corporation Agents,

led with Sec. of State of NY (SSNY) Inc., shall mail process to: 1190 Boston

5/29/2019. Cty: Westchester. SSNY desig. Post Road, Rye, NY 10580. Purpose: any

as agent upon whom process against may be lawful purpose.

served & shall mail process to 30 Blossom LLC FORMATION NOTICE
Lane,Carmel,NY 10512.General Purpose.

LLC FORMATION NOTICE EZ Wash Laundromat, LLC, Arts of
Org. led with Sec. of State of NY (SSNY)

Notice of Formation of BPR Consulting 6/29/2018. Cty: Westchester. SSNY desig.

LLC.Art.Of Org. led with SSNY on May as agent upon whom process against may

13, 2019. O ce Location: Westchester be served & shall mail process to 1039

County. United States Corporation Yonkers Ave., Yonkers, NY 10704. General

Agents, Inc., 7014 13th Avenue, Ste 202, Purpose. SEE LEGALS PAGE 38
Brooklyn, NY 11228 designated as agent

Thursday, June 13, 2019 CLASSIFIEDS The Somers Record – Page 37

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Page 38 – The Somers Record BUSINESS & REAL ESTATE Thursday, June 13, 2019

Did you know?

According to estimates from the U.S. Department education for years and, in many cases, several decades. jority in regard to doctoral degrees earned is a relatively
of Education, women have earned a disproportionate For example, DOE statistics indicate that women have recent yet still impressive trend that dates back to 2007.
share of college degrees compared to men over the last earned the majority of associate's degrees every year Estimates suggest these trends will continue, as DOE
12 years.In 2018,women were on target to earn 141 col- since 1978 and the majority of bachelor's degrees ev- forecasts suggest that, by 2027, women will earn 151
lege degrees at every level for every 100 degrees earned ery year since 1982. at trend also is re ected in post- college degrees for every 100 degrees earned by men.
by men. at trend isn't all that recent, as women have graduate degrees, as women have earned the majority of
earned the majority of degrees at every level of higher master's degrees every year since 1987. e female ma- Article provided by Metro Creative Connection.

LEGALS NOTICE TO BIDDERS Bids will be publicly opened and 2019 during regular business “Two (2) Level 2 Electric
TOWN OF SOMERS read aloud, on the following: hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Vehicle Charging Stations Bid”
To provide and install Two A bank check in the amount e Town of Somers reserves
PLLC FORMATION NOTICE NEW YORK (2) Level 2 Electric Vehicle of not less than 5% of the the right to accept or reject any
Dual Charging Stations, amount Bid or a Bid bond shall or all Bids and to waive any
CY.DO, PLLC, Arts of

Org. led with Sec. of State of NOTICE IS HEREBY networked with dual ports, accompany the Bid. Bidders informalities, in its discretion,

NY (SSNY) 5/1/2019. Cty: GIVEN that sealed Bids will be pole mounted with a retractable submitting a bank check as and to award the contract in a

Westchester. SSNY desig. as received by the Town of Somers cord. (Speci cations attached Bid security shall also submit manner deemed to be in the best

agent upon whom process until 10:00 a.m. on Monday, July Appendix A). a certi cate of surety from a interests of the Town of Somers.

against may be served & shall 8, 2019 at the O ce of the Town Bid Documents may be licensed surety bond company. BY RESOLUTION OF THE

mail process to Christian Clerk of the Town of Somers, obtained in the Town of Somers Bidders submitting a Bid bond TOWN BOARD

Youssef, 4 Martine Ave., Town House, 335 Route 202, Town Clerk’s O ce, 335 Route are not required to submit a June 6, 2019

White Plains, NY 10606-4016. Somers, New York, 10589, at 202, Somers, New York 10589 certi cate of surety. Patricia Kalba

Purpose: Medicine. which time and place said sealed beginning ursday, June 13, e Bid must be submitted in Town Clerk

a sealed envelope plainly marked


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Thursday, June 13, 2019 The Somers Record – Page 39

Page 40 – The Somers Record Thursday, June 13, 2019

Discover the Houlihan Lawrence

Consult with the Somers Office experts to discuss your options.

5 Linda Lane

Entertainers Dream. Stunning Williamsburg
Colonial reproduction has all the modern features
coveted by today’s buyer. This home offers over
4100 sq. ft. of versatile living space that is situated
on 1.5 acres of beautifully landscaped property.

Web# NN1551719 | $1,495,000

4 3.1 4,178 1.61


2 Coyote Court 15 Lovell Street ACRES 350 Cushman Road ACRES

Brewster | Web# NN1551084 | $985,000 Somers | Web# NN1555133 | $849,000 Patterson | Web# NN1540876 | $649,000

2682 Route 35 ACRES 230 Heritage Hills 750 Heritage Hills

Katonah | Web# NN1557507 | $599,000 Somers | Web# NN1533514 | $449,900 Somers | Web# NN1554086 | $424,000


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