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The Somers Record 10.10.19

Vol. 9 No. 27 Visit for the latest news. Thursday, October 10, 2019

Girl Scout presents sspCeerwciteiiacrlspvrfoootrjeecceotn
Gold Award project

Program about mental health set for Oct. 19 at Somers Library

Please join Victoria Gerry, Am- Lake Shenorock and Lake
Lincolndale residents to decide
bassador Juliette of Somers, as
she presents her Girl Scout Gold CONTRIBUTING WRITER

Award Project “Minds Mat- SOMERS, N.Y. – Whether Somers’ proposed sewer district
tanks or not will now be up to the folks in Lake Shenorock and
ter, raising awareness on mental Lake Lincolndale.

health,” from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 e Town Board has received a petition calling for a public vote
on the multi-million-dollar project.
p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 19, at the
It was signed by 126 of the 985 property owners in the two lake
Somers Library. is seminar is communities, way more than the minimum 5 percent required to
force a special election, said Lake Shenorock’s Linda Luciano at the
for ages 12 and up. Please sign up board’s work session ursday.

for sessions at [email protected] e deadline to submit more petitions is Friday, Oct. 11. e spe-
cial election can’t happen earlier than 60 days, or later than 75 days,
Stay all day or sign up for the ones after the town clerk deems the notarized signatures “su cient,” ac-
cording to town attorney Roland A. Baroni Jr.
you want. is will be a very infor-
e Town Board will likely have to hold a special meeting to set
mative and personalized seminar the date of the vote, which will take place at the Town House.

to help educate and support the Each property merits a vote. at means if one individual owns
three parcels, he or she gets three votes. People who own property in
community on mental health is- the proposed district but live elsewhere can vote by absentee ballot.

sues. Also, we are asking attend- Meanwhile, the town is waiting to hear from the Westchester
County Board of Legislators if it will be able to send wastewater
ees to donate board games to help from the new district to the county’s treatment plant in Peekskill.

the children and teens at the Four SEE SEWER PAGE 22

Winds Hospital in Cross River.

• 10:30-11:00: My personal

journey with mental health

• 11:00-11:30: How to sup- Victoria Gerry with
her Girl Scout Gold
port family and friends strug-
Award project on
gling with mental illness mental health

• 11:30-11:45: A parent per- PHOTO COURTESY OF VIRGINIA GERRY

spective by Virginia Gerry art therapy)
• 4-4:30: Guided meditation
• Noon-12:45: Educational
and yoga with Denise Noble
Power Point on mental health Quigley Your support is greatly appre-

facts and the stigma of mental • 1:30-2:15: Self help, love ciated!

health and coping skills

• 12:45-1:15: Q&A with • 2:30-3:45: Mindfulness ac-

LSW Jennifer Zauner and Lisa tivities (tapping, journaling and

Dedicated to T us , Quality Servic & Resu s
Contact Me For Your Complimentary
Audra Maccariello Real Estate Consultation Today!

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker Audra Maccariello Coldwell Banker Residential
YOUR REAL ESTATE RESOURCE Brokerage Katonah/Bedford
Cell: 914.438.5680 165 Katonah Ave., Katonah, NY 10536



Tuskers win third straight.
pg 26

Page 10 – The Somers Record Thursday, October 10, 2019

Happily Opinion

Football acts Halloween: Love it or hate it

My dog is afraid of loud MAN Halloween…you THE Putting kids on their honor
noises. OVERBOARD either absolutely SEASONED worked and no one took
One of the loud noises love it or abso- CITIZEN more than a few handfuls.
he is afraid of is me yelling at the RICK lutely hate it. Every so often I’d step out
top of my lungs, “GET HIM!” MELÉN
while six New York Giants chase It’s a time when in the ADRIENNE and touch whoever was
an opposing quarterback around to evaluate his readiness to start the
the pocket on third and long, season. “Did you see the spin he put old religion (nature), it is KAVELLE there with my magic wand
on that coin? It was like a reverse
nally extruding him like a dollop of spiral.” “Yes but he didn’t toss it very the start of the new year… in keeping with the en-
toothpaste into the at for a gain of far- do you think something’s wrong
16 yards and a rst down. Football with his arm?” a time to dress up as you chantment of the season.
is back! How I’ve missed it! e
elevated blood pressure, the constant ere are a couple rules changes would like others to see Magic wands were part
juggling of my schedule, the pre- for 2019. For one thing, coaches
game excitement, the post-game can now call for a review not only you; a time to celebrate the old and anticipate of my persona. I gave them to people I felt
depression. At rst my dog thought of plays where they thought pass
I was yelling at him. “Who, me? interference should have been called the new; a time to dance in the moonlight needed a boost. When Jason had a triple by-
Get who? e guy running around but wasn’t, but plays where they
on TV? What am I supposed to do thought pass interference shouldn’t and feel the barriers between this world and pass at Yale, his surgeon was head of the min-
with him if I do get him?” My dog have been called but was. So up in
imagines that I have a closet full the review booth you have a group the next loosen and intermingle and almost imal surgery department. I knew he was the
of opposing quarterbacks that my of o cials evaluating every pass
previous dogs have captured, and he play. “Back up the tape- did you see become one. best in his eld, but I still decided to give him
wants to capture one too because what he did with his hand there?
he knows he’ll get a treat. “Good He put it right on the guy’s bottom.” To Christians it is All Saints Day, a time to a magic wand, just in case. When he came
boy! ere’s a quarterback sack in “Inappropriate, yes. But pass inter-
the laundry room, so just put him in ference? I think it was just his way venerate the saints and remember all of our to tell me that everything went smoothly, he
there.” of saying, ‘I’m here for you, whatever
you decide.’” So they overturn the kin who have gone on ahead. opened his white coat to reveal my wand…”I
Yes, I love football. I even watch call after further review. Now I’d like
the pre-season games, because I like to see the other coach throw the red In my mother’s era, the kids would ll never tempt fate,” he said. What a terri c hu-
to see what future bar bouncers and
real estate agents look like playing ag, and see if the same o cials vote socks with our and ing them at people man being!! His skill and my wand gave me
football. e coaches don’t want to come to their senses and reinstate
their starting players to appear in the pass interference call after even who wouldn’t participate by giving them a 10 more years with my wonderful husband.
pre-season games because they’re
afraid that they will be injured. So SEE MELEN PAGE 17 treat. My mother remembered Halloween as Some people fear anything that smacks of
the star quarterback comes in for
the coin toss, then he’s done for the an evening when so called “bad boys” roamed “magic.” Why? Can’t they see what we call
day, and the rest of us are left trying
the streets and threw our all over everyone. “magic” is just believing that something we

She didn’t like Halloween at all. think impossible and want desperately can

In my youth, the girls dressed as fairies or happen and sometimes does?!

hags, the boys as cowboys and pirates, cops ink about it. One hundred years ago,

and reman, and knocked at every door col- heart transplants, antibiotics, even u shots

lecting Halloween loot. Sometimes we had would all be thought of as magic. ink what

parties where we bobbed for apples and ate Leonardo could have done with a com-

lots of spun sugar and candy corn. We weren’t puter…magic!! As we learn more and more,

frightened in those days of sick human be- magic takes a backseat to science, but we’ll

ings poisoning our treats or hurting us when always need to accept the impossible.

we rang their bells. What happened? Why So have fun this Halloween. Believe in

have some of us become so jaded that we magic and the impossible because at some

harm even our children? future date it will no longer be impossible

When I lived in Patterson, we’d light up and will be called, not magic, but a new stride

our front porches, put out bowls lled with in human understanding.

candies and pennies and a sign saying “Help

Yourself…But Leave Some For Others.” Contact Adrienne at [email protected]

+= Karen Merritt
Somers, NY
[email protected]

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Thursday, October 10, 2019 The Somers Record – Page 11


creativity solves
all problems.

Admissions Open House Chiwldelrceonmae!re
439 Cantitoe Street
Bedford, NY

Thursday, October 17, 6:00 p.m.

Saturday, October 26, 9:00 a.m.

Each day, we inspire PreK through Grade 9 students to
imagine, create, and innovate. RSVP for an Admissions Open
House at or call (914) 244-1205.

The Schoolhouse Theater & Arts Center

A Play by Jessica Dickey


October 3RD-20TH “Extraordinary…
A remarkable piece of

—The New York Times

The Amish Project is a fictional exploration of the Nickel
Katherine Michelle Tanner Mines schoolhouse shooting in an Amish community, and the

path of forgiveness and compassion forged in its wake. 


[email protected] | (914) 277-8477 | 3 Owens Road, Croton Falls, NY

Page 12 – The Somers Record OPINION Thursday, October 10, 2019

How about some broccoli with your milkshake?

Northern Westchester In the latter half of the 18th human being, just like you and the Colonial North.”
commuters traveling “Slavery was not just a South-
Metro North Railroad’s century, one Adolph Philipse Sme, save for a singular, profound
Hudson River line will recog- ern institution,” says Univer-
BRUCE nize the name Philipse Manor owned a sprawling 52,000-acre di erence: Caesar, like so many sity of Texas history professor
THE BLOG as one of the stations along the others of his race, was treated Dr. Daina Ramey Berry in a
route, nested in the town of provisioning plantation, an- video on the website. “It was an
BRUCE SSaoswanepdieecensolaf vperdopperroStpye—rt“y,l”egtoalblye American institution.”
APAR chored by a grist mill that fed
hisAcoconpsiydeorfaMblSer. wealth. 1750 ABOUT SLAVERY
e website includes easily
Sleepy Hollow. For a passerby, probate inventory documents TUAshlnaamesvihleeorrLetyiocac,haakairsngnstdhoyDeobroeysuoftldaodeyAfnnl.ess’tuSllSaarbtvveehIeenhrdaoyinspritieenozworepysdloe,f navigable and absorbing in-
teractive features that are ideal
what else is there to know? TheThthhLiseaepnrrgLaoamepreesgrt“tCeyA.asTuSetSostApahrp,uo”initrdghizeotnehtrediifzlyieisntdgisa for students, who form a major
segment of the HHV audience,
THTIHNIKNK THINKWell, there’s this… both online and at its many
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which Mr. Pockriss says wel-
come 15,000 schoolkids a year.
VP Peter Pockriss explained
ere’s even a special Teachers
Bethel Springvale Inn how the tourist organization Institute for K-12 educators,
uses entertainment events— sponsored by the National En-
Westchester’s Best Value in Assisted Living like the Blaze and the Sleepy dowment for the Humanities,
that helps them better under-
Hollow Experience—to entice stand “the institutional and
visitors into coming back for its personal sides of enslavement”
in the colonial north.
masterly produced and ground-
e best way to understand
Move-FInalSl pecial breaking education e orts, such that uniquely reprehensible
as “People Not Property.” stain on our heritage, though,
is to visit Philipsburg Manor,
COMFORT FOOD FOR which, says Mr. Pockriss, is “one
of the few sites that tells the
THOUGHT story of colonial-era slavery that
existed in the northern colonies,
3rd Month Free! “Our strategy,” he said, which is news to many people.”
“is using popular events that He adds, “I don’t have to tell
you how important the story is
encourage people to come back today with everything going on
in the world.”
for other reasons, where we can
He said that Adolph Phil-
give them some history. We call ipse’s probate inventory list
mentioned above, proved to
914-739-4404 x2204Bethel Springvale Inn Assisted Living offers: 914-739-4404 x2204 it the broccoli with the milk- be “a touchstone” that enabled
shake.” Historic Hudson Valley to
 24 hour on-site nursing unearth the local history of
 Chef prepared meals served restaurant style Just as broccoli is undeniably slavery at Philipsburg Manor
 Personal Emergency Response System nutritious, there is enrichment and elsewhere.
 Outings, events, activities and more for the mind and the soul in
 Personalized care levels for your comfort & safety learning about, and learning As the cornucopia of photos
from, this area’s backstory build- and information on its new
ing a thriving economy—and website illustrates, there is so
the personal riches that attend much of broad interest that
Historic Hudson Valley has to
it—on the backs of enslaved o er, the only way to appreciate
it all and plan a visit is to peruse
people. it online.

e Historic Hudson Val- IMMERSIVE SLEEPY
ley’s state-of-the-art website,
In the meantime, here are
upgraded a few months ago, is a some highlights Peter Pockriss
pointed out…
62 Springvale Road, Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520 914-739-4404 — treasure trove of easily digestible
information about “Slavery in • Among additions this year
at the Blaze (one of whose
biggest fans is actor Neil
Patrick Harris) is the Museum
of Pumpkin Art, suitable for
Instagramming, as well as a
multicolor-spangled Pride ag
at the entrance to welcome visi-
tors in more than 40 languages
and commemorate the 50th
anniversary of Stonewall.

• At Sunnyside, the Hudson


Thursday, October 10, 2019 The Somers Record – Page 13

your best self

Bové Spa & Wellness can show
you the way to a healthier life

BY BOB DUMAS Hormone optimization helps replenish and rebal- Karen Merritt, John Newell, and Abigail Bové Merritt
CONTRIBUTING EDITOR ance the hormones in an individual and can assist with
a variety of issues, including: muscle relaxation, and for skin toning and tightening.
On July 1, 2014, local Allstate agent Karen Merritt Bové’s Dr. Marcus also performs vein treatments,
was diagnosed with breast cancer. She’s recovered now • Increasing energy
and is cancer-free. But it was a long journey, one that • Improving mental clarity varicose vein therapy, and treats chronic venous insuf-
led to an unexpected destination. • Weight loss and belly fat reduction ciency. Bové o ers injectables and llers—non-surgi-
• Reducing or eliminating symptoms of menopause
As a result of her experiences throughout her recov- • Improving muscle strength cal cosmetic enhancement products—such as Xeomin
ery, Merritt decided to open her own wellness center in • Age-related illness prevention (for crow’s feet, laugh lines, frown lines, etc.); Radiesse,
Somers. Bové Spa & Wellness, which opened in May, • Reducing joint pain a dermal ller to restore lost volume and smooth wrin-
incorporates an array of medical, aesthetic and holistic • Increasing bone density kles; Belotero Balance, a smooth gel that integrates
treatments that provide each client with a unique, per- • Improving mood, and more into the skin tissue and replenishes it.
sonalized experience.
e closest place Merritt could nd to provide the ey also o er sessions for a hyper vibration ma-
Merritt’s mission is to care for the whole person procedure, in which a small pellet is placed under the chine, which Merritt says is great for lympthatic drain-
through an array of eclectic programs. Bové is a collab- skin by a medical doctor, was more than an hour’s drive age and circulation, and red-light LED therapy.
oration with her life partner, John Newell, who owns away. e pellet is time-released, so the procedure is
Whitehall Auto Services at Route 35 and Route 100 in performed about every six months and results in steady Bové will hold a hormone optimization event on
Somers, and her daughter, Abigail Bové Merritt, who and consistent levels of hor- Oct. 17, 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.
handles the spa’s marketing and social media platforms mone in the body.
while carrying on her family name to the spa. Merritt and her sta invite you to begin your own
“ e pellet is bio-iden- healing journey and become your best self. To nd out
Merritt’s cancer treatment took one and a half years, tical and plant based, and more, call 914-276-2200.
but her subsequent recovery was challenging. the dose is tailored for
each person.” Merritt said.
“I had a di cult time gaining back my immune sys- “First, you get your blood
tem,”she explained.“I didn’t have chemo, but I had mul- taken and the dosing is
tiple surgeries in a short period of time. I just wanted to based on multiple individ-
get everything done. But I had a hard time getting better ual factors- it’s not “one
with all the pain medication, treatments and anesthesia. size ts all.” It’s a minor
Your body gets so toxic, your immune system is gone medical procedure, so you
and every time someone walks by you with a cold, you need a doctor. Our doctor
get sick. It seems like it’s never-ending.” is fantastic. Dr. Lee Marcus is a preventative cardiolo-
gist. He believes hormone optimization is great for
So, Merritt began a quest to nd some answers. She long-term health and overall well-being.”
went to Florida to take a break and search for answers
and began to do a lot of reading. e results of hormone optimization were life-chang-
ing for Merritt. It was then she knew she had to bring the
“I ended up nding out about something called hor- service to Somers and Bové Spa & Wellness was born.
mone optimization,” she said.
“It saved my life,” she said.
Bové She began brainstorming with John and her daugh-
SPA AND WELLNESS ter to come up with other services they could provide
besides the hormone optimization.
366 Route 202, Somers, NY “It’s not just a spa, it’s a wellness center, so we have
things like meditation, CBD products, facials, and
914-276-2200 reiki (hands-on energy healing).”
Bové also o ers a service known as cryotherapy. It can be used in myriad ways, such as cryo-slimming
and weight loss (love handles, back, arms, stomach,
glutes and legs); reduction of cellulite; cryo-lift facials
(increase collagen production, reduces pores); cryo for


Page 14 – The Somers Record OPINION Thursday, October 10, 2019

I’ll be the rst to admit that I’ve been hacked!
I’m not a whiz when it comes About a year ago, I was company, which would “take care” representative from this company.
to computers. answering emails when I got a of any problems that occurred After sort of chastising me for WHATWAS
I shake my head in admira- blue screen with a phone number with my laptop. I was instructed not checking in with them each I THINKING?
tion when I watch my sons’ and and instructions that I was not to to call if I experienced any prob- month, he advised an update of
grandkids’ ngers go ying over close down my laptop, that an er- lems and to contact them each my computer, which should take RUTHANN
the keyboard and am in awe of ror had been detected and to call month so that they could review about two hours. Fine. After four SCHEFFER
their knowledge. I do get by, but the number on the screen. I was my computer.Truth be told, I hours, John said he needed one
not without some slip ups. so caught o guard and fearful didn’t call each month. I actually more day, which stretched into don’t blame us if you have future
of crashing my computer that I forgot about them. two more days. problems with your computer.”
Here we go (my computer called the number. Bottom line? Disconnect.
verbiage is minimal at best): I took out a contract with this Two weeks ago, I received a At the end of two days, John
phone call from John Carr, a informed me that my computer Relieved and ready to make
IP had been hacked 17 times; things “right,” I headed to the
Record Setting Year for Lawrence Zacks — #7 in NY State! since he had control of my cursor, bank Saturday morning and
he proceeded to show me the changed user IDs and passwords,
Need to Sell or Buy? Amazing Opportunity list—one was from Russia. He etc. Upon reviewing my accounts,
now had to work on securing my no fraudulent activity had been
FREE MARKET ANALYSIS computer—another day goes by, detected.
all the while he has control of my
Classic Realty Lawrence Zacks Privately set on 2 acres with computer. e most intelligent decision
Incredible Views! I made in this asco was to take
Associate Broker Finally, John calls on the my laptop to Chris Harding,
2-Story Entrance, Spacious Eat-In Kitchen, fourth day. Not only have I been owner/magician of Advanced
Over 30 Years Living Room w/ Fireplace & Cathedral hacked, there are 1,775 drivers Computer Repair here in Somers.
of Experience— that have stopped and need to be He “cleaned out” my machine:
Ceiling, Dining Room, Sliders to Large Deck, secured. Believe me when I say removed ve infections, unin-
Over 2,500 1st Floor Master Bedroom w/Full Whirlpool my head was spinning with facts stalled any unnecessary or junk
Satisfied Customers! and gures I didn’t understand software, etc.
Bath, Hardwood Floors. Renovations not and I was stressed beyond belief.
[email protected] complete, Board of Health approved for 3 He continued that each driver When asked, Chris said that
Bedrooms – along with Additional Rooms. would cost $7, but the company over the last six years, he’s had
Office: 914-628-1010 Handyman Special. Don’t miss this one! would discount that for me to $4 1,000 cases where folks have been
Cell: 914-282-6440 per driver; instead of the 1,775 hacked.
$295,000 drivers, the company would take care of 1,410, leaving me with a He said that these companies
Call Larry Zacks at 914-628-1010 balance of 345 drivers at $4 each, can make up false technical charts
Call the Real Estate Expert at a cost of $1,060. I was in shock and graphs, which look authentic,
and felt my blood rush to my and they double-talk to confuse
TODAY head! people. eir targets are people
not that versed in computer
for a Because this was Friday, I know-how.
NO OBLIGATION Consultation! requested time to think about this
over the weekend, and that I give John had showed me countless him my answer on Monday. My charts and printed articles, even
thinking was I’d talk to my son, the list of 17 hackers.
It’s A Great Time To Purchase New Paul, and see if this was legit or
Appliances For Your Home. a scam. Chris gave me some very good
advice and I will pass it on to you
“Oh, no, Ma’am, that decision if you ever get a blue screen:
needs to be made now.”
Press ctrl-alt-delete at the same
“You can’t give me until Mon- time; then click on Task Manager,
day to think this over?” which will list programs; choose
web browser; then end task.
“No ma’am, I need an answer
now.” My sincere and fervent thanks
to Chris Harding for his support,
Common sense and some clear understanding and magic touch!
thinking nally ltered into my I’m in business again! ank you,
overloaded brain: I was about to too, Paul for being so patient with
be taken over the coals. your unsettled Mum.

“John, you are not getting a WARNING: Watch out for
penny from me and we are done that blue screen!

“If this is what you wish to do,



0% Financing Available • Expert Installation and Delivery Available.

(914) 248-5800 | (845) 628-5241

Store Hours: Mon | Tues | Wed | Fri: 9AM-6PM, Thurs: 9AM-8PM, Sat: 9AM-5PM, Sun: Closed

We Make Your Next Purchase... Instantly Affordable!™

Sept2019_Grills_qtr_ad_Halston.indd 1 9/4/19 11:46 AM

Thursday, October 10, 2019 OPINION The Somers Record – Page 15

Developing strategies to overcome obstacles

STRONG their tests, do their homework because there are obstacles or ey lie about homework, proj- problems in school who do none
LEARNING and show up to class, they’d challenges they need to jump ects, reports or almost anything of that. ey work hard—some
all succeed. I believed it was as over, move through, or get school-related, either to make even too hard—and are respect-
DR. LINDA simple as that. In fact, I believed around, it is one of the most dif- themselves feel better or to get ful, but struggle to get an A,
SILBERT that teachers should focus on their parents and teachers o B, or C. ey manage to sur-
the material they have to teach cult and frustrating experiences their backs. e worst part is that vive and get through whatever
Dear Dr. Linda, and not be wasting time on their for the teacher and the child— we often lose these kids because obstacle that may have caused
I read your column from a students’ emotional and social and, of course, the parents, too. they drop out of school, either them to slip.
development. We’re not our Many of these children become physically or mentally or both.
few weeks ago saying that the students’ social workers, psycholo- de ant, act out in class or refuse SEE DR. LINDA PAGE 16
teacher is the C.E.O. of their gists or counselors. We’re their to do classwork and homework. ere are also children with
classroom. I agree with the C. teachers. If we show them that
we respected them and accept Put your mind at ease...
e teacher needs to create an them, using your language, they
environment where kids feel would learn anything we taught Call us today!
emotionally safe. I agree with the them. However, over my 21 years
E. Teachers need to excite their of teaching middle school science Elder Law
students, so they become en- and math, I have learned that the Wills & Trusts
gaged and stay focused. But, the O you talk about, overcoming Put your mind at ease... Estate Planning
O, which stands for obstacles, is obstacles, can be so di cult for Call us today! Medicaid Planning
a tough one. some kids that they simply don’t
succeed no matter what I do.
Sometimes, it’s impossible to
help each kid succeed. I used -Mr. T.
to think that if I could get each Dear Mr. T.,
one of my students to study for
You’re so right! When a
student is struggling in school

OCPLEERAANT-IUOPN rs Litter Task COLPEEARNA-TUIPON Elder Law Guardianships
Force Wills & Trusts Probates
H elp Estate Planning
Clean Medicaid Planning


Keep So mers Probates

SOMERS ANNUAL FALL We make home and hospital visits.
(845) 621-8640 (845) 621-8640
Keep SomSeurs ndNayo,wNtohvro3urdg,h2019
Fax: (845) 621-8639
Mah66o2p25a5cR,oNRuYtoe1u60t5e41 6, Mahopac, NY 10541

Official Orange garbage bags and gloves

are available at Somers Town House: Replacing scores of
Allstate | State Farm | Geico
rs LitMteornTdaasyk thru Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
or Call: 914-277-3637. Policies Everyday!

Somers Library: Call 914-232-5717
or for hours.

So You Can Get The Best Buy! A-Rated Companies
If you need a safety vest & litter grabber
stick, please call 914-486-0355 for supplies. Come See Travelers • Foremost
Hy Reichbach, Susan Rohrig & Carmen A. Ritter Progressive • Safeco
Sign-up to “Keep Somers Clean” at: Kemper • Hartford For Experience, Knowledge and Service Mercury • 1st American
Main Street America
The following supporters have been instrumental in helping the Aardvark Insurance
Somers Litter Task Force continue to Keep Somers Clean and Beautiful Utica Mutual
600 Rt. 6 | Mahopac NY
Contact Somers Litter Task Force at: 845.208.3707 • 845.225.1007
[email protected] or call 914.486.0355
[email protected]

The Carmel Aardvark Insurance office is merged with the Mahopac office
effective November 25, 2015.

Page 16 – The Somers Record OPINION Thursday, October 10, 2019

APAR Chagall and Henri Matisse. The Pumpkin Bridge, featuring a 25-foot Statue of Liberty made of
For more information, visit the Historic Hud- pumpkins, is a popular attraction at The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze.
son Valley website at
River estate of Washington Irving, whom Mr.
Pockriss called “the rst professional author in Bruce “ e Blog” Apar is a writer, publicist, actor, and
the U.S.,” the 200th anniversary of the publica- civic volunteer. He is sole proprietor of regional marketing
tion of “ e Legend of Sleepy Hollow” is marked agency APAR PR. He also is a ghostwriter, whose
by a new musical production, “ e Sleepy Hol- new ForbesBooks title, “Fisch Tales: e Making of a
low Experience.” e audience follows the im- Millennial Baby Boomer,” by Bob Fisch, is available at
mersive story of the headless horseman through Amazon, WalMart, Barnes & Noble,Target, and other
four locations. online bookstores. Follow him as Bruce e Blog on social
media. Reach him at [email protected] or 914-275-6887.
• Union Church of Pocantico Hills houses an
active congregation that worships there and has PHOTO COURTESY OF HISTORIC HUDSON VALLEY
stained glass windows by celebrated artists Marc

Law Firm of DR. LINDA here’s what I think.” Most kids, of
course, are not that self-aware or
Tracy Christen Reimann FROM PAGE 15 solution-oriented. In most cases,
JD, LLM, P.C. parents and teachers need to step
If you are in one of these situations… How do these kids get over in to nd out what is the source
I just lost a parent. the hurdles, obstacles, and suc- of a given problem.
My spouse has been diagnosed ceed, while others don’t? Because
with Alzheimer’s. they are lucky to have adults in (However, if you ever hear
My special needs child is turning 18. their lives who work with them a kid say something like that,
I just inherited a family business. to pinpoint their problems, count your blessings and listen
or another... explain them in a way they can to her—she may actually have
I can help! Call me at 914-617-8447. understand, and help them deal
with them. e parents and gured out what the problem is
Estate Planning & Administration • Elder Law • Special Needs Planning teachers accept them for who and have some ideas for how to
• Real Estate • Business Formation, Sale & Purchase they are. ey support these solve it.)
children—never walking away
Professional Expertise • Personalized Touch and throwing up their arms in We all face obstacles of one
disgust when grades start to slip. sort or another throughout our
376 Route 202, Somers, NY 10589 • Perhaps most important, they lives and part of growing up is
see themselves as allies—not ad- learning how to develop strate-
APARPR versaries—and they respect these gies for responding to them.
children’s e orts to achieve, no Where children in school are
matter how modest their success. struggling, our rst job is to
ey understand that no one
wants to fail and are committed 1. ere is a problem; and
to making sure that failure is not 2. the problem isn’t the child.
an option. Parents and teachers need to ac-
cept and support these students
Every student wants a gold and to work with them to iden-
star, an A+, a 100 on a test. And, tify and manage the obstacles in
if that kid sitting behind the desk their way.
doesn’t seem to care, it’s not true. If they don’t, who else will?
In reality, she is hurting inside.
Kids who are struggling in school Dr. Linda
usually don’t have the maturity to
say, “You know, I’ve been trying to Dr. Linda Silbert is the author
of “Why Bad Grades Happen
gure out why I’m failing. I have to Good Kids” and “Building
come up with many reasons and Strong Students.” Submit
have worked out my options, so questions using the contact form at



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Thursday, October 10, 2019 OPINION The Somers Record – Page 17

MELEN Swift video. I imagine a bunch of football TIER 4 PLANNING DINNER
players pitching their routine to an o -
FROM PAGE 10 Broadway promoter. “Is this a football act? FINANCIAL PLANNING WORKSHOP FOR TEACHERS
Because I just had a bunch of bar bounc-
farther further review. If they review it ers and real estate agents in here claiming MICHAEL BUCCI
any further it will end up in the Monon- they were football players, and I showed
gahela River. them the door.”“NO, no, no. is is a WITH PRESENTATIONS FROM: Financial P anner
NON-football act, and we saw the door
To all the girls I ever made a pass at in when we came in. It’s very nice.” Barnum Financial Group
high school, and you interfered with it,
I wish there was a group of o cials in a ere are still rules, however, because TUESDAY THURSDAY
booth somewhere to consider whether I you don’t want someone executing a
actually made a pass at you at all. I was three-pump twerk in the end zone when 10/15/2019 OR 10/17/2019
kind of shy, and I automatically assumed two pumps would have su ced. So you
I would be turned down, so I just went can still be penalized for an “o ensive 6:30PM - 8:00PM 6:30PM - 8:00PM
right to the penalty phase. “In your mind demonstration.” Excuse me for asking,
you shot me down when I didn’t even say but isn’t the entire o ensive line o en- FOUR BROTHERS RESTAURANT FOUR BROTHERS RESTAURANT
anything to you? Well, I wouldn’t date sive? Nobody says a word about them,
you if you were the last girl left on Earth. until now, ME, your whistle-blower. [Dinner will be served] [Dinner will be served]
Unless you want to, of course.” Excuse me for asking, but shouldn’t the
guy on the eld who has the whistle be 654 US-6, Mahopac, NY 10541 654 US-6, Mahopac, NY 10541
Another new rule stipulates that a the whistle-blower?
player can be disquali ed on the eld for *SPACE IS LIMITED*
both agrant “football and non-football Even more concerning to me is that Please RSVP by 10/11/2019 at:
acts.” I take this to mean that you can get a quarterback can throw into double- www.tier4p
tossed out of a football game for throwing coverage three times in a row for two [email protected] | (914) 372-2980
a baseball at somebody. If you want to see interceptions when he’s getting paid $12
a non-football act, just wait until someone million a year. at’s because there is a HOSTED BY:
scores a touchdown and watch what they common misconception that the more MICHAEL BUCCI
do afterward. ey used to simply “spike” you get paid, the better you should be at
the ball, meaning they would throw it at your job. If that were true, I should be www.Tier4P
the ground really hard, and since a football much worse at this job and much better
is a weird shape it would bounce back up at my day job. And if my boss is reading Securities and investment advisory services offered through qualified registered representatives of MML Investors Services, LLC. Member SIPC. 6
and hit somebody in the head who wasn’t this, I hope she doesn’t think what I just Corporate Drive, Shelton, CT 06484, Tel: 203-513-6000. CRN202109-253547
expecting it. If that wasn’t entertaining said makes any sense, like usual.
enough, soon players were not satis ed
with how little air time they got to further Join Rick and the No Options band for some
their “brand,” and started to develop real live rock & roll on Saturday evening,
more intricate and personalized routines. Nov. 2, 9 p.m. at the Back Nine, 2050 East
Main St. (Route 6), in Cortlandt Manor.
ey began to choreograph complicated Say hello at: [email protected]
production numbers, and now the end
zone celebration has evolved into a Taylor

Discove You Oute Beauty The Somers Pub The Neighborhood
Phone 914-248-8400 Gathering Spot
152 US-202, Lincolndale Introducing
New Chef and Operating

Partner Rich Curry

Rich and his new
Kitchen team will be
creating brand new family
friendly menu items using
the best ingredients.

Learn about Coolsculpting We are excited to
Free Consultation announce that along with
our American pub menu

we have added
keto, vegan, vegetarian
and gluten free friendly

items to the menu

Bellava MedAesthetics Our updated decor Amazing weekly
& Plastic Surgery Center warms the room and specials driven by the
hottest ingredients on the
914-864-2140 • makes it a casual
but exciting dining market to tempt
your palate.

182 Rte 117 Bypass Rd. | Bedford Hills

On display throughout the restaurant will be prints on loan from the Somers Historical
society of Historical events, buildings, parades and town meetings from times gone by.

Page 18 The Somers Record – Thu

10Ce0lebYraetainrgs Curry A

of Excellence Yorkto

CivicNew 2019 Honda Sunday,

LX SedanSince1919 TucsonNew 2019 Hyundai



$2729 Due at Signing + tax & mv fees $1919 Due at Signing + tax, tags & MV fees.

4 door, 4 cyl, auto, MSRP: $21,280. $1995 down pymt+1st mo. pymt+$0 4 cyl, automatic, MSRP: $26,070. $1730 down pymt+ 1st mo. pymt+$0
sec dep+$595 bank fee = $2729 due at signing + tax & mv fees. Desti- sec dep. = $1919 due at signing + tax, tags & mv fees. Lease includes

nation charge included in lease. Ttl pymts/residual: $5004/$12,129 $650 bank fee. Ttl pymts/residual: $6804/$15,120.

914-739-76003845 Crompond Rd • Yorktown Heights, NY 914-930-37003040 Route 6 (East Main St.)Cortlandt Manor, NY

MUST PRESENT AD AT PURCHASE SIGNING.Pricing includes tax,tags & MV fees.*Lease includes:10K mi./yr.w/15¢/mi MUST PRESENT AD AT PURCHASE SIGNING.Pricing includes tax,tags & MV fees.*Lease includes:10K mi./yr.w/15¢/mi
thereafter.Lessee resp.for excess wear and tear.Offer expires 10/31/2019.NYS DMV #7089513. thereafter.Lessee resp for maint.,excess wear & tear.Offer expires 10/31/2019.NYS DMV #7104085.

ursday, October 10, 2019 Page 19

Automotive Supports the Sethe eyroeu!

own Chamber of Commerce
Festival & Street Fair

, October 13, 2019 • 11am - 5pm

ImprezaNew 2019 Subaru AWD RAV4New 2019 Toyota

CVT 2.0 Automatic LE AWD

36 36

$2299 Due at Signing + tax & mv fees $3699 Due at Signing + tax & mv fees

4 cyl, automatic, MSRP: $20,777. KJB-01. $2107 down pymt + 1st mo. pymt VIN #KC055778, 4 cyl, automatic, MSRP: $28,529. $3480 down pymt+ 1st
+ $0 sec dep + $0 bank fee= $2299 due at signing + tax & mv fees. $595 mo. pymt+$0 sec dep. = $3699 due at signing + tax & mv fees. Excludes $75
doc fee. Lease includes $795 bank fee. Ttl pymts/residual: $7884/$17,402.
bank fee included in lease. Ttl pymts/residual: $6912/$11,635.

The best-selling all-wheel-drive cars in America.

914-930-37003040 Route 6 (East Main St.)Cortlandt Manor, NY 914-930-38003026 Route 6 (East Main St.) Cortlandt Manor, NY

MUST PRESENT AD AT PURCHASE SIGNING. Pricing exclude tax, tags & MV fees. *Leases include: 10K mi./yr. w/15¢/ MUST PRESENT AD AT PURCHASE SIGNING.Prices exclude tax,tags & MV fees.Includes $75 doc fee.*Leases include:10K
mi. thereafter. Lessee resp for maint., excess wear & tear. Resident restrictions may apply for lease offer. Offer expires mi./yr.w/15¢/mi.thereafter.Lessee resp for maint.,excess wear & tear.Lease offers with approved credit through TFS.¹Toyo-
taCare covers normal factory scheduled service for 2 years or 25,000 miles,whichever comes rst.See Toyota dealer for details
10/31/2019. NYS DMV #7104085.
and exclusions.Valid only in the continental U.S.and Alaska.Offers expire 10/31/2019.NYS DMV#7104100.

Page 20 – The Somers Record Thursday, October 10, 2019

Chili Cook-Off Robert OnPdHOroTvOi:cMsEtGirAsNtKhReEIpNoEtN.

e third annual Somers Education Foundation Chili Cook-O was held at Reis Park on Sept. 15.
Seven teams competed and hundreds of residents came out to taste chili and vote for their favor-
ites. Congratulations to the rst place team, the Town House Spice Miners; second place team, the
Red Hot Chili Admins; and third place team, the Highway Hotshots. Proceeds from the event go to
SEF’s grant-making and scholarship-awarding capabilities for the Somers Central School District.



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2019_02_RichnerCommunications_DBLBC_Sept.indd 1 7/29/19 3:07 PM

Page 21 – The Somers Record Thursday, October 10, 2019
Tina and David Elias
Time to taste!


School board member Ifay Chang tastes the chili.

AhcSMnehmyaailtilriittammhhdyeaaiatdnFugediratknbSeeyaysnHsdo’ rlaly FOR RENT Somers
Heritage Hills
1 BEDROOM/1.5 BATH, 960 SQ. FT. Formerly
$2300/MO. PLUS Security Deposit Cardillo’s

Non-Negotiable, 1 Year Lease Minimum NOW OPEN LATE TIL 8 PM MON-FRI!

Max Occupancy: 2 • No Pets Dinner for only $25 They
Renter Pays Water Usage, Electric,Telephone/Wireless/Cable Feeds 3-4 osuetl!l

Optional: Alarm System Activation Like us on FB & see our Daily Specials!

• 4 Steps • Private One Car Garage • Washer/Dryer • Full Eat-In Kitchen • Orders must be in by 3 pm. First pick up 3 pm
• Granite Countertops • Stainless Appliances • Electric Full Oven & Microwave •
• Open Floor Plan • Terrace • Gym/Outdoor Pool Access • Central Air/Heat •

To apply, email [email protected]
All applications MUST be faxed to 914.232.0227

Gift Cards Available! Load them at 20/50/100 for your students’ use at lunch!

One Lovell St • 914.248.8975

Page 22 – The Somers Record Thursday, October 10, 2019

SEWER what everybody thinks,” she said.
Just before closing the meeting, ‘I think the Town Board will be
able to sleep at night knowing we
Morrissey noted that the commit- tried to move forward in the best ‘ You don’t want us here;
that’s what everybody
A vote is anticipated in December. tee has been convening regularly interest of the community.’
at permission, key to the proj- for two years. “Most of the time it

ect’s success, would be contingent doesn’t con ict with our meetings.

upon the outcome of any permis- Tonight it did,”the supervisor said.

sive referendum, Baroni said. Morrissey said he let people -Rick Morrissey -Linda Luciano
STUFF HITS THE FAN know “in advance” that they could Town Supervisor Lake Shenorock resident
attend the committee meeting at

Supervisor Rick Morrissey said the Lake Lincolndale clubhouse

at the beginning of ursday’s if they had technical questions for

work session that he thought the the engineers, Ken Kohlbrenner to help nd ways to improve Lake press. It vowed to do a better job of e town promised to look into it.

vote was “a good idea” that would and Steven Robbins, project man- Shenorock, Lake Lincolndale and communicating and promised that Lincolndale’s George Lux told

ensure that “everyone’s voice is agers with Woodard & Curran. Lake Purdy. all questions would be answered. the board there is a huge di er-

heard.” Both had appeared at three recent e folks who attended the e work session got heated at ence between a “little old lady in a

Luciano, a vocal critic of the public hearings on the project. work session were “more than wel- several points, forcing Morrissey big house who showers once a day

project, pooh-poohed that asser- According to Michael O’Keefe, come,” Morrissey said later, noting to call for “order.” and makes a cup of tea” and some-

tion, accusing town o cials of chairman of the Lake Lincolndale that the board had extended the At least a dozen concerned citi- one living in a “shoebox” but has a

playing a cat-and-mouse game Property Owners Association’s time allotted during “public com- zens raised issues ursday rang- bunch of kids ushing the toilet.

with residents. board and committee member, ment” way beyond the usual three ing from the project’s potentially He suggested that metering homes

She claimed Morrissey had the group gets together four times minutes per speaker. onerous nancial burden on home- was a fairer way than using “market

promised that town engineers a year. e Oct. 4 meeting was Two people from the commu- owners to the necessity for a public value”to determine sewage fees.

would be at the work session to scheduled three months ago, he nity did turn up at the committee sewer system when there could be, Baroni explained that fees cover-

answer questions and then waited said. meeting, O’Keefe said. they said, cheaper ways to protect ing the project’s capital charges are

until just two days before to tell Kohlbrenner and Robbins, as As to assertions that most resi- both water quality and improve rec- really based on assessed values and

her they would be in Lincolndale well as the town’s director of plan- dents are still in the dark about the reational opportunities. that operation and maintenance –

at a meeting of the Somers Lakes ning, Syrette Dym, are committee project, the town pointed to three Some also questioned the accu- the day-to-day cost of running the

Sustainability Committee. members. recent public hearings, postings on racy and completeness of the sew- district – involves a “per-unit” (or

“You don’t want us here; that’s e group works with the town its website, and reports in the local er project’s “map, plan, and report.” number of bedrooms) formula.

“ e person living alone won’t

pay as much as someone with 10

kids,”and more bedrooms, he said.

Lincolndale resident Marian

Murtha told the board she had

had no clue about the project until

she saw her name in legal notices

announcing the town’s Aug. 15

public hearing on the formation of

a sewer district and “freaked out.”

( e resolution was passed con-

tingent upon the state comptrol-

ler’s approval and the outcome of

a “permissive referendum.”)

Morrissey appeared shocked by

Murtha’s claim she’d been told by

someone at Town Hall there was

“nothing” she could do about it.

e experience was “terrifying,”

the senior citizen told the board.

Lincolndale resident Susan Best

said she had always felt Somers

was well run and had respect for

the board, but “things seem to be

Have your heating system checked now before the cold weather comes! going upscale. For people like me,
that’s scary.”
"Service was fast, courteous
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subsidizes tax increases, so she
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When scheduled by Ask us about our service contract deliberately made the signature-
Oct. 31, 2019 gathering process more di cult by
Coupon must present at time of service. Cannot be combined with any other offer. requiring that signatures be nota-
$ rized.
Any Repair
100%ALGLUWAROARNKTEED Baroni countered that the town
Cannot be combined with any other offers made it hard “so it couldn’t be
Coupon must present at time of service. Cannot be combined with any other offer. challenged.”

$100 OFF New Heating System ReplacementCoupon must present at time of service. Cannot be combined with any other offer. “It may have been a pain to do it,
but it’s done,” he said.

Pointing out that folks seeking a
vote had to fork over $400 to mail
postcards notifying property own-
ers about the petition, Luciano
said that was “something the town
should have done.”


Thursday, October 10, 2019 The Somers Record – Page 23

mrchimney.comFireplace & Boiler Flue Experts A Wiser Choice

CWInhsoiemordtnseB,yuErCxnhlienaagunsSitntFogav, enCssh,,imFCihnreiempylnaReceyepRGaeilralsisn,siGnDga,osRoCresop,naFviriereLrspeiloaankcsse, ProvEivdaliunagtionCsoanmd CperrteifichaetionnssTivoeNYManed dCTicSatalteMReasirdeijnutsana
Certifying patients in both
914-232-6600 (patients must meetSinodiuvidtuhalSstaaltee mreq,uNireYmeantnsdforNceerwtificCataionna) Caonnf,idCenTtial, private and local.
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719 Route 6 719 Route 6
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Page 24 – The Somers Record Thursday, October 10, 2019

HEALTH public places, including schools, stores and houses SEWER If folks don’t like the postings,
of worship. Violators faced jail or nes. Renewed in they shouldn’t read them, she said,

April, it was challenged on civil rights grounds and adding: “I don’t tolerate bullying

campers to get the MMR (measles/mumps/rubella) struck down in state court. Lux backed Luciano, telling the kids in the schools, and I don’t tol-

shot. Continuing the politically charged battle, Rock- board: “Legally you did what you erate it in adults.”

Latimer said the county also pondered what it could land then moved to ban anyone with measles—or had to do,but the fact of the matter

“do better” in light of the 2017 health scare that oc- who had been exposed to the disease—from certain is,private taxpayers had to send out BACKGROUND

curred after a Port Chester restaurant worker turned public places. postcards.” Lake Shenorock and Lake Lin-

up with Hepatitis A,a virus that a ects the liver. ou- In June, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a law elimi- Morrissey said that the town colndale are located within the

sands of people had to be retroactively inoculated. nating non-medical exemptions, such as religion, will be “doing mailings to all prop- watershed serving New York City’s

Bill proponents referenced a similar move by New for vaccines, saying: “Our rst job is to protect the erty owners” in preparation for the reservoirs.

York City giving its Board of Health the power to public health.” special election. e number of septic elds and

“regulate in the area of vaccinations.” at law, chal- In September, after two incubation periods had Luciano alleged that the town cesspools there is 40 to 50 times

lenged in court, was upheld on appeal. passed without a new case, Rockland’s and New had “spies” who were feeding it in- higher than environmental experts

Closing the code loophole gives health o cials York City’s measles outbreaks were declared over. formation about project opponents’ recommend.

the legal resources “they need to protect us, based Westchester’s law, which takes e ect immediately, doings and that it was trying to Lake Shenorock, which is

on professional public health decisions, and not the was passed unanimously by the Board of Legislators. create a new “tax district” to gen- owned by the town, has been o -

political decisions made under duress of a crisis,” “It’s terribly, terribly necessary and so very im- erate revenue “because of the busi- limits to swimming due to “high

Latimer explained. portant for our Health Department to get out in nesses you have lost.” coliform bacteria and nutrient

“We try to stay ahead of outbreaks. at’s our front of unexpected outbreaks of infectious diseases, She also claimed that the “hush- loading” from stormwater runo

whole point,” Amler said. especially when they appear to be happening more hush”nature of the project was creat- and failing septic systems. While

Rockland’s and New York City’s cases were con- frequently,” said Williams, who also serves on the ing “animosity”between neighbors. the culprit at the privately-run

centrated in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods with Board of Health. e “people who want the sew- Lake Lincolndale — which this

low school-immunization rates. e CDC traced e move was hailed by a county nursing super- ers” have attacked opponents on year su ered from unprecedented

the outbreak to unvaccinated travelers returning visor, Dr. Lori Smittle, who urged everyone to stay social media as “mental patients blue-green algae blooms — seems

from Israel,which is still recovering from an unprec- up to date on vaccinations. e Health Department and trolls,”Luciano said. to be phosphorus from stormwater

edented epidemic. provides free shots to those who are uninsured or “Why? For bringing awareness runo , it’s only a matter of time

In March, Rockland County Executive Ed Day whose policies don’t cover vaccines. to this project and posting infor- before contaminants from failing

declared a 30-day state of emergency banning any- “As nurses, we are all about prevention,” Smittle mation so residents know what the septic systems get there, the town

one under 18 and not inoculated for measles from said. heck is going on.” contends.

Somers spent $847,000 in state

funds for Lake Shenorock’s storm-

water improvements and hopes to

get grants for a similar project in

Lake Lincolndale.

In 1998, the city’s Department

of Environmental Protection set

aside $70 million to protect the

watershed. at pot has been whit-

tled down to $30 million.

Of that, $10 million is set aside

for Somers, but only for sewers.

e town, seeking an additional $3

million in grants for Phase 1 of the

project, is fearful that if it doesn’t

show signi cant progress on ad-

dressing the water quality situation,

other communities might call dibs

on its piece of the pie.

Phase 1 would cost between $10

and $13 million; Phase 2, $28-30

million; and Phase 3, $21-22 mil-


e average homeowner faces

$1,200 a year in fees. Actual per-

Add Value property costs could range from
to Your Home
$500 to $2,200 a year at full build-


e town plans on taking out a

30-year bond and will seek grants

to defray costs.

When we’re done, there is nothing left to do. BOTTOM LINE
“You know what this all comes
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in this room. When we have the
Sero’s Contracting special election, you guys will make
the choice,” Morrissey told the
We specialize in targeted home improvements — both big and small — crowd.

to maximize your home’s value,comfort and beauty. “If we don’t establish the district
and lay claim to our $10 million,
Licensed & Insured • Local References • Brewster, NY • 845-216-1955 • 845-279-6977 • [email protected] it’s going to be a lost cause,” he in-

When asked how town o cials
would feel if the project is voted
down, Morrissey said: “I think the
Town Board will be able to sleep
at night knowing we tried to move
forward in the best interest of the

FThululPrasgdeaFye, sOticvtaolAbde_rL1a0yo, u2t011910/4/2019 12:40 PM Page 1 The Somers Record – Page 25


Sponsored by the
Yorktown Chamber

of Commerce
in association

with the
Town of

Sunday October 13, 2019, 11am - 5pm

Commerce Street and Veterans Road & Jack DeVito Veteran’s Memorial Field

A fun-filled day of food,
music, activities for kids and

more than 250 vendors!

Children’s Rides
Musical Performances
Enter the Dog
Costume Parade and
Photo Booth
Dance Performances
Craft Vendors
Open Mic
Food Trucks
Enter the White
Castle Eating Contest
New 2019-20 Cars and
Classic Cars


Page 26 – The Somers Record Thursday, October 10, 2019



Key players return
for Somers in 28-7

WELCOME BACK, CAP: Senior captain Charlie Balancia returned from a Week 2 injury ‘It felt amazing to nally be back from injury.’
and helped lead the Tuskers to a 21-point road win over Fox Lane on Friday, Oct. 4.
–Charlie Balancia
PHOTO: ROB DIANTONIO Senior Captain, Somers Football

BY ROB DIANTONIO eir teammates were happy to have them back. the run and I was wide open,” said McGrane, a senior
CONTRIBUTING WRITER “It’s huge,” Somers’ Kenny McGrane said when asked captain.
about the return of Balancia and Rossi.“ ey’re obviously
With Charlie Balancia and Nick Rossi returning from incredible players and what they can do on the eld is Fox Lane responded when Spencer Rowley found
injuries, Somers is getting healthy at the right time. unmatched.” Luca Friedman on a 25-yard touchdown pass over the
middle on fourth down. Rowley’s extra point gave the
Both contributed in their returns and the Tuskers de- e Tuskers put the Foxes in a quick hole just 26 sec- Foxes a 7-6 lead with 27 seconds left in the rst quarter.
feated host Fox Lane 28-7 on Oct. 4 to improve to 4-1. onds into the game when Jackson Kossow hit McGrane
on a 73-yard touchdown pass on the rst play from scrim- Somers had the answer when Balancia weaved in and
Balancia, who rushed for 108 yards on 10 carries, suf- mage. Fox Lane bit on the play-action fake, leaving Mc- out of Fox Lane defenders to get the Tuskers in busi-
fered an MCL injury in a Week 2 loss to rival Yorktown. Grane wide open as he jetted down the sideline and dove ness on a 37-yard run down to the 18. Jack Kaiser, who
for the pylon. Somers missed the extra point and led 6-0. rushed for 79 yards on 14 carries, went up the middle on
“It felt amazing to nally be back from injury,” said
Balancia, a senior captain. “Standing on the sideline “We’ve been running the ball very well, so we faked SEE FOOTBALL PAGE 27
watching is very hard to do.”

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Thursday, October 10, 2019 SPORTS The Somers Record – Page 27



a 10-yard touchdown run. Kos-

sow found Rossi on a two-point

conversion pass to put Somers

up 14-7 with 3:34 left in the

rst half.

“We knew that we weren’t

playing well,” McGrane said of

the rst half. “But if we just did

what we were told to do and fol-

lowed our assignments, we knew

we had the personnel to beat


Somers had a Balancia touch-

down run called back on a hold

before halftime.

“I think we’re making too

many basic mistakes,” Somers

coach Tony DeMatteo said.

“ is is the second week in a row

that we got a holding penalty in

the red zone. If we’re up 21-7 at

halftime it’s a di erent ballgame.

But because we got that called PHOTOS: ROB DIANTONIO Somers’ Kenny McGrane heads down the sideline on his way to a 73-
yard touchdown on the first play from scrimmage.
back, now it’s 14-7. I think we’re Nate Rosenzweig looks to escape the grasp of a defender.
just not playing smart football

right now.”

Fox Lane opened the second couldn’t get much going against pass in the left corner of the end touchdown run in the fourth “Our homecoming game

half with a big kicko return a swarming Tusker defense. zone late in the third quarter. quarter. against Nyack is extremely im-

and moved down to the Somers “Our coaches do a great job e Tuskers led 20-7 after three. Dominic Cheek and Charlie portant to us for playo seeding

21 but two straight incomplete game planning,” McGrane said. “We have enough skill where Grinrod each made nine tack- purposes,” Balancia said. “We

passes resulted in a turnover on “ ey watch hours and hours of we can open it up,” DeMatteo les to lead the defense. Cheek want to play as many home play-

downs. lm. ey know what we had to said. “I was very happy with the added a sack. o games as possible and the only

e rest of the second half do to stop them and we did it.” passing game. We’re going to Somers faces a big test against thing standing in our way of that

was a struggle for the Foxes Somers added to their lead throw even more.” 5-0 Nyack for its homecoming right now is Nyack. We have to

on o ense. Fox Lane star run- when Kossow found McGrane Kossow capped o the scor- game at 7 p.m. on Friday, Oct. want it more than them during

ning back Michael Washington again on a 10-yard touchdown ing for Somers with a 12-yard 11. the entire week of practice.”



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Sun, Oct. 20, 12–3 pm Wed, Oct. 23, 6–8 pm academic, merit-based scholarships over the last ve years.
Thu, Oct. 24, 6–8 pm


Transportation available for grades 6–12
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Page 28 – The Somers Record SPORTS Thursday, October 10, 2019
Karlene Kurtz
looks to gain Va10/r1-1s0i/7tyRoundup
control of the
ball against Tuskers top Huskers,
Yorktown. fall to Indians

Field hockey team gets wins over
Yorktown, Hen Hud

BY ROB DIANTONIO the defense all the way to the of-

Girls Soccer (9-2-1) Rachel Ross made three saves
in net for the shutout. “As always

our goalie, Rachel Ross, made

some nice saves,” Rodriguez said.


Wednesday, Oct. 2 JOHN JAY 1, SOMERS 0

Somers’ girls soccer team wel- Friday, Oct. 4

comed rival Yorktown on Oct. 2 John Jay (Cross River), another

and cruised to a 3-0 league victory. rival, turned the tables on the

Noelle DeMarinis scored right Tuskers with a 1-0 league win on

before halftime to give Somers Oct. 4. Somers had defeated John

a 1-0 lead. Ella Kittredge and Jay by the same score back in Sep-

Meghan Blanch added goals in tember.

the second half. Kittredge and Madeline Slogo scored the

DeMarinis each dished out an as- game winner for the Indians with

sist. Dahlia Pepe also notched an 11:31 left in the rst half. She re-

assist. ceived a pass out wide and blasted

“We were mentally and physi- it into the right corner of the net

cally prepared for the challenge, past a diving Ross, who made 7

since we know they are one of our saves.

top rivals,” Somers senior captain “When you’re playing tough

Jessica Rodriguez said of York- teams like this, we have to ex-

town. “As a team, we communi- ecute when the opportunities

cated very well with one another SEE ROUNDUP PAGE 29
and we connected our passes from

SEASON WITH US! controls for the

Cocktail Parties Tuskers.
Corporate Functions of All Sizes
Family & Neighborhood Events PHOTOS: ROB

Easy on/off Route 84 & I684
18 Bloomer Rd, North Salem NY 10560


Thursday, October 10, 2019 SPORTS The Somers Record – Page 29



are there,” Rodriguez said when
asked what the team learned from
the game. “ is game showed us
how we must take advantage of ev-
ery scoring chance that comes our
way and play more consistent team

Volleyball (7-8)

WALTER PANAS 3, SOMERS 0 Sabrina Somoza Clark, Mahood and Del Vecchio Nicole Garrity stopped 4 shots in Erin Clark
Wednesday, Oct. 2 passes in a each had 2 assists. Haley Dineen net for the Tuskers. battles for the
Somers was swept in straight match against had 1 assist.
John Jay (Cross SOMERS 5, HEN HUD 0 ball against
sets (17-25, 13-25, 12-25) by host River). Somers was on the o ensive Saturday, Oct .5 Yorktown.
Walter Panas in a league game on throughout the contest, garnering Erin Clark netted 3 goals for
Oct. 2. win over visiting Brewster on Oct. 15 penalty corners. PHOTOS: ROB
7. Somers in a 5-0 win over Hendrick DIANTONIO
Pooja Rao (13 kills), Julia Vi- “ ey played really well today,” Hudson on Oct. 5.
tale (18 assists), Ashli Ginquitti (3 Rao (17 kills), Vitale (28 assists), Somers coach Michelle Armstrong ticipated in the Scarsdale Invita-
blocks, 1 aces) and Sabrina Somoza Somoza (8 digs) and Ginquitti (6 said.“I think they have to just know Mahood and Ashley Hersh eld tional at Croton Point Park on Oct.
(8 digs) were the top contributors aces) led the way. that they can do it. at’s the biggest added goals. Ryan Mellor had an 4.
for the Tuskers. thing. eir communication is there assist. Garrity had 1 save for the
Field Hockey (9-2-2) and their skills are there.We’ve been shutout. Leading the boys team was Nic-
JOHN JAY 3, SOMERS 0 working on some mindful training. ola DeMarinis, who placed 25th
Friday, Oct. 4 SOMERS 7,YORKTOWN 2 I was so proud of them today. ey Cross Country (16:30.3). Peter MacNeil was 35th
e Tuskers battled but fell to Wednesday, Oct. 2 didn’t let any bad calls get to them (16:40.1) and Colin Brooks took
Nieve Mahood and Mackenzie or get down on themselves.” Somers’ cross-country team par- 43rd (16:55.2) in a loaded eld. e
league rival John Jay-Cross River boys were ninth out of 21 squads.
3-0 (15-25, 20-25, 27-29) on Oct. Ryan each scored 2 goals in Somers’
4. 7-2 win over visiting Yorktown on Gabriella Parisi paced the girls,
Oct. 2. placing 25th (20:34.4). Katherine
Rao (14 kills, 4 aces, 4 blocks), Olsen was 47th (21:21.3) and Ella
Somoza (15 digs) and Vitale (28 Julianna Sirchia, Isabella Del Lansky took 60th. Jordan Han
assists) paced the Tuskers. Vecchio and Erin Clark also scored. was close behind Lansky in 63rd.

SOMERS 3, BREWSTER 0 e girls team placed 10th.
Monday, Oct. 7
Somers got back on track when

they cruised to a 25-9,25-11,25-17

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Page 30 – The Somers Record SPORTS Thursday, October 10, 2019
Joe Grippo
BOYS SOCCER looks for a
Tuskers trample
Yorktown, Lakeland Jake Riina chases after a loose
ball against Lakeland.
Somers improves record to 10-1

Just a few minutes into their game against rival Yorktown, the
Somers Tuskers found themselves in a hole.

But Somers went on a scoring spree, erupting for ve unanswered
goals to pull o a 5-1 win over the visiting Huskers on Oct. 3.

Sophomore Bennett Leitner, who had a team-high 2 goals and 2
assists, used his blazing speed to run down a pass and tie the game up
in the 25th minute. Derek Marques gave Somers the lead just a few
minutes later.

“We went down 1-0 early but we never thought it was over for a
second,” Leitner said. “We knew that we just had to be patient and
our chances were going to come. We just kept pushing and kept
working and they came just like we expected. We’re really happy with
the result of that game.”

Diego Giron and Daniel D’Ippolito added a goal each for Somers.


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Thursday, October 10, 2019 SPORTS The Somers Record – Page 31

BOYS SOCCER Bennett Leitner
pushes the pace

Giron’s goal was a deep blast from 35 yards out. Marques against visiting
added an assist. Anthony Tucci made 4 saves.

“I remember Joe Grippo said, ‘Guys, just be calm, it was

a mistake,’” senior Jose Giron said of how they regained

their composure after Yorktown scored early. “We scored

in the 25th minute and from then on the momentum kept

rolling and they just couldn’t handle it.”

e Tuskers, who are the defending Section 1 Class A

champions, don’t miss a beat when they bring players o

the bench.

“Coach (Brian Lanzetta) preaches that when the subs come

in, there shouldn’t be a drop in the intensity and level of play,”

Leitner said.“I think we try to live that day in and day out.”

His teammate concurred.

“In practice, we tell everyone, you must be ready to come

in,”Jose Giron said.“ e momentum has to stay up. We’ve

experienced some games where we take some key players

o the eld and the other team counters and scores. at

was kind of last year and this year I think we’ve tackled that

problem pretty well. You see guys coming o and you put

on sophomores and freshmen and they just keep playing.

We actually score the same amount of goals or at least one

more goal when [the subs] come on.” Evan Mazzola collects the ball.

ere is also plenty of cohesion. PHOTOS: ROB DIANTONIO

“In recent years, like last year especially, we had a lot of

big players that did a lot of the heavy lifting for the team,” we had, if we lose the next four games, it doesn’t matter and 18,” Cukaj said. “I just went in to near post and just hit it

senior Ethan Cukaj said. “ is year we’re more of a team it was for nothing because it’s all for the league right now.” with a volley because it was too low for the head.”

and a lot of us are friends. I just think that has an essential Leitner received a through ball and nished to give Drew Lasher added an insurance goal with 7:42 left in

role with the team chemistry.” Somers a 1-0 lead midway through the rst half. the second half.

“I was frustrated after missing the rst open chance that Somers has a home-and-home series with league foe

SOMERS 3, LAKELAND 0 I had,” Leitner admitted. “I just put my head down and John Jay-Cross River this week. e Tuskers host the In-

Somers improved to 10-1 with a 3-0 win over visiting kept working. Zane Bramson sent me a really nice ball dians on Oct. 11 at 4 p.m. and head to Cross River for a 3

Lakeland on Oct. 5. through and I just had to capitalize on the opportunity.” p.m. game the next day.

“Coming o a big win against Yorktown, we were in the Cukaj stretched the lead to 2-0 when he pounced on an “I don’t want to say that we peaked yet but I’m hoping

locker room and we were talking and coach said that game Evan Mazzola corner kick just a few minutes later. that we just keep going and keep pushing harder,” Leitner

doesn’t matter anymore,” Jose Giron said. “ at win that “Usually, when there’s a corner, I’ll wait at the tip of the said. “I don’t think you’ve seen the best of us.”

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certi ed genetic counselor,
Because up to 10 percent of all cancer cases result call (914) 223-8270.
from hereditary genetic risk factors that are passed
from one generation to the next, it’s critically
important to recognize families at high risk for
an inherited predisposition to cancer.
Our Genetic Counseling Program is a family-centered
program serving those who want to understand their
cancer risk. We’re dedicated to helping individuals and
families identify their risk, take action, and stay well.

We believe that knowledge is power.

Page 32 – The Somers Record SPORTS Thursday, October 10, 2019

Section 1 BRIEFS
returning Free Baseball Clinic
to County with Former Pros

Center A free baseball clinic with former profes-
sional players will be held from 9 a.m. to noon
Section 1 basketball is coming home Saturday, Oct. 26, at the Carmel Sports Club,
111 Old Route 6, Carmel.
to the Westchester County Center.
e clinic, intended for kids aged 6-16, is
e White Plains arena had hosted being presented by Family & Children’s Aid
varsity boys and girls championship
Up to eight former professional players,
basketball games since 1933. But in some with MLB experience, will teach kids
baseball and life skills.
2018, both semi nals and nals games
For more information, call 203-205-2633
were moved to Pace University, or email [email protected]

much to the chagrin of many play- Free Hockey Clinic
with NY Rangers
ers and coaches who viewed the Somers girls basketball plays in the
County Center as the Mecca of Westchester County Center in 2017. e Harvey School is partnering with the
FILE PHOTO/VIC MCGEE New York Rangers to o er area children a free
Section 1 basketball. introduction to the sport of hockey at Evarts
Rink on the campus of the Katonah school
Earlier this year, the Section 1 (260 Jay St.).

Executive Committee approved a this County will now get to experi- Scheduled instruction dates are Veterans
Day (Monday, Nov. 11) and Dr. Martin Lu-
return of the boys and girls cham- ence the same thing I did—going ther King Jr. Day (Monday, Jan. 20). Each date
o ers two sessions: 10 a.m. and 10:50 a.m.
pionship games the County Center. to the County Center under the
Instruction will be given by the New York
Now, following another vote by lights and hear the cheers. Today’s Rangers hockey development team and expe-
rienced local coaches. All equipment is pro-
the committee on Friday, Oct. 4, PHOTO: FACEBOOK decision marks another great day vided.
the semi nal games are also com- The Westchester County Center in White Plains for Westchester County high-
To register for this program, open only to
ing home. school basketball players and their children ages 5 to 9 with little or no hockey
experience, visit the Rangers Rookie Series
George Latimer, Westchester Mount Vernon when I was in high families, friends and fans. Get ready website at
County executive, lauded the commit- school to see the Section 1 games,” Lat- for some great basketball this spring!”

tee’s decision. imer said in a press release Friday, Oct. e games will take place March 2 to

“I remember fondly driving up from 4. “I’m so thrilled that young people in March 9.

Why Pine Grove School?

Certified Teachers • Honored Center of the Year
Healthy & Nurturing Environment • Drama & Art

Music, Yoga & Meditation
Library, Science & Computer Centers
Humanitarian Projects • Corporate Calendar & Extended Hours

• Infant (6weeks-12months) Serving the Community
• Wobbler/Toddler (12-36 months) for Nearly 40 Years
• Preschool (3-5 years)
• Pre-K (older 4’s)
• Kindergarten (5-6 years)
• Before & After School (5-12 years)
• Summer Camp (3-12 years)

Certified by:
NYS Department of Education

845-628-7500NYS Department of Social Service

85 My r t le Ave n u e, Ma h opa c, N Y 10541 • w w w.pi n e g ro ve c o u nt r ydays c h o o l . c o m

Thursday, October 10, 2019 LEISURE The Somers Record – Page 33

CLUES ACROSS 33. English theologian 64. Tax collector 26. Relative on the
1. Google certification 37. Commercial 65. Type of grass common to female side of the
4. Cloths spread over coffins 38. Exchange money for the Orient family
9. Disorderly goods or services 66. Cosmic intelligence 27. Passover feast and
14. “Star Wars” hero Solo 39. Give off 67. No (Scottish) ceremony
15. Toward the rear 41. One from Utah 68. People who rely on 31. The brightest star
16. The order of frogs 42. Computer department things in Virgo
17. Alternative pain 43. Begets 69. Stairs have them 32. Made with oats
treatment (abbr.) 44. English navigator 70. Mathematical term (abbr.) 34. Subjects to laser
18. “Wolf of Wall Street” star 46. C C C light
20. Evoke 49. Of I CLUES DOWN 35. Beloved Hollywood
22. Units of metrical time 50. Pouch 1. Clarified butters alien
23. Helps to predict eclipses 51. Add notes to 2. Primitive Himalayan 36. Neatly brief
24. Some say they attract 55. A way to fall into ruin people 40. The Great Lakes
28. Pitching statistic 58. Cunning intelligence 3. Completely State (abbr.)
29. Baseball box score (abbr.) 59. Blood disorder 4. Steep cliffs along the 41. Soon to be
30. Force unit 60. Disgraced CBS Hudson River released
31. Repaired shoe newsman 5. Assist 45. Swiss river
6. Language spoken in 47. Become involved in
Laos 48. More dour
7. Type of screen 52. They’re on floors
8. An attempt to 53. Boxing’s GOAT
economize 54. Swarms with
9. Volcanic craters 56. Quantum
10. Still outstanding mechanics pioneer
11. Takes responsibility 57. Facilitated
for another 59. As fast as can be done
12. California think tank (abbr.) For puzzle solutions, please see
13. Former Rocket Ming 60. Regional French wine

19. A pigeon noise Grand __
21. Central part of 61. Owns
24. Academy Award 62. Tell on
statue 63. Precedes two
25. Distinct unit of sound

To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can
appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using
the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!

CLARK ASSOCIATES Celebrate and Support Putnam Service Dogs 3rd
FUNERAL HOME at our delicious luncheon and enjoy
a dog/handler look-alike Fashion Show!

Serving all Faiths since 1858 Wed. October 23, 2019
noon to 1:30 pm
Cremations and Burials
Arch Restaurant
Both pre-payment and no-payment options
Two exquisite courses
Desserts from Brewster Pastry

Winning ticket drawn at luncheon; Need not be present to win.

*RAFFLE TICKETS ($10 each)

WIN a deluxe, 3-night getaway for two
at Hamilton Princess & Beach Club

a Fairmont managed Beachfront Hotel in

Dec 5-8, 2019*

(includes R-T airfare for two from JFK + $200 resort credit)

• Only 1/4 mile from 684 exit 6. • Only 1 block from the Katonah SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES

• Less than 60 minutes from N.Y. City. • Railroad station. All sponsors will be listed in program, on website *HOTEL
event page, and on social media posts. Hamilton Princess & Beach Club
• Parking facilities for over 100 cars. • Monuments & inscriptions available. Deluxe Gardenview room w/patio
Big Dog $1,000
2 Full Beds – Max 3 people
Acknowledged in welcome at beginning of event,
full page color ad, 2 attendees at luncheon. $200 RESORT CREDIT INCLUDED
(Free parking & Wi-Fi)

4 Woods Bridge Road, Katonah • (914) 232-3033 Program *AIRFARE
$500 - Full Page Color Ad (4.75"w x 7.75"h) Thurs, Dec 5 $250 - Half Page Color Ad (4.75"w x 3.875"h) depart JFK 8:36am
$100 - 1/4 page color Ad (4.75"w x 1.875") arrive Bermuda 11:57am
DANIEL B. McMANUS ~ Proprietor BRUCE E. REISDORF ~ Licensed Manager We’re a 501(c)3
JOSEPH M. MCMANUS ~ Director RONALD P. CERASO ~ Director Program booklet size is 5.5" x 8.5" Sun, Dec 8 and Platinum
MARISA A. GIULIANO ~ Director ADNER J. MONTENEGRO-LEE ~ Director Friend $50 depart Bermuda 1:00pm Level Guidestar
Included in all listing of Sponsors arrive JFK 2:20pm
Fashion Show $250
Sponsor a pup/raiser featured in the fashion show PASSPORT REQUIRED AT CHECK IN
Two tickets included

Buy raffle and luncheon tickets at

bday ad Halston.indd 1 8/20/19 2:04 PM

Page 34 – The Somers Record CLASSIFIEDS Thursday, October 10, 2019

ATTORNEY BUYING/SELLING placement assistance. Call AIM HELP WANTED SITE! Virus Removal, Data
for free information 866-296- Recovery! 24/7 EMERGENCY
Lung Cancer? And Age 60+? Buying diamonds, gold, 7094 JOB OPPORTUNITY $18.50 P/H SERVICE, In-home repair/On-
You AndYour Family May Be silver, all fine jewelry and NYC * $15 P/H LI * $14.50 P/H line solutions . $20 OFF ANY
EntitledTo Significant Cash watches, coins, paintings, FINANCE UPSTATE NY If you currently SERVICE! 844-892-3990
Award. No Risk. No Money Out better furs, complete estates. care for your relatives or Eliminate gutter cleaning
Of Pocket. For Information Call We simply pay more! Call Denied Social Security friends who have Medicaid or forever! LeafFilter, the most
877-225-4813 Barry 914-260-8783 or e-mail Disability? Appeal! If you’re Medicare, you may be eligible advanced debris-blocking gutter
[email protected] 50+, filed for SSD and denied, to start working for them protection. Schedule a FREE
AUTO DONATIONS our attorneys can help get you as a personal assistant. No LeafFilter estimate today. 15%
EDUCATION approved! No money out of Certificates needed. (347) 462- off and 0% financing for those
Donate your car to Wheels pocket! 855-478-2506 2610 (347)565-6200 who qualify. PLUS Senior &
For Wishes, benefiting Make- AIRLINE CAREERS Start Here Military Discounts. Call 1-877-
A-Wish. We offer free towing - Get trained as FAA certified HEALTH HOME IMPROVEMENT 763-2379
and your donation is 100% tax AviationTechnician. Financial
deductible. Call 914-468-4999 aid for qualified students. Job VIAGRA & CIALIS! 60 pills Privacy Hedges -FALL REAL ESTATE
Today! for $99. 100 pills for $150 BLOWOUT SALE 6ft Arborvitae
FREE shipping. Money back Reg $149 Now $75 Beautiful, Mini Farm - 16 acres only
guaranteed! CallToday: 800- Nursery Grown. FREE $49,900. Perfect homestead
404-0244 Installation/FREE delivery, property, Raise crops/animals
SAVE ON YOUR NEXT PRE- Limited Supply! ORDER on this fantastic land bargain.
SCRIPTION! World Health NOW: 518-536-1367 www. Views/southern exposure-
Link. Price Match Guarantee! excellent for orchard, 45 min.
Prescriptions Required. CIPA Albany. Financing 802-447-0779
Certified. Over 1500 medica- BATHROOM RENOVATIONS.
tions available. CALLToday For EASY, ONE DAY updates! We SERVICES
A Free Price Quote. 1-866-569- specialize in safe bathing. Grab
7986 Call Now! bars, no slip flooring & seated $15/HR House Cleaning.
A PLACE FOR MOM has helped showers. Call for a free in-home We Organize & Deep Clean
over a million families find consultation: 888-657-9488. Your Whole House/Offices.
senior living. Our trusted, local Top References. Dora &
advisors help find solutions to MISCELLANEOUS George 203-798-7952.
your unique needs at no cost to
you. Call: 1-800-404-8852 COMPUTER ISSUES? FREE


LLC FORMATION NOTICE to Rocco Varbaro, 28A Heritage State of NY (SSNY) 9/10/2019.

CTJ Electric LLC, Arts of Hills, Somers, NY 10589. General Cty: Westchester. SSNY desig.

Org. led with Sec. of State of Purpose. as agent upon whom process

NY (SSNY) 9/26/2019. Cty: LLC FORMATION NOTICE against may be served & shall
Westchester.SSNY agent mail process to 31 Dunderave Rd.,

HumPauntenSaomciety upon whom process against may Newland Consulting LLC, White Plains, NY 10603. General
Check out our Facebook & Twitter pages!
be served & shall mail process Arts of Org. led with Sec. of Purpose.

Physicians Mutual Insurance Company
FREE Notice of Formation of Sweet
A less expensive way to help Information Kit Clover Design LLC. Arts. of
get the dental care you deserve! Org. led with SSNY on 9/24/19.
O ce location: Westchester
CALL 1-855-225-1434 County. SSNY designated as agent
NOW! of LLC upon whom process may
be served. SSNY shall mail process
Toni is a semi-feral cat who Get help paying dental bills and keep more money in 1-855-225-1434 to Maxwell Apton,36 Old Town
came to the shelter with 5 your pocket Xing, Mt. Kisco, New York 10549.
kittens who were all adopted. This is real dental insurance — NOT just a discount plan Visit us online at Purpose: any lawful act or activity.
Now Toni would love to find a You can get coverage before your next checkup
loving home where she can be LLC FORMATION NOTICE
patiently made to feel safe and Don’t wait! Call now and we’ll rush you a FREE MB17-NM003Ec
secure. You can meet beautiful Information Kit with all the details.

Toni and friends any Insurance Policy P150NY
day 10-4:15. 6129

Toni Tax Foreclosed Real Estate Auction Ratel Holdings, LLC, Arts
of Org. led with Sec. of State
Hercules Hercules, better known as WARREN COUNTY of NY (SSNY) 8/23/2019. Cty:
“Hunkules” is 5 yrs old and Saturday, October 19, 2019 Westchester.SSNY agent
a really wonderful guy, but upon whom process against may
he spins a lot in his pen and is Registration: 9:00 AM� • Auction Start: 10:00 AM be served & shall mail process to
tired of making himself dizzy. Geist Schwarz & Jellinek, PLLC,
So he’s asking for a family to 30+ Parcels Available Attn: Matthew D. Schwarz, Esq.,
adopt him into a loving home 1 North Lexington Ave., 11th Fl.,
so he can stop spinning! Stop Sale Location: Warren County Courthouse White Plains, NY 10601. General
by any day 10-3 to meet this 1340 State Route 9, Lake George, New York 13845 Purpose.

handsome fella. For complete information, LLC FORMATION NOTICE
Putnam Humane Society, 68 Old Rt. 6, Carmel or call Auctioneer RJ Klisiewicz, AMM NOTICE OF FORMATION
845-225-7777 of 20 BH, LLC. Arts. Of Org.
800-536-1401, Ext. 110
Open 7 days a week from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. led with SSNY on 7/29/19.
“Selling Surplus Assets 7 Days a Week Online” O ce location: Westchester
County. SSNY designated agent
upon whom process may be served
and shall mail copy of process
against LLC to Rocco Vignola,
Esq., 3111 East Tremont Avenue
Bronx, NY 10461. Purpose: any
lawful act.

Thursday, October 10, 2019 BUSINESS & REAL ESTATE The Somers Record – Page 35

‘When am I going home?’

in icts upon oneself and the family home and/or home care Medic- have no more than $15,450.00 of

GUEST members involved. aid subject to Medicaid’s right to savings and no more than $879.00 Anthony J. Enea, Esq. is a member
Fortunately, in New York City, pursue a claim against the refusing per month of income. If the ap- of the rm of Enea, Scanlan &

the ve boroughs, Westchester, spouse for the value of the services plicant has more than $879 per Sirignano, LLP of White Plains,

ANTHONY J. Rockland, Putnam and immedi- Medicaid provided. month of income, they can enroll and a home o ce in Somers. He can

ENEA ate adjacent counties,the Medicaid If the option of avoiding a spou- in a Pooled Community Trust be reached at 914-948-1500. Mr.

home care program is accessible sal transfer and executing a spousal managed by a charity, and their Enea is the Past Chair of the Elder

and an obvious rst option to nurs- refusal is available, either because income above the $879 can be Law and Special Needs Section of

ing home care. Perhaps, the most the well spouse’s assets and income utilized to pay their expenses for the New York State Bar Association

My clients and their families important factor in making Med- are below the community spouse housing, clothing, food, heating, (NYSBA). He is the Chair of the

regularly tell me that their spouses icaid home care such an important resources and income allowance electrical, gas, taxes and insurance, Senior Lawyers Section of (NYSBA).

and loved ones who are admitted rst option is that unlike eligibility or because both the applicant and etc. If the Pooled Community Mr. Enea is the Past President and

to a nursing home or rehab facility for nursing home Medicaid, there spouse are willing to transfer their Trust is not utilized by the appli- a founding member of the New York

regularly ask them… “When am I is no ve ve-year look-back pe- non-IRA/non-retirement assets to cant,they would lose their monthly Chapter of the National Academy

going home?” riod for the uncompensated non- a Medicaid Asset Protection Trust income in excess of the $879. For a of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA).

It has been my experience that exempt transfer of assets (gifts) and/or to their children or others, couple residing in the community He is also a member of the Council

the vast majority of seniors would with respect to eligibility for home then executing a spousal refusal let- needing home care, they can have of Advanced Practitioners of the

prefer to age in their own home care Medicaid. us, if one were ter and its nancial consequences up to $1,287 per month of income National Academy of Elder Law

rather than a nursing home and/or to transfer all of their non-IRA/ can be avoided. and $22,800 of savings. Attorneys and is a Certi ed Elder

other long-term care facilities. non-retirement assets to their e eligibility requirements for ere are numerous bene cial Law Attorney as certi ed by e

e decision of whether one children and/or a Medicaid As- Medicaid home care require that reasons for one’s health and men- National Elder Law Foundation

will be able to age at home is con- set Protection Trust, on the rst of the applicant necessitate assistance tal well being to remain at home as accredited by the American

tingent upon a number of factors, the month following the transfer with the activities of daily living as long as possible. e Medicaid Bar Association. Mr. Enea is the

such as one’s nances, eligibility for the applicant would be nancially (walking, dressing, bathing, going home care program in New York President of the Westchester Bar

the Medicaid home care services, eligible for home-care Medicaid to the bathroom and cooking). provides seniors with a signi cant Foundation and a Past President

physical and mental condition, services. Additionally, as with the From a nancial eligibility per- incentive to remain and age at of the Westchester County Bar

the level of care one requires and Medicaid nursing home program, spective, the applicant, if single, can home. Association.

whether the home is suitable and/ the home care program also per-

or can be made suitable to serve mits the spousal impoverishment BUSINESS OWNERS:
one’s needs. rules. us, if assets are transferred
from an ill spouse to the well
It is a decision that is both com- spouse, the well spouse can refuse
plex and heart wrenching for the

people placed in the position of to utilize their assets and income to

making the decision. I have experi- support the ill spouse, and can in-

enced rst-hand the emotional toll stead execute a spousal refusal let- LSLCHCOORRSPA?
the decision to place a mother, fa- ter. is would allow the ill spouse
ther and/or grandparent in a home to become eligible for nursing


Corresponding to Last Week’s October 3 Issue





4 Log Home kits selling for BALANCE OWED, FREE DELIVERY

1)Model # 101 Carolina $40,840…BALANCE OWED $17,000

2)Model # 203 Georgia $49,500...BALANCE OWED $19,950

3)Model # 305 Biloxi $36,825...BALANCE OWED $14,500

4)Model # 403 Augusta $42,450...BALANCE OWED $16,500


Make any plan design changes you desire! Securities offered through Cantella & Co., Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC.
Cantella and Co., Inc. does not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. This material has been prepared for informational
Comes with Complete Building Blueprints &
Construction Manual purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or accounting advice.
You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.
Windows, Doors, and Roofing not included BBB


Page 36 – The Somers Record Thursday, October 10, 2019

Windows and Doors
for New Construction,
Remodeling & Replacement

SAVE ON A-Series and E-Series!
Plus SAVE ON 200 & 400 Series!


OCT 10th OCT 11th OCT 12th
8am-8pm 8am-6pm 10am-2pm

Your Andersen ® Window & DoorSpecialists

135 Mahopac Ave, Granite Springs, NY 10527

On the Web at or phone us at 914 248-6100

Jilco is proud to feature energy efficient Andersen® products.

“ENERGY STAR” is a registered trademark of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. “Andersen” and all other marks where denoted are trademarks of Andersen Corporation. MS1502_0128

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