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Published by Halston Media, 2019-06-27 15:26:49

Yorktown News 06.27.19

Vol. 8 No. 13 Visit for the latest news. Thursday, June 27, 2019

JV rental development
draws opposition

BY TRUDY WALZ posed development may be new
CONTRIBUTING WRITER to some, others have been follow-

ing its progression for years. One

Members of the Town Board such resident took the micro-

last week indicated they’d be will- phone at the board’s meeting last

ing to ask a developer of a pro- week, on Tuesday, June 18, saying

posed 150-unit rental commu- she had been following the story

nity to participate in what’s being for ve years and raising as proof

called a “public informational a handful of newspapers with ar-

PHOTO: BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER hearing” before it holds a public ticles about the proposal.

Rock’s Smoke Shop is located on Commerce Street in Yorktown Heights. hearing on its rezoning request. “ e consequences of rezon-

Vape shop accused again of Diversi ed Properties LLC ing are brutal to us,” said Joanne
selling products to minor
rst proposed the rental commu- Sillik, claiming that a majority of

nity, called Summit Hill at York- Je erson Village residents op-

town, a year ago. In September, it pose the rezoning request and

led a formal petition to rezone warning, “ e future of all York-

the property, 19.3 acres north of town taxpayers lies in your hands.

the Je erson Valley Mall, from Your future lies in the hands of

R1-20 to R-3 to accommodate the voters of Yorktown.”

BY BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER legal trouble for 12 months or the original charge 11 two-story buildings with one- Another pointed out that such
EDITOR could resurface.
and two-bedroom units. e a development would increase
For the second time in six months, a Yorktown e Queens resident only made it six, police
vape shop is accused of selling tobacco products said. property lies o of East Main the demand for services—police,
to a minor.
Arrested again on ursday, June 20, Liu is Street, between Hill Boulevard re ghters, teachers, sanitation
Xuefang “Rock” Liu, of Rock’s Smoke Shop, on accused this time of selling products to a minor
Commerce Street, was arrested last Dec. 13, ac- on two consecutive days. at brought two more and Lee Road. workers.
cused of selling products to a 14-year-old. He was charges of endangering the welfare of a child.
charged with endangering the welfare of a child, a In April, Diversi ed updated “ ese services will mean Yor-
Class B misdemeanor. Yorktown Police Chief Robert Noble said his
department has received several complaints about the board as to its progress, with a ktown taxpayers are on the hook
In that case, Liu pleaded guilty to disorderly Liu’s shop allegedly selling e-cigarettes and vape
conduct, a violation that carries a $250 ne, ac- pens to minors. With the help of a high school focus on tra c conditions. While for the salaries for additional lo-
cording to Yorktown Justice Court. As part of his student, Noble said, the department carried out an
plea agreement, Liu was given a one-year condi- undercover investigation. Diversi ed had been directed to cal government workers and also
tional discharge, which required him to stay out of
SEE VAPE PAGE 5 create an access from its property the pensions that will continue to

to Bank Road, as of that meeting, nancially burden the Yorktown

it had been unable to either se- taxpayers for decades to come,”

cure an easement on Bank Road said Louise DeMarco. “ is is

or acquire the property to pro- taxation without representation,

While news of the pro-


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Page 2 – Yorktown News Thursday, June 27, 2019

The Staff A rendering RENTALS to hanging on a wall. “Preserva-
of Summit tion means not building a place
EDITORIAL TEAM Hill, a 150- FROM PAGE 1 on 19.3 acres in an area that is
BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER unit rental already congested.”
EDITOR: 914-302-5628 community if the board approves this proj-
[email protected] proposed ect.” A second warning was sound-
for Jefferson ed: “ ink twice about this” she
GABRIELLE BILIK Valley And yet another Yorktown advised, “because this could be a
SPORTS EDITOR: 914-214-4285 Heights man predicted the need

[email protected] RENDERING: for the installation of as many as very costly mistake for the board.
ADVERTISING TEAM CONSULTING four tra c lights to handle the It could be a very costly mistake
PAUL FORHAN in ux of residents on the roads. for all of the taxpayers of York-
Jeanne Troiano urged coun- town when their taxes go up to
[email protected]
LISA KAIN cilmembers, “Look behind you. accommodate these services.”

914-351-2424 ‘Progress With Preservation,’” Susan Siegel, a former town
[email protected]
she said, quoting the town’s mot- supervisor and a resident of Jef-
845-621-4049 ferson Village, countered the

[email protected] contention of one of the speak-
914-334-6335 ers, saying that a majority of Jef-

[email protected] ferson Village residents were not
914-205-4183 against the development.

[email protected] And that’s when Dan Strauss
914-202-2941 stepped up to the microphone.

[email protected] “When there’s rezoning,” he

PRODUCTION TEAM said, “you should have a public
informational hearing rst, be-
DESIGNER/PHOTOGRAPHER cause the public hearing is after
[email protected]
the fact. You’re going to have it
PRODUCTION/DESIGNER the night you make the deci-

At the close of courtesy of the
PUBLISHER: 845-208-8151
[email protected] oor, Councilwoman Alice Ro-

SHELLEY KILCOYNE ker said, “ ere’s nothing to pre-
CALL TODAY TO DESIGN YOUR DREAM BACKYARD clude us from asking the appli-
[email protected] cant to do a public informational

Deadlines ❖New Driveways hearing, and we can do that,” she

YORKTOWN NEWS DEADLINE ❖Asphalt Overlays OUR said, adding it was a “great idea.”
❖Parking Lots 30TH Accused Animal
❖Unilock Driveways YEAR
❖Landscape Design
CALL BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER AT 914-962-8727 845-632-0732 914-232-4248
914-302-5628 OR EMAIL
[email protected] A Mohegan Lake woman ac-
cused of starving her dog was
Subscribe Your One-Stop Shop for arraigned at Yorktown Justice
Court ursday, June 20, on a
TO REQUEST YORKTOWN NEWS Deck Building Materials misdemeanor animal-cruelty
WEEKLY DELIVERY, CALL 845-208-8503 charge.
OR EMAIL [email protected] Mahopac Railroad Tie
RESIDENTS AND BUSINESSES IN THE TOWN. Experts in Deck Lumber Gennaro, 44, who was arrested in
OUT OF TOWN MAIL SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE 911 Route 6, Mahopac, NY May by the Westchester SPCA,
$150 PER YEAR FOR FIRST CLASS MAIL. 845-628-8111 | | x has drawn considerable public
interest, with dozens of people
PERIODICALS POSTAGE PAID AT attending last week’s hearing.
SOMERS, NY AND AT Videos posted to social media,
show sign-wielding protestors,
ADDITIONAL MAILING OFFICES. some shouting expletive-laden
POSTMASTER: insults, as DiGennaro left the
YORKTOWN NEWS AT DiGennaro was arrested on
BAILEY COURT Wednesday, May 22. Two weeks
earlier, after receiving a tip, Yor-
334 ROUTE 202, UNIT C1S ktown police had found an Aus-
SOMERS, NY 10589 tralian cattle dog at DiGennaro’s
Eleanor Drive home in an “ad-
(ISSN 2329-8693) vanced state of emaciation and
PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY dehydration due to neglect,” the
HALSTON MEDIA, LLC AT SPCA said. e dog had been
locked in an outdoor enclosure,
BAILEY COURT allegedly deprived of adequate
334 ROUTE 202, UNIT C1S water, food and veterinary care
for months.
SOMERS, NY 10589
©2019 HALSTON MEDIA, LLC e malnourished dog, which
has since been renamed Boomer,
is now in a foster home.

DiGennaro is scheduled to
return to court on ursday, July
25, according to the Westchester
district attorney’s o ce.

Thursday, June 27, 2019 Yorktown News – Page 3



A public hearing on a town law regulating solar panels will be held Tuesday, July 9, at Yorktown Town Hall.

Solar, tree laws advance to public hearing stage

Both scheduled for Tuesday, July 9

BY TRUDY WALZ Referring to a site on Under- and misperceptions about the which has been eyed by Clean in revenue for the town over the
CONTRIBUTING WRITER hill Avenue said to be among proposal, which has been under Energy Collective. course of a lease.
those considered for a large ar- review in tandem with new tree
Opponents of a proposed solar ray of solar panels, or solar farm, regulations to avoid con icts be- “If you do it correctly,” he said, When Roker noted some may
law got in front of the issue last he noted the slopes were 15 to tween them and other laws on “you’re screening them from the accuse the developer of doing so
week, making their objections 25 percent. “If you take all those the books. street. e impact at play here is to “buy” votes, Gilbert said he
clear to the Town Board before trees away, scrub it clean, besides the visual impact other than the wanted to be transparent.
it even had a chance to review a interfering with the trees’ abil- “It’s not correct that this does removal of the tree canopy. Now,
ity to absorb carbon dioxide to not allow solar in commercial ar- you have to remember, if you “I think just as the wetlands
nal draft of it. maintain a habitat, to prevent eas, or zone. It allows it as acces- don’t have this use, you will get law, it’s not a prohibiting law but
If a resident wishes to put so- sory uses or structures,” such as other uses, which is a subdivision, a permitting law,” Roker said.
lar panels on their house, Paul ooding and erosion, what you’re on roofs and above parking spac- a farm, agriculture.”
Moskowitz told the board during going to have is all that hillside es. “It doesn’t allow it as a single Councilman Ed Lachterman
courtesy of the oor at its regular coming down. use on a vacant piece of commer- And, he said, “A farm and a so- repeated his concern about the
meeting Tuesday, June 18, “We cial land. I think that would be lar farm are less permanent than view of such a farm on Under-
don’t need this law. We can do it “It might not happen, but I crazy to do.” a residential subdivision and so, hill from such scenic locations
today.” wouldn’t want to take that risk.” therefore, you will have the op- as Turkey Hill Mountain, say-
Moskowitz, a member of the e proposed law would allow portunity, when it’s decommis- ing, “ ere’s some sites that you
town’s Advisory Committee on Grace Caporino, following solar arrays as a principal use in sioned, to regenerate the site, re- need to make sure are protected.”
Open Space, contended that the Moskowitz to the microphone, residential areas, but would re- use it in another way.” However, later in the discussion,
draft of the law “does not men- pointed to the town’s motto strict them to properties a mini- he conceded, “ ere’s going to be
tion commercial zones,” and sup- hanging on the wall behind the mum of 2 acres, Town Attorney Tegeder also said it was “the a lot of instances where you don’t
posed that as a result, an entity council’s table, “Progress with Richard Abbate further clari ed. least industrial use you can imag- know it exists.”
such as the JV Mall could even Preservation.” ine.”
install panels. “ e Planning Board has said “ e question is whether or
“My conclusion after reading “Preservation means the ex- they don’t want it [solar farms] “It’s quiet; it doesn’t produce not you’re going to allow a solar
the solar law is that it only does isting wooded, pastoral environ- on any residential” property, pollution; it’s clean energy…and farm,”Tegeder said.
one thing: It’s in the aid of the ment we have,” she said. “ e Councilwoman Alice Roker said. has a smaller carbon footprint
interest of a corporation in Colo- proposed law has no respect for “I would beg to di er that there than better energy-producing Counter to the suggestion ear-
rado that wishes to scrub clean residential wooded areas. e are various categories of residen- options for the planet.” lier by Moskowitz, Roker said, “I
29 acres of forest because that’s corporate proposal is to build. tial” properties they might be don’t think we just do a blanket
a convenient way to install their I’m asking you to think about the well-suited for. At this point, Town Super- ‘no.’”
panels.” town. Protect the environment.” visor Ilan Gilbert noted that a
But to do so, he said, “ ese “It should only be done if you prospective solar farm developer, Tegeder and Abbate said the
29 acres are on residential-zoned But during the board’s work can’t see it,”Tegeder agreed. which he did not identify, had board had discretion, as well, over
property,” declaring, “ is is an session discussion of the nal sent a message that it wants to how large a property must be to
outrage.” draft of the solar law, the sub- Regarding the Underhill lo- be “excellent corporate neigh- accommodate an array, possibly
ject of a public hearing to be cation, he said it would be more bors,” estimating that payments increasing the minimum acreage
held on Tuesday, July 9, Direc- di cult to screen an array there through a PILOT (payment in from 2 acres to 5 or 10 acres, and
tor of Planning John Tegeder than on other properties, such as lieu of taxes) agreement could how much of the property might
corrected some misconceptions those on Foothill Street, one of result in more than $1 million

Page 4 – Yorktown News Thursday, June 27, 2019

SOLAR public hearing on an applica- “I haven’t seen that.” mitigating for… is is a public to prevent “double-dipping in
tion by Victor Conte, of Conte Furthermore, the application hearing so citizens have the op- permit fees.”

Homes Inc., to build a single- was not referred to the Tree Con- portunity to come and comment Moreover, he said, “Mitigation

be covered. e draft limits it to family home on 9 acres Conte servation Advisory Commission, on this. Where are we supposed in this law that’s in front of you

80 percent of the property, but owns at 1550 Journeys End “but why do we have the tree con- to get the information about the now is more of a menu of choic-

that could be reduced further, to Road in Croton-on-Hudson. servation commission if nothing trees?” es; you’re not handcu ed to do

60 percent or less. Although the initial site plan gets referred to them?” she asked. e board agreed with Roker only one type of mitigation.”

Tree Law met all the zoning requirements, She also suggested that the board when she said, “I can understand “Mitigation is required for
the home’s location was adjusted “might want a mitigation plan.” if we’re talking about a develop- disturbance in a protected wood-

because it would otherwise have “In regard to that,” Riina said, ment, in terms of trees, but not a land,” explained Miller, who had

e Town Board last week put left the homeowner without a “I think the board needs to con- single-family house.” joined Tegeder at the council

all on notice that it would hold a backyard, as it lined up with a sider the expense to survey 30 “We can’t just keep beating table for the discussion. “It’s also

public hearing on proposed tree woodland bu er and would also trees, to have an arborist go out people over the head,” Council- required for land conversion, re-

regulations on Tuesday, July 9, in have required extensive grading there and locate the trees.” man Ed Lachterman said before moving a protected woodland

response, members said, to con- and retaining walls, according Riina said the developer has the board closed the hearing and of a certain size and replacing it

cerns that a hearing planned for to Joseph Riina of Site Design “minimized the amount of dis- unanimously approved the appli- with something where the wood-

July 2, in the middle of the July Consultants, who represented turbance,” which he estimated cation. land cannot ever regenerate it-

Fourth holiday week, might pre- Conte. at adjustment, how- was about two-thirds of an During the work session re- self.”

vent vacationing residents from ever, required a variance because acre. He said the trees had been view of the draft, Director of When asked by Town Attor-

having their say. it would encroach on a front-yard marked in the eld, which town Planning John Tegeder said of ney Richard Abbate whether the

e hearing will be held in tan- setback of 100 feet from the cen- engineer Michael Quinn later the major changes between the board wanted to attach a permit

dem with another on proposed ter line of Journeys End, he said. con rmed, and that “this prop- rst draft and the nal version, fee, members of the board nixed

regulations for solar installations. “We’re not asking for wetland erty is as-of-right development.” “It has been rewritten in a way the idea.

e board has been vetting regu- permits, but an excavation per- “I have to agree with Joe,” to eliminate ambiguity, con ict e discussion then segued to

lations pertaining to both for the mit, a tree permit,” Riina said. Councilwoman Alice Roker said, within the law, and make it easier proposed amendments of chap-

past year to iron out any con icts Susan Siegel, a former town adding that the proposed tree law to administrate and easier to en- ters in the stormwater and wet-

between them, considering the supervisor and member of Ad- should have been distributed “to force.” lands laws prompted by the pro-

di erent goals of each, as well vocates for a Better Yorktown, a people like you,” from “the busi- In essence, he said, a permit posed tree law. Councilmembers’

as with any laws already on the proponent of the new tree regu- ness world.” would be required for the remov- concerns focused on whether the

books. lations, emphasized she had no Linda Miller, who authored al of 10 protected trees, which is amendments were necessary and

But before the board began its problem with the application but the original draft of the new tree de ned as those with an 8-inch whether they would further com-

review of the nal draft of the with compliance with the current law and has been shepherding it diameter at breast height (dbh), plicate the process. After hearing

tree law during a work session tree law. through the review process, also in a calendar year. It further de- again from Tegeder and Miller

on Tuesday, June 18, the tree law Noting that 30 trees would be noted that the board, “as the ap- nes a protected woodland as an on these matters, the board de-

that’s already on the books is the felled to accommodate the plan, proval authority,” could require area of 10,000 square feet. cided to advertise the draft as it

one that raised an issue. she contended the current law mitigation. Tegeder said some threshold was, with the ability to make any

During the regular meeting requires the trees to be cut down But, she said, “If you’re going protections were modi ed for necessary changes at the public

held before its work session that be indicated, or marked, on the to make an intelligent decision, consistency’s sake and “removed hearing.

evening, the board convened a site plan. you need to know what you are some of the onerous aspects” and

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Thursday, June 27, 2019 Yorktown News – Page 5

VAPE ron Williams, 19, of Mohegan identity theft and fourth-degree e 16-year-old was released e Mohegan Lake resident,
Lake, Anton Binnel, 19, of Peek- possession of stolen property, without bail to a parent while arrested last August, was initial-

skill, a 16-year-old from White both Class E felonies. Because the 15-year-old was sent to the ly charged with felony gaming

e student, according to Plains and a 15-year-old from they allegedly gave fake names Wood eld Cottage detention fa- fraud.However,according to Yor-

Noble, purchased two vaping Peekskill. e identities of the during the arrest, all four were cility in Valhalla. ktown Justice Court, the charges

products on June 19 and June 20 two youngest boys were not made also charged with false person- against Gross were reduced to

without being asked for identi - public. ation, which is a Class B misde- BINGO CALLER PLEADS disorderly conduct, a violation, to

cation. It is alleged that around 8 p.m. meanor. GUILTY TO VIOLATION which he pleaded guilty. e vio-

“ is shouldn’t be happening Saturday, June 15, the boys were Williams and Binnel, who Neil Gross, the 72-year-old lation carries with it a $250 ne

in Yorktown,” Noble told York- at the mall, making purchases were additionally charged with Bingo caller accused of rigging and a one-year conditional dis-

town News. “We’re certainly not from Piercing Pagoda, H&M marijuana possession, were be- games at the Yorktown Jewish charge, meaning Gross must stay

going to stand for it. ese e-cig- and Foot Locker with a stolen ing held at the Westchester Center, has pleaded guilty to a out of trouble during that time or

arettes, vape pens, clearly marked credit card. According to police, County Jail on $15,000 cash bail. lesser charge. avoid further prosecution.

with nicotine, are an addictive the teens had stolen the credit

substance. It’s just shameful con- card from an unlocked car in the

duct to make a buck.” driveway of a nearby residence.

Yorktown police reported the Seeing the suspicious spend- for Yorktown
arrest, Noble said, to the West- ing activity, the credit card com-
chester County Health Depart- pany alerted the resident, who

ment, which licenses these types called the police department. Celebrating 10 years

of stores. Dispatched to the mall, o -

Noble commended the work cers questioned store employees.

of Det. Richard Finn and Det. Based on descriptions, police Who do you know that deserves a free car?
omas Nadoraski “for their in- found the teens, still at the mall,

vestigation and subsequent arrest.” and arrested them.

Liu was released on $250 bail Felony grand larceny charges • Nominate a • Help a Friend
and is due back in Yorktown Jus- were lodged against Williams, Friend to Win in Need
tice Court on July 18. Binnel and the two younger teens
after they allegedly spent more 1 of 5 Cars
TEENS ACCUSED OF than $1,000 at Piercing Pagoda,

STEALING CREDIT CARD which sells silver and gold jew-

Four teens, ranging in age from elry along with ear-piercing ser-

15 to 19, are accused of stealing vices. e teens were also charged • Yorktown • Nominate
a credit card belonging to a Yor- with misdemeanor petty larceny, Helping your
ktown resident and going on a police said, after spending less Yorktown
shopping spree at the Je erson than $1,000 at both H&M and Neighbor
Valley Mall, according to the Foot Locker.
Yorktown Police Department.
In addition, the teens were

e accused teenagers are Jar- charged with second-degree

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Give Back

Entrants and Nominees
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friend/neighbor is deserving of a free car.

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845.621.4450 Letter of Good Conduct from the Yorktown Police Department
Clean driving record from their insurance carrier or D.M.V.
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Drop off or mail completed forms to the shop:

1798 Front Street,Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

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Page 6 – Yorktown News Thursday, June 27, 2019


Tennis court repairs underway


Tennis courts at town-owned Downing Park, pictured on Monday, June 24, is expected to reopen sometime in July. PHOTO: BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER
Downing, Blackberry Woods and
Shrub Oak parks will be repaired When Downing Park is done, Shrub Oak Park, the latter of Once complete, nine courts dents to enjoy and increase the
this summer, said Todd Orlows- opportunity to play tennis at var-
ki, superintendent of the Parks workers will move on to Black- which will be “completely recon- will have received the necessary ious parks in Yorktown,” he said.
and Recreation Department.
berry Woods Park and then structed,” Orlowski said. repairs to be back online for resi-
Work has already begun on the
lower courts at Downing Park,
which should re-open sometime
in July, Orlowski said.

For years, Orlowski said, the
tennis courts have deteriorated,
“and some have closed due to
irreversible damage.” Fixing the
courts has always been a priority
for the department, he said, but
projects of this magnitude “take
planning, have challenges, and
must be feasible.”

In August 2018, the Parks and
Recreation Commission autho-
rized Orlowski to advertise a
bid for the tennis court repairs.
A contract was awarded two
months later to the Mahopac-
based Oval Tennis, Inc., but the
town had to wait for tempera-
tures to warm back up before the
work could begin.

ctional Training Spa mall Group Trainin

wo Heated Indoor P g

ver 150 Classes Wee

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For students that boardthaatna5sc0hmooilel gsraewataeyr. It’s not just about knowing where you want to go,
it’s being able to plan how you’re going to get there.
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Philip Settembrino, WMCP, President

2649 Strang Blvd, Suite 104 • Yorktown Hts NY 10598

Phone: 914-514-5000

Securities and Advisory Services offered through Cadaret, Grant & Co., Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor and
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Thursday, June 27, 2019 Yorktown News – Page 7

1-4 pm

Wed., Oct. 16
7-9 pm

Michael Abbamont Cherie Adams Olivia Astrologo Patrick Brown Kyle Bruenn Sebastian Cano Nicole Cicchetti Jessica Curran

St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Columbanus St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Columbanus
Pennsylvania State Uni-
Sacred Heart University Pace University Suny Polytechnic Institute Fairfield University Quinnipiac University Seton Hall University Fordham University

Cara Dennehy Mary Di Graci Michael DiLullo Sofia DiPippo Aileen Dwyer Daniel Eliseo Isabella Fonseca Alessandra Franco

St. Columbanus St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Patrick’s Bedford St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
John Jay College Of
Binghamton University Fairfield University University Of Scranton Binghamton University Criminal Justice Fairfield University Siena College UMASS Amherst

Olivia Frantzeskos Vincent Galati David Galvao Liam Gerrity Victoria Hunt Anna Keller Raven Kirby Grace Kokasko

St. Patrick’s Bedford St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Columbanus St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Fordham University Pace University Hamilton College SUNY Maritime Sullivan CCC Marist College University At Albany Hofstra University

Scott Murdock Debra Nichels Nicholas O’Mara Marina Passero Dylan Peters Nayeli Picon Kristen Quarless Jan Rivera
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Patrick’s Yorktown Sacred Heart University St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Patrick’s Yorktown
Stevens Institute Of
Technology Providence College Villanova University University Of Connecticut La Salle University University Of Tampa University Of Connecticut

Alyssa Sayegh Joseph Tock Mia Troetti Alexandra Vespucci Eric Volpi Gwyneth Warn Erin Wolter Adriana Zuzarte

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Patrick’s Yorktown St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Elizabeth Ann Seton St. Patrick’s Bedford St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Savannah College Of Art
Marist College Sacred Heart University Sacred Heart University James Madison University Lander University NC State University Seton Hall University
And Design

Congratulations to the Kennedy Catholic Class of 2019 and
Northern Westchester County and Putnam County Catholic
elementary schools Class of 2015. God bless you and may you

achieve great things in your future.

To learn more contact Mr. Brian Bruder, Director of Admissions
54 Route 138, Somers, NY (914) 232-5061 Ext. 137 | [email protected]

Page 8 – Yorktown News Thursday, June 27, 2019

TOWN OF YORKTOWN Starbucks pays the price
for not posting its own
FOR THE WEEK OF JULY 1-5 Company dinged $9,000 for not displaying drink prices


KITCHEN TRASH COLLECTIONS: BY BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER sumer right and Westchester’s • 45 Stanley Ave., Dobbs Ferry
‘Monday & Thursday’ will be changed to: long-established consumer laws • 280 Tarrytown Road, Elms-
‘Tuesday & Friday’ COLLECTION will be on: recognize those rights,” County ford
No longer will Westchester Executive George Latimer said in • 46 S. Central Ave., Hartsdale

RECYCLING COLLECTIONS: residents be caught o guard by a press release. “Our objective is to • 201 East Hartsdale Ave.,
WEDNESDAY, JULY 3 the price of a gingerbread latte at make sure that consumers are in a Hartsdale

*No changes for regular Monday, Tuesday & Starbucks. position to make informed deci- • Ardsley Travel Plaza 87 North,
Friday collections
NOTE: Recyclables in Plastic Bags will not be collected! e popular co ee chain found sions before making a purchase.” Hastings on Hudson

* Friday, JULY 5TH, 7:30 – 2:30 * itself in hot water over its failure Jim Maisano, the county’s con- • 1030 Boston Post Road, Ma-

to post prices on some drink of- sumer protection director, said maroneck

ferings in January and February negotiations with Starbucks were • 3025 East Main St., Mohegan

at 19 of its Westchester County “positive.” Lake (Cortlandt)

E-WASTE DISPOSAL DAY: locations, including at Commerce “We were pleased that Star- • 41 South Moger Ave., Mount
Bring your obsolete computer,
TV, laptop, monitor, VCR, Street in Yorktown. bucks worked with us and agreed Kisco
keyboard, cell phone, etc.
In addition to posting all prices, to ensure that prices for all their • 1278-80 North Ave., New

Starbucks will be required to pay products sold at Westchester loca- Rochelle

$4,500 to the county and make tions will be properly displayed,” • 216 South Highland Ave.,

TEXTILE RECOVERY DAY: a $4,500 donation to Greyston Maisano said. “We thank Star- Ossining
Bring bags filled with unwanted
clothing, shoes, rags, towels, Bakery, according to an agreement bucks for their quick action on • 975 Central Park Ave., Scars-
bed sheets, blankets, etc.
reached Tuesday, June 18, with this very important matter and dale

Westchester County’s Depart- appreciate their donation to the • 684 White Plains Road,

ment of Consumer Protection. Greyston Foundation.” Scarsdale

Greyston Bakery is a Yonkers- e locations in violation were: • 51 East Parkway, Scarsdale

Refuse & Recycling Department based charity that is recognized • 716 Saw Mill River Road, Ar- • 1 Depot Square,Tuckahoe
2279 Crompond Road (behind Police/Court)
for its work in rehabilitating for- dsley • 200 Main St., White Plains

Drop-Off: 7:30 a.m.—2:30 p.m. Questions?: (914) 245-4438 mer inmates. • 29 Park Place, Bronxville • 1932 Commerce St., York- “Knowing what an item costs • 2 South Greeley Ave., Chap- town Heights

before paying for it is a basic con- paqua

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apple bk-YORKTOWN NEWS - TWO CDS - 6-25-2019.indd 1 6/18/2019 11:05:58 AM

Thursday, June 27, 2019 Yorktown News – Page 9


A True Local Bank right
here in Yorktown!


Residential and Commercial Mortgages - Cash Management Services
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Serving Putnam, Dutchess, Westchester
and Rockland Counties Since 1871.

Page 10 – Yorktown News Thursday, June 27, 2019

College entrance scams Life is full of surprises

Ethics is a funny word. Not ha-ha write an essay to assess critical thinking Three weeks ago, I was contacted inductive reasoning alone. ere is always
funny. Unknowable funny. One skills. by a famous Tibetan author, Ten- the possibility, that, however remote, the
zin Dickie, who has authored and most con rmed theory could turn out to
person’s abiding sense of ethics is is year’s essay assignment posited

another’s shortcut to a quick buck, per- this hypothetical premise: “You are in edited numerous books, including “Old be false.

haps, or to gaining an your second semester Demons, New Deities.” As scientists and

advantage at someone as a freshman at your You may recall that philosophers look at

else’s expense. rst-choice college. You in my series on “ e MY the entire nature of
Meaning of Life,” I PERSPECTIVE scienti c inquiry, two
Let’s consider the BRUCE are grateful to be there, featured the Dalai
“shortcut-to-a-quick- THE BLOG especially because your distinct camps have
buck” ethics question. college entrance exam JAMES
Lama prominently in MARTORANO developed—the realists
If you found a lost BRUCE scores and grade point one of my columns. and the instrumental-
wallet, would you be APAR average (GPA) were
Ms. Dickie had come ists. In order to under-

less, or more, inclined lower than the school’s across my column on stand the distinction

to try to nd the standards. You inad- the Dalai Lama and between them, let us

owner if it had cash vertently discover that wanted to interview me on Tibetan take the atomic theory, which tells us

in it? As reported in your parents pulled television. that all matter consists of tiny particles

the journal Science, strings to get you rough a series of telephone and called atoms, which are combined and

a three-year study sought the answer admitted to the school (including “dona- video interviews, her inquiry came down con gured in di erent ways. e realists

by planting thousands of wallets—with tions” to key decision-makers). It turns to two basic questions: 1) As a foreigner, believe once a theory is tested and the

and without cash—in hundreds of cities out you would not have been accepted what do I nd compelling about his holi- results seem to back up the hypothesis,

around the world. A higher percentage without your parents’ intervention. Using ness, the Dalai Lama? And, 2) if I were it can reasonably be concluded that the

of people returned the cash wallets than rst-person voice as this ctional person, in his presence, what question would I theory accurately describes reality.

returned the cashless wallets. share your thoughts about your parents’ ask him? Since I assume that Tibetan e instrumentalists, on the other

at’s encouraging news. Less encour- behavior and what you would do in that television is not available on our local hand, agree that the scienti c hypothesis

aging on the ethics front is the widely situation.” cable provider, I would like to share my produces accurate results, but they do not

reported college entrance scams, led by e 2019 recipient of our award, answers with you. agree it really describes the world, only

high-pro le celebrities who got caught Katelyn Baker, was editor-in-chief of 1) What I nd captivating about the how our instruments respond to certain

red-handed bribing their kids’ way into the school’s literary magazine, and is Dalai Lama is that he believes, as do I, situations. When applied to the atomic

schools for which the students were not described by one of her teachers as “a that science provides the most accurate theory, the realists would say that atoms

well-quali ed, and presumably would young woman who loves literature and description of the fundamental nature are exactly as science describes them

not have been admitted on their own language and is willing to work hard to of reality. It’s extraordinary that a holy while the instrumentalists would main-

merits. improve her craft.” We agreed. She is man would prefer science over scripture, tain that atoms don’t exist but hypoth-

One celebrity has expressed remorse, headed to e New School in the fall to but he clearly does. His philosophical esizing what they will do is a useful tool

taking a plea deal. e other, remorse- study journalism. roots, though Buddhist in origin, are also for making predictions.

less celebrity is acting as if she and her Here are excerpts from her essay… steeped in principles I deeply cherish: Although I am rmly entrenched in
‘You don’t belong
husband did nothing wrong. Does that here’ liberty, freedom of speech and religion, the realist camp and believe that science
make the second celebrity unethical?
Would she return a wallet with cash in democratic theory, and, of course, the accurately describes reality as it is, my
importance of science. hero, Albert Einstein, seemed to take

e Dalai Lama acknowledges the fact the instrumentalist point of view. One

Would you? More to the point, given BY KATELYN BAKER that science is the most reliable method example of this is his concept of what he

the nancial wherewithal, would you pay It is often insisted that there are things we have to discover the truth about the called “space-time.” One of the compo-

o gatekeepers to spirit your child into a “too good to be true.” world. How does it do that? It formu- nents of his theory was that light bent

college that otherwise would not accept An acceptance to Columbia Univer- lates hypotheses and develops predictions when exposed to gravity. Speaking about

him or her based on the admission stan- sity was such; my innate shock at admit- based upon them. After trial and error, this concept as if it existed is a useful way

dards everyone else must abide by? tance was only rivaled by my disdain at scientists then examine which hypothesis of making accurate predictions about

At the end of each school year, the the grades I’d applied with. e SAT was is most fruitful in predicting what hap- how light and objects behave. However,

local charity we host in memory of our a familiar foe, with math questions left pens in the physical world. Hypotheses according to Einstein, we need not take

son—Harrison Apar Field of Dreams blank and pencils worn down to noth- which prove to be reliable over time are the next step and assume that the theory

Foundation—awards an academic schol- ing; I’d nish and await the disappoint- then embraced as accurate while those accurately describes the world. In other

arship to a high school senior whose ment of a dismal result and parental that fail are discarded. Only through this words, the curvature of space-time due

well-rounded pursuit of excellence and disapproval. rigorous process have we been able to to gravitational pull is simply a means of

a nity for writing echoes Harrison’s ey worshipped the school like a de- progress as a species. expressing the way objects in the uni-

strengths. ity, both proud alumni who had drilled Despite the amazing advances science verse relate to each other. is is a classic

ough born with a rare form of into my head the value of educational has made for mankind, there are limita- instrumentalist view of science.

dwar sm, his 3-foot, 38-pound frame “prestige.” I knew I was to work hard tions. All reasoning in science is induc- In addition to this divide, today we

was the only thing small about him. In and relentlessly “achieve” until an Ivy tive and, therefore, its premises don’t also know that no eld of study, includ-

his 15 years, Harrison lived life large. opened its doors. My issue was execu- guarantee its conclusions. Inductive rea- ing science, will ever yield ultimate

We hold dear to the belief that when tion, my nal marks falling short of soning of course involves constant testing answers. Explanations will always bottom

you lose a child, you gain the privilege of the book-smart genes my parents had of your theory with no guarantee that on out with some basic fact that must be

helping others in your child’s name. “promised” me. the next try you won’t be proven wrong. conceded in order for any discussion to

As part of the Harrison Apar award’s SEE APAR PAGE 14 e truth is that nothing can be proven SEE MARTORANO PAGE 14

application process, we ask candidates to with 100-percent certainty by employing

BRETT FREEMAN, PUBLISHER BAILEY COURT, 334 ROUTE 202, UNIT C1S Letters to the editor and op-ed submissions may be edited. The views
BRIAN MARSCHHAUSER, EDITOR SOMERS, NY 10589 and opinions expressed in letters and op-eds are not necessarily those
Editorial Office: 914-302-5628 ©2018 HALSTON MEDIA, LLC of Yorktown News or its affiliates. Submissions must include a phone
Fax: 914-617-8508 number and address for verification. Not all letters and op-eds will
[email protected]
necessarily be published. Letters and op-eds which cannot be verified or
are anonymous will not be published. Please send your submissions to
the editor by e-mail at [email protected]
For more information, call the editor at 914-302-5628.

Thursday, June 27, 2019 OPINION Yorktown News – Page 11


We have enough Road and Strawberry Road instead, give us eleven two-story the already burdening school tax. re ghters, sanitation, EMS,
problems without were in the town of Yorktown buildings to house 150 rental e additional burden of school buses, maintenance,
making them up or the town of Cortlandt. Since units and 300-plus cars and the taxpayer will be increased drivers, monitors, insurance and
the two towns adjoin at this many more children adding to to include: teachers, police,
point, this question, on its face, SEE LETTERS PAGE 12

To the editor, appears to be reasonable. I went

e political season is upon to the location, and, not only

us! e nitpicking, innuendo are the downed wires clearly in

and falsities are upon us! the town of Cortlandt, they lie Replacing scores of

Various functions of town on and immediately behind the

government should be reviewed sign that states that you have Allstate | State Farm | Geico

and improved. However, in entered the town of Cortlandt. Policies Everyday!

order to do so, one must rst ere are su cient areas for

understand how the town is political debate within the town;

organized. the creation of false issues is

An individual who has unnecessary.

professed his interest in Jay Kopstein

becoming the town supervisor Yorktown Heights

criticized Ilan Gilbert, the

current town supervisor, for his Rezoning will raise ONE CALL… MULTIPLE QUOTES We Offer Many
failure to supervise the town’s your taxes So You Can Get The Best Buy! A-Rated Companies
Department of Parks and
Come See Travelers • Foremost
Recreation. Had the “would be” Hy Reichbach, Susan Rohrig & Carmen A. Ritter Progressive • Safeco

candidate been familiar with the To the editor, For Experience, Knowledge and Service

town’s governmental structure, Are you ready, willing, and

he would have known that the looking forward to a tax increase

town supervisor does NOT have due to a rezoning change that Kemper • Hartford
Mercury • 1st American
direct control of this department. will allow 150 rental units to Aardvark Insurance Main Street America

Additionally, another invade our town? 600 Rt. 6 | Mahopac NY

individual who, in the past, e proposed construction

expressed a desire to be on the will be built between Club Fit

Town Board, is unaware of the and Je erson Bowl fronting 845.208.3707 • 845.225.1007 Utica Mutual
town’s boundaries. In his letter on Route 6N. is makes an
to the editor in the June 20 impossible tra c situation [email protected]

edition, he questioned whether worse. Not to mention it will The Carmel Aardvark Insurance office is merged with the Mahopac office
downed wires at the intersection decimate 19.3 acres of trees, T:9.5” effective November 25, 2015.
of Lexington Avenue, Red Mill small animals, birds, etc. to

I’m still here because T:6.05”
NewYork-Presbyterian is here.

An expert GI diagnosis and quick action by our
Columbia surgical team helped Tony become a
colorectal cancer survivor.

Poughkeepsie, NY
Colon cancer survivor

Page 12 – Yorktown News OPINION Thursday, June 27, 2019

LETTERS and increasing our town and tree law and a law on solar power site are particularly distressing. carbon reduction. Placing large-
school taxes. If you think you systems. I support the new tree e area overlooking Underhill scale solar farms in residential
FROM PAGE 11 are paying a lot in taxes now, law. It is important to maintain zones poses a threat to all of our
you’ll wish you were paying the woodlands for our quality of life. is on slopes of 15 to 25 percent. neighborhoods.
and pensions that will continue present amount if the proposed e trees serve to hold the soil
for decades. In the end, it is the development is approved and I also support the installation If we think that our existing
completed. of solar power systems. Many in place to prevent erosion and laws and regulations, including
ve-member Town Board that homeowners in Yorktown to lessen water runo . the new tree law, will protect
will decide the rezoning change. Attend Town Board meetings, have already taken that step. us from the clear-cutting
Some members of the Town speak up, support those who However, I nd some provisions Underhill Avenue is a gateway excesses of the corporation from
Board have already expressed speak out and sign petitions. Let of the solar law to be disturbing. to Yorktown Heights. Large- Colorado, we have to think
they are in favor of this proposed your voice be heard, let your vote scale solar power systems placed again. One of the provisions of
development. be heard. e proposed law provides for where they are planned will the proposed Yorktown solar law
the installation of large solar be antithetical to the natural says: “All ordinances, local laws
e Planning Board and “United we stand; divided we arrays in residential districts. setting. e town of Yorktown and parts thereof inconsistent
Zoning Boards will hear from fall” should be our mantra in Comprehensive Plan makes with this Local Law are hereby
developers, but make no mistake, local matters! is provision is to the pro t of it clear that “Yorktown has repealed.” In other words, there
the nal decision rests on the an out-of-state corporation from a valuable scenic beauty and will be no recourse.
shoulders of our elected o cials. Brian Sillik Colorado, but not for Yorktown retains important elements of
Members of the Yorktown Jeanne Troiano homeowners. its rural character.”To our south, I plan on speaking at the July
Town Board were elected to Louise DeMarco the town of North Castle does 9 public hearings, in favor of the
serve us; they can be replaced Je erson Valley We do not have to wait for not permit large-scale solar tree law, but in opposition to the
for not serving the wishes of the the passage of the solar law to power systems in residential solar proposal as it is written to
electorate (we, the voters). Solar farms do know what its e ects will be. areas for good reason. allow large-scale power systems
not belong in in residential areas. It will
e developers presented their residential areas e Colorado corporation has We have su cient commercial permit environmental damage,
“Alice in Wonderland” plans for already presented plans for large zones, rooftops, parking lots, supposedly in the name of clean
us at a meeting on June 13 where To the editor, solar power arrays in northern deforested agricultural land, energy. I urge others to attend
more than 250 local people e Yorktown Town Board is Yorktown between Foothill and town-owned non-park land, these hearings and to state their
attended. e majority strongly Lockwood and along Underhill and dormant recreational sites, opinions.
opposed rezoning this property. planning public hearings for July Avenue. On both sites, the solar which may be used for large-
9 (moved from July 2) on a new developer plans to clear-cut scale solar installations. Placing Paul Moskowitz
We,the taxpayers of Yorktown, forested areas of their trees for a large-scale solar farms where
must unite to keep this proposed total of 29 acres. there are no trees, will maximize Yorktown Heights
development from happening
e plans for the Underhill

Letters and Op-Ed Policy
Letters to the editor and op-ed submissions may be edited. The views and opinions expressed in letters and op-eds are not necessarily those of Yorktown News or
its affiliates. Submissions must include a phone number and address for verification. Not all letters and op-eds will necessarily be published. Letters and op-eds
which cannot be verified or are anonymous will not be published. Please send your submissions to the editor by e-mail at [email protected] For
more information, call the editor at 914-302-5628.

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Thursday, June 27, 2019 Yorktown News – Page 13

with Noreen & Wayne

William Raveis
agents make

buying or selling
a home painless!

BY BOB DUMAS not just into a house, but in life,” Wayne said. “Some are in di erent homes,” Wayne said. “Being a spouse, when
CONTRIBUTING EDITOR leaving the area; others have to downsize.Some have estate we are working with a client, we can better facilitate what
issues where mom and dad have passed or are moving on needs to happen.”
When you need a real estate agent, you want one who to a nursing home. It’s a big transition for a lot of people
is savvy, knowledgeable and readily available whenever you who are trying to make that next move. Noreen said when she and Wayne are working with
need them. With the husband-and-wife team of Noreen couples, there is a strong synergy between them.
Parrell and Wayne Kokinda you get all that and more. “Our job as agents is to make that move as painless
as possible versus other agents where it’s all about the “When someone hires us, they get us,” Wayne adds.
With Noreen & Wayne—both William Raveis transaction and the dollars,” he continued. “Our rst “You get our phone numbers; you don’t talk to our
agents—you get two for the price of one with each Realtor question when we meet people is, ‘how can we best help assistant to do something for you. Everything is Noreen
bringing their own special set of skills to the table. you?’” or Wayne handling your business. We don’t pass it o to
a third party.”
Both Noreen and Wayne boast a wealth of real estate Noreen said they are “all about building relationships.”
experience. Noreen started her career in upstate Cortland In fact, the couple continues their friendships with their As for joining William Raveis Real Estate, the two say
in 2002. clients long after the transaction is complete. So much so, it was one of the best decisions they’ve made.
that they hold a client appreciation picnic with a pumpkin-
“I was very successful, but life changed; my mom passed picking party each fall. “We were aware of William Raveis because they are
away in 2005,” said Noreen, who grew up in Yorktown. Besides bringing that folksy, personal touch to the one of the Top 10 companies nationwide and they’re
“We moved down here to help take care of my dad.” proceedings, Noreen & Wayne also o er an intimate privately held,” he said. “It’s a family-run business. ey
knowledge of the real estate business with a keen insight are all about their agents.”
Wayne obtained his real estate license in 1977 and into local markets.
worked in Rochester, N.Y. for a couple of years before he “I could go into any market and in less than a week e couple were named Top Producing Agents 2011-
entered the corporate world and the eld of purchasing. know that market,” Wayne said. “ e information is 2019 and have been Westchester Magazine 5-Star
available to all real estate agents, but whether they look at Professionals from 2010 to 2019. eir specialties, in
“We moved to central New York in 2000 where I and know how to interpret it is another thing. I’ve been which they are certi ed,include senior real estate specialist,
worked for the Marietta Corporation,” Wayne said. “We doing negotiations and I know numbers probably better certi ed buyer representative, certi ed international
decided we wanted to do investment properties and we than most. If you are good at it, you can understand the property specialist, military relocation specialist and short
probably bought and sold a dozen or more properties. We marketplace pretty quickly. sale and foreclosure resource specialist. It’s the type of
were xin’ and ippin’ before it was a TV show.” “Give me a week and I will know most neighborhoods,” resume you want working for you if you are planning to
he added. “We’ve sold properties in the Bronx, Yonkers buy or sell a house.
Wayne decided that it was time to leave the corporate and Rye above list in less than 30 days. Our experience
world and get back to real estate full time. But his time enables us to understand a market in order to do the job To learn more, call Noreen at 914.406.5291 or
spent in purchasing would eventually become an asset for you have been asked to do.” Wayne at 914.406.5292.
his real estate career. Noreen said that having grown up in the Yorktown area,
people know and trust her. ey knew her parents, and the
“A lot of my background had to do with negotiation, family was actively involved in the community.
which is a good skill to have,” he said. “And my education “My claim to fame is I was a starting member of the
is in accounting, so I know numbers.” St. Patrick’s Yorktown folk group for the church,”she said.
“My parents supported and were active members in the
In 2006, the couple decided to form an alliance and Irish American Club in town and everyone knows me
created Noreen & Wayne. A little more than two years from that.”
ago, they joined William Raveis Real Estate.
e couple notes that they’re a team and their lives are
“I had to work for national franchises as most people fully dedicated to their profession.
know me as Mike & Lee’s daughter, not Top Producing
agent,” Noreen explained. “We went through several “It’s not like a team that has ve individuals who all live
companies before working with Raveis.”

Wayne is now based in Somers; Noreen works out
of Yorktown. But they often collaborate and work with
clients together.

“Our approach is to help people make their next move,

Noreen & Wayne Noreen Parrell Wayne Kokinda
William Raveis Real Estate 820 Commerce St. • Yorktown 339 Rt. 202 • Somers 914.406.5291 914.406.5292


Page 14 – Yorktown News OPINION Thursday, June 27, 2019

APAR me a chance I didn’t think I was sors and peers blended into one I had spent years in a fabricated was a weight too heavy to bear.
capable of earning. at night at static hum of “You don’t really infatuation that my parents cre- University shouldn’t be a privilege
FROM PAGE 10 dinner, I declared with unbridled belong here.”I suppose I knew I ated, where a college’s value was only granted to those rich enough
con dent that I had “done the never did. sealed in its reputation. to attain it.
With each year passing, Co- impossible!”
lumbia loomed. Columbia’s “name”kept me I unenrolled and began a search Today, I am happy, because I am
With my second semester, I’d interested, but my ability to handle that was my own. e shame I somewhere that feels “too good to
No one could deny I adored it; be proven wrong. my classes was dismal. felt at falsi ed acceptance was be true,”and know it belongs to
on my rst tour, my mother traced quickly outweighed by relief. I no me regardless.
a vivid image of herself in every Called down to the Dean, I In retrospect, I should’ve longer felt the pressure to per-
corner and classroom, and I felt stepped out of my life and into guessed. My parents’ever suspi- form in classes that didn’t suit my Bruce “ e Blog” Apar promotes
that well of pride at the mere idea something unimaginable. On his cious “donations”to in uential strengths. local businesses, organizations,
of following in her footsteps. desk, a newspaper displayed my administrators seemed harmless at events and people through public
father’s face, the symbol of a series the time, but their ulterior mo- I decided to pursue my passion relations agency APAR PR. He
e day I received my letter, I of college admission scandals. I tive was easily uncovered by a few and now attend a not-so-Ivy art also is an actor, a community
danced around my kitchen singing felt sick; the words of my profes- cracks in its calculated foundation. school in New York City. volunteer, and a contributor to
praises to the universe for giving several periodicals. Follow him as
One day I’ll be able to forgive, Bruce e Blog on social media.
BUSINESS OWNERS as my parents had good inten- Reach him at [email protected] or
tions, but going where I didn’t 914-275-6887.
belong and taking that chance
from someone who did belong

GROW BIGGER MARTORANO I am con dent that the Dalai
LIVE BETTER Lama believes, as I do, that the
FROM PAGE 10 goal of philosophical inquiry
HUDSON BARTER EXCHANGE is not necessarily de nitive
continue. But that’s OK. knowledge. It is wisdom and
THROUGH BARTER. LEARN HOW! 2) Turning to the second understanding. Careful and
wise exploration of some of the 914.372.7155 interview question, my answer thorniest issues confronting
is a little more nuanced. Since humankind will yield an
Law Firm of the inception of our existence, appreciation of the true nature
we’ve sought answers to ultimate and depth of the most important
Tracy Christen Reimann questions. Philosophers from questions we can ask as human
JD, LLM, P.C. time immemorial have sought beings. Wisdom lies not in
If you are in one of these situations… the truth about their world. elusive answers but rather in the
I just lost a parent. Centuries ago, the questions profundity of the inquiry itself.
My spouse has been diagnosed looked like this: What causes So, if I were before the Dalai
with Alzheimer’s. the seasons? Or what is the sun? Lama, I would want to know
My special needs child is turning 18. Or what causes the weather? what question matters most to
I just inherited a family business. Or why did people die for no him. What does he consider to
or another... apparent reason? When our be the most important area of
I can help! Call me at 914-617-8447. House Calls Available! ancestors couldn’t nd answers, inquiry? It is my belief that in
they invented myths to explain our very search for answers we
Estate Planning & Administration • Elder Law • Special Needs Planning the inexplicable. e weather display the nest attribute of our
• Real Estate • Business Formation, Sale & Purchase and the sun were the province humanity.
and playground of the gods, they
Professional Expertise • Personalized Touch explained. When they didn’t yet Someday I hope to meet
know about bacteria and viruses, the Dalai Lama to ask these
376 Route 202, Somers, NY 10589 • they believed that people died questions. Absent that, I hope, at
because of misdeeds or because the very least, that he catches my
the devil had possessed them. interview on Tibetan television.
Today, we know better.

To advertise in Yorktown News, call Brett Freeman at 845-
208-8151 or email [email protected]

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Thursday, June 27, 2019 Yorktown News – Page 15

Wallauer Paint and Design
has got you covered

Business has been family-run


The Duncan family

BY BOB DUMAS six new stores last year bringing the total said. “We sell a lot of paint. It’s 75 percent Wallauer’s has 14 designers on sta who
to 17 locations, including 14 in Westches- of our business.” do a lot of in-home color consultations.

ter County and two in Putnam and one eir paint departments o er an exten- “A lot of customers want the designers

Summer is here—a time when many in Rockland. Wallauer’s has been helping sive line of interior, exterior and specialty to come to their home, rather than having

homeowners and other DIY weekend homeowners with their paint and decorat- paints, stains and everything else needed to come to the store,” Klein said. “We do

warriors nally get around to taking on ing needs since 1921. for just about any decorating project. a lot of color and design consultations and

those long-awaited home improvement Klein said all the Wallauer stores carry But Klein says one shouldn’t think of the trend is building.”

projects. Paving the way and making those a full spectrum of paint and decorating Wallauer Paint and Design as a big-box So, what sets Wallauer’s apart from

tasks a little less intimidating is Wallauer products and services. Services Wallauer chain store. It’s a local family-owned busi- other home-improvement paint and hard-

Paint and Design. ey have you covered o ers include in-store and at-home color ness that prides itself on its customer ser- ware stores?

from start to nish for all your home-im- and/or design consultations, and profes- vice and o ers all the clout of a large chain ‘ e major di erence is our people,”

provement needs. sional installation for all window cover- but with a mom-and-pop-store ambiance Klein said. “ e average tenure of our em-

e business was started by the Wal- ings, including blinds, shades, shutters and that provides a personal touch from a ployees is 20 years and they know this cat-

lauer/Duncan family in White Plains 98 draperies. ey also carry major brands knowledgeable, experienced, friendly sta . egory inside out. Our customer service is

years ago, according to Ed Klein, Wallau- such as Hunter Douglas, Benjamin Moore “We are opening a new Ace Hardware the No.1 di erentiator We view ourselves

er’s chief operating o cer. ey acquired paint and stains as well as franchised Ace store in New Rochelle in July,” Klein not- as a family-owned go-to place for both

H a r d w a r e ed. “We have been involved with Ace for contractors and homeowners.”

stores. In fact, about ve years.” Klein said he’s very optimistic about the

Wallauer’s is Klein said Wallauer’s is poised to help future of Wallauer Paint and Design as the

the largest Ben- not just the DIYers and contractors, but business continues to grow.

jamin Moore the growing trend of Do-It-For-Me “We have a business plan for both or-

paint dealer in (DIFM) crowd as well. ganic growth and potential acquisitions,”

We s t c h e s t e r, “Our product knowledge and service Klein said. “Rockland and Putnam coun-

Putnam, and are very unique,”Klein said.“We deal with ties are a big target as well as further lever-

Rockland coun- all types of projects. For the DIFMs, they aging and growing our Outside Paint and

ties. are very involved in picking the colors and Design teams throughout Westchester.

“We are one asking for advice—and then hand the job e number of outlets we have in total are

of Benjamin o to the contractor. When it’s something solid. It now comes down to serving the

Moore’s Top 10 like window treatments and they know changing needs of the consumer and con-

dealers in North what their expectations are, they leverage tractors in the future and having a great

America. It our designer’s expertise on design, func- team of employees.”

gives you an idea tion and value. e project is then pro-

Wallauer is one of Benjamin Moore’s Top 10 dealers in North of our scale and fessionally measured and installed for the
America. expertise,” Klein perfect design solution.”

Wallauer Paint & Design has 17 convenient locations in Westchester, Putnam & Rockland Counties.


Page 16 Yorktown News – Thu

Yorktown Police Chief Noble, Jessica Tiani Mulligans and
near, and his entourage Bambach,
Lions Club holds ann
Susanne Lewis,
Maria Tiani Marks More than 70 golfers partici
and Jim Lewis are Club’s annual “Mulligans and
ready for the links. Wednesday, June 5, at the Cente

Yorktown Lions Club members As part of their registration fe
hand out goody bags. of golf, lunch, and then dinner
which were then ra ed o after
nNewsAugust10_Layout 1 8/1/2017 2:57 PM Page 1 event.

Yorktown Funeral Home All proceeds from the golf to
“Where the Difference Is in the Caring” to the community.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions e Yorktown Lions supp
SPARC, Guiding Eyes for the
Q: Who should I choose as the executor of Connection, Yorktown Food Pa
my estate? Midnight Runs to New York C
parade and party, and Easter E
A: Pick somone who is trustworthy, dedicated concerts, held at the Jack DeV
and willing to take on this time-consuming are organized and funded by the
role. Legal or financial training is a plus. If
you are not naming your spouse, be sure he or Lions Club members Bob Frechette and Bil
she feels comfortable with your choice. Fin- Gregory work the putting green.
ally, name one or more backups for the role.
Anthony J. Guarino

Funeral Director

Yorktown Funeral Home Family Owned and Managed
945 East Main Street Easily accessible to Taconic Pkwy
Shrub Oak, NY 10588 & Route 6;Modern Facility.
(914) 962-0700 Large private parking

Affiliated with: Yannantuono Burr Davis Sharpe Funeral Home
Mt. Vernon, NY

ursday, June 27, 2019 Golfers in line for Page 17
12:30 p.m. start Lion and Yorktown
d Margaritas Councilman Ed Lachterman

nual golf tournament enjoys a cigar.

ipated in the Yorktown Lions
Margaritas Golf Event” held
ennial Golf Course in Carmel.
ee, the golfers enjoyed a round
r. More than 80 gift baskets,
r dinner, were donated for this

ournament will be given back

port, for example, DARE,
Blind, VA Hospital, Support
antry, high school scholarships,
City, the Yorktown Halloween
Egg Hunt. Also, the summer
Vito Veterans Memorial Field,
e Yorktown Lions.


Yorktown Lions Club President
Jim Poulin, secretary Denise

Poulin and volunteer Emily Lopez
organize the raffle table.




11:30 am – 3:00 pm Every Sunday

Bottomless Mimosas, BloodyMarys & Screwdrivers for only $9

Great new brunch menu including
ll • Eggs Benedict • Stuffed French Toast
• Steak&Eggs • Lobster Mac & Cheese
50% OFF WELLBORN CABINETRY • Frittatas & Many More!
Our full menu is also available during brunch
James & Rose Paciullo, Owners | 845-621-1642

Full Service Remodeling Company • Design Services • Cabinetry Distributor Text “CHAR” to 22828 to sign up for special email promotions.
Putnam License: #PC3014A • Westchester License: #WC17026H05
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Page 18 – Yorktown News HEALTH & WELLNESS Thursday, June 27, 2019

Don’t neglect your exercise routine on vacation

Do you go on vacation with your family over equipment workouts, check out our YouTube Glute Bridge 1
the summer and completely neglect your health Channel, Fused Fitness, which includes body- Glute Bridge 2
and wellness? weight workouts, mini band workouts, dumbbell
workouts and more! You can buy mini bands on
You know what I mean, by the time you come Amazon, or you can text MINIBAND to 914-
home you feel “ u y” because the vacation men- 200-1695 so we can send you one in the mail for
tality meant that you can eat whatever you want free.
and since there’s no gym, you don’t have to work-
out right?! Remember, you can still prioritize your goals
while you are away! Have your family join the
If you’re going on vacation this summer, but fun too with outdoor physical activities, like vol-
don’t have access to a gym, you can still get an leyball and bike rides, to stay aligned with your
amazing workout in. It’s just a matter of knowing goals even while you’re away.
what to do with what you have. If you go away
for a week and get anywhere from two to four Alina Pedraza is the founder of Fused Fitness. If
workouts in, you will feel better (mentally and you’re looking for guidance and support in your
physically) when you come home. weight loss journey, please send us an email at [email protected]
fused so we can talk to you to see how we can
Here is a great workout you can do with just help. For more information, visit fused or call
a mini band. Mini bands are extremely versatile 914-246-0457. Fused Fitness is locatated at 3631
and super easy to pack (they take up virtually no Hill Blvd., Second Floor, in Je erson Valley.

If you’re looking for some other minimal

Superman 1 Perform each move for :30, 3x
through and rest for 1:00.
PHOTOS COURTESY OR FUSED FITNESS Superman 2 Repeat 2-3 times!

For more exercise examples,




Dr. Matt Guarino 2000 Maple Hill Street, Suite #201 Schedule Your
   Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 Appointment Today!

Thursday, June 27, 2019 HEALTH & WELLNESS Yorktown News – Page 19

Yes, you can lose weight – and keep it off

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve years without knowing So what happens when live with enjoyably for a lifetime. is is a
tried to lose weight. they have an underlying marathon, not a sprint. We’re in it for the
thyroid condition. GUEST you walk in? long term.
If you succeeded,you probably had a hard CORNER After a comprehen-
time keeping it o . Unfortunately, there’s a Because there are mul- Let’s say you’ve reached your goal weight.
good chance you ended up just where you tiple causes for weight sive physical exam and Now you bene t from a continuation of the
started — or heavier. gain (and regain), any ef- services we provided to help you achieve
fective solution needs to RACHEL medical history, we iden- weight loss. Maintenance coaching is per-
Now, Northern Westchester Hospital’s address all of these. e sonalized, like everything else at the center.
innovative new Center for Weight Man- solution needs to be com- GOLDMAN tify issues you’ve had with It can involve regular meetings with our
agement invites you to get o the diet prehensive, multidisciplinary and highly nutritionist, ongoing psychological support,
merry-go-round and start losing weight in personalized. weight loss. You receive medical evaluations, and medication to sus-
a new and e ective way, one that can keep tain your loss.
you at your desired weight for a lifetime. Enter NWH’s Center for Weight Man- any hormonal/metabolic
agement, which opened in March at our Permanent weight loss is possible for
Read on to see how the center can help Chappaqua Crossing campus. e center’s testing that’s appropriate. you. ere are evidence-based therapies
you reach your goal. approach puts today’s new understanding and changes you can make that can help
of the many facets of permanent weight loss We then set up a healthy weight-loss goal. you lead a happier, healthier, possibly lon-
Why is it so hard to lose weight? Out into practice,o ering new hope for everyone, ger life. We hope you reach out to us. We
with the old answer...In with the new. whether you want to lose a modest amount Depending on your emotional connection are there for you.
or you’re looking for major weight loss.
e old answer was that weight loss was a to eating, a psychologist or nurse practi- ARE YOU AT A HEALTHY WEIGHT?
matter of willpower. But that answer didn’t At the center, we’ve assembled all the Did you know that nding out your
work. More Americans are heavier than pieces of the puzzle. What does that look tioner helps you develop skills to deal with
ever. Today’s answer is much smarter. It’s like? Your team includes a nurse practitioner, BMI, which is based on your height and
informed by decades of research into why a nutritionist and, optionally, a psychologist. your emotional triggers for overeating. We weight, is one way to see if you’re at a
we gain weight, which has led to a rich- We can refer you to our bariatric surgeon if healthy weight?
ness of new knowledge. is has yielded a appropriate, and, if that path feels right to can o er you medications that help with
far more accurate – and nuanced – picture you. Working with your primary care physi- If your BMI is:
of the issue. Our relationship with food is cian,we might manage medications you take the psychological aspect of eating, such as • 18.5-24/9, you’re a healthy weight
very complicated. ere are many possible for other conditions. We often nd weight- • 25-29.9, you’re overweight
factors at play: neutral alternatives to medications that have an FDA-approved medication for binge • 30 or higher, you’re obese
contributed to weight gain. And if, for ex-
• Emotional issues ample,we discover a hormonal condition,we eating disorder. You also learn how to use To calculate your BMI, visit
• Lack of time to cook meals for ourselves refer you to an endocrinologist. WeightManagement. To learn more about
• Lack of time to exercise cognitive behavioral therapy to successfully the Center for Weight Management, or to
• Underlying medical conditions (typi- Another innovation is that after you schedule a consultation, call 914-223-1720.
cally hormonal or metabolic conditions that reach your goal, we continue to support manage trigger situations. Rachel Goldman, FNP-BC, CDE, is a Nurse
make weight loss hard and unsustainable) you through individualized maintenance Practitioner and Coordinator of the Center
• Even side e ects of medications we coaching. And there’s more. for Weight Management.
take for other things. I’ve seen people
who’ve been struggling to lose weight for You see a nutritionist for a personalized

nutritional evaluation and dietary recom-

mendations. Depending on your health

situation, we can prescribe FDA-approved

weight-loss medication to help with weight

loss. And since activity is an important

piece of the puzzle, we help you set realistic

goals to increase activity.

ere’s another way your plan from the

center will di er from any diet plan you’ve


You won’t lose as rapidly as on, say, the

low-carb Keto or Atkins diet. We don’t

want a 10-pound weight loss the rst week.

We’re making slight changes that you can

How does Obesity put
Women’s Health at Risk?

Know the medical conditions – and best treatments…

Ask the Doctor Q: Why do people become obese? Obesity also increases the risk of irregular or painful
A: Obesity is now recognized as an energy storage periods, high-birth-weight babies, gestational diabetes,
Dr. Mitchell S. Roslin disease that’s hormonally based. It can develop when and miscarriages. There’s a greater risk of breast cancer,
Director, Bariatric Surgery Program we eat large quantities of simple carbohydrates that especially post-menopause. Sixty percent of cancers
Northern Westchester Hospital break down fast to sugar, such as bread, pasta and of the uterine lining are caused by obesity, as are a
white rice. In response, your body produces excess signi cant number of uterine broids. Obese women
Learn more about insulin to keep the right level of glucose in the blood – with cancer have a higher rate of mortality and
Dr. Roslin, visit a condition called insulin resistance. recurrence because treatments, typically tested on non-obese people, may not be as effective.
DrRoslin Excess insulin production is a serious problem because
insulin prevents fat breakdown, so more food converts Q: What are the best remedies for obesity?
400 East Main Street | Mount Kisco, NY 10549 to fat, promoting fat storage. High insulin also reduces A: Weight-loss (bariatric) surgery can work because it
(914) 666-1200 | the efficiency of the brain hormone, leptin that tells helps establish a new weight set point , which is the
your brain you should eat less. In women, there’s an weight range your body is genetically programmed for
extensive, complex interaction between the hormonally and that it tries to maintain. However, you must also
based reproductive cycles and insulin system, so subtle eat more protein and vegetables – foods that break
hormonal changes have a greater effect on women. down more slowly. FDA-approved medications help
some people lose weight. We now know that the best
Q: Are obese women at risk for certain treatment for obesity is multi-pronged. Beside surgery,
health problems? I use medications, behavioral therapy, and special
A: Absolutely. Most problems revolve around excessive exercise machines that make it possible for anyone to
production of insulin. Obese women have more difficulty run. Exercise greatly improves insulin resistance.
conceiving due to problems ovulating, and are more likely
to have abnormalities during pregnancy, such as high Did you know?
blood pressure. Obesity is the number one cause
of female infertility in the U.S. Obesity is the number one cause of
female infertility in the U.S.

Page 20 – Yorktown News HEALTH & WELLNESS Thursday, June 27, 2019

Learn how to meditate by observing your pets

BY DR. ANDREW FRISHMAN begging for food and working you to toss 5. Breathe: At the dog park,walking or you are happy, they amplify your state of joy.
GUEST COLUMNIST them a treat. petting your cat on the take When you are sad, they come around more
time to breathe and savor the moment! frequently to help cheer you up.
A year ago, after hearing about all of 2. Focus on self-care: Cats seem to rel-
the bene ts, and with a bit of skepticism, I ish in self-care and happiness... grooming 6. Self-acceptance: Most pets accept Dogs have “tuned into” you through ob-
started meditating. themselves insistently. Did you ever notice who they are. ey do not put on airs or servation and mindfulness. Pets truly are
your pet dog likes to curl up next to you pretend to be something they are not. Sure, the ultimate mindful creatures. We can
Like every other pursuit in my life, I and take naps? Have you ever spotted your your little fur-child may think they are a learn a great deal about living in the here
was obsessed with learning the di erent pet occasionally wiggling around with a prince or princess, but that’s because you and now by just watching what they do
methods of meditation. I read books on silly smile on his face? ey almost have have lovingly spoiled them. In truth, dogs and how they live their lives. If one of your
meditation, took classes on meditation a special power that enables them to be know what and who they are and live their life goals is to live more mindfully, I sug-
and listened to lectures. joyful. Happiness, however, cannot occur life accepting this reality, including their gest you hang out with your pets.
unless they are well rested. is is why they strengths and limitations. As a pet owner,
It didn’t matter which venue I was in, I get cranky when they feel they are not get- you have to be both humble and present Andrew Frishman, DVM, practices at
kept on hearing certain buzz words. ting enough sleep. when picking up your dog’s poop! Progressive Animal Hospital, 149 Route
202 & Lovell St, Somers, NY 10589. For
Words like, “runaway mind,” “breathe,” 3. Forgiveness: Dogs do not hold 7. Awareness of pets’ ability to sense more information, visit
“observing thought” and “letting go” were grudges. ey do not hold on to feelings of the emotions of their owners. Anyone or call 914-248-6220.
all topics of meditation education. resentment, anger and sadness. It should with a pet understands this concept.When
be noted however that dogs do know how
One thing that I couldn’t grasp was that to make you feel guilty if they feel neglect-
all the instructors said the best meditation ed! Every pet owner knows that look they
was done in a quiet, serene setting. Most give you that says, “Hey – you forgot me.”
people today have busy, hectic schedules.
It is di cult to nd the time, or a tranquil 4. Make the most of every moment:
setting, for then what?? A sad reality for many dog owners is that
their pet pooch only lives for an average
I came to the epiphany...pets are our of 10-12 years (give or take); cats 15-19
ambassadors of meditation!!! Here’s why. years. Pets are aware of their limited time
on earth too and therefore make the most
What follows are mindfulness tips that of every moment they are here.
you can learn from your pet and apply to
your own life to help you reach life goals. Does your dog seem to have a need to put
a paw on you, even when sleeping close by?
1. Live in the here and now: Dogs and
cats are very much here and now focused. ey do this because they are truly mak-
ing the most of the moment. Does your cat
ey don’t sit around and ruminate about jump on your computer keyboard or nudge
the past. ey don’t lay awake at night, a book you’re reading...And hey – you have
consumed with worry and anxiety. Instead, to admit that is super cute.
dogs tend to think about what is happen-
ing at this exact moment in time. Living
in the here and now sometimes means

Chronic Heel Spur
Plantar Fasciitis

State of the Art • Wisdom Teeth • Dental Implants
ESWT/Shockwave Treatment
• Sedation Available
Now Available
We only use premium implant products for our patients.
Servicing the Community for over 20 years Call us for a consultation. Second opinions are welcome. Most major insurances accepted.

Cortlandt Manor Oral Surgery Je erson Valley Oral Surgery

1983 Crompond Rd. Suite 101 3535 Hill Blvd. Suite N

Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567 Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

914-736-3343 914-245-1220

Thursday, June 27, 2019 Yorktown News – Page 21


Now in Yorktown Heights at 3379 Crompond Road

White Plains Hospital Physician Associates is pleased to offer internal and family
medicine, endocrinology, and orthopedics in our new office located next to the AFC
Urgent Care in the heart of Yorktown. Same-day appointments are often available.


To make an appointment call (914) 849-7060 or online at

Page 22 – Yorktown News HEALTH & WELLNESS Thursday, June 27, 2019

The effects of UV rays on the eyes

e sun can be both friend to sunburn and long-standing atmosphere’s ozone layer blocks
and foe. skin damage, but they may not
realize that the eyes also are sus- virtually all UVC rays, which are
A warm, sunny day can im- ceptible to damage caused by
prove mood and increase levels the sun. e eye health resource the most potent, but UVA and
of vitamin D in the body. Expo- All About Vision warns that
sure to sunlight during the day extended exposure to the sun’s UVB can be dangerous when
also can help regulate the body’s UV rays has been linked to sig-
natural sleep-wake cycle, known ni cant eye problems, including exposure to the sun is signi -
as the circadian rhythm. How- cataracts, macular degenera-
ever, overexposure to the sun tion, pinguecula, pterygia, and cant.
can be dangerous as well. photokeratitis. UV rays come
in three types: A, B and C. e Exposure to excessive
Many people recognize that
exposure to the sun can lead amounts of UV radiation over a

short period of time can cause

photokeratitis, which is essen-

tially a sunburn of the eye that

can cause pain and redness.

Prolonged exposure to UV rays

DENTAL Insurance without adequate protection

may cause lasting damage, says

the American Optometric As-

Physicians Mutual Insurance Company FREE sociation. UV rays come from
Information Kit
A less expensive way to help both the sun itself and tanning
get the dental care you deserve!
beds. Here’s a look at some of

CALL 1-855-225-1434 the common UV-induced eye of the retina, essential for vision. tive, they should:
NOW! • block out 99 to 100 percent
conditions. • Pterygium: is is a growth
Get help paying dental bills and keep more money in of both UV-A and UV-B radia-
your pocket • Cataracts: A clouding of the that begins on the white of the tion;

This is real dental insurance — NOT just a discount plan 1-855-225-1434 eye’s natural lens, or the part of eye and may involve the cornea. • screen out 75 to 90 percent
of visible light;
You can get coverage before your next checkup Visit us online at the eye that focuses the light a e growth can eventually im- • have lenses that are perfectly
Don’t wait! Call now and we’ll rush you a FREE person sees. pede vision, says the organiza- matched in color and free of dis-
Information Kit with all the details. MB17-NM003Ec tortion and imperfection; and
• Macular degeneration: UV tion Prevent Blindness America.
Insurance Policy P150NY • have lenses that are gray for
6129 proper color recognition.

rays may lead to macular degen- Sunglasses and other protec- In addition, people can wear
wide-brimmed hats to pro-
Andrea Kropf, O.D. eration, which is a leading cause tive lenses are essential to keep- tect their eyes from the sun
and harmful UV rays. is will
Comprehensive Eye Care for Your Family of vision loss for older people. ing the eyes healthy. AOA says shield the eyes and the delicate
Extensive Experience in Pediatric Eye Care skin of the face.
e macula is the center portion that for sunglasses to be e ec-
FOR ADULTS Learn more about protecting
Thorough eye exams are essential for Discover the world’s best the eyes at,
eye health. walk-in bathtub from, or preventblindnessa-
- Catch problems before symptoms
emerge or worsen. 5 Reasons American Standard
- Glaucoma & Cataract Evaluations… is article is from Metro
and lots more. Walk-In Tubs are Your Best Choice Creative Connection.
Vision a ects learning. Make sure your 1 Backed by American Standard’s
child’s eyes are examined and any 140 years of experience
problems addressed. S$A1V,I5N0G0S
- Specialized Pediatric Eye Exams. 2 Ultra low entry for easy
- Vision Therapy. entering and exiting
- Contact Lens ttings.
3 Patented Quick Drain®
Includes FREE American StandardRight Height Toilet fast water removal system
Limited Time O er! Call Today!
4 Lifetime Warranty on the bath AND
888-609-0248 installation, INCLUDING labor backed
by American Standard
Receive a free American Standard Cadet toilet with full installation of a Liberation Walk-In Bath, Liberation
Shower, or Deluxe Shower. O er valid only while supplies last. Limit one per household. Must be rst time 5 44 Hydrotherapy jets for an
purchaser. See for other restrictions and for licensing, warranty, invigorating massage
and company information. CSLB B982796; Su olk NY:55431H; NYC:HIC#2022748-DCA. Safety Tubs Co.
LLC does not sell in Nassau NY, Westchester NY, Putnam NY, Rockland NY. FREE IN-HOME

Dr. Andrea Kropf
914.302.6877 |
293 Rt. 100, Suite 208, Somers, NY

Rooney Orthodontics Do you know what steps you can take to
Children & Adults avoid your estate going to probate?
17 Miller Rd.
Mahopac • Asset Protection • Elder Law • Past Chair of Elder Law Section of
845-621-1222 NYS Bar Association • Medicaid Applications
(Nursing Home/Home Care) • “Super Lawyer” In Elder Law
for 10 consecutive years
• Guardianships
(Contested/Non-Contested) Contact ANTHONY J. ENEA, ESQ.

• Wills, Trusts & Estates Managing Member
Fluent in Italian



Thursday, June 27, 2019 Yorktown News – Page 23


Amber Lopez
Lakeland senior heading to south Florida University

Lakeland’s Amber Lopez was a four-year with the boys since I was 4. My parents about yourself that not a lot of people or person who never missed a 3-point shot
varsity softball player. She was a senior for a forced me to switch to softball because they know? in basketball then I could also never miss a
Hornet squad that went 22-1 and nished didn’t want me getting hurt and at rst I shot.
as the Section 1 Class A nalist and 2017, was furious because I had to leave all of my I rarely ever cry. If I get hit with a ball it
when it won the Class A title. friends and I didn’t want to join a team of hurts but I don’t cry and I have never cried If you could pick one place to visit on
girls. I thought it wouldn’t be as challenging. when we lost a game. I would come out vacation that you’ve never been to, where
Lopez, who batted .359 with 13 RBIs this all smiley and happy like normal because would you go and why?
season, was named All-Section Honorable What was your favorite thing about be- it’s just a game.“We lost. Oh well, so what,
Mention her senior and junior campaigns, ing on the softball team for Lakeland? it’s not life or death.”It was usually a good I would go to either England or Aus-
and All-League as a junior. game and someone had to lose. tralia. I don’t know why but I have always
My favorite thing is that it kept me wanted to go to these places.I am obsessed
BY MIKE SABINI focused and gave me something to do after Do you plan on continuing playing with their accents and I would love to walk
CONTRIBUTING WRITER school and stay in shape. softball in college?Tell us about where you around London or Sydney.
are going to school and why you chose it?
How old were you when you started What was your favorite team activity What is your favorite food to eat before
playing softball and what got you started? or pregame or postgame ritual that you I am going to the University of South or after a game?
share with your teammates? What about a Florida. I chose this school for nancial
I was around 12 when I started playing personal pregame or postgame ritual? reasons and to be near family and friends. I love eating ice cream before or after
softball. Before softball I played baseball I chose to take a year o from softball and games. It is my favorite food.
I liked when we spit maybe in the future I might try out for the
in the middle of our school team. Best place to eat in Yorktown and why?
circle before we take Anywhere I can get ice cream is the best
the eld and when we Do you know what you want to study in place to eat in Yorktown.
meet on the mound college? If yes, what are you planning on
but I can’t tell you studying and why? Facebook,Twitter or Instagram? Why?
what we do there. Per- I have Facebook and Instagram. I do
sonally, I love listening I am going to study as a biomed major. not know why I have either because I use
to music before games Since I was little I wanted to be some sort Snapchat the most.
and I wish I could do of a doctor.
it between innings but What would you tell a younger athlete
my coach would never Who is your favorite professional ath- growing up in the district about the expe-
let me. I listen to pop/ lete and pro (or college) sports team? rience of being part of the softball team
rock songs. and why should they go out for the team?
Truthfully, I don’t follow professional
Who has been your sports. But I have heard about how great Go out for the team because you like the
biggest role model Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, and Derek sport and you want to be around a group of
over the years and Jeter are, and I wish I could’ve been like people who feel the same way. e experi-
what have you learned them. ence should be fun but some coaches play
from them? with politics instead of how good you are.
What is your favorite music to listen to Don’t let what happened to me happen
My parents were my warming up for a game? to you. I was told that I wasn’t good by a
biggest role models. couple of coaches but the truth was that I
I love these songs and artists: “Chelsea was better than all of their daughters who
ey taught me that Dagger”by e Fratellis, “Hurt”by Oliver only played because daddy was the coach.
I couldn’t give the Tree,“Lisztomania”by Phoenix, anything
coaches the opportu- by e Regrettes, and “1985”Bowling for ose coaches made me dislike the sport as
nity to say that I was Soup. ose are just a few of the songs and I got older. So, if you decide to play be ready
bad so that they could artists I listen to whenever I get the chance. to ght for your spot. You have to prove you
play someone worse are better than most and force your coach to
than me who had If you could have one superpower, what see that so that they can’t say that “so and so”
connections with the would it be and why? is better than you, but other than that join-
coach outside of the ing a team is a good way to learn how to
team. If I could have any superpower I would work with a group. Don’t get me wrong, I
choose the power to mimic and remember did have some great coaches, made good
Tell us one thing anything I see or hear. For example, if I friends and I had fun when I played.
saw a cartoon of the Flash then I could run
just as fast as he can and if I saw a movie

Page 24 – Yorktown News SPORTS Thursday, June 27, 2019

Yorktown blanks Valhalla
Summer League expansion is possible

BY MIKE SABINI who made three saves.

CONTRIBUTING WRITER Dippolito thought that com- Mikey O’Connor
gets so good
munication was the key to the height as he

Yorktown blanked Valhalla 2-0 Huskers’ success defensively. heads the ball.

in the 12th Annual Lakeland “Our defenders were all play- Even with a Valhalla defender on him, David
Dippolito keeps control of the ball.
Boys High School Soccer Sum- ing together, playing strong,
Scott Weitman
mer League at Lakeland on June. physical defense,” Dippolito said. makes the
20. Yorktown opened its sum-
Initially, the Huskers created mer league season with a 2-2 BELL

plenty of chances but just couldn’t tie against Rye on June 16 with

get the ball in the net. Dippolito and Mikey O’Connor

“We were able to create the scoring and Weitman registering

chances by just like having a re- 4 saves.

ally good passing play, moving e Huskers (2-0-1) also beat

o the ball, moving into slots, Byram Hills 3-2 in a June 23

getting open spaces and strikers contest, with Dippolito (1G), Ci-

making runs,” Yorktown rising aran Donahue (1G), Ponya Pak-

junior striker/center mid Chris khesal (1G), O’Connor (1A) and

Judge said. Weitman (3 saves) producing for

Yorktown kept the pressure on the Huskers.

and got on the board when Judge Lakeland opened its summer-

scored on a penalty kick in the schedule with a 0-0 tie against

rst half. Valhalla on June 16, with Hornet

“I was just thinking that I’m coach Tim Hourahan proud of

going to put it back in the net,” the play he got from Derek and

Judge said. “ ere was no doubt Bryan Jaramillo, Jack Flannery

that I was going to make it. It and Sonny Karaqi.

helped me put it bottom left and “It’s the rst game out,” Ho-

I got the keeper to go the wrong urahan said. “We have four rising

way.” freshmen that our actually play-

Judge helped put the Huskers ing with us. I think a couple of

up 2-0 later in the opening half them are going to make the var-

when he assisted on rising junior sity team in the fall so it’s good

striker David Dippolito’s goal, to see them go jump from playing

which nished a fast-break op- U14 club ball to what amounts

portunity. to U18 varsity soccer. ey held

“As a team, we were passing it their own.”

around really nice and my team- Hourahan was excited to see

mate, Chris Judge, put a nice ball the summer season get underway,

over the top and saw me out over with Jason Pasato recording three

the middle,” Dippolito said. “I saves against the Vikings.

made the run, he hit me and I just “We had a few chances which

nished it.” I like to see that we were able to

ose two goals were more create a few things,” Hourahan

than enough for the Huskers, said. “Defensively, where we are

who played solid defense in front SEE SOCCER PAGE 27
of their goalie Scott Weitman,

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Valhalla midfielder.
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Thursday, June 27, 2019 SPORTS Yorktown News – Page 25

Lakeland grads thrive as coaches

Meola and Lennon both enjoy championship seasons

CONTRIBUTING WRITER coached for two-time Yorktown
All-American Roy Colsey. 2004 Lakeland graduate and Rye boys lacrosse coach Steve Lennon.
It was an outstanding spring
for two Lakeland graduates, Al ere, he won a FCIC and a mosphere”. game against Byram Hills.
Meola and Steve Lennon, who state championship as an assis-
both coached their boys lacrosse tant to Colsey. Meola went on to play lacrosse “It was the best I have felt since
teams to sectional titles.
is spring was his second year and ice hockey at Elmira College, I started coaching,” said Lennon, PHOTO COURTESY OF ALLSON PROCTOR
What made winning those ti- back with the Bears after return- where he played defense in both who earned Section 1 Class C
tles extra special was the fact that ing from Ridge eld. sports. He then played ice hockey Coach of the Year honors this 1992 Lakeland graduate and
each of those title games was held professionally, in Germany, Eng- spring. Briarcliff boys lacrosse coach Al
at Lakeland. Meola is a 1992 Lakeland land and Scotland, playing de- Meola.
graduate, who was an All-Amer- “It has been a major goal of
Meola won his rst sectional ican long-stick middie who
title as a head coach with Bri- played for Lakeland when the fense as well. mine since I started coaching in e sectional title was Rye’s
arcli , when his Bears beat rival boys lacrosse team name was
Pleasantville 9-8 in overtime in the Lakeland Hornets. It has Lennon, a ’04 Lakeland gradu- ‘09. To be able to win it at Lake- rst since ’08. e Garnets were
the Section 1 Class D champion- since changed to Lakeland/Panas
ship game, before going on to the Rebels. ate, won his rst sectional title land was icing on the cake, espe- led by All-Americans, goalie
state nals.
Meola said that his best mem- as coach as he led Rye to an 8-2 cially after losing it in OT there SEE GRADS PAGE 27
“It meant a lot to our program ory of playing for the Hornets win in the Section 1 Class C title last year.”
to win a sectional championship,” was his junior year, when they
Meola said. “ e ending was played in the state championship
pretty sweet for us and to win it game.
where I grew up and played was
a storybook ending for me at “Even though we lost to West
Lakeland. Could not have writ- Genny in the nals, it was an
ten it up better.” incredible year nally getting
past Long Island and some great
Meola started the Briarcli teams that year,” Meola said.
program in 2002 and coached
the Bears for eight years. en He said what he learned at
he went to Ridge eld High Lakeland that has helped him in
his coaching career is the impor-
tance of having a “team- rst at-


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Page 26 – Yorktown News SPORTS Thursday, June 27, 2019

HVSFL continues to thrive
League is ‘a family a air’

BY MIKE SABINI Action will take place on league gives us a chance to see

CONTRIBUTING WRITER various weeknights during July, the underclassmen’s ability and

between 6 and 9 p.m. on most where they t into our play.”

e 18th annual Hudson nights, with the eld split in half, Yorktown rising senior Kelsey

Valley Summer Field Hockey enabling two games to be played McDonnell, who usually plays

League will start on July 1 at at the same time. mid eld, also stressed the

Lakeland High School with Lakeland’s Erin Daly, a rising importance of the Huskers

eight games scheduled. senior who was named to the playing during the summer in

“We have had very supportive all-state tournament team last the league’s varsity division.

coaches and programs that year, will either play at center “It is important for my team

return year after year,” Lakeland back or center mid. to participate in it because it

coach, league director and “ e summer league is very prepares us for the season,”

founder Sharon Sarsen said. important to me and my team, McDonnell said. “It helps to

“ e coaches and the players because it’s a great time for all give us a look at the competition

have a lot of fun and get a head of us to be together and put our we will have to face when the fall

start on their season. Players get skills to the test,” said Daly, who comes around.”

used to new teammates, they will be on the Lakeland Gold e league has 15 varsity PHOTO: DEENA BELL
start to work on their tness squad during the summer. “It’s teams, seven JV/modi ed teams, Lakeland field hockey coach Sharon Sarsen (middle)

and skill set and on each team, also a great indicator of who and 4 open teams.

it’s the beginning of new team has been working hard during e varsity and JV divisions they will be called Lakeland Hornets II.

chemistry and developing new the o season and who needs will include two teams from Gold and Lakeland Green and “I think it is so important

leaders.” to really put in work. Summer Lakeland. In the varsity division in the JV division, Hornets I and to have the JV and the open

division, because it just

continues to grow eld hockey,”

Sarsen said. “ e younger kids

are around and chomping at the

bit to play at the high school

level and the older kids still love

the game. Field hockey can be a

Bee & Jay Plumbing & Heating mrchimney.comBee & Jay Plumbing & Heating lifetime sport, and this is just one
719 Route 6 719 Route 6 avenue that people can continue
Fireplace & BMoaihleopraFc, lNuYe Experts playing.”
A Wiser ChoiceMahopac,NY CWInhsoiemordtnseB,yuErCxnhlienaagunsSitntFogva, enCssh,,FimFCoirhnraeaiemnplyldlnayRewoceyeuaprtRGaepeilrrlalustisn,mrseiGnbaDgatinm,osgRoeC,renhsopt,enanaFviteireireneLrsdgpei,sloaagnkcasses,
Another of the great
Pr ovEivdailunagtionCs oanmCd eCpretrrifteyifiichnFagoetriponaananssltldieTiyvonwoetNusaYrtMienparnlbuetdomrdtCehbTaictiSnmatgale,tenhMtReenaasteiirdeniedgjnu,stsgaans a things about the league is the
South Salem, NY and New Canaan, CT, involvement the Lakeland
(patients must private and local. players have in helping run the
meet individual state requirements for certification) Confidential, league.

NursE8e 4mPr5aa.c6itli2:[email protected]@9jaagy3ym.c-.c7aooi9ml.mc0om8 914-232-6600845.628.3924 “Everyone loves summer
Email:[email protected]
Owned & Operated By Family league,” Sarsen said. “So many
of the Lakeland kids come and
Barbara Polowczyk watch their friends play or their

younger, older siblings,” Sarsen

Bee & Jay Plumbing & Heating Bee & Jay7P1l9umRUobupintdegYa6&oteHueroaHrtinIomgmperove said. “And I love having some of
719 Route 6 the Lakeland graduates helping
Mahopac, NY CASSAS BROS. Mahopac, NY out coaching, scorekeeping and
setting everything up each night.
Office: 914.736.9230 ext 107 CONSTRUCTION LLC It’s a family a air.”
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an enjoyable atmosphere to be
845.492.9549 in and we want to support our teammates,” Daly said.

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719 Route 6 teams is truly an undertaking
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other way.
Gr&avLASeeNlrv•iDngMSthCeuAAlrecPa hESFineocSresaUa1•n9llPd4Ty9PwoouLaprtYepsrlutomreibalNti•nmogrFem,(nnhieAtexevtnaetlteo.i,denKMdgost,sh.lgt’Ksao)issncoe Foraanlldywouarteprlutmrebatinmge, nhtenateiendg,sgas
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growing the game,” Sarsen said.
“I love giving any players in our
area opportunities in the game. I
love spending my summer at eld

To advertise in Yorktown
News, call Brett Freeman
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Thursday, June 27, 2019 SPORTS Yorktown News – Page 27

GRADS Chris Judge James Calidonna passes. PHOTOS: DEENA BELL

FROM PAGE 25 Zakary Stanik controls.

Emmet Carroll, and defender SOCCER Playing in the league is cru- rector and founder. “Actually, “It’s going to be lined for soc-
Brendan Lavelle, who wound up FROM PAGE 24
making it to the state semi nals. cial for the development of the with the new turf being built, cer as well as eld hockey, and

“Our team works really hard all teams as they prepare for the we’re probably going to jump football, and lacrosse, just like
year long in the weight room, in
the classroom, and during prac- going to probably hang our hats real season come the fall. to 12 or 14 teams next summer this eld, so it’s going to be
tice,” Lennon. “I think the one
day-at-a time attitude the play- this year, we are where we want “It’s so important for every- (there’s 10 now) so we’ll get state of the art,” Hourahan said.
ers take, and their willingness to
compete and hold each other ac- to be right now. It’s exciting to one’s high school season to get even bigger and better. More “We are going to have a turf
countable is what got us to that
point in the season.” be back out here wearing Lake- to summer league and the other teams want in and have the op- softball eld as well and a brand

is was Lennon’s third sea- land shirts and not club shirts.” area coaches do a really good portunity to see their teams play new tennis court. It’s going to
son coaching Rye. He previously
coached at Eastchester for four Lakeland (0-0-2) tied Carmel job of organizing their teams, 11 a side before August.” be a beautiful campus come the
years, including ’16, when he was
named Section 1 Class B Coach 0-0 on June 23, with Pasato mak- which it makes it easier on me,” e new baseball eld is go- end of the fall.”
of the Year.
ing ve saves against the Rams. said Hourahan, the league’s di- ing to be a multi-purpose eld.
Lennon was an All-League at-
tack man for the Rebels, who said
his best memory playing for them
was winning the Section 1 Class
A championship in ’03.

“I learned how to work hard to
earn what I wanted to achieve,”
said Lennon, of his time playing
for the Rebels. “Playing time and
starting spots were hard to come
by, and nothing was guaranteed.

e work you put in outside of
practice, and when you didn’t have
the ball during practice/games
was what got you playing time.”

In college, Lennon played
club lacrosse as an attack man at
SUNY Cortland.

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339 Route 202

Somers, NY 10589

Page 28 – Yorktown News LEISURE Thursday, June 27, 2019

CLUES ACROSS 29. Ancient city of Egypt 56. A display of passion 21. Dog genus For puzzle solutions, please see
1. Stores 31. Basketball move 60. Geological times 23. Peter’s last
6. Worthless 33. Polished 61.Type of restaurant name
entertainment 36.There’s a north and a 62. Spacious 25. Request
9. Where scientists work south 63. Edible seaweed 26. Walk heavily
13. Pretty flower 38. Egg of a louse 64. Utah city 27. Allowances
14. A way to act 39. Once-ubiquitous 65.Tropical tree 29. English football
15. Double-reed department store 66. Nervous tissue squad
instrument 41. Portray precisely compound 30. Fish-eating
16.Type of acid 44.Thick piece of 67. Body part aquatic mammals
17. Famed astronomer something 68. Muscles and tendons 32. South Pacific
18. Smooth, shiny fabric 45. Period between CLUES DOWN island region
19. Profited from eclipses 1. Draw out wool 34. Unaccounted
21. Secret clique 46. Indicates near 2. Give someone a job for
22. Infections 48. Investment account 3. Chemical and ammo 35. Small taste of
23. Crony 49. England, Scotland, N. manufacturer whiskey
24.Teens go here every Ireland, and Wales (abbr.) 4. Footsteps 37. Ventilated
day (abbr.) 51. Beak 5.The Palmetto State 40. Helps little
25. Suitable 52. Void of skill 6. Books have lots of firms
28. Fresh Price of __ Air 54. Walked back and forth 42. One of means
them 43. Fencing swords
7. Diverse 47. Inches per
Israeli city minute (abbr.)
8. It’s mightier 49.Turn upside
than the sword down
9. Confines 50. S. African semi
10. First month desert
of the Jewish 52. Dutch names of
ecclesiastical Ypres
year 53. Instruct
11. Idaho’s 55. Oily freshwater
highest peak fish
12. Prevents 56. Italian river
from seeing 57. Sneaker giant
14. Determine 58.The men who man a
time ship
17. Father 59. Some need glasses
children 61. Body part
20.Tab on a 65. Indicates position
key ring

To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear
only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the
numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!


LLC FORMATION NOTICE against may be served & shall mail

1022 Lower South Street Partners process to 1163-65 Pleasantville Rd.,

LLC, Arts of Org. led with Sec. of Briarcli Manor, NY 10510. General

State of NY (SSNY) 6/12/2019. Cty: Purpose.

Westchester. SSNY desig. as agent upon LLC FORMATION NOTICE
whom process against may be served

& shall mail process to Hudson Realty Lausanne 20A LLC, Arts of Org.

Investors LLC, c/o Louis F. Lanza, 28 led with Sec. of State of NY (SSNY)

Reynolds Ln., Buchanan, NY 10511. 5/8/2019. Cty: Westchester. SSNY desig.

General Purpose. as agent upon whom process against

LLC FORMATION NOTICE may be served & shall mail process to 20
Ethelton Rd., White Plains, NY 10603.

10 Hamilton Avenue LLC, Arts General Purpose.

of Org. led with Sec. of State of NY LLC FORMATION NOTICE
(SSNY) 5/30/2019. Cty: Westchester.

SSNY desig. as agent upon whom Notice of Formation of Washington

process against may be served & shall and Monteith LLC. Art. Of Org. led

mail process to Jay B. Hashmall, Esq., with SSNY on April 7th, 2019. O ce

399 Knollwood Rd., Ste. 220, White Location: Westchester. SSNY designated

Plains, NY 10598. General Purpose. as agent of the LLC upon whom process

LLC FORMATION NOTICE against it may be served. SSNY shall mail
process to: 54 James Street, Ossining NY

JLJK Food and Beverage, LLC, Arts 10562. Purpose: any lawful purpose.

of Org. led with Sec. of State of NY

(SSNY) 6/5/2019. Cty: Westchester. SEE LEGALS PAGE 29
SSNY desig. as agent upon whom process

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Thursday, June 27, 2019 LEGAL NOTICES Yorktown News – Page 29

LEGALS Yorktown entitled “Stormwater PUBLIC NOTICE inspected during regular o ce Article I of the Code of the Town

FROM PAGE 28 Management and Erosion and NOTICE IS HERE GIVEN hours. It can also be viewed at of Yorktown entitled “Energize

PUBLIC NOTICE Sediment Control.” that a public hearing will be under NY Bene t Financing Program”

A copy of the proposed local convened by the Town Board, Town Clerk/Pending Legislation. and enacting a new Chapter

NOTICE IS HERE GIVEN law is on le in the O ce of the Town of Yorktown, Westchester DIANA L. QUAST 159, Article I entitled “Energize

that a public hearing will be Town Clerk at the said Town County, New York on Tuesday, TOWN CLERK NY Open C-Pace Financing

convened by the Town Board, Hall, where the same may be July 16, 2019 at the Town Hall, TOWN OF YORKTOWN Program.”

Town of Yorktown, Westchester inspected during regular o ce 363 Underhill Avenue, Yorktown CERTIFIED MUNICIPAL A copy of the proposed local

County, New York on Tuesday, hours. It can also be viewed at Heights, New York at 7:30 CLERK law is on le in the O ce of the

July 9 2019 at the Town Hall, under o’clock PM, or as soon thereafter Town Clerk at the said Town

363 Underhill Avenue, Yorktown Town Clerk/Pending Legislation. as the same can be heard, to LEGAL NOTICE Hall, where the same may be
inspected during regular o ce
Heights,New York at 7:30 o’clock DIANA L. QUAST consider amending Chapter

PM, or as soon thereafter as the TOWN CLERK 198 of the Code of the Town of In accordance with the hours. It can also be viewed at

same can be heard, to consider TOWN OF YORKTOWN Yorktown entitled “Landmark regulations of the Open Meetings under

amending Chapter 300 of the CERTIFIED MUNICIPAL Preservation.” Law this is to advise that the Town Clerk/Pending Legislation.

Code of the Town of Yorktown CLERK A copy of the proposed local Yorktown Heights Fire District DIANA L. QUAST

entitled “Zoning” by adding a law is on le in the O ce of the Board of Fire Commissioners TOWN CLERK

new Article VII, Section 300- PUBLIC NOTICE Town Clerk at the said Town will hold a special meeting on TOWN OF YORKTOWN
81.5 “Solar Energy System Hall, where the same may be July 1, 2019 6:30 pm at Station CERTIFIED MUNICIPAL

PILOT Law.” NOTICE IS HERE GIVEN inspected during regular o ce #2, Locksley Road Firehouse, to CLERK

A copy of the proposed local that a public hearing will be hours. It can also be viewed at discuss the purchase of a used

law is on le in the O ce of the convened by the Town Board, under ladder truck. PUBLIC NOTICE

Town Clerk at the said Town Town of Yorktown, Westchester Town Clerk/Pending Legislation. Jeanmarie Klaus

Hall, where the same may be County, New York on Tuesday, DIANA L. QUAST Secretary/Treasurer NOTICE IS HERE GIVEN

inspected during regular o ce July 9, 2019 at the Town Hall, TOWN CLERK Yorktown Heights Fire District that a public hearing will be

hours. It can also be viewed at 363 Underhill Avenue, Yorktown TOWN OF YORKTOWN convened by the Town Board, under Heights,New York at 7:30 o’clock CERTIFIED MUNICIPAL PUBLIC NOTICE Town of Yorktown, Westchester
Town Clerk/Pending Legislation. PM, or as soon thereafter as the CLERK County, New York on Tuesday,

DIANA L. QUAST same can be heard, to consider NOTICE IS HERE GIVEN July 16, 2019 at the Town Hall,

TOWN CLERK amending Chapter 300 of the PUBLIC NOTICE that a public hearing will be 363 Underhill Avenue, Yorktown
TOWN OF YORKTOWN Code of the Town of Yorktown convened by the Town Board, Heights, New York at 7:30

CERTIFIED MUNICIPAL entitled “Zoning” by adding a NOTICE IS HERE GIVEN Town of Yorktown, Westchester o’clock PM, or as soon thereafter

CLERK new Article VII, Section 300- that a public hearing will be County, New York on Tuesday, as the same can be heard, to

81.4 “Solar Power Generation convened by the Town Board, July 16, 2019 at the Town Hall, allow comment on the 2020-

PUBLIC NOTICE Systems and Facilities.” Town of Yorktown, Westchester 363 Underhill Avenue, Yorktown 2024 Housing Choice Voucher

A copy of the proposed local County, New York on Tuesday, Heights, New York at 7:30 Program’s Five Year Agency Plan

NOTICE IS HERE GIVEN law is on le in the O ce of the July 9, 2019 at the Town Hall, o’clock PM, or as soon thereafter and revisions to its administrative

that a public hearing will be Town Clerk at the said Town 363 Underhill Avenue, Yorktown as the same can be heard, to plan. SEE LEGALS PAGE 31

convened by the Town Board, Hall, where the same may be Heights,New York at 7:30 o’clock consider repealing Chapter 159,

Town of Yorktown, Westchester inspected during regular o ce PM, or as soon thereafter as the

County, New York on Tuesday, hours. It can also be viewed at same can be heard, to consider

July 9, 2019 at the Town Hall, under amending Chapter 178 of the
WHY DO WE363 Underhill Avenue, Yorktown Town Clerk/Pending Legislation. Code of the Town of Yorktown

Heights, New York at 7:30 DIANA L. QUAST entitled “Freshwater Wetlands.”

o’clock PM, or as soon thereafter TOWN CLERK A copy of the proposed local
as the same can be heard, to
ADVERTISETOWN OFYORKTOWN law is on le in the O ce of the

consider amending Chapter CERTIFIED MUNICIPAL Town Clerk at the said Town

248 of the Code of the Town of IN HALSTONCLERK Hall, where the same may be




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Thursday, June 27, 2019 LEGAL NOTICES Yorktown News – Page 31


FROM PAGE 29 YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, Filed application documents, archaeological sites or historic COMMENT

NY 10598 and Department draft permits structures were identi ed or Comments on this project

A copy of the proposed where applicable, are available documented for the project must be submitted in writing to

revisions is on le in the O ce APPLICATION ID: for inspection during normal location. No further review in the Contact Person no later than

of the Town Clerk at said Town 3-5554-00337/00001 business hours at the address of accordance with 07/05/2019

Hall, as well as the Yorktown the contact person. To ensure SHPA is required. or 16 days after the publication

Section 8 O ce, where the same PERMITS S APPLIED FOR: timely service at the time of date of this notice, whichever is

may be inspected during regular 1 - Article 24 Freshwater inspection, it is recommended DEC COMMISSIONER later.

o ce hours. It can also be viewed Wetlands that an appointment be made POLICY 29, ENVIRONMENTAL



committed to equal housing in YORKTOWN in STATE ENVIRONMENTAL It has been determined that NYSDEC

opportunity. e Yorktown WESTCHESTER COUNTY QUALITY REVIEW SEQR the proposed action is not subject 21 S Putt Corners Rd New

Section 8 Housing Voucher DETERMINATION to CP-29. Paltz, NY 12561

Program does not discriminate PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Project is not subject to SEQR

on the basis of race, color, e project sponsor proposes because it is a Type II action. NEW YORK NOW PROTECTS THE RIGHTS
national origin, religion, creed, approximately 300 square feet

disability, familial status, sex, of permanent disturbance to the SEQR LEAD AGENCY

marital status, age, military status, state regulated 100 foot adjacent None Designated If you were previously a victim of child sexual abuse,
The New York Child Victims Act temporarily allows you to revive your claim.
sexual orientation, citizenship or area of NYS Freshwater Wetland
There is a limited time to file a case; do not delay in contacting us.
alienage status, or against victims A-38 (Class II) for the purpose STATE HISTORIC GREENBERG, MARIA, GREENBERG & ASSOCIATES

of domestic violence, sexual of installing a partially above PRESERVATION ACT SHPA ONLY PROSECUTES SEXUAL ABUSE CASES

abuse, or stalking. ground pool in their backyard. DETERMINATION

DIANA L. QUAST An estimated 192 cubic feet o Cultural resource lists and

TOWN CLERK ill will need to be removed and maps have been checked. e Our firm will file your claim anonymously
to protect your privacy.
TOWN OF YORKTOWN taken o site. proposed activity is not in an
CALL (833) VICTIM 9 • (833) 842-8469
CERTIFIED MUNICIPAL area of identi ed archaeological
CLERK AVAILABILITY OF sensitivity and no known

to Your Home
that a public hearing will be When we’re done, there is nothing left to do.
convened by the Town Board,
Town of Yorktown, Westchester • Bathroom Remodeling • Kitchen Remodeling • Durable Vinyl Siding • Room Additions • Add-a-Levels •
County, New York on Tuesday, • Replacement Windows • General Carpentry • Basement Finishing • Painting • Interior Trim • Handy Man •
July 9, 2019 at the Town Hall,
363 Underhill Avenue, Yorktown Sero’s Contracting
Heights, New York at 7:30
o’clock PM, or as soon thereafter We specialize in targeted home improvements — both big and small —
as the same can be heard, to
consider repealing Chapter 270, to maximize your home’s value,comfort and beauty.
of the Code of the Town of
Yorktown entitled “Preservation
of Yorktown’s Forested
Environment” and enacting
a new Chapter 270, entitled
“Preservation of Yorktown’s Trees
and Woodlands.”

A copy of the proposed local
law is on le in the O ce of
the Town Clerk at the said
Town Hall, where the same
may be inspected during regular
o ce hours. It can also be
viewed at www.yorktownny.
org under Town Clerk/Pending







FACILITY Licensed & Insured • Local References • Brewster, NY • 845-216-1955 • 845-279-6977 • [email protected]

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