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SKP Pulse August-2018

SKP Pulse August-2018


Success Integrity Initiative


Leadership Excellence

People Culture


Partnership Passion


Care Team

Vision Dedication


August 2018


Brand Building

Speaking Engagements

Ravi Menon, discussed the future of Indian Bhadresh Vyas imparted knowledge on GST
Healthcare policy at Organization of Impact on Construction equipment industry
Pharmaceutical Producers of India Annual and infrastructure sector on 13 June 2018.
Summit 2018, Delhi.
Renuka Rathod conducted a seminar on
Ajay Abad and Tanwir Shirolkar had given E-way bill implementation on 17 May
a Seminar to the New Zealand Trade and 2018 and on GST audit on 08 June 2018 in
Enterprise on Entry Strategy for investments Bangalore.
in India in May 2018.
Manan Mehta conducted a seminar on E
Jigar Doshi received an invitation to be a part way bill implementation, ITC & return filing
of Nexia indirect tax group which specializes under GST on 19 May 2018.
in indirect tax advisory across cross borders
Harshal Fifadra conducted a seminar on
Jigar Doshi was invited to be a part of panel How to prepare for GST audit and closure of
consisting of the top 10 tax experts in India books as regards GST and E-way bill on 08
for discussing on simplified GST return June 2018 and 10 July 2018 in Mumbai.
system to be implemented in India
Khushbu Trivedi conducted a seminar on
Jigar Doshi imparted knowledge on latest How to prepare for GST audit and closure of
updates of GST which included expected books as regards GST and E-way bill on 12
changes under GST compliances, scrutiny/ June 2018 and 13 July 2018 in Pune.
assessments, arrests under GST and recent
AARs Bhadresh Vyas, Umang Someshwar and
Husain Attarwala conducted a Open House
Jigar Doshi and Deepti Ahuja conducted a on GCC VAT with French Business Consulate
presentation on Doing business in India for at Dubai.
international delegates in Vijaywada.
Krishnanand Bhat discussed the impact of
Bhadresh Vyas imparted knowledge on General Data Protection Regulation from an
AEO program introduced by Government at HR perspective at the IFCCI HR Committee
World Trade Centre in Pune on 26 April 2018 Session at the ESK Office in Delhi.
and 8 June 2018.


SKP was nominated for two categories at the
European Tax Awards 2018 in the first year
of commencing operations in the UAE.

Sundar Narayan and Christian Parsow SKP was a part of the ‘iAdvisory Seminar:
conducted a webinar: The best practices Startups in India’ held by Enterprise
for conducting audits and investigations in Singapore to help Singaporean businesses
India. understand the Indian start-up ecosystem
and the central and federal government
SKP Group was the Support Partner of programs for start-ups.
ASSOCHAM at 2nd Global Summit Data
Protection, Privacy & Security held on 27 July
2018 at Bengaluru.

The Forensics team successfully completed
the ISO19600 and ISO37001 certification
training conducted by Ethic Intelligence.

SKP conducted a webinar for a better Bhadresh Vyas discussed and shared
understanding of the data controller, data his views on the impact of GST on the
protection officer and data subjects that Construction Equipment industry and
come under GDPR. Infrastructure Sector at the Thyssenkrupp
Industries office in Pune.
SKP conducted a webinars series to present
information on doing business in the UK,
USA and India, which included the key facts
and figures, incentives and how to overcome
other challenges.


Articles Published

Jigar Doshi was quoted in an article called Jigar Doshi was quoted in an article called Tanwir Shirolkar authored an article titled
Whopping Rs 1.3 crore fine for e-Way bill One Year Of GST: Here’s What India Inc Startup Saturday: Is your startup ‘worth’ it?
error triggers transport strike – just a day Thinks About The Landmark Reform in NDTV Here’s the calculation for Hindustan Times.
before GST Council meet in the Financial Profit.
Jigar Doshi was quoted in an article called
Jigar Doshi was quoted in an article called GST Notices in Gujarat, Karnataka and
GST Council Approves Easier Return Hyderabad Have Taxpayers Worried in
Filing System, State-Owned GSTN in the Bloomberg Quint.
SKP published an article called Indian Dairy
Jigar Doshi authored an Article titled E-way Industry – The Quest to Grab a Share of the
Bill: Even these 3 minor errors could land Consumer’s Monthly Basket on 1 May 2018.
you in trouble for Financial Express.
Jigar Doshi authored an article titled Have
Sundar Narayanan authored an Article titled tax reforms made business easier in India?
Sundar Narayanan: A breakthrough anti- for fDi Intelligence.
corruption law for India for the FCPA Blog.
Maulik Doshi was quoted in an article called
Maulik Doshi was quoted in an article called Looming Flipkart Tax Ruling on Discounts
Walmart’s $16 Billion Flipkart Investment Creates ‘Panic’ in India in Bloomberg BNA.
May Be Tax Minefield in Bloomberg BNA.
Maulik Doshi was quoted in an article called
Sundar Narayanan authored an article titled Tax Hoops The Walmart-Flipkart Deal Will
5 Factors To Consider Before Exploring Have To Jump Through in Bloomberg Quint.
AI In Fraud Prediction for the Corporate
Compliance Insights. SKP and Dentons published an article on
22 May 2018 on VAT in Oman –Pondering
Jigar Doshi was quoted in an article called the road ahead post collaboration. Similar
One year of GST: What has been really article was published in Oman Daily
achieved vs what Modi government claimed Observer – dated 02 June 2018.
in the Financial Express.


Alerts Newsletters

Recent developments under indirect tax - UAE VAT Updates: VAT benefit extended Tax Trends Jan-Mar 2018
April 06 - GST Updates to three additional free zones, public
clarification on VAT treatment of Global Expansion Update – April 2018 -
Key Updates on Goods and Services Tax - compensation-type payments, eligible goods Issue 21
April 13 - GST Updates for profit margin scheme and supply of labor
accommodation – 18 July 2018 - GCC VAT SKP GST Trends – April 2018
Indirect Tax Updates: NAA’s First Order, Alert
Discussion on new GST Return filing system SKP Investment Chronicle - January to
held - GST Updates – 25 April 2018 Can a LLP Merge with a Company? – 26 July March 2018
2018 - Business Alert
The government notifies share transactions SKP GST Trends – May 2018
on which payment of STT is not required at CBDT revises the monetary limits for filing
the time of acquisition of equity shares for of appeals by the department – An effort Global Expansion Update – May 2018 -
the purpose of Section 112A - 30 April 2018 - to reduce the number of litigations and Issue 22
Tax Alert facilitate ease of doing business in India – 30
July 2018 - Tax Alert Global Expansion Update – June 2018 -
27th GST Council meeting on simplification Issue 23
of GST compliance structure - 7 May 2018 - Features and format of simplified returns
GST Updates mechanism released – 1 August - GST SKP GST Trends – June 2018
Indirect Tax Updates: Clarification on refund Global Expansion Update – July 2018 -
related issues, new functionalities on GSTN Key Highlights of the Srikrishna Report – 7 Issue 24
portal, new MVAT audit report. - 13 June August 2018 - Business Alert
2018 – GST Updates SKP Tax Trends – April - June 2018
UAE VAT Updates: Clarifications Issued – 8
Introduction of a Single Master Form by the August 2018 - GCC VAT Alert SKP GST Trends – July 2018
RBI - 14 June 2018 - Tax alert
Declaration of Significant Beneficial Owner – SKP Transfer Pricing 360˚ – July 2018
Indirect Taxes Updates: Key Clarifications for 17 August 2018 - Business Alert
the GST Representations Received – 26 June
2018 - GST Update Employee cost allocable to branches taxable
under GST - AAR, Karnataka - 17 August 2018
Indian Revenue guidelines on ‘appropriate - GST Updates
use’ of CbCR information - 10 July 2018 - Tax




FIFA 2018 Football screening – After a long day at work
SKPians got a break to enjoy the football
Foosball table- To be a part with the football screening and watch their favorite teams
spirit the Mumbai office had a foosball table play during the FIFA season.
within the premises.

IDT team took a break and visited the ideal
monsoon destination - Silvassa to relax and


Nexia Day Celebrations

Visit to Baal Asha trust – SKPians from the
Mumbai office visited and spent some
quality time with the kids at the Bal Asha
trust on the occasion of Nexia Day 2018.

A friendly football match was organized at
the Mumbai office on the occasion of Nexia
Day 2018.


Independence Day Celebrations

SKPians celebrated the 72nd Independence
Day by taking pride in the diverse cultures of

1st Year Anniversary at Mahalaxmi

SKP successfully completed one year at the
Mahalaxmi office in Mumbai on 22 August
2018. During the celebrations Srikant Jilla
and Manoj Gidwani gave a small speech and
cut a cake towards the end.


Food for Thought

It’s ok to not be ok

As humans, we are always looking for things or even a bad weather — all these put us out of
and situations to be okay. We become rather sync and make us unhappy.
restless, unhappy, angry, depressed, sad,
stressed out, or irritated, if things are not okay. Although instinctively we realize that we cannot
Given that the percentage of times in our lives have control over our internal or external
when things are going to be okay are far less environments, we do crave and want the
than those which are not going to be okay, it compass to be steady. Its an intuitive inner
is no wonder that human beings today are drive, to always steady the compass. If you
exuding more negativity than positivity. realize, everything that we say or do in life, is
with one intention — to make us feel good.
We all have an inner compass, which needs to We almost never ever do anything with the
be stable and pointing in the right direction, intention of feeling bad or feeling miserable.
for us to feel happy or good. This compass is Those things just happen, in spite of our best
very sensitive, and is triggered to move away efforts and intentions.
from its normal stable resting position, by a
host of internal and external factors. Once in a The key to happiness is to be okay when it is
while, when circumstances, both internal and not okay. J. Krishnamurti used to say “ I don’t
external, are good, the compass is at rest, and mind anything that happens” and that was
we feel joy, happiness or relaxation. But more his key, his magic mantra to happiness---to be
often than not, the compass is usually moving, completely okay with everything, to be okay
sometimes slowly, sometimes rapidly, causing when it is not okay. Although we cannot reach
us to lose our sense of balance, harmony and there overnight, we need to become aware,
peace of mind. and take baby steps, to be able to bring in more
acceptance, more surrender, more faith and
If the compass is steady, we are okay with that. more let go, so that we are okay with many
But if not, we are not okay. We mostly want situations which are not okay. Start by saying
things or events or people to be different from okay to any one situation or person every day
what they are, so that this internal compass when its not okay, and you will slowly increase
can stabilize and we can feel good. Any adverse your tolerance, patience and peace.
change in our internal or external environment
— aches and pains, a disease, being overweight, by P Vaidyanathan
lack of sleep, hunger, thirst, not looking good,
or external things like loss of a job, change of
plans, lack of money, sudden illness or death,


Our Locations Canada - Toronto UAE - Dubai
269 The East Mall Emirates Financial Towers
International Offices Ontario M9B 3Z1 503-C South Tower, DIFC
Canada PO Box 507260, UAE
USA - Chicago T: +1 647 707 5066 T: +971 4 2866677
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VEN Business Centre New Delhi 110 092 Bengaluru 560 001
Baner–Pashan Link Road T: +91 11 4252 8800 T: +91 80 4277 7800
Pune 411 021
T: +91 20 6720 3800

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your feedback or comments at [email protected]

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