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Session 2 Week 2 Newsletter Summer 2019

Session 2 Week 2 Newsletter Summer 2019

Sothue thwoods Way

Issue 138 Summer 2019 August 5, 2019

Southwoods Evening Lineup!

Each night before dinner, every wall or being buddies down at the
Southwoods camper and waterfront! Campers love to
counselor gathers around the celebrate friendship with fuzzies!
flagpole for evening lineup!
Lineup is a time for everyone at Evening lineup is also a chance for
camp to come together and campers to give announcements!
celebrate the day. It’s also a Every summer, different
chance to learn about upcoming announcements become traditions
events, TREK trips, special ski for the year. Some new additions
periods, and who has canteen! for 2019 are the woah of the day,
the check it of the day, the Yankee
Evening lineup is also when Scott player of the day, and the mood of
and Andrea give out fuzzies! the day! They fit in along with
Fuzzies are an amazing classics like the rock of the day
Southwoods tradition- these little and the Honorary Upper Senior
puff balls represent all of the Girl of the day!
kindness and generosity found at
camp! Campers can nominate Evening lineup is a great camp
another camper who made their tradition that celebrates all the
day better in some way, like best parts of Southwoods! That’s
supporting them at the climbing the way, the Southwoods Way!

In This Issue: - A Letter FROM SCOTT AND ANDREA

- Southwoods Evening Lineup! - CAMper content
- Terrific times at TREK - Sunday Summaries
- STAFF MEMBER OF THE WEEK - the week in photos

terrific times at TREK Page 2

T I can’t hear you, R a little louder, E that’s better, K now you’ve got it,
T R E K TREK TREK TREK! Did you know that every Southwoods
camper gets to go on several outdoor adventure trips during the summer?
Hikes, bike trips, caving trips, overnights- these are just some of the
amazing things that the Southwoods TREK team runs for our campers!
Trekkies also run the Southwoods Outdoor Education program, which
includes the climbing wall, low and high pines, rappelling, zip lining, and
the Giant Swing!

Every summer a camper comes to camp, they continue to learn and grow
at TREK! There are so many amazing things to do at low and high pines,
like the squeeze box, the spider web, the Leap of Faith, the Indiana Jones
bridge, and the vertical play pen! Every camper who comes to TREK
agrees to the Five Finger Contract, which emphasizes positivity,
responsibility, respect, commitment, and safety! We sign off on the Five
Finger Contract with a group high five!

At Southwoods, we follow the philosophy of challenge by choice, which
encourages Southwoods campers to try new things and push themselves
outside of their comfort zones, while still staying safe and confident in their
actions! These amazing TREK experiences are a favorite of Southwoods
campers, and a unique part of the Southwoods camp experience!

Staff Member of the Week:

Hannah is our Staff Member of the Week! This Junior Girl Group
Leader is amazing at helping her campers learn to live the Southwoods
Way and have a blast at camp all summer long!

Full Name: Hannah Weinstein
Hometown: Scarsdale, NY
Role at Southwoods: Group Leader
Years at Southwoods: 12 years, 4 years on staff
Favorite Activities at Camp: Swim and gymnastics
Favorite Event at Camp: Campfire
Favorite Campfire Song: The Moose song
Favorite Canteen Snack: Swedish Fish


A L E T T E R F R O M A N D R E A & S C O T T PAGE 3

What a fantastic week this has been here at Southwoods! The weather has been awesome in the
Adirondacks and we have enjoyed all of our in and out of Camp activities!!! After 30 years at
camp, you would think it would come as no surprise how fast days go when you having this
much fun. Yet we still find ourselves asking where have the days have gone.

Let's take a moment and think of all the things we have been busy doing this week. Upper
Senior three day trip to Boston – duck tour, Fenway Park, Sheer Madness and much, much

more, Juniors trip to the pools and ice cream, Trek over nights, Upper Seniors climb of
Cascade Mt, Lower Seniors Girls and Lower Senior Boys Summit of Ampersand Mt, Mt
Biking, Caving, Early Risers Club fishing, water-skiing and tennis just to name a few, Rainbow
Color day, Halloween during the summer with trick or treating and an all camp dance,
Horseback riding, Varsity sports under the lights, Tribal Track. Inter camp Sailing Regattas,
Swim meets, soccer, basketball, baseball. Whew…is there more...yes there is. We did all that

plus our normal daily activity schedule. Have you guys been busy or what?!

But more than all the amazing events we have enjoyed, learning to work with others, treating
each other with respect and learning to taking turns being first and in the spot light is what has
made this summer so special for all of us. You are truly living The Southwoods Way. Watching
you raise your voices every night to congratulate each other as someone gets a fuzzy, whether it

is at sports, campfires, mealtimes, cabin cleanup, group activities, or out of camp trips…you
have all been helpful and kind to one another. Way to go Southwoods!!!!

We have two more weeks with lots of great and exciting things yet to come here at
Southwoods. But never forget to stop and take a moment, enjoy every sound, every second of

where you are, because it will be over before you know it.

Andrea & Scott

Mission Statement:
Southwoods is committed to empowering people. Our goal is to build confidence and self esteem by

reinforcing positive human values. We achieve that goal through cutting-edge programming
implemented by a carefully selected and fully trained staff whose investment in children, like our

own is unparalleled.

Camper ContributionsPage4

What A Day Looks Like For A Southwoods Camper

By: Emma Manning UIG

First in the morning you wake up and get ready. Then you go to
breakfast with your bunk and then you go to morning lineup.
After, you go to electives that you signed up for. To =ind the
people in your elective, you go to the grove and sit at the table
that is labeled with your elective. After electives, your
counselors will take you to lots of different things. Lunch,
activities, snack, and Free Play are some of them. During Free
Play, you can go to a lot of different activities. Archery,
gymnastics, dance, frog catching, and arts and crafts are just a
few of all the things you can do. You might see the photographer
and videographer out taking pictures and videos. These are
posted on the website for families and friends to see what’s
happening at camp. Later in the day, you might have canteen! Canteen is a time to hang out
with friends from other cabins, or meet new people, and have some candy. If it’s a Sunday,
you’ll have camp=ire! Camp=ire is when everyone on camp gathers together to sing, smile, and
to just have fun. Every day, you’ll go to evening lineup. Everybody gathers together at the
=lagpole and sometimes you’ll even get a fuzzy! Most of the time, campers or counselors will
bring mp3 players and they’ll connect them to speakers. This way, you can have music while
showering or even while just hanging out with friends. When it’s time for bed, you might have
circle time where you say two things you enjoyed about the day and one thing you’re excited
for tomorrow. If you can’t sleep, you can always stay up a little later and draw, color, write
letters, or read. The days are so jam packed that they go by super quickly. At the beginning of
camp, you feel like it’s going to take forever to go back home. Once camp actually starts, it goes
by really fast! It only took me a few days to get adjusted to camp life. Of course I miss my house,
family, and friends, but I love it here at Southwoods!

Camper ContributionsPage5

Halloween 2019

By: Danica Parent UIG

This Wednesday was Halloween! Campers and staff alike dressed up and
played together. Up on the soccer field, we could try to win a treat at the
cake walk, go through a maze, go inside a zorb ball, and more! At Arts and
Crafts, everyone enjoyed making Halloween themed projects with their
groups. At the waterfront, we all swam in the lake, and even slid down the
slip and slide on the beach. After swimming, for dinner we had cookout!
Later that night all campers and staff, decked out in their Halloween
costumes, walked to different spots around camp to go trick or treating.
When the trick or treating was finished, we gathered in the playhouse for a
spook-tacular all camp dance! Throughout the night, everybody was singing, laughing, and having
fun! As the night drew to a close, we realized that this was the best Halloween ever!

Going Caving

By: Emma Manning UIG

Caving is an adventure that I think everyone should experience.
When going caving, it’s best to wear a bathing suit under your
clothes because it’s going to be wet. Wear sneakers, a helmet, knee
pads, and elbow pads. These will prepare you for the cave. You
might hit your head, so helmets are definitely recommended. Wear
layers, because caves are very cold. The cave my group went into
was very damp, cold, and dark, so definitely use a flashlight or
headlamp. We had to go through many different routes and tunnels in the cave. Many of these were
very small and tight. We had to go down a thing called the Goonie Slide. When you go down, you
have to go slowly because there’s rocks all over. When you get to the bottom of the slide, there’s
water there. After getting out of the cave, we changed into dry clothes and shoes. Our clothes we
wore in the cave were all muddy and wet. We put everything in trash bags so they could be washed
including our sneakers. After changing and getting back in the van, we drove to Stewarts and got ice
cream! Then we listened to lots of music and had a great drive home. Overall, caving was amazing!


Tribal Track and Campfire! Page 6

Tribal War 2019 is really heating up! Going into Tribal Track this weekend,
Mohawk had a slight lead over Navajo and Iroquois, but the energy and
enthusiasm was off the charts for all three tribes!

On Sunday morning, Iroquois, Navajo, and Mohawk ran their hearts out at
Tribal Track! This event involves both running and =ield events, like the 100
yard dash, potato sack races, the 4 by 100 relay, and camp favorite Dizzy Izzy
relay! Tribes also compete in the all camp Great Adirondack Shoe Hunt, where
Head Staff mix and hide their shoes and then challenge each team to =ind and
tie their shoes as quickly as possible! Tribal Track was followed by group and
individual games in the afternoon. After an intense day of competition, it was
Mohawk who kept their tribe’s =lag up at evening lineup! We still have lots of
Tribal War left to go, with plenty of high scoring events coming up soon! The
victors of Tribal 2019 could be any tribe!

Every Sunday night at Southwoods features our traditional all-camp camp=ire.
This week, the Lower Camp Girls hosted with the theme of Friendship!! They
performed skits and songs about the importance of friendship at camp! Great
job, ladies! Camp=ire also included some camp classics like the Turkey Song,
Southwoods Singers, Hey Bop Diddly Bop, and more! We also had some
camper musical performances like Josh and Daniel singing Riptide! Taz and
Brian closed out camp=ire on the guitar! We can’t wait for the next camp=ire!

This Week in Photos! Page7

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