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Published by Greater Salina Community Foundation, 2019-11-14 09:33:59

Community Grants Report

November 2019

Community Grants Report
November 2019

City of Cuba, Cuba Country School Museum -
Steps, Sidewalk and Lighting Project

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $9,864,
Awarded 10/13/2017

Project Summary: The Cuba Country School Museum is owned by the City
of Cuba. The project would be for the construction of steps and a portion of
sidewalk to be replaced in front of the museum. The Museum does not have
safe accessibility from the street.

Use of Funds: The attached receipt will show the total dollar of our project. The
total of the project if for the: 1. Cuba Country School Museum - Steps, Sidewalk
and Lighting Project and 2. Cuba Country School Museum Safety & Handicap

Impact & Results: The Cuba Country School Museum has an amazing
entrance thanks to the support of the awarded funds from the foundation. We
truly learned from this project. Our proposed project was for steps and lighting
to the museum. We applied for the grant and was awarded funding - very
thankful. However, the contractor and community volunteers brought to our
attention that we needed to reconsider our proposed plan. The concerned
felt we need additional safety and handicap ramp added to the plan for our
musuem. Therefore, we reconsidered and made changes for the project into
a secondary plan for the addition of handicap accessibility. The contractor
adjusted our plans and it delayed our overall project but it was worth the wait.
We combined the Cuba Country School Museum entrance (steps) and Lighting
project with the Safe Handicap Accessibility.

The project was not totally complete at the time of our 150th celebration
as hoped. Therefore, the Cuba County School Museum Open House and
celebration was post-poned until the Cuba Hometown Christmas in November
2018. We hosted 382 guest/visitors. Our Live Nativity was staged south of the
Cuba Country School Museum and the picture shows the participants/cast visiting the museum after the show.
We had live announcements throughout the evening of our event thanking the Foundation for making the project
possible. The success of the project is so visible to visitors and we have posted information about the funding in
the Cuba Country School Museum also. Cuba town folks are proud to host countless events, reunions, alumnis,
weddings and day to day tourist. The guests visiting Cuba are welcomed and invited to the many attractions we


have to offer. We are fortunate to be the home of the only building in Kansas that served continually as a blacksmith
shop, dating back to the 1800’s. Our Blacksmith Shop is named on the Register of Historic Places. The Cuba
Community Hall is rented almost every weekend for events of up to 350 people or private skating partys hosting 50

Cuba, a Czech town, is known for its genuine hospitality. The number of people who visit Cuba spend the day or
weekend. Therefore, we open our doors to the Country School Museum for them to view our past history of our
educational system. We have had over 3,000 visitors in the past year. We are very thankful for your generous funds
awarded to the project. The entrance allows easy access and no visitors have been turned away.

City of Cuba, Safety & Handicap
Accessibility to Country School Museum

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, Republic County
Community Action Fund, Kansas Health Foundation Fund,
Republic County Health Fund, $19,000, Awarded 5/3/2018

Project Summary: The Cuba Country School Museum on
Main Street is owned by the City of Cuba. The project consist of
handicap and safe accessibility for the well being of folks visiting
the museum. Safe handicap accessibility is not available from the

Use of Funds: The overall cost of the project was: $39,096.44. We
are very thankful for the awarded amount of $19,000. We applied
the amount awarded to the total project cost. The cost of the
project did increase due to changes proposed by our contractor.

Impact & Results: Our main goal is to provide safe handicap accessibility to our Country School Museum. A very
large percentage of our population in rural America is growing older. Therefore, we want to open our arms and our
doors to each and every visitor by offering safe handicap accessibility off the street to our museum. Tears of joy will
be experienced when a less fortunate citizen or guest can freely access the museum safely. Secondly, safe handicap
accessibility will enhance the overall appearance of the east side of Main street and safely provide easy access for all
ages. Thirdly, the educational artifacts are beyond priceless. We want to host and welcome all visitors whether they
are a youngster full of energy or a senior citizen in a wheel chair. Fourthly, Cuba was established 150 years ago this
year. Our celebration will be in July and we expected hundreds and hundreds of visitors to our town and museum.

We have experienced first hand in our community the importance of the elevator in our Cuba Community Hall to
enter to the upper level. Visitors are in awe. We want to continue to WOW our visitors and leave no man behind. Safe
handicap accessibility increases traffic no matter the location. Our seniors are the founders of our communities and
we want them to always welcome to our museum.

The Cuba Community and alumni has volunteered countless hours in restoring the old Silverthorne country school
house to the present Cuba Country School Museum. The community has opened there wallets and labor to move
the school, renovate the school to display memorabilia and the list goes on and on. The Cuba Booster Club donated
$4,000 towards the landscape project to beautify the property. We had community members donate the light
poles. The funding was becoming scarce to upgrade the handicap and safe access needed. We were overwhelmed
with joy to receive the $19,000 awarded to the project. The awarded funds were what we needed to complete the
project. We are so thankful for your decision to award Cuba the funds.


City of Belleville,
Community Center First Step

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $4,923, Awarded 5/3/2018

Project Summary: The grant funds will be used to defray the out of pocket expenses for an intern to live in Belleville
for the summer to prepare architectural renderings for a community center in Belleville, Kansas.

Use of Funds: As planned the grant funds were used to cover expenses for an intern to live in Belleville. Specifically,
grant funds covered lodging, meals and mileage expenses for the intern.

Impact & Results: The intern did complete architectural drawings for inside and outside of the building. This was an
extremely helpful project for us. Not only did the project provide tangible outputs such as the architectural drawings,
but it created more discussion and research on what would make this community center work. The architectural
and use plan submitted by the intern was very well done and have been used to generate and perpetuate interest
in the community center. We feel it was a very successful internship.

Belleville Main Street, Keeping 60 Years of Distinguished Young Women Going Strong

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $4,500, Awarded 10/18/2018

Project Summary: The Distinguished Young Women Program has been in the Belleville community for over
sixty years. This event is experiencing a revival and is seeking assistance in becoming a non profit and upgrade it’s

Use of Funds: Funds were spent to apply for personal 501(c)3 status, DYW supplies including fabric, sound
equipment, and building supplies.

Impact & Results: I wanted to share a few of the things we are excited to add to our program as we celebrate our
60th year thanks to this grant. We were able to become a 501C3, as well as purchase fabric to make side stage
curtains, products for side stage panels, lighting to go on the front of the stage, cheek microphones, a portable
multi-use floor and stage taping.

We are beyond thankful and excited to use these new items and to be able to add them to our community!
These grant monies will help to modernize the DYW program for years to come. Distinguished Young Women,
formally Kansas Junior Miss, has been in existence for 60 years and your gift has far exceeded our expectations. All of
these purchase upgrades will help to stay current and allow an easier ability for the contestants to perform.


Smoky Hills Public Television,
Literacy Leadership for Republic County

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund,
$250, Awarded 10/18/2018

Project Summary: Smoky Hills Public TV requests $500 to provide
books to children enrolled in Head Start in Republic County. and
defray the costs of educational television programs for children in
Republic County.

Use of Funds: We provided 3 books to each of the 25 children
enrolled in Early Head Start and Head Start in Republic County in
winter and spring 2019 and 26 kids in fall 2019. These books cost
$229.89. The remaining $20.11 was used for children’s TV programs.

Impact & Results: Kathy Dawson, Head Start Literacy Coordinator
for Republic, Cloud, and Ottawa counties told us: “The books from
SHPTV through the Community Foundations is a very important
part of our curriculum in all three counties. The books are
oftentimes a way that we can extend classroom learning into the
home. As evident in the pictures, the books are read to the children
in the classroom or in the case of EHS [Early Head Start] at the
home visit. These teachers are trained Early Childhood professionals
who have the skills to use a book to teach beyond the story.
Also, we have a program in Head Start called ‘Hubie the Hero’ (a cartoon dog that helps promote extra learning at
home). Teachers send daily slips home with the child that reflect what the family can do that evening to support the
curriculum. Such as, practice counting to ten 3 times during the evening. Then the slips are signed and returned to
be recorded for each individual child!

Because of grants like yours, we were able to give at least one book to nearly 2,400 children enrolled in Head Start
or public preschool in central and western Kansas. In addition, we provided for free Share A Story events in 73
community libraries and the finest children’s educational television programs (e.g, “Sesame Street”, “Daniel Tiger’s
Neighborhood”, and “Dinosaur Train”) to over 40,000 children ages 2 to 12, including 8,000 children living in poverty.

USD 426 - Pike Valley, Library Shelving

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund,
$1,000, Awarded 10/18/2018

Project Summary: We have very old composite shelves in the library
that are starting to breakdown. We would like to replace them with
metal shelving that would not have this same issue in the future.

Use of Funds: For the shelving for the library.

Impact & Results: Thank you for your support for the PV Elementary
Library. We are able to arrange our library and house more books
for our kids. Once you arrange a library with shelving and books, it is
very difficult to rearrange it. With the mobile shelving, we are able
to create an organic library. We appreciate the support.


USD 426 - Pike Valley, Kiln

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund,
$3,000, Awarded 10/18/2018

Project Summary: We would like to purchase
a kiln for our art department.

Use of Funds: To purchase a kiln for our
art department.

Impact & Results: It is wonderful to have
ceramics back in our schools. While many
schools are struggling to keep an art
department, we are expanding ours thanks to
you. I have included some pictures of the kiln
and location, projects, and the check that we
sent off. Thank you for your support of PV Art.

Courtland Pride Club,
Utilizing the Park is a Picnic -
Phase Two - Courtland Mini Park Project

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund,
$10,000, Awarded 10/18/2018

Project Summary: Courtland Pride Club would like
to construct a new picnic shelter in the mini park,
replace the worn out wooden picnic tables in the
city with picnic tables that are more durable in
withstanding the weather and seal the second half
of the courts.

Use of Funds: The funds were used in erecting a
picnic shelter at the Courtland Mini Park, replacing
the picnic tables in the City and crack fill/seal the
second half of the basketball court.

Impact & Results: This is the second phase of our mini park project. It includes erecting a picnic shelter at the
Courtland Mini Park, where there is currently none, replace the picnic tables in the City, and crack fill/seal the second
half of the basketball court. The picnic tables at the city park are used throughout the year for events such as Fall
Fest, Courtland Fun Day, City Volleyball league, and the Community Easer Egg Hunt.

Other uses of the picnic tables would be when groups use the shelter at the city park for family or other group
gatherings. It’s been so amazing to see the increased use of the mini park. There were citizens, especially high
school students, there at least three times a week over the spring and summer months playing basketball. People
also utilize the new shelter to eat lunch and congregate with friends. The 4-H club in town even held their meeting
there this fall. The park was only really used for the playground equipment before, so it’s been a real blessing to have
people use it for more things and more often.


USD 109, Bringing Artists to the Art Room ~ An In-House Field Trip

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $2,500, Awarded 10/18/2018
Project Summary: For centuries artists have been learning skills from other artists. What an opportunity to learn and
work with a real live artist in our classroom. Dustin Poche’, a sculpture from a Russell, KS has agreed to put together
a hands on workshop for us!
Use of Funds: Grant money was used to pay artist and to purchase supplies for each student to create their own
sculpture with our visiting artist.
Impact & Results: Back in April my students had a chance of a lifetime! They got to spend six days working with
NIADA sculpture artist, Dustin Poche’! I feel like this opportunity gave my students an appreciation and a little bit
of knowledge into how and what a professional artist does for a living in small town America. Not only was I able
to bring this artist to our classroom, but we were able to purchase supplies to work one on one with him. We
even managed to pull off a Halloween Art Exhibit for the month of October, 2019! It was just incredible.
Dustin was able to work with all 73 of my middle/ high school students. We even twisted his arm and got him to
selflessly spend two entire days setting up Prom in the evenings and one Saturday, he loved it and the students &
parents absolutely loved him! My students and I also hosted a Halloween opening for our art exhibit at a local coffee
shop. There was over eighty people in attendance during those two hours, with over 100 pieces of work on display.
The show is on available for view until November 2nd, 2019.

City of Republic, Generator for City Sewer system

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $10,000, Awarded 10/18/2018
Project Summary: We need to put in a backup generator for our sewer system so when and if the electricity goes off
in our community our pumps can still pump sewage until the electricity comes back on. We need to put one in that
is 120/208V 3-phase.
Use of Funds: To buy a generator and help with some of the labor.
Impact & Results: This follow up is for the $10,000 grant we got first. The whole community is better off because
now when electricity goes off, our pumps can still pump and therefore now water or sewage will not be backed up
into homes.


Belleville Main Street, Downtown Banners

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $1,000, Awarded 10/18/2018

Project Summary: The Belleville Chamber & Main Street wishes to purchase twelve colorful canvas pole banners for
our Downtown for two different seasons for a total of twenty-four banners.

Use of Funds: The grant funds were specifically used to design and purchase twelve street pole welcome banners to
be placed downtown around the square.

Impact & Results: Belleville Chamber and Main Street have been avidly working on beautifying downtown Belleville.
These welcome banners are those in a series of banners that go up each spring. We receive several comments
regarding the visual appeal of the banners. We are hoping in future years to purchase more banners to be placed by
the highways to welcome travelers into town.

Belleville Public Library,
“A Universe of Stories” Summer Library Program

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund,
$1,319, Awarded 5/2/2019

Project Summary: Grant funds would support an eight-week
long Summer Library Program to encourage reading and
library use for all ages, preschool, elementary, teen and adult.
This year’s theme, “A Universe of Stories”, incorporates science,
space and reading.

Use of Funds: Cosmosphere Program: $339.10
Pool Parties for Children & Young Adults: $475
Supplies: $757

Impact & Results: The grant helped us reward children, young
adults and adults for reading. The library staff work hard to
make the summer fun, make reading fun! We had activities
and goals for all ages. The funds helped with programs and

One of our winners reinforced why we do this. We gave away
a big grand prize for the youth and adults. The youth winner
was a young teenager who struggles with reading. After she
had won, her mom told us how much it had meant to her
and she was beginning to enjoying reading.

Our total participants for the summer:
birth - 5 years: 55
ages 6-11: 116
ages 12-18: 15
Age 19+: 20


USD 426 - Pike Valley, Small Engines Curriculum

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $5,718, Awarded 5/2/2019

Project Summary: The Pike Valley Agriculture Education department strives to offer relevant, hands-on learning
experiences. The Briggs & Stratton Small Engines Training and Educational Kit will be a great way to engage
students in engineering and mechanics.

Use of Funds: The grant funds were used to purchase a curriculum and kit of 10 small engines from Briggs &
Stratton. USD 426 has a large number of students interested in mechanics and engineering so we look forward to
utilizing these supplies.

Impact & Results: The students of Pike Valley Jr/Sr High School will have opportunities to explore mechanics and
engineering through a hands-on curriculum that may not have otherwise been available without this funding.
It is critical that 21st-century students have skills like problem-solving, decision making and basic skills that can
be translated into other subjects. We will be able to use these supplies and curriculum for several years and it will
have an impact on many students. Many of those students will be inspired to pursue a career or related field to

City of Scandia, Fort Riley To Fort
Kearney Historical Trail Sign

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund,
$780, Awarded 5/2/2019

Project Summary: We are seeking funding to put
up a historical sign that shows the path and tells the
history of the Ft. Riley to Ft. Kearney Road through
Republic County Ks, which was surveyed in 1856 and
traveled by the U.S. military and many westbound

Use of Funds: The funds were used to help pay for
the fabrication of the sign.

Impact & Results: We accomplished everything we
planned to with the installation of the sign. In fact
in the days following its installation, and prior to
this follow up report, we have already witnessed a
few travelers stopping by and looking at it. With this
project, a little more of the areas history has been
preserved for future generations.


Belleville Chamber of Commerce Belleville
High Banks, Belleville High Banks Fan
Enhancement and Driver Safety Upgrades

Republic County Action Fund,
$12,000, Awarded 5/2/2019

Project Summary: The Belleville High Banks board
is requesting money to help provide a safer racing
environment and enhance fan experience, through
the replacement and addition of signal lights and the
replacement of the current scoreboard.

Use of Funds: The grant funds were used to purchase a
new scoreboard and the remaining funds were used to
help pay for 6 caution lights. The grant money did not
fully fund the entire project but the Belleville High Banks provided the remaining funding.

Impact & Results: The major concern about our facility is the safety and the Belleville High Banks board members
have been doing constant upgrades to the facility to insure the safest facility possible for the racers who attend our
races. Do to the high rate of speeds that cars travel around the Belleville High Banks, the normal four caution light
set up was not suited for the facility. Through grant money and in kind donations, the board members were able
to install 6 cautions lights around the race track. Race car drivers and owners were very please with the addition of
lights and the brightness of the lights installed. The purchase of the new scoreboard allowed for fans to see instantly
what car was in the lead and the top five positions, along with the exact amount of time it took the lead car to make
one lap. Fans are always trying to figure out the rate of speed in which the cars travel around the high banks. The
new score board is controlled off of a computer and has no human error.

OCCK Transportation, North Central
Kansas Regional Bike Sharing

Republic County Action Fund,
$500, Awarded 5/2/2019

Project Summary: We are requesting funds to help
with the website and marketing materials for the new
regional bike sharing program for north central Kansas,
part of which will be based in Belleville.

Use of Funds: This funding was specifically used to
create a website for the KANcycle Bike Share Program.
This website is used to provide the communities with
information about the program, how it works, and
much more.

Impact & Results: This grant has helped us create a website that will inform people of the newest program in North
Central Kansas. A bike share program is already benefiting so many people in our rural communities. To date since
we have a launched the bike share program, almost 400 people have taken a ride on a bike. We are working to
promote a healthier community and provide a transportation option. Our website helps people learn more about
the program, how it works and about the many events we will have throughout the year to promote the bike share
program. Without the website, we would not have a way to promote and share our information with people.


USD 426 - Pike Valley, Dyslexia Education Training
Filling in the Gap - Bringing All Students Up

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund,
$2,500, Awarded 5/2/2019
Project Summary: Kansas does not yet recognize dyslexia as a
learning disability, so public school teachers are not properly trained
to help students with this challenge. Because of a growing number
of our students struggling with this, we want to bring in training.
Use of Funds: We used the funds to help pay about 10% of the
Orton Gillingham Training for teachers.
Impact & Results: The training will help meet the soon to be
guidelines for addressing dyslexia in schools. This was awesome
training experience for our teachers. We want to thank you so
much for helping support this endeavor.

City of Belleville, Shade Canopies for Splash Pad Seating

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $3,000, Awarded 5/2/2019
Project Summary: The City of Belleville would like to provide shaded seating near the splash pad at the City Park.
This funding would allow for up to three separate canopies that could provide the shading.
Use of Funds: 3 polyethylene fabric shade covers were purchased. Our city crews did all the labor and installation
after they were purchased.
Impact & Results: The three shade covers are a wonderful addition to the splash pad and playground. Parents
are very exited to have a covered area where they can get some protection from the sun. The shade covers are
aesthetically pleasing and add color and beauty to the park. This was a wonderful project that was completely
made possible by the grant funding. Thanks so much!


City of Belleville, Baseball Fields Sprinkler Installation

Republic County Action Fund, $6,000, Awarded 5/2/2019

Project Summary: This project would include installation of sprinkler
systems at the Lions baseball field and Legion field in Belleville Kansas.

Use of Funds: The grant funds were used to install sprinkler systems in
two of our ball fields.

Impact & Results: This will really help both fields. The Legion field
especially was in bad shape. Thanks to this grant we were able to afford
sprinkler installation. Having sprinklers installed has now made it feasible
to bring in some fill dirt, level out the most uneven spots and are plant
grass, which we are finishing right now.

These sprinklers are a great enhancement for the fields. These
fields are a much used asset in the community and this was a very
appreciated improvement. Thank you!

Blair Center for the Arts Foundation,
Blair Center for the Arts Server Upgrade

Republic County Action Fund,
$8,527, Awarded 5/2/2019

Project Summary: The Blair Center for the Arts (The Blair) needs to replace
the projector, server and auxiliary equipment at The Blair, a movie theater
located in Belleville, KS, in order to continue showing movies to our patrons
without fear of equipment failure.

Use of Funds: The grant money was used to pay for a server, a power cabinet, shipping, travel and installation and a
connectivity package.

Impact & Results: Without this extremely beneficial grant from The Republic County Community Foundation, The
Blair Center for the Arts Foundation, would not have been able to upgrade aging equipment that had reached
its end-of-life. As a result of this project, the projector room is now equipped with a new GDC Server allowing for
better serviceability and equipment stability resulting in higher-quality service to our patrons. By having up-to-
date equipment, The Blair will have more flexibility in playing movies from studios, and the very real likelihood of
programming not being shown due to server equipment failure has been reduced.

Had we not received this funding The Blair would currently be continuing to run off an 11-year-old server, which,
incidentally did start the process of failing several weeks before the install could take place. While movies were still
able to be shown, it was only a matter of time before the server stopped working. At that point The Blair, had RCCF
not approved this grant, would have been forced to halt showing all newly released movie programming until the
funds could be raised.

The timing of this grant could not have been more fortuitous, and we are grateful to the RCCF for recognizing
and fulfilling this much-needed project so our patrons can continue to enjoy high-quality entertainment
within our community without any interruption to the programming.


City of Republic, Generator for City of Republic

Republic County Action Fund, $5,000, Awarded 5/2/2019

Project Summary: The City of Republic is needing a little more money for a
generator for our sewer lift station.

Use of Funds: The money was used to buy a generator for the city water.

Impact & Results: This is the second grant recieved for the generator project. The
total cost of the generator is $20,400. Both grants helped th city tremendously.
The city is paying for the remaining cost, plus a propane tank and labor to get the
generator running. Again thank you so much for the grant money. It has been
put to great use.

Belleville Main Street, Republic County Relocation Guide

Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund, $1,200, Awarded 5/2/2019

Project Summary: The Belleville Chamber, Main Street and the Republic County Economic Development are
partnering to develop a county relocation guide for returning and new residents to Republic County.

Use of Funds: These grant funds were spent to design and make available via paper and digitally, a relocation guide
for Republic County to provide a resource for incoming alumni and new to area citizens wishing to make Republic
County their home.

Impact & Results: This relocation will provide employers with an accessible means of information to provide to
potential doctors, clergy, teachers, etc. Belleville Chamber, Main Street and Republic County Economic Development
are hopeful and anticipating a greater image and outcome with the ability to offer this relocation guide.

Scandia Lions Club, Shelter House in City Park in Scandia

Republic County Action Fund, $6,000, Awarded 5/2/2019

Project Summary: We are requesting funding for materials for a shelter house in the city park that was destroyed by
a storm several years ago. We will provide all the labor for the project. We have also used some of our money and city
money so far.

Use of Funds: All funds were spent to buy materials for the new shelter house. All labor was volunteer and some
extra materials were purchased by the Lions Club.

Impact & Results: This has really helped upgrade our park and finish off a project. We have just a couple cosmetic
things to finish but it is completed and has been used several times already. The local committee has asked to put
a placque on it as they were very pleased with the project. All labor was done by Lions Members with some from
other local contractors helping and volunteering also. Thanks so much for helping us get this done!


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