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Published by Love INC, Love in the Name of Christ, 2019-02-01 16:50:35

2018 Annual Report digital

2018 Annual Report digital


Love in the Name of Christ
2018 Annual Report

A moment outside of Love INC offices December 2018


Columbia has won livability awards and has assets that of our calls are from single mothers struggling to make
have drawn many here to live, attend school, raise ends meet. Imagine trying to support several children on
children, seek health care, and retire. However, despite one income and then experiencing a challenge like an
these strengths, many of our neighbors struggle to even expensive car repair or illness that takes you off work.
make ends meet. Two recent reports shed light on the Add in the fact that no one in your circle of family or
growing concern that two very different worlds exist in friends has any means to help you, and the situation can
our community. Some even say that we have "two become quite dire. Without help, the situation could
Columbias." spiral to homelessness. Or, in the case of some calls we
receive, it already has.

Columbia was ranked in the top

"... two very 25 livable cities in the U.S. in Columbia faces significant "Perhaps
challenges we must continue to however our
different worlds 2018 while nearly one-fourth of address: lack of livable wage most urgent
jobs, affordable housing, and need is to raise
exist in our our population lives at or below reliable transportation. Perhaps awareness of
however our most urgent need is the stake we all
community. the national poverty level. to raise awareness of the stake have in each
we all have in each other’s lives other's lives and
Some even say A recent report from Harvard and the potential we have to the potential we
impact each other for good. To have to impact
that we have economist Raj Chetty’s do this, we must create bridges each other for
across the “two Columbias”.
"two Economic Index indicated that good."
Love INC exists to equip,
Columbias." Boone County is in the bottom

17% of all U.S. counties for the

ability of children born here

to exit poverty in their lifetime. Two November

events in Columbia further highlighted cause behind

these alarming statistics. The Summit on Financial

Stability and Economic Mobility, and Fostering Inclusive

and Equitable Neighborhoods both suggested lack of

social capital as a leading cause of generational mobilize, coordinate, and empower volunteers and
churches to effectively and compassionately serve our
poverty. Social capital is the network of relationships neighbors in need. We provide structure and support
for the formation of two-way, life-changing
among people who live and work in a community that relationships. Through our coaching and practical helps
services, we bring people together from diverse
enable it to function effectively. backgrounds who would have most likely never met.
People want pay their bills, they long to move out of
After 10 years of responding to requests for assistance crisis mode, but they often need someone to show them
at Love INC, we have seen the struggles that individuals how. They also need basic resources to get their heads
living in the “other Columbia” experience every day. above water until they can reach sustainability.
Many of our neighbors simply do not have the capacity Providing resources gives some breathing space and
to handle an unexpected expense such as a car repair shows that we believe in them and recognize their
or medical bill, while others are regularly unable to pay courage in the face of difficult circumstances. Columbia
their monthly bills on a limited income. Still, others are is discovering that resources plus relationships adds
in transition from incarceration, foster care, emergency up to hope and better futures.
shelters, or are refugees and lack the basic elements of Read on for more details.
stability such as employment or housing. Love INC
receives an average of 50 new requests for assistance
each week. While our client population is diverse, most

Love INC 2018 Annual Report 1


At Love INC, we assess each person’s situation with a view toward long-term solutions. We don’t want to
just give assistance for this month without asking about next month. Our goal: listen without
judgement, face often difficult realities together and find hope, and then partner for change. The
following principles guide all of the work that we do in our community:

Love Your Love INC believes the world was created to operate by this principle. Jesus said
Neighbor that loving God and your neighbor summed up all of God's intentions for us.
At Love INC, we mobilize the energy of faith and good will to put this principle into
as action in our community.

We discover the strategic essentials each person needs to move forward, then respond Serve the
with appropriate relationships and resources. Whole
We ask: how can we help you create a budget and save for emergencies? How can we
help you increase your income, reduce debt or show you how to better manage your
money?  How can we connect you with a coach or local church to add support to your
life? How can we help you find a job or secure affordable housing in order to stabilize
your situation?

We strive to serve the whole person by offering a range of services that include
information, relationship, and material help. This could be:

information about housing openings or coaching to gain the trust of a landlord
help moving into a new home
updating a resume, providing interview clothing and gas to get to the interview
a car repair to get to work
a six month stay in one of our transitional homes to save for permanent housing
prayer to help process a difficult loss or for courage and hope to keep going

Involve the Coordination and a hub, where one Columbia's resources meet the other
Whole Columbia's needs, allows trained volunteer coaches, professional staff, and
practical helpers to make impact every day. For each person, we ask: "What
Community are the strategic essentials you need to move forward to self-sufficiency and
flourishing? How can we match your need with available resources?" This
informs distribution of donated funds, furniture, housewares, clothing,
bicycles, cars, and other material goods. Gasps of joy and astonishment often
follow "miraculous" matches of resources to needs.

Love INC 2018 Annual Report 2


All of the services and programs offered at Love INC are centered around providing informational, material, and
relational help to individuals in need with a view toward long-term solutions. Here's a review of meaningful
impact we had on our community in 2018:

NEW IN 2018


In August, Love INC launched our Love INC has collaborated with Love INC has joined with six
online information library! The other Columbia churches and local banks to create the Extra
library features more than 100 organizations to develop the Mile Loans program. This fund
free informational resources for first Jobs for Life program in provides zero-interest loans to
over 25 topics!  eligible participants engaged in
Columbia! The first Jobs for Life
course will be offered to the our Extra Mile money
community in February 2019. management program.

in strategic financial assistance to clients

586 Other Transportation 546
8% 20%
households consultations
given needs Utilities info, referral, or
assessment & 18% one-time service

service 3


Love INC 2018 Annual Report

SIDE BY SIDE 177 64 79 95%

Budget, Employment, received clients secured clients secured a accomplished at
Housing, & Life Coaching coaching job or better job  least 1 goal


EXTRA MILE 64 3 62 6

Money Management participants payday loan relief credit building families housed
Coaching in 16-week Extra sessions in transitional
loans issued
Mile program homes

THE LOVE SEAT 356 OVER $51,000 27
Furniture Bank
& Resale Store families provided with worth of items given families provided
Love Seat vouchers to neighbors in need with moving
(furniture, clothing, & (furniture, clothing, & assistance
household items)
household items) 50
168 car repairs
cars donated
bikes provided through
Love INC 2018 Annual Report Bike to the Future



Love INC serves as a hub to connect needs with resources. Love INC matches the time, talents and resources of
individuals, churches, and organizations with the needs of our neighbors and creates partnerships that form a
comprehensive network of care. The volume of requests we receive allows us to identify gaps in local services and
larger issues that keep people from moving out of poverty. From this, we are able to promote the most strategic
response and coordinate those efforts to make the greatest impact and avoid duplication.

133 5800 93
This year, 133 volunteers logged over 5,800 volunteer hours
and hundreds more donated time through their churches regular volunteer hours life skills
and organizations. We are particularly grateful to our 93 life volunteers coaches
skills coaches, seven of whom are former clients who are
now using what they have learned to help others! Love INC
hosted its 3rd
CHURCHES annual Linking
for Love
Over 80 local churches have contributed to conference in
the Love INC network of care by providing September, 
volunteers, donations, and ministry where leaders from over 60 local
collaboration. Local churches make our core churches gathered to connect and
programs possible and many have also learn about ways to enhance the
developed supportive services to meet areas Church's outreach to our neighbors
of unmet need identified through Love INC's in need.
This year's event featured a general
DONORS session, a nonprofit fair, and 5
breakout sessions!
The Love Seat Private Donations ON POVERTY
Resale Store (Individuals
10% More than 75 people rappelled from
& Businesses) the top of the Tiger Hotel in
30% downtown Columbia at Love INC’s
first public fundraiser with Over the
Heart of Missouri Edge in September.
United Way
The popular and exciting event
& Other Grants raised more than $100,000 and will
30% return to Columbia this year on
September 28th!
30% Mark your calendar today!

Love INC 2018 Annual Report 5


Making Love INC the Right Size for Columbia

Love INC's biggest challenge: matching our capacity with Columbia’s need. Ten years ago, nearly every call Love
INC received was for financial assistance. Now, over 30% of calls are for life skills coaching. The word is out that we
pair relationship with resources and people are responding. Our current capacity does not allow us to respond to
these calls as quickly or as often as we would like and our waiting lists for services are growing...

it's time to expand, here's how you can help!

Give Give
Consistently! Creatively!

Increasing monthly giving will Few things effect sustainability
significantly grow Love INC more than transportation or

services. Currently, forty-seven housing. A donated car or a 6-
donors give between $10 to $2,000 month "financial reset" in a
Love INC Extra Mile Home
monthly. We would like to double really does change a life.
that number in 2019. Please
consider donating monthly! What do you have that could change a life?

Donate at

The Love Seat Expansion

Love INC is making plans to move the Love Seat to a new
location with the goal of serving more families, expanding
supported employment opportunities, and increasing
funding for Love INC’s programs. 

The new store will have increased parking, space, product
capacity, and easier donating and include a coffee shop
and bakery café!

Look for more info in 2019!

Love INC 2018 Annual Report 6

Save the date!
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516 Business Loop 70 West, Columbia, MO 65202

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