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2018 AR Annual Report for anyflip

2018 AR Annual Report for anyflip

Northeast Illinois Council - 2018 Annual Report


Northeast Illinois Council Prepared. For Leadership.

Prepared. For Leadership.

Leadership is often determined by an organization’s
ability to withstand tremendous change and to
navigate challenges with determination, strength
and optimism. Our prepared and forward-thinking
leadership team throughout the council has helped
lead us through positive challenges, creating
opportunities for us to grow and setting the
foundation for fair winds ahead.
In 2018, thanks to our leadership team, supporters
and volunteers, our council service center moved to
the Kasperson Center for Scouting at Morrison Park,
in Vernon Hills. This has proven to be one of our
greatest decisions, positively impacting hundreds of
youth who have already benefited from our centrally
delivered programs, training events and services.
We look forward to continuing to provide innovative
and exciting youth-serving programs right here in
our own back yard.

Gregory P. Lawless Beth Micksch Nick Roberts

Council President Council Commissioner Scout Executive

“The most important object in Boy Scout
training is to educate, not instruct.”
- Robert Baden-Powell

Den Chief

Introduction to Leadership Skills
Lord Baden-Powell University
Life to Eagle
Merit Badge Days

National Youth Leadership Training
National Rifle Association - R&S

OKPIK (Cold Weather Leader Training)
Outdoor Ethics/Leave No Trace
Outdoor Leadership Skills
Pioneering Kit
Trainer’s EDGE
Wilderness First Aid
Wood Badge

Prepared. For Opportunity. Prepared. For Opportunity.

Boo Camp is always a special place where families
spend time together learning, laughing and creating
memories they will treasure. In 2018, our Cub Scout
participation grew by 42%. We were thrilled to see
boys and girls hammering, planting, shooting,
fishing, hiking and working together to find the
fun and opportunity provided by our volunteers,
sponsors, and young leaders.
By officially welcoming girls into our Cub Scouting
program in 2018, we were able to allow them the full
experience from advancements and achievements to
building their own future, right next to their brothers
and friends.

2018 - NEIC Membership

Cub Scouts 5,504

Boy Scouts 2,578

Venturers 335

Sea Scouts 29

Explorers 299

Learning for Life 2,511
To tal Youth Served 11,256

Adult Volunteers 2,890

Prepared. For Growth. Prepared. For Growth.

Our traditional membership grew 3.4% in 2018
with 219 new Scouts. Each of these Scouts
represents an opportunity for the personal
growth and development that Scouting delivers
every day. By staying in our program for even
three years, they will be more likely to go to
college, accept leadership positions, serve their
communities, and volunteer as adults.
We give credit for this growth to our unit
leaders, parents and volunteers, who have made
Scouting’s promise a reality for so many. By
putting in the hard work and providing excellent,
unparalleled programs, they’ve helped add to
Scouting’s appeal to young parents seeking to
instill the values and skills we’ve been delivering
for over a century.

2018 - NEIC Membership by Unit

Cub Scout Packs 113

Boy Scout Troops 83

Venturing Crews 34

Sea Scout Ships 2

Exploring Posts 19

Learning for Life Groups(s) 1

Total Units Served 252

Prepared. For Friendship. Prepared. For Friendship.

Participation in the many council-sponsored events
that we offer helps to develop bonds through shared
experiences that strengthen our programs. The
strong foundation upon which the Northeast Illinois
Council stands has been forged in friendships built
from Cub Scouts through adult leadership positions.
In 2018, we continued to deliver programs and
events that enriched the lives of our youth, their
families and our volunteer leadership. It is easy to
see why our leaders stick together. Many of them
met in Cub Scouts, and many of them rely on each
other to this day. We enjoy watching these positive
relationships develop between our young Scouts.
We know that these are the people they will be able
to count on for the rest of their lives.

Here are a few of our programs in 2018:

Awards Dinner NOAC (National Order of the Arrow Conference)
Boo Camp National Youth Leadership Training

Council Training Day OKPIK (Cold weather adventure )program
Coureur des Bois Program Order of the Arrow Banquet
Order of the Arrow Conclaves
Cubmobiles Outdoor Ethics/Leave No Trace
Cub Scout Camporee
Cub Scout Day Camp Pinewood Derby
Den Chief Training Popcorn Sale
Powder Horn
Eagle Dinner Roundtables
High Adventure Day
Good Scout Dinner Scouting Golf Classic
Shooting Sports
Ice Fishing Event Trainers EDGE
Illinois Beach Clean-up Twilight Camp
Venturing Quest
Klondike Walk of Faith
Kumbaya Webelos College
Life to Eagle
Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Camp Wilderness First Aid
MSR Alumni Weekend WES Worker Weekend
MAA Winter Party
Merit Badge Days Wood Badge

Prepared. For Adventure.

Encouraging our Scouts to take on great challenges is what
helps us to instill lessons learned through adventure and
In 2018, we introduced the Coureur des Bois Program at
Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Reservation. Translated into English
as “Runner of the Woods,” our campers participated in daily
high adventures and challenges, returning to their units for
dinner and traditional campsite activities in the evening. It
is our hope that these Scouts continue the challenge and
inspire other youth, and help us to grow our NEIC High
Adventure programs in the years to come.

2018 - NEIC High Adventure & Other 151 Prepared. For Adventure.
Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan High Adventure
Coureur des Bois Program 89
NEIC to other High Adventure 134
Total NEIC-Supported High Adventure 374
National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) 71

Prepared. For Tradition. Prepared. For Tradition.

We have continued to offer new and exciting programs
throughout the council, while respecting and appreciating
the long-standing traditions that have made us strong
and appealing. That being said, our tradition of creating
innovative new programs and opportunities has proven to
be a successful model we have continued to build upon.
In 2018, our Cub Scout camping numbers grew by 47%.
This represents continued promotion of the importance of
camping in the lives of our young Scouts. The commitment
of our staff, leadership team and volunteers, continues
to deliver a strong program, which helps us to achieve
landmark goals, and to ultimately retain our youth
membership over the coming years.

2018 - NEIC Cub Scout Camping 698
Boo Camp
CS Day Camp 248
CS Family Camp 248
Twilight Camp 134
Webelos Overnight 108
Total CS Campers 1,436

2018 - NEIC Boy Scout Camping 1,287
NEIC Boy Scouts Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan
OOC* Boy Scouts to Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan 816
Total Campers Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan 2,103
Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Adult Leaders 517

*OOC = Out of Council units are those coming to us from
outside the Northeast Illinois Council boundaries.

Prepared. For Service.

The Northeast Illinois Council Scouts provide service, labor
and love to those in need in our communities. In 2018, 175
projects outside of Scouting were completed by our new
Eagle Scouts. These projects represented 25,155 hours of
service, from book banks to food banks.
In addition, our units and volunteers reported nearly 45,000
hours spent cleaning, clearing, collecting and collaborating
to make our communities better, brighter and more beautiful.
From Northeast Illinois to the Northwoods, our Scouts
continue to have tremendous and lasting impact on the world
around us.

2018 - NEIC Service Hours 44,786 Prepared. For Service.
NEIC Service Hours Performed by Units 69,941
NEIC Service Hours Performed by Eagles
Total Service Hours Reported to NEIC

The Order of the Arrow (OA)

The Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Lodge #40 of the Order of the Arrow
provides cheerful service, impacting every corner of the
Northeast Illinois Council. Their commitment to serving
others has a lasting impact on our camps, our council, and
our communities, while serving as positive examples to their
peers and our younger Scouts. In 2018, Lodge #40 made
a firm financial commitment to the Kasperson Center for
Scouting at Morrison Park, again leading by their steadfast

OA Service Hours 4,429
Ordeal Inductions 157
Brotherhood Inductions 86
Vigil Honor Inductions 18

Prepared. For the Future.

Financially sound and fiscally prepared, we are all
set to welcome girls into the Scouts BSA program
in 2019. We are inspired by the number of units with
charters in hand for this milestone development in
the Northeast Illinois Council. It is more important
than ever that we maintain our strong foundation
and pave the way for our Scouts, our future leaders.

Other Revenue

United Way $119,498 Scout Shop

$4,072 $171,652

Prepared. For the Future. Product Sales Direct Support
$457,173 $1,209,931

Camping & Activities

2018 Revenue

Fundraising Management


2018 Investment

Prepared. For Life.

We’d like to thank our 2,890 volunteers and NEIC Board of
Directors for nurturing, supporting and challenging our
youth to “Be. Prepared.” for what life brings them. The
11,256 Scouts we serve, thank you.

2018 - NEIC 2018 - NEIC Executive Board
David Bogetz Ken Morrison
Greg Lawless
President Felicia Brandt Curt Nerenberg

Beth Micksch Alison Davies Michael Nerheim
Bob Dold Bill Parthun
Bill Ratzer
Treasurer Mark Dunn Ron Peterson
Nick Roberts
Secretary Richard Gallagher Dan Peterson

2018 - NEIC Armin Gerhardt Greg Pinter
Vice Presidents
Hans Geyer Bill Ratzer
Ken Morrison
Development Lee Haak John Riddle
Roycealee Wood
Learning For Life Patrick Heneghan Leon Rockingham
Steven Hunter
Steven Hunter Keith Ross
Dale Thomas Matt Hutchings Mike Rubison
Rick Jeffries Rick Jeffries Mike Rummel
Alison Davies David Kemp Kevin Rupprecht

Program Pat Klemens Ayal Sharvit

Andy Langan Bill Sholten

Greg Lawless Dale Thomas

Tom Macfadden John Wolfson

Larry Marshall Roycealee Wood

Bethany Micksch

2018 - NEIC Advisory Board Prepared. For Life.
Pete Armstrong G. John Marmet
LeRoy Bair Donald Martin
Kevin Baldwin Frank Martinek
Brian Buesing Tom McILwee
Steve Chodash Stephen Murrill
Bruce Chudacoff Rick Schneider
Anne Fay Reed Snyder
Clark Federer Jon Stevens
Scott Fleming William Stewart
Jack Fox George Sullivan
Bill Gregory Don Swanson
Eric Guenther Bert Tucker
John Landgraf Larry Young
Robert Markoff

2018 - NEIC Honorary Board
John A. Canning, Jr. John Jadel
Frank W. Considine Barry L. MacLean
A. Steven Crown Brian G. Mason
Daniel M. Crown John F. McDonough
James S. Crown David B. Mullen
Joel M. Dalkin Thomas S. Ricketts
John A. Edwardson Robert Palmer
J.A. (Tony) Figueroa Samuel K. Skinner
William G. Fox Edward J. Wehmer
Jeffrey H. Hillebrand Terry Weppler
Gerald W. Howard Norman H. Wesley
Vernon R. Loucks, Jr.

Thank You!

Thank you for making a difference in 2018!

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