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BUSN 315 Discussions Week 1-7

BUSN 315 Discussions Week 1-7

BUSN 315 Discussions Week 1-7 All Students Posts 491 Pages

Trade Barriers and Business Environment Week 1 Discussions All Students Posts 78 Pages
Trade Barriers – 44 Pages
Choose one of the following countries: United States, China, Costa Rica, or India. How do you

think trade barriers might benefit or harm them? How do you think a lack of trade barriers might

benefit or harm them? Be specific about the types of trade barriers you are referring to.

Class, if you were a company owner who traded internationally, would you be for or against

trade barriers? Why or why not?
Class, if one country, let’s call it Country A, was getting a benefit of free trade, but the other
country, let’s name this one Country B, did not reciprocate, what could Country A do to protect

its interests? If you were a company owner who traded internationally, would you be for or
against trade barriers? Why or why not? If one country, let’s call it Country A, was getting a
benefit of free trade, but the other country, let’s name this one Country B, did not reciprocate,

what could Country A do to protect its interests?...
Business Environment – 34 Pages
In the last 15 years, we have witnessed massive changes to every dimension of the business

environment. Choose one of the dimensions of the business environment and discuss how

changes in this dimension have affected businesses. How have these changes affected you as a


Class, how do technology advancements affect the human resources needs of a business? What

are some of the advantages? Are there any disadvantages?

Tracking changes in the business environment is important because it lets you know what a

company may need to improve in, add on or let go. For instance a company that does not offer

online shopping would now begin to consider offering online shopping due to how popular and
convenient it is. Adding this service could also bring more revenue…

US Economy and Social Responsibility Week 2 Discussions All Students Posts 67 Pages
US Economy – 32 Pages
If the United States' economy was in recession, how would you expect the Federal Reserve

System (the central banking system of the U.S.A.) to use its three primary tools for managing

money supply? What would its goal be when utilizing these tools to improve the economy?

Class, if you are a company and a recession is on the horizon, what are some strategies you could

employ to protect your firm and employees? What is the role of the Fed in economic cycles, in

helping to avoid drastic recessions or a full depression which has not occurred since the Great
Depression in the 1930s? What can and should the Fed do to avoid a recession – or should the

Fed let a recession occur as a part of an economic cycle?...
Social Responsibility – 35 Pages
In what ways could a large retailer (e ies..g., Wal-Mart, Home Depot) demonstrate social

responsibility to its stakeholders? Discuss at least one of the core stakeholders in your answer.

Class, reportedly at one point, Wal-Mart hired the head of the Sierra Club to run its
environmental program to become green. Some say that it was a not-so-subtle attempt to quiet
the critics, while others applaud its approach of hiring someone with a "green" background to
help the company. What do you think? Was this a genuine attempt to take part in green efforts,
or was it simply a ploy? Please explain your answer and your analysis of this.
Class, we discussed ethics and social responsibility in this thread, and the roles of individuals,
the government, and businesses in making ethical decisions. Many businesses have failed as a
result of unethical decisions. We also discussed the responsibility that businesses have to care
about society, protect society, and give back to society. Many companies do fulfill social
responsibility obligations, and those are the ones that are respected by consumers…
Marketing Strategies and Promotional Strategies Week 3 Discussions All Students Posts 65
Marketing Strategies – 30 Pages
Why are marketing strategies different for products that are in different phases of the product life
cycle? If you were a product manager in the energy drink category, what strategies might you
recommend to your company?
The product life cycle affects the branding efforts of a marketing team. What are some ways that
you would market a new product? What are some other reasons that products go into
decline? As a marketer, what can you do if your product begins to go into decline? Do you
accept that and let the product continue to decline, or is there anything you can do?...
Promotional Strategies – 35 Pages
Assume you are launching a new company nationwide that sells organic granola cereal and you
have a relatively large budget for the initial launch. What types of promotional strategies would
you use and why?
Marketing is much more than just advertising. As you know, promotion is just one of the four Ps
of marketing. With that in mind, how different would your promotional strategy be with a new
product and limited budget if you had a product that was a type of technology such as a computer
or cell phone versus a household item (soap or detergent) or a home appliance? In other words,
how does the product change the promotional strategy?
What are some of the other consumer characteristics that marketers look at in behavioral
segmentation? What product have you bought that might have been part of behavioral
segmentation rather than related to your demographics, geographical location, or psychographic
Management Functions and Human Resource Functions Week 4 Discussions All Students
Posts 72 Pages
Management Functions – 38 Pages
Managers achieve their goals through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. If you are a
first-line manager, which of these functions is most important for achieving the goals of the
organization? Why?

What is the difference between a manager and a leader? Servant leadership is becoming very
popular. Are you familiar with this type of leadership? What is it – what is an example? Have

you experienced in the workplace?

A first-line manager is often a direct supervisor over staff employees. For this type of manager
or supervisor, what other management function is crucial – organizing, leading, or controlling?...
Human Resource Functions – 34 Pages
What are some ways that an organization might suffer if the HR function was not being

performed very well? Have you ever worked in HR, or with an HR staff member? What

experience did you have-what impression of HR did you develop from the experience?

One important function of HR is to keep the company in compliance with employment laws.

Would you as a manager find it easy to keep up with all the employment and labor laws, or could

it be more efficient for you to rely on HR to monitor laws, changes, and help you as a manager

stay within the laws? What are some of the laws described in the reading this week?...

Quality Management and E-Commerce Week 5 Discussions All Students Posts 72 Pages
Quality Management – 36 Pages
How is it possible that improving quality can actually lead to lower costs and higher profits? Can

you think of products that have increased in quality but decreased in price over the last 10 years?

What is business process improvement? What is it and why it is important for operations? Can

it also lead to lower costs and higher profits? If so, how?

If you became the chief operating officer at a firm, what would be the first thing you would do to

improve quality, and why? If you were hired to come in and manage a company in this top role

as CEO, what would be the first thing you would want to evaluate? What would be your

E-Commerce – 36 Pages
How has the emergence of e-commerce and social networking changed how you live your daily
life? How would your life be different if we went back in time 20 years and you didn’t have

access to the technologies you do today?

We did not have computers or the internet when I was growing up. However, my nine-year-old
niece asked her mother what came first – the computer or the TV. Most young people today

have grown up with computers. To add to the question above, consider if you would be able to

get a college degree at this point in your life if online education was not available. How else has
today’s technology changed your life or the lives of the generation now growing up? Is it all


If you became a CEO of a company that had little technology deployed, what would be the first

technology you would deploy and why? If you were in charge of computer and network

security, what types of protection would you put in place to block out hackers or unauthorized

persons, and why would this be your choice?...

Financials and Debt vs Equity Week 6 Discussions All Student Posts 68 Pages
Financials – 33 Pages

Imagine that you were going to invest $1 million into a company and could only have access to

one of the following: the balance sheet, income statement, or statement of cash flows. Which of

these three financial statements would you choose to analyze and why?

Many students do not like to study financial and accounting issues. Why do we have financials?
What is the purpose of these topics in the first place? Why are they important – or are they?
When managing finances, there are implicit costs and explicit costs. What’s the difference
between the two – what are examples of each, whether in a business organization or a personal

situation? There are two types of accounting that people often discuss - financial accounting and

managerial accounting. What are the major differences between the two? Or is there a

Debt vs Equity – 35 Pages
Under what circumstances is it useful for a firm to finance its cash needs with debt instead of
equity? Since equity financing doesn’t result in interest costs, why wouldn’t the firm always just

finance with equity?

Some experts recommend that you not borrow money to start a business. Do you think this is

good advice? Why or why not? Class, the textbook describes several possible sources of

business funding. What are some of these sources? If you were a business owner or wanted to

start a business and had to choose a source of funding, which source would you choose and why?

Selling corporate bonds could be a good option. What about commercial paper or money market

mutual funds? What are those, and would you use either of those?...

Legal Form of a Business and Entrepreneurial Characteristics Week 7 Discussions All

Students Posts 69 Pages
Legal Form of a Business – 36 Pages
What are the key advantages of forming a corporation? Why do we have a form of business that,
as the text says, is like an “artificial person”? What is a franchise? What are some examples?

What are your thoughts on this choice by Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks? What are

some of the benefits of not franchising, but maintaining control? Is Starbucks losing out in any

way by not franchising in the U.S.?

There are disadvantages such as this in buying a franchise, however, there are also

advantages. If you were going to start a business, would you be interested in a franchise, or

would you prefer to start your own business from scratch, without any ties to a franchise? Why
would you make the choice you state – what would influence your decision?...

Entrepreneurial Characteristics - 33 Pages
How do you rate yourself on each of the six “entrepreneurial characteristics”? Why are these

characteristics so important? The word entrepreneur is a French word meaning "risk taker."

What are some of the risks entrepreneurs take when starting their own companies?

There are a lot of sources that entrepreneurs can access. An important one is the Small Business

Administration ( Have any of you used information from this site? If not, take a look
at it – could you use some of the information if you wanted to begin a business?
Another characteristic of entrepreneurs is a high internal locus of control. What is “locus of
control” – in your own words, what is the difference between an internal locus of control and an

external locus of control? Can a person have an internal locus of control that is too high or too
strong? Why or why not?...

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