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Michael Carr 2019 In Season Catalog - NO PRICING

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Published by Michael Carr Designs, 2018-11-14 17:11:24

Michael Carr 2019 In Season Catalog

Michael Carr 2019 In Season Catalog - NO PRICING

GARROLD GNOMES and Resin STatuary

in honor Loving memory
of Gerald Carr

Gnomes have been around well over a hundred years. I had been
asked many times to create a line of gnomes. But in most cases
I really wanted to create something different and unique. There
seem to be many descriptions of gnomes. I choose to believe
they are gentle woodland creatures that protect your garden and the Earth’s treasures.
They make your garden more enjoyable. So, when developing this line and trying to
give a basic gnome a new look, I went to where this definition took me. That was to my
dad, Gerald Carr. He taught me to appreciate all of God’s Creations. My memories take
me far back to being outdoors with my dad. He would walk us in the woods, pointing
out each tree and what it was called. Pointing out the beautiful colors of the leaves.
He would reach down pulling soil from the earth and talk about how “rich” it was as it
ran through his fingers. Sometimes we would just sit in a field looking in awe of our
beautiful surroundings. I learned to appreciate this beautiful creation from my dad.
So, when thinking of an image to create a gnome to match my definition, he is what I
saw. I sculpted his likeness and added the beard and red hat and named him Garrold. I
lost my dad this year and miss him terribly, but this gnome, along with so many sweet
memories, serve as a gentle reminder of the love he had for God’s creation, and the love
he had for me.

Garrold Gnome Carrying Basket Welcome Gnome

8.5in x 6.5in x 15in 8.8in x 5.5in x 14.25in

Full Color Full Color
80039 80044

*08500147* *08501292*

Hitchhiker Gnome Observer Gnome

9in x 6in x 14.3in 5.5in x 5.5in x 13.5in

Full Color Full Color
80042 80045

*08501288* *08500367*

Hi Neighbor Gnome Gnome Rain Gauge
Full Color
6.5in x 5.5in x 14.3in 80046

Full Color *08501274*


PROGRAM B 1-866-358-9998 99
Due to the unique, handmade nature of these planters color and glazing may vary.


Garrold Gnome on Turtle

9.9in x 8in x 12.7in

Full Color


Garrold Gnome on Rabbit

13.4in x 6.5in x 12in

Full Color


Garrold Gnome on Toad

8in x 8in x 13in

Full Color


Garrold Gnome on Owl

9.9in x 8in x 12.7in

Full Color


Garrold Gnome on Goose

13.4in x 6.5in x 12in

Full Color



Garrold Santa w/Gift Bag

5.3in x 4.3in x 14.6in

Full Color


Garrold Santa w/ Christmas List

5.9in x 5.5in x 14.6in

Full Color


Garrold Santa Ho Ho Ho
Full Color


100 1-866-358-9998 PROGRAM B Due to the unique, handmade nature of these planters color and glazing may vary.

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