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20 Years of Music Education at JAS

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JAS Education Programs

20 Years of Music Education at JAS

» Expanding music education from
the classroom to the community.

» Inspiring knowledge in students
of all ages.

» Building a future audience for jazz
and related forms of music.

20 Years of Music Education at JAS!


JAS Local Education Initiatives complement existing
public school music programs and replace programs
where schools suffer losses in music education.
The goal is to ensure that these schools maintain
band and music programs in their curriculum.

$7+ Million to Music Education Since 1996!

#JASED BY THE NUMBERS Average Roaring Fork Valley
Public Music School Budget:
JAS’ Average Yearly Contributions to Music Education
*based on 2018 initiatives

1,500+ 65+ instruments JAS’ Annual Expenditure to Public
donated to schools + School Music Education Programs:
STUDENTS multiple instrument repairs
reached through 2h,o1u3rs0 60 157student participants
JAS programming hours of Private Lessons
given to 70 students
of In-Schools showcased at the 2 Scholarships
Instructor JAS/JFMAF

students participating Assistance Sonic Showdown provided for students to attend the
in summer camps provided event prestigious Berklee 5-Week Summer

Camp + 1 student receiving a full
scholarship to the Berklee College of Music
8 Scholarships 75 STUDENTS after completing the camp in previous years

provided to students through the sponsored for the distributed to
JAS/JFMAF scholarship fund local teachers & students
tick4e0t0sJAS Honor Jazz Program for JAS performances


Last night a student was deeply USTEPP JAS In-Schools Faculty Stuff for Students:
moved because he finally could Assistance Program:
see that he could get all the Supports local schools
sounds that were in his head Brings local musicians into through instrument and
out into the world. He said, this classrooms to offer student equipment grants and funds
will “make him feel sane again. assistance in classes that to repair broken instruments
are too large for the teachers throughout the school year.
—Yampah Mountain High School Instructor to provide the individual
re. JAS Beat Lab program instruction needed. Tickets for Teachers:

Thank you so much for all of Pays to Play: Provides complimentary
your support in my musicianship performance tickets to
over the last five years! You have Private lesson fund allowing teachers and students
helped me so much on my musical youth to take lessons in any throughout the Roaring Fork
journey by providing me with discipline from an instructor Valley school districts to
numerous mentors, opportunities recommended by JAS. JAS attend JAS performances.
and a scholarship to the Berklee pays for the first three hours
5-Week Camp in Boston. of lessons. JAS Summer Camps:

—Glenwood Springs High School Senior JAS Step-Up Program: Three sessions of summer
camps including beginner,
Helps local students intermediate and advanced.
financially to acquire In 2016 JAS added a fourth
professional quality camp for Beat Lab students.
instruments so they will
be better equipped to Band Battle:
succeed in their musical
goals and ambitions. Student bands compete for
top spots at this popular
annual event.

$7+ Million to Music Education Since 1996!

HONOR JAS District 8 Honor Alliance with Berklee I am glad that we have each
JAZZ BAND Jazz Program: College of Music: other to bounce ideas off of
and hope that we can keep our
ASJ Students from across the Jazz Aspen Snowmass is community growing.
Western Slope of Colorado are a member of the Berklee
BEAT nominated by their instructors College of Music’s “Berklee —Tami Suby, Glenwood Springs
LAB to attend a weekend of City Music,” a non profit Band Instructor
workshops, sectionals and music education program
public concerts. that harnesses the energy of My JAS teacher assistant
contemporary music to reach position is one of the activities
JAS Beat Lab: underserved 4th to 12th I most look forward to each
graders across the country. day. I have learned how to
Designed to introduce effectively work with students
students to the concepts Berklee 5-Week in a way that emphasizes
and creation of electronic Summer Program short-term rewards to achieve
music and tracks while Scholarships: Through long-term goals and effectively
simultaneously having them implementing this is extremely
create the music being used JAS’ relationship with rewarding for both the students
for these tracks. Berklee, two deserving JAS and myself.
students are chosen each
JAS Student year to attend the prestigious —Basalt High School Student
Assistance Program: pre-college 5-Week Summer Teacher Assistant
Program with all costs
Provides grants for public covered by JAS & Berklee.
school music teachers
to receive administrative
assistance from an upper
level student.

$7+ Million to Music Education Since 1996!


In 2018, world-renowned bassist and 6-time Grammy Winner Christian McBride,
returned to his role as the JAS Academy Artistic Director. Sponsored by Jazz
Aspen Snowmass, this full-scholarship residency brought together 21 talented
young musicians from across the US and beyond for a week-long program in
Aspen focused on “Big Band” curriculum.

Following the ’18 Academy JAS joined forces with The Frost School of Music
at the University of Miami to significantly enhance and grow the program.
Under the direction of 5-time Grammy nominee Shelly Berg, the Frost School
of Music has become a nationally recognized program for its focus on
producing successful musicians trained not just in performance but in the
business of music.

“Just being able to be around other musicians at my age, people like
Christian McBride and Benny Green, it creates a certain environment
where people can understand how serious jazz is and how important
it is to society and that it’s still very much important to us.”

—Isaiah Thompson, Pianist, The Julliard School

The new JAS Academy presented by Jazz Aspen Snowmass in collaboration “Absolutely educational and
with Frost School of Music at the University of Miami is a two-week program inspiring. It’s been a fantastic and
led by McBride, Berg and Program Director Chuck Bergeron, also from the eye-opening experience for me as
Frost faculty. The Academy curriculum incorporates select Frost existing a young musician. I think being
class content focusing on the business of music, while still including the around guys like Christian McBride
performance content developed by McBride. Over the course of the program and students like the ones I’ve been
students work with a number of Jazz Master faculty artists. Former Jazz surrounded with has truly shown
Masters include Dianne Reeves, Benny Green, Russell Malone, Terreon Gully, me what I want to do, where I need
Peter Martin and Reginald Veal. to be and what I need to do to get
there. I’m truly grateful to be a
The Academy draws students based exclusively on the level of talent of part of this program.”
applicants and their perceived ability to establish durable and multi-faceted
careers in music performance and production. The JAS Academy aims to – Justin Williams, Tenor Sax,
train and support emerging Artists who will become leaders in their chosen Florida State University
musical focus in the future, not just performers.


“The growth of the JAS Café into a
full season of winter and summer
performances offers JAS the chance
to develop an expanding menu of new
initiatives to “educate adult audiences”
on the evolution of jazz, its history and the
unique ways in which jazz has interacted
with other cultures around the globe as it
has continuously evolved since emerging
in New Orleans in the early 1900s.”

­—Jim Horowitz, JAS President/CEO

Expanding JAS Education from the classroom to the community.
“Educating Adult Audiences” using the JAS Café as an anchor.

LISTEN UP! Late Night Dance Party JAS Café Corner

Pre-concert talks with JAS Café A series of 9:15pm JAS Café Expansion of JAS dissemination
and Summer Season Artists. shows aimed at a younger of historic context for all JAS
Artists tell their stories, the origins audience, featuring a dance area, Café artists, combining relevant
of the music they’ll perform and reinforcing and recreating the music facts along with artist
how and what to listen for. Talks early history of jazz, when the bios and playlist. Pre-concert
at the JAS Café to include options emergence of radio coincided with blog and social media posts with
for themed dinners. jazz establishing itself as a widely illuminating inside stories about
loved “dance music.” Some shows the music. Content presentation
to be followed by a late night making the JAS Café Corner an
“Meet the Artist” session. ongoing “go to” resource for the
continuation of music education on
the evolution of jazz and its history.


Join the JAS National Council or The Band
to help “keep the music playing!”

Your contribution helps support JAS’ MISSION to present and preserve jazz
and related forms of music through world-class performances, events
and education programs.

Find more information at or call 970.920.4996

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