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rise and shine

Layla's adventure

Rise and shine!

By Jessica Witt

• Once upon a time there was a little girl named
Layla. She was only 10 years old. Her mother
and father were planning on giving her a
surprise for being in school and doing very

• Layla was a very honest and well mannered
little girl. She helped her mother with dishes
and laundry every night after dinner.

• One night after dinner Layla got up put her
dishes in the sink and said “come on mom lets
go do laundry and then dishes,” Layla's
mother replied with “why don’t you come sit
down for a few minutes, your father and I
have to talk to you,”

• Layla came and sat
down at the dinner
table and she knew
something was
different because
every night after
dinner her and her
mother went to do
laundry. Layla's
father said “I got a
call from the school
today, they said you
were doing good, so
as a reward your
mother and I wanted
to surprise you.. We
are taking you on

• Layla couldn’t believe
it. She had been really
upset that whole
week. Layla's mother
said “where would
you like to go?” Layla
said with excitement
“ HAWAII!!!” Layla's
mother said “alright
tomorrow morning
we will head out but
you have to get stuff
packed tonight.”

• So Layla ran upstairs and grabbed a suitcase
and started folding clothes and grabbed
everything she needed. After that she ran
down stairs gave her mom and dad a big kiss
and said thank you so much but I have to get
to sleep now.. Layla ran back upstairs and
went to sleep as fast as she could.

The next morning!

• Rise and shine LAYLA!! Its morning time and
we got to leave early to go catch our plane. Its
going to be a long trip. Layla got up got in the
shower washed her body then got out dried
off and got dressed. She brushed her teeth
and blow dried her hair. Put her socks and
shoes on and grabbed her suitcase.

• They finally arrived at the plane and they got
on. Layla was beyond excited.

• Every couple minutes Layla asked, “Are we
there?” Layla's mother said, “We will be in a
little bit why don’t you lay there and go to
sleep and when you wake up we will be

• A few hours past and Layla woke up. “are we
there yet?” Layla's mother said “look out side
the window.” when Layla looked outside the
window her mouth dropped and a big smile
appeared on her face there were in HAWAII!!


• Layla and her parents got off the plane and as
soon as she did Layla began to ask, “mom
what are we going to do first?” Layla’s mother
said, "We have to unpack first.?” so that’s
what they did. After unpacking Layla and her
parents went to explore Hawaii.

• “MOM!!” said Layla, ”I want to go to the
volcanoes national park” and that’s where
they went.

• “Where do u want to go next Layla?” “can we
go to the sea life park?” said Layla. “Of course
we can I always wanted to go there with you
ever since you was born.” said her mother.

Layla looked very tired after that day. And she
was. They all went back to where they were
staying and rested up for the night.

• The next morning Layla woke up and wanted
to go to the beach. Layla's mother said you
cant just wake up and go you have to eat
breakfast first.

• After
Layla went
and got her
suit on and
headed to
the beach.

• Layla put her feet in the water and was
giggling. “mom this water is kind of cold.”
Layla got in the water and was moving around
when all of a sudden something nibbled on
her toes. Layla got really scared and started to
cry. Layla's mother said “its okay its just a little
fish. Layla laughed and swam some more.
After a few hours Layla was getting tired.

• On the last
day Layla
wanted to
see the
sunset. So
they all laid
on the beach
and watched
the sunset.

• After their fun and amazing trip they went
back to where they were staying, they packed
up all their stuff, and headed back home.

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