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Balmoral Gardens IM 23022018

Balmoral Gardens IM 23022018

Introduction Huttons Asia (“Huttons”), the sole marketing agent for the collective sale of
Balmoral Gardens, is pleased to offer for sale by Expression Of Interest this
rare residential redevelopment site located at 11B Balmoral Road,
Singapore 259797.

This offering presents an opportunity to acquire a freehold condominium
redevelopment site with panoramic views, located near to renowned
primary schools like Singapore Chinese Girls School (Primary), Anglo-
Chinese School (Primary and Barker Road) and Raffles Girls Secondary
School as well as Newton and Stevens MRT stations.

We are inviting an Expression of Interest for the purchase of the subject

The information relating to the physical, location and financial
characteristics of Balmoral Gardens is set forth in this Investment
Memorandum (“IM”). This IM is not to be construed as an offer to sell the
Property but is provided to prospective purchasers with the sole purpose of
assisting them in determining whether to participate to give an Expression
Of Interest of the Property.

Prospective purchasers are invited to submit an Expression Of Interest to
purchase the Property through Huttons for consideration by the Vendor. All
offers to purchase the Property will be evaluated among other criteria, the
prospective purchaser’s ability to complete the transaction, the timelines
and proposed conditions of closing, if any. The vendor is not obligated to
accept the highest price or any offer and reserves the right to reject any or
all offers that may be received.


Residential Site

Prime Location

District 10

City / Greenery


Land Plot




to Renowned
Primary Schools

Site Details

Location : 11B Balmoral Road, Singapore 259797

District : District 10

Planning Area : Tanglin

Legal Description : TS26-00559V

Site Area : 3,414.3 sq m / 36,751.53 sq ft

Tenure : Freehold
: 4 storey
Existing Building

Master Plan : Residential with a plot ratio of 1.6

Storey Height : 12 storey *

* Based on URA standard GPR/Storey Height Typology for Residential Developments

Consensus : 100% consensus (An approval from
STB for the sale is not required)

Source : SLA

Source : SLA Site Description

Balmoral Gardens is situated along Balmoral Road in District 10 at the fringe of
Orchard Road, Singapore’s premium shopping district with panoramic orchard skyline
views. It is approximately 6km from the Central Business District, Raffles Place.

The immediate locality is predominantly residential comprising of landed houses,
apartments, condominiums, hotels and educational institutions. Balmoral Gardens is
just minutes stroll to Orchard Shopping Belt where a host of amenities are readily
available, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants and eating
establishments, banks and other entertainment facilities. Recreational facilities
nearby include Raffles Town Club, American Club and the Tanglin Club which is just of
walking distance. Novotel Singapore On Stevens, Hotel Mercure Singapore On
Stevens, Shangri-La Hotel, Goodwood Park Hotel, Grand Hyatt Singapore, etc are
within close proximity to Balmoral Gardens.

Balmoral Gardens is a generally rectangular shaped plot of land. The land is generally
flat at a slight elevation from the main road, Balmoral Road. There is a slight slope at
the rear of the property.

Currently, it is a single 4 storey building with surface carpark lots.

Location & Accessibility

Balmoral Gardens is a freehold site strategically located within Prime District 10.
Balmoral Gardens boosts of scenic greenery and Orchard Skyline views. It is located
(Primary). The residents in this neighbourhood are typically high income earners
with a higher proportion of professionals as compared to the island wide average of
working professionals.
Public transportation is easily available along Balmoral Road. The Property is within
close proximity to Stevens MRT Station and Newton MRT Station, which is an
interchange for both North-South Line and Downtown Line MRT networks. The
nearest Expressways are the Central Expressway (CTE) and Pan-Island Expressway
(PIE), facilitating convenient access to other parts of Singapore.
Balmoral Gardens has dual entrances either by Bukit Timah Road or Steven Road.

Source : One Map

Under the 2014 Master Plan, the subject site is designated for
Residential development with an allowable gross plot ratio of 1.6. This
equates to a building height of 12 storeys, based on URA standard
GPR/Storey Height typology for residential developments.

The proposed new residential development will have a Gross Floor Area
(GFA) of 5,462.88 sq m (58,802 sq ft). This allows the new development
to have an estimated 78 units based on an average size of 753 square
feet per unit.

Source : URA

GPR : 1.6


Currently Government Reserve Land for Landed Property

Breakeven Assessment $1,556 psf $91,500,000

Indicative Land Price 4% $3,660,000
Add: 0.1% $91,500
Stamp Duty
Legal Fee (Estimate) $18,197,536
Development Charge $113,449,036
Total Land Acquisition Cost

Development Costs $320 psf $18,816,606
Construction Costs 3% $564,498
Contingency 7% $1,317,162
Professional Fees $20,698,267

Development Site Details 3,414.3 sq m (36,751.53 sq ft) Financing Costs 2% 2 Years $2,562,000
1.6 Interest for Land (70% Loan) 2% 1.5 Years $282,249
Site Area 5,462.88 sq m (58,802.44 sq ft) Interest for Half of Construction Cost
95% $2,844,249
Master Plan 2014 Plot Ratio 4,916.6 sqm (52,992.2 sq ft)
49 units (based on average size of 100 sq m) AV @ 5% of Development Land Value 10% 2 Years $915,000.00
Proposed Gross Floor Area DC for 10% Balcony Space additional as GFA $5,162,374
$9,450 per sq m (Use Group B2) Total Costs $143,068,925
Floor Area Efficiency Break Even Costs $2,317 psf
equivalent plot ratio of 1.036
Proposed Net Floor Area = $18,197,536.14 Projected Sales Price at approximately 15% Margin $2,665 psf
Suggested Unit Size (100 sq m) to launch $2,870,000
Estimated Proposed No. Of Units
Development Charge Rate as at
Sep 2017 (Sector 38)
URA Development Baseline
(Base on MP 1980, 185 ppha) as
of Sep 2017

Sales Of New Units

Project Address Historical High Price Average (psf) For 900 Tenure TOP District
sqft to 1,200 sqft Freehold Date
Goodwood 263 Bukit $2,940 psf in Nov 17 $2,680
Residence Timah Road for a 2,551 sqft unit 2013 10
One 1A Balmoral $3,004 psf in Aug 17 Freehold 2016 10
Balmoral Road for a 969 sqft unit $2,539

The Asana 17 Queens $2,749 psf in Oct 17 $2,780 Freehold 2018 10
Road for a 570 sqft unit

Lloyd 65 Lloyd $3,051 psf in Oct 17 Freehold 2016 9
Sixtyfive Road For a 592 sqft unit

Source : URA / Squarefoot as of 14/2/2018

Crystal Tower City Tower Sloane Court
Site Area – 104,531 sq ft Site Area - 38,943 sq ft
Site Area - 60,482 sq ft Plot Ratio - 2.1 Plot Ratio - 1.6
Plot Ratio - 1.6 Price - $401.9m Price - $80.5m
Price - $180.65m ($1,847 psf ppr) ($1,642 psf ppr)
($1,840 psf ppr) Date – 12 Jan 2018 Date - 28 Aug 2017
Date - 1 Dec 2017

COMPARABLE TRANSACTIONS 11 Balmoral Road Casa Contendere
Site Area - 30,200 sq ft Site Area - 37,971 sq ft
Plot Ratio - 1.6 11 Balmoral Road Plot Ratio - 1.4
Price - $73.8m Price - $72m
($1,734 psf ppr) 1 Draycott Park ($1,638 psf ppr)
Date - Nov 2017 Site - 17,442 sq ft Date - 8 Nov 2017
Plot Ratio - 2.8
Price - $72m ($1,787
psf ppr)
Date – 8 June 2017

The Aerial Views for Balmoral Gardens From 31st Floor From The Draycott
Overlooking Goodwood Hill and Orchard Skyline Views

Appendix 1

Appendix 2 - Road Line Plan


TS26-99767A BBAALLMMOORRCCAAAALLTT5R5ROOAADD The Road Line Plan shows road safeguarding information graphically using Cadastral Data from the Land Survey Division of the
TS26-00827P Singapore Land Authority at this website: RLPs can only be obtained for valid cadastral
lots only. Payment can be made via Interbank GIRO or via Credit Cards/Debit Card. RLPs can be purchased in either PDF or CAD
TS26-00885C TS26-00559V BBAALLMMTSOO2TR6RSCC-2A0AA6A0L-LT6T0740R45R5LO9O7AAKDD TS26-00321W format. The RLP should be read in conjunction with the certified plan of the lot and the RLP explanatory notes given below.

TS26-00720C TS26-00473V 1.1 Softcopy in PDF format for printing using colour printer on A4, A3, A2, A1, A0 paper and scale up to 1:2,500 selected by the
applicant prior to payment for purchase of RLP. Printed RLP can also be arranged to be sent to the customers, if preferred, subject to a
TS26-00676C payment for posting services. Information shown on the RLP is as follows:

TS26-00837C • Line of Road Reserve - safeguarded roads indicated as continuous red lines

TS26-00722W • Line of Tunnel Reserve - safeguarded road tunnels indicated as broken red lines

• Cadastral Information - the lot number of the selected lots are highlighted in red

• Road Names and Road Category

• Land Required as Road Reserve - portions of land shaded in pink/red colour

• Land not included in this plan - the grey area beyond the selected lots where no information is displayed

1.2 Softcopy in Computer Aided Design (CAD) format (*.dxf) format. The CAD format would be useful to Registered Surveyors,
Architects, Professional Engineers & others having suitable CAD software. Applicants are expected to be skilled and trained in the
various CAD tools for the usage of this set of data for preparation of development plans as well as plotting purposes. Information shown
on the RLP is as follows:

• RLP-CAD format in 1:1 in true co-ordinates. The layers follow the principles established in the Code of Practice for Construction
Computer Aided Design (CAD) - CP83.

• Line of Road Reserve - CAD layer named as 'ROADWIDL'

• Line of Tunnel Reserve - CAD layer named as 'ROADTUNN'

• Cadastral Information - CAD layer named as 'SITECADA' & 'ANOTCANO'

• Road Names - CAD layer named as 'ANOTRDNM'

• Land required as Road Reserve - CAD layer named as 'ROADLAND'

Selected 1 Lot(s): TS26-00559V m
PO: B1794693H_1 Davidz Wan LEGEND 1:1,000 Road Safeguarding Lines namely; Line of Road Reserve and Line of Tunnel Reserve have been prepared by the Land Transport
Line of Road Reserve Authority for practically all existing and future roads in Singapore.
Land not included in this plan 0 15 30
2.1 Line of Road Reserve
RR OO AA DD LL II NN EE PP LL AA NN Date: 8/1/2018 Time: 6:44:55 PM Continuous red lines on the Road Line Plan indicate safeguarded roads.

A3 Portrait 2.2 Line of Tunnel Reserve
Terms & Conditions Apply Broken red lines on the Road Line Plan for safeguard road tunnels such as the Singapore Underground Road System (SURS), the
Central Expressway Road Tunnels, the Fort Canning Road Tunnel and the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway Road Tunnels. etc

2.3 "There are no road safeguarding lines on the selected lot(s)."
The above statement will be displayed on the Road Line Plan, if the Road Safeguarding Lines do not cut the lots selected by the


3.1 The portions of land which are required as Road Reserve are coloured pink on the Road Line Plan. These portions of land are to be
set aside when development / redevelopment* takes place on the subject lots or when road construction / improvement is carried out by
the Land Transport Authority, whichever is earlier.

Page 1 of 2

© 2016 Singapore Land Authority.

Appendix 3 - Master Plan 1980

3.2 If the lots are to be developed / redeveloped*, the land required as Road Reserve shall be surrendered free of encumbrances to the Master Plan 1980 For Balmoral Road. It has a max density of 185 ppha which has an equivalent plot ratio of 1.036 as the baseline.
State. They however, can be used for density/plot ratio calculations purposes. Baseline - 1.036.

3.3 Protrusions of existing buildings or structures into the land required as Road Reserve can be retained until they are required to be Printed On: (18-Sep-2017) PO No: (O4056474E) Copyright © 2017 Singapore Land Authority. All Rights Reserved.
set aside when the development / redevelopment of the subject lot takes place or until road construction / improvement is carried out by
the Land Transport Authority.

* Development/ Redevelopment includes reconstruction, new erection proposals and major Additions & Alterations to existing buildings.


The Land Transport Authority does not disclose to members of the public when a particular road would be constructed or improved.


5.1 Roads in Singapore are classified into 5 categories as '1' to '5' or un-categorised roads (NCAT- non category). The purpose of the
road categories is for the developer to establish the buffer requirements of proposed buildings from the road. You may obtain more
information on buffer requirements from the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).

• Category 1 - Expressway forms the primary network where all long distance traffic movements should be directed. It is planned to
optimise long distance mobility from one part of the island to another.

• Category 2 - Major Arterial predominantly carries through traffic from one region to another, forming principle avenues of
communication for urban traffic movements. It interconnects expressways and minor arterial as well as with other major arterial

• Category 3 - Minor Arterial distributes traffic within the major residential and industrial areas. It is planned to optimise circulation
within the area and facilitate through traffic between adjacent towns.

• Category 4 - Primary Access forms the link between local accesses and arterial roads. It provides access to developments and
through traffic is discouraged. However, where a development is also accessible by a local access road, the access shall be
located at the local access road.

• Category 5 - Local Access gives direct access to buildings and other developments and should connect only with primary access.


6.1 You may engage a Registered Surveyor or a Qualified Person (An Architect/Professional Engineer) to advise you on the following:

• Dimensions of the land required for Road Reserve
• Areas of the land required for Road Reserve
• On whether existing buildings are affected by the land required for Road Reserve
• On whether the land required for Road Reserve has been taken into account during the development works
Note: Dimensions/areas are subject to final survey and acceptance by the Chief Surveyor.


7.1 The information is provided "as is " and "as available" and is to be used only as a reference. Whilst every effort is made to ensure
that the information is correct, the Land Transport Authority does not warrant their accuracy, adequacy or completeness and expressly
disclaims liability for any errors or omissions in the information.

7.2 The Road Line Plan information may be modified, deleted or replaced from time to time and at any time in the absolute discretion of

the Land Transport Authority.

7.3 The Land Transport Authority shall not be held responsible or be made liable for any delay, loss, damage or expense of any kind
including without limitation, direct, indirect, special or consequential damage or economic loss as a result of any inaccuracies or
omissions in respect of the loss of data or corruption of data during transmission, or arising in connection with any services, products,
information or other material obtained from this website or from any other website linked to this website in relation to the Road Line
Plan. This exclusion clause shall take effect to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Page 2 of 2

Reply from LTA on Pre-Application Feasibility Study (PAFS) on Traffic Impact

From: Tresa FOO (LTA) []
Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2018 4:53 PM
To: Emily <>
Cc: Pei Wen LIM (LTA) <>; Linda NEO (LTA) <>;
Liang Hao TAN (LTA) <>; Daniel XIA (LTA) <>;
Suet Wai TAY (LTA) <>; Alphonso LIM (URA)
Subject: FW: Pre Application Feasibility Study | Balmoral Gardens

LTA/PLAN/D23.047.022(f) CEA Licence No: L3008899K
For further information or to arrange a tour of the subject property, please contact:
Hi Emily,
Davidz Wan
Referring to the proposed redevelopment of Balmoral Gardens (11B Balmoral road) to an estimated 78 +65 8444 6222
dwelling units, a Pre-Application Feasibility Study (PAFS) on traffic impact will not be required.
However, there are other possible localised improvement works that will have to be studied later on at the
DC stage, including covering up the open drain fronting the development to enhance pedestrian
connectivity. PUB will have to be consulted on this at the relevant stage. CEA Reg No. R008185C

Thank you.

Regards, This document has been prepared by Huttons Asia for advertising and general information only. Huttons Asia makes no guarantees, representations or warranties of any kind,
Tresa Foo (Ms) • Executive Transport Planner • Local Planning Division • Land Transport Authority expressed or implied, regarding the information including, but not limited to, warranties of content, accuracy and reliability. Any interested party should undertake their own inquiries as to the
Tel : 6396 1850 | Fax : 6396 1754 | Email : accuracy of the information. Huttons Asia excludes unequivocally all inferred or implied terms, conditions and warranties arising out of this document and excludes all liability for loss and
damages arising there from. This publication is the copyrighted property of Huttons Asia and/or its licensor(s).


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