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From recipes and regular features on finance advice, local history and health and well being, this month's issue of The Grapevine Magazine brings you the recommended places to shop in the run up to Christmas - including unique independent retailers - and info on local festive events.

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Published by The Grapevine Magazine, 2019-11-06 04:18:20

The Grapevine Brighouse Issue 81 November 2019

From recipes and regular features on finance advice, local history and health and well being, this month's issue of The Grapevine Magazine brings you the recommended places to shop in the run up to Christmas - including unique independent retailers - and info on local festive events.

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Issue 81 Nov ‘19

Your community magazine - connecting
local people to local businesses

Snuggle down for Winter

Local shopping ideas and inspiration

Community events galore

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Canadian wood burning stoves £50 Inc VAT

Neo 1.2 Short Metallic Ivory Sunset 5kW
Black Red
£399Now only heat output
Was £1195 Inc VAT (while stocks last)


Waxman 01422 371723 Parking 7 days

Tile Showroom

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Editor’s Note: Property
So, once the fireworks die down after
5th November, we’ll all start thinking
about Christmas.
With that in mind – here at The
Grapevine Mag we’re already planning
our local Christmas Gift Guide.  How
perfect would it be to do most of your
Christmas shopping locally on your
Shopping locally and independently
usually means quirky gifts, less stress
and sometimes free gift wrapping –
what’s not to like?
Enjoy our November edition and we’ll
see you soon

Love the Grapevine Mag Team


Now taking bookings for Dec ‘19 onwards,
email: [email protected]

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along with our right to ensure the magazine isn’t used for direct
marketing purposes. Legal action has been taken in the past on
local publications copying content, as we monitor and take action
accordingly. We spend a lot of time and energy each month creating
a unique publication to showcase the local area as best we can.
Although copying is flattering… it’s illegal.

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[email protected]

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Festive Food & Drink


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Festive Food & Drink

CEthLeEsBeaRsoAn TE
Let us make your Christmas & New Year special

Christmas Dining .50pp

3 courses £20FROM pp B1O2pXWOmINEP-GEA8NpRDmEAY

Christmas Parties FROM

Enjoy our 3 course Christmas

£25menu & after dinner disco

SANTA VISITS NDeinwnYeeraDr’as nEvcee
Prego Play
Sunday 8th December
Sunday 15th December
Sunday 22nd December

1pm - 2pm
4pm - 5pm

For bookings call: 01484 715566

[email protected] PregoBrighouse Hotel & Venue, Huddersfield Road, Brighouse HD6 1JZ

Prego general Ad A5 19.indd 1 28/08/2019 11:11

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Food & Drink

Leek and Potato Soup
Home made and delicious

Equipment: 2 large pans, hand blender or blender the vegetable stock and bring it all to the boil. Then
add the seasoning and simmer until the vegetables
Stove: High enough to boil are tender. Once you have done this whizz all of it
together (you can do this either with a hand blender
Ingredients for 4- 6 servings or a blender). Reheat all the mixture in a clean pan.
You can then stir in some cream or crème fraiche.
225g of potatoes (cut into cubes) Serve with bread and butter if you choose.
2 medium leeks (sliced)
1 onion (sliced) Fun facts:
1 tbsp of vegetable oil It was claimed that girls who slept with a leek under
1.2 litres of vegetable stock their pillow on St David’s Day would see their future
Salt and freshly ground black pepper husband in their dreams.
150ml double cream or crème fraiche
Leeks have been cultivated since the time of the
Method: Ancient Egyptians and were probably part of the
Take a large pan and pour in the oil. Then add the diet of those who built the pyramids. Hippocrates,
onions, leeks and potatoes and cook until they have the ancient Greek physician and ‘father of medicine’,
softened. Do this for 3-4 minutes. Proceed to add prescribed the leek as a cure for nosebleeds.

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Food & Drink

Booked your Christmas Do yet?

No, then why not join us for a fantastic evening of

Thursday 19th December 7

Brighouse Sports Club - from 6.30pm

Comedy provided by Pete Emmett and Lea Roberts
Plus the Mayor of Calderdale will also be joining us


Tickets are available from
£30 each or £300 for a table of 10

All proceeds to Focus 4 Hope and Brighouse Food Bank.
Thank you to our supporters



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Lifestyle & Leisure

Guest Conductor


Box Office: 01422 351158

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Lifestyle & Leisure

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Lifestyle & Leisure

A Gift Card
for Halifax

The Halifax Gift Card is the perfect present for friends, family
and colleagues. The lucky recipient doesn’t need to redeem

the full value in one go and they can spread their spend
by using it for a delicious meal, some great new clothes, a

fabulous new haircut and much, much more.

Find out more at:

Halifax Gift Card 2019 Advert V3.indd 1 09/10/2019 10:50
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Lifestyle & Leisure

Switch On

23 November 2019

Hold on to your In fact, it’s going to be so big All this entertainment leads
bobble hats, we’ve moved it to George nicely up to the actual ‘switch-
everyone… this Square to accommodate on’ at 4:30, when the switch is
year our Christmas the crowds, and we’ve also flicked on our better-than-ever
Lights Switch On stretched it out for more of the Christmas light show, complete
is set to be bigger day, to fit in all the fabulous acts with stunning new ‘chocolate’
and better than and activities. A fun and festive lights, part funded by Quality
ever before! event for all the family, expect Street (practise your catching
plenty of music and merriment – there might be an edible
with comperes Danny and giveaway or two!). Immediately
Rosie from Pulse Radio. We’ll after the switch-on,Bulsara and
have local acts too, including a his Queenies will really rock
performance by Halifax vocalist the house with their amazing
Callum Butterworth from the hit Queen renditions. Expect a
BBC show, The Voice. brilliant performance from the
guys who wowed crowds at this
year’s official Freddie Mercury
Birthday Party in Montreaux.
We can’t wait!

#discoverhx 09/10/2019 10:21
HxBid Xmas Lights Sgl Pg AD 09.19 V2.indd 1

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Lifestyle & Leisure
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Lifestyle & Leisure


New styles and brands across all departments

Barbour Brown Boot Yellow Rieker Boot Gabor Leopard Print Remonte Boot
£129 £59.99 Shoe £95 £85

Moda In Pelle Bryloni Fly London Shoe Zaxy Camel Shoe Emu Ankle Boot
Trainer £99.95 £99.99 £40 £59

Main Store: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Sat 9am-5.30pm Commercial Street, Halifax, HX1 1LJ Tel: 01422 331188PVhGaorlitadopcueovnRiptiienlege2sul9na/r1ot2s/ia1zc9ecoenpltyedFVROEUECHHOETRDRINK
The Piece Hall: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm Sat 10am-6pm Sun 10am-5pm The Piece Hall, Halifax, HX1 1RE
Tel: 01422 414444 Shop online at    

Meet and Eat in the NEW LOOK Restaurant

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Lifestyle & Leisure

Brighouse Photographic

By Chris Helme

Once photography become available to the man in One of the later members was Mr Harry Mitchell
the street or at least the men who could afford a who had the shoe shop in Commercial Street. I
camera and all the necessary equipment to go with was fortunate enough a few years ago to have
it their early topographical images opened up a new the opportunity of purchasing his old glass plate
concept in local history. negatives. Most of these plates are almost as good
Gone had the days when a verbal description from as the day the picture was taken and the prints are
older members of the community were the only equally as sharp.
means of finding out how a place looked all those The annual subscription was five shillings, for those
years before. Those old photographs are certainly under eighteen it was half price.
true to the old maxim that a picture is worth a The winter meetings in those days were held on
thousand words. Thursday’s at 7.30pm at a studio in Hall Street, the
By the dawn of the twentieth century, many towns back street behind the Civic Hall. To help members
and cities had formed its own photographic society. the society gave free use of darkroom facility and
Usually involving a bunch of older gentlemen who an enlarging lantern. Any paid-up member of the
had the means to dabble in this new pastime. society was automatically entitled to the privileges
It is thanks to the early members of the Brighouse of the Yorkshire Photographic Union.
Photographic Society, which was formed in 1895 Our featured photograph was taken in Huddersfield
that today we have the opportunity of seeing how Road during the early days of the society
Brighouse and its surrounding districts looked all The next issue (number 7) of my Brighouse and
those years ago. District Heritage Newseum magazine will be out on
Some of those early members included George December 1st.
Hepworth who as a local architect who probably
had both the time and money to equip himself for Chris Helme – Local Nostalgia Magazine
this new pastime. I understand that when the old Chris has launched a new, local nostalgia
museum in the Brighouse Library was closed in magazine. The 5th edition is out now. You can
1956 many of his old glass plate negatives found find his advert on page 8
their way to the Tolson Museum in Huddersfield.
This is not one of the things the old Brighouse
Council can be proud of.
Martin Manley was another who’s negatives have
had countless prints re-produced and duplicated
many times. I understand that whilst many of his
glass plate negatives were sold years ago quite a
number of them were discovered in a dustbin.
Henry Robinson joined the society a few years after
it began when he moved to Clifton and became the
local postman working from the then almost new
Post Office in Park Street. The one good thing about
Mr Robinson’s photographs is that on almost every
negative he etched his initials ‘HR’ on. I have many
old postcards with these on and something other
postcard collectors will I am sure be interested to

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Lifestyle & Leisure


01484 941011

Why Personal
Us Choice

Freeze the cost of your funeral today! TrustedPrePaidFuneralPlans provide a
comprehensive range of options to suit all
Unlike a life insurance policy which does nothing to tastes and budgets. Most can be tailored to
protect you from the escalating costs of funerals, this is suit particular preferences…from the big things
a trust fund set up to protect and preserve more of your – like whether you want to be cremated or bu-
estate for your loved ones and immediately transferable to ried – to the smaller things – like your choice of
your chosen funeral director. music and flowers.

Peace Of Mind CONTACT US

At TrustedPrepaidFuneralPlans we want to provide a com- Complete our simple contact form
plete bespoke service for you be it burial or cremation, to or give us a call to find out more
provide you with the peace of mind that your funeral will information and to arrange a visit.
be to you and your loved one’s satisfaction and with no ex-
tra cost for your family to bear. Wicker coffin, plain coffin, WE VISIT YOU
sparkling pink coffin or biodegradable tree seed urn can all
be tailored for. We will call over and visit you to
discuss the details in the comfort of
w w w w.t r us te d p re p ai d f u n e r a lp la n s .co.u k your own home. Ensuring that you get
the best plan for you.


Once you’re happy with the plan we
will then put everything necessary in
place. You can now relax knowing your
loved ones are protected.

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Lifestyle & Leisure
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Youth Club Health, Beauty & Wellbeing
Sport, Games, Chat, Food and Fun

Christ Church, the church at the
crossroads, recognised that there
wasn’t anywhere for young people to
hang out together.  Young people with
specific interests are well catered for in
Hipperholme and Lightcliffe, but there
was nowhere for those who just wanted
to spend time with their friends or meet
new ones….except street corners or The
Stray.  Those places are fine in the long
summer evenings, but not on cold and
dark winters nights.

Christ Church Youth Club provides that
place for young people from Year 5 to
Year 13 to meet up.

The Youth Club meets on the 2nd Friday The next Youth Club is on Friday 10th November. 
of each month (term time) from 8pm to Those who already come have a great time, and
9.30pm, currently at the Christ Church there’s always room for more.  We’d love to see you. 
Centre on Leeds Road next to the Old Church dental
practice.  There is plenty room for the young people
to play sports such as badminton, table tennis,
volleyball and football; play games all together or in
small groups; take part in activities such as cooking
or crafts; or just hang out, chat and listen to music. 
During the summer evenings, Youth Club sometimes
meet on The Stray and play games like rounders or
just swing and climb.  These evenings often end up
with a walk to the chippy! 

Youth Club is run by DBS checked church members
and a Youth Worker who makes sure that the young
people are involved in choosing what to do, and
also make sure they are fed and watered, usually
with pizza! With subs at only £1.50, it’s great value.

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Health, Beauty & Wellbeing





We often hear that having dentures, At The Old Church Dental Practice we can Dental implants can be used to

or missing teeth, mean that you solve many of these issues by restoring replace one missing tooth, or an

struggle to eat certain foods, lack your smile using dental implants. entire jaw of missing teeth and

the confidence to smile, or are The benefits of dental implants has they will look, feel and behave
reluctant to socialise for fear of been proven time and time again as just like your natural teeth.

being judged by the appearance the best way of replacing missing It’s amazing the difference

of your teeth. teeth, or getting rid of your dentures. one day can make!

The Old Church Dental Practice

Leeds Road, Lightcliffe, Halifax, HX3 8NT
E: [email protected]

For a free consultation call 01422 368059

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Health, Beauty & Wellbeing

The Salon @ 403
New Fixby salon now open 

For those readers living in the Serena relocated from • Corrective & Creative Colour
Fixby area – you may have another salon on Byram Street unique customised colour
noticed a new salon which Huddersfield and specialises  in creating a Journey for the colour
recently opened.  The Salon @ different colouring services transformation. 
403 is the brainchild of Serena varying from: • Cutting or Trimming the hair
Marie Judge – originally from • Global colours & touch ups, before a prime and polish
Ireland – Serena has over 19 colouring the hair from root to “I want to focus on keeping up
years of experience and a tip, & blending greys. with the current industry trends
wealth of knowledge of the hair • Gloss/Tone, adding shine to happening here in the UK, Europe
industry. enhance the natural colour, and the United States,” said
“We wanted something different remove any unwanted tones or Serena, “Anyone is welcome to
when we opened and have to recharge the existing colour pop in for a free consultation.”
created a rustic studio with a • Foils, Babylights & Balayage
modern twist,” Serena told us, which entail a variation
“I proudly opened on Saturday of customised sectioning
14th Septembe and was fully techniques, soft & subtle colour
booked on my first day which adding illusion of depth or
was amazing and I’m extremely brightness to the hair. Bespoke
grateful  for my fabulous cilents colour using freehand painting
helping me make my dream methods enhancing the style and
come true. facial features, helping achieve
the desired tone.

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Health, Beauty & Wellbeing

Below The Belt Therapy

Introducing – Jane Appleyard

MCSP Chartered Physiotherapist

When I originally qualified • always having to wear dark Jane Appleyard
I focused on treating sports trousers to hide any leaks of 6 months to be cured or see
injuries and all the other Your pelvic floor is hidden a dramatic improvement in
problems people associate with inside and we know it’s really symptoms.
physiotherapy. I soon realised difficult to determine if you’re My clinics are based at Plus
that one of the main reasons doing the exercises correctly. Health Company in Halifax
women avoided exercise was It’s impossible for anyone to where it is a privilege to
because of continence and pelvic tell you without checking your work alongside a team of
floor issues.  pelvic floor muscle whether your skilled physiotherapists whose
Research and evidence now technique is correct and if it’s focus is on Pilates and long term
states that the most effective not then you could make the wellbeing.
treatment for bladder, bowel problem worse.  Check out my website for
and prolapse problems is pelvic Some women seem to put up further details and follow me
floor physio. After specialising with problems for years because on Facebook. Perhaps I’ll see
in this area for twenty years I’m they are too embarrassed to you at the next Pelvic Floor and
now a bit of a pelvic floor guru seek help. Others dive back into Proscecco Evening!
and want to get the message inappropriate intense exercise
out to women that leaking is after having a baby in an attempt
common but not normal. So here to get fit quickly and lose their
are some of the issues women baby bulge. Both approaches are
describe in clinic: wrong!
• whenever they try and An assessment and personalised
‘tighten’ their pelvic floor programme will set you on
nothing happens or it just ‘fades the road to recovery whether
away’ you’re a new mum or have
• ‘oops moments’ when putting leaked for years. It usually takes
the key in the door and they just 4 sessions over a period
can’t make it to the toilet on time


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Health, Beauty & Wellbeing

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Health, Beauty & Wellbeing
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Health, Beauty & Wellbeing

A Little Bit of Calm…
for you and baby

I am a mother of 3 young children Classes incorporate breathing,
and a primary school teacher. stretching and relaxation for
Having practised baby massage and parents as well as baby massage,
baby yoga with my own children gentle yoga inspired poses, with
I wanted to share the benefits of songs to captivate and make
these practises with others. Having sessions fun for baby. Baby yoga
qualified in both Baby Massage uses various poses and positions
and Baby Yoga, I am now excited to to promote baby’s health and
create classes that not only benefit development. It provides tummy
and support baby’s development time an active play in the form of
but also consider the needs of new swings, rolls and dips, assisting
parents. Being a new parent can at in developing baby’s balance, co-
times feel lonely and my aim with A ordination and body awareness. As
Little Bit O’Calm is to create a small, baby massage, it provides a special
supportive, friendly atmosphere time to bond with your baby,
where parents can talk and share communicate with your baby, learn
experiences in a non-judgemental, soothing and calming techniques
relaxed environment. As well as learning skills to to use at home, whilst having some time to focus on
share with your little one, there’s always time for a yourself and your wellbeing. Yoga is non-competitive
drink and snack at the end of the session. and the stretches used in class encourage the body
to heal after pregnancy and boost wellbeing.
Benefits of Baby Massage:
A Little bit O’
It’s a bonding experience for parent and baby.
It’s a gentle way to interact and communicate Calm
the emotions of love and security with baby.
Whilst teaching the massage strokes I incorporate Baby & Children’s yoga and massage
songs that can be sung to baby. Whilst massaging
baby these can be sung promoting eye contact, Baby Yoga and
communication and language development. During
massage parents will learn to read babies cues. Baby Massage Classes
Babies crave skin contact. Touch is baby’s most
developed sense at birth. Massage releases the ‘love’ Norwood Green Village Hall
hormone Oxytocin in both parent and baby. This
again secures the bond between parent and baby. A Baby Yoga – 9.45am every Tuesday
secure bond between baby and parent will aid the
development of a happy and confident relationship Baby Massage – 11am Tuesday’s
in the future.
(booking essential for this course.
It can provide relief to a number of conditions, Email for details).
including teething pain, tummy aches, wind and
colic. Come and find out about the benefits of baby
massage and baby yoga for you and your baby
Benefits of Baby Yoga: and meet new people in a relaxed environment.

Baby Yoga is based on traditional yoga movements For more details of the course visit my
which can help to improve health and wellbeing. Facebook page: alittlebitocalm

or email: [email protected]
or telephone: 07815 746693 (Karen)

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Health, Beauty & Wellbeing

Running and Mental Health
Go hand in hand

There are many barriers as to why people do not
exercise and I spend a huge proportion of my job
as a running coach trying to break down these

We know that taking up a sport like running has a slow down, breathe and work with the body we’ve
huge amount of physical and psychological benefits got right now. Having even a small shift in attitude
as is widely reported but what happens if you just towards starting something new like running and
can’t get out of the front door due to anxiety and learning to appreciate not only the physical benefits
depression. Starting something new, especially but also the impact on our mental health. Looking
later on in life is a big deal and anxiety levels can go after our mental health is just as important as our
off the scale just at the thought of doing something physical health, learning to self-care and be kind to
that you may already think you are not very good ourselves can only be a good thing.
at. People can even experience feelings of low self-
worth for not trying something that is deemed to
make them feel better.
I receive a lot of emails from people saying they
won’t start running until they’ve lost some weight
or can run 5k already. The perception is that we
need to be really good at exercise before we even
start or we just shouldn’t do it.

In my experience there seems to be a message that Join a supportive running group - Find a group that
until you have the body of someone who exercises says it’s ok to be slow and it’s ok to walk when you
then you can’t exercise. A common theme in my need to. A group like this where you will always
email communication from prospective clients is be supported no matter what your speed is may be
“I’ll be the obese one!” I’ve never met that person, the difference between failure and success.
they don’t actually exist, only in the head of the Confidence - Taking up running later on in life can
nervous would be runner who just wants to give it a give you confidence that you never knew you had.
go to see if they can run. And these thoughts aren’t You may even achieve goals that you never thought
gender specific to women, I have the same emails were possible.
from men as well.

A lot of people run to lose weight so that they can I will to I can - Running enables you to go from I
start leading the life that they want to “when I’ve will to I can, starting at one point, in most cases
lost that weight, I will be happier, look like someone 0, and becoming adept at that goal gives you the
else, live a different life”. A great deal of time can belief that you can meet new challenges. This
be wasted comparing ourselves to others, looking enables you to build up a healthy relationship with
sideways for our self-esteem when in fact we should running so it becomes less of a chore to get out of
be looking at what we have achieved already. the front door.
Comparison to others can lead people to experience
even more anxiety and it can be a very lonely and Verity Wright is an England Athletics Qualified Coach
destructive road to go down. in Running Fitness and runs a successful Athletics
Learning to run and sticking to running is hard, Coaching business in the South of England. She
we live in a world of instant gratification, where competes as an endurance athlete in events from
we get results quickly, lose weight quickly, smash 10k to 42k over country, roads, fells and mountains.
our 5k time quickly. Sometimes we need to just If you want to know more, you can visit her website

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Business, Finance & Technology


Fill in the grid so that every row,
every column, and every 3x3 box
contains the digits 1 through 9.


6. Copse (7)
7. Faithful (5)
9. Sick (3)
10. Teeming (9)
12. Of inferior quality
15. Foot-soldiers (11)
17. Happy (9)
19. Charge (3)
21. Laziness (5)
22. Perceive (7)

1. Charm (5)
2. Finish (3)
3. Pavement edge (4)
4. Venetian boatman (9)
5. Embellish (7)
8. Several (6)
11. Lay waste (9)
13. Trip (6)
14. Exalt (7)
16. Gay (5)
18. Revise (4)
20. Frigid (3)

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Business, Finance & Technology

Business Owner
Finance Q & A’s

By Debbie Story, Sleigh & Story, Brighouse

Q. Our house has always been owned jointly by A. You need to register with HMRC for both self-
myself, my mother and my sister. My sister and assessment as self-employed, and under the
I now want to buy our own homes and want to construction industry scheme (CIS). Effectively these
make mum the sole owner of our current home. If are separate registrations, but they can both be
we put the house in her sole name will she have to done at the same time.
pay capital gains tax (CGT) on it?

A. Transferring the house into your mother’s sole In most cases you can register as self-employed by
name will not trigger a liability to CGT, but it may calling the HMRC Newly Self-employed Helpline
have CGT implication for you and your sister. on 0300 200 3504. If you are already registered as
However, since you live in the property, it is quite self-employed, but need to register under the CIS
likely that you would qualify for principal private scheme, you should contact the CIS Helpline on
residence (PPR) relief and no CGT charge would 0300 200 3210.

arise. The contractor for whom you are working will ask

Q. I have recently started a new job and have been you for your unique tax reference (UTR) and you
provided with a company car. I pay for fuel for need to provide this before you are first paid, in
private use but I can claim mileage for business order to determine which tax deduction rate to use.

journeys. Will I have to pay tax on fuel payments? Under CIS, a contractor must deduct 20% from your
payments and pass it to HMRC. These deductions
A. In addition to the company car benefit charge, count as advance payments towards your tax and
employees have to pay tax on any fuel their National Insurance bill. If you do not register for the
employer provides that is used for private mileage. scheme, contractors must deduct 30% from your
For 2019-20 this is calculated by multiplying payments instead.
the car’s CO2 percentage by £24,100. So, if the
percentage is 30, the tax charge for petrol is
£7,230. For a basic rate taxpayer, the after-tax The UTR is issued when you are first set up under
cash equivalent is £1,446 and for a higher rate self-assessment to complete a tax return. If you
taxpayer £2,892. The charge is the same regardless have not previously been required to prepare a tax
of whether you use 2 litres or 2,000 litres of fuel. return, you will be given a UTR when you register as
However, this tax charge can be avoided if you pay self-employed. For further guidance on registration
all the private fuel costs back to your employer. You and other obligations for subcontractors, see the
need to keep accurate records (mileage logs and fuel website at
receipts) to support such a claim to HMRC. Your must-do-as-a-cis-subcontractor

employer can give you a tax-free fuel allowance Sleigh & Story Ltd, Thornhill Brigg Mills,
if you pay for fuel used for business travel in your Thornhill Beck Lane, Brighouse HD6 4AH.
company car. HMRC publish new advisory fuel rates
four times a year. The most recent rates, apply from
1 September 2019. HMRC accept that, where an You can follow Sleigh & Story on Facebook,

employer reimburses an employee for the cost of or Twitter @sleighandstory.

fuel for business mileage in a company car at the
above rates, no taxable benefit arises.
The information contained in this article is of a general

Q. I have just started my first job working for a nature and you are advised to obtain specific professional
building contractor. My boss says I need to register advice before you take any action.

for tax as a Construction Industry subcontractor.
How do I do this?
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Business, Finance & Technology

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Lifestyle & Leisure
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Lifestyle & Leisure

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Charity of the Month - National Trust

Out and about this month –
Hardcastle Crags

The Grimm Forest - An illustrated fairytale wood

Walk through the wooded valley of Originally commissioned by the Royal Festival Hall,
Hardcastle Crags and discover an indoor it was designed and made by artists Steve Gumbley
forest of storytelling trees at Gibson Mill. and Jane Revitt. It has exhibited across the UK and
The Grimm Forest is an unusual exhibition a castle in Germany, and now it returns back to its
of eleven tree sculptures with hand roots.
coloured images inspired by stories The basics….
collected by the brothers Grimm. Suitability
Dogs on leads are welcome.
It’s a paper forest conjured from the leaves Meeting point
of a book and is suitable for adults and Details on our website – see web address below
Four trees have seats where you What to bring and wear
can hear a story told by the distinctive voice Wrap up warm for your woodland adventure and be
of Nabil Shaban.
Seven trees have bold sure to wear outdoor footwear.
images created by collaging found images from many Accessibility
sources. For example: The Tom Thumb tree started The Exhibition is open every day and The Mill and
with a real Sycamore leaf, enlarged twenty times to Café are open. Please double check these opening
show all its minute details. times on our website below. Disabled parking
The South Bank Centre London originally available by pre-booking only as space is strictly
commissioned IOU Theatre to make the work for the limited.
Royal Festival Hall in 1994 as part of their German More information
Romanticism season.
The exhibition has been shown in England and Please allow 30-40 minutes to walk up past the Mill
Scotland and a castle in Germany, and now it returns from our car parks. Entry to the Mill and exhibition
to its roots.  It will make an inspirational setting is free. Car parking is free to NT members, charges
for storytellers to spin yarns in the old cotton mill. apply for non-members. Why not ask one of our
This exhibition was renovated and installed by the team about all the benefits of NT membership?
generous support of National Trust’s Leeds and
District Association. The wrap around programming
has been supported by both the Holme & Calder
and the Airedale & Wharfedale National Trust

© National Trust
Registered Charity 205846
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Plant of the month

Garlic is ideally suited to until the leaves have started to or else they may rot when stored.
November planting and bulbs turn yellow but don’t leave bulbs Once the bulbs are dry they can
will grow in cooler temperatures in the ground too long after this be stored for up to 3 months.
ready for harvest in June and July.

Garlic prefers a full sun location
in well-drained compost rich soil
either in borders or containers.
Bulbs should be split into
individual cloves and planted
pointed end up about 1 inch
below soil surface – this can be
appealing to birds so be sure to
cover with netting to avoid this in
the early stages.

Flowers may form on the garlic
plants -these can be removed or
remain as they won’t affect bulb
growth. When harvesting, wait

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Homes & Interiors
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Homes & Interiors

Advanced Glazing Solutions
Experience – modern – competitive

We spoke to Russell Dalton of I offer a full repair service to My overheads are low so I can
Advanced Glazing Solutions who uPVC and specialise in the use these quality systems passing
told us about his business ethos; replacements of failed/misted on the savings to my customers.
“I have over 30 years knowledge double glazed glass units to Larger, well known companies
and experience in domestic domestic and commercial have to pass their overheads onto
and commercial replacement properties alike, offering free you, using inferior products for a
products. These include the help and advice. larger profit margin.
replacements of uPVC, Timber Composite doors are now a I  quote and install all of the
and Aluminium windows, doors popular product which I install. products myself, so you’re dealing
and conservatories. I install These being of a Rehau outer with me directly at all times.
a Spectus 70mm sculptured frame profile with the door slabs please read my customer reviews
modern profile, with a vast being that of the Solidor, with on
selection of all the new sought- a full colour range of modern
after colours. Spectus is one styles available.
of the leading products on the I use all the above products
market today also combining  knowing that the products that
A rated Argon gas filled Low E I replace are of good, robust,
28mm glass units with warm quality materials, secure locking
edge spacer bars giving greater systems, with modern styling
thermal efficiency to make my and more importantly, thermally
frames an A rated product which efficient.
adhere to all building regulations
where applicable.

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Homes & Interiors
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Homes & Interiors

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Homes & Interiors

More Bathrooms & Kitchens…
newly expanded into Mirfield
Passmore Group expands into Mirfield E
with new showroom at Whiteleys Garden his flyer – expires
Centre. FÉ
with t
Following the successful expansion into
Harrogate two years ago, Leeds-based
Passmore Group has witnessed fantastic
growth, which has led to its second
consecutive expansion and the purchase of
its first showroom in Mirfield.

The 54-year-old family-run business – taster of what we can do, offering the perfect mix of
which incorporates More Bathrooms, More bathroom, kitchen and bedroom design inspiration.”
Ability, More Kitchens, More Bedrooms
and More Build - has moved into the To celebrate the expansion, Passmore are giving
concession unit based in Whiteleys Garden Centre
with a view to offering local residents a ‘one stop all Mirfield customers who place an order before
shop’ for their main home improvement items, with
a company they can trust to deliver on quality. 25/12/19 an afternoon tea for two voucher, to

Tony Passmore, managing director, commented on be used in the Garden Centre Café. For more
the expansion: “Over
the past couple of years information and to view
we have extended our
showroom in Leeds, in the full T&C’s visit: www.
addition to moving into
Harrogate, so when this
space became available I
couldn’t let it go. whiteleys-launch TEHIATELoErYSCCOAFF

“The new concession FATRWEE
showroom provides The showroom is located E
our customers with a
in Whiteleys Garden FÉ
with t
RCoenadtr,eM, FirafrieClodm, monhis flyer – expires

WF14 0DQ

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Homes & Interiors

kitchen the heart
ll orders placed befor FÉ of your home
with a
Taking care of everything from design to
EE installation we can help you:
• Create a versatile and luxury concept
FREE • Utilise space to offer a practical design
• Meet the functional needs of the whole family
AT W • Provide an aspirational area to host and entertain
e 25/12/19

Book your free design appointment & quote: Visit our Mirfield Concession
Online: Showroom for Inspiration & Advice:
Call: 01924 480571
Email: [email protected] Whiteleys Garden Centre,
Far Common Road, Mirfield, WF14 0DQ
Facebook: More Kitchens

about a new
ll orders placed befor FÉ bathroom?
with a
Taking care of everything from design to
EE installation we can help you:
• Make your dream bath or shower room a reality
FREE • Provide a relaxing space to escape & unwind
• Add value to an existing home
AT W • Modernise a tired design
e 25/12/19 • Make a new property feel like your home

Book your free design appointment & quote: Visit our Mirfield Concession
Online: Showroom for Inspiration & Advice:
Call: 01924 480571
Email: [email protected] Whiteleys Garden Centre,
Far Common Road, Mirfield, WF14 0DQ
Facebook: More Bathrooms

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Homes & Interiors
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Homes & Interiors

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Homes & Interiors HOME FOCUS
Dining Delights

Creating the right ambience for a meal is easier
than you think. Don’t spoil the chance of a perfect
luncheon or evening get together by skipping on
the details of your dining space. After all, if you’ve
spent time toiling in the kitchen over a hot stove,
you want to present your food in the right way, to

HOMEbe enjoyed by your friends and family.

Some of us have dedicated dining rooms, whereas
others have bar stools and a breakfast bar. No

FOCUSmatter what space you have available, you can

make it look beautiful to enjoy your meals with
these simple tips:

1. Colour scheme 3. Chairs
Take a look at the colour scheme of your room and Sitting comfortably for a meal, especially if it is likely

Dining Delightscreate place settings to match. For example, if you
have a neutral space in whites/greys, then sprigs of to last for a little while, is really important to allow
lavender on a linen napkin can look stunning set on your guests to properly settle in and enjoy your
plain whiteCrceraotincgkteheryri.ghYtoamubcieancne cforreaamteealcisentrerpemieincisecsent of thef1o9o40d’s. wYitohuexmquiasiytelny ot hcaovmefoertxapblee nefsfeicvte. dining chairs but
wmiatkhefryeosuhreobsoopayfrasawsicekfpeiranpe.trpuhAfnieanxftcnagetfrpyolluoanoknulltwic,htnhihefeesiynodroktensu.oto’aovDrieltosreisnveope’eftenviysnniopentuogtnwriilgmdtepihiettneuhittnoocrggihyclieanohtnghuaceiensrr essavscfohonahaugdpbruepceeremad,idienccesfturpetpo.deosmccaiahcnlihldnyaasra.tbaaisthuMydoyceosdeulhsusrcios’thenr,peesogsccrnfaasaotbnlh.ltndolipsapIiuscbefnradvceyknehporebalmyaestuteisneanghsodarevrecuoC4cbgr.rsueseciaeintafironlcagLrbhnitgdhya-hsectatsairnynitdggylhbdelteiimsnsahceogho,aiedcytviufeeondstrghyecoaicoousoirmlnymnsdfseeoaoipdlreritesnadrbinlge
2. Crockerythe kitchen over a hot stove, you want to from new. effect.
on what time of day you are entertaining.

present your food in the right way, to be 3. Chairs 4. Lighting Lunch gatherings are best with natural light
so wherever possible open the blinds and
Do your plaentjeoysend ebyeydouar fbrieitndosfanadnfaomvilye.rhaul? Cracked
osaenntdesswb. ueYtiogpuhutT1drea.cokdehnapa’tlsloCaeohotklaeotauhvtwreetshcietblhloceeowmssloepatuseryhsonchudaenmcadaefnoodfri-ystoaupurnlnaeiycoewnlyeaIfndlsyldeo.hinuwaIghfpbalveaendbkeetnscohr-tYtsrahtouybeglueslebsfcoealarfitonnainrsdgatysbcdloiosadnhnts,ihayddeemdtrcauayrgtaiacniayclandaaorlnsenuttedrrehwulvrfeosneeitsosdimocndce.awiitennChdtgaegoooinrevefdseslalenefeso’astttfpftiiditnrialelhnyatgtrhregoalecoiscagstdtnowu,hfdprblnoteuhosmstfisigcwonthehhivnsneitnteeomtleaerrbmsogattliteohnktlwoeee.fs.
you have mrooormeanodfcareactoetptlaacgeese-tstitnyglsetohmoamtche. Ftohren floral for a safer (and lsikoemaeLwtbaiistimhttlyao,ehwfsuegflllceaiocnsmdksienatgrsomiyxnoiilugecr)iglsiuaagellwhstteatsyratsnthataehgetoniodvdoterostyrtaortto
or delicateelyxapmapltet,eifrynouehdavceraoncekuetrrayl spcaacne inbe in keeping candles. If you
with your swthyitlees/ignrewys,hthicehn scpraigsseofylaovuenwdear onntato keep
ttpoheeoapprelpesetraoeraftwflwliyaonlhibyoteoihrtniueecfcnrrcntealorusptjohmoakctikotyabneerkclretfeyraah.eynuodeYxdluoorf.rolvueokoiwcsHnwsasetnntauriasnncvnrngoagieinrpenakesgtgievvnisemssceinbetatonppoeitudntlrireetepcthhplisahnaiaeiosnwacteetiatgs,hsosnoeosmtweith pick a non-scented catonadnleexcseollenitt fdooodeesxnpe’rtiednceetarnadcitf aflrl oelmse
the taste of your foodfa.ils,Caafanbdulloeus binotttlehoef wtoinpe sohofuwld ibnee
bottles are rustic wheenroeuaghs tpoiklelaepr tchaencodnlveerssaitnionstruonrnming
mis-matchyeodurcsrchoecmkee. ry and this can be reminiscent lanterns can give off samgoootohldy!, but gentle glow.

soafuthceer1s,9s4c02a.’lslowpieCthrdocepkxelarqytueissiatenldy shaped cups and Lastly, welcoming your guests at the door with a hug
painted china. Much and a smile is always a good start to an excellent
voef rtyhiesncavnogdCDboruoaencye’kots,eulooderouposklrpradmcteeeeciscsadsnidianeefeglnrldtpyo.iaemYacbeesittscaoyahfsroeaiamunarp’noirltnveeyeosryenhsitnahoogufotla?nppdsuracnhdasising food experience and if all else fails, a fabulous bottle
from new. white or black plates can look really stylish, of wine should be enough to keep the conversation
running smoothly!

especially if they are an unusual shape. Look

40 omIuantktfeeorarerwescettelcadonmgiunelacarhdoavrnsgeqerutfiarsoriemndgriso?huenCsdwaohlnliecush.s on 07469 234199  or email [email protected]

You don’t have to spend a fortune on new

ai15706956001_Waxman Tile Showroom 60x90 GRAPEVINE - aNiO1V5E7M0B4E6R3029001593_-GrMaApIeNv.Hipondemf eQsua1&rtInetr1e0rP/ioa1gr0se/2-01690x9


Canadian wood burning stoves

Neo 1.2 Short

Now only


£399M M

Y Y Was £1195 Inc VAT

CM CM Metallic Ivory Optional fan

£50MY MY Inc VAT

CY CY Sunset 5kW

Red heat output




On display at: GROVE MILLS - ELLAND - HX5 9DZ
Waxman Tile Showroom
01422 371723
Free Parking Open 7 days



★ Shopping Services ★
★ Transport to Appointments ★
★ Adult Sitting/Companionship ★

plus handyman and many other services

t: 0333 577 0307 FREE CALL

e: [email protected]

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Homes & Interiors
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Homes & Interiors

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Homes & Interiors
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Homes & Interiors

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Homes & Interiors

Up to... From £1656 From £1846 GOLD PACKAGE

Vaillant Ecofit Vaillant Ecofit From £2026
Pure 25kw Pure 25kw
Vaillant Ecofit
Pure 25kw

Not just a plumbing company...

- Tiling and underfloor heating - Annual servicing of gas appliances
- Bathroom refurbishment - Drainage - Guttering and roofing repairs

- All other plumbing repairs

01484 716306
[email protected]

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Homes & Interiors

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Homes & Interiors
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Homes & Interiors

Yorkshire Plastering Company Offering a full
Reliable • Clean • Competitive range of quality
plastering services

Get in touch today
for a free quote

or more information

Jon: 07867 893 774
Tom: 07931 152 514
[email protected]

before after 10% off with this advert

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Community News & What’s On

What’s On... November

Your contributions are welcome and FREE for the Community Pages. Just email details to [email protected]
The deadline for submitting events for the December issue is 12th November - notices are placed on a first come, first served basis

BRIGHOUSE ART CIRCLE                                                     HIPPERHOLME & LIGHTCLIFFE ART
Brighouse Art Circle is a friendly group of people,
who share a love for art. They enjoy demonstrations, On Tuesday 1 October Hipperholme & Lightcliffe Art
workshops, life models and exhibitions.  New members Society were delighted to have Anne Allan lead a
of all abilities are warmly welcomed at any time of workshop on Chinese Brush Painting - of sunflowers.
the year. Meetings are held every Thursday at Waring Anne is a talented and very well-known local artist
Green Community Centre, Brighouse HD6 2AX at who brings along all the Chinese brushes, paints, paper
7.30pm. Call in or phone Max on 07885 451774  or and examples required, and on this occasion she also
facebook, email [email protected] or visit provided a bunch of real sunflowers. She encourages
website painters to loosen up, splash colour around, and
7 Nov Life Model thoroughly enjoy themselves.  Anne will be conducting
14 Nov Workshop, bonfire night another workshop on Tuesday 15 October, and the
21 Nov Demonstration /workshop by Sue Blackwell in subject will be ‘Animals’ using (hopefully) one or two
illuminated lettering brush strokes.  Come and join us at the Rest Centre,
28 Nov Workshop, stormy skie Brighouse, 7.30 pm.  More information at


The Brighouse Heart Support Group. We are holding a
Christmas Fayre & Grotto on SATURDAY 23rd November
2019 at Brighouse Sports Club Russell Way Brighouse
HD6 4LX From 12noon till 3.30pm. There are various
stalls, refreshments, crafts and many more. Santa Claus
is also coming to see the children. So why not come and
join us.
All welcome. 50p Entry fee and you will be entered into
the raffle. We are looking forward to seeing you

RYBURN 3 STEP BARN DANCE The next meeting of the current season of talks
of the Lightcliffe and District Local History Society
Saturday 16 th November 8pm at Waring Green will be held on Wednesday 6 November.  In “Our
Community Centre, Brighouse HD6 2AX . No previous Villages Built of Stone”, Ian Philp explores how local
experience necessary as caller Sue Coe will guide you stone-quarrying shaped our environment, and even
through the dances. Live music provided by Morgan Blackpool’s.  Everyone is welcome - there is a charge of
Rattler. Ticket prices £9 (a ccompanied under 12s free; in £2 for non-members.
f ull time education £5) . Bring your own refreshments. The Society’s meetings are held at Lightcliffe C of E
For further information, contact Pete and Sue Coe on Primary School on Wednesday evenings from 7.30 - 9.30
01422 822569 or check our website at pm.  This includes a refreshment break at 8.15 pm.  If you would like to join the Society, and attend all talks
this season for free, the annual subscription is £6 and
CHURCH CHRISTMAS FAYRE can be paid at any meeting. 
Further details can be found on the
Boothtown and Southowram Methodist Church, Society’s website,
Akroydon, Boothtown on Sat 30 Nov from 11am to
2pm. There will be stalls, games and food.

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