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Published by , 2016-12-29 23:39:56

Yeshua (truth) is in everything

Yeshua (truth) is in everything

Your connection to GOD

The context should always be kept in mind
Asking yourself your connection then you find

Your connection to GOD is what you’re after
Fit the pieces together and you’ll find laughter

It’s so simple hidden in plain sight
It’s just waiting for you to delight

Take your place in your own recognition
Let go of the world and its cognition

The cognition you seek is your connection to GOD
This is not possible if you retain your connection to the façade

Seeking words that explain your position
Connect the pieces of your supposition

Stop assuming so you can be freed
From the mental cage full of greed

A one sided deception designed as a trap
The greed of its power is a mind sap

Draining out the truth so the lie can live on
Inside your head let the illusion be gone

Gather all the pieces of truth you can find
Bring them all together like a harvest and bind

Use the power of your imagination to connect the other side
When the truth flows back to you it’s a different kind of pride

It only seeks your recognition and desire
The rest will lead you through a spiritual fire

Seek the letter “Lamed” in the Hebrew language
Let the “Shin” cleanse as it purifies all anguish

Then you might achieve “Qoph” as you separate dimensions
Then find your higher self through all your intentions

This is just and example of a path to be seeking
The way the journey travels is based on your peeking

If you never take a gander at the roads within your mind
You just might miss the journey or even be left behind

Let the spark of interest rage into a fire
So you can step into your soul, which will take you higher

One more cool fact is the letter “He”
Look how we refer to GOD the letter refers to breathe

To breathe in a consciousness is the final breath
Most will never experience till they face their death

Once again you can see you missed the scenic view
The one on your journey through life but here lays your queue

The next breath is your connection to GOD
I wouldn’t want to experience it if I died connected to the façade

Believing all the foolish things in which man has capitalized
To die in this aspect happened when you were demoralized

But now that you know it’s your chance to rise
Seek and ye will find your way out of the hypnotize

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Yeshua (truth) is in everything
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Yeshua (truth) is in everything