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Joseph Paul Amadeus' first compendium of poems.

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Published by JosephPaulAmadeus, 2016-04-11 12:36:22


Joseph Paul Amadeus' first compendium of poems.



Words Joseph Paul Amadeus
Original Paintings Nisreen Askar

Design Mosquito Designs

© Copyright 2015-2016 by JCO Communications Inc.
All rights reserved and no part may be reproduced in

any form without written permission of © owners

I am my alter ego

- Joseph Paul Amadeus

6 Joseph Paul Amadeus

Perception 7

88 Keys

88 Key and I can’t, with out assurance,
put my finger on any one of them.
You are as complex
as the trail of ebony and ivory
beneath my fingers,
but in tune with my desires
to conjure up a melodic mix of
passion, persistence and playfulness.
The notes cut through the air
with precise capacity.

Sultry sounds reach through your skin
in an attempt to touch your heart
and create a select smile
designated only for me.
I play on and perform solo
striking each chord
in the hopes of you joining me
for a long awaited interlude.

8 Joseph Paul Amadeus

Perception 9

Autumn Solstice and You

It’s as clear as the water illuminating
from beneath the pool of water
that is relaxing your soul.
The Autumn Equinox makes way
for the super moon to light up
and move above your head
as to scan your body
looking to find favour in you.

In mermaid stance you lean your sleek body
into the still wind, above the heated water’s surface

stretching to capture the energy of the earth
as it surrenders to the power of the moon.

On this night the stillness is loud.
The invisible quiet movements disturb the midnight air.

While nature is at sleep, I stay awake to watch you
contemplate your next moves

praying that you will be reaching for me
before entering into quiet slumber.

The Autumn Solstice has arrived at Mystic Point.
And so have you.

10 Joseph Paul Amadeus

Perception 11

Candles and Cake

You committed a birthday
and I wasn’t there
to witness the event

that happened thirty three times before.
It all seems to certain

to celebrate growing older,
always knowing

you’re to reach those golden years
through countless smiles and tears.
You’re in the summer of your life now,

with a lot to look forward to
as you anticipate Fall
to inevitably arrive.

Don’t anticipate anymore,
but rejoice

that God wanted you
to walk upon his good earth

this long.
And there’s no sign
that He intends to change His mind.

At least,
not till the late winter of your years.

What’s in a birthday?
Candles and cake
and a chance

for those of us who love you
to bring it all out in the open.

I thank God
it’s your birthday.

12 Joseph Paul Amadeus

Perception 13


Today the earth breaths cold on my lips.
The sun hides but peaks to see me smile.
My heart is hidden from the world, as my mind reflects

on warm thoughts of us,
although apart by the miles.
I don’t need a paper heart or a sweet reminder
to tell me that love is in the air.
I feel it with every breath I take
and every smile I plant for your approval,

with the utmost care.
With the new year came you.
With a real touch, with a single kiss
I never thought that my dreams would manifest
into wishes for someone I’d miss.
Someone whose hands work with natures gifts
Someone whose mind is on designing beauty
Someone whose heart is at peace with mine
Someone whose heart is shared with me truly
Today, cherubims play and dash through the invisible skies
looking for hearts that need to be tied
but as seraphims guide my heart, it continues to ache
crying for a wish to be with you today.

14 Joseph Paul Amadeus

Perception 15


I feel your warm breathing
careful not to disturb the nocturnal presence

of your calming body
not disturbing my contemplation

to seduce you.
I watched you roll over
forming a dancing shadow
Against the amber nightlight
and rolling back again.
Watching you in your deep rest
is like having a front seat
at a ballet performance
as you move in graceful sleep.
I wouldn’t have believed it
if I didn’t feel it for myself,

in the dark of night
with you on my right.

When you awake
I will be waiting backstage

to adorn you
with flowers and kisses
and a morning cup of coffee.
Tonight I will return
For an encore performance.
I wouldn’t have believed it
if I didn’t feel it for myself,

in the dark of night
with you on my right.

16 Joseph Paul Amadeus

Perception 17


It’s the first weekend of autumn
… and you.

Nature puts on a new face
with its pending transformation.
The heated days of summer have passed

with very little ceremony.
I have saved and banked
the valuable memories collected.
Ready to explore autumn treasures

… I found in you!

18 Joseph Paul Amadeus

Perception 19

Equinox 2

Sitting on the deck
I gaze at the glistening waters of Buckhorn Lake.

The endless waves moving with the current
protecting the species of life beneath and within it.

The morning calls of the wild
ride the winds that kiss my face,

as I partake in the ritual of
“the morning coffee”

The day has arrived in autumn fashion.
Squirrels and chimpmunks scurry to prepare for winter.

Leaves rustle and whistle in the wind
preparing for their fall and demise

as the cold air of the north approaches.
Colourful in splendour.
Beautiful in vision.
Marked by nature

and claimed as its winter blanket.

20 Joseph Paul Amadeus

Perception 21

If Only One More Time

(In Memory of Rod McKuen)
His words were soothing to my soul

His invisible presence a gift
His voice had a thundering affect

His heart was in every breath
Listening to the warm

made my cold days reverberate
with heated thoughts

and fantasies that laid low.
Snoopy was more than his friend

but our passionate feline.
Forever playing with our emotions

and teasing our heart strings.
The Earth was his mortal domain
The Sea was his fluid energy and inner voice
The Sky the home for his angels

Having shared my DNA
by simply being in his presence

Breathing the same air
feeling the same passion

My invisible mentor
shall forever be remembered

far from Stanyan Street
but close to many hearts
broken in the distances.
He has found his place to land

And it is safe.

22 Joseph Paul Amadeus

Perception 23

Leave The Porch Light On

I came into this life
Looking for the sun
My heartbeat took control
My life had just begun.
Emotions were my first friends
Tears moved them all about
But many times I found that
I was being shut out.
As I fell into the hole
Of vast despair and quiet noise
I tumble into temptations
Of an unfamiliar voice
But for a ray of light
The hole is dark and full of fright
When I finally reached to touch the ground
I dreamed of walking to its sound
Then let me walk alone
so I can see in the dark
The light at the end of my path
and my family in black.
Leave the porch light on.
Please welcome me into the dark
where the colours of life abound
and lead me to where my heart will be shared
and my long lost smile can be found
So,leave the porch light on,
Let it guide me to where I can be found.
Please leave the porch light on.
I couldn’t help what I did
or where I was going to be
Following other souls
thru their eternity was not for me
So leave the porch light on
Please leave the porch light on

24 Joseph Paul Amadeus

Perception 25

Mother, Means Everything To Me

You have been my teacher.
Helping me to learn about life,
pointing me in the right direction,
letting me make my own mistakes
and then helping me pick up the pieces afterwards.

You have been my friend.
Listening to me when I needed to talk,
making me talk when I didn’t know I needed to,

supporting me when I was down,
and helping me to see that things weren’t all that bad.

You have been my role model.
Leading me by your example.
But most of all, you have been my mother
Loving me unconditionally no matter what I did or said,
letting me know that I was not alone and never would be,
forI would always have a home.
I can never thank you enough
or all that you have taught me,

given to me,
and done for me.
I can never repay you.
All I can do is tell you that I love you
with all my heart and soul,
that I’m grateful for you,
and that I cherish you
and the closeness we share.
I feel incredibly lucky to have been gifted
with a mother like you.
To share eternal love.

26 Joseph Paul Amadeus

Perception 27

North Street

Heading back to my home of solitude,
I pause to take a deep breath,
feel the wind embrace my face
and reflect for a moment.

The sounds of busy North Street
come alive, in the Old Town of Chicago.

The gusts of wind are no strangers
to this part of the world,

as they live up to their justified moniker.
After making a stop at Starbucks
I head back reluctantly,
as committed joggers pass me by
heading for places unknown to me.

I too head for someplace unknown to others
but known only to you.

My solitude is crying to surrender
to release emotions and expectations.

Rescue me from this solitude.

28 Joseph Paul Amadeus

Perception 29


The first days of autumn have arrived.
I watch you wonder towards the sparkling waters edge
as the bright morning sun gives glisten to the gentle ripples

marching towards an unknown destination.
In the foreground, the brightness of the sun casts you

as a silhouette of striking beauty
against the tall grasses

and the transforming colours peaking beyond.
All of nature is alive in the world,
as it is in you
when you are at peace
within its energy.
My observation of you
in your natural element
is in deep contrast with

your place in the day to day world of the big city.
Today, the sound of your reflecting is deafening.

Your presence is solitary and confined.
Your beauty in concert and alone with nature.

At moments like this
I imagine myself in your world,

in concert with your heart
observing autumn living out its days

as we prepare for winter’s arrival.

30 Joseph Paul Amadeus

Perception 31

Off Again

I’m off again.
The dawn has broken
and surely it beckons
for another eventful day.
Morning eyes all around me
peer through silent air.
Quiet thoughts permeate beneath the skin
only to develop into reality
Once the sun shows its full brilliance
through the view window
on my side of the journey –
on my return to you.

32 Joseph Paul Amadeus

Perception 33

Poem @ 1: On The Rails

Slowly pulling out of the station
this train is moving in the direction

I don’t want it to go.
Away from you.

With only a hint of expectation
I look for recourse and resolve,

planning my escape
without even wanting to leave.

I am torn.
I am anxious.
I am already missing you.
The rocking is not gentle.
The ride is not smooth.
Much like our adventure
with hopefullness
that we won’t ever derail.
Silent rails are disturbed
as they lay fastened to the ground
against the cold earth.
My thoughts of you
laying you down
against my warm bed
speeding, huffing, breathing, pacing
whilst you lay on your back
looking at me with bright eyes
waiting for validation
that you are the one –
the only one.
Accept my hesitancy as I roll over
so that I can choose my words carefully,
and my next actions
with extreme calculation.
Not to deceive you
but to receive you.
I’m aboard t

34 Joseph Paul Amadeus

Perception 35


I stand still, very still
in my shadow.

No movement necessary
except for my eyes

allowed to wander intensely
in search of my surroundings.
Today, the sun burns into my casing

and coats it bronze,
air sprayed by the light wind
that carries your whisper kisses to my face

and directly to my lips.
I breath in the air you breath out

as you come close,
feeding my soul
while energizing my thoughts
as you step into my shadow.
Give me room to move from my stillness
and I will take your breath away with me,
to where I can escape my shadow..
into the night.

36 Joseph Paul Amadeus

Perception 37

Silent Whispers

This morning, an angel whispered softly in my ear
Awakening me slowly

To herald the coming day.
Opening my senses to the calm cold winds

And warming rays of sunshine
Awaiting me outside these doors
Time itself has a way of slowing to a crawl

When your warm breath
Wisks slowly across the tender back of my neck
Like being touched by the tip of an angels wing

Slowly following your tender kisses
Across the contours of my back

The expression of serenity on your face
As you wander in and out of your semi-conscious sleep

And the flicker of your sleeping eye-lids
With a maze of hidden images behind them

Draws my undivided attention to
... The wonders of you.

In turn I await your awakening
With the anticipation

Of greeting the newborn day.
We .. together …. will unlock the doors
And step out into the nature beyond our boundaries
As we enter into another world of wonder.

38 Joseph Paul Amadeus

Perception 39

Something, Someone

Give me something ….
to be proud of
to hold on to
to want
to hang on to
to live for
to admire
to hold close
to desire.

Give me someone ….
to love
to care

to be with
to share
to be near
to understand
to touch
to hold hands.
For as long as I’m in want
In all the time that I live,
Soon something or someone
Has got to give in.

40 Joseph Paul Amadeus

Perception 41

Three Steps

Take a stance.
Voice your opinion.
Run with your emotions
See with your heart

Embrace what I have to give you


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