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// Issue Q2 :: 17

Logic PD Connections Q2

Quarterly Newsletter

Newsletter Contents

Governer’s Safety Awards. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2

Logic PD Invests in Manufacturing Capabilities. . . . . . . 3

Logic PD Earns New Certifications. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Learn more about our Design & Engineering

Insights: Why the Big Picture Matters . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5-6

Insights: When Do SOMs Make Sense?. . . . . . . . . . . 7-8

Logic PD Gives Back. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-10

Learn more about our Manufacturing
More Content from Logic PD. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11-12

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Learn more about our Embedded Products

1 // Issue Q2 :: 17

Logic PD Earns Governor’s Safety Awards!

“Creating a safe workforce is key to doing our best work

and ultimately serving our customers.”

-Bruce DeWitt, CEO & PresidentO

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Come visit us at these upcoming trade shows

American Medical Device Summit MD&M Minneapolis
October 4-5 November 8-9
Westin Lombard Yorktown Center Minneapolis Convention Center
Chicago, Illinois Minneapolis, MN


Electronics Manufacturing
Logic PD Invests in Manufacturing Capabilities

Logic PD continued its aggressive growth strategy This printer will further reduce setup and programming
by expanding its manufacturing capabilities with times on SMT soldering jobs, and the SPI will provide
additional capital investments. Logic PD purchased auto-adjustment of parameters to optimize solder
a Fuji AIMEX IIS flexible placement SMT platform, an volume and placement in real-time.
all-in-one modular platform capable of handling many
components and process requirements within a single This new equipment builds on other enhancements
placement system. Logic PD installed earlier in the year to improve the

company’s through-hole mounting capabilities and
In addition to the SMT, Logic PD will also be installing provide improved quality management of the company’s
a second SJ Inno Tech screen printer with built-in 3D PCB assemblies and placement.
Solder Paste Inspection (SPI).

Learn More Here

3 // Issue Q2 :: 17

Electronics Manufacturing
Logic PD’s Manufacturing Facility Earns New


Logic PD has been awarded new quality management
certifications for its manufacturing plant in Ciudad
Juarez, Mexico. Issued by the global certification body,
National Quality Assurance (NQA), the ISO 9001:2008
and AS9100:C certifications recognized Logic PD’s
ability to provide customers with the highest quality

Logic PD opened its 26,000-square-foot Ciudad
Juarez facility in 2015. An extension of the company’s
manufacturing capabilities in Eden Prairie, Minn.,
the Ciudad Juarez facility provides Logic PD with
the flexibility to meet its customers’ demands for
accelerated time-to-market and reduced manufacturing
costs while maintaining continuous quality

At the facility, Logic PD supports its customers
with high-mix, low-volume and high-labor content
manufacturing, aftermarket services and in-factory
provisioning of Internet-connected devices.

Learn More Here


Design & Engineering
Insights: Why the Big Picture Matters

In product development, the big picture Typically, this results in a proposed design that meets

matters. Engineers and designers the criteria the engineering team heard in its initial
meetings, but ultimately isn’t what the end-user needs
tasked with bringing that next great idea or wants.

to life must have a broad systems level
understanding of what’s being created. Design and Engineering teams must think bigger.
They need to listen and ask lots of questions -- not just

Initial Engagement technical questions, but business questions.

Engineering teams tend to focus hard on what they Developing this understanding lays the foundation for
hear upon first meeting with a customer but fail to what the OEM’s investment should look like. Failure
consider the long-term total cost of development and to assess the business model and market conditions
the customer’s return on investment. creates a narrow view of the product development
costs that can hinder companies as they try to find the
right balance between scope, cost and ROI.

Development Process

Products come in all shapes, sizes and complexities,
from the highly regulated to the throwaway
consumable. Each has a return and each can be
implemented in a variety of ways. Understanding the
costs associated with various features and the timeline
for their implementation is important to projecting the
appropriate investment for the device development
and how fast the effort will become profitable once in

5 // Issue Q2 :: 17

Several design components are affected by strategy,
including how much automation to program into the
test, what to put in the boot loader, the PCB array, and
various size and scoring components. An unplanned
board spin near the pilot launch can cost five-to-six
figures in non-recurring engineering and result in
added FCC testing. More frighteningly, extra required
testing leads to inevitable delays in product launch,
which can hinder market penetration and result in huge
losses in unrealized sales.

Opportunities for cross-pollination

Production Test Systems Synergies exist between systems engineering,
electrical engineering, PCB design and production test
system development. These are disciplines that have
Product development teams that don’t test to find
appropriate efficiency projections are destined good opportunities for hands-on cross-disciplinary
for challenges as the production launch nears. A growth.
production test strategy needs to be established about
midway through the alpha phase of development. Management should encourage development within
engineering teams so individuals build out these
cross competencies. These investments will pay
This ensures all stakeholders know the tentative
approach, effort, schedule and costs. It also ensures back in spades in proposal development, during
that the required “hooks” are placed in the design both implementation, and within project management.
physically and in software to support an efficient test Erik Reynolds is the Senior Director of Engineering
process during production.
at Logic PD.

Read Full Article Here


Embedded Product
Insights: When Do SOMs Make Sense?

Developing a new and innovative

device can be a difficult and costly
process, especially when that device
is connected and potentially a part of a

complex and high-tech ecosystem.

Once the OEM product is complete, the SOM is mated
The modular approach to connected product design to the OEM’s baseboard to fit neatly into the case of
starts with a development kit, plus a system on module the final product.
(SOM). The development kit provides the basic
functionality shared by a variety of OEM customers and A modular approach can decrease the number of
gives the OEM a quick idea of how the system could components that would need to be designed from
operate. Once an operating system (OS) is selected, scratch in a chip-down system. This decreases the
software development can begin almost immediately number of resources the OEM needs to commit
because the development kit can usually provide a to design, shortens the time-to-market, cuts initial
foundation for this work. engineering costs, and reduces continuing/sustaining
engineering resources required to keep the product
The parallel development of software and hardware viable.
afforded by choosing the modular approach can
accelerate the product development timeline. Additional complexity can emerge when new devices
Hardware engineers can focus their attention on the will utilize wireless technologies like Bluetooth and
design and development of the application-specific WiFi as they represent separate technologies and
baseboard instead of reinventing the fundamentals like new challenges, like optimizing an RF circuit for radio
the processor and basic peripherals. transmission, that can be difficult and time-consuming.

7 // Issue Q2 :: 17

Each OEM should evaluate their expected sales
volume, identify their expected margin, examine their
risks for part obsolescence, software updates and
security holes, and decide how urgently the product
needs to come to market.

Purchasing a module pre-certified by the FCC and
ISED allows an OEM designer to bypass the extensive
testing required for the system, saving the OEM initial
development costs and reducing development time.

Once a new device is complete and in-field,
maintenance costs stemming from managing
component obsolescence, fixing software bugs and
patching security holes will inevitably arise. Again,
the modular approach can prove advantageous
here, as the continuing/sustaining engineering and If the OEM can justify the development time and
component obsolescence for the SOM is managed by costs due to large volume, that OEM should choose
its manufacturer. the chip-down solution. But for most OEM customers,
the better decision may be going modular.

The decision between chip-down and a modular Adam Ford is a Senior Applications Engineer at
approach is also heavily impacted by the projected Logic PD.
quantity of units the OEM produce, as well as the
market and expected margin for the product.
Read Full Article Here


Logic PD Gives Back

Logic PD continues to support local organizations by giving their time and
attention to important causes. Logicians have enjoyed participating in a variety of

volunteer events this past quarter.

Feed My Starving Children

A group of Logicians spent the afternoon hand-packing
meals for Feed My Starving Children. In the four hours
they spent there, they were able to package 25,272
meals! Those meals were packed into 117 boxes, and
can feed 70 kids for a year. FMSC sends these meals
to malnoruished communities in over 70 different

Thanks to this great organization for the work they
do in helping feed children across the globe and for
allowing Logic PD to come help the cause.

9 // Issue Q2 :: 17

Bridging (Furniture Bank)

A group of Logic PD volunteers visited the
headquarters of local non-profit Bridging on June 14
and spent the afternoon making bedroom dressers
that will be donated to families who are working to
transition out of homelessness and poverty.

In 2016, Bridging and its volunteers and donors helped
more than 4,000 families in the Twin Cities area obtain
quality furniture and household goods to assist in their
quests to make their new houses and apartments feel
more like homes.


New Webinar: A Smarter Product Review Process

We added to our content by creating our first-ever Insights Webinar. This short on-demand webinar can help your
company diagnose your product development concerns and make smarter decisions about the devices you
bring to market.

If your company is struggling to effectively move innovative new products through your internal product
development process, watch this new webinar. It covers what you need to focus on within your transition process
and mitigating the negative impacts wrought by poor transitions between stages of product development.

You’ll also learn the three steps OEMs should take to ensure their review process addresses the critical issues
and results in launching a product that performs much better than this lawnmower bike.

Click the button below to view the webinar: Re-Thinking Product Development Transitions.

View Webinar Here

11 // Issue Q2 :: 17

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// Issue Q2 :: 17

Logic PD Connections

Quarterly Newsletter

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