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Published by Michigan Works! Association, 2019-02-28 11:27:52

2019 Impact Awards

19 IA Program-spreads-flipbook




Chief Executive Officer
Michigan Works! Association Avalon & Tahoe Michigan Works!
Manufacturing West Central
The Honorable Gretchen Whitmer,
Governor of Michigan Henry Ford Health Randolph Career
System Technical Center
*lunch available during this time
Macomb-St. Clair Southwest Child Care
Michigan Works! Resources

Charlie Mahoney
Michigan Works! Association
Four-M Associates -
Communications Group

Conan Smith
Second Vice Chairperson
Michigan Works! Association
Adaptive Strategies LLC


Michigan Works! State Building Products


Strong Partnerships

SEMCA Michigan Works! wishes to congratulate SEMCA MICHIGAN WORKS! IS
Von Banks and to recognize CVS Health, ALL ABOUT PARTNERSHIPS.
Henry Ford College and the Talent Investment
Agency for their role in developing the Going We look forward to our continued
Pro Pharmacy Tech Training Program, a true partnership with many programs and
partnership between employer, educator and organizations during 2019 including:
Michigan Works!.
Von Banks, one of 39, enrolled in SEMCA’s Going Pro
Apprenticeship Readiness Initiative, a pilot program A BUSINESS RESOURCE NETWORK
at Henry Ford College in the Pharmacy Tech program.
This collaborative created a curriculum for a short-term, Southeast Michigan Works!
intensive training program and identified individuals that Agency Council
were committed to success and self-sufficiency.

The program prepared Ms. Banks and her fellow students
to be able to apply for their pharmacy technician license
with the State of Michigan.

CVS Health has offered to provide apprenticeships to all
of the eligible students with the intent of hiring those
who successfully complete the apprenticeship.

SEMCA Michigan Works!
25363 Eureka Rd | Taylor, MI 48180
734.229.3500 | [email protected]


The 16 multi-faceted and diverse Michigan Works! organizations cover the state with
efficient, effective tools capable of building jobs, leveraging careers and developing core

Michigan Works! is building—and leading—strong networks that boost community, economic and tal-
ent development

Michigan Works! organizations are proud partners of the network.


I Capital Area Michigan Works!...........................................................................................................6
M Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation, a Michigan Works! Agency............................................8
G Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works!................................................................................................10
H GST Michigan Works!......................................................................................................................12
N Macomb/St. Clair Michigan Works! ...............................................................................................14
J Michigan Works! Berrien, Cass, Van Buren powered by Kinexus...................................................16
C Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium..........................................................................................18
D Michigan Works! Region 7B Consortium........................................................................................20
L Michigan Works! Southeast............................................................................................................22
K Michigan Works! Southwest...........................................................................................................24
E Michigan Works! West Central........................................................................................................26
B Networks Northwest / Northwest Michigan Works!.........................................................................28
O Oakland County Michigan Works!....................................................................................................30
P Southeast Michigan Community Alliance (SEMCA) Michigan Works!.............................................32
A UPWARD Talent Council Michigan Works!......................................................................................34
F West Michigan Works!.....................................................................................................................36



It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our premier CHARLOTTE DAVID GOUDREAU
event, the Michigan Works! Impact Awards. (CHARLIE) MAHONEY Northern Wings Repair, Inc.
For more than 30 years, Michigan Works! has championed its mission to make Four-M Associates - CHUCK HADDEN
Michigan a place of economic prosperity, where everyone works. Communications Group Michigan Manufacturers
In every region, remarkable accomplishments are setting the pace for new JANE DOTY
job development and growth opportunities. At today’s event, we’ll hear from FIRST VICE CONAN SMITH
lawmakers, talent leaders, Michigan Works! organizations, employers and CHAIRPERSON Adaptive Strategies LLC
perhaps most importantly - the people who’ve forged ahead to create amazing H & H Restaurants, Inc.
careers for themselves. There’s a lot for us to celebrate here today.
This year’s award recipients, individuals, business and institutions, represent the Mercy Health of
best examples of Michigan’s workforce evolution. They were selected because SECOND VICE West Michigan
the impact of their work transforms lives and contributes to our thriving CHAIRPERSON
communities. Clinton County Board of
As you listen to their stories you will hear how Michigan Works!, through public
and private partnerships, helps businesses identify solutions and prepare a diverse BEN DAMEROW LUANN DUNSFORD
and inclusive workforce for in-demand jobs at all education and skill levels. SECRETARY Chief Executive Officer
Executive Director Michigan Works! Association
But Michigan Works! does not do it alone. We are grateful for the support of Michigan Works!
policy leaders, community partners and others in the private, nonprofit and Southwest
education sectors, who have helped make today’s achievements possible. Together,
we are building strong networks that boost community, economic and talent EDYTHE COPELAND
development in our state. TREASURER
Chief Executive Officer
The 2019 Impact Awards are not only an acknowledgement of significant Capital Area
accomplishments, but also a sign of opportunities to come. We are thrilled that Michigan Works!
you could be with us today to join in the celebration.
Chief Executive Officer
Charlotte (Charlie) Mahoney, Chairperson, Board of Directors Southeast Michigan
Michigan Works! Association Community Alliance
President, Four-M Associates - Communications Group (SEMCA) Michigan Works!




Ezatullah Shamszai | Capital Area Michigan Works!

IMPACT AWARD presented for strategic use of PATH and other available
programs to support a new American.

Left: Ezatullah Shamszai
Right: (From left) CAMW!
Workforce Development Board
Chair Jane Doty, CAMW! CEO
Edythe Copeland, CAMW!
Administrative Board Chair
Robert Showers, Shamszai and
Ezatullah’s daughter Khatera


In 2018, Capital Area Michigan Works! served 252,423 people at its American Job
Centers, filled 2,093 jobs with 497 businesses and invested more than $3.4
million in Going PRO Talent Fund dollars to train 3,819 individuals

6 including apprentices at Greater Lansing employers.


When Ezatullah Shamszai immigrated to the United States from Afghanistan, he brought with him a decade of
professional experience, but “working in an American environment was totally new for me.” He struggled for
a few years to find steady and meaningful employment, and knew he needed support. That’s when he came to
Michigan Works!

Despite his proficiency in multiple languages—and his experience and desire to help people—he lacked both
English language skills and confidence. He was also dealing with transportation issues, family health concerns,
and one of the biggest barriers of all: fear.

At one of the first meetings with his Michigan Works! career coach, Ezatullah expressed an interest in
marketing, journalism and clerical work.

The coach wove together a suitable package for Ezatullah—one
that included PATH funding, refugee services through Lutheran
Social Services of Michigan and volunteer posts in state

At the same time, Ezatullah continued his studies at Lansing Community College to get an associate degree.

Thousands of people a year come through the doors of Capital Area Michigan Works!’ American Job Centers,
but something about Ezatullah stood out to every individual who interacted with him (and that was a lot of
individuals, because Ezatullah took advantage of every program and service available to him). So when a part-
time talent position opened up to support job seekers, Ezatullah was one of the first people who came to mind.

With the team’s encouragement, he applied for the job, and got it. Over the next year, he continued to increase
his skills and he moved to full-time employment in August 2017, now serving clients instead of being a client.

For Ezatullah, his position is about more than just a job. “All those fears I had
are gone. The fears of not being able to get a job in an office if you are coming
from a different country, the fears of being different in a working environment,
and the fears of not succeeding in your career.”




Ajax Paving | Stephen Swain | Michigan H.R.D.I. | Randolph Career Technical Center
Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation (DESC)

IMPACT AWARD presented for the implementation of high-quality
apprenticeship programs capable of developing skilled talent.

Right: Access for All Cohort


Driver Responsibility Fees have been a huge barrier to Detroiters looking for employment. Starting in
2017, the Mayor’s Workforce Development Board lobbied for legislation to have these fees forgiven.
Legislation was passed early in 2018 and DESC developed a workforce training program
that allowed thousands of Detroiters to qualify to get their fees waived early and

8 apply for reinstatement of their drivers licenses. Since January 1, 76,000 Detroiters have had their
fees forgiven, saving $120 million.


Stephen Swain had worked handling shipping for his mother’s company for several years, but he wanted a
career rather than just a job and wanted to avoid taking on significant college debt. Like many others he saw
the skilled trades as the best potential opportunity, but he needed training.

After the recession of the late 2000s, many Detroiters with skilled trades experience left the city or took jobs
in other fields. Ten years later, with Detroit experiencing a level of infrastructure investment not seen in over
a generation, it had become critical to make these career opportunities available to Detroiters, which meant
increasing the pool of skilled trades talent.

The Randolph Career Technical Center had a long and positive reputation in Detroit for providing excellent
skilled trades training, but a lack of investment and opportunity and a lack of modern equipment had led to
falling class sizes.

In 2017, Randolph CTC was revitalized with an investment of
$10MM, led by the Mayor’s office, DESC, Detroit Public Schools
Community District and numerous skilled trades organizations,
corporate and philanthropic donors.

The facility was upgraded to offer state-of-the-art training in a range of fields including plumbing, electrical,
HVAC, carpentry, CDL-A, heavy equipment, CAD, and pre-apprenticeship, with high school classes during the
day and adult classes in the evening. From a starting enrollment of only 80 youth, enrollment during the 2017-
18 academic year increased to 310 high school students and 300 adults.

The Access For All course at Randolph CTC prepared Stephen Swain for a skilled trades apprenticeship. On
the day of his graduation ceremony in August 2018, he was offered an apprenticeship by Ajax Paving, one of
many employers who hired multiple Randolph graduates.

“There are skilled trades career opportunities in Detroit like we haven’t seen 9
for many years,” said Don O’Connell, retired Executive Director of Operating
Engineers Local 324 LMEC. “Randolph’s revitalization means that Detroiters
have a state-of-the-art facility to train them for these careers, and the
partnership with the skilled trades ensures demand-driven training quality
meeting the needs of the industry.”



Avalon & Tahoe Manufacturing | Michael Fortino | Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works!

IMPACT AWARD presented for the effective braiding of state and federal
program resources to ensure local business growth and great job
placement for an area veteran.

Left: Michael Fortino
Right: Avalon & Tahoe Going
PRO grant award


Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works! is more than a spare pair of hands to post jobs and sort
résumés. We are the pulse of the job market! We directly impact the success and
growth of employers throughout Bay, Gratiot, Isabella, Midland and Saginaw counties
and assure that the labor force in each of these counties meets employer

10 needs. We are the Talent Experts!


Avalon and Tahoe Manufacturing, Inc. has been a major employer in the Great Lakes Bay area since 1972. In
2016, this family-owned business increased their market share to the fourth largest manufacturer of pontoon
boats in the world.

Avalon has been an active user of Michigan’s Going PRO Talent Fund grants and credits the program with the
rapid growth of their organization.

Four years of awards have given Avalon and Tahoe the necessary
resources to train more than 100 employees in everything from
robotics to advanced CNC programming and operations. They
attribute their 23 percent increase in sales during 2018 to their use
of Going PRO program resources.

In 2017, Avalon began a $4.9 million expansion that has resulted in 100 new jobs, making them the sixth
largest employer in Gratiot County. They offer stable jobs with good wages and benefits.

Michigan Works! helped ensure Mount Pleasant resident—and U.S. veteran—Michael Fortino could be hired
for one of those good Avalon jobs in August 2017.

When Michael came to Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works!, he had been separated from his job at an auto
service retailer, where he was not making much more than minimum wage. He was entered into the WIOA
Dislocated Worker program and enrolled at Mid Michigan College’s Morey Tech MIG welding program.

At completion of the training, he applied and was hired as a welder with Avalon. He has doubled his salary and
is working 50 hours a week.

GLBMW! has developed a strong relationship with Avalon and Tahoe during
the last six years. With Michigan Works’ support—and that of healthy state
program resources—the company has nearly doubled its annual boat production,
increased employment by more than 39 percent, and grown sales by more than
79 percent.




Zolene Anter | Sanilac Career Center | GST Michigan Works!

IMPACT AWARD presented for successful efforts to get a young graduate
off to a great start.

Zolene Anter


GST Michigan Works! is committed to leading the way in talent pipeline development! More than 104,000
job seeker customers accessed valuable career building, employment training and job
readiness services across our seven American Job Centers in 2018. In partnership with the Talent
Investment Agency, GST’s Business Solutions Professionals successfully facilitated the submission of 77

12 Going PRO Training Fund applications, resulting in 41 local businesses receiving awards
topping 1 million dollars!


Zolene Anter, age 17 and a recent home-schooled high school graduate, had just started her first job doing
seasonal general labor on a local farm when she came to GST Michigan Works! in August 2017.

Zolene was adopted from the West African country of Liberia and is one of 13 children. She faced some
barriers to further education and employment. She had very limited work experience, had not attended school
outside of her home and suffered from sickle cell disease, a disability that caused her unpredictable bouts of
widespread pain.

Coming from a large family, money was not readily available to pay for post-secondary training. However,
Zolene was determined to further her education and begin a career in health care.

With her determination, the support of her adoptive family, and funding provided by the WIOA Youth
program, Zolene pursued her career goal.

In the fall of 2017, Zolene enrolled in the Clinical Medical Assistant program at the Sanilac Career Center.
She excelled in the program and completed successfully in December 2017. After her training, Zolene received
résumé assistance from her Career Coach, Amanda and began her job search.

GST Michigan Works! provided tuition assistance with WIOA Youth
training scholarship, one-on-one Career Coaching and guidance.

In April 2018, Zolene was hired as a full-time medical assistant at the Huron Medical Center. Not only did she
find a full-time position with good pay and benefits in the field of her training, but she worked for a doctor
from her home country of Liberia! The position was a perfect fit for Zolene.

“My family, this Nation and GST Michigan Works! has changed my whole life
in every way,” Zolene says. “With the financial help that GST Michigan Works!
provided me I was given the education and career path to be successful in the
medical field. I will be able to financially support myself and continue to save for
further education to be able to grow a successful lifelong career.”




State Building Products | Michael Rentz | Macomb/St. Clair Michigan Works!

IMPACT AWARD presented for programs to help veterans and returning
citizens get back on their feet.

Michael Rentz and Jodi
Kurzyniec, Controller, State
Building Products


Macomb/St. Clair Michigan Works! offers Basic Training for Job Search with a comprehensive five-
day Employability Boot Camp. Designed in 2014 to benefit our nation’s veterans, the boot camp has
served nearly 550 individuals during 45 cohorts. Local employers support the effort through
sponsorships and are invited to participate to share hiring practices, company talent requirements and

14 mock interviewing. In 2017, 71% of the 114 veterans that participated in the boot camps
gained employment with an average hourly wage of $17.49.


State Building Products has been providing structural and framing products across the country for more than a

With corporate sales office adjacent to their newly remodeled manufacturing facility in Warren, the company
looks to Macomb/St. Clair Michigan Works! for assistance with talent recruitment and training needs.

One such referral was Michael Rentz. A six-year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corp but struggling to find
employment with a recent prison record, Michael reached out to Michigan Works! for help in finding a job.

Following skills assessments and guidance from career planners,
Michael chose a training path. With blended training funds
through America’s Promise Grant and the Workforce Innovation
and Opportunity Act (WIOA), he attended the Controls Technician
program at Macomb Community College.

Presented with job search strategies and interview techniques following the 15-week program, Michael’s
résumé was then provided to State Building Products by the business account manager. This led to the
company using On-the-Job Training (OJT) funds to further strengthen Michael’s skills.

A position was created for him as a Machine Maintenance Technician in anticipation of another worker’s
retirement. Accessing required tools through WIOA supportive services also led to Michael’s successful
employment and further satisfied one of the staffing needs for State Building Products.

“The OJT program allowed us to expand our staff and have new employees
fully trained during a slower period of sales, saving countless numbers of hours
that would have been needed to perform training during a busier manufacturing
schedule,” said a State Building Products rep.

“Michigan Works! is absolutely needed and worked so well and so fast for me,” said Michael. “If it wasn’t for
them I might still be looking for employment.”




Ralph Moyle Inc. | Marjorie Curtis | United States Department of Labor | Michigan Works!
Berrien, Cass, Van Buren

IMPACT AWARD presented for the effective development of a strong,
homegrown apprenticeship program in Southwest Michigan.

Left: Marjorie Curtis
Right: Ralph Moyle Inc.


The LINK (Business Resource Network) is a private-public collaborative whose purpose is
improved workforce retention through onsite employee support and training services. The
LINK has served over 525 employees, with over 850 barriers to sustainable
employment since it’s inception in September 2016. The barriers are related to

16 transportation, food, housing, financial and medical.


Ralph Moyle Inc. (RMI) is a growing locally owned and operated logistical company located in
Southwest Michigan. They have been a provider of transportation and warehouse services for the
Midwest area for over 50 years.

In 2017, RMI approached Michigan Works! with a significant workforce challenge: they were
struggling to find quality CDL drivers. This problem was not only impacting company performance, it
was also causing insurance premiums to rise.

Michigan Works!, on behalf of RMI, reached out to our partners at the U.S. Department of Labor to
ask for help creating a 12 month CDL apprenticeship program.

In order to support the apprenticeship, RMI applied through
Michigan Works! for Going PRO Talent Fund money and made
an infrastructure investment, converting a spare building into a
training academy for on-site classroom instruction.

RMI also went to the market and hired qualified State of Michigan instructors to manage the training
portion of the apprenticeship.

Since the implementation of the apprenticeship, RMI has managed to address its identified issues
within an 18-month period.

Once new employees are hired at RMI, they are supported in a family-like environment by Marjorie
Curtis, HR manager. Known as the “glue that binds the team together,” Marjorie has been working at
RMI for the past 15 years and oversees community activities for the company.

“Marjorie has helped continue the unique family culture at Ralph Moyle,” said
Mark O’Reilly of Michigan Works!. “Her can-do attitude has helped position the
company as a preferred employer for our area. In the current climate companies
are competing quite often on company culture, particularly when trying to
recruit a younger workforce. Marjorie is instrumental in driving that culture.”




Springs Window Fashions LLC | Dan Howlett | Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium

IMPACT AWARD presented for a business relationship that’s helping grow
new community talent.

Left: Dan Howlett
Right: John Metts receives
OJT award for Springs Window
Fashions LLC


In 2017 alone, Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium worked with over 13,500 individual job seekers
and over 1,500 employers throughout Northeast Michigan. They have helped over 70 individuals
with Classroom Training assistance, and have helped over 50 employees receive training thanks
to On-the-Job Training and Incumbent Worker Training Programs. Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium

18 also secured over $490,000 in Skilled Trade Training Funds to train over 390 employees at
11 Northeast Michigan businesses.


Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium has worked with Springs Window Fashions for several years,
supporting employee recruitment, training assistance and support services. Thanks to this partnership, the
company has become one of Michigan Works! biggest advocates, promoting the organization’s programs and
services through talent tours and other student hosting programs.

Michigan Works! Northeast Consortium first met Dan Howlett when he had work experience only in the
fast food industry as a cook and maintenance person. During one of his interviews with Michigan Works!
staff, Dan mentioned he had a young son and he wanted to be a role model for him. He was looking for a job
that would give him more skills; a job he could be proud of; a career with opportunities for advancement.
Naturally, Michigan Works! thought of Springs Window Fashions.

Enrolling in the Michigan Works! On-the-Job Training (OJT)
program, Dan Howlett began his new job at Springs in January
2017 as an operator/assembler.

Since Dan was traveling 74 miles round trip to his new job at Springs, Michigan Works! also assisted with
mileage reimbursement during his OJT, which really helped him. In addition, Michigan Works! provided
clothing assistance to get Dan the outdoor coveralls required for his new position.

Today Springs Window Fashions is proud to call Dan Howlett one of their top employees. He does a great job
for the company and has received pay increases for his efforts.

“Dan was one of our first candidates for the OJT program and completed it
successfully,” said Springs’ HR director John Metts. “He is now one of our ‘go-
to guys’ in the facility, since he has learned many of the operations in our rough
mill, molding and sanding areas. He has become a proficient fork truck operator
and is an integral member of our stacker team. We expect great things from Dan
and are very happy he came to us.”

Thanks to the career assistance Michigan Works! provided, Dan now makes 23 percent more in his new
position than he did as a cook. Most important of all, he is happier.




Kalitta Air, LLC | Shane Franklin | Michigan Works! Region 7B Consortium

IMPACT AWARD presented for creation of an aviation apprenticeship
program capable of serving as a model for the nation.

Left: Kalitta Air staff
Right: (Left to Right) Tom
Hutchings, Apprenticeship
Supervisor, Kalitta Air; Angel
Melendez, Manager of
Maintenance Training, Kalitta Air;
Herb Martin, Test Cell Foreman,
Kalitta Air; Valerie Jemerson,
State of Michigan; Natasha Allen,
COO, Michigan Works! Region
7B; Linsdsy Adkins, BSP, Michigan
Works! Region 7B


Michigan Works! Region 7B Consortium has helped local employers increase USDOL Registered Apprenticeships through the
creation of a pre-apprenticeship program with our partners - adding over 62 new apprentices to our area overall, 40%
of which are in underrepresented populations. We believe so strongly in apprenticeships that Michigan Works!
Region 7B Consortium presently employs 3 new USDOL Registered Apprentices and each apprentice will receive a
journeyman card as a Workforce Development Specialist upon completion. We plan to continue to expand apprenticeships, not

20 only in our community, but as an employer.


Michigan Works! Region 7B Consortium was recently awarded a grant to create a talent pipeline for students
to train for the United States Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship program at Kalitta Air, LLC.

Apprentices selected for the Kalitta Air Aircraft Maintenance Registered Apprentice Program observe and assist
in a live maintenance environment, supervised by experienced mentoring mechanics.

Throughout the 30-week program, apprentices are exposed to all aspects of hangar/line maintenance and jet
engine maintenance operations. It’s a fantastic—and free—opportunity.

Shane Franklin was interesting in moving to Iosco County. He filled out a program interest form and met with
the career transition coordinator at Michigan Works! Region 7B to discuss his interests and career pathway.
After reviewing the career opportunities in the area, he expressed a desire to get work at Kalitta Air as an
airplane mechanic.

Since recruitment for the new apprenticeship program was underway, Shane was referred to the Business
Solutions Professional for an interview. He was accepted into the program, received a Going PRO
Apprenticeship Readiness Grant, was approved by Kalitta and enrolled in Alpena Community College.

Shane attended eight weeks of intensive courses and received
a stipend to help support himself, allowing him to attend classes
every day. Upon completion, he received $1,100 in tools to be used
in his new job.

Shane is currently enrolled in the Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic USDOL Registered Apprenticeship at
Kalitta Air and is growing along with numerous other candidates.

In total, today, Kalitta Air has added 47 new employees into the workforce.
The company says the continuance of these partnerships and programs such
as the Going PRO initiative will help keep the pipeline of potential employees
open. This will help them fill their job vacancies and keep Northeast Michigan




Paragon Metals, Inc. | Cole Breault | Michigan Works! Southeast

IMPACT AWARD presented for corporate and personal growth incentivized
by Michigan Works! programs.

Cole Breault


In 2017-2018, Michigan Works! Southeast provided an opportunity to build a better
future by creating over 13,800 connections that placed 7,000+ people in
careers, worked with over 5,000 businesses and enrolled more than 1,800

22 customers into programs.


Paragon Metals, Inc. is a Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier of automotive, truck, industrial and heavy equipment to
Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, Volvo and Behr. Headquartered in Hillsdale, the company has facilities in
China and Korea.

Paragon recently expanded its Michigan footprint by adding another facility in the Hillsdale Industrial Park.
In order to adequately staff growth, the company worked closely with Michigan Works! by holding job
fairs, posting jobs on the Pure Michigan MiTalent Connect website, and hiring several unemployed, laid off,
dislocated or underemployed employees who qualified for over $21,000 in On-the-Job Training (OJT) grants.

Moreover, Paragon received a Going PRO Talent Fund grant of
$18,000 to help start an electrical apprenticeship and hire 10 new

Cole Breault was a recent high school graduate when he came to Michigan Works! last year. He was referred to
the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Youth Program/Career Advisor to assist him attaining
his goal of obtaining employment. He lived with his mom and had been involved in the court process, but had
no record that would impact him gaining employment. Upon enrolling into the WIOA program, Cole had no
prior work experience.

After working to ensure Cole had a resume and other tools he would need to be successful, Cole’s career
advisor found out that Paragon was interested in hiring him for a CNC operator position and informed them
that Cole was enrolled in WIOA and OJT eligible.

Cole completed 400 hours of OJT as a CNC operator with Paragon Metals, Inc.
He maintains full time employment there as a CNC operator and is receiving

As a result of this growth—and the Michigan Works! programs that helped make it possible—Paragon Metals
and Cole Breault have both become vibrant parts of the economic resurgence in Hillsdale County.




Southwest Child Care Resources | Emily Wilger | Michigan Works! Southwest

IMPACT AWARD presented for addressing one of the major obstacles to
employment—quality child care.

Left: Emily Wilger
Right: April Goodwin, Southwest
Child Care Resources


In an ongoing effort to offer customized solutions for employers’ hiring needs, the Business Services Team at
Michigan Works! Southwest has been dedicated to providing information, connections, and support to
employers interested in apprenticeship programs. This year, Michigan Works! Southwest staff assisted
in the creation and implementation of innovative, non-traditional apprenticeship programs for

24 Medical Assistants at Grace Health, Municipal Maintenance Technicians (Roadway Technicians) at the Road
Commission of Kalamazoo County and an Early Childhood Development Program.


Child care impacts every industry and has been one of the most ommon challenges identified by area employers, both
limiting perspective employee and affecting retention post hire. To address this issue, Michigan Works! Southwest
partnered with Southwest Child Care Resources, local child care employers and supporting organizations to create a
pipeline of child care workers to fill not only roles in child care centers, but also to move on to other positions in the child
care field such as early childhood education.

Based on multiple conversations regarding the lack of available talent for Early Childhood Education careers and issues
with retention due to low wages typically associated with the field, Michigan Works! Southwest and Kalamazoo RESA
/ Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.) worked together to identify employers and community partners dedicated to
finding a solution to these issues.

A core team was developed, consisting of multiple employers, career and technical training providers, post-secondary
education partners, Southwest Child Care Resources, Y.O.U., Michigan Works! Southwest and the DOL Office of
Apprenticeships. With input and participation from team members, a registered apprenticeship was successfully developed
which included key components such as employability skills training, stackable credentials, career pathway planning and
support services.

Two Early Childhood Apprenticeship cohorts have taken place, one in
Kalamazoo and one in Battle Creek. Additional cohorts are anticipated to
begin in early 2019.

Emily Wilger was a senior at Loy Norrix High School and on track to graduate in June 2018. Being a very bright student,
academics were not an issue for Emily. Although she enjoyed her position as Editor in Chief for the school yearbook and
volunteering at Fire Historical and Cultural Arts Collaborative, she did not have a clear understanding of her career goals.
She knew she loved working with children and that traditional post-secondary education programs did not interest her,
however, she also understood that occupational credentials would help her obtain employment.

Having previously worked in the MyCity Kalamazoo Summer Program, Emily applied for a summer job with Y.O.U. in
the CareerNOW occupational training pathway. As part of the CareerNOW training, Emily participated in a subsidized
internship at the YWCA and New Genesis, Inc. as a child care aide. Before the training ended, New Genesis, Inc. requested
an interview and hired Emily as a child care aide, allowing her to participate in the registered apprenticeship at New
Genesis, Inc. Once Emily completes the requirements of the Childhood Development Associate (CDA) and the registered
apprenticeship program, she will receive her occupational credentials as well as a wage increase.

Should Emily wish to continue her growth in the Early Childhood Education career pathway, she will be able to utilize

25The Kalamazoo Promise to obtain an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. She would also be eligible to apply for the TEACH

Grant that will assist with paying for any remaining portion of her education.



Tina Holey | Muskegon Community College | Michigan Works! West Central

IMPACT AWARD presented to the programs and services that have helped
a West Central Michigan woman overcome adversity.

Tina Holey


Michigan Works! West Central’s Business Services Team is committed to helping companies with
Workforce Development by promoting U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) Registered Apprenticeships.
In 2018, we held two “Apprenticeship in A Day Workshops.” In conjunction with the USDOL,
we helped numerous companies complete the process and submit their paperwork

26 for registration. Learn more about our services at under Employer


Tina Holey grew up facing challenges that began when she was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome.

The rare genetic disorder affected the development of her facial structure and also made it difficult for
her to eat, drink and breathe.

“I always felt discriminated against as a child,” she said, “but I never let that hold me back.”

In her early 20s and after nearly 200 surgeries, Tina knew she was ready to transition off disability
and find a full-time job. She also knew she needed training to achieve her career goal of becoming a
commercial truck driver.

“I knew I could do more than people thought I could” she said. “I’ve been wanting to work since I
was 13 years old.”

Tina came to the Michigan Works! Service Center in Ludington and met with career development
specialist Shayla Savich. Shayla was able to enroll Tina in the Out-of-School Youth program.

“Shayla was awesome” Tina said. “She kept pushing me to accomplish my goals.”

In January 2018, Tina completed a 160-hour training
program at Muskegon Community College and wasted no
time seeking employment.

Today she works as a full-time truck driver and hopes to someday own her own business.

“My family doesn’t have to take care of me anymore,” she said. “I
like to inspire others. I like showing people that no matter what
others say is wrong with you, there’s always something you can do! I
get to prove myself every day.”




Katelyn Stuckey | Northwest Michigan Adult Education | Wexford-Missaukee Career Technical
Center | Northwest Michigan Works!

IMPACT AWARD presented for collaboration with Michigan Works! to
provide local training and employment opportunties.

Katelyn Stuckey


In 2018, Michigan’s first ever winemaker apprentices graduated from a registered
apprenticeship program established by Northwest Michigan Works! and St. Ambrose Cellars in Benzie
County. Two St. Ambrose employees spent two years in work-based learning and technical education
related to winemaking and earned nationally recognized credentials indicating their proficiency in

28 the winemaking industry. St. Ambrose Cellars is continuing to work with Northwest Michigan Works! on registered
apprenticeship programs for other employees.


For as long as Katelyn Stuckey can remember she has always wanted to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps and
become a nurse.

That dream came to an abrupt halt when three months before high school graduation Katelyn’s best friend
committed suicide. A life-changing and devastating event to Katelyn, she quit school and lost all hope of achieving
her dream.

After three years Katelyn’s dream once again came into focus when she was introduced to the Adult Career Training
(ACT) program.

Northwest Michigan Works! partnered with the Wexford-Missaukee Career Technical Center, Northwest Michigan
Adult Education, Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates, and local employers to offer the program. ACT is a free, 18-week
program where students learn skills specific to their chosen career path while working to complete their high school

“I took the CNA program head on!” said Katelyn. “It was a big step in the right direction for my nursing career. I
fell in love with the whole team and everything they were doing to make everyone in the program successful.”

In addition to the CNA training, Katelyn enrolled at the Adult
Education Learning Lab to work on completing her high school
diploma. She also enrolled in the Jobs for Michigan’s Graduates
program which provided career counseling, résumé assistance and
mock interviews.

“Katelyn consistently put in the most hours toward her education with the most dedication toward achieving her
goals,” said Ryan Bruntjens, Adult Education Navigator. “During the career training, she was extremely engaged and
wanted to make sure she was doing everything the best she could.”

After completing the ACT program, Katelyn was employed as a CNA with a local health care provider. Despite
a busy work schedule, she is still working on her high school diploma and once again dreams of following in her
grandmother’s footsteps as a nurse.

“I thought I was going to be a server for the rest of my life,” said Stuckey. “It’s

opening a whole new world for me. You guys for sure made a big turnaround for

me and I’m forever grateful.” 29



Henry Ford Health System | Talisha Williamson | Oakland Community College | Henry Ford
College | Oakland County Michigan Works!

IMPACT AWARD presented for the development of a pioneering, no-cost
medical assistant apprenticeship program.

Talisha Williamson


In partnership with Michigan Works! Agencies across the region, Oakland County Michigan Works!
led efforts to bring MiCareerQuest Southeast to southeast Michigan. Over 8,000 high schools
students from 6 counties engaged with over 100 exhibitors to learn more about
careers in advanced manufacturing, construction, health sciences and information

30 technology, through hands-on, interactive exhibits. Learn more at


In 2018, Henry Ford Health System in partnership with Oakland County Michigan Works! launched their first
USDOL-registered Medical Assistant Apprenticeship program. The company was also a sponsor and exhibitor
of the region’s first MiCareerQuest Southeast.

The partnership provides $8,000 worth of classroom instruction,
On-the-Job Training and an hourly wage to qualified candidates
who enroll in the yearlong program at Oakland Community College
or Henry Ford College.

“Medical assistants are among the top 10 in-demand jobs in health care in our county,” said Oakland County
Executive L. Brooks Patterson. “This innovative apprenticeship will help alleviate the shortage of these certified
medical professionals and provide a rewarding career path for many people. Free instruction and an hourly
wage to boot – this is an incredible opportunity to enter the health care field without crippling student debt.”

Oakland County Michigan Works! pre-screens candidates and assists Henry Ford Health System and the
colleges to coordinate entry into the apprenticeship program. Medical assistant apprentices, under direct
supervision of a mentor, perform a variety of tasks to help provide quality patient care. The one-year program
combines classroom instruction and on-site training.

Oakland County Michigan Works! utilizes Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act funds to cover the costs of
the On-the-Job Training.

The program is helping individuals like Talisha Williamson advance her career in the health care industry. She
started at Henry Ford Health System as an admitting clerk. Talisha became aware of the medical assistant
apprenticeship program through her employer.

She worked with the local Michigan Works! office to update her resume, plus improve her time management
and interviewing skills. After a thorough screening process, she was selected to the apprenticeship program in

Upon graduation from the program this year, Talisha and her seven classmates will 31
become full time certified medical assistants, earning a competitive hourly wage
plus full benefits. Her ultimate goal is to become a physician’s assistant.



CVS Health | Von’Shanique Banks | Henry Ford College | Southeast Michigan Community
Alliance (SEMCA) Michigan Works!

IMPACT AWARD presented for collaborative efforts to create a pharmacy
tech training program.

Left: Von’Shanique Banks
Right: Pharmacy Tech Training
Program Graduates


For the 2017-18 program year, SEMCA Michigan Works! demonstrated its commitment to serving job seekers and
employers with impressive numbers. We helped 4,239 employers fill nearly 5,000 jobs and upgrade the
skills of thousands more of their incumbent workers. With 124,000 visits to our service centers, over 15,200
individuals engaged in our services, 2,249 receiving training with $4.4M in training funds

32 being provided. SEMCA Michigan Works is committed to preparing job-seekers with the skills to meet the talent
needs of employers today and in the future.


The Michigan Works! Going PRO Pharmacy Tech Training Program is an excellent example of a true collaborative
partnership between employer, educator and Michigan Works!.

On April 16, the first cohort of 20 participants were enrolled in SEMCA Michigan Works! Going PRO Apprenticeship
Readiness Initiative, a pilot program at Henry Ford College in the Pharmacy Tech program.

The Going PRO program, sponsored by the State of Michigan, provides funding for training and coordinated
apprenticeships for customers in a variety of in demand occupations. The grant includes a focus on underrepresented
populations including youth, women, minorities, veterans, returning citizens and individuals with disabilities.

As part of its Going PRO Talent Fund grant application, SEMCA Michigan Works! committed to train a minimum of
25 participants with five participating in the apprenticeship. Later CVS Health agreed to provide apprenticeships to all
successful participants.

The collaboration between Henry Ford College, CVS Health and SEMCA
Michigan Works! created a program that listened to the employer’s
need, created a curriculum that worked for a shorter but more intensive
program and found the individuals that were right for this training to go
the distance and find success and self-sufficiency.

Von Banks came to the Wayne Michigan Works! Service Center via the PATH program in February 2017 with a very
low expectation of successfully participating in any training programs due to ongoing child care issues. After a few failed
attempts, Ms. Banks was approached by her Career Coach with the CVS Health/Henry Ford learning opportunity in early
2018. Ms. Banks was very interested in the program and was one of the top students in the class.

SEMCA Michigan Works! provided funding for the training class, the payment needed for her fingerprinting; stipend
checks, uniforms, gift cards, mentoring, résumé support, a complimentary care package to assist her in her training and a
gas card to travel to and from class.

Ms. Banks has successfully completed her training and licensing and has been hired by
CVS Health in their Inkster store.

The other participants in the first of two cohorts have graduated and are working at CVS Health, other pharmacies 33
or evaluating long-term career choices. Participants in the second cohort who continued after graduation are awaiting
fingerprinting and/or licensing with the State of Michigan and have begun their apprenticeships. CVS Health is hopeful

they will all be hired upon successful apprenticeship completion.



Carpenters Local 1510 | Nathan Snyder | Marquette-Alger Regional Educational Service Agency
UPWARD Talent Council Michigan Works!

IMPACT AWARD presented to a partnership that is helping secure the
Upper Peninsula economy through advancement in the skilled trades.

Industrial Career Day events for
students allowed Nathan Snyder
to experience skilled trades
hands-on and find his career
pathway to an apprenticeship.


After the success of our first Industry After Hours event for K-12 students and parents in Delta County,
UPWARD Talent Council has continued to hold events throughout the Upper Peninsula (UP). Approximately 50
attendees were expected at the first event, but 276 participants showed up to learn about the high-
tech, high-skilled manufacturing jobs available in their area. UPWARD Talent Council has worked

34 directly with employer partners to highlight the growing industries across the UP and jobs right here in Michigan!


The UPWARD Talent Council (UTC) works closely with Carpenters Local 1510 (1510) to expand internships
in the Upper Peninsula. The partnership has helped build a strong talent pipeline through communication of
job postings, identification of potential candidates and recruitment, and ongoing connection with grants and
donated office space for candidate screening.

Through the partnership, UTC connected 1510 to an
Apprenticeship USA grant, providing them the opportunity to
access $27,000 to train 51 new apprentices and upskill 38
apprentices. Of those 51, 1510 was reimbursed for 27 new
apprentices’ training.

Moreover, the Marquette-Alger Regional Educational Service Agency (MARESA) collaborates with UTC and
1510 to promote skilled trades, help students explore different career pathways, and prepares them to succeed
in today’s workforce by allowing them to pursue dual enrollment at Northern Michigan University (NMU)
during high school.

Nathan Snyder is an example of the partnership’s power. He was in 11th grade at Marquette Senior High
School when he enrolled into Marquette-Alger Technical Middle College (MATMC,) allowing him to take
NMU classes in 11th and 12th grade and become a full-time NMU student during his 13th year.

MATMC worked with NMU to create a customized coursework plan to prepare
Nathan for an apprenticeship. In March 2018, Nathan applied and was accepted
into an apprenticeship with 1510.

After experiencing the apprenticeship, Nathan decided to not continue his schooling with NMU to pursue his
apprenticeship with 1510. His UTC case manager continued to provide career-planning support and supportive
services while he transitioned to his new role.

Nathan is currently working at Integrity Interiors. Through the partnership and other program support
provided by UTC, Nathan has obtained a great career right out of high school and has already purchased
property in the Upper Peninsula. He is looking at the big picture, investing his money properly and laying his
roots in the UP.




Spectrum Health | Gina Mancha | Grand Rapids Community College | West Michigan Works!

IMPACT AWARD presented for the effective development of a strong,
homegrown apprenticeship program in Southwest Michigan.

Left: Gina Mancha
Right: Sterile Processing
Technician USDOL Registered
Apprenticeship program


West Michigan Works! and Talent 2025, with funding from the DeVos and W.K. Kellogg Foundations,
created an initiative to recruit, train and advise businesses as they adopt a proven
and effective evidence-based selection process. HireReach will give employers the tools
they need to assess and select candidates on more than just résumés and first impressions. The first

36 cohort includes ten employers.


While sterile processing is not a high-demand job in West Michigan, four employer members of the West
Michigan Health Careers Council shared a common challenge in finding interested and qualified candidates to
fill their sterile processing positions.

While only six sterile processing positions needed to be filled, they
were critical positions and an apprenticeship program appeared to
offer the right solution.

West Michigan Works! worked with the health providers (Spectrum Health, Metro Health, Mercy Health,
Holland Hospital), Grand Rapids Community College and the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) to
create the Sterile Processing Technician USDOL Registered Apprentice program.

Gina Mancha was displaced from a long career in automotive manufacturing and unable to retire. With
guidance from her West Michigan Works! Career Coach, she completed her career portfolio and was able to
secure an entry level position at Spectrum Health in the Environmental Services department.

Eager to advance at Spectrum, Gina applied to the first cohort of the Sterile Processing Technician USDOL
Registered Apprentice program.

While it had been a long time since Gina took any tests or attended classes, she was very persistent and spent
hours in the service center practicing and getting herself prepared for the work ahead.

She was the only Spectrum candidate to complete and pass all of the testing! All of her hard work and practice
paid off as she was accepted as the first ever Sterile Processing Technician Apprentice at Spectrum Health.

West Michigan employers know the value of apprenticeships to recruit and develop a qualified workforce.

West Michigan Works! now holds the Standards of Registered Apprenticeship
for 17 occupations in construction, health care, information technology and
advanced manufacturing. Currently, 38 employers are actively participating
in WMW apprenticeship programs, training 107 apprentices for careers in
professional trades.



Industry After Hours Event Impact Our mission is to help Businesses build
their Talent Pipeline. On time. Tools sharp.
Free K-12 Student & Parent events to celebrate manufacturing and bust
common industry myths Sleeves rolled up. Put us to WORK!

4 events 600+ attendees 986 104,138

Held at local businesses Students and parents Employers Received Michigan Workers
and community centers
28 school districts Services to Attract, Accessed Vital Work
3 counties
Build & Retain Talent Readiness Services
Chippewa $1,811,852

Iron Awarded to 66 Employers through STTF
to train 1,550 Employees, 244 New Hires,
8 local employers
28 New Apprentices since 2017
VainAire, Inc.
Midwest Truck Driving School Results 2017
Precision Edge Surgical Products

Connor Sports Flooring
Aspirus Iron River Hospital
Fahrner Asphalt Sealers
Lake Shore Systems, Inc.

Shamco Logging, Inc.

More events coming in 2019! Advancing Employers | Enhancing Talent

Equal Opportunity Employer Michigan Relay Center 711• Auxiliary Aids & Services Available to Individuals with Disabilities • Affiliated with the Talent Investment
Agency, State of Michigan • Supported by the State of Michigan • A Proud Partner of the American Job Center Network • 1-800-285-WORKS (9675)

Congratulation Thank you, legislators, for your continued
Southwest Child Care Resources support of the Michigan Works! system...

2019 Impact Award 3,193

• Child Development Associate (CDA) Certificate
• Early Childhood Apprenticeship Certificate Job Seekers Served*
• Early Childhood Education Associate Degree
Southwest Child Care Resources
5250 Lovers Lane LL120 Jobs Filled*
Portage, Mi 49006
269-349-3296 *2018 programmatic year ending 9/30/18
for Allegan, Barry, Ionia, Kent, Montcalm,
April Goodwin, Executive Director
Muskegon & Ottawa counties.


Congratulations Tina Holey & Muskegon Community College
on your 2019 Impact Award!

“I like showing people that no matter what
others say is wrong with you,

there’s always something you can do.
I get to prove myself every day!”
Tina Holey

Helping employers and job seekers in Lake, Mason, Mecosta,
Newaygo, Oceana and Osceola counties.

Learn more at

In 2018, we assisted 71 local employers
collectively receive $2.7 million to train

1,528 employees including 247
apprenticeships and create 321 new jobs


Creating Connections for a Better Future! Assisting more than 1,000 Southeast Michigan companies, collectively saving them more than $1,500,000. Contact us today to find out how our no-cost services
can help fill your employment and business needs.
Michigan Works! Southeast is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Program | Auxiliary aids and other i
accommodations are available upon request to individuals with disabilities | Supported by the (586) 469-5220 • [email protected] •
State of Michigan | Proud Partner of the American Job Center Network | Michigan Relay dial (844) 200-3206
7-1-1 | Toll-free telephone number 1-800-285-WORK (9675) Michigan Works! Macomb/St. Clair is an equal opportunity employer/program. Supported by the State of Michigan. A proud partner of
TTY: 711 the American Job Center network. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. TTY #711.
Õ ¬›

A Stronger Communi t y.

A healthier community.

Thanks to Oakland County Michigan Works! for nominating Henry Ford Health System, and to all
who participate in making Henry Ford’s Medical Assistant Apprentice Program a success. Our gratitude
extends to all the Impact Award nominees for helping to make Michigan a better place to live and work.

Begin your career in Detroit Public Schools Community District:
construction trades Office of College and Career Readiness
congratulates Randolph Career Technical
at Center for being a 2019 Michigan Works!
Randolph Career Impact Award winner.

and Technical

Program Offerings:

• Construction Carpentry
• Heating, Ventilation,

Air Conditioning and
Refrigeration (HVACR)
• Construction Masonry
• Construction
Plumbing & Pipefitting
• Computer Aided
Drafting and Design
• Construction Electricity
• Marketing &
• Painting and
• Welding for
Construction Trades

Preparing students for HIGH-WAGE, HIGH DEMAND CAREERS in the
construction trades; while creating college and career-ready learners.

(Programs open to 10th, 11th and 12th grade students)

Randolph Career Technical Center ⬧ 17101 Hubbell Street, Detroit, MI 48235-3942 ⬧ (313) 494-7100


2019 Michigan Works! Impact Award Winner


Medical Assistant Apprentice,
Henry Ford Health System

Southeast Michigan’s first USDOL registered
Medical Assistant Apprenticeship program.

“This innovative apprenticeship will help alleviate the shortage of
certified medical assistants and provide a rewarding career path
for many people.”
L. Brooks Patterson, Oakland County Executive | 1-800-285-WORKS

Proud partner of the American Job Center Network

Connecting Talent Congratulations
to Opportunity State Building
on your
Impact Award!

Filled Served Exceeded
5,124 20,708 or met all
Jobs Customers required
70,487 Served
Total 2,324 standards
Visits Employers

Michigan Works! Southeast is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Program | Auxiliary aids and other i
accommodations are available upon request to individuals with disabilities | Supported by the
State of Michigan | Proud Partner of the American Job Center Network | Michigan Relay dial (844) 200-3206
7-1-1 | Toll-free telephone number 1-800-285-WORK (9675)
TTY: 711



Each year, the Michigan Works! network of job centers:
• Serves 800,000 job seekers
• Supports 36,000 employers
• Manages 1.6 million Service Center visits
• Consistently meets or exceeds 100% of its state and federal

performance targets


1-800-285-WORKS (9675)

Sept 8-10, 2019
Add Value. Lead Change.
Become a trusted connection for resources and

solutions using the proven BSP approach.

To learn more about BSP and other Michigan Works! Annual Conference
high-impact training opportunities,
visit Radisson Plaza Hotel & Suites | Kalamazoo

40+ sessions | 75+ subject matter experts | 600+ colleagues
unlimited possibilities




MICHIGAN WORKS ASSOCIATION believes that the key to prosperity is a
skilled workforce.

As the state’s primary workforce development association, our purpose is to
influence, educate and inspire actions that keep Michigan working.


• Giving our members VOICE through advocacy
• Increasing system-wide KNOWLEDGE of workforce best practices
• CONNECTING people and organizations on important topics



LANSING, MI 48912 #MIWorksImpact
P: (517) 371-1100 #MIWorks
(800) 285-WORKS (9675)

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