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2020 National Child Nutrition Conference Program

Atlanta, Georgia, April 14-16

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2020 NCA National Child Nutrition Conference Program

2020 National Child Nutrition Conference Program

Atlanta, Georgia, April 14-16

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Imagine Food Access

for All Children


greetings and welcome DRAFT Board Members

Kati Wagner, CMP, CCNP
Dear Conference Attendees, President, Wildwood CACFP
On behalf of the National CACFP Sponsors Association, welcome to our Centennial, Colorado
34th annual National Child Nutrition Conference!
Take advantage of your time here. With over 150 workshops, featured VICE PRESIDENT
sessions, shop talks, exhibit hall resources, and more, plan to go home Robin Paul, CMP, CCNP
with new ideas, training to share, and at least one a-ha moment. Equally CEO, Mid Michigan
important is the opportunity our conference provides to meet and network Child Care Centers
with over 1,800 attendees from sponsors, child care centers and providers, Freeland, Michigan
state agencies, and USDA representatives from all over the country.
It is urgent that we continue expanding access to our programs for our SECRETARY
underserved population and ensuring we are able to train and assist our Rhonda Kobylecky, CMP, CCNP
providers in their efforts to embrace the CACFP, Afterschool Meals, and Director of Food Services
Summer Food programs. Coming together here, in Atlanta, and working Acelero Learning
together collaboratively is critical to achieving that goal. Las Vegas, Nevada
We honor your role in ensuring that all children have access to healthy
food and thank you for being a part of the conversation at our conference. TREASURER
My Best, Melissa Moore, CCNP
National CACFP Sponsors Association Director of Programs
Family League of Baltimore
Baltimore, Maryland

Annetta Rutland, CMP, CCNP
Strategic Director, Quality
Programs, 4C for Children
Cincinnati, Ohio

Blake Stanford, CMP
President, Southwest Human
Development Services
Austin, Texas

Denise Andrews, CMP, CCNP
Co-Founder & Executive Director
For the Children
Vici, Oklahoma

Gabriela Rangel, CCNP
Child and Family Resources
Tucson, AZ

thank you Susan Ison, CMP
Executive Director
The Board of Directors of the National CACFP Sponsors Association (NCA) Helping Hands
and the 2020 Conference Committee would like to express its deepest appreciation Taylorsville, UT
to all of those individuals and organizations whose talent and time have made this Vicki Lipscomb, CMP
conference an outstanding example of collaboration and success. We honor your President
contributions to the educational mission of the National Association and thank you Child Nutrition Programs
for helping make this conference a showcase for the CACFP and SFSP community. Charlotte, North Carolina


schedule of events Table of Contents

Monday, April 13, 2020 Schedule At-A-Glance ...........................4-5
Shop Talks Index...................................... 6
10:00 am - 8:00 pm Conference Registration Open Sponsored by Workshops Index...................................6-7
General Information ............................8-9
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm Preconference Training Academy *pre-registration required Breakfast & Lunch..................................10
Featured Sessions .......................11,14,15
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm USDA & State Agency Training *state agencies only Monday Preconference
Training Academies ..............................12
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm Learning Excursions *pre-registration required Monday Learning Excursions................13
Tuesday Preconference
3:00 pm - 3:30 pm CACFP Professionals Certification Program Overview Training Academies ....................... 14-15
Partners, Sponsors, Exhibitors .............16
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Conference 101: What’s New & How to Navigate the Week Exhibit Hall Map ....................................17
Welcome Featured Speakers ................19
Tuesday, April 14, 2020  Learning Institutes.......................... 20-21
Workshops One............................... 22-23
7:00 am - 8:00 pm Conference Registration Open Excellence Awards ................................ 24
General Session .....................................26
8:00 am - 9:00 am CACFP Creditable Resources Friend of CACFP .....................................27
Workshops Two............................... 28-29
8:00 am - 12:00 pm Preconference Training Academy *pre-registration required NCA Annual Meeting & Board

9:00 am - 1:30 pm Exhibit Hall Open of Director Candidates................. 30-31
USDA Listening Session ........................ 31
10:00 am - 11:00 am Mid-Morning Break Workshops Three............................. 32-33
DRAFT Workshops Four.............................. 34-35
12:15 pm - 12:45 pm CACFP Professionals Certification Program Overview Shop Talks................................... 36,39,52
Workshops Five................................. 40-41
1:00 pm - 1:30 pm First Timers’ Orientation Workshops Six.................................. 42-43
Workshops Seven............................. 44-45
1:45 pm - 3:00 pm Conference Welcome & Featured Speaker Sessions Workshops Eight............................... 48-49
Workshops Nine.....................................50
3:15 pm - 4:15 pm Learning Institutes 100, 101, 201, 301, 401, 501, State Agency Closing Featured Speakers ...................51
Friday Learning Excursions...................53
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm Workshop Session One At-Risk Afterschool & Summer Food Tracks Sponsored by State Agency Afterschool
& Summer Meals Symposium ..............53
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm Celebrating You! Appreciation & Networking Reception Exhibitor Directory .......................... 54-57
Presenter Directory ......................... 58-89
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm Exhibit Hall Open *evening hours by popular demand Certificate of Participation ...................91
Hotel Map ..............................................92
Wednesday, April 15, 2020
7:00 am - 6:00 pm Conference Registration | Information Desk Open

7:00 am - 7:45 am Breakfast & National Child Nutrition Foundation Excellence Awards

8:00 am - 9:15 am General Session Sponsored by

9:30 am - 10:30 am Workshop Session Two

9:30 am - 1:00 pm Exhibit Hall Open

12:15 pm - 1:00 pm National CACFP Sponsors Association Annual Meeting *for members by invitation

1:00 pm - 2:15 pm Lunch & Learn + USDA Listening Session: Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Adults

2:15 pm - 3:15 pm Workshop Session Three

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm Workshop Session Four

4:45 pm - 5:15 pm  Shop Talk

Thursday, April 16, 2020 

7:00 am - 5:30 pm Conference Registration | Information Desk Open

7:00 am - 8:00 am Breakfast, Coffee & Conversation

7:15 am - 7:45 am Shop Talk

8:00 am - 9:00 am Workshop Session Five

9:15 am - 10:15 am Workshop Session Six

10:30 am - 11:30 am Workshop Session Seven

11:30 am - 12:45 pm Lunch & Learn

12:15 pm - 12:45 pm CMP/CCNP Professionals’ Celebration *for CACFP Professionals by invitation

12:45 pm - 1:45 pm Workshop Session Eight

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Workshop Session Nine

3:15 pm - 4:15 pm Featured Speaker Sessions

4:30 pm - 5:00 pm Shop Talk

Friday, April 17, 2020

8:00 am - 12:00 pm Learning Excursions *pre-registration required

8:00 am - 12:00 pm State Agency Afterschool & Summer Meals Symposium Sponsored by  

Schedules are subject to change after printing. Please refer to the Yapp app or to stay informed.

Tuesday, April 14th7:00 am - 8:00 pm
1:45 pm - Featured

D3:00pm Speakers
Registration and Information Desk Open - Ballroom Level, Terrace Foyer

8:00 am - 9:00 am CACFP Creditable Resources - Centennial I & II

mid-morning break12:15 pm - 12:45 pm
9:00 am - 1:30 pm Exhibit Hall Open - Grand Hall See page 10 for details

CACFP Professionals Certification Program Overview - Centennial I & II

1:00 pm - 1:30 pm First Timers’ Orientation - Centennial I & II

Centennial Centennial Centennial Regency Regency Hanover Hanover Hanover Hanover Hanover Courtland Dunwoody Greenbriar Fairlie Inman Spring
USDA Policy Operational Food Matters:
5:30 pm Update:  Strategies for How Your Life
Child & Adult Afterschool Work Supports
Care Food Meals & a Lifetime of
Program Summer Food Healthy Eaters

3:15 pm - Learning CACFP CACFP CACFP CACFP State CACFP SFSP Afterschool SFSP Afterschool CACFP SFSP SFSP Afterschool SFSP
4:15 pm Institutes 101 201 301 401 Agencies 100 301 301 201 201 501 401 101 101 100
Wednesday, April 15th A7:00am-6:00pm
Workshop Healthy Eating Nutrition and the Incorporating Feeding Infants: Technology that Making a Muffin Maximize Your Sponsoring Serious Successful Extending CACFP Menu Straw Bales: Connecting with Summer in
stop by & meet elmo7:00 am - 7:45 amSessionfrom Head Brain Grains and Dairy What, When, Doesn’t Break Tin Recipe Box Sponsorship Summer Food: Deficiency Strategies in Beyond the Planning with A New Way to Businesses South Carolina:
One to Toe into CACFP Meal and How the Bank Potential: Keys to Financial Process Creating & Classroom Nutritious and Garden to Advance A Mobile Meal
Patterns Summer & Management Implementing Shelf Stable Community Program
Afterschool Wellness Policies Tomato Products Wellness        

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm Celebrating You! Appreciation & Networking Reception - Grand Hall
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm Exhibit Hall Open - Grand Hall *evening hours by popular demand
T10:30am Registration and Information Desk Open - Ballroom Level, Terrace Foyer

Breakfast & National Child Nutrition Foundation Excellence Awards Presentation - Centennial Ballroom See page 8 for details

Centennial Centennial Regency Regency Regency Hanover Hanover Hanover Hanover Hanover Learning Baker Courtland Dunwoody Greenbriar Inman Spring

8:00 am - 9:15 am National Conference General
Session & Keynote Speakers

Workshop Creditable Child- CCR&R + Family Style Expanding Cultivating Intentional Summer Schools as Responsive Taming the Obesity and Investigating Big Impacts in Using CACFP to
Session Meals in the Friendly Menu CACFP: Meal Service Eligibility Cultural Mealtimes Resource Map: Afterschool Feeding: Inefficiency Children with Fraud, Waste Rural Early Care Support Farm
Two CACFP: Be in Planning A Winning and Head Start to Subsidy Awareness A Tool to Target Meals Using Monster Special & Abuse in and Education to Early Care
the Know Using Combination Performance Providers in the through Food Gaps in Meal Sponsors, Sites, Mealtimes to Healthcare Federally Settings and Education
Seasonal for Children’s Regulations CACFP Service and Vendors Support Needs Funded Models
Foods Nutrition Development Programs

9:30 am - 1:00 pm Exhibit Hall Open - Grand Hall need coffee? 10:30 am -11:00 am, Grand Hall
1:00 pm - 2:15 pm Lunch & Learn - Centennial I, II, III + Lunch & USDA Listening Session: Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Adults - Centennial IV

2:15 pm - Workshop Paperless Please Pass The Flawless Audits: Growing Your Preventing Food Prep to Plate Aligning Child Engaging Feeding, Eating Increasing Civil Rights 101: Seamless Community
3:15 pm Session Program Peas: Managing Your Food Program Obesity in Early Foundations for Centers: Care Licensing Parents Early and Succeeding Afterschool Compliance Summer Based
Three Management Understanding CACFP Care and for Infants and CACFP with CACFP and Often Together Meals with Civil Option: Stories Approaches
Picky Eaters Sponsorship Education Toddlers Portion Sizes Requirements (FEAST) Participation Rights of Success Changing to Addressing
Requirements Minds and Food
Plates: Farm to Insecurity
Workshop Improved Menu Sesame Mealtimes with CACFP and Math, Science, Chat with Food & Summer Meals: Addressing Body Shakes Affordable, Accommodating Early Care and
Session Documentation Street in Toddlers: Head Start Language, and Champions: Supply Source: Leveraging Health & Brain Waves: Protein- Participants Education Innovative
Four with Effective Communities: CACFP Food Service Literacy During Learn from Money Saving Mobile Disparities with Moving & Packed Lentils, with Solutions to
3:30 pm - Technical Let’s Get Halftime Live Regulations Mealtime Afterschool GPO   Solutions in Cultural Food Writing Learning in Chickpeas, Dry Disabilities in Meet Nutrition
4:30 pm Assistance Cooking! Meals Experts Rural Programs Recipes Right Childhood Peas & Beans Community Standards   
Communities Meals

4:45 pm - 5:15 pm Shop Talk - Refer to Page 36 for Program Locations


9:00 am
Thursday, April 16th7:00 am - 5:30 pm

7:00 am - 8:00 am
7:15 am - 7:45 am
Registration and Information Desk Open - Ballroom Level, Terrace Foyer

Breakfast, Coffee & Conversation - Centennial Ballroom

Shop Talk - Refer to Page 39 for Program Locations

R10:30am- Centennial Regency Regency Regency Hanover Hanover Hanover Hanover Hanover Learning Baker Courtland Dunwoody Greenbriar Fairlie Inman Spring
11:30 am Boost Go Paperless: Introducing Active Play! Incorporating Parent Powerful
Workshop Grant Writing CN Labels Avoiding Costly Food Safety Why Healthy Eating Serving Cold CACFP Farm to Child Participation Bringing CACFP Healthy Food Fun Physical Healthy Engagement Partnerships
Session 101 & Product Mistakes in the in Child Care Nutrition Habits Take Lunches Training Care: Track by Rethinking Sponsorships Choices with Activities for Eating & in Farm to to Promote
Five Formulation CACFP Centers Matters in Head Root Early Program and Celebrate Your Summer into the Digital Fun, Interactive Preschoolers Physical Activity Early Care Healthier
Statements: Start & Nutrition Success Meal Service Age Learning into Your ARAS and Education Generations
Hands-on Calendar Strategy Help MyPlate Program Programs
Practice Facilitating Reach Birth Farm to Early
Compliance in to Age Two Health-e Pro: Care:
9:15 am - Workshop Cycle Menus: Growing CACFP Identifying CACFP From Hot to Fly through Feeding The Role of Methods to Freedom to Eat: Food Insecurity: Special Diets Your At-Risk Audience Making Preventing
10:15 am Session On Trend Provider Whole Administrative Cold: How to Your CACFP Children: The Nutrition Becoming a Promoting Connection to and Civil Rights Afterschool Ingredient and Obesity in
Six Recipes and Participation Grain-Rich Budgets Bring Quality Paperwork Ecological Education Great Leader Positive Obesity and Compliance in Program Soyfoods: Recipe Early
Menu Concepts Cold Meals to with Approach to in the Nutrition Role of the the CACFP Health Benefits Management Childhood
for CACFP Your SFSP CenterPilot Family Style Classroom Attitudes for Provider Presentation & Versatility Easy
Dining Life Pointers Preparing
A2:00pm- Nourishing the Plant-Based
Workshop Resources for Family Style 10 Tips for Developing a Cuisines Across Steps to USDA Infant & Creating A Integrating Sesame Empowering Sponsors Whole Child Proteins
3:00 pm Session CACFP Feeding: Successful CACFP Budget Cultures Success National Toddler Pop-Up Program Street in Kids to be Navigating through the
Seven Professionals Functional Taste Tests with Serving Sponsoring Breastfeeding Movement Fun Summer Meals Requirements Communities: Healthy and Success in SFSP WIC and Head
and Fun Young Children Plant-Based Centers Campaign for Experience with Summer Supporting Our Smart from the Summer and Start – A Recipe
Meals Millennial WIC Food Most Inside Out Afterschool for a Healthy
Moms Applications Vulnerable Meals Life
Planting a
11:30 am - 12:45 pm Lunch & Learn - Centennial Ballroom Garden,
12:45 pm -F3:15pm-Workshop Child Food Allergies Summer Meals Procurement in Creative Ways HealthyCACFP: Children
1:45 pm Session Nutrition & Special Diets Marketing for the CACFP to Promote Nutrition
4:15 pm Eight Reauthorization Reaching Learning and Education and
Standardized Today’s Youth a Healthy Corrective
Ounce Recipes and In-Service Start Strong: GIS Maps: Lifestyle Action Tool
Equivalents for You Training for Cooking Purchasing Increasing
Grains: Head Start Food Safety Feeding and Local Foods CACFP
No Weigh! Staff        Best Practices More Participation

Workshop Program Roadmap to The Power of Becoming a
Session Integrity: Understanding Partnerships Leader with
Nine Transitioning and Impacting for Best Influence
from Paper to CACFP Policy Practices and
Digital Records      Resources
T4:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Centennial Centennial Centennial

Featured USDA Policy Wellness The Joys of
Speakers Update: Journeys Farm to School
Summer & Personal with Miss
Food Service Triumphs Ladybug

Shop Talk - Refer to Page 52 for Program Locations

Schedule At-A-Glance

surveys wanted! Don’t forget to complete your survey and return it to the conference information desk before you leave town. We will use your feedback to develop conference programming that you want.

Be frank with us – we want to improve any area you think needs additional attention. Your input will help our Las Vegas 2021 conference be even stronger.

find if fast WORKSHOPS PAGE

WORKSHOPS & SHOP TALKS 10 Tips for Successful Taste Tests with Young Children 44
Accommodating Participants with Disabilities in Community Meals 35
SHOP TALKS DRAFT PAGE Active Play! Fun Physical Activities for Preschoolers 40
Addressing Health Disparities with Cultural Food Programs 34
Adult Meals Boost Participation 36 Affordable, Protein-Packed Lentils, Chickpeas, Dry Peas & Beans 34
Big City Impact on Kids' Menus 52 Aligning Child Care Licensing with CACFP Requirements 33
Compliance Matters 39 Avoiding Costly Mistakes in the CACFP 41
Conference Management Tricks of the Trade 52 Becoming a Leader with Influence 50
Effective Advocacy Campaigns 36 Big Impacts in Rural Early Care and Education Settings 29
Every Voice Matters 39 Body Shakes & Brain Waves: Moving & Learning in Childhood 35
Expanding Afterschool Meals 52 Boost Participation by Rethinking Your Summer Meal Service Strategy 40
Farm to Table for Providers 36 CACFP Administrative Budgets 42
Farm to Table Formula 39 CACFP and Head Start Food Service Regulations 34
Feeding Infants Guide Explored 36 CACFP Training Program & Nutrition Calendar 41
Feeding Parents Summer Meals 52 CCR&R + CACFP: A Winning Combination for Children's Nutrition 28
Financial Backups for Fiscal Audits 52 Changing Minds and Plates: Farm to Early Care and Education 32
FL State Agency Meal Builder Tool 39 Chat with Champions: Learn from Afterschool Meals Experts 34
Food Allergies in Head Start 52 Child Nutrition Reauthorization 49
Food Bank Community Distribution 36 Child-Friendly Menu Planning Using Seasonal Foods 28
Fun & Educational Snack Time 36 Civil Rights 101: Compliance with Civil Rights Requirements 33
Fundraising Brainstorm 52 CN Labels & Product Formulation Statements: Hands-on Practice 41
Getting Kids to Summer Meals Open Sites 36 Community Based Approaches to Addressing Food Insecurity 32
Healthy Eating for Families 36 Connecting with Businesses to Advance Community Wellness         22
Local Food for Little Eaters 36 Creating A Pop-Up Summer Meals Experience 44
Meal Quality vs Low Bids 36 Creative Ways to Promote Learning and a Healthy Lifestyle 49
Navigating Summer Mobile Meals 39 Creditable Meals in the CACFP: Be in the Know 28
Nutrition Calendar Training Program 52 Cuisines Across Cultures Serving Plant-Based Meals 44
Parent Engagement 52 Cultivating Cultural Awareness through Food 28
Promoting Lifelong Eating Habits 39 Cycle Menus: On Trend Recipes and Menu Concepts for CACFP 42
Promoting Yourself 52 Developing a CACFP Budget 44
Summer Food Meals & Mobile Sites 36 Empowering Kids to be Healthy and Smart from the Inside Out 45
Summer Food Service in Hospitals 39 Engaging Parents Early and Often 32
Summer Meals in Rural Areas 52 Expanding Eligibility to Subsidy Providers in the CACFP 29
Supporting Breastfeeding Families 39 Extending CACFP Beyond the Classroom 22
Time to Go to Bid? No Problem 39 Facilitating Compliance in Your At-Risk Afterschool Program 42
Unique and Out-of-the-Box ARAS 39 Family Style Feeding: Functional and Fun 44
Wellness Policy Development in ECE 39 Family Style Meal Service and Head Start Performance Regulations 28
Farm to Child Care: Track and Celebrate Success 41
stay informed Farm to Early Care: Preventing Obesity in Early Childhood 42
Feeding Children: The Ecological Approach to Family Style Dining 42
DOWNLOAD THE APP! Yapp ID CACFP20 Feeding Infants: What, When, and How 22
Join the conversation with #NCNC20 #CACFP20 #SFSP20 Feeding, Eating and Succeeding Together (FEAST) 32
Find presentation slides and handouts on the app. Flawless Audits: Managing Your CACFP Sponsorship 32



Fly through Your CACFP Paperwork with CenterPilot 43 Please Pass the Peas: Understanding Picky Eaters 32
Food & Supply Source: Money Saving GPO   35
Food Allergies & Special Diets 48 Planting a Garden, Planting Children 50
Food Foundations for Infants and Toddlers 32
Food Insecurity: Connection to Obesity and Role of the Provider 42 Powerful Partnerships to Promote Healthier Generations 40
Food Safety Best Practices 48
Food Safety in Child Care Centers 41 Prep to Plate for Centers: CACFP Portion Sizes 32
Freedom to Eat: Promoting Positive Nutrition Attitudes for Life 42
From Hot to Cold: How to Bring Quality Cold Meals to Your SFSP 42 Preparing Plant-Based Proteins 48
GIS Maps: Increasing CACFP Participation 49
Go Paperless: Bringing CACFP Sponsorships into the Digital Age 40 Presentation Pointers 44
Grant Writing 101 40
Growing CACFP Provider Participation 42 Preventing Obesity in Early Care and Education 32
Growing Your Food Program 32
Health-e Pro: Making Ingredient and Recipe Management Easy 49 Procurement in the CACFP 48
Healthy Eating from Head to Toe 22
Healthy Eating Habits Take Root Early 40 Program Integrity: Transitioning from Paper to Digital Records      50
HealthyCACFP: Nutrition Education and Corrective Action Tool 48
Help MyPlate Reach Birth to Age Two Audience 42 Purchasing Local Foods 50
Identifying Whole Grain-Rich 42
Improved Menu Documentation with Effective Technical Assistance 35 Resources for CACFP Professionals 45
Incorporating Grains and Dairy into CACFP Meal Patterns 23
Incorporating Healthy Eating & Physical Activity into Your ARAS Program 40 Responsive Feeding: Using Mealtimes to Support Development 28
Increasing Afterschool Meals ParticipationDRAFT 32
Infant & Toddler Movement Fun 44 Roadmap to Understanding and Impacting CACFP Policy 50
Innovative Solutions to Meet Nutrition Standards    35
In-Service Training for Head Start Staff        48 Schools as Afterschool Meals Sponsors, Sites, and Vendors 28
Integrating Program Requirements with Summer Food Applications 45
Intentional Mealtimes 28 Seamless Summer Option: Stories of Success 32
Introducing Healthy Food Choices with Fun, Interactive Learning 41
Investigating Fraud, Waste & Abuse in Federally Funded Programs 28 Serious Deficiency Process 23
Making a Muffin Tin Recipe Box 22
Math, Science, Language, and Literacy During Mealtime 34 Serving Cold Lunches 40
Maximize Your Sponsorship Potential: Summer & Afterschool Meals 22
Mealtimes with Toddlers: CACFP Halftime Live 34 Sesame Street in Communities: Let’s Get Cooking! 35
Menu Planning with Nutritious and Shelf Stable Tomato Products 22
Methods to Becoming a Great Leader 42 Sesame Street in Communities: Supporting Our Most Vulnerable Children 45
Nourishing the Whole Child through the SFSP 50
Nutrition and the Brain 23 Soyfoods: Health Benefits & Versatility 44
Obesity and Children with Special Healthcare Needs 29
Ounce Equivalents for Grains: No Weigh! 48 Special Diets and Civil Rights Compliance in the CACFP 43
Paperless Program Management 33
Parent Engagement in Farm to Early Care and Education Programs 49 Sponsoring Summer Food: Keys to Financial Management 22

Sponsors Navigating Success in Summer and Afterschool Meals 48

Standardized Recipes and You 50

Start Strong: Cooking Feeding and More 48

Steps to Success Sponsoring Centers 44

Straw Bales: A New Way to Garden 23

Successful Strategies in Creating & Implementing Wellness Policies 23

Summer in South Carolina: A Mobile Meal Program 22

Summer Meals Marketing for Reaching Today’s Youth 48

Summer Meals: Leveraging Mobile Solutions in Rural Communities 34

Summer Resource Map: A Tool to Target Gaps in Meal Service 28

Taming the Inefficiency Monster 29

Technology that Doesn't Break the Bank 22

The Power of Partnerships for Best Practices and Resources 50

The Role of Nutrition Education in the Classroom 43

USDA National Breastfeeding Campaign for Millennial WIC Moms 44

Using CACFP to Support Farm to Early Care and Education Models 28

Why Nutrition Matters in Head Start 40

WIC and Head Start – A Recipe for a Healthy Life 50

Writing Recipes Right 34


the basics Selfie Spot

GENERAL INFORMATION Gather your friends and take a selfie at our NCA Selfie Spot,
located by the conference information desk. Stop by,
Conference Registration snap a picture, and post to social media
& Information Desk Hours or send home.

Monday, April 13th 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Tuesday, April 14th 7:00 am – 8:00 pm
Wednesday, April 15th 7:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday, April 16th 7:00 am – 5:30 pm

special thank you to our...

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CHILD NUTRITION C 34TH NATIONAL don’t forget your Meet Walk Around Elmo

NFERENCE Nametag special guest wednesday!

Your nametag will get you @ the Selfie Spot
entry to conference workshops,
general session, and the exhibit 9:15 am–9:45 am
hall. Nametags must be worn at 10:30 am–11:00 am
all times. 11:45 am–12:15 pm

Conference Right At Your Fingertips

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Download the App

• Open the app and tap “Download an Existing App”
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• You can also download here:

Yapp ID: CACFP20


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Join the conversation at #CACFP20. Share your experience Enhance your professional profile with a new
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Business Cards

Located inside your welcome
packet, these business cards are
custom made for you to give to the exhibitors. We encourage
you to engage in meaningful conversation and drop your
card at the designated booth. Exhibitors will use the business
cards they collected to select their door prizes. Come by the
conference information desk on Thursday to see if you are
one of the lucky winners and pick up your door prize.
DRAFT Win a Two Night Hyatt

Get a raffle ticket each time you post to
Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag
@NationalCACFP. Visit the conference
information desk to receive your raffle
ticket. Winner will be drawn at the end
of the conference.


DRAFTeat, drink and be social


Mid-Morning Break | Grand Hall

Take a break, get a cup of coffee or tea, a muffin and some fresh fruit while you check out our
exhibitors in the Grand Hall.

tuesday, April 14th, 10:00 am–11:00 am


Excellence Awards
More details on page 25

Breakfast, Coffee & Conversation | Centennial Ballroom

Get the day started with a five-component breakfast buffet. Grab a warm cup
of your favorite caffeinated drink or select from the non-caffeinated options, too.

wednesday, April 15th, 7:00 am–7:45 am
Turkey Sausage Hash with Wilted Spinach and Roasted Peppers, Yogurt, Oatmeal with Brown Sugar and
Raisins, Sliced & Whole Fruit, and assorted baked goods.

thursday, April 16th, 7:00 am–8:00 am
Cage Free Egg Casserole with Crisp Potato Hash Brown, Scrambled Eggs, Diced Peppers, and White
Cheddar, Yogurt, Oatmeal with Brown Sugar and Raisins, Sliced & Whole Fruit, and assorted baked goods.


USDA Listening Session
More details on page 31

Lunch and Learn | Centennial Ballroom

Enjoy a hearty, mid-day meal while networking with other attendees or quietly reflecting on
your learning sessions. Gluten-free and vegetarian options will be available and labeled.

wednesday, April 15th, 1:00 pm–2:15 pm
Mixed Greens with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Carrots with White Balsamic Vinaigrette, Grilled Chicken
Breast with Mushroom and Vidalia Onion Fricassee, Pan Roasted Salmon, Roasted Potatoes, Assorted
Seasonal Vegetables, Apple Pie

thursday, April 16th, 11:30 am–12:45 pm
Caesar Salad with Torn Romaine, Shaved Parmesan, Croutons, and Caesar Dressing, Italian Seasoned
Roasted Chicken Breast, Vegetarian Lasagna, Rice Pilaf, Vegetables Provencal, Cheesecake

celebrating you!

Networking & Appreciation
Grand Hall | Tuesday, 5:30 pm–6:30 pm

Join colleagues and new friends for a social hour celebrating you! Beer,
wine, hors d’oeuvres, and a-ha moments networking with each other.


monday, April 13th


CACFP Professionals “Being committed to professional standards
Certification is important as a sponsor of CACFP because
Program Overview I want to improve and maintain the health
Centennial III | 3:00 pm–3:30 pm and nutritional status of children in care while
promoting the development of good eating
Interested in learning more about how to earn the CACFP habits.”
Management Professional or the CACFP Child Nutrition
Professional designation? Join NCA board members to hear Pat Siergiey, CMP, CCNP, Capstone Community Action
why the program was started, what the qualifications are, and
next steps to getting the certification complete.

Missed it? Repeat session tomorrow!
EConference 101: What's NewUSDA & State Agency Training
com& How to Navigate the Week
S4 State Agencies Only | 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Centennial III | 4:00 pm– 5:00 pm
Join together with State Agency staff and the USDA for this
Learn more about what to expect, how to navigate the roundtable session. Come with questions from your state
schedule, and where you need to be to get the most out of the sponsors and providers for the USDA and leave with answers
2020 national training. We’ll make sure you are able to walk and insight into the present and future of the child nutrition
away from this jam-packed, three-day conference with new programs.
insights and knowledge to use and to share with colleagues
back in the office. Get prepared to take home credit hours, Pre-registration is required.
handouts from presenters, conference swag, new contacts See ticket for room location.
from the USDA, state agencies, sponsoring organizations and
providers, and exhibitor samples.

Certificate of Participation

Many organizations offer continuing education credits for CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION
training. Track your sessions and submit your certificate of
participation directly to your credentialing organization to log your hours APRIL 13, 2020 ATTENDED HRS SESSION TITLE National Child Nutrition Conference 2020
request credit. 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm ☐ 4 Preconference Training Academy: PRESENTER(S) NAME
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm ☐ 3 USDA & State Agency Training PRESENTER(S) NAME
2:00 pm – 6:00 pm ☐ 4 Learning Excursion:
CLCeAaoCrFnmPMCeorreetdoAitabbOoluetuPOrroudBr uNocetowSttahmp(#130) APRIL 14, 2020 ATTENDED HRS SESSION TITLE
8:00 am – 9:00 am ☐ 1 CACFP Creditable Resources PRESENTER(S) NAME
PCaAgCFeP* 91 8:00 am – 12:00 pm ☐ 4 Preconference Training Academy:
1:45 am – 3:00 pm ☐ 1.25 Welcome & Featured Session: PRESENTER(S) NAME
3:15 pm – 4:15 pm ☐ DATE
OD PROG ™ 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm ☐ 1 Learning Institutes:
RPeictka-iul,pFCooAdCsFePrvPircoed&ucOt nLliisntes for CwRww. APRIL 15, 2020 ATTENDED 1 Workshop Session One:
Sample FREE CACFP Qualified Products 8:00 am – 9:15 am ☐
9:30 am – 10:30 am ☐ HRS SESSION TITLE
2:15 pm – 3:15 pm ☐ 1.25
geneErDalmI TilAlscBaLcfp. 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm ☐ 1 National Conference General Session
4:45 pm – 5:15 pm ☐ Workshop Session Two:
*CThhiisldparondduAcdt’uslnt uCtarriteioFnoopdroPrloegcroammp(ClieAsCwFPit)h the 1 Workshop Session Three:
1 Workshop Session Four:
.5 Shop Talk:
receive credits for attending Attend Our WorkshopTInuceosrdpaoyr,aAtipnrgil G14rathin:s4a:3n0dpDmair-y5:i3n0topCmACFP Meal Patterns 7:15 am – 7:45 am ☐ HRS SESSION TITLE
FOwVinrdidwseCritwACCAO.FCgPFuePQrnuQaNeuliarfeilaeifwdilemdRe&PiclrilopsIdemcsucatpcs rfopv.ceodmWebsite* 8:00 am – 9:00 am ☐ .5 Shop Talk:
9:15 am – 10:15 am ☐
* Refreshed Site Coming April 2020 10:30 am – 11:30 am ☐ 1 Workshop Session Five:
12:45 pm – 1:45 pm ☐ 1 Workshop Session Six:
Specialties 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm 1 Workshop Session Seven:
3:15 pm – 4:15 pm ☐ 1 Workshop Session Eight:
4:30 pm – 5:00 pm ☐ 1 Workshop Session Nine:
☐ 1 Featured Session:
.5 Shop Talk:
8:00 am – 12:00 pm ☐ HRS SESSION TITLE
8:00 am – 12:00 pm ☐ 4
Over 28 hours of CEU credits are available for attending. 4 State Agency Afterschool & Summer Meals Symposium
Learning Excursion:

Specialty ID# S# Room location S4 - Program Administration

Each session and workshop provides hours towards your CACFP S1 - Nutrition S5 - Financial Management
Professionals Certification. Log all the sessions you have attended S2 - Program Operations S6 - Non Profit Management
on the Certificate of Participation log on page 91. S3 - Training and Technology S7 - Civil Rights & Policy




Pre-registration is required. See your ticket for room location.

CACFP 101: S2 Up and Moving! Increasing S1
Physical Activity in ECE
Homes and Centers Settings

New to the Child and Adult Let’s get children up and moving! Take a deep
Care Food Program? Learn dive into the best practices for physical activity,
the basics of CACFP from then look at the importance of goal setting and
experienced CACFP sponsor action planning to support policy changes at
operators and USDA’s Nutrition your early care and education setting. You will
Promotion and Technical be able to use knowledge gained to create an
Assistance staff. This 101 action plan that helps you teach the importance of physical
course will cover Program activity and ultimately develops positive habits with children,
Administration, Program Operations, Nutrition, Financial families, and the community.
Management, Nonprofit Management, and Civil Rights as
required to operate a CACFP sponsoring organization. Erin Olson, Iowa Department of Health
DRAFT Rebecca Duchette, Nemours Children’s Health System
Blake Stanford, Southwest Development of Human Services
Kate Abernathy, Providers Choice Summer Food: S2
Kaushalya Heendeniya, USDA Food and Nutrition Service Planning,
Vicki Lipscomb, Child Nutrition Programs Participation, Policy
& Partnering for
Show Me the Money: S5 Success

Getting Through the The Summer Food Service
Program (SFSP) is an important
Budget Approvals Process tool for addressing the nutrition
gap low-income children face
This training is a 101-level overview of the when the school year ends. Success depends
generally accepted source documentation to on collaboration, proactive planning, and
support allowable costs for CACFP operations. partnerships. Whether you are a CACFP
Learn about best practices for determining sponsor operating SFSP for the first time, or a
if proposed program costs are necessary, year-round sponsor looking to expand your
reasonable, and allowable. Discover the impact current operations, come learn what you need to know and
the management plan has on the budget; what constitutes a leave with practical resources and a concrete plan to reach more
related party transaction; and who has the burden of proof children with nutritious meals during the summer months.
for ensuring proposed costs are necessary, reasonable, and
allowable. Training will include group activities, discussion on Clarissa Hayes, Food Research and Action Center
proposed program costs that are often questioned, and tools to Michele Chivore, Atlanta Community Food Bank
assist with avoiding common budget submission mistakes. Tamika Boone, Bright from the Start: GA Dept. of Early Care
and Learning
Monica Miles & Cherese Myree, MH Miles Company, CPA, PC Thoa Hoang & Laura Roth, USDA Food and Nutrition Service


adventure awaits

LEARNING EXCURSIONS | 2:00 pm–6:00 pm

Ticketed events. Pre-registration is required.

Fighting Food Insecurity at Atlanta Community Food Bank S7

Lindy Wood, Atlanta Community Food Bank

Tour the brand-new Atlanta Community Food Bank and learn about their scope of programs
partnering with 600 community-based organizations who work to respond to food insecurity in the
area. Participate in an interactive simulation highlighting the barriers to access of nutritious food.
Explore the impact food insecurity has on community health and learn how to address these issues
through partnerships.
MONDAYGrow and Taste at Little Ones Learning Center S1

Wande Okunoren-Meadows & Toyin Okunoren, Little Ones Learning Center

Abbie Chaddick, Georgia Organics

Experience the successes and challenges of an early childhood program serving infants through school
aged kids on the CACFP who focus on sourcing locally and growing organically. Participate in a taste
test with the students, tour the center, and visit the garden while learning from expert facilitators who
engage the children in nutrition education.

Supper on Site at Atlanta Public Schools S 2

Akilah Issa & Monty Waites, Atlanta Public Schools

Get a taste of the enrichment and meals Atlanta is serving their kids! The Supper on Site Program
is an effort by the Expanded Day/Special Projects and Nutrition Departments to provide necessary
afterschool meal service giving children a safe place to go after school and receive nutrition and
energy. After-School All-Stars is an empowering and dynamic national program locally operated by
Georgia State University through a partnership with Atlanta Public Schools. Come see what’s cooking
in middle school with our future leaders.

national and community allies The National CACFP Sponsors Association is honored to work with a number

of national and community nonprofit organizations whose commitment to the child nutrition community knows no boundaries.
We hope you will take some time when you get home to learn more about them.

NATIONALHealthy Eating Starts Early




Pre-registration is required. See your ticket for room location.

Head Start: S2 Menu Planning S2

From the Kitchen for the CACFP

to the Classroom Develop meal planning
DRAFT techniques that can be used to
Head Start sites have been serve healthy and appealing
practicing family-style meal meals and snacks that meet
service for years. Have you CACFP and preschool meal
tried family-style cooking with pattern requirements. Learn
kids? This is a practical session how to accommodate food
with action items that you can allergies, incorporate multi-
learn to do at your site. Together, attendees cultural recipes and locally
will make and eat healthy kid-friendly recipes, sourced foods, develop
work through how to make kid recipe cards- strategies for creating custom
charts, and hear from a nutritionist on healthy menus, and go home with
kid-friendly recipes. menus you can use immediately
or as inspiration.
Rhonda Kobylecky, Acelero Learning
Jami Lee, Tri-Valley Opportunity Council Susan Ison, Helping Hands
Marcia Wileczek, Novick Childcare Solutions Beth Thorson, Texas Department of Agriculture
Sheila Tompkins-Hess, ECE Professional Diana Myers, Bright from the Start: GA Dept. of Early Care and
Tara Evans, Spokane Tribe of Indians Learning
Karla Dumas, Forward Food, a program of The Humane Society
of the United States
Katie Costello, Providers Choice
Melinda Nguyen, Texas Department of Agriculture

everyone welcome


CACFP Creditable Resources

S4 Centennial I & II | 8:00 am - 9:00 am

Need help identifying whole grain-rich? Looking for ways to help menu planners
choose the right milk, yogurt, and cereals to meet the CACFP meal pattern
requirement? At NCA we’re helping sponsors help their providers, center staff, and
afterschool teams with tools, resources, and worksheets. Come take a look at the
many resources we already have available free-of-charge to download for immediate
use and go home with a tool-kit of meal pattern materials and nutrition education
flyers you can share.

Lisa Mack, National CACFP Sponsors Association


CACFP 101: S2 Field Monitoring: S2
Successful Home
Afterschool Meals Visits

Only 1 in 10 children who Do you work in the field visiting
qualify for afterschool and CACFP child care homes?
out-of-school time meals are If so, you’ve probably seen it all
receiving them. The Child and Adult Care Food and you know that monitoring,
Program offers a solution to this nationwide mentoring, and coaching
problem. Learn the basics of CACFP matters. At times, child care
Afterschool and hear from a panel who are providers need support with meeting program guidelines and
already implementing the program successfully CACFP monitors can share a wealth of information
at their sites. Discover how you can sponsor the program or to help them successfully operate the food program.
work with a sponsor to serve children who are at risk. Don’t Learn how monitors can guide child care operators to
send kids home hungry. compliance by using strength-based coaching methods.

Kati Wagner, Wildwood CACFP Annetta Rutland, 4C for Children
Denise Andrews, For the Children
Melissa Moore, Family League of Baltimore Gabriela Rangel, Child and Family Resources
Suzanne Diggs, USDA Food and Nutrition Service
Dr. Walt Thompson, After-School All-Stars Atlanta
at Georgia State University
Demystifying Procurement S5 Motivation, Communication,
in the CACFP
and Training: Lessons S6
Procurement is designed to ensure your
protection as a program provider. We from The Wizard
will review federal regulations governing
procurement and work through incorporating Come on an Oz-mazing journey to learn,
beneficial purchasing practices. Attendees will experience, and practice invigorating
walk through executing a formal procurement techniques to empower yourself and your
contract beginning with a needs assessment, employees. Bring your heart, brain, and
conducting a contract evaluation and even courage to explore ways to influence your staff
observing the preparation of creditable snacks that have been with training, motivation, and communication.
locally sourced. While documentation, compliance, and menu appeal pave the
yellow brick road, the biggest way to have more success over
LaMonika Jones, Bright from the Start: GA Dept. of Early Care the CACFP rainbow is through inspiring your employees.
and Learning
Asata Reid, Life Chef Amanda Tucker, Brighton Training Group
Carolyn Miller, Texas Education Service Center Region 11
come learn more
First Timers' Orientation
FEATURED SESSIONS Centennial I & II |1:00 pm–1:30 pm

CACFP Professionals Certification We’re so glad you’re joining us for the first time. Let us
Program Overview show you around! Hear about the featured programming,
Centennial I & II | 12:15 pm–12:45 pm navigating workshops, and connection opportunities from
the conference planners in person. We’ll help you get your
Interested in learning more about how to earn the CACFP schedule mapped out and your possibilities planned. Can't
Management Professional or the CACFP Child Nutrition make it? The conference program book and app are both
Professional designation? Join NCA board members to hear comprehensive and super helpful.
why the program was started, what the qualifications are, and
next steps to getting the certification complete. PAGE 15

thank you to our EXHIBIT HALL HOURS


partners 9:00 am–1:30 pm
5:30 pm–7:30 pm
NATIONALHealthy Eating Starts Early
wednesday, April 15th
9:30 am–1:00 pm


silver exhibitorsDRAFT

meal counterTM

bronze exhibitors


powered by Vomela


nonprofit exhibitors


find new resources, products, and services tuesday and wednesday morning coffee

EXHIBIT HALL MAP tuesday evening reception
D211 213
R110 112 114 116 118 120 122 243 245 247 249 253 257
217 221 223 225 231 233 235 237 239

210 212 216 218 222 224 230 232 234 236 238 242 244 246 248 252 254 256
111 113 135 137 143 147 153 157 119 121 123 125

Bright from the Start: GA Dept. of Early Care 130 134 136 138 140 142 144 154
and Learning.....................................................................234
Brighton Training Group...................................................216 ENTRANCE ENTRANCE
Brush Art Corporation.......................................................225

FDivision of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity,
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention...............223
Champion Foodservice.....................................................248

General Mills.......................................................................130 National Food Group/Zee Zees®.....................................213
Gerber.................................................................................114 Novick Childcare Solutions...............................................111
Great Northern Baking Co................................................247 Optimum Foods.................................................................137
Gourmet Gorilla.................................................................233 Penn State Better Kid Care...............................................110
Health-e Pro........................................................................239 PepsiCo Foodservice..........................................................119 Peterson Farms Fresh, Inc................................................242
Institute of Child Nutrition................................................221 Quality Care for Children..................................................212
J&J Snack Foods Corp.........................................................118 Red Gold..............................................................................230
J.T.M. Food Group..............................................................218 Revolution Foods...............................................................246
JA Foodservice....................................................................224 Sabra Dipping Company, LLC...........................................116
Jack Link’s Protein Snacks.................................................249 Share our Strength............................................................236

ChopChop Family...............................................................237 Kellogg’s Away From Home..............................................222 Smart Lunches, Inc............................................................211

Coffee, Tea and Me............................................................112 KidKare by Minute Menu..................................................153 Soy Connection..................................................................121

Common Threads..............................................................123 LA Publishing......................................................................120 Team Nutrition...................................................................257

Cool School Cafe®.............................................................157 Link2Feed............................................................................244 The OrganWise Guys.........................................................253

Darlington Snacks..............................................................231 Meal Counter......................................................................154 The School Gourmet..........................................................210

Diversified Foods...............................................................142 MH Miles Company CPA PC..............................................238 Trident Beverage, Inc. .......................................................245

Dole Packaged Foods........................................................125 Mushroom Council............................................................113 Tyson K-12 Schools ...........................................................144

E S Foods.............................................................................232 Myers and Stauffer............................................................140 USA Pulses..........................................................................134

Food and Supply Source...................................................147 MyPlate...............................................................................252 Visualz (formerly Learning ZoneXpress).............................235 National CACFP Sponsors Association............................135 WIC.......................................................................................254

Forward Food, The Humane Society National Center on Early Childhood

of the United States........................................................138 Health and Wellness.......................................................256

The material available at each booth throughout the National Child Nutrition Conference is information presented by the company/organization and may or may not be usable in the CACFP and SFSP.


Welcomes You to the
34th National Child
Nutrition Conference!

• Child and Adult Care Food Program
• Summer Food Service Program
• At-Risk Afterschool Meals
Helping families get children ready for school,
helping providers ensure that children receive
excellent early education: Georgia Department of
Early Care and Learning provides essential services
and resources to meet the needs of families, and
to support the early learning community – all from
one state agency wholly dedicated to the needs
of our young ones. We are the primary resource for
supporting high-quality, early education in Georgia.

This Institution is an equal opportunity provider.


let’s get started


We begin with new and exciting information, inspiration and ideas to help you get the most out of your time at the conference.

USDA CACFP Policy DRAFTOperational Strategies Food Matters: How
Your Work Supports
Update for Afterschool Meals a Lifetime of Healthy
S7 Centennial I & II & Summer Food Service
S1 Centennial I V
Hear from USDA as they present an S2 Centennial III
overview of new and revised policy Food program operators have a
guidance for the Child and Adult Care Food insecurity for children in the unique opportunity to champion
Food Program and share a state-of-the- United States is on the rise, and intentional planning and promotion
state update of the CACFP. The USDA research has proven that hungry of healthy eating choices, habits, and
Food and Nutrition Service works to children cannot learn. Become part of activities to improve health outcomes
end hunger and obesity through the the solution by offering an innovative for all. Learn how to build a program
administration of 15 federal nutrition summer feeding program and adding emphasizing food taste and presentation
assistance programs including the supper to your school year program. to reduce waste and increase nutritious
Child and Adult Care Food Program Hunger doesn’t take a vacation, so food consumption. Take a journey meant
which is crucial to ensuring children these out-of-school time meal service to inspire you and set you on a resilient
have access to nutritious foods and opportunities are critical in most areas path for supporting healthy eaters’
where healthy eating becomes a habit. across the country. Learn how to get lifetime behaviors.
stakeholder buy-in, what staffing and
Angela Kline logistics requirements look like, which Asata Reid, MS Ed
menus work best, and ways to reach a
Director, Program and Policy rural community. Chef, Health Educator and Founder
Development Division Life Chef
USDA Food and Nutrition Service Donna S. Martin, EdS, RDN,
Andrea Farmer, MS, RD
Director School Nutrition Program
Chief, Community Meals Branch in the Burke County Board of Education
Policy and Program Development Division Past President, Academy of Nutrition
USDA Food and Nutrition Service and Dietetics 2017-2018

“I believe in the children and want to teach them. In order for them
to learn, the first step in our day is to start with good nutrition.
It helps them to be alert, active and ready to learn.”
Caridad Hernandez, Home Child Care Provider From Hazleton, PA
Caridad has been a CACFP participant since 2004.


LEARNING INSTITUTES | 3:15 pm–4:15 pm

The Learning Institutes are designed to help people with like experience in food programs learn more and connect with each other
in a structured and moderated session. In the 100 level series, there will be mostly instruction and in subsequent levels there will be
greater opportunity for sharing stories and solutions around particular topics with fellow attendees. Whether you are new, experienced
or an expert in your role, learning opportunities are always limitless.
Our community is large! Find your people based on the institute descriptions.

Don’t know what CACFP or SFSP even You’re new-ish to food programs, working in it
mean? Are you brand new to child nutrition food daily, and you’ve got the big picture. It’s been one or two years
programs? Do you run one program and are thinking about since you started working in CACFP or SFSP so concepts
sponsoring the other? Do you provide services or resources for aren’t new or foreign to you but you’d love to really explore
food program operators and want an entry level understanding the important areas with your peers. Attend this structured
of how they impact children across the country? Attend this learning institute to review the meal patterns, discuss basic
lecture-styled institute to learn the basics of how these food program administration, and get a requirements refresher while
programs provide healthy food access for children in child also sharing in some table talk.
care, afterschool, out-of-school time, and during summer.


Lisa Mack, National CACFP Clarissa Hayes, Food Sharon Ray, Nutriservice Kati Wagner, Wildwood CACFP
Sponsors Association Research and Action Center
S2 Centennial III S2 Inman
S2 Hanover C S2 Spring
SFSP 101

Michele Peres, Vision
Educational Center

S2 Fairlie

Apply today! You can apply for the CACFP Professional Certification here at the National Child Nutrition Conference.

Visit the conference information desk to find out how to apply or hear more on the certification program and the specialties.

CACFP Management Professional (CMP)

Experience: 8 Years OORR Experience: 5 Years Experience: 5 Years

Education: Education: Education:
• 4 Hours in Specialties 1 or 2 • Associates degree or higher • 12 Hours in Specialties 1 or 2
• 4 Hours in Specialties 5 or 6 • 4 Hours in Specialties 1 or 2 OR • 12 Hours in Specialties 5 or 6
• 8 Hours in Specialties 4 or 7 • 4 Hours in Specialties 5 or 6 • 12 Hours in Specialties 4 or 7
• 8 Hours in Specialties 4 or 7 • 24 Hours CEU in Specialties 1-7 with

a minimum of 2 hours per Specialty

CACFP Child Nutrition Professional (CCNP)

Experience: 3 Years Experience: 1 Year Experience: 1 Year

Education: Education: Education:
• Associates degree or higher OR • Associates degree or higher
• 16 Hours in Specialty 1 OORR • 12 Hours in Specialty 1
• 4 Hours in Specialties 2 or 3 • 16 Hours of Specialty 1
• 16 Hours total with minimum 3 hours in

each of Specialties 1-2 or Specialty 3

PAGE 20 Note: CEU’s cannot be duplicated for Dual Certification.

You’ve served for several years in your role After years of working in the food
now, so you’re beyond the basics, but there’s more to learn program you feel confident and experienced, but
and you’re eager to further your level of knowledge. This are still open to new ideas that will help you improve
institute is for those attendees who don’t need to talk about the your organization’s administration and operations. If you
basics of program operations but are instead ready to consider are asking yourself, “How can I improve the services
implementing new ideas and learning how others are tackling we offer?” or “Where can we increase efficiencies in
a few specific program requirements beyond meal patterns. our organization?” this session is for your. Topics will
be shared by the moderator and attendees will work
together using their collective knowledge and experience
to create a-ha moments.
Victor Salazar, Hummingbird Alice Zacharie, SNAP, Inc.
Child & Adult Nutrition Jean Bianchi, Clarendon Early Carolyn Wait Vega, Share our
S4 Courtland Education Services Strength
S4 Centennial IV
S2 Regency VI S2 Hanover E
SFSP 201
SFSP 301
Viktoriya Yudovina, FLIPANY
Derrick Lambert, Share our
S4 Hanover F G Strength

You’re the CEO, president, director or leader and want S2 Hanover D
to connect on food program issues beyond operations such as
staffing, marketing and recruitment. While the moderator will Succession planning is on your mind. You’ve
introduce conversation points, this session is all table talk! been managing operations for over 20 years and are looking to
Together, discover innovative ways to strengthen and advocate find a way to share your institutional knowledge and create a
for the program. pathway for success of the organization once you retire. Talk
shop with colleagues in the same situation and learn about
CACFP 401 SFSP 401 strategies others are considering.

Senta Hester, Our Daily Bread Melissa Moore, Family League CACFP 501
CACFP of Baltimore
Valerie Cable, Day Care Connection
S6 Regency VII S6 Greenbriar
S4 Dunwoody
Working for a state agency in child nutrition
programs, you face different workload requirements than PAGE 21
sponsors and operators. Join fellow state agency staff to share
collective experience and strategies.


Tamika Boone, Bright from the Start:
GA Dept. of Early Care and Learning

S3 Hanover A B

tuesday, April 14th Program Spotlight

WORKSHOP ONE | 4:30 pm–5:30 pm Technology that Doesn't Break
the Bank
Nutrition DRAFTAt-Risk Afterschool
S3 Hanover A B
Feeding Infants: Maximize Your Sponsorship
What, When, and How Potential: Summer & Afterschool Larry Karow & Jolene Benedict, UMC Food Ministry
S1 Regency VII Hear how UMC Food developed technology for
S4 Hanover D use to serve over 300 sites in 2 states and earned
Monica Griffin, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta outstanding Management Reviews for both
Diana Myers, Bright from the Start: GA Dept. Brian Wieher & Melissa Weissler, Operation Food Search CACFP and SFSP. We'll share how to identify the
need, how to get it solved, how to write a road
of Early Care and Learning Learn to avoid the abrupt start and stop of the map, work with a programmer, and what it cost us.
Summer Meals and At-Risk Afterschool program We'll also share what went right and wrong along
Infancy is a critical period when children develop periods by facilitating both programs consecutively the way to help you take on the same type
taste preferences and habits that last a lifetime. and creating a year round program offering. A of project.
What, when and how we feed babies can impact bit of strategic planning can create a seamless
their overall development and relationship with transition that allows for maximum efficiency and Financial Management
food. We will cover CACFP meal patterns for sustainability for sponsor organizations.
infants, infant feeding best practices and provide Sponsoring Summer Food:
healthy, inexpensive ideas for planning your infant Summer Food Keys to Financial Management
Summer in South Carolina: S5 Hanover E
Nutrition A Mobile Meal Program
Monica Miles & Cherese Myree
Making a Muffin Tin Recipe Box S4 Spring MH Miles Company, CPA, PC

S1 Hanover C Kara Moore, Lowcountry Food Bank You’re already working the food program and are
ready to expand to summer feeding. Hear about
Denise Andrews, For the Children Pop Up Picnics serves a rural island community best practices to ensure proper internal controls for
thousands of meals each summer from SFSP successful financial management and mitigate high
Are you or your family home child care providers lunches and fresh produce to shelf stable pantry risk program areas.
having trouble serving mixed foods and not boxes. Learn how to identify mobile sites, market
serving the right quantities? We'll teach you how to your program, engage children and their families, Management
use our muffin tin hack and you'll work in groups and host a Spike event!
to develop a new recipe to share with fellow Connecting with Businesses to
attendees. Together, we'll review your ingredients Head Start Advance Community Wellness
to ensure you're ready to make a muffin tin recipe
box back home. Extending CACFP Beyond the S4 Inman
Nutrition Anne Valik, Commonality
S1 Dunwoody
Menu Planning with Nutritious and Community wellness can be best advanced when
Shelf Stable Tomato Products Leah Galitzdorfer, NY Enrichment Group different organizations collaborate, but the practice
of engaging businesses in this process can seem
S2 Greenbriar Creating healthy eating patterns in the classroom complex. Examine the real and perceived barriers
is only one part of the equation: parents and that exist when seeking to develop cross-sector
Jodi Batten, Red Gold home environments are the other. Learn about the partnerships and get the roadmap to make it work
important role parents play in the development for you back home.
Looking for ideas to help you integrate creditable of a child’s feeding patterns and how to increase
vegetables in the new CACFP Meal Pattern? Learn parent awareness and engagement of CACFP best Train-the-Trainer
about nutritious, shelf stable tomato products practices.
and easy and popular menu solutions, featuring Healthy Eating from Head to Toe
complete reimbursable meal ideas plus DIY
Grab-N-Go Meal Kits. S1 Centennial III

special thank you to our... Kate Abernathy, Providers Choice

At-Risk Afterschool Track Sponsor Discover foods that benefit and impact different
parts of the human body with new ways and
ideas to serve these foods in Child Nutrition
Programs. Review and discuss CACFP nutrition
program updates including tools to calculate ounce
equivalents. Leave with resources to train this
workshop to program participants.

PAGE 22 Presentations at the National Child Nutrition Conference are provided as a resource. NCA does not guarantee the accuracy,
completeness, or adequacy of the content of the presentations or the discussion being led by the presenter(s).

Program Administration & Operations FOR ALL YOUR CACFP NEEDS

Serious Deficiency Process Professional Certification
Recognize excellence. This professional
S4 Hanover F G designation honors experience and
commitment to continued education.
Suzanne Diggs, USDA Food and Nutrition Service
Are you in a quandary about the SD process? Get Meal Patterns
an overview of the serious deficiency process, AGES BIRTH THROUGH 5 MONTHS
hear about the most common errors in responding
to serious deficiencies, and better understand the BREAKFAST, SNACK, LUNCH & SUPPER MEAL PATTERNS
elements of the appeals process and role of the
hearing official. Milk 4-6 oz breastmilk1 or formula2 Meal Pattern Cards
Fantastic reference card reminders for
Research & Resources AGES 6 MONTHS THROUGH 11 MONTHS CACFP meal pattern serving sizes.


S1 Centennial IV Milk 6-8 oz breastmilk1 or formula2

Ashley Roth & Kristin Mize, Common Threads BREAKFAST MEAL PATTERNS Serve Milk, Grains*, Vegetables or Fruit 0-4 tbs infant cereal2,3, meat, fish, poultry, whole egg,
cooked dry beans, or cooked dry peas or
Learn about the vital role of nutrition and brain COMPONENT AGES 1-2 AGES 3-5 AGES 6-18 ADULTGSrain/Meat 0-2 oz
development. Understand specific nutrients 0-4 oz cheese or
essential for brain development and approaches Milk 1/2 cup 3/4 cup 1 cup 1 cup 0-4 oz
to ensure adequate intake. Examine how cottage cheese or yogurt4 or
hunger impacts physical growth and academic Vegetables, Fruit or Both 1/4 cup 1/2 cup 1/2 cup 1/2 cup
performance as well as the importance of a combination of the above5
embedding evidenced-based nutrition education
as a strategy to improve nutritional status. Grains* 1/2 serving 1/2 serving 1 serving 2 servFirnugits/Vegetable 0-2 tbs vegetable or fruit or a combination of both5,6

Research & Resources * Meat and meat alternates may be served in place of the entire grains component at breakfast a maximum of three times per week.
Straw Bales: A New Way to Garden
LUNCH & SUPPER MEAL PATTERNS Serve all 5 components Milk 2-4 oz breastmilk1 or formula2
S1 Fairlie
COMPONENT AGES 1-2 AGES 3-5 AGES 6-18 ADULTS 0-1/2 slice bread3,4 or
Pamela Heisler & Alix Pasillas, Food For Kids 1 cup
Milk 1/2 cup 3/4 cup 1/2 cup 1 cup* Grain 0-2 crackers3,4 or
Learn how to start a straw bale garden from 1/4 cup
beginning to end and you'll be planting and Vegetables 1/8 cup 1/4 cup 2 oz 1/2 cup 0-4 tbs infant cereal2,3,7 or ready-to-eat breakfast cereal3,6,7,8
growing with the children in your care this spring.
No space? Bad soil? No problem. Fruit 1/8 cup 1/4 cup 1 serving 1/2 cFurupit/Vegetable 0-2 tbs vegetable or fruit or a combination of both5,6
2 oz
Research & Resources Meat/Meat Alternates 1 oz 1 1/2 oz

Successful Strategies in Creating Grains 1/2 serving 1/2 serving 1 B2reassetmrviliknogrsformula, or portions of both, must be served; however, it is recommended that breastmilk be served in place of formula from birth
& Implementing Wellness Policies through 11 months. For some breastfed infants who regularly consume less than the minimum amount of breastmilk per feeding, a serving of less
* A serving of milk is not required at supper meals for adults. than the minimum amount of breastmilk may be offered, with additional breastmilk offered at a later time if the infant will consume more.
S3 Courtland 2 Infant formula and dry infant cereal must be iron-fortified.
3 Beginning October 1, 2021, ounce equivalents are used to determine the quantity of creditable grains.
Jennifer Weber, American Heart Association 4 Yogurt must contain no more than 23 grams of total sugars per 6 ounces.
Heidi Hetzler, University of Rhode Island 5 A serving of this component is required when the infant is developmentally ready to accept it.
6 Fruit and vegetable juices must not be served.
Healthy Way to Grow is an evidence-based 7 A sAerDvinUgLoTf Sgrains must be whole grain-rich, enriched meal, or enriched flour.
program that has helped hundreds of providers 8 Breakfast cereals must contain no more than 6 grams of sugar per dry ounce
create and implement wellness policies. Hear about (no mo1recuthpan 21.2 grams sucrose and other sugars per 100 grams of dry cereal).
Rhode Island's experience, learn what it is, how DRAFT SNACK MEAL PATTERNS Serve 2 of the 5 components
you (and the providers or children you serve) can
benefit from participation, and where to find new COMPONENT AGES 1-2 AGES 3-5 AGES 6-18
tools and resources.
Milk 1/2 cup 1/2 cup 1 cup
Vegetables 1/2 cup 1/2 cup 3/4 cup On1l/2ycubpreastmilk or formula is required in the
Incorporating Grains and Dairy Fruit 1/2 cup 1/2 cup 3/4 cup CA1/C2 cFuPp until infants are developmentally
into CACFP Meal Patterns 1/2 oz 1/2 oz rea1doyz to accept other foods.
Meat/Meat Alternates 1/2 serving 1/2 serving 1 oz
 Regency VI Grains 1 serving 1 serving

Illeme Amegatcher, General Mills Bell Institute of Health Beginning October 1, 2021, ounce equivalents are used to determine the quantity of creditable grains.
and Nutrition Refer to USDA FNS Exhibit A for further guidance on grain serving sizes.

Monica Coulter, General Mills WWW.CACFP.ORG

Are you or your providers tired of serving the WWW.CACFP.ORG
same old recipes? Are you looking for new ways to
delight your children? Join us to learn new ideas, This institution is an equal opportunity provider.
strategies, tips and tricks for pairing menu items REV 10.01.2019
and creating recipes that are sure to be fun and kid
pleasing. Child Nutrition Today Magazine
16 pages of Meal Pattern Requirements,
Sample Cycle Menu, Creditable Snacks,
Whole Grain-Rich Defined, Serving Family
Style, Healthy Meals on a Budget, and


Play, Art, and Nutrition 2021 CACFP Training Program
Five one-hour modules plus nutrition
TRAINING MODULE calendar. Training worksheets, provider
curriculum, and record-keeping are bonus
2&0R2e1cNorudtKrieteiopningCaSlyesntedmar Play, Art, and Nutrition tools!

Five hours of training inside & more!
CACFP is an indicator of quality child care.

A National Platform for the Child and Adult Care Food Program Community Includes
RV020320 This institution is an equal opportunity provider. Nutrition

Buyer’s Guide
Free resource for finding what you need.
Looking for food products and services?
Software or technology? Education

Learn more at



wednesday, April 15th | 7:15 am ADVOCACY Award recognizes an organization or person

COLLABORATION Award highlights an organization who demonstrates leadership for increased improvements and
participation in the CACFP for sponsoring organizations, child care
which develops successful partnerships between government, providers and centers, and afterschool programs at community,
sponsoring organizations and nonprofit, business, foundation, or state, and national levels.
other entity which result in improved impact and achieves greater
outcomes for child nutrition programs. Shannon Spencer

Full Plates Full Potential is a coalition of community leaders, Children’s Choice Academy
stakeholders and advocates working to end child hunger in Maine Shannon’s life work and passion are to promote
including fifteen organizations and the Maine Department of the benefits of the CACFP in her community. As
Education Child Nutrition Program. Over the last five years, they the program administrator for seven preschools,
have awarded 164 grants totaling more than $320,000 across all Shannon speaks with, and advocates for the
sixteen counties to overcome barriers to program participation. CACFP, to parents of 500 children. As families come to her with
Working with schools and community organizations to expand health and dietary concerns, she whole-heartedly explains the
children’s access to meals, Full Plates has been instrumental in benefits of a child care provider following the guidelines of the
increasing CACFP Afterschool Meals participation from 0 to 40 CACFP. She has trained over 100 employees on how to operate
sites. They have ambitious plans to grow and scale participation and, equally importantly, why it’s important to appreciate the food
since that’s still only about 16% of eligible students in Maine who program as it improves the lives of children in their care. Shannon
get a nutritious meal before they go home, which is often their last truly has a gift with people to help them value the CACFP and
meal of the day. has led Children’s Choice Academy to be a leader of CACFP and
nutrition for the entire community.
CHANGEMAKER Award celebrates a CACFP community CHAMPION Award celebrates a CACFP community member

member whose masterful achievements in their role have directly for their success in promoting the CACFP through effective
benefited the CACFP community. advocacy, partnerships, and collaboration to increase program
participation and ensure access for every child.
Lynne Kunins
Jeanette Johnson-Reed
Under Lynne’s direction as president, Minnesota Department of Education
FLIPANY has become a valuable and trusted As the Supervisor of Community Nutrition
community partner by bringing health Programs , Jeanette Johnson-Reed has
and wellness programs to underserved demonstrated an extraordinary commitment
neighborhoods in Florida. Since starting with two locations to the CACFP throughout her 22 years with
and serving 18,000 meals through the CACFP in the first year, the department. She is respected for her vision, her leadership,
operations have expanded to serving nearly one hundred sites and and her actions in providing exceptional service in all situations.
a million meals served in 2019. Lynne’s goal is to create health Jeanette is not afraid of challenges, taking risks, and making
equity by promoting a healthy life through nutrition, physical tough decisions that advance the food program and support her
activity, and wellness initiatives in low-and middle-income team, sponsoring organizations, child care programs, and the
communities. Her mission will not be complete until everyone, entire Minnesota child nutrition community. Her passion for the
no matter what zip code they live in, has the opportunity to live a CACFP has driven her to protect program access and go above
healthy life and reach their full potential. and beyond in her work to ensure that the CACFP in Minnesota
is exemplary.

PAGE 24 Healthy Eating Starts Early Supporting nutrition education, grant programs, professional development,

NATIONAL and scholarship opportunities for the child and adult nutrition community.



Enrichment Programming for School Age & Early Childhood

Enhancing Communities

NY Enrichment Group is the NYEG is expanding services to support
leading National, Health, more communities all over the Tri-State
Wellness and Educational including:
Group in the Tri-State for all
Non-Profit Social Service New Jersey Westchester
Agencies. Our focus is Connecticut New York City
improving health and quality Rockland County Long Island
of life through integration of
all the programs and services [email protected]
we offer.

We provide endless PAGE 25
Enrichment Programming
for K-12 and Professional
Development Trainings
for Staff.

GENERAL SESSION | 8:00 am–9:15 am special thank you to our...

Hear from our keynote General Session Sponsor

Jeremy Anderson

We don’t always get to know how our work impacts the children and
adults we serve, but sometimes, we get a glimpse.
Years ago, Jeremy Anderson experienced many challenges such as drug
and alcohol abuse, repeated failure in school, a diagnosis of ADHD, and
the absence of his biological father. Fortunately, Jeremy’s story didn’t
end there. During his third attempt at the 9th grade, Jeremy came across
a group of teachers who refused to give up on him. He eventually caught
up, received his high school diploma, and obtained his bachelor’s and
master’s degrees.
Jeremy’s inspirational message is about people who refuse to give up on
others and the incredible, life-changing, and emotional significance they
have. You are those people. Jeremy’s personal journey is a reminder of
why we all work tirelessly to provide year-round food access through the
CACFP and SFSP so that millions of children have, hopefully, one less
dire life circumstance to overcome.

Chief Executive Officer, The Jeremy Anderson Group



Suzanne Bonamici

Congresswoman, D-OR

Since beginning her service to the US Congress in 2012, Congresswoman Suzanne
Bonamici has focused on Child Nutrition Reauthorization for the CACFP, strengthening
public education, equity in education, policy and funding to support student success,
and co-founding the bi-partisan Congressional STEAM Caucus. Congresswoman
Bonamici currently serves as a leader on the Education and Labor committee and Chair
of the Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Human Services. In Congress, she is fighting
for an equitable economy that gives everyone the opportunity to succeed. In 2015,
Congresswoman Bonamici introduced The Early Childhood Nutrition Improvement Act
for CNR and is again dedicating her time to what will best benefit the children and the
food program. Her approach has been refreshingly straight forward and includes many
no cost additions to CNR with a remarkable knowledge of the CACFP.
The National CACFP Sponsors Association Friend of CACFP Award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated a
commitment to supporting and improving the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) through leadership and
initiative. We are pleased to present the award this year to Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici. We appreciate Congresswoman
Bonamici’s diligent work to expand and protect child nutrition programs in our country. We recognize the challenges she has
undertaken to push for changes in hunger relief programs and food security for our nation’s children and elderly. We honor her
with the 2020 Friend of CACFP Award.

Over 4.6 million children served each day.
2,037,687,363 meals served in 2018 in CACFP.
103k 64k 22k 50k 2.5k

Family Child Child Care Afterschool Summer Meals Adult Day Care
Care Homes Centers Sites Sites Sites

13.9 million lunches during summer months. (2018) (FY2017)


wednesday, April 15th Program Spotlight

WORKSHOP TWO | 9:30 am–10:30 am Using CACFP to Support Farm to
Early Care and Education Models
Nutrition DRAFTAt-Risk Afterschool
S1 Inman
Child-Friendly Menu Planning Schools as Afterschool Meals
Using Seasonal Foods Sponsors, Sites, and Vendors Dadit Hidayat & Daithi Wolfe, Kids Forward
Kelcie Silvio, Voices for Georgia’s Children
S2 Centennial IV S6 Hanover FG Lorenzo Almada, Georgia State University

Jennifer Kozaczek, North Carolina Department Carolyn Wait Vega, Share Our Strength Hear how the states of Georgia and Wisconsin use
of Health and Human Services Donna Martin, Burke County Board of Education the CACFP to support Farm to Early Care and
Vicki Lipscomb, Child Nutrition Program Education. Each state will share their statewide
Caroline Stover, Center for Environmental data collection results and how the data will be
Farming Systems Set up schools for afterschool meals success with used to support the implementation of Farm to
the knowledge and experience of a school nutrition Early Care and Education models. Opportunities
Lynn Policastro, Wake County Smart Start director and a nonprofit sponsor. We’ll cover and barriers will be shared together with resources
everything you need to know, from finding the for training.
Learn how to plan delicious, culturally appropriate, right models for partnership and implementation to
kid-friendly menus using local, seasonal foods. communication with school and district officials to Financial Management
Start with the decision making tree to learn your logistics and staffing.
best options for local purchasing. Learn time- Investigating Fraud, Waste & Abuse
saving tips to prepare fresh menu items. Participate Summer Food in Federally Funded Programs
in activities to promote new food to children and
support your Farm to ECE Program and check Summer Resource Map: A Tool S4 Dunwoody
out CACFP-standardized recipes to streamline the to Target Gaps in Meal Service
menu planning process. Monica Miles & Cherese Myree
S3 Hanover E MH Miles Company, CPA, PC
Lisa Church, Florida Department of Agriculture Gain insight on investigating allegations of
Creditable Meals in the CACFP: and Consumer Services non-compliance in the CACFP and SFSP. Learn
Be in the Know how to identify red flags during a monitoring
The Summer Resource Map is a digital tool that review and take home interview techniques,
S1 Centennial I uses Geographic Information Systems technology sampling methodologies, and best practices which
to illustrate gaps in service and foster improved have been instrumental in identifying fraud, waste,
Debra Eisenbarth, Sheldon Gordon, Bethany Showell, access to summer meals for children in Florida and abuse in federally funded programs.
Kaushalya Heendeniya, and Melissa Daigle Katz, through the Summer BreakSpot Program. Features
USDA Food and Nutrition Service of the map will be brought to life through a live Train-the-Trainer
Get hands-on experience to successfully meet the Responsive Feeding:
CACFP meal pattern requirements with newly Head Start Using Mealtimes to Support
released or updated tools that can help you credit, Development
purchase, and serve meals to program participants. Family Style Meal Service and Head
Take a deep-dive into newly creditable foods in the Start Performance Regulations S1 Learning Center
CACFP and learn about the Crediting Handbook
for the CACFP. Download the Food Buying Guide S2 Regency VII Stephanie Womack, American Academy of Pediatrics -
mobile app before attending the workshop. National Center on Early Childhood Health and Wellness
Sheila Tompkins-Hess, ECE Professional
Nutrition Learn more about what responsive feeding is and
Learning opportunities abound at meal times how it benefits both the child and the family. Go
Cultivating Cultural Awareness in Head Start sites. Help your staff or team home with strategies on how to implement it in the
through Food understand the performance regulations for family food program and consider ways to help families
style meal service and how they can incorporate incorporate responsive feeding into their daily
S1 Hanover C Math, Science, Language and Literacy into their routines.
meal times.
Kelly Toups, Oldways Program Administration & Operations
Coleen Donnelly, InHarvest Program Spotlight
Intentional Mealtimes
Americans of diverse racial and ethnic CCR&R + CACFP: A Winning
backgrounds are disproportionately affected by Combination for Children's S1 Hanover D
many chronic diseases, highlighting the need for Nutrition
more inclusive dietary messaging. Explore cultural Monica Griffin, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
models of healthy eating from around the world, S4 Regency VI
with practical tips, insight, and recipes for diverse Mealtimes provide an opportunity for children
populations, with a special focus on Gen Z, and a Michelle Adkins, Child Care Aware of America to progress across all developmental domains.
cooking demonstration. Review responsive feeding practices, identify
Child Care Resource and Referral networks critical feeding milestones, and learn how
PAGE 28 (CCR&Rs) are uniquely positioned to support and to integrate feeding with other domains of
promote CACFP participation. Learn how 3 states' child development. Get tips for classroom
CCR&Rs embed CACFP into their daily work implementation and for promoting healthy feeding
with child care providers and parents. Explore best practices with families.
practices and discuss opportunities to best utilize
CCR&Rs to expand the reach of CACFP.

Program Administration & Operations TROPICAL TUNA SALAD BEACH BOWL JELLY FISH &20R2e1coNrudtKreiteipoinngCSaylestnedmar

Taming the Inefficiency Monster Tuna, canned in water Cbgsidnotooorsvowewiedgalnrlemiyntaoheentfeyridssteoshsoyuue.oretGbuscplio’uudvawreeeplylgeto. iorrTfsi.tsubaAuyrbwdneooduhniptritatouweopnpwoepstrnaibhdpiejegeelrly
Pineapple, chunked fish!
S4 Baker Avocado, cubed
Mgriaxintotgoeatshteorrawll iitnhgcrreadcikeenrtss.oSrecruvecuomnbwehr ole BEACH BALL GAMESUkacihnsciaknolblgbeasanltlg,alasecorloegcfeccedobriuef,fraoescrreheh.nbTothawselli,tyzotewedkaiilbccl hkalolitlvtshe.tehtcrhoheuilvdgahrreicnaottinooenpsaloannyd
Amanda Tucker, Brighton Training Group rounds.
Carolyn Miller, Texas Education Service Center Region 11 #CACFPCREDITABLE

Learn how to improve and maximize policies, SURIMI SEAFOOD
procedures, and training to counteract the most
common findings and inefficiencies in your Ripbtsmheraroaaeiltadtianpedytoisi-dnot,lleonsoav-unceseskdealhoatfOiipf-asosmmhntoydeeidtlngeo,catSfra.tuo3neCrlnlowibsmm,erheaiimucsnisshtdoregunidsseclayntiinmnuemdrrspeawaeodldailrcyeftahoahsfeonriasgodtnhmafosinra
programs. Get step-by-step guidance on finding meat|meat alternate.
opportunities for improvement together with
inspirational ideas on how to strengthen your Play, Art, and Nutrition
business flow and keep the inefficiency monster
at bay. June JULY August
SMTWT F S What fish only swims at night? A Starfish. Friday Saturday SMTWT F S
Research & Resources Wednesday Thursday 1234567
12345 Monday Tuesday 2 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Big Impacts in Rural Early Care and 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Education Settings 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 MEAL PATTERN 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Meat and meat alternates 29 30 31
S1 Greenbriar 27 28 29 30 may be served in place of
the entire grain component Hours Worked
Rebekah Duchette, Nemours Children's Health System Sunday at breakfast a maximum of
Erin Olson, Iowa Department of Health CACFP BEST PRACTICE three times per week. 3 Week One
Limit serving processed
Do you directly or indirectly support rural meats to no more than one 1
ECE providers? Hear about and get access to a serving per week.
toolkit with over 23 effective interventions for SNACK SUGGESTIONS
obesity prevention in rural ECE settings. Learn 4
about prevention practices, implementation Hard-boiled egg and mixed fruit
considerations, sustainability ideas, and rural
success stories. Surimi on whole wheat crackers

Research & Resources Quiche and orange juice

Obesity and Children with Special WGR breadsticks and turkey sticks Submit Claim 9 10 Week Two
Healthcare Needs Surimi seafood sticks wrapped in a tortilla

S1 Courtland 5678

Dr. Chandi Edmonds, Alpha Kids Shine Independence Day 15 16 17 Week Three
Childhood obesity is an epidemic in the US and 12 13 14 L$E4SSEATHCAHN
children with special needs are at greater risk
for obesity. Hear about the unique health issues, 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Week Four
current research, and barriers of sensory processing
and feeding skills. DRAFT25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Week Five
State Agency Total Hours Worked This Month:

Expanding Eligibility to Subsidy Find your happy place.
Providers in the CACFP
CACFP Training Program Includes:
S4 Hanover A B
• 2021 Nutrition Calendar
Conchetta Yonaitis, Virginia Department of Health • 5-hour training module
• Daily meal pattern and best practices reminder
Together with the Virginia Department of Social • Monthly provider newsletters and activity pages
Services and the Virginia Early Childhood • Dedicated webpage with year-round support
Foundation, the Virginia Department of Health is • Motivation moment posters
expanding CACFP eligibility to religious exempt • Monthly curricula with activities
centers and unlicensed/unregulated homes that are • CACFP record keeping system optional
approved subsidy vendors. The Virginia CACFP
Expansion Project is a tri-agency collaboration Parents Connections - February 2021
working to increase the CACFP footprint by 20%.
TRAINING MODULE STRAWBERRY KIWI PARFAIT TULlttaRhaispyyrAeooloNiyuknnogeSuyhyPaorotOuiduhmrurRetambTusgAakmpicnyTktm,aIrsOtauyiqoncNuwknda,ittIptahoMeandygndAooadsGulatjlruaIinknNmayerdwApmyahTousneIupOdor’reuleNsiktipnoetionnsatflayrilkylobeec.ikkeet, , SHAPE COPTERSCcatColAohharvhdneniialseddsdlhsltriitcrecnecouoolrgnictocpmttfocstoieaeaospneknrnttt:eewbgpowrayolavutilotlaapcsehulierlartfa,arohcafpftsrrenrrohssootdshetampisrtecesrpkthillchiaseleoeaenfarpctagsttkettlopoteasthpinhtrofe,odioengrtrfhbedoatttcorphhapttteeaootwieonfpeccmgtntarewhlepde.eooae.fftroer Learn with Me
Greek yogurt, any flavor helicopter propellers. for clouds in the sky. ssaufree?thatkRyneoocuwycttalhiknaegt hwioshmaelnewayaloylusyiogmuorpcotarrmatasphnitnt,ogbhuyetoldupidhkaeyveoepu
Strawberries, sliced and hulled REDUCING SUGARRrbpraeeerrnsadeddeisuunassccrufniecnurahgesncuscksaghtsuniaoogdtrwnoabirssaaahnvltdooeodwlicppdlheolsaomrwtnlsoeeauasrkcgthiroenaiemsrgraokibdasln.atqffTatoouhkorrieecbhbkbeciogaesgthinhsrtatybimb,nwloaceafnoroayeddrlsatose to make
Kiwis, peeled and diced prepackaged foods. wildlife
PlsRarteyrepaepwreaa1brte/e.8rfArrcsiuuekipstc,aohanfinlddydorine1gn/ua8rtctoc,lue1hpa/e8rolpccfuuwkppihw, oei.rfe
age-appropriate. tgWhraeetahmt aoavuketedtooaoclraasrr.geWefiohmrepnnaawctute.rereacnydclwe iwldeliaferestoakwiengcaansemnajollyatchtieon


2&0R2e1cNorudtKrieteiopningCaSlyesntedmar Play, Art, and Nutrition Cook with Me Read with MebsNoooodtkoosenfsloyrredyaodoeiunsrgtna.ekCxehtoescntokaronyuattidmtvheee.nsetugrere, abtut
Grilled Peaches
Peaches with Ricotta Cheese Maisy Goes Camping by Lucy Cousins

Granola Our Great Big Backyard by Laura Bush
and Jenna Bush Hager
Ricotta cheese
TIP S FOR USING THE RECORD KEEPING SY STEMsfOCponurrit4nap-km5eleamedcdhiwineuusimtthienhsgehoraaartlnefuodnalatngi.dlritlleli,ngpdhletalryc. eSberthurveshepwweaiictthhhe¼vsefgcauectpeabrdilcoeowottnial. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen

BUSINESS EXPENSES & INCOME SFatamnidlyarcdhiMldcecaaalcrAeflplpo.rwooavrnigdceersincsatenacdhooof skeeetopiunsgedtehteailed For “Standard Meal Allowance” (Month)
RECEIVED RECORDS food receipts to claim the deduction for meals provided record the total number of meals Income Received
Create with Me Play with MeAs purchases for your business are made each month
and snacks served including meals Date Source Amt

to children in their care. You can claim up to one and snacks not reimbursable by CACFP

(Month) 2021 Business Expenses & IncomerdaDeneatcddeoutrcydPtpuitrbechhlaeoeseRfddietFpcareooutmmrerdc,syhpoCluahilsaersctckeee#ex.dpMoeonfoFsnopeFsosudItoRbrcreScolIhofRlHwuoaSoSu.usrmpsRmpeeSelhni,ecocsloscSdhrhcdmehe2dcae0PSukt2druocp1lugnpherulailuemetstCimlhiCtie(eb.Fs&etoSaaPBruonraxp,snmdptkaligFheeeso,e,1sm0e4&e0Exq)pTuorbpeiPypensmrersieermoenatscfkbiohtMfnuiaaB&lotirdunshRsstreteieneppn,eLaawdsoeinrsoocrnebrskedyssah&ltfuLeyhCraelnueoetfnacodnpmrCihrnryogA,tvBoaCidunxFedesPTp&ria.aDundintuirieentnshpgsenosbesarecW,skaa,goenifsndthcpbthealthEurihTxcosenrpedaraseltlvoenieeieebnssnlecenigdtounasadnmlrnnoi.anacActersdthcUgeusaoikedllwswtswsaheisrnnei-iiettdbollghhacetyrnthoct-wohysirllflaieaoddfsrcertedbeuae,d.actndtteLhiouhccnerrtaoSBPCAcELctuiohhvuunMArMnrrboeeieaaenpClgnudaemaltaSpcSFifirckshnntanPeo,aeeehfgacr.atnanntiDctcaSaas’scsdsikknptovshsamhaueseniecnotleekotrtdpdlahiteornllieiosapfnngp.mylacbdlultiysuiiinntnvamdootcroie.rghdnecTyee.auuothtrahhlupealtrreaioyorzropsu,emww.egrWntiahhlkleitetliohorovmanedaeuklet = pTTsaUhhucOOyfiitssmrttsoaohhsmmeimeeenrnuerrooctpnnt((osssratttempprhhyrsheeee’’edsscccneoeeiitttff.ooiyysvutti))efaardllrobrimiynoaogucirunlkaaiGUtrdisoosstniithnn,oeggbygutoohctneroheanesatrBtoteehredayearidrretiuHmosrwouienmnngste,ehclcuiredranceefttatai.tostTeinmtha,oenWeygoaeecsbt’arsywnetoaeucllle.
+ Previous YTD Income
Received Balance tissue paper streamers hanging
Brought Forward

Grass – play tunnel withNew YTD Income
down to climb throughReceived Balance
Amount put in savings
Ffoor traex psatym–entpile of leaves and twigs to walk through
fSeneot win–wsiethnscoortytobninbalallrsge enough for children to put their
Five hours of training inside & more! UTILITIES & HOME EXPENSES WORKSHEET Utilities and Home Expenses Worksheet
CACFP is an indicator of quality child care. A separate worksheet is provided near the back of For IRS Form 8829 - Expenses for Business Use of Your Home

the calendar to record your monthly utility and home 2021 Electric Natural Gas Water & Trash & General Homeowner’s Real EstaRteiver R–enktiodr Idntieerepstool children can walk through
expenses. Sewer Recycling Home Repairs Insurance Taxes on Mortgage
Cave - tentDate
For IRS Form 8829 - Expenses for Business Use of Your Home Date Amount Date Amount Date Amount Date Amount Date Amount Date Amount Date
Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid
Amount Amount



A National Platform for the Child and Adult Care Food Program Community Totals CTAhCisFinPstisituatinoninisdaicnaetoqruaolfoqpupaolrittuycnciatyhciplfdrpoc.voiadrreegr..

ATTENDANCE & PAYMENTS RECORD (Month) 2021 Attendance & Payment Record
Each month, record the hours children attend your In & Out - Use to record time child is admitted in and out of child care. $ Due & $ Paid - Use to record amounts each parent owes and has paid.
child care home and record the amount each parent
owes and has paid. If you have more than nine Record total monthly payments collected on monthly Business Expense & Income page.
children, NCA grants permission to make an extra copy
of this page. Carry over the total monthly payment Child’s Name (Month) Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su Mo Tu We Th Month
received to the workspace provided on the Monthly 2021 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Total
Business Expense and Income Received page.
Time In
ADDITIONAL PAGES INCLUDE Federal Tax Worksheet & Telephone Contacts Page Time Out
$ Due
This institution is an equal opportunity provider. $ Paid

A National Platform for the Child and Adult Care Food Program Community Time In Total Monthly Payments Collected:
Time Out

$ Due

$ Paid
If you have more than 9 children, NCA grants permission to make an extra copy of this Attendance & Payment Record chart.
Attach along the bottom with tape.


Order online at

through Friday, June 12, 2020


wednesday, April 15th

NCA ANNUAL MEETING | 12:15 pm–1:00 pm

Members of the National CACFP Sponsors Association are invited to attend our annual meeting to learn about where the
organization is today, hear from candidates for the NCA Board of Directors, and find out what we have planned for the future.
Our mission is to provide you with education resources, training opportunities, and guidance on federal program policies.

See member invitation for room location.

meet our board of director candidates...

Alix Pasillas, CCNP Denise Andrews, CMP, CCNP

22 Years CACFP 26 Years CACFP
Executive Director CEO/Director
Food For Kids, Reno, NV For The Children, Vici, OK

Sponsors: Family Child Care, Unaffiliated Centers, Sponsors: Family Child Care Homes
At Risk After School, Adult Care • 79 Family Child Care Homes with 891 children served

• 96 Family Child Homes with 813 children served “I strive to develop cooperative working relationships with
• 13 Child Care Centers with 1,337 children served other sponsors and child care providers and hope to do
• 11 Adult Care Centers with 863 adults served the same at a national level. I would like to build a bigger,
stronger voice for not only the provider but also the small
“I am a strong leader with a passion for the program, and CACFP Sponsors.”
always a desire to make it better and stronger. I believe
working with like minded people who have the same
passion can be quite the force to ensuring the success and
betterment of the program.”
Brian Wieher, CMP, CCNP Jami Lee, CCNP

4 Years CACFP 5 Years CACFP
Director, Child & Family Nutrition Child Nutrition Services Manager
Operation Food Search, Saint Louis, MO Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Crookston, MN

Sponsors: At Risk After School Sponsors: Affiliated Centers, Head Start, Migrant and
• 20 Afterschool Sites with 750-1,000 children served Seasonal Head Start and Early Head Start

“I am committed to finding innovative and collaborative • 19 Centers with 1,000-1,500 children served
ways to connect people with nutritious food and interactive
learning while at home, at daycare and when school is not “My long range goals are to build partnerships and
in session. I feel it’s important to recognize a child’s need collaborate with other professionals not only in the Child
to access nutritious food during breaks, and my mission is Nutrition Profession but advocate on the state and national
to address this gap that happens every time school is not in level to educate people about the importance of child
session.” nutrition and the positive impact programs such as CACFP
play in children and families we serve.”


Rev. Dr. Lawrence Karow, CMP, Rhonda Kobylecky, CMP, CCNP

Director of Food Services for Acelero Inc.
10 Years CACFP National Level
CEO Acelero Learning, Las Vegas, NV
UMC Food Ministry, Latonia, KY

Sponsors: Unaffiliated Centers, Affiliated Centers, Sponsors: Affiliated Centers, Head Start
At Risk After School, Head Start • 44 Affiliated Head Start Centers with 5,000 children served

• 47 Centers with 2,800 children served “My desire is to use my expertise in Head Start programs
• 200 Afterschool Sites with 8,000 children served and regulations to support all the members of the NCA.
While the goals of the family home care providers, center
“I am committed to equipping other people and sponsors providers, and Head Start providers are the same, (namely,
to grow their programs in both numeric and quality. By to provide healthy, nutritious meals to all children), our
sharing the gifts and talents each of us has makes us processes are different.”
all better, and provides our end user (the children) with
quality meals that are sustainable by the sponsoring
Nelzarie Wynn, CMP, CCNP WEDNESDAYRobin A. Paul, CMP, CCNP

11 Years CACFP 42 Years CACFP
Director of Operations CEO, Mid/Michigan Child Care Centers,
Vision Educational Center, Simpsonville, SC Freeland, MI

Sponsors: Unaffiliated Centers, Affiliated Centers, At Risk Sponsors: Family Child Care, Unaffiliated &
After School, Emergency Shelters, Adult Care Affiliated Centers, At Risk After School, Head Start,
Emergency Shelters
• 25 Centers with 1,400 children served
• 10 Afterschool Sites with 450 children served • 1,300 Family Child Care Homes with 12,000 children
“As a former CACFP/SFSP child, I understand and have
the compassion, time, energy, and developed the resources • 103 Centers with 5,083 children served
to serve in this capacity. I’ve been blessed to serve children • 7 Afterschool Sites with 600 children served
and adults in many cities across the state. Being a Director
of Operations as a sponsor, consultant, and entrepreneur, “My goal is to continue to reach out to other agencies for
I can devote the time to participate and complete projects collaboration and growth. Keeping the sponsors abreast
in a timely fashion.” of current legislation and providing resources needed to
manage their sponsorship and remain viable which is most
important. By remaining an advocate for sponsors, I feel
I can ultimately help our children, families and providers.”

your input needed


Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Older Adults through CACFP
Centennial I V | 1:00 pm– 2:15 pm

USDA is interested in learning more about CACFP operations in adult day care settings, with an emphasis on older adults. What
are some of the challenges you face? What are some of your greatest successes? USDA will moderate a guided discussion with
audience members on CACFP for older adults, so get your lunch at the buffet and bring it with your ideas from the field!


wednesday, April 15th Train-the-Trainer

WORKSHOP THREE | 2:15 pm–3:15 pm Changing Minds and Plates:
Farm to Early Care and Education
Nutrition DRAFTSummer Food Two Hour Session

Food Foundations for Infants Seamless Summer Option: S1 Inman
and Toddlers Stories of Success
Abbie Chaddick, Georgia Organics
S1 Hanover D S4 Greenbriar Gina Cook, Quality Care for Children
Danielle Brown, Little Ones Learning Center
Denise Payton & Erica Goldthorp, ProSolutions Training Donna Carver, Floyd County Schools
Danielle Scott-Freeman, Douglas County School System Learn how to engage early learners and the people
Learn about the importance of infant and toddler Andrea McSmith & Ruth Taylor, Fulton County Schools that care for them in eating healthy foods and
nutrition and discover best practices for creating gardening. Farm to ECE is simple once you get
supportive and engaging eating experiences in the Hear from a panel of Turnip the Beet Award buy-in. Hear how it's working in Georgia and gain
early childhood classroom. Winning School Districts on how the local access to free curriculums and activity ideas.
program impacted children and how their
Nutrition operations lead them to the national recognition. Program Administration & Operations
Take away inspiration for feeding kids year-round.
Please Pass the Peas: Growing Your Food Program
Understanding Picky Eaters Head Start
S4 Hanover AB
S1 Regency VI Engaging Parents Early and Often
Nelzarie Wynn & Michele Peres, Vision Educational Center
Maureen Lyons, Wildwood CACFP S2 Learning Center
Learn how to make the most of your food program
Dive into an interactive discussion of the Dale Kehr & Tayler Wheatly, University of Illinois participation with ideas that will be easy to
underlying causes of picky-eating to better Extension implement, help expand your resources, and make
understand the negative health impact of long- your life a whole lot easier. Walk away knowing
term food issues. Learn a variety of strategies to Develop a family engagement system that how to create a budget-friendly, kid-friendly menu
improve acceptance and willingness to try new cultivates and empowers parents to support their as well as where to get resources to partner with
foods. Get best practices for mealtime roles and child’s growth and development. Get a better the community.
resources to support children’s efforts. understanding of what parent engagement is and
gain resources to replicate easy parent involvement Research & Resources
Nutrition activities at your centers.
Feeding, Eating and Succeeding
Prep to Plate for Centers: Program Spotlight Together (FEAST)
CACFP Portion Sizes
Community Based Approaches S1 Baker
S1 Hanover E to Addressing Food Insecurity
Lily Doher & Sara Gold, United Way for Southeastern
Caitlin Boland & Marcia Wileczek, Novick Childcare S7 Spring Michigan
Stephania Sidberry, North Carolina Partnership for Feeding, Eating and Succeeding Together
CACFP portioning can be confusing on paper and Children (FEAST) is a nutrition education program
in practice, many more questions come up. See that empowers adults to feed in a way that
correct portion sizes illustrated and get answers North Carolina ranks second highest in the supports children as they develop eating skills.
to common real-world portioning and service nation for food insecurity for households with Get strategies on how to implement a positive
questions. Get tips for the kitchen and find out children under five. Discover how North Carolina mealtime environment, overcome common feeding
what tools help compliance and reduce food waste. is piloting a project in 15 child care centers to struggles, and have developmentally appropriate
address food insecurity for center families and staff nutrition conversations.
At-Risk Afterschool and how you can model that work in your own
community. Research & Resources
Increasing Afterschool Meals
Participation Financial Management Preventing Obesity in Early Care
and Education
S4 Courtland Flawless Audits: Managing Your
CACFP Sponsorship S1 Hanover C
Kendra Burton, Newark Board of Education
S5 Regency VII Nora Geary, McKing Consulting
Learn unique strategies to market and promote Carrie Dooyema, Centers for Disease Control
your CACFP afterschool program within the Larry Karow, Jolene Benedict and Jason Grant
community. By partnering with community UMC Food Ministry and Prevention
partners and parents, sponsors will develop
methods to increase participation in afterschool, Are you a multi-program or multi-state sponsor? Learn best practices for obesity prevention in
gain parental support and provide more nutritious You'll need strong organization, clear cost early care and education settings (ECE) and how
meals in the community. allocation, and excellence in monitoring to be CACFP sponsors and other stakeholders can
prepared for your state audit. Learn how to operate embed healthy nutrition and physical activity
so State Agencies find it a breeze to perform your into their programs through partnerships and
Management Evaluations. collaboration across the ECE system. Take home
key resources on obesity prevention.


Policy & Advocacy Telly’s Secret MesHseargrey’s Count & Color BrAetatkePfrnaovstiidtoernProPmaotrioTenrynintgs!New FoodsDidUse the fruitvegetablestofigureoRuetardestthoefntuhme sbeecrraent dcolorasmanyas you have read.Mealofthe DayThe purpose of the National CACFP Week is:
Why Breakfast is the Most Important
Civil Rights 101: Compliance And you will g4r12o53w Big===aYnHAd Stro=n==gT!LE RCeceipleebrating CACFP WAeek WMarchE15-2S1, 20O20 MENESSA is for awareness P is for participateTime to Celebrate you kyWnohouawatnwddoeeyasorueCCrAaAcCCChFAiPFlCdPmFrPeenPa?rnovfoidrer?message.and
with Civil Rights Requirements Eating breakfast gives our BreaekafatfsirntoogemsrnnhgacaorocabvkubeitsrrbseaiinanagngetbidsnuehgtsnWwte(haCoaeweCe3t2A1pl.e.eia.pltCtsulnhhleaFtTTunbcTitrhPmeohaortosca)reyirehepcteewencridppahosahuruimalnoclisrdcdtaveo.rehtitpeeldeonriempnonpryamgsrertoo-eshoaatupeneteennrertsrvsmesdUNenrayvuhnnaSweottedDuri!eauoilttAtlnlhrirtohaebiCctnlabcihhClofoeaioinAumlnlrddecsCmgfreiafFerdtuoosnPn,nwobndiWtgyuidynAetescrgatedirbatekciduoaothtRCMialtuouintnielltinsdalofyCaphgyrmuoseoalkehaanusewrexirca,cienactlichtfsnlrhFaetog,aMhegomvsyCCsooceeeeordAvltaaoiasoetCtrPltiesnsnhFcrtsgeorPeoonieghanchtycaerleeiotbraMlphpiutmiteotsys!eegs.ce.mahtHihllsdeienrrweaiactrlhaePsiNsscoikcemmwYeoeiIaudnlergwaFrsiaetthvdooaigerneintteetwys!oMfuooisxtda&rctaeMndal.etacdh
bodies the strength and
S7 Dunwoody energy to get through
the day.
Gail Hoffman, USDA Food and Nutrition Service
cwoemcbaantrhauisnegaewr.arenessF•••oufTwCn1FBhh8eeaorFeb6reywaer3asreatuckthaAslwmtalfaoeenauwHstrrcehhacCsodyephsucaTAsoehetAdairiainpsisclwmciaesoCdnmbCs.drfsootpiiFrltkaeArruoNno.ettretgoPoieosChonttrrnaunladnigsFsreeycansetbtnaoPtsaieohqtnroobdesueBalhagud.fllnriuodgetpanretrepaamgicodhenrtrgtadaule.oineiaicugkntHtadyuhdptklrifrswotsaoidvaaisaitfdtanpet.nesohurna.nrptduzidsidcnesilteehagno;r.ft.hpeeopprolegB*rpVMraeQIpephAfiaRtDT212dgaCmetolmnhiooA6tdDoerehhuerogcceiaamtdtuueafohgsCnasacyfeeegreivppurdoObieaactiersusskvnsreawesdmetelMhlGierilnneicppiliitemtpttreslcPMevvarfatcelieiFaoihmi,chaanitOotaannebiaiPFldieoiaalbenptpnyNaierkgmnclltlnasgntuaygslsrioeErlilmegoerpy*yruiieisetiNrotnfepf,aostdtnoctlrdoTora?eoaTeinlheesahgwhatBcoiontenisnresgseaunztlMactParsCbucietjntBcBonheriebsifmusLathTftntfntonarttfprtpots.eihiitnaisorsiesukht.rnofcima.Sevyeecostghponogoeif,oigtaerribaitgdnesenitgrorrencatrsstrepihhiegsBtvrty,saehoaaianetoeeanafsoaCaulriCcsiarueetvbupsrfni1qmmmbebrorrtelpPuedAb/ns1elvatAdplccioidllgin/2ueiia1nooi1tstieCG2aoornptmatd/a/as’sipipcsnrEt2si4ssngvsnoFeluuhrtat.serSe.regtctic.teceiuPpiatHrqnurDe,t:unce1viuaaipral-8tpoatpmpciyaae2enoWfsiatlpeaSlpoigdtaorrwgilshsrpoerpxpcnveaetrntlpreisdcaaavneyeeeoepoonhonorietrye.chntoctyntnaiyuidsstirnlkfgdtnneaeiundritpsithtt,smgsilyDvaopugfrnS.ayypeacokuoilarieBarrlnecooatnh1ihrAi?svrseobnahrn/!igt3ruG1yccdv2oegeoos/en/iyEeeeehm4c2rstllvwstn.SsSepiomhpcicaaoefM3roehlut3muuev-nedlbasypc5k-pnieeo.in5,nnl,oahtlkCgntfwoiucaiwars,uainnhttleslrihGibddreglsdriteslnewmrlrhteacdalkhcektehawaefiaenhaSannraastlicntnmoasllbeonraAdrgth*athw1nimGthdelw1rhito,rhh1psEasehio/vhshkcoVi2sxHeoahSocoAitM.hMfrmseoabCeucswstThrvot6TreruTnuspdpIhhgioigPeet-SemnoekrEpironTdaac1cahnHaepoerauemywign8aealicPlmeoklbhnveahnrnltaeeprranfckolonknailyadeeeeitioaaiptncttwzgaphtlhtmClbsdysi.cddriirolwodhedantanheintov,v?ealioeolAueerrbmrsaageeit,eiabeatcteaueTLisCarttontmaawhgCnnylhoynnaeniehyitseeoulsnsholee.h:gsnma.t’FhIaiaMoioAaEnttrtUacrphtsenwnsSecedsahI2borePsuepActeFmtcitvnrmi1dthcynafseteTeatshiracbescD1rpuettowirb/kPaafetovirisdtCtdtihn2vkepruehoierUoiebhirnnrCcseanrrhoecomvotvlueapatfieiuuvendcieoLnaieAmkoaunCdhrtmeatfaghyinnyestihwRtuiomiTp.pelhrrielnenapothurstyonaedalispmCScadiathceugAothter.pygbitaeoancutemocletnhititreslauhnliinysohemlrAdeFhel-nnfiomyduCtscnutttehresntelnetiwwtlncliioiansheocrnrPsquttgchrioeyitrtslrvoeiraqesFbouaoupee.lgohautsosdyenpraoweetieatuaksetrybtwisauae-Prcnpvtenrtplr,tprhairrnotiedeinegslrqohn,tgnh,ionariaficnweergalpp.hvydrcrttcarlppfsetdaaoegwhepnvhuultincirueeiotfmooorcaiaoaeen.ocsisumboeolergaioodpeoetferhagtincfuha,rnoachcthfevavggtrornayrgumigtnaseefmshbeilfhpopsh.afiendurcsslieosirclruasoehetslsenilpdditedoootilalaoertrikEvpniyedtaylemtmemi..tcthlathrtlnotnap.aacworieeprfflwod.eenabdrpoosomxydaovtDrshvymuervtgwrtiooektirsubreueodarrfritnaieumvoablioeTyiiCwteesanvteiv.itaiigrlswihv,ofsdinonmifrapgihAw,moosnworeeidneelnnt.esnauiiHtpnayamgckreCpstn.httcfewrttssswi.unsntTn.p.hhnlioyidFseotriris,.drorlusseanseelorcoecPntatBlciCaeaceoeee?tirhtaaawnts,toegatlsrtneionuuneydykhUlpihsltloaebphesbAttrnp:pditwoauereaiulhmdeiootnrtiaecsl.ttaaiaree.alathlTEnlatdhnrcelcestCseSaoaniagodhe.uhnvanbsdineat/vaim•sostegth•aain•tNtut.drmrieewFocddarcrousoydveeeneaonpcitnapenatmiChuoEnpkPinldnP,gPeBaaytaaelIhnreinmopanitmcaaiiiqeyitrshuxansnnhtutiecciooesanelnuerulohriagpaitchaipYnnaroStstadttuaenltvdkoanosgntosptsotlcpgkrtityaupdes,frgoouudooMrinlfitfogtritngueastmbtaapctrlosdarreoorevSdiraotttmhCirauibniappptuotalrntet.aiishmecmratalhTavcvochtfnoMfaenvypoohhiochereerrrscluytvrdeeeverdfeairlieiahtioadyeoCleePdeetaseeuulrsslepatttneqemeeuawrisihSytptainrse.gsoycofaylCieiassGltal:luskeiApy,rinvwcdCtcadredsrdeapetraiywauniapangalstatteuActoaaaptjfhenfofp,ttloelt,hnfTCerALehicnesolfieWansesruohherrphhhatlatmenaysbcmo.Cyraewigobeyyeriteodacuoievs.zFlot,trsdatCmeiiarimTnehemodrgnidkCabFttsturmehpogvnarwoaDecnitdatPteomirrEsihwhtetFu’trriniuorPaiycdotvtiSuhnntyelarss.etgieeisheisareleivnttietslghrPeioeuEltipndiicoeyydaihgtotshwonatathoenleitalemobnd.sliatuekhlnhohemdsuyeCdflrelKnnnaphoissntntgiylyShtmenofegoaNl.teqfhat-rinecsiefiavaehdawfsgahoaiooreeocneeeoeuldoo.aitnceeuwatieprainntKaoyalnuarctnrngmffynrog.nlSlhodoesatravaterwpdsenhvnsoldsheidhtrtsqaeeiohmn,dmdidreEolh.PeiuhsumRpiloyaadOgieo,ieSenyrmBnlasgcldoRlesfPtnleeCgilblndaeienatpneudalorgsoyeaooodkiodsPnaraoreWoevzhpdiMeanmttaWCtcetuWwrhtelGyfecanpeenlsofsotBwrig,tCeilrtagoAeJtrhenaStuntwoe.sdyrCAetniohtrrtiaBNerhhCheeteaoRtwccaivZkCplrnoisuwVolashotMuegNthnootroeebltaapeosrainafeuCuehiulaotiiieetieirulnuptntelrmat-dc.alehnecleloyfhestteccGwcrthFrgee-eTtaal.Tcirpcii-ehy-uopsrWcfnwokoasoeGroriscGdhsPactsyoeodVmthertarrshnhttvtrtwoirhsiiraeilhsnmTtgiae.doyaa,oelieganboeekh.loiebtnniprindaen.nn.mBaelidNatreaTtBtaPprsgoooretaaileteroaatrftlwaeiilneldosl“iwaCsfniwAn.FetAi.waClhollsHnSlCTniowhesaoefpeheedFnaLenT.eGrBBartfMedowusWfacPvaerpaSgyaSrwHroNfriGk–cBecsekcSlklM’ltohkeielaisu-fnaeceiatkrlreecLihseeGFSioouM’y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New
Civil Rights training is an annual requirement The Key Favorites
for state agency staff who interact with program Together
applicants, sponsors, program participants, works to verses a fork.
potentially eligible individuals and those persons Thank yaonudfotor tyhoCeuArhCceFoaPmltihms
who supervise front line staff. This session will
fulfill that requirement while addressing the Civil
Rights training requirements as outlined in FNS
Instruction 113-1, Civil Rights Compliance and Presented by
Enforcement – Nutrition Programs and Activities.
State Agency WEDNESDAY This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Aligning Child Care Licensing with CACFP Week is a
CACFP Requirements
national education and information
S4 Hanover F G campaign sponsored annually the
third week of March by the National
Caliste Chong, Alabama Partnership for Children CACFP Sponsors Association.
Michelle Adkins, Child Care Aware of America The campaign is designed to raise
awareness of how the USDA’s Child
The state of Alabama revised its child care center and Adult Care Food Program works
licensing standards to align with the Child and to combat hunger. NCA develops and provides tools for the entire child and
Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) requirements. adult nutrition community to share and help spread the word.
Learn how Alabama partners collaborated to Last March, thousands of sponsors, child care providers, centers, state
advocate for this change and hear strategies for agencies, associations, and caring people around the country rose to the
promoting cross-agency collaboration. challenge to showcase the food program during National CACFP Week.
Together, we spread the word and celebrated the people who work tirelessly
Commercial to ensure that over 4.6 million children have access to healthy meals and
snacks through the Child and Adult Care Food Program.
Paperless Program Management www.CACFP

 Regency V

Emily Branton & Naomi Czerwinskyj, Link2Feed

Site management is critical to running a successful
CACFP or SFSP program. But getting meal
accurate, timely meal service forms back from
sites is a challenge. Learn how sponsors are
leveraging Link2Feed technology to streamline
their processes, automate compliance, increase
reimbursements and go completely paperless at
point of service!


MARCH 14-20, 2021

mark your calendars

wednesday, April 15th Head Start

WORKSHOP FOUR | 3:30 pm–4:30 pm CACFP and Head Start Food Service
Nutrition DRAFT At-Risk Afterschool
S7 Regency VII
Affordable, Protein-Packed Lentils, Chat with Champions: Learn from
Chickpeas, Dry Peas & Beans Afterschool Meals Experts Rhonda Kobylecky, Acelero Learning

S1 Courtland S2 Hanover C This training will focus on the performance
standards that govern child nutrition and how
Becky Garrison, American Pulse Association USA Dry Pea Christina Alley, Houston Food Bank they align with the CACFP program to provide
& Lentil Council Larry Karow, UMC Food Ministry good nutrition to children in Head Start. Also,
Walt Thompson, After School All-Stars at Georgia State learn what’s new in the HS performance standards
Pulses, which include lentils, chickpeas, dry peas, concerning child nutrition.
and beans are dry edible seeds of legumes. They University
are nutrient-dense, affordable, delicious, and easy Christa DeBoer, Youthprise Program Spotlight
to use. They are also packed with protein and fiber. Barbara Muse, Bread of Life Development (BOLD)
Learn how to use and prepare pulses, and go home Addressing Health Disparities with
with resources and recipes. Ministries Cultural Food Programs

Nutrition No Kid Hungry’s first-ever cohort of Afterschool S1 Hanover F G
Meals Champions represent the array of
Mealtimes with Toddlers: organizations and professionals doing amazing Kelly Toups, Oldways
CACFP Halftime Live work to feed hungry kids after school. Hear their Marvin Young, Prairie View A&M University Cooperative
best ideas and insights, gain inspiration from
S1 Regency VI their experience, and discuss how to improve and Extension Program
expand this critical program.
Alicia White, Mimi Wu, and Katey Halasz, USDA Food Hear about an approach to food and nutrition
and Nutrition Service Summer Food topics through the lens of African heritage and
health. Explore strategies for overcoming cultural
The toddler years are an important time for healthy Summer Meals: Leveraging Mobile and structural barriers to children's nutrition in
transitions. Come explore the CACFP meal pattern Solutions in Rural Communities communities of color, utilizing existing resources
for 1-2 year olds, including hot topics such as and best practices for African Americans and
types of milk to serve, introducing new foods, S6 Hanover E immigrant populations.
developing self-feeding skills, communicating with
parents, and more. Kara Panowitz, No Kid Hungry Maryland Program Administration & Operations
Emily Pia, Share Our Strength
Nutrition Donna Martin, Burke County Board of Education Math, Science, Language, and
Scott Germain, Garrett County Public Schools Literacy During Mealtime
Writing Recipes Right
Join No Kid Hungry and program providers from S1 Hanover AB
S1 Learning Center rural Maryland and Georgia to learn about the
unique nature of reaching kids in rural areas for Theresa Patterson, Alabama State Department
Linsey LaPlant, Health-e Pro summer food service. Hear directly from sponsors of Education
who find success with mobile meals, including
Standardized recipes are a requirement in any details on securing vehicles and equipment, Learn about and develop activities to implement
federal meal program. What exactly does a managing costs, menu planning, and more. during mealtimes as a way to incorporate healthy
standardized recipe involve? Why are they so eating into your curriculum.
important? With fun, hands-on activities, review
the important components of a standardized recipe
and learn how to ensure your recipes are written
for accuracy, scalability, and clarity.

Food and Nutrition Service Feeding Infants in the Child and Adult Care Food Program
This Team Nutrition resource for the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) supports child
Feeding Infants care providers in implementing the CACFP infant meal pattern requirements and best practices for
in the Child and Adult Care Food Program infant feeding.

PAGE 34 Check out the guide for information on: • Handling and storing breastmilk and infant
• CACFP infant meal pattern formula
• Developmental readiness for solid foods
• Hunger and fullness signs • What is creditable, and more!

For more information visit:

Research & Resources Research & Resources State Agency

Body Shakes & Brain Waves: Sesame Street in Communities: Improved Menu Documentation
Moving & Learning in Childhood Let’s Get Cooking! with Effective Technical Assistance

S4 Baker S1 Regency V S3 Centennial IV

Angela Russ-Ayon, Russ InVision Company Antonio Freitas, Sesame Workshop Julie Sundermann & Jennifer Kozaczek, North Carolina
Department of Health and Human Services
Understand how young children benefit from Learn how to support child and adult care
activities that lead to the development of institutions and family or group day care homes Want to increase menu compliance on a large-
neural connection and why offering children with our free resources specifically designed to scale? Get the blueprint! The North Carolina
developmentally appropriate experiences in the promote healthy eating. State Agency developed menu assessment tools
first six years is so important. Go home with ideas to operationalize statewide, institution-specific
to help children physically interact with their Policy & Advocacy technical assistance for CACFP Operators. Learn
environment and make the most of everyday about strategies and tools to streamline menu
brain-building experiences. Accommodating Participants with evaluation. Gain insight proven to improve meal
Disabilities in Community Meals documentation and reimbursement potential.
Research and Resources
S7 Dunwoody Commercial
Innovative Solutions to Meet
Nutrition Standards Gail Hoffman & Stephen Miliano Food & Supply Source:
USDA Food and Nutrition Service Money Saving GPO
S6 Spring
Get updates related to accommodating participants Hanover D
Jonathan Wallace & Abby Reich, Alliance for a Healthier with disabilities participating in CACFP & SFSP,
Generation as required by Federal law, USDA regulations Chris Primiano, Food & Supply Source
and the Policy Memorandum, Modifications to
From the business sector to public health, there are Accommodate Disabilities in the Child and Adult Stop overpaying. Learn how you can save
innovative ways in which programs can comply Care Food Program and Summer Food Service money on food and supplies without any risk
with CACFP guidelines in order to maximize time Program to ensure equal access and opportunity. or costs to participate. Hear how our
and effectiveness. Hear how to form partnerships Group Purchasing members are typically
to help relieve barriers to food access and learn saving10-35% and taking advantage of
about options for procurement. our free menu and nutritional reporting
Check out these great resources from our friends at Team Nutrition!

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Recursos en Español

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Training Materials

CACFP Halftime: CACFP Halftime: Certificate of Attendance TReeasmouNrcuetrCitioatnalog Resource Catalog

hirty hirty Serving Vegetables Inside 28 pages of where to find even
hursdays hursdays in the CACFP Resources to help you:
• Teach kids about MyPlate and more amazing resources.
Training Webinars Training Webinars
being physically active.
Webinar Series This certifies that • Offer nutritious and delicious

You earn CEU’s toward Trainers’ Circle: Certificate of Completion___________________________________________________________ meals kids want to eat.
CACFP Professionals Certification. Participants Name • Work with others to build a

has attended the USDA Thirty on Thursdays Training Webinar above and has received: healthy environment.

0.5 hours credited CEU’s
Strateg Online LeaSenta Hester, President

ies to EngagernPinrogvidersNational CACFP Sponsors Association

1 hour credited CEU’shas_c_o_m__p_l_e_te__d_t_h_e__U_S__D_A_T_q_hPu_iaa_sr_rtt_icec_irp_elay_rn_wtt_si_efN_bi_aein_ms_ae_rt_sh_e_ar_ie_t_s_a_n__d_h__a_s_r_e_c_e__iv_e_d: @TeamNutrition ___N_a_t_io_n_a_Sl _Ce_nA_tCa__FH_Pe_Ss_tp_eo_r,n_Ps_or_er_ss_iAd_se_sn_ot_c_ia_t_io_n_____
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wednesday, April 15th

SHOP TALK | 4:45 pm–5:15 pm

Throughout the conference, join these small group conversations to share stories, learn from each other, and connect with
professionals who are facing the same challenges and opportunities you encounter. They're unscripted, dynamic, and real, focusing
on subjects we face everyday.

Adult Meals Boost Participation Food Bank Community Distribution Local Food for Little Eaters

S4 Chicago B S2 Chicago C S1 Edgewood

Kirsten Craft, Share Our Strength Regina Jackson-Johnson, Three Square Food Bank LaMonika Jones, Bright from the Start: GA Dept of Early
Care and Learning
Learn about a pilot to increase summer and Want to talk about food bank distribution of meals
afterschool meal participation by serving adult from a central kitchen to CACFP after school Let’s talk about purchasing local food! We'll
meals and discuss what it could look like in your programs? Let's also talk about unique food bank discuss the how, what, and why of purchasing local
community. programs and opportunities. produce and other items.

DRAFTEffective Advocacy Campaigns Fun & Educational Snack Time Meal Quality vs Low Bids

S7 Chicago A S1 Kennesaw S1 Auburn

Ellen Reynolds, Georgia Child Care Association Michelle Markham, Cowboy Junction Marquette King-Connor, Better Family Life

Need to know how to develop and implement How do you incorporate science, reading, and The meals we serve are often the only or last meals
effective policy work? We'll share a real world math as children prepare their own snacks? Let's afforded to the youth we serve so we have to be
example of using the SFSP for disaster relief share recipes and ideas that are developmentally able to choose the best quality over the lowest bid.
efforts following a hurricane and give you pointers. appropriate for many age groups. Let's talk about how we can make that happen.

Farm to Table for Providers Getting Kids to Summer Open Sites Summer Food Meals & Mobile Sites

S3 Harris S6 Chicago D S2 Marietta

Sharon Jackson, Array Of Light Home Care Derrick Lambert, Share Our Strength Valarie Hodges, Harrisburg Community Unit
School District #3
Let's discuss the challenges of being a family child It's all about outreach to families and kids. Come
care provider trying to implement farm to table and share your favorite tool or strategy for program Let's talk about the differences between a home
how it can benefit our programs. marketing and outreach efforts for summer meals. site and a mobile site as well as how to choose
which locations best benefit the community.

Feeding Infants Guide Explored Healthy Eating for Families

S1 Lenox S1 Heritage

Anjelica Terry, Texas Education Service Center Region 4 Dr. Raynice Jean-Sigur, Kennesaw State University

We'll talk about how to use this USDA guide to Looking for ideas to help promote health and
make the most impact for infants. nutrition to the families you serve? We'll share
tips for promoting healthy eating through meal

“In the world we live in today with so much nutrition education,
there is no reason not to provide these children with healthy foods.
If they learn to eat healthy foods now while they are young, they are
so much ahead of the health game later in life.”

Karen Schneider, Home Child Care Provider From Overland, KS
Karen has been a CACFP participant since 2011.






thursday, April 16th

SHOP TALK | 7:15 am–7:45 am

Compliance Matters Navigating Summer Mobile Meals Time to Go to Bid? No Problem

S4 Kennesaw S2 Lenox S6 Auburn

Heather R. Guzman, San Antonio Food Bank John Brown, YMCA of Western North Carolina Kendra Burton, Newark Board of Education

Holding SFSP sites accountable for compliance Navigating Mobile Meals during the summer can Let's talk about the most important point to
is important. Let’s talk about how to make that be tricky, but open sites can be a reliable and safe consider when going out to bid for a food vendor
happen. place for kids to play and eat nutritious foods. for afterschool meals or groceries at your centers
We'll connect, share ideas, and help each other or schools.
Every Voice Matters increase participation.
Unique and Out-of-the-Box ARAS
S6 Chicago A Promoting Lifelong Eating Habits
S4 Marietta
Wande Okunoren-Meadows, Little Ones Learning Center S1 Chicago C
Lynn M. Cavett, Michigan Department of Education
How does your organization ensure that Julie Brake, Positive Nutrition
populations and voices are represented in various At-Risk After School looks different in every
funding opportunities and/or collaborations? Let's How can we promote balanced eating habits for community. Come and share what you have done
talk strategies. both children and adults? Let's talk about the that is unique and has enabled your program to
basics of nutrition and lifelong habits for health reach kids in need.
Farm to Table Formula and wellness.
Wellness Policy Development
S2 Harris Summer Food Service in Hospitals in ECE

Tonya Nichols, Central Iowa Shelter and Services S2 Edgewood S7 Chicago D

Hear how we have turned over 2,000 pounds Chelsea Hawk, SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Kenza Woods, American Heart Association
of fresh food into a CACFP meal pattern that Hospital
everyone eats. We'll share our formula and talk Let’s discuss health and wellness policies and the
shop about preparing quality farm fresh foods. Hear about the pathway and challenges with components to create sustainable change in ECE.
DRAFTimplementing a summer food program in a hospital
FL State Agency Meal Builder Tool THURSDAYsetting.

S3 Heritage Supporting Breastfeeding Families

Paul Lowery, FL Department of Agriculture and Consumer S1 Chicago B
Services Division of Food, Nutrition and Wellness
Daina Huntley, Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute
Learn about the state of Florida's Meal Builder
Tool and how reviewers are able to determine if Wonder how to improve the lactation landscape?
the amount of food purchased actually supports the Let's talk about how to guide ECE professionals in
number of meals claimed. helping families meet their infant and young child
feeding goals.

“Someone stepped up for me. They took my hand. I want to be able
to reach back and pull others up. Sometimes that is all people need.”
Ramona Hursey, Home Child Care Provider From Champaign, IL
Ramona has been a CACFP participant since 2000.


thursday, April 16th Financial Management

WORKSHOP FIVE | 8:00 am–9:00 am Grant Writing 101

Nutrition DRAFTSummer Food S7 Regency V

Healthy Eating Habits Take Boost Participation by Rethinking Alexia Thex, National CACFP Sponsors Association
Root Early Your Summer Meal Service
Strategy New to grant writing? Learn how to read and
S1 Hanover D respond to a Request for Proposal when applying
S2 Baker for a grant. Get tips on how to write a statement of
Robert Ek and Samantha Benjamin-Kirk, USDA Food need, outline measurable objectives and evaluation
and Nutrition Service Kirsten Craft, Share Our Strength measures, put together budget justifications.
Kristi Brennan, Colorado Department of Education
Farm to early child care can help foster children’s Management
learning and exposure to new foods. Teaching During the school year, 22 million children eat
children about healthy foods can increase the free or reduced lunch, but in the summer, less Go Paperless: Bringing CACFP
curiosity of young minds, and their willingness than 4 million receive summer meals. For the last Sponsorships into the Digital Age
to try new foods. Learn how to use resources to three years, Share Our Strength and the Colorado
employ simple nutrition education activities and Department of Education have piloted a new S3 Courtland
get children excited about new foods. engagement strategy to boost participation. Learn
about their results and take a roadmap home to Maureen Lyons & Savannah Thornburg, Wildwood CACFP
Nutrition serve more kids in your community.
Paper records use valuable space, paper, ink and
Serving Cold Lunches Head Start time to sort through. Learn how simple it can be to
take your program into the digital age. Get a
S1 Hanover E Why Nutrition Matters in Head step-by-step plan to follow if you would like to
Start become more tech savvy and efficient with your
Denise Andrews, For The Children resources. Wildwood has recently completed
S1 Hanover C several audits using our digital files and the
Cold lunches can be fun and sometimes are a auditors loved it! Successful implementation
necessity if you're planning a picnic or field trip. In Shauna Payne, Tallatoona CAP requires a scanner and possible file storage hosting
addition to meal pattern requirements, prep time, services.
cost, and overall appearance matter when menu Head Start has been around for over fifty years. Its
planning cold lunches. Bring your favorite cold unique design offers comprehensive education as Train-the-Trainer
lunch menu and we'll work together to determine if well as health and nutrition services to low-income
it's cost effective and desirable for children. children. Learn why nutrition matters in Head Start Active Play! Fun Physical Activities
and how you can meet the nutritional needs of our for Preschoolers
At-Risk Afterschool country’s most vulnerable children.
S2 Greenbriar
Incorporating Healthy Eating Program Spotlight
& Physical Activity into Your Diane H. Craft, Active Play Books
ARAS Program Powerful Partnerships to Promote Shauna Best, Town of Wallkill Boys and Girls Club
Healthier Generations
S1 Fairlie Learn fun, inclusive, developmentally appropriate
S6 Spring physical activities to play with preschoolers (ages
Katie Landers, Georgia Statewide Afterschool Network 3-5) in CACFP childcare homes, centers, and Head
Rebecca Portman, Forward Food, A Program of The Start classrooms. These easy-to-lead physical
Afterschool and summer learning programs Humane Society of the United States activities use inexpensive equipment and work in
provide many opportunities for youth to learn small spaces. Get physical activity resources and
about nutrition, receive healthy meals, and engage Gina Cook, Quality Care for Children tips for conducting trainings. View videos of these
in physical activity. Join us to receive an overview activities and try some yourself!
of local and national nutrition and afterschool Explore how partnering with nonprofit
resources and professional development organizations can provide unique professional
opportunities and engage in hands-on activities learning opportunities for staff while
to support your afterschool and summer learning simultaneously increasing fruit and vegetable
programs! consumption. Hear about farm to school initiatives,
sample tasty snacks, and leave with tools for
implementation at your program.

special thank you to our... Workshops are subject to change after printing. Please refer to our website
at or download the Yapp App for most current schedule.
Summer Food Track Sponsor


Program Administration & Operations Research & Resources State Agency

Avoiding Costly Mistakes in the Food Safety in Child Care Centers Farm to Child Care:
CACFP Track and Celebrate Success
S1 Hanover AB
S2 Regency VII S1 Learning Center
Liz Dixon, Institute of Child Nutrition
Jocelyn Moss, YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh Helenka Ostrum, Texas Department of Agriculture
Food safety practices help keep children safe from
Human errors in monitoring, eligibility, meal foodborne illness and food allergens. Learn food State agencies can support program operators that
counting, and claims are unavoidable. The key is safety best practices and get food safety resources. want to bring farm to child care to their programs
to recognize the mistake and to prevent them from Provide input on the contents of a new food safety by offering recognition for their efforts. Learn how
happening. Three of the most common mistakes kit being developed by the Institute of Child to track and celebrate farm to child care success
together with practical solutions to fix or avoid Nutrition. through a simple recognition program that is
these errors will be discussed. engaging for program operators and beneficial to
state agencies.
Program Administration & Operations Research & Resources
CN Labels & Product Formulation Introducing Healthy Food Choices
Statements: Hands-on Practice with Fun, Interactive Learning CACFP Training Program
& Nutrition Calendar
S1 Regency VI S1 Dunwoody
 Hanover F G
Sheldon Gordon, Bethany Showell, and Debra Eisenbarth Shelby Beverly, Deborah Gillison-Wilson and Amanda Dyes,
USDA Food and Nutrition Service Georgia Nutritional Services Jennifer Basey, National CACFP Sponsors Association
Sharla Olson, Southeastern North Dakota Community
When should you request a CN Label or PFS? Eating patterns that are adopted during childhood
Is the crediting documentation for your product affect health across a lifespan. Learn new ways to Action
acceptable? Get clarity on common issues related introduce healthy and nutritious food choices to
to inaccurate or misleading product documentation. children participating in CACFP through fun and Where else can you find nutrition information,
USDA will provide guidance on accepting interactive learning activities. CACFP best practices, table crafts, physical
documentation for meal pattern requirements and activities, business tips, provider training modules,
share sample Product Formulation Statements parent provider connection letters, child care
and CN Labels. Learn how to assess crediting curriculum, and record keeping all in one place?
documentation using sample CN Labels and NCA's Nutrition Calendar & Training Program is
Product Formulation Statements. perfect for providers, centers and afterschool sites.
The 56-page calendar record keeping system and
5-hour training program is available in bulk for
less than $4 per provider.
More amazing resources at

Eat Smart To Play HardFRUITSM(Owaraiktnehgoseuustr,eepxyetoaruarsrs,juubgFiecareurr)iieesaslr1,e0wU0jau%ptsetfrWarmufieetilwojtunhio,cfepFt.ehraeucghiertessa, traacithsionMisc,eeasna. dlsapoplresSauncaecks United States Department of Agriculture United States Department of Agriculture be a fit kid
Use MyPlate to help you fuel up with foods from each food group.
VEGETABLESTry to eat more dark-green, redC, oanldoorraYnogeuvregPeltaabtlees,WanidthbeaGnsreanadtp-Teaass. ting Veggies MyPlate 10 tips for being active every day
amtuslecalesst, 1gehtouyrouervehreyardtayp.umLpooinkg,foarndwamyaskteoymouakfeeeplhgyosoicdalaabcotuitviytyouarspealfr.t of your day.

kids are physically active and play for
Do activities that build your
Meal planning1made easy 6Start
opflatnimniengc,asntahretlpsmtyaoakelultGitniaohsseetntfieodscautrkdapwairotwosfoyaretolkavakeukaurhirnyrpegocaulhttanlhaotdcnehceymbyeosuuoyesroraaounertneg.iiaendgsthg!kbRiwnosegratmhyfleokolmoerdb.aeIorrfritdwoea.blFkeotsroagfyeeotbutryhfuesreiinelegnvdsa’istdoehrwouaasnlkeds dive right in! pool and swim. Swim laps, play
Go to your local indoor or outdoor diving contests for fun.
Planning healthy meals ahead games with friends, or have
healthy eating yoonue’sretenpeawt water

simple and take Make Half Your Plateand crosswalks. get paid to be fit
Earn extra cash by mowing
walking dogs for your family
2 Fruits & V7egetablesyour btSsoouhdmayrke.neDh,aiurpnapchtitonltpge,h,icsaeonaudngmtrrroeuylals,ttsiowcaalysyoau,troorfgapevotopsroimtmeuessiopcnhagynssd.icTmauloravncetoinvity. lawns, washing cars, shoveling snow, or
or for your neighbors. Listen to music

while you work to keep you going.

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safety pads.
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45 There are so many ways to ea91t F0ruits & Vegetables every day.wdbInreiTticerhorlduipyedfoswreuuthorfitorfupliaeniavt-tongoacrrtihaatbeoiknretefscroau,eakoirttfer,amaasmeltd!aidxl.
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stuck inside?
Play a game of hide-and-seek or plan a
scavenger hunt in your house with friends
PROTEINTry fish, shellfish, Vary Your Protein Foods stay active indoors
beans, and peas and family. Another great way to jacks―see how
burrito, hummus, veggie chili, fish more often. Some tasty ways include is by doing crunches and jumping
taco, shrimp or tofu stir-fry, or grilled
a bean many you can complete! 13
salmon. MP4K-2 (8-12 years old)
May 2013
USDA is an Ceqeunatel rofpoproNrtuutnriittiyonprPoovliidceyraannddPermomplootyioenr.
Keep on Moving! United States Enjoy the crunchy, juicy goodness of apples and grapes in this
You need at least 60 minutes of lCohwic-fkaetndWresaslidnogr.fESnadlaydo, suerrmveedalownimthixBelduegbreeernrys-aLnimdetoYpopgeudrwt. ith
Find these recipes and more ideas at ChooseMyPlate.govsBGftaafoiosMrvAet-ooodfdadrrCoykdishnteoewdtbfohohivrsehsroeeahDoMwagleiylefgesntnPya.iluraegroCyttisrceurGoa.ieagurtmioiinndotgvbdoesurfliioansnypreioermsmnoufyosoetrroereaAuilin.nmrfoerrimcaantiso. n.wpfiatEtahwMtnr-fojffaoorriuvymeBGtieSaeotmfaosottetamaroaladrofMeonroklCobtirwdlerhlfaenorkboo.-amketnwoyfohCdoeaauseeder-lkyrttiDoaaMfssfagyyihlsaytesgtootistrPasnUoaoryltgvgoraoSgo.yuoetugDurfeTcGpuifAre.rnoogeutsittipogtinrs.deviylreanahmeflnionlnadiersensqitmsetoyudfonaoo.rlrteuosACipDnmpefronoeiCrtrneimtcuorakasnfnottoaiitsahorkyctanneNuopda.udrlcrmPitoedtdnaravrfeiheupgttienttLdieaodooroarpeoindetsMmvrrna,sveaedPPelegrufeeevaoMmireafelsegtsitWoptycanshea,mylopomnoDtneTarsyadasduieusoenpoonwcrsrdrlstu,retndtd.hoaeemPilgeeiopneraeuebyhdoflftdkeemmtlNyraoe.oon2ftogoTnMUl,ftovori0d.aimumSrdoa1eiee1an4D8atnrrsrSt.ketA.odpsFpieisaiminsniglss,iashcghhaaeenrtnwrt.oiitetahsnqDA,wdcugeeaQalrpremiulcraiyocur,RktaplmoCtnMuapdeesre____otenoane_r_tn_t_tdteiSoou___P_arnfneu_s__f_acioatre____sryr,e,pa____NkLnape_i_d__urryieoVt_s__dt_rovati_w_n__titdihiil_mt_o__liheasn__r__bwC,MorrP_h__oe_eoPcoarm____lcmeMleoi-_p__c_.lWily__t_o_iya____TpenOi____pgrtFds,hcrl__s_a_aiatsPhvno_n__S_oorebmdrol___aef_uemo,tl_l__a_rkehnNoy_n_2e__dtMrod0_bi_y__ou.eeo1s62dngrt.augGrrrdteo-peManratfbpaoelitea.nwSsawalmndownro.. CFasothreddoepsoosestartet,oeMensjoyroyPuanlfdaruotitue,t.gnaPooninvndefaaSftpoofpurorlrezP,emconarykroro,orsgteeusr,rvtaie.nnddfwtooithmrmaatcoaoeltosiraofudlndsa.tlaandg. FtoinitshhiswSitwheet
physical activity each day. Whether U.S. Department of Agriculture

a ball,

caDConahudiornoyhtsesfe!oaloftahdtys-fctreeoeenGtthoa.reinltocwaYl-cofaiutummr iflCokr,asytolrcgoiunurgtm,baon-ndRescihceheseFaot omdeasls
DAIRYthat’s skateboarding, tossing

or playing tag, every little bit

or snacks.

Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion • October 2011 • CNPP-26
USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. • Recipes by EatingWell

TKhneyofwill yYououuprso“Sthoatmyoeutdiomn’et hsa”veFroooomdfosr Look out for foods with added sugars or solid fats.
the foods that help you eat smart and play hard.

Serving Up MyPlate • Food and Nutrition Service • September 2012 • FNS-451 • USDA is an equal
U.S. Department of Agriculture opportunity provider and employer.

Download Free Posters! Informative Tips, Handouts, and Activities

Visit or for more! Did you know that MyPlate materials
come in 21 different languages?


thursday, April 16th Management

WORKSHOP SIX | 9:15 am–10:15 am Methods to Becoming a Great
Nutrition DRAFTSummer Food
S6 Hanover F G
Cycle Menus: On Trend Recipes From Hot to Cold: How to Bring
and Menu Concepts for CACFP Quality Cold Meals to Your SFSP Kendra Burton, Newark Board of Education

S2 Centennial IV S1 Hanover AB Do you have what is takes to lead? Is your team
producing great results? Every great team starts
Malissa Marsden, Child Nutrition Support Services Elise Lindstrom, Marion County Public Health Department with a great leader. Learn effective strategies on
Milele Kennedy, City of Indianapolis what it takes to lead and have a great successful
Cycle menus require planning and forecasting team while exploring various leadership skills and
as well as recipe and menu development. Fight Learn how to work with key community partners leadership styles.
menu fatigue by seeing how popular foods can be to bring high quality, cold meals to the CACFP’s
versatile and support your program. See what other Summer Food Service Program. Train-the-Trainer
programs are doing and take home their recipes
and ideas. Head Start Food Insecurity: Connection to
Obesity and Role of the Provider
Nutrition Farm to Early Care: Preventing
Obesity in Early Childhood S1 Baker
Freedom to Eat: Promoting Positive Two Hour Session
Nutrition Attitudes for Life Stephanie Womack, American Academy of Pediatrics -
S1 Spring National Center on Early Childhood Health and Wellness
S1 Learning Center
Jami Lee & Deb Cooper, Tri-Valley Opportunity Council Food insecurity disrupts the foundation of a
Julie Brake, Positive Nutrition child's health. Learn how their environment plays
Farm to Early Care initiatives connect young a critical role to the adoption of healthy active
Get information on the basics of nutrition coupled children with healthy, locally grown foods. Explore living behaviors and the resulting connections to
with positive nutrition attitudes and behaviors. how these can help decrease children's BMI overweight and obesity. Get tools for screening
Discuss innate eating skills and how balanced and learn how to start up a Farm to Early Care and referring families to appropriate resources.
eating requires freedom to eat. initiative or expand on one you already have. Go
home with family engagement ideas and curricula Program Administration & Operations
Nutrition to run a successful Farm to Early Care program.
Growing CACFP Provider
Identifying Whole Grain-Rich Program Spotlight Participation

S1 Regency VI Help MyPlate Reach Birth to Age S4 Regency V
Two Audience
Lisa Mack, National CACFP Sponsors Association Levell R. Baker, YWCA Metropolitan Chicago
S1 Greenbriar
Serving whole grain-rich (WGR) grains is an Many CACFP sponsors across the country
important element of the new meal pattern. Learn Jackie Haven & Barbara Jirka, USDA Center for Nutrition are struggling to sustain provider CACFP
how to identify which products meet the whole Policy and Promotion participation. Learn strategies that can increase
grain-rich regulations. Trainers can use this retention and recruitment of new providers using
workshop to support CACFP participants. Holly McPeak, HHS Office of Disease Prevention and Health many tools that are accessible for sponsors of any
and Promotion budget level.
At-Risk Afterschool
Share your knowledge and experience in Research & Resources
Facilitating Compliance in Your communicating with parents of infants and
At-Risk Afterschool Program children up to two years old. Tell us about your Feeding Children: The Ecological
need for specific resources to better provide Approach to Family Style Dining
S2 Dunwoody nutrition to infants and toddlers and offer insights
on how you hear about and learn about feeding our S1 Hanover D
Melissa Moore & Sharon Bostwick, Family League youngest consumers!
of Baltimore Dipti Dev, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Financial Management Jill Cox, Penn State Better Kid Care
Learn how to use Adult Learning theory techniques
to capture the attention of your program site CACFP Administrative Budgets With the updated meal pattern requirements,
supervisors to highlight the most frequent CACFP participating childcare providers report
compliance issues during training. Take home an S5 Regency VII several challenges such as children not liking
audit calendar to prepare for your state review, the taste of healthy foods, food waste, managing
sample Performance Improvement Plans, standard Jess Saracino & Anne Buckley, USDA Food and Nutrition picky eaters and parent engagement. Hear
compliance operating procedures, and other tools Service about responsive feeding strategies as a way to
to continue to serve your sites year after year. encourage children to try the nutritious foods
Learn tips and best practices on the preparation of served in childcare and take home tools to increase
an acceptable administrative budget. Topics will consumption.
include the importance of strategic planning, using
historical financial information to develop the
budget, determining what expenses are allowable/
unallowable, identifying staffing requirements,
how excess administrative funds affect the budget
and updating the budget throughout the year.


Research & Resources CACFP Professional Certification

The Role of Nutrition Education ”Certification gave me a sense of pride, importance,
in the Classroom and a clear view on how my day-to-day operations
in choosing the best nutritious foods for children
S1 Hanover E makes a difference.”
Patricia Newton-Powell, CMP, Penfield Children’s Center
Salome Pemberton, NY Enrichment Group
For over thirty years our association has been elevating the professional
Children spend most of their time in school, and standards of our community. Now we have the means to recognize those
it is where the foundation for healthy habits are who continually go above and beyond with true passion for the program
laid. Learn ways to incorporate nutrition in the and what it means to millions of children.
classroom through engaging activities, discussions,
and role modeling. Get resources for easy-to-use Why Should I Earn the Certification of CACFP
lesson plans that teach nutrition to children. Professional?
Receiving your CACFP Certification shows your
Policy & Advocacy commitment to your profession and your willingness to
uphold high standards. You will be able to enhance your
Special Diets and Civil Rights professional image by adding credibility to your position
Compliance in the CACFP and your agency while staying current on the latest topics,
issues and solutions.
S7 Courtland
Get certified as a CACFP Professional.
Kate Abernathy, Providers Choice You may already qualify! Visit to find out.
What is required for a child with a food allergy THURSDAY
or special diet need? Learn how to best support
the needs of the child while balancing program
regulations. Review real-world examples with
solutions and lists of creditable foods, tools and
resources while maintaining compliance with civil


Fly through Your CACFP Paperwork
with CenterPilot

 Hanover C

Angela Young, CenterPilot

CenterPilot is a software program that can reduce
the stress of claims processing for CACFP centers.
Learn how the new meal patterns are easily met
and documented when using CenterPilot and how
sponsors of Head Start and affiliated sites can
easily copy pre-saved menu weeks out to all sites.
Afterschool and Summer Meal sites can claim
without enrolling or income assessing participants.

Join This Exceptional Group of Child Nutrition Professionals


thursday, April 16th Management

WORKSHOP SEVEN | 10:30 am–11:30 am Presentation Pointers

Nutrition DRAFTSummer Food S3 Dunwoody

10 Tips for Successful Taste Tests Creating A Pop-Up Summer Meals Jennifer Basey, National CACFP Sponsors Association
with Young Children Experience
Presenting is hard work! We will discuss tips to
S1 Regency VI S2 Hanover F G help you become a more successful trainer and the
key components for developing a complete and
Erin Croom, Small Bites Adventure Club Brian Wieher & Melissa Weissler, Operation Food Search engaging presentation.
Wande Okunoren-Meadows, Little Ones Learning Center
Hear how one sponsor created a pop-up program Train-the-Trainer
We all know that if children have the opportunity model necessary in areas where the infrastructure
to prepare and taste new foods, they are more does not exist for brick and mortar meal locations. Infant & Toddler Movement Fun
likely to eat them. What does research tell us about Learn about tips, tricks, and even things to avoid
how to introduce new foods and which healthy when creating an outdoor or mobile program. S2 Hanover E
foods to focus on? Learn the top ten tips and tricks
for getting kids to love their veggies. Program Spotlight Diane H. Craft, Active Play Books
Shauna Best, Town of Wallkill Boys and Girls Club
Nutrition USDA National Breastfeeding
Campaign for Millennial WIC Moms Learn fun, developmentally appropriate physical
Cuisines Across Cultures Serving activities to play with infants and toddlers in
Plant-Based Meals S3 Hanover D CACFP childcare homes and centers and Early
Head Start classrooms. Consider the many benefits
S1 Hanover AB Olivia Newman, USDA Food and Nutrition Service of physical activity and how these activities
help meet recommended best practices. View
Karla Dumas & Rebecca Portman, Forward Food, A Project Get an overview of USDA’s campaign, which demonstrations and videos of these activities and
of The Humane Society of the United States supports breastfeeding moms with comprehensive, try some yourself.
current and culturally appropriate messaging,
Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern and other materials, and website. Campaign goals are Program Administration & Operations
ethnic recipes help programs appeal to diverse to encourage initiation and continuation of
communities, promote healthier choices and limit breastfeeding; increase knowledge and ability Family Style Feeding:
food allergens, and meet the increasing demand to breastfeed; increase referrals to WIC; and Functional and Fun
for more plant-based meals. Learn how to elevate provide technical assistance in the promotion of
recipes using a variety of spices and ingredients breastfeeding. S1 Regency V
that can turn your menus into a culinary trip across
the world. Financial Management Malissa Marsden, Child Nutrition Support Services

Nutrition Developing a CACFP Budget Come and share how serving family style provides
more opportunities for modeling strong nutritional
Soyfoods: Health Benefits S5 Regency VII messages, social behaviors and common courtesy.
& Versatility Find sources for standardized recipes, meal plans
Betel Tegegne & Jennifer DeHoog, Texas Education Service and best practices for family style service. Share
S1 Greenbriar Center Region 10 your challenges and your successes with others.

Linda Funk, The Soyfoods Council After you attend the CACFP Administrative Program Administration & Operations
Budgets session, this part two session immediately
Do you know that soy products meet CACFP following will help you with more in-depth Steps to Success Sponsoring
requirements for meat|meat alternate, vegetables, training on developing a CACFP budget, Centers
and milk? The versatility of soy makes it an including; hands-on practice on budget forecasting,
invaluable option for food providers. Learn about assessing if a cost is allowable/unallowable and S6 Hanover C
the unique health benefits of soy and easy tips to determining when to revise or amend the budget.
make soy a tasty (and affordable) part of children’s Alix Pasillas & Arlene Ross, Food For Kids
If you’re a new sponsor of centers or are thinking
of starting the center journey, come learn the steps
you'll need to successfully start your centers and
get them on their way to claiming. From initial
contact, to establishing procedures, to training and
to maintaining success on the program.

stay informed

Join the conversation with #NCNC20 #CACFP20 #SFSP20

Research & Resources DRAFT Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs
Resources for CACFP Professionals Get all of the current information in one manual to help you
and your purchasing agent:
S3 Centennial IV
• Buy the right amount of food and the appropriate type
Lutina Cochran, Institute of Child Nutrition of food for your program(s).

Are you searching for free tools on meal pattern, • Determine the specific contribution each food makes
menu planning, food preparation, or more? The toward the meal pattern requirements.
Institute of Child Nutrition has you covered! Learn
about our resources for CACFP professionals in The Food Buying Guide Goes Digital!
child care settings, how to download or request The web-based Interactive Food Buying Guide allows you to: easily
materials, and take home one of our publications. search and navigate food yields, compare food yields, and create and
save favorite foods lists.
Research & Resources It also includes:
The Interactive Product Formulation Statement Workbook
Sesame Street in Communities: allows manufacturers to easily calculate their product’s
Supporting Our Most Vulnerable contribution statement and generate crediting documentation.
Children The Recipe Analysis Workbook which helps program operators
determine the meal pattern contribution for recipes! Easily
S3 Baker search for creditable ingredients, calculate the meal pattern
contribution, and print a contribution statement.
Antonio Freitas, Sesame Workshop The FBG Calculator assists Child Nutrition Program operators
in creating a shopping list to streamline food ordering needs for
Beyond our health curriculum, Sesame Street in their programs.
Communities addresses some of the most adverse
experiences affecting our most vulnerable families The Food Buying Guide Mobile App provides quick
and children – from trauma to homelessness and access to food yield information to help you make
foster care to substance abuse. Explore why these purchasing decisions from your mobile device.
resources are being created and their significance Download it today.
in the work you do.

State Agency

Integrating Program Requirements
with Summer Food Applications

S3 Learning Center

Lisa Church, Florida Department of Agriculture and
Consumer Service

Hear how Florida takes advantage of their online
application process with several enhancements and
supplemental tools to ensure all SFSP requirements
are met. The system is designed to simplify the
application process, better manage site information
and limit manual processes.


Empowering Kids to be Healthy
and Smart from the Inside Out

 Courtland

Michelle Lombardo, The OrganWise Guys

The OrganWise Guys nutrition and physical
activity materials bring any programming to life as
kids learn how incredible they are from the inside
out. This evidence-based program is available
in physical items and digitally in English and
Spanish. Learn how to include this fun, effective
program on any budget.

The Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs is available to
download and/or print as a PDF.


Featured Speakers

Virginia DRAFTChef Ann Cooper, School Nutri�on Director,
CACFP Sponsors Associa�on Boulder Public Schools, Boulder, Colorado

ar�st-in-residence at
May 20-22, 2020 Virginia Common-
wealth University’s
Doubletree Charlo�esville School of Business,
Richmond, Virginia.
Charlo�esville, VA
Geri Henchy, Director
Register online of Early Childhood Nu-
tri�on, Food Research & Ac�on Center (FRAC),
Washington, DC
Kathe Petchel, Founder
of Bright Beginnings
Charlo�esville, Virgina

Ma� Newman, Co-
founder of Richmond’s
Coali�on Theatre, Rich-
mond, Virginia.

For 28 years, the Virginia CACFP Sponsors As-
socia�on has organized training conferences
for the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Pro-
gram in Virginia.
Make your way to Charlo�esville this May to
learn the ways innova�on and technology are
changing the way we run the CACFP.

CMP/CCNP Professionals' Celebration
Thursday, 12:15 pm–12:45 pm

We celebrate and commend those who have obtained the highest
level of CACFP professional acknowledgment by earning their
certification as a Management Professional and/or Child Nutrition
Professional. Get your certification today to receive an invitation
for a celebration reception in your honor.

By invitation. See invitation for room location.

Congratulations to these CACFP professionals for receiving their certification!

 Adraine Garner, CCNP DRAFT Crissie Hall, CCNP  Lateasa Scott, CMP, CCNP  Robin Paul, CMP, CCNP
 Alan Mills, CMP, CCNP  Dana Williams, CMP, CCNP  Leah Galitzdorfer, CCNP  Rocio Hernandez, CCNP
 Alice Zacharie, CMP, CCNP  David Davis, CMP, CCNP  Leah Penna, CMP, CCNP  Salome Pemberton, CCNP
 Alix Pasillas, CCNP  Deborah Gillison-Wilson, CMP, CCNP  Leslie Schmille, CCNP  Sandy Wyatt, CCNP
 Alva Johnston, CMP, CCNP  Denise Andrews, CMP, CCNP  Londa Tindle, CMP, CCNP  Sarah Cascaes, CCNP
 Amanda Dyes, CCNP  Diane Taylor, CCNP  Lorraine Scuccimarra, CMP, CCNP  Savannah Thornburgh, CCNP
 Amanda Pour, CCNP  Ekta Patel, CMP, CCNP  Marcia Wileczek, CMP, CCNP  Senta Hester, CMP
 Amy Allen, CMP, CCNP  Elizabeth Curtis, CMP  Maria Elena Florez, CMP, CCNP  Shauna Best, CCNP
 Ana Barranco, CMP  Erika Pena, CCNP  Maria Gonzales-Morales, CCNP  Shawn Shaw, CCNP
 Angela Kellogg, CCNP  Evelyn Lopez, CCNP  Marie Archer, CMP  Shedron Davis, CMP
 Angie Holmberg, CMP, CCNP  Felicia Hyde, CCNP  Maves Ranola, CMP, CCNP  Shelby Beverly, CCNP
 Annetta Rutland, CMP, CCNP  Gabriela Rangel, CCNP  Megan Evenson, CMP, CCNP  Sheron Givings, CCNP
 Arlene Ross, CCNP  Ginger Okumoto, CCNP  Mei Ou, CMP, CCNP  Sonia Ahuja, CCNP
 Barbara Brown, CCNP  Ida Davis, CMP, CCNP  Melissa Moore, CCNP  Susan Ison, CMP
 Barbara Wagner, CMP, CCNP  Jami Lee, CCNP  Michelle Buckson, CMP, CCNP  Susan Maxwell, CMP
 Bertressia Patterson, CMP, CCNP  Janice VanSant, CMP, CCNP  Michelle Johnson, CMP, CCNP  Takesha Middleton, CCNP
 Billie Jo Meehan, CMP, CCNP  Jean Bianchi, CMP, CCNP  Michelle Rosegreen, CMP  Tara Lee Evans, CMP, CCNP
 Blake Stanford, CMP  Jennifer Johnson, CMP  Michelle Stickley, CCNP  Temisha West, CMP, CCNP
 Blanca Arteaga, CMP  JoAnne Holder, CCNP  Milele Kennedy, CMP  Theresa DiSalvo, CCNP
 Brendia Moses, CMP, CCNP  Joanne Norman, CMP, CCNP  Monica Hope, CMP  Tikilia Tinker-Martin, CMP
 Brian Wieher, CMP, CCNP  Jocelyn Moss, CMP, CCNP  Nancy Bellamy, CMP, CCNP  Tina Bischoff, CMP, CCNP
 Carolyn Miller, CMP, CCNP  K. Denise Teno, CMP, CCNP  Nelzarie “Nez” Wynn, CMP, CCNP  Tonya Scott Reed, CMP, CCNP
 Cathy Harper, CMP, CCNP  Kara Flaming, CCNP  Nicole Harris, CMP  Valerie J. Cable, CMP
 Cathy Rosa, CMP, CCNP  Karen Palmer Mckenzie, CCNP  Nova Taggart, CCNP  Vicki Lipscomb, CMP
 Christa Widener, CMP, CCNP  Karen Velasco, CMP  Pamela Heisler, CCNP  Wanda Simkins, CMP, CCNP
 Christianna Bates, CMP, CCNP  Karina Nunez, CMP, CCNP  Patricia Newton-Powell, CMP  Wande Okunoren-Meadows, CMP, CCNP
 Christina Flythe, CCNP  Kate Abernathy, CCNP  Patrick Thomas, CMP  Wendy Reed, CCNP
 Christy Frazier, CMP, CCNP  Kati Wagner, CMP, CCNP  Phillip Hester, CMP, CCNP  Zennabia Tebege, CCNP
 Claudia Sader, CMP, CCNP  Kentrel Granger, CMP, CCNP  Ramona Kizziar, CCNP
 Corina Cortez, CCNP  Kim Kovol, CMP, CCNP  Rev. Dr. Lawrence Karow, CMP, CCNP
 Corlette Brooks, CCNP  Kristina Bedikian, CCNP  Rhonda Kobylecky, CMP, CCNP

“The certification shows my dedication to the CACFP and that I am a professional
who knows the importance of education and information. It shows that you are
dedicated to helping children receive healthy nutritious meals. I really do love
this certification!”

Jennifer Nutt, CCNP
New Mexico State CYFD


thursday, April 16th Program Spotlight

WORKSHOP EIGHT | 12:45 pm–1:45 pm HealthyCACFP: Nutrition Education
and Corrective Action Tool
Nutrition At-Risk Afterschool
S1 Courtland
Food Allergies & Special Diets Sponsors Navigating Success in
Summer and Afterschool Meals Robert J. Bensley & Jason Rivas, Western Michigan
S1 Regency VII University
S6 Dunwoody
Salome Pemberton, NY Enrichment Group Hear about the results of North Carolina child
Tamara Baker & Jessica Soldavini, No Kid Hungry NC care centers use of, a tailored
Learn how to identify the top 8 sources of food nutrition education and meal planning system.
allergens, recognize the difference between a Hear results from recent surveys completed by Eight behavior change modules focus on the new
food allergy and food intolerance, understand summer and afterschool meals program sponsors in meal pattern and an interactive planning tool
documentation requirements for CACFP claims, North Carolina detailing perspectives on program allows for scheduling meals, with recipes, based on
discover how to properly prepare an allergen safe areas such as marketing, enrichment activities, approved foods.
meal, and develop menus that accommodate food partnerships, challenges and areas of success.
allergies and special diets. Learn about the intersection of the two programs, Financial Management
what works, and common barriers to participation.
Procurement in the CACFP

Nutrition DRAFT Summer Food S5 Hanover F G

Ounce Equivalents for Grains: Summer Meals Marketing for LaMonika Jones, Bright from the Start: GA Dept.
No Weigh! Reaching Today’s Youth of Early Care and Learning
Two Hour Session
S6 Hanover E Get an overview of federal procurement
S1 Regency VI regulations and practical tools on how to execute
Helenka Ostrum, Texas Department of Agriculture successful procurement measures.
Melissa Daigle Katz, Kaushalya Heendeniya, Debra
Eisenbarth, Bethany Showell, Sheldon Gordon, Alicia Summer can be a time of fun in the sun, but many Train-the-Trainer
White, Mimi Wu, Katey Halasz, and Anne Buckley, children face hunger while school is not in session.
USDA Food and Nutrition Service Learn more about creative marketing strategies Start Strong: Cooking Feeding
to engage youth through social media, student and More
Team Nutrition has several resources and tools to leaders, elected officials and community partners. Two Hour Session
help CACFP operators transition to grains ounce
equivalents—no food scales required! Receive Head Start S1 Hanover D
hands-on training and leave with a menu of options
for successful implementation. Download the Food In-Service Training for Head Mary Schroeder & Kelly Kunkel, University of Minnesota
Buying Guide mobile app before attending this Start Staff Extension
workshop. Two Hour Session
Child care providers may lack the cooking skills
Nutrition S3 Hanover AB and time needed to prepare healthy foods. In
this train the trainer, learn how to teach the Start
Preparing Plant-Based Proteins Sheila Tompkins-Hess, ECE Professional Strong: Cooking, Feeding and More curriculum.
Topics include: knife skills, adding flavor without
S1 Spring Learn how to make your Head Start in-service salt, cooking with beans, menu planning and more.
training more interactive. Building on math,
Karla Dumas & Rebecca Portman, Forward Food, science, language and literacy as part of family Program Administration & Operations
A Program of The Humane Society of the United States style meal service routines, discover how to help
the teachers in your program make the most of Food Safety Best Practices
The demand for more plant-based meals and their teachable moments. Take home training Two Hour Session
special diets in your program continues to grow materials and make and take learning activities
each year. Investigate these diets and identify your teachers can incorporate into their lesson S1 Hanover C
ingredients that can be used to meet this need and plans.
remain within budget while offering allergen- Diana Myers, Nkem Ijeh, and Deidrea Thompson, Bright
friendly options. Look at a variety of plant-based from the Start: GA Dept. of Early Care and Learning
proteins like beans, tofu, and tempeh and discuss
how to use each best in recipes. Get the knowledge, tools, and resources to reduce
foodborne illness in child care centers and to
implement the core four food safety best practices
in CACFP, school gardens, and taste test activities.

United States Department of Agriculture Summer Food

SSuummmmeerr MFoovoeds,Loo•kPariocnvtsiidvieditfeaiemfso•ilPriteroosomvwdeooittrhea3tytOi0opyuPsfroaEusunnRudrmAgtsomTauoeOmlmsrRmfemo’seSreaaalrAhsnmCiedtaeTeletIahVdylIusTscuiYtmaetGm!ioUernIDalE Summer Food, Summer Moves is a fun, hands-on resource kit from USDA Team Nutrition
•Boost attendance designed to get kids and families excited about healthy eating and physical activity during the
summer months.

Get this resource kit and more Summer Food Service Program materials at


Research & Resources Policy & Advocacy Commercial

Creative Ways to Promote Learning Child Nutrition Reauthorization Health-e Pro: Making Ingredient
and a Healthy Lifestyle and Recipe Management Easy
S7 Regency V
S1 Baker  Fairlie
Kati Wagner, Wildwood CACFP
Angela Russ-Ayon, Russ InVision Company Geri Henchy, Food Research and Action Center Linsey LaPlant, Health-e Pro

Children who learn to use dollar store-priced tools Child Nutrition Program Reauthorization is in the Health-e Pro is simple, intuitive software offering
and have fun working around food are more likely works. Learn what it means to CACFP & SFSP. nutrient analysis and menu planning, including
to try new foods. Discover creative ways to engage one-click publishing to interactive menus.
with young children in and around the kitchen State Agency Color-coded menus make meal planning easy
and garden using tools and easy STEM concepts. while maintaining compliance. With over 5,000
Learn how to encourage cooking, predicting, GIS Maps: Increasing CACFP pre-loaded products and recipes, it’s everything
experimenting, tinkering, observing, exploring, Participation you need to make your standardized recipes
problem-solving, and creativity. Two Hour Session fully compliant. Easily plan compliant menus
for CACFP, SBP, NSLP, SSFP and Smart Snack
Research & Resources S3 Learning Center standards.

Parent Engagement in Farm to Rebekah Duchette, Nemours Children's Health System
Early Care and Education Programs Dionne Dobbins, Child Care Aware® of America
Two Hour Session
GIS maps can be used as a tool to help inform
S1 Inman targeted strategies toward increasing CACFP
participation. Explore how multiple states have
Alyssa Lowe, Georgia Health Policy Center utilized GIS maps in with the goal of improving
Reynaldo Green, Gina Cook, and Shannon Holbrook, Quality CACFP utilization and increasing partnerships
around child health.
Care for Children CAC AFT
Get an overview of best practices and current tion
research in farm to early care and education and
hear from a sponsor actively implementing those
to help centers engage parents. Learn practical,
parent-approved strategies for engaging parents
and take home resources you can use today.

en español Can’t get enough training? Webinar Series built for you.

CACDRMedio del Tiempo CACFP: Certificado de asistencia
tionrJeuinetvaesl sIn-Grained: herramientasTrainers’ Circle: Certificate of Completion THURSDAY
fáciles para determinar
Seminarios Web de Capacitación cantidades de porciones A Sneak Peek Inside Serving Healthy Foods in the CACFP
the New Feeding Infants
CACFP Halftime: Certificate of Attendance Trainer’s Kit
anagement Profe

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hirty In-Grained: Easy Tools to___________________________________________________________ This certifies that
Nombre de participante
onal CACFP Sponsors Associa ___________________________________________________________
hursdays Determine Serving Amounts Participant’s Name
Training Webinars This certifies that
ha asistido al seminario web de capacitación de USDA Thirty on Thursdays mencionado has completed the above NCA CACFP University
webinar and has received:
anteriormente y ha recibido: 0.5 horas acreditadas por CEU anagement Profe ___________________________________________________________
This certifies that M Participants Name 0.5 hours credited CEU’s
Nati P has completed the USDA quarterly webinar series and has received:

___________________________________________________________ onal CACFP Sponsors Associa 1 hour credited CEU’s
Participants Name

Kati Wahgansera, Pttreensdideedntthe USDA Thirty on Thursdays Training Webinar above and has received: anagement
0.5 hours credited CEU’sNational CACFP Sponsors Association M Profe _____________________________________ ssional
Natianagement Kati Wagner, President
M National CACFP Sponsors Association

CACP Profe Nutrition
CACFP hild Profe
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_____________________________________ tion
tion onal CACFP Sponsors Associa
Kati Wagner, President onal CACFP Sponsors Associa onal CACFP Sponsors Associa National CACFP Sponsors Association


Kati Wagner, President
National CACFP Sponsors Association

Thirty on Thursdays Be in the Know! Trainers’ Circle CACFP University
Team Nutrition hosts 17 Five webinars dedicated Quarterly webinars Nutrition education webinars
webinars on hot topics to the implementation of that provide tactics and developed for the CACFP
related to the CACFP Meal changes in the child nutrition techniques that trainers can community.
Pattern requirements. program. start using today.

Next live webinar: Get connected at
June 18, 2020 All Webinars Available on Demand
Mealtime with Toddlers

thursday, April 16th Research & Resources

WORKSHOP NINE | 2:00 pm–3:00 pm Planting a Garden, Planting
Nutrition DRAFTProgram Spotlight
S1 Dunwoody
Standardized Recipes and You The Power of Partnerships for Best
Practices and Resources Cheryl Moss, A Mother's Touch Center for Child
S1 Regency VII Development
S7 Baker
Malissa Marsden, Child Nutrition Support Services Michelle Smith, Capital Area Head Start
Beth K. Thorson, Texas Department of Agriculture
Learn how to create standardized recipes and Gardening with children helps improve their eating
why it's important you use them. Review and take Created by the State Legislature, the Early habits. Learn about the positive developmental
home a flow chart which helps create a standard Childhood Health and Nutrition Interagency skills they learn in the process and how to set one
operating practice for recipe development. Learn Council brought together representatives from 13 up. Engaging children in gardening could possibly
how to better use foods you have on your shelves state agencies, childcare providers and community create lifestyle changes in families.
to create new recipes and how to look for recipe groups to make recommendations for improving
concepts online. the health of Texans under the age of six. Learn Policy & Advocacy
key take-aways and identify public sector
Summer Food resources that can be used at the state and local Roadmap to Understanding and
levels. Impacting CACFP Policy
Nourishing the Whole Child
through the SFSP Financial Management S7 Hanover F G

S1 Fairlie Purchasing Local Foods Jessica Soldavini & Tamara Baker, No Kid Hungry NC

Lynn Cavett & Sara Harmon, Michigan Department S2 Hanover E CACFP policy occurs at multiple levels (federal,
of Education state, local, and organizational). Learn about
LaMonika Jones, Bright from the Start: GA Dept. of Early how the policy process works, current CACFP
Each child, in each community, deserves to be Care and Learning policy, the levels that different types of policy
healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged decisions related to CACFP are made, and ways to
for long-term success in college, career, and life. Kimberly Della Donna, Georgia Organics effectively making your voice heard.
Learn how embracing the Whole Child model can Torey Repetski, Atlanta Community Food Bank
lead to increased engagement, communication and Lianni Maldonado, Burke County Public Schools Commercial
meal quality at Summer Food Service Program Abby Tennenbaum, The Common Market
sites. Gary Mathews, Gourmet Express Program Integrity: Transitioning
Fredando Jackson, Flint River Fresh from Paper to Digital Records
Head Start
Get examples of how to effectively partner with Regency V
WIC and Head Start – A Recipe for a vendors and suppliers and go home with answers
Healthy Life to your most challenging questions about how to Matthew Essner, Colyar Technology Solutions
procure meals and/or food items for CACFP. Brian Wieher, Operation Food Search
S4 Spring
Management Change is challenging, but can be so rewarding!
Angela Damon, Georgia Department of Public Health Learn how sponsors have transitioned to using
Becoming a Leader with Influence a mobile application for their sites to produce
WIC and Head Start programs strive to provide daily digital records for streamlining production,
nutritious foods, health, nutrition education and S3 Courtland reducing waste, analyzing trends, and monitoring
assist with assessing ongoing preventive healthcare their programs from a single sponsor level website
for families. Georgia’s DPH created a pilot project J. Lamont Harris, Georgia Quality Technical Assistance, hosted in the cloud.
aligning the programs’ goals and best practices. Consultation, and Training Advisors
Hear about this model and learn how you may
also work collaboratively to improve nutrition and Every day actions and words influence us, and
impact learning abilities to accelerate health equity. we each possess the same power to influence
others through our actions and words. Learn how
showing care, help and loyalty can increase your
influence and make valuable impacts on the people
you work with and the families you serve.

National CACFP Sponsors Association

has partnered with Sesame Street in Communities to create
creditable recipes that the whole gang will love!
Visit to download these recipes and more.


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