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Published by Happenings Magazine, 2020-02-12 11:00:09

Smart Reader 021320

Smart Reader 021320

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February 13, 2020
Volume 18 - #4





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20th Anniversary

Sunday, February 23rd, 2020, 5-7p.m.

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Meet Andrew Gavin, Athletics Director
at UW-Parkside

Can you tell us what you do as the quite humbling to be named one of the Future 5 award I was a huge fan of all things sports during my
Director of Athletics at UW- Parkside? One winners in 2019. I have a lot of respect for the Kenosha Area childhood, including playing sports and watching sports.
of the reasons I enjoy working in college Business Alliance and YLink and all of the work they do for However, I took it a step further than most with my
athletics, and specifically in the role as a our community. Of course, the role they play in economic interest in the numbers and business of sports. In some
Director of Athletics, is that each day can be development is critical, but they do awesome work with respects, I was more fascinated with the statistics, the
vastly different. Focus on the department or leadership development, networking and community salary cap, trade deadlines, and the media than the
across campus. Meet with internal staff or programming, and recognizing individuals and businesses in games themselves. As a young kid, I wanted to be a
external people in the community. Focus on Kenosha. general manager or a sports agent. Ultimately, I think it
recruits, or current student-athletes, or alumni. was predictor for my career in sports which has been
Indoor sports or outdoor sports. Gameday vs. As I referenced in my remarks at the Future 5 event, as a heavily focused on the PR/marketing, business, and
non-gameday. All of that to say, it is hard to former communications professional that focused for years leadership aspects.
answer that question. on promoting others, it is still uncomfortable for me to be
the one getting interviewed, giving speeches, or receiving I decided to play Division III basketball at Centre
In broad terms, I oversee an NCAA Division honors. However, at the same time, I understand my College and pursue degrees in economics and
II athletics department with 15 different college responsibility and embrace the opportunity to thank our government. For most of my time in college, my
programs, approximately 250 student-athletes, staff, highlight some of the great things happening at UW- professional goals were more in line with the business
and a talented staff of more than 40 people. I am Parkside and engage with the community.The Future 5 event world or possibly law school. Prior to my senior year, I
a member of Chancellor Debbie Ford’s Cabinet, was an awesome opportunity to accomplish those goals. decided to revisit that childhood dream of working in
which also affords me the opportunity to be sports, so as graduation was approaching, I applied for
involved in University administration. Who is your favorite athlete of all time? My favorite nearly 75 low-paying jobs or internships all over the
athletes of all-time are Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.They country. I was striking out everywhere before finally
When did you begin at Parkside? I started were both at the height of their dominance as I was growing landing my first job at a Division II school in South
in my role on August 1, 2017, so I am in my third up and I knew we were watching historical greatness unfold Carolina that summer after graduation. Once I got my foot
academic year serving the University. in our generation.While I can’t relate to their athleticism or in the door, hard work really took over, and I have since been
talent, I think I have always been drawn to and impressed by blessed with some great opportunities in the industry.
Can you tell us your sports partnership with HARIBO? their work ethic, drive, and commitment level. I think those
In some respects, the partnership began on my job interview. two athletes have lived up to expectations and performed How does it feel to be named to the 2020 Milwaukee
In the summer of 2017, when I was in Kenosha interviewing under pressure at a level at least in my lifetime that has been Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 list? I was shocked when I
for my position, Chancellor Ford and I were driving down unmatched. was notified that I would be receiving this honor. I did not
Highway 50 discussing all of the economic development in know I was nominated, and the fact that it is representative
the community. It had been just a few months since HARIBO How you got interested in athletics? Athletics has of the entire Milwaukee region is amazing. Again, I look at it
announced plans to build in Pleasant Prairie, so we started always been a significant part of my life. Like many young kids, as an opportunity to spotlight and celebrate Parkside
talking about the prospects for a partnership. Athletics, our University, and our community much more
Special Hotel Rate for attendees than as an opportunity for individual recognition.
Fast forward nearly two years later, we were able to meet Rooms starting at $11999 for
with and start building a relationship with Wes Saber and the What do you love about Parkside? I love a lot of things
excellent team at HARIBO of America. Our conversations Valentine’s Day Weekend must about Parkside, and I specifically love a lot of things about
developed and we started a meaningful partnership with show proof of purchase. working at Parkside in 2020. I really love working under
HARIBO this fall.The creation of HARIBO Court is the most Chancellor Ford’s leadership, which to me means working
visible aspect of the relationship and most impactful to FOR EVENT TICKETS VISIT HAP2IT.COM towards a bold and impactful vision with positivity,
athletics, but we’re excited about the comprehensive and STOP IN 1420 63RD ST. intentionality, and optimism. Parkside is an asset to our
long-lasting impact of the partnership across the University. OR CALL 1-800-838-3006 community and our region in so many ways. From the people
dreaming of obtaining a college education to the businesses
Having the HARIBO logo on our court has been a looking for talent to a community seeking higher education
beautiful addition to De Simone Gymnasium, and we’ve partnerships, we have a University that is responsive to those
enjoyed introducing the product samples around campus and needs. One of my mentors says to constantly be striving to
the community. become a better version of yourself, and Parkside is
accomplishing that goal across campus. I love that at
My kids think I go to work and meet with actual gummy Parkside, intercollegiate athletics is valued as a key
bears, just sitting around a conference room table with the component of that growth and success.
different colors. I’m a candy lover myself, so safe to say the
whole partnership is a big hit in the Gavin Family. What are some of your goals in the near future for
Parkside Athletics? Our simple goals are to recruit
Tell our readers about the KABA YLink award you talented, high-character young people to our University and
received. I was honored to be nominated by both position those student-athletes to be successful in and out of
Chancellor Ford and our Deputy AD Chris Barker, and it was competition. We are focused on initiatives that will
accomplish those goals, while being a key campus and
Dinner community partner.
and a Show
More specifically in the near future, that means we are
Friday February 14th focused on generating more resources, successfully
completing significant athletics facility projects, increasing our
Prime Rib and engagement with our alumni base and community, and
Baked Chiken Dinner enhancing our student-athlete experience.

Buffet (7pm) Log in to for the full unedited version of this
$29/person story. And for even more, tune in to Happenings Q&A on

Show Tickets start at $25/person Wednesday, February 19th at
2pm when Gavin joins the
(Dinner & show tickets must be purchased seperately.)
conversation on AM1050 WLIP.
On the cover:
Ranger Bear, Andrew Gavin, Debbie Ford,Toni Hansen
(Human Resources Director HARIBO of America Inc.), Goldie

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February 13, 2020 - Volume 18 Number 4

2 SMART READER February 13, 2020 FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800

Will impeachment
change Trump?
A Washington
guessing game.

For the first time in American history, an impeached do what you want to
president is running for reelection – and quite possibly could
win.That stark reality came to life Tuesday night, as President do,’” says Cal Jillson, a
Donald Trump delivered his third State of the Union address,
a more raucous campaign-style event dotted with made-for- presidential scholar at
TV moments than the often-staid annual affair.
Southern Methodist
The president delivered the speech amid the expectation
of acquittal by the Senate. A midafternoon announcement University in Dallas. President Donald Trump greets people after delivering his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress
from Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney that he would vote
to convict Mr. Trump on one count dealt a blow to the Aides had reportedly earlier this month.
Republican wall of unity. But the president remained a leader advised the president not to mention impeachment in the
on the verge of triumph, with his Gallup job approval rating State of the Union, following President Bill Clinton’s 1999 of his presidency, and Mr. Trump’s is taking place amid a
at an all-time high (49%) and his political adversaries warning reelection bid.
of a chief executive unbound.
precedent, and the fact that the president stuck to that advice But there’s also a big difference in their respective
The icing on the cake this week came from Iowa, where Tuesday night was noteworthy – suggesting he may be willing postures.With Mr. Clinton,“there was this general sense that
the fiasco over the Democrats’ inability to report the results to exercise a bit more discipline three years into his he was chastened and remorseful,” says Russell Riley, co-chair
of Monday’s presidential caucuses in a timely fashion handed
Mr.Trump another political gift. presidency. Mr. Trump, after all, is famous for over-the-top of the Presidential Oral History Program at the University of
rhetoric, via Twitter and at rallies, and his cries of “witch Virginia’s Miller Center.“With Trump, there’s none of that. So
Still, questions abound: Will the president overplay his hunt” (or similar charges) have been part of his repertoire there’s an enormous amount of anxiety about what he might
hand? Post-acquittal, will he feel unfettered in his behavior as
he seeks a second term? While some Republican senators since he announced his candidacy in 2015. do as president from this point forward, because he’s
have said that his dealings with the Ukrainian president –
withholding military aid in exchange for dirt on political Yet the cloud of impeachment hung over the proceedings, effectively a president unbound.”
opponents – were “shameful,” all but Senator Romney voted
today to acquit. and its accompanying partisan rancor contributed to a Professor Riley sees this period as constitutionally

Senator Romney’s stunning decision to vote to convict on circuslike atmosphere. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Mr. perilous.
one count – abuse of power – no doubt took some of the
wind out of Mr. Trump’s sails. Calling himself “profoundly Trump publicly snubbed each other at the beginning and end In the past, “institutions balanced other institutions, but
religious,” the former GOP presidential nominee said he – most dramatically, when Speaker Pelosi ripped a paper copy those checks and balances are largely not working,” he says.
couldn’t think of much “that would be a more egregious of his speech in half after he finished. Some Democrats “So the only real question is the sense of self-restraint that
assault on our Constitution than trying to corrupt an heckled and gestured over a pronouncement on health care; President Trump feels as it relates to his own reelection
election to maintain power. And that’s what the president some walked out. prospects.”
Moderate Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, one of only two Trump defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz stoked fears last
The logical approach for Mr. Trump, political analysts say, GOP senators (along with Senator Romney) to vote in favor week that the president’s executive power could become
would be to restrain his behavior and not do anything too of witnesses during the Senate trial, argued Sunday that Mr. unfettered, when the retired Harvard Law professor
risky through Election Day. After all, he can claim vindication Trump has learned his lesson. asserted, “If a president does something which he believes
on the impeachment charges; the economy is strong; a near-
record-high 59% of Americans say their personal finances are “He was impeached,” Senator Collins said on CBS’s “Face will help him get elected in the public interest, that cannot be
better now than a year ago, according to Gallup; and the Nation.” “And there has been criticism by both the kind of quid pro quo that results in impeachment.”
Democrats are in disarray.As things look now, Mr.Trump is in
a reasonably good position to win in November. Republican and Democratic senators of his call [with the Mr. Dershowitz later said his remarks were
Ukrainian president]. I believe that he will be much more mischaracterized, but the larger concern about presidential
“It seems like the people around him would say, ‘Just run cautious in the future.” (Though she later said that “hope” overreach remains. House Democrats, meanwhile, say more
the string here, then you’ll have four more years and you can may have been a better word than “believe.”) information will emerge about the president’s actions in

One big difference between the Clinton and Trump Ukraine.

impeachments is that Mr. Clinton’s took place toward the end By Linda Feldmann

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SMART READER February 13, 2020 3


Why Democrats won't
beat Trump playing
by his rules

Dear reader: there – has long confounded his pathological liar who lies about t
opponents. If they try to rise above everything: his fake hair, his obesity,
First, President Donald Trump it, a la Michelle Obama’s famous and his spray-on tan.” t
appeared to decline to shake “when they go low, we go high”
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s dictum, they risk not getting any Trump-haters loved it. Others w
hand. Later, Ms. Pelosi tore up the credit – or more importantly, any saw it as taking the bait.
president’s speech. attention. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi rips up the speech of President Donald
“Donald Trump is a master of Trump after his recent State of the Union address to Congress.
The made-for-meme moments But while a clap back may forcing opponents to play the game
bookending last night’s State of the generate cheers from the base, it by his rules,” tweeted Politico’s Tim Monitor last week: “Although I take on Mr. Trump. He answered: A
Union address represent a can diminish your stature in the Alberta. “This. Stuff. Does. Not. disagree with him on everything, he “I’m going to respond without
dispiriting sign of our times. long run. Work. Just ask Rubio, Cruz, does know how to manipulate the becoming what we’re fighting.”
Hillary… The president’s media and get attention.”
Politics has always been about Over the weekend, after Mr. kryptonite is substance and reason. We’ll see if he can stick to that
theater, as presidents from Ronald Trump sent out a series of tweets You cannot beat him at stagecraft In the run up to Monday’s Iowa plan.
Reagan to Barack Obama intuitively mocking former New York Mayor and emotion.” caucus debacle, former South
understood. But today’s tit for tat Michael Bloomberg as “Mini Mike,” Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg By Liz Marlantes, Politics Editor
theatrics seem increasingly petty the Bloomberg campaign chose to The problem is, Mr. Trump’s was asked by a voter how he would at the Christian Science Monitor
and crass. responded in kind. “The president stagecraft and emotion – whether
is lying,” said Bloomberg campaign you love it or hate it – tends to
President Trump’s penchant for spokeswoman Julie Wood. “He is a crowd out everything else. As one
schoolyard insults and over-the-top Democratic voter in Iowa told the
rhetoric – his willingness to go

5125 6th Ave. Kenosha Friday, Winter in
February 14
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Winter in Kenosha, warmer
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have been the dominant.
before the show. Our cold and surprisingly
snowy end to Fall seemed to
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our December was around
*Price does not include show ticket 6-7°F above normal, with
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Dinner starts at 7pm normal, with below normal snow. In fact, November's
average temperature was within half a degree of
This Week’s Headliner Next Week’s Headliner Featuring December's average and within 4°F of January's (normal
would be December more than 12°F colder than
KATE Professional November's average and January 17°F colder). Yes,
DWAYNE BRINDLE Touring November was close to 5°F colder than normal, but the
Feb. 21st at 8pm consecutive warm months that followed have done much
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seen milder lows resulting in an above normal running
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Loretta Sat. Feb. 15 • 8pm conditions as we begin the second half of February. This
Tickets ONLY $10 cool down would help to balance out our very warm start
Legendary Ladies to the month and could cause monthly average data to
Vito is a Vegas style singer & entertainer who has earned a reputation recede back towards normal. We might also be entering a
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4 SMART READER February 13, 2020 FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800

Why the black mayor of this
Iowa city endorsed Buttigieg

Mayor Quentin Hart, an African American whose Iowa game. Waterloo Mayor Quentin Hart at a press conference at City Hall in
metro area was ranked No. 1 in America for racial disparity Waterloo, Iowa, on Sept. 19, 2016.
by one source in 2018, recently endorsed Pete Buttigieg as Quentin Hart was standing here when he got the phone
the presidential candidate best suited to help communities call in 2015 confirming that he would become the city’s first lot to do with it.
like his. African American mayor. He vowed to work to bridge the A nurse and mother of four who is finishing up her
divides in his community.
“Pete has probably one of the most aggressive plans for bachelor’s degree in nursing, she’s never been very involved in
black America,” says Mayor Hart of Waterloo, Iowa. Plus, he Within three years, Waterloo was named Iowa’s small politics. But that changed with President Donald Trump’s
adds, he’d like to see someone in the White House who has business community of the year and one of the top 10 job election. In the past year, she has found time to host events –
the accountability of a local leader who runs into his or her markets in the country. Crime had dropped to the lowest including the first-ever house party in her community, with
constituents in the grocery store or local Walmart. “I believe level in decades, though residents still express concern about Elizabeth Warren. Some 300 people filled her backyard.
we need a mayor’s approach.” nighttime gun shots ringing out across their neighborhoods.
She has been intentional about inviting people who might
The Jan. 14 endorsement may have surprised national There was also bad news in 2018, however: The online not otherwise get involved.
pundits, who routinely describe Mr. Buttigieg as unable to win website 24/7 Wall Street, using U.S. census data, concluded
over black voters. It also runs counter to criticism from the that Waterloo, when paired with neighboring Cedar Falls, had “I want to say ‘little people,’” she says over a 99-cent
African American community in South Bend, Indiana, where the largest “social and economic disparities along racial lines” breaded tenderloin sandwich special at the local Steamboat
Mr. Buttigieg just concluded two terms as mayor. of any U.S. metro area. Gardens restaurant. “Just regular working people who don’t

If Mayor Hart’s backing is a boon for Mr. Buttigieg, however, It found that African Americans were five times more likely see MAYOR on page 6 for more
it is by no means a guarantee that the rest of Waterloo’s black to be unemployed than their white neighbors, and those
community will follow. employed earned only about half the median income of their February 15, 2020
white counterparts.And the rate of homeownership was just 6:00 - 10:00 pm
Amid increased engagement from African Americans, who 32%, compared with 73% among white residents. Though Moose Lodge
make up 17% of the population here, Sen. Elizabeth Warren Waterloo fared slightly better in the index’s 2019 rankings,
drew 300 people to a house party; former Vice President Joe coming in at No. 3, the racial disparities are still stark. 3003-30th Ave. • Kenosha
Biden won the vote of an influential pastor; and Sen. Cory
Booker, who became the first presidential candidate to open Which is where Mr. Buttigieg’s plan comes in, promising to Tickets $25.00 includes entry, appetizers,
a campaign office in Waterloo's black community, gained address systemic racism and “unlock the collective potential two drink tickets, $250,000 in play money.
traction before dropping out. of black America.”
Live auction and raffle
Though Mr. Buttigieg has gained high-profile supporters The Douglass Plan, named after abolitionist leader Tickets available at
and drew 600 to an outdoor rally in September - on a rainy Frederick Douglass, is similar in scope to the Marshall Plan
day, no less - some here don’t like what they’ve heard about that funded European reconstruction after World War II. It Total Cyclery 5039 6th Avenue or at the door
his track record on racial issues back home. includes everything from reforming the criminal justice
system to improving access to mortgages.
Mayor Hart, whose long-time friends and associates
describe him as a very deliberate decision-maker, “What got my attention was he was addressing it not with
acknowledges the criticism from South Bend – but has a a Band-Aid approach of, ‘Let’s just throw a program out
different perspective as a fellow mayor. In an Op-Ed there,’” says former state Rep. Deborah Berry, who was
announcing his endorsement, he pointed to statistics like invited to a Buttigieg roundtable with local black leadership in
black unemployment dropping by 70% during Mr. Buttigieg’s December.
The political newcomer
“My role is not to debunk anything Pete’s city feels about
him or his leadership,” he says in a phone interview.“My role Bridget Saffold may not be recognized as a leader per se,
is to tell what I know about Pete from my relationship with but if black turnout is up on caucus night, she will have had a
The mayor
They met at an Accelerator for America event in 2018 –
two mayors of midsize Midwestern cities that had struggled POTAWATOMI HO-CHUNK
with industrial decline and racial tension.
Every Wednesday Fridays
Last summer, after then-Mayor Buttigieg launched his Cost $25 per person March 27, May 22
presidential campaign, Mayor Hart welcomed him to Cost $35 per person
Waterloo and brought his visitor to the Fourth Street bridge Rebate $10 Slots Rebate $25 per person
over the Cedar River. Food $10

To the west was Waterloo’s largely white community, with FOUR WINDS
its cluster of hotels and fast-food chains. On the other bank Thursdays
stood the struggling East Side, where African Americans were March 5, April 9, May 7, June 4, July 9, Aug. 6 & Sept. 10
sequestered when they came to break a railroad strike in the
early 1900s. Parts of the East Side burned in a riot in 1968, in Cost $37 per person
which long-simmering tensions around racial inequality broke Rebate $15 Slots • $10 Food
out after police tried to arrest a man at a high school football

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ing band including a four piece horn section and three SMART READER February 13, 2020 5
background singers. Shows consist of hits and deep cuts
and sometimes even complete albums and are sure to

have you out of your seats singing along.


Dairy farmers Prices plummeted at the end of 2014 prices push farms out of business. Mayor
add cows after and remained low until late 2019.
years of low During that time, many small to midsize After hovering around $15 per 100 continued from page 5
prices farms lost money every year and, across pounds of milk during 2018, the price
the country, farms went under. climbed to nearly $19 in January. The get heard.”
U.S. dairy farmers again are adding Wisconsin alone lost more than 2,600 - futures price opened Friday at $17.23.
cows to their herds after years of - nearly 30 percent of its dairies. When they came out, “It was the first time they were
overproduction that kept milk prices What happens to milk prices in 2020 hearing,‘Hey, it’s important for you to be part of the process.
low and pushed thousands of farms out The issue was oversupply. In 2014, the will depend on whether demand keeps You matter,’” says Ms. Saffold.
of business.As of January, 9,334,600 milk price of milk hit an all-time high, driven pace with increased production,
cows were recorded in the United largely by a sudden spike in Vitaliano said. And some factors are One of the concerns about Mr. Buttigieg is that even if he
States, up by more than 17,000 from the international demand,Vitaliano said. going in dairy farmers' favor. manages to win the Democratic nomination, he won’t be able
average herd size in August, according to get out the black vote in the general election next fall, and
to U.S. Department of Agriculture American farms rushed to increase It's possible that the cows in places Democrats will lose.
figures. their production. But by the end of hit with major flooding in 2019 will
2014, those international markets lost produce less milk this year, said Darin “The narrative in the media is that if he fails, it’s because he
"Last August, the monthly average their appetite for American milk. Von Ruden, a Wisconsin dairy farmer didn’t connect with black voters,” says Ryan Stevenson, an
herd size reached its low point, and Demand dropped, and so did price. and president of the Wisconsin Farmers organizer for the Booker campaign who grew up in Waterloo.
then it started climbing again," said Production, however, kept increasing. Union. Farmers in those regions had “Don’t just put the blame on us.”
Peter Vitaliano, vice president of trouble growing cattle feed, so the
economic policy and market research at "During the low, as margins got quality of this year's feed will be lower, There are other groups Buttigieg doesn’t connect well with
the National Milk Producers tighter, we kept increasing our volume," he said. Lower quality feed means cows either, such as younger white voters, he says. Plus, he adds, the
Federation. "Hopefully, the herd said Luke Minich, a dairy farmer in will produce less milk. lack of connection is a two-way street.
expansion won't go faster than the Indiana. "Our expenses don't change.
increase in demand." The herd We're all in the same boat.We all need "We're kind of in a wait-and-see That said, Mr. Stevenson takes issue with some of the
expansion comes at a time when milk gross income, and we get that by adding period now," Von Ruden said. "If criticism Mr. Buttigieg has faced, including a New York Times
prices finally are increasing, Vitaliano cows." Minich said it is normal for milk production is up from last year, the article this week about tensions within his campaign over the
said. prices to cycle up and down over multi- forecast will be low prices again. But if treatment of minority staffers.
year periods, as high prices encourage production doesn't go up, we might be
farmers to increase production, and low in for a good year." “It’s an issue that all campaigns are facing, so for [the Times]
to frame it just as a Buttigieg issue is not right,” says Mr.

Plus, such criticisms may be overblown. An online survey

Serving A Great Breakfast Menu Including: thisfallfoundMr.Buttigiegpollingthehighestofanycandidate
among non-white voters. Also, 46% of his senior advisors are
people of color. Angela Weekley, manager of community
inclusion at Veridian Credit Union in Waterloo, says of the
people he’s surrounded himself with: “That’s the type of

America I’d like to see.”

2 Eggs, Hashbrowns & Toast . . . . . . . . .$4.99

2 Eggs, Ham, Hashbrowns & Toast . . .$6.99

3 Egg Omlettes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$6.29

Pancakes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$5.49

French Toast (Extra Thick) . . . . . . . . . . .$6.25

Kids eat Breakfast Funnel Cake (Apple Cinnamon) . . .$3.49 Anna Weems, a 92-year-old civil rights activist who brought Martin Luther
breakfast for $1.99 King, Jr. to Waterloo in 1959, at Perkins restaurant on Jan. 28, 2020, in
Get Your Photo Waterloo, Iowa.
(7am-11am only) Taken With
Charlie The pastor
& Sundays Iowa itself has been hammered for being “too white” to
11:30-1:30 host the first-in-the-nation caucus.

Now Under New Charlie has partnered with the Kenosha Shrine SR021320 “It hurts to hear that,” says the Rev. Frantz Whitfield, pastor
Management! Club! Now when you dine at Charlie’s Shriner Diner, of the Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church in Waterloo.
half of the profits go to the Chicago Hospital where “I love my state, I love Iowa, even as an African American man.
New GM Eric Colmer invites children are provided life-changing care regardless ... There’s so much diversity here, which I don’t think the
you to stop in and enjoy one media picks up on.”
of his signature sandwiches of a family’s ability to pay.
delivered by one of our trains. But the Democratic candidates have picked up on those
® - Chicago growing pockets of minorities, at least more than in prior
Tasty Appetizers Including years.
• Deep Fried WI Cheese Curds Located in the historic Metra Station
5414-13th Ave. Kenosha “A lot of them are in Waterloo quite often,” Mr. Whitfield
Traditional Italian Beef says – 80 times, to be precise.“It makes people feel good.” The
(One of Kenosha’s Best) 262-220-3634 front-runners have each visited Waterloo four times with the
exception of Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who has made seven trips.
Signature Philly Cheesesteaks Sun. - Thurs. 7am-3pm Most of them are returning this weekend for a final swing.
• Regular • Bacon & Cheddar • Mushroom & Swiss Fri. & Sat. 7am-7pm
The pastor, who endorsed Mr. Biden in July, estimates that
Great Burgers including 95% of the people he speaks with, from the gas station to
• Bacon Cheddar those in his own pews, have said they’re also going with Biden.
• Mushroom & Swiss
One of them might be Anna Weems, a 92-year-old civil
Prime Rib Sandwich rights activist who brought the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
here in 1959. But when asked who she thinks would best be
Part-time Servers & Cooks able to advocate for Waterloo from the White House, she
Wanted. Apply In Person. guffaws.

“It’s not the White House, it’s what we can do,” she says,
recalling King’s preaching of unity. “It’s brothers and sisters
that touch each other every day.”

By Christa Case Bryant

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Jeff Schmidt, Jeff Schmidt
Financial Advisor at
Edward Jones

6040 39th Ave Suite 5 Kenosha

Brings you


Jill on Money Email, text and social media phishing scams:These "official" a refinance right now.
notices appear to come from the IRS or state tax agencies,
Get in there and but the IRS doesn't initiate contact with taxpayers by email, Lower monthly payments: Maybe your current loan has a
do those taxes text messages or social media channels to request personal high interest rate or perhaps you originally had a 15-year
or financial information. If you receive anything suspicious, do loan and realize that you need more cash flow flexibility and
Tax season is open, which means there's not click on it. Forward it to [email protected] want to move to a 30-year to improve your ability to fund
another opportunity to: (a) vent about how other goals, like retirement or college. One big caveat: The
much you hate this time of year, (b) complain Letters or phone calls: Letters claiming to be from the IRS costs of the refinancing (usually 2% to 5% of the loan
about the complexity of the U.S. code, and (c) whine about often demand payment of an overdue tax bill. If this seems amount) must be incorporated into your analysis. If closing
your refund being lower than previous years, even though sketchy, register at and check your account balance. costs are $5,000 and you will save $270 per month, it will
you know that a refund is just the return of the extra money And no, that's not the IRS calling with angry demands of take you 18.5 months to break even. If the monthly savings
that you paid Uncle Sam, on which he paid zero interest. payment and threats of jail or a lawsuit. The IRS does not are lower, it will take longer to break even, which may or may
make threatening phone calls, nor does the IRS request not make sense depending on how long you think you will be
The Internal Revenue Service is hoping that this year's payment via gift cards or debit cards. Report fraudulent in the house.
filing season will be less fraught than last year's, because the letters and telephone calls to the Treasury Inspector General
government has remained open (remember the 35-day for Tax Administration at Free up equity: If the equity in your home is tempting you
shutdown of 2018-2019?) and it will be the second time that to renovate a kitchen, pay an upcoming big bill or pay off
the American taxpayers will be filing under the new rules that Good reasons to consider another outstanding debt, be very careful. The Tax Cuts and
emerged from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the most significant refinancing now Jobs Act that went into effect in 2018 changed the tax
tax code overhaul in more than three decades. deductibility rules, limiting interest you pay on a loan secured
A year ago, the Federal Reserve, economists and realtors by your main home or second home to buy, build or
The deadline to file 2019 tax returns and pay any tax owed were bracing for higher mortgage interest rates for 2019. substantially improve your main or second home. So if your
is Wednesday, April 15, and the IRS expects that more than The rationale was simple:The economy was growing and, as re-fi is used to pay off another debt, that amount would not
150 million individual tax returns will be filed. The best way a result, the 10-year Treasury bond, the benchmark for most be deductible.Additionally, the tax cut act placed a new dollar
to prepare for this season is to grab last year's return as a mortgages, was likely to remain elevated. limit on total qualified residence loan balances. If you
guide and then to start organizing your documents (W-2s, refinance, you can only deduct interest on up to $750,000 in
1099s, as well as bank, investment, mutual fund and mortgage The economy is still growing, but the pace has slowed, qualifying debt.
company documents) in a file. which means that home loan rates have dropped by almost a
full percentage point - 30-year mortgages have fallen from Convert to fixed rate from an adjustable or balloon loan:
The IRS emphasizes that taxpayers may be paying for tax nearly 4.5% to 3.6% today, according to Freddie Mac. If you purchased a home with an adjustable rate mortgage,
preparation services when there are free options available last year's increase in rates may have spooked you.With rates
via the agency's Free File program. Any taxpayer earning The slide has prompted another round of the perennial lower, now may be a good time to lock in a loan that will
$69,000 or less (that's about 100 million Americans, question: Is it time to refinance? According to mortgage never cause palpitations when rates rise in the future. For
according to the Free File alliance), can find one or more free analytics firm Black Knight, more than 8 million homeowners those who have balloon loans, (a loan with a fixed rate for a
commercial software products available by visiting could refinance for an average savings of $270 per month. specific period of time, which "balloons" at the end of the Additionally, Free File is mobile enabled, Here are some of the reasons homeowners should consider term, when a lump-sum payment, equal to the remaining
which means that you can use your smart phone or tablet to balance of what you owe, is due), perhaps circumstances have
do your taxes. changed and you plan to be in the house longer than you
expected or you do not want to use your cash to pay off the
Some providers, including TurboTax and H&R Block, offer loan at the end of the term. If that's the case, a re-fi could be
free federal and state tax preparation online. the answer.

The IRS also offers Free File Fillable Forms, available to Get out from private mortgage insurance: If you purchased
anyone regardless of income.These forms are best suited for your home with less than the "standard" 20% down payment,
taxpayers experienced in preparing returns by hand and who you are paying for PMI, which can tack on 0.3% to 1.5% of the
need limited assistance. The IRS notes, "Filing electronically original loan amount every year, depending on your credit
flags common errors and prompts taxpayers for missing score and the size of your down payment. If the value of your
information." home has increased since the original purchase and you now
have 20% equity, a refi may reduce your interest rate and
The agency is also trying to make sure that taxpayers are release you from that PMI payment.
aware that the fraudsters will be out on the prowl again this
tax season. Be on the lookout for, and tell all your relatives By Jill Schlesinger
about, the following scams:

Free Electronic Filing
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SMART READER February 13, 2020 7

my turn

Trump is the
GOP’s new Ike

The impeachment of Donald J.
Trump has clearly been a trip through
Alice in Wonderland’s magic looking
glass. There is no other explanation.
Consider why.

First, despite impeachment,Trump is

the new Ike, that is president and

general of the Army Dwight David behavior was only inappropriate and frees the litigant.After fully take hold? Given actuarial probabilities for a new
all, this is precisely what 51 senators decided after denying Supreme Court associate justice, that appointment would
Eisenhower, at least in terms of Harlan Ullman the request for additional witnesses. And some make six conservative judges with profound consequences
Republican support. The current Wall Republicans will complain that by knowing the Senate for Roe vs. Wade and other highly partisan issues. Trump
would never convict, why bring articles of impeachment at could also make good on his original view that NATO is
Street Journal/NBC poll measured the level of support for all. obsolete.

all presidents since Harry S. Truman about nine months According to this logic, then why prosecute anyone, Another Donald — Rumsfeld — famously defined
given even the slightest unlikelihood of conviction? Alice “unknown unknowns,” that is not knowing what we don’t
prior to running for a second term in November. Ike had would argue that this interpretation gives “innocent until know. Of course, events could conspire to defeat Trump.
proven guilty” new meaning. Or it reaffirms the wisdom of Mishandling the coronavirus; an economic meltdown; a
by far the strongest party support of any candidate — 91 the Red Queen in calling for sentence before verdict. decision to strike Iran; or the nomination of a credible
opponent are not impossible. Still, at this point, Trump
percent — and of course easily won re-election. Most Americans know where this is headed. Senate seems on a path to win in 2020.
acquittal of the president will lead to countless victory
Since then, according to this poll, only one president has laps, making the public dizzy. Bragging rights understate Yet it is stunning that Trump’s political support equals
come close to Ike’s level:Trump.Among all Republicans, this how Trump will trumpet both the “vindication” from the Eisenhower’s. Pvt. Bone Spur now equates to a general of
president has an astounding 89 percent support or a Mueller Report of no Russian collusion and the Senate’s the army politically. And it is equally stunning, though not
statistical dead heat with the general who won the war in vote as proof positive of “witch hunts and hoaxes” by the surprising, that for this to have happened, the GOP had to
Europe. Political scientists and psychiatrists will spend Democrats trying to undo the 2016 election. But most abandon the values of Abraham Lincoln and Ike. Further,
decades arguing how and why this happened. worrying is the degree to which Trump will be empowered the willingness of Senate Republicans to accept the
and unrestrained in using what his sees as his now prosecution’s case and block any further action, even for
By this measure, Trump’s chances of re-election are unbridled authority as president. witnesses, means that American politics are indeed
good. And should Democrats nominate Bernie Sanders or operating inside the looking glass.
Elizabeth Warren, the president’s victory margin could Instead of impeachment constraining presidential
make Sen. George McGovern’s trashing by Richard Nixon irresponsibility, the opposite could occur. Despite Part II of The only remaining question is this: When will the Red
in 1972 look like a “close run thing.” Of course, November the Mueller Report that outlined 10 possible scenarios for Queen turn into the Orange King?
is far away in political terms. impeachment and lack of exoneration of foul play with
Russia and now impeachment charges that were rejected, By Harlan Ullman
Next, the acquittal of the president marks a dramatic the president’s base will respond powerfully, or at least 89 As well as being a recurring guest on Happenings Q&A, Harlan
turn in jurisprudence. Republican senators fully agree that percent of it will if the Journal/NBC polls are accurate. Ullman is UPI's Arnaud de Borchgrave Distinguished columnist and
House impeachment managers have made their case: serves as a senior adviser at the Atlantic Council. He was a professor
Trump did abuse his powers by withholding vital military Should Trump win a second term, will his disruptive plans of military strategy at the National War College and the Naval War
aid until Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky agreed to to “drain the swamp” and make scofflaw allies pay their fair College. His latest book is "Anatomy of Failure:Why America Has
announce publicly investigations into the Biden family. But share to compensate for America’s role in defending them
that behavior did not rise to the level of “high crimes and Lost Every War It Starts." Follow him @harlankullman.
misdemeanors” and at worst was “inappropriate.”

Apply that standard to future jury trials in American
courts. After the foreman reads the verdict that “We, the
jury find the defendant guilty of…,” the judge rules that the

The state of offering her a scholarship so she and her mother could mother Robin in the gallery.” He then pivoted and called
President Trump choose a better school. on Congress to pass legislation finally banning “the late-
term abortion of babies.”
The president’s recent State of the There was the dramatic moment when the president
brought back from Afghanistan Sergeant First Class One wishes he had said something about eliminating
Union speech resembled a campaign Townsend Williams, who had been on his fourth tour, and outdated and unworkable government programs. Instead,
reunited him with his wife, Amy, and their two children. he proposed even more programs, adding to our $23
rally. Some Republicans shouted Tears flowed. trillion (and growing) national debt. He apparently still
thinks growth will solve the problem, but not if he and
“four more years” as he approached Speaking of tears, when was the last time you saw radio Congress keep spending.
talk show host Rush Limbaugh cry? He did as he received
the lectern. Democrats mostly from Melania Trump the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This was more than a State of the Union address. It was
Limbaugh announced he has advanced lung cancer. Many a campaign kickoff.According to Gallup,Trump received “a
looked glum, shook their heads, Democrats refused to applaud. This is what hate does to 10 percent approval rating among blacks in 2017, 11
some people. percent in 2018 and 10 percent in December 2019.”
pursed their lips, laughed in Emerson Polling and Rasmussen Reports put that number
The president directly and indirectly got in digs at at 34 percent, which, depending on which poll you believe,
response to some of his remarks Democrats, including former President Barack Obama, by might suggest the president’s appeal is growing in the
noting the millions he said had been removed from welfare African American community. Maybe the administration’s
and in the case of Speaker Nancy and food stamp rolls. “Since my election, we have created criminal justice reform legislation and the call for
7 million new jobs,” Trump said, “taking credit for expansion of school choice legislation are responsible for
Pelosi appeared to be talking to Cal Thomas thousands of jobs created after the election but while the rise?
herself. At the end, she tore up her Barack Obama was still president,” according to “The most recent figures show that in the Following his acquittal by the Senate on two articles of
copy of the address, and Trump refused to acknowledge 35 months after Trump actually took office, the economy impeachment, the president clearly has the wind at his
added just under 6.7 million jobs.” back. With issues going his way and with the Democratic
her before stepping down from the platform. Party in disarray (the broken vote-counting app in the
In another of his many pro-life statements, the president Iowa caucuses was an appropriate symbol of their
This was more than a victory lap for the president. It introduced a woman and her 2-year-old child.“In 2017,” he dysfunction) the president is poised for four more years.
was a celebration of all he and Republicans have said,“doctors at St. Luke’s hospital in Kansas City delivered
accomplished the last three years. The latest Gallup poll one of the earliest premature babies ever to survive. Born Readers may email Cal Thomas at [email protected]
reflects the public’s recognition of those achievements at just 21 weeks and six days, and weighing less than a Look for Cal Thomas’ new book “America’s Expiration Date:
with 49 percent of those polled approving the president’s pound, Ellie Schneider was born a fighter.Through the skill The Fall of Empires and Superpowers and the Future of the
performance, up 10 points since November.Yes, 50 percent of her doctors — and the prayers of her parents — little
still disapprove of him, but based on what? It can’t be the Ellie kept on winning the battle for life. Today, Ellie is a United States” (HarperCollins/Zondervan).
economy, which he again touted as strong and getting strong, healthy 2-year-old girl sitting with her amazing
stronger. According to Gallup, 63 percent approve of his
economic policies.

Mr.Trump made a strong case for school choice, putting
a face on “failing government schools” by introducing a
young African American girl and her mother from
Pennsylvania. The governor, he said, recently vetoed an
Opportunity Scholarship bill, but the president said he was

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February 13, 2020 health
Kenosha County Aging & Disability Resource Center community


Caregiver guilt

We’ve all felt it. That nagging feeling like learn to manage your guilt and use it to great at the time, but it may not be possible be just what you are looking for. Powerful
we’ve done something wrong; failed. It help you make realistic decisions. Here are now. Committing to have him visit every Tools is 6 weeks,Tuesdays, Feb. 18. - March
keeps prodding at you. You could have some helpful tips for managing caregiver Saturday may be a more realistic 24, 10 a.m. - noon, Kenosha County Job
done more, done better; and now you’ve guilt. expectation. Promising to be your spouse’s Center, 8600 Sheridan Rd. Registration is
let someone down. Guilt. only caregiver when he just needed a little required by Friday, Feb. 14.
Recognize when you feel guilt. In order help was okay, but with the amount of care
The person you’ve failed or let down the to handle guilt properly, you must first be he needs now, having someone come in to Always keep in mind that when you take
most is probably you! You have an image of able to name it.When you get that nagging help is a must. care of yourself first you are a healthier
the “perfect you” - the way you believe you guilt feeling, own it and manage it before it caregiver, both physically and emotionally.
should be and the way you want to be. This gets you down. Ask for help. Your guilt may be caused by Make sure your own needs are being met,
image is based on your values and beliefs of not being able to do everything you think and when that nagging feeling creeps into
how things ought to be - in a perfect world. Figure out where the guilt is coming needs to be done; so, listen to your guilt your thoughts, don’t let it overtake you.
When the things you do are different than from. What is the discrepancy between the and get some help. Ask friends or family for Let it guide you to be the best caregiver
the way the “perfect you” would have done real you and the “perfect you?” Are your help, or call the Kenosha County Aging & you can be today.
them, you feel guilty. You’ve let yourself expectations of yourself or your loved one Disability Resource Center and learn about
down. too high? Do you have needs that are not resources for caregivers. An upcoming free Jane Mahoney
being met? Do you need a break? class, Powerful Tools for Caregivers, might Caregiver Support Specialist
For example, the “perfect you” has Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources
unending patience, but after answering the Give yourself a break. There is no certain
same question ten times in 5 minutes, you way a caregiver should feel. Some days are
raise your voice in irritation. Guilt. The better than others. Allow yourself to feel
“perfect you” makes sure your spouse is any emotion – anger, sadness, joy – and
happy, but when you have lunch with a remember that emotions don’t control
friend on Saturday, your husband eats your actions.
alone. Guilt. The “perfect you” believes
your father should live with you when he is Look for ways to change how you do
no longer able to live alone, but realistically, things. If you believe you should be more
your job and family make that impossible. patient, find ways to deal with repetitive
Guilt. questioning. If your husband doesn’t like to
eat alone, find a friend or volunteer to eat
These feelings of guilt are common with him while you have lunch with a
among caregivers and can actually help friend. Let your guilt guide you into new
guide you into making good decisions. solutions that works for both of you.
However, if your image of the “perfect you”
is misaligned from what you realistically can Recreate your image of a “perfect you”.
do, these emotions can make you feel bad You may have created the image of who
about yourself. If you are prone to guilt, you should be when life was simpler. The
idea of having dad move in with you was

Kenosha County Durable Medical Transportation “Let’s Talk
Equipment & Supplies Loan to the polls About It”
Closet in Need available
“Let’s Talk About It” is a new health fair

sponsored by the Black Nurse

Kenosha County Aging Accessible Association that will be held on Saturday,

& Disability Resource transportation is February 29, 2020, 10 a.m. - noon.The fair

Center (ADRC) offers a being offered to will feature information and education on

free Loan Closet for senior or disabled diabetes and diet, breast cancer, heart

those in need of Durable Kenosha County disease, hypertension and men’s health.

Medical Equipment and residents seeking to Free blood pressure screenings will also

supplies. The loan closet vote in the 2020 be offered. Stop by and visit the Kenosha

is in need of adult elections. To Aging & Disability Resource Center’s

incontinence pull-up participate in early booth while you are there and learn

underwear, in small and voting or to vote on more about the services we offer.We will

medium sizes, at this polling day, individuals may schedule a ride be providing Winter Vegie Vouchers for

time. and the round trip fee will be waived. those who meet the criteria. Free pill

Individuals needing Care-A-Van (262-658-9093), Western boxes will also be available. We hope to

durable medical equipment. Transit (1-888-203-3498) and Volunteer see you there!
Transportation (262-842-7433) are making
equipment and supplies for either short-term If you wish to donate, or are in need of this service available. All reservations must Saturday, February 29, 10 a.m. – Noon
medical equipment, please call the ADRC, be made a day prior. Availability is based on Second Baptist Church
or long-term use, who are not enrolled in 262-605-6646, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 vehicle capacity. For questions or 3925 32nd Ave., Kenosha
p.m., or stop by and visit us at 8600 Sheridan additional assistance, call Lauren Coffman, 262-653-9102
one of Wisconsin’s long-term care programs, Road, Entrance D. Mobility Manager, at 262-605-6615. Demetris Crum, Pastor

such as Family Care, IRIS and Partnership

may contact the ADRC to request

FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800 SMART READER February 13, 2020 9

Senior Dining

Dining Menu SALAD BAR MENU participate in program orientation and are You Dine, We Drive—Transportation
strongly encouraged to attend program Options
February 17 - 28 Offered every Thursday, 11 a.m. - 12:30 meetings/trainings (6 meetings a year). Western Transit, call: 888-203-3498
p.m. at Westosha Community Center, Care-A-Van, call: 262 658-9093
Feb. 17, Mon: Roast beef, mashed Bristol, Lakeside Towers, Parkside For more information about this Reservations required—24 hours in
potatoes, gravy, peas and carrots, Baptist Church, Kenosha program/volunteer opportunity please advance.
bread, fresh orange, soup du jour contact KAFASI at 262-658-3508 x118 Mention Senior Dining for $1 ONE WAY
Feb. 20, Thu.: Turkey trio and cheese rate
Feb. 18, Tue.: BBQ Riblet on bun or sub, wheat French roll, split pea soup, Dining Site Locations
chicken salad, lettuce, tomato, cream of tossed salad, boiled eggs, variety REGULAR SENIOR DINING
potato soup, rye bread, cinnamon toppings, cottage cheese, banana, EASTERN KENOSHA COUNTY SITES/DAYS
apples pasta salad, milk
Kenosha Senior Center * Meals include soup or salad, dessert
Feb. 19, Wed.: Roast turkey w/ cheddar Feb. 27, Thu.: Stuffed cabbage roll, 2717 67th Street and beverage
ale sauce, vegetable rice pilaf, broccoli, multi grain roll, Minnesota wild rice Call Deb at 262-658-9311 * Meals are offered for a suggested
biscuit, oatmeal raisin cookie, fruit soup, tossed salad, boiled eggs, variety Serves 11:45, M-F donation of $3.
toppings, cottage cheese, diced melon, * Open to anyone age 60+ and a
Feb. 20, Thu.: Western strata egg bake, coleslaw, milk Lakeside Towers spouse regardless of age.
hash brown potato, glazed pears, raisin 5800 3rd Avenue * Reservations must be made by 10:30
bread, cranberry juice, banana VILLAGE PUB RESTAURANT Call O.B at 262-654-0103 a.m. at least 24 hours, one business
Serves 11:30, M-W; F day in advance. Monday cancellations
Feb. 21, Fri.: Chicken parmesan, Offered every Wednesday and Friday, *Salad Bar Thursdays, 11:00 - 12:30 must be called in the Friday before.
penne pasta, squash medley, Vienna 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Choose between
bread, peaches, salad the breakfast or lunch senior special Parkside Baptist Church SALAD BAR DAYS*
2620 14th Place Locations indicated have a separate
Feb. 24, Mon.: Sliced bratwurst, Feb. 19, Wed.: Apple cinnamon French Call Sean at 262-552-7737 menu for salad bar days, consisting of a
parslied potatoes, carrots, rye bread, toast, sausage patty and fruit cup OR Serves 11:45, M-W; F variety of salad toppings, premade
melon, cream of cauliflower soup pork roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, *Salad Bar Thursdays, 11:-00 - 12:30 salads, fruit, sandwich and soup. No
glazed carrots and dinner roll reservations needed for salad bar days
Feb. 25, Tue.: Chicago hot dog on bun Boys & Girls Club and guests are welcome to arrive
OR turkey pasta salad with shell rigate, Feb. 21, Fri.: Country omelet (potato, 1330 52nd Street anytime between the designated time
lettuce, tomato, tomato lentil soup, cheese, sausage, onions), fruit cup, Call Diana at 262-658-0237 frame.
gramma’s apple bar, pineapple orange orange juice and toast OR hamburger, Serves 12:00 Wednesdays
salad lettuce, tomato, seasoned potato RESTAURANT SENIOR SPECIALS
wedges and cole-slaw WESTERN KENOSHA COUNTY
Feb. 26, Wed.: Vegetarian chili, mac & Village Pub of Silver Lake
cheese, country blend vegetable, corn Feb. 26, Wed.: Vegetable omelet Westosha Community Center 307 N Cogswell Drive, Silver Lake
bread, fruit cocktail, coleslaw (cheese, onions, mushrooms, tomato & 19200 93rd Street-Bristol Call Diana at 262-358-5779
green pepper), orange juice, fruit cup Call Ken at 262-358-5554 Serves W, F 11:30 - 1:30
Feb. 27, Thu.: Veal marsala, scalloped and toast OR cheese lasagna, salad, Serves 12:00, M-W; F
potatoes, stewed tomatoes, roll, chilled garlic bread and fruit cup *Salad Bar Thursdays, 11:00 - 12:30 No reservations needed, arrive anytime
pears, beet salad between designated timeframe.
Feb. 28, Fri: Scrambled eggs, biscuits New Life Bible Suggested donation of $4.00. Choose
Feb. 28, Fri.: Pollock fish fillet, baked with sausage gravy, fruit cup and 112 W. Main Street. Twin Lakes from a few menu options. Guests under
potato, California blend, bread, lemon orange juice Or baked white fish, baked Call Diana at 262-358-5779 60 may order from regular restaurant
mandarin pudding, French onion soup potato, coleslaw and rye bread, butter Serves 12:00, M, Tu, Th menu.

Training and Support: Volunteers

dear doug of the deal. Because of her not acting like your mother, someone else who would serve as a better advocate for
you struggle with the role of caretaker and daughter. her?
Old Hurts
Ultimately, you are here because of your mother. But Now might be your last chance to work on your
Q: Growing up, I always felt like my blood relations aren't the only things that matter in life. relationship with your mother or find some closure. In the
mother didn't love me. She was critical long run, holding on to grievances and anger will hurt
and unsupportive, and I believe that Caring for someone isn't a decision to take lightly. you more than anyone.
she regretted having me at all. I am an Even those who want to do it usually find it an
only child and was unplanned. overwhelming task. Consider your options and all the The most important question to ask yourself is this:
variables. "How will I feel about myself for my choice after my
My father did his best to show his mother is gone?"
love for me, and my relationship with What kind of care does she need? Are you capable of
him showed me how lacking my bond Doug Mayberry meeting your mother's health needs at home? Is there Only you can determine the right choice for you. --
with my mother is and was. She has never once told me Emma, Doug's granddaughter
she loves me.
Behind the
He died three years ago, and she just learned that she wheel?
has terminal cancer. She's asking me to take her in. I
want to make the moral choice and support her during Q: I'm 91, and my driver's license is expiring shortly. I
her last days. I am in a position to do so but torn because barely passed my last renewal test and don't think it's
of how she's treated me in my life. She doesn't going to go well this time. I realize that I'm old, but I don't
acknowledge that there's any problem between us. want to be stuck at home, unable to drive.

Am I a bad person to be unsure of what to do? How Is there any way to get around it?
can I choose?
A: No. Seniors have to take these tests for a reason. If
A: Not at all. Resentment and hurt are natural you're not up to driving, it's not safe for you -- or for other
responses to parental emotional neglect. You'd be people! Even if you could pass the test, it sounds like you
surprised at how many people suffer from these deep- know that you shouldn't be driving.
rooted family dysfunctions that continue to hurt over the
decades. If you can't see around you or react in time, you are at
a substantial risk to hurt other people. Driving slowly isn't
Even with the best intentions, some parents aren't up enough; you can still cause property damage or hit
to the task. Rather than work on their damaged pedestrians.
relationships, it's easier for them to bury the feelings and
continue. Dealing with these bad memories brings It may be inconvenient, but there are options for
feelings of guilt and failure, and many people find it seniors in your same position. It's time to research other
easier to act dumb. ways to get around town. -- Doug

Your mother is relying on traditional roles of parents Doug Mayberry makes the most of life in a Southern
and children, but you feel she's failed to uphold her end California retirement community. Contact him at

[email protected] Emma, Doug's granddaughter,
helps write this column.Contact Doug Mayberry at

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social security for widows benefits. Eat Well:
and you Heart Health
Just before Christmas, I went into our local Social
OK, You're Dead! Security office to explain to them that the money from that February is all about the heart. We think of Valentine’s
Now What? Nov. 27 check was still sitting in our bank account. The Day, but this is also National Heart Health Awareness
nice, seemingly knowledgeable man I talked to said, "It's Month. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the
Several months ago, I wrote a yours. Go ahead and use the money any way you want." U.S. We see products advertised as “heart healthy” or
column about how to handle Social “promotes heart health.” But what can we do in our
Security matters when a loved one It is now more than a month later, and I still haven't daily lives?
dies. I guess you all forgot to cut it touched that money. I'm afraid that if I spend it, they will
out and paste it on your turn around and ask for it back. So how come I got two For starters reduce sodium intake. A diet high in
refrigerator, because I continually different answers from the Social Security clerks? And what sodium increases blood pressure. Look at labels and
get questions about that topic. Here should I do? choose products low in sodium, paying attention to
are some of the latest ones. serving size. Sodium-free products have less than 5 mg of
A: I am sorry to hear about your husband's untimely sodium per serving and low sodium have 140 mg or less
Q: For Christmas, my wife got me death. And I'm also sorry you got two different answers per serving. Reduced sodium is a product that contains at
from Social Security agents. But in a way, both of them were least 25% less sodium than the regular product.
a clever little booklet titled, "So I'm Tom Margenau right -- at least at the time you talked to each one of them.
I will explain. Cooking at home makes controlling sodium levels
dead ... now what?" In effect, it's a much easier. Use herbs, spices, and lemon juice as
little journal I'm supposed to fill in with instructions to my That check that came on Nov. 27 was the payment for seasoning rather than salt.
wife and family about how to October. And because your husband was alive the entire
handle my affairs after I am month of October, he was due the proceeds from that Improve heart health by also reducing saturated and
gone. One of the sections is check. Which means now, as his widow, you are due that trans-fat. Select reduced-fat cheeses and lean cuts of
about Social Security. So, what money. But how you get your hands on that money can be meat. Omega-3 fatty acids are thought to help promote
do I put in that section? And heart health. We can increase our intake by adding
just so you know, I'm 82, and I a little tricky. Legally, what should have walnuts and eating fatty fish, such as salmon, lake trout,
get $2,490 from Social happened is this: The bank was mackerel, sardines, and albacore tune, at least twice a
Security. My wife is 78, and she supposed to return that check to the week.
gets $1,850. Treasury Department because it came
after your husband died. Then you, in Your heart is an incredibly important organ, so this
A: Sometime after your turn, would have to file a claim with the February give your heart a hug by taking small steps to
death, your wife is going to SSA to have the check reissued in your improve your heart health. This week:
have to contact the Social name. (That's what the first agent told • Eat a handful of walnuts
Security Administration to file you.) • Go on a walk three times
for widows benefits. She • Put away the salt shaker
should call the SSA at 800- But sometimes banks play a little • Replace regular cheese with low fat
772-1213 to set up an loose with the rules. I've found this
appointment to file that claim usually happens in small towns or in By Pam VanKampen, RDN, CD
over the phone or at your situations where you have been a Greater Wisconsin Area Agency on Aging
local Social Security office. (As a general rule, widows customer with the bank for a long
claims cannot be done online.) time.They know that you are going to 262-652-4400 •
end up with the money anyway, so they 020620
How much will she get? At your ages, it's easy. She'll start may decide not to bother returning 011719
getting what you were getting at the time of death. So, if the check and just let you keep the
you drop dead tomorrow (God forbid), she'd keep getting money. (And that's what the second agent told you.)
her $1,850 benefit, and she would get an additional $640 in
widows benefits to take her up to your $2,490 rate. You might want to go to your bank and talk with an
official there. Explain your situation and find out if they plan
And the issue of dealing with the last Social Security to return the check. If they do, go back to the SSA and fill
check always befuddles readers. So, here it is explained out the form to get the check reissued in your name. If the
again. You have to start out by understanding two rules. bank says the money is yours to keep, well, they saved you
Rule No. 1: Social Security benefits are always paid after the some paperwork, and the money is yours.
month is over. In other words, the check you get in
February is the Social Security payment for January. And Q: My mother was getting widows benefits and recently
Rule No. 2: Social Security benefits are never prorated. So, died. We returned her last check, but when I asked about
you have to be alive every day of a month in order to be the $255 death benefit, they said I'm not due it.Why not?
due a Social Security benefit for that month.
A: That miserly little one-time death benefit of $255
Here is an example. Let's say you die on Sept. 25. The used to be paid to anyone who filed for it anytime a Social
check that comes in October (which is the payment for Security beneficiary died. But a while back, Congress
September) will have to be returned. Actually, there is a changed the rules. It can only be paid on the account of
pretty good chance the check might not even show up someone who worked and paid Social Security taxes, and it
because banks are under instructions to return Social can only be paid to a spouse who was living with the
Security checks for deceased account holders. But let your deceased at the time of death.
wife and family know that if the check does appear in your
bank account, the funds have to be returned. If you have a Social Security question,Tom Margenau has
the answer. Contact him at [email protected]
People often complain about this lack of proration of
Social Security checks. But what they don't understand is it To find out more about Tom Margenau and to read past
can often work to your and your family's advantage. For columns and see features from other Creators Syndicate
example, let's say you started your Social Security at age 66 writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at
and that you turned 66 on June 22.You would have received
a Social Security check for the whole month of June even
though you were 66 for only eight days of the month.Also,
if you do die on Sept. 25, your wife is going to get a widows Thrift Store Closing By End Of March
benefit for the whole month of September even though she
was a widow for only the last five days of the month. EVERYTHING MUST GO!!

Q: My husband passed away unexpectedly on Nov. 25. Pokemon • Yu-gi-oh • Magic Cards
He received his last Social Security check on Nov. 27.When 10,000 Available!!
I called the Social Security 800 number on Dec. 5, the lady
I talked to told me not to withdraw the funds because that Precious Moments • Denim Days
money was going to be returned to the government. She Boyd’s Bears • Clothing
said once that happened, I could then fill out a form to have
the check reissued in my name. She also explained to me Household Items • CDs • DVDs • LPs
that when I turn 60 (I am now 58), I should check into filing 20,000 plus Sports Cards,
Vintage Bottles Antiques,

New & Gently Used Items & More!


2306 63rd Street Kenosha

262-764-2400 • Open 7 Days A Week 10AM-5PM

FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800 SMART READER February 13, 2020 11

ask amy shared, but how about the little things that come up? -- Loving Dear Amy: My siblings found out through an email from
seniors edition Grandmother their nephew (my son) that I am going to be a grandmother. I
was away at the time, having just found out myself. They all
Granny should Dear Grandmother: Generally, grandparents should make emailed their nephew to offer congratulations.
be the coach of their best efforts to adhere to discipline guidelines laid down
family's team by the parents. That having been said, when the children are It is now four days later and not one of them has contacted
with you, you are (in effect) "in loco parentis" -- in place of the me to congratulate me about the fact that I am going to be a
Dear Amy: We are a group of grandmas who parent. This means that you should use your own best grandmother.We otherwise have regular communication. Am
see our grandkids for hours or sometimes a few days at a judgment, without directly or deliberately undermining the I being over-sensitive, or are they being insensitive? -- Soon-
time. Our question is how we should handle punishments parents. I diagnose this NOT as a discipline issue with the to-be Grandmother
given by the parents when our grandchildren are with us. parents of a 5-year-old, but as a tattle issue with an older
When the parents of my grandkids ask how things went, I sibling. Dear Grandmother: I think you are being over-sensitive.
always say "fine," but other grandmas give a detailed account Your siblings might have believed that your son was going to
of everything that went on. You should very gently remind this older brother, "OK, Mr. share his news with you in a special way. Because you were
Tattle McTattlemuch, when you guys are with me, I'm in away at the time, they might not have wanted to hop onto this
This discussion started when I was given instructions to charge of treats and punishments.And because we are a team, news, just in case you hadn't been told yet. Or, they may have
deny my 5-year-old grandson treats while he was with me if one of us doesn't get treats, then none of us get treats. simply been focused on responding to the person who shared
because he had defaced something at his house (I was not this news with them -- your son.
there). During their visit, his older brother constantly So, until your parents say so, we're not going to have our
reminded me that the punishment for his brother was to be daily ice cream scoop. But we'll have other sorts of good Now that you are going to enter the special-status
followed while they were at my house. things. Have you ever eaten fruit kabobs off of a skewer and category of "grandparent," you should take stock of your own
dipped in yogurt? It's really good. But the deal is that you needs, sensitivities, and relationships. Being a grandparent is a
I was left with the feeling that I could not spend the time don't get to remind me about your brother's punishment. grand opportunity to become more expansive and generous,
with my grandsons as I wished. I know that in order to have Because we're a team here ... and I'm the coach." and please, less sensitive.
a presence in my grandchildren's lives, I need to follow the
parents' instruction. However, I don't like how the punished Then you look your little dudes straight in the eyes and ask, If you are excited, say so! Contact your siblings, saying, "I
child's sibling was policing the situation. "Who is the coach? I can't hear you..." etc., until they both get think you've already heard the good news! I'm really excited.
the message that Coach Grammy is in charge. Our newest family member is due this summer." This will give
We all agree that any problem of significance should be them the opportunity to respond directly to you. For your
sake, I hope your siblings give you what you want.

You can contact Amy Dickinson via email:
[email protected]

Sought for the
2020 Remarkable
Older American

While too many Americans Nominations are being sought for the 2020
struggle to make ends meet, Remarkable Older American Award. Nominees must
the big drug companies continue meet the following criteria: Kenosha County
to rake in billions. It’s no wonder, Resident, 60 years of age or older and outstanding
considering that they make us service to his/her community through Military
pay the highest prescription drug service, volunteerism, commitment to family and/or
prices in the world. If they can career achievements which have a made a substantial
afford to spand nearly $175 million for lobbying, and more and positive impact.
than $6 billion for advertising, then surely they can find
some way to lower prices and stop gouging Americans. Individuals, organizations or businesses may
People shouldn’t have to choose between buying nominate an individual for the award. Prior award
medication and buying food for our families. recipients are not eligible, however, previously
Congress, it’s time to act. Stop the greed. nominated persons are eligible. Nominations must be
Cut drug prices now. received by Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

SR021320 Nomination should include why you believe your
nominee deserves the Remarkable Older American
Comfortable Award, based on the criteria listed above.Also include
Housing the nominee’s full name and phone number, along with
nominators name and phone number. Please limit
Pay Only 30% of Gross Income for Rent! nomination comments to 300 words or less.
Nomination forms are also available at the Kenosha
1 Bedroom, Heat, Appliances County ADRC, 8600 Sheridan Rd., Kenosha.

The award will be given out at the Older Americans
Celebration, Celebrating the History of Women’s
Suffrage and the Future of Voting, on May 28, 2020.
Questions may be directed to:Ted McMahon, Hospice
Alliance, 262-960-5169 or Paula Clark, ADRC, 262-
605-6616. Nominations should be submitted to:

Oakview Manor Apartments Ages 62+ Washington Court Apartments Ages 62+ Kenosha Co. Older Americans Month Planning
4720 Byrd Avenue 55110011WWrrigighhttAAvvennuuee c/o Ted McMahon

Racine, WI 53406 Racine, WI 53406 Hospice Alliance

262-498-5813 262-61392-10178392 10220 Prairie Ridge Blvd
Pleasant Prairie,WI 53158
Call Reilly-Joseph Company for an application today! Or email:[email protected]

OPPORTUNITY (414) 271-4116 020620

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BadgerCare Plus changes started this month

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) for their entire household. In 2019, 50% of the Federal • Treatment needs question. To be eligible for
recently announced changes to BadgerCare Plus. These Poverty Level was $520 per month for a household of one BadgerCare Plus, members must answer a question about
changes will affect adults ages 19-64 who are not pregnant or $705 per month for a household of two.These numbers their drug use during the last 12 months and, if applicable,
and who do not have dependent children living with them. will likely change for 2020. Members who do not pay all their willingness to enter treatment. Their answer will not
On November 1, 2019, DHS mailed information about owed premiums by the end of their certification period affect their health care benefits in any way. If an applicant
these changes to current members who are childless will lose eligibility for six months. BadgerCare Plus or member does not answer this question, the applicant or
adults. Members will receive a separate letter that members who are tribal members, the child or grandchild member will not be eligible for BadgerCare Plus as a
provides more detail about the changes at their renewal. of a tribal member, or who qualify for Indian Health childless adult. Please note that there is no drug test
Services do not have to pay monthly premiums. In requirement for BadgerCare Plus.
These changes include: addition, members who are homeless, were homeless at
any point in the last 12 months, have been residing in a • Coverage of residential substance use disorder (SUD)
• Emergency room co-pay. Members will be charged a medical institution for at least 30 days, or who have a treatment. Federal law used to restrict coverage of SUD
co-pay of $8 if they visit the ER for care in a situation that disability will not have to pay monthly premiums. treatment in residential facilities for BadgerCare Plus
is not an emergency. The $8 co-pay will not apply if the members. However, as of February 1, 2020, SUD
provider determines the visit to be an emergency. The • Optional health survey. Members will be given the treatment in residential facilities will be available to all
provider’s decision will be based on the patient's option to complete a health survey. If members are BadgerCare Plus members and other individuals who
symptoms, rather than the final diagnosis. Please note that required to pay monthly premiums, they can reduce their receive full-benefit Medicaid. This is the only change being
federal law requires hospital emergency rooms to screen monthly premium by reporting healthy behaviors like made to BadgerCare Plus health care benefits at this time.
every patient who seeks emergency care and to stabilize wearing a seatbelt, exercising, and not smoking. Premiums
or transfer those with medical emergencies, regardless of may be reduced to as low as $4 per month based on These changes will go into effect for new applicants on
health insurance status or ability to pay. BadgerCare Plus members’ answers to this survey. February 1, 2020. These changes will affect current
members who are tribal members, the child or grandchild BadgerCare Plus members who are childless adults at their
of a tribal member, or who qualify for Indian Health next renewal after February 1, 2020. Both new applicants
Services do not have to pay emergency room co-pays. and current members will be required to pay a copay for
any non-emergency visits to the emergency room after
• Monthly premiums. BadgerCare Plus members who February 1, 2020.
are childless adults and who have incomes over 50% of the
Federal Poverty Level will be charged up to $8 each month As with all benefits, members should notify their income
maintenance agency about any changes in income or family
size to determine if their eligibility will change or whether
they will be required to pay a premium. If you have any
questions about whether these changes affect you, please
contact the Kenosha Count Aging and Disability Resource
Center at 262-605-6646.

By the GWAAR Legal Services Team

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FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800 SMART READER February 13, 2020 13

books ‘American Dirt’: Who gets
to tell your story?

It was supposed to be the book launch of every

When electricity comes author’s dream: Jeanine Cummins had scored a
to a quiet Irish village rare publishing industry trifecta. She sold
“American Dirt” for seven figures. A Hollywood
studio bought the film rights. Oprah Winfrey

rish novelist Niall Williams’ anointed it her Book Club pick. Yesterday, Ms.

latest book looks back on the Cummins’ publisher canceled her tour and issued

time when everything changed. a public apology amid a firestorm of accusations of

It’s the 1950s, and electricity is cultural appropriation and stereotyping.

finally coming to the Irish village It’s a pattern familiar to writers of young adult,
of Faha. Along with it arrives science fiction, and other genre fiction. But
Christy, an electric company “American Dirt,” industry observers say, is the
worker who is harboring most high-profile work of literary fiction bound up
secrets. And then there is the in a thorny question: Who gets to tell someone’s
rain. Usually a constant drizzle, story?
it seems to have stopped.

Everything seems a bit brighter. Ms. Cummins herself acknowledged the debate

Williams weaves together in her afterword of her thriller about a Mexican

these various elements with a mother and son escaping a drug lord by fleeing to

writing style that evokes the the U.S. border. “As a non-immigrant and non-

storytelling for which Irish culture is justifiably recognized. Mexican, I had no business writing a book set

In true fashion, he never lets the plot get in the way of a almost entirely in Mexico, set entirely among Jeanine Cummins (right), author of “American Dirt,” signs a copy of her book for a fan at

good side story.The town of Faha – the residents and their immigrants,” she wrote.“I wished someone slightly BookExpo in New York in May 2019.

way of life – emerge as major characters in his various tales. browner than me would write it.” “If you’re a good fiction writer and a good observer of
the world, there are no limits to what you can take on with
Ordered by tradition, closely tied to the land and the The furor over “American Dirt” centers around a enough empathy and research,” says Ms. Shriver. “You own
seasons, daily life among the townspeople hasn’t really previously noncontroversial idea: authors using fiction to the whole world for as long as you are here. It is your
changed in centuries. But one would be mistaken to believe imagine lives other than their own. To some, the backyard. It is your experience. And there is no hands off.
an absence of change means stasis. controversy represents identity politics run amok. To And that’s for everyone, as well as artists. So you have a
right to have an opinion about it, to experience it, to think
The novel is told from the perspective of Noel, an older others, the dispute highlights a lack of diversity within the about it, to talk about it.”

man looking back on this year of change.A teenager at that most prestigious echelons of the publishing industry.At the Of late, several genre fiction authors have been called
time, he had experienced a crisis of faith and had bailed on heart of the matter is a deeper question: How can fiction out for misrepresenting marginalized groups that they
his studies at the seminary. Leaving his native Dublin, he had best engender empathy? aren’t a part of. The civil war in the Romance Writers of
sought refuge at the home of his grandparents in Faha. Noel America – which resulted in the resignations of multiple
has no idea what his next steps might be but, sheltered by “Why it’s happening now is because it is related to the presidents, an entire board, and the cancellation of the
village life, he discovers much of what he needs – time, self- politics of identity and the feeling that certain groups in 2020 convention – erupted in December after the RWA
reliance, and the villagers’ quiet way of simply accepting society haven’t had a sufficient voice and representation,” banned a Chinese American writer, Courtney Milan, for
people as they are. says Ian Buruma, former editor of The New York Review of forcefully objecting on Twitter to how Kathryn Lynn Davis
described Chinese characters in “Somewhere Lies the
Christy arrives at about the same time and lodges with Books. “But when it starts relating to fiction or drama or Moon” (which was published in 1999).
Noel’s grandparents. Noel soon discovers the electric film, it seems to me a very doubtful discourse because, first
company project is only the public reason for Christy’s of all, if every writer could only write about characters like In the world of young adult fantasy, Amélie Wen Zhao’s
arrival. He learns that Christy has maneuvered the themselves that would become a very narrow exercise. “Blood Heir,” Keira Drake’s “The Continent,” Laura
assignment, seeking an opportunity to alter a chapter from And the whole point of writing, especially of fiction, is that Moriarty’s “American Heart,” and Laurie Frost’s “The Black
his past. He wants to rectify a wrong. He wants to make you can get into the heads of people who are not like Witch” were pilloried for alleged racist depictions of
amends with a woman who has lived in the town for yourself.”

decades, a woman whom he once loved and whose heart The caveat is that authors should strive for

he had broken. verisimilitude. Ms. Cummins has claimed she was “careful

Though decades apart in age, the two men form a and deliberate” in her research and traveled extensively on characters. Polite critiques on Twitter and Goodreads

friendship. As Noel learns more of Christy’s plan, he views both sides of the border. (Flatiron Books agreed to the were about as rare as a starred review for a James

it as purely romantic. Brimming with the naiveté of youth, Monitor’s request for an email interview with Ms. Patterson thriller in Publishers Weekly. Consequently,
several of those books were pulled prior to publication
he attempts to aid Christy’s efforts. Noel soon learns, Cummins, but she hasn’t responded to the submitted and revised.

however, that not everything can be changed. Some things questions.) For its part, the publishing industry is very self-aware of
its demographic makeup. Yesterday, Lee and Low Books
simply need to be accepted, a truism the townspeople have Yet Latino authors such as Myriam Gurba, Daniel Peña, released a survey that revealed that 76% of employees in
lived by for generations. and David Bowles have rebuked Ms. Cummins for the industry are white, 74% are women, 81% are straight,
and 89% are non-disabled. In recent years, many publishing
While the book unfolds events from decades ago, its employing nonidiomatic Spanish phrases, homogenizing houses have striven to promote marginalized authors
themes might be more timely than they first appear.Yes, it writing about marginalized characters with #ownvoices
shines a light on another era, but it is a short leap from the Mexicans’ regional cultures and geography, and lazily marketing campaigns.
experiences of the townspeople to our contemporary relying on stereotypical tropes such as setting the first
culture, to the consideration of whether constant scene at a quinceañera.They fret that “American Dirt” will The industry regularly employs sensitivity readers to vet
connection – in their case electricity, in our times the leave readers with the impression that Mexico is a books – particularly for children and young adults – for
Internet – truly improves daily life. It asks whether newer is hellhole.

always better since, once that switch is flipped, there is no “Cummins identified the gringo appetite for Mexican

turning back. Some things will be lost forever. Maybe it’s pain and found a way to exploit it,” wrote Ms. Gurba

best to pause and consider the choice, to at least take a (author of the memoir “Mean”), whose caustic review offensive material related to portrayals of race, nationality,

moment and appreciate simplicity. notes that Ms. Cummins identified as white in a 2015 essay. gender, religion, sexuality, and ability. In her

This book might not be everyone’s cup of tea.The story In the run-up to the book’s publication, the author acknowledgments at the end of “American Dirt,” Ms.
rambles and winds, sometimes with little regard for a described herself as part Latino because her grandmother Cummins thanks more than a dozen Latinos who read the
destination. One might say nothing really happens. Instead, is from Puerto Rico. “Critics have compared Cummins to manuscript, including scholars and people at various
Williams captures commonplace village life, pausing to Steinbeck, I think a more apt comparison is to Vanilla Ice,” nonprofit institutions in Mexico.
appreciate the nuances and subtleties, focusing on the Ms. Gurba wrote.
details that bring richness to what might appear to be Some are dubious that sensitivity readers can claim to
unpretentious and unadorned. By contrast, American writer Lionel Shriver (“We Need fully represent a particular group. After all, people within
to Talk About Kevin”) has long defended the idea that different nationalities, races, classes, and genders aren’t

But along the way, he raises these ordinary occurrences authors should be free to try on other hats. At the 2017 homogenous.

to the sublime – the overwhelming longing of first love, the Brisbane Writer’s Festival in Australia, she underscored “They’re being explicitly asked to make normative
daily attentions of an enduring marriage, and the that point by donning a sombrero at the end of a speech. judgments, ethical judgments, aesthetic judgments,” says
comforting rituals of last rites when it is time to say good- philosopher and science fiction author Craig Delancey
bye. Williams imparts the fullness of the villagers’ lives “We all observe each other,” says Ms. Shriver. “And part (“Gods of Earth”).“Is the fact that this particular character
before they are interrupted by electricity.After all,“Beneath of self-examination is not always availing, is it? So is a criminal somehow now expressive of certain
the pinholed heaven, the night was God-dimensioned and sometimes others can see things about you that you can’t. bigotries?”
monumental before electric light.” So I’m interested in the observations of people about
groups to which they do not belong.” see AMERICAN DIRT on page 19 for more
By Joan Gaylord

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A look at Hollywood’s pattern
of excluding women

have the most buying power, purchase 52 percent of all Author Mary Higgins
movie tickets, yet have the fewest movies made for them.”
Film industry executives counter this with the fact that, Clark dead at 92
because of the high cost of making films, few studios are
willing to risk financing something that might flop. This is Mystery author Mary Higgins
one of the main reasons, Jones says, the industry is geared
toward replicating those films that were big money-earners Clark died in Naples, Fla., her
in the first place, such as the “Star Wars” franchise or “Toy
Story” sequels. A former studio executive told Jones that publisher announced. She was
the question is often “How can we replicate as closely as
possible what was successful last time?” 92. A statement on the writer's

website said the cause was

"complications of old age."

Clark penned 38 suspense

novels, including Where Are the

The Wrong Kind of Women: Inside our Children, A Cry in the Night,
Revolution to Dismantle the Gods of
Hollywood by Naomi McDougall Jones Mary Higgins Clark, On the Street Where You Live,
1927 - 2020 Before I Say Good-bye, Weep
No More, My Lady ,A Stranger is

Watching and The Lost Years, as well as four collections of

To get a sense of whether change might be on the short stories, the historical novel Mount Vernon Love
horizon, and to confirm Jones’ account, I spoke with Liz
Ryan, a member of the Directors Guild of America. Ryan Story, the memoir Kitchen Privileges, and the children's
spent long years inside the industry working her way up
from trainee through second and first assistant director to books -- Ghost Ship and The Magical Christmas Horse.
production manager. She is now in discussions with several
producers and international distributors on a film she has She also co-wrote numerous other books along with her
written. As a member of DGA’s Diversity Task Force, she
says “the industry’s mood today is different.” Not only are daughter Carol Higgins Clark and with author Alafair
audiences becoming more aware of the need for different
types of storytelling but also there has been an increase in Burke. Many of her stories were adapted as TV movies.
the percentage of women working behind the camera in
both film and TV. "It is impossible to overestimate the importance of
Mary's contribution to our success, and her role in the
Both Ryan and Jones attribute this progress to such modern history of Simon & Schuster," said Carolyn K.
factors as: women starting their own companies, such as Reidy, the publishing company's president and chief
actress Reese Witherspoon, whose media company Hello executive officer.
Sunshine is helping to advance equality in the way women
More than two years have passed since allegations of are represented in entertainment; more affordable tools "There are more than 100 million copies of her books
sexual assault surfaced against Hollywood producer such as digital cameras and editing programs that can help in print in the United States," Reidy added. "She was,
Harvey Weinstein. To actress, writer, and producer Naomi democratize production; an increase in the number of film simply, a remarkable woman who overcame an early life of
McDougall Jones, Weinstein is emblematic of a culture in festivals for up-and-coming filmmakers; film schools with hardship and challenges, never doubting her ability as a
which women are seen as “mostly inconsequential, 50-50 male-female representation; and streaming services natural-born storyteller (and she was one for the ages),
sometimes bothersome, and, at worst, props to be used to like Amazon and Netflix, which are on the lookout for fresh and who persevered through trial and rejection until she
the satisfaction of the men in power.” voices and stories. at last achieved her Holy Grail of being a published
In her book, “The Wrong Kind of Women: Inside our At the core of this book is the question of how to
Revolution to Dismantle the Gods of Hollywood,” Jones measure gender parity. Kathryn Bigelow won the Academy Diane Keaton says new
argues that this poor perception is primarily due to the Award for best director with “The Hurt Locker” – a 2008
lack of women-driven storytelling and behind-the-scenes war drama film that grossed nearly $50 million worldwide. memoir revisits
clout in the film and television industry. And this year’s Yet critics point out that not only is she a Hollywood
Oscar nominations seem to bear this out. Despite 2019 insider (her former husband is James Cameron of “Titanic” brother's life
being a banner year for movies directed and produced by fame) but the script was written by a man and had almost
women – some of which have been box office successes – an entirely male cast. Diane Keaton says her
industry awards seldom manage to bestow the critical
acclaim and cultural importance they deserve. Jones argues that the movies ought to include stories new memoir, Brother &
that reflect the whole of society, including race, gender,
“I don’t think it’s anything like a malicious rejection,” sexual orientation, and other aspects of identity. She Sister, revisits her
“Little Women” producer Amy Pascal said in a Vanity Fair believes that stories told from diverse points of view can
article. Academy voters think, “These kinds of [male- be as popular and profitable as those that reflect the brother's life. The 74-year-
centered] stories are important to me, and these kinds of perspectives of white males.
[female-centered] stories are less important to me.” old actress discussed the
Jones’ writing has an honesty and energy that make the
Making these women-centered stories more possible is book a real page-turner. I did wish for a more complete book, which focuses on
the focal point around which Jones shapes her narrative. index so that I could go back and find the context for
She provides both raw data and personal experiences to specific names or ideas, but that quibble aside,“The Wrong her brother, Randy Hall,
show that this “male gaze” has a long history. She believes Kind of Women” is an outpouring of passion that will
that ingrained power structures have permeated the film change the ways in which movies are seen. and his struggle with
industry. And, she says, the moviegoing public needs to pay
more attention to how women and people of color are By Paul Sedan mental illness, on The Ellen
portrayed on the screen and vote with their wallets.
DeGeneres Show. Hall
At times, Jones repeats her central argument – “Women
was diagnosed with

several conditions over

the years, including bipolar

disorder and schizoid Diane Keaton

personality disorder.

Keaton explored her brother's life through his poems and

collages as she wrote the book.

NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLERS "Then, when my brother got really ill, I inherited his
library. I never read all his poems or seen or looked at all
PRINT & E-BOOKS NONFICTION PRINT & E-BOOKS FICTION his collages or any of it, really. So I had this opportunity to
go back and revisit Randy," Keaton said. "I think it's
important to definitely in some way, not necessarily write
a book, but document to yourself what you've learned as
you've gotten older about what you could have done
better or something like that, " she added. Keaton said
Hall, 71, who is now diagnosed with dementia and lives in
a care facility, will never be aware she wrote the book.

1. Profiles in Corruption (Schweizer) 1. American Dirt (Cummins) In Brother & Sister, Keaton explores Hall's life as a
2. A Very Stable Genius (Rucker/Leonnig) 2. Vendetta Road (Feehan) talented poet and artist who was also a reclusive alcoholic
3. The Mamba Mentality (Bryant) 3. When You See Me (Gardner) and a man plagued by violent fantasies about women. She
4. Educated (Westover) 4. Where the Crawdads Sing (Owens) previously discussed her memoir in an interview with
5. Just Mercy (Stevenson) 5. A Minute to Midnight (Baldacci) People. Keaton said her brother used his art as an outlet
6. Why We’re Polarized (Klein) 6. The Silent Patient (Michaelides) for his fantasies, which she said he never acted on.
7. Talking to Strangers (Gladwell) 7. The Last Wish (Sapkowski)
8. Becoming (Obama) 8. Lost (Patterson/Born) "There was no indication he would, in anything he'd
9. Maybe You Should Talk to Someone (Gottlieb) 9. Dear Edward (Napolitano) ever done. He didn't have that bone in his body," she said.
10. Me and White Supremacy (Saad) 10. Insatiable (Hardt) "He wrote about them and did collages instead."

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Mayo Clinic Although complications involving umbilical hernias are from coming back. This surgery also may be necessary if an
rare, they can happen. If the tissue that's sticking out through umbilical hernia becomes painful, if it does not show any
Umbilical hernias in infants often go the abdominal muscle opening becomes trapped (sometime noticeable decrease in size by the time a child is 2, or if it
away on their own over time referred to as "incarcerated"), blood flow to that tissue may doesn't disappear by the time a child is 5.
be reduced. That can cause pain and tissue damage. If the
DEAR MAYO CLINIC: My 2-month-old blood supply to the trapped tissue becomes cut off There are some myths about ways to treat umbilical
granddaughter's belly button is very large and sticks out well completely, that may lead to tissue death - a condition called hernias, such as taping a coin over the hernia to hold it in.
beyond her tummy. What might cause this? Should we be gangrene - and could trigger a serious infection that requires This isn't necessary as the hernia doesn't need to be covered
concerned? Will it get smaller over time? It doesn't seem to emergency care. by anything other than clothing. It also doesn't need to be
bother her, but I wonder if she should be seen by her doctor pushed on or forcefully pushed in.The only natural treatment
to have it checked anyway. If a child who has an umbilical hernia has the following is time, and if an umbilical hernia doesn't eventually resolve
symptoms, seek emergency care right away: pain in the area on its own, a pediatric surgeon can help.
ANSWER: The condition you describe sounds like an of the hernia; tenderness, swelling or discoloration of the
umbilical hernia. It's a fairly common condition among infants. hernia; an inability to easily push in the hernia tissue; and In most cases, though, surgery is not needed. Umbilical
In most cases, these hernias don't cause any problems, and vomiting or constipation. These symptoms may signal that a hernias typically are painless, and they get smaller as a child
they often go away on their own over time. In some portion of the intestine has become trapped in the hernia. grows. Most are gone completely by the time a child reaches
circumstances, surgery may be necessary to correct an her or his fifth birthday. - Jason Homme, M.D., Pediatric and
umbilical hernia. Rarely, umbilical hernias can cause If tissue becomes trapped within an umbilical hernia, Adolescent Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.
complications that require emergency medical care. surgery often is necessary. During the procedure, a surgeon
makes a small incision near the hernia.The herniated tissue is Mayo Clinic Q & A is an educational resource and doesn't
Before a baby is born, the umbilical cord passes into the repositioned in its proper place within the abdomen, and the replace regular medical care. E-mail a question to
abdomen through a small opening in the abdominal muscles. abdominal muscles are stitched closed to prevent the hernia
After birth, the opening in those muscles usually closes. An MayoClinicQ&A(AT SIGN) For more information, visit
umbilical hernia develops when the abdominal muscles don't
close tightly over that opening, and part of the small intestine
slides out through it, creating a soft bulge of tissue around
the navel.

The size of these hernias can vary considerably, from the
size of a pea to that of a small plum. Some may only be
noticeable when the baby coughs, cries or strains.

Parents who suspect that their child has an umbilical hernia
should have the infant evaluated by a health care provider.
Umbilical hernias usually can easily be identified with a
physical exam. In some cases, a health care provider may
recommend an imaging exam, such as a CT scan or an
abdominal ultrasound, to check for potential complications
or underlying problems.

Most umbilical hernias are harmless and don't require
treatment. In children who develop an umbilical hernia before
the age of 6 months, the hernia often goes away by the time
the child is 3 or 4.

Ban on fruit & mint-flavored vaping pods takes effect

The ban on flavored replaceable e- The ban was put in place in spite of public health issue. percent of high school students and 10.5
cigarette pods and cartridges took effect last evidence suggesting e-cigarettes may help percent of middle schoolers reporting
week. Whether it helps reduce teen vaping, cigarette smokers quit. Debate about their An analysis of the Monitoring the Future current e-cigarette use.
however, remains to be seen. The ban, efficacy in smoking cessation aside, experts study published in November revealed that
announced in December, covers the mint- say the appeal of flavored e-cigarettes among e-cigarette use among teens had more than In analyses of data from teen surveys,
and fruit-flavored products research shows adolescents and teens is a more pressing doubled between 2017 and 2019, with 27.5 Barrington-Trimis and researchers at USC
teens favor. Menthol and tobacco-flavored found teens preferred mango and mint
products remain legal. flavored pods by significant margins. The
studies suggest the flavors may have
Juul, the most widely used e-cigarette in encouraged young people to use the
the U.S., voluntarily pulled its flavors from products, as did heavy marketing in stores
the market in November.Young users may be and on social media.
moving to alternatives, though -- including
refillable vapor devices, as well as disposable Although the ban includes several flavors
vape devices, such as Puff Bars and Stig. Both, favored by young vapers, others, such as
and others like them, will remain available menthol- and tobacco-flavored products, will
under the ban. remain available under the measure.

"I think the ban is a step in the right In addition, the ban only applies to specific
direction in terms of protecting youth, types of vaping devices -- namely, the
though we still have a long way to go," Jessica cartridge or pre-filled pod products
Barrington-Trimis, an assistant professor at manufactured by companies such as Juul. All
the Institute for Addiction Science at the other vaping devices will be left on the
University of Southern California, told UPI. market.

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the four-legged report

Pet World hours, then you know he Dog can fit six Cheetah gets
needs a break around the four- tennis balls in mouth own service dog
with Cathy hour mark. This gets ahead of
Rosenthal his five-hour window. A New York Keepers at a New Jersey zoo said
the facility's cheetah has been paired
You can let your dog out to state family is with a service dog to ease the big cat's
relieve himself before you anxiety. The Turtle Back Zoo said
leave the house and know you trying to Nandi the cheetah was introduced to
have four hours to return or a Labrador named Bowie when both
for a dog walker to arrive so get  Guinness animals were  just a few weeks old.
he can go outside again. "Bowie has a very important job here,
Potty training Wo r l d which is to be, kind of, her confidence
These things can work, but builder. So cheetah's are naturally
only if you are consistent and Records skittish by nature, so one of the things
aren't confusing him by putting that allows us to bring her out and do
Dear Cathy, Our rescue If it's not submissive pee pads on the floor of your recognition for educational presentations like this is
dog has been diagnosed with urination, he will learn that you home. If you use pee pads, it having Bowie by her side," zoo
kidney problems. He is only 4 will take him out as soon as can be difficult to get your dog their dog's spokeswoman Charlotte Trapman-
and takes medication for his you come home and may learn to understand he needs to O'Brien said.  Officials said Bowie was
condition. The vet does not to hold it. hold it until you get home. unusual trick -- fitting six tennis balls in given similar training to a therapy
want us to restrict his water. However, if all else fails and animal that would deal with humans.
The problem is, when left If it's not submissive you can't get him on a his mouth at once. Cheri and Rob "We do need him to be calm.That's his
alone during the day, he will urination, he also may need schedule, then put a pee pad whole job with the cheetah. So no
pee in the same spot at the some bladder training. Option down on his favorite spot and Molloy said their daughter, Erin, matter what else is going on, if
end of the day. This seems to one is to put him on a be aware that you might have something startles her, she needs to
happen as we pull up or he schedule. Make sure he is to refresh it daily. brought golden retriever Finley look to him, and he needs to be calm.
hears us at the door. On rare taken outside to relieve So he's been exposed to a lot of
occasions, he is able to control himself at the same times Dear Cathy, My calico cat home  when he was just a puppy  and different environments. Part of the
his bladder. every day. It sets a routine, is obsessed with licking plastic reason he comes home with us at
which dogs love and depend bags. It could be a plastic she was a senior in college. Finley night is to get him exposed to all
grocery bag, the plastic different scenarios: Car rides, honking
wrapping covering cases of always had an affinity for tennis balls, cars," trainer Samantha Wegman said.
bottled water or plastic food
bags. Is this dangerous for her? and they noticed when he was about Crying child was
Is it OK for her to lick clear a screaming goat
plastic, and are the chemicals two years old that he would try to fit
dangerous to her if there is Police in Canada said they
print on the plastic? - Kathy, as many into his mouth as he could. responded to a report of a child's
Henderson, Nevada voice crying for help in a wooded area
The dog, now 6 years old, has and discovered a goat with its head
Dear Kathy, No one stuck in a fence.A resident called and
knows for sure why cats like to developed the skill to the point where reported hearing what sounded like a
lick plastic bags. There are young child crying for help in a
many theories, from the taste, he regular fits six balls in his mouth at wooded area north of his property.
texture and smell of the bag to Police searched the area and ended up
the sound the bag makes when one time. Finley now has his  own talking to neighbors when no child
they are licking it. Licking was located. A neighbor told officers
plastic bags is only an issue if a Instagram account with followers from his goat has been screaming earlier
cat ingests part of the bag or it and he discovered the animal's head
becomes an obsessive all over the world. was stuck in a fence. The man told
behavior that is hard to stop. police the goat's screaming sounds like
Coyote & badger a child's cries. The resident led police
Your best bet is to take the officially BFF’s to the area of fence where the goat
bag away from you cat when had been stuck and they verified it was
she starts licking it and say A wildlife camera set up by in the same area the first man had
"no." You're not going to train researchers in California captured an identified as the location of the cries.
your cat to leave the plastic unusual scene of a badger and a
alone, so the responsibility for coyote playing together in a tunnel.
halting this behavior lies with Researchers said they were reviewing
you. Keep all plastic out of her footage  from a tunnel under a road
reach and use reusable south of San Jose, for a study on how
grocery bags and water bottles animals travel at night. The footage
(which also are much better depicted a coyote about to pass
for the environment) or paper through the tunnel when it turns and
bags (which cats love to hide wags its tail at the sight of an
in), whenever possible. approaching badger. The two animals
showed signs of friendliness toward
As well as being a recuring guest each other and their behavior was
on Happenings Q&A, Cathy M. playful.
Rosenthal is a longtime animal
Is there something we can on. Baboon cubs
do to train/encourage him to advocate, author, columnist and pet grooms lion cuba
wait until he gets outside to If you know your dog needs expert who has more than 25 years
relieve himself? - Chris, Rio to pee after five hours, then A safari guide in South Africa
Rico, Arizona you should let him outside or in the animal welfare field. Send captured photos and videos of an
walk him every four hours. Of your pet questions, stories and tips unusual incident involving a baboon
Dear Chris, I am not sure if course, you can't be home all that cub-napped a young lion and was
your dog is submissive peeing the time to do this, so you may to [email protected] seen grooming it on a tree branch.
upon your arrival or it is need to hire a dog walker to Kurt Schultz, director of the Kurt
associated with you being away come over at designated times Safari company, said he was on his way
from the house for too long. If to take him out. Over time, he to a meeting when he stopped to take
it is submissive peeing, I will come to expect that he some wildlife photos at Kruger
recommend plugging canine can relieve himself at the same National Park. Schultz ended up
pheromones around your time every day. capturing photos  and video  of a
home to ease any stress he baboon carrying a lion cub across a
might be feeling and toning That might be a bit road and climbing up a marula tree
down your arrival greeting so restrictive on your time and with the apparently stolen baby. The
he doesn't get overexcited. pocketbook, however, so photographer said the young male
option two involves baboon was grooming the lion cub and
Walk into the house and determining your dog's appeared to be caring for it in a way
out the back door so he can threshold by noting how long similar to how female baboons care
relieve himself (even if he until he has to urinate and for their young. Many online observers
already peed in the house), and making sure he gets outside to compared the scene to the opening
then reward him with a treat relieve himself before it of Disney animated film The Lion King.
to reinforce the desired happens. For example, if your
behavior. dog has an accident after five

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food Graduation? Family Reunion?

Party Sized Salads, Italian Beef, Meatballs and Pizza

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recipes Wolfgang Puck’s Kitchen

Winter warmup: Sunny days are here again,

thanks to dried summer stone fruit

APRICOT PINE NUT TART If you have read any of my more limited, they make it possible for
cookbooks, or eaten in my you to enjoy the taste of the warmer
Makes one 10-inch tart, serves 8 to 10 return the liquid to the saucepan. Boil restaurants, you may have noticed months.That's reason enough to keep
until reduced to 3 tablespoons. Set that I have a certain fondness for a good supply of dried fruit in your
1 cup (250 mL) water aside to cool. dried fruit. You'll find them in my pantry - all sealed in airtight bags or
desserts, of course. But you'll also containers that help keep them from
8 ounces (250 g) dried apricots • In a large skillet, lightly toast the pine find them turning up in many drying out any more than they already
nuts over medium heat, stirring savory dishes, from stews braises, have.
1/3 cup (85 mL) Grand Marnier constantly and taking care not to burn and sautes to appetizers and side
them. Stir the sugar and a third of the dishes, to salads and soups. To illustrate that last point, I'd like to
1/4 cup (60 mL) orange juice pine nuts into the apricots. share one of my longtime favorite
Some of those guest recipes: An apricot pine nut tart that
Sugar dough (recipe follows), or store- • Using the paddle attachment of an appearances trace back to offers up the golden color and tangy-
bought frozen pastry for a double-crust electric mixer, or a handheld electric culinary history. In Austria, where sweet flavor of a signature late-
pie, thawed beater, beat the butter until fluffy. Stir in I grew up, it was traditional for summer stone fruit in the middle of
the cooled liquid and orange zest. frugal people to save some of the this chilly winter.
9 ounces (280 g) shelled pine nuts harvest for culinary use at other
• Preheat the oven to 375 F (190 C). times of year. That's why raisins After prunes (dried plums) and
1/3 cup (85 mL) sugar would appear with fresh apples in raisins, apricots are among the most
• To assemble the tart, spread the jam a strudel, or prunes and apricots widely available dried fruit. You've
4 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room over the bottom pastry.Arrange the might help thicken the red wine sauce for slowly braised probably seen them sold in two
temperature apricot mixture evenly on top. Sprinkle short ribs. different forms: sulfured and unsulfured. That refers to
with the remaining pine nuts.Top with the common use of sulfur dioxide gas as a preservative
1 tablespoon finely chopped orange the butter mixture. Carefully top with Flavor, of course, is another key reason why dried during the drying, which also helps the apricots keep
zest the cutout pastry circle. fruits are used in so many savory dishes. I like to talk their bright orange color. The Food and Drug
about how good cooking should have a "yin-yang" Administration has found that only the slightest traces
2 tablespoons apricot jam • Bake until golden brown, about 35 quality; that's the Asian term sometimes used to describe remain by the time the apricots are packaged; but if
minutes.Transfer to a rack. Serve the way that opposites can complement each other in you're at all sensitive to sulfites, or have any concerns at
Vanilla ice cream or whipped cream, for slightly warm or at room temperature, the right balance. For instance, I like how tart, tangy dried all, you can certainly make the recipe with unsulfured
serving accompanied by vanilla ice cream or fruit can brighten something savory or highlight and dried apricots, which will have a dark brownish color but
whipped cream. pleasantly contrast the brightness of sweet ingredients. still taste delicious.
• First, prepare the filling: In a small
saucepan, combine the water, apricots, SUGAR DOUGH There is also another reason why I like to use dried Feel free to experiment with other dried fruit in this
Grand Marnier and orange juice. Bring fruit. During the cold months of autumn and winter, recipe, too. It will give you many ways to enjoy the
to a boil over medium-high heat, Makes 1 1/2 pounds (750 g), enough for when our choices in fresh, locally grown produce can be cornucopia until spring and summer arrive.
remove from the heat, and leave to one double-crust tart
soak for 1 hour. Nutrition News with Charlyn Fargo
2 1/3 cups (585 mL) cake flour or
• Meanwhile, divide the Sugar Dough in pastry flour Step by step
half and, on a lightly floured work
surface, roll out one half to a circle 1/3 cup (85 mL) sugar Most of us wish there was a simple solution to weight term observational study from the
about 1/8 inch (3 mm) thick and large loss and eating healthier. If there was just a pill we could Harvard University T.H. Chan School
enough to line a 10-inch (25-cm) tart 1/2 pound (250 g) unsalted butter, take, or a three-point plan we could follow, that would of Public Health found that after analyzing more than 20
pan. Loosely roll up the dough around chilled, cut into small pieces magically result in good health, we would do that. It just years of data, the consumption of nuts, including walnuts,
the rolling pin, unroll onto the pan, and doesn't work that way. Like most things in life, it's a was associated with less weight gain and less risk of
gently press into the bottom and sides. 3 large egg yolks journey. It's the daily choices that put us on the path to obesity in adults. Specifically, increasing walnuts and
With scissors or a sharp knife, carefully better health. other tree nuts by just half a serving per day was
trim the edges, adding the trimmings to 1 to 2 tablespoons heavy cream associated with a 15% and an 11% lower risk of
the other half of dough. Refrigerate the Consider this recent study on walnuts. A new long- developing obesity, respectively. These findings held true
lined pan. • In a food processor with the even after considering diet and exercise changes.
stainless-steel blade, combine the flour
• Roll out the second half of the dough and sugar.Add the butter and pulse The key is to take that first step: Include a handful of
to a 10-inch (25-cm) square; then, using until it resembles fine meal. walnuts in a trail mix or sprinkled on your morning
an inverted 9-inch (22.5-cm) round, cut oatmeal. And it's not just walnuts; that's not the point.
out a circle. Loosely roll up the circle • In a small bowl, whisk together the Healthy eating takes discipline -- like that exercise plan -
around the pin and unroll onto a lightly yolks and 1 tablespoon of cream. - of being intentional about what you're eating. Are you
floured sheet of waxed paper. Using a Scrape into the machine and process getting enough fruits and vegetables, water, whole grains,
1/2-inch (12-mm) circular cutter or until a ball begins to form, adding a little healthy fats (think salmon and walnuts), lean protein and
pastry tip, cut out a random pattern of additional cream if necessary. Remove low-fat dairy? It's important that you don't skip
circles, leaving a rim of dough about 1/2 the dough to a lightly floured surface carbohydrates, fats or proteins; include moderate
inch (12 mm). Gather up the cutouts and press down into a circle.Wrap in amounts of each.
and refrigerate or freeze for another plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least
use. Refrigerate the circle of dough. 1 hour before using. I still believe in that timeless advice -- moderation,
balance and variety -- and that goes for walnuts as well.
• Strain the liquid from the apricots.
Transfer the apricots to a bowl and


12 large eggs, lightly beaten, sausage, Canadian bacon, cherry
tomatoes, cooked bacon and spinach.
1/2 cup breakfast sausage, cooked and Season with salt and pepper, and mix
crumbled thoroughly. Using a ladle, carefully
divide the mixture between muffin
1/2 cup Canadian bacon, diced cups. Bake egg cups for 18 to 20
minutes, or until set. Garnish with
1/2 cup cherry tomatoes, halved sliced chives, if desired, and serve.
Serves 12 (1 muffin each).
4 slices center cut bacon, cooked and
chopped • Per serving: 110 calories, 11 grams
protein; 1 gram carbohydrates; 7 grams
1/4 cup fresh spinach leaves, chopped fat; 200 milligrams cholesterol; 0 grams
fiber; 1 gram total sugars; 270
Salt and pepper to taste milligrams sodium.

Fresh chives, for garnish

• Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray a
12-cup standard muffin tin with
nonstick cooking spray; set aside. In a
large bowl, combine, eggs, cooked

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Your Mitsubishi Price Your Mitsubishi Price

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Expires Feb. 28, 2020.

Kangaroos get in
the race

GM reviving Hummer their tank-like presence on the road and thirst at the gas Australian officials are calling for a larger fence at a
after 10 years with pump. Experts say now is a good time to bring it back, as popular race course after kangaroos made repeated
all-electric truck SUVs and pickup trucks comprised most of the U.S. appearances on the track during an endurance car race's
model market share in 2019, according to Edmunds. practice and the race itself.

General Motors revived the Hummer as an all-electric "I think it would make sense that they would do this," A single kangaroo was spotted in the pit lanes at the
truck that will produce 1,000 horsepower and go from 0 said Jessica Caldwell, senior manager of industry insights Mount Panorama Circuit in Bathurst, New South Wales,
to 60 miles per hour in about three seconds. for Edmunds. "They know that cars aren't selling and they and multiple kangaroos ended up hopping alongside
want to take advantage of a strong SUV and truck market." vehicles during the final practice for the Bathurst 12 Hour
The automaker said the designs of the new Hummer will endurance race.
be unveiled on May 20, about two weeks ahead of Man pumps 30
Detroit's North American International Auto Show on gallons of gas into Another kangaroo made an appearance during the
June 5. GM said it will also reveal details in a commercial - wrong part of boat actual race Sunday and was involved in a collision with the
- featuring NBA star LeBron James -- that aired during #34 Walkenhorst Motorsport BMW.The car later quit the
Super Bowl LIV. Firefighters in Florida said a hazmat team responded to race due to the damage sustained in the incident.
a gas station where a man filling up his boat confused a
The new electric Hummer is due in late 2021 and will be fishing pole holder for the gas tank. Local councilor Warren Aubin said the kangaroo
built at Detroit's Hamtramck plant. The facility was incursions highlight the need for a more effective fence
previously set to close but will now become GM's first Orange County Fire Rescue said the customer at 7- around the race course.
fully electric assembly plant, the company said. Eleven in Orlando was attempting to fill up his 18-foot
boat about 11:35 a.m. Monday when he accidentally "Obviously to me it means that the temporary fencing is
GM President Mark Reuss said this week GM will offer pumped 30 gallons of gas directly into the cockpit. not working. The track needs to be fenced, fully fenced
more than one type of electric pickup, and they will have right around the track on both sides," Aubin told the
"different ranges of performance at different price points Fire Rescue said the man pumped about $60 worth of Western Advocate. "It's a very, very serious situation. And
to meet customers wherever they are." fuel into the cockpit and then put another $40 of gas into I have said it before, someone will be killed."
the actual gas tank.
Civilian-use Hummers have been off the market since
2010, when the vehicles were increasingly criticized for The hazmat team was able to siphon most of the gas out
of the boat and no injuries or evacuations were reported
at the station.

American Dirt to the behavior of their characters, who may well For Kenosha Unified Schools
misbehave, as a way to understand the human heart.
continued from page 14 Paul R. Pulera & Paul T. Pulera
“Fiction has an important role in making us understand
Their evaluations go beyond fact-checking – they’re not only ourselves better and how human behavior in 5455 Sheridan Rd. Suite LL20 • Kenosha
subjective, says Mr. Delancey. Case in point: Clarkesworld general works – including our own – but where empathy
magazine recently pulled the sci-fi short story “I Sexually comes in is that it allows us to get under the skin of (262) 652-9696
Identify as an Attack Helicopter” – not exactly a common people who are not like us,” says Mr. Buruma, now a
category of intersectionality – when some readers professor of human rights and journalism at Bard College Securities and advisory services offered through MWA Financial Services, Inc.
interpreted it as a transphobic allegory. The story had in New York. (309)558-3100 Member: FINRA; SIPC Individuals may not be licensed to sell all products.
been vetted by sensitivity readers. And it was written by
a trans woman. By her own account, that’s exactly what Ms. Cummins SMART READER February 13, 2020 19
set out to accomplish with “American Dirt.” She wrote
Mr. Buruma, for one, believes that authors shouldn’t that she wanted to remind readers that “the people
strive for sensitivity in an ideological sense of placating coming to our border are not one faceless brown mass
readers.After all, many works of literature, including “Lady but singular individuals.”
Chatterley’s Lover,” “Ulysses,” and “Last Exit to Brooklyn”
have offended readers. Rather, authors should be sensitive By Terry W. Hartle


gDiovne’ut p! Illinois between short) is a religious non-profit and
Highland Park and its main purpose is to “strengthen
with Louie Arecco Downtown communities through youth
Chicago. I am sure development, healthy living and
How is that New Year’s Resolution? the experience social responsibility.” This
We are entering the time when you realize that you are there must be organization is necessary in our
started to find a reason why you could not deliver this incredible- if you community. If you have a difficult
year. I am here to ask you not to give up yet. I know it is want to pay $300 time paying the membership, the Y
tough, and many factors are involved in your ability to stick per month. The has Financial Hardships
with a fitness lifestyle.Whatever is holding you back; food Middle-Class scholarships- if you have a financial
addiction, procrastination, lack of family support, lack of category leader is hardship, you can get assistance.
commitment, or simply you choose the wrong health club. Anytime Fitness Again, they are a non-profit
Let me give you some guidance to get you back on the and it caters to the Christian organization and they do
right track.We are lucky that in Kenosha, there is a health working adult. Their offer is accessibility, convenience, fund raisers to help the less fortunate.The RecPlex is the
club to match just about everyone.There are alternatives guidance, and environment only for adults. Memberships largest municipally owned recreational facility in North
and it is up to us to know which club offers the best range from $30 to $70 per month depending on what America and it is owned by the Villa of Pleasant Prairie. It
chances for our own success. Every health club has a they offer, the experience of the operator, and where they charges $61 for an adult membership. If you have children,
specific target market- and everyone is not the right are located. The Kenosha Downtown location is about these family centers are great since they offer everything
match. Specialization always works best. If you are a jack of $50 per month. The average Anytime Fitness club has from pools, water parks, beauty pageants, ballet lessons,
all trades, then you can’t be a master of one. The burden about 800 members. There are bout 4,500 clubs in 50 etc. They are both excellent places and they both have
is on the user to select the right match and that is where countries, 127 in Wisconsin, and they have worldwide different offerings.Another great club we have in Kenosha
the problem is. Again, it isn’t the club faults you did not reciprocity.The final category for the CNN Money report is Atlas 2. Their membership is $20 per month. Although
know what they are all about. Clubs are clear to advertise is the Dirt Cheap Club. This category leader is Planet they have a variety of clients, this great club is well known
their prefer target market. If they advertise strong man Fitness. According to Business Insider “Planet Fitness has for their powerlifters & bodybuilders. Note that neither
competitions, why would you go there if you need to just created a successful business by catering to a very real, but the YMCA, RecPlex, nor Atlas-2 have 24-hour access or
lose a couple pounds? If you are looking to develop a specific, demographic: casual exercisers who know they reciprocity nationwide.
strong habit of fitness, why would you go where no have to work out, but don’t necessarily want to”. I am not
commitment is required? it is just the wrong match; like going to go into detail about their target market, but their It is important to note that there are many specialized
taking a vegetarian to the best stake house in town, it isn’t advertisements are clever, engaging, and draw a lot of health clubs like kickboxing, cross-fit, etc. These types of
the stakes that are bad, it is just the wrong match. teens and first timers. There are about 38 Planet Fitness venues are much more expensive than the mentioned
locations in Wisconsin and each average 6,600 members. health clubs and have classes on specific times of the day.
CNN Money breaks down the health club industry in They membership price is between $10 and $20 per If you do well in groups and have the time to meet at
three main categories. You can watch the report by month. specific hours, and want a pretty intense workout you will
searching the report’s title online.This is a quick summary find value on clubs like Harbor Park Cross-Fit or I love
of it;“Lux, 24-hour, and dirt cheap: Inside America’s gyms”; The CNN Money categories paint three distinctive Kickboxing. I have personally tried Cross-Fit and enjoyed
The Luxury Gym, Middle Class Gym, and Dirt-Cheap worlds, but I believe that your personal lifecycle adds it. It is very intense and I would personally recommend it
Gyms. The Luxury category leader brand is The Equinox. another dimension to the club you should choose. For to young athletes.
Memberships range between $160 to $300 per month. In instance, if you want to keep your children active you will
each location they have an average of 6,000 members. need a family center instead of one of the above CNN Conclusion, there are many important variables to be
Although Wikipedia claims they have about 300 locations categories.The Kenosha Young Men’s Christian association successful in developing and keeping a fitness lifestyle.
and there isn’t one in Wisconsin, there are five of them in (YMCA) charges $56 for an adult membership. Family add- Having good guidance, good equipment, realistic goals are
ons are inexpensive for children. The YMCA or Y (for important, but also finding the best club for you.Although
different brands have different target markets, it is up to
Kenosha History you to find the correct match. It is impossible to compare
health clubs just by the monthly amount they charge.
Determine what you need and learn if they offer it. Visit
the facility to see if you like the colors, smells, bathrooms,
equipment, energy, and price. However, when it comes to
staying healthy, price truly is the least important of the
variables.Your health is worth a lot more than any health
club monthly price in Kenosha. No matter how you see it,
either you will pay to stay healthy or you will have to
spend on your medical bills down the line.

My name is Louie Arecco and I have been in the industry
of Health and Fitness for 14 years. My passion and challenge

is helping my clients stay in a fitness lifestyle.

Available Now!

Deep Snow, Lady! February 8th, 1936 Inside:
Your 2020
In late January and early February, 1936, it snowed 44 wind and snow. He rendezvoused with a car which Downtown
Dining Guide
inches in Kenosha. Over 14 inches fell on the 4th of managed to get most of the way from Kenosha, and the & so much more

February alone, and then a "polar wave" (the serum went on to its destination. The latestVoli. s13s,uIsesueo1f20D20owntown
contemporary description) plunged temperatures well Another is the story of the Rasmussen Farm. A farmer
below zero, which severely hindered clean up. Drifts over along Highway 41, Robert Rasmussen took in 18 stranded Kenosha Magazine is now available
15 feet deep were reported on February 6th, and a motorists as they abandoned their cars on the impassable at most places you find
stretch of the coldest days on record, explain why cleanup highway. They began taking shelter on the 5th and were The Smart Reader!
ground to a halt. This photograph was taken on Highway stuck in the farmhouse for at least seven days. Sleeping in
41 (now I-94) four days after the greatest snowfall, by shifts in the few beds, they were reduced to small rations 2020 Dining Guide with all the
George Chase, a draftsman at Simmons. It would take of food and heating the farmhouse with fuel from a latest scoops on eating out in
over three weeks to dig the county out of the snow. stranded truck.
Several spectacular stories come out of the blizzard. The Downtown Kenosha.
United Standard Products Company of Woodworth, the Photo copyright of the Kenosha County Historical Plus: events, business spotlights,
makers of various vaccines, received an urgent order for Society. Want to learn more about old Kenosha? Visit
smallpox serum on February 5th. With the roads and plan your next visit directory, and more!
completely covered, the marooned employees saddled an to the Kenosha History Center at 220 51st St. (on
old workhorse and one unnamed man set out through beautiful Simmons Island). Call 262-654-5770 for hours. FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800

20 SMART READER February 13, 2020

Our Look Who’s Getting Married!
Marriage License & Waiver SR082419
with Gretchen Covelli Fee Report

Feeling winter; January 20th - 31st
Living by the pull of
the seasons. Jose Antonio Vargas & Sonia Melnik
Adam Brennan Reas
The pull to be indoors, warm and cozy on the couch.The
cold, wet winter can chill you to the bone, seeking warmth & Amanda Eva Kennedy
is only natural. Samuel Jacob Barbour
& Nicole Anne Brewer
This is the beginning of a four part series titled "Living by James Emil Meinen Jr Wedding Cakes
the pull of the seasons", which means embracing the & Linda Marie Ramos
season. Finding all the goodness Winter has to offer and Ours Come in all shapes, sizes and prices.
enjoying it to the fullest. Vincent Todd Green We’re creative yet cost effective.
& Nicole Ann Girolamo
Winter is a time of rest and relaxation, especially after Anthony Joseph Sallese Jr Being Sweet to You Is Our Business!
& Chelsea Rae Harris
the busy Holiday season. And if we are listening closely to Luke Henry Smoronk 3526 Roosevelt Rd, Kenosha, WI 53142 (262) 652-3984
& Kaela Christine Hoecherl
ourselves we will find this natural balance of just the right 5617 - 6th Ave.
Steven T Colombus Kenosha
amount of activity needed during these next few months. & Diana Lynn Radelzhofer
Jose Enrique Vazquez Betancourt 657-7673
This is a time of less physical activity but you still want to M-F: 9AM-5PM
& Margarita Alamo Cruz Sat: 10AM-2PM
keep your body in shape. Making sure you are getting James Robert Roy Jr Delivery Available
& Emily Marie Helmer
enough sleep and relaxation is also extremely vital to your Dustin Richard Hill

system during this time. Winter sports such as skiing and & Shannon Lea Berkman
Eric James Halvorsen
snowboarding are great bursts of physical activity. & Jazmin Jade Flores
Nicholas William Bruno
Snowshoeing and cross country skiing are available at most & Christy Lynn Barker

county parks when there is now on the ground. Here in Jeffrey Alan Bell & Tina Marie Hoening

Downtown Kenosha we even have our own outdoor ice

skating rink, which is completely free, skate rental and all! DT2019V1

The more you can get your energy circulating, the more

your body will clear out all of its excesses; that could be in

the form of food, emotion, tension, etc. Clearing out

these excesses will help you to feel lighter, as if a weight has SUIT PURCHASE SPECIAL

been lifted. Your mind will become clearer, brain fog is a

thing!! You will become more expressive and Regular or Slim Fit

communication can flow better. Creativity, in any form, may 179$ 00 Mike Bjorn's

even begin to appear!! Now, it's completely

understandable that the aforementioned activities are not Includes any shirt, tie, belt Perfect for
or suspenders & socks. wedding
always doable everyday, not even weekly. So I suggest Sizes 34 short to 48 long parties

finding activities such as Yoga, or Tai Chi, both of which are Wisconsin’s Largest Full Service SR020919

Men’s Clothing Store

easy to practice at home and have simple instruction Downtown Kenosha 262-652-0648 • M-F 10-5, Sat. 10-2

online. Meditation and stretching are also a great practice

to begin with. Get out of doors each day, even if it's just a Giving an
ovation to
quick 20 min walk. This can greatly improve your mood Kenosha
and emotions and get your heart pumping. Listen to your hardworking
body however and rest when you need it, do not
by Jim Kreuser
completely deplete yourself.

Comfort foods, nothing says winter like a never- ending I’m going on tour in 2020. County Executive Jim Kreuser presents the Forward Award trophy to staff in
pot of soup simmering on the stove to warm our bellies. A the Register of Deeds and Land Information offices at the county
warming diet that is substantial and produces heat is No, I’m not joining a rock band.Throughout the year, I’ll Administration Building.
exactly what our bodies crave and need during these cold, be making it a point to travel out to our various Kenosha
wet winter months. Be careful not to increase your food County government facilities, to meet with many of our world tour each year.
intake too much as our activity levels are naturally lower employees and share with them a symbol of our county’s
and therefore we are burning less calories. Vegetables, success. County government is here to provide the services that
especially root vegetables are perfect for the winter diet. people cannot do on their own, helping our most
Steamed, roasted, baked or vegetable soup. Add garlic, In late 2019, Kenosha County was fortunate to be a vulnerable residents in their greatest times of need.
ginger or cayenne to add spice and warmth. Whole grains recipient of the Forward Award, presented as part of the
are complex carbohydrates which burn well in the body as Kenosha Area Business Alliance’s annual Ovation Awards We’re also here to develop and maintain the
natural fuel. Soaked and cooked properly they are also program at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. infrastructure that’s needed to attract and maintain
good for the intestines, cooked and prepared with beans employers in our area.
such as black beans or lentils, you will have a complete The award recognizes the investments we’ve made – in
protein and an amazing meal that warms you from head to money, creativity and sweat equity – to move Kenosha And we work to keep our community safe, running one
toe. Ocean foods such as fish and seaweed are high in County forward. of the state’s largest law enforcement departments and
protein and vitamins which stimulate and strengthen the collaborating with our state partners to run our courts
skin, hair and nails, as well as thyroid and adrenal glands. There are many things that make our county a great system.
Red Meat stimulates and brightens the blood and place to live, work and raise a family. But in county
complexion but too much can be over stimulating. Nuts government specifically, it’s the people who work for us None of this would happen without the dedicated
make a great snack, or addition to salads! who make the difference. employees who pour their heart and soul into their work
for Kenosha County every day. I salute them – and I look
Most of all I encourage you to take time for yourself, give That’s why I’m taking the Ovation Award trophy on the forward to continuing to work with them to keep moving
yourself grace, hold those you love the most close to you road, so that our county employees can celebrate in the Kenosha County forward!
and be present in your every day. Thank you for taking the success that they’ve made possible.
time to read and share this space with me. I wish you many Jim Kreuser has been Kenosha County executive since
blessings in this New Year full of peace, love and happiness. Around the office, we’ve called it the Stanley Cup Plan – 2008. He will be writing columns for The Smart Reader
-Gretchen- an homage to the National Hockey League’s championship regularly about county government issues and events.You can
trophy, which the winning team takes on something of a
Hi there, I’m Gretchen. contact him at 262-653-2600 or at
I own Gypsies Baskets, a small Fair Trade basket business. Most [email protected]

Saturdays you will find me in my booth at the Kenosha
HarborMarket. My family and I love adventuring through
nature preserves, shopping at downtown businesses and
restaurants, exploring the museums and the art district, or

strolling along our gorgeous lakefront.

FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800 SMART READER February 13, 2020 21


local food

& beverage


by Meridith Jumisko

While the 2020 edition of Kenosha Restaurant Week is The Dairy State Cheese & Beer Festival happens on April Palooza is September 5-6.
now in our rearview mirror, there are still many more fun 25 at Brat Stop and Parkway Chateau.This fun-filled event
food and beverage events to look forward to in the features a variety of Wisconsin cheeses, some of the most Many Oktoberfest events take place in September. Here
Kenosha Area this year! Mark these events on your sought-after beers from Wisconsin and beyond as well as are the dates and locations that we know of so far:
calendar now: great live music. The annual event supports the Boys & September 11-12 at House of Gerhard, September 12 at
Girls Club of Kenosha. If you have friends or family Old Settlers Park, September 18-20 at the Petrifying
The 20th Great Kenosha Area Pizza Bakeoff is on attending the event from out-of-town – or if you want to Springs Biergarten, and September 26 at Kemper Center.
February 23 at Parkway Chateau, which is located at the turn the event into a mini staycation – a few local hotels Looking even further ahead, the Kenosha History Center
north end of Brat Stop. Sample and vote for your favorite are offering packages which include a hotel stay and Chili Cook-Off is October 17.
pizzas while also raising funds for kids’ programs in and tickets.
around the Kenosha Area. Go to for details on these and
Kenosha Craft Beer Week is May 9-17. The Kenosha many more events. For more information about fun in
Taking a brief break from its winter hibernation, the County Dairy Breakfast is June 20 at Weis-Way Dairy.The Kenosha, you can also call us at (262) 654-7307 or visit
Petrifying Springs Biergarten will be open the weekend Kiwanis Club of Western Kenosha produces its 12th one of the two Visitor Information Centers that we staff:
before St. Patrick’s Day.Among the activities planned there annual Taste of Wisconsin July 24-26. Proceeds benefit local at 600 – 52nd Street, Suite 140 in Downtown Kenosha and
is the Leprechaun & Lederhosen .1K Beer Run on March charities and community programs. Border War Beer Fest at I-94 & Hwy. 165. Be sure to pick up our 2020 Kenosha
14. It’s promoted as a “grueling”, straight, flat 100-meter is August 1. This is a benefit for the Boys & Girls Club of Area Visitors Guide!
course. The event supports the Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha and is co-produced by BrewFest Partners. Who
Kenosha. loves sweet corn like I do? The family-friendly Jerry Smith Meridith Jumisko is Public Relations Director at the Kenosha
Sweet Corn Fest is August 8-9. Meanwhile, Cheese-A- Area Convention & Visitors Bureau. Contact her at
The 20th annual Bowls & Books Soup Fest Contest is
March 25 at Rhode Center for the Arts. You get to taste [email protected] or drop her a tweet @MJ_Kenosha
and score each soup, served up by local restaurants. All
proceeds go toward the continued renovation of the
historic Rhode Center for the Arts, which is the home of
Lakeside Players, a non-profit community theatre group
that formed in 1973.

The Kenosha History Center Mac & Cheese
Throwdown is a new family-friendly event on April 4. It
takes place at the Wyndham Garden – Kenosha
Harborside.Taste and vote for your favorite mac & cheese
that’s provided by local restaurants. Help preserve
Kenosha County history at the same time!

shaded area near Christus statue, Sunset Rock and many other musical styles. Learn you need me, please call Teresa 262-497-
Ridge Cemetery. Pictures available. 0502.
FREE CLASSIFIEDS! $4,000. (386) 322-0185 or jean- to read music. Call Tom for details. 262- JOBS WANTED I will clean, do shopping,
[email protected] run errands, etc. Also does seamstress
Employment/Opportunities • Lost & Found • Miscellaneous CLASSIFIED DEADLINE IS WEDNESDAY, PLAYBOY ASHTRAY 4" round, clear with 818-2869. work. Please call Gayle 224-565-8882.
• Real Estate • Rentals • Rummage Sales • Vehicles • Wanted FEBRUARY 19, 2020 AT 12 NOON bunny insignia $20.00. Phone 262-344- CUT AWAY GRASS Edging to last - not
9645. OFFERING SENIOR CARE and childcare stringline - will help drainage. All with
E-mail your 170 character classified to: [email protected] LIKE NEW dog stroller. Was $85.00, ask- cleanup and haul away. Just call 262-654-
ing $45.00. 218-391-8429 Kenosha area experienced in cpr 2509.
Please include your contact information in the classified. BLACK BEAR SKIN head&claws attac- YARD CLEAN UP Junk, brush, dog
(Name and Phone number / e-mail address) First 3 words will be boldface type. thed 72"-48" big,mounted on red felt for alzheimers and parkinsons dependable waste, anything to haul away. Just call262-
hanging, with rings to hang it.make offer! 654-2509.
NO ANIMALS. • NO PERSONALS ALLOWED. call 262-634-4890 leave a message vehicle your home energetic compassion- I AM LOOKING FOR WORK as: Home
OR 6-71-4311 caregiver, cat sitter, seamstress, babysit-
ate 262-748-6171 ter, running errands. I am available
WANTED Monday-Friday. If you are interested in an
Child-care 3rd Shift 10:30 PM to 8:30 AM of the positions listed please contact me
MODEL TRAINS O and G gauge wanted at 224-565-8882 (Gayle)
for Charlie’s Shriner Diner. Please call Winthrop Harbor, IL $50 per week discount PIANO LESSONS RACINE Interested in
Cassidy (262)564-8800 beginning piano lessons? I'm located in
WANTED TO BUY Old Postcards~Back & for 2 children Call 262-748-8001 or 262- the downtown YMCA. 262-902-8500
White Photos Call /Text Stan 262-496- AFFORDABLE HOME HEALTHCARE
1822 705-3310 services. 1 hour minumum 24 hour care is
TECHNOLOGY BROKER experienced available. Call 262-358-5619 for more
wanted by retired/disabled DoD consultant PROFESSIONAL LED TEETH WHITEN- information On services available. work
to Air Force to sell software to major com- HAVE YOU RECENTLY had surgery of
panies, must have military security clear- ING for a fraction of the price! $99 at just want to start your day with a water pro-
ance or ability to pass military security gram with a heated pool at Jane Vernon
clearance along with proven experience, cabana tan spa. call to book: 262-843- school? 6:00-7:00 AM Contact Linda (262)
contact DSK, P.O. Box 866, Kenosha, WI 654-6485
53141 2411. 20 minute session = a bright white AFFORDABLE CAREGIVER SERVICES
CLEANING LADY WANTED for twice / for All Ages $18 HR. To inquire Call 262-
month coverage of 700 sq ft apt; veteran / smile! 358-7057
realtor disabled rates negotiable, help Dennis
needed; 262-729-7330 and 847-340-3446 NURSING CARE/CONSULTATION:
house for tasks in lieu of some rent; 262- $35.00/hour. Call or text to (262)758-1974
729-7330 and 847-340-3446 LAKE FRONT PROPERTY vacation land
HELP WANTED Looking for someone to FAST COMPUTER SERVICE including property, 3/4 acre 88 ft, frontage on large
cut and split 1-2 cords of wood. Small size lake. Includes utilities on large lake near
logs. Pay cash - 262-694-1131. network support, spyware removal, Green Bay, WI $1999 OBO 847-454-3372
Person To Cut Lawn With My Mower: In upgrades and PC repair. For friendly serv- VEHICLES
Trevor Area: 262-222-3173
WANTED TO BUY: vintage movie posters, ice with a smile, call Vikkex today! Phone 1993 CADILLAC SEDAN DEVILLE
comic books, LP records, vintage toys, Leather interior, runs good, many new
REMINDER: PLEASE RESUBMIT AD TO Kenosha (November 7, 1942 - June 21, side door for pop-up camper. f. steel horror VHS, horror memorabilia, science (262-694-7746) parts, 168K $1950 OBO Call 847-454-
RUN FOR EACH ISSUE. Maximum 3 2019) . Here's a brief video of her life: fiction pulps and magazines, video store 3372
Listings Per Person. steps. & more. $45.00 for all. Call 262- promotional items. Call: 262-237-0318 EXPERIENCED CAREGIVERS For all 2005 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 214K
MISC 764-0831 W.R.Buck Email at STRAIGHT RAZORS Call or Text STAN your in-home needs. Serving Kenosha, AVE. 53140 262-237-1343 RUSS CALL
FOR SALE 262-496-1822 OR TEXT $14502005
KENOSHA STEAMPUNK SOCIETY [email protected] WANTED: OLD ADVERTISING-OLD Pleasant Prairie, Bristol and Somers.Call 2008 SATURN AURA 167K MILES SEE
We're looking for more members! We meet DINING ROOM TABLE 34" wide by 33" PHOTOS OLD KENOSHA-RACINE- IN KENOSHA AT 4121-7TH. AVE. 53140
2nd Monday & 4th Wednesday of every deep two 10" leaves and one 18" leaf total SCHWINN STATIONARY EXERCISE CHICAGO ITEMS Call or Text Stan 262- June 262-215-1292 or Ron 262-237-2670 262-237-1343 RUSS CALL OR TEXT
month at Rockhead's on Roosevelt Rd. & length of 71" with leaves includes four 496-1822 $2995 GOOD RUNNING NICE LOOKING
24th Ave. Find us on Facebook Groups upholstered chairs $125 Please call 262- bike w/book-holder $40. Small Paragon n 262-496-1822 June CAR
under Kenosha Steampunk Society. Join 619-1796 if interested 2011 CHEVY MALIBU 184K MILES SEE
the facebook group for 1963 MOBILE TRAILER Home 55'X10' 2 kiln w/stand 20" high w/ 14 1/2" internal SERVICES EYELASH EXTENSIONS DISCOUNT IN KENOSHA AT 4121-7TH. AVE. 53140
STEAMPUNK STORE UPTOWN! More bedrooms, living room, bath, laundry 262-237-1343 RUSS CALL OR TEXT
previously loved leather than ever before! room. $2,500.00 as is Handy man special diameter $125 OBO. (262) 634-4957 Ask AFFORDABLE GRAPHIC DESIGN Need Certified eyelash artist. Classis full set: $50 $3750 NICE CAR THAT YOU CAN DRIVE
Boots, Shoes, Vests, Steampunk OBO. Call Barbara at (262) 455-3953 a graphic design job done on a budget? ANYWHERE
Accessories, goggles. I am stocking more KENMORE VACUUM used twice,direct for Dennis I can help. E-mail me at fills: $30! Get your appt now text 262-287- 2005 TOYOTA ECHO with hand control S.
items several times a month now, I'm drive beltless system,bare floor friendly,all [email protected] Service Records available. One owner.
expanding the stock, keep looking! Go to attatchments,extra bags..$225.00 262- BABY CLOTHES $.25 and up, Coffee pot FRIENDLY TECH Serving all your techin- 6796. IG: thegirlisfabulash for pics. 847-872-1022 Laurie
STEAMPUNK GENERAL STORE inside 764-2881 Jody cal needs. Friendly and reasonalble rates.
DON'S HOBBIES 2219-63rd Street PARKING LOT LINE STRIPER Graco for parties $10, Exercise Bike $75 OBO, Computers, television, network, I’ll even BABYSITTING YOUNG LADY good with
Kenosha. Call Paul @ 262-705-2268 (24/7 3400- 5 HP 3 years Old- $2600.00 LV- teach you if you need help finding your way
Cell/Voicemail). Facebook: Steampunk [email protected] Women's bike $175, Lawn mower 14 yrs around your new computer. Help with any kids can watch 1 or 2 children call 262-
General Store. We can build your TOW DOLLY 2010 Master Tow tilt bed tow task. Call 262-515-1967.
Steampunk Dreams for You!Washington dolly. Asking $1000 PH 262-997-7512 old $175 OBO, 2 toaster ovens $10 - 2106 DRUM LESSONS Private instruction. 620-4745
DC $674 May 2-8, 2019 Meals / Lodging DONJOY ICEMAN cold therapy unit! Band, orchestra, marching and drum set.
includied Racine / Kenosha pickup. Helps reduce pain and swelling after sur- 30th Street House cleaning woman + a bucket - reli-
(262)977-6891 gery hips, knee etc. or accidents! Speeds
[email protected] up rehab! $50.00 FOR SALE:- FIVE GRAVE SITES IN able, dependable. Also clean vacant hous-
IF YOU SPEAK GERMAN or are enthusi- MEN'S KNAPP WORK Shoes. Size 7
astic about the German language and cul- EEE. New. $50.00 Phone 262-658-1291. SAME LOT. RACINE MOUND CEME- es. Call for estimates - Sandy 262-221-
ture, come and join us. There are no mem- DONJOY ICEMAN cold therapy unit!
bership fees and attendance is whenever Helps reduce pain and swelling after sur- TERY-1147 WEST BLVD.$750, EACH! 2289
you are available to join. Meetings are gery rotator cuff, hips, knee etc. or acci-
held in the Kenosha and Racine area. This dents! Speeds up rehab! $50.00 LOT B-BLOCK 25! HOUSES AND OR business sun shine
is an excellent group to practice speaking HUMIDIFIER SOLUTION: one 64 fluid
German as members' language skills are ounce and one 32 fluid ounce container. [email protected] klean is having a special this month for first
from beginners to advance and we all have Both for $5.00 email your interest to
a good time. Please contact me, if you are [email protected] MANTIS COMPOST TWIN for sale time customers free upholstery cleaning
interested in joining - Susan Blust at FOR SALE CEMETERY lot Sunset Ridge
[email protected] Cemetery Section 7 Lot 102 Price $175.00 OBO. Booklet included. Call 262- with at basic cleaning for only $39.95 262-
LIONS CLUB BINGO Come have some $4,100.00 Call Jean (386) 322-0185
fun! Every Wednesday, 2700 9th St. Dining Table 847-630-6227 and 4 chairs 554-6907 Al or Linda. 287-5103
Winthrop Harbor. Pregames, raffles, pull Excellent condition, wooden chairs,
tabs 5-7 pm, bingo 7-9:30 pm. Call 847- Formica topped table $150" EXPENSIVE BIRDFEEDERS Several to LOOKING FOR A CARING, loving male
912-3825 for more info. INTERNALS FROM CAMPER a. 3 burner
PLEASE REMEMBER RITA RINELLI of stove. b. heater. c. inverter. d. ss sink. e. choose from. Will sacrifice for $15.00 each. person to help take care of my senior

Call or text 262-758-1974. mother. Wages are negotiable. Need

FOR SALE: 2-Lower Crypts in handyman work and odd jobs, please call

Mausoleum. West Lawn Memorial(9000 1-262-898-0605 Racine Area

Washington Ave. (9,000). CNAS TO JOIN wellness team at Barton

[email protected] of Zion, five star assisted living. Send

ADULT PONCHO for wheelchair recipient. resume [email protected]

Green waterproof outer material with apply within at 3500 Sheridan Road Zion,

fleece lining. In excellent condition. $25. IL 60099 847-872-1500

262-654-3329 FREE HOME HEATING Fuel Oil Removal

VIOLIN, CASE, BOW $175 Paragon Kiln I will remove your unused home heating

$99 Schwinn Exercise Bike $45 All in good fuel oil for free..clean and safe . Inquire

condition. (262) 498-6375 about tank removal also ... 262 818 1967

MISCELLANEOUS Weather Tec Car ..ask for dave

MatsHonda CRV 2007-2011 front and TYPING. I am an experienced legal secre-

cargo (used one season) $65 each or tary with excellent typing skills wanting to

$120 for both.Phone 262-942-0892 type for you at home. Please contact Alicia

Exercise Machine with meter gently used at 256-658-4484.

$55 obo Phone 262-942-0892 TAX & BOOKKEEPING. 30 Years experi-

COOKWARE NOVELLE 11 PIECE COP- ence Audits handld enrolled agent appoint-

PER COOKWARE, BRAND NEW IN THE ment only call 262-595-8242


847-372-6722 caregiver with 20 years experience giving

CEMETERY SINGLE LOT for Sale. Tree- 24 hr. care references. Looking for job. If

22 SMART READER February 13, 2020 FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800

community warmly. Some stair climbing is required.We encourage Leap Year Party and Mogul Mash
children who are accompanied by adults.The Griffin
calendar Observatory allows adventurers to see the universe Celebrate in style with a leap back in time with 80’s
from a historic setting, using modern technology. fashion, music, and the fifth annual Mogul Mash
TO PLACE A LISTING: Following a four-year renovation, the 19th century competition on Saturday, February 29th at Wilmot
e-mail to: [email protected]; or mail to: Community Calendar c/o Carmichael astronomy laboratory has taken on new life as a Mountain. Fireworks at 10 p.m.
stargazing, teaching and recreation facility. It’s open to
Communications, 1420 63rd Street, Kenosha, WI 53143-4451. Please include all the public on select nights during the year. Inquiries may Kenosha Expo Health & Home Show
pertinent information including the who, what, where, when, why, and how much. be directed to Dr. Brian Schwartz at
[email protected] or (262) 551-6042. The 2020 Kenosha Expo - Health & Home Show is a
Listings may be edited for length and are none are guaranteed to be included. family-friendly, fun and informative opportunity to meet
Little Shop of Horrors the many businesses and organizations that make
ONGOING EVENTS the Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce such a
The meek floral assistant Seymour Krelborn stumbles strong association from 10am - 4pm at the UW-
Hold Your Horses! across a new breed of plant he names "Audrey II" - Parkside Fieldhouse, 900 Wood Road on Saturday,
after his coworker crush.This foul-mouthed, R&B- February 29th and Sunday, March 1st.This event will
This is a display of Civil War Museum artifacts and singing carnivore promises unending fame and fortune showcase many businesses and organizations, many with
history surrounding the First Regiment Wisconsin to the down and out Krelborn as long as he keeps products and services for purchase on site.There will
Cavalry. On display though May 2020 at the Civil War feeding it, BLOOD. Over time, though, Seymour be family activities. Email
Museum, 5400 First Ave. discovers Audrey II's out of this world origins and intent [email protected] with questions.
towards global domination! Come out to the Rhode
Kenosha Winter HarborMarket Center for the Arts, 514 56th Street for The Lakeside Lakeside Band Festival
Players production of this timeless classic. Showtimes
Find about 25-35 vendors inside an all new location this are now through February 22nd, Fridays and Conducted by Professor James Ripley, this year’s festival
year - inside the Kenosha Masonic Center, 115 56th St, Saturdays at 7:30 pm, Sundays at 2pm.Tickets available highlights music by Polish composers on Saturday,
including cheeses, bakery goods, art, crafts, prepared at the door, $15-$18. February 29th, 7pm.The performance will feature
foods, and more - every Saturday from 10 a.m. - 2 alumna conductor Marissa Narlock ’10, director of
p.m. I’ve Heard of Her bands at Greenfield (Wisconsin) High School. A
member of the Lakeshore Symphonic Band, she also
Comedy Shows at Kenosha Comedy On the third Thursday of the month, bring a lunch and maintains a busy performance and private lesson career.
Club join Civil War Museum staff (5400 First Ave) in a Ms. Narlock has guided young instrumentalists at a
discussion of the remarkable and often unknown parts variety of middle and high schools in the Milwaukee
Every Friday and Saturday the Kenosha Comedy of the lives and roles of women in history.This program area.This takes place in the A. F. Siebert Chapel on the
Club at Wyndham Garden Hotel, 5125 Sixth Avenue, is in conjunction with Suffrage 100.  On Friday, February Carthage College campus, 2001 Alford Park Drive.
presents a hilarious 90-minute show that features two 20th at noon: Frida Kahlo – Using art as a mirror, Frida
opening comedians plus a touring headliner. Show stars Kahlo’s canvas’s display pain, conflict and her passion for Comedy Competition
at 8 p.m. on Fridays, two shows on Saturdays, 7 p.m. or life. Although you may know some of her famous self-
9 p.m.Tickets $12 and available at or at the portraits, who was Frida, really? There is more to this Over Our Head Players will present the 2020
door. Mexican artist than meets the eye. Note: Frida Kahlo’s Snowdance 10 Minute Comedy Festival at Sixth Street
Garden Exhibit is at the Kenosha Public Museum next Theatre, 318 Sixth Street, in Downtown Racine. 
Senior Center New Member door from the Civil War Museum, through March 16th. Performances run weekends through March 1st.
Orientation Thursdays at 7:00, Fridays at 8:00, Saturdays at 5:30 and
Winter Picnic Flick: Coco 8:00, and Sunday matinees at 2:30.  Reservations are
Stop in at 9:00 am on the last Wednesday of available through the box office, (262) 632-6802, and
every month and learn more about the Kenosha Bring a picnic and spread out to enjoy a viewing of online at  Tickets $18-$20.
Senior Center, 2717 67th St. Get a tour and get your Disney-Pixar’s Coco on the big screen at the Kenosha After the show, the audience votes on who should win
questions answered. Public Museum, 5500 First Ave on Friday, February 21st. the cash prize!
Come at 5 p.m. for art and music projects, then the film
Two New Exhibits at the starts at 6 p.m. Free, but reservations are required, call Bowling Fundraiser for Youth Groups
Kenosha History Center 262-653-4140.
City of Racine Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services
The Year 2020 is the 100th anniversary of the 7th Annual Veterans Chili Cookoff (PRCS) will host its annual bowling event to raise funds
ratification of the 19th Amendment to the United States in support of youth activities.The fundraiser will be held
Constitution.The amendment prohibits states and the Join the VFW and the American Legion for good food, at Castle Lanes, 5615 Castle Ct., on Sunday, March 15,
federal government from prohibiting citizens from good people, good prizes, and good fun on Saturday, 2020. Check-in begins at 12:00 p.m. with bowling
voting on the basis of their sex.Wisconsin, Illinois, and February 22nd, from noon - 4pm at the VFW, 504 58th underway at 1:00 p.m.This is a family-friendly event for
Michigan were the first three states to ratify the Street. $5 suggested donation at the door. Sponsored by all ages. Space is available for 24 teams with five
amendment, doing so in June of 1919. Just over a year the Kenosha American Legion Post 21 and Pleasant bowlers to a lane. A fee of $20 per person covers three
later the last of 36 required states—Tennessee— voted Prairie VFW Post 7308. For more information, contact games, shoe rental and an event t-shirt. Raffles and
to ratify.The History Center would like to join in the Tom at 262-650-5646 or John at 262-358-2415. prizes will be awarded at the event. Advance registration
centennial celebrations with our own exhibit looking at is required and teams are taken on a first- come, first-
the generation of Kenosha's suffragettes who achieved Great Kenosha Area Pizza Bake-Off served basis. To register, teams should complete a team
their goal. Our "Votes for Women" exhibit was form with the names and signatures of each bowler
researched, written, and constructed by Carthage This is the Kenosha Area Noon Optimist Club’s annual added. Registration forms may be found on the PRCS
College intern Mia Morton.The Kenosha History charity event to raise funds for kids’ programs in the website at; at the PRCS office,
Center, 220 51st Place (on Simmons Island), has another community.The event is held at Parkway Chateau - 800 Center St., #127; or at any of Racine’s five
new exhibit on display looking at 19th century located at the north end of Brat Stop – entrance “C” community centers (Bryant, Chavez, Humble, King and
medication. "Nostrums and Panaceæ" gives a view into on Hwy 50 on Sunday, February 23rd, from 5 - 7 pm. Tyler-Domer). Registration will be accepted on a first-
the rapid evolution of the trade of the pharmacist, from The location is wheelchair accessible and there is ample come, first-served basis through Friday, February 28,
medieval herbal practitioner, to a peddler of quack parking. Sample pizzas donated and served from local 2020 at the PRCS office Monday through Friday from
patent medicines and electrical gizmos, to a modern pizza establishments, and VOTE for your favorite tasting 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Questions may be directed to
health professional. Can you guess which is a medicine pizza to win this year’s “People’s Choice Award”.That’s the PRCS office at (262) 636-9131, Jeanne Brenner at
and which is a false cure-all? right! You help pick the winners! Voting closes at 6:30 (262) 636-9416 or Jason Mars at (262) 636-9454.
p.m. Celebrity Judges will be sampling pizzas in a blind
Oneida Traditions – taste-test for the “Critics Choice Award”.This is a Watercolor Wisconsin
Voices of the Onayote’a-ká Exhibit family-friendly event. Beverages and desserts will also be
available for purchase.Tickets are $10 in advance / $12 Now in its 53rd year, the exhibition was started in 1966
Original artworks by Oneida artists Karen Ann Hoffman at the door for adults. For kids 10 & under: $5 in to honor the depth and breadth of watercolor in the
and Dawn Dark Mountain are on display at the Kenosha advance / $6 at the door. Email State of Wisconsin.While Watercolor Wisconsin has
Public Museum, 5500 First Ave., through March [email protected] for more necessarily changed in certain ways over the years, the
15th. General admission is free.The museum is open information. core dedication to exploring aqueous media on a paper
Monday - Saturday 10 am - 5 pm, and Sundays noon - 5 surface has not been modified. Contemporary artists
pm. Kid Science: Super Slime bring both traditional and experimental approaches to
the established guidelines—resulting in a varied and
Frida Kahlo’s Garden Exhibit Make some ooey gooey slippery slime on Friday, dynamic exhibition even this many years later. Open
February 28th, from 4 - 5pm.The Kenosha Public now through April 18th at the Wustum Museum, 2519
Explore Casa Azul, the private world that nourished the Library and Kenosha Public Museum are teaming up to Northwestern Ave.
creativity of one of the world’s greatest artists now on offer free family activities this winter at the Museum,
display through March 16th at the Kenosha Public 5500 First Avenue. Call 262-653-4140 with questions. SMART READER February 13, 2020 23
Museum, 5500 First Avenue. General admission is free.

Valentine's Candlelit Night Hike

Enjoy the serenity of Bristol Woods on a romantic
candlelit hike followed by hot cocoa in the nature
center on Friday, February 14th at the Pringle
Nature Center, 9800 160th Ave. Held from 6:30 - 8 pm,
come and leave as you like. General Public: $6 / Friends
of Pringle: $4.50.  Pre-registration required, call 262-

Stargazing at Griffin Observatory

The Carthage College Society of Physics Students and
friends will make available to the public Carthage’s 11-
inch telescope on select Fridays during the Spring at
the Griffin Observatory on the Kemper Center
grounds, 6501 Third Avenue.The next scheduled events
will be on Fridays February 14th, 21st, 28th, and
March 6th, from 7:30 - 9:30, weather permitting.
These events are free. Guests are encouraged to dress


We are Now Accepting Personal Care
Workers With Their Own Clients


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SLOW ROASTED PRIME RIB Friday and Saturdays only
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4917 - 7th Ave. Harbor Side SR011620

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Cash Only


24 SMART READER February 13, 2020 FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800

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