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Published by Happenings Magazine, 2020-03-12 16:54:18

Senior Update 031220

Senior Update 031220

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Ten Great Gigs For • Get paid to play with pups. A your honed judgment, wide • Debits on the left, credits on
Boomers love for dogs and a willingness to networks and people skills to match
take care of one or more at home or candidates and opportunities. the right, right? An Accountant can
For Baby Boomers looking to in other people’s homes equals a
keep active, supplement their great opportunity. Workers set • Are you a problem solving keep it all straight on a contract
income, meet people and learn new hours and pay and, perhaps best of people person? As a a customer
things, the gig economy is a major all, spend time with dogs. service representative you’ll help basis. Whether it’s working the
boon. What’s more, many of these folks all day.
jobs can be done remotely. • Support a student as a tutor. software, characterizing
Guide someone’s educational • With the right skill set, a
Consider these popular gigs journey in-person or online. handyperson is always in demand. expenditures or understanding tax
suggested by Mark Silverman, And with so many handy apps to
Founder and CEO, of Amava, a • A technical writer. Many choose from, gigs are a short click implications, accountants are
website dedicated to keeping industries are looking for strong away.
members active and socially writers able to simplify complex crucial to getting things done.
engaged through flexible jobs, information.
volunteer gigs, unique experiences Learn More
and services. According to • Looking for a new way to apply
Silverman, “to take advantage of those training or teaching skills? You can find further ideas and
the gig economy, consider your What about as a software information at
skills, passions, time and financial onboarding guide? The hours are
requirements.” flexible and the work is largely
remote though the social
• Enjoy wine? Hello, Tasting engagement is high.
Host. Winemakers want to create a
pleasant environment for guests • Keep the record straight as a
and need the right person to host transcriptionist. The main skills?
tastings. Accuracy and the ability to hit

• Connect people and
opportunities as a recruiter. Use

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Protect Yourself scam. Scammers use intimidating anything above, it’s a scam. contact you by phone if you have
From Social language and often offer a requested a call or have ongoing
Security Scams “solution” to fix what they say is a What Should You Do? business with them.
serious problem with your Social
(NAPSI)—Calls and e-mails Security number or account. How If you receive a suspicious call, Usually, Social Security will
from scammers pretending to be can you tell when it’s a scam? the safest thing for you to do is: mail you a letter that contains
government employees are Social Security will not: telephone numbers for contacting
widespread. Social Security phone 1. Hang up! them. You can also contact Social
scams are the #1 scam reported to • Say your Social Security Security by calling 1-800-772-1213
the Federal Trade Commission. number has been suspended. 2. Don’t share personal or visiting
Chances are you, a friend, or a information or make a payment.
family member have received a call • Promise a Social Security Scammers are always looking
like this. benefit approval or increase in 3. Report the scam to the Social for the next way to trick someone.
exchange for information. Security Administration’s Office of No matter how someone might try
You don’t have to be receiving the Inspector General at to scam you, learning the warning
benefits to become a victim. You • Call to demand an immediate signs shared here can go a long way
may get a call saying there is a payment. to protecting yourself and someone
problem with your Social Security And, if you receive such threats you care about from identify theft
number or account. Everyone, • Insist you pay a debt without via e-mail, delete the e-mail and do and financial loss.
regardless of age, income, and the ability to appeal the amount you not click on any links or download
geography, is at risk. Scammers owe. any attachments. Even if the e-mail If you think you have been
will try to scare and trick you into or an attachment contains Social scammed, don’t be embarrassed.
giving them your personal • Require payment by retail gift Security’s seal or names of real Report the scam to Social
information or money. card, pre-paid debit card, Internet people, ignore it. Then, report the Security’s Office of the Inspector
currency, wire transfer, or by scam. General at and
Is It A Scam? mailing cash. share this important information
Other Tips with your family and friends.
The best way to protect yourself • Ask for your personal
and your money is to recognize a information. How about if Social Security
needs to contact you? Generally,
Scammers prey on your fears. they will mail you a letter and only
The stories they tell you would
scare anyone. No matter how
horrible the story, if they do

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May 23: Living with an Attitude of Gratitude
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Page 8 HAPPENINGS March 12, 2020 Hwy. 50 next to Perkins & Woodmans parking lot. K

[email protected]

you love can be difficult. The most
update Many of the 12 million common physical and behavioral Tough to be Fair
Americans over age 65 who live signs of loneliness include
The Public Health alone are entering the time of year persistent sadness, impaired Q: I am 73 years old, and as a
Threat No One Talks where that lack of companionship cognitive performance, lower self- widow it's time to plan to leave an
About: Loneliness and isolation is most palpable: esteem, or lack of motivation and inheritance to each of my three
winter. Whether physical or travel energy. Early intervention can children. My children have always
(NAPSI)—There is a public challenges keep seniors from positively affect one’s quality of gotten along well together, and my
health threat looming across the attending family gatherings or the life, so it’s important to address husband and I always tried to be
United States that’s not visible to harsh weather deters them from these symptoms as soon as possible fair to them. I would like to solve
most but affects nearly half of all venturing out for a social event, before they become overwhelming. the problem while I'm still able.
Americans daily: loneliness. Social seniors can suffer from prolonged Two of them have done well
isolation is as bad for your health as loneliness that can quickly manifest • Leverage technology: financially, but our son has not. Is it
smoking 15 cigarettes a day and is into more serious issues. Technology can play a key role in reasonable due to his need that I
twice as harmful as obesity. Worst reducing loneliness, ensuring give him a larger share of the
of all, loneliness is a contributing Loneliness does not have to be seniors are always connected to estate?
factor in senior suicides, which are synonymous with getting older or loved ones and care teams who can
rising in the U.S. While it is not with aging in place. Here are tips monitor and interact with them. For A: Entitlements always brings
something people like to think on how to help keep loneliness— example, Philips Cares is a mobile complications. First, I recommend
about, now more than ever, and its negative health effects—at application that helps connect you make a list of all of your
Americans must remove the stigma bay: seniors who are subscribers to possessions, and then hire an
around mental health and spread Philips Lifeline service with their appraiser to value them. Now,
awareness to better combat • Intervene early: Spotting family and friends, helping to divide the value by three. That
enable these caregivers to be there determines what an equal share
for their aging loved ones, easing would be for each child.
and enriching their aging journey.
Then, show the list to the kids,
• Make a connection: Connecting and ask them to look it over. You
with people, purpose and passions might be interested in what they
will help eliminate feelings of have to say. If two of the children
isolation. Consider organizing a want the same item, ask them to bid
reoccurring social gathering, such against each other and decide how
as a book club or a group fitness much they really want it. After
class. Explore local activities deciding, one child may actually
organized by a senior community prefer to receive cash while the
center or find a National Council of others split the possessions. If you
Aging program through want to adjust the remainder of your estate to their needs, that's
where the cash comes in. For
Learn More example, maybe you give 40
percent to your son and 30 percent
For further facts about the latest to his sisters. You will want to
technology to help seniors stay discuss this with your children to
connected with their care circle, avoid any excessive resentments.
or call (855) 223-7395. By Doug Mayberry

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In The Air!

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ENIOR UPDATE • SENIOR UPDATE • SENIOR UPDATE • SENIOR UPDATE • SENIOR UPDATE • SENIOR UPDATE • SENIOR UPDATE • SENIOR UPDAT senior • Do I regularly walk more than Professional Driving Assessment Dear Doug
a block a day? If you’ve experienced driving
update Age Is Just a Number
• Can I raise my arms above my problems like these or are worried
Protecting Your shoulders? about your ability to be a safe Q: I'm an 83-year-old widower,
Ability To Drive driver, consider getting a and my family worries a lot about
Safely For As Long Perform a reality check on professional assessment of your my age rather than my ability. I talk
As Possible your attention span and reaction skills. daily with my neighbors, have a
time: housekeeper and exercise three
(NAPSI)—Driving a car means Occupational therapists trained times a week. I pay my own bills,
maintaining independence for • Are you overwhelmed by signs, as driving rehabilitation specialists and I cook my own meals. I have
many older adults. Driving allows traffic signals, and car and can evaluate your driving skills and the normal aches and have an
you to shop, see friends and family, strengths, as well as any physical, annual medical checkup.
keep up with medical pedestrian traffic, especially at busy visual, and cognitive challenges
appointments, and avoid social intersections? you may face. They can also They want to discuss all these
isolation. But sometimes staying evaluate your ability to operate a things. Although I realize they
safe behind the wheel as you age • Does it seem harder to merge know the truth, sometimes I fib a
can be a challenge. into traffic on the highway? vehicle safely and, if needed, little when I don't want to answer
recommend ways to reduce your by pleading selective hearing. My
Age-related physical and mental • Do you take any medications risks. girlfriend lives two doors down
changes can affect your ability to that make you sleepy, dizzy, or from me, and I recently heard my
drive safely. If you’re alert to these confused? Driving rehabilitation specialists son tell his wife that I may be
changes and manage them are trained to evaluate older drivers exposing myself to a possible heart
carefully, you may be able to • Do you feel less confident for: attack when we have sex. Are they
continue driving safely for some about driving at highway speeds? right to worry?
time. • Muscle strength, flexibility, and
• Do you react slowly to cars range of motion A: How to answer that question?
To keep your skills as sharp as entering your roadway, or to cars First off, it's wonderful that your
possible, consider following these that have slowed or stopped in front • Coordination and reaction time family loves you and wants to have
suggestions from experts at the of you? • Judgment and decision-making you around for a long time to come.
American Geriatrics Society skills On the other hand, there are some
(AGS), healthcare professionals Pay attention to changes and •Ability to drive with special things that are up to us to decide.
dedicated to improving the health, warnings: devices that adapt your vehicle to Yes, there is some risk in physical
independence, and quality of life of your needs exertion at your age, but I'm betting
older people: • Have friends or family The specialist may recommend you also want to have something to
members expressed worries about ways for you to drive more safely live for.
Check your eyesight to keep it as your driving? after the evaluation. Suggestions
sharp as possible by getting a may include getting special Instead of dancing around the
complete annual eye exam once • Have you ever gotten lost on equipment for your car or helping truth, sometimes it can be best to
you turn 60. familiar routes or forgotten how to you sharpen your skills. air out, and it sounds like you've
get to familiar destinations? Not sure how to find a driving come to that point. If you discuss
Test yourself to monitor your rehabilitation specialist? Talk to this with your family, be sure to let
vision: • Has a police officer pulled you your healthcare provider or contact them know that you appreciate
over to warn you about your the American Occupational them but also that you want to live
• Do you have problems reading driving? Therapy Association for a a life worth living. Some things
street signs? directory. You can also visit the aren't worth all the worry. Try to
• Have you been ticketed for AGS’s public education website, assert yourself, but keep in mind
• Are you having difficulty your driving, had a near miss, or a that they're coming from a place of
seeing road or pavement markings, crash in the last three years? ing-safety, for more safe driving caring.
curbs, or other vehicles or resources for older adults and
pedestrians, especially at dawn, • Has your healthcare provider caregivers. If all else fails, you can always
dusk, and nighttime? warned you to restrict or stop remind them that you can update
driving? your will.
• Is glare from oncoming
headlights making it hard to see Consider Getting a Doug Mayberry makes the most
when driving at night? of life in a Southern California
retirement community. You can find
Assess your physical fitness to his column in every issue of Your
drive by asking yourself: Smart Reader, available at most
grocery stores and pharmacies
• Can I comfortably turn my
neck to see over my shoulder when where you find Happenings
I change lanes? Magazine. Contact him at
[email protected] Emma,
• Can I easily move my foot Doug's granddaughter, helps write
from the gas pedal to the brake? this column. To find out more
Can I easily turn the steering about Doug Mayberry and read
wheel? features by other Creators
Syndicate writers and cartoonists
• During the past year, have I visit the Creators Syndicate
fallen one or more times? website at

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