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Downtown Kenosha 2019 Issue 1


Keywords: Downtown Kenosha,Downtown Kenosha Wisconsin

5919 Sheridan Rd., Kenosha • 262-997-0504 • • Mon. Noon-7, Tues. - Fri. 10-6, Sat. 9-5 @takingonkenosha @kenoshaweather

Your Staycation visiting one of the many businesses. I encourage you to explore
Destination Downtown; pick somewhere you’ve never been before, catch up
with an old friend or get to know a new friend. Perhaps take an act-
by Ashley Marchetti ing class, a painting class, grab a bite, a beer or a glass of wine.
There is something for everyone here because the community is
In a world filled with technology, we’ve never been more connect- made up of people who wanted the same things. The business
ed and more isolated at the same time. It’s tempting to stay on the owners in our Downtown are people who are passionate about cre-
couch, to order in and swipe through social media for more hours ating experiences enough that they invested their lives into it right
than we care to admit. Maybe turn on Netflix and change into some- here. They have put passions out to be seen and there is always an
thing comfortable. You know, that t-shirt from college that has paint inspiring story behind their journeys. Our business owners are
stains and the sweats that you’re not really sure where they came accessible; they want to get to know you and share their vision with
from but have always just kind of been there. This is great for you.
unwinding but sometimes it turns into habit — you realize you’ve
seen all of the shows and find yourself watching reruns of The It seems like we are constantly being advertised to go on destina-
Office. Once in a while, this is needed to recharge but too tion vacations, usually to somewhere warmer (A.K.A. anywhere
often it becomes habit and we miss out on the beautiful
experiences around us. I’ve been there, honestly some- compared to Wisconsin). However, experiences that create
times I’m still there, and that’s okay. But sometimes I want memories don’t need to cost thousands of dollars and
more; I want to see people, to hear their sto- don’t need to be a long flight away. Downtown Kenosha
ries and laugh until my stomach hurts. is filled with experiences of every kind. You have to come
Technology is impressive, but it can’t make see Downtown for yourself, you have to have the experi-
up for human connection. ences, and meet the people. To truly fall in
love with this community, you have to show
up and be seen. Every store open sign is an
invitation, are you going to accept it?

The beauty of Downtown Kenosha is it’s an Ashley Marchetti is the Executive
Director of Downtown Kenosha, Inc.
environment that cultivates human connection. Vol. 12, Issue 1 Winter/Spring 2019
Whether it is sitting on our beautiful lakefront or

4 27 34 38

Heather Wessling Grosz, Downtown Kenosha Inc. Board Members Jennifer Dooley Hogan,
Vice President
Martin Lacock,
Lou Molitor, Ashley Marchetti Secretary
Treasurer Executive Director
Kevin Ervin,
John Boldt, Franks Diner
Clark Dietz Engineers

John Fox, Alexandria Robinson Deanna Goodwin,
Alderperson 2nd District Coordinator Kenosha Area Convention

Rachael Hernandez & Visitors Bureau
Downtown resident
Matt Monroe,
Tom O’Connell, TriCity National Bank
Partners in Design
Riki Tagliapietra,
Grease & Honey Restaurant Group

Downtown Kenosha magazine produced by Carmichael Communications, 1420 63rd St.,
Frank Carmichael: publisher. Donald Stancato: sales, photography. Jason Hedman: editorial, layout, photography.

Advertising design and layout: Matthew Gonya, Jasmine Hundertmark, Kelly MacKay

Page 2 Downtown Kenosha 2019,Vol. 12 Issue #1 ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM

5159 - 6th Ave. “WHERE
Downtown Kenosha FRIENDS

262-652-5111 MEET
Open 7 days a week FRIENDS”
Mon. - Fri. 7am-8pm
Sat. & Sun. 7am-5pm A Unique Eclectic Coffee

Shop & Restaurant Located

On Kenosha’s Scenic

Harbor, Featuring A

Fabulous Outdoor Deck.

Serving an appetizing array of gourmet DT2018V4 DT2019V1
sandwiches, soup, desserts, bagels, muffins,
and breakfast sandwiches until 9:45am!


“Educational Gymnastics at its Best”
Downtown Kenosha 5717 - 6th Ave.
Register online at:




• Term #4 Starts March
• Term #5 Starts May Where Our Trains Deliver Classic American Food!
Located in the historic Metra Station
Gymnastic Classes For Ages 6 Months to 18 Years FREE PARKING 5414-13th Ave. Kenosha
In A Safe Non-Competitive Environment DT2019V1 IN NORTH LOT ONLY 262-220-3634

Downtown Kenosha 2019 Vol. 12 Issue #1 Page 3

my story by Sherry Ludwig, owner and operator of
Bisou Lingerie, 635 58th St., (262) 653-0112

How did I get started in this? Well, I was a “It’s time to stand in our ing used clothes in one side of the store, I
corporate sales manager for 25 years at a curves! Women need to would often get the question, ‘Is this used
local electronics manufacturer. I, like many feel good. Feeling sexy is lingerie?’ But women began to try it, and
others, got caught up in the economic down- empowering and boosts they fell in love, and it grew and grew. Two
turn and was put out to pasture at age 50. confidence!” - Sherry Ludwig and a half years later, the lingerie store was
taking over the resale part of the shop and
So, I decided to open a ladies’ shop in need is a good foundation.’ I had previously we began to phase out the resale items.
Downtown Kenosha. There were plenty of been to Europe and was awestruck with their
men’s stores, but nowhere for the women to beautiful lingerie. My husband came up with We loaded up on stock of various sizes,
shop. I planned to open a high-end resale the idea of selling lingerie in our shop. and I learned the tricks and tips of bra-fitting.
shop. With the poor economy, used clothes Initially, I didn’t think it would work. We found our current location two years ago,
was a hot commodity back in 2009. In April and feel we cater to an underserved market.
of 2009, I teamed up with Pat Youngberg In 2014, I decided to give it a shot. I had a These ladies used to travel to Milwaukee or
and opened our resale shop, Coco’s Attic on small table set up in the back of the store Chicago for a proper fitting and undergar-
Sixth Avenue. About three of four years into with these European lingerie items. At first, ment purchase, now they have this right here
it, Pat was no longer interested, so I became people would be a little apprehensive - sell- in Downtown Kenosha.
the sole proprietor.
We carry international, high-quality brands
As a resale and consignment shop, it was - you get what you pay for. We make sure
exciting to work with so many people in the every customer gets the best fit possible. I
community, but we weren’t making much am proud to call myself and my staff ‘bra fit
money. The treasure hunt of finding used experts.’ Nobody will leave here with a bad
items was falling - social media was on the fitting bra, it’s amazing how many women
rise, and more and more people were simply come in here and realize they have been
buying and selling used items on their wearing the wrong size bra all their lives. We
phones instead of going out and shopping. cater to anyone looking for that right fit - this
is a judgment-free zone 100%, everyone is
I was looking for something different. I welcome! We’re not selling sex, we are sell-
noticed women were coming in and com- ing foundations that are beautiful. Stop in
plaining about their bodies, and how they and say hi and see what we have for you.
look and I thought, ‘What these ladies really

eyes on downtown!

12 1 Charles on 58th Street
2 Laura at Kenosha CVB
3 Lauren at
In the Garden of Eden
4 Riki at The Buzz
5 Mike at Fec’s Place
6 Julie, Coley, & Laura
at Franks Diner

45 3

Page 4 Downtown Kenosha 2019,Vol. 12 Issue #1 ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM


• Right • Fully THE GARDEN OF EATIN’
above the Furnished
Coffee Pot Kitchen 4914 7th AVE
• 3 Bedrooms • Traveler’s (262) 653-8849
• Living Room Destination MON. - SAT. 6A.M. - 2 P.M.
• Dining Room • 2 Night SUNDAYS 7 A.M. - 1 P.M.
• Lovely Sun Minimum Stay KENOSHACOFFEEPOT.COM



ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM Downtown Kenosha 2019 Vol. 12 Issue #1 Page 5

five minute chat House of Nutirtion
5824 Sixth Avenue
with Mark Wistar
(262) 652-4787
Q: How did you get started with House of Q: What are some of
Nutrition? your top selling products? Q: What are your best supple-
ments for cold and flu season?
A: The House of Nutrition started in A: That’s interesting, it
Chicago back in 1947. It moved to Kenosha varies quite a bit by sea- A: One is the LifeShield
in the 1960s and Steven Haught owned it in son. Right now, Hemp Immune Support - which is a
the uptown area for many years; that’s when Rescue CBD is one of our blend of seven different mush-
I first discovered it. I own this building top products. We have a rooms, and it is very good for
Downtown, and when I ended up having a number of different brands your immune system. We pro-
vacancy, about 12 years ago, I invited Steve and forms of CBD. CBD vide echinacea, with goldenseal
to check out my space, he loved it and products of questionable quality are available in either capsule or tincture form.
moved Downtown. Then, four years ago, all over the place right now. There are short- We have a product called Nail in my Coffin -
Steve was looking into retirement and was cuts to making CBD, and it does matter with that is interesting because we partnered up
ready to just let the business go. I didn’t want the final product. If you find a lower quality with Tippecanoe Herbs and Apothecary in
to see the store close, so I purchased the product, you will not get the same consistent Milwaukee- they create an elderberry cough
business. results you would with a higher grade of oil, syrup - it’s 100% certified organic. My man-
and you will not be as happy with the prod- ager recently caught a cold and had a mirac-
Q: What’s the deal with this Kombucha uct. We want our customers to be 100% sat- ulous recovery after taking this product. We
I’ve been hearing about? isfied when they try our products. have another product we recommend -
Tippecanoe Golden Milk, it’s an adaptogenic
A: We partner with many local suppliers. Q: Can you explain what “full-spectrum” blend of herbs. It has ashwagandha, astra-
Jessica, owner of Lovebootch Kombucha, means regarding CBD oil? galus, ginger - completely 100% certified
and I teamed up - she is so knowledgable on organic.
that, whatever she recommended to me, I A: The full-spectrum means they are utiliz- Q: Do you provide any other products
took her up on it. I did bring up the idea of ing the entire plant. It can have up to 0.3% besides simply vitamins and supplements?
incorporating CBD (cannabidiol) into the THC. Some brands take the cheap route A: Yes, we do carry a small, but full line of
Kombucha. After she did that, it really took and just use the stems of the plant, these healthy foods - including organic meats, veg-
off. She suggested that I put in a tap, so we carry zero THC. This leads to a lesser quality etarian and vegan frozen meals, snacks and
now proudly feature and sell Kombucha tea product, and they are not as effective. Hemp organic eggs.
by the cup, right out of the tap. Rescue is full plant, full spectrum.

Try It For Available at House of Nutrition Your
Yourself! Full Plant, Full Spectrum, Fully Certified CBD Oil
Available In
250mg - 3000mg

Kenosha’s Headquarters for Hemp CBD Locally made
products including Hemp Rescue, now LoveBootch
Kombucha sold
available in clinical strengths. and infused
with Hemp
Rescue CBD Oil

Available in bottles or on tap

We carry a large supply of locally

and Wisconsin sourced items.

10 Brands of Tea with over Products from local companies include:
100 different varieties
• CBD Oil • Large Supply Of Essential
Alive n Vibrant
• Local Honey Oils
Organic Protien Powders.
Large supply of Essential Oil • Vitamin Supplements • Locally made organic
Affordable and healthy nourishment in a busy world. products, supplies and accessories.
• Fresh Organic Eggs Kombucha

• Organic Tea • Organic Friuts & Snacks

• Health & Beauty Products

5824-6th Ave. • Kenosha • (262) 652-4787 • Hours: M-F 10am - 6pm DT2019V1
Sat. 9am - 5pm
Sun. 12-4pm

Available At DT2019V1

5824-6th Ave. • Kenosha • (262) 652-4787 •
Hours: M-F 10am - 6pm Sat. 9am - 5pm Sun. 12-4pm

ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM Downtown Kenosha 2019 Vol. 12 Issue #1 Page 7


ServionvgeKr e6n0oYsehaarfsor Krystle Rose

Licensed Massage Therapist

5603 7th Ave. Kenosha

[email protected]

Buy One Get One FREE DT2019Vol1 • Therapeutic
CBD Massage
(Slice of original Ho Ho Cake) DT2019vol1
Expires 4/1/19. One per customer per day) • Deep Tissue
52nd Street & Sheridan Road • Kenosha
(262) 654-7828 • • Essential Oil
Page 8 Downtown Kenosha 2019,Vol. 12 Issue #1
• Cupping

• Energy Work


ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM Downtown Kenosha 2019 Vol. 12 Issue #1 Page 9

Wouldn’t It Be Great to... Now
Have YOUR OFFICE Leasing
With Low


Medical building DOOWWNNTTOOWWNN??


Looking for Retail HAPPY HOURS • AND MUCH MORE!
or Office Space
Look Join The Excitement!
No Further

~ Vintage Buildings With DT2018vol3
Today’s Amenities

~ Great Retail And Office Locations
~ Private Parking For You And

Your Customers
~ Build To Suit

Clovis Point, LLC

Downtown’s Premier Real Estate Developer
5722 6th Ave Suite 200 • Kenosha, WI 53140

Call For An Appointment


Page 10 Downtown Kenosha 2019,Vol. 12 Issue #1 ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM


0 DT2019V1

ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM Downtown Kenosha 2019 Vol. 12 Issue #1 Page 11

events Lakeside Players ONGOING EVENTS
in downtown kenosha
Presents: The Comedy Kenosha History Center
Lakeside Players
Presents: The Rocky of Romeo and Juliet Open Tues.-Fri. 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Sat. 10
Horror Picture Show a.m. - 4 p.m., Sun. 12 - 4 p.m.
March 1st - 10th, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 Closed holidays., 220 51st Pl., 262-654-5770
February 1st - 16th, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 p.m., Sundays 2 p.m. The Kenosha History Center collects and preserves
p.m., Sundays 2 p.m. Rhode Center for the Arts, 514 56th Street artifacts, records and information vital to the
Rhode Center for the Arts, 514 56th Street The greatest love story of love, murder and...hilari- understanding of the history of the county’s social,
Brad and Janet, newly engaged, stumble onto the ty? Join us in Verona Italy for a fast-paced contem- cultural, ethnic, and industrial heritage since its
castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter during a rainstorm. porary and witty take on William Shakespeare’s settlement.
Taking refuge in the castle, they're present for the Romeo and Juliet...kinda sorta. Tickets $10. This is
doctor's unveiling of his newest creation, Rocky. the 45th Season for Lakeside Players, which pro- Kenosha Public Museum
Tickets $10-$15. This is the 45th Season for duces comedies, dramas, musicals and children’s
Lakeside Players, which produces comedies, dra- plays, as well as adults-only entertainment and con- Open Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.,
mas, musicals and children’s plays, as well as certs at the historic Rhode Center for the Arts. Sun. 12 - 5 p.m. Closed holidays.
adults-only entertainment and concerts at the his- 5500 First Ave., 262-653-4140
toric Rhode Center for the Arts Steely Dane in Concert The Kenosha Public Museum is a natural sciences
and fine and decorative arts museum. Established
Kenosha Symphony Friday, March 1st, 8 p.m. in 1933, the museum's collections have grown to
Orchestra Concert: Reuther Central High School Auditorium, over 80,000 items, including 1,200 works in the fine
Night at the Movies 913 57th Street • arts collection. General admission is free.
Winner of the MAMA award for best cover band New Permanent Exhibit:
Saturday, February 16th, 7:30 p.m. and Madison Magazine's Best Cover Band, Steely From Curiousit to Science
Reuther Central High School Auditorium, 913 Dane is dedicated to not only faithfully reproducing Opens Monday, February 25th
57th Street the Steely Dan and Donald Fagen songbook, but to Humans are curious. This curiosity has led to col-
The Kenosha Symphony Orchestra celebrates the bringing an energetic live-show experience to the lecting, scientific inquiry and the development of
music of legendary composer John Williams. crowd. Tickets start at $15, plus service fee. For science, and the establishment of museums. “From
Featuring music from Harry Potter and the tickets, visit, call 1-800-838-3006, Curiosity to Science” will lead you on a journey of
Sorcerer’s Stone, Saving Private Ryan, E.T. - The or stop in the Happenings office, 1420 63rd St., discovery from a 1600s Cabinet of Curiosity through
Extra-Terrestrial, Schindler’s List, Star Wars, and weekedays from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. modern museum collections and displays to scien-
more. Email [email protected] with tific study of the natural world.
questions. Photo by Museum Munchkins
Free Natural Science program for preschoolers
Kenosha Restaurant Bowls & Books Soup Fest every Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. Learn about a differ-
Week ent animal every week through stories, songs and
Wednesday, March 27th, activities.
Saturday, February 2nd - Sunday, Feburary 10th 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. or 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. Sunday Curiosity Carts
Kenosha Restaurant Week is a nine-day celebration Rhode Center for the Arts, 516 57th Street Drop by the Field Station for interactive experiences
of our community’s delicious dining scene. Enjoy a For the past 19 years, this fundraiser for the Rhode with Museum education staff every Sunday from
culinary adventure as you dine around the greater Center for the Arts, has been as successful as it has 1:30 - 3:30! A new activity is chosen each week.
Kenosha Area, exploring a diverse selection of been delicious! Taste and score each soup, served Groundhog Day Gift Shop Sale
local, one-of-a-kind restaurants offering multi- up by local restaurants! You receive a souvenir Take advantage of their best-of-the-year discount of
course meals at tasty savings.The talented chefs bowl to keep. The restaurants serve their favorite 25% off at all three Museum Gift shops, and 35%
behind Kenosha’s most popular restaurants have and best soup. The attendees go from table to table, off for Friends of the Museum Members on
cooked up special fixed-price menus for Breakfast tasting, enjoying and scoring the soups. Saturday, February 2nd and Sunday, February 3rd!
or Brunch ($10), Lunch ($10) and Dinner ($20 and Exclusions include consignment, books and media.
$30). No tickets, passes or coupons are required. Kenosha Symphony Photorealist Watercolors:
Just visit any participating restaurant and ask for Orchestra Concert: The PieperPower Photorealism Collection
the special Restaurant Week menu! Find them on Cityscapes Now through February 24th
Facebook and Instagram for restaurant gift card PieperPower presents a collection of watercolors
giveaways before and during Kenosha Restaurant Saturday, April 13th, 7:30 p.m. from artists.
Week! Reuther Central High School Auditorium Basil’s Favorite Things
913 57th Street Saturdays, February 9th & March 9th, 11 a.m.
Snow Daze Festival Featuring Frank Almond, concertmaster of the Basil the Badger loves two things – the Kenosha
Milwaukee Symphony and a commissioned piece Public Museum and a good mystery. On the second
Saturday, February 9th, noon - 3 p.m. for the Kenosha Symphony Orchestra by Mark Saturday of each month, special hands-on activities
The sixth annual Snow Daze Festival will be held Petering. Cityscape by Mark Petering. Violin will help you discover one of Basil’s favorite things
at Veterans Memorial Park, 625 52nd Street – featur- Concerto by Brahms. Enigma Variations by Elgar., about the Museum.
ing ice sculptures and family-friendly activities. 7:30 p.m.Email [email protected] with African American Read In: Celebrating African
While visiting, take advantage of the free ice skat- questions. American Literature
ing rink and enjoy the Second Saturday festivities Saturday, February 9th, 1 p.m..
throughout Downtown Kenosha. Adult and youth readers from our community lend
their voices to poetry, essays, short stories, and
Page 12 Downtown Kenosha 2019,Vol. 12 Issue #1 children’s books by African American authors.
National Quilt Day
Saturday, March 16th, 9:30 a.m.
Catherine Redford’s presentation and trunk show
features a wide variety of quilts featuring flowers,
many of which are beaded and embellished.
Women In Science
March 23rd, noon - 4 p.m.
A celebration of women through the ages and their
contribution to the sciences!


High Deductible 4326 7th Ave
Insurance Plan?
(In Downtown Kenosha)
Need An Affordable
Option For Your Paint your
Diagnostic Screens? own Pottery

Call for a full menu of low Tues.-Fri.: 11am-8pm
cost self-pay lab services. Sat. 10am-8pm Sun.: Noon-5pm

By appointment only. 50% OFF
No prescription needed. (On lowest priced item)

262-656-8400 One piece of pottery when
you buy one at full price.
Kenosha Visiting Nurse Association
600 52nd Street 300, Kenosha With coupon. No duplicates. One coupon per customer. Not good on

prior purchases. Exp. 4/25/19.


Party Reservations For
Party of 10 or More.

With coupon. No duplicates. One
coupon per customer. Not good on

prior purchases. Exp. 4/25/19.



ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM Downtown Kenosha 2019 Vol. 12 Issue #1 Page 13

events Weekly Common sions, describing the art, music, architecture, cul-
in downtown kenosha Grounds Coffee Ride ture and history from a first-person perspective.
General adult admission is $5 per film at the door.
Civil War Museum Saturdays (weather permitting), 8 a.m. Kids 15 and under are free. A season pass may be
Meet at Harborside Common Grounds purchased for $25 ($20 for seniors and Friends of
Open Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., 5159 6th Ave. 652-5434 the Museums members).
Sun. 12 - 5 p.m. Closed holidays. The Bike Shop at Southport Rigging takes group Featuring:
5400 First Ave., 262-653-4141 bicycle rides to a coffee shop in Zion every Saturday Thursday, March 14th, 7 p.m. (shown at Civil War
The Civil War Museum opened in 2008 and focuses morning at 8 a.m. (weather permitting). It is a 26- Museum, 5400 First Ave.)
on the contribution of the Upper Middle West to the mile round-trip ride with a half hour stop for coffee “Passage Through India” by Steve McCurdy. Tour
Civil War. Main exhibit admission is $9 general and treats. The ride is mostly flat and suitable for the famed Taj Mahal and the Red Fort. Ride ele-
admission; $5 for City of Kenosha and town of all levels of riders and anyone 10 and over. No sign phants, take a boat ride on the Ganges River, and
Somers residents; free for Friends of the Museum. up necessary, just show up. travel across northern India by train.
African American Civilians and the Gettysburg Thursday, April 4th, 7 p.m. (at Kenosha Public
Campaign, Saturday, February 2nd, 1 p.m. Museum, 5500 First Ave.)
Presented by Steve Acker. This program will add “Wonders of the World” by Marlin Darrah
another layer to that rich history by sharing the In 86 minutes, you'll visit 43 countries, seeing
story of the African American at Gettysburg. dozens of world-famous sites as well as some less-
Civil War Medical Weeken, er-known marvels of our incredible planet.
Saturday & Sunday, February 16th & 17th
Join the Museum for a weekend of living history, Photo by @downtownkenosha - Instagram Griffin Observatory
programs and exhibits commemorating the role of Public Viewing Night
physicians, nurses, and caregivers during the Civil Lemon Street Gallery
War. February 8th, 15th, 22nd, March 1st, & 8th
Immigrant Stories of the Civil War Kemper Center, 6501 3rd Ave., 551-6042
Tuesday, March 5th, 7 p.m. Lemon Street Gallery, 4601 Sheridan Road, is a cre- The Carthage College Society of Physics Students
This lecture tells the personal stories of well known, atively driven non-profit visual art organization and the Tremper High School Astronomical Society
and not so well known, Union soldiers who were with a mission to provide quality visual arts educa- will make available to the public Carthage's 11-inch
born outside the United States and immigrated to tion, sponsor and support cultural events, and offer telescope on select Fridays at the Griffin
the country before the Civil War. a juried forum for artists to exhibit and sell their Observatory on the Kemper Center campus, 6501
Spark! work. Each month they feature a new artist spot- Third Avenue. Guests are encouraged to dress
Spark! is a monthly program for individuals in early light and have a opening reception on the Second warmly. Some stair climbing is required. They wel-
to mid-stages of memory loss and their caregivers. Saturday of each month where guests can meet the come children who are accompanied by adults. Free
Participants are engaged in lively conversations, artists and enjoy refreshments. The gallery is open and open to the public. It’s open to the public on
storytelling, interactive exhibit experiences, object Wed. 11 a.m. – 6 p.m., Thurs. 11 a.m. – 8 p.m., Fri.- select nights during the year. Winter dates are:
handling, and other multi-sensory activities. Space Sat. 11 a.m. – 6 p.m., Sun 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. Email February 8th, 15th, 22nd, and March 1st and 8th at
is limited, so reservations are required. 262-653- [email protected] or call 262-605-4745 7:30 p.m., weather permitting. Email
4423 or [email protected] with questions. [email protected] with questions.
Second Friday Lecture Series (at noon)
February 8th: Fighting Slavery in Chicago. March Comedy Shows at Photo by @downtownkenosha - Instagram
8th: Caroline Quarlis - My Independence Day. Kenosha Comedy Club
Kenosha Winter
Photo by @downtownkenosha - Instagram HarborMarket
Every Friday (8 p.m.) and Saturday (two shows, 7
Dinosaur Discovery p.m. and 9 p.m.) the Kenosha Comedy Club pres- Saturdays, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Musuem ents a hilarious 90-minute show that features two Rhode Center for the Arts, 514 56th St., 914-1252
opening comedians plus a national touring headlin- Dozens of vendors converge inside the historic
Open Tue.-Sat. noon. – 5 p.m., er at the Wyndham Garden Hotel, 5125 Sixth Rhode Center for the Arts, with cheeses, artisan
5608 Tenth Avenue., 262-653-4450 Avenue.. Tickets are $12 and available at the door, bakery goods, art, crafts, prepared foods, and more.
The Dinosaur Discovery Museum in Kenosha, or in advance at
Wisconsin, is the only museum to focus on the link Fine Arts
between meat-eating dinosaurs and birds, one of All-American: at First Concert Series
the most complete known fossil records. Kenosha Style
Dino Digs February 24th, May 5th
Experience first-hand the excitement of excavating a Now through September First United Methodist Church of Kenosha
dinosaur fossil! Every Saturday and Sunday at 1 Kenosha History Center, 220 51st Pl., 654-5770 919 60th St., 658-3213,
p.m. The Kenosha History Center, 220 51st Place, pre- First United Methodist Church seeks to offer beauty
serves and celebrates Kenosha’s automotive and to the community through music and the fine arts.
Page 14 Downtown Kenosha 2019,Vol. 12 Issue #1 industrial heritage. Admission is free; donations are Each Sunday afternoon performance within the
appreciated. Open Tues.-Fri. 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., nave of the acoustic sanctuary concludes with a
Sat. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., Sun. 12 - 4 p.m. Closed holi- reception in the beautiful Bauer-King Hall where
days. Call 262-654-5770 with any questions. you may chat with performers and enjoy dessert.
On February 24th, enjoy pianist Wael Farouk and on
Travel Adventure Series May 5th, the Fine Arts Jazz Ensemble will perform. Photo by Michelle Eckert
For more than 80 years the Kenosha Public
Museum has been taking viewers to destinations
around the world through its Travel Adventure
Series. Professional filmmakers share their travel
experiences through movies and interactive discus-


Present This Coupon

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Smoothie & Juice Bar DT2019V1

Healthy meal Replacement Shakes
metabolic boosting antioxidant thermogenic teas


611-56th Street Downtown Kenosha, WI

ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM Downtown Kenosha 2019 Vol. 12 Issue #1 Page 15

union park arts district


Union Park Arts District is cultivated by the community of artists that surround the Union Park neighborhood.
We are growing the heart of Kenosha’s art culture. We’re growing and YOU could be part of UPAD too!

Union Park Arts District consists of: Alpaca Art, Pete’s Union Park Tavern, Music Conservatory,
Peace Tree, Bead Haven, Serendipity, Actors Craft, Artworks, Re:Vision, Lemon Street Art Gallery,

Kenosha Heating & Cooling, Bindelli’s City Zoo, and About Time Moving Systems.

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Adults $15 General Admission $10
Seniors/Students $10
Box Office opens one hour prior to curtain
ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM Purchase Online for guaranteed availability
General Seating begins half-hour to curtain

Downtown Kenosha 2019 Vol. 12 Issue #1 Page 17

5613 6th Ave, Kenosha on the move!
Robin’s Nest Cakery
Wed, Thurs, Fri 1-6
Sat Noon-6 For the past several years, Robin’s Nest Cakery has been providing
Sun 11-3 spectacular custom cakes and sweet treats for any occasion. They are
looking forward to moving to their new prime location at 5537 Sixth
Avenue (under the Mayer Drugs sign) by the end of February. Give
them a call at 262-652-1054 for more information.

Duck Duck Goose

We all know that kids grow like weeds and before you know it, they
will be growing out of their clothes. So, why pay top dollar for items for
the kids when you can stop at Duck Duck Goose? This children’s
resale shop will be moving just across the street, to 5811 Sixth
Avenue, by February 1st.

K-9 Kibble

If you are driving down Sixth Avenue and worried because K9 Kibble
is no longer at their location, fret not. They have simply moved to a new
larger store just a few blocks away at 5919 Sheridan Road. What has-
n’t changed is their excellent customer service and all of the best prod-
ucts available for your loving pet.

Casual Trendy Women’s Clothing, DT2019V1
Handbags, and Accessories
Page 18 Downtown Kenosha 2019,Vol. 12 Issue #1


Accountants 69. Davison Law Offices 81. Madrigrano Marina Shores Billing Services
69. Better Bookkeeping 1207 55th St. • 262-657-5165 302 58th St. • 262-658-8731 76. Plexus Health Solutions
1111 55th St., Ste. 1 • 262-658-1334 45. Guttormsen, Hartley LLC 43. Wyndham Garden Harborside 700 57th St. • 262-654-5555
64. Kristine Davidson, CPA 600 52nd St., Ste. 120 • 262-658-4800 5125 6th Ave. • 262-658-3281 Boats/Boat Storage
5455 Sheridan Road • 262-484-4930 67. Douglas I. Henderson Bar & Grills 39. Capt. Jim’s Yacht Sales
45. Seymour & Associates, S.C. 5511 11th Ave. • 262-652-2150 45. Capt. Mikes Beer & Burger Bar 5017 Sheridan Rd. • 262-652-8866
600 52nd St., Ste. 210 • 262-658-3500 67. Denise Hertz-McGrath 5118 6th Ave. • 262-658-2278 35. Great Lakes Yacht Sales
85. Thomey, Michael J. CPA 1020 56th St. • 262-654-0770 59. Century Pub & Eatery 443 50th St. • 262-654-0207
5717 8th Ave. • 262-654-8171 69. Kupfer Law Offices 5511 6th Ave. • 262-764-6501 42. Kenosha Yacht Club
Antiques 1111 55th St., Ste. 2• 262-654-5030 76. Mike’s Chicken & Donut Bar 5130 4th Ave. • 262-652-2320
33. Cypress Tree Antiques 61. Mary A. Losey 707 56th St. • 262-857-2392 16. Simmons Island Marina
722 50th St. • 262-652-6999 620 56th St. • 262-654-9466 37. Paddy-O’s Pub 4520 Harbor Dr. • 262-653-3910
94. Suburban One 69. Madrigrano, Aiello & Santarelli 5022 7th Ave. • 262-652-7223 90. Southport Marina
627 58th St. • 262-748-7181 1108 56th St. • 262-657-2000 19. Pete’s Place 21 56th St. • 262-657-5565
93. Vintage Underground Antiques 61. William P. Michael 4520 8th Ave. • 262-652-6454 Tall Ship Red Witch
5817 6th Ave. 620 56th St. • 262-652-8144 59. Slip 56 54th St. & 5 Ave.• 312-469-0233
Apartments/Condos 83. Michaelis Law Office 506 56th St. • 262-764-8040 Books
92. Fifth Avenue Lofts 1 & 2 5707 6th Ave. • 262-997-0026 26. Stoneface Pub & Grill 85. Book Restoration Company
5815/5819 5th Ave. • 262-652-6728 75. Milos Law LLC 4701 8th Ave. • 262-654-4335 5703 8th Ave. • 800-228-1943
85. Grover Properties, LLC 5606 6th Ave. • 262-694-3826 59. Swede’s Brewery/Winery
5717 8th Ave. • 262-654-8171 59. Rose & Rose 510 56th St. • 262-577-5858 37. Iron Depot Winery
105. Landmark Apartments 5529 6th Ave. • 262-358-9243 6. tg’s Restaurant & Pub 5000 7th Ave. • 724-854-0334
5918 8th Ave. • 262-652-9000 67. Law Office of Robert F. Sfasciotti 4120 7th Ave. • 262-658-8080 85. PUBLIC Craft Brewing Company
102. Library Park Apartments 5511 11th Ave. • 262-671-4345 37. The Factory 716 58th St. • 262-652-2739
5947 7th Ave. • 262-652-5160 61. Van Cuick Law Offices 5010 7th Ave. • 262-654-3938 84. Rustic Road Brewing Company
74. Marco Mars Apartments 620 56th St. • 262-653-1461 Bars 5706 6th Ave. • 262-320-7623
512 57th St. • 262-818-0718 69. Zievers & Dowse, SC 83. 58 Below Child Care
51. Stationside Village 1108 56th St. • 262-654-3434 504 58th St. • 262-764-6564 61. Bright From The Start
5215 11th Ave. • 262-656-1010 75. State Public Defender 21. Bindelli’s City Zoo 5522 6th Ave. • 262-605-2221
107. Shirley Apartments 604 57th Street • 262-653-6404 4601 7th Ave. • 262-654-2646 109. Here We Grow Academy
5922 10th Ave. • 262-654-7313 107. Laura A. Walker Attorney at Law 37. Champions Sports Bar 6032 8th Ave. • 262-652-0700
84. Wi-Star Plaza Inn 1024 60th Street • 608-512-6649 719 50th St. • 262-605-4811 104. Library Square School CDC
5711 7th Ave. • 262-652-7322 Auto/Motorcycle 22. Cheers Bar 5900 7th Ave. • 262-656-1957
Architects/Engineers 108. Affordable Auto Sales 4619 8th Ave. • 262-654-4304 80. Lov-N-Care Children’s Academy
84. Clark/Dietz Engineers 1118 60th St. • 312-768-9641 59. Fec’s Place 1115 56th St. • 262-652-7005
625 57th St. 6th Flr. • 262-657-1550 20. Auto Medix 5523 6th Ave. • 262-925-8820 Churches
83. Manhard Consulting 4500 Sheridan Rd. • 262-925-0911 74. Interlude II 84. ACTS Family Worship Center
5707 6th Ave • 262-358-9131 4. Bad Boyz Auto Repair 514 57th St. • 262-653-8355 5707 7th Ave. • 262-287-2698
45. Partners In Design Architects, Inc. 4103 7th Ave. • 262-764-1886 33. Port of Kenosha Beverage House 95. Apostolic Missionary Church
600 52nd St., Ste. 220 • 262-652-2800 95. Boosted Warehouse 714 50th St. • 262-654-1101 5824 7th Ave. • 262-652-5300
83. Seger Architecture 723 58th St. • 262-577-4686 59. Rutz Puzzle House 96. Bradford Community Unitarian
520 58th St., Ste. 120 • 262-214-2012 96. Car Source 4224 7th Ave. • 262-764-3289 5810 8th Ave. • 262-656-0544
69. TGAR Group 5821 Sheridan Rd. • 262-652-2277 Beauty Shop/Hair Salons 2. Centro Del Alfarero
1213 55th St. #200 • 262-818-4620 4. McCurdy Auto & Marine 31. Affair With Hair 720 Washington Rd. • 262-658-2622
Art/Galleries 4121 7th Ave. • 262-237-1343 4812 Sheridan Rd. • 262-654-1588 105. Christ The King Church
9. Alpaca Art Pottery Painting 2. Northside Alignment Center 85. Bellissima 5934 8th Ave. • 262-654-0457
4326 7th Av e • 262-657-4444 710 Washington Rd. • 262-656-1165 5700 7th Ave. • 262-653-0867 74. Daybreak Church
19. Artworks 45. Red Line Cycles 94. Dawn’s Style 5631 6th Ave. • 262-308-1417
4513 Sheridan Road • 262-515-5593 5128 6th Ave. • 262-671-0091 633 58th St. • 262-914-5718 83. Ecclesia Church
75. Kenosha Art Association 3. Sheridan Rd. Auto Sales 61. Hair by Marty 520 58th St. 3rd Flr. • 262-308-6978
5615 7th Ave. • 262-654-0065 824 Washington Rd.• 262-605-9387 622 56th St. • 262-960-0197
75. Kenosha Creative Space 108. The Real C&M Auto Repair 106. Moda Bella Salon & Spa 108. Holy Spirit Community Church
624 57th St. • 262-945-9411 1108 60th St..• 262-764-2244 914-60th St. • 262-694-7575 5800 11th Ave. • 262-551-7517
23. Lemon Street Gallery 82. Ultimate Refinish Auto Body 59. Perfect 10 Salon 66. Immanuel United Methodist
4601 Sheridan Rd. • 262-605-4745 5725 5th Ave. • 262-764-6065 5509 6th Ave. • 262-658-8086 5410 Sheridan Rd. • 262-652-3784
59. Pollard Gallery & Gift Shop Banks/Loans 94. Royals Hair Lounge 68. Reformation Church
518 56th St. • 262-657-7529 102. BMO Harris Bank 5806 6th Ave. • 262-577-5540 1100 55th St.
23. Re: Vision Gallery 5935 7th Ave. • 262-658-4861 44. Salon On Sixth 29. St. Elizabeth Catholic Church
4625 Sheridan Road • 262-764-6603 61. Chase 5040 6th Ave. • 262-657-4878 4816 7th Ave. • 262-657-1156
Attorneys 5522 6th Ave. • 262-658-5212 94. salon tech.nique
69. Donald J. Bielski Law Office 106. Blackhawk Community Credit Union 643 58th St. • 262-658-0780 97. St. James the Apostle Catholic
1108 56th St. • 262-654-1510 929 59th St. • 262-657-679 10. Sandra’s Styling Studio 5804 Sheridan Rd. • 262-658-8071
64. Brookhouse & Hemsing Law 45. WI Women’s Business Initiative 809 43rd St. • 262-652-4777 103. St. Matthews Episcopal Church
5455 Sheridan Rd.#202 • 262-658-3571 600 52nd St, Ste 130 • 262-925-2580 85. Stella’s Hair Salon 5900 7th Ave. • 262-654-8642
76. Caviale Law Office Banquet/Catering 726 58th St. • 262-515-4210 61. Templos De Dios Iglesia
702 57th St. • 262-657-7666 83. American Legion Club 85. Tangles Hair Salon Rios De Agua Viva • 626 56th St.
61. Cicchini Law Office 504 58th St. • 262-657-7464 717 57th St. • 262-515-2727 83. The Furnace House Of Prayer
620 56th St. • 262-652-7109 33. Circa On Seventh 6. Theodore’s Hair Design 520 58th St., 3rd Flr. • 262-764-0941
6. Terry L. Constant 4902 7th Ave. • 262-764-0601 4104 7th Ave. • 262-605-0825 Clothing/Accessories
4124 7th Ave. • 262-654-0297 33. Culinary Infusion Bicycles 94. Bisou Lingerie
67. David E. Celebre 4902 7th Ave. • 262-764-0673 36. Total Cyclery 635 58th St. • 262-653-0112
5511 11th Ave. • 262-652-2150 109. GFWC Woman’s Club of Kenosha 5039 6th Ave. • 262-652-2222 94. Duck, Duck, Goose Resale Shop
6028 8th Ave. • 262-652-1731 5810 6th Ave. • 262-653-3905
74. Jax Boutique
5613 6th Ave. • 262-748-1763

ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM Downtown Kenosha 2019 Vol. 12 Issue #1 Page 19


Clothing/Accessories 85. Lulu Birds 84. Kenosha Community Health Ctr. 41. Kenosha History Center
61. Jockey Factory Store 720 58th St. • 262-914-1576 625 57th St. Ste. 700 • 262-656-0044 220 51st Pl. • 262-654-5770
5500 6th Ave. • 262-654-5737 Gas Stations 64. Kenosha Dentist 54. Kenosha Public Museum
93. Live A Little 106. Gulf Gas Station 5455 Sheridan Rd. #201 • 262-244-0700 5500 1st Ave. • 262-653-4140
5811 6th Ave. • 262-945-4191 5922 Sheridan R. • 262-656-9666 45. Kenosha Visiting Nurse Association 41. Southport Light Station
33. Madison Bleu 38. Lou Perrine’s Gas & Grocery 600 52nd St., Ste 300 • 262-656-8400 5117 4th Ave. • 262-654-5770
4906 7th Ave. • 224-280-3869 5145 Sheridan Rd. • 262-654-7828 33. Modern Apothecary Music/Entertainment
75. Mike Bjorn’s Fine Clothing 34. Mobil Gas Station 4924 7th Avenue • 262-997-9573 37. Fusion
5614 6th Ave. • 262-652-0648 4924 Sheridan Rd. • 262-653-1200 75. Nutrition Revolution 5014 7th Ave. • 708-217-8030
83. S.J. Crystals Men Apparel Government 611 56th St. 1st Flr 46. Garin Piano Studio Harborside
5701 6th Ave. • 262-656-9910 67. Kenosha County Administration 64. Dr. Steven Schwimmer, DO 716 51st Pl. #4001 • 262-551-8515
Coffee Shops/Cafes 1010 56th St. • 262-653-2460 5455 Sheridan Rd. #201 • 262-654-2500 84. GiGhive Independent Artists
43. Harborside Common Grounds 66. Kenosha County Courthouse 36. Upbeat Wellness 616 58th St. • 262-657-1075
5159 6th Ave. • 262-652-5111 912 56th St. • 262-653-2664 5029 6th Ave. • 262-515-5027 43. Kenosha Comedy Club
Commerce/Tourism/Etc. 48. Kenosha Municipal Building Hobbies/Gaming/Collectibles 5125 6th Ave. • 262-564-8800
61. Downtown Kenosha Inc. 625 52nd St. • 262-653-4000 75. Gravity Gaming 17. Kenosha Conservatory of Music
812 56th St. • 262-842-5354 85. Kenosha County Democratic Party 621 56th St. • 262-533-0676 4501 7th Ave. • 262-653-1033
61. Kenosha Area Business Alliance 5712 7th Ave. • 262-857-6773 102. Inner Child Collectibles & Comics 95. Kenosha Symphony Association
5500 6th Ave., Ste. 200 • 262-605-1100 67. Kenosha Police Department 5921 6th Ave. “A” • 262-653-0400 723 58th St. Ste. 301 • 262-654-9080
45. Kenosha Chamber of Commerce 1000 55th St. • 262-605-5200 Ice Cream/Popcorn 102. Pacetti’s Maestro Of Music
600 52nd St., Ste. 130 • 262-654-1234 65. KPL Administration/Support Cntr. 10. Dairy Queen 5905 6th Ave. “A”. • 262-657-5031
65. Kenosha Area Convention & 812 56th St. • 262-564-6100 4301 Sheridan Rd. • 262-842-0012 36. Stolfe's Portside Percussion
Visitors Bureau 41. Kenosha Water Production Plant 59. Sandy’s Popper 5029 6th Ave. • 262-818-1173
812 56th St. • 262-654-7307 100 51st Pl. • 262-653-4330 5503 6th Ave. • 262-605-3202 Pet Care
45. Kenosha Community Foundation 75. Social Security Administration 85. Scoops Ice Cream and Candy 105. K9 Kibble
600 52nd St., Ste.. 110 • 262-654-2412 5624 6th Ave. • 866-334-4997 5711 8th Ave. • 262-657-9866 5919 Sheridan Rd. • 262-997-0504
Computers/Consultants/Web 35. United States Coast Guard Insurance 94.Lakeshore Veterinary Clinic
1221 Creative 5036 4th Ave. • 262-657-4620 44. American Family - James Pucci 612 59th St. • 262-653-0067 77. United States Post Office 5115 7th Ave. • 262-652-6265 94. Kindred Kitties
64. Leeward Business Advisors 5605 Sheridan Rd. • 800-275-8777 74. Modern Woodman Fraternal Financial 614 59th St. • 262-605-0533
5455 Sheridan Rd. • 262-358-4116 44. U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan 512 57th St • 262-945-0058 94. Rettungs-Haus Shepherds, Inc
Contractors 5031 7th Ave. • 262-654-1901 102. Schlax, Christensen & Lee 5812 6th Ave • 262-914-2411
95. JS Pokorny Contractors, Inc 108. Wisconsin Community 5915 6th Ave. “A”. • 262-658-4888 Photography
723 58th St., Ste. 302 • 262-653-9822 Corrections Division Interior Design 75. Mikasi • [email protected]
14. Kenosha Heating & Cooling 1212 60th St. • 262-653-7150 102. Designs In Re-upholstery 75. Optic Light Photography
4421 Sheridan Rd. • 262-652-6900 Grocery Stores 5922 6th Ave. • 262-652-3252 5606 6th Ave. • 262-237-8501
Copying/Printing 82. Harbor View Groceries 21. Holly Henderson Interior Design 85. Sarah Baldwin Photography
44. Copy Center 5710 4th Ave. • 262-404-5166 4628 5th Ave. • 262-654-4600 5708 7th Ave. • 262-925-1129
5036 6th Ave. • 262-654-9030 38. Sara Lee Outlet Jewelers 68. Snap Happy Pics
Dance/Gymnastics 5120 8th Ave. • 262-658-1396 61. Dale Jeweler 1106 55th St. • 262-536-0508
83. Donna's Gym-Nastics 7. Westown Foods 624 56th St. • 262-605-0561 83. SR Photography
5717 6th Ave. • 262-818-8888 4222 Sheridan Rd. • 262-564-5244 Library 520 58th St. • 262-989-3926
Dry Cleaners Gym/Fitness/Massage 109. Gilbert M. Simmons Library Publications
26. Martino’s Master Dry Cleaning 75. Anytime Fitness 711 59th Pl. • 262-564-6100 95. Kenosha News Publishing Corp.
4700 7th Ave. • 262-657-3121 611 56th St. • 262-612-3155 Lodging 5800 7th Ave. • 262-657-1000
Emplyment/Staffing 37. Black Cat Bodyworks 33. The Coffee Pot Inn Real Estate/Title/Mortage
60. Halpin Personnel, Inc. 705 50th St. • 262-228-6824 4910 7th Ave • 262-653-8849 84. Clovis Point Properties
618 55th St. #U-1 • 262-658-2996 75. Dakini Healing Arts 25. Merry Yacht Inn 625 57th St. • 847-835-4537
44. QPS Companies, Inc. 5603 7th Ave. • 262-496-5642 4815 7th Ave. • 262-654-9922 95. JKP Properties LLC
5022 6th Ave. • 262-605-7000 37. Define Yourself Yoga 12. Southport Bed & Breakfast 723 58th St. • 847-401-6800
Financial/Investments 5016 7th Ave. • 262-770-2504 4405 7th Ave. • 262-652-1951 69. Midwest Investments
85. Eighth Avenue Advisors 102. Equinox - Body & Soul Boutique 86. The Stella Hotel & Ballroom 1111 55th St. • 262-653-1149
5717 8th Ave. • 262-654-8171 or 925-6440 5901 6th Ave. “A” • 262-656-1830 5706 8th Ave. • 262-842-2000 75. Omni Realty Group
108. Financial Reality 83. Flex & Burn Fitness 43. Wyndham Garden Harborside 5606 6th Ave. #LL1 • 262-945-5991
1006 60th St. • 262-705-8557 5711 6th Ave. • 262-515-9527 5125 6th Ave. • 262-658-3281 69. RNP Investments
45. The Fitzpatrick Group/Wells Fargo 75. Hot Yoga Machine Shops 1111 55th St. Ste 3 • 262-657-0588
600 52nd St., Ste. 100 • 262-657-2544 611 56th St. #201 • 217-220-4120 38. Harbor Machining 37. Security National Mortgage
76. Prophet Wealth Management, LLC 75. Stay Relax LLC 510 56th St. • 262-605-8980 5002 7th Ave. #200 • 262-649-1233
708 57th St. • 262-657-5555 611 56th St 2nd Flr • 262-226-2648 Martial Arts / Boxing 1S. Seventh Ave. Properties
64. Prudential-Joyce Wilson 83. Yoga & Friends 83. Iron Phoenix Karate 920 61st St. • 262-654-3091
5455 Sheridan Rd. Ste. LL10 • 262-605-9565 5721 6th Ave • 262-484-2487 5721 6th Ave. • 262-945-5507 83. Stanich & Stanich
83. Raymond James Health/Wellness 37. Kenosha Aikikai Aikido 520 58th St., 3rd Flr. • 262-656-1000
5707 6th Ave. • 262-652-7535 64. Eye Care 4 U 5016 7th Ave. • 262-237-8175 59. Trecroci Realty
26. Southport Insurance & Investments 5455 Sheridan Rd,. Ste LL20 • 262-656-0428 83. Shen Long Tai Chi 522 56th Steet • 262-237-0403
4722 7th Ave. • 262-658-3990 69. Family Psychiatric Care 5723 6th Ave. • 262-208-5157 Recreation/Sports
Florists 1114 56th St. • 262-725-4426 86. US Tae Kwon Do 40. Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha
74. A Summers Garden Florist 107. Genesis Chiropractic 5713 Sheridan Rd. • 262-652-2556 1330 52nd St. • 262-654-6200
5617 6th Ave. • 262-657-7673 1024 60th St. • 262-657-7744 102. Trained Monkey 94. Lakefront Dugout
94. Silk & Satin Floral Shop 45. Grady Design Harborside Eye Care 5913 6th Ave. A • 414-202-5393 620 59th Street • 262-818-3593
625 58th St. • 262-652-8488 5134 6th Ave. • 262-652-2020 Museums 35. Stellar Sport Fishing Co.
Furniture/Furnishings 64: Guided Wellness Counseling 54. Civil War Museum 443 50th St. • 620-1611
85. Embellished Heart 1112 56th St • 262-287-1999 5400 1st Ave. • 262-653-4140 93. Wisconsin Outdoor Games
724 58th St. • 262-497-8998 64. Innovative Recovery 79. Dinosaur Discovery Museum 5813 6th Ave. • 262-744-2033
5455 Sheridan Rd #LL1 • 262-314-0061 5608 10th Ave. • 262-653-4450

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Restaurants Schools 75. Robin’s Nest Cakery 102. Kessler’s Clocks
621 56th St. • 262-652-1054 5909 6th Avenue A • 262-657-5812
71. Ashling On The Lough 87. Harborside Academy 15. Ruffolo International Foods 76. Le Esther’s Lamp Shop
125 56th St. • 262-653-0500 913 57th St. • 262-359-8400 4420 Sheridan Rd. • 262-658-3663 710 57th St. • 262-652-3514
89. Bartley House 87. Reuther Central High School 56. Mavra’s Greek Oil
1212 58th St. • 262-658-1966 913 57th St. • 262-359-6160 Specialty Services 316 56th St • 262-657-5846
32. Boathouse Pub & Eatery 69. Parker & Barrow Tattoo & Piercing
4917 7th Ave. • 262-654-9922 Screenprinting/Embroidery 14. ABS Small Engine Repair 5712 6th Avenue • 262-764-9824
51. Choo-Choo Charlie’s 817 44th St. • 262-654-4060 25. Peacetree Originals
5414 13th Ave. • 262-220-3634 85. Dad’s Screenprinting 84. Concept Sales Midwest 4721 7th Ave. • 262-652-5388
38. De La Rosa's Taqueria 728 58th St. • 262-653-1687 625 57th St., Ste. 300• 262-652-5236 26. Red Roses Bead Haven
5145 Sheridan Rd. • 262-744-2757 37. Lettering Machine 76. Delgan & Associates Inc. 4726 7th Ave. • 262-652-3538
83. Franks Diner 725 50th St. • 262-652-4177 702 57th St. • 262-764-5592 26. Serendipity
508 58th St. • 262-657-1017 45. Dooley & Associates 4706 7th Ave. • 262-412-8698
74. Kaiser’s Pizza & Pub Senior/Assisted Living 600 52nd St. #140 • 262-925-4769 84. Shel’s Bridal
510 57th St. • 262-653-5897 95. Helene Sobin Consulting 625 57th St. • 815-901-7280
36. Marina Gardens 101. Dayton Care Center 723 58th St. • 262-496-8837 84. Smoque Vapors
5001 7th Ave. • 262-656-0774 521 59th St. • 262-657-6121 6. Hoernel Lock & Key 5700 6th Ave. • 773-904-8885
76. Mike's Donuts & Chicken 46. Harborside Commons 711 Washington Rd. • 262-654-5858 84. Something Different
707 56th St. • 262-764-9520 716 51st Pl. • 262-925-0296 95. Inventory Operations Consulting 5716 6th Ave. • 262-658-3565
76. Mike’s Sportsbook & Meat Bar 91. Lakeside Towers Apartments 723 58th St #100 • 800-849-1081 85. Talulah Tattoo
707 56th St. • 262-764-2429 5800 3rd Ave. • 262-654-2131 99. Monfils Loewen Monument 715 57th St. [email protected]
94. Olive Tree Restaurant 97. St. James Manor 5807 13th Ave. • 262-658-8023 102. The Pine Blossom
5800 6th Ave. • 262-652-8111 910 59th St. • 262-656-0652 86. My Dream Centerpiece LLC 5925 6th Ave. A • 262-945-1139
44. Oriental Inn 82. Virginia Towers 815 57th St. • 262-496-8742 107. Treasures Within
5034 6th Ave. • 262-652-5446 5710 4th Ave. • 262-496-4521 45. PT Pros Management Services 1010 60th St. • 262-359-9827
74. Sazzy B 600 52nd St. • 262-925-5000
5623 6th Ave. • 262-925-8499 Social Services 83. Schmitt Security and Investigation Theatre
75. Subway Sandwich Shop 520 58th St. #200 • 262-764-0706
627 56th St. • 262-654-0500 61. Alano Club 19. Spectrum Pest Control 33. Actor’s Craft
74. The Buzz 630 56th St. • 262-654-8246 4508 8th Ave. • 262-657-5665 4900 7th Ave. • 262-705-0194
5621 6th Ave. • 262-220-7782 85. Bridges Community Center 93 The O Coworking Office/Backyard 101. Kenosha Theatre
33. The Coffee Pot 5718 7th Ave. • 262-657-5252 Dream Studios 5919 6th Ave. • 262-658-2355
4914 7th Ave. • 262-653-8849 37. Harborside Therapy 5823 6th Ave. • 262-484-4089 59. Lakeside Players/Rhode Center
59. Trolley Dogs 705 50th St. • 262-564-5305 37. Venn Patent Illustration 514 56th St. • 262-657-7529
5501 6th Ave. • 262-652-3647 102. Hope Council, Inc 5002 7th Ave. • 262-652-9782
84. The 1844 Table And Mash 5942 6th Ave. • 262-658-8166 95. Word & Design LLC Transportation
5706 8th Ave. • 262-842-2000 106. Inter Connections SC 723 58th St. • 262-358-2988
59. Vinny’s Restaurant 920 60th St. • 262-654-5333 51. Kenosha Metra Station
512 56th St. • 262-748-1483 62. Kenosha Human Development Specialty Shops 5414 13th Ave. • 262-653-4287
45. Villa D’Carlo Restaurant 5407 8th Ave. • 262-657-7188 48. Bus/Streetcar Transit Center
5140 6th Ave. • 262-654-3932 108. KHDS Crisis Prevention Center 84. Authentique 724 54th Street • 262-653-4287
51. Wendy’s 1202 60th St. • 262-657-7188 625 57th St. • 262-612-3032
5210 Sheridan Rd. • 262-652-6064 64. Society’s Assets 94. Gold Standard Social Club Travel Agency
74. Wine Knot Bar & Bistro 5455 Sheridan Rd.#101, 262-657-3999 619 58th St • 262-214-2020
5611 6th Ave. • 262-653-9580 61. United Way of Kenosha County 75. Happy Mouth Organics 60. La Macchia Travel Agency
5500 6th Ave. Ste. 210• 262-658-4104 5606 6th Ave. LL#10 • 262-358-1258 618 55th St. • 262-656-8300
94. House Of Nutrition
Specialty Foods 5824 6th Ave. • 262-652-4787
85. In The Garden of Eden
93. Elsie Mae’s Cannery & Pies 711 57th St. • 262-455-7502
5819 6th Ave. • 262-914-9198
93. Myrtle Mae’s Sugar Emporium
5819 6th Ave. • 262-914-9198

Hours: Wednesday - Saturday 10am - 4:30pm

[email protected]

Downtown Kenosha 2019 Vol. 12 Issue #1 Page 21


downtown after dark

K-dog, Ben, & Patrick Belkys & Natalie Jessica & Todd
at Pete’s Union Park Tavern at Slip 56 at Sazzy B’s

Kyle, Shirley, Mike, Mark, & Cayla Phoenix, Amy, Porter, & Jeff Mary & Rachel
at Swede’s at Rutz Puzzlehouse at Fec’s Place

Andrew, Cheyenne, & Sylvester Brent Joe, Brett, Rob, Kevin, & Todd
at Fec’s Place at Pete’s Union Park Tavern at Swede’s

Joe, Dave, & Terry Katelynn & Nick Paul & Lindsay
at Fusion at Fec’s Place at Slip 56

Page 22 Downtown Kenosha 2019,Vol. 12 Issue #1 ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM


DT2018Vol4 • Signature Cocktails

• Craft Martinis

• Food & Beverage

• Daily Specials

• Craft & Domestic Beers

Open 7 Days A Week
Open at 3pm Mon. & Tues.

Open for lunch 11am
Wed. thru Sun.

Serving Food 4520 8th Ave
7 Days A 262-652-6454
Open Mon. - Sun.
8am - bar close



Beer flights

only $5 KENOSHA

Monday TacoNite! 1 for $2 or 3 for $5 Live Trivia
7pm Every
Sip & Shop Tuesdays Karaoke at 9pm
Tuesdays & Wednesdays
Pasties 1 for $6 or 2 for $10 Wednesday

Wednesday Thursdays Homemade Meatball Bombers
Ben’s Homemade Lasagna every fourth Thursday Tuesday
Open Mic at 8:30pm
FrFidryay3-F9ipsmh through Friday
Saturday Broasted Chicken 3-9pm Homemade Soup,
Sunday Brunch 9am-3pm Chili & Sammiches

Cy’s Piano Jam 4-7pm



ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM Downtown Kenosha 2019 Vol. 12 Issue #1 Page 23

Page 24 Downtown Kenosha 2019,Vol. 12 Issue #1 ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM

downtown after dark

Sam & Matt Mila & Kay
at Slip 56 at Fec’s Place

4224 7th Ave DT2019V1
Open Weekdays at 1pm, Weekends at 11am
Jennifer & Mike Porter & PC
• Happy Hour 1-5pm M-F at Swede’s at Rutz Puzzlehouse
$1-$1.50 Domestic Cans
$2 Rails • $1.50 Lite Pints Bill & Tammy Steve & Janice
at Wine Knot at Pete’s Union Park Tavern
• 80+ Different Beers
• Daily Craft Beer Specials

Open For Lunch & Cribbage Tournament
Check for
Thur. Fri. information
Starting at 11:30am




Bloody Marys Home Of The Famous DT2019V1

The Best In The Area Swede’s Old Fashioned

ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM Downtown Kenosha 2019 Vol. 12 Issue #1 Page 25

bartender spotlight 5523 - 6th Ave
Downtown Kenosha
with Anna of Fec’s Place
Find Us On Serving
How long have you been bartending? Facebook Appetizers &
“Six years.” Kozy’s Pizza
What is your specialty drink?
“Old fashioned or Bloody Marys” EARLY BIRD SPECIAL
What do you love most about being a bartender?
“Meeting new people, and seeing the regulars “ Mon. THRU Sat. 11am to 4pm & ALL DAY Sun.
What do you love most about Downtown Kenosha? $1.50 Domestic Canned Beer
“The lakefront and the great summer events.”
Do you know any bar tricks? Live Music • Ping Pong • Pool • Darts
“I know one or two.” • HD TV’s For Sporting Events
What is your favorite local band? RRoocckkiinn’’ GGoooodd TTiimmee
“The Unusual Suspects.” NNOO CCOOVVEERR
What do you do for fun?
“I love to paint.” • Internet Juke Box • Sponsor Teams
Can you tell me a joke?
“I can tell you a dirty joke...” • Low Priced Drinks & Early Bird Specials

• FREE Pool & Darts Mon. THRU Fri. 11am to 4pm


Catch The Games DT2018V4

125 56th Street • (262) 653-0500 Our Buren Room Is Completely Free To Book.

HoppyJoin us for Hour Kenosha’s
Every Day! • 3-6pm Bloody
$4 TAPS • $4 APPS



with bands starting at 7pm


starts at 8pm
1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month

(With prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place)

Page 26 Downtown Kenosha 2019,Vol. 12 Issue #1

new in downtown kenosha

Nutrition Revolution
611 56th Street

Vintage We are full swing into a new year, and if you Lakefront Dugout
Underground are like many of us, you have made your New 5000 Seventh Avenue
5817 Sixth Avenue Year’s resolutions. One of those resolutions
may be to start taking more interest in your Batter up! It might be too cold to bust out
What began as a simple online hobby has health. Well, if you are looking for a healthy the bats and balls right now at the local dia-
expanded to fill an entire store, and that is drink or just one that tastes great - look no fur- mond, or maybe you just want to pretend
how Vintage Underground was born. ther than Nutrition Revolution. Enjoy one of you are Barry Bonds and hit a few grand
Featuring vintage and antique items, co- their fantastically healthy smoothies and teas - slams by yourself without chasing after the
owners Stacy Juga (pictured) and Bobbi or try one of their delicious iced or hot high ball. If you sit at your desk and visualize
Gandee just opened their shop in protein coffee. Not sure what you are looking yourself swinging for the fences, you need
Downtown Kenosha. Stacy and Bobbi are for in a smoothie but want to try it? Their knowl- to stop in to Lakefront Dugout - Downtown
excited to help you find that perfect piece edgable and friendly staff, including Tori (pic- Kenosha’s premiere baseball training facili-
that screams “you.” Their love for vintage tured) will be more than happy to help you find ty! They welcome guys and gals of all ages
items shows with the variety of great finds the flavor that suits you. to come in and try out their state of the art
at great prices. Stop in soon for great gifts Hours: Monday - Friday, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., batting cages, either to practice for your
for others or to treat yourself. Saturday - Sunday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. summer leagues, or just for some fun.
Hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 10 a.m. - Visit their website,,
4:30 p.m. for hours and details.

your view

We asked our readers to post their favorite Downtown Kenosha photos on Instagram using the hashtag
#downtownkenoshamagazine — thank you all for participating!

Be sure to tag your pics for the next issue, and follow us on Instagram @downtownkenoshamagazine

ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM Downtown Kenosha 2019 Vol. 12 Issue #1 Page 27

remembering downtown kenosha

with Lou Rugani Lou Rugani is a longtime radio host - his shows “Remembering Kenosha” (weekdays,
3 p.m. to 5 p.m.) & “Music of the Stars” (Sundays) can be heard on WLIP AM1050.

At 58th Street and Sheridan Road in down- and balcony. Shutters cover the ceilings for presenta-
town Kenosha and part of the Kenosha public school district stands tions requiring darkness.
the 1924 Central High School Auditorium.
The auditorium acoustics are considered near-ideal
Deliberately designed in movie-palace style, it's at the southeast and a number of nationally-released recordings have
corner of the Walter Reuther Central High School, a massive National been made within. It's the home of the Kenosha
Register of Historic Places block-square building designed by John Symphony Orchestra, and for decades it has also hosted free-admis-
Chubb of Chicago. sion travelogues on weekends. In its earlier years first-run films were
screened as well.
The original seat standards carry the cast-in Many world figures have trod its boards; John Phillip Sousa’s band
CHS emblem. The Neo-Classical style auditorium appeared on several occasions, and Amelia Earhart spoke there
of 1,400 seats feature commissioned original oil shortly before her ill-fated Pacific Ocean flight.
paintings by Chicago artist Gustave Brandt, It’s Kenosha’s foremost performing-arts center and concert venue
including a 44-foot fresco over the proscenium and fits every definition of a classic Broadway theatre even though it’s
symbolizing Kenosha history over a century empha- attached to an operating high school. In 1955, a group of local citi-
sizing the arts and sciences. The 1926 school zens in Kenosha raised a fund to install an organ there, dedicated to
yearbook explained that the panel "shows the High longtime music teacher Minnie Larsen on December 8 of that year
School as the culmination of the ideals of such educators as Col. with Victor Thiex as guest artist.
(Michael) Frank (considered the father of Wisconsin’s public-school
system), Colonel (John) McMynn (the school’s first principal) and Mrs.
(Mary D.) Bradford (a former superintendent of Kenosha public
schools), "a high school with a curriculum varied enough to fit the
needs of all classes of students and one which will place Kenosha
among the first of the cities of Wisconsin in education."

Two large allegorical canvases next to the organ screens illustrate
physical training and mental training, with smaller canvases along the
balcony edge portraying educational subjects.

The auditorium features two spectacular backlighted leaded
stained-glass ceilings which admit daylight over the orchestra floor

Page 28 Downtown Kenosha 2019,Vol. 12 Issue #1 ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM

Look Who’s Downtown

Now Leasing Space At The Historical
625 - 57th Street Building

(Old Bank Building)


• Over 4,500 Sq Ft
(will divide)

• Historical • Beautiful View • Will Build To
Office Suit Lease
Space • Ground

Floor Former

Contact Us Today


[email protected]

Our Winter Entertainment Lineup


SAT. FEB 16TH • 8:00PM • $10


SAT. FEB 23 • 8:00PM • $10 CAT’S PAJAMAS

Don’t Fight the Cold after the Show, stay the night with us! Rooms starting at $84 for
Jan 25 & rooms starting at $109 for Jan 26, Feb 16, Feb 23 & Mar 2. Just call 262-658-3281


Only $12 gets you 90 Minutes of live professional comedy with 3 comics. • No Drink Minimum!


Feb. 1-2 Kent Radar • Feb. 8-9 Joby Saad • Feb. 15-16 Milt Abel • Feb. 22-23 Leslie Norris Townsend
Mar. 1-2 Darryl Rhoades • Mar. 8-9 David Scott “Mr. Showtime” • Mar. 15-16 Todd Johnson
Mar. 22-23 David Graham • Mar. 29-30 Brad Tassell • Apr. 5-6 Hypnotist Rusty Z
Apr. 12-13 Marc Yaffee • Apr. 19-20 Don Reese • Apr. 26-27 Jeff Shaw


ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM Downtown Kenosha 2019 Vol. 12 Issue #1 Page 29

Locally Owned Since 1973. DT2018vl1


Page 30 Downtown Kenosha 2019,Vol. 12 Issue #1 ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM

Thurs. 1-5pm • Fri. 10-5pm 720 58th Street
Downtown Kenosha
Sat. 10-4pm Sun. 11-3pm 262-883-4421

We Proudly feature the talents of many local artisans Both vintage & new furniture, Check us out on...
• Hand Painted Furniture Purchase tickets at
• Handcrafted Goods housewares are carefully curated to create
• Unique Gifts & more the perfect blend for your home
• New Inventory Weekly

The Pine Blossom

Unique Upcycyled clothing, jewelry, furniture, home decor

5925 6th Ave. A • Downtown Kenosha


Hours: Thur. 11-5 Fri. 11-5 Sat. 10-4 Sun. 11-3

m Mother’s


May 11th

Wine & FREE DT2019V1
Chocolate Mother’s Day
ALL DAY Gift Basket


Downtown Kenosha 2019 Vol. 12 Issue #1 Page 31


Page 32 Downtown Kenosha 2019,Vol. 12 Issue #1 ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM

711 - 57th Street Downtown Kenosha

Lingerie (Smal -4x) • Toys & Games • Massage Oils • And lots more...


Contact us about a FREE Party at our Store DT2019V1

Sandy’s Popper Downtown Kenosha 2019 Vol. 12 Issue #1 Page 33

Kenosha’s Own Family-owned Popcorn and Ice Cream Shop

• Fresh, Homemade Gourmet Popcorn

More Than 50 Varieties Of Popcorn
Caramel, Cheese, Kettle, Lively Flavors
And Premium Mixes

• Popcorn Bars, Treat Bags, Displays
Weddings, Parties, Special Events

• Turtles • Giant Malt Balls • Nostalgic Sweets

• Hand Scooped Ice Cream More than 30 flavors

Cones • Sundaes
Shakes and Malts
Pints & Quarts To Go

• Mugs • Soaps

• Candles
• Creative Custom

Gift Baskets & Tins

Gift Cards Available

5503 6th Ave 605-3202


artists of downtown kenosha

Meet Nate Whitney

One of the biggest stories of Downtown Kenosha in 2019 has to be the dramatic transformation of the Stella

Hotel, formerly the Elks Club and Heritage House on the 5700 block of Eighth Avenue. In 2017, local photogra-

pher Nate Whitney, fascinated by local history and abandoned buildings, decided to take the legal path and con-

tacted the owners of the property to get inside for some photographs. Nate recalled his first visit to what was

then known as the vacant Heritage House, “The building was in decent shape with some exceptions. The floors

were soft and had some give, some water leakage, missing windows, and vandalism.”

Now, with the new hotel and restaurant near completion and Whitney as their exclusive photographer, Nate was

able to return to the scene of his photographic work to provide us with an update. “Compared to what I saw in

2017, the renovations are remarkable.” he told Downtown Kenosha magazine. “I don't think anyone will believe the

condition the building was in when I first saw it. I am glad they were able to save and use as much of the original

building as possible. I think Stella will be a great addition to Downtown and will help play a major role in the devel-

opment of the downtown area.”

Whitney is an artist and resident of Kenosha specializing in photography. He discovered his passion after traveling cross country to

Seattle in 2005. Despite the low-resolution images that his 1.8 MP flip phone camera took, he became obsessed how the lights and shad-

ows played off the landscapes to create a certain mood and atmosphere. Two years later, he received his first point-and-shoot camera and

two years after that he purchased his first DSLR which he still uses today. His main concentration is in landscape, nature, automobile and

recently event photography. His images have been published online and in print including the 2017 Kenosha County Visitors guide and

can be viewed and purchased online by visiting

before after

Page 34 Downtown Kenosha 2019,Vol. 12 Issue #1 ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM

Q&A with The Stella Hotel 5706 Eighth Avenue

Tim Sokley GM Robert Sikkila. Executive Chef

As popularity of your hotel grows, will you What would you say is your signa-

think about expanding to different regions? ture dish/drink on your menu, and

This is actually the second hotel for Gorman & what are some of the specialty items

Company. Our first is the Brewhouse Inn & Suites on your menu? We don’t necessarily

in Milwaukee, which is an amazing restoration of have a signature dish, but we have a signa-

Tim Sokley the old Pabst Brewery. About a year after we ture style. Supper Club with an upscale
open The Stella here in Kenosha, Gorman will be
twist. As an example, Whiskey Old

opening the Embassy Suites in downtown Robert Sikkila Fashioned, Barrel-aged for 3months in
charred white oak. A frozen Grasshopper
Rockford, in a completely renovated factory building.

What day will the hotel officially be open to the public? and Brandy Alexander on the dessert
April 1 is our planned opening day, though we’ll host a grand open-
ing celebration sometime in June. menu. Traditional Friday Fish Fry with

hand-cut Kennebec potato French fries and colossal Shrimp cock-

Yvette Lampheir Director Of Sales & Marketing tail. In-house made charcuterie, local cheeses, house-smoked fish

and meats will be present and available daily. The café will feature

Will you collaborate with local businesses for events and fresh-squeezed juices, artisan sandwiches and smoothies made to
promotions? Our goal is contribute to the excitement that we
have already felt in downtown Kenosha, and we feel that the best order, as well as blended or spiked coffee
way to do this is to partner with the local businesses that contribute
that excitement. Kenosha wins when all the local businesses are drinks
Martin van Iersel : Director of Food &

What is the biggest benefit you hope your Yvette Will you only bring in local artists to Martin van
hotel will bring to the Downtown area? I Lampheir put on shows/exhibits, or will you also Iersel
think we can bring in people to the restaurant, bring in artists from other areas? Is
banquets, and hotel who will maybe discover that there a certain style of music/artist you
Kenosha has so much more to offer than they are looking for to perform at your hotel?
knew. I see this adding traffic to the shops, restau- We will eventually have live music on our
rants, bars, museums, and other attractions. rooftop, diverse and local from Wisconsin.
Local artist will also be featured in our cafe

5706 8th Avenue | Kenosha | WI 53140 DT2019V1


Taking reservations at

Nestled in the heart of downtown Kenosha, The Stella Hotel and
Ballroom is historic renovation of the well-known landmark that was
home to the Heritage House Inn and The Kenosha Elks Club. Just
blocks from Lake Michigan, The Stella features 80 stunning gues
trooms featuring state-of-the-art amenities combining sophistication
and contemporary design elements.


Front Desk • Housekeeping

Maintenance • Cooks • Servers

Dishwashers • Bussers

Bartenders • Banquet Staff

Apply at

ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM Downtown Kenosha 2019 Vol. 12 Issue #1 Page 35


photo copyright of the Kenosha
County Historical Society

Interested in
purchasing Kenosha
historic images?
Contact the Kenosha

History Center

Want to learn more about old Kenosha?
Visit or
visit the Kenosha History Center at

220 51st Street. 262-654-5770

This view of the intersection of 56th Street and 7th Avenue shows the steamboat excursions up the Pike River to Jacob’s Island (now Pennoyer
extreme changes of the early 20th century. In 1929, due to a petition of ten Park, south of Carthage College). Jacobs was quite the entrepreneur with
property owners on the street, 7th Avenue was widened between 57th and wide interests including a flour and feed business located on Market Street
56th. This resulted in the destruction of the Jacobs Hotel, which stood four (56th Street) and a short-lived match factory in addition to the Jacobs Hotel.
stories tall on the southwest corner of 56th and 7th. According to Kenosha The two buildings located at the center of the photo (in the back), the Dale
historian Diane Giles, the hotel was built between 1908 and 1912 under the Block and Bidinger building, still remain.
eye of Peter Jacobs, a Somers native, who is remembered today for running

• Music & June 1st 11am - 7pm (rain date June 2nd) • TLrouccaklsFood DT2019V1
OPEN To The Public
FREE Event For Classic Car Owners

Page 36 Downtown Kenosha 2019,Vol. 12 Issue #1 ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM

look who’s downtown!

1 2

4 3
5 6


10 8 9

ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM 1 Christine & Gary 6 Erik & Adrian at Subway
at Olive Tree Restaurant 7 Nick, Macy, & Joshua
at Franks Diner
2 Jeanne at KABA 8 Dennis of Kenosha CVB on
Sixth Avenue
3 Maggie & Meagan 9 Tony & Aaron
at Lulu Birds at Mike Bjorn’s Fine Clothing
10 Sydney, Jacob, & Janelle
4 Sheryl at The Buzz
at Common Grounds
Downtown Kenosha 2019 Vol. 12 Issue #1 Page 37
5 Jessica & Savanna
at Mike’s Donuts & Chicken

spotlight on Downtown Kenosha

Coast & Copper Steve and Tori Rodriguez believe that the most meaningful memo-
ries, are the little ones - the way your kid looked at you with their giant
520 58th Street smile, the house you lived in growing up, the blur of them running

262-671-8674 through the halls. Those are the details they aim to capture at Coast

and Copper. They have a passion for capturing life and love through

photography and storytelling. This husband and wife team are film

based photographers providing heirlooms for future generations.

Jax Boutique Looking for that perfect accessory for your new outfit - or just

5613 Sixth Ave looking for a new outfit altogether? Jax Boutique has you covered,

262-748-1763 they offer the latest trends in casual women’s clothing, handbags,
and accessories. They also offer the best in customer service, and

owner Rashida Jackson and her amazing staff are happy to help

you find that perfect piece. For a delightful shopping experience

that can’t compare to the big guys - SHOP SMALL!

Rustic Road Rustic Road Brewing Company is a tribute to the artisan qualities that
make Wisconsin a special destination for people who want to experi-
5706 Sixth Ave ence great food and diverse beer culture. They produce beers in small
262-320-7623 batches, allowing the freedom to try new ideas and our friends the
opportunity to experience beer diversity. Their motto is Be small - Be
great - Be inspired - Be delicious. It’s not just beer, they also offer a
small but delectable food menu, including sandwiches, appetizers, sal-
ads, and their famous wings.

history of the Rhode Center for the Arts

1891 The original Rhode Opera 1984 The Lake Theatre closes its doors in
House is built by Peter Rhode, Sr. April.

1891-1924 During this era the facili- 1986 The Rhode family expresses an inter-
ty was host to many stars of the era, est in gifting the property to an eligible
including: George M. Cohan, Admiral organization. On December 29th, Lakeshore
Richard Byrd, and Amelia Earhart. BID is granted the property deed by the fam-
1896 The original Rhode Opera
House is destroyed in a fire, but rebuilt 1988 The Lakeside Players become the
the same year on the same site. next tenant. Their first production at their
new home is “Rehearsal for Murder.”
1924 The Rhode Opera House is
turned over to Saxe Brother Theaters 1989 In September, the
of Milwaukee. Two years later, the Lakeside Players purchase the
building is razed. building from Lakeshore BID for
$50,000, renaming the theatre
1927 The Saxe Brothers hire archi- the Rhode Opera House.

tect George Rapp to design a new Above, The Rhode Opera House 2004 The westside office
around 1910 (photo copyright of space is renovated and opens as
building, named the Gateway Theatre. the Pollard Art Gallery and Gifts,
highlighting the work of the
On December 29th, 1927 the first film the Kenosha History Center). At Pollard family, but also focusing
on local artists. The name of the
is screened: “She’s a Sheik” starring right, Stephanie, Lori, Mary, and theater is officially changed to the
Mark outside the Rhode in 2018. Rhode Center for the Arts,
Bebe Daniels. owned and managed by The
Lakeside Players, Inc.
1939 “The Wizard of Oz” is first seen in Kenosha at the Gateway.
2008 The west auditorium,
1963 Standard Theaters leases the facility and renames it the Skinner Hall, opens as an addi-
Lake Theatre. It is re-opened on April 28th with the film “Papa’s tional performance space.
Delicate Condition” starring Jackie Gleason.
1973 A community theater group forms calling themselves The
Lakeside Players.

1976 The Lake Theatre is divided into two auditoriums with
approximately 420 seats in each room.

Page 38 Downtown Kenosha 2019,Vol. 12 Issue #1


ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM Downtown Kenosha 2019 Vol. 12 Issue #1 Page 39

Page 40 Downtown Kenosha 2019,Vol. 12 Issue #1 ONLINE AT DOWNTOWNKENOSHA.ORG & HAP2IT.COM

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