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Smart Reader 062919

Smart Reader 062919

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June 29, 2019 Volume 17 #12


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SMART READER June 29, 2019 1
ENT Family Clinic


Your Voice

We asked social media -
What is your favorite part about
visiting the Renaissance Faire?

Delectable noshes, dashing lords, knights were noble, maids were merry, and turkey “The wandering
winsome wenches, songs, dance, and legs were titanic! Once you enter the portal gates, performers are my favorite.
artisanal wares all await you at the you will travel back to the English city of Bristol in
Bristol Renaissance Faire! 1574 for an amazing day of 16th century games, They give you an intimate
rides, arts, crafts, and one-of-a-kind encounters experience instead of a
From human-powered amusement rides, to with a spectacular cast of characters - including a crowd experience.”
enjoying a bowl of delicious garlic-and-butter visit from Queen Elizabeth herself! Across the - Joshua Holmes
soaked mushrooms, to watching a grown man eat stages, see sword fighters, minstrels, jesters,
mud - the Bristol Renaissance Faire is the place to musicians and more! Shop at the nearly 200 artisan “I love that it is fun for
go if you want to party like it’s 1574! There may be displays, from pottery and glass blowers, to everyone in the family. There
renaissance faires all over the country, but our own jewelers and weapon-builders. Bring home a fine- is a lot for kids of all ages
here in Kenosha, Wisconsin, has been voted the crafted leather work, a hickory walking stick, a rich and adults who are kids as
best one in the nation for six years running! tapestry, or classic hammered pewter. well. It’s a great place where
fantasy meets reality!”
Each day at the Faire recreates a time when To hear more about - Jessica Ann
the Bristol Renaissance
“I love the environment, the
Faire, tune in to people who bring the Faire
Happenings Q&A on
Wednesday, July 10th at 1:30 p.m. when Sturdy to life and make it such a
Beggars Mud Show performer Rush Pearson will vibrant and fun experience,
be our guest. Find the show on AM1050 WLIP. be it the wandering perform-

ers, the folks who do the
incredible stage shows, or
the action and drama of the
joust tournament. It was my
mom's personal paradise.”

- Dustin Cucunato

The Bristol Renaissance Faire is open “Cold beer, great food and
Saturdays, Sundays, and Labor Day, July 6th the people watching is
through September 2nd, 10 a.m. - 7 p.m. outstanding! Also nice that it
Located just off I-94 on the west frontage can be a day with the family
road north of the WI/IL border or a day with crazy friends.”
847-395-7773 • - Michael Gniot

Tips to make your trip “I’d have to say the atmos-
to the Renaissance phere. The feeling of step-
Faire a success ping into the history books,
and witnessing it first hand.”
1. Bring Cash.
- Johnathan Hunt
Most, if not all, of the vendors at the Faire do not accept
credit cards - cash is king at ye ol’ Faire, and many of the
performers work for tips. So, be sure to have plenty of singles
and $5 bills to support these hard-working entertainers.

2. Pick up a Schedule. 5. Try the Pub Crawl. “Dressing up and seeing
the cool outfits people put
With 16 different stages around the park, from the ever- Adults over 21 can join the loud and lusty Pub Crawl crew together; the shops and
popular Joust on the north end to the equally popular Sturdy to hear the most bodacious songs, jests, jokes, stories, and just general atmosphere
Beggars Mud Show on the opposite side, be smart and look riddles the shire has to offer as you are accompanied to four makes you feel like you
over the schedule for the day (available at the front gates) and different pubs around the Faire by your merry host.The Pub stepped back in time.”
plan ahead to not miss out on the high-quality entertainment. Crawl sells out quickly - purchase online early to insure your - Alison Howen
3. Check your prude bag at the door. “My friends and I go every
6. Send the kids on a Quest. year for my birthday.
Although the Faire is a family friendly event, it is also full of
many things that might make parents uneasy and teenagers With the Kid’s Quest, two members of the Order of the I love just walking around
giggle while flying over the heads of the little ones. Be Mice, spies for King Coal, have arrived and are searching for a and seeing all of the
prepared for bawdy double entendres, off-color jokes, and prince and princess. This adventure is designed for kids 4-10
plenty of beautiful women in tight corsets with plunging and lasts about 20-30 minutes. creative costumes, garb,
necklines. Speaking of… and cosplay.”
7. Don’t expect an authentic 1574 experience.
4. Don’t be afraid to dress the part. - Sarah Coleman
If you are a history buff hoping for a realistic look into the
Many of the guests to the Faire come in costume and feel world of the Renaissance period, you may be a bit
that the whole experience is heightened and much more fun disappointed. The Bristol Renaissance Faire proudly chooses
when they come dressed to play. But if you are too shy or just playfulness and whimsy over historical accuracy!
don’t have anything cool enough to wear, at least be sure to
dress comfortably, especially the shoes!

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June 29, 2019 - Volume 17 Number 15


With redistricting decision, high court draws
line on political line-drawing

“Snake on the lake.” “The Franklin County sinkhole.” These Demonstrators gather at the Supreme Court in Washington on June 27th, as justices finished the term with key decisions on gerrymandering
vivid nicknames describe strangely shaped Ohio and a census case.
congressional districts, created by a 2011 Republican-
engineered redistricting intended to favor the GOP. court could produce that would determine how much “We need to embrace the outrage this opinion engenders,”
partisan gerrymandering was too much. said Allison Riggs, head of the voting rights program at the
Democrats and citizen activists had hoped the federal Southern Coalition for Social Justice, on a Thursday
courts would strike down this map as a too-partisan But Justice Kennedy’s retirement and replacement by conference call for reporters organized by the League of
gerrymander in time to draw new, more neutral districts Justice Brett Kavanaugh has tilted the court in the other Women Voters.
prior to the 2020 elections. Now that’s not going to happen. direction. In his ruling, Justice Roberts noted that this issue
On Thursday the Supreme Court, by a 5-4 majority, held that causes problems for the courts because it is true that But opponents still need to keep fighting against “cracking
federal courts are powerless to rule on the deeply political legislatures can consider politics to some degree when and packing” – splitting up voters of one party, or packing
gerrymandering issue. producing electoral maps. And a test for how much is too them together to dilute their votes – and other
much is just beyond the reach of federal courts, Justice gerrymandering techniques, she said.
“Federal judges have no license to reallocate political Roberts said.
power between the two major political parties, with no “It’s critical that people not lose heart,” said Ms. Riggs.
plausible grant of authority in the Constitution, and no legal The Constitution provides no direction in this case, and all
standards to limit and direct their decisions,” wrote Chief ways of choosing among different ways to measure fairness in Some other experts said that they believe it is possible that
Justice John Roberts for the majority in a case that dealt these instances pose “basic questions that are political, not the U.S. will actually see a decline in extreme gerrymander
directly with partisan gerrymanders in Maryland and North legal,” Justice Roberts said. actions in coming years.State court action isn’t precluded by
Carolina. the Supreme Court ruling – and some state constitutions
Justice Elena Kagan, writing a dissent joined by other have more explicit voting rights protections clauses than the
But the “snake on the lake” – which stretches from members of the minority, lamented that the court was federal Constitution. Last year, the Pennsylvania Supreme
Cleveland to Toledo along Lake Erie – is almost certainly still declining to remedy a violation of the Constitution that Court ruled that a congressional map drawn by a GOP-
doomed. The “Franklin County sinkhole,” a dense pack of deprives citizens of the most fundamental of their controlled legislature in 2011 violated a guarantee of “free
Democratic voters, may be too. That’s because Ohioans in constitutional rights. and equal” elections, for instance.
2018 approved a gerrymander reform proposal that changes
the way state congressional districts will be organized – Gerrymanders have “debased and dishonored our Fight moves to the states
starting in 2021. democracy, turning upside-down the core American idea that
all governmental power derives from the people,” Justice Partisan gerrymandering may undermine democracy, as
And that’s why the effect of Thursday’s Supreme Court Kagan wrote. plaintiffs in the North Carolina and Maryland court cases
gerrymander ruling may not be as far-reaching as it first argued, but now, with Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling, the
appears, according to some experts.The Supreme Court did Contrary to democracy demise of partisan gerrymandering relies on democracy, to
not foreclose the states from taking action. In recent years, the fullest extent.
many – including Ohio – have done so, via such reforms as The majority and minority opinions in this case are both
handing over the process of redrawing districts to neutral extremely well-written, but take opposite points of view, says The Constitution doesn’t give the judicial branch the tools
commissions. Edward Foley, a law professor at the Ohio State University to explicitly prevent partisan gerrymandering, Chief Justice
Moritz College of Law. Roberts writes in his opinion, but neither does it preclude
The Supreme Court ruling is disappointing, but may not action by the executive and legislative branches. Both
change the landscape for anti-gerrymander efforts all that Both acknowledge that gerrymandering is bad and Congress and state legislatures have the ability to pass
much, says Michael Li, senior counsel for the Democracy contrary to what democracy is, Mr. Foley says. legislation and state constitutional amendments to prevent
Program at the Brennan Center for Justice in New York.
“The major [takeaway] of the majority opinion is that,‘Hey, See REDISTRICTING on page 22 for more
“Now they will just try those other fronts, and they are don’t blame us, the Constitution is not written in a way that
winning on those other fronts,” says Mr. Li. allows us to deal with this. Our job is to enforce the law. Our
job is not to do politics,’ ” he says.
Districts that run through middle of houses
Some critics worry that the ruling could lead to an
There’s been gerrymandering in America almost as long as explosion of even more partisan gerrymandering in states,
there have been political parties. It’s named after Elbridge particularly states where the legislature and governor’s chair
Gerry, who was governor of Massachusetts and vice is held by the same party. Numbers of these one-party states
president under James Madison. have been growing.There are now 36 such states, up from 26
a decade ago, according to Ballotpedia.
But modern computers and maps have taken
gerrymandering to new levels in recent years. Districts look
like twisted pasta. They resemble inkblots. On one street in
Cincinnati, Ohio, a district line runs through the middle of

The Maryland and North Carolina cases considered by the
Supreme Court are particularly egregious.The former favors
Democrats, the latter Republicans; in the North Carolina
example one criterion used in producing the map was
explicitly labeled “partisan advantage.”

The Supreme Court has twisted itself to avoid ruling on
gerrymander cases in recent years. Justice Anthony Kennedy
had long mused that there might be some kind of test the




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When does birthright citizenship
become citizenship for sale?

Kerry Starchuk’s activism begins with homemade granola Ms. Starchuk, a part-time housecleaner,
cookies – specifically, when she took a plate to her new insists her position is not anti-Chinese or anti-
neighbors. immigrant but is about rules and values,
especially in a region where foreign wealth and
Except the man and a toddler boy who she heard bouncing capital have changed the face of communities.
a basketball outside, and the two pregnant women with them, In Richmond, the mothers hail mostly from
hadn’t moved into the house next door to hers, where she China, lured by advertisements that sell all-
has lived since 1988.Visitors from China, they were residing inclusive packages including a stay at a “birth
in her neighborhood only temporarily and didn’t respond to hotel.” Other hospitals in Toronto and
her greeting.After they awkwardly accepted her cookies, she Montreal have seen increases in mothers from
never saw the group again. Eastern Europe or Africa. A recent data
analysis showed Richmond’s local hospital with
It wasn’t the first time she’d seen pregnant women coming the highest percentage of births to mothers
and going in her neighborhood or heard about why they were residing outside Canada.
there. But the meeting began her personal battle against
“birth tourism,” where wealthy mothers like the ones she “It does undermine me, because I’m trying
encountered next door pay to give birth, get citizenship for to build community and welcome my
their babies, and return home. neighbors to the neighborhood,” she says.
“And then I find out it’s not a single-family
It is an issue gaining prominence across North America, home where there’s going to be a new family
where jus soli, or rules by which citizenship is determined by but an international, underground birth-
birthplace, is the standard practice (yet otherwise rare among tourism hotel. ... It’s like selling citizenship.”
developed countries, as in Europe where citizenship is more
restricted and often granted along bloodlines). An online An abuse of the system?
petition that Ms. Starchuk started against the practice last
year, garnering some 11,000 signatures, was supported by a The issue under debate in Canada, which
federal Liberal lawmaker representing Richmond. Meanwhile,
the federal Conservatives, in opposition during an election established citizenship rules under the 1947
year, voted on a motion last summer to tighten laws around
birthright citizenship. In the United States, President Donald Canadian Citizenship Act, is largely about the
Trump has said he will end it by executive order.
power of foreign money and how it devalues
Mr. Trump’s threat drew widespread criticism by critics
who call it anti-immigrant pandering. But concerns about citizenship. The debate in the U.S., on the
citizenship rules span partisan lines. In Canada, a poll from the
Angus Reid Institute in March showed that while more other hand, sometimes targets so-called Activist Kerry Starchuk stands on top of a map of the world at the airport in Richmond,
believe birthright citizenship is a good policy than a bad one
(40% versus 33%), 60% believed rules needed to be tightened anchor babies but revolves around B.C. Starchuck is waging battle against ‘birth tourism,’ where wealthy mothers pay to
to counter abuse of the system. undocumented migration. It was rekindled arrive in Canada to give birth, thus granting citizenship for their baby, then returning
last fall with Mr. Trump’s threat, which has
Why tariff threat been highly polarizing. home.
is unsettling To hear more from Kerry Starchuk,
The national conversations converge tune in to AM1050 WLIP on Monday, July 8th
The Mexico tariff threat has been dodged, for now.That’s at 2:30 p.m. when she will be our guest
the bottom line of the bilateral agreement between the
U.S. and Mexican governments announced by President around questions of fairness and the changes on Happenings Q&A.
Trump last month.
people fear and perceive around them. “Why would the parents want to get their children
But if the short-term outlook is relief, the longer-term
outlook is more mixed.Yes, U.S. manufacturers, farmers, and Martha Jones, who wrote “Birthright Citizens:A History of Canadian citizenship if they themselves don’t want Canadian
consumers won’t have to suddenly adjust to Mr. Trump’s
threatened tariffs of 5% to 25% on goods imported from Race and Rights in Antebellum America,” says that citizenship citizenship?” says one mother, who didn’t want to share her
is always an evolving political question. In the U.S., questions name. She’s at Parker Place, one of several shopping centers
But the president says he maintains the right to impose
such tariffs if he thinks Mexico isn’t doing enough to slow about birthright citizenship arose in the early 19th century catering to the Chinese community.
the flow of Central American asylum-seekers across the
southern U.S. border. And in a larger sense, the new U.S. around the status of former slaves, which culminated in the She emigrated to Canada in 1990 from Beijing and says she
willingness to weaponize tariffs may have frayed trust 14th Amendment in 1868.
between America and a wide range of allies and trading had to work hard to learn English. But today, Richmond is 54%
partners. That could be a big problem in other diplomatic
and economic situations in months and years ahead.“What But that didn’t settle the issue, and in some ways the Chinese, compared with 34% in 1996. And now newer
the president is weakening is much bigger than most people
understand immediately,” says Earl Anthony Wayne, a debate today is analogous to the one around former slaves Chinese immigrants don’t learn the language as she had to,
former U.S. ambassador to Mexico. “It is really threatening
the very basic set of principles on which American because it leaves an entire class of people in a legal limbo. “It she says, and Mandarin is increasingly heard in town.
competitiveness is built. It is built on doing things with our
neighbors.” is a tragic example of the ways in which American lawmakers ‘It’s the unfairness of it’
have failed in my view to fulfill their obligation to extend to
Editors note: this is an abridged version of the story we ran people some basic sense of who they are,” Ms. Jones says. It is easy to dismiss Ms. Starchuk, who also ran a campaign
in our previous issue (dated June 8th).This is being reprinted against Chinese-only signage in Richmond, in a country that
In Canada, the Conservatives last summer voted that the embraces multicultural tolerance. But, as a fourth-generation
because Earl Anthony Wayne, former US ambassador to party should support the position that a baby born in Canada resident of Richmond that has always been diverse, she says
Mexico will be joining Happenings should receive citizenship only if one parent is a Canadian or her fight is about inclusion and maintaining a healthy
Q&A on Tuesday, July 9th at 1:30 permanent resident. community.
p.m. Find the show on AM1050
WLIP or streaming live online at Not all Conservatives agree with their party. Deepak This battle is, in fact, amplified by the backdrop of larger Obhrai, a Tory lawmaker from Calgary, says that birth tourism changes taking place around her in Greater Vancouver.
abuses could be addressed with immigration procedures that Foreign money has pushed up housing prices and displaced
4 SMART READER June 29, 2019 target the parents but not the child. “It takes away the locals, including her own grown children, who she says haven’t
fundamental right of the child,” he says. “A Canadian is a been able to purchase homes and instead rent in Richmond.
Canadian is a Canadian.”
She says she probably wouldn’t have gotten involved in the
Those fighting birth tourism have been accused of birth tourism fight if it had not been in her backyard, literally.
overexaggerating the problem. Federal statistics show only
313 births by nonresident mothers in 2016. But new research “This is not ‘a nothing issue,’” says Ms. Starchuk, who has
using hospital financial data puts the number at 3,223 that binders full of letters, petitions, and news clips she’s collected
year. One of 5 births at Richmond Hospital is to nonresident about her efforts.

mothers, those figures show. She says not everyone will agree with her. “Some will say,

Joe Peschisolido, the Liberal lawmaker who sponsored Ms. about birth tourism, that they will do whatever they can to
Starchuk’s petition and is awaiting a government response, get to Canada, even if I have to cheat. Others will say, ‘I paid
says it might not be illegal, but that doesn’t make it right.“It’s for it.Why shouldn’t I be able to get what I want?’”

an abuse of the system,” he says at his offices in Richmond. Ultimately, though, it violates her sense of what it means to

“It’s a business where people are making money off of the be Canadian.

goodness of Canadians.” “It’s the unfairness of it,” she says. “Citizenship is not

And it’s something that many in the community care about, partisan, Liberal or Conservative, but about Canadian values.

he says. His next meeting is with a constituent who, on his When you’re an immigrant, you take and you contribute.”

way in, says he’s here to talk to Mr. Peschisolido about ending “This,” she says, “is a free-for-all.”
“birth tourism.”
By Sara Miller Llana
Among some of the fiercest critics of birth tourism are

Chinese immigrants in Richmond.


Why Cuba’s tourism have
fallen on hard times

Idalmis González Pérez wants more Americans swinging sanctions against other countries if they traded
from her trees. with the island.

On a balmy afternoon, dozens of children and parents in The embargo, which is still in place today, has
white helmets scramble up a flight of wooden steps wrapped made it difficult for Cubans to get basic supplies,
around a tree, screaming out to one another in a variety of such as building materials, which in turn makes it
English and Spanish accents. Las Terrazas employees clip difficult to keep up with tourists’ demands. At the
visitors to the wire cable one by one and give them a small same time, the embargo has kept Cuba’s
push.Then they fly down a mile-long zip line, squealing as they environment more pristine than its trade-capable
speed over ravines, ferns, and lizards. neighbors. The island doesn’t have much runoff
pollution, for example, because it hasn’t been able
Like many of the other employees, Ms. González has lived to import fertilizer and pesticides in the first place.
and worked at Las Terrazas, a nature reserve and tourist
destination west of Havana, her entire life, so she is used to That’s not to say that the environment and Visitors listen to live music in the welcome center of Las Terrazas, a biosphere
touring strangers around her home. But over the past two tourism in Cuba have been entirely symbiotic. reserve that is a popular tourist destination. Las Terrazas, however, has not been
years, Ms. González has watched fewer visitors soar above Like many of its Caribbean neighbors, the country
her head. is subject to an ecotourism paradox: the more immune to Cuba’s recent shifts in tourism numbers.

Recent hurricanes have affected tourism numbers in beach pristine the environment, the more visitors who The private sector, which now provides jobs for as many as
resort towns like Varadero, Cuba, but the tourism market in
Las Terrazas has been hit by more than storms, says Ms. want to experience it, thus decreasing its pristineness. The 4 in 10 working-age Cubans, has created economic
peninsula whereVaradero is located, for example, is lined with opportunity unprecedented in the country since the 1959
“The media manipulates a lot about Cuba,” she says, “and
I’m not the only one who thinks that.” white sand and turquoise waters – as well as all-inclusive revolution. Now it’s common, say locals, for taxi drivers to

Ecotourism – visits to beautiful, exotic, and sometimes resorts built so close to the beach that they cast shadows make more money than doctors.The average monthly salary
threatened natural environments – is an economic niche that
Cubans say they are uniquely positioned to fill.The clear blue over the sea. for government jobs is about $20, which a taxi driver could
waters, dense jungles, and towering royal palms, which made
Christopher Columbus proclaim the island “the most “Varadero, in a way, became a sacrifice area,” says Mr. Perez. make in a few hours shuttling tourists around Havana, or a
beautiful land I have ever seen” more than 500 years ago, are “We started learning that it was hard to preserve things.” paladar owner could make off one foreign couple at lunch.
largely preserved today.
Not everyone would agree with Mr. Perez. Many Cubans Chicken and toilet paper
This kind of tourism benefits both the visitor and the host,
say some Cubans: Where high-rise hotels and cruise ships see the tourism industry – in all its forms – as synonymous In 2017, Mr. Trump announced plans to tighten travel
often provide a canned vacation and can despoil the
landscape, zip lines and nature walks are a positive visitor with the country’s emerging private sector and economic restrictions that had been loosened under Mr. Obama, making
experience as well as a means of preserving nature.
potential. it difficult for Americans to travel to Cuba on their own.
“It is so much better to grow with quality,” says Roberto
Perez Rivero, coordinator of the nature and community Former President Raúl Castro liberalized select small During the first half of 2018, the number of U.S. travelers
program at The Antonio Núñez Jiménez Foundation, one of businesses over the past decade, such as taxis, paladares, and to Cuba (not including Cuban Americans) was down almost
the only environmental nonprofits on the island. casas particulares. These economic reforms, which largely 24% from that period in 2017, a drop that Cuban officials and
serve the tourism industry, paralleled with a spike in visitors travel analysts have attributed to both Hurricane Irma and
But, like many other aspects of modern Cuba, ecotourism after former President Barack Obama traveled to Cuba in worry about the Trump administration’s prospective
is falling short of its potential. After years of rapid growth 2016, as part of his efforts to normalize relations between the restrictions. However, figures began to tick up again during
during the Obama administration, small-scale tourism two countries. the first half of 2019.
ventures, such as Las Terrazas or Havana’s paladares (private
restaurants) and casas particulares (private hotels or room Between 2015 and 2017, the number of U.S. tourists had Americans who did visit Cuba over the last year were likely
rentals), have struggled over the past year in the face of increased by almost fourfold and the number of tourists to travel with tour groups or on cruise ships.The number of
President Donald Trump’s vows to restrict U.S. travel to the overall had increased by almost 1 million. The state-run cruise ship passengers who came to Cuba in the first four
island. tourism sector has injected $3 billion a year into the Cuban months of this year was triple the figure for the same period
economy, and its private counterpart, fueled by casas last year.
Now they’re likely entering even harder times given that particulares and paladares, has contributed about the same.
Mr. Trump has followed through on his threat to push U.S.- See TUBMAN on page 22 for more
Cuba travel back to pre-Obama levels. On June 4 the Trump
administration announced a U.S. ban on cruise travel to Cuba TAX PROBLEMS?
and educational and cultural “people-to-people” visits to the
island.These were the most common categories of permitted PG2019 CAN HELP YOU WITH A
U.S. tourism in recent years. 060619 FREE NO OBLIGATION
The Trump administration says its reversal is part of an
effort to keep U.S. tourism dollars out of the hands of “the IRS • State • Payroll • Business • Individual
Cuban regime.”
“Cuba continues to play a destabilizing role in the Western SERVICES WHICH INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING:
Hemisphere, providing a communist foothold in the region • Offers in Compromise.
and propping up U.S. adversaries in places like Venezuela and • Installment Agreements
Nicaragua,” said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in a • Lien/Levy Releases, Currently Not Collectible
statement announcing the travel curbs. • Audits

But Cubans on the island say the administration’s Filing back Tax Returns?
restrictions will produce something of an ironic result.
Tourism is the largest – if only – mainstay of the country’s you have to be compliant before
fledgling private economy.According to U.S. experts, perhaps a settlement can be negotiated!
half of the 600,000 Cubans who hold business licenses are
involved in some manner with the tourist trade.Thus the new “I contact the IRS and/or State on your behalf,
travel cuts may fall the hardest on the part of the Cuban so you don’t have to.”
economy the U.S. most wants to encourage – and on
ordinary employees of that private sector such as Ms. “Personalized Service… I handle your case from
González. start to finish and keep you updated at least
monthly with the progress being made.”
A paradox
Both Cuba’s environment and its economic reliance on AND REGAIN YOUR PEACE OF MIND!
tourism are products of the 1962 U.S. embargo, in which the
United States fully stopped exports to Cuba and issued 262-752-6992


SMART READER June 29, 2019 5

Dominican Republic tourist deaths spark
concern, questions about resorts

Since last year, as many as 10 U.S. tourists have died while aren’t investing in public- popular tourist
staying at all-inclusive resorts in the Dominican Republic. safety services that
Local officials say these fatalities aren’t linked and are not benefit everyone. destinations there are
suspicious; in some cases, however, relatives say guests fell ill
after eating or drinking at certain resorts. The bad publicity “I’m not aware of the reports of assaults by
has led to droves of Americans to cancel summer vacations – resources that have gone
flight bookings in July and August are down more than 70% – toward these [tourist] hotel staff, mysterious
to a country whose economy is built around tourism. cases, but there are other
important things that smells in hotel rooms
This includes all-inclusive resorts that attract millions of should be worked on
tourists with the promise of international travel with the here,” she says. followed by deaths, or
security and amenities of home; enclaves of wraparound
security in often poor, unstable nations. But the reality is The D.R. is one of the poorly cleaned air ducts
more complicated. International hotel chains, whether in the most visited international
D.R., Mexico, Vietnam, or Fiji, can’t entirely seal off their destinations by U.S. leading to severe
facilities from the outside world, creating a clash of travelers, who make up
expectations that serve as an example of double standards. nearly one-third of the nation’s 6.5 million annual tourists. illnesses.
Does justice for tourists mean justice for all?
All-inclusive resorts are popular with foreigners as a safe In some of the cases
“For locals ... it takes twice, or three times the effort to get way to experience a Caribbean beach holiday, screened off
police attention following a crime,” says Juana Pacheco, who from local communities. But this isolation can be illusory – recently documented in
owns a gift shop on a pedestrian street in Santo Domingo. and it’s not limited to the D.R. In Mexico, tourists in Cancun
Lately she has felt the need to be extra vigilant after an have reported being served tainted alcohol, and possibly the Dominican Republic,
increase in muggings in the area, and wonders why authorities targeted for robberies on resort grounds after. In other
families reportedly

begged hotel staff to call

ambulances and claim that resorts pushed timeshares over

the speedy provision of medical care.

All-inclusive hotels “send a message of ‘you’re cut off from
the realities of the world,’ which includes safety or risk
concerns,” says Lauren Duffy, an associate professor at
Clemson University in South Carolina who studies tourism
and development.

GET READY TO PARTY AT Guests who stay in D.R. resorts say waitstaff or front-desk
agents tell them they’re secure in the resort but that it’s not
safe to leave. “It creates this safe-not-safe dynamic between
the inside and outside, so [visitors] let their guard down
when they go to places like this,” says Dr. Duffy.

Buy Now THE COUNTRY’S BIGGEST Of course, the reality is less black-and-white. But the
Prices Dominican economy is so dependent on the tourism industry
that big hotel chains are accused of flouting existing
T F !Going Up regulations and resisting calls for tighter controls over how
Soon! RIBUTE ESTIVAL they operate.When police are called by resorts to deal with
crimes or suspicious deaths, they often respond quickly but
Early Bird Tickets On Sale Now .COM their investigations are bound by the limitations of the D.R.’s
criminal justice system.
Buy A 3 Day Pass For Downtown
Kenosha, WI
The Cost Of A Single Day Simmons For many Dominicans, the attention foreign tourists
Island receive – like quick police investigations and a dedicated unit
ONLY $20 for tourist zones – is simply on a different level than their
daily realities.
Limited Time Only

3 DAYS • 5 STAGES • 58 AWESOME TRIBUTE BANDS “If anything happens [to a tourist] they are taken care of
immediately,” says José Aníbal Peña, who runs a factory
making tropical clothes for gift shops in Punta Cana and La

Fri. July 19th Sat, July 20th Sun, July 21st He’s not upset by these efforts to protect tourists – “we
depend on tourism,” he says. Some 300,000 Dominicans
MUSIC ASSOC. 12:00 to 1:15 pm 4:30 to 5:30 pm 8:45 to 11:00 pm 12:00 to 1:30 pm 4:30 to 6:30 pm 7:00 to 9:00 pm Reliable data on crime rates in the D.R. is hard to come by.
Dominicans have taken to the streets in past years to protest
9:00 to 11:00 pm IMAGINARY CHERRY BOMB THE CHAIN FOLSOM CHINA GROVE MIDNIGHT RIDER government corruption, but not specifically against police or
the courts, says Carlos Pimentel, who runs a pro-democracy
GONE COUNTRY Evanescence Runaways Fleetwood Mac Johnny Cash Doobie Brothers Allman Brothers NGO, Participación Ciudadana. “There’s a general lack of
citizen confidence in the justice system and police,” he says.
Country Hits 2:00 to 3:45 pm 6:15 to 8:00 pm 2:00 to 4:00 pm “The justice system isn’t the same for everyone here, like the
Constitution says it should be.”
FESTIVAL Heart Tom Petty

7:00 pm to 8:30 pm Alanis Morissette


Black Crowes HALL OF FAME 12:00 to 1:30 pm 4:30 to 6:30 pm

9:00 pm to 11:00 pm 12:00 to 1:30 pm 1:45 to 3:45 pm MOTLEY II VOODOO CHILD TROUBLE AHEAD

GRAVITY: THE JOHN ROD N JETT BEGGAR’S Motley Crue Jimi Hendrix Grateful Dead
BANQUET 8:45 to 11:00 pm 2:00 to 4:00 pm 7:00 to 9:00 pm For the family members of Americans who have died at
John Mayer Tribute Rod Stewart & resorts over the past year, the government is taking steps to
Joan Jett Rolling Stones ECLIPSE RICO WHO’S WHO deal with the crisis and douse the public relations fires. The
LEGENDS OF 4:30 to 6:00 pm FBI is working alongside Dominican officials to do additional
KNEBWORTH 1:30 to 1:45 pm Pink Floyd Latin Rock/Santana The Who toxin screenings in three cases, including of a couple who
died together in their hotel room due to respiratory failure.
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm JIMY SOHNS KAREN HART MONSTERS OF ROCK The tourism ministry said recently it’s working with the
FROM National Hotel Association to improve the safety and quality
LIGHTS OUT CHICAGO SHADOWS OF BAND 3:30 to 5:00 pm 7:30 to 9:00 pm of food and beverages served to visitors.
9:00 pm to 11:00 pm The Pretenders BLACK ROSE Whitesnake/Deep Def Leppard
Purple/Led Zeppelin/Van
KASHMIR 6:30 to 8:15 pm Thin Lizzy Tribute Halen

Led Zeppelin 1:45 to 3:00 pm

FEST 12:00 to 1:30pm 4:15 to 6:00 pm 6:30 to 8:00 pm Dokken DIVER DOWN

7:00 pm to 8:30 pm RAT SALAD GREEN SOUL BIG BANG BABY Van Halen
FRANK & SAMMIE Ozzy Osbourne/ Black Stone Temple Pilots LEGENDS OF SUMMERFEST
Sabbath Green Day/Collective
Tribute to Frank Sinatra and Soul/ 8:45 to 11:00 pm 12:00 to 1:15pm 3:45 to 5:00pm 7:30 to 9:00pm
Sammie Davis Jr. 2:15 to 3:30 pm
9:00 pm to 11:00 pm CHAINED SCOOTER
Metallica Cheap Trick Styx
MIDNIGHT BAND Alice In Chains Sammy Hagar
5:30 to 7:00pm Dr. Duffy is concerned the government is putting too much
Salute to Chicago LEGENDS OF OZZ FEST 1:45 to 3:15pm emphasis on resolving a public relations crisis, not seeking to
HEART TO overhaul its regulation of the tourism sector. However, Mr.
12:00 to 1:30pm 4:00 to 6:00pm 9:00 to 11:00pm FOREIGNER & CO HEARTBREAKER Pimentel sees the spotlight on American fatalities as a wake-
up call.
KILLMISTER ACES HIGH HEAVEN AND Foreigner/Bad Company Pat Benetar/Heart
Lemmy and Motörhead Iron Maiden
Black Sabbath / Dio /
2:00 to 3:30pm 6:30 to 8:30pm Rainbow


Godsmack Judas Preist

LEGENDS OF LOLLAPALOOZA “I don’t think these realities should be hidden,” he says,
referring to impunity, government corruption, and crime. “I
LEGENDS OF WARPED TOUR 12:00 to 1:15pm 3:30 to 5:00pm 7:30 to 9:00pm think that [an unequal focus on foreign tourists] should serve
as an incentive for the Dominican state to undertake the big
12:00 to 1:30pm 4:30 to 6:30pm 9:00 to 11:00pm JAMES’ PEEPHOLE TEN transformations we need to provide true security to
ADDICTION Dominicans, not just those who visit us,” he says.
Deftones 5:30 to 7:00pm
Green Day Blink 182 1:45 to 3:00pm
2:15 to 3:45pm SMELLS LIKE
SUGAR WEEZE Linkin Park Music of Dave Grohl

Jimmy Eat World Weezer



Jeff Schmidt, Jeff Schmidt
Financial Advisor at

Edward Jones

6040 39th Ave Suite 5 Kenosha

Brings you


Jill on Money would "act as appropriate to sustain the expansion." a romantic dinner, perhaps?) to review the most recent
Investors were soothed and immediately drove stocks higher. statements.
Common questions
about tariffs, trade Your wedding is a big deal, Finally, a quick note about a pre-nuptial agreement, which
but so is your financial life is the most unromantic engagement topic ever.A prenup is a
May was a rough month for free trade advocates and contract that outlines how a couple would split their financial
investors. Wedding season is upon us and with the national average lives in the event that the relationship does not work out.
cost of a wedding at nearly $34,000, according to The Knot's Nobody wants to contemplate the end of a relationship, but
President Trump raised the tariff rate to 25% on $200 annual survey, newlyweds are getting a crash course in for those who have been married previously, have children
billion worth of nearly 6,000 imported Chinese goods, personal finance. from a prior relationship or are owners of a closely held
bringing the total to $250 billion of Chinese imports at that business, a prenup can be a helpful way to keep assets
rate. Then in a surprise move, the president reignited the Gone are the days when someone else pays for the separate and to honor previous obligations.
trade conflict with Mexico via tweet, saying the U.S. would nuptials - 91 percent of the respondents contributed some
impose 5% tariffs on all Mexican imports starting June 10, dough to the big event and 80 percent created a wedding If you are convinced that a prenup would be smart for you
unless Mexico helped to slow the flow of Central American budget. and your honey, it's important to approach the topic without
migrants into the US. sounding like a jerk. Start by having the conversation at a time
If you are among the affianced, let me be a buzz kill by that feels safe, not in the middle of a disagreement or the
Trump was picking a fight with the nation's largest trading reminding you that in addition to all of the fun stuff, marriage night before the wedding.
partner.The U.S. imports automobile parts, fruits, vegetables, is a legal union that will also bring your finances together.
liquor and more from Mexico. That means that as you start discussing the wedding plans Matrimonial attorneys advise that the earlier the
and costs, you also should have a larger conversation about conversation occurs, the better. Open up the dialogue by
Given the pressure from businesses and from some Senate money. Your goal is to share information, like outstanding saying that you would like to discuss how both of you can feel
Republicans, the rush to avert the tariffs became acute. The debt, the amount of money you have in savings or investment protected in the event that the relationship does not last. If
two sides came to an agreement, thus avoiding the tariffs and accounts, and your retirement holdings. If you are planning to there is immediate resistance, do not push the conversation;
likely retaliation. But the president reiterated that he could purchase a home together any time soon, you should also back off and make a plan to revisit it.
impose the tariffs if he is not satisfied with the progress. pull your credit reports and talk about credit scores.
If all of this sounds onerous, please know that the process
With the recent renewed trade/tariff talk, it's time to Many couples ask me whether to keep separate bank is worth it.While not romantic, these conversations can save
answer five frequently asked questions. accounts and contribute to a joint account for expenses; or a lot of future heartache.As with most issues, communication
if they should merge everything into one account.There is no and empathy are the go-to tools that will help you navigate
1. Who pays for tariffs? When foreign goods arrive in the one-size-fits-all answer on this one, nor is there one right the process.
U.S., domestic importers pay the tariffs. Some firms choose answer about paying off old debts.These decisions are up to
to absorb the cost and make less money, while others pass you, but you have to make them, one way or the other. By Jill Schlesinger
along the increase to consumers. Economists have found that
the cost of tariffs has mostly fallen on the U.S. companies and After you have that initial conversation, follow up with a Jill Schlesinger, CFP, is the Emmy-nominated
households, not on the foreign companies. plan to divide financial responsibilities. My recommendation CBS News Business Analyst. A former options
is to work toward your strengths. If you are an app queen trader and CIO of an investment advisory firm, Jill
2. How much are these tariffs going to cost me? Last year, and like to track money, perhaps you should manage the day- covers the economy, markets, investing and
nearly $69 billion, according to the National Bureau of to-day bill paying. If either of you wants to be responsible for anything else with a dollar sign on TV, radio
Economic Research, and the increase on Chinese goods will overseeing the investment accounts, that's fine, but make (including her nationally syndicated radio show),
likely tack on an average of $500 to $1,000 for consumers sure that you are on the same page when it comes to risk. If the web and her blog, "Jill on Money." She
this year.The Mexican tariffs could add to the pain, especially one of you is completely disinterested in all of this stuff, don't welcomes comments and questions at
for the automotive industry. let him/her off the hook. Each of you has to understand the Check her website at
game plan and you should have quarterly chats (followed by
The U.S. imported $93 billion in autos and parts from
Mexico last year and as a result, "No vehicle assembled in the SMART READER June 29, 2019 7
United States is 100% U.S.-made," according to the Center
for Automotive Research. Analysts predicted that Mexican
tariffs would have added an average of $1,500 to the cost of
a new car or truck.

3.Are tariffs good for U.S. producers? NBER estimates that
U.S. producers enjoyed gains of $61 billion, because they
were able to charge higher prices. But it wasn't just U.S.-
based brands. A separate study on the impact of duties on
washing machines found that prices increased for foreign and
domestic manufacturers.

Additionally, most brands hiked dryer prices, despite the
fact that no tariffs were imposed on them. All told, U.S.
consumers spent $86 more for each washing machine and
$92 for each dryer last year.

4. Could tariffs impact U.S. growth? Economists estimate
that if the current Chinese tariffs remain in place for the year,
it would shave about 0.25% from US Gross Domestic
Product. If Mexican tariffs were to go into effect, the loss
could be closer to 0.50%.

5. How are investors reacting to tariffs? U.S. stocks closed
down more than 6.5% in May, their worst monthly
performance since December. In early June, Fed Chairman
Jerome Powell said the central bank was keeping an eye on
trade developments, their impact on the U.S. economy, and


my turn

Deeper and
deeper in

There are many addictions besides

drugs, sex and power. There is also Cal Thomas
our increasing addiction to debt.

According to Money Magazine, reporting on figures from

the New York Fed, "Americans' debt hit a new high of $13

trillion last year, surpassing the previous record set in 2008 in additional money we don't have and must borrow. geographic areas over others,' and do not direct funds to
Earmarks are added in secret, so their authors are programs and projects that have 'the greatest need or
by $280 billion." unknown to the public. How's that for transparency? potential benefit.'" When it comes to spending, logic
never wins.
On a personal level, individual American debt averages Seven earmarks were added for the overpriced, over
$7,800, according to the U.S. Census. Credit card debt and budget and overdue F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (total $1.8 Here's a favorite: $13.8 million for wild horse and burro
student loans account for a good portion of it, depending billion), "including eight additional planes for the Air Force, management (largest amount ever). Since FY 1992,
on one's age, with people 75 and older having the least six for the Navy, and two for the Marine Corps. In Congress has added earmarks totaling $18 million for this
debt and middle aged and younger people having the most. development for nearly 18 years and eight years behind program. Perhaps if Congress looked at the south end of
schedule, total acquisition costs now exceed $428 billion; these animals they would see their own reflection, which is
This is chump change when it comes to spending by the nearly double the initial estimate of $233 billion. A 2019 the image many Americans have of them.
federal government. Citizens Against Government Waste DOD Selected Acquisition Report noted that the F-35's
has just published its annual Pig Book, detailing wasteful lifetime operation and maintenance costs will total One more (but there are many more): $12 million for
and unnecessary pork barrel spending by politicians. approximately $1.2 trillion, the most expensive weapon the aquatic plant control program, the largest amount ever.
system in U.S. history." Since FY 1994, aquatic plant control projects have been
To raise your outrage to its proper level, the book needs earmarked by Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-
to be read in its entirety, but here are just a few of its This is the Pentagon's equivalent of California's ludicrous NY), Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), and then-Sen. Jeff Sessions
lowlights. Remember "earmarks," those spending additions $77 billion high-speed rail project, which at least has been (R-AL). Spending is always bipartisan.
to bills that resemble leeches on one's body? A sharply cut back. Unfortunately, when it comes to federal
"moratorium" was placed on them in fiscal year 2011, but spending, failure is never a sufficient reason to stop. Historically, a contributing factor to the decline of great
Members of Congress have been pressuring their nations has been massive and uncontrolled debt. We are
leadership to get rid of them so that they might resume Speaking of the West Coast, how about this one -- $65 headed for a similar abyss. Read the Pig Book, be outraged
bragging to constituents how they are "bringing home the million for the Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund. "For and then vote them out of office.
bacon." the third consecutive year," notes the Pig Book, "President
Trump's budget recommended eliminating its funding By Cal Thomas
According to CAGW, 282 earmarks were added to because it favors state, local, and/or industry interests, and This year marks Cal Thomas' 35th year as a syndicated columnist.
spending bills in the fiscal 2019 budget, a 21.6 percent are 'not optimally targeted ... favor certain species and
increase from fiscal 2018.That cost taxpayers $15.3 billion Readers may email Cal Thomas at

Our problem with Concentration camps are not equivalent to death camps, detention centers.
many argued, and such camps existed and were called such
the camps isn’t at least as far back as the Boer War in South Africa at the We’ve heard those stories recounted in the days after
turn of the 20th century. her first remarks, both from the victims and from
semantic; it’s historians who have spent their careers trying to
Here’s what actor George Takei tweeted: “I know what understand how societies creep toward such extremes.
moral concentration camps are. I was inside two of them, in
America. And yes, we are operating such camps again.” He Meanwhile, the Republicans’ dudgeon is wholly
When is it OK to call a was referring to the internment camps set up to detain unconvincing and a transparent attempt, as one observer
Japanese-Americans during World War II. put it, to “weaponize” Jewish sensitivities on the subject.
concentration camp a concentration
Like so many Twitter conflagrations, this one may The challenge now is to move beyond semantics actually
camp? If you answered, “When it’s a generate more heat than light. Ocasio-Cortez’ mode of do something about the government-sanctioned, taxpayer-
delivery was part of the problem. Her wording, crafted subsidized warehousing of human beings, many of them
concentration camp,” you clearly primarily for pointedness, failed to respect the emotions children, some of whom have been separated in the
that she was certain to rile. cruelest way from their parents.
weren’t paying attention to the Mighty
Here’s her relevant tweet: “This administration has No one, Democrat or Republican, ought to be happy
Wurlitzer of Beltway social media last established concentration camps on the southern border about this.We are edging toward standardizing this system,
of the United States for immigrants, where they are being as evidenced by the announcement that Fort Sill in
week. Mary Sanchez brutalized with dehumanizing conditions and dying.” Oklahoma will soon be used to hold migrant children.

The reedy first note was an The latter portion of the sentence is factual. No one In typical fashion, Republicans have defended the Trump
would want to be huddled with hundreds of others under administration by pointing out that the Obama
Instagram live video in which Rep. Alexandria Ocasio- bridges or in canvas tents, sectioned off by chain link administration briefly sent immigrants to Fort Sill, which
fencing, often overseen by armed federal agents. also interned Japanese-Americans during World War II.
Cortez, the freshman Democrat from New York, referred What they ignore is the scale, the motives and the intent.
But the term “concentration camp” clearly was meant to
to federal detention centers for migrants at the southern conjure memories of the camps Nazis used in Europe to I’d like to leave the last word to one of the scholars cited
carry out the genocide of Jews and Roma people, as well during the recent debates, Andrea Pitzer, author of “One
border as “concentration camps.” as to punish and kill Poles, political prisoners and those Long Night: A Global History of Concentration Camps.”
deemed undesirable.
That kicked off a reaction of predictable dudgeon from Writing for GQ, Pitzer noted: “By the time a country
Republican counterparts such as Rep. Lynn Cheney, a A semantic debate is at play — in which AOC is on solid gets to the point that those in power and a majority of
Wyoming Republican, who tweeted that Ocasio-Cortez ground — but there is also the ethical question of whether their supporters embrace policies that back up virulent
should learn “some actual history,” and House Minority it’s permissible to allude to the Holocaust to call out deeds rhetoric and accept detention as the central response to a
Leader Kevin McCarthy, who opined that AOC (as the and attitudes that don’t rise, or rather sink, to the standard political or humanitarian problem, it is very difficult to
freshman congresswoman’s fans call her) should apologize. of that singular set of crimes against Jews. undo.”

The subtext — or not-so-sub text — was that AOC was I believe Ocasio-Cortez wishes to advance Is that where we are? I pray it isn’t.
slighting Jews and the historically unique Jewish suffering of understanding of the horrific ways that human beings have
the Holocaust. stripped others of their rights and dignity through By Mary Sanchez
internment, work camps, concentration camps, Sanchez frequently appears on AM1050 WLIP’s Happenings Q&A,.
Indeed, some Jews and some historians suggested AOC reservations for indigenous peoples, and now the migrant Readers can reach her at and follow
was out of line. Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust museum,
tweeted a message that seemed consonant with this her on Twitter @msanchezcolumn.
criticism, addressing AOC with the message, “Learn about
concentration camps,” and a link to a page on its website.

Still other historians and other commentators, including
many prominent Jews, defended her characterization and
decried the use of the Holocaust as a bludgeon.


June 29, 2019

health • lifestyle• community • news

Kenosha County Aging & Disability Resource Center

Safer travel for those with dementia

Holidays, such as the 4th of July, are a time when Upon arrival • Be aware that the change can be chaotic for the
many people travel to celebrate with family and person.
friends. Whether you’re considering a weekend • Let neighbors know a person with Alzheimer’s is
getaway or an extended stay, traveling with an staying next door and ask them to keep their eye out • Recognize the warning signs of anxiety and
individual who has Alzheimer’s requires additional for wandering or other unsafe behavior. agitation.
thought and preparation. People with Alzheimer’s
and their caregivers need to be prepared for a change • During the first few days after arrival, keep your For more tips on safety for people living with
in schedule and environment. Even if it is a trip you schedule light with lots of down time. Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, including
have taken before, it may feel new for the person with concerns about wandering, disaster preparedness,
the disease. • Create opportunities to re-acclimate the person to home and medication safety, visit the Alzheimer’s
the new environment. Association Safety Center at
Additionally, as Alzheimer’s progresses, negotiating support/caregiving/safety or call 1.800.272.3900 to
changes in environment will become increasingly • Keep familiar things around. find the Alzheimer’s Association chapter closest to
challenging. Be prepared for the individual with the you.
disease to experience some confusion or • Limit access to money and credit cards.
disorientation. Exercise caution, as wandering and
getting lost are more likely during transitional times. • Limit access to driving.
The checklist below will help you plan for the trip and
make it successful and safe.

Before going

• Call the Alzheimer’s Association chapter in the
area you will be visiting. Let them know you will be
staying in the area and ask about available resources.
You can locate any chapter by calling 1.800.272.3900
or visiting

• Enroll the person in MedicAlert® + Alzheimer’s
Association Safe Return®, a 24-hour nationwide
emergency response service for individuals with
Alzheimer’s or a related dementia who wander or
have a medical emergency.

• If you are already enrolled in MedicAlert, update
your records with temporary contact information (call

Kenosha medical equipment What is a Benefit
& supplies loan closet in need Specialist?

Kenosha County either short-term or long-term Benefit specialists help answer for public benefits
use, who are not enrolled in one questions and solve problems
Aging & Disability of Wisconsin’s long-term care related to Social Security, • Apply, appeal and advocate
programs, such as Family Care, Medicare, Medicaid, other health for Social Security Disability
Resource Center IRIS and Partnership may insurances and public benefits
contact the ADRC to request for: • Access health care
(ADRC) offers a free equipment.
• People age 60 and older • Learn about Social Security
Loan Closet for those If you have a wheelchair or work incentives and rules
other item you wish to donate, • Adults (age 18-59) with a
in need of Durable or are in need of medical physical or cognitive disability or a • Navigate the process and
equipment, please call the mental illness. represent you when benefits are
Medical Equipment ADRC, 262-605-6646, Monday denied
– Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., or Depending on the individual's
and supplies. The loan stop by and visit us at 8600 circumstances, benefit specialists Services are free and
Sheridan Road, Entrance D. can help you to: confidential. Contact the Kenosha
closet is in need of County Aging & Disability
• Understand, access and apply Resource Center at 262-605-
wheelchairs, rollators, 6646 for more information.

and medium and large

pull-up style

incontinence briefs, at

this time. Individuals

needing durable

medical equipment for


Senior Dining

Dining Menu Wed., July 10: BLT chicken salad, Boys & Girls Club *  Open to anyone age 60+ and a
mixed salad greens with tomato, tri- 1330 52nd Street spouse regardless of age.
Monday, July 1 - Friday, July 12 bean salad, crackers, ambrosia fruit Call Diana at 262-658-0237
custard, butternut squash bisque soup Serves 12:00 Wednesdays *  Reservations must be made by 10:30
Mon., July 1: Chicken a La Orange, a.m. at least 24 hours, one business
vegetable rice pilaf, bean salad, wheat Thu., July 11: Spaghetti & meatballs, WESTERN KENOSHA COUNTY day in advance. Monday cancellations
cranberry bread, hot peach crumble, Capri blended vegetables, wheat must be called in the Friday before.
fruit Jello Vienna bread, pears, broccoli salad Westosha Community Center
19200 93rd Street-Bristol SALAD BAR DAYS*
Tue., July 2: Southern style cornbread Fri., July 12: Herbed chicken, mashed Call Ken at 262-358-5554
fish sandwich OR chicken Caesar potatoes, green bean casserole, bran Serves 12:00, M-W; F Locations indicated have a separate
salad, lettuce and tomato garnish, muffin bread, melon, carrot raisin salad *Salad Bar Thursdays, 11:00 - 12:30 menu for salad bar days, consisting of
coleslaw, melon, broccoli cheddar soup a variety of salad toppings, premade
Dining Site New Life Bible salads, fruit, sandwich and soup. No
Wed., July 3: Classic lasagna, squash Locations 112 W. Main Street. Twin Lakes reservations needed for salad bar days
medley, Italian green beans, garlic Call Diana at 262-358-5779 and guests are welcome to arrive
bread, oatmeal raisin cookie, fruit cup EASTERN KENOSHA COUNTY Serves 12:00, M, Tu, Th anytime between the designated time
Thu., July 4: Closed for Kenosha Senior Center The Sharing Center
Independence Day 2717 67th Street 25700 Wilmot Road (Hwy. C) RESTAURANT SENIOR SPECIALS
Call Deb at 262-658-9311 Call Julie at 1-262-948-9890
Fri., July 5: Hot dog on bun, twice Serves 11:45, M-F Serves 11:30, M, W, F Village Pub of Silver Lake
baked potato casserole, peas & carrots,
banana, herbed tomato salad Lakeside Towers Rainbow Lake Manor 307 N Cogswell Drive, Silver Lake
5800 3rd Avenue 19900 128th Street, Bristol
Mon., July 8: Prime rib of pork, Call O.B at 262-654-0103 Call Diana at 262-658-0237 Call Diana at 262-358-5779
mashed sweet potatoes, vegetable, rye Serves 11:30, M-W; F Serves 12:00 Fridays Serves W, F 11:30 - 1:30
bread, strawberry yogurt, applesauce *Salad Bar Thursdays, 11:00 - 12:30
REGULAR SENIOR DINING No reservations needed, arrive anytime
Tue., July 9: Hamburger on bun or Parkside Baptist Church SITES/DAYS between designated timeframe.
shaved turkey with herb Dijonaise on 2620 14th Place Suggested donation of $4.00. Choose
bagel, lettuce and tomato, fruit Call Sean at 262-552-7737 *  Meals include soup or salad, dessert from a few menu options. Guests under
sunburst, melon, cream of potato soup Serves 11:45, M-W; F and beverage 60 may order from regular restaurant
*Salad Bar Thursdays, 11:-00 - 12:30 menu.
*  Meals are offered for a suggested
donation of $3.

dear doug Have you considered your monitor size? You can things online.
attach a larger monitor (LCD TVs work well) to your
Adaptive computer, enabling you to display larger images. What are some of your tips for online shopping and
Technologies returns?
Fiddle with your settings. You can adjust the size of
Q: I've reached the point items displayed on the screen. In web browsers like A: Experienced online shoppers often wait for sales
where I'm no longer able to use Google Chrome, you can select larger font sizes or and online coupons, especially ones that guarantee
my computer easily, but it's zoom in closer on the page. free shipping. Unfortunately, sometimes you need an
important for doing so much. item quickly and don't have time to wait.
Many daily necessities, such as Even if you feel comfortable with daily technology
online banking, paying bills and use, you may not know how to adapt it to fit your Before buying large items, check the website's
shopping, are easier online, needs. Don't be afraid to ask for help! -- Emma, return policy. Pay attention to the return time window
and I don't want to be Doug's granddaughter and method. Online stores turn large profits, so most
dependent or inconvenienced. retailers try to make the shopping process as painless
Online shopping as possible with things like free return shipping labels.
Unfortunately, my eyes and Q: A lot of longtime chain stores in my area have
gone under in the last few years, and many of the Large retailers generally have lenient return
Doug Mayberry joints are in disagreement. I ones left don't have the things I need. Shopping policies, but do the research with smaller online
online solves the inventory problems, but you can shops. They often have smaller return windows and
struggle to read the screen, never be quite sure what you're getting. may not cover the return cost.
and my arthritis gets in my way. What are some fixes
for seniors to better use technology? I've gotten used to buying things online, but it still If you are unsure about an item, keep the box! You
isn't my favorite method. It's better to see what you're can use it to return the item if you change your mind.
A: Unlike with previous generations, seniors today buying in person!
have technology use integrated into their lives. They For your favorite retailers, create an account and
have gotten used to the convenience and learned My family has been helpful to me by returning subscribe to their mailing lists. You'll get information
how to use it. On the other hand, aging bodies make things when necessary. The problem is that I always about sales and special discounts, as well as easy
using it much more difficult. feel dependent on them to help me with my shopping. access to your purchase history and returns. --
With smaller items, I generally just eat the loss, but I Emma, Doug's granddaughter
Luckily, there are many types of adaptive don't feel comfortable with buying more expensive
technologies aimed to assist with these problems. Doug Mayberry makes the most of life in a Southern
Research is ongoing, and there is existing software California retirement community. Contact him at
that can help you.

For vision problems, you can look into screen Friendly
magnification software, screen readers and text Visitor
readers. They can enlarge images, allow you to Volunteers
control the size of text and graphics, or read text Needed!
aloud to you with a synthesized voice.
Help reduce loneliness and social isolation in the
Program offerings include JAWS and NVDA for PCs community! Loneliness negatively affects our
and VoiceOver for Macs. These programs all have emotional and physical well-being. Volunteers for
their benefits and drawbacks, so do the research to this program can provide seniors with company and
find the best one for you. socialization at home or over the phone.

For dexterity issues, look into a speech-to-text For more information or to volunteer call Kenosha
software to translate what you say into text. Area Family and Aging Services, Inc. 262-658-3508.
Additionally, you can make manual adjustments to
your computer that work for you. FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800

10 SMART READER June 29, 2019

social security
and you

German people. Security account. But a law called the "government
Pensioner Thinks pension offset" prevents that from happening -- and
She's Being You mentioned that there is a bill in Congress to rightfully so.
Cheated By US eliminate the WEP. Actually, bills to eliminate the WEP
Social Security have been introduced in every Congress since the But for some reason I can't explain, Congress did
law was passed in the mid 1980s. And every single not include foreign pensioners in the GPO law. So I
Q: I am 66 years old. Even time, the bill is defeated. Why? Because when the law can't get a husband's benefit on my wife's Social
though I am now a U.S. citizen, I is analyzed and explained (as I just did in this Security record because of my civil service retirement
spent the first 30 years of my column), lawmakers recognize the WEP is fair and benefit offsets it. And a retired teacher in Texas can't
adult life living and working in decide not to repeal it. get a wife's benefit on her husband's Social Security
Germany. But I have lived and record because her Texas teacher's retirement
worked in the U.S. for the past You may wonder why new bills are introduced every pension offsets it. But you will be able to get what you
15 years. I get a generous year to eliminate WEP. Well, I don't want to get too yourself called a "generous" retirement benefit from
retirement pension from the cynical, but let's just say there are more than a few Germany, AND you will be able to get a "dependent"
German Social Security system. lawmakers who are looking to gain votes from those spousal benefit from your husband's Social Security.
And I was shocked to learn that affected by the WEP law. That includes some foreign Frankly, I just don't think (SET ITAL)that(END ITAL) is
pensioners like you, but primarily involves about 10% fair!
my U.S. Social Security benefit Tom Margenau of all retired public employees in this country. Like me.
As a retired federal employee who gets a nice civil If you have a Social Security question,
will be reduced by an unfair law service pension, I also get a small Social Security Tom Margenau has the answer. Contact him at
called the "windfall elimination provision." I have paid benefit that has been reduced by the windfall
taxes in this country for 15 years. So I earned every elimination provision.
penny of my already small Social Security retirement
pension. How dare they reduce it even further! Where So, good luck with the civil lawsuit. Because in the Celebrity
is the windfall I am supposedly getting? I see that extremely remote chance that you win your case, not seniors in
there is a bill in Congress that has bipartisan support only will you get a few extra bucks from Social the news
to repeal this unjust law. If that doesn't work, I plan to Security, but guys like me, with generous public Chaka Khan
file a class action lawsuit to get what is rightfully mine. retirement pensions, will get an increased Social says Prince
In the meantime, at least I should be able to get some Security check with a return rate intended for the was 'lonely'
of my husband's Social Security. poorest people in this country. 66-year-old Chaka Khan

A: I don't think you are being treated unfairly. And I Finally, let me bring up the point you made about appeared on Andy Cohen's
hope that after I explain the windfall elimination possibly being able to collect spousal benefits on your
provision law, you will agree. Also, I will comment on husband's Social Security record. There is a chance Watch What Happens Live and
your class action lawsuit plans and on the possibility that might happen. And if it does, you can count
of you collecting spousal benefits on your husband's yourself lucky. You will be getting benefits almost no gave her honest opinion about
record. one else in this country can get. So let me explain
that. the late pop star, Prince. The
To understand WEP, I'll first familiarize you with one
of the tenets of our Social Security system. One key If you have worked and get your own Social music legend, when asked by
goal of that program is to give a financial boost to low- Security retirement check, that monthly benefit offsets
income retirees. How that is accomplished is with a (dollar for dollar) any spousal benefits you might be Cohen about what would Chaka Khan
retirement benefit formula that is skewed to give poor due on a husbands or wife's Social Security account. surprise people about Prince,
people a higher rate of return when comparing their And if you think about it, that offset makes sense.
income and the taxes they pay with the Social Spousal benefits are classified as "dependent's" said that the late singer was lonely.
Security check they receive. benefits. In other words, you normally need to be
financially dependent on your husband or wife to get "I don't know if it showed but he was a lonely
The retirement formula is too complicated to explain spousal benefits from him or her. If you've worked and person," Khan said before explaining how she had
in a short newspaper column. Here is a simplified earned your own Social Security retirement pension, not talked to Prince during the last year of his life and
version. The average middle-class worker in this you generally won't get spousal benefits. how she wasn't aware of any of the health issues he
country will get a Social Security benefit that was having.
represents about 40% of his or her average pre- In the past, people who have worked and paid into
retirement earnings. A very poor person could get up a non-Social Security retirement system (for example, Known throughout the 70s as the ‘Queen of Funk,”
to a 90% return rate. old federal employees like me and public employees Khan crossovered to the pop charts in 1984 with her
and teachers in some states), were able to collect our hit single “I Feel For You.” Her latest album, “Hello
That doesn't mean that a poor person gets a higher own public retirement benefit and get a "dependent" Happiness” cracked the top 20 in the UK earlier this
Social Security benefit. But it does mean he or she spousal benefit from our husband's or wife's Social year. Khan is currently on a summer tour with
will get a better rate of return comparing the taxes Michael McDonald. The two will be performing on
they paid with the benefit they will receive. July 6th at Ravinia in Highland Park.

And here's the deal. You look like one of these poor SMART READER June 29, 2019 11
people to the Social Security Administration
computers. Why? Because you have only 15 years of
earnings on your Social Security record. As far as the
system knows, you spent the rest of your life
unemployed or not working. So when your Social
Security retirement benefit is initially calculated, you
get that 90% return rate intended for a the very lowest
income workers in this country. That's the "windfall."

But the fact is, you're not poor. You've worked all
your life and you get a nice pension from the German
Social Security system. I bet you could be considered
a comfortably middle-class person in this country. So
you should get the same U.S. Social Security return
rate that all other middle-class people get. And that's
what the WEP formula does. In a nutshell, it takes you
from that 90% poor person's rate to the 40% middle-
class rate. I hope you can see that your benefit is not
being unjustly cut. The WEP formula merely gives you
the same benefit rate as all other middle-class


Seniors in Bush said she was ecstatic to be reunited with her
the news beloved ring.

Man finds wedding "I was really thrilled, I didn't think I'd ever see it no
ring lost 50 years ago' more," Florene Bush said. "It's very special, yeah it
A 94-year-old woman was reunited with her
wedding ring after nearly 50 years thanks to a man A Texas woman who lost her great-grandmother's
who overheard her conversation about the gold band. ring recently had a much quicker reunion with the
Florene Bush, 94, a resident at a Leoma nursing heirloom. Rikki Heel said the ring apparently fell off
home, was talking about her long-lost ring when she her finger on a United Airlines flight from Denver to
was overheard by Wesley White, a metal detector Houston. The airline got involved in the search and
enthusiast who was visiting his mother at the facility. reunited Heel with the ring within hours.

White spoke to Bush and her son, Frank Bush, and
learned the ring had been lost in the 1970s while
Bush was gardening near her home.

White and friend Jeff Howell went down to the area
where Bush had been gardening and searched for
about 90 minutes before they found the ring about
five inches below the surface.

"It was approximately five inches deep and there
wasn't a scratch on the ring," White told WTVF-TV.

SR062919 ADRC at
Kenosha Pride

The ADRC will be at Kenosha Pride,
Sunday, July 14, 2019. Stop by, say
hello, and take a flag! The event is from
12:30 - 9 p.m. at Veterans Memorial
Park, 625 52nd Street, Kenosha. We
hope to see you there! Learn more at




7110 74th PL, Kenosha, WI
“Located next to Menards”

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Parkinson’s expertise, compassion, and warm, friendly, caring
latest topic at manner”.
Suggested parking is at Tallent Hall (east side of
Since we never outgrow our desire for knowledge, Wood Road) and using shuttle service transport to the
Adventures in Lifetime Learning (ALL) provides front of the Student Center. A $6 parking pass (all
educational, creative, and social opportunities parking lots) is required and available at Tallent Hall
through lectures, classes, focus groups, day trips, and the Student Center Concierge desk. For more
and special events. Adventures in Lifetime Learning information, call the ALL office at 262-595-2793 or go
presents: "Physical Therapy: Parkinson’s disease to
and other elder issues" by Kris DeCant, DPT, NCS,
will be held on Monday, July 1, 2019 from 2 - 3 p.m. program, and in Parkinson's Wellness Recovery. She
at the UW-Parkside Cinema at the Student Center, has spoken at clinics around the country and has
900 Wood Road. worked in a variety of Physical Therapy settings,
including neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation,
Kris DeCant practices Physical Therapy in Kenosha which have helped her develop her varied clinical
and lectures and teaches in the field, in which she has skills and abilities. She’s known for her “skilled
37 years of experience. Kris is trained in Total Motion
Release, a patient-guided pain reduction exercise


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books ‘Charged’ examines the role of pros-
ecutors in the U.S. justice system

Not long after his 2017 election – the rate is as high as 95% in many

Five great books as Brooklyn’s district attorney, Eric states.

to read while you Gonzalez gave a speech in which Bazelon gives these processes a
he declared that “The real cultural human face by following two young
soak up the sun shift I’m going to be asking people through the system and
prosecutors in my office to make is alternating their stories throughout
This summer, relax and soak up the rays while you considering jail as the last option.” the book. One is 20-year-old Kevin
enjoy the top best books of the month. The list is full In most American cities that would (not his real name), a Brooklynite
of exciting, feel-good stories. be an extraordinary statement from the housing projects of
coming from a prosecutor. In this Brownsville who’s arrested on a gun
1. Ayesha at Last by case, however, it followed a charge. The other is Noura
Uzma Jalaluddin campaign during which one Jackson, a Tennessee teenager
commentator tweeted that it was convicted of the brutal 2005 murder
Who among us “stunning to see Brooklyn DA of her mother; she spent nearly a
candidates competing to go softer decade in prison before the state’s
doesn’t love a good on crime.” supreme court, citing prosecutorial

update of “Pride &

Prejudice”? Uzma According to Emily Bazelon, the misconduct, overturned her

Jalaluddin delivers with country is in dire need of conviction.

a satisfying romance prosecutors who think like In tracking the two cases,
Gonzalez. In her rigorous, Bazelon deftly shows how different
full of wit and humor, Writer and lawyer Emily Bazelon argues that
the election of more reform-minded
set among a Canadian compassionate, and vital book, prosecutors could help reduce America’s approaches to prosecution can

Muslim immigrant Charged: The New Movement to soaring incarceration rates. produce vastly different outcomes.

community navigating Transform American Jackson was the victim of an

tradition and Prosecution and End Mass Incarceration, she overzealous prosecutor determined to win a

assimilation for its shines light on a critical but under-examined feature of conviction despite glaring weaknesses in the case. In

young men and women. the criminal justice system: the role of prosecutors in Brooklyn, on the other hand, Kevin, after pleading

2. The Electric Hotel by Dominic Smith America’s crisis-level incarceration rates. People like guilty to criminal possession of a weapon, was

In 1962, a graduate Gonzalez, she contends, who are thinking differently allowed to enter a year-long diversion program that
student tracks down about fairness and mercy, represent “the most offered him the opportunity to stay out of prison and
and interviews promising means of reform … on the political have his conviction erased from his record if he
photographer Claude landscape.”
Ballard. In a series of followed a strict set of rules (random drug testing,
flashbacks, Ballard
reveals his early life as A staff writer for the New York Times Magazine nightly curfew, visits with a social worker).
a silent film director,
sharing with the student who’s also a lawyer, Bazelon argues that the The two cases highlight the difference between
the canisters of film he’s explosion in America’s prison population (currently prosecutors who use their power primarily to lock
stashed in the hotel around 2.2 million people, a number the author people up and those who believe that the public
room he calls home. believes could be safely cut in half) has largely interest is better served by offering, where
This historical fiction resulted from the imbalance in our justice system, appropriate, social services and second chances.
about unrequited love which gives the upper hand to the prosecution. Most Bazelon urges us to consider, too, what we want our
between a director and district attorneys in this country are elected and criminal justice system to accomplish. Supreme Court
his muse is chock-full of commonly strive to present themselves to constituents Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who spent five years as a
the history of the early as tough on crime; Bazelon laments that DAs often prosecutor in the Manhattan DA’s office, looked back
film industry. appear more concerned with notching wins than with on the experience and said, “We think we’re keeping
serving justice. people safe from criminals. We’re just making worse

Bazelon methodically demonstrates that criminals.”

3. What I Stand On by Wendell Berry prosecutors, at every step of the process, have Mass incarceration is such an intractable American
outsize power, whether it’s in deciding how a problem, but one gets the feeling that “Charged” could
This two-volume set of Wendell Berry’s essays, defendant will be charged, in influencing how bail is be a game-changer, giving voice and momentum to a
published between 1969 and 2017, provides crucial set, even in choosing to punish black defendants more growing desire for reform. (The lengthy appendix,
insights about America’s environmental crisis and its severely than white ones. which lays out concrete steps to fix the broken system,
pervasive causes. As he demonstrates throughout
the work, “soil is the great connector of lives.” If we The author is particularly strong in arguing for the will surely help.) There are 2,400 prosecutors in
want healthy people and communities, we must take
care of the land. Doing so is our most ancient, urgent elimination of cash bail, which, in effect, punishes elected office across the country. While reform-
duty, according to Berry.
defendants for being poor. Those in jail who can’t minded DAs are still in the minority, they’ve won races

afford bail often feel pressured into accepting a plea in cities and counties nationwide, including

deal rather than languishing in pretrial detention, Philadelphia, Houston, and Kansas City, Kansas.

4. Ottoman Odyssey by Alev Scott especially when prosecutors threaten them with stiff “Local prosecutors handle more than 95 percent of the

Half-Turkish, half-British journalist Alev Scott roams sentences if they risk a trial and lose. (It’s disturbing, nation’s criminal docket,” Bazelon observes, meaning
through elements of the Ottoman Empire in this bright
travel narrative. She laces history with footloose but not terribly surprising, that “about 18 percent of that change, if it is to come, will come from the
journeying and the result is a restless, kaleidoscopic,
and chromatic portrait of a land in flux. exonerations – DNA and non-DNA, death sentences grassroots. To ensure that meaningful criminal justice

and other penalties – involve defendants who pleaded reform is enacted, as this important and powerful book

guilty.”) The overwhelming majority of criminal urges, citizens must begin by paying attention.

convictions result not from trials but from guilty pleas By Steve Donaghue

5. Boom by Michael Shnayerson

Michael Shnayerson N.Y. TIMES BEST SELLERS


art morphed from the

passion of a few to a 1. Summer of ‘69 (Hilderbrand) 1. Educated (Westover)
2. Where the Crawdads Sing (Owens) 2. Unfreedom of the Press (Levin)
fashion for the ultrarich. 3. The Reckoning (Grisham) 3. The Pioneers (McCullough)
4. City of Girls (Gilbert) 4. Becoming (Obama)
Thanks to skyrocketing 5. Mrs. Everything (Weiner) 5. The Mueller Report w/Washington Post
6. Before We Were Yours (Wingate) 6. Howard Stern Comes Again (Stern)
auction prices and four 7. Unsolved (Patterson/Ellis) 7. Born a Crime (Noah)
8. Little Fires Everywhere (Ng) 8. Sapiens (Harari)
dominant dealers, 9. The Tattooist of Auschwitz (Morris) 9. Songs of America (Meacham/McGraw)
10. Good Omens (Gaiman/Pratchett) 10. Killer of the Flower Moon (Grann)
contemporary works have

become a hot commodity.

The book charts the

switch from a genteel

circle of connoisseurs to a

roiling shark tank of



Believing in the experiment of
democracy, despite the setbacks

y If the experiment of American liberal democracy ‘Hunger
has historically failed to live up to its ideals, why
a believe in its future? Harvard University historian Jill
Lepore grapples with that question in This America: prequel
The Case for the Nation. Less than a year ago,
t Lepore explored the nation’s contradictions in “These novel in
Truths: A History of the United States,” an ambitious
the works Suzane Collins
e one-volume history. “This America,” at close to one-
f fifth the length, serves as somewhat of an epilogue. The Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins will publish
At a time of growing division and uncertainty, Lepore
a calls for a reckoning with the nation’s past and a a prequel novel in the series in 2020. Scholastic
r patriotic embrace of its foundational values.
r Much of the book deals with American nationalism, confirmed in an Instagram post the 56-year-old author is
a which Lepore argues is an un-American idea. She
s doesn’t take issue with loving one’s country – she writing a new book set in Panem that takes place 64
argues for patriotism – but nationalism encompasses
r a belief that the world “ought to be divided into years before the events of The Hunger Games.
nations,” a view that she warns lends itself to hatred
of others. Neither the Declaration of Independence "With this book, I wanted to explore the state of
t nor the Constitution, she points out, referred to the nature, who we are, and what we perceived is required
United States as a “nation,” and nationalism’s very for our survival," Collins said in a statement. "The
existence seems contradictory in a country founded reconstruction period ten years after the war, commonly
as an asylum. “Patriotism is animated by love, referred to as the Dark Days -- as the country of Panem
a nationalism by hatred,” she writes of the distinction. struggles back to its feet -- provides fertile ground for
characters to grapple with these questions and thereby
In the late 20th century, American historians largely define their views of humanity," she shared.
stopped studying national history, believing
s nationalism was ready to cede to a global future. The Hunger Games, a young adult dystopian novel that
t Nationalism, however, never went away; its follows protagonist Katniss Everdeen, was published in
prevalence in contemporary immigration debates has 2008 and was followed by Catching Fire (2009) and
e made that clear. But even if nationalism is dangerous, Mockingjay (2010). Lionsgate Films adapted the trilogy as
the world is and likely will remain composed of a four-movie series starring Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss.
nation-states for the foreseeable future. As a way
forward, Lepore proposes recentering the nation In her latest book, ‘This America:The Case for the Nation,’ historian Deadline reported Lionsgate is in talks with Collins to
k upon “a new Americanism”: a patriotism crafted Jill Lepore affirms and celebrates the country’s foundational values. adapt the prequel as a movie.
c around not a set of common identities, but a love of
e the same civic ideals. At the nation’s core, Lepore things” that it can do. “The nation, as ever, is the Candace Bushnell
reminds us, lies “the idea that all men are created fight,” she writes. It must take responsibility for its
r equal and endowed with inalienable rights.” She failures. unveils book cover
t writes, “Anyone who affirms these truths and believes
a that we should govern our common life together Lepore also looks optimistically on the nation’s for 'Is There Still
k belongs in this country. That is America’s best idea.” values that make change possible. She quotes
Martin Luther King Jr.: “‘The great glory of American Sex in the City?'
Yet, she observes, “a nation founded on ideals, democracy is the right to protest for right.’” She notes
e universal truths, also opens itself to charges of that nearly all who have endeavored to achieve Candace Bushnell is giving fans
change – from Native rights activist William Apess to a glimpse of the cover for her
hypocrisy at every turn.” While “These Truths” details women’s suffragist Elizabeth Cady Stanton to labor new book. The 60-year-old
the wealth of those contradictions much more unionist Eugene Debs – have advanced their causes author shared the cover for her
extensively, “This America” spends most of its time through patriotic pleas. novel Is There Still Sex in the
a discussing a history of immigration restrictions. City? and reflected on her
Fittingly, Lepore dedicates the book to her father, “This America” isn’t the groundbreaking work that difficult journey in an Instagram
“whose immigrant parents named him Amerigo in “These Truths” was, which Lepore acknowledges. It post.
1924, the year Congress passed a law banning is unlikely to convince anyone who doesn’t already
- immigrants like them.” agree with her, and those who feel betrayed by the "In many ways this book is a
s Borrowing from W.E.B. DuBois, Lepore interprets nation’s broken promises may wince at her invocation triumph for me: In the three
history as the nation’s struggle to make good on its of patriotism. But Lepore, in sharp and earnest prose, years it took to write I endured a lot of emotional pain.
promises, comprising its “hideous mistakes” and provides a timely reminder that while the nation There was the fallout of my divorce, I moved, my father
e “frightful wrongs,” as well as “the great and beautiful hasn’t achieved its egalitarian promise – and there’s died and my best friend took her life," Bushnell wrote.
no guarantee it ever will – the values at its core "There were times when I wondered what I was doing
ensure the existence of a mechanism to fight for it. and why, when I quested what was the point of it all.
When I questioned what was the point of me?" she said.
By Elizabeth Lund "Sometimes the only way I could continue was by
pretending I was an anthropologist from another planet
e Judith Krantz, best-selling determined to record the goings on of these crazy
e creatures called humans."

k author, dead at 91 Bushnell, who finalized her divorce from dancer
Charles Askegard in 2012, said she managed to keep her
e Judith Krantz, a best-selling author and columnist known for penning the novel sense of humor during her challenges and incorporate it
Scruples, has died at the age of 91. into the book.

Krantz died last Saturday (June 22nd) of natural causes in her Bel Air, Calif., home, "This ability to laugh in the face of pain and sorrow and
her publicist John Tellem confirmed to Variety. She was surrounded by family, friends uncertainty is what I bring to you in Is There Still Sex in
and her four dogs. the City," she said. "Every novel is a culmination of what
one has learned in life, but Is There Still Sex is especially
The New York Times also confirmed Krantz's death. Krantz, before writing novels, so. I hope you'll love this book as much as I do!"
was a journalist working for Good Housekeeping and freelancing for Ladies Home
Journal and Cosmopolitan, among other publications. Her most famous article was Is There Still Sex in the City? is scheduled for release
titled "The Myth of the Multiple Orgasm." Aug. 6. Deadline reported in March Paramount Television
and Anonymous Content have acquired the rights to
She released her first novel Scruples in 1977.The book topped the NewYork Times adapt the novel as a TV series.
bestseller list and was followed up by 1980's Princess Daisy, another bestseller. Her
last novel,The Jewels of Tessa Kent, was released in 1998. Bushnell will write the pilot and serve as an executive
producer on the new show.The story is set between the
Krantz's novels all together have sold more than 85 million copies worldwide and Upper East Side of Manhattan and a country enclave
have been released in more than 50 languages. She is also known for penning Scruples known as The Village, and examines sex, dating and
Two, Mistral's Daughter, I'll Take Manhattan and Dazzle. friendship in New York City after age 50.

Krantz is survived by her sons Tony and Nicholas and two grandchildren.


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Melanomas that shape of the dark circle, called the pupil, at the center of symptoms, growing undetected until they are in their later
begin in the eye the eye. Typically discovered when they are still in their stages. They may be detected earlier, though, when they
often can be early stages, iris melanomas often are treated promptly and grow near the center of the field of vision, triggering
treated with successfully. symptoms such as poor or blurry vision, a sensation of
radiation therapy flashes in vision, or the appearance of small spots or specks
Of greater concern are choroidal and ciliary body (sometimes called floaters) within the field of vision.
DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Is it true that melanoma can melanomas. Combined, these two categories of intraocular
develop in the eyes? If so, how common is it? How is it melanomas make up the most common type of cancer that Treatment for intraocular melanomas depends on the
treated? begins within the eye. The incidence is 6 new cases per 1 location and size of the melanoma. In the past, eye removal
million adults in the U.S. each year. These melanomas are was necessary in many cases. Complete removal of the eye
ANSWER: Melanomas can begin in the eye - a condition more common in Caucasians than other ethnic groups by still is sometimes necessary for large melanomas. For
called intraocular melanoma. Treatment for intraocular a ratio of 11-to-1. Only 1 percent is associated with a smaller tumors, however, surgery to remove the
melanomas used to primarily involve removing the affected genetic predisposition in patients with risks for other melanoma, along with a band of healthy tissue that
eye. Now, however, radiation therapy often can be used to cancers, including mesotheliomas, breast cancer and some surrounds it, may be a suitable treatment alternative.
treat intraocular melanoma. forms of skin melanomas.
Radiation therapy also is often an effective treatment
Melanoma is a type of cancer that develops in the cells Ciliary body melanomas form in the muscle fibers around option for small- to medium-sized intraocular melanomas.
that produce melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color. the eye's lens. Choroidal melanomas develop in the layer of The radiation may be delivered to the melanoma using a
The eyes also have melanin-producing cells and can develop blood vessels at the back of the eye. In some cases, these method called plaque brachytherapy. It involves placing a
melanoma. Intraocular melanomas can be divided into intraocular melanomas may not cause any signs or small disc, or plaque, containing radioactive seeds on the
three categories: iris melanomas, ciliary body melanomas eye, directly over the tumor. The plaque is held in place
and choroidal melanomas. These intraocular melanomas with temporary stitches and remains over the eye for
have a different molecular basis than skin melanoma. several days before it's removed. The radiation also can
Therefore, they respond differently to treatment than skin come from a machine that delivers radiation therapy
melanomas. directly to the eye, such as proton beam therapy or gamma
knife stereotactic radiosurgery.
Iris melanomas are the rarest form of intraocular
melanoma. Because they affect the colored part of the eye, No matter the treatment approach, the chances of the
the patient or a family member usually notices these melanoma developing elsewhere - in the remaining portion
melanomas quickly.They tend to form in the lower portion of the affected eye, in the other eye or in other parts of the
of the iris and appear as a spot that's a different color than body - is the same. Follow-up care to monitor for cancer
the rest of the iris. Iris melanomas also may change the recurrence in people who have had an intraocular
melanoma is essential for 15 years after treatment. - Jose
Pulido, M.D., Ophthalmology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minn.

Mayo Clinic Q & A is an educational resource and doesn't replace
regular medical care. E-mail a question to MayoClinicQ&A(AT

SIGN) For more information, visit

Even little exercise
may protect against
deadly stroke

Just a little exercise may help protect you against a type comprehensive nature of the benefit among various groups
of deadly bleeding stroke, a new study suggests.As many as of people was a positive surprise," she added.
half of people who suffer a subarachnoid hemorrhage die
within three months. The study also found that exercise can reduce the risk
caused by smoking and high blood pressure. For smokers,
While smoking and high blood pressure have been exercise lowers the odds up to two times more than in the
shown to increase the risk of this deadly stroke, there has general population.
been little evidence on whether exercise can help reduce
it. "However, what must not be overlooked is the fact that
smoking remains the number one risk factor for [this
For this study, researchers examined data from about stroke] and that quitting smoking is the principal way of
70,000 people in Finland and concluded that as little as 30 preventing the appearance of the disorder," Lindbohm said.
minutes a week of light exercise reduces the risk by about
5 percent. Study co-author Dr. Miikka Korja, head of neurosurgery
at Helsinki University Central Hospital, reflected on the
The risk falls as the amount of exercise increases, reduced risk.
according to the study published June 25 in the journal
Scientific Reports. "Even with no accurate scientific evidence of the
biological mechanism of action produced by exercise... the
"Even moderate physical exercise, such as a 30-minute reduced risk is most likely connected with a reduction in a
walk or bike ride four days a week reduces the risk... by systemic inflammatory state, which also affects the walls of
roughly 20 percent, regardless of age and gender," principal cerebral arteries," he said.
author Dr. Joni Lindbohm said in a University of Helsinki
news release.

"As such, the finding did not really come as a surprise, as
exercise is known to work well in preventing many other
cardiovascular diseases. However, the extent and


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the four-legged report

Pet World product called Pet Corrector, Luna has been hostile to Mocha and
which issues a loud "Shh" sound, wants nothing to do with him. If Mocha
withCathy to surprise and interrupt Max's is in the room, I have to be careful
Rosenthal behavior. around Luna since she will growl and
attack me if I move too suddenly or too
How to stop a The moment Max stops to see close to her. I am at a loss as to why her
dog from biting where the sound came from, call behavior changed due to the outdoor
and chasing him to you, ask him to sit and give encounter. I try to keep the two
feet him a treat. While you should be separated when possible and I make
able to halt the behavior each sure Luna gets her walks every day.
Dear Cathy, I have a 10-year-old yorkie terrier mix time, it could take weeks or How do I get Luna comfortable with
named Max. He weighs 15 pounds and was found (years months before he understands he Mocha again? - Gail, Glastonbury, CT
ago) wandering with no collar or microchip.This is the first needs to stop entirely.
time I have had a small dog. Anyways, Max likes to attack Dear Gail, Cats are very territorial.
feet. If he is laying on the floor and you get up from the As for getting him out from Luna must have thought it was a strange
couch or chair, he will attack your feet. If you are sitting at under the bed or from behind the cat, not Mocha, entering her outside
the table and he is laying underneath, he growls and tries couch, lure him out with a high- space. They will need to be re-
to bite your feet. He also attacks anyone who tries to get value treat - like a tiny piece of introduced slowly, as if they are new cats in the home.
him out from under the bed or behind the couch. We hot dog, chicken or cheese.Then, put storage containers or
never had a problem until lately. He is fine otherwise. Any boxes under the bed and maybe blankets behind the Put feline pheromone collars on them both and plug-in
advice? - Antonia, East Meadow, New York couch, so he can't get stuck in those places anymore. feline pheromones around the house to reduce their
anxiety. Spray feline pheromones on your clothes, so they
Dear Antonia, Let's address the "biting feet" thing first. Dear Cathy, I adopted my cat, Luna, five years ago. She are calmer around you too. It could take a few weeks or
It sounds like you have lived with it for years, but we can has been a very sweet and affectionate cat. We lost her few months before they adjust to each other again, so be
still change a behavior at any point in a dog's life.While this best friend, our golden retriever, last summer, and Luna was patient. Until they do, take Luna and Mocha outside
is a fairly easy behavior to thwart each time, it does require alone. Recently, I adopted another cat (6 months old), in separately so Luna has a chance to get used to Mocha's
a lot of patience over time to change for good. hopes he would be a companion for Luna. I was concerned scent outdoors. If you eventually take them out together,
Luna's wonderful temperament would change with the start by putting Mocha in a pop-up tent to ensure no fight
You need to use an "interrupter," which is a sound you new addition, but after two weeks, both cats were getting ensues. Watch Luna's body language and don't let Mocha
make to interrupt and distract Max from the behavior. along beautifully.They played and slept together. out if she appears agitated. Given enough time, Luna should
Clapping hands or a loud "hey" may work initially, but most adjust to Mocha again.
likely you will need something louder to get his attention. Luna is leash-trained, and we go out for daily walks. Last
When Max goes after feet, shake a can of coins or spray a week, the new kitty, Mocha, showed an interest in going Finally, make sure they are both fixed.
outside. I put his leash on and brought him outside. Luna,
who was sitting in the yard, immediately ran onto the deck As well as being a recuring guest on Happenings Q&A, Cathy M.
and attacked Mocha. I separated the two and got Mocha Rosenthal is a longtime animal advocate, author, columnist and pet
into the house. It took almost a half hour to get Luna to
calm down enough where I could approach her. Since then expert who has more than 25 years in the animal welfare field.
Send your pet questions, stories and tips to

Cat survives 35- know there were this many good people in the world. I since been working as a therapy dog for seniors at the
minute washing have people reaching out and helping that I have never met Sebastopol Senior Center and first-graders learning to
machine cycle before. I could never repay what they have done." read at a California school.

A Minnesota woman said her Scamp the Tramp Morones has an uncanny eye for unusual dogs -- Scamp
pet cat is down one of his nine dubbed World's is the third dog she's owned that has taken the World's
lives after taking a 35-minute Ugliest Dog Ugliest Dog title. One of her previous pooches, named
ride in the washing machine Nana, was a six-time champion from 1996 through 2002.
with a load of laundry. Stefani An aesthetically
Carroll-Kirchoff said she challenged pooch named Police on the
checked on her laundry at the Scamp the Tramp was lookout for
end of a 35-minute cycle at her crowned the World's highway-hopping
home in Maplewood and Ugliest Dog after kangaroo
spotted a paw belonging to her previously coming in
1-year-old cat, Felix, sticking out from among the wet second. Scamp, who has Police in Wisconsin said they are on the lookout for a
clothes. competed in the loose kangaroo after a marsupial was reported hopping
competition at the across a highway walking bridge Monday morning. The
"I've been in shock the last few days," Carroll-Kirchoff Sonoma-Marin Fair in Grand Chute Police Department said a caller reported
told CNN. "I mean, this is going to haunt me for the rest Petaluma, Calif., four spotting a kangaroo hopping across the walking bridge
of my life." times previously and was over Interstate 41 about 7 a.m. Monday. Grand Chute
the runner-up in 2018, Community Resource Officer Travis Waas said the 'roo
Felix was rushed to Animal Emergency and Referral defeated a field of 18 was reported heading east from Fox Cities Stadium.
Center of Minnesota, where veterinarians said he had other unsightly canines to take this year's title.
pneumonia from the water in his lungs.The cat is expected "Officers wandered the bush and thicket looking for
to make a full recovery. Carroll-Kirchoff's daughter, Asha "Scamp the champ now. We had to change his name," signs of the joey, but were unsuccessful. It would appear
Carroll, set up a crowdfunding page to raise money for owner Yvonne Morones told NBC's Today show. "Well, I that the kangaroo had...Wait for it. Hopped along," police
Felix's veterinary treatment. They quickly surpassed and think the audience got to know him beforehand and they tweeted.Waas said police will consult with local zoos in an
doubled their initial $5,000 goal. saw all his community volunteer work." attempt to identify the animal's owner if it turns up again.
Grand Chute is located about 40 miles southwest of
"I said to my daughter, 'This is a feel good thing,'" Morones adopted Scamp from a shelter in 2014, just one Green Bay.
Carroll-Kirchoff told the St. Paul Pioneer-Press. "I didn't hour before he was scheduled to be put down. Scamp has


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Nutrition News Wolfgang
with Charlyn Fargo Puck’s Kitchen

for Heart Disease
Some people might scratch their heads when they first
My mother suffered from heart disease most of her life, hear mention of cheeseburger pizza, but it makes perfect
and eventually the disease took her life.We went through sense.After all, a pizza crust is not much different from a big, open-faced bun.
stents, heart surgery, two pacemakers, replacement valves Some pizzas toppings include seasoned ground meat, like a burger. Ketchup and
-- the best that medical care could give her. Could a mustard are basically sauces.And cheese is cheese, whether in a sandwich or on a
change in her diet have made a difference? pizza.

I read with interest new research from the American combination foods like chili). You can also rinse canned Cheeseburger pizza is as all-American as you can get, right down to the
Heart Association that finds doing three things could help foods to reduce their sodium by nearly 50%. Buy fresh American cheese slices on top. But the beauty of this simple recipe is that, just
save 94 million lives worldwide from premature deaths rather than processed foods; things in a box are usually like a burger, you can customize it however you like. If your children don't like
caused by cardiovascular disease. Those three things high in sodium. Watch out for canned soups and pasta pickles, leave them out. If they hate mustard, add extra ketchup. If you'd prefer
include lowering high blood pressure, eliminating artificial sauces, as well as ketchup and barbecue sauces. Also sharp cheddar, Gruyere or some other cheese on yours, go ahead. Love bacon on
trans fats from our diets and reducing sodium intake -- all reduce the amount of processed meats you eat on a your burger? Fry some up, drain, cool, chop, and then crumble it over the beef.
doable, and another reason to commit to eating healthier. weekly basis, such as bacon, sausage, pepperoni and Trying to eat less red meat? Substitute ground turkey or chicken, or even some
lunchmeats. Other foods high in sodium include soy sauce, of the surprisingly realistic vegetable-based meat substitutes that are now
Lowered blood pressure and lowered sodium chips, pickles, olives and some popcorn. becoming more widely available.
consumption can be accomplished together. Steps to
lower your blood pressure include losing weight if you're The Dietary Guidelines recommend 2,300 milligrams of In short, you can make your cheeseburger pizza any way you like it, and easily.
overweight, increasing physical activity, reducing sodium sodium per day (about the amount in a teaspoon of salt), And all the while, you and your kids will be having summertime fun together in
intake and increasing potassium intake. but the average American consumes 3,400 milligrams per the kitchen.
To cut your sodium, think beyond the saltshaker. Table Makes 4 pizzas, each about 8 inches
salt only accounts for about 25% of the sodium in our Since 2006, food companies have been required to list 4 8-to-10-inch premade rolled-out pizza dough rounds
diets.The rest comes from processed foods and foods we the amount of trans fat in foods on labels. When food 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
eat in restaurants (where we can't control the salt). Try manufacturers add hydrogen to vegetable oil 1/2 cup chopped yellow onion
purchasing no-salt-added canned foods (especially for (hydrogenation), the oil becomes harder and "trans." The 1 pound good-quality ground beef
process increases the shelf life of foods. Try to eat fewer Kosher salt
STOGNREICLRLEEK FREE foods with margarine, vegetable shortening, (think cookies Freshly ground black pepper
Only 2 4 tablespoons tomato ketchup
blocks from the and pies) as well as deep-fried 4 tablespoons yellow ballpark-style mustard, or 4 more tablespoons tomato
WI state line chips, fast foods and commercially
baked goods. ketchup
8 thin lengthwise slices dill pickle or 24 dill pickle chips, drained
Full Bar • Steaks • Chops • Ribs • Pizza • Sandwiches SR062919 Charlyn Fargo is a registered dietitian 8 slices American cheese
with Hy-Vee and a spokesperson for the •Place a pizza stone on the oven's middle rack. Preheat the oven to 500 F.
A Unique Dining Experience Illinois Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. • Meanwhile, on a lightly floured work surface, stretch out the dough balls into
206 Sheridan Road, Winthrop Harbor, IL
BEEF AND BLACK BEAN BURGERS even 8-inch circles, shaping the edges slightly thicker.
1-847-746-2020 • • In a large nonstick saute pan, heat the oil over medium-high heat.Add the
Mon. Thur. 11am 10pm • Fri. & Sat. 11am -11pm • Sun. 11am 9pm 1 1/2 pounds ground beef (93% or leaner)
10 (2-ounce) whole-grain hamburger buns onion and saute, stirring continuously with a wooden spoon, until it
FREE Appetizer 1 (15-ounce) can no-salt-added black beans, rinsed and drained begins to turn translucent.Add the ground beef, and season to taste with
1/4 cup tomato paste salt and pepper. Saute, stirring continuously and breaking up the meat
with $20 purchase 1 cup minced onion with the wooden spoon, until evenly browned, 5 to 7 minutes.
1/4 cup finely chopped fresh cilantro leaves • Using a wire skimmer or slotted spoon to help leave any fat in the pan,
(up to a $6.99 value!) VIDEO GAMING IS HERE! 1 or 2 fresh jalapeno peppers, minced remove the beef from the pan, spreading it out evenly on a large sheet of
With this ad. Alcohol excluded. Limited on coupon. 1 1/2 teaspoon cumin aluminum foil or on a cookie sheet to help it cool quickly.
1 teaspoon salt • While the meat is cooling, combine the ketchup and mustard in a small
Not valid with any other offer. Expires 08/31/19 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper mixing bowl, stirring well; if you don't want mustard, use twice as much
1 ripe avocado, sliced ketchup. Spread this sauce over the top of the pizza dough rounds, up to
WATCH ALL THE MLB GAMES HERE! Optional toppings: Low-fat ranch dressing, yogurt or salsa but not over the thicker edge.
WE HAVE THE MLB PACKAGE • Cut two hamburger buns into 1/4-inch cubes. Combine cubed buns, beans • Evenly spread the cooled beef over the sauce. Distribute the pickle slices on
top. Place one American cheese slice in the center of each pizza. Cut or
Now Open for Dinner and tomato paste in a large bowl; using a potato masher, mash to tear each of the remaining slices into quarters and distributed them
slightly chunky consistency.Add ground beef, onion, cilantro, jalapeno around the center cheese sliced on each pizza.
422 Sheridan Rd., pepper, cumin, salt and pepper, mixing lightly but thoroughly. Lightly • Using a pizza paddle or rimless baking sheet, transfer the pizzas one at a time
Racine, WI shape into eight 3/4-inch thick patties. Place patties on rack of broiler to the pizza stone, baking only as many at one time as will fit comfortably
262-553-9119 Home of the $11.95 pan or grill and broil. Cook until thermometer reaches 160 F. Place onto the stone. Bake until deep golden brown, 8 to 10 minutes.Then,
Wild Game burgers on bottoms of buns.Top burgers evenly with avocado slices. using the paddle or baking sheet, remove from the oven to a cutting
New Hours Top with dressing, sour cream, yogurt or salsa, if desired. Makes 8 board, cut into slices, and serve, while baking any remaining pizzas.
Mon & Tue 7am-2pm burgers.
Wed-Sun 7am-8pm Burgers, Omlettes • Per serving: 386 calories; 27 grams protein; 47 grams carbohydrate; 12 FOR ADVERTISING RATES CALL 262-564-8800
or Skillets grams fat (3 grams saturated); 56 milligrams cholesterol; 7.7 grams
ON SHERIDAN • Yak • Bison fiber; 605 milligrams sodium.

• Antelope • Kangaroo

• Camel • Caribou

• Alpaca • Elk

• Wild Boar • Llama

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Taco Plate

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18 SMART READER June 29, 2019

auto Don’t Let Tires 3. Check for irregular wear as uneven wear indicates a
Flatten Your Travel need for wheel alignment.
news from the road Plans
4. Check tires for cuts, bruises, bulges, bald spots or
Google Maps strands (NAPSI)—Getting a flat tire other irregularities that can lead to a flat tire.
more than 100 cars is no fun for anyone at any
time, especially on vacation. To “AAA expects to get calls from stranded
A Google Maps error near a Colorado airport left more keep your next road trip rolling motorists this summer and a good portion
than 100 drivers seeking a detour stranded on a dirt road. along, the nonprofit Car Care of those vehicle troubles will be tire related,”
Drivers headed to the Denver International Airport said Council recommends a quick said White. “A comprehensive pre-trip
they were diverted by Google Maps last Sunday due to a tire check before you leave the vehicle inspection, including the tires, is the
crash on Pena Boulevard that led the app to offer a detour. driveway. best way to alert yourself to any potential
The drivers were led down a dirt road that soon turned issues so you can address them before you
muddy due to recent rains and vehicles ended up stuck “The excitement of summer leave home and keep your road trip on
with about 100 cars lined up behind them. vacation quickly deflates when track.”
your car has a flat tire,” said
"There were a bunch of other cars going down [the dirt Rich White, executive director, For more information on tire safety and
road] too, so I said, 'I guess it's OK.' It was not OK," driver Car Care Council. “A quick maintenance, visit
Connie Monsees told CNN. She said her all-wheel-drive four-step tire check will help you to avoid the aggravation For service interval schedules, questions to
vehicle was able to make it through the mud, and she of changing a flat tire on the side of the road.” ask a technician and other helpful auto care
ended up picking up a couple of stranded travelers who information, view the Car Care Council’s
were headed to the airport to catch flights. Google 1. Check that all tires, including the spare, are inflated to free digital “Car Care Guide” at
conceded that weather-related issues can sometimes cause recommended pressure levels. guide.
the GPS directions to become unreliable.
2. Check tire tread depth with a simple penny test-if you The Car Care Council is the source of information for
see Lincoln’s head above the tread, then it is time for new the “Be Car Care Aware” consumer education campaign
tires. promoting the benefits of regular vehicle care, maintenance
and repair to consumers.To order a free copy of the “Car
Care Guide,” visit

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MAGAZINE experiences and turn them into laughs Looking for
that maintain a clean but funny appear- Servers & Cooks
Vol.12 Issue 1 OUT NOW ance. Chris’ luck (or lack there of) have Contact Trisha
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SMART READER June 29, 2019 19

Study reveals the accidental
origins of the violin

Could violins, like animals, have evolved? The answer is yes, Makris’s personal fascination with musical instruments
according to a team of researchers led by MIT professor belies him. As a professor of ocean engineering at MIT, he
Nicholas Makris. focuses on ocean exploration by way of acoustics, not on
musical design. But according to Makris, these two interests
Dr. Makris collaborated with the violin making and repair aren’t as disparate as they might seem.
program at North Bennet Street School to study the
acoustic properties of violins and violin ancestors. Their “It all comes from the same first physical principles of
research, which appears in Proceedings of the Royal Society physics,” Makris says.“Experience in one definitely helps with
A, shows that a violin’s acoustic power is linked to the shape intuition in the other. I think there is a tendency nowadays to
of the holes in its body. overspecialize or to expect overspecialization. Go back to
the times of Lord Rayleigh and you will find musical acoustics
Perhaps more surprisingly, it also suggests that the violin’s prominently at the beginning of his classic books on the
distinctive, f-shaped sound hole came not as a result of mathematical physics of the theory of sound. What we have
human ingenuity, but rather a series of random mutations. done to help understand musical instruments also answers
questions about more general sources of sound, including
In 17th century Italy, master builders – the Amati, those underwater.”

Stradivari, and Guarneri families most notably – ushered in But it takes more than textbook physics to design a
Stradivarius-level violin. Some, including Makris, believe
the golden age of violinmaking. This era, called the Researchers at MIT have gleaned new understanding of a centuries-old there’s something almost intangible about a well-crafted
Cremonese period, produced some of the most sought- musical instrument
“There is something very beautiful in the natural sounds of
after musical instruments of all time. Many players and circle has the smallest perimeter for the same area, and so is wooden instruments that is difficult and will be difficult to
makers assert that the quality of these instruments are the least power-efficient.” quantify over a wide frequency range,” Makris says.“What we
unmatched by modern successors – although that notion has have done pertains to a lower frequency register that is an
been heavily disputed. Slender f-holes minimize interior area, so they are naturally important starting point.”
more power efficient than round sound holes of the same
Violin design has changed relatively little since the perimeter. As a result, violins tend to be much louder than Lutherie, the art of building stringed instruments, is still an
Cremonese period. So it is surprising, to say the least, that lutes. imperfect study. Makris hopes his research will meet a
researchers are still working to understand their intricacies. “growing demand” from musicians who seek to understand
“One way to understand the efficiency is to think about the properties of wooden instruments.
“We have looked back over a couple of hundred years of what happens near a tall building on a windy day,” Makris
literature on violin acoustics,” Makris says. “There are adds. “It tends to be far windier at the perimeter of the “I think our work actually can help many players and
formulas, derived by [Victorian polymath] Lord Rayleigh building rather than some distance from the building, because makers with simple practical decisions about sound hole size
about one hundred years ago, for the resonance frequency of all the air flow obstructed by the building escapes in a and shape,” Makris suggests, “and perhaps also certain
circle and elliptical sound holes, but nothing for power. And concentrated region at the edges. Something similar is going choices of wood type and thickness. I have also heard from
that seems to sum the previous knowledge.” on with the sound holes of musical instruments.” violin makers who know about our findings that design
changes they made based on them have led to happy
Makris’ research focuses on violins, but was spurred by a The thickness of a violin’s back plate also factors into customers.”
different, older instrument. The lute is a medieval stringed power efficiency, the team found.Violins expand and contract
instrument with a round sound hole.They look a little bit like as they are played, thereby generating sound within the body. “But the makers have the magic and I try not to interfere
guitars – except many lutes feature intricate carvings called As the instrument expands, it pushes air through the f-holes. for the most part,” Makris adds.“They know so much, but so
rosettes over their sound holes.After being approached by a much of their work is an art form that is not so easy to
professional player who wanted to understand the effects of “The problem is that when the violin contracts, its body communicate. But I still try to ask questions and learn as
the rosette on sound and volume, Makris took the case. sucks air towards it,” Makris says.“This has a canceling effect much as I can.”
on some of the air being squeezed out of the f-hole, which
In musical instruments, volume and power are related to reduces the sound. A thicker back plate reduces this Consumer interest in luthier-made instruments has
airflow – in other words, instruments that push a greater cancellation by [reducing] the expansion and contraction of rebounded in recent years, but most players still get their
volume of air through their sound holes will be noticeably the violin body, and so makes the net acoustic power radiated axes off the assembly line. If the evolution of violins was
louder. With the help of Yuming Liu, a principal research outwards greater.” caused by human error, could mass production halt the
scientist at MIT, Makris’s team modeled airflow through progress of instrument design?
sample sound holes. In doing so, they were able to determine The finding is supported by chronology – from Amati to
the power efficiency of different lutes. Stradivari to Guarneri, violins slowly developed thicker back “When I was younger, I could not afford to have an
plates and more slender f-holes. But it wasn’t so much a instrument made and had to have mass-produced ones, which
In time, Makris realized that air would flow faster near the conscious transition as it was natural selection, Makris says. clearly serve an important niche,” Makris says. "So you
perimeter of a sound hole and much slower at the center. So essentially need a portion of the population that is capable of
it didn’t matter if the sound hole was open or covered in For most of human history, instrument making was a supporting arts and high level craftsmanship to maintain
rosette carvings – there was virtually no difference in deeply personal, individual art. Every lute and violin would progress.”
volume. have been made by hand – none could be exactly the same as
another. “It makes you wonder if a big corporate committee might
Further testing on more diverse sound holes – like those one day be determining if change is good for sales or not,”
of Cremonese violins – confirmed the notion that airflow “We found that if you try to replicate a sound hole exactly Makris adds. “But so long as there are independent
was maximized at a sound hole’s perimeter and negligible in from the last one you made, you'll always have a little error,” instrument makers, progress will not stop.”
its interior. Makris said in a press release.“You're cutting with a knife into
thin wood and you can't get it perfectly, and the error we By Joseph Dussault
“So more perimeter and less interior area is better,” report is about two percent ... always within what would have
Makris says. “That is, for the same area of wood you cut to happened if it was an evolutionary change, accidentally from
make the sound hole, a shape that has larger perimeter and random fluctuations.”
less interior area will lead to more sound generation. The

Closer to home “I always find the subjectivity of music's continued progress.”
instrument-building surprising. Just
We have reached out to local residents for their about everything you could think of About Megan
opinions on thoughts of national stories like this one affects the quality and color of the
above. This week we asked Megan Weaver of sound produced - type of material Megan Weaver recently graduated from
Classic Violins, 4003 80th Street, to provide his two used, dimensions, and placement Carthage College. In addition to the
cents. relative to the instrument's other liberal arts curriculum, she studied music
components. In my time working at and dance. She has been playing the
*** instrument restoration and rental violin for twelve years and demonstrates
companies, I've seen amazing a strong passion for the arts and
“I enjoyed the interesting information presented in craftsmanship and dedication to the humanities. Performing in particular is
the article. I like how the article thoughtfully explains art. One thing I've noticed recently is one of her favorite ways to connect with
its topic - anyone who interacts with music could read that not all luthiers are instrumentalists, others. She currently uses the knowledge
this and gain some useful insights! Though music but they do all have a great appreciation for and gained from her varied interests at
involvement varies widely from hobbyists to dedication to music. In this way, I'm not surprised that Classic Violins in Mundelein, Illinois and
professionals, I also think more musicians in general instrument-makers evolved their products to produce the Pioneer Drum and Bugle Corps in Milwaukee,
are interested in learning the science behind the more desirable results over time. I look forward to Wisconsin, where she hopes to inspire a similar love
music. I would definitely be in that category!  for the arts in customers and students.


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Redistricting Cubacontinued from page 2 continued from page 2

gerrymandering. If voters demand it, even margins. Ohio’s Congressional Redistricting But this often meant traveling in a way that looks around at the vibrant trees, grass, and
legislators from parties that benefit from Procedures Amendment passed with cut out small businesses, like a three- water.
current gerrymandered maps may be almost 75% of the vote. bedroom apartment on Obispo Street. Tour
moved to take action, say some experts. groups are typically state-run, and the cruise To many visitors, local people are a part of
Of course it would have been better if ship companies typically dock in state ports, ecotourism. Stefan Bruins, a tourist from
That’s why experts like the Brennan the Supreme Court ruled against partisan partner with state agencies, and book rooms Amsterdam who is staying at Las Terrazas,
Center’s Mr. Li have hope. American voters gerrymandering Thursday, says Mr. Li, but in state hotels. came to the Baños because he heard that it is
have made it clear: They want action on the redistricting process is not doomed. a beautiful place where the locals go.
gerrymandering. In 2018 voters in five Michel Bernal, commercial director for
states – Michigan, Ohio, Colorado, Missouri, “The Supreme Court won’t be there, so Cuba’s Ministry of Tourism, said earlier this “Ecotourism is anything that makes you
and Utah – voted to limit legislators’ it’s like a neighborhood where we don’t year that occupancy in Havana’s private bed- feel connected with nature,” says Ms.
autonomy and move the redistricting have any cops patrolling,” says Mr. Li. “But and-breakfasts dropped from near full González, the employee of Las Terrazas.
process into the hands of independent will people figure ways to fight crime on capacity as Mr. Obama loosened restrictions “People who choose Las Terrazas choose real
commissions. their own if they don’t have any cops? Of to less than 45%, according to The Associated ecotourism.”
course.” Press.
And these measures passed by large In the last years of the Obama
By Story Hinckley & Peter Grier “The tourism industry was booming in administration, she says, Las Terrazas
Cuba,” says Ricardo Torres, an economist at welcomed about 45,000 foreign visitors
Fisherman News of Nelligan's catch reached the University of Havana. “There was a lot of annually. In 2018, this number dropped to
reels in trout Newaygo, Mich., resident Jason Rose, who money flowing into Cuban families. [But] now 40,000 visitors, including native Cubans.
with 'cursed' revealed he was the one who attached we have this contradiction.”
wedding ring the ring to the fish and set it free May 4. Back on Obispo Street, the renter sits on a
Ecotourism at a swimming area white plastic chair in a dark corner of the
An Illinois man fishing in Lake Michigan Rose, a charter boat captain, said he hallway, a cool relief from the afternoon
found something unusual about the became convinced the ring was bad luck At Baños del San Juan, a swimming area Caribbean sun. He is angled toward the door
steelhead trout he reeled in -- it was after his divorce. outside Las Terrazas, locals and tourists alike in case anyone sees his sign on the street
wearing a "cursed" wedding ring. splash in the green water and picnic alongside below and wanders up in need of a room. In
"Four years went by since our divorce. I its banks. Kassandra Koutsoftas, a German the courtyard below the hallway, drying
Jim Nelligan said he was fishing with felt I needed to get rid of that ring but I architecture student, notices a difference laundry hangs still in the breezeless
friends north of Waukegan on Friday didn't want to just toss it to the bottom, between local people and herself, sunbathing afternoon. The renter’s three doors are also
morning when he reeled in a trout that pawn it or any of that kind of thing. So I a few feet from the river. The locals visit the still, propped open. The rooms, modest with
had a wedding ring zip-tied around its tail. released it the best way I know how," river to socialize, whereas tourists – like bare floors and striped sheets, are empty.
Rose told the Chicago Sun-Times. herself – are there to appreciate the
"Immediately we thought who would environmental qualities that they don’t often He’s now back to one American visitor
do that?" Nelligan told WMAQ-TV. "I "I am convinced that ring is cursed," see at home. But the term “ecotourism” is each week, and there’s no more American
thought either a divorcee or someone Rose said. "My life has been nothing less hard to define, says Ms. Koutsoftas:You know chicken or toilet paper.Although the renter is
died, and it was their last wish or than great since I released it." it when you see it. frustrated, he still smiles because he loves
something like that." speaking English, and it’s rare now that he gets
Rose said he does not want the ring “Sometimes you have mountains and then to practice.
back and Nelligan said he is also eager to a fence around it,” says Ms. Koutsoftas,
get rid of it -- his boat has been having thinking back to her visit to the island of By Story Hinckley
problems ever since he brought it aboard. Cyprus.“But here,” she says, trailing off as she


Employment/Opportunities • Lost & Found • Miscellaneous • Real Estate • Rentals • Rummage Sales • Vehicles • Wanted

E-mail your 170 character classified to: CLASSIFIED DEADLINE IS WEDNESDAY,
JULY 10, 2019 AT 12 NOON
Please include your contact information in the classified.
(Name and Phone number / e-mail address) First 3 words will be boldface type.


REMINDER: NURSING UNIFORMS/JACKETS Various 3 200 LITER POLY Wine Barrels, very clean, TECHNOLOGY BROKER experienced wanted PROFESSIONAL LED teeth whitening for a JOBS WANTED I will clean, do shopping,
PLEASE RESUBMIT AD TO RUN patterns/colors and sizes, large to 3X. Great ready for use $100 each OBOCall George: by retired/disabled DoD consultant to Air Force fraction of the price! $99 at cabana tan spa. run errands, etc. Also does seamstress work.
FOR EACH ISSUE. MAXIMUM 3 Condition. Some new with tags. Call for pricing. 262-942-1553 to sell software to major companies, must call to book: 262-843-2411. 20 minute session Please call Gayle 224-565-8882.
LISTINGS PER PERSON. 262-358-0259 have military security clearance or ability to = a bright white smile!
MEN'S DRESS SHOES Black tuxedo. Like AMANA DISHWASHER white. Very good pass military security clearance along with N U R S I N G C A R E / C O N S U LTAT I O N : CUT AWAY GRASS Edging to last - not
MISC new. Size 7M, 7.5M, 8.5M $25 each. 262- condition. Selling due to upgrade. You pick proven experience, contact DSK, P.O. Box $35.00/hour. Call or text to (262)758-1974 stringline - will help drainage. All with cleanup
358-0259 up. $175. 262-358-0259 866, Kenosha, WI 53141 FAST COMPUTER SERVICE including network and haul away. Just call 262-654-2509.
ANTIQUES D&M general store antiques FOR SALE: 4 ft. stuffed teddy bear. New. I support, spyware removal, upgrades and PC
facebook. 8433 hwy V Calidonia WI walk on don't have use for this any more. $40.00. MEN'S DRESS SHOES Black tuxedo. Like CLEANING LADY WANTED for twice / month repair. For friendly service with a smile, call YARD CLEAN UP Junk, brush, dog waste,
1 acre of gardens with unique sheds I94 Call Gayle; 224-565-8882 new. Size 7M, 7.5M, 8.5M $25 each. 262- coverage of 700 sq ft apt; veteran / realtor Vikkex today! Phone (262-694-7746) anything to haul away. Just call262-654-2509.
Exit, 7 mile fair road. FOR SALE: Rockford machinist lathe 18 in 358-0259 disabled rates negotiable, help needed; 262- HANDYMAN SERVICES plumbing painting
LADY'S SENIOR AQUACISE Reuther High swing, new phase converter, 3 and 4 jaw LUDWIG ACCENT DRUMSET 7 piece with 729-7330 and 847-340-3446 carpentry installations most home repairs free I AM LOOKING FOR WORK AS: Home
School Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8- chuck, 2 face plates, boring bar 1 1/4 throat. 6 Zildjian Custom A cymbals. Dbl kick PDP estimates call 262-620-4745 or 262-671-9480 caregiver, cat sitter, seamstress, babysitter,
9AM. Call Jean 262-656-2077 Some new tooling works - great cond. Call pedal. Solid Ludwig hardware. All like new. VETERAN / REALTOR wanted to share house EXPERIENCED CAREGIVERS For all your running errands. I am available Monday-
KENOSHA STEAMPUNK SOCIETY We're 262-637-1676.. $1,200 firm. Call Jeff for details: 262-455- for tasks in lieu of some rent; 262-729-7330 in-home needs. Serving Kenosha, Pleasant Friday. If you are interested in an of the
looking for more members! We meet 2nd RABBIT FUR JACKET with fox collar, beige, 0525 or see on the letgo app. and 847-340-3446 Prairie, Bristol and Somers.Call June 262- positions listed please contact me at 224-
Monday & 4th Wednesday of every month at very good condition, size large - $35 OBO 215-1292 or Ron 262-237-2670 June 565-8882 (Gayle)
Rockhead's on Roosevelt Rd. & 24th Ave. 262-657-6049. VINTAGE REDWING SPONGEWARE mixing HELP WANTED Looking for someone to cut CARING TOUCH MASSAGE your session PIANO LESSONS RACINE Interested in
Find us on Facebook Groups under BROWN SUEDE full length coat with fox fur bowl.Local advertising in bottom:IT PAYS TO and split 1-2 cords of wood. Small size logs. is personally designed to your body's needs beginning piano lessons? I'm located in the
Kenosha Steampunk Society. Join the on collar, cuffs, and bottom, full length, very MIX WITH ROOSEVELT ROAD HARDWARE Pay cash - 262-694-1131. using techniques & pressure for best results downtown YMCA. 262-902-8500 Dennis
facebook group for good condition, size 10 - $35 OBO 262-657- CO. KENOSHA WIS $125. OBO -Leave $75hour $45half hour-text or call Karen 262-
quality greenery/flowers with clear lights. ORGAN/PIANO - 44" wide lowry roll - top WAYNE VHS TAPES FOR $75 139 Geneva PERSON TO CUT LAWN WITH MY MOWER: EYELASH EXTENSIONS DISCOUNT Certified
Great Condition. Must See-Pics Available 262- double keyboard, full octave pedal with bench. GT Racine, WI 6-71-41 OR 6-71-4311. IN TREVOR AREA: 262-222-3173 eyelash artist. Classis full set: $50 fills: $30! FLORIDA RENTAL short term. If you are
358-0259 $300 like new 262-886-5858847-740-0496 Get your appt now text 262-287-6796. IG: interested, email me at
STEAMPUNK STORE UPTOWN! More ICE FISHING EQUIPMENT auger - fishing DINING ROOM TABLE 34" wide by 33" deep WANTE thegirlisfabulash for pics.
previously loved leather than ever before! shanty 4men - vexlar locator piano - $500 call two 10" leaves and one 18" leaf total length BABYSITTING young lady good with kids ST. PETE - TREASURE ISLAND FL Gulf
Boots, Shoes, Vests, Steampunk Accessories, after 9 a.m. 262-496-0559 of 71" with leaves includes four upholstered SERVICES can watch 1 or 2 children call 262-620-4745 front condo rental, monthly rental. 2019 avail
goggles. I am stocking more items several D I S C O U N T WAT E R B E D S U P P L I E S chairs $125 Please call 262-619-1796 if THE HAIR CLINIC cuts, perms, hair color, April-December. Info
times a month now, I'm expanding the stock, mattresses, liners, heaters, conditioner - for interested PAINTING BY ART staining & painting done up-do's, styling, Keratin system, waxing,
keep looking! Go to STEAMPUNK GENERAL all styles of waterbeds - complete softside at reasonable rates WI &IL for free estimate highlights blowouts. Call Tisha or Ashley 262- FOR RENT FURNISHED ROOM 5632 Pershing
STORE inside DON'S HOBBIES 2219-63rd waterbeds. Deals-A-Plenty 262-656-1617. 1963 MOBILE TRAILER Home 55'X10' 2 call 262-862-1370 657-5442 Blvd, Kenosha. Non-smoker only, security
Street Kenosha. Call Paul @ 262-705-2268 ANTIQUE ROLL TOP DESK, antique sewing bedrooms, living room, bath, laundry room. HOUSE CLEANING woman + a bucket - deposit, references required. $105/week. Call
(24/7 Cell/Voicemail). Facebook: Steampunk machine, 2 upright freezers, antique refrigerator $2,500.00 as is Handy man special OBO. Call JOURNEY ELECTRICIAN I am a licensed reliable, dependable. Also clean vacant houses. 262-652-5252
General Store. We can build your Steampunk pristine cond. Call for details 262-705-9237 - Barbara at (262) 455-3953 electrician seeking employment in electrical Call for estimates - Sandy 262-221-2289
Dreams for You!WASHINGTON DC $674 May priced fair. This is serious - must see - field or any maintenance work. Call Travis HOUSES AND OR BUSINESS sun shine VEHICLES
2-8, 2019 Meals / Lodging includied Racine / BUYING OLD POSTCARDS: Old Paper, Old KENMORE VACUUM used twice,direct drive 337-501-7732 klean is having a special this month for first
Kenosha pickup. (262)977-6891 Advertising,Black & White Photo’s, Pocket b e l t l e s s s y s t e m , b a r e f l o o r f r i e n d l y, a l l time customers free upholstery cleaning with 2003 ACURA CL-TYPE-S Coupe. Vgenc. Knives, Gillette Razors, Straight Razors, attatchments,extra bags..$225.00 262-764- ODD JOBS WANTED Minor plumbing, at basic cleaning for only $39.95 262-287- 6-Speed Manual Trans. Front Handl- Inc Pks.
IF YOU SPEAK German or are enthusiastic Fountain Pens, Anything Interesting.Please 2881 Jody electrical, doors, windows, painting, drywall 5103 A one owner clean Florida Car PH. 574-286-
about the German language and culture, come Call or Text Stan262-496-1822 patching, clean up, gardening, and more. call LOOKING FOR a caring, loving male person 7274
and join us. There are no membership fees ORGAN/PIANO 44" wide lowry roll - top - PARKING LOT LINE STRIPER Graco 3400- 262-705-6625. to help take care of my senior mother. Wages
and attendance is whenever you are available double keyboard full octave pedal - with bench 5 H P 3 ye a r s O l d - $ 2 6 0 0 . 0 0 LV- are negotiable. Need handyman work and 2005 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 142K
to join. Meetings are held in the Kenosha - like new $300. WOMAN AND A BUCKET. House Cleaning, odd jobs, please call 1-262-898-0605 Racine MILES STOW-N-GO RUNS AND DRIVES
and Racine area. This is an excellent group D I S C O U N T WAT E R B E D S U P P L I E S Dependable And Reliable, Free Estimates Area VERY GOOD. SEE IN KENOSHA AT 4121-
to practice speaking German as members' mattresses, liners, heaters for all styles of TOW DOLLY 2010 Master Tow tilt bed tow Also Clean Vacant Houses. Call Sandy at 262- CNAS TO JOIN wellness team at Barton of 7TH. AVE. 53140 RUSS 262-237-1343 CALLOR
language skills are from beginners to advance waterbeds + complete soft side flotation beds! dolly. Asking $1000 PH 262-997-7512 748-3938. Zion, five star assisted living. Send resume TEXT $1995
and we all have a good time. Please contact Deals-A-Plenty apply within
me, if you are interested in joining - Susan 2016 ARTIC CAT 500UT ATV Green poly DONJOY ICEMAN cold therapy unit! Helps PRESSURE WASHING SERVICE gutters, at 3500 Sheridan Road Zion, IL 60099 847- 2004 HYUNDAI SONATA 175K MILKES.
Blust at quick release plow w/ backrest, 2-in hitch, reduce pain and swelling after surgery hips, patios, driveways, and more. Affordable and 872-1500 SEE IN KENOSHA AT 4121-7TH. AVE. 53140
HIS AND HERS --Garage and Porch Sale 8 Adult owned like new 28 mls, used for plowing knee etc. or accidents! Speeds up rehab! reliable. Call Joe for a free estimate 262-344- FREE HOME HEATING FUEL OIL REMOVAL RUSS 262-237-1343 CALL OR TEXT RUNS
to 4 Friday and Saturday. On Saturday bring drive/yard work Asking $6000 $50.00 5926 I will remove your unused home heating fuel AND DRIVES GREAT. NEEDS NOTHING.
grocery bag to fill, five dollars. 4605 Harrison WASHING MACHINE Free, Call Paul 262- oil for free..clean and safe . Inquire about tank
Kenosha, WI. 818-2204 MEN'S KNAPP Work Shoes. Size 7 EEE. DRUM LESSONS Private instruction. Band, removal also ... 262 818 1967 ..ask for dave 1983 HONDA 650 Nighthawk- Nice Shape
TREES LANDSCAPING Quality 4’ & white New. $50.00 Phone 262-658-1291. orchestra, marching and drum set. Rock and TYPING. I am an experienced legal secretary 7200 Miles- $1900.00
FOR SALE pinesm white fir, blue spruce, red cedars, many other musical styles. Learn to read with excellent typing skills wanting to type for
American arborvite $20.00 each planting WANTED music. Call Tom for details. 262-818-2869. you at home. Please contact Alicia at 256-
RETIRED TOOL + DIE MAKER selling his available. Call 262-654-2509 658-4484.
tools. great.- 847-814-4109 FOR SALE Contents of storage units & WANTED VINTAGE MOTORCYCLES Any RELIABLE DRYER REPAIR Gas/electric all TAX & BOOKKEEPING. 30 Years experience
SPIRIT SNOW THROWER 8HP electric start warehouse space contents. A lot of everything, Condition Gabe 847-875-7126 brands. It's far less expensive to repair than Audits handld enrolled agent appointment
- $100 or BO. 847-814-4109 antiques, etc. Call Steve to look at stuff at to replace. only call 262-595-8242
CEMETERY LOT Real Bargain price $500 262-664-4287 WANTED: OLD BEER advertising-cash paid CAREGIVER Self-employed live-in caregiver
selling price $1195 or more. Sunset Ridge IRON PIPE DIES 6 pieces 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/4, for signs, clocks, neons, thermometers, tavern OFFERING SENIOR CARE and childcare with 20 years experience giving 24 hr. care
Kenosha section J lot 38 space 7. For info 1 1/2, 2 inches 2 ratchets very good condition and liquor store displays, etc. 847-872-2926 Kenosha area experienced in cpr alzheimers references. Looking for job. If you need me,
call Jim 847-740-0496. $125.00 Call: 262-942-1553 and parkinsons dependable vehicle your home please call Teresa 262-497-0502.
VETERAN IN NEED of clerical and or $ales energetic compassionate 262-748-6171
work for holiday flex hours years of experience
real estate insurance for local firms must pay CHILD-CARE 3rd Shift 10:30 PM to 8:30 AM
bill$ and past debt$ 262-729-7330 or 847- Winthrop Harbor, IL $50 per week discount
340-3446 Ron for 2 children Call 262-748-8001 or 262-705-
WANTED TO BUY Old Postcards~Back &
White Photos Call /Text Stan 262-496-1822 HAVE YOU RECENTLY had surgery or just
want to start your day with a water program
with heated pool at Jane Vernon School?
6:45-7:45 a.m. All ages welcome. Contact
Linda 262-654-6485.


community habits at these festive, family-friendly, open-air marketplaces GONE COUNTRY AT PEANUT BUTTER & JAM
where local farmers bring their fresh, locally-grown produce CONCERT SERIES • THURSDAY, JULY 11TH •
calendar and farm-processed foods to sell directly to the consumer. TWO SHOWS: 11:30 A.M. AND 6 P.M.
All markets open based on produce availability. Tuesdays: VETERANS MEMORIAL PARK, 625 52ND ST.
Pennoyer Park, 35th St. and 7th Ave., 6 a.m. - noon. • (262) 653-4177
Wednesdays and Saturdays: Columbus Park, 2003 54th St., 6
a.m. - noon. Thursdays: Lincoln Park, 7001 22nd Ave., 3 p.m. This is a free summer concert series, presented by the City
- 7 p.m. Fridays: Baker Park, 835 65th St., 6 a.m. - noon. of Kenosha, Happenings Magazine, and other sponsors with
a lunch show and an evening show on eight Thursdays this
TO PLACE A LISTING: ___________________________________________ summer. At the core, Gone Country is a group of rock and
e-mail to:; or mail to: Community Calendar c/o Carmichael roll musicians who have a deep appreciation for country
Communications, 1420 63rd Street, Kenosha, WI 53143-4451. Please include all pernient KENOSHA YMCA FIRECRACKER 10K/5K music.
information including the who, what, where, when, why, and how much. Listings may be SUNDAY, JUNE 30TH • 8:30 A.M.
edited for length and are none are guaranteed to be included. FRIDAY, JULY 12TH • 6 - 10 P.M.
Ongoing/Various dates Kick off your Independence Week celebrations with a 10k MUSEUMS 5500 FIRST AVE. • (262) 653-4140
or 5k run at this popular annual event. New this year: No
KENOSHA HARBORMARKET Race Day Registration! Your last day to register will be The 9th Annual Museum Crawl is a progressive after-hours
Saturday, June 29th at the YMCA, 7101 53rd St (open 9 am party at the Dinosaur Discovery Museum (5608 Tenth
You'll find about 25-35 vendors inside the historic Rhode - 2 pm). Both races kick off at 8:30 a.m. on June 30th at Ave.),  Civil War Museum (5400 First Ave.), and  Kenosha
Center for the Arts, 514 56th Street, on Saturday, May 4th Library Park. Packet Pick-up: Saturday, June 29th from 9 am Public Museum (5500 First Ave.). Featuring exhibits, live
10 a.m. - 2 p.m. The following Saturday (May 11th), - 3 pm at the Kenosha YMCA, OR Sunday, June 30th (Race music, food and drinks, raffles, photo opps, and more fun
HarborMarket moves to its summer location near the Day), 7:00-8:00 am in Library Park. T-shirts to the first 500 than should be allowed at a museum! This event is for adults
Kenosha Public Library, 5500 First Avenue. entrants, size not guaranteed. Additional Information: Visit ages 21+ only. Advanced tickets are required, visit
Every Friday and Saturday the Kenosha Comedy Club at KENOSHA CIVIC VETERANS PARADE MT. CARMEL FESTIVAL
Wyndham Garden Hotel, 5125 Sixth Avenue, presents a SUNDAY, JUNE 30TH • 1 P.M. FRIDAY, JULY 12TH - SUNDAY, JULY 14TH
hilarious 90-minute show that features two opening COLUMBUS PARK, 2003 54TH ST.
comedians plus a touring headliner. Show stars at 8 p.m. on “Liberty at the Lake” is the
Fridays, two shows on Saturdays, 7 p.m. or 9 p.m.Tickets are Come for the cannoli, stay for the entertainment! Three
$12 and available at or at the door. theme for the 2019 days of great music, food that is second to none, and so
much more. Free admission.
Kenosha Civic Veterans
Discover the unique stories behind twenty artifacts from off in the Uptown district,
the Civil War Museum collection in this new exhibit running Pack up the family and friends, throw some chairs, blankets,
until June 2nd. Stories are revealed through the first-person at the corner of 63rd bug spray, and snacks in the car and come out for a movie
perspective of each object.The Civil War Museum is located under the stars as The City of Kenosha and Happenings
at 5400 First Avenue. Street and 22nd Avenue, Magazine return with Friday Night Flicks! Event held
weather permitting, please call 262-564-8800 or like the
and moves north on 22nd Happenings Facebook for possible cancellations. While
collecting junk one day, best friends Sonny and Sam meet
Avenue to 60th Street.The Slappy, a mischievous talking dummy from an unpublished
"Goosebumps" book by R.L. Stine.
on 60th Street crossing SATURDAY, JULY 13TH • 11 A.M.
LIBRARY PARK, 711 59TH PL. • (262) 654-5770
A new permanent exhibit is now open at the Kenosha Public Sheridan Road, around the
Museum, 5500 First Avenue! Take a journey of discovery On Second Saturdays, the Kenosha County Historical
from a 1600s Cabinet of Curiosity through modern museum south end of Library Park, Society presents this guided walking tour of the historic
displays to the scientific study of the natural world. Library Park District. Each tour will last approximately  90
Highlights include: many taxidermy animals from six different then north on Sixth minutes. Explore the architecture and discover the historical
ecosystems; hundreds of specimens, artifacts and artwork stories associated with the buildings. Tickets are $10.
from around the world; interactive games for all ages. Avenue to 50th Street. Contact the Kenosha History Center for tickets: 220 51st
Place, 262-654-5770.
Organizations and
businesses are encouraged SATURDAY, JULY 13TH • DOWNTOWN KENOSHA

to decorate floats for entry On the second Saturday of each month, participating
Downtown Kenosha businesses and art galleries roll out the
ALL-AMERICAN: KENOSHA STYLE in the parade. All ages are welcome to participate in a welcome mats with extended hours, special promotions and
sales, live entertainment, family activities, and much more.
The Kenosha History community bike ride as part of the parade – but bicyclists Visit for details.

Center, 220 51st Place, must be able to ride two miles without stopping and keep KENOSHA'S SECRET GARDEN WALK
SATURDAY, JULY 13TH • 9 A.M. – 3 P.M
preserves and up with the group. All participants in the bike parade must 4SEASONSGARDENCLUB.ORG • (262) 652-4217

celebrates Kenosha’s ride a bike; no walking or jogging with the group. Bike parade Enjoy a self-guided tour of six
glorious Kenosha area
automotive and participants do not need to submit a parade application, but private gardens! Presented
by the Four Seasons Garden
industrial heritage. The should plan to gather along 61st Street west of 22nd Avenue Club. Tickets: $8 in
advance/$10 day of the tour.
common thread in the parade staging area no later than 12 p.m., prior to the Accompanied children under
12 are free. Since 1963, the
among the cars in this 1 p.m. Four Seasons Garden Club
has worked to stimulate an
exhibit, open through September, is the paint scheme that CELEBRATE AMERICA FEATURING FIREWORKS interest in flower arranging,
WEDNESDAY, JULY 3RD - FRIDAY, JULY 5TH gardening, and developing attractively landscaped homes.
AMC made famous: red, white and blue. This is a collection HARBORPARK, 5501 RING ROAD The club also promotes civic beautification and
conservation along with the protection of forests,
of cars which represents Kenosha, and America: big, bold, wildflowers, and birds. Funds raised by this event support
various local efforts related to the club’s mission.
fast, and quirky. A full lineup of entertainment, food, kids’ fun, and more will
be offered along the lakefront, with the Festival Foods HANDLEBARS AND BARS
TRANSPARENT WATERCOLOR SOCIETY OF AMERICA Fireworks at 9:30 p.m. on July 4th.  The Fireworks, organized SATURDAY, JULY 13TH
43RD ANNUAL NATIONAL JURIED EXHIBITION by the City of Kenosha, can be viewed at many places along
the lakefront. Happenings Magazine organizes the This is the 13th year of a "bicycle ride to a few of Kenosha's
The Transparent Watercolor Society of America displays 80 entertainment. Admission is free. Food and beverages are finest drinking establishments." Enjoy live music, drink and
transparent watercolor paintings from some of the nation's available for purchase. food specials, and great times with great people. Find them
top transparent watercolor artists in this popular annual on Facebook for a full schedule of stops.
show held now through August 4th at the Kenosha Public SOMERS PARADE MILE
Museum, 5500 First Avenue.There is a wide range of themes, THURSDAY, JULY 4TH • 1:30 P.M. KENOSHA PRIDE FESTIVAL
with all using the transparent watercolor painting START NEAR SOMERS POST OFFICE, SUNDAY, JULY 14TH
method.  General admission to the museum and exhibit is 7621 12TH ST. • (262) 925-0300 VETERANS MEMORIAL PARK, 625 52ND ST.
Featuring two stages of entertainment, a marketplace of
TOWER CLIMBS AT SOUTHPORT LIGHTHOUSE One mile road race to kick off the Somers 4th of July vendors and exhibitors, food, and beverages - a kid’s area, a
pet area, and beer garden.
Climb the 72 steps to the top of Kenosha’s historic 1866 parade. Individual entry $15. Email
lighthouse and experience a one-of-a-kind view over Lake 6TH ANNUAL PANCAKE BREAKFAST
Michigan and Kenosha. (On a clear day, you can even see the with SUNDAY, JULY 14TH, 9 A.M. - NOON
Chicago skyline!) You’ll ascend the very same spiral staircase ST. CATHERINE COMMONS, 3524 7TH AVE
that devoted lighthouse keepers of Kenosha’s past did! Must questions. Presented by the Kenosha Running Company.
be 8 years or older to climb. What's not to like about a pancake breakfast - buttered
IVY FORD BAND AT TUESDAYS AT THE SHELL pancakes smothered in warm maple syrup, hot sausage,
SENIOR CENTER NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION TUESDAY, JULY 9TH, 2019 • 6 P.M. orange juice, and coffee! Join Relay For Life volunteers from
SESQUICENTENNIAL BANDSHELL IN PENNOYER Kenosha as they whip up some amazing pancakes all for a
PARK 3601 SEVENTH AVENUE • (262) 496-9400 great cause. Our cancer survivor guests eat for free, Adults
are $5, and Children are $3.
Stop in at 9:00 am on the last Wednesday of every month This is a free outdoor concert series presented by Musicians
and learn more about the Kenosha Senior Center, 2717 67th Assisting Advancing Music, the City of Kenosha, Happenings
St. Get a tour and get your questions answered. Magazine, and more sponsors. Each week features a talented
group from the area performing original and cover songs in
H.F. JOHNSON GALLERY OF ART EXHIBIT a variety of genres.

'Between Blind Ambition and Appropriately Sized: A ELAINE DAME AT TWILIGHT JAZZ CONCERT SERIES
Carthage College Faculty Exhibition'. This triennial exhibit TUESDAY, JULY 9TH • OPEN AT 6 P.M., SHOW AT 7
highlights the scholarship and creative activities of studio art P.M. KEMPER CENTER, 6501 3RD AVE. • (262)
and graphic design faculty.The H.F. Johnson Gallery of Art is 925-8040
located above the Johnson Art Center, south of the Hedberg
Library and A. F. Siebert Chapel on the Carthage College Elaine Dame is a Chicago-based jazz singer.Twilight Jazz is a
campus, 2001 Alford Park Drive.The gallery is free and open free outdoor concert series sponsored by area businesses
to the public to visit. and located on the grounds of Kemper Center, beside Lake
Michigan. Food and beverages available for purchase. 50/50
AQUANUT WATER SHOWS Raffle. Bring your lawn chairs or blankets. Admission is free.

Family focused choreographed Water Ski Show Team FOOD TRUCK TOUR
performs on Lake Mary in Twin Lakes most Wednesdays and THURSDAY, JULY 11TH, 5 P.M. - 10 P.M.
Saturdays through September 1st at 6 p.m.. Free admission PETRIFYING SPRINGS PARK (PAVILION #1)
and free parking. Visit for
additional dates, and appearances at local festivals. No show The Traveling Food Truck Tour is excited to welcome the
on July 20th and August 10th. Call (262) 877-2348 for Petrifying Springs Park in Kenosha as an official host of the
details. 2019 tour. Join them all summer-long as Milwaukee's best
food trucks and carts gather at the Petrifying Springs Park
FARMERS’ MARKETS for an evening full of family fun.This event is free! Guests can
purchase food and beverages from the vendors of their
When it comes down to what is on your plate when you sit choice. Discover great new street eats with food
down to eat a meal, is there anything better than fresh food? trucks/carts and enjoy a craft beer tent, live music, and fun
One of the best aspects of summer is the Farmers’ Markets games, like giant Jenga, giant Connect Four, bean bags, and
all over our fine city that offer up fresh produce every kids’ games.
weekday. Bring the kids and teach them lifelong good eating


$10,000 in Cash Consistently
Voted one of Racine’s
ST. LUCY’S 2019 FESTIVALPrizes!Grand
Prize $5,000 July 12th, 13th & 14th • 3101 Drexel Ave., Racine WI Best Parish Festivals

Friday, July 12th Saturday, July 13th Sunday, July 14th

Hours: 4pm to 11pm Hours: 2pm to 11pm Hours: 11:30am to 8:30pm

Outside Bingo 5pm-10pm DOO WOP Bakery 9:30am-7pm or sold out.
Bakery 5pm - 8pm Outside Bingo Noon - 8pm
2pm - 5:30pm


7:00pm - 10:30pm BAND
Fabulous Fish Fry 7:00pm -10:30pm
4pm - 7pm Outside Bingo 5pm-10pm BRITINS

Bakery 2pm - 8pm 5-8pm
Pulled Pork or Baked

4pm-7pm 11:30-6pm



FREE SHUTTLE Fri & Sat 3:30pm-Midnight

Park & Ride The Shuttle From Elmwood Plaza

ALL Silent Auction • Kid’s Games • Rummage Sale • Craft Booth • Wine Booth • Mighty Meat 070419
WEEKEND: Sweepstakes • Corn Dogs • Italian Beef • Pizza • Bombers • Ice Cream • and More!

Advertise Here Celebrate Independence Day!
For As Little As $25! We will be offering a special holiday menu
all weekend long including our mouth watering
Chef Carved Prime Rib Thursday-Sunday



Jeff & John Kemen on the deck

SUNDAY BRUNCH Every Sunday • 9am - 1pm
Adults $14 • Children 5-12 $8 • Children under 5 $3
(Price includes Coffee, Tea, & Milk)

4917 - 7th Ave. Harbor Side • 654-9922

Serving Mon. - Sat. from 11am and Sun. from 9am

5320 Green Bay Rd. Kenosha, WI




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