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7001 30th Ave
Suite 8
Kenosha, WI

[email protected]


September 12 - October 16th, 2019
Volume 19 - Issue 9

Michael Gniot of Shorewest
Realtors Is Ready To Help You With
All Of Your Real Estate Needs

What to do when the seller
disclosure statement doesn’t
match the facts 6

When your home exterior No,This Is Not A Norman Rockwell Painting,
needs a new look, how can This Four-Bedroom Modern Home With A Classic

you pick the perfect new Look Has A Backyard View Overlooking A Pond

color? 8

PLUS • Area Property Listings
• Monthly Mortgage Calculator

• Kenosha County Home Sales

• Financial Q&A

This exemplary four-bedroom home is perfect

for the commuter to access the Interstate

making it very meal in the kitchen, one can easily

appealing to potential converse with others in the adjoining

homeowners who work family room, or keep an eye on the

outside of Kenosha. little ones. The family room also offers

This four-bedroom, a gas starter fireplace - which sounds
two-story home exudes delectable on a inevitable cold
allurement from the Wisconsin winter night.

street view with its Both the kitchen and family room

symmetrical appearance offer large windows to look out over

and scenic, professional the pictorial backyard view - with a

landscaping. An old- large green yard and a striking pond.

fashioned porch Surely mornings will be filled with

encompasses the front birds and other wildlife partaking in

of the home juxtaposed the beautiful natural scenery.

to a large two-car Patio doors open from the kitchen to
a lovely stamped concrete patio -
Large windows and open space make this spacious kitchen and garage. although there aren’t many days left in
family room appear even more grandiose!
The interior of the our summer, there will surely
be time left to enjoy a cookout
“Wake up every morning with a or two before winter sets in.
good attitude because everyday

that you open your eyes gives you A commons area on the secnd floor is perfect for a kid’s The second story of the home
another day to try again.” Great play area or an office features the four bedrooms, all
words spoken by the author and of which have large walk-in
motivational speaker Alcurtis closets. The master suite
Turner. Although this home features its own full bath, with
features many amenities which a second full bathroom also
cater to people who wake up at any located upstairs. A common
time of the day, the morning area loft is perfect for kids to
person will surely enjoy a gorgeous share, a second office, or for a
quiet morning on the back patio of hobbyist to enjoy their crafts.
this month’s featured home,
enjoying a cup of coffee on the This home is currently priced
patio while overlooking the sunrise at $329,900. For a closer look,
over a picturesque pond. call Michael Gniot of Shorewest
Realtors at 262-748-0258.
This wonderful, well-cared for
home, located on Kenosha’s west By Jason Hedman
side in the Horizons subdivision at

6601 108th Avenue is conveniently home is equally

located near shopping and welcoming. French doors

entertainment options, while still open up to a perfect space

maintaining the quiet charm of for an office or den, while

suburban America. real hardwood floors

Like many other cities in the extend through the hall to
Midwest, Kenosha has seen the the open kitchen. A
majority of the major manufacturing carpeted living room and
industries close or move overseas, but dining area is perfect for
unlike cities like Detroit, Kenosha has the more formal days with
adapted to these changes and has family or friends. The
continued to thrive as a “bedroom kitchen is veraciously
community” within the boundary of created for the chef in the

the Chicago-Milwaukee megalopolis. family - it offers plenty of
Given the overall charm of the counter space with its
community, Kenosha has become very own island, and room for

accessible to commuters and this a kitchen table for casual It’s hard to beat this glorious view of a pond just beyond
home is just minutes from I-94, dining. While preparing a the back yard.


An early retirement led Michael
Gniot to a new passion in real estate

After a career at

International Freight

Forwarding led to a

beneficial early retirement,
Michael Gniot was not
quite ready to spend his
days sitting at home. Six
years ago, he looked into
the world of real estate as
it has always been
interesting to him. A

younger Gniot experienced

with being a real estate

Michael Gniot tester, a sort of 'secret
shopper' for the real estate

field, and that interest in real estate never subsided.

In April of 2018, Gniot was installed as a Real

Estate Ninja, but don't expect him to brandish

nunchakus and throwing stars. The Ninja program

is an extensive and impactful real estate training

program which takes great real estate agents and

makes them spectacular.

In a recent interview with Homes Plus, Gniot

looked at the current market in a very positive

light, "The market is very strong in the Kenosha

area, both in the city and out in the county. It

slowed a bit from August to January, but has come MONTHLY MORTGAGE CALCULATOR
back strong this spring making it a great time to sell
now! Kenosha is growing, jobs keep moving here, With this chart it’s easy to compute what your monthly mortgage payment would
and people need a place to live." be. Multiply the factor by the number of thousands in the loan amount to calcu-
late the monthly payment.
As a team member at Shorewest, Gniot and his For Example:
team provide the very best in support and team 30-year mortgage of $80,000 at 7.0%, multiply 6.66 x 80 = $532.80
building. Michael couldn't imagine being happier
with any other group. "Not only are we a team," he Intrst Rt 30 Yrs 15 Yrs 10 Yrs
said. "But we have a special office that is overseen
by the effervescent Alicia Chovan. She is keen on 3.00% $3.37 $5.52 $7.72
what makes everyone tick and is always on the 3.25% $3.48 $5.62 $7.81
lookout to make us better." 3.50% $4.49 $7.14 $9.88
3.75% $4.63 $7.27 $10.00
Gniot said that working in the real estate field has 4.00% $4.77 $7.39 $10.12
given him multiple opportunities to meet new and 4.25% $4.91 $7.52 $10.24
interesting people, through Shorewest, Southshore 4.50% $5.06 $7.64 $10.36
Realtors, the Kenosha Chamber of Commerce, and 4.75% $5.21 $7.77 $10.48
5.00% $5.38 $7.91 $10.61
numerous real estate events. He is also the 5.25% $5.52 $8.04 $10.73
5.50% $5.68 $8.17 $10.85
incoming President of the Milwaukee Metro 5.75% $5.84 $8.03 $10.98
6.00% $6.00 $8.44 $11.11
Network of the Women's Council of Realtors.

When he is not busy helping people with any and
all of their real estate needs, Gniot enjoys playing in

a successful local rock and roll band and spending

time with his family and shelter pets.

For all your real estate needs, call Michael Gniot at
262-748-0258, or visit his website at,



The first Beautiful new home will arrive in
September. It is a spacious, 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom
home with fantastic amenities.
• 3 beds & 2 baths.
• A kitchen island with a USB port and another in the

Master Bedroom.
• Beautiful fixtures and finishes.
• Utility / Laundry room.
• Live in a beautifully landscaped, quiet, well

maintained, country style community close to the
Interstate, Lake Michigan and city amenities.

For more information check in with us on our

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Enjoy Carefree Living in
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Freestanding & Twindominium
Condo Homes

Models Open Friday - Sunday
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47th Avenue & Main Street
Pleasant Prairie, WI

2 blocks north of Hwy. 165 on 47th Ave.





When a seller disclosure form isn't
accurate, should you sue?

Ilyce Glink From time to time, we get a series of questions
on the same topic. This week, everyone seems to
have water on the brain. That said, we're tackling
a few of the recent questions and comments
we've received about seller disclosure issues
relating specifically to water.

Q: We just bought a house in Pennsylvania.

During the process of moving in, we found out
there's water leaking into the basement from a
crack into the basement. This issue was never

mentioned by our seller in the seller disclosure

Samuel J. Tamkin We did ask the seller about water leaks in the
property, and he only mentioned a leaky sink.

Everything shows that our seller knew about the problem and has

been dealing with floods from that crack for a while. We haven't

even moved into the home, and we're facing a problem that can
be serious and expensive to fix.

We don't know how to proceed. We took photos and made a month before our closing, the seller checked "No" when
videos of the flood yesterday and sent them to our Realtor, but we referring to any leaks, flooding or clogged drains in the basement.
What do we do now?
need all the help we can get.
A: Seller disclosure forms can be a bit opaque, and there are
Q: I need a list of real estate attorneys that handle seller several essential things that buyers need to know about them
disclosure actions. I purchased a home and moved in a couple of when buying a home.
months ago. There was a severe storm about a month after we
The first is that many sellers know very little about their homes.
closed, and our basement flooded and the drains clogged. Even if they've lived in them for a long time, it's very easy to
simply call someone to handle mechanical issues in the house
On the seller disclosure statement that was provided to us about without ever really understanding what's going on.

FOR 3.75%! Second, buyers and sellers might view the house issues
differently. The truth is many sellers think their home is in better
Steve Simonovic HP081219 condition than a buyer would because they've lived in the house
and know that what might appear to be a difficult problem really
LIC #:50511-094 isn't so bad at the end of the day. (This view, by the way, isn't
[email protected] always accurate, but living in a home means you might become
inured to the problem.)
CALL TODAY (262) 620-3107
Third, not all sellers are honest and some do cover up problems
Page 6 SEPTEMBER 12 - OCTOBER 16, 2019 HOMESPLUS with their homes. We looked at a home years ago that had a
basement that seemed too freshly painted. Sure enough, when we
moved away some boxed stacked against a wall, that part of the
wall hadn't been painted and showed water damage.

Fourth, when sellers make repairs to their homes, they usually
believe whatever problem they were dealing with has been
permanently (as opposed to temporarily) fixed.

Finally, seller disclosure forms do not replace a buyer's need to
have the property inspected by an excellent professional home
inspector, who knows what to look for to make sure the home is
in good shape.

In the first question, the buyers found a crack in the basement
wall. In areas of the country where basements are common, you
commonly find basement cracks. Over time, the soil around the
home settles; and this settling can result in a crack in the
foundation and its walls.

There are companies that specialize in basement repairs and not
all basement repairs are budget breakers. But, some certainly can
be. So the questions for this buyer to ponder are: Did you have

See SELLER DISCLOSURE on page 10 for more




Ask The Builder with Tim Carter

Selecting exterior paint colors

Q: Please help me, Tim! I'm trying to select a new color for the house. Stand back and look at it at different times of day to ensure
outside of my house. Looking at samples on a brochure, I'm you really feel good about what it will look like when complete.
frozen and unable to make a decision. I don't want to make a
mistake. Please share a few tips that can relieve my anxiety like Don't be afraid to have three or four colors on display at your
ice cream satisfies my sweet tooth. --Deb M., Turtle Lake, N.D. home. The last Queen Anne Victorian house I built for my family
had four colors, plus a natural wood-stained soffit. The wood
A: You're not alone. Color selection stymies lots of people, siding was a mild butter yellow, and the fascia boards and door
including me! The ability to visualize different and and window trim were a lighter forest green. The windows were
complementary colors over large areas, like the outside of a home, a dusty beige, and the front door was a bold scarlet. My wife
is a gift. Treasure it if you have it. selected the color scheme, and we received lots of compliments
about it.
The anxiety surrounding a decision like this is real. You don't
want your house to look ugly to others. You may not have the Q: Tim, I want your opinion. Is it a good idea to cover my
money to correct a color mistake. You need to get it right the first outdoor AC compressor unit in the winter? --Joseph D., Pingree
time. Grove, Ill.

I'll share the same advice I gave my customers years ago. Get in A: This is a question that Joe submitted to the Ask Tim page on
your car and drive around through neighborhoods looking for my website while his AC unit was working hard in the first few
houses that look like yours and that have a color scheme that you weeks of July. He was looking ahead, and that's a very good idea.
really like. This can now be done sitting in your living room It's a valid question that I receive quite often. It's also part of a
looking at hundreds of house listings on real estate sites. You can deeply disturbing trend I'm witnessing.
also use different social media websites that curate millions of
photos of houses. Here's how I answered Joe: "When you opened up and read the
owner's manual about this, what was the manufacturer's
Once you locate a few colors you like, use the color chip samples recommendation?"
from paint stores to get close to the colors that excite you.
Purchase a small sample can and paint part of your house with it. Does my answer make sense to you? After all, Joe wanted my
Be sure to wash this part of the house with soap and water before opinion.
applying the paint.
Joe and I had another brief exchange and my last message to
Colors can fool you. A color that looks great on a small chip may him was: "My opinion doesn't matter. I don't support the
appear much darker when it dries on a larger area. Paint stores warranty. There's only one source for the correct answer: the
can reduce the color saturation to reduce the boldness of the color manufacturer."
by adding less of the pigment to the base.
All of your questions about what to do with a product, how to
If your roof makes up lots of what you see when you view your care for the product, how to install the product, etc., should be
home from the street, make sure the color of the roof compliments answered by the company that made the product. Start taking the
the house colors. The same is true for windows that come with a time to read the full label on products. Invest the time to read an
factory color that can't be changed. owner's manual. It will pay off in spades.

The key to eliminating your anxiety is selecting colors that make It's foolhardy on your part to follow the advice of some invisible
you feel good. Most people have certain colors that create a person online that will never come to your home to install a new
feeling of happiness. For me, it happens to be bright blues, reds product when their advice falls flat.
and some greens.
Q: Help me, Tim! I need to attach some wood 2x4s to concrete
I also recommend that once you feel you have the right colors, in several places. I need a cave-man simple way to do this and
remember you can paint the trim a different color than the main don't want to mess with expensive fasteners and complex
body of the house, I recommend you paint part of one side of the methods or tools. I've tried using old-fashioned cut nails but they
keep bending. Is there some secret method that seasoned builders
Page 8 SEPTEMBER 12 - OCTOBER 16, 2019 HOMESPLUS like you use when homeowners aren't looking? Thanks for
anything you can share. --Mike P., Phoenix, Ariz.

See ASK THE BUILDER on page 10 for more

Have an issue?

Ask the builder!

Award-winning builder and
nationally syndicated columnist Tim
Carter is featured in every issue of
Homes Plus - if you have a question
for Tim, he will be addressing your
problems when he appears on Happenings Q&A on Thursday,
September 19th at 1:30 p.m. E-mail your questions to
[email protected] under the subject “Ask the
Builder,” then tune in to AM1050 WLIP to hear the answer!


Margaret Jacobson 6905 Green Bay Road, Alexander Feuker
Suite #104 Kenosha, WI
Broker Associate, GRI, CRS, ABR, Sales Associate-Buyer Agent
SRES, CDPE, AHWD Cell 262 818-2185
Cell 262 496-1212
Email [email protected] Email [email protected]

Asistente que habla español! 22430 Salem Road
Anita Rosales Salem, WI
262 925-3012 $329,500

Margaret Jacobson-RE/MAX Newport Elite

Click on I am an SRES® tab for more information.

0 7th Street
Kenosha, WI
110 Acres Zoned A-1

7626 Green Bay Road, Accepted Offer 5137 29th Place
Kenosha WI Kenosha, WI
2.41 Acres Zoned B-2

Accepted Offer 28740 Rowntree Road 528 Chapel Avenue
9.63 Acres Twin Lakes, WI
Rochester, WI

SOLD 11203 61st Avenue Pending 6922 250th Avenue
2.78 Acres Paddock Lake, WI

Pleasant Prarie, WI $194,500.00

SOLD 5311 Vicksburg Drive 4015 47th Avenue,
Mount Pleasant, WI Kenosha WI
2.43 Acres
$525,000.00 $189,900.00

15307 73rd Street 3821 17th Avenue
Kenosha, WI Kenosha, WI
$359,000.00 $149,900.00

Solar Powered Home 1809 44th Street
Green Built Certified Vacant City Lot

5332 55th Avenue Kenosha, WI
Kenosha, WI $29,900.00

CERTIFIED Solving the

PROPERTY homeowner HP091219

EXPERTS at a time


Seller disclosure

continued from page 6 For our first reader, the seller might have known of the crack in
the basement but didn't think it was too "bad." The seller's
the home inspected by a professional home inspector? Did the assessment might be in error, and this buyer may have the right to
inspector find the crack? How big a crack is it? (Anything over 1/8 sue the seller. Again, the buyer needs to determine the cost of the
inch might be considered a "structural" crack.) And, was there crack repair and then determine whether suing the seller is worth
any evidence of moisture infiltration? it.

The second buyer found that their basement drains were clogged On the clogged drain question, Sam has had several clients move
and the result was water in the basement. Here again, we have to into a home and find issues they think the sellers should have
wonder whether the home was inspected and if the inspector known about. When one of Sam's clients moved into his home
raised these issues before the closing. years ago, the drains were also clogged but the sellers never knew.
They were an older couple that didn't use much water, so the
Water in basements is a common occurrence for many homes. water they used could pass through. However, when Sam's client
And, with climate change increasing the frequency and amount of moved in, the water usage was much greater and the sewer line
rain in some parts of the country, it is likely to be a bigger problem backed up.
going forward.
Here's the bottom line: just because the seller signs a disclosure
There are both easy and more difficult solutions. Try the easy form doesn't mean that it's accurate. And, unless you have a high
fixes first: Make sure that a home's downspouts and grading push cost claim and real proof that the seller knew about the problem,
water away from the home. Make sure your gutters stay clear so you might not be able to do much about it.
water can easily move around. Be sure your grout is in good
shape. More expensive fixes include installing drainage tile and Lastly, many seller disclosure laws allow buyers to recover
sump pump pits to move the water from around the home before attorneys fees if they sue the seller. Fair enough. But if the cost to
it gets into the home. repair the home is $350, it's unlikely that you'd hire an attorney
and sue, unless you decide to do it yourself in small claims court.
For these buyers and their seller disclosure issues, we don't have
enough information to know whether the sellers lied about the Ilyce Glink is the author of 100 Questions Every First-Time Home
problem. Buyer Should Ask (4th Edition). She is also the CEO of Best

Sam has had buyers close on homes, and shortly after the Money Moves, an app that employers provide to employees to
purchase the neighborhoods in which they were located received measure and dial down financial stress. Samuel J. Tamkin is a
a huge and historic rainfall that flooded most of the homes in the Chicago-based real estate attorney. Contact Ilyce and Sam through
area. If the seller had never lived through a historic flood, they
would not know that their home was susceptible to water in the her website,
basement and they would not need to disclose this.

Now, if the seller knew of the problem, and had hired someone
to try and fix the issue or consulted with an expert but failed to
take the expert's advice about repairing the problem, and the
seller disclosure form required that the seller disclose this
problem, the buyer may have a good case against the seller. But
the buyer will need to determine the time and cost of suing the
seller against the cost of making any required repairs to the home.

Remember, with seller disclosure litigation, the buyer will have
to prove that the seller knew or should have known about the
problem. It's a high hurdle.

Ask the builder inch bit. I then placed a scrap piece of 2x3 onto a vertical part of
the foundation below where the driveway will be.
continued from page 8
Then I drilled through the 2x3 in seconds and the bit started to
A: Hah! You may also wonder if builders like me have magic go into the concrete. I drilled a hole about 3 inches deep into the
methods that save time and money. Well, when it comes to concrete.
attaching wood to concrete, I do have such a method. My good
buddy Chuck Sallee showed it to me one day many years ago. I took two regular 10d common nails that were 3 inches long. I
Chuck and I were working on a carpentry job together when he placed them next to one another making sure the tips were
pulled out a rotary hammer drill and two simple nails. touching and tapped both through the hole in the wood at the same
The method Chuck shared with me all those years ago is so
simple it astonished three young carpenters just this past week in When they started to pass into the hole in the concrete I was
Bar Harbor, Maine, where I was working on a job. I asked them careful to deliver solid blows with my 20-ounce hammer squarely
how they attached wood to concrete and they told me about all the on both nail heads so they both advanced at the same time into the
expensive tools and fasteners they use. concrete. In seconds the nails were flush with the wood and the
carpenters couldn't pull it off the wall!
I said, "Would you be interested to see how to do it using two
regular everyday nails?" They all responded, "Are you serious? You I have a video at my website demonstrating
can do it with just regular nails?" this method. Just type "attach wood to concrete video" into my
search engine and watch it!
I got out my cordless hammer drill and inserted a 6-inch-long 1/4-
By Tim Carter
Page 10 SEPTEMBER 12 - OCTOBER 16, 2019 HOMESPLUS Subscribe to Tim's FREE newsletter and listen to his new podcasts.

Go to:


Melissa Roach - Zievers

KRA 2011 & 2012 Realtor of the Year

Office: 262-925-3091
Cell: 262-945-1018
Email: [email protected]

• Broker/Associate
• Sterling Group
• HUD Certified Agent

By Appointment Only

$499,000 50 Acre Lake $369,900 Gorgeous Impeccable
$349,900 • Pleasant Prairie Ranch Salem Lakes
$249,900 • Set for 21 Home • 1.25 Acres
$199,900 • 3 Bed / 2.5 Baths
sites • Granite and Hardwoods
• Heavily Wooded
• Near Illinois in Kitchen and Baths
• Finished Rec Room
Border • Flagstone Patio+ Deck

Gorgeous $289,900 with Koi Pond
Providential Heights $214,900
• 2 Story Awaiting Your Visit Somers Beauty
• Remodeled Kitchen and • Kitchen w/Granite High End

Baths Appliances
• Great Room w/ Fireplace • 4 Bed/ 2.5 Baths
• Many Updated Amenities • Masonry Fireplace
• Fully Fenced Yard • Finished Rec Room/Full
• Kids Walk to School
21 Level Acres • Hot Tub on Patio Overlooking
• Rarest of Finds
Lush Landscapes
Pleasant Prairie in the
Heart of All Future Forest Park Ranch
Development • Classic Features Including
• Located Just East of
Green Bay Road on Hardwood/Tile Floors
93rd Street • Granite Kitchen /Beadboard

$159,900 Cabinetry/ SS Appliances
• 3 Season Room Finished Rec

• Oversized 2.5 Car Garage
• Fenced Yard


One Owner Carol Beach Money Maker HP091219
• 1 Block from Lake Michigan • Oversized 3 Bedroom Duplex
• Shows with Pride • Year Round Cottage on Very Private • Separate Utilities
• 4 Bed/2 Bath Brick Ranch • Large 2.5 Car Garage
• Finished Rec Room/Bar Wooded Lot • Long Term Tenants
• Huge 2.75 Car Garage • Deck • Patio • 3 Sheds • Located South Side of Kenosha
• Gazebo/Deck Fenced Yard Situated Next • 2.5 Car Garage
• Newer Furnace SEPTEMBER 12 - OCTOBER 16, 2019 HOMESPLUS Page 11
To Park • Stackable Washer/Dryer


August 2019 Kenosha County Home Sales

Bristol $75,000:5132 28th Ave $122,000:6347 28th Ave $183,000:5419 36th Ave $287,000:4317 29th St
$34,900:1033B lot1 213th Ave $65,000:4612 27 St $100,000:6717 12th Ave $169,900:7847 38th Ave $279,900:5024 39th St
$110,000:19214 101st St $60,000:2009 64th St $113,500:6353 25 (sic) $185,000:418 56th St 202 $263,750:3008 89th St
$126,000:21108 122nd St $93,000:3812 13th Ave $122,000:7702 30th Ave $191,250:7850 21st Ave $257,000:6027 5th AVE
$210,000:8136 203rd Ave $86,000:6922 34th Ave $118,000:1303 68th St $187,000:5433 68th St $269,900:425 55th St A
$217,500:0 184th Ave $95,000:2010 48th St $114,000:5905 48th Ave $190,000:6914 53rd St 46 $265,000:9439 71st St
Kenosha $85,000:7412 25th Ave $129,500:5524 63rd St $210,944:8013 50th Ave Paddock Lake
$800:6302 22nd Ave $95,000:6506 30th Ave $128,000:4101 21st Ave $206,000:1720 21st St $140,000:23507 68th St
$17,500:7732 14th Ave $105,000:6719 31st Ave $135,000:7412 36th Ave $205,000:4521 23rd Ave $140,000:6028 241st Ct
$27,000:5210 58th St $110,000:2508 54th St $114,900:4122 23rd Ave $209,900:1939 27th Ave 14 $186,000:6210 243rd Ave
$50,000:6205 25th Ave $119,000:1502 73rd St $129,900:5818 47th Ave $211,000:5915 63rd ST $219,900:6600 235th Ave
$47,000:6511 19th Ave $112,280:4819 65th St $125,900:1425 29th Ct $210,000:4402 89th St $241,000:24902 72nd St
$50,000:5512 37th Ave $114,900:1707 70th St $133,000:6634 20th Ave $215,000:7015 94th Ave Paris
$60,000;6602 30th Ave $115,000:1803 84th Pl $132,000:1017 42nd St $222,000:4215 89th st $117,000:639 200th Ave
$69,000:6353 13th Ave $119,500:4024 10th Ave $134,000:4612 28th Ave $219,900:1715 35th Pl $185,000:5801 200th Ave
$129,900:1469 28th Ct $217,500:4401 68th St Pleasant Prairie
Small, Local, Family Run Business Since 1985 $134,900:8858 Sheridan Rd 5 $222,000:5722 80th PL $315,000:6451 102nd St
$130,000:4811 5th Ave 3 $220,000:8549 32nd Ave $298,000:11213 3rd Ave
• Quality Workmanship, Dependable & On Schedule $141,000:3816 11th Ave $225,000:5512 63rd St $339,500:10533 88th Pl
• Professional Preparation & Repair $140,000:7407 27th Ave $228,900:7854 49th Ave $336,400:5312 88th St
• All Aspects Of Interior/Exterior Painting & Staining $142,600:7006 27th Ave $225,000:5602 53rd Ave $342,000:9098 62nd Ave
• Light Carpentry & Other Handyman Jobs $130,000:1614 52 ST $226,900:10023 64th St $343,000:9708 33rd Ave
$135,000:7211 98th Ave L $235,000:9934 70th St $365,000:12206 85th Ave
Valuable Coupon HP091219 $139,900:1503 24th Ave 4 $234,900:3520 22ND AVE $360,000:9202 24th Ave
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10% OFFSSpuepceiralOUR ALREADY LOW RATES! $135,000:4207 80th St 1C $235,000:1328 30th Ct 13C $385,000:820 111th St
Not valid with any other offer. Present coupon upon payment. Expires October 31st, 2019. $140,500:7304 98th Ave B $249,990:4134 25th St $420,000:5410 85th Pl
$135,000:7303 10th Ave $255,000:8039 63rd Ave $470,000:10196 47th Ave
References FREE Friendly Estimates Insured $134,000:5603 40th Ave $248,000:5612 70th St 5614 $467,000:3910 85th St
Available Salem, WI $152,000:4519 24th Ave $255,000:4031 35th Ave $500,000:11203 61st Ave
262-843-4690 $152,500:3915 7th Ave $260,000:4750 84th St $D5r25,000:11550 Lakeshore
$145,000:1452 28th Ct $258,000:9522 74th St $615,451.16:9760 46th Ct 48
Hello, $145,000:1600 22nd Ave $305,428:6311 105th Ave $708,000:11958 24th Ct
$148,000:6360 48th Ave $320,000:6433 95th Ave $115,900:6865 99th Pl B
Neighbor. $153,400:7403 10th Ave $330,500:6610 85th Ave $119,900:Lt31 98th Cir
$152,500:3530 10th Ave $344,500:5018 32nd Street $141,501:4502 122nd St
Rob Fleming, Agent $149,900:2108 74th St $330,000:3524 29th St $169,900:10160 66th Ave F
$150,000:6105 38th Ave $329,900:1541 25th Ave $190,000:10035 29th Ave
3404 Roosevelt Road $154,000:1561 16th Ave $334,500:6810 107th Ave $185,000:6545 126th St
Kenosha, Wi 53142 $154,900:7951 25th Ave $330,000:6118 106th Ave $189,000:6623 102nd St 1D
$154,900:5540 33rd Ave $337,000:15427 68th St $189,900:6607 126th St
Bus: 262-656-1414 $165,000:7408 36th Ave $345,000:6515 94th Ct $224,000:9260 8th Ave
$158,000:3307 85th St E $355,000:10920 66th St $231,000:6960 88th Ave
[email protected] $159,900:6102 35th Ave $352,000:15430 67th St $210,000:Lt0 68th St
Mon-Fri 9:00am to 5:00pm $154,150:5604 55th Ave $359,900:11305 62nd St $215,000:9298 66th Ave 53
other times by appointment $167,000:8539 17th Ave $352,000:5107 33rd St $224,900:5405 86th St
$165,000:3208 23rd ave $375,000:5116 33rd St $209,000:3715 104th st
HP101118 $169,000:7006 Pershing Blvd $389,000:3403 13th Pl $209,000:3715 104th St
$173,487:7521 12th Ave $900,000:7220 1st Ave $210,000:Lt13 Lakeshore Dr
APPLIANCE $174,400:7761 7th Ave $400,000:3918 17th St $257,655:4906 83rd St
$169,900:6540 39th Ave $297,000:6925 55th St Randall
PARTS• Washers • Ranges $166,000:7822 8th Ave $310,000:6136 113th Ave $315,000:33103 120th St
$165,000:4128 46th St $304,900:6417 93rd Ave $314,000:37603 88th St
• Dryers • Water $180,000:5912 56th Ave $302,500:1821 12th Pl $2,100,000:9007 403rd Ave
$177,000:1914 25th St $280,000:6328 95th Ave
• Refrigeration Heaters $170,000:7409 98th Ave 1D
$167,500:806 82nd St 2
• Furnaces • Air Conditioners $179,900:4201 55th Ave
$191,000:7854 14th Ave
Largest in Stock Selection In Town $179,900:1832 18th Ave
$182,500:2711 Lincoln Rd
Normal Business Hours $175,000:1527 17th St
$179,900:2547 81st St
M-TH 8:30am 5:00pm F 8:30am-4:00pm S 8:30am-noon HP021H4P11901118 $180,000:7841 6th Ave
Call before you stop by $187,500:7819 6th Ave
$182,500:2711 Lincoln Rd
KENOSHA APPLIANCE PARTS $190,000:7944 42nd Ave
$184,900:7304 98th Ave A


The information contained herein is provided for general information purposes only. If any of the above information is material or being utilized to determine whether to pur-
chase the property, the buyer should personally verify same or have it confirmed by a qualified expert. The information to independently verify and confirm includes but is
not limited to total square footage formula, total square footage / acreage figures, land, building or room dimensions and all other measurements of any sort or type. Equal
housing opportunity listing. Copyright 2018 by Multiple Listing Service, Inc. Prepared by Southshore REALTORS Association, Inc.


Home Sales (continued)

$375,000:39220 90th Pl $95,000:11745 231st Ct $284,000:585 N School $193,000:1935 Pheasant Ave
$28,000:Lt5 402nd Ave $99,000:24811 87th St 3 $325,000:858 Glenwood Dr $210,000:701 Legion Dr
$137,000:40127 101st St $122,000:26811 105th St Somers $230,000:348 Martin Ave
$140,500:35818 90th St $125,000:24931 87th St 6 $359,000:3019 Green Bay Rd $235,000:103 Hawthorne Dr
$179,900:39233 92nd Pl $167,000:27619 115th St $430,000:5301 22nd St $250,000:714 Ridge Cir
$228,000:38221 87th st $158,000:11328 271st Ave $460,000:5917 1st Pl $252,500:512 Bay View Ave 12
$230,000:40535 104th St $161,500:23820 126th St $385,000:9815 15th St $265,000:509 Torrey Pines Dr
Salem $172,000:306 W Larch St $385,000:500 14th Pl $275,000:612 Arrowhead Dr
$440,000:27801 122nd St $190,000:31206 75th St $380,000:225 26th Ave $285,000:2123 Laurie Ln
$530,001:29820 Wilmot Rd $194,000:438 N Riverside Dr $90,000:Lt 9 8th Pl $293,900:500 W Main St
$430,000:11605 246th Ct $200,000:21937 121st St $129,000:2750 11th Pl 507 $299,000:1856 Swallow Rd
$337,000:21943 116th St $213,000:12734 228th Ave $157,000:1272 Village Centre $290,000:1508 Lucille Ave
$299,800:24009 117th Pl $210,000:11711 304th Ave $210,000:991 88th Ave $328,000:490 Tindalls Nest
$260,000:22420 Salem Rd $245,000:23113 120th St $255,000:510 10th Pl $325,000:321 Homestead Dr
$265,000:26933 98th St $255,000:22410 Salem Rd Twin Lakes $340,000:860 W Main St
$70,000:9774 270th Ave $272,000:27470 Camp Lake Rd $300,000:1857 Swallow Rd Wheatland
$143,500:27524 116th St $293,000:8530 222nd Ave $309,900:213 Tomahawk Dr $137,900:7510 312th Ave
$180,000:23611 62nd Pl $305,000:22235 85th PL $43,000:lt 62 Swallow Rd $155,000:8039 336th Ave
$212,500:10628 269th Ave $360,000:7623 288th Ave $125,000:1301 Lucille Ave $183,000:4841 330th Ave
$236,000:9013 271st Ave Silver Lake $124,000:1006 Wilmot Ave $195,597:31307 73rd St
$275,000:10734 256th Ave $175,000:681 N Cogswell Dr 2 $145,000:2520 Zerfas Dr $239,988:7506 328th Ave
Salem Lakes $202,500:214 E Spruce St $172,000:705 Legion Dr $226,000:8143 400th Ave





At Elite Cleaning Master we strive
to treat every home and building with
equal care and respect. Our commitment to offer
superior service goes beyond gaining a profit. Instead of
seeing customers we see opportunity – to learn and endlessly
improve our services. We want to help you be at ease while you help
us set new quality standards in the cleaning industry.
We are prepared to go above and beyond for your satisfaction.
Your peace of mind won’t be taken lightly – ever.


• Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning

• Kitchen/restroom cleaning and Restocking

• Event preparation or clean ups

• Reception area or lobby cleaning

• Dusting and window washing

• Floor striping/waxing and buffing

• Daytime/Nighttime Cleaning

• Office system Cleaning

• All four season Cleaning

• One time Cleaning PROFESSIONAL
• Deep Cleaning

• Daily carpet care CLEANING
• Post-construction

• Sanitizing • Religious Institutions • Community Recreational Centers

• Move in / Move Out Cleaning • Financial Institutions

• Automobile Dealerships • Apartments

• Clunhouses • Fitness Centers

• Libraries • Home Cleaning

• Medical Facilities • Warehouses

• Park Districts • Retail Centers







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