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Published by Nurul Farzana, 2019-05-23 05:10:45

FOOD - ebook

FOOD - ebook






Gemas Road Roti Canai 6
Nona Bali 7
Fruitmade 8
Potterhead 9
China House 10
Ice Café 11-12
Hameediyah 13-14
Syed Bistro 15-16
Kapitan 17-18
Hameed Pata Mee Sotong


This e-book provides varieties of places where delicious foods are served in
the State known as the ‘Culinary Capital of Malaysia’, which is definitely Pe-
nang. Penang is not only known for it’s historical places and it’s overwhelming
beautiful island, but it is also known for serving lots and lots of savouring
foods from the legendary street foods, to their Asia’s phenomenon, ‘Nasi Kan-
dar.’ This e-book is catered to both students, teenagers as well as adults espe-
cially tourists who wish to explore the amazingly scrumptious Penang.

This e-book is written and done by three first year undergraduates pursu-
ing their Bachelor in Education for the course Teaching English to Speakers of
Other Languages (TESOL). This e-book is the final product of Penang Tourism
Project, which is one of the course requirements of PET101 Effective Reading
in TESOL coordinated excellently by Associate Professor Dr. Mohamad Jafre
Zainol Abidin.




A perfect place to enjoy having a breakfast is definitely this one. They served the best

Roti Canai in town where the curry (kuah) is spreaded all over the roti. We called it
’banjir’ in Malay. The curry is definitely awesome as it contains both sweet and spicy
tastes that will left you speechless throughout your breakfast. But don’t worry, if
you’re not a fan of Roti Canai, you can always order their Roti Bakar with egg where

you can choose how you want the egg to be served. Besides, the price for the foods

are also affordable especially for students. No wonder there are students especially
from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) who’s willing to travel early in the morning just
to have their breakfast here. Truthfully saying, this place deserves to be called ‘The
Breakfast Heaven’.

Address: 51, 29, Jalan Gemas,
Taman Kampar, 10460 George Town, Penang
Opening Hours: Mon, Fri Closed

Tue-Thu, Sat 7am-12:30pm
and 5:30–10pm
Sun 7am–12:30pm
Phone: 04-262 3533



There’s no need to travel to as far as Indonesia to taste the foods
from Bali because in Penang, an exquisite high-classed Bali res-
taurant is here to satisfy your Indonesian craves. This restaurant
serves high quality authentic Balinese dishes. This is indeed, an
interesting and delightful addition to the food scene in Penang.
Walking into the restaurant is like going through a portal where it
is possible to feel transported to Bali especially with
the Balinese Dolls decorating the shelves and Balinese Drawings
adorning the walls. The Balinese foods served are truly delicious
and worth the price as the prices are on the higher side for their
Ala-Carte dishes but no worries, their Set Lunch is definitely wor-
thy for every single penny spent.

Address: No 25 Lebuh Sungai
Pinang 5, Karpal Singh
Drive, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
Opening Hours:: Everyday except

Phone: 04-281 5983



If you’re looking for fresh fruit juices, ice--creams and
smoothies that’s definitely mouth-watering and Instagram
worthy, Fruitmade is the perfect place for you! They serve the
best fruit juices and smoothies which the freshness of each of
the menus are guaranteed. The prices for their juices, ice-
creams and smoothies are quite affordable and it’s worth buy-
ing because the taste of the fruits in everything they serve are
really strong and you can actually feel like you’re eating fresh
fruits but in an upgraded version!

Address: 6, Lebuh Cannon
George Town, Malaysia
Operating hours: 10AM-6PM
Phone: 010-387 8286



This is one of our favourite places to dine-in because we love
Harry Potter! So to fellow Potterheads out there who’s reading
this, grab your wands and make your way to this magical Harry
Potter inspired pop-up store. The most fun part is that they
serve varieties of food in the honour of Harry Potter and the fa-
mous ‘Butterbeer’ is definitely delicious and for Muslim wizards
and witches, you don’t have to worry because it’s Halal and non-
alcoholic. They serve waffles, fries, nuggets, Butterbeer-flavored
ice cream and a lot more and their menus are unique on their
own ways as they use the names and spells from Harry Potter.
The prices are affordable as well! Upon ordering your foods or
drinks, you’ll get the chance to don Hogwarts robes, ties and
scarves in your house of choice and it’s time to pose for some
pictures in the so-called Hogwarts!

Address: 11, Lebuh Keng Kwee, George Town, 8
10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang

Opening Hours: 12PM-7PM (Except Wednesday)

China house

Crave for something sweet while in Penang? Worry not be-
cause China House has it all! It served 30 varieties of cakes
daily. They also served the best coffee in town. Besides that,
they also provide western food as the main dishes. I’ve got
to say that this café served appetizers until dessert. You
name it, and they probably have it in their menu.

Address: 153, Beach
St, Georgetown,
10300 George Town,



Tired after taking a long walk on sunny day? It’s better to stop
by the Ice Café. Just like the name, as you went inside the café,
you can feel the cold breeze hitting your face because of the
coldness. The café mostly served ice-themed desserts, com-
prising mainly of ice-cream, fresh fruits, shaved iced, wafers &
biscuits. The special about this café is the snowflake. At first
glance, as a Malaysian, you would thought that it’s a bowl of
Ice Kacang. The so called snowflake is topped with some
fruits, depends on the menu and flavoured syrups. Visitors are
yet to order something before tak-

Address: 193(Level 1),
Lebuh Victoria, George
Town, 10300 George
Town, Pulau Pinang
Phone: 04-262 1193



Penang is known for it’s Nasi Kandar. So, if you’re ad-
dicted to Nasi Kandar, head over to Hameediyah to taste
the original Penang’s Nasi Kandar. Do expect a long que
before your turn to order. The menu is mostly the same as
the other Nasi Kandar, but the taste is surely different.
What we love about this restaurant is it display the price,
so the customer don’t need to worry about the hidden
charge when it’s your turn to pay. As expected, mamak
restaurant never fail to amaze me when we ask for ‘kuah
banjir’. The rice is topped with mouth watering ‘kuah
banjir’ and other side dishes as requested, We also can
choose between normal rice or biryani.



Address: Lebuh Campbell, George Town,
10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Phone: 04-261 1095



Nasi Briyani is one of the famous mouth -
watering Indian dish that everyone loves. This
restaurant serves wide variety of menu featur-
ing the famous lamb shank nasi briyani, nasi
kandar, roti, murtabak, naan, some Malaysian
delight and Western delight. Believe me, the
Lamb Shank made my day! The highlight of the
plate, which is obviously the lamb shank is su-
per delicious, the meat is tender, and the curry’s
taste is rich and appetizing to my taste buds.
You can also order the beef or mutton biryani
and complete the dish with the creamy teh



Address: 58, Persiaran
Mahsuri 2, Bandar Sunway
Tunas, 11900 Bayan Lepas,
Pulau Pinang
Opening hours: 24 hours



Opened 24 hours a day, Kapitan has made a
name for itself and namely, its Tandoori
Chicken. Be it for breakfast, lunch, dinner,
supper or those unnamed in-between meals,
Kapitan initially boosted to fame with its tan-
doori chicken, has since gone on to attracting
as many customers for its nasi briyani, naans
and a rather eccentric mix of a drink, badam
milk (pure cow milk boiled with ground al-
mond, cashew nuts and raisins with sugar).
Not only has it set the benchmark high for
other Indian eateries, it has presented them a
challenge in itself to match its prices. Don’t
forget to enjoy this signature claypot biryani
together with the star drink, the lassi or
known as yoghurt drink. Definitely it will
make you feel refreshed and full for the
whole day.



93LebuhChulia, GeorgeTown,
Penang Island 10200 Malaysia
PHONE: +604-2641191



After a long tiring day, if you are looking for a juicy, scrumptious
fried noodles, do have a visit to Padang Kota Lama esplanade
park. They serve you the best fried noodles which is the “ Hameed
Pata Mi Sotong”.They have a couple of excellent choice either
fried or enveloped in a thick and rich broth-like sauce called Mee
Rebus or stewed noodles. Ranging from RM5 to RM7, it’s actually
a cheap lunch option that packs huge flavours. The portion is ac-
tually quite big and definitely will make you full until night.
Eating this delicacy might be a bit spicy for some but the stall’s
next door neighbour provides the best coconut shake on the is-
land. The sweet ice-blended coconut concoction with a scoop of
ice cream on top perfectly complements the mee sotong on a
nice sunny day.The fried noodles might taste slightly spicy and
don’t worry since you can order the chilling coconut shake . It is a
great combination with the Mee sotong and all you need is less
than RM10 for this complete set of noodles and coconut shake.
The stall at the food court is open for business from 11.30am to
8.00pm from Mondays to Saturdays. They are closed on Sundays.
Start you engine and grab this tasty food now!



Address: 19, Lebuh Pantai, George
Town, 10300 George Town, Pulau

Phone: 013-431 9384


A huge thanks to our lecturer, Dr. Jafre for giving
us this golden opportunity to complete this project.
Honestly, we had so much fun completing this project
together. We managed to grab the chance to know
more about this “Pearl Island”. We learned to appre-
ciate the nature and managed to find out more about
the culture, food and how kind the people in Penang
Island are. We are now confident and proud to rec-
ommend people who are not from Penang to look out
for the best food destinations after this!


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