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PWBHS Senior Handbook

Senior Handbook

Paul W. Bryant 
High School 

Senior Handbook 

Class of 2020

Table of Contents 

Meet Your Counselor

Calendar of Senior Events


Password Page

Graduation Requirements
TCS Graduate Framework
Diploma Options
Alabama High School Diploma
Alabama High School Diploma with Academic Distinction
Endorsement Options

CCR Indicators

Post-Secondary Pathways
Senior Year Checklist
ACT/SAT Fee Waivers
Applying to College
Admission Application Fee Waivers
Requesting Your Transcript
Sending Your FINAL Transcript
ACT WorkKeys

Senior Survey

  M​ eet Your Counselor 

Mrs. Andrea Markham
Guidance Suite, Office 65
205-759-3538 ext. 1722
[email protected]

Class of 2020 

Calendar of Senior Events 

Date Event Time Location

8/7/19 First Day of Senior Year 8:25 AM PWBHS
8/16/19 ACT Registration Deadline 11:59 PM
9/14/19 ACT National Test Date
9/18/19 Regional College Fair 9:00 AM University of Alabama,
11:59 PM Coleman Coliseum
9/20/19 ACT Registration Deadline Zero Period
10/1/19 FAFSA Opens
10/25/19 Balfour Meeting (announcements and
10/26/19 ACT National Test Date
11/4/19- Alabama College Application Week PWBHS Auditorium
11/6/19 ACT WorkKeys TBD PWBHS
11/7/19 Balfour Ordering PWBHS Cafeteria
11/8/19 ACT Registration Deadline Lunch shifts
11/15/19 Panoramic Picture PWBHS Gym
11/20/19 Senior Portrait Make-Up Sessions with 11:59 PM PWBHS Auditorium
Prestige Portraits
8:30 AM


12/14/19 ACT National Test Date TBD TBD
TBD Fall Final Exams (all grade levels) 11:59 PM
1/10/20 ACT Registration Deadline TBD TBD
TBD AAMU Presidential Bus Tour

2/8/20 ACT National Test Date by PWBHS Auditorium
2/19/20 Cap and Gown Pictures (optional) appointment
2/28/20 ACT Registration Deadline 11:59 PM To any PWBHS
3/13/20 $115 Graduation Fee Due (cash, check, or 3:45 PM employee
money order accepted)
4/4/20 ACT National Test Date TBA Tuscaloosa River
4/11/20 Prom Market
TBD Senior Honors Night 11:59 PM
5/8/20 ACT Registration Deadline TBD TBD
TBD Spring Final Exams (Seniors) TBD TBD
TBD Grad Practice #1/Cap & Gown Distribution TBD
TBD Deadline to Submit Final Transcript Request /forms/d/1nov99gcbTcZ
TBD Grad Practice #2 TBA 1Rs3O-3kBokZpA/edit
5/16/20 Graduation Ceremony (Tentative) TBD
6/13/20 ACT National Test Date 11:59 PM TBA
6/19/20 ACT Registration Deadline
7/18/20 ACT National Test Date


F  AQs 


How do I take Senior Portraits? 


Schedule a studio session with Prestige Portraits by calling 205-758-6995. You may also take your
senior portraits at PWBHS on 1​ 1/20/19.​ The panoramic portrait is scheduled for ​11/15/19.​


What fees do I owe? 


All seniors will owe the $115 graduation fee which covers the cost of cap and gown, stole, diploma,
diploma cover, and graduation ceremony. Some seniors may also have outstanding fees related to
coursework or extracurricular activities. Fee sheets will be distributed with the first progress report.



When is graduation? 


Graduation is tentatively scheduled for 5/16/20.


P  assword Page 

Use this page to safely record your usernames and passwords.


Account URL Username Password  










G  raduation Requirements 
T  he TCS Graduate Framework

● Communicator ​- Communication requires the creation of a common understanding of ideas,
desires and observations through reading, writing and speaking effectively

● Global Citizen​ - Identifies with being part of an emerging world community and whose actions
contribute to building this community’s values and practices.

● Innovator​ - Identifies issues that are unique and then seeks to find the best possible way to a

● Leader​ - Willingly collaborates and embraces new ideas and technologies, leads by example,
motivates others

● Technologically-Advanced​ - Has the knowledge to effectively use technology in multiple
areas, understands when additional information is needed and effectively uses technology to

● Work-Ready -​ Has the aptitude and skill set to persist and achieve academic and career goals


 Diploma Options

 Alabama High School Diploma

Core Credits

English Math Science Social Studies

9 Algebra 1 or Biology World History

10 Algebra 1A/1B A physical US History 10

11 Geometry science US History 11

12 Algebra II or 2 science Government/

Algebra II/Trig electives Economics

1 additional

math credit

Elective Credits

Life/PE or Health or Career Prep 3 Fine 2.5
JROTC Family Arts/ general
Wellness or Foreign electives
Foundations of Language/
Health Science Career

Total = 24 Credits


A  labama High School Diploma with Academic

Core Credits

English Math Science Social Studies

9 Algebra 1 Biology World History

10 Geometry A physical US History 10

11 Algebra II/Trig science US History 11

12 1 additional Physics Government/
math credit 1 science


Elective Credits

Life/PE Health or Career 2 1 Fine 3.5
or Family Prep Foreign Arts/ general
JROTC Wellness or Language Foreign electives
Foundations of Language/
Health Science Career

Total = 24 Credits


Additional requirements: at least 2 AP/IB/Dual Enrollment courses, 3.0 minimum
cumulative GPA


E  ndorsement Options 

Fine Arts/ Business and Multidisciplinary STEM
Humanities Industry/ Studies

Public Service

Option 1:   Option 1:   Option 1:   Option 1: 
Five Credits in  Career Tech  Science 
Social Studies  Education   AP or Dual   
Discipline    Option 2: Math 
  Option 2:  Enrollment  
Option 2:   English  Option 3: 
Four Credits in       Science and 
Language   Option 3:    Math 
Option 3:   Public Service Combination
Four Credits in 
Fine Arts 

C  CR Indicators 

Indicator Criteria


Benchmark score on 1
ACT subsection:
18 on English

22 on Math or Reading
23 on Science

Qualifying score (3+)
on AP exam

Earned college credit

Enlistment in military
active service

Benchmark score (4+
on all three sections)
on ACT WorkKeys


P  ost-Secondary Pathways   

C  ollege


Senior Year Checklist


Admission Application Fee Waivers

Students are eligible for an unlimited number of admission application fee waivers.
This form will allow many colleges/universities to waive the admission application fee
(which generally ranges from $25-$75 per institution).


ACT/SAT Fee Waivers

Students are eligible for 2 ACT fee waivers (this does not include the state ACT juniors
take in the Spring) AND 2 SAT fee waivers in their lifetime. Students may visit the
table set-up outside the cafeteria during lunch shifts on Waiver Wednesdays to receive
ACT/SAT fee waivers or submit the ACT Order Summary Page to Mrs. Wilson.


Applying to College
Step 1: Apply

Complete online U​ NDERGRADUATE​ admissions application at institution website.

Note: The University of South Alabama requires students to complete a paper-based
application (available at​ if
using an admission application fee waiver.
Make sure you record all username/password information for accounts you create on the

Password Page. 

Some useful information during the application process:

Your School Your Counselor

Paul W. Bryant High School Andrea Markham
6315 Mary Harmon Bryant Drive 6315 Mary Harmon Bryant Drive
Cottondale, AL 35453 Cottondale, AL 35453
205-759-3538 205-759-3538 ext. 1722

CEEB Code: 010767 [email protected]


Step 2: Send Your Transcript

Request that your official high school transcript be sent to the institution using the
Google Form located at:

Students may request 4 official transcripts free-of-charge. Each additional transcript
request will cost $5. Remember that your unofficial transcript is viewable in your
student iNow account. All official transcript requests are processed on Tuesdays.

Each transcript will be accompanied by an admission application fee waiver. This
means that, unless a school does not accept waivers, you will not have to pay to apply.


Step 3: FAFSA

Step 1: Create an FSA ID at ​​. Your FSA ID is your
username and password you will use to file your FAFSA each year you attend college.

Make sure you record all username/password information for accounts you create on the

Password Page. 

Step 2: Have your parent/guardian create their own FSA ID at​ Both you and whomever claimed you on their
taxes in prior years will need an FSA ID.

Step 3: Log-in at ​​ to file your
FAFSA. You will likely need help from your family to enter the requested information.
Note: Enter the 4-digit code for each school to which you’ve applied (up to 10) when
filling out the FAFSA. This will allow each school to receive your information and
provide you with a financial aid package offer.

Information you’ll need to file your FAFSA:

1. FSA ID​. Anyone who plans to fill out the FAFSA must have a​ F​ SA ID​. Parents
and students will each need to have a FSA ID. The FSA ID is your electronic

2. Social Security Number​. You will not need to provide a copy of your SSN card,
but you will need to provide your social security number on the FAFSA.

3. Driver’s License Number.​ Again, you did not need to provide a copy of your
license, but you need to know the number. If you do not have your driver’s
license, that is okay.

4. 2018 Tax Records​. Have your tax returns and other tax documents available.
The FAFSA will ask for specific numbers that can be found on your tax
documents. Many of the questions will tell you exactly where to find the
information, such as the line from your tax return you will need for a particular
question. The​ ​IRS Data Retrieval Tool​ is available for the 2020-2021 FAFSA.

Instead of inputting the information yourself, you may use IRS DRT to retrieve the
required tax information the FAFSA requires.
5. Records of untaxed income.​ If you have any untaxed income, such as child
support, interest income, and veterans benefits, you will need to provide this
6. Asset information.​ The FAFSA will ask for information about your assets,
including savings and checking account balances, investments, and real estate.
7. List of schools you are interested in attending​. If you are applying for
admission and want to be considered for financial aid, you will need to list the
schools you are considering. Colleges will receive the FAFSA information so they
can determine how much financial aid they will offer. You can list up to ten
schools on your FAFSA at a time. If you are applying to more colleges, you will
be able to add more colleges at a later date. Some states require students to list
schools in a particular order to be consider for state aid. To see if your state has
a requirement,​ c​ lick here.​

Step 4: Have your parent/guardian sign your FAFSA using their own FSA ID and
submit your FAFSA.


Step 4: Scholarships

ALL scholarship information is published in the C​ lass of 2020 Scholarship Spreadsheet
located at

The spreadsheet is also accessible via the S​ tampede Students​ app
through iPhone App Store or Google Play.


Step 5: Send your Final Transcript

Request that your FINAL high school transcript be sent to the institution YOU WILL
ATTEND using the Google Form located at:

Students may request ONLY ONE final transcript free-of-charge.

Post-Secondary Pathways

C  areer

 ACT WorkKeys

Employers considered ACT WorkKeys scores when making hiring decisions.
ACT WorkKeys will be administered to PWBHS seniors on 11/6/19.


You can use your resume to help you:

● get a job

● fill out college applications

● submit scholarship applications

● give to those you would like to write letters of recommendation for you

Characteristics of Strong Resumes:
● Typed
● Printed on high-quality paper
● Limited to one page
● Formatted properly
● Written in active voice
● Focused on skills
● Resume templates are available in Google Docs.

Post-Secondary Pathways

M  ilitary


The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) will be administered at
PWBHS on 11/19/19 and 3/24/20.

Practice tests can be found at:


S  enior Survey 


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