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TEVO Creations Inc. Company Profile

TEVO Creations Inc. Company Profile



At TEVO Creations, we provide integrated technology solutions worldwide, TEVO has incorporated with our High
associating with high quality and innovation products specialized in the Performance Automotive Coating
field of chemistry, engineering and nanotechnology. We develop, design, series with inorganic glass compound.
enhance and market highly innovative products ranging from electronics, Importantly, our coating was produced
household consumers to industrial users with the aims of provide one stop, with the adjustable amount of active
end to end services for all individuals, companies and business associates. ingredients, the higher percentage
Evolved from chemical raw material supplier throughout the region, TEVO of active ingredients contained in the
Creations has made another step forward with cross-over association solution will resulting higher glossiness
with multiple R&D in developing exclusive line of products designated to and longer durability of the coating itself.
fit into today’s consumer needs. Mainly focusing on developing “Green
Technology / Environmental Friendly” products and it is designed to WEATHERING RESISTANT
ease the day to day lifestyle from end consumer to industrial usages.
Our Glass Coating Product series protect
1988 : Founded First factory setup the clear coat and base color of your painted
landed more than surface from ultra violet rays and acid rains,
Company first founded 20000 sqft. Specilizing prevents them from degradation and color
and incorporated, in rubber, textile, water fading. With acidic and alkaline resistance from
specializing in treatment, paint and pH 2 to 12, it provides ultimate anti-corrosion
chlor-alkali chemical coating supplies protection to your coated surface up to 5 years.
raw material supplies.
1995 : Factory Setup SCRATCH RESISTANT
2005 : Building & Construction
Producing functional Crystalization of the coated surface formed a
Venturing into Building & advanced coating material layer with hardness ranging from 6H to 9H (10H
Construction coating supplies. in the field of automotive, for Diamond Hardness). Our coating protects
Started with private labeling consumer, and marines. your surface from typical daily activity scratches;
& OEM services for both Integrating nano-technology. level of scratch resistance increase upon
international & domestic market increase of multiple coats layer on the surface.
2010-Present : Functional Coating
Formulated from inorganic material which does
not deteriorate or degrade from weathering,
UV and heat. Acidic and alkaline resistance
range from pH 2 to 12. Coated surface formed
a solid crystalized layer that last for a long time.


Nano-Technology Its main activity is the production and commercialization EASY CLEANING
of new raw material (high performance nanoparticles) for
multispectral applications as well as other ready-to-use Super-Glossy finishing of our coated surface greatly
products for end consumers, establishing TEVO enhanced the color-contrast and mirror finishing visual
Creations as one of the most competitive supplier effect. Your vehicle will never look the same again with
over Nanotechnology material over the regions. a super ‘glamorizing’ outlook! With proper maintenance,

Private Labeling TEVO Creations offered a complete adaptive package the effect last up to 5 years.
for our client; we provide private labeling service
for our client’s company in carrying our selected MIRROR FINISHING
product in their own brand; by providing workable
OEM MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) and strong Our coating penetrate and covers all the uneven pores
backend technical support. Our experts will also be of the surface, creating a smooth fine finishing of the
assisting conceptual in design, art work, packaging coated surface. Due to its low surface energy and ‘poor
and marketing guidance over our supplied products. wetting’ of the coated surface, it create a great repellency
upon moisture contact where dirt and stains are hardly
Strategic Sourcing TEVO Creations also offeres sourcing of new able to adhere to the surface, even it is stained, it can be
technology, involves the scouting and researching of
new technological potentials and the eventual transfer easily removed by plain water flushing and rinsing.
of these technologies into a client’s company brand.
Upon requests, we identify new technologies, organize ANTI-FOULING HYDROPHOBIC
and channel data on these technologies, and assessing
the ease and value of implementing them for our client. Our crystalized protective layer creates high repellency
of stains and moisture. Due to its high contact angle on
the surface, water droplets tend to slip through, bringing
away physical dirt and stains. Perfectly sealed & coated
surface also providing self-cleaning characteristic,
avoiding accumulation of contamination on your surface.


Glass panel
Utilizing latest chemical quartz technology, Metal & alloy
a full range of protection coating applicable Plastic
on cars, motorbikes, and marines is Rubber
developed. Applicable surface includes : Leather
Stain Resistant
Sustaining & protect the original Waterproofing
appearance of your building surface from Weathering Resistant
weathering, organic growth or staining. Anti Mould, Fungi, Algae
Hygiene Care
CONSUMER Air Quality Control
Anti Phatogen
When innovation made practical, Surface Restoration & Protection
TEVO engineered unique green Furniture & Fabric
product to cater on our daily need, Personal & Electronic Appliance
from microbial control to surface
restoration & protection. Ranging from :


Poland Russia
Norway Lithuania

Egypt Bahrain China Japan

Canada India Brunei
Columbia UAE Australia

United States Sri Lanka
Brazil Qatar Thailand

Malaysia (HQ)

Saudi Arabia Indonesia Hong Kong


Reunion Island

TELEPHONE +604-5085688 TEVO CREATIONS INC. (1100424-K)
FACSIMILE +604-5085680
E-MAIL [email protected] Plot 155, Jln. Perindustrian Bukit Minyak 7,
WEB Bkt. Minyak Industrial Estate,
INSTAGRAM @tevocreations_coating MK 13, S.P.T. 14100 Bkt. Mertajam,
Penang, Malaysia.

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