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Published by eaawaz, 2017-07-02 20:35:05

The Show Time Issue 44

The Show Time Issue 44

Edition 1, Issue 44 3rd July, 2017 1

It’s Time To Show The World...

The Show-TimeChandigarh

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02 Eaawaz
Our guest writer, Sarang Sharma ponders on the
dilemma of Kashmiri Identity Crisis

Center Spread

GST Rate List: Know what is costlier and what is
cheaper after India's biggest tax reform

06 You 'D' Youth

The future of technology is here!

07 Tricity News

Rotary International makes a difference in
District 3080 with T.K Ruby

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The Show-Time 3rd July, 2017 2
Edition 1, Issue 44





“…sirf ek sawal uthata hai sirf ek! of Dogras, Ladakhis and other while the larger population
Hum hain, ya hum nahin? Hum group in the description makes which remained in the valley
hain to kahan hai? Aur nahi hain the argument fall short and were tagged ‘Kashmiri Muslims’.
to kahan gaye? Hum hain to to seem invalid, hence opening Most of the Pandits can be
kisliye aur kahan gaye to kab? the door to a preciser specifica- found residing in Jammu, Delhi,
Hum thay bhi ke hum thay hi tion –– Mumbai and Bangalore, while
nahi?” the Muslims largely live in the
“He is a Kashmiri who speaks the Kashmir belt while a few live in
While the lead character of the Kashmiri language” other parts of India. However,
2014 film ‘Haider’, a young Kash- the Pandits are still divided into
miri, delivers a monologue Kashmiri is locally known as two subcategories –– Banmasi,
standing at one of the most ‘Koshur’ and is largely spoken by who had initially migrated from
popular public squares of the people living in the Kashmir the valley during the rule of Mus-
Anantnag, he does strike a belt. However, even this argu- lim kings, and Malmasi, who
chord while addressing ‘the ment falls short of logic. As many stayed back in valley despite all
great Kashmiri identity crisis’. It is Kashmiris who have been resid- odds. The ones who migrated
question well asked which seeks ing in other parts of India have during the 1990 exodus largely
an answer –– Who is Kashmiri given up speaking Kashmiri while constitute of the Malmasis, while
today? A simple and straightfor- the Kashmiris living in the valley the Banmasis have migrated for
ward definition of ‘Kashmiri’ have begun preferring Urdu more than a hundred years ago.
would be ––– the one who lives over the mother-tongue. On the And somewhere between the
in Kashmir. If one finds this defini- other hand, several linguist and Kashmir dispute, the Banmasi re-
tion satisfactory, horses remain cultural enthusiasts have been mains largely forgotten.
tied in the stable; otherwise In- known to have studying Kashmiri
dian media houses, cultural the- literature, hence making this ar- Many of the Banmasi Kashmiri
orists and political think-tanks gument seem invalid. families who are scattered all
have spent more than three over north India do not have ev-
decades trying to end on the “He is a Kashmiri who lives in idences to trace their roots in
same page of the question –– Kashmir” the valley. While the Banmasi
‘Who is Kashmiri?’ Brahmans do bear common
This argument seems appropri- Kashmiri surnames as Raina,
“He is a Kashmiri who falls under ate while remaining vague at Bhat, Sharma, Tickoo, and Dhar,
the article 370 of Indian constitu- the same time. Kashmiris have they have blended in the other
tion” had maintained a history of mi- cultures well, almost making it
grating time and again from the their own in the process. Many
The area which falls under arti- valley. As a result, recent history of the Banmasi Kashmiris have
cle 377 comprises of three divi- has witnessed the classification forgotten Koshur and speak
sions –– Jammu, Kashmir and of Kashmiris under two broad Hindi, Punjabi, Dogri and Pahari
Ladakh, comprising of ethnic categories. The rise of insur- with great fluency. The Banmasi
Dogras, Kashmiris, Ladakhis, Pa- gency in Kashmir in the late can be called ‘The Greater
haris, Gujjars and Bakarwals. 1980’s led a large number of Kashmiri’ who has been margin-
Kashmiris largely remain in the six Kashmiris to migrate from the alised in the whole Kashmir dis-
districts of the Kashmir division valley and settle in other parts of pute, and remains the only one
and the district headquarter of India. The migrants who were from getting a piece of the pie.
Jammu. However, the inclusion largely Hindus came to be
termed as ‘Kashmiri Pandits’,

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The Show-Time Edition 1, Issue 44 3rd July, 2017 3






Gigi Hadid totally proved her rela- singer recently revealed that he sees his
tionship with Zayn Malik is better relationship with Gigi as super normal
than ever! The stunning model even though they’re both superstars.
shared the most adorable photo of them
together and her caption will melt your They have got to be the coolest couple
heart! ever! Gigi and Zayn totally turned heads
when they stepped out on the New York
Gigi Hadid shut down all those rumors City streets hand-in-hand in May. Obvi-
that her relationship with Zayn Malik was ously Gigi brought her fashion A-game in
on the rocks! The 22 year-old posted the an olive jacket that perfectly matched her
sweetest Instagram of herself casually high-waisted pants.She rocked a black
cuddling with her boyfriend and captioned turtleneck crop top and kept her hair
it, “missing mine .” Gigi had her eyes slicked back. Zayn went for a relaxed vibe
closed as she rested her forehead on the in a pair of jeans, Champion sweatshirt,
side of Zayn’s face while they sat on a and black leather jacket layered on top.
windowsill together. The “Pillowtalk”

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GST is one whole tax that takes into consideration all GST R
of the other taxes like VAT, service tax, What
entertainment tax, octroi and all the others while and W
bringing in just one tax that is, GST. But, every time a budget
session comes in or a tax is introduced, increased or de- Eating Out at Restaurants would n
creased, all a common man with no tax knowledge wants to so expensive!
know that what all goods would be cheaper and what all
would be costlier for them to buy on. It is being said that the services w
comes into effect. And these serv
With all the talk around the India's biggest tax reform that is too! So, earlier, suppose, if you pa
on effect from today itself, we have taken down a list that lets with 18.5% Service Tax and VAT, n
the common man know in short that what all are goods are approximately Rs. 1200 for that sa
going to be cheaper and what is going to burn a hole in their approximately Rs.15 hike is not th
pocket (believe me, you would not be happy to know this info, it's in the expensive list.
Desktops, Laptops and Smartpho
Dairy Products to be cheaper except one big excep- shell!
tion, our favorite PANEER!
Umm, not the one to point out a g
Well, well! Dairy products at large would be cheaper issues but what's this thing with ex
now as the economists quote. With the addition of and smartphones? Weren't we go
milk powder, curd, butter milk and cheese. But, every- PM Modi? What's the long-term b
one's favorite paneer is excluded from the list and put man in this extortionation? So, ple
in the goods that would get costlier. Really! Please Mis- ing the prices of at least these ma
ter Modi, Paneer is already a luxury commodity for us, in a better technological position
we do not want it to be ultra luxury commodity that
cannot be bought at all in the near future Phone Bills to be costlier

Again, a question at the intention
tive. Again we say, how come we
when the telecommunications be

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Fisso's World

Rate List:
What gets CHEAPER

now be expensive but not higher fare? Internet packs and call rates would get higher
with the incoming of GST, according to the Cellular Opera-
would be pricey, if the GST tors in India. *Facepalm*
vices include, Restaurants
aid Rs. 1185 at a restaurant Aerated Drinks, Chocolates, Ice Creams to be rich kid's
now you would be paying choice!
ame bill including GST! So,
at mindful but just for the No! Ice Creams and chocolates to have increased rates
after the introduction of GST! Also, aerated drinks like Coca-
ones might cost a Bomb- Cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew and the likes would be high-
priced and I'm screwed! Like, seriously why these? Coffee,
government with political Cornflakes, Chewing gum, Shampoos and Perfumes to also
xpensive laptops, desktops fall under the big-budget category. Please, don't heavily tax
oing the Digital India way, at least these commodities to make them ultimate luxuries
benefit for the common of our lives!
ease explain how increas-
ajor devices would land us Tobacco and alcoholic products to hit the roof
With the upcoming of GST, cigarettes, tobacco and alco-
ns of the Digital India initia- holic drinks would be costlier. For the common man (who
e be ahead in technology love booze and beer), this step after the Liquor Ban on High-
e also charged with a ways, would be a big blow. Making it clear, the Govern-
ment is not at all in favor of the alcohol consumption at all.
After Dry States, the next step might be Dry India, LOL!



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The Show-Time Edition 1, Issue 44 3rd July, 2017 6


MOTOROLA seems to back up in the mobile MOTO MODS
phone market with the new Moto z2 play
that was recently launched in USA for $408 JBL SoundBoost |
(approx. Rs.26,361) that is, 32 GB. Launched in Lunar SPEAKER
Grey and Fine Gold color variants, the design is not
so appealing but the features well they stand out. 2 speakers @ 27 mm
diameter, stereo sound,
Moto Z2 Play runs on Android 7.1.1 Nougat and has 3W per speaker, 6W
total, 10 hours battery
a 5.5-inch full-HD (1080x1920 pixels) Super AMOLED backup, no pairing
display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection and
PRICE: $79.99 (approx.
a pixel density of 401ppi. The smartphone is pow- Rs. 5100)

ered by a 2.2GHz Snapdragon 626 octa-core Hasselblad True Zoom

processor paired with two bundle options – 3GB 12MP, 1080p Full HD at
30fps video resolution,
RAM/ 32GB storage and 4GB RAM/ 64GB storage. aperture f3.5-6.5, zoom
10x optical/4x digital,
There’s also a microSD card slot for further expan- focal length 4.5-45 mm,
Xenon flash, automatic
sion of storage (up to 2TB). It sports a 3.5mm jack backup

and comes with USB Type-C. Moto Z2 Play sports a PRICE: $299.99
(approx. Rs. 19,000)
12-megapixel rear camera with a 1.4-micron pixel
Moto Insta-Share
sensor, an aperture of f/1.7, a colour correlated Projector

temperature (CCT) dual-LED flash, as well as laser 854x480 WVGA (480p),
DLP Projector Quality,
and dual autofocus lens (laser autofocus with ex- brightness 50 lumens
nominal, contrast ratio
panded range up to 5 metres and 400:1, aspect ratio
16:9, 70" big screen,
3 million dual aut- ofocus pixels), throw ratio 1.2

At the front, there PRICE: $299.99
(approx. Rs. 19,000)
is a 5-megapixel

selfie camera

with an f/2.2



lens, and a


CCT flash.

is the But, what
Mods stands out
haved Moto
tro- that
that been in-
wish this duced
launches with it
make us
phone soon
in India.

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The Show-Time Edition 1, Issue 44 3rd July, 2017 7


is the new


in District 3080 of




What if all of the 3400 Rotary members of
District 3080 fosters one orphan, see how
much difference they can make? This is the
thought that was provoked by the newly installed
Governor of the area, T.K Ruby. A bussiness tycoon by
profession, this man shared his heart's content on what
all can be done by him in his new role in a media
interaction at Holiday Inn, Panchkula.

On the way to make some difference, Ruby, addressed
the media persons saying, "I need your suggestions and
advice on how can I further improve the area other than
working on the Internal theme. I am
determined to create a difference and strengthen the
clubs furthermore."

Sharing one of his idea that he intends to do, the
pharmaceutical company head said, "A lot of old age
homes have members whose children leave them due
to difficult circumstances. I want the rotarians to work
out on how to find the children of these old people as it
would be the greatest gift for them. I want families to
acknowledge the importance of their parents and not to
leave them alone at the times of need. So, I would want
to unite these families and see the smiles on those
wrinkled faces who have been waiting to see their kids
faces' since long."

Wishing him best wishes for the future endeavours!

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The Show-Time Edition 1, Issue 44 3rd July, 2017 8

Created under The Show-Time© , running on all Internet platforms. All rights are reserved under the journalists running the e-newspaper.

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