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CYMAP Times Issue 3 Summer
Quarterly Program News!

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Published by J.K. Lee City Youth Martial Arts Program, 2017-06-01 15:23:34

CYMAP Times Issue 3 Summer

CYMAP Times Issue 3 Summer
Quarterly Program News!

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J.K. Lee City Youth Martial Arts Program

Inside this issue: CYMAP TIMES

Giving & 2

A brief biography 3 Volume 1 Issue 3 Summer 2017
of Dosan
Staying Strong this Summer!

Grand Master’s 3 Mrs. Maryfrances Palmisano, Our first sparring group at tournament with students from
Corner Executive Director Windlake, Forest Home and Benjamin Franklin .

Save the Date 4 Following a super showing at the
2017 Gala! Great Midwest Championship
Tournament, we finished the
school year on a high note with
belt promotion tests at all our
program locations. We are
looking forward to some special
summer sessions but most of our
students will not return to class
until the fall. Our end of year
discussions were about how we
can stay strong over the summer.

Board of Directors 1. Keep practicing! You can help keep our
Jeff Gendelman 2. Work on the home rules. For programs strong all year!
Co-founder and President example: respecting our parents
Chan Lee and family members and helping Volunteer!
Co-founder and Vice President with chores Give!
Paul Callahan, Treasurer 3. Stretch and do extra Share!
Lori Gendelman, Secretary exercises. (Get outside!)
Spencer Coggs 4. Keep our brains sharp. (Yes, We are always reminding
David Glazer practice our forms, but also ourselves what it means to be
Eric Hobbs reading and math facts!) a martial artist both on and off
Christine Lee 5. Set a summer goal for fitness, the mat. What are we doing to
reading and trying something be a leader and good example
Maryfrances Palmisano new! (Make sure it’s realistic and to others? It starts with us, is
Executive Director achievable. Map out an action brought into our homes and
plan.) moves out into our schools
and communities.

Meet Mr. Gendelman, Co-Founder and Board President

Every quarter we introducing you to Los Angeles, Montreal, and Japan and
another of our dedicated volunteers. Their holds advanced ranks in four different
commitment makes our program possible! styles. Since 2003, he has devoted himself
to Grand Master J.K. Lee’s incomparable
For his 60th birthday celebration this Tae Kwon Do curriculum. Mr. Gendelman's
May, Mr. Gendelman, consistent in his life experience, teaching credentials and
role as a model of our Tae Kwon Do years of instructing children and adults
tenets, held an early morning workout make him uniquely qualified to bring out the
challenge which also helped raise best in people. He is a graduate of both the
donations and awareness for CYMAP! University of Minnesota and Outward
Bound Survival School. He is also a
A Kukkiwon certified Tae Kwon Do certified instructor in the award-winning
Master Instructor, he began studying Safety Kids program, a certified Verbal
martial arts over 45 years ago. He has Defense instructor, an approved instructor
trained in New York City, Minneapolis,
Milwaukee, Chicago, San Francisco, Continued on page 2


Giving & Teaching!

By Instructor Matthew Robinson

In 2012 when I began virtually zero Star Wars Day!TENET L#e5ad:ing stretches
training in Tae Kwon Do, experience working
my actions and motives with children, I was I shall build a more
were entirely self-focused: particularly peaceful world!
improving my physical uncertain how it
fitness, learning to defend would work out. Explore how you can learn and
myself, building up my grow as a volunteer!
self-confidence, etc. At In the three years Contact us at:
the time, it never occurred since, I can
to me that I might one day honestly say that
become a martial arts being a part of
instructor at the academy, CYMAP is one of the most
let alone for children in rewarding aspects of my
the wider Milwaukee martial arts journey.
community. As time wore Sometimes that reward
on, however, it became comes in the form of that
increasingly clear, as we "Eureka!" moment when a
pledge in our Tae Kwon student learns their form or
Do oath, that the greatest a particular kicking
application of martial arts combination, or succeeds
was helping to make the at a challenging board
world a better place break, and their face
through service to the virtually lights up with pride.
community. Even so, I still But even more gratifying is
remember how nervous I to learn of improvements in
was in 2014 when I was that student's behavior,
asked to assist with a City school performance, or
Youth Martial Arts self-confidence. Those are
Program (at the time, "Be the moments that truly
Your Best") class in exemplify the spirit of giving
downtown Milwaukee. back to the community and
Though I had experience truly helping to build a more
as an instructor at UWM, peaceful world.
this clearly was a different
type of teaching. Coupled When he’s not volunteering his considerable time and talent as a CYMAP instructor, Mr.
with the fact that I had Robinson, a first degree black belt, trains extensively, helps on our annual event
committee, and is also a spatial epidemiologist specializing in vector-borne diseases.

A Board Highlight continued from page 1 drama, The Surface, filmed I learned at tournament
entirely in the Milwaukee that you should never
through the Archdiocese of area, starring Sean Astin underestimate your
Milwaukee, and has received and Chris Mulkey. The film opponent when sparring!
self-defense instructor took Mr. Gendelman 18
certification from Master years of perseverance and
Police Instructor Dave indomitable spirit to bring to
Young. He is a regular lecturer the screen. As a result of
at the University of Wisconsin, this extraordinary
Milwaukee for the credited accomplishment, Master
Tae Kwon Do program. Chan Lee brought him to
the attention of the TED
When Mr. Gendelman and his Talk committee. Mr.
partner, Master Chan Lee, Gendelman's TEDx talk
took note of increasing titled, The Martial Art of
challenges at schools in Making a Motion
Milwaukee, they created Picture - an 18 Year Test
CYMAP. Recently, of Perseverance and
Mr. Gendelman wrote and Indomitable Spirit, was
produced the inspiring given at Marquette

Volume 1 Issue 3 Page 3

This brief biography of Dosan is presented in recognition of our new high purple belts.
Dosan is the namesake of the high purple form (defensive pattern).

Dosan: Character, Leadership and Sacrifice

"That we lack great men is adult, he joined the left them a controlling
ascribable to our lack of
persons who are determined Independence interest in Korea which
to become great men and
make an effort to that Association. He started and they began to exploit. He
end. Why are the people
who lament for the lack of taught at the School of organized an under-
great men not making an
effort to become great Gradual Progress, which ground independence
themselves?" (1)
--Ahn Chang Ho was one of the first movement that

Ahn Chang Ho was an co-educational schools in championed government which declared
educator, patriot, political the nation.(2) In 1902, Ahn nationalism in education it’s independence from
philosopher and leader during Chang Ho and his wife were and business. Dosan Japan in March,1919.
a period of devastating among the earliest Korean founded the Tae-Song
national oppression. He couples to emigrate to the School, believing that When he returned to Korea
devoted his entire life to United States. His pen change for the country had in 1932, he was arrested by
improving education for name "Dosan" meaning to begin with the the Japanese and served
Koreans and to the struggle for "island mountain" came improvement of almost four years in
independence from Japanese from his first view of the individuals. prison. Dosan was released
colonialism. He contributed Hawaiian mountains.(3) The but soon arrested again.
tirelessly to the betterment of couple settled in San In 1910, he returned to Unfortunately due to failing
his people through example, Francisco, California. exile, traveling to China, health, Dosan would not live
without regard to considerable Europe and back to the to see the end of Japanese
self sacrifice. His message While in America, Dosan United States garnering authority in his nation. He
that change must begin first continued to advocate for support for Korean died in Korea in March,
with the individual and then better education. Dosan Independence. In Los 1938. He was survived, in
spread outward to encompass founded the San Francisco Angeles, he created the the United States, by his
the nation, still resounds Social Club to promote Young Korean Academy to wife and five children.
today. In all areas of life, he harmonious relations generate future leaders. He
modeled the highest aspects between Korean merchants helped to establish the (1)Ahn Pyong Uk, "Dosan the Man and his
of character which resulted in in the city. Maintaining an Korean provisional Thought"
his legacy as a hero and a active role in the fight for (2)"Ahn Chang Ho"
truly great man.

The son of a farmer, Ahn independence, he was a (3)Arthur
Chang Ho was born in 1878, founding member of the Leslie Gard-
He studied Confucianism and ner, "The
attended an American run
missionary school. As a young Korean National Korean Nation-
Association, which helped alist Movement
to inspire Korean and An Ch’ang
immigrants to fight against -Ho, Advocate
Japanese injustices. of Gradualism"
Ph.D. Disserta-
tion, University
of Hawaii,

Dosan returned to Korea in

1906, at the end of the


War. Japan’s victory had
Getting ready for the high purple belt test at Windlake Academy.

Grand Master’s Corner: Life Lessons from a 9th Degree Black Belt

“You must have a “Start thinking now,

positive mindset!” think about what you

Visit our website at We were fortunate to want to be, and you Grand Master J.K. Lee talking to the have Grand Master J. K. can get there.” He students at Windlake Academy
for information on summer Lee attend the testing at advised us to think following testing.
book readers challenge! Windlake Academy. He creatively to find
took a moment to talk with solutions to our
the students and families problems. Don’t
about the importance of default into it can’t be
setting goals. Grand done. He stressed the
Master reminded us that importance of our
we need to have a goal. tenets: Perseverance
It gives us direction on and Indomitable
where we want to go. Spirit. Never give up!

Your We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit
support makes organization that brings
character enrichment and life
our program skills training through the study
possible! and practice of martial arts to
youth in underserved
Volunteer neighborhoods.

All questions are Friday, August 25, 2017
welcomed! Call us to
find a summer 6:00 pm—10:00 pm
program near you! South Second
We are currently
scheduling for Walker’s Point, Milwaukee
Fall 2017.

(414) 687-1060

J.K. Lee City Youth Martial Arts
6838 N. Santa Monica Blvd.
Milwaukee WI 53217

Strengthening CYMAP students coming together to perform at the
character demonstration during the Great Midwest
and Championship Tournament!

community! Ticket and sponsorship
information available at

Thank you to our event sponsors from 2016!
Canfora Bakery

David Glazer Real Estate LLC
Employee Benefit Consulting Group LLC

Flower Source
Gehl Foods

Kim and LaVoy, S.C.
J.K. Lee Black Belt Academy
Metro Market (Noelle Mendez)
Mukwonago Family Dentistry
Superior Masonry Builder Inc.

Viking Communications

WaterStone Bank

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