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J.K. Lee City Youth Martial Arts Program Annual Report 2016

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Published by J.K. Lee City Youth Martial Arts Program, 2016-12-22 13:55:22

Annual Report 2016

J.K. Lee City Youth Martial Arts Program Annual Report 2016

J.K. Lee

Annual Report 2016

Board of Directors

Jeff Gendelman, President & Co-founder

Chan Lee, Vice President & Co-founder From a program evaluation:
Paul Callahan, Treasurer

Lori Gendelman, Secretary This particular group of students was

Eric Hobbs having a difficult time with showing

Spencer Coggs compassion for one another. There was a

Christine Lee lot of disrespect between peers and of

Maryfrances Palmisano, Executive Director adults throughout the building. We also
had a group of boys demonstrating

aggressive behaviors toward each other.

They were very reactive and

demonstrated very little self-control or

anger management strategies...The

bullies were charged with the challenge

of demonstrating empathy for others. The

other students were empowered with

confidence when they were allowed to

break a board. The highlight was the

students learning and demonstrating

respect for themselves, their peers, and

adults. This was particularly helpful when

Donate the students returned to the building and
continued to display the behavior. One

Volunteer student used, “Yes ma’am” and “No,
ma’am” for the remainder of the year.

Share Overall, the teachers/staff at
Emerson who work with the students on

a regular basis, agree it was beneficial

and helpful with the attitudes and

For more information: behaviors of the students. It is an
(414) 687-1060 extremely worthwhile program that I hope
to see expanded to other students
[email protected]
throughout our

6838 N. Santa Monica Blvd. school. -Mrs. Merriweather, Ralph Waldo Emerson School

Milwaukee, WI 53217 Special thanks to our corporate sponsors and partners!

Your support is making a difference in our community!

Employee Benefit Consulting Group LLC Superior Masonry Builder Inc.

Viking Communications David Glazer Real Estate LLC

Kim and LaVoy, S.C. Rex C. Lehner, CPA WaterStone Bank

WASCO Kohl’s Cares Mukwonago Family Dentistry

Gehl Foods J.K. Lee Black Belt Academy

Isabel & Alfred Bader Fund, a Bader Philanthropy

Thank you to all our December 2016 Mr. Mann
Mr. & Mrs. McDevitt
donors, event attendees Dear Friends of the J.K. Lee City Youth Martial Arts Program (CYMAP), Mr. Merna
Ms. Susan Miller
and volunteers! CYMAP is making a positive difference in the lives of children in underserved Mr. and Mrs. Milsch
areas of Milwaukee! Mr. and Mrs. Moberg
Mr. & Mrs. Alberti Mr. Munoz
Mr. & Mrs. Aliota Our active and talented board of directors, along with CYMAP’s passionate Mr. & Mrs. Murdock
Mr. Allen Executive Director, Mrs. Maryfrances Palmisano, have accomplished many great Naiva Family
Ms. Kathryn Mann Arnott things in 2016. This includes continuing to bring CYMAP to not only our regular Mr. Chris Natzke
Bader Family MPS schools, CLCs, and Boys & Girls Clubs, but also to new schools as well. Mr. & Mrs. Ness
Mr. Baker Our efforts to focus on and emphasize all-year programming are helping to make Mr. Nowicki
Ms. Barbee a lasting change in our CYMAP students. Mrs. Ordinans
Ms. Bartels Ms. Dana Ostrenga
Mr. Bluer We must continue to engage the teachers and parents of our students in the Ms. Palmer
Ms. Breen ways of CYMAP. Doing so will empower them to hold our students accountable Mr. & Mrs. Palmisano
Ms. Malicki-Berth and continue to reinforce the positive life skills we are teaching. More importantly, Ms. Paradowski
Ms. Boehle the children’s parents and teachers will see an improvement in their confidence, Mr. & Mrs. Patty
Mr. Boyd discipline and respect. Philleo Family
Mrs. Bragg Mr. & Mrs. Tom Pipines
Dr. Browning Ms. Plessinger
Ms. Buck Mr.& Mrs. Plocinic
Mrs. Poersch-Holmes
We are fortunate to have talented instructors and assistants, many of whom Mr. Quincey
volunteer their time and talents. We continue to train more instructors to keep up
with the demand for CYMAP. We are exploring ways to partner with community Mr. & Mrs. Raikes
groups such as YMCA of Milwaukee who are encouraging us to use their Mrs. Rattner
facilities to develop future instructors. Mr. and Mrs. Reagles
Ms. Reinsfyder
We have several key corporate sponsors that are continuing to build Mr. & Mrs. Riordan
Ms. Rivera
relationships with CYMAP and will continue to seek out others that have the Mr. Robinson
Mrs. Mary Rogers
same commitment to a stronger and safer Milwaukee. We were fortunate this Dr. & Mrs. Roessler
Ms. Rosier
year to receive support from Kohl’s Cares and the Isabel & Alfred Bader Fund, a Mr. Rubenzer
Ms. Sanchez
Bader Philanthropy. Mrs. Kristin Grill continues to help CYMAP with submitting Mr. Sanchez
Mr. & Mrs. Sayrs
Mr. Andrew Callahan applications for grants. Ms. Schneider

Mr. Chris Callahan CYMAP’s second fundraiser in August was highly successful and had strong Ms. Kari Schultz
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Callahan support from a large number of individuals. We are very thankful for pledges that Mr. & Mrs. Seifert
Mr. Casper will help us continue and grow our long term programs. Mrs. Sics
Mr. & Mrs. Castroverde Ms. Siedlecki
Ms. Simmons
Dr. & Mr. Centena Please mark your calendars: our next celebration/fundraiser will be on Friday, Mr. Ray Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Smith
Mr. Chong & Ms. Bobbi Yi August 25, 2017. Help us spread the word by inviting your friends and colleagues Ms. Jane Sonnetti
Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Coggs to learn about CYMAP. Ms. Spitz
Dr. Nancy Debbink Mr. & Mrs. Starke
Mr. & Mrs. Staszak
Mr. & Dr. Diorio With heartfelt thanks to all of you who have given your time and support and Mrs. Stimson
Swoboda Family
Mr. & Miss Dodge recognizing the power of CYMAP! Ms. Kalai TaiHook
Mr. Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Dragotta Respectfully, Ms. Tranchita
Eckmann Family Ms. Trice
Mr. & Mrs. Truitt
Mr. & Mrs. Eggener Mr. Jeff Gendelman Mr. Tyler
Mr. Eichelberger CYMAP Board President/Co-founder Dr. Carol Tsao
Mr. & Mrs. Engelking Mr. & Mrs. Vento
Mr. & Mrs. Weber
Ms. Finn Mrs. Werner
Mr. Ken White
Mr. & Mrs. Flood Mr. & Mrs. Widen
Ms. Williams
Ms. Frank Yasuden Family
Ms. Yoon
Mr. & Mrs. Freeze Mr. & Mrs. Young
Mrs. Zobecheva
Mrs. Fromstein January 2016 - November 2016
Mr. Gariepy

Mr. & Mrs. Gatzke

Mrs. Danni Gendelman $ $
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Gendelman $

Ms. Lori Gendelman $ Annual Revenue
Mr. & Mrs. Stefan Gendelman

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbertson

Mr. and Mrs. Gill Grants

Mr. & Mrs. Glazer Donations
Mr. & Mrs. Gloe

Graskamp Family Special Events (including corporate sponsors)
Mr. & Mrs. Grill

Mr. Hall Program Fees
Ms. Harris

Mr. & Mrs. Hein In Kind Donations (office space, utilities)
Mr. Hering

Mr. & Mrs. Hobbs

Mr. & Mrs. Holbus

Mr. & Mrs. Holmes

Mrs. Holzberger

Mr. & Mrs. Hornak

Miss Hucko

Mr. Humphrey $
Ms. Inkman

Mr. Insung & Ms. Bong Ja Lee

Mr. Ippolite

Mr. Paul Jacobson

Mr. & Mrs. Justin

Ms. Mahendra Karnick $ Annual Expenses
Kastenholz Family
Ms. Karen Kenyon

Mr. & Mrs. Kemp Program Instruction*
Mr. & Mrs. Julius Kim

Mr. K. Kim $ Program Coordination
Mr. & Mrs. Kludt Materials$
Mr. Kohut
Lamp Family (Uniforms and supplies)

Mrs. Bonnie Lee Legal/Insurance
Mr. & Mrs. Chan Lee

Ms. Christine Lee Fundraising (including special events)
Mr. & Mrs. J. K. Lee

Mr. Duke Lee

Mr. & Mrs. Jin Lee $$ *Program instruction costs are
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Lee
Mr. Rex Lehner low due to volunteer time of
Mrs. Lofy instructors and assistants.
Mr. and Mrs. Lovern

Ms. Lundberg

Mr. & Mrs. Madavi
Mr. & Dr. Maier

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