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Published by Jean-Paul Brown, 2019-07-03 12:56:20

inSPIREd Art & Literary Magazine 18-19

inSPIREd Art & Literary Magazine 18-19


The Spire School Art and Literary Magazine


Logan Clark

Special thanks to the Spire students, artists and writers
who have generously shared their work with us.

Anonymous Sam Kahn
Strat Becker Alex Klancko
Tatum Belloli David Keenan
Peter Casey Jordan Malkiel
Lucy Cass Caroline McClellan
Logan Clark Claire Murphy-Petri
Alexis Donefer Jayda Mysogland
Nicole Gasparrini Charlotte Pennington
Savannah Hall Rita Raleigh
Ethan Handler Isabella Ribeiro
Catherine Harper Grace Shattuck
Laila Hossain Katherine Sullivan
Suzie Hessert Alex Walker
Sinclaire Higgins Esther Zhao

Special thanks to Barbara Stolarik, Katie Brunetto, and Mike Rousseau
for teaching Creative Writing, and inspiring our students to write.
Cover artwork Laila Hossain

Welcome to the 2018-19 edition of InSPIREd -- a collection of our Spire
students' incredible talents and artistic interests! These masterful pieces of art are
the result of our students' impressive array of talents, technique, and artistic
passion. We are so proud of the patience and perseverance that our students
dedicate to the creation of these artistic pieces and are fortunate that we have this
magazine to showcase such fortitude and imagination. Much heart-felt gratitude
for the artistic guidance and passion of Spire's art teacher extraordinaire, Ms.
Nan Lenore, who is so genuine in her support of students' self-expression and
a true believer in the healing power of the arts.
Tammy Moscrip, PhD, LCSW
Executive Director/Chief Administrator
The Spire School

Tatum Belloli

Watercolors Laila Hossain

Pen & Ink Logan Clark

David Keenan

Jayda Mysogland
Catherine Harper

David Keenan

Anonymous Lucy Cass

Ethan Handler

Assumptions often There are many
stem from trying who preach
to explain what the practice of
shouldn’t be. preaching.
Real serenity flowers
All pain is only from seeds
temporary. of despair.
Its watch is worn
If you find
by us. yourself in a hole,
No better blessing the first thing to
is there do is to stop
than a curse digging.
mastered. Demons live only
Sometimes letting within. They do not
go can make lurk inside a house, nor
you stronger than prowl a street, nor soar
holding on ever a sky. They have a
could. home only when
established and
secured by their prey.

Conscience Anonymous

A bucket of water The soul usually
may kill a mild, meek knows what to do
flame. The pail is no to heal itself. The
match to a fire; challenge is to
fire stirs and shrieks silence the mind.
in the soul.

Nothing is fair. Knowing where
However, everything to manifest your
is justified. energy is33the
ultimate virtue.

Be not tempted by Age is no meter
impulse, doubt, for wisdom or
nor the mislead of knowledge; experience
comfort; overpower doesn’t spark
each with wisdom maturity. What is
and a guided faith. given is meaningless.
What is acquired
marks the difference.

Fashion Drawings Rita Raleigh

A bee twirls around When stars start falling
a dance performed by others, don’t ever look up, you are

not much anymore. only remaining.

Let the tide roll in, Sunflower grow near
don’t disrupt the connection for I am the sun shining

the moon has on us. In infinite skies.

Don’t let all those fumes Quiet Mind
In the air, block your soul from
Tranquil silence
shooting for the stars. Sweeps off the crowd

Into my brain.
Now it’s ingrained

into the quiet

Of my mind.

Poetry & Painting Jordan Malkiel

The Withering Petals of Beauty A Red Rose

Not many people have truly enjoyed my  red rose is what you are;
presence. Stunning with eloquence.
I am rare. Your words have got me on edge;
Not a diamond, you see. oh, sinisterly sweet,
For I am priceless. that’s your key.

I have humor like no other. The shadows between the petals,
I am sharp and keen. shows the shades
Fierce with style, you see. in which you vary
For I am confident. Yes, you’re. a bit dangerous;
a thriller I seek.
Not cocky, nor arrogant.
But confident. Your humour is peculiar;
My only perfume is perseverance. witty with finesse,
What a scent; just like me.
alarming yet subtle,
a flare of delicate color. When I see you,
I think I lost my breath.
Unfortunately, Oh, you and I both know
I am not always prepossessing. you love your charm,
Even when I, an orchid and I can’t resist diving in
is in full bloom of my beauty. too deep.

You see, The questions you ask are
this world does not delight in perfectly seasoned.
difference. Just enough to make my heart flutter
Perhaps, because you ask the annoying things
jealousy is the cause. just because you care.
Or simply,
change; for no one likes change. Ah, but these are the little quirks about you
that I love.
So my petals wither
without reason. Eight letters from you;
Slowly, that’s all it takes
the gracious, elegant being fades. for me to go from a block of ice,
to the puddle on the ground.
I am still grateful.

For my beauty still glows;
only if you are ready.

Poetry Anonymous

Love Poem Sequel

You are quite cunning;
for your silver tongue words
are always bullseye.
Who can resist?
It strikes such a tender place
in the heart
that makes the jaw drop in awe.

Your eyes are quite an endearing feature;
an arrow through the harp,
A delightfully intense melody.

Some things are simply
dangerously sweet.
Dark with beauty,
you are one to seek.

Prince of Darkness

A mysterious cloak
is what I bring
when you linger in my shadows.

You seem to have me
figured out:
a sweet, fierce punch.

But when you turn the corner,
you are knocked out
by your foul mistake.

You judged me too soon.

Paintings Lucy Cass

Caroline McClellan

Sinclaire Higgins

Catherine Harper

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Catherine Harper

Paintings Strat Becker

Portraits Tatum Belloli

Laila Hossain

Nicole Gasparrini
Claire Murphy-Petri

Katherine Sullivan
Nicole Gasparrini

Forlorn Figures Anonymous

You’re imperfect. But then again,
Most definitely flawed. people don’t know how I feel.
How you feel.
We all know you’re
one of those people When people see the unknown such as
who loves to play hard menacing feelings,
but doesn’t like getting hurt they’d do almost anything to kill it.
or receiving the consequences Sometimes,
of being in the game. not thinking twice
how socially, emotionally
But something about you; harming it can be to whom it dwells in.
the story no one sees
behind the face, For melodies of melancholy
is something I can relate. often surround me;
my pensive mood
But let me be clear, is frequently evident.
I am not you.
But please don’t kill it all.
The lovely,
boisterous So then again,
you. forlorn figures
is all I see.
But the emotion,
the heartbreak of What I admire about you;
being human you don’t even see it.
is where You pay a deaf ear to
I can meet you in the middle fractured judgement.

When my ethic gets busted, Talk about Perfectly Imperfect.

pain wants revenge.

The soul wants to feel something;

a little adrenaline,

stunts that only we would be poised about.

Laila Hossain

The Struggle of the Tree Anonymous

Do you see this tree?
In awe of its beauty,
you may overlook
the curves and turns of its wonders.
How the branches struggle for its worth,
it squirms out of human grasp to fly to the sky.
The beauty of this wretched tree is
how it falls, and reaches down
to pick up mankind.
It elevates the wonders of human nature;
it shows us that there will always be a new day,
to turn a new leaf
and reach new heights.

Sitting near the Stone Wall Anonymous

The seasons are
something different.
They fly by my backyard
where bare branches nest.

Then I wake up
to a winter palace.
White fades,
then green blooms.

There’s a rock wall
near the house.
It surrounds me.
It’s a fortress,
the perfect spot,
an orchestra seat
at a lovely concert.

I can be me and nobody else.
I can see the cotton clouds
floating in my heart.
I see the grass dancing
with the wind,
The trees swaying
with the breeze.

I want to sing
as you swing
by my backyard.

How Beautiful Anonymous

Just think about it; how wonderful Nature is
The leaves dancing with the wind
Branches swaying with the breeze
How Beautiful

The leaves turning colors
Turning a new page in life
A year goes by
Fall comes
I can smell it, hear it, breathe it
How beautiful

From the red leaves
Come a winter palace
When I wake up

To see a snowy dream
So soft yet so cold
How beautiful

White fades into green
And Spring is in the air
Color blossoms
With the power of flowers
It reminds me of God, the mighty artist
Painting the wonders I see
How Beautiful

From green comes the season for children
So kids can run and play
Do something they don’t usually do
How fun to be out in the sun?
To cool down with the sea breeze
How beautiful

How beautiful is it,
The beauty of the outdoors
Each season has its wonders
The colors of each season remind me
How beautiful Nature is.

Portraits Grace Shattuck

For Ms. Sweeney Nicole Gasparrinni

Lucy Cass


For Mr. Rouseau Nicole Gasparrini

Nicole Gasparrini
Strat Becker

Sam Kahn

Isn’t she Beautiful?

You try to pinpoint the moment when it all began
That moment you fell in love

Her perfection is indescribable
Sweet words echo into your ears

Before you know it
She’s sucked you into her never ending portal of lust

You forget about the rest of the world
You can’t lie, for she will always know
She’s dangerous, but you can’t let her go

Anything for her love
She helps you feel alive
Though you’re dying inside and out
You have no care in the world as she swims through your veins
Through your tears she tells you not to fear
When she’s gone life is pointless
Sweaty palms and bloody cuticles
Don’t you worry, she will never leave

Just once more
Yet, her only goal was to see you six feet under
Back where you began, in a dark, lonely mess


Portraits Anonymous


Alexis Donefer

Alexis Donefer

Charlotte Pennington
Jordan Malkiel

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