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Published by juandefalla, 2016-08-17 05:30:17



demoncreatures as you never saw

now with the another strange red BDW-Belgian-parasites

Belgian EX-PM DI RUPO: “atrocities for the citizens” - Belgian PM MICHEL:
“unacceptable authoritarian disruption" - "no reservation and no proportionality”




no cutting throats,
but burying alive!

in a criminal, corrupt and dirty Belgian State of bandits,
and in Antwerp, a city of drugs, whores, Jews, homos,
tourists, shoppers, ... and the capital of criminal Europe.

by Juan de Falla


What kind of normal citizen wants to have anything to
do with the police and justice in the so-called
democracy, in which power is in the hands of a true
Western Jihad? I'll tell you clearly there is no one!
Without troubles and criminality there are no
politicians, no police, no lawyers, no judges, etc.

This story is only based on facts and, although
incrediblely shocking, cannot be denied by anyone, seen
the authorities themselves as the only main criminals.

Most shocking is the fact is that the start of this
inquisition came from the authorities who are well paid
to look for social help instead of terrorism.

The facts – now an almost 40 years lasting total war –
are happening in so-called safe EU-countries like
Belgium, France and Spain, with so-called democracy
and human rights, and in a so-called peace time.

But this peace time is hiding dirty wars by authorities
including police and justice, the administration
(nomenclature's) and the social organizations, meaning
pure criminal total state-terrorism, Taliban-like
aggressions and torture or social guerrilla.

Last but not least, there are the press and media, but
also the so-called oppositions, ready to keep these total
wars fully secret instead publication and protest, on
order for later corrupt profit, like a political job.

“Safe countries” means in fact that authorities THERE
have all power for terror and even to kill safely
politically incorrect citizens, i.e. true politically
persecuted refugees in the so-called “free world”.

These democreatures have installed the state of justice,
which is however a criminal organization protecting
injustice and crime for their own profit, including not
only judges, prosecutors and police but also lawyers.
You need, as Chris Van den Wyngaert says, super
lawyers to find impartial judges instead of blood judges
paid by the system.

Poor people normally get a beginning lawyer, free of
costs, who, of course, prefers the get rid of your case as
soon as possible.

But what when you are on a black list and so you don't
get such a free lawyer, although you're poor, and more
what when lawyers refuse although being paid for?

Then, like father Michel in Gaza and Françoise
Tulckens are telling us, you've the right to take justice in
your own hand without fearing anything that could
harm you. More, this is your duty !

In general the demoncreatures are in need for all what
can destroy or deteriorate the society including pure
criminality and injustice, because that's is business and
big or small profit, just like for “volunteers”.

“Volunteers” aren't paid by money but still feel “rich”
and/or behave like macho's. Many older ones, are happy
because they have nothing to do, so welcome strangers.
That's why they are all against law and order, meaning
against the laws of Nature. Police and justice are going
hand in hand with criminals: the industry of criminality.

And they aren't afraid to organize this mess themselves,
as it is demonstrated in this story in an extreme way,
when police, politicians(!), prosecutors and even judges
are trying to criminalize western dissidents to eliminate
them in soviet style by burying alive.

It must be putted clear that behind this corrupt
intellectual gang of politicians, you can find the super
mafia of the super people, giving their orders to destroy
society and you, after this mafia above law and order
has destroyed your job, murdered your family and
made life an hell.

And, as said already, you get no help from a proforma
opposition nor from the press/media who are forbidden
to make public this state terrorism, so that political
persecutions, political refugees and dirty wars don't
exist in these so-called safe countries, in democracy and
in peacetime, making them true accomplices in torture.

Artificial Belgium isn't alone, it's a disease in all the
members of the equally unnatural “Union” of Europe as
will be made clear in France and Spain by experience.

But let first start with a most shocking example, namely
the State of bandits of Belgium, where two peoples are
living side by side, without any interference, although
there is no frontier between them, proving so that, like
in the EU, no human law or no god's law but the law of
Nature, Blood and Soil and Apartheid, against mass
movements, or the Evolutionary Principle of Claude
Lévi-Strauss, is respected by the peoples from inside
outside, to prevent any harm to and even destruction of
other cultures, in view of the motor of evolution, namely
the diversity.

To be continued
(review in flemish)

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