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Published by Infinite Group, 2017-06-19 11:36:07

Reverse Interview

We all have lunch together.
Reverse Interview

What is a typical working day in your life?
We typically start at 9AM but some of us arrive earlier to

make some calls to Australia or prepare the coffee
machine for the rest of the team. Mornings are usually
fraught with meetings. We all have lunch together from
12:30 to 1:00PM. Afternoons go by very quickly as the
sales team is focused on closing deals, the warehouse is
buzzing around with testing machines and getting orders

out of the doors, while the logistics team supports them all
with grace and calm. After work, we enjoy our evenings at
home or in town. Working out, dinner or drinks in the city
are the most common choices. Some of us play soccer or
hang out together at times.

How would your colleagues describe you?

We are truly multicultural. We come from Portugal,
Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, the U.S.A., France,
Curaçao and the Netherlands of course. Together we speak
10 languages although you mainly hear English, Dutch and
French around the office. We are hard-working, proactive,

friendly and creative. We are also chocolate lovers,
especially around Christmas time.

We strive and encourage each
Reverse Interview
other to maintain a good

Do you work best within a team or independently? work-personal life balance.

We work as a team on more than one level. There is a very
friendly laid back, yet professional, atmosphere in the
office. We get along nicely, work well together with the
ultimate common goal of growing our company into a very

successful organization. We belong to the Infinite Group
which means we have sister companies around the world
with whom we also work as a team. Each department
works as a team, but we also set up agile teams across
departments to handle many projects. Team work is
essential, but we also place a strong emphasis on personal
accountability as no teams can work well without each

individual taking his/her role responsibly.

How do you deal with stress at work?

Like any organization that sets the bar high, we have some
stressful days. We strive and encourage each other to
maintain a good work/personal life balance. We are also

very good at offering help when we see one of us
struggling with a heavy workload.

What do you expect to gain from this opportunity?

We posted a job ad, we definitely need someone?s help.
Each new employee brings a fresh perspective on how we

can improve and operate differently.
David Ririhena

Account Manager

Reverse Interview We truly get along and enjoy

What are your greatest strength and weakness? working together.

We truly get along and enjoy working together. We deal
with our personality or work conflicts in a mature and
respectful way. That is probably one of the most important
factors to our success. Let?s be honest, like everyone else
we have weaknesses but we don?t want to share them with
you here. Why? Because we would rather meet with you

first and discuss them face-to-face.

How do you show your commitment to growth and

We went through the process of getting ISO 9001 certified
in 2013. We work hard at maintaining that level of
requirement, and we are always looking for ways to
improve our processes. We ask employees to contribute

with ideas on how to perform better and we encourage
them to share their knowledge and expertise with their

Why should I work for you?
If you like all of our answers, you would probably be very

happy and comfortable working for and with us. But here
are a few additional reasons why you should join our team.
We offer the opportunity for everyone to learn and grow.
We reward based on performance. We are successful and
we keep striving for further achievements.

Thanh Le Sales Rep &

Gérald Dulac Managing Director

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