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The Village Reporter - April 12th, 2017

The Village Reporter - April 12th, 2017





Holiday City Farmers' Relief Efforts For Kansas Wildfire Victims Grow

By: James Pruitt people for a year, Traxler said. That kind PHOTO BY JAMES PRUITT, STAFF
THE VILLAGE REPORTER of loss will impact dinner tables this sum-
mer, he said. PATRIOTISM ... Participating trucks in the convoy were adorned with American
Three weeks ago, a local farmer sent flags.
34 bales of hay to a ranch in Kansas to The response, while great, is only a
help folks who had lost nearly everything band-aid on the problem. The 34 bales and kids were donating their change to are still coming in.
from wildfires. He then called for help in Traxler sent with trucker Daisy Delaney the cause. There is enough supply for another
getting more trucks, hay, straw and other was only enough to feed 100 cows for a
necessities to keep their Midwestern col- week, he said. The outpouring of support shows no run, but Traxler wants to talk to the ...
leagues going. And what a response it sign of letting up as Traxler said goods CONTINUED ON PAGE 11
was. Still the response is more than Traxler
ever thought possible.
Truckers, farmers and everyday folk
from the Tri-State area responded to the “It exploded,” Traxler said.
Dave Traxler’s call and in the end shipped He got together with people such as
out 37 semi-trailers of hay, straw, feed Logan Reese, Steve Knecht, Ward Gam-
and fencing from Montpelier. boe, Adam and Alison Dauer and Joshua
Meyer, to put together this latest convoy.
To a driver, the reason for helping was “At first, we thought we were going to
because farmers in another state had lost have four trucks,” Traxler said, describ-
everything and wanted to help. ing how quickly the response grew. The
ring of giving expanded to some feed mills
The wildfires still aren’t getting much and, between some fund raising and do-
national attention from the media, but nations from the mills, 20,000 pounds of
the farming community and the truck- feed were sent west.
ing community have come together to re- “We had 23 semis lined up when we
spond to those in need. While most of the met (April 2),” Traxler said. “We ended up
donors will never meet the recipients, the with 37 and we still had people calling of-
givers believe the suffering are like fam- fering to help.”
ily. The night before the first convoy left,
Traxler and some other went south to get
The situation is dire, Traxler said. The some donated fencing, he said.
fires swept through 2 million acres, or Area groups have been helping, in-
twice the size of Williams, Fulton, Defi- cluding the 4-H and FFA. Traxler said.
ance and Henry counties. More than One FFA chapter had a small animal sale
17,000 head of cattle were lost to the
flames. That’s enough to feed 100,000

Downtown Wauseon Hosts Inaugural Chocolate Walk

By: Nate Calvin January 6th feel. Despite ers then made their way arrangements at AKA De- do a little painting of their other than the chocolate,
THE VILLAGE REPORTER the rain/snow mix and to the 18 locations listed signs, artwork at The Stu- own at the Brush Hour. was an ...
blustery cold winds the on the map. At each busi- dio and had a chance to The highlight for the kids, CONTINUED ON PAGE 3
The calendar may have enthusiasm was still high ness they received some
showed April 6th but the for the participants in the chocolate for their bags PHOTO BY NATE CALVIN, STAFF
weather had more of a first ever Chocolate Walk and the map/card was
in downtown Wauseon. hole punched. Participants BRAVING THE ELEMENTS ... Some of the walkers before braving the weather.
THIS WEEK IN The event was the idea with a completed card,
of Wauseon Mayor Kathy meaning they made it to all
TvHIELLAGE reporter Huner as a way to promote 18 locations, then turned
down businesses and or- their card back in at the
Delta Signs Old Rescue Truck ganizations. Jim Kerr and end of the evening at The
Over To Fire Company the Wauseon Downtown Studio to be entered into
•••• Association then took the the Grand Prize drawing at
idea and made it a reality 7pm. The prize was a one
Archbold Schools Receives with the help of local mer- night stay and breakfast in
National Music Award For chants. the historic Burr House in
The walk started at Wauseon.
Program Excellence The Studio on the corner
•••• of Elm St. and Fulton St., Not only were the par-
that’s where participants ticipants being treated to
Annual Easter picked up their map/card chocolate but they were
Coloring Contest and their treat bag that also able to discover some
was decorated locally by downtown businesses that
•••• Triangular Processing. they possibly were nev-
Archbold High School Stage From that point the walk- er introduced to before.
Walkers enjoyed the floral
Production Of Footloose
Draws Standing Ovation

Evergreen High School Stages

Joseph & The Amazing
Technicolor Dreamcoat




Montpelier Competes At Eisenhart Invitational By: Cory Johnson Attorneys James Harris and Jerome Phil- plaintiffs, is to demolish the property’s barn
lips cite that the estate is due liabilities from where investigators found a hidden room
PHOTOS BY TIM KAYS, STAFF THE VILLAGE REPORTER Worley for assault and battery, wrongful outfitted with a freezer, a “nanny cam”, sev-
SOARING ... Montpelier's Zac Mason flies high over the pole at Eisenhart death, and punitive damages. However, Wor- eral rolls of duct tape, rope, and blood stains
Invitational. James Worley, the ley claims to be indigent after what the plain- just days after Joughin’s remains were found
man accused and tiffs call a fraudulent transfer of his home. in a shallow grave a few miles away.
All 2017’s Northwest Ohio’s New Way to Drive! criminally charged
with a series of After being brought up on criminal charges “It’s like a neon sign every time they drive
$1,000.00 We Make It Simple In Montpelier crimes in relation in the Joughin case on July 22, 2016, court by,” said counselor Phillips of the Worley
Under *The Best Price *The Best Selection *The Best Service to the kidnapping records indicate that Worley transferred his property.
Invoice and death of Sierah property rights to himself as the sole trustee
1248 E. Main • Montpelier, OH 419-485-3181 Joughin was brought of a trust, a move the suit claims was made The property itself has a notorious history
WWW.DRIVEFORDLINCOLN.COM up on more charges to intentionally defraud the Joughin estate. all its own. Since 2004, police reports show
Tuesday, this time in that Worley called the Fulton County Sher-
civil court. Thus, with the suit filed in the Fulton iff’s Office about 15 times regarding poten-
County Common Pleas Court, the Joughin tial disturbances in and around his property
The civil suit, filed family hopes to have the transaction declared ranging from barking dogs, newspaper deliv-
by the family of Sierah Joughin on behalf of illegal, so they may gain the property as due eries missing the mailbox, and a suspicious
her estate, targets Worley’s 3.05 acre estate payment for the liabilities against Worley. ...
on County Road 6 in rural Fulton County.
The aim of the suit, according to the CONTINUED ON PAGE 3

WTREANDEEESD!GYeAotnuMyrwoThrreaedr$ee$E$TlhsFaeon!r $6,950 $8,000

920 N. Main Street • Bryan, OH 2004 BMW 3 Series 325Ci 2000 Ford Mustang GT Ford
419-636-1156 or 1-877-636-1156 BMW Coupe Rear-Wheel Drive I6 Convertible Rear-Wheel Drive
with Limi V8 16V MPFI SOHC
24V MPFI DOHC Red and Ready! Mustang GT Covertible
*One Owner* Local Trade, Non-Smoker. in Performance Red. Pony Wheels, Power
*Leather Seats*, Power Moonroof / Sun- Driver’s Seat and Rear Spoiler. Nice, Lo-
roof, Power Driver’s Seat. 325Ci, 2D cal Trade. 4.6L V8 SOHC 16V, 4-Speed
Coupe, 5-Speed Automatic with Steptronic, Automatic with Overdrive, RWD, Dark
RWD, Red, Automatic temperature control, Charcoal w/Cloth Sport Bucket Seats, 4-W
and Remote keyless entry.


Phil Hagelberger • Bob Stanton • Greyson Spangler • Chip Wood


Williams County Board Holds On New Williams County Commissioners Award
Sheriff Vehicles; Visits With Edon Students Bid For Stryker Community Center

PHOTO BY JAMES PRUITT, STAFF By: James Pruitt $14,475. The contract term is from
THE VILLAGE REPORTER June 16, 2017 through June 15, 2018
GOVERNMENT ... Williams County Commissioners Brian Davis and Lewis Hilkert,
share about what the board does with government students at Edon High School. The Williams County Board of Com- •The commissioners approved the
missioners have awarded the bid for the quotations submitted by engineer Todd
By: James Pruitt Communications Agency for the use of Stryker Community Center project to an Roth for a 2017 Ford F-350 4 x 4 Crew
THE VILLAGE REPORTER the Williams County Communications Edon firm. Cab Truck. The quotations are as fol-
Agency to provide 24/7 contact services lows: Bryan Ford-Lincoln, Inc. - $35,877
The Williams County Sheriff Office for the Williams County Health District. Two bids were received for the Proj- (which is under state pricing) and Kali-
will likely have to wait awhile before it ect Year CDBG CD allocation program: da Truck Equipment, Inc. - $13,000 for
can have two new vehicles. According to the MOU, the WCCA will Siebenaler Construction Co., Edon, added equipment. The total purchase is
contact designated WCHD personnel for Ohio; BID AMOUNT: $23,475 and not to exceed $48,877.
Lt. Greg Ruskey reported to the emergency The WCHD will provide con- Schimmoeller Construction, Kalida,
Board of Commissioners about the need tact information for the health commis- Ohio; BID AMOUNT: $27,890 •The commissioners approved an ap-
for two K-9 vehicles. The department’s sioner, director of Environmental Public plication for membership and contract
two existing units are both off the road. Health, and the director o nursing. The CDBG funds in the amount of $11,200 for service with North Western Electric
The department did not receive a federal WCCA will relay the contact information have been allocated to the project along Cooperative, Inc. with regard to the
grant because the application did quali- and message of the call to one of the with leveraged funds in the amount of Durham Estates Lift Station.
fy as a collaborative effort, Ruskey said. above stated personnel according to the $12,275. Any additional funds, includ-
“Only 40 of the 400 applications were agreement. The WCHD will notify the ing any changes orders that may occur, •The request was submitted by Engi-
approved,” Ruskey said. “I won’t try for WCCA when changes in contact infor- above the CDBG funds and leveraged neer Todd Roth. The request is for elec-
the grant again.” mation occur. funds will be the financial responsibility tric energy at a cost to be based on us-
of the Village of Stryker. After review- age to be paid from sanitary funds.
The two K-9 units are both 10 years The WCHD will provide the WCCA ing the two bids received, the Village of
old. One unit has 174,000 miles and the contact information on their phone sys- Stryker and Maumee Valley Planning •The commissioners approved a quo-
other has 158,000 miles, Ruskey said. tem, their website, and it will be provid- Organization are recommending that tation-conditions of sale with Contech
They are off the road and need to be re- ed to the Ohio Department of Health for the bid be awarded to Siebenaler Con- Engineered Solutions to purchase H/C
placed, he said. emergency calls. struction Co. Pipe at a cost not to exceed $6,950.

The county has purchased four SUVs The commissioners also approved In other news: •Williams County will be advertising
since 2016. All four are in use by depu- the following supplemental appropria- •The commissioners approved the for sealed bids for the 2017 chip seal
ties and officers, Ruskey said. He did tions: purchase of new alert systems for program.
not find it practical to retrofit two of the EMA/9-1-1.
units as suggested by the commission- •$10,783.95 - for Workers Comp •Don Bulla, Williams County EMA/9- •The bid will be opened at 10:30 a.m.
ers. To do so would cost between $3,000 chargebacks for the county’s Job and 1-1, submitted April 5 to the Williams May 4, One Courthouse Square, 4th
and $4,000 each, Ruskey said. Then the Family Services department. County Commissioners a quotation Floor, Bryan.
two deputies who would need new cars from Everbridge for the mass fotifica-
to remain on the road, he said. •Moving $3,000 from the county’s tion, IPAWS Notification, Additional Or- •Bid notice may be viewed on the
Engineer’s office to non-capital assets; ganization, ContactBridge and Smart Williams County Web Site at www.
The commissioners were reluctant to Weather Alerting at a cost not exceed under the heading
approve any future purchases before re- •Shifting $150 from filing fees to con- COMMISSIONERS, LEGAL NOTICES.
viewing the first quarter expenses. The tract services.
first two months appear to have been James can be reached at
tight. Several students from Edon High
School toured the Williams County
Converting an SUV that has already Courthouse April 3. The students were Stryker High School Announces
been paid for appealed to Commission- from Scott Staten’s government class. Honor For The Third Nine Weeks
er Brian Davis, despite Ruskey’s opin- The students asked a couple of ques-
ion that the difference would only be a tions about what the treasurer does and Stryker High School Kristian Grapengeter Anna Heeres*
few thousand dollars from buying new. if the commissioners knew of any up- announces honor roll for Samatha Haas Arik Huffman*
Davis was firm he would not support a coming projects. the third nine week for Noah Huffman
new vehicle purchase until he had more the 2016 - 2017 school Stephanie Lolmaugh Jaelina Mitchell
facts. Commissioner Brian Davis explained year. Those with and as- McKenna Louys Sean Shindledecker
the county has been hamstrung by the tericks received all A’s. Madison Myers* Courtney Stewart
Williams County’s Health District loss of interest income since he came on Amanda Oberlin* Emanuel Villanueva*
and Communications offices have en- the board in 2008. Over that time the GRADE 12 Kira Pettit
tered into a new arrangement following county has lost $600,000 in annual in- Israel Aguilar Gabriele Stuckey* GRADE 8
action by the Board of Commissioners. terest income. Commission President Colton Benson* Kimberly Stuckey Addison Campbell
The board met April 3, with Health Com- Lewis Hilkert told the students the Chyanne Cameron* Noah Welsh* Spencer Clingaman*
missioner Jim Watkins and EMA/911 board may only meet twice a week, but Gabriella Clark*
Director Dawn Baldwin to review a each member has six to eight boards to Hayden Clingaman* Sierrah Whitman* Ariane Dangler*
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) sit on that keeps them busy. Kaelyn Currier GRADE 10 Gabriella Dickinson*
between the Health District and the
James can be reached at Bristle Dix Caylin Benson* Kaleb Holsopple Cameron Frey* Logan Boetz* Kaitlyn LaBo
Allison Frisbie* Thomas Bost* Logan Liechty
Erica Garlock Erica Breier* Caitlyn Lyons*
Adeline Bunch Kinsey Myers*
Ashely Miller Ryan Ruffer*
Michelle Robinson+ Breanna Doriot* Morgan Rupp*
Emma Shindledecker* Daniel Fether*
Alexander Grice Devon Weirauch
Carly Smith Emma Grime Olivia Whitlock
Dustin Teschke Hannah Wood
Zachary Tucker Reece Hall* Payton Woolace
Tricia Wolfrum* Luke Holsopple* Trinitie Woolace*
Kaitlyn Wonders
Kaid Woolace* Cody Moser GRADE 7
Maygen Wray* Jeffrey Neville Brianna Breier
Mark Short* Karina Guthrie
GRADE 11 Abigail Meyer*
Jalyn Dickerson* GRADE 9 Marissa Myers*
Haley Doehrmann Makenzie Cadwell*
Bailey Short
Emilyanne Cox
Abigail Grice*



APRIL 14TH, 2017 - APRIL 21ST, 2017

FRIDAY, See pages 9, 26, & 27 for a listing •Metamora Village Council 8 PM THURSDAY
APRIL 14TH of Easter activities and church •Stryker School Board 7 PM APRIL 20TH
GOOD FRIDAY service times •Williams County
•Good Friday Cross Walk MONDAY, TUESDAY, Commissioners 9 AM
•WAilPliRamILs1C7oTuHnty •Fulton CouAnPtyRCILom1m8TisHsioners 9 AM •Fulton County Commissioners 9 AM
Montpelier Commissioners 9 AM •Williams County Fair Board 7 PM
•Bryan School Board 7 PM •North Central School Board
SATURDAY, •Archbold School Board 5 PM 6:30 PM FRIDAY,
APRIL 15TH •Hilltop School Board 6 PM •FultAonPRCIoLu2n1tySSTenior
No events submitted •Wauseon City Council 5 PM WEDNESDAY,
by time of print •Bryan City Council 7 PM •Delta SAchPoRoIlLB1o9aTrdH6:30 PM Center Prom
•Delta Village Council 7 PM •Swanton School Board 7 PM •Veterans Honor Bus departs
SUNDAY, •Edgerton Village Council 7 PM from Williams County Veterans
APRIL 16TH •Edon Village Council 7 PM
EASTER SUNDAY Building 6:30 AM

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nity calendar request to A 501(C)(3) non-profit organization may post their event for free, with encouragement to support your
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Authorized Nucor Builder Your hometown CHRISMER 
independent insurance FINANCIAL
Determined to become a SERVICES 25051 US Rt. 20A 
world class supplier with agency since 1958. Archbold, OH 43502 
Robert C. Chrismer
first-rate Associates Auto - Home - Business Toll Free: FUNERAL SERVICE
Commercial - Farm - RV 111 Chase St.,Stryker, OH (800) 392-9616
Kumi North 419-682-1231 FriendlyService Since1875   
America Group Flood - Health/Life Office: 2E9d8g-e2r3to2n9  (419) 445-6957 
West Unity, Ohio 419-485-4281
Mert Kinsman - Owner Edon 272-2421



Wednesday, April 12th, 2017 “The Village Reporter” / Weekly Northwest Ohio (Williams & Fulton County News) - 7

Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center Governing Board Archbold Council Oks JJ’s Safehouse

Hears Presentation on 21st Century Learning Communities Application For Domestic Violence Rehab Center

The following actions were taken by Ann Lamb as Assistant Financial Officer. PHOTO BY JAMES PRUITT, STAFF
the Northwest Ohio Educational Service INFORMATION/DISCUSSION ITEMS:
Center Governing Board at their organi- • Technology Coordinator Job De- SAFEHOUSE ... This house at 404 Union St. in Archbold will become a JJ Safe-
zational and regular meeting held March House rehabilitation center for women victims of domestic abuse and their chil-
28, 2017. scription dren. The site is not hidden and will rely on its protection by the local police, a
• District inquiry regarding para- security system and round-the-clock staffing. No men will be allowed, founder Jen-
The meeting was called to order at nifer Panczyszyn told the Archbold Village Council.
7:00 pm by Vice President Brian Baker. professional retirement/reemployment
All in attendance recited the Pledge of Al- REPORTS: By: James Pruitt ing the first and second floors and the
legiance. OSBA LEGISLATIVE LIAISON: Mr. THE VILLAGE REPORTER kitchen”. The work will include window
treatment for privacy, painting the ex-
A moment of silence in remem- Brian Baker shared information on sev- Archbold will soon be the home of a terior, and new landscape. The group
brance of Mr. Daryl Kleck, husband and eral bills pending. The House Educa- rehabilitation center for victims of do- will comply with all rules, regulations
NwOESC Board member Carol Kleck tion and Career Readiness Committee mestic abuse. and requirements Archbold has, Keefer
was observed. heard sponsor testimony on HB 108. said.
This bill would require a half-unit of fi- The Village Council approved April 3
A presentation on 21st Century nancial literacy in the high school cur- a Planning Commission recommenda- To keep the property in first-class
Learning Communities was shared riculum. The House Ways and Means tion to allow a village home to be used shape, there will be weekly mowing and
by Annette Rosebrock and Jill Proud- Committee heard proponent testimony as a rehabilitation center by JJ’s Safe- trimming, Keefer said. There will be
foot. NwOESC has been instrumental on SB 9. This legislation would provide House. The new operation is an expan- regular maintenance on the home and
in these grants since 2004. Over the a three-day sales tax holiday in August sion for the young organization. it will be power washed once a year, he
years, grant funding totaling approxi- 2017, making the purchase of clothing said. “We want to be good neighbors,”
mately $14,000,000.00, has been uti- and school supplies exempt from sales The site is at 404 Union St., and will Keefer said. “In the end, (we will be)
lized to support before and after-school and use taxes. The Senate Government be able to house three women and their turning the families around, breaking
programming for at-risk youth in vari- Oversight and Reform Committee heard children. There are several community the cycle of abuse.”
ous area schools. Program emphasis proponent testimony on SB 54. This bill rooms where all the residents will con-
includes increasing reading and math would require school districts to allow gregate, along with separate sleeping The property has a U-shaped drive-
skills, providing positive youth develop- approved summer food service program quarters. The group is not hiding the way and the organization is trying to
ment opportunities, and promoting fam- sponsors to use school facilities to pro- location and will rely on the local police secure parking at a nearby factory,
ily engagement experiences. vide food service during summer inter- for protection. Keefer said. “We don’t want it to look
vention programs. The Senate Educa- like a car lot,” Keefer said.
The following items were approved tion Committee heard sponsor testimony JJ’s SafeHouse was founded in 2015
under the consent agenda format: on SB 82. This legislation would require with the goal of giving women in Ful- The property will be open to the
public schools to place a telephone call ton County in abusive relationships a world because in today’s world people
•Approved Financial Transactions to a parent within one hour of the start way to freedom and a chance to break can be found if the searcher is persis-
-Educational Service Center of Lake of the school day if a student is absent the cycle, founder Jennifer Panczyszyn tent, Panczyszyn said. “We are going
Erie West to provide to NwOESC, Speech without notification. HB 49 (biennium said. to work really close with the chief of
Language Pathologist Services for the budget bill) is moving through the pro- Police to make sure they know who is
period of 1/1/17-6/30/17. cess. “I was raised in Lyons, Ohio, and my in our house and what our goals our,”
mother was a victim of domestic vio- Panczyszyn said. “We will absolutely
-Mingo Studio Inc. to provide to SUPERINTENDENT: Ms. Kerri Gear- lence,” Panczyszyn said. “So we start- allow no men on that property, period.”
NwOESC, 21st Century (Napoleon MS/ hart shared that planning is underway ed the ball rolling.”
HS), Extended Learning Opportunities for the 2017-18 school year. Events The strict nature of the policy shows
involving Creative Arts and Photography scheduled to date include annual bus/ The group has received support from how tightly structured the operation
for the period of 4/1/17-6/30/17. van driver training (August 10th), Ad- the Fulton County Sheriff, she said. is going to be, Panczyszyn said. While
ministrators’ Conference (August 3rd), other programs have similar approach-
-NwOESC to provide to Defiance City New Staff Orientation (August 7th), and The organization is getting its mes- es, no one in the area is anywhere near
Schools, Instructional Services at the the Annual NwOESC Fall Staff Meeting sage out that it a haven for abused JJ’s SafeHouse, she said. “I told the
Liberty Education Center for the period (August 9th). Contract recommenda- women. In 2016, it housed six people chief of Police if things are going not
of the 2016-17 school year. tions for administrative and classified in an emergency shelter (a hotel in the way we want them to – shut them
staff will be on the April board agenda, Wauseon), she said. down,” Panczyszyn said. “Our goal is to
-NwOESC to provide to Evergreen and for certified staff on the May board save the kids.”
Local Schools, Occupational Thera- agenda. In a recent ESC benchmarking “We have done six in the last three
py Assistant Services for the period of survey, it was reported that NwOESC weeks, Panczyszyn said. “The word is If the organization can get in front of
8/15/16-6/15/17. building usage in FY16 included 192 getting out that we’re here to help.” these people, she knows from personal
professional development offerings with experience it can happen, Panczyszyn
-NwOESC to provide to North Central approximately 6979 participants attend- The house will be turned into a re- said. “It happened to me; I broke the
Local Schools, Superintendent Search ing. In the same timeframe, approxi- habilitation center for the women. The cycle,” Panczyszyn said. “My kids have
Services for the period of 3/9/17-posi- mately 10440 people were in the build- organization’s emergency shelters in never seen that; they don’t understand
tion is finalized or until agreed upon by ing for various trainings, meetings and Wauseon and other places will remain what that is. They are all college edu-
both parties to terminate services. student events. intact, Panczyszyn said. cated, they are successful adults. I was
able to break the cycle because of the
-NwOESC to provide to Bowling CFO/TREASURER: Mr. Homer Hen- The women who will reside at the people I was surrounded with.” Her
Green City Schools, Visual Impairment dricks provided an update on the imple- Archbold house will first have to com- commitment is to the result, not to the
(VI) Services for the period of 8/15/17- mentation of and conversion to the eFi- plete a three-page interview with a men- process. So if the process isn’t work-
6/15/18. nancePlus software package, which will tal health counselor that will a board ing, she will shut the operation down
increase efficiencies and processes in the member and stationed at the house, and start over. “I have an amazing
-NwOESC to provide to North Balti- Business Office. 19 of 23 districts have Panczyszyn said. “They will have to go board that all have skin in the game,”
more Local Schools, Visual Impairment returned the annual service contracts through with the interview project with Panczyszyn said.
(VI) Services for the period of 8/15/17- as planning is underway for the 2017- a commitment; they will have to stay in
6/15/18. 18 school year. The remainder of the that house for nine to twelve months,” Panczyszyn once thought that it
contracts are expected to filter in. Busi- Panczyszyn said. “We want to get them would be 2020 before the group had
-NwOESC to provide to Otsego Local ness Office staff are working on budget acclimated into the community.” a house, and now that dream will be
Schools, Visual Impairment (VI) Services and grant reviews, requisition processes fulfilled this fall. She is confident the
for the period of 8/15/17-6/15/18. for the coming year, annual inventory, That will include lesson on finances, Archbold site will set the pattern for
2017-18 substitute lists, and contracts/ getting a job, parenting, and working making the rehab centers work.
-NwOESC to provide to Rossford salary notices. The annual audit has with the local schools to make sure the
Exempted Village Schools, Visual Im- concluded and results should be posted kids are getting what they need, said. The long-range goal is to maintain
pairment (VI) Services for the period of in the new few weeks. the emergency shelter in Wauseon and
8/15/17-6/15/18. “So when they leave our rehab place, to have another rehab site between
DIRECTOR OF SPECIAL EDUCA- they will able to stand on their own two Delta and Swanton.
-To approve Annual Service Agree- TION: Mrs. Jill Gilliland reported on feet, live in their own home, raise their
ments with the following districts for the student progress observed as classroom kids and have some parenting skills,” The organization has been privately
2017-18 school year per R.C. 3313.845: visits are made to area schools. It is Panczyszyn said. funded, but a new marketing direc-
wonderful to see NwOESC teaching and tor will be going after corporate mon-
• Bryan City School aide staff recognize all progress – in large The project to transform the site ey. The hook will be the corporations
• Defiance City School or small increments – as students strive into the rehab center is in the hands of have offenders and victims working for
• Evergreen Local School to meet their individualized goals. Con Keefer. He is a contractor (Keefer them, so shouldn’t they support the ef-
• Holgate Local School Building Company) with more than 30 fort?
• Millcreek-West Unity Local DIRECTOR OF CURRICULUM, IN- years experience. The project will in-
School STRUCTION AND PROFESSIONAL DE- clude making the home handicap-ac- No public money has been sought or
• Napoleon Area City School VELOPMENT: Mrs. Kris Dobbelaere cessible and adding a security system. used by JJ’s, Panczyszyn said.
• North Central Local School shared information on providing gifted The home will not be hidden in any
• Patrick Henry Local School services for 2017-18, given new operat- way, so the abusers can find it as well James can be reached at
• Pike-Delta-York Local School ing standards were adopted by ODE re- as the public, he said.
• Swanton Local School cently. The General Education/Gifted
• Wauseon Exempted Village Department is busy planning profes- “We will be putting in a six-foot-
School sional development for the coming year high security fence around the perim-
•LEAVES - FMLA and Disability to meet the needs of area students, eter,” Keefer said. “We will be renovat-
•RETIREMENTS staff, and administrators. A STEAM
Mary Baker, Paraprofessional, effec- TEAM (science, technology, engineer- Fountain City Christian School
tive 6/1/17 ing, arts, and math) is being formed to Announces Honor Roll For Third Quarter
Susan Carattini, Paraprofessional, ef- plan for increased supports and experi-
fective 6/1/2017 ences in these areas. An overview of the
Jennifer Durbin, Paraprofessional, Franklin B. Walter honorees was shared.
effective 6/1/2017 Congratulations to all the students and
Laurie Gombash, Physical Therapist, teachers earning recognition.
effective 6/1/2017
Shari Holeton, Bus Driver, effective •As all of the business of the evening
7/1/2017 was complete, the meeting adjourned at
•RESIGNATIONS 8:15 pm. The next regular meeting of the
Alisha Snyder, Preschool Intervention board will be held at 7:00 pm on *Mon-
Specialist, effective 7/31/17 day, April 24, 2017 at the NwOESC of-
F. Louise Dalton, Education Consul- fice located at 205 Nolan Parkway, Arch-
tant, effective 6/30/17 bold, OH.
Holly Evinger, Special Education Su-
pervisor, effective 6/30/17 INFORMATION PROVIDED
Rachel Palmer, Paraprofessional, ef-
fective 3/10/17
•Approved resolution to re-employ

Bryan Senior Center Announces The following Foun- James Stokes Konnor Hopson
Regular Euchre Party Results tain City Christian School Cash Sweitzer Grace Johnson
students have achieved Ben Thompson Noah Johnson
The Bryan Senior Center hosted its regular euchre party on April 4, 2017. high enough grades in the Seth Johnston
There were 19 players present. The winners for the day were: 1st place went to: third quarter to make the Levi Trubey
Vinnie Stark with a 289. 2nd place went to: Frank Haase with a 284. honor roll “A/B” HONOR ROLL Emma LaBo
The winners of the door prizes were: Marion Haase, Cletus Noll, Dorothy Bigger Annatina Law
and James Klender. “A” HONOR ROLL Dylan Appel
The next regular euchre party will be held on April 11, 2016 from 1 to 3 pm. It Payden Boothman Tiffany Appel Kiria Law
will be followed by our Evening of Fun, starting with Serving, Country Fried Steak, Logan Beck Mark Leatherman
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Green Bean Casserole, Assorted Juices, Dinner Roll, Dakota Cable Morgan Beck
Milk and Creamed Pies!!! All for $ 3.00 for Seniors and $ 5.00 for those that aren’t Alex Cummins Lauran Blank Seth Mays
60 years of age. Ella Cummins Dominic Boothman Dominic Miller
You don’t have to have reservations and everyone is invited, we hope to see you Mackenzie Eitniear Rachel Broadwater
here, plenty of door prizes, 50-50 drawings and Bingo!!! For More information call: Zaelyn Eitniear Hadassa Cantu Justin Purk
419-636-4047. Devin Franklin Vinny Cantu Moriah Shankleton
Mackenzie Carlin
INFORMATION PROVIDED Juleah Purk Sam Cummins Ethan Stokes
Elijah Shankleton Jaiden Heisey Jared Stokes
Sam Thompson
Ayden Stokes Tyson Turner



Wednesday, April 12th, 2017 “The Village Reporter” / Weekly Northwest Ohio (Williams & Fulton County News) - 13

Evergreen High School Stages Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

By: Timothy Kays Joseph. Spurning her advances draws her ire, though, Benjamin of theft. After pushing his brothers to the point
THE VILLAGE REPORTER and her false accusations ultimately land Joseph behind of panic, Joseph ultimately reveals himself, and the broth-
bars. While in prison, he meets the chief butler (Addy ers are reconciled.
In 1968, the songwriting duo of Andrew Lloyd Webber Worline) and the chief baker (Abby Pennington). They too
and Tim Rice produced a small pop cantata. From that have experienced dreams, and after telling them to Jo- As is commonplace for Webber-Rice productions, Jo-
humble, 15-minute long beginning came what many saw seph, his uncanny accuracy is remembered by the butler, seph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is set to
as the logical follow-up to their Jesus Christ Superstar whose release and reinstatement to Pharaoh’s service was a multitude of musical genres, spanning everything from
rock opera. On the weekend of April 7, the Evergreen High predicted by Joseph. With the news that Pharaoh (Mike a country-western hoedown and calypso, to bubble-gum
School Music Department presented that follow-up...Jo- Pupos) was also experiencing dreams, the butler suggest- pop and rock and roll. The roles of everyone from cast, to
seph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. ed putting Joseph on the case. Historians have declared crew, to musicians, are in constant flux. Everyone from
that the ancient Pharaohs were the rock stars of their day, the Children’s Choir on up handled the quick changes
A musical production of the biblical story of Joseph and this one lived up to the billing by detailing his dreams incredibly well. Ryan Eckhardt turned in a superb perfor-
and his coat of many colors, Joseph and the Amazing to Joseph as an Elvis Presley-like figure. mance, and the Elvis impersonation of Mike Pupos had
Technicolor Dreamcoat reinterprets the story through the the audience laughing. To a member, the cast and crew
lens of the psychedelic 60s. The favorite son of Jacob Joseph translates the dreams of Pharaoh as an im- captured the storyline of the script without flaw, but more
(portrayed by Jonah Blanchard), Joseph (Ryan Eckhardt) pending famine, and Pharaoh establishes Joseph as importantly, they delivered the production in a manner
is blessed with vivid prophetic dreams. His brothers grow his #2 man in all of Egypt to make preparations for the true to its 1968 psychedelic origins, an impressive feat
tired of his dreams of superiority, and conspire to do away event. Caught unprepared for the famine, Joseph’s broth- considering the fact that most of the actors were born 30
with him. Unable to gather the nerve to kill him outright, ers travel to Egypt in search of food, and find themselves years after the first incarnation of the play. The Evergreen
Joseph is sold into slavery by his jealous brothers, after unknowingly groveling at the feet of the brother they be- production deserved a longer run than just two
which he endures a series of adventures which challenge trayed, not recognizing him. As the brothers fail to rec- was that good.
his morality and his faith. ognize their sibling, Joseph tests their integrity, first de-
claring them to be spies, then accusing younger brother Timothy Kays can be reached at
Joseph finds himself belonging to Potiphar (Austin
Cobb), whose wife (Bailie Sutter) makes advances toward

Joseph is sold into slavery Joseph tries on his new coat

One More Angel In Heaven Hoedown Mrs. Potiphar enters
Go, Go, Go, Joseph Those Canaan Days
Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers
Stone the Crows - Pharaoh finds his #2 man

Joseph and Jacob are reunited

View All Photos Of This Event Online At

Close Every Door - Reprise I’m a living work of art Joseph is reunited with his brothers


Wednesday, April 12th, 2017 “The Village Reporter” / Weekly Northwest, Ohio (Williams & Fulton County News) - 19

Williams & Fulton County Library News

Installation Of New Roof To Swanton Public Library
Begin At Bryan Main Library Announces Upcoming Events

Williams County Public Library has venience this might cause with park- APRIL 2017 EVENTS ber Logsdon, a dōTERRA wellness ad-
exciting news to share! The much need- ing and accessibility to entrances, and Thursdays, April 27, May 4, 11, 18, vocate, to learn more about Reiki, a
ed installation of a new roof at the Bryan know the library will do everything pos- and 25 from 10:15 am to 11:45 am – Japanese technique for stress reduc-
Main Library is about to begin. Patrons sible to make this stage of improvement Intro to Yoga. Join us for a yoga class tion and relaxation, and the Aroma-
have most likely already seen workers. as smooth as can be. taught by Aimee Strohbeck. Please Touch technique, which uses essential
Installation is estimated to take 2 to 3 bring a yoga mat and towel and wear oils and massage on the body to pro-
weeks, and in this time part of the park- The Bryan Main LIbrary is located at comfortable clothing for easy move- mote healing. Please come in, call, or
ing lot will be taped off, as a precaution- 107 East High Street. If you have any ment. No experience necessary. Class visit our website to register.
ary measure for any debris. The library questions or concerns, please contact fee is by donation with proceeds bene-
asks that patrons excuse any incon- WCPL Director, Jeff Yahraus at 419- fiting the library. There will be no class Wednesday, April 19 from 4:00 pm
636-6734 ext. 239. to 5:30 pm – Anime Club for grades

“Bingo For Books” At The Edgerton Branch Library on April 13 or 20. 6-12. This month, we’ll try different
Thursdays, April 27, May 4, 11, types of cakes along with other snacks
18, and 25 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm and drinks, and watch three episodes
– Chair Yoga. This class involves the of anime chosen by the attendees.
On Friday, April 21st the Edgerton Branch Library will be holding “Bingo for same poses done in other yoga class- Free!
Books” from 3:30 to 4:30 pm. Winners who get a Bingo get to choose a free book! es, but modified to make them gentler
This event is open to school-age kids and is limited to 20 participants. The Edger- while sitting or sometimes standing Thursday, April 20 from 6:30 pm to
ton Branch Library is located at 319 North Michigan Avenue. For more information with a chair for balance and support. 8:00 pm – Cardmaking. Our ongoing
or to sign up, please call the library at 419-298-3230. Class fee is $5. No yoga mat is required series of cardmaking classes with in-
for this class. There will be no class on structor Anna Geis continues in April
INFORMATION PROVIDED with some wonderful cards with the

April 13 or 20. theme ‘Tag, You’re It!’ A $5.00 sup-
Wednesdays, April 12 at 4:30 pm ply fee covers three cards. Children 8
– Storytime. Weekly classes offered at years and older are welcome when ac-
North Central School Sends Swanton Library for children ages 1 companied by an adult. Registration
Students To New York City to 5 years. Children will go down on is required; please call us at 419-826-
the farm through stories, music, and 2760, come in, or visit our website.
crafts. The start time is a little later
this session. Free. No registration re- Saturday, April 22 at 10:30 am –
quired. Earth Day Party for grades K-5. Cel-
Wednesday, April 12 at 4:15 pm – ebrate the Earth by reading stories,
Swanton’s StoryWalk® Kickoff & Eas- making Earth Day slime, taking an
By: James Pruitt their turn, performed dark. ter Egg Hunt. Earth Day nature walk outside (weath-
THE VILLAGE REPORTER and went on to other at- The group also visited er permitting), and turning trash into
tractions, he said. The library, in collaboration with the treasure by making ‘recycled art’. Reg-
The North Central the 9/11 memorial at the Swanton Village Council, is proud to ister online, at the front desk, or by
High School band and “We showed up an site of the former World kick off the opening of the StoryWalk® phone.
choir returned recently hour before our time,” Trade Center. The group with an Easter Egg Hunt. StoryWalk®
from a weekend in New Luthy said. “We per- got to see a Pear tree that is a wonderful way for adults and chil- Thursday, April 27 from 6:30 pm
York to help the Big Ap- formed a medley of Irish survived when the towers dren to combine literacy skills and to 8:00 pm – Guitar Classes. Beginner
ple celebrate St. Patrick’s tunes.” fell. The group also vis- healthy exercise as they walk around classes will be at 6:30 pm and 7:00
Day. ited St. Paul’s Episcopal the path to each of the 20 reading sta- pm, while a more intermediate/ad-
The tour saw “Alad- Church where rescue op- tions in beautiful Pilliod Park. The first vanced class is at 7:30 pm. This pro-
The 65-student troupe din” that night, he said. erations were staged fol- installment features My Nose, Your gram is free; registration is required.
and chaperones ventured lowing the attack, Luthy Nose by Melanie Walsh. Many thanks Please bring a guitar if you have one.
to New York to march In New York City, the said. “It was a good thing to Swanton Welding for the donation
in the big parade and tour group had a walking for the kids to see,” Luthy of the reading posts, and to Fessenden Saturday, April 29 from 9:00 am to
sign at one of the oldest tour of Manhattan, took said. “Sept. 11 happened Hardware for the station numbers. The 3:00 pm – Babysitting Clinic. Fulton
churches in town. In ad- the Staten Island Fer- when they were young.” StoryWalk® Project was created by County Health Center will teach this
dition the group saw a ry, entered the city and Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, VT and clinic at the library for those at least
Broadway show and sev- cruised past the Statue As for the future, Lu- developed in collaboration with the 11-years-old. Participants who com-
eral touristy spots. of Liberty. thy is hopeful the dis- Kellogg Hubbard Library. StoryWalk® plete the training will be certified in
trict will support a trip is a registered service mark owned by babysitting through the Fulton County
The trip leader was The group saw Times like this every four years. Ms. Ferguson. Happy reading! Health Center (does not include CPR
Band Director Jason Lu- Square and then to ob- This way every student training). Registration is required in
thy, who has been work- servation decks at the will be able to go once in Thursday, April 13 between 4:00 advance and includes a $20.00 class
ing on the trip for eight Rockefeller Tower on the high school, he said. pm and 7:00 pm – Cholesterol Screen- fee. Checks are made payable to Ful-
years. When he first 67th and 69th floors. ing. Fulton County Health Center will ton County Health Center. Bring a
came to Pioneer, the top The group was there at James can be reached at do quick cholesterol screenings at the sack lunch. Beverages and a snack
priority was getting new 8 p.m. and got to see the library. With just a finger prick and a will be provided. Class size is limited
uniforms. metropolis light up after $5.00 donation, you can learn your to- to 20; a minimum of 10 must sign up.
tal HDL (good cholesterol level), your In the event that the minimum is not
“The band had not good-to-bad cholesterol ratio, and your reached, participants will be contacted
gone on a trip in years,” glucose level (blood sugar). No appoint- and registration fees refunded.
Luthy said. “(But) we had ment is needed, just walk in.
uniforms that were 25 Mondays, May 1, 8, 15, and 22 from
years old.” Thursday, April 13 at 7:00 pm – 10:15 am to 11:45 am – Beginning
Adult book discussion led by Marty Yoga Continues. This class resumes
So his first four years Kaback. This month’s topic is the true meeting regularly in May and is slight-
at school were spent on story of The Zookeeper’s Wife: A War ly more advanced than the Thursday
raising money for the Story by Diane Ackerman. Copies are morning yoga class, offering students
uniforms. Then the long available at the front desk. an opportunity to expand their skill
road to New York City level. Class fee is $10.00 per session
began with four years of Monday, April 17 at 7:00 pm – with multi-session tickets available.
fundraising, Luthy said. Swanton Public Library Board of Please bring a yoga mat and towel and
Trustees meeting. The public is wel- wear comfortable clothing.
“I wanted all the kids come to attend.
to go,” Luthy said, “It had Swanton Public Library is located
to be planned carefully.” Tuesday, April 18 from 6:30 pm to at 305 Chestnut Street, Swanton, OH
8:00 pm – Natural Healing. Join Am- 43558.
After a lot of long hours
fundraising, improving INFORMATION PROVIDED
the quality of the band,
Luthy sent in a tape that
served as an audition.
Parade officials only ac-
cept the best bands to be
in the parade, he said. Bryan Main Library Children’s Department To
Be Closed For Installation Of New Lighting
“They can’t accept all
bands,” Luthy said. “It’s
a very long parade.”
The parade lasted The Bryan Main Library Children’s Department will be CLOSED on Monday,
from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. PHOTOS PROVIDED April 17 for installation of new lighting. The Bryan Main Library Adult Depart-
and when the band got ment, Local History Center and all other Williams County Public Library branch-
there, they waited for CHOIR ... The North Central High School choir sang es, with locations in Edgerton, Edon, Pioneer, Stryker, and West Unity, will re-
old Catholic tunes at St. Malachy Catholic Church in main open.
New York City.


Seed Library At Williams County Public Library

MARCHING BAND ... The North Central Local Schools Marching Band performs in Plant. Harvest. Repeat. ages, to be used again this year.
the 2017 St. Patrick’s Day in New York City. Students worked four years to raise The Seed Library is back at Wil- A seed library is a place where
the money to go on the trip. liams County Public Library! All lo-
cations of the library in Bryan, Edg- community members can get seeds for
WHOLE GROUP ... A group shot of the tour group. erton, Edon, Pioneer, Stryker, West free or for a nominal fee and is run for
Unity and the Local History Center the public benefit. Many seed libraries
will have approximately 50 different are open in public libraries and com-
seeds to choose from to start a garden. munity centers. For some communi-
The library is starting the seed library ties, getting folks to garden and grow
with mostly vegetables and herbs, but some of their own food is the focus.
is hopeful that if this program is suc- For other communities, seed libraries
cessful they will add more seeds every may be created as an important step
year, including more flowers. to develop a network of seed savers,
Patrons can come in and sign out to create locally adapted varieties, to
starter seed packets from any location. respond proactively to climate change
The seeds are free! Those taking seeds or loss of gene integrity due to GMOs
are asked to save seeds from plants or to preserve genetic diversity. Seed
at the end of the growing season and saving is something humans have
bring them in to replenish the collec- done for over 10,000 years. Rejoin
tion. This will keep the seed library the ritual and start to save seeds and
sustainable. The library is so excited share the abundance in your commu-
that quite a few seeds were donated nity.
back to WCPL from last years’ Seed Li-
brary! These were put in labeled pack- For questions contact any location
of the Williams County Public Library
or check us out on Facebook.


20 - “The Village Reporter” / Weekly Northwest, Ohio (Williams & Fulton County News) Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Church Page



Cubs game... the judge for the errors she Jesus exposed the real reason most do?” (John 7.28).
It doesn’t matter how committed. Trying to trap people followed him on the day after Jesus answered, “This is the only
Jesus, these religious lead- two of his most amazing miracles. He work God wants from you…”
good you are, it happens! ers asked Jesus what they fed 5000 with just five barley loaves Let’s pause for a moment before
I’ve seen similar errors in should do. In John 8:7 Je- and two fish. Then after dismissing the we read on. What work do you think
13U baseball, high school sus replied, “Let any one of crowd, his disciples were caught in a God wants from you? The only work he
baseball, and even at the you who is without sin be sudden life-threatening storm and Je- wants from you?
collegiate level. I feel bad the first to throw a stone at sus came to rescue them walking on Do any of these hit home?
for the pitcher, because he her.” The stones dropped! the water. •Clean up my life
is doing his job and yet his Why? Because none of us Isn’t it amazing the things Jesus •Start going to church
teammates make a few er- are without sin or error. can do? •Be kind and generous to people
rors, and the inning is ex- Like me, I’m sure you have a long •Forgive those who have hurt me
tended. Romans 3:23 says we list of things he has done for you. •Stop drinking, smoking, doing
have all sinned, we have Sometimes that can be a problem drugs (or whatever you’re particular
So how do you respond? all missed the mark. God for us, though. brand of sin is)
Should I yell at my team- set a standard for glory - a Like it was with those 5000 who You may be surprised to learn that
mates who made the er- heavenly strike zone, and had just been fed. Jesus doesn’t mention any of those
rors? Should I blame the sometimes we hit it, but It can be a real danger for us be- things. Not even one of them.
blown lead on my team- most of the time we don’t. cause we can begin to look to Jesus Here is how he completes his sen-
The pitcher on the mates? I know exactly As a result of my mistakes and miss the big picture. tence: “This is the only work God
mound is looking good. It’s what we can do! Let’s all (sin), I’m separated from That’s what he said the day after wants from you: Believe in the one he
just the first inning and he pick up baseballs and God and I need forgiveness. those two miracles. has sent” (John 6.29).
is throwing strikes, an oc- throw them at the guy who “I tell you the truth, you want to be That sounds so easy. Too easy.
casional ball, and when made the errors! He de- But what if my team- with me because I fed you, not because Until you understand what believ-
the hitters connect its your serves it! Wind ‘em up and mates mess up and their you understood the miraculous signs” ing in Jesus involves.
routine ground ball play. fire away! sins affect me? This is a (John 6.26). It involves trusting what Jesus did
Unless, errors are involved. tough one. But we forgive The miraculous signs were about for you on the cross and nothing good
I was watching a Major Well, that seems a little them. Why? Ephesians much more than meeting people’s that you try to do.
League game and instead extreme just because he 4:32 says, “Be kind and needs, whether that be food out of no- It involves total dependence on Je-
of three outs, the opposing made some errors. But compassionate to one an- where or healing from painful diseases sus, not on anything you can do.
team had three runs due isn’t that what happened other, forgiving each other, and ailments. The miraculous signs It involves acts of obedience – tak-
to two errors. Yes, it was a when the religious leaders just as in Christ God for- demonstrated who Jesus really was. ing God at his word and acting on it.
caught the women com- gave you.” Forgive each The miracles proved that Jesus was It involves life transformation. Not
mitting adultery? They other! Drop the stones.
picked up stones and were
ready to be the jury and Paul steps up right
away and reminds us that
the God of this universe no ordinary man. It wasn’t by sleight of changing first before you believe in
loves us and forgives us! hand or trickery that he did the mira- him, but an inner change that produc-
EasterJoin us for That forgiveness came at a cles he did. It was by the power of God. es outer transformation because you
at CEDARCREEK cost, His Son Jesus Christ. And that made him distinct from any- decided to believe in him.
If God is going to forgive one else on earth. That’s all God wants from you.
APRIL14 | FRIDAY 5:15 | 7 me, a wretched sinner, full The crowds flocked to Jesus be- There are those who think other-
APRIL15 | SATURDAY 3:30 | 5:15 | 7 of mistakes...then I need to cause he made life easy for them. Who wise, and it will be a costly mistake:
forgive my teammates in had to work when Jesus would super- “Many will say to me on that day,
APRIL16 | SUNDAY 9 | 10:45 | 12:30 Christ too. naturally pull food out of thin air? ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in
Jesus knew that was the real rea- your name and in your name drive
Just as teammates son the majority followed him. But it out demons and in your name perform
make errors, in the end was time to call them on it. many miracles?’ Then I will tell them
they want to be victorious. “But don’t be so concerned about plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from
In the same way, as Chris- perishable things like food. Spend your me, you evildoers!’” (Matthew 7.22-23).
tians who make mistakes, energy seeking the eternal life that the They do the works they think are
we also want to be victori- Son of Man can give you. For God the important, not the only work that God
ous. Let’s learn to seek for- Father has given me the seal of his ap- wants – to believe in Jesus.
giveness, as well as learn to proval” (John 6.27). Why do you follow Jesus?
CEDARCREEKCHURCH forgive each other. Jesus informs them (and us) that Be careful now and really think
there are things far more important about it. Is it because of what he does
Visit for locations. By the way, the Cubs than a full belly. You may be full to- for you, or because he’s the best thing
came back and won 6-4! day, but what about tomorrow? You’ll that’s ever happened to you? Do you
@CedarCreekTV For more reading, check be hungry again. It’s an endless cycle. follow him because you’re head over
out John 8:1-11, Colos-
sians 3:13, and Psalm But eternity is what matters. Most heels in love with him, or because
32:1. people give little thought to it. They’re he provides an endless supply of the

so caught up in surviving and trying things you need?
to get ahead. If Jesus can help with Your answer makes all the differ-
that, they think, then he can be on my ence.
But where does eter-
nity come in? Christian Motorcyclists Association
Jesus warns that we
need to give our energy
to seeking what is eter- 3rd Saturday
Maybe some in the of the Month - 9 AM

crowd realized their mis- at Carol Ann’s Cafe
take because they re- in Archbold
sponded to Jesus’ words
by asking, “We want to
perform God’s works, All are Welcome.
too. What should we


Hallett, Hallett River of Life
& Nagel Worship Center

Attorneys At Law Pastor Homer Miller

TIMOTHY W. HALLETT 14226 US Hwy 20-A • Montpelier • 419-485-5029
Sunday: Praise & Worship - 9:30 a.m.
132 S. Fulton Street Wednesday Evening - 7:00 p.m.
Wauseon, OH

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017 Start Home Newspaper Delivery - Subscribe At Or By Calling (419) 485.4851

“The Village Reporter” / Weekly Northwest Ohio (Williams & Fulton County News) - 25

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Landscaper • BACKHOES • LOADERS
The flowers are blooming, and the taining a landscape is hard work, and • FORKLIFTS • EXCAVATORS
grass has begun to grow anew, mak- those unaccustomed to this type of • SKIDSTEERS • TELEHANDLERS
ing spring a great time for homeown- activity may find themselves winded • MOWERS •COMPACTORS
ers to once again turn their attention or at risk of injury. Improper use of
to landscaping. Those who aren’t lawn equipment also is a safety haz- 1 mile north of Camden, MI on M-49
looking forward to dusting off their ard. Leaving the work to professionals
lawn mowers and re-threading their can help homeowners avoid injury. 517-368-5266 • 888-368-5266
string trimmers may want to hire pro-
fessional landscapers to tend to their • Financial savings: On the sur- 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon.-Fri.
lawns and gardens. face, hiring a landscaping service may
seem like a costly venture. However, A JOB FOR THE PROS ... Time saved Clark’s Lawncare
A recent joint study by the Na- after crunching some numbers, many and a professional job are just two of
tional Gardening Association, Resi- homeowners realize that doing the the reasons homeowners hire lawn Landscape & Snow Removal
dential Lawn and Landscape Services work themselves may cost more in care companies.
and the Value of Landscaping found the long run than hiring a profession- companies are a wise investment. Serving the Tri-State Area
that homeowners spend roughly $45 al landscaping service. Professional Established weekly schedules ensure
billion per year on professional lawn lawn care services typically charge a the landscape always will look its best 419-551-0608
and landscape services, as nearly 30 set fee per month, and that fee covers whether homeowners are home or not.
percent of all households across the the maintenance of both your prop- P.O. Box 576 • West Unity, OH 43570
United States use at least one type of erty and the equipment needed. Spring is a great time for hom-
lawn or landscape service. The rising eowners to decide if hiring profes- NOW OPEN
use of lawn care services is indicative • Know-how: Many professional sional landscaping services is in their
of homeowners’ appreciation of the landscapers know how to address best interests. The time and money 13-390 Co. Rd. G, Bryan between St. Rt. 15 and Co. Rd. 13
convenience and craftsmanship pro- lawn care issues that may arise saved, as well as impact professional
fessional services can provide. While throughout the year. They will know landscapers can have on a property, 419-799-0995
the impact professional landscapers how to deal with dry patches of lawn makes landscaping services a great
can have on a property’s aesthetic or poorly draining areas, and they investment. Open: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Mon. - Sat; 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Sunday
appeal is considerable, homeowners also can make recommendations on
also benefit from working with profes- plants that will thrive under certain • Vegetable Plants & Seeds • Rhubarb
sional landscapers in various other conditions. • Sweet Potato Plants • Strawberry Plants
ways. • Pots Made To Order • Onions
• One-stop shopping: Certain • Pansies • Seed Potatoes
• Time savings: One of the biggest landscaping services provide many • Wave Petunias • Geraniums
benefits of leaving lawn care to the different options for prospective cus- • Perennials • Red Raspberry
professionals is the amount of time it tomers. Basic lawn cuts may be one • Succulents • Seedless Grape Vines
will save for the average homeowner. package, but there also may be ser- • Asparagus
Lawn services employ a few workers vices for seasonal seeding, weeding,
who make fast work of the job, leaving leaf clean-up, and winterizing.
homeowners time to enjoy their week-
ends however they see fit. • Consistent maintenance: Ho-
meowners who frequently travel or
• Reduced risk for injury: Main- spend much of their summers away
from home often find that lawn care

Dig A Little, Learn A Lot Before You Plant County Road G

As temperatures finally “Unlock the Secrets of the Co. Rd. 13
go UP this spring, take a Soil” in an effort to focus St. Rt. 15
minute to look DOWN at attention on soil health. Ac-
the ground and investigate cording to State Conserva- CORN_IN_HEALTHY_SOIL ... The roots of crops grown Archbold
the SOIL. What does the tionist Terry Cosby, “Prime in healthy soil reach deeper in the soil. Deep roots help
soil look like? How does farmland makes up 73 per- plants survive drought conditions like last summer. 700 E Lugbill Rd • 419-445-2045
the soil feel? Does rain sink cent of Ohio’s 11 million
into the ground quickly? acres of cropland. That’s a Bryan
Answering these questions heck of a lot of good agri-
during planting can pay off cultural land and a huge 05084 Co Rd 15 • 419-636-7066
later during harvest. responsibility. The well-be-
ing of future Ohioans hing- ELGIN SERVICE
“It doesn’t matter what es on how well we protect
kind of landowner you are - and improve the foundation ELGCINENSETREVRICE
a small farmer, large farm- of agriculture, healthy soil.”
er, organic grower or even PIONEER, LLC
homeowners and garden- To start a soil health
ers - you can easily exam- assessment, you’ll need CENTER14093 Co. Rd. N-65
ine your soils. Take a quick your eyes, your nose, your
look and you can learn a hands, and a garden spade Pioneer, OH 43554
lot,” says State Agronomist or shovel.
Mark Scarpitti. 4PI1O9N-4E8E5R-,8L5L9C3w1P4wio0wn9.3ekebCru,oiO.ldRHind4g. 3sN5.-c56o45m
LOOK—Look for plant
The Natural Resourc- residue or a living plant 419-485-8593
es Conservation Service canopy or cover. Dig a hole
(NRCS), the conservation and look at the soil struc-
arm of the U.S. Department ture. Healthy soil looks like
of Agriculture, launched chocolate cake with lots

419-924-5210 of air holes and organic plant and animal life, filter matter. And of course you pollutants, cycle nutrients,
should see earthworms— and support buildings.
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. our wonderful soil engi- Healthy soils hold more wa-
Saturday 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. neers! ter, which can make the dif-
ference between crop sur-
Opening SMELL—Healthy soil vival and failure during a
has the distinct sweet, drought. Healthy soils also
LEMLE’SApril 24 earthy aroma of geosmin, a resist runoff and erosion,
GREENHOUSE by-product of soil microbes naturally suppress weeds
called actinomycetes. and pests, and sustain oth-
Corner of Co. Rd. M & 7-1 • Delta, OH • 419-822-5864 er natural resources.
TOUCH--Soil should
Hanging Baskets • Annuals • Vegetables crumble easily exposing “If your soil looks like
Planters • Perennials long straight plant roots. it needs attention, give us
Long roots reach nutrients a call. Conservation ex-
and water they need to perts in every Ohio county
grow to produce the food we can help you develop a
love to eat. soil health improvement
plan and introduce you to
Why should we care conservation programs de-
about soil health? Cosby signed to off-set a portion of
explains that healthy soil the cost of carrying out the
actually has a direct impact plan,” explains Cosby. “Im-
on many larger issues that proving soil health takes
affect life as we know it. time, so the sooner you
start the process, the soon-
Healthy soil can improve er you’ll reap the rewards
and regulate water, sustain provided by healthy soils.”

Remember, healthy soils
produce healthy crops and
a healthy environment. So
grab a spade and dig a lit-
tle. You can learn a lot! Visit

Hurry! Offer Ends April 30th

0% Financing available

Superior Farm Supply

13080 St. Rt. 107 • Montpelier, OH



Hilltop Cadets & Delta Panthers Meet For A Double Header

Boys Varsity Tennis 3-6, 3-6, Colt Arthur was defeated 4-6,
4-6. The third singles match including
Mon. April 3rd, 2017 Bryan’s Daniel Bortland was stopped
because of rain after a 3-6 first set loss.
Northview 5, Archbold 0 Keegan McCashen and Will Jackson lost
Competing in singles play includ- in first doubles 0-6, 4-6.
ed Jerme Rupp, Erik Short and Levi
Strawn. Rupp, playing in first singles, Sat., April 8th, 2017
was defeated 4-6, 5-7 while Short lost in
second singles 0-6, 3-6 and Strawn was Archbold 4 Bryan 1
downed in third singles 2-6, 0-6. In dou- The Blue Streaks picked up wins in
bles action Lucke McQuade and Brad all three singles matches to defeat the
Diller lost in first doubles 0-6, 4-6 and Golden Bears. Jerme Rupp was a 6-0,
Lucas Rupp along with Michael Short 6-0 winner in his first singles match.
fell in second doubles 0-6, 1-6. Erik Short won 6-1, 6-3 and Levi Strawn
was victorious 6-2, 6-1 in their respec-
Napoleon 3, Bryan 1 tive singles matches. The first doubles
The Golden Bears got their only match team of Logan King and Colt Arthur
win in second doubles where Isaac Bow- picked up the lone Bryan win of the
ers and Kolin Klinger were 6-4,6-3 win- match. Archbold’s second doubles team
ners. In singles action, Logan King lost of Lucas Rupp and Michael Short were
also winners for Archbold.

"THE HOMETOWN HUDDLE" SPRING 2017 Sports Schedules

ATHLETES OF THE WEEK april 14 - 20

ARCHBOLD HIGH SCHOOL PETTISVILLE HIGH SCHOOL (Apr 14) Evergreen @ Hilltop (Apr 17) Swanton @ Evergreen
(Apr 17) Wauseon @ Patrick Henry
Jack Fisher took 2nd 200 meters Elizabeth Sauder won the (Apr 14) Fremont @ Edon
23.41 and 1st 400 meters 51.36 at 800 meters (2:31.43) and (Apr 14) Hilltop @ Tinora (Apr 18) Edon @ Montpelier
the Tinora Invitational Saturday. He (Apr 15) Clay @ Bryan (DH) (Apr 18) Fairview @ Edgerton
also was a member of 4x400 and was a member of the (Apr 15) Delta @ Hicksville (DH)
4x200 relays that finished 1st and 4x800 relay (1st 10:12.01) (Apr 15) Evergreen @ Edgerton (DH) (Apr 18) Hilltop @ Fayette
and 4x400 relay (2nd 4:32.24). (Apr 15) North Central @ Hudson (DH) (Apr 18) Pettisville @ Delta
2nd respectively. (Apr 15) Ottawa Glandorf @ Wauseon (DH) (Apr 18) Stryker @ North Central
(Apr 15) Perrsyburg @ Archbold (Apr 18) Wauseon @ Sylvania Northview
*Selected “Athletes Of The Week” may pick up their free shirts Monday - (Apr 15) Rossford @ Swanton (DH) (Apr 19) Start @ Swanton
Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. at The Village Reporter, 115 Broad Street, Montpelier. (Apr 15) Stryker @ Holgate (DH) (Apr 20) Archbold @ Evergreen
(Apr 15) Waite @ Fayette (Apr 20) Bryan @ Swanton
Northwest Ohio’s Sporting Great Job Athletes! (Apr 17) Bryan @ Archbold (Apr 20) Edgerton @ Hicksville
Goods Headquarters! (Apr 17) Delta @ Liberty Center (Apr 20) Fayette @ Hilltop
1428 Whitaker Way (Apr 17) Fairview @ Montpelier (Apr 20) Montpelier @ Edon
1495 N. Shoop Ave., Wauseon • 419-335-1717 Montpelier (Apr 17) Fayette @ Hillsdale (Apr 20) North Central @ Stryker
(Apr 17) Swanton @ Evergreen (Apr 20) Wauseon @ Delta
We 419-485-1444 (Apr 17) Wauseon @ Patrick Henry
(Apr 18) Archbold @ Stryker TRACK & FIELD
Deliver Order Online (Apr 18) Edon @ Montpelier (Apr 15) Archbold/Wauseon @ Napoleon
(Apr 18) Fairview @ Edgerton
(Apr 18) Hilltop @ Fayette Invitational
(Apr 18) Pettisville @ Delta (Apr 15) Bryan @ Minster Invitational
(Apr 18) Stryker @ North Central (Apr 15) Delta @ Liberty Center Invitational
(Apr 18) Wauseon @ Perrysburg (Apr 15) Evergreen/Montpelier/North Cen-
(Apr 20) Archbold @ Evergreen tral @ Patrick Henry Joe Tussing Invita-
(Apr 20) Bryan @ Swanton
(Apr 20) Edgerton @ Hicksville tional
(Apr 20) Fayette @ Hilltop (Apr 18) Archbold/Wauseon @ Liberty
(Apr 20) Montpelier @ Edon
(Apr 20) North Central @ Stryker Center
(Apr 20) Wauseon @ Delta (Apr 18) Bryan/Evergreen @ Delta
(Apr 18) Edgerton/Wayne Trace @ Fairview
SOFTBALL (Apr 18) Fayette/Montpelier @ Edon
(Apr 15) Archbold/Bath @ Findlay (Apr 18) Hilltop/Pettisville/Stryker @ North
(Apr 15) Evergreen @ Southview (DH)
(Apr 15) Hicksville @ Delta (DH) (April 18) Swanton @ Patrick Henry
(Apr 15) North Central @ Hudson (DH)
(Apr 15) Swanton @ Ottawa Hills (Apr 17) Bryan @ Defiance
(Apr 15) Stryker @ Holgate (DH) (Apr 17) Bowling Green @ Wauseon
(Apr 15) Waite @ Fayette (DH) (Apr 17) Springfield @ Archbold
(Apr 18) Ayersville @ Archbold
(Apr 17) Bryan @ Archbold (Apr 18) Wauseon @ Bryan
(Apr 17) Delta @ Liberty Center (Apr 20) Archbold @ Ottawa Hills
(Apr 20) Bryan @ Van Wert


Dr. Roger L. Saneholtz BEST OF LUCK
Dr. Jason R. Kunsman
306 W. Main Street
Montpelier, OH 43543 Artesian of Pioneer

419-485-4257 50 Industrial Ave • Pioneer, OH



Wednesday, April 12th, 2017 The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle - 5

Track & Field Action

Archbold, Swanton, North Central, Hilltop, Montpelier
& Pettisville Take Part In Eisenhart Invite


Boys Var. Track & Field Girls Var. Track & Field

Mon., April 3rd, 2017 Mon., April 3rd, 2017

Liberty Center 87, Pettisville 27 Liberty Center 87, Pettisville 27
The Blackbirds took first in three events. Morris won Liberty Center 92, Pettisville 29
the 110 hurdles in 20.5. M. Leppelmeier won both the Two victories for Pettisville came in the field events where
1600 and 800 meter runs. He ran a 5:12 in the 1600 and E. Hartler won the long jump with a distance of 12’8” and E.
2:29 in the 800. Eyer was victorious in the 200 with a Wixom cleared 7’ to take top spot in the pole vault.
time of 28.4.
Fri., April 7th, 2017
Fri., April 7th, 2017
Bob Eisenhart Invitational
Bob Eisenhart Invitational (Tinora High School)
(Tinora High School)
Teams of local interest: 1.) Swanton 114, 2.) Pettis-
Teams of local interest: 1.) Archbold 176, 3.) Swan- ville 101, 3.) Archbold 98, 5.) Montpelier 67, 9.) North
ton 80, 4.) Montpelier 60, 8.) Pettisville 32, 9.) North Central 23, 10.) Hilltop 14
Central 31, 10.) Hilltop 21
Swanton scorers included: 100 meters: 2nd Bridget
The Bluestreak literally ran away with the Eisen- Harlett 13.19, 4th Bobbie Oberle 13.38; 200 meters:
hart Title. Scoring points for the Streaks included: Nick 1st Haley Nelson 26.46, 4th Bridget Harlett 28.61; 800
Waidelich 3rd 100 meters 11.71, Sam Petersen (4th 100 meters: 6th Ashlynn Waddell 2:54.23; 300 hurdles: 1st
meters 11.82, 4th 200 meters 24.55), Jack Fisher (2nd Julia Smith 56.50, 2nd Ally Hendricks 58.93; 4x100
200 meters 23.41, 1st 400 meters 51.36), Noah Blanken- relay: 1st Bobbie Oberle, Haley Nelson, Ally Hendricks,
ship 4th 400 meters 55.04, Caden Garrow 2nd 800 me- Bridget Harlett 53.94; 4x200 relay: 1st Bobbie Oberl,
ters 2:09.23, Daniel Nieves 7th 800 meters 2:17.25, Ivan Haley Nelson, Ally Hendricks, Bridget Harlett 1:52.90;
Cobb 1600 meters 13th 5:50.38, Brendon Johns 3200 4x400 relay: 5th Ally Hendricks, Faith Fetterman, Haley
meters 4th 11:11.79, Deven Girdham 110 meter hurdles Nelson, Ashlynn Waddell 4:49.09; High Jump: 1st Julia
3rd 15.96, 300 meter hurdles 3rd 43.21, 3200 meter run Smith 5’5”; Pole Vault: 2nd Hannah Grabke 8’6”; Long
7th 11:38.84 Clay Gerig 110 meter hurdles 4th 16.56, Ka- Jump: 4th Lauren O’Riordon 13’11.75”; Shot Put: 5th
leb Hanicq 300 meter hurdles 7th 46.57, 4x100 relay: 1st Sidney Taylor 30’9”; Discus: 1st Sidney Taylor 114’7”.
Waidelich, L.J. Tijerina, Petersen, Kegan Ott 46.51, 4x200
relay: 2nd Waidelich, Blankenship, Ott, Fisher 1:35.04, Pettisville’s points were scored by: 400 meters: 3rd
4x400 relay: 1st Ott, Blankenship, Petersen, Fisher Sarah Foor 1:10.77, 6th Ryea Klopfenstein 1:13.36; 800
3:36.55, 4x800 relay: 1st Garrow, Johns, Nieves, Logan meters: 1st Elizabeth Sauder 2:31.43, 2nd Alexa Lep-
Garrow 8:55.15, High Jump: Girdham 4th, 5’4”, Spen- pelmeier 2:32.70; 1600 meters: 1st Alexa Leppelmeier
cer Short 5th, 5’2”, Pole Vault: Isaiah Esquibel 3rd 11’, 5:38.34, 3rd Nichole Foor 5:48.34; 3200 meters: 1st
Brennan Short 5th 10’, Long Jump: Nick Waidelich 2nd Nichole Foor 12:18.52, 3rd Kate Stuber 13:38.38; 100
19’5.75”, Shane Bechtel 11th 16’6.5”, Shot Put: Levi Car- hurdles: 5th Danielle King 18:88; 300 hurdles: 3rd Kelly
mody 1st 43’3”, Matthew Gladieux 2nd, 40’7.5”, Discus: Miller 59.41, 5th Danielle King 59.43; 4x400 relay: 2nd
Matthew Gladieux 1st 124’6”, Elijah Esquibel 2nd 123’ 7”. Elizabeth Sauder, Nichole Foor, Tessa Waidelich, Alexa
Leppelmeier 4:32.24; 4x800 relay: 1st Elizabeth Sauder,
Scoring for Swanton were: Tanner Prentice 400 me- Nichole Foor, Morgan Leppelmeier, Alexa Leppelmeier
ters 2nd 52.08, Bruce Vidak 400 meters 7th 57.68, An- 10:12.01; Pole Vault: 4th Kendal Pursel 8’; Discus: 6th
thony Howard 800 meters 1st 2:08.23, Dylan Gildorf 1600 Katie Hauter 85’.
meters 2nd 4:56.14, Brett Bettinger 3200 meters 3rd
10:57.58, Dakota Straub 110 meter hurdles 6th 18.54, Archbold points were scored by: 100 meters: 3rd Mac-
300 meter hurdles 8th 46.72, 4x100 relay: 6th Steven ey Rupp 13.23; 200 meters: 3rd Emily Roth 27.90; 400
Lunn, Damien Boyer, Zaven Waddell, Jack Hutchinson meters: 1st Dakota Stamm 1:01.58, 5th Marli Cheney
51.27, 4x400 relay: 2nd Prentice, Chase Avalos, Straub, 1:13.18; 1600 meters: 4th Gwynne Riley 5:57.22; 100
Howard 3:41.43, 4x800 relay: 2nd Bettinger, Gilsdorf, hurdles: 1st Lexa Richardson 16.57; 4x100 relay: 5th
Avalos, Howard 8:57.19, High Jump: Gildorf 2nd 5’6”, Emie Peterson, Marli Cheney, Julia Lambert, Macey Rupp
Long Jump: Jonny Shanks 1st 20’5.5”, Shot Put: Dean 56.39; 4x200 relay: 2nd Emie Peterson, Dakota Stamm,
Croskey 6th 36’1.25”, Discus: Issac Thomas, 7th 98’7”. Julia Lambert, Emily Roth 1:53.50; 4x400 relay: 1st
Marli Cheney, Emily Roth, Gwynne Riley, Dakota Stamm
Placing for Montpelier: 100 meters: Brandon Stein 2nd 4:24.64; 4x800 relay: 2nd Gwynne Riley, Kennedy Miller,
11.71, 200 meters: Brandon Stein 3rd 24.17, 400 meters: Maura Riley, Dakota Stamm 10:59.30; High Jump: 2nd
Caleb Haines 6th 57.17, 3200 meters: Alec Waterston Macey Rupp 5’; Pole Vault: 1st (tie) Sydney Ranzau 8’6”;
5th 11:15.73; 4x100 relay: 5th Jaden VanTong, Brandon Long Jump: 1st Emily Roth 15’5”.
Stein, Austin Grubb, Clay Turner 49.97; 4x200 relay: 4th
VanTong, Stein, Eric Short, Caleb Haines; High Jump: Scoring for Montpelier were: 200 meters: 6th Mck-
Alec Waterston 5’; Pole Vault: Zac Mason 2nd 11’6”; Long enna Quaderer 29.34; 400 meters: 4th Destiny Oliph-
Jump: Evan Friend 4th 19’1”; Shot Put: Jacob Bailey 3rd ant 1:12.07; 800 meters: 4th Jacquelin Carlson 2:37.98;
38’7”, Trevor Prekop 5th 36’5.5”. 1600 meters: 6th Lydia Grime 6:13.98; 3200 meters: 4th
Lydia Grime 13:41.58, 6th Brinn Miller 14:35.41; 100
Pettisville finishes: 800 meters: Ben Gray 4th 2:13.52; hurdles: 6th Hanna Bumb 19.30; 4x100 relay: 2nd Marie
4x400 relay: 6th Ben Gray, Noah Roche, Calvin Nofziger, Schoenfeld, Gabby Cox, Hanna Bumb, McKenna Quader-
Caleb Nolander 4:00.67; 4x800 relay: 5th Noah Roche, er 55.69; 4x200 relay: 3rd McKenna Quaderer, Jacque-
Jaret Rychener, Caleb Nolander, Ben Gray 9:24.95; High line Carlson, Gabby Cox, Hanna Bumb 1:57.61; 4x400
Jump: 1st Jaret Rychener 5’8”; Discus: 5th Graeme Ja- relay: 4th Jacqueline Carlson, Kimme Engels, McKenna
coby 101’1”, 6th Wyatt Cerda 101’; Quaderer, Destiny Oliphant 4:44.50; 4x800 relay: 4th
Jacqueline Carlson, Kimme Engels, Lydia Grime, Brinn
North Central points were scored by: 800 meters: Miller 11:34.10; High Jump: 4th Marie Schoenfeld 4’6”;
3rd Jason Vassar 2:11.27; 1600 meters: 4th Trenton Sa- Shot Put: 2nd Marie Schoenfeld 32’7.5”.
kos 5:07.40, 5th Skyler JoHantgen 5:08.21; 3200 meters:
6th Trenton Sakos 11:17.86; 300 meters hurdles: 4th Nate North Central points were scored by: 100 hurdles: 2nd
Traxler 45.73. Kailey Siebeneck 17.34; Pole Vault: 1st Vada Lashaway
8’6”; Long Jump: 5th Vada Lashaway 13’11”.
Hilltop points were scored by: 110 hurdles: 5th Sam Shil-
ling 17.62; Pole Vault: 4th Mson Locke 10’; Discus 3rd Aus- Hilltop points were scored by: 100 meters: 6th Kara
tin Schaffner 121’4”. Brown 13.70; 200 meters: 5th Kara Brown 29.09; 4x400
relay: 6th Landrey Brown, Zoi Bauer, Morgan Norden,
Kara Brown 4:55.54




1000 South State St. Phone (419) 636-8925 Commercial, Industrial, and Residential
Pioneer, Ohio 43554 SHOP, INC.Fax(419)636-8669
01(9471089)1C49o2.87R-3d81.62C12A•ow• wSRwtry.dwkeoro2,laO2cHeA.4c3o5m57
419-737-9500 1302 E. High St., Bryan, Ohio Stryker, OH 43557
877-694-9500 Rex H
ow (419) 428-3161
M-F: 9:00 - 6:00, SAT: 9:00 - 3:00
1302E Hi hSt B


6 - The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

MontLpoecloimeortives Sports PreviewSPRING2016-17 Williams&FultonCounty


LOCOS BOYS TRACK … Row 1: Daniel Belknap, Eric Short, Gage Crisenbery, Cole Dewire, Roman Sommer, Rowen Beck, Clay Turner, Chandler Byers, Braden Sane-
holtz, Jonathon Rediger. Row 2: Daniel Banks, Bronson Sines, Tre Hutchinson, Nate Hutchinson, Tyler Phongphiou, Charles Osburn, Anthony Strubberg, Matt Mason,
Brandon Stein, Henry Humbarger. Row 3: Blake Bumb, Trevor Prekop, Zac Mason, Evan Friend, Jaden VanTong, Scott Goodnight, Austin Miller, Alec Waterston, Nick
Buehrer, Austin Grubb. Row 4: Jarret Dye, Jacob Bailey, Justin Wiyrick, Bradey Clair, Bryce Cooley, Kolden Uribes, Jared Armstrong, Jacob Earle, Michael Blake, Jared
Rediger, Caleb Haines, Noah Conklin.

LADY LOCOS TRACK … Front: Talia Frisby, Katelynn Moor, Alison Lamontagne, Hanna Bumb, Kimme Engels, Lydia Grime, Destiny Oliphant. Middle: Ashley Tingley,
Alex Caudill, Misheala Robertson, McKenna Quaderer, Stacie Moor, Morgan Eriksen, Tiarra Tibbetts. Back: Elizabeth Fritsch, MaryJoe McBride, Jacqueline Carlson,
Marie Schoenefeld, Rebekah Carr, Kalie Gibler, Jaelyn Lyons, Kiah Sanders, Gabby Cox, Alexis Marihugh.

Good Luck Area Athletes Good Luck To All The Local Teams

Rantek Products Inc CK Technologies

1826 Magda Dr # A CK Technologies, LLC
Montpelier, OH 43543 1701 Magda Dr.
Montpelier, OH 43543
(419) 485-2421 419-485-1110 ext. 7381
419-485-1405 fax

20/20 Custom Molded Best Of Luck Locos!
Plastics, LTD
Ronald E. Ernsberger GEAR, INC.
350 S. Airport Rd.
14620 Selwyn Drive - Holiday City, Ohio Montpelier, Ohio
A Family Owned Business
Cell: 419-770-2020 Founded in 1951 Gearig All-Star
Insurance Agency Inc.

Dr. Austin Saneholtz • Dr. Jason R. Kunsman 1239 East Main Street
Montpelier, Ohio 43543
143 S. Main St., Bryan 306 W. Main St., Montpelier
419-636-6597 419-485-4257

419-485-3147 Montpelier OH, 43543


Wednesday, April 12th, 2017 The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle - 11

MontLpoecloimeortives Sports PreviewSPRING2016-17 Williams&FultonCounty

LADY LOCOS VARSITY SOFTBALL … Front: Keiylee Bentley, Alexis Marihugh, Sarah Higbie, Caitlyn Nixon, Landri McKelvey, Trinity Nichols, Tory Steffes. Back: Coach Wade,
Peyton Houk, Rheanna Stoy, Kaylea Peffley, Erin Prekop, Lauren Cooley, Hailey Layman, Katie Taylor, Coach Smith.

LOCOS JV SOFTBALL … Front: Kennedy Caudill, Emma Clair, Katie Taylor, Hailey Lay- MONTPELIER JV BASEBALL … Front: Brock O’Neal, Tyler Michael, Jace Norrick, An-
man, Trinity Nichols, Brookelyn Dye, Halie Rose. Back: Coach Bailey, Alethia Stimpfle, drew Frisby, Aaron Stoy, Chance Miller, Jerid Haas. Back: Coach Ramos, Brayden
Tory Steffes, Hailey Hamrick-Sharp, Marley Eich, Maya Tayler, Cortney Pease, Kenzie Custer, Tyler Rupp, Ashton Jones, Connor Yahraus, Cameron Null, Ian Hinson, Coach
Nemire, Taylor Brown, Coach Funk. Lamberson..

• Russell

• Yankee

GOOD LUCK LOCOS! • WideLOCOS VARSITY BASEBALL … Front: Batboy, Tylor Yahraus, Thomas Wolfenbarger, Bryer Bentley, Tanner Sand-

TRENT THOMAS ers, Brandon Eitniear, Dakota Benner. Back: Coach Yahraus, CJ Roth, Kolden Uribes, Colin Rockey, Dakota Barker,
419-553-6478 Caleb Haines, Coach Hutchison. Assortment of

517-320-4481 & Collectables
06331 County Rd. M-50 Montpelier, OH Best Of Luck Montpelier Locos!
Office 419-485-5605
305 Mike Street
Montpelier Athletic Boosters Pioneer, Ohio
Go Locos!
1051 East Main Street
Best of Luck! Montpelier, Ohio


12 - The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

PettisBvilallcekbirds Sports PreviewSPRING2016-17 Williams&FultonCounty

18372 Co. Rd. D Ph. 419-445-7707
Wauseon, Ohio Location: Pettisville

Eliza Henry

Clothing & Accessories, Books,
Toys, Games, Gifts, and More!

PHOTOS COURTESY OF NEW IMAGE PHOTOGRAPHY We are proud to offer quality merchandise from brands like:
VARSITY BASEBALL ... Front: Dalton Myers, Logan Rufenacht, Aaron Rupp, Landon Roth, Dillon King, Justin Rupp, Melissa & Doug, Puma, Le-Top, Mudpie, Little Me,
Preston Stevens, Austin Horning. Back: Assistant Coach John Horning, Devin Beltz, Eli Norr, Nate Hartzler, Christian
Stevens, John Rufenacht, Eugi Degli Esposti. Sozo, Taggies, Trumpette, Ty, Wee Ones, and more!

210 N Defiance St, Archbold OH · 419-446-0000 ·

We would like to
wish all the

Pettisville Blackbird

the Best of Luck!

LADY BLACKBIRD SOFTBALL ... Front: Kyra Behnfeldt, Brittney Sauder, Sami Boger, Gretchen Lee, Sami Tilley, Lexi Go Blackbirds!
Sauder, Madelyn Krueger, Mackenzie Morgan. Back: Assistant Coach McCrae Kidston, Assistant Coach Kayla Bruner,
Bryenna Sprow, Andrea Flory, Sydney Purtee, Starr Kessinger, Head Coach Kendra Stahl.

We would l
the Pettisv
Athletes the

Good Luck

PETTISVILLE BOYS TRACK ... Front: Evan Warner, Calvin Nofziger, Caleb Nolander, Brodie Miller, Zach Morrison.
Second row: Manager Rosemary Baer, Drake McKeever, Nick Davis, Birch Baer, Noah Rocha, Ella Hudspeath. Third
row: Jake Myers, Jaret Rychener, Graeme Jacoby, Wyatt Cerda, Garrett Young, Owen King, Isaac Sauder. Back:
Coach Gabe Jaramillo, Coach Marty Rupp, Head Coach Tom Wagner, Ben Gray, Gabe Beck, Coach Kevin York, Coach
Casey Underwood.

Good Luck Blackbirds!


121 Main Street • Pettisville

Best Of Luck Athletes!

PETTISVILLE GIRLS TRACK ... Front: Manager Rosemary Baer, Ava Hoylman, Sarah Foor, Kelly Miller, Emily Dimick,
Manager Ella Hudspeath. Second row: Coach Gabe Jaramillo, Kendal Pursel, Katie Hauter, Morgan Leppelmeier,
Nichole Foor, Ryeana Klopfenstein, Heather Sauder. Back: Coach Marty Rupp, Karoline Hovden, Elizabeth Sauder,
Sarah Herring, Megan King, Danielle King, Coach Kevin York. Back: Head Coach Tom Wagner, Krystine Davis, Alayna
Jones, Tessa Waidelich, Alexa Leppelmeier, Morgan Sauder, Harper Nolander, Coach Casey Underwood,

GREATER Pettisville •McClure • Stony Ridge Kurt Nofziger Northwest Ohio’s Sporting
Goods Headquarters!
PERFORMING PRODUCTS 800.786.6325 President
1495 N. Shoop Ave., Wauseon • 419-335-1717
GOODARE ALWAYS A Cell 419.583.9705
Office 419.445.7771
Fax 419-445-7772
Nextel 130*42*789

This season, plant Rupp. Good Luck Blackbirds!
Let’s grow some good together.
521 Commercial Street, PO Box 53038, Pettisville, Ohio 43553


Wednesday, April 12th, 2017 The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle - 13

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