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Published by Forrest R. Church, 2017-03-01 13:32:39

The Village Reporter - March 1st, 2017

The Village Reporter - March 1st, 2017





THIS WEEK IN Montpelier Middle-Schooler Hosts Shoe Giveaway Fulton County In Line
To Get New Health Care
THE Center To Treat Addicts
vILLAGE reporter
By: James Pruitt
•••• HELPING HANDS ... Jade is pictured above with a group of all those that volunteered The future of treatment for people with drug addic-
the day of the giveaway. Missing from the photo is Montpelier's Mayor Steve Yagelski. tions is looking bright, as long as the funding holds
Montpelier City Water out.
Voted World's Best By: James Pruitt shoes.” Les McAslin, chief executive officer for ADAMhs,
•••• THE VILLAGE REPORTER Along with some donated shoes, the provided an update to the Fulton Board of County
Commissioners recently. Changes in approaches to
OMEA Honors Festival A Montpelier sixth-grader got rave re- effort had around 300 pairs when the treatment from filling beds to using medicine to assist
Showcases Talent views after hosting a shoe giveaway re- day of the giveaway arrived. The lines in the process has helped immensely.
Of Local Students cently at her school. were long when the event opened and One bright spot is the agency’s health center in Bry-
•••• people were moved in and out quickly, an, where the facility has seen a sudden growth in the
Twelve-year-old Jade Scott has run Jade said. number of patients since it opened its doors, McAslin
Williams County Can't Help her own nonprofit group called Mont- said. The facility will save ADAMhs $200,000 a year
Fair Board With Goat Barn pelier Hugs and found a way to expand “We handed out 200 pairs,” Jade said. depending on medications.
her outreach through the Disney Chan- “We kept putting on shoes until they fit.” “I remember telling my board if it doesn’t work out,
•••• nel. The results are that 200 or so people I’ll retire,” McAslin said about the all-in project. “It was
West Unity Man On have new shoes and many adults have The rush was huge at the start, but either that or do a new levy and I wasn’t going to do
Mission To Kenya To Lay been impressed with the pre-teen girl. it petered out in about two hours, Jade that.”
Foundation For School said. While the event was shorter than The dark cloud to the success of the Bryan opera-
The journey to the shoe giveaway be- she expected, she was proud of being tion is the response has been overwhelming. The staff
•••• gan last year when Jade was watching able to hand out so many shoes. is “absolutely under water over there.”
Fulton County Museum Taking the Disney Channel and saw an ad about No one had any idea it would have the response,
Form, Goal Is 2018 Opening a promotion the company was sponsor- School officials did not understand McAslin said. Demand come from not only individuals
ing called “Summer of Service.” Jade had her request to host the event at the off the street, but also substance abusers. Treating ad-
•••• wanted to do the shoe giveaway and en- school at first, mom Jaimi Geren said. dicts is the small part, it’s the primary health care and
Bryan And Montpelier tered her idea into the contest. But once they understood, they were im- the dental which brings in the numbers, he said.
Welcome New Postmasters pressed with her daughter, she said. “We partnered with Health Partners of Western Ohio
“I was one of 340 kids chosen in the for a qualified healthcare center,” McAslin said. “The
•••• United States,” Jade said. “Disney gave Now with the giveaway completed, the main reason we partnered with them is they could get
Wauseon Council Reverses us $500, which we used to buy new family ... medications through the federal government for pen-
Howard Avenue Parking Law nies on the dollar.”
Amid Frustration of Residents CONTINUED ON PAGE 3 ADAMhs was buying medicine through the state at
almost $1 million per year.
•••• “We started out with literally a fold out table and
two exam rooms in the drug recovery center in Bryan.
would be 150-175 in a year and those would primarily
“THE HOMETOWN” be addicts with physical health issues.
“All of a sudden, we had like 306 and the next month
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 1ST, 2017 A WEEKLY SPORTS PUBLICATION COURTESY OF "THE VILLAGE REPORTER" was like 527 then it goes up to 700. They needed more
space, but the state was cutting their budget for medi-
Evergreen Wins First Round Game Over Liberty Center 59-49 new cation. A building came up in Bryan (the old Kroger)
and the agency went in with Health Partners.”
new PHOTO BY BILL O'CONNOLL, STAFF The ADAMhs board put in $1.2 million and Health
DRIVE ... Evergreen's Hannah Herr drives for two points in Partners put in $2 million. The response was over-
Exclusively at the Viking's Sectional win over Liberty Center. whelming. The number of patients spiked from 700 to
more than 3,000 overnight. The waiting list for dental
Exclusively at care stands at 800.
People with opiate addiction are getting care through
superior coverage in half the time medicated assisted treatment. At an open house, seven
people walked in and asked how they could get started
ACE HARDWARE with the program, McAslin said.
The cost for medicines has fallen from $900,000 to
1495 N. SHOOP AVE. $19.23 over the past two years. This includes medi-
WAUSEON, OH 43567 cines for opiate addictions as well as physical ailments.
The cost per person is about $20 per person.
(419) 335-1717
Mon33_115288_0811 - Sat: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm; Sun: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm CONTINUED ON PAGE 3

superior coverage in half the time PHOTO BY JAMES PRUITT, STAFF

33_115288_0811 FUTURE PLANS ... ADAMhs CEO Les McAslin updated
the Fulton County Board on the state of treatment for
What Others See As Messy, West Unity’s substance abusers and the mentally ill.
Bob Dewille Sees As Missionary Material

PHOTO PROVIDED mous, 92 year old modern day Tabitha has changed
the life of a local man, who in turn is determined to
MULTITASKING MAT MINISTRY MAN ... Robert cro- carry forward her desire to make a difference in the
chets a mat while he catches up with the happenings lives of those who are the most in need.
on television.
Meet Bob Dewille, a former resident of Medina. A
By: Timothy Kays series of misfortunes, including a divorce, brought him
THE VILLAGE REPORTER westward to West Unity, where he now resides. Bob is
Chapter 9 of the Book of Acts tells us of a widow more than open to professing his Christian faith, and
lady from Joppa named Tabitha, who in verse 36 was it is his driving force in life. “All my life I’ve wanted
described as, “...a believer who was always doing kind two things,” Bob said. “One, is to not be alone, and
things for others, especially for the poor.” Tabitha was two, is for my life to make a difference. I’m a Chris-
very handy with the knitting needle, and created gar- tian. Because of God, I wanted to do something that
ments and other items for the widowed and the poor, would be totally unique.” Bob’s faith reflected back to
making her famous for her kindness and charitably. the words of Christ, who said, “Ask and it will be given
Although the story is two millennia in age, an anony- to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will
be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the
one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the
door will be opened.”

The modern day Tabitha, who went by the nom de
plume of Missy, was the answer to Bob’s prayer to pro-
vide something unique, and at the same time provide a
benefit to his fellow man, AND help the environment...
all at the same time. All it took was time, patience,
some of those landfill choking polyethylene shopping
bags...a LOT of bags, and the tutelage of Missy.

“She had been a friend of the family for years, and
she knew what I wanted,” Bob said of his mentor. “One
day she called me up on the phone and said, ‘I want


2014-2015 FORD ESCAPES


to choose from

starting at 920 N. Main Street • Bryan
or 1-877-636-1156


Phil Hagelberger • Bob Stanton • Brad Ford • Greyson Spangler • Chip Wood



What Others See As Messy, West Unity’s ... Completes Air Force

to talk to you. Can you come down here and see me?’ The 92-year old Missy asked Bob to carry on her Basic Military Training
I went to see her, and she said, ‘I’m not long for this ministry, saying that she just could not make any
world. I’m getting older, and I can’t do what I want to more. Once she had his assurance that Bob would U.S. Air Force Airman basic training also earn
do. You’ve always talked about making a difference. carry forth with her work, and she saw that he had Collin L. Turner gradu- four credits toward an as-
How serious are you?’ I said I was really serious. She fully learned and grasped the manufacturing con- ated from basic military sociate in applied science
said, ‘Okay, I’m going to show you something. If you cept. Missy handed her ministry torch to Bob, and in training at Joint Base degree through the Com-
want to learn it, I’ll teach you how to do it. What I’ve November of 2016, she passed away. San Antonio-Lackland, munity College of the Air
done for the past 20 years since my husband died is San Antonio, Texas. Force.
made these mats. They’re sleeping mats, and I give Now on his own, Bob is learning the ins and outs
them to homeless people. I’ve sent them everywhere. of the ministry that he inherited from Missy. One of The airman completed Turner is the son of
It takes me awhile to make them. They are made out of those was the consumption rate of his raw materials... an intensive, eight-week Randal L. Turner of Mont-
plastic bags. You make them, and you recycle them.’ the bags. “I was doing these mats over the Christmas program that included pelier, Ohio, and grand-
I told her that I didn’t understand, and she said that holidays,” he said, “...but I kept running out of bags. training in military dis- son of Robert L. Turner of
she would show me how to make plastic yarn. She I decided to take my need for bags to Facebook, and cipline and studies, Air Bryan, Ohio.
showed me how to make the plastic yarn, and said from there it’s spread out from churches to individu- Force core values, physi-
from that point forward it was a matter of crocheting als. The worst thing is not having enough bags. It’s cal fitness, and basic war- He is a 2016 gradu-
the mat. She said I should make the mat three and a always better to have more than enough.” Just pri- fare principles and skills. ate of Montpelier High
half feet wide and six feet long because most people or to the time of this interview, Bob received a huge School, Montpelier, Ohio.
are about six feet. If you get a taller person that needs shipment of bags that were delivered by Pastor David Airmen who complete
something bigger on a special request, then go ahead Mathis of the Living Hope Free Methodist Church in INFORMATION PROVIDED
and make the longer mat. She said that when they West Unity.
sleep on this, it keeps them off the ground.’” The re- Senior Center News
cycled bag mats do more than just keep a body off the Bob says that it takes 45 hours to crochet one
ground...much more, in fact. mat. “I do it in my spare time and I don’t pressure Bryan Senior Center
myself, because if I can make a difference in just one Announces Regular
As opposed to a cardboard box or a mat made person’s life, then my life has counted for something. Euchre Party Results
of fabric or woven plant or grass fibers, the plastic One in four homeless people is an American military
mats are vastly superior. They are water resistant, veteran. I especially want to do something for them. The Bryan Senior Center hosted its regular euchre
and easy to wash out. They are resistant to insect In with the mat, I put a copy of the One Minute Bible. party on February 21, 2017. There were 18 players
infestations. They provide a better insulation to the It gets them interested in God. Sometimes I can get present. The winners for the day were: 1st place went
cold, and they are much more portable. It keeps the restaurant coupon books, and I will put in a coupon to: Margaret McBride with a 239. 2nd place went to:
bags out of the landfills, and no electrical power is for a cup of coffee so they can read the Bible and have Bonnie Harrison with a 233. The door prizes were won
consumed in the recycling and repurposing process. a cup of coffee.” by: Cletus Noll, Darlene Freed, Laverne Wirth, James
Missy also used to make slippers in the same manner Klender and Shirley Williams. The next regular euchre
as the mats, using the same materials, and carrying Bob wanted to be unique, and God gave him the party will be held on February 28, 2017 from 1 to 3
the same benefits outlet. With his drive and zeal, you would think that pm. The first Euchre Tournament of the year will be
he would be happy with his unique status, but now held on, March 13, 2017 from 3:30- 5:30pm. There
Looking back to Missy’s instruction, Bob said, “She he is willing to trade that title in for something that will be a light supper following. For more information
said that the hardest thing for me would be the part he feels is even better. As Missy once did for him, call: 419-0636-4047. Come in to the Senior Center
about learning to crochet. She said that she would he wants to teach individuals and groups how to and play euchre with some really great seniors!!!
teach me, and that I needed to learn how to use a Q- do what he is doing. Everything and everyone from
sized needle. I had no idea what that was, so she gave high school art and Vo-Ag classes, to organizations INFORMATION PROVIDED
me one. She taught me everything. She taught me like knitting circles, churches, 4-H and FFA chap-
how to make a chain. She taught me how to double ters, right on down to individuals, Bob wants to show Fulton County To Host
up. After that, it was all a matter of practice. The first them all how to save our landfills, save our planet, Inaugural “Reflections”
mat that I did was okay, but the last two have been and provide a comfort for those who are in great need.
great. They’re stretchable. They come with a chain. I Senior Prom
sew chain to them. You can roll them up, wrap the “Anyone who is willing to do this,” Bob said, “I am
chain around them and carry them. They are much willing to teach them. Just call me at 419-737-6888. The Fulton County Senior Center is excited to an-
lighter than the fabric mats.” Bob has been on a roll It can be tedious, but if you can get yourself through nounce that they will be hosting their first ever “Re-
ever since. that, the rewards are very great. You will have the flections” Senior Prom. The Prom, featuring colors of
satisfaction of knowing that you have made a differ- black, white, red and silver, will be hosted in the Gym-
Williams County Humane Society ence in someone’s life. You will have the satisfaction nasium of the Fulton County Senior Center, 240 Clin-
Bear of doing something for someone other than yourself. ton Street, Wauseon on Friday, April 21st, 2017.
Bear is a three year old You are making a difference. You are speaking of God.
neutered lab mix. He is God did not call the righteous to repent; He called on Seating will begin at 11:00 am, and will feature a
handsome as can be, sinners.” noon meal with prime rib, baked potato, fresh aspara-
has soulful eyes, and gus, dinner roll and salad bar. Following the meal will
loves attention. He is Bob is holding fast to his promise to Missy before be music by “Nostalgia” and dancing until 3:00pm.
very mild mannered and she passed away, and he is eager to expand the fam- Prom dates do not have to be seniors.
would make the perfect ily of plastic weavers in the area. “All that you need
addition to any family. to have is a little patience, and a desire to make a Seniors are encouraged to bring in their high school
His adoption fee is $180 difference in someone’s life,” he said. “That’s all that prom photos or vintage photo of them and their sweet-
with an approved appli- you need, and if no one else wants to learn this, then heart for the “Sweetheart Photo Display.” Photos need
cation. I’ll just keep on making these things until the day I to be brought into the Senior Center by March 10th.
draw my last breath. You don’t have to change a mil- Copies of photos will be made, and originals returned
For more information, call or visit the Williams County lion people’s lives. You only have to change back to the owner.
Humane Society at 09464 County Road 13, Bryan, Ohio life at a time. You help one person at a time. You give
43506, (419) 636-2200. The cost of adoption also includes that person hope. If I do one, and you do one, and ev- Tickets are on sale for $10.00 and space is limited.
the pet’s spay or neuter, disease testing, updating of shots, eryone else each does one, we could change the whole Call Beth Ricker-Flory at 419-337-9299 to purchase
flea and parasite treatments. world. That’s all that I want to do.” tickets.

The Bible is loaded from stem to stern with famous INFORMATION PROVIDED
‘hand-offs’. Moses handed over the Exodus of Israel
to Joshua. Elijah handed over his responsibilities to
Elisha. David handed his crown over to Solomon. Mil-
lennia later, a widow named Missy handed over her
ministry to Bob. Her cause for the Kingdom is in very
good hands.

Timothy Kays can be reached at



MARCH 3RD, 2017 - MARCH 11TH, 2017

MARCH 3RD Co•mWMmilAliisaRsmCiosHnCe6roTsuH9ntAyM MARCH 10TH
•Evergreen Mother/Son Game •Wauseon City Council 5 PM WEDNESDAY, •Montpelier High School pres-
Night - Evergreen Elementary •Archbold Village Council 7 PM MARCH 8TH ents Seussical 7 PM
School 6:30 - 830 PM •Bryan City Council 7 PM •Fayette Village Council 6 PM •Hilltop High School presents 9
•Delta Village Council 7 PM
SATURDAY, •Edgerton Village Council 7 PM THURSDAY to 5 7 PM
MARCH 4TH •Lyons Village Council 7 PM MARCH 9TH
No events submitted •Metamora Village Council 7 PM •Williams County SATURDAY,
Commissioners 9 AM MARCH 11TH
SUNDAY, TUESDAY, •Fulton County •Montpelier High School pres-
MARCH 5TH MARCH 7TH Commissioners 9 AM ents Seussical 7 PM
No events submitted •Fulton County •West Unity Village Council 7:30 PM •Hilltop High School presents 9
Commissioners 9 AM
to 5 7 PM

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CHRISMER “Serving Edon and
FINANCIAL Northwestern Ohio with
SERVICES clean, dependable natural

Robert C. Chrismer gas since 1914”

Determined to become a Lucas products sold here “For the complete 111 Chase St.,Stryker, OH 1-800-331-7396 “Our Family Serving
world class supplier with deal, see THIEL!” 419-682-1231 Your Family”

first-rate Associates Construction • 419-272-2712
Supply Center • 419-272-2755 Fayette, OH
Kumi North
America Group

West Unity, Ohio


Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 “The Village Reporter” / Weekly Northwest Ohio (Williams & Fulton County News) - 7

Simply Speaking Toastmasters Open Wauseon Board Of Education
To All Who Seek To Better Themselves Opens Programs To Development

PHOTO PROVIDED By: James Pruitt the high school Feb. 23.
THE VILLAGE REPORTER The board accepted the following do-
TOASTMASTERS ... Karen Lyke, President of Northwest Ohio Toastmasters, pres-
ents Rebecca Lovelass with her Competent Communicator award. Wauseon Local Exempted Schools nations:
has signed a memorandum of under- •$2,000 from the Wauseon Athletic
What do James Lovell, Chris Mat- just for improving your speaking skills, standing with two local companies to of-
thews and Leonard Nimoy have in com- but a large component of the program fer additional educational opportunities. Boosters to the Athletic Department for
mon? is developing leadership skills. Rebecca travel expenses.
Lovelass who has been in Northwest The MOU is with St. Mary Develop-
They were all Toastmasters. Ohio Toastmasters for seven years feels ment Corp. and Preferred Properties Inc. •$61.68 from Christ United Method-
The club that hones public speaking the leadership skills are equally impor- with regard to the residents of Wauseon ist Church to middle school after school
and leadership skills isn’t just for those tant. The Fayette resident said, “Not only Village II. The district will work with the program for snacks.
who aspire to be astronauts, talk show has Toastmasters increased my confi- two firms to ensure residents have ac-
hosts, or actors. dence in speaking in front of others, I cess to: •Approved modifications and supple-
Toastmasters is for anyone who feel I now have the skills and willing- mental modifications to the FY17 per-
would like a leg up in an interview, is ness to step into leadership roles within ~Free tutoring and/or afterschool manent appropriations.
pursuing a promotion, needs better Toastmasters as well as other groups to academic support. This service is pro-
communication skills or just wants to which I belong.” Lovelass currently is vided by the 21st Century Grant Staff •Increased the general fund
get rid of the “ums” and “likes” in gen- the club’s vice-president of education. or United Way Afterschool Programming $600,000;
eral talking. at Wauseon Primary, Elementary, Mid-
The area is fortunate to have two Another important piece to Toast- dle and High schools on selected week- •Increased permanent improvement
local clubs. Simply Speaking in Defi- masters is giving feedback to others. nights during the school year and held $439,000
ance and Northwest Ohio Toastmasters Karen Lyke of Whitehouse and current- at each individual school.
which meets at Northwest State Com- ly president of the Northwest Ohio club •Increased classroom facility PI
munity College. Both of these clubs have discussed that area, “Even though I had ~Vocational courses resulting in a $100,000;
long-established reputations of building been a teacher for years, through Toast- certification or degree. This program is
leaders in Northwest Ohio communities. masters I learned how to listen more available at the high school and taught •Increased WMS Student Activity
Both also are celebrating significant carefully, more critically -- with atten- by the staff from Four County Career $25,000.
anniversaries. Simply Speaking recent- tion to content, organization, and deliv- Center. Some will be at the FCCC and
ly recognized 20 years as a club, and ery techniques, and to provide honest transportation will be provided by the •Offered a one-year limited non-ath-
Northwest Ohio Toastmasters, which feedback in a very kind and constructive district. letic supplemental contract to Amanda
was formerly known as Williams County way. Lyke also added that her world has Aniolowski as assistant musical director
Toastmasters will be celebrating their expanded in hearing others share their The Wauseon Board of Education as Step 0 on the approved salary scale.
60th anniversary next month. experiences through speeches, and she met for its monthly noontime meeting at
Current members of the clubs recog- has especially enjoyed the friendships The next meeting will be held at 5:30
nize the benefits gained from member- formed through Toastmasters. p.m. at the administration building in
ship. Robert Boyd of Paulding, a mem- Wauseon.
ber of Simply Speaking Toastmasters, An area in which the two local clubs
had a very specific reason for joining are in as well as clubs in Toledo and James Pruitt may be reached at
Toastmasters. He said, “I teach Tae- Perrysburg will be holding their Inter-
kwondo and frequently speak in front of national Speech and Evaluation con-
my students; however, I was running for tests Saturday, February 25 from 9:30 Mandy Neidhardt Takes On
county commissioner and soon realized to noon at the American Legion Annex, Task Of Postmaster In Bryan
that standing in front of voters was com- 500 Glenwood Avenue, Napoleon.
pletely different than speaking in front By: James Pruitt PHOTO BY JAMES PRUITT, STAFF
of a class. I joined Toastmasters to learn The contest will be open to the pub- THE VILLAGE REPORTER
how to better get my point across. Now, lic so everyone attending will have the POSTMASTER ... Mandy Neidhardt of
I’m more structured, focused, and confi- opportunity to learn more about the Mandy Neidhardt has been work- Hicksville, has been the postmaster in
dent when speaking in public.” communication and leadership skills ing for the Postal Service since January Bryan since November 2016. She likes
Boyd, who joined Toastmasters in available through Toastmasters. They 2001. her work and even handles express mail
2011, has since achieved the highest will hear local and world-class speakers deliveries to Edon, Edgerton, Farmer
level of recognition possible in Toast- compete in the contests. For more infor- This is her first assignment as a post- and Ney as part of her shift.
masters, Distinguished Toastmaster mation about the contest you can call master.
and also was named Club Coach of the 419-966-3427. Letters mailed from Bryan, even their
Year in 2016 for District 28. She started as a carrier in Defiance destination is across town, goes to De-
Jane Hibbard of Stryker, a member The public is also invited to check before moving up the ladder. She has troit to be canceled, Neidhardt said.
of both Simply Speaking and Northwest out both of the local clubs. Visitors are been an acting supervisor and then a
Ohio Toastmasters, has also achieved always welcome. supervisor in Defiance. She became an “Letters come in order, ready to go,”
Distinguished Toastmaster recognition. Officer in Charge at Montpelier from Neidhardt said.
Jane said she likes the challenge that Simply Speaking Toastmasters meets February to November 2016 before tak-
Toastmasters gives you to become a bet- the second and fourth Thursdays at ing the helm at Bryan. For people wondering where their
ter communicator and leader. “As you 6:30 p.m. at the Defiance City Council mail went, she advises that without a
go through the program you are reward- Room in the Municipal Building, 631 When she started out, she had no in- tracking number there is nothing she
ed for what you accomplish. Toastmas- Perry Street, Defiance. Call 419-262- kling of becoming a postmaster. can do about lost mail. The service can-
ters gives you a large support group to 3637 for more information. not track mail by a last name, she said.
help you achieve your goals.” “It’s something that developed over
Many people think Toastmasters is Northwest Ohio Toastmasters meets time,” Neidhardt said. “It was either sur- Born and raised in Hicksville, where
the first and third Mondays at 6:30 p.m. gery or go into the office.” she currently resides, small town life
at Northwest State Community College, agrees with her. She likes Bryan be-
State Route 34, Archbold. Call 419/237- Neidhardt enjoys her job as it allows cause it is closer than Montpelier. Her
3091 for more information. her to act on her love of numbers. She goal is to be the postmaster in town un-
also likes to interact with people, so the til she retires, which is only 17 years
INFORMATION PROVIDED job gives her plenty of opportunities to away.
do both.
Two Seniors Named Swanton “I’m halfway there,” Neidhardt said.
Rotary Club’s February “I like the financial aspect,” Neidhardt
Students Of The Month said. “I am never bored.” James Pruitt may be reached at
A lifer in the Postal Service, she has
undergone a lot of instruction to become
a postmaster.

“When I got the supervisor job, there
was twelve to sixteen weeks of training,”
Neidhardt said. “I spent two weeks in

Her training has taken her to Colum-
bus to see a mail processing plant to see
the various aspects of the delivery sys-

At Bryan, she oversees six city routes
and eight rural routes. In addition see
manages the rural post offices in Farmer
and Ney, Neidhardt said. The rest of the
staff includes four clerks and a mainte-
nance worker.

The crew works hard to clear the mail
every day. First and second class mail
goes out the same day it comes in and
once in a while Third class mail may lin-
ger for no more than a day.

“Outgoing mail is shipped every
night,” Neidhardt said. “The mail does
not stay here.”

Edgerton Village Council May
Review Public Comments Policy

PHOTO PROVIDED By: James Pruitt ple will not be able to address the panel
THE VILLAGE REPORTER on that matter.
STUDENTS OF THE MONTH ... Swanton High School Assistant Principal, Steve
Smith and SHS Teacher, Ron Kauffman are pictured with Ben Burke and Chase Getting on the agenda to speak at vil- Bowsher cited past practice that led
Avalos, who have been named the Swanton Rotary Club’s Senior Students of the lage council meeting may get easier. to the current policy (Rule 18) where
Month for February. Both students gave the club members brief bios about them- people would get up in a meeting and
selves, their families, involvement in school, and future plans. Each, along with The Edgerton council will consider ask council questions and demand a
their parents and teacher honorees were guests for lunch at the Swanton Rotary changing the rules to allow more resi- response then and there. The meeting
Club’s weekly meeting at the Swanton Community Center. At the conclusion of the dents to address the legislators on mat- would fall into chaos, he said.
school year, the Rotary Club will honor one teacher/educator from those acknowl- ters pertaining to the community. Cur-
edged by the students throughout the course of the year. The Club will honor that rent practice leaves it to the mayor to “The circus is not coming to town,”
teacher with the “golden apple award” in May. Congratulations to each of our young determine if the applicants issue has Bowsher said.
people as well as their teachers who were recognized this month. any merit.
Council member Greg Jennings of-
Council member Chuck Wilson fered a different perspective. People now
brought up the question following an approach council members on the street
executive session on a separate matter. and hope the legislator can relay their
Wilson’s question was fueled in part by comments to the full council, he said.
a request by a contractor whose bid to
reconstruct Depot Street was rejected “We were put here to listen,” Jen-
by council. nings said. “A person can talk to a coun-
cil member or they can present their
The contractor wanted to speak to thoughts to council.
council about the bids, but Mayor Lance
Bowsher rejected the request because “Let us hear them in their own
the issue has been settled. Wilson asked words.”
his colleagues if the policy was too re-
strictive and maybe council should de- Wilson pressed for a more open fo-
cide who gets to speak. rum.

Wilson’s proposal was to give people “We want public participation,” Wil-
3 minutes to speak and then give coun- son said. “We need the public, we don’t
cil until the next meeting to decide if it need one person to decide.”
will respond. If council decides not to
pursue the matter it is closed and peo- Council will consider the question
until the next meeting.

James Pruitt may be reached at


Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 “The Village Reporter” / Weekly Northwest Ohio (Williams & Fulton County News) - 13

Montpelier Woman Of The Moose Fayette Schools Breaks Ground
Celebrate 100th Anniversary For Ag Shop & Athletic Fields

PHOTOS PROVIDED The Fayette Local Schools has two programming and other various technol-
great things happening here in the next 7 ogies that are being used in the industry
CELEBRATING 100 YEARS ... In celebration of the chapter’s 100th anniversary, months. They will be adding 2850 square today,” said Pamela Schultz 11 year Fay-
Montpelier #270, Women of the Moose, held an open house at the lodge Sunday, feet shop addition to their Agricultural ette FFA Advisor.
Feb. 19th with all co-workers of the chapter invited and visitors welcomed from Education program and constructing
several area chapters. In honor of the occasion, Montpelier Mayor Steve Yagelski ball diamonds, track and field facilities The Fayette Athletic complex will begin
presented a special proclamation commemorating the institution of the chapter and little league fields to the property. construction in March and will include a
on Feb. 13th, 1917. The chapter currently has a membership of over 700. During Through these two additions our stu- state of the art athletic complex which in-
the past century the chapter has consistently supported the local lodge and raised dents will have the opportunities to de- cludes: 8 lane polyurethane track along
funds for many donations to help Mooseheart “The Child City” near Chicago, IL and velop new skills as well as train on state with field events, varsity baseball and
Moosehaven “City of Contentment” for senior Moose members at Orange Park, FL, of the art facilities for our spring and fall softball fields, 3 youth fields, and addi-
and local community service projects. Shown with Mayor Yagelski, center, are from sports. The total cost of the projects is tional parking lot. The athletic complex
left to right current chapter officers, Melinda Evers, secretary-treasurer; Bonnie 2.2 million. The combination of projects will provide facilities for the students and
Gonzales, Green Cap junior graduate regent; Kara Custer, acting senior regent; and will be funded through bonds voted upon the community to use throughout the
Rey McKinney, recorder. The chapter’s regular meetings are first and third Thurs- by the taxpayers and various local funds. year and will provide a facility worthy of
days at 6:30 p.m. at the lodge family center, corner of Airport Road and St. Rt. 107. Completion date for both projects will be the Fayette community.
July 20th, 2017.
Athletic Director Abby Short says,
The Fayette Agricultural Education “The Fayette Athletic Department is very
program was restarted during the 2006- excited for the new sports complex and
2007 school year with just 27 students. the opportunities that it brings. The new
Since then the enrollment numbers for complex will allow us to encompass nu-
the program have reached nearly sixty merous athletic events for all ages. This
percent of the high school population facility will also allow the school and the
as well as all seventh and eighth grade athletic department to be involved with
students. Through the program students the community and surrounding schools
are taught day to day tool usage, welding, on a whole new level.”
small engines, woodworking, animal and
plant science, public speaking and par- “These projects are a compilation of
liamentary procedure. Students are also years of hard work by past administra-
required to keep records on their Super- tion, community members and the board
vised Agricultural Experience. Through of education. The vision for these projects
these projects Ag/ FFA members have aligns with the mission of the district and
invested nearly $172,000 back into our will provide facilities that will help to edu-
community. cate our youth year round whether in the
classroom or through athletics. We are
“The growth of this space will allow excited to see these projects completed
our growth in student’s numbers to safe- and to promote the Fayette Local School
ly and effectively learn the skills that are as a district of choice for families inside
being demanded by today’s workforce. and outside of our community,” said Erik
This addition will give our students new Belcher, Superintendent.
opportunities such as aquaponics, CNC

Wauseon School Board Tackles Light Agenda

By: Cory Johnson and award ceremonies for each grade
THE VILLAGE REPORTER were well received.

After holding a moment of silence in “We have a lot of awards for academ-
remembrance of a primary school stu- ics, improvement, which is just as impor-
dent’s passing, the Wauseon Schools tant, and citizenship. We celebrate many
Board of Education reviewed a light dimensions of learning because there’s
agenda at their Monday, February 14th many dimensions to life,” she said.
MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT ... Entertainment for the celebration of Montpelier The board adopted a resolution ac- The elementary school also hosted an
Chapter 270, Women of the Moose, centennial anniversary Sunday, Feb. 19th was cepting amounts and rates as deter- uplifting percussion assembly by Shel-
provided by the Montpelier High School Locomotive Jazz Band shown here. They mined by the Budget Commission and tered Reality, an adult and student drum
performed a wonderful program of various selections and featured students on authorizing the necessary tax levies and organization that spreads positive mes-
saxophone, trombone, trumpet, clarinet, guitar and drums, under the direction certifying them to the County Auditor for sages to students.
of Laura Zumbaugh. Most of the band members are honor roll students and are fiscal year 2018. Affected areas include
involved in many other school activities including marching band, chorus, vari- the general fund, bond retirement fund, Principal Joe Friess reported that
ous sports and academic achievements. The public is invited to the school band permanent improvement fund, and the Lindsey Mathews (6th Grade), Maggie
and choir concert scheduled Monday, Feb. 27th at 7:00 p.m. in the high school classroom facility fund. Duden (7th Grade) and
gym. This concert precedes competition the following weekend. Many jazz band
members are also participants in the high school musical “Seuss-ical” which will The board also accepted a donation Megan Black (8th Grade) recently rep-
be performed March 10, 11 & 12. More information and tickets for the musical are of $3,000.00 from the Wauseon Athletic resented the school in the Fulton County
available by calling the school office. Boosters to the Wauseon Athletic Depart- Spelling Bee with the elementary repre-
ment for Swim and Dive Team warm ups sentatives of Benjamin Tule (4th Grade)
and approved Jaime Rupp as a Volunteer and Maria Shema (5th Grade). Shema
Softball Coach for the 2016-17 school placed first, Mathews placed second, and
year pending receipt of both a clean BCI/ Tule placed fourth in their respective cat-
FBI background check and Pupil Activity egories.
In building reports, Friess also told the board that 21st
Principal Blake Young reported that Century Grant after school program has
Kindergarten registration will take place continued to flourish and will be up for
March 23-24, 2017. A second grade mu- renewal this year. Upcoming dates in-
sical and math night also saw great par- clude an ALICE training for students
ticipation. The school raised over $389 to be prepared in the event of a school
for the Fulton County Heart Radiothon shooting. Chief Hartsock of the Delta Po-
through selling “licenses” for students to lice Department will present across the
take part in special activities. Young also district.
reported that 82 percent of Kindergarten
and 80 percent of first grade students “The staff got it and they liked it, and
have met their end of year academic goal, it’s been a pressing issue of when we’re
PAST OFFICERS ... Many chapter and lodge members attended the 100th anniver- and the building is taking steps to begin going to train the kids,” he said.
sary celebration for Montpelier #270, Women of the Moose, Sunday, Feb. 19th open entering grades online in the next school
house. Pictured here, from left to right, are current and past state and international year. Wauseon High School Principal Keith
officers of the Women of the Moose present for the occasion: standing, Ohio Deputy “This year our class is doing a won- Leatherman reported that state end of
Grand Regent Dorie Howdieshell, Greenville; Past Deputy Grand Regent Jill Clark, derful job, our teachers are doing a great year testing will take place at the end
Kenton; Past Deputy Grand Regent Rey McKinney, Montpelier, (currently serving job. We’re starting a lot of early interven- of March and plans are in place to re-
as recorder); and seated, Past Grand Regent Karol Smith, Findlay; and Past Grand tion view administering procedures at an up-
Council Member Joyce Schelling, Montpelier, (currently serving as community ser- Elementary Principal Theresa Viet- coming professional development day.
vice chairman). Chapter memorabilia including photos, scrapbooks and various meier told the board that response to Leatherman also told the board that
awards for membership, charitable donations and ritual team competition were on their United Way after school program guidance counselors are meeting with
display. A light lunch was served with sandwiches, potato salad, relishes, chips, grant has been great, and the January students to schedule next year’s courses.
punch and special decorated cake and cupcakes. 13th professional development day was
roundly praised by teachers for the vari- The board then entered into an execu-
ety of choices available. She also report- tive session to discuss the employment of
Swanton Schools Announce ed that the building’s recent Math Night personnel and the purchase and sale of
real estate. No action was taken.

The next regular meeting will be held
Monday March 13, 2017 in the board of-

Cory Johnson may be reached at

Kindergarten Registration Details St. John’s Archbold Pre-School
Swanton Local Schools will have custody papers, divorce decrees or fos-
Kindergarten Registration and Screen-
ing on April 6th and 7th for the 2017- Students Meet K-9 Fazzo & Deputyter placement agreements (entire docu-
18 school year. Kindergarten students ments), if necessary. If custody papers
must be five years old before August 1, are required and not presented, the
to qualify for entrance to Kindergarten. child cannot be admitted. If a custody
Parents need to call Crestwood Elemen- change is in progress, a notarized affi-
tary from 9:00-2:30 at 419/826-8991 davit listing the court file number of the
to schedule an appointment. Custodial custody petition may be substituted,
parent or guardian MUST register the but for no longer than sixty (60) days.
potential Kindergarten student. Proof of Residency – The parent/le-
gal guardian will have to furnish proof
The following documents for the stu- of residency in the Swanton School Dis-
dent are required at the time of registra- trict in an approved domicile. This may
tion: be shown through a sales agreement for
a house, a lease or rental contract, or a
Birth certificate or passport - no oth- current utility bill listing the name and
er documents will be accepted. address. Letters from rental managers
may be requested. All must be dated
If you do not have an original birth within the last thirty (30) days. If this
certificate, contact the Bureau of Vital is not available and the parent/guard-
Statistics in the state where your child ian lives with someone, a Residency Af-
was born to obtain one. Hospital Record fidavit Form will be required and needs
with footprints is not acceptable. to be filled out by the home owner and
parent. This form must be notarized and PHOTO PROVIDED
Immunization Records must be sub- proof of residency must be furnished by
mitted at the time of enrollment. the owner of the residence. FURRY FRIEND ... St. John’s Pre-school in Archbold was host to newly added K-9,
Fazzo and his handler, Deputy Justin Galbraith. The students learned about the
Custody Papers or Foster Placement INFORMATION PROVIDED ability and importance of the K-9 unit.
Agreement – The parent/legal guard-
ian/foster parent will have to furnish


Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 “The Village Reporter” / Weekly Northwest Ohio (Williams & Fulton County News) - 19




Evergreen Wins First Round Game Over Liberty Center 59-49 new


Exclusively at DRIVE ... Evergreen's Hannah Herr drives for two points in
the Viking's Sectional win ovEexrclLuisbiveertlyy aCtenter.

superior coverage in half the time


1495 N. SHOOP AVE.

(419) 335-1717

Mon33_115288_0811 - Sat: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm; Sun: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Boys Varsity Basketball Action

Stryker Ends Season With BBC Win Over Edon


View All Photos Of This Event Online At Boys Varsity Basketball Swanton 62. Delta 52
The Bulldogs 20-10 first quarter lead
CHRYSLER - DODGE - JEEP - RAM February 21st, 2017 carried over for the complete game as the
final score was the same 10-point differ-
Tri-County Cardinal Stritch 60, Swanton 45 ence. The Bulldogs (10-12) were led by
Repair, Inc. The Bulldogs were not able to keep up Gunnar Oakes’ 19 points. Oakes was ac-
down the stretch in this non-league con- companied in double figures by Duyane
A/C work - Auto - test. Cardinal Stritch, after scoring 39 Goings with 10 points. The Panthers (1-
Farm - Truck points through the first three quarters, 20) finished a grueling regular season
connected for 21 points in the fourth to competing to the end as Brady Wymer
WhWehyedymdmraaraakukueleilaciaclhllhlokoksisinenedsdsss&&ooff run away with the win. Gunnar Oakes led Delta with 15 points and Peton Phil-
fiftititninggss.. led Swanton with 14 points. lips added 12 points.

800-872-3220 February 23rd, 2017 Wauseon 60, Patrick Henry 39
419-237-2546 The Indians (21-1) completed their
Archbold 72, Evergreen 54 first outright NWOAL championship
It was a 22-8 second quarter advan- since the 99-00 season with their final
tage by the Bluestreaks that led them to win of the regular season. Senior Carter
their sixth and final league win over the Bzovi made his last appearance on the
Vikings. Rigo Ramos sank four three- Wauseon floor special as he led the Tribe
point shots and led Archbold with 22 with 21 points. Austin Rotroff added 15
points in the win. Bryce Williams added in the win and Brooks Gype finished with
18 and Eli Miller added 11. Mason Loef- 10.
fler led Evergreen with 14.

February 24th, 2017 Bryan 53, Liberty Center 51
The Golden Bears won their 13th
Pettisville 75, North Central 35 game of the season to finish on a positive
The Blackbirds (12-10) started the note with the NWOAL win. The game was
game with 24 first-quarter points as they as close as indicated as the two teams
finished their BBC season with their traded 31 points apiece during the sec-
ninth win. Landon Roth led Pettisville ond half of action. Evan Smith led Bryan
with 17 points. Also in double figures with 14 points and Colt Arthur added 13.
were Justin Rupp with 13 points and De-
tric Yoder with 12. North Central’s (5-17) Boys JV Basketball
Nick Henry led the Eagles with 11 points.
February 24th, 2017
Hilltop 39, Fayette 30
It was the fourth quarter that saw the Pettisville 42, North Central 33
Cadets score 18 points after only scor- The Blackbirds held a 32-29 lead
ing 21 over the first three quarters to heading into the fourth period. Pettis-
lead them to the BBC win. Hilltop (21-1) ville used a 10-4 advantage over that
were led by Ryan Brooker with 13 points. span to prevail. Sam Rychener led the
Quinn Smith finished with 12 with 11 Blackbirds with 14 points. The Eagles
of those points being scored in the final had nine players in the score column
period. Tim Maneval added 11 points. led by six points by Hayden Haas.
Trey Keefer led Fayette (8-14) with nine
points. Fayette 39, Hilltop 25
A 12-4 second quarter helped guide
Stryker 53, Edon 38 the Eagles to the win. Noah Brinegar
Despite getting 18 points from Braden led Fayette with 11 points in the sea-
Miller and 10 from Travis Siebenaler, the son finale. Christian McKinney led
Bombers were defeated in the final game Hilltop with 10 points.
of the regular season by BBC rival Stryk-


2 - The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Congratulations Kolden Uribes

Chugging your way to 1000 points!

Kolden Uribes Scores 1000th Point & Claims Single Game Scoring Record On The Same Night

By: Kent Hutchison or not. He briefly left the contest, followed PHOTOS BY KENT HUTCHISON
THE VILLAGE REPORTER by the three seniors, Blake, Colin Rockey, A NIGHT TO REMEMBER ... Kolden Uribes made it a night to remember as he scored
and Alec Waterston, who all received a nice not only his 100th career point but also laid claim to the most points scored in a game.
In his wildest dreams Montpelier’s ovation from the crowd. However, with the
Kolden Uribes couldn’t have imagined that single game scoring record of 40 points, set if you truly understand Kolden it is obvi- percentage from the FT line.”
Friday, February 17, would turn out like by Jon Mick in 1987, within reach Uribes ous that isn’t how he ticks. In terms of what he feels are the major
it did. The junior came into that night’s was inserted back into the contest.
contest against BBC rival Edon needing 33 Montpelier Head Coach Taylor Muehl- contributors to his success Kolden shared
points to surpass the 1000 point scoring If he hadn’t caused enough excitement feld explains. “Kolden’s greatest strength his keys. “Early mornings and late nights
plateau and join teammate Michael Blake, already, Uribes dribbled the ball from the is that he is a competitor and not a self- in the gym. Hours spent in the weight
as well as six former Locos, in the exclusive right wing to almost the exact spot where ish player. He facilitates our offense and room.”
club. he made the milestone free throw. Only shares the ball well with his teammates.”
this time he pulled up with three Bomb- Uribes self-assessment was affirmed by
In his final home game of the season, ers surrounding him. Undaunted by the Brigle added, “Kolden makes everyone Coach Muehlfeld. “His relentless effort to
Uribes got off to a great start dropping in defense, Uribes nailed the jumper with 58 around him better because he is always get better is the key. Kolden puts a lot of
17 points in the first half as Montpelier seconds left in the game for his 41st point one step ahead of most on the court or time in on his own, especially in the offsea-
took a 43-32 lead into the locker room. of the night and along with it a new single field. His demeanor is very infectious and son. He works on his shot almost daily in
That was just the beginning for Kolden. He game scoring record! I think our kids feed off his competitive and out of practice time and the basket-
continued his assault on the Bomber de- spirit.” ball season. He and his dad put a lot of
fense in the second half. Late in the third Obviously given the reaction of the time in shooting and perfecting his offen-
quarter Uribes brought the crowd to their crowd, and the number that were in atten- Uribes went on to clarify not only what sive game. It also helps Kolden that he is
feet when he nailed a three pointer from dance for the special event, Uribes is a fan his personal goals are, but most impor- always under control. He is very calm and
the top of the key. In the process of com- favorite. It doesn’t take long to understand tantly the teams. “I want to lead my team is a processor. He does not let much affect
pleting the attempt, he was fouled by Blake why. Montpelier Athletic Director Joe to a District appearance, cut down nets his game. He is an outgoing young man
Thiel. Uribes sank the throw to complete Brigle shared his assessment of Uribes. and make my seniors have an unforget- that is approachable and willing to talk to
the atypical four point play. For good mea- “Kolden is an outstanding young man and table season. I can’t imagine the game of anyone about anything.”
sure Uribes showed the night wasn’t just student-athlete. He is a very humble per- basketball without them yet and I want to
about his offense. With time running out son who is highly motivated. He makes ev- keep the season going for as long as pos- Mr. Brigle was more than willing to also
on the third quarter he blocked a three eryone around him better. His demeanor sible. For myself it was to set some records share his valuation of Uribes. “Kolden is a
point attempt by Austin Keiss to prompt is very infectious and I think our kids feed and score 1,000. Also to shoot a higher
the fans to rise once again. off his competitive spirit.” CONTINUED ON PAGE 4

Needing just two points to move into the When asked what scoring 1000 points,
club, Uribes drove hard to the basket with most notably in just his junior year, meant
5:41 remaining in the game. Although the to Uribes he explained. It means a lot to
attempt fell off the rim, Uribes headed to me. Especially doing it my junior year, it
the line for two free throws. Like it was just really proves the point of when peo-
just any other trip to the charity stripe, ple say you can do whatever you put your
Uribes calmly dropped in both tries. As the mind to. You can achieve your goals and
second shot went through the net Kolden dreams if you choose to. Countless hours
received a bear hug from fellow 1000 point in the gym do pay off.”
scorer, Michael Blake. That embrace, pre-
ceded Uribes being mobbed by teammates, Taking it one step further to the question
as well as a toilet paper shower provided by if breaking the school record had entered
the Montpelier student section. After more his mind, Uribes shared that had been on
hugs, first from Head Coach Taylor Mue- his radar. “It was honestly a thought me
hlfeld, then Kolden’s father, mother, and and my dad have had nights before the
other family members, Montpelier Athletic game. The nights before the Edon game,
Director, Joe Brigle, presented Uribes with me and my dad have talked about scoring
the game ball. both 1,000 and getting the 41 points for a
school record. It was a goal we set and I
Following the celebration, the game was determined to achieve. Just rose to the
continued with Montpelier holding a com- challenge on the big stage.”
manding 79-47 lead. All that was left to
decide was if Uribes was done for the night To a casual observer who really doesn’t
know Uribes, these responses may appear
to be self-centered or conceited. However,

Congratulations Kolden! ECKENRODE AUTO REPAIR

Andy Eckenrode National Institute For
A.S.E. Certified Master Technician
Josh Eckenrode Automotive
A.S.E. Certified Automotive Technician Service
800 E. Main Street • Montpelier
Across from Fair Grounds 1248 E. Main • Montpelier, OH
419-485-3181 • fax 419-485-8329
Brakes • Exhaust • Tune-up • Engine • L.O.F.
Tires • Electrical Repair • Computer Diagnostics

M-F 8 am - 5 pm; Sat. 8 am - 12 pm

Gearig All-Star 305 Mike Street nixon construction
Insurance Agency Inc. Pioneer, OH 43A554
Phone: 419-737-2389 419.485.4046
1239 East Main Street
Montpelier, Ohio 43543 1051 East Main Street MONTPELIER
Montpelier, OH 43543
419-485-5112 Phone: 419-485-3059

Your Full Service Dealer • Genuine Ford Parts
Ford Certified Technicians

All Your Needs • BG Transflush Services • Body Shop

904 Stryker St., Archbold, Ohio

419-445-7460 or 1-800-682-7460


Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle - 3

Edon Bows Out Of Sectional Play At The Hands Of Holgate

By: Kent Hutchison 1:35 remained in the quarter until Eliza Zulch answered points to push the lead to 54-33.
THE VILLAGE REPORTER for Edon making the score 19-13, Holgate at the intermis- Fogel got the final basket of the game with 3 seconds
DEFIANCE– Game #2 of the night at Defiance pitted on the clock to make the final 54-35.
Edon against Holgate. Edon came into the contest winning The Lady Tigers added four more points to begin the sec- Edon closes out their season at 3-20. Despite the final
2 of their final 4 game, while Holgate entered the matchup at ond half. Kaylor snared an offensive rebound and put it
11-11, but had only 7 healthy players in uniform. back in to make the margin 23-15. Holgate added 12 more margin, there were many positives to draw from the con-
points over the final five minutes of the third quarter, while test. Seven players scored for Edon. From that number,
Edon Freshman Claire Radabaugh put the first points Edon dropped in nine, including five from Radabaugh. Sa- 23 of the points came from four underclassmen. Freshman
on the board at the 7:06 mark. However, Holgate’s Kacee mantha Weidmer added a bucket with .5 seconds remaining Radabaugh led the way with 10 points. Juniors Fogel and
Theisen answered with two baskets. to close the third quarter as Holgate stretched their lead to Mason had 6 and 5 points respectively, with another fresh-
12 points, 35-23. man, Howard, adding a bucket.
Hannah Fogel dropped in two free throws to tie the
game at four, but Theisen scored again. Trailing 9-4, Holgate put the game out of reach with a 9-0 run to open Four seniors played their last game for the Bombers.
Edon got a bucket inside by Arianna Howard, then two the fourth quarter. Radabaugh stopped the streak with a bas- Kaylor and Weidmer had 5 points, Zulch added 2 points,
more on an offensive rebound basket by Hannah Kaylor. ket at the 6:00 mark to make the deficit 42-25 Holgate. and Karissa Sonneberger also contributed positively in
Holgate added another score at the 21 second mark of the the contest.
quarter to give Holgate an 11-8 advantage after one. Shalyn Mason nailed a trifecta, then got 2 more on a
fast break set up by a deflection from Radabaugh, but the SCORING BY QUARTER:
Fogel got a bucket at the 6:33 mark in quarter number Bombers found themselves still down 15 points with just Holgate 11 8 16 19 - 54
two, to get Edon within one point. However, over the next 3:13 left in the game. Weidmer added another three point- Edon 8 5 10 12 - 35
three minutes, Holgate added 8 points, while the Bombers er at the 2:14 mark, but Holgate scored seven consecutive
could only must a free throw from Fogel. It wasn’t until Kent Hutchison can be reached at


View All Photos Of This Event Online At

201 E. Jackson St. 103 E. Baubice Street, Pioneer, OH 43554 • 419-633-2729
West Unity, Ohio $35 mo/3 months • $30 mo/6 months • $25 mo/1 yr

419-924-9077 HYDRATONE


Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle - 7

Girls Basketball Wins Sectionals Advances
To Districts, Wrestlers Head To Districts

Swanton Bulldogs


VARSITY BASKETBALL ... FRONT: Ally Hendricks, Haley Nelson, Sidney Taylor. MID- WRESTLERS – Best Of Luck Athletes!
DLE: Madison Pettit, Kirsten Truckor, Bridget Harlett, Kaitlyn Merritt. BACK: Taylor ADVANCING TO
Dohm, Alex Frost, Coach Oakes, Cydney Christensen, Abby Arnold. Northwest Ohio’s Sporting
DISTRICTS: Goods Headquarters!

Zack Schaller (106 lbs) 1495 N. Shoop Ave., Wauseon • 419-335-1717
Trevor Schaller (120 lbs)

Dylan Cook (126 lbs)
Noah Saunders (138 lbs)
Chase Moore (145 lbs)

Ryan Marvin (152 lbs)
Tyler Houston (170 lbs)
Mitchell Reisinger (182 lbs)
Crew Oberheim (195 lbs)
Greg Wilson (220 lbs)
Thomas Lytle (285 lbs

Indian Wrestlers Head To Districts
& Bowlers To State


GIRLS BOWLING ... FRONT: Manager – Rachel Carr, Jaslyn Johnson, Talia Smith, BOWLING INDIVIDUAL WRESTLERS –
Summer Brown, Jessica French, Payton Lovins, Manager - Danielle Carr. BACK: Coach ADVANCING TO DIS- ADVANCING TO DISTRICTS:
C. Carr, Kama Brackman, Cheyanne Wolpert, Mackayla Kearney, Jenna Simon, Re- TRICTS ... Nic Kearney
becca Fry, Coach P. Carr. Gavin Ritter (106 lbs)
Nolan Ray (113 lbs)
Jarrett Bischoff (120 lbs)
Alex Slattman (126 lbs)
Hunter Yackee (132 lbs)
Mauricio Barajas (138 lbs)
Sandro Ramirez (145 lbs)
Xavier Torres (152 lbs)
Andrew Bailey (160 lbs)
Trent Davis (170 lbs)
Tony Banister (195 lbs)
Samuel Sosa (220 lbs)
Alex Sosa (285 lbs)

Good Best Of Luck Athletes!

Equipment Northwest Ohio’s Sporting
Goods Headquarters!
1495 N. Shoop Ave., Wauseon • 419-335-1717
1533 W. Laskey Rd., Toledo, OH 43612



8 - The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Edgerton Muscles Their Way To A Sectional Win Over North Central

By: Kent Hutchison foul shots from Payton Taylor, which knotted the game at in one free throw each time, and added another basket
THE VILLAGE REPORTER 18 all as 1:53 was on the clock. inside to complete her 8th point of the fourth quarter.
Cape hit the second first of two charity tosses to provide
DEFIANCE– On Tuesday, February 21st, the Edger- Whitman powered up a score inside, and was fouled on the final score 49-34, and advancing the Lady Bulldogs
ton Bulldogs faced the North Central Eagles in a rematch the basket. She converted the charity toss, her 9th point to the Sectional Final where they take on the #1 seeded
from earlier in the season. On the first encounter the of the quarter, to give Edgerton the lead back at 21-18. Stryker Panthers.
Eagles were able to win on their home court, 32-26. How- The Eagles Sidney McKarns was hacked in the act with
ever, this time the contest was on a neutral court at Defi- 43 seconds left, and sank two more foul shots to close out Turnovers played a huge role in the game’s outcome
ance High School. Edgerton capitalized on their inside the first half scoring for NC. Edgerton got the final score as Edgerton had just 9, while North Central doubled that
game, as well as forcing 18 North Central turnovers en before intermission when Bree Hug drove to the basket number. The Bulldogs exerted their will on North Central
route to a 49-34 triumph over the Eagles in the Division with four seconds left. As both teams headed to their as most of their points came from inside the paint. Edg-
IV Semi-final. locker rooms, Edgerton led 23-20. erton connected on 21-46 shots for 46%, including two
three pointers, and made 5 of 11 free throws. They had
After almost 2:30 with no score, Alyssa Swank got the The momentum Edgerton gained before halftime car- nine offensive, and 14 defensive rebounds.
Eagles on the board with a 3 pointer from the top of the ried over into the third quarter as the Lady Bulldogs
key. Following two turnovers by each team, Edgerton scored nine unanswered points, the final basket a lay-up Edgerton was led in scoring by the post pair of Hug
got their initial basket in the paint from Bree Hug at the from Sara Roth. A basket by Lindsey Brown on an in- and Whitman who added 12 and 11 points respectively.
4:26 mark of the first quarter. A drive to the bucket with bounds play stopped the bleeding for North Central at the Cape and Flegal each scored 8 points, while Gruver had 5.
an “and one” by Makayla Hayes put NC up 6-2. Lindsey 4:57 mark of the quarter. Rebecca Schroeder had 3 points and Roth 2 to close out
Brown powered one up inside for the Eagles to take an 8-2 the scoring for the Lady Dogs.
lead with 3:02 left. Both teams struggled taking care of the ball as well as
shooting the rest of the quarter. As the clock ticked to The Lady Eagles connected on just 11 field goals, with
Edgerton’s Claire Flegal halted the NC run with a bas- zero, Edgerton headed into the fourth with a 35-26 lead. three of those field goals coming from behind the arc, and
ket, but Swank hit another from downtown with 2:24 left was good on 9 of 17 charity tosses. North Central gath-
in the opening stanza to extend the lead to 11-4. Hug received a sweet feed from Cape to open the scor- ered 5 offensive, and 20 defensive boards.
ing for the Bulldogs at the 7:40 mark of number four.
The Lady Bulldogs ended the quarter with baskets Hayes, North Central’s leading scorer, who had been held Swank’s three trifectas gave her 9 points for the night,
in the paint, first on a drive by Ally Cape, then by Cloey to just three points to this point, added two more on an while Lindsey Brown added 8 points off the bench. Hayes
Whitman to make the score 11-8 after one. inbounds play, followed by Swank nailing her third tri- was held to 7 points and McKarns had 5. Bonney had 3
fecta of the night. Hayes was fouled by Flegal, and made and Taylor added a pair of free throws for the Eagles.
Quarter number two began with a series of exchanging the second of two free throws to cut the lead to 37-32,
baskets until the score was 15-14, North Central, with with 5:37 left in the contest, prompting an Edgerton time With the win, Edgerton moves to 6-17 on the season.
5:33 remaining in the stanza. The final score, by Whit- out. The timing was perfect as Autumn Gruver hit a huge North Central concludes their schedule standing 8-15.
man, prompted a time out by the Eagles. 3 pointer for the Bulldogs. The contest was the final one for seniors Kelsie Beres,
Makayla Hayes, Alex Richmond, and Alyssa Swank.
Following the stoppage, North Central suffered two Hug scored again in the paint, then Cape drove hard
turnovers, and a score on a drive by Flegal gave Edgerton to the hole for another bucket extending the lead to 12 SCORING BY QUARTER:
the lead 16-15, prompting Eagle Head Coach, Eric Stantz, points, 44-32, with 4:11 left. Edgerton 8 15 12 14 - 49
to call another time out with 3:48 left in the quarter. Fle- North Central 11 9 6 8 - 34
gal added another basket to make the score 18-15. Bonney scored on a lob for the Eagles, but that ended
up being the final score on the night for North Central. Kent Hutchison can be reached at
The first of two free throws by NC’s Madyson Bonney
went in, followed by an Edgerton miscue, then two more Hug was fouled on two different occasions dropping


View All Photos Of This Event Online At

& SUPPLY CENTER 306 W. Main Street
Montpelier, OH 43543 Robert C. Chrismer
419-485-4257 111 Chase St.,Stryker, OH
* General Contractors * Commercial * 419-682-1231
* Industrial * Residential *


Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle - 9

Swanton Girls Beat Eastwood To Win Sectional Title

BY: Bill O” Connell Cydney Christensen had a game high 13 points, in- than a minute later.
THE VILLAGE REPORTER cluding eight from the foul line. “We shut down their When the lead grew to 34-30 Eastwood began to foul
shooters,” she said commenting on the Bulldogs’ defen-
Free throws are not exactly free. If you make them sive effort. “They had seven threes the last time we played hoping to get back in the game but Taylor hit four straight
the payoff can be huge. Miss them and you can pay the them.” to nail down the win.
ultimate cost. The Swanton Lady Bulldogs sank 18 of 26
free throws in the Sectional Championship game against Swanton found themselves in an early 9-2 hole but “It was a big win for the girls. We wanted that one re-
the Eastwood Eagles while the Eagle could only manage battled back to take a 12-11 lead in the second quarter. ally bad,” said Bulldog coach Eric Oakes. “The girls have
to make 6 of 18 attempts. It was the biggest factor in The half ended with the Bulldogs on top 16-14 in a low worked so hard this year and we wanted to make sure we
Swanton’s 41-36 victory, capturing their first Sectional scoring affair. got this one.”
Title in nine years.
They were forced to rally again in the second half when Next up for Swanton is the number one seeded Arch-
“We shoot them (free throws) every day in practice,” the third quarter ended with the Eagles holding a 24-21 bold Blue Streaks. The game will be played on Thursday,
said Bulldog guard Sydney Taylor. “In a close game like advantage. Swanton managed to tie the game at 29 all March 2, starting at 8:00 pm at Lake High School.
this it really makes a difference.” Taylor drained 7 of 8 with 4:38 left in the game and finally took the lead for
foul shots on her way to 12 points in the contest. good on a short jumper from Ally Hendricks a little more Bill O’Connell may be reached at




Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle - 13

Defense Leads Evergreen Over Liberty Center In Sectionals

By: Bill O’ Connell and stayed close, trailing 14-11 after one quarter. and reached nine when the horn sounded to end the third
THE VILLAGE REPORTER “I told the kids if you’re given an open shot take it,” quarter.

After a tightly contested first half, the Evergreen Lady said Cymbolin explaining the volume of long range shots Liberty Center scored the first two points of the final
Vikings used a tenacious ball-hawking defense in the early on. “What’s the point of driving into five people and quarter to trim their deficit to seven but never got any
second half to create numerous turnovers and pull away trying to throw up junk when you’re open? And I know closer than that. The Vikings pulled away, mainly on the
from the Liberty Center Tigers in a 59-44 victory in a DIII my kids have the ability to shoot it.” strength of nine converted free throws, and took home the
Sectional girls’ semi-final at Springfield High School on win 59-44.
Tuesday, February 20. Leading by just two points, 25-23, Alyssa Noe started the second quarter with a lay-up
at halftime, Evergreen employed a full-court press that re- off the glass to extend the Viking lead to 16-11 but the Herr had 15 points for Evergreen, with nine coming
sulted in several steals and easy baskets to increase their Tigers battled back. Sandwiched around another Ship- from beyond the arc. “We worked really hard in practice
advantage to nine points by the end of the third quarter. man triple, they scored eight points, six coming on two last night and made sure we did some shooting,” she said.
three-pointers by Meghan Skeens, and took a 23-19 lead. “We like to really push our defense, especially in practice,
“They made a lot of good defensive decisions,” said Evergreen responded by scoring the final six points of the making sure we’re all up on each other,” Herr added com-
Viking head coach Brittaney Cymbolin referring to her half and headed for the locker room with a tenuous two- menting on the second half defensive effort. “It was a
team’s second half pressure. “We actually struggled a point advantage. good night for us.”
little bit in the last week in making those decisions but I
think those games paid off in getting the victory tonight.” The first half of the third quarter was evenly played Noe matched Herr’s 15 points to share game high scor-
and the teams were tied at 31 all at the 3:47 mark. At ing honors. Shipman added 10, Abi Borojevich chipped in
The game started out with both teams taking a lot of this point the intensity of the Viking defense began to with nine and Jamie VanLooke contributed eight. Skeens
shots from beyond the three-point line. Lexie Shipman take its toll on the Lady Tigers. Herr and Noe picked off had 14 for the Tigers.
and Hannah Herr each drained two treys to spark the Ev- passes and went in for quick buckets. After a few more
ergreen offense but Liberty Center hit two of their own Liberty Center turnovers, the Evergreen lead expanded Bill O’Connell may be reached at




14 - The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Pettisville Advances With 34-22 Win Over Pilots

DIVISION III Tournament - The Black- defensive battle the rest of the way. T
birds improved to 18-5 on the season with he Leppelmeiers scored 20 of Pettis-
a first round tournament win over the Pi-
lots. Pettisville scored 15 of their game’s ville’s points as Morgan ended with 10
points in the second quarter as it was a points to match her sister Alexa’s total of
10 points.



Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle - 15

Bulldog Wrestlers Head To Districts

Edgerton Bulldogs

Three locations WRESTLERS –
to serve you... ADVANCING TO


Krill Funeral ServiJonah Brown (160 lbs)
Blake Hohler (170 lbs)

Commitment tMo iscearhvicReititserou(1r 8n2umlbbse)r one priorit

For the oLnogeasn Sytoeinu(2l2e0alvbse) behind.

Ethan Brown (285 lbs)

Pin 'em “Serving Northwestern Ohio for over 80 Years” GO BULLDOGS! Lets Go
188 N. Michigan St., Edgerton, OH 43517 114 E. Hull St.
419-298-3733 EdgertonEdgerton
Fax: 419-298-2659 • email: 419-298-2329
Bulldogs!*Complete funeral services
HOURS: Mon.& Fri. 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Tues., Weds., & Thurs., 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m; *In-house cremation options
Sat. 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.; Close Sunday to be with family *Pre-arranged funeral planning

204 W. Indiana St. *Video tributes

• Spray Foam Best OfEdon Luck
• Elastomeric Roof
Coatings 419-272-2421
• Single Ply Membranes To All The
• Blown Insulation Local Sports
• Flat Roof Repairs Teams!860 W. Mulberry St.
Phone 419-636-8080
Tom Nye Cell 419-212-2459 145 South Water Street US 6 East 4129-0643W6-.35In2d5iana St. Frie1n1d4lyE.SHeruvlilcSetS. ince 1886705W~. MFaumlbileyrrOywSnt.ed & Operat
Ney, Ohio 43549 Edgerton, Ohio
3645 County Road 3B Edon Edgerton Bryan
Fax 419-298-3645
Edgerton, OH 43517 272-2421 298-2329 636-3525

1-800-962-9839 1-800-223-3343

Lady Panthers Claim Sectional Bryan’s Hickey
Title, Move On to Districts Advances To State


Krill Funeral Servi

Commitment to service is our number one priorit

Three locations For the ones you leave behind.
to serve you..D. anika Hickey heads to State!!


HASCH BODY114 E. Hull St.
Owner: Rex Hasch DUPONT
Phone (419) 636-8925
SHOP, INC.Fax (419) 636-8669

1302 E. High St., Bryan, Ohio
*P*r*IenC--oahmrorpualsneegtecerdfeufmnRueanerotxeiawroHlansl eoprplvatiniconensisng
VARSITY GIRLS … Front: Kaitlyn Wonders, Taylor Haines, Paige Speelman. Back: Coach Steve Brown, Coach
*Video tributes
1302 E Hi h St BEd Ruffer, Brittney Haines, Madi Myers, Anna Stuckey, Haley Doehrmann, McKenna Louys, Emma Grime,
Coach Brett Grieser, Coach Conner Varner. 204 W. Indiana St.

PAGNooTd HLuEcRkS BestOfEdon Luck
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Local Sports
Teams!860 W. Mulberry St.

4129-0643W6-.35In2d5iana St. Frie1n1d4lyE.SHeruvlilcSetS. ince 1886705W~. MFaumlbileyrrOywSnt.ed & Operat

Edon Edgerton Bryan

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16 - The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

‘Semi-Pro’ Basketball Teams Once Thrived In The Area High School Gymnasiums

By: Timothy Kays manager for team expenses, and must be PHOTO COURTESY OF ALAN BENJAMIN
THE VILLAGE REPORTER paid whether the player is able to attend THE MONTPELIER HAWKEYES … The 1955-56 Montpelier Hawkeyes semi-pro team in-
Let’s take a look back at 1955, shall the game or not. At the end of the season, cluded, from left, Lyle Storrer, Derald Steinke, Benny Beck, Denny Winzeler, Lefty Kre-
we? if there is any money left after expenses isher, Manager Don Steinke, Unknown, Hobie Krouse, Don Banks and Alan Benjamin.
In 1955, the world was ten years into are disbursed, it shall be divided equally
the ‘Nuclear Age’. The Salk Polio vaccine among the players. old league, but under a new, temporary the newbies of Ney were issued a rough in-
was declared to be safe, and kids were name…the Independents. Bryan, Edg- doctrination by the Merchants to the tune
crowding around television sets to see a • All equipment needed will be fur- erton, Stryker and Pioneer also returned of 102-57. Al Benjamin led all scorers with
new program called ‘The Mickey Mouse nished by the manager with money re- teams, and joining them were teams from 28 for Montpelier, who jumped out to a
Club.’ A new concept in food service began ceived from players each game. (This in- Ridgeville Corners, Alvordton, Hicksville, 16-point first period advantage, and never
with the first McDonald’s restaurant, and cludes uniforms) Holgate, McClure, Farmer, Ayersville and let up off the accelerator.
in Southern California, a new concept in Antwerp, along with Indiana teams from
family entertainment was underway with • A player may voluntarily quit the Butler, Harlan and Ashley-Hudson, which As more players opted out of the pay-
the opening of an amusement park enti- team at any time, or he may be discharged was occasionally referred to as Angola. to-play semi-pro leagues and into much
tled, Disneyland. from the team by the manager at any time. The Antwerp and Harlan teams went by less expensive church leagues, the days of
Meanwhile, back in Northwestern Ohio, In either case - the acting party must no- the boards, and were replaced by a potent the Northwest Ohio semi-pro cagers van-
the Northwestern Ohio Semi-Pro Basket- tify the other five days in advance of the team from Defiance. On Monday, January ished into history. Time takes its toll on
ball League was organizing for the 1955-56 next scheduled game. 30, 1961, the Montpelier Independents all things, and for the most part, most of
campaign. Yes…Northwest Ohio was once took on a team composed of Montpelier the organized hoops action taking place
home to a short-lived local conference of • All players must go to the games High School faculty members in a nov- around the area today is to be found in the
‘semi-pro’ basketball teams. Under the as a group. Players may return via other elty game in the high school gymnasium. school teams during the winter months,
reins of President/Player Hugh Lindsey ways if they desire, but must go to the Admission for the game was 25 cents for and the 3-on-3 tournaments during the
of Bryan, the nine-team conference with game with the team. students, and 50 cents for adults. Dale summer. There was a time though, when
the most unusual moniker was organized Fair landed a game high 20 for the MHS grown men donned the short pants, laced
for play in nine different high schools in • A player will not be allowed to play faculty, but Benny Beck dropped in 15 to up their canvas high tops, and represent-
the area. Alan Benjamin, a shootist for on another team in the league, but may lead the Independents to a hard fought 60- ed their communities on the hardwood as
the semi-pro Montpelier Hawkeyes, ques- play on outside teams (such as church 55 win. ‘semi-pros’.
tioned the title of the league. “How could league teams), as long as he does not des-
it be called semi-pro,” he asked, “…when ert this in case they should both be playing Interest in the so called semi-pro league The game has changed a lot over the
we never received any type of pay for our at the same time. began to wane, and more teams were shuf- last 60-plus years. Society too has changed
play? As semi-pro teams, shouldn’t we fled in and out of the league for the 1962- a lot, and not for the better. Although it
have been paid something? In fact, WE • All players must accept responsi- 63 campaign. Pioneer, Edgerton, Rid- would mean returning to a world where
actually had to pay for each game that we bility as a group and share costs in case geville Corners and Holgate were amongst the ‘semi-pro’ entertainers had to pay to
played.” of any damage done to public or private the communities that were able to return entertain an audience that received free
Each team was led by a manager, who property during any scheduled game. teams, along with Montpelier. The one- admission, it would be nice to return to a
was responsible for the finances, schedul- time Hawkeyes again had a change of local gym in the early years of the Nuclear
ing and coaching of the team. For Bryan, • Fighting, stealing, cheating or monikers, as they dropped the title of In- Age to revisit the game in the much purer
that was Jim Sickmiller, and Edon had Roy causing a disturbance of any kind will not dependents to become the Montpelier Mer- form that it was then.
Held at the helm. Forrest Yoder was at the be tolerated, and any player guilty of same chants. A new team in the conference was
helm of the Edgerton squad, Don Steinke shall be discharged from the team. fielded by Ney, and on January 3, 1963, If you’re gonna dream…dream big.
led Montpelier, and Ted Lovejoy managed
Archbold. Stryker was fronted by Richard • If a player cannot attend any Timothy Kays can be reached at
Frank, Kunkle had Bob Moore, and Marvin scheduled game, he must notify the man-
Beals managed West Unity. ager, if at all possible.
Each manager was required to adhere
to the league rules and regulations, as laid Games were played in the high school
out by Mr. Lindsey. By today’s standards, gymnasiums of the respective teams, be-
some of the rules appear draconian, but ginning at 8:00 p.m., and were usually
of such was the game of the day. In 1955, officiated by a member of the local school
the Lakers still played in Minneapolis. The faculty or administration. Quarters were
Pistons still played in Fort Wayne, Indiana. ten minutes in length, and each man was
There was no such thing as the Golden allotted six fouls per game. Other than
State Warriors or the Atlanta Hawks, as those stipulations, the standard high
the Warriors were playing in Philadelphia, school rules of the game were used. Being
and St. Louis was the home of the Hawks. the mid-1950s, the three-point arc did not
Everyone wore shorts that were actually exist, and would not make an official ap-
short, and high tops that were high. There pearance in the NBA or the NCAA for more
was no ‘hip hop’ hoops, and the rules of than two decades. At the end of the 18-
the day were easier to accept. According to game regular season, a double-elimination
the directives from Mr. Lindsey… tournament took place to determine an
overall champion of the league.
• There will be a charge of one dollar
per player for each game played (Almost In 1960, a new independent league was
$9.00 equivalent, per game, in today’s formed with Roger Strup of Edgerton as
money). This money will be used by the the president, and the area expanded sig-
nificantly. Whereas the old Northwestern
Ohio Semi-Pro Basketball League had nine
teams that played each other twice a year
in a home-away format, the new league
had a 15 game regular season, with the
expanded lineup of 16 teams playing each
other once a year. There was no admission
charges for any of the contests.

Montpelier retained a team from the

Blackbirds Claim Sectional Title, Head To Districts!

Pettisville Blackbirds

VARSITY GIRLS BASKETBALL ... (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER) Manager Elizabeth Sauder, Kendal Pursel, Tessa 18372 Co. Rd. D Ph. 419-445-7707
Waidelich, Alexa Leppelmeier, Lynnsey Crouch, Elizabeth Beck, Manager Jordan Skates, Head Coach Jason Wald- Wauseon, Ohio Location: Pettisville
vogel, Brandi Schnitkey, Morgan Leppelmeier, Nichole Foor, Sami Tilley, Bekah Liechty, Assistant Coach Charles

GOOD LUCK BLACKBIRDS We would like to wish all Best Of Luck Athletes!
the Pettisville Blackbird
Athletes the Best of Luck!

We would like to wish all
the Pettisville Blackbird
Athletes the Best of Luck!

GREATER Good Luck Northwest Ohio’s Sporting
Blackbirds! Goods Headquarters!
1495 N. Shoop Ave., Wauseon • 419-335-1717

877-591-SEED (7333) ·


Wednesday, March 1st, 2017 The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle - 19

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