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Published by Forrest R. Church, 2017-07-02 20:19:27

The Village Reporter - July 5th, 2017

The Village Reporter - July 5th, 2017





THIS WEEK IN Fulton County OK’s Hilltop Student Turns Love
Community Of History Into Fun Hobby
TvHIELLAGE reporter

Archbold Seeks Border

Conformity From Fulton

Development ProjectsCounty Commissioners

West Unity Police Officer By: James Pruitt Smith submitted his let- PHOTO PROVIDED
Promoted To Sergeant THE VILLAGE REPORTER ter of resignation. His last
•••• day will be July 21. The REENACTMENT ... Gabe Matthews (left) of Hilltop is pictured at a recent Civil War
Several communities commissioners award- re-enactment.
Montpelier Hires Consultant in Fulton County could ed the bid for replacing
To Secure Grant Funding be awarded money for Bridge T23.7 to B. Hill’z
•••• specific projects as the for $203,260. The board
Edon Schools To Transition Board of Commissioners cancelled its session for
To New Superintendent has authorized its agent July 20. The board ap-
•••• to file applications. The proved a contract with
Delta Chicken Fest Events county has been allocat- Adriel School to house
•••• ed $282,000 through the local children under the
state’s Community Devel- jurisdiction of Jobs and
Evergreen Community Library opment Program. Sandy Family Services. The con-
Receives Grant For Kessler of Maumee Val- tract is for $20,750 and
Little Free Libraries ley Planning Organization runs from July 1, 2017
•••• will file the applications. through June 30, 2018.

Fulton County Sets Public Up for bids are: Fayette Commissioners ap-
Hearing Date For Delta Project has applied for $30,000 to proved an extension of
paint its water tower and a contract with consul-
•••• $24,100 to replace a fence tant Dennis M. McKay for
William County Genealogical at its park. Chesterfield work performed for Jobs
Township wants $84,000 and Family Services. The
Society Holds Banquet to help pay for road wid- extension will pay McKay
ening and resurfacing. an extra $2,250 and run
to pay for renovations The board approved a
“THE HOMETOWN” to 93-year-old pavilion. contract between JFS and
Archbold wants $50,000 Quadco for vocational
WEDNESDAY, JULY 5TH, 2017 A WEEKLY SPORTS PUBLICATION COURTESY OF "THE VILLAGE REPORTER" for a sidewalk project. and rehabilitation train-
MVPO would qualify for ing for $2,500.
NoErBtSnhajuwosmeyesembtdaelOrIlnhio $56,400 for administra- By: James Pruitt ment. He found he liked it and became
tion and fair housing. The board approved THE VILLAGE REPORTER part of the Michigan 18th.
new a Master Service Agree-
The Fulton County ment with Current Office Some teenagers spend a lot of time “The first year I wasn’t in the battles.
new Exclusively at Dog Warden picked up 19 Solutions for copier ser- playing war games online or through I was just there watching,” Gabe said. “I
strays the week of June vice and maintenance. video, but one Hilltop student has taken thought it was pretty fun.
Exclusively at superior coverage in half the time 24. The office redeemed The county has set aside play acting to the next level.
18 dogs. The warden col- $10,000 to fulfill the con- “There wasn’t much restrictions on
ACE HARDWARE lected $230 in fines and tract. The three-year deal Gabe Matthews, 13, is a Civil War what to do, just walked down and meet
fees. expires June 30, 2020. re-enactor and goes out to fight mock new people.”
1495 N. SHOOP AVE. CONTINUED ON PAGE 5 battles across the region. The hobby has
WAUSEON, OH 43567 Emergency Medical become part of his life as his grandfa- Everyone who starts out observes the
Services Director Chad ther has brought him along to several first few times and then are eased into
(419) 335-1717 events over the past few years. the battles. Gabe was a flag bearer at
Mon33_115288_0811 - Sat: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm; Sun: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm first because he wasn’t too responsible
Gabe is a normal youth who has with a gun at first.
superior coverage in half the time dreams of being a drummer in a rock
band or a history teacher. He is in the When he is in battle with his unit, he
33_115288_0811 middle school band at Hilltop and plays wears the full woolen uniform of a Union
football. soldier. On occasion, he can wear more
comfortable clothes as a militia member.
His hobby began when his grand-
parents took him to observe a re-enact- If his superior fails to show for a bat-
tle, he can be a corporal.

He travels once a month during the
summer to various re-enactments at
Wauseon’s Biggby Coffee Coldwater, Turkeyville and Jackson,
Michigan, as well as Angola, Indiana.
Celebrates Ribbon Cutting Ceremony The trips are fun for getting to know
people, seeing friends and enjoying the
“Coldwater is one of my favorites,”
Gabe said.
When he started, he used his grand-
father’s uniform, but has now grown out
of that and has his own outfit.
“You tend to go through them pretty
quick,” Gabe said.
When the re-enactors are younger,
there is a lot of swapping of uniforms
going on with other families, mom Joni
Matthews said.
“When they are man-sized, it is much
more expensive,” she said.
The people at the events are his fa-
vorite part of the experience. Most peo-
ple are “super nice,” Gabe said.
“We’re not just neighbors and camp-
ers, we are one huge family,” Gabe said.
“You’ll help somebody else out and not
ask for something in return. Everyone
is so nice.”
The living history aspects of the
weekends keep him interested as well
as spending time with the many friends
he has made. He does like history and
learning about the different weapons.
PHOTO BY MELISSA EWERS, STAFF When he was younger, he was inter-
ested in Vietnam and World War II, Joni
RIBBON CUTTING ... Biggby Coffee’s new owners Tami Sue Keller and Don Keller were welcomed to Wauseon with a ribbon Matthews said. The video games helped
cutting ceremony by the Wauseon Chamber of Commerce during their re-grand opening on June 27th. You can expect ex- him learn about many weapons from ...
ceptional customer service and excellent coffee with discounts given to Military Veterans, Police, and EMTs. Biggby Coffee is
located at 480 Airport Hwy in Wauseon (419) 330-4640). Pictured above Manager Danielle Saaf, Don Keller, and Tami Sue CONTINUED ON PAGE 5
Keller prepare to cut the ribbon as chamber members, the assistant fire chief, and police chief watch.

2016 Ford Fusion SE

YouPrick! 3 t1o4c,h6o5o0seWTREANDEEESD!GYeAotnuMyrwoThrreaedr$ee$E$TlhsFaeon!r $
920 N. Main Street • Bryan, OH
419-636-1156 or 1-877-636-1156


Phil Hagelberger • Bob Stanton • Brad Ford • Greyson Spangler • Chip Wood



WEST UNITY POLICE (June 21) E. Airport Hwy at N. Otto- (June 28) 810 N. Shoop Ave., larceny tions within next 2 years. Jail time
kee., injury accident consecutive with previous case.
DEPARTMENT Powers, Calvin T. (Bryan, Ohio).
(June 19) Illegal dumping (June 21) 840 W. Elm St. unit 1003,
(June 19) Medical emergency 911 hang up, contact made in person Expired operator’s license. Fine: $71;
(June 19) Lock out (June 21) 230 Clinton St., threats, Bail, Jessica E. (Bryan, Ohio). Seat Costs: $79.
(June 19) Equipment, warning harassment belt. Fine: $30; Costs: $40. Reucher, Richard (Archbold, Ohio).
(June 20) Agency assist (June 22) 1462 N. Shoop Ave., suspi- Baranowski, Kelly M. (Wauseon, 46/35 speed. Fine: $46; Costs: $79.
(June 20) Theft cious vehicle Ohio). 67/55 speed. Fine: $46; Costs: Ruff, Garth R. (Napoleon, Ohio).
(June 20) Noise complaint (June 22) 212 S. Burnell St., suspi- $79. 67/55 speed. Fine: $46; Costs: $79.
(June 20) Equipment, warning cious activity Barton, Garrett G. (Napoleon, Saurer, John (Montpelier, Ohio).
(June 20) Speed, warning (June 22) 304 N. Fulton St., suspi- Ohio). Seat belt. Fine: $30; Costs: $40. Failure to display operator’s license.
(June 22) Noise complaint cious person Bowen, Anthony C. (Bryan, Ohio). Fine: $100; Costs: $79.
(June 22) Fraud (June 22) 1104 Barney Oldfield Dr., Physical control. Fine: $650; Costs: Sierra, Ruth (Wauseon, Ohio).
(June 22) Fraud investigate complaint $84; Jail: 20 days with 17 days sus- 67/55 speed. Fine: $46; Costs: $79.
(June 23) Unsecure premises (June 22) 1100 Barney Oldfield Dr., pended. Operator’s license suspended Sito Larry J. (Bryan, Ohio). Marked
(June 23) Found property investigate complaint from May 2, 2017 to May 2, 2018. No lanes. Fine: $71; Costs: $79.
(June 23) Agency assist (June 22) 230 Clinton St., larceny future violations within next 2 years. Startzman, Dakota J. (Montpelier,
(June 23) Fireworks (June 22) 485 E. Airport Hwy., animal 1st Timers Retreat within 90 days. Va- Ohio). OVI. Fine: $650; Costs: $90;
(June 23) Improper passing, warning call cate ADM license suspension and fees. Jail: 20 days with 17 days suspended.
(June 23) Equipment, warning (June 22) 840 W. Elm St. unit 1200, Brown, Jodi L. (Archbold, Ohio). Operator’s license suspended from
(June 23) Equipment, warning fight 66/55 speed. Fine: $46; Costs: $79. June 21, 2017 to June 21, 2018. No
(June 23) Equipment, warning (June 22) 1285 N. Shoop Ave. unit 90, Bucklew, John J. (West Unity, future violations within next 2 years.
(June 24) Unsecure premises larceny Ohio). Failure to yield. Fine: $71; 1st Timers Retreat within 90 days. Va-
(June 24) Telephone harassment (June 22) 1190 N. Ottokee St., suspi- Costs: $79. cate ADM license suspension and fees.
(June 24) 911 hang up cious vehicle Burke, Yolanda J. (Bryan, Ohio). One way traffic. Fine: $35; Costs: $40.
(June 24) Left of Center, warning (June 22) 840 W. Elm St. unit 1000, Driving under suspension. Fine: Staszel, Christina S. (Montpelier,
(June 25) Unsecure premises suspicious activity $200; Costs: $84; Jail: 30 days with Ohio). Physical control. Fine: $650;
(June 25) Well being check (June 23) 400 Enterprise Ave., alarm 30 days suspended. Operator’s li- Costs: $84; Jail: 20 days with 17 days
(June 25) Speed, warning drop cense suspended from May 18, 2017 suspended. No future violations with-
(June 25) Equipment Warning (June 23) 840 W. Elm St. unit 300, in- to June 17, 2017. No future violations in next 3 years. 1st Timers Retreat
vestigate complaint within next 2 years. within 90 days. Vacate ADM license
SWANTON POLICE DEPARTMENT (June 23) 425 Ottokee St., animal call Chencinski, Kevin J. (Defiance suspension and fees.
(June 21) W. Airport Hwy., shoplifting (June 23) 763 W. Leggett St., DOA Ohio). Driving under suspension. Terrana, Sarah A. (Stryker, Ohio).
(June 21) Maddie St., domestic (June 23) 1240 N. Shoop Ave., inves- Fine: $200; Costs: $85. Driving without license. Fine: $125;
dispute tigate complaint Cook, Christopher (Stryker, Ohio). Costs: $79. Registration renewal.
(June 21) County Road 1-1, assisted (June 23) 714 Fairway Dr. unit 93, 75/55 speed. Fine: $46; Costs: $79. Fine: $35; Costs: $40.
OSP with accident civil matter Deeds, Angela M. (Montpelier, Thiel, Kolby R. (Edon, Ohio). Seat
(June 22) Lincoln St., menacing (June 23) 1285 N. Shoop Ave., unit Ohio). Failure to control. Fine: $50; belt. Fine: $30; Costs: $40.
(June 22) Turtle Creek Dr., assist res- 93, run away or unruly Costs: $79. Tilly, Eryn R. (Montpelier, Ohio).
cue, ill (June 23) 135 Darlene Dr., investigate De La Roca Cruz, Luis A. (Napo- Expired plates. Fine: $46; Costs: $79.
(June 22) Maddie & Paigelynn, loose complaint leon, Ohio). 50/35 speed. Fine: $46; Yancey, Ruth A. (Archbold, Ohio).
dog (June 24) 131 E. Elm St., drunk Costs: $79. 74/55 speed. Fine: $46; Costs: $79.
(June 22) Airport & Hallett, replace (June 24) 100 B W. Elm St., drunk Flanary, Laurie R. (Defiance, Ohio). Zuver, Zachary A. (Kunkle, Ohio).
manhole lid (June 24) 14514 County Road C, sus- 50/35 speed. Fine: $46; Costs: $79. Violation of restriction. Fine: $500;
(June 23) Chestnut St., suspicious picious vehicle Fleming Nedra K. (Bryan, Ohio). Costs: $89; Jail: 180 days with 150
person (June 24) 465 E. Airport Hwy., alarm 43/25 speed. Fine: $46; Costs: $79. days suspended. No future violations
(June 23) Lincoln St., loose dog, found drop Foulk, Sierra B. (Bryan, Ohio). within next 3 years. Work release
(June 23) Black Canyon Dr., open (June 24) 725 S. Shoop Ave., drunk Failure to display operator’s license. granted. Failure to control. Fine: $50;
door, secured (June 24) Clinton St. at Jefferson, Fine: $125; Costs: $79. Costs: $40.
(June 24) Airport Hwy & County Road larceny Gerencser, Jamie L. (Stryker, Ohio).
3, Assisted OSP unit (June 24) 833 N. Fulton St., loud mu- Driving under suspension. Fine: WILLIAMS COUNTY CRIMINAL
(June 24) County Road 2, assisted sic, neighbor problems $200; Costs: $79. Seat belt. Fine: Bowen, Anthony C. (Bryan, Ohio).
deputy (June 24) 840 W. Elm St. unit 1200, $30; Costs: $40. Possession. Fine: $150; Costs: $79.
(June 24) Main St & Academy, park- investigate complaint Cooper, Shannon S. (West Unity,
ing issue (June 24) 437 Marshall St., loud noise Gregory, Stephen B. (Montpelier, Ohio). Theft. Fine: $500; Costs: $210;
(June 24) W. Airport Hwy., non injury (June 24) 715 N. Fulton St., run away Ohio). OVI. Fine: $650; Costs: $90; Jail: 180 days with 90 days suspend-
accident or unruly Jail: 20 days with 17 days suspended. ed. No future violations within next 5
(June 24) Woodland Ave., loose dog to (June 24) 612 W. Elm St., welfare Operator’s license suspended from years. Restitution of $720.28 to pros-
the dog warden check June 24, 2017 to June 24, 2018. No ecutor.
(June 24) Lawrence St., loose dog, (June 25) 224 E. Chestnut St., suspi- future violations within next 2 years. Crisp, Ronald D. (Bryan, Ohio). As-
found cious activity Vacate ADM license suspension and sault. Fine: $300; Costs: $204; Jail:
(June 25) Peachtree Lane, juvenile (June 25) 515 W. Chestnut Ct., fight fees. Expired operator’s license. Fine: 90 days with 90 days suspended. Re-
problem (June 25) 840 W. Elm St. unit 300, $50; Costs: $40. Stop sign. Fine: $35; covery Services of Northwest Ohio. No
(June 26) Chestnut St., assist, car fire domestic trouble Costs: $40. violent or threatening contact with
(June 26) W. Airport Hwy., Hitch hik- (June 25) 20A & HWY 108, injury victim. No future violations within
er, westbound accident Heger, Kimberly L. (Bryan, Ohio). next 3 years.
(June 26) Veronica St., unlock vehicle (June 25) 232 Jefferson St., trash fire OVI. Fine: $650; Costs: $84; Jail: 20 Orick, Ty G. (Bryan, Ohio). Induc-
(June 26) N. Main St., peace keep (June 25) 212 Jefferson St., larceny days with 17 days suspended. Opera- ing panic. Fine: $300; Costs: $255;
(June 26) E. Airport Hwy., unlock (June 25) 485 E. Airport Hwy., inves- tor’s license suspended from June 25, Jail: 90 days with 80 days suspend-
vehicle tigate complaint 2017 to June 25, 2018. No future vio- ed. No future violations within next
(June 26) S. Waterville Rd., suspi- (June 25) 1084 Barney Oldfield Dr., lations within next 2 years. 1st Tim- 3 years. Work release granted. Four
cious activity investigate complaint ers Retreat within 90 days. Vacate County Family Center.
(June 27) E. Airport Hwy., reckless (June 25) 1285 N. Shoop Ave unit 72, ADM suspension and fees. Phillips, James D. (Bryan, Ohio).
operation welfare check Disorderly conduct. Fine: $50; Costs:
(June 27) Alpine Dr., suspicious (June 25) 117 E. Oak St., animal call Herman, Adam J. (Edgerton, Ohio). $79.
person (June 25) 800 B Fairway Ln., investi- Assured clear distance ahead. Fine: Purk, Daniel D. (Edgerton, Ohio).
(June 27) Apline Dr., welfare check gate complaint $71; Costs: $79. No hunting license. Fine: $46; Costs:
(June 27) E. Airport Hwy., summons (June 25) 416 Indian Rd., investigate $79. No deer permit. Fine: $85; Costs:
warrant complaint Hisle, William C. (Bryan, Ohio). $40.
(June 28) Parkside Dr., run away ju- (June 25) 225 Wabash St., hit & skip Seat belt – passenger. Fine: $20; Sabins, David J. (Bryan, Ohio). As-
venile (June 25) 303 W. Leggett St., Costs: $40. sault. Fine: $300; Costs: $215; Jail:
(June 28) Chestnut St., found cell narcotics 90 days with 90 days suspended. No
phone, returned (June 25) 230 Clinton St., animal call Hohstadt, Janelle D. (Wauseon, future violations within next 1 year.
(June 28) Chestnut St., found purse, (June 25) 435 E. Superior St., Ohio). 50/35 speed. Fine: $46; Costs: No violent or threatening contact with
returned burglary $79. victim.
(June 28) S. Main St., loose dog to dog (June 26) 210 E. Leggett St., investi- Shell, Sasha (Bryan, Ohio). Dog at
warden gate complaint Hubbard, Joshua (Defiance, Ohio). large – 1st. Fine: $96; Costs: $79.
(June 29) Kroger Lot, keys in locked (June 26) 398 S. Shoop Ave., escort Fine: $45; Costs: $85. Veres, Logan (Bryan, Ohio). Drug
car (June 26) 320 Sycamore St., 911 hang paraphernalia. Fine: $150; Costs:
(June 29) Harding Dr., assist deputy, up, contact made in person Hulbert, Brian S. (Bryan, Ohio). $79. Possession. Fine: $150; Costs:
assault (June 26) 398 S. Shoop Ave., suspi- Stop sign. Fine: $35; Costs: $93.01. $40. Operator’s license suspended
(June 29) Dodge St., civil dispute cious person from June 29, 2017 to December 26,
(June 29) S. Hallett Ave., vehicle (June 27) 465 E. Airport Hwy., alarm Lee, Frederick M. (Bryan, Ohio). 2017. Agency to destroy contraband.
Seat belt. Fine: $30; Costs: $40.

Lester, Shewn C. (Fayette, Ohio).
67/55 speed. Fine: $46; Costs: $79.

Maag, Benjamin K. (Montpelier,
Ohio). 49/35 speed. Fine: $45; Costs:

Manriquez, Hope (Bryan, Ohio).
Traffic control device. Fine: $46;
damage drop Costs: $79.
(June 30) E. Airport Hwy., reckless (June 27) 1005 N. Shoop Ave., civil Miller, Lynn A. (Stryker, Ohio0. WILLIAMS COUNTY
operation matter COMMON PLEAS
(June 30) E. Airport Hwy., 911 hang (June 27) 665 E. Linfoot St., investi- 68/55 speed. Fine: $46; Costs: $79.
up call gate complaint Nichols, Travis L. (Bryan, Ohio). Peterson, Kurt D. (Pioneer, Ohio).
(June 27) Ottokee St at Airport Hwy., Count I: Aggravated possession of
WAUSEON POLICE DEPARTMENT disabled vehicle OVI. Fine: $650; Costs: $84; Jail: 20 drugs, a fifth degree felony. Counts III
(June 21) N. Fulton St at W. Chestnut, (June 27) Dickman Rd at Ottokee St., days with 17 days suspended. Opera- and IV: Having weapons while under
accident, property damage accident, property damage tor’s license suspended from April 23, disability, third degree felonies. Sen-
(June 21) 820 N. Fulton St., zone (June 27) 800B Lawrence Ave., inves- 2017 to April 23, 2018. No future vio- tencing: On Count I, sentenced to in-
violation tigate complaint lations within next 2 years. 1st Tim- carceration through ODRC for a term
(June 21) 485 E. Airport Hwy., larceny (June 27) E. Leggett St., fight ers Retreat within 90 days. Vacate of six months and a discretionary pe-
(June 21) 742 Burr Road, investigate (June 27) 330 E. Chestnut St., ADM license suspension and fees. riod of three years post release con-
trol. On Counts III and IV, sentenced
Oskey, Crystal D. (Bryan, Ohio). to incarceration through ODRC for a
Failure to display operator’s license.
complaint juveniles Fine: $125; Costs: $79.
term of 24 months and a mandatory
(June 21) 230 Clinton St., funeral (June 27) 840 W. Elm St. unit 1302, Peffley, Trevor A. (Montpelier, Ohio). period of up to three years post release
escort 911 hang up, contact made in person 40/25 speed. Fine: $65; Costs: $85. control on each count. Sentences to
(June 21) 100 B S. Shoop Ave. acci- (June 27) 415 Cole St. unit 27, acci- Phillips, James D. (Bryan, Ohio). run concurrently with one another as
dent, property damage dental overdose Driving under suspension. Fine: well as with previous case. Credit for
(June 21) 840 W. Elm St. unit 1107, (June 27) 840 W. Elm St., investigate $300; Costs: $204; Jail: 90 days with time served. All contraband related to
investigate complaint complaint 80 days suspended. Operator’s li- offense to be destroyed by the appro-
(June 21) 233 E. Oak St., animal (June 27) 485 E. Airport Hwy., acci- cense suspended from May 18, 2017 priate agency. Handgun seized during
complaint dent, property damage to August 16, 2017. No future viola- offense to be forfeited to the Williams
(June 21) 1170 N. Shoop Ave. unit 32, (June 27) 1265 N. Shoop Ave., lost, tions within next 3 years. Jail time County Sheriff’s Office for destruc-
welfare check found, recovered consecutive with following case. tion. Ordered to pay all costs of pros-
(June 21) 1496 N. Shoop Ave., 911 (June 28) Leggett St. at S. Fulton St., Phillips, James D. (Bryan, Ohio). ecution, any court appointed counsel
hang up complaint suspicious person Driving under suspension. Fine: costs, and any supervision fees per-
(June 21) 1105 Shoop Ave., investiga- (June 28) 326 S. Maplewood Ave., $500; Costs: $84; Jail: 180 days with mitted.
tion complaint suspicious person 150 days suspended. No future viola- CONTINUED ON PAGE 5


4 - The Village Reporter” / Weekly Northwest Ohio (Williams & Fulton County News) Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

State Budget & Wind Turbine Among NSCC Announces New Three-Year Agreement
Topics At Pettisville School Board Meeting
Northwest State Community College plan for their collective long-term future.”
By: James Pruitt go, it have generated a re- the superintendent. and the Professional Association have offi- Paul Siebenmorgen, chairperson, and
THE VILLAGE REPORTER cord 69,982 kWh which The board approved the cially reached a new three-year agreement.
tops the previous high The new agreement has been ratified by a the entire NSCC Board of Trustees are
Pettisville Schools June total, 60,570 in June hiring of Ellen Bostwick vote from the professional staff and by the among those who appreciated the collab-
are slated to lose nearly of 2014. Summer months as an elementary school Board of Trustees. NSCC President Dr. orative efforts. “The Board (of Trustees) was
$77,000 under the state typically are a bit decep- teacher. She was offered Thomas Stuckey notified all College em- elated that it came together so quickly.” He
Senate’s biennial budget tive, Switzer cautioned. a one-year limited con- ployees this morning with confirmation, continued, “We’re all in this together, and
for 2018. Superintendent “The turbine appears to be tract for 2017-18. Bost- and noted that it was “very uplifting to see this agreement will help Northwest State
Steve Switzer provided running a lot but it is not wick is an Ohio University how both teams worked together.” Stuck- continue to provide the best education for
the update at the school generating nearly as much graduate with licensing in ey continued, “When good things like this students.”
board’s June 26 meeting. as other months. The middle childhood educa- happen, it inspires us all to keep working
The proposed budget also warm air in the summer tion (grades 4-9) with her hard every day to provide the best educa- The agreement provides on average a
calls for additional cuts of is not as heavy and is not teaching area specializa- tion and training possible to our students, 2.5% annual wage increase over each of
nearly $5,000 for 2019. able to push the generator tion being in language arts opening doors to career opportunities with the next three years to NSCC faculty. Katy
This makes Pettisville to higher levels of genera- and social studies. She will great companies throughout the area.” McKelvey, Director of Human Resources
the only school in Fulton tion,” Switzer stated. teach primarily grades 5 and Leadership Development at Northwest
County to project at actual and 6 social studies. The The NSCC administration team and the State, recognized the compromises both
loss of funding in the bud- Due to a change made board also approved the Professional Association team both noted sides made to achieve the common goal.
get, Switzer said. Another as a result of Census data, hiring of Jose Tijerina as that the negotiation process was smooth, “We negotiated a contract that is good for
district may see less when Pettisville will receive less second shift janitor. He is and that the result was fair and equitable the students, for the professional unit, and
combined with tangible funds for 2017-18. Ohio being offered a one-year for both sides. Colin Doolittle, NSCC en- for the College,” and McKelvey concluded
personal property reim- had to cut $19 million from contract. He will replace gineering technologies faculty and Profes- that she is “very proud of the work the ne-
bursements. Two districts the federal title allocations. Dave Disbrow who has sional Association representative, indicated gotiating teams did” in reaching an agree-
have no change and four This results in about a 20 accepted the assistant that the new contract “allows both sides to ment. Doolittle echoed those sentiments,
districts show some gain. percent loss statewide but custodian position. Tije- do what’s best for the college,” while also stating the agreement “allows the College
Pettisville’s loss is greater, rina is from Archbold and stating that it “provides stability, allowing as a whole to continue to put the focus
Switzer stated. This reduc- has worked as a janitor at both the Association and the College to where it needs to be – on our students.”
tion is not related to the Northwest State Commu-
President’s proposed cuts nity College. He will begin INFORMATION PROVIDED
in the budget for the USDE, July 3.
“We assume these de- he added. The total loss for
creases are due to residen- Pettisville is expected to The board offered Carl
tial enrollment decrease,” be $13,799.89. Title funds Hamilton a two-year con- Can you tell who is If you can’t tell,
Switzer stated. are primarily used to sup- tract as a classified em-
The governor’s bud- port our instructional aide ployee. He is a bus driver. wearing a hearing aid? no one else can either!
get based resident enroll- program. His name was inadvertent-
ment decline on FY 2011 ly omitted the districts is-
to 2016; the House did the Brian Leppelmeier was sued contracts in April.
same but the Senate based approved as custodian of
it on FY 2014 to FY 2016. the athletic petty cash ac- Lunch prices are ris-
The three nonvoting busi- count and Debra Graber ing 10 cents this year and
ness members of boards was approved as custodian next. The district could
of education, which were of the office petty cash ac- have raised prices by 20
required by the governor’s count Austin Horning and cents, but opted not to.
budget, are now out. The Jordan Skates were ap- The additional 10 cents Now, hearing aids can be as confidential
Senate version proposes proved for student employ- will be part of a mandated as you like. The small size does not
requiring one adult per 8 ment for the coming year. increase next year. diminish their BIG benefits, functionality
full day pre-school stu- and convenience.
dents. This would change The board selected The board also ap-
an ODE interpretation re- SORSA as the district’s in- proved the following sup- Discover the life-changing advantages
quiring one adult per six surance carrier for 2017- plemental contracts: Jason such a petite hearing device offer.
2018 at a cost of $33,872. Waldvogel (Varsity Girls’
pre-school handicapped Previous year’s costs were: Basketball), Kendra Stahl Schedule a FREE
students. The budget will 2016-18 $34,425; 2015- (Varsity Softball), Duane in-office hearing
need to be approved by 16 $34,073; 2014-15 Beck (Vocal Director), Paul demonstration* today!
the conference committee. $33,282. Bishop (Varsity Baseball),
The legislature is doing all John Horning (Varsity Vol-
this to get the budget in The classroom size re- leyball). These are two-year
place by July 1. duction (partially) grant roll-over contracts. A 0.5
The final financial fig- funded position will be supplemental contract was CHKeeennatrweironogd 725 South Shoop Avenue
ures were made available paid based on the salary offered to Kayla Bruner for
to the conference commit- schedule starting in 2017- special softball assistant Wauseon, OH 43567
tee June 22. According to 18 and beyond and the for 2017-18.
Switzer, they show from placement and increment- (855) 570-5064
the time that the gover- ing be as determined by James can be reached at

nor’s budget was submit- Joyce Kinker-Johnson, M.A., CCC-A, Emily A. Sansom, Au.D., F-AAA

ted, a shortfall of around *The purpose of this hearing assessment and demonstration is to determine if the patient(s) may benefit from using hearing
$1 billion has developed. aids. Any determination made is not a medical diagnosis. Information within this offer was correct at time of printing. Offers
expire 7/21/17. CCRGQF;C

Most of that amount was
included in the succeeding
budgets but there still may
be some to be made up by Fulton County Health Center Is Pleased to Welcome
the conference committee.
No extra funds are likely to Melissa Pifer, MD
be found this year, as has
been the case previously,
Switzer noted
In other news:
The school is replac- Family Practice
ing the lighting in the ju-
nior high gym with LED
lighting. LED lighting uses Hagerman Family Physicians
much less energy, has
longer life, and require no
ballasts. There is signifi-
cantly less maintenance Fulton County Health Center is pleased to welcome Melissa
costs with LEDs than with Pifer to Hagerman Family Physicians. Dr. Pifer, Dr. Hagerman
the high pressure sodium and their staff are looking forward to meeting the growing
units being replaced. The medical needs of our area residents.

district anticipates the Some Facts About Dr Pifer:
total cost will be about
$18,439. Not included in
those costs are approxi- Medical School: The University of Toledo College of Medicine
mately $4,202 rebates
from FirstEnergy’s Rebate
program. “We were just no- Residency: WWKnight Family Practice Residency in Toledo, OH
tified that the rebates have with training at The Toledo Hospital and Toledo Children’s Hospital

more than doubled for Practice Emphasis: Providing complete Family Care from newborn
our project. Our final cost to geriatrics. I also plan on caring for patients in the nursing home
should be in the $14,000 and providing inpatient care. Special interest include Adolescent
range,” Switzer stated. and Women’s Health.

The wind turbine bud-
get, $92,000 annually, is
an estimate of the amount Personal Information:
the school would have paid • I am married with two children and currently live in Archbold,
for electricity without the
turbine. Based on that Ohio.
figure, for the fiscal year • I graduated from Napoleon High School and attended
ending in June, and after
expenses, Pettisville will undergraduate at the University of Toledo.
have paid an additional • Hobbies and things that I enjoy doing in my spare time include

spending time with family, traveling, reading and cooking.

$34,000 into the turbine When asked why she chose to come to Wauseon, Dr. Pifer
bond retirement fund (To- replied: I am excited to join in practice with my mother, Dr.
tal $140,650 of a $625,000 Kimberly Hagerman. I am glad to be moving back home. I enjoy
obligation with nine years
until payment is due) living in a small close-knit community and caring for those families
and placed an additional within my local community.
$29,985 into the turbine
escrow fund (Total fund is
$63,598). The escrow fund Dr. Pifer is accepting new patients
is created to support major beginning July 17.
repairs to the turbine and
to assist with payoff of the
bond. To schedule an appointment, call Hagerman
Three of the last four Family Physicians at 419-335-0351.

months have been a record
production for the wind
turbine. In March, it gen-
erated 151,508 kWh of en-
ergy which topped 2014’s
132,610. In May, it gener- Fulton County Hagerman Family Physicians
ated 110,298 which topped Health Center
2013’s 88,263. June also 128 Depot Street
looks close to a record, Completing the circle of care Wauseon, Ohio 43567
with 53,000 kWh pro- Phone: 419-335-0351
duced by June 20 with the 725 S. Shoop Ave • Wauseon, Ohio 43567
record 60,000 set in 2014.
In June, with five days to


Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 “The Village Reporter” / Weekly Northwest Ohio (Williams & Fulton County News) - 7

North Central Students & Staff Montpelier School Board Gets
Reach Out To Make A Difference Started On Coming School Year

By: James Pruitt

The Montpelier Board of Education met and took
several actions during regular session on June 27. Ac-
tions included:
The board accepted the resignations of Michael Moy-
seenko, vocal music, effective July 5 and Sara Nowac-
zyk, 3-6 Cross-Categorical Intervention Specialist, at
the end of the 2017-2018 school year. The board hired
Noelle Chester, 3-6 Cross-Categorical Intervention Spe-
cialist, at Bachelor’s/0 years’ experience for the 2017-
2018 school year; Brett Winslow, HS Science, at Bache-
lor’s/0 years’ experience for the 2017-2018 school year
and Caleb Wyse, kindergarten teacher, at Bachelor’s/0
years’ experience for the 2017- 18 school year.
The board approved an addendum to the follow-
ing administrative contracts: Jamison Grime; SuAnn
Thorp Exhibit #43; Steven Brancheau; Lance Thorp;
Michael Bumb and John Dalrymple.
INFORMATION PROVIDED The board moved the following on the salary sched-
ule for 2017-2018 school year, pending all requirements
MAKING A DIFFERENCE ... Spring Fling! The North Central students and staff wanted to reach out and make a have been met: E. Bess Cooley Bachelor’s +15; Michelle
difference in the lives of others! In the spirit of giving, items were collected for The Sanctuary Homeless Shelter Hamrick Bachelor’s +15; Jenny King Master’s +12; Ka-
in Bryan and the Williams County Humane Society. Shown with the collected items are front row: Autumn An- tie McCarty Master’s; Fara Neff Master’s and Elishah
derson (5th grader), Alisha Singer (6th grader), Kailysa Hickman (6th grader), Jazmine Curtis (kindergartener), Siegel Bachelor’s +30. The board rescinded Leslieann
Thane Martin (1st grader) and Erica Knapp (6th grader). Back row: Charles VanderHorst II (5th grader), Lisa Wheeler as JH cheerleading advisor and Raya Fackler
Blue (NC teacher), Mary Smith (NC teacher), and Shannon Cooley (Director of The Sanctuary). Missing from as Year 2 Mentor for the 2017-2018 school year.
the picture: Alicia Zimmerman (office manager and humane officer from the Williams County Humane Society) The board approved the following supplemental con-
and Paul Jones (North Central Elementary school principal). tracts for the 2017-2018 school year:
Steven Brancheau Spring Weight Room Supervisor
Laura Ingalls Wilder Weekend Set (.33) ; Leslieann Wheeler Assistant Cheerleading Ad-
For July 7th & 8th At Sauder Village visor; Anthony Coleman (2 & 3) Year 3 Mentor; Raya
Fackler (1 & 2) Year 1 Mentor; Stacie Yagelski (1) Year
1 Mentor; Anna Kauffman (1 & 2) Year 1 Mentor; David
Bauer (1) Year 1 Mentor; Jamison Grime JH Football
(.5) and Lance Thorp JH Football (.5)
sion on July 7 and 8 to anyone who 800.590.9755 to confirm plans for The board approved an addendum to the administra-
comes dressed in a pioneer-themed the weekend. tive contract for Carla Rice. The board employed Kristyl
costume. From bonnets and long Fleurkens, district substitute, at step 1 classified salary
dresses with aprons to pants with “Preserving and sharing this re- schedule for the 2017-2018 school year. The board ap-
suspenders and straw hats – guests gion’s agricultural heritage in au- proved the resignation of Connie Shoup, school nurse,
are encouraged to dress in costume thentic ways is a vital part of our ed- effective Aug. 31 and hired her as the school health
and get involved in this fun celebra- ucational efforts at Sauder Village,” aide for 2017-18.The board employed Megan Allman
tion! shared Kim Krieger, Media Relations. and Brook Funk as para-professionals for 2017-2018.
“We were happy to host the Great The board added Jerry Lemmon to the substitute
“Organizations across the country Planting last fall and we’re excited custodian list. The board rescinded Travis Smith as
have been planning fun celebrations about the scope of the Great Harvest spring weight room supervisor (.33) for 2016-2017. The
this year in honor of the 150th An- event this summer. We look forward board accepted the resignation of Michael Frisby as
niversary of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s to welcoming many tractor collectors summer custodian effective June 1, 2017. The board
birthday,” shared Kim Krieger, PR/ and other guests to Sauder Village for approved Kandy Houk as summer custodian for 2016-
Media Relations. “People have such this spectacular farming event!” 2017. The board approved Todd Friend as JH football
Archbold, OH – Sauder Village fond memories of the Little House on coach for 2017-2018. The board approved the revised
will host a new Laura Ingalls Wilder the Prairie books and television series The Great Harvest Northwest Ohio Gifted Education and Identification policy #2464.
Weekend on July 7 & 8 to celebrate and guests seem to be excited about is co-hosted by the Massey Collec- The board approved the Montpelier Exempt-
the 150th Anniversary of Laura’s the activities and free admission be- tor’s Association and Sauder Village. ed Village School District Administrative Guidelines
birthday! With a variety of historic ing offered on these special days for Event co-sponsors include Rupp #3415 Severance Pay Qualifications. See negotiated
hands-on activities, “Little House people in pioneer costume!” Seeds of Pettisville, OH and Tri-Flo agreement and/or classified manual. The board ap-
on the Prairie” story-time and free Propane & Fertilizer of Archbold, OH. proved a professional service agreement with Kent
admission for anyone dressed in a In addition to the activities in the All of the Great Harvest activities are State University for speech and language service for
pioneer-themed costume – this new Historic Village, The Great Harvest weather permitting. 2017-2018 at $68,496.00. The board approved the
event is sure to offer families a day Northwest Ohio is also taking place continued agreement with the Ohio High School Ath-
of happy memories at Sauder Village! on July 7 & 8 at Sauder Village. Dur- Historic Sauder Village is open letic Association for 2017-2018. The board approved
ing this two-day event Massey Col- Tuesday through Saturday from NWOCA membership fees at $36,841.60 for 2017-
Guests visiting Sauder Village for lectors will gather with their antique 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and each 2018. The board approved the agreement with North-
this special event will have an oppor- farm equipment to help harvest the Sunday afternoon from noon-4:00 western Ohio Community Action Commission to pro-
tunity to dip candles, churn butter, wheat that was planted last fall on p.m. The Historic Village is closed vide services for preschool children for 2017-2018.
make a rag doll and participate in an 100 acres of farmland around Sauder on Mondays, except holidays. Admis- The board approved the property, liability, violence and
old-fashioned spell down. There will Village. Collectors of Wallis, Massey sion is $17.00 for adults and $11.00 automotive insurance through the Ohio School Plan for
be “Little House on the Prairie” stories Harris, Ferguson and Massey Fer- for students ages 6-16. Children 5 2017-2018 at a total cost of $49,848.
shared, goat milking, wagon packing guson and other antique tractor lov- and under are always free with fam- The board approved the service agreement with Cen-
and many farm-themed activities in ers from throughout the Midwest are ily and Sauder Village members re- tral Ohio Medical Review, LLC to manage the district’s
the barns. Guests will also enjoy vis- expected to participate and watch ceive free admission to the Historic school Medicaid program for the 2017-2018 school year.
iting with the costumed guides and this amazing farming demonstration Village for an entire year. Senior, The board approved the Montpelier Public Library 2018
working craftsmen throughout the of days-gone-by. Antique combines Military and AAA discounts are also Proposed Budget. The board approved the K-6 grade
Village to experience Ohio’s historic and farm implements will be used available. Again this year, children fees at $35 per grade for the 2017-2018. The board ap-
past from 1803 thru 1928. during this two-day event. There will 16 and under are free every Sunday proved the Montpelier High School/Junior High fees for
also be antique tractors on display. this season! For more information
As part of the celebration, Sauder Wheat harvest is weather depen- phone 1-800-590-9755, visit www.
Village is also offering free admis- dant, so guests are encouraged to, like Sauder Village
visit or call on Facebook or follow us on Twitter
and Instagram.

The board approved the Classified Employees Ad-
ministrative Procedure Manual effective July 1, 2017
to June 30, 2020. The board approved the Montpelier
7-12 High School Student Handbook for 2017-2018.
The board approved the Montpelier Elementary School
Student/Parent Handbook for 2017-2018. The board
approved the FY 2018-2020 Administrative Salary
The board approved the following cell phone/uni-
form stipends for 2017-2018: (a) $35/month cell phone
stipend-superintendent, treasurer, athletic director,
maintenance director, custodian I as assigned, trans-
portation supervisor and bus mechanic ( b) $20/
month cell phone stipend-high school principal, ele-
mentary principal, high school assistant principal, el-
ementary dean of students and technology director (c)
$400/year uniform stipend-maintenance director, bus
mechanic, transportation supervisor, custodian I and
custodian II.
Williams County Recycling Program The board approved the change orders for the Recre-
& Williams Soil & Water Conservation District ation Center Project as presented.

July 13, 2017 James can be reached at

10 am - 4 pm

at the Williams County Fairgrounds

No oil based Paints Or other types of material accepted

The Cost is $2 Per Gallon Can
or $8 Per 5 Gallon Bucket

Questions: Call 419-485-3141


10 - “The Village Reporter” / Weekly Northwest Ohio (Williams & Fulton County News) Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

The Village Reporter



THOMAS S. 24 HR Miller Entenman’s Flooring nixon
MOLITIERNO Roadside & More, INC.
Service Body Shop construction
Thomas Molitierno Custom Flooring and
& Travis Thiel, Attorneys Mobile Service Expert Collision And 419.485.4046
Frame Repair Complete Home Renovations Montpelier
• Bankruptcy • Criminal Specializing in Truck, Trailer
• Personal Injury • Wills & Auto Repairs Kenny Prince • Kenny Nester Custom Tile Work
• Probate • Real Estate Full Shop & Road Service AUTO, TRUCK & BUS REPAIR Flooring & Showers
• Divorce & Dissolution Hardwood, Laminate & Carpet
419-924-5011 1422 Whitaker Way Roofing, Siding & Windows
• Juvenile Law Montpelier, OH 43543
Thomas Molitierno is Rated High in Legal Ability Billy Sturgill, Owner Phone (419) 485-3242 Doors & Decks
and Ethical Standards by Other Attorneys and Fax # (419) 485-9612 Whole Room Remodels
319 S. Main St. • West Unity, OH 45370
Rated Distinguished by 419-924-5011 Electrical/Plumbing
Over 30 Years Experience
FAX #419-924-5016 Vaughn Entenman
104 E. Main St. • Fayette, Ohio A2ZMOBILE.NET
419-237-2661 Edgerton, Ohio




Daycare & Preschool

6:00 am - 6:00 pm
6 weeks to Cleaning
12 years old Main Office and Classroom: 101 S. Defiance St., Stryker, Ohio
Branch Classrooms: 201 E. High St., Bryan, Ohio Residential, Commercial,
State Licensed Industrial
Christian Based Curriculum 410 N. Shoop (Annex), Wauseon, Ohio • 102 Empire, Montpelier, Ohio
“Years of Experience”
Daycare / Preschool The Northwestern Ohio Driver Train-
ing School Inc. has recently opened a NEW • Reasonable Rates
14226 US HWY. 20-A branch location at the corner of Empire and • Emergency
Montpelier, OH Main Street (102) in downtown Montpelier,
Ohio. The driving school is not new to the Service
419-485-5029 area with additional locations in Stryker, Available
Wauseon, and Bryan since 1978! The school • Sink/Tub
FINANCIAL is locally owned and employs instructors Septic Drainage
with extensive experience.
CCHHRRIISSMMEERR Professional , courteous and prompt Mark Brown
FFIINNAANNCCIIAALL service is provided with 11 instructors
SSEERRVVIICCEESS and 6 vehicles to serve the students. Driver Pictured: Mark Allison, Training Manager; 419-212-4756
training is available for youth as well as Paula Sanford, Owner; Arlean Shea, Instruc-
Life Insurance individuals over 18 years of age. Stu- tor; Ruth Wieland, Office Manager - Stryker FLOORING
Payroll • Tax Returns dents with special needs can be trained by location.
Quarterly Reports instructors with additional training through the Department of Public Safety.
W2 Preparation Behind-the-wheel driver training is also offered for teens completing the class- Mart
room portion on-line. Flexible driving schedules are available.
 Remedial classes are held LOCALLY for youth and adults with license suspension or for point extension. Saturday 7300 State Route 108,
classes are scheduled once a month for adult remedial and for youth on an as needed basis. Advance registration is Wauseon, OH
Bob Chrismer required.
Driver Training schedules for the Montpelier, Stryker, Wauseon, and Bryan locations can be found at Just South Of The Fairgrounds
111 Chase St. Registration forms are also available on the website for the teen program.
Stryker, OH Office staff at the main office in Stryker is available to answer questions or registration can be made via telephone 419.335.0993
419-682-1231 at (419) 682-4741. Office hours are 9:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday thru Thursday and 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Friday.
The office is closed from 12 noon to 1:00 pm for lunch. Brochures listing class dates are also available by calling (419) 682-4741. WALK-INS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT THE STRYKER LOCATION (101 South Defiance Street). Lowest Prices
Call For a FREE Quote!


SW Hardware Heartland • HEATING Ruby Carpenter RN, Administrator B&G WE MAKE IT WORTH THE DRIVE!
Stryker, OH 43557 Health Services Equipment LTD MEATS
3268 St. Rt. 191, Stryker, OH 43557 • PLUMBING HMOELAIDTASY
419-682-2310 • DUCT CLEANING 322 Clinton St. Suite 201 Full line of service & parts 24 Hour Service Defiance, OH 43512 08127 STATE ROUTE 66
Let us help you with Gravely - Ariens - Echo
all of your 419.682.1111 Owners: Bob & Beth Tejkl Phone 419-782-8200 Dolmar - Snapper DEFIANCE, OH 43512
Fax 419-782-8266
hardware needs! Scott’s Cell 419.553.0248 1-800-455-KERN 09629 US 127 419-782-7831
Dave’s Cell 419.789.0082 1-419-822-3888 Phone Toll Free 1-877-782-8250 West Unity, Ohio
E-Mail: 419-924-5210


50+ IMMEDIATE © Northwestern Ohio
Our customers drive School, Inc.
Pro Resources Staffing is hiring for home happy
several companies in the Competitive prices, Local
See Us For Your Owners & Instructors.
Steuben and Dekalb county areas. Vehicle Tire Needs!
General Labor • Forklift Operators Bryan: 419-636-9092
Welders • Liquid Industrial Painters 17386 State Highway 2 Montpelier: 419-682-4741
Part Time Sorting Work • 12 Hour Shifts Wauseon OH 43567
419-335-7010 Stryker: 419-682-4741
Please call or stop in to one of our offices today! Wauseon: 419-337-6580
652 N. Grandstaff Dr. Auburn, IN 46706


300 W Maumee Street Angola, IN 46703


Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 Start Home Newspaper Delivery - Subscribe At Or By Calling (419) 485.4851

“The Village Reporter” / Weekly Northwest Ohio (Williams & Fulton County News) - 13




Help Wanted Help WantedF U L T O N Legals
Packin$8gF•OMR 1e-t2a0l WFaObRrDiSc,a$t1o0rsFOR 20-40 WORDS; +$2 FOR EACH 20-WORD BLOCK
By virtue of an order of sale issued by the Williams
Machine Opperators ELECTRICAL TECHNICIAN County Common Pleas, Ohio, in certain delinquent tax
Clerical • CNC • Production foreclosure cases for taxes, penalties, interest, costs and
other charges incurred in the proceedings the following
ALL SHIFTS! Join our team at SPANGLER CANDY COMPANY parcels will be offered for sale at public auction at the
door of the Court House in Williams County, Ohio on July
Apply at: as an Electrical Technician, 2ND & 3RD Shift 20, 2017 at 1:00 pm. Listed are the permanent parcel
number(s) of the respective parcel(s) of land in each case,
AMRI of Napoleon Plans and performs all required operations the Common Pleas case number, the street address of the
557 E. Riverview, Napoleon pertaining to the installation, maintenance parcel (street address is intended for guidance only), and
Online at: and repair of a wide variety of complicated the amount of the starting bid for the parcel(s). The com-
electrical and electronic equipment and circuits, plete legal descriptions can be obtained at the office of the
419.599.9992 Williams County Auditor, (419)636-5639 or online at the
web site of the Williams County Auditor. The lands listed
Elwood Staffing of Bryan, is looking for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and below have been determined by the electing subdivision to
circuits used in the facility. be abandoned lands and that, if at the foreclosure sale no
bid for the appropriate amount specified in this division
people to work at Pioneer Forge. Requires formal training in industrial electrical, is received, such lands shall be sold or transferred to the
electing subdivision.
Openings on all three shifts, temp to hire electronics, pneumatics and hydraulics. Must
after 520 hours. Pay rates depend on position. be able to read and interpret complicated Each purchaser at Sheriff’s Sale shall pay the Sheriff’s
Great benefits after hire: fees, poundage and other lawful expenses to the Williams
electrical ladder and wiring diagrams, computer County Sheriff’s Office in addition to property costs.
• Health insurance after 30 days logic, pneumatic and hydraulic diagrams.
• Voluntary vision insurance 1st day of month after 30 days Knowledge of transmission lines motors, 063-170-42-025.000, Treasurer/Grimm v. Fifth Third
• Company paid life insurance after 90 days Mortgage Co., et al., 215 N Myers St., Bryan OH 43506.
• Voluntary life insurance (emp paid) after 90 days generators and distribution equipment. Field Starting Bid: $6,937.90
• 401K after 120 days – we contribute 3% of gross, experience required with industrial and commercial
wiring in accordance with National Electric Code. 072-110-39-010.000, Treasurer/Grimm v. Chad Per-
kins, et al., 309 E. Lawrence St., Montpelier, OH 43543.
even if they don’t contribute anything Competitive wage and benefit package includes: Starting Bid: $9,436.72
• Flex time (able to take time off work and make up that time in the Health, dental, vision, accident and life
coverage, paid vacations and holidays, 030-063-170-63-005.000, Treasurer/Grimm v. Wil-
same week without getting a point) liam H. Ward, et al., 111 S. Allen St., Bryan, OH 43506.
• 10 paid holidays pension program, 401k, company provided Starting Bid: $5915.72
• Pay increases after 90 days, 6 months, 1 year, 18 months and YMCA membership and tuition reimbursement.
072-110-19-003.000, Treasurer/Grimm v. Irl R.
2 years Smith, et al., 308 E. Washington St., Montpelier, OH
43543. Starting Bid: $11,721.72
• Paid vacation days after a year Qualified individuals should apply to:
072-110-50-014.000, Treasurer/Grimm v. Leonard
Apply at Edward Brock, Sr., et al., 523 S. Jonesville St., Montpe-
lier, OH 43543. Starting Bid: $8,094.28
1115 West High Street • Bryan, Ohio Spangler Candy is an equal opportunity employer and all qualified
candidates are encouraged to apply including minorities, women, Real Estate & Auction
veterans and individuals with disabilities REAL ESTATE AUCTION
If you need more details call 419-519-3320
Tuesday, July 11, 2017 @ 5:00 PM

LOCATION: 11626 US 127, WEST UNITY, OHIO 43570

16879 CR 15 • Pioneer, Ohio 43554 HELP WANTED - FACTORY AND PRODUCTION POSI- This 1,636 Sq. Ft. brick ranch style home featuring 3 bedrooms,
419-737-2500 TIONS - NEW HIGHER STARTING WAGE - Looking for 2 full baths on a full basement with 1.08 acres located just south
stable, long term employment? We have several full time of town. Room throughout with family room, formal living, dining
Meyers Bros Trucking is looking for Full-Time positions available including general labor, forklift and rooms, 3 season room, hardwood floors and more. Attached 2 car
& Part-Time Flatbed & Van Class A Drivers due maintenance. We are looking for light to heavy lifters. garage and a 38’ x 30’ detached garage/shop w/2nd story apart-
to increased current customer demands as well as Factory experience helpful but not necessary, will train. ment for additional living space or rental income. Updated with a
New Lanes. All our OTR & Regional Drivers are Shift premium for 2nd and 3rd shifts. Excellent benefit newer geothermal heating system. Make this home yours. Call
home 1-2 nights per week and every weekend. package. We are now offering a higher starting wage Bart Westfall 419-553-0323 for your viewing appointment and be
with an increase after 60 days. Please apply at 111 Weires prepared on July 11th.
Trucks are based in Pioneer, OH; Homer, Dr., Archbold, OH 43502, fax resume to 419-446-267 or Taxes: $1,090.86 per ½ year, includes $193.67 Homestead Exmpt.
Jonesville, Hudson and Adrian, MI; Fort Wayne email Prorated at closing.
Terms: 10% down day of sale. Balance at closing.
and Columbia City, IN. For Sale
Joan C. Connolly, Seller
You tell us what you want to do FOR SALE - Hardwood flooring. Many species and widths
– we offer multiple lanes to fit your schedule. available. Prefinished or unfinished. M.T. Hardwoods, Os- WILSON AUCTION & REALTY CO., LTD.
seo, MI. 800-523-8878.
• OTR • Regional • Home Nightly 825 N. Main St.
• Part-time • Weekend Only • Round Trip FOR SALE - 2004 Siverado LS, loaded, 106,000 mi. Bryan, OH 43506
Everything works, good tires, bed liner,v-8 automatic.
• Dedicated $5500.00. Call 419-630-8843 419-636-5500
Toll Free: 866-870-5500
We also offer a competitive pay package.
• Average driver earns $45,000 to $75,000 Auctioneers: Wayne M. Wilson CAI,
Brent J. Wilson CAI, Fred Nott, William H. Retcher,
per year D.O.E. Bart Westfall, Dave Dempsey, Phil Stotz, Richard Merillat
• Paid all miles, detention, dock bump and hourly
• Safety Bonus up to .01/ mile
Public Auction
VACATION STARTS ON YOUR FIRST DAY! Saturday, July 8th at 9 am
• 401(k) • Paid holidays
102 Sycamore St. Montpelier, Ohio, 43543
We are a family owned company that offers ex-
treme flexibility in a self-directed, positive atmo- Contents of the Robert and Jane Storrer Household.
sphere. Come work for someone that knows you
Selling Household items, Collectables & Good clean Furniture,
by name and not your truck number. Kenmore Frig. Whirlpool elec. Range, Visio Flat screen Tv, Ken-
more Canister Vac, Shark upright Vac, Schwinn Exercise bike,
Please stop in and see us between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Queen & Full size beds, Good selection of Dressers, Book shelves,
or call at 419-737-2500 and ask for recruiting. Wardrobe, Vintage Oak desk, Roll top desk, Dining Room table
& chairs, Couch & Loveseats, Swivel Rockers, Nice Hutch filled
JOB SETTERS with Precious Moments, Longaberger baskets & hamper, Vera
Bradley handbags, Remington Scoremaster 22 Rifle, Waltham &
Job Setters Illinois pocket watches, Vintage pictures, Costume Jewelry, Mont-
Starting Wage $16.00/hr. pelier year books ’33 to ‘80, JVC stereo, Wood Home décor &
After 60 days $17.50/hr. Additional increases schedule at shelving, Wall clock, lamps, Kerosene lanterns, Crocks & crock
6 months, 1 year and 2 years with the ability to make up to jugs, Pyrex, Corning ware, Fenton Glassware, Bohemian dishes,
$20.75 within the first 2 years of employment. & more, Kitchen utensils & small appliances, Stainless cookware,
Benefits: Medical/Dental/Life and Disability Insurance Offered Card tables & chairs, Childs chairs, Boxes of towels & linens, File
Generous Annual 401k Employer Contribution cabinets, Office supplies, Christmas & holiday décor, wooden bins,
Paid vacation available in your 1st year Vintage 33 records, Aluminum Ladders, Echo Trimmer, Grass
seeder, Steel School lockers, Wheel barrow, Hose reel, Trouble
Rassini Chassis Systems in the Industrial Park in Montpelier, lights & cords, Cross country Ski’s, Igloo coolers, Propane grill,
Ohio is looking for Job Setters. We prefer candidates that Lawn sprayer, Golf clubs, Nova scooters, Rakes, Shovels, Hand
have at least 2 years of manufacturing experience, strong tools, organizers and misc. from the garage.
mechanical background with the ability to set machinery up
for production. Must be Safety conscious, along with having Terms: Cash or a good check, credit cards
strong analytical trouble–shooting and problem solving skills. with a 3% convenience fee added
Interested qualified candidates should stop by Rassini, call
419-485-1524 or send resume to: Details and pictures @, search “Bert Brown”

Wanted Albert A “Bert” Brown Auctioneer CAI, CES,
Shane Sumner Auctioneer, Wyatt Zulch Apprentice Auctioneer


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16 - “The Village Reporter” / Weekly Northwest Ohio (Williams & Fulton County News) Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

Northwest Ohio Lets The Big Dogs Out To Bryan Sweeps Archbold
Take The Gold Division 10U Baseball Title 13-5 & 6-5 In Jr. Acme
Baseball Doubleheader
By: Timothy Kays tions Ohio State title, and the #4 ranking
THE VILLAGE REPORTER in the nation. Along the way, they took
The Northwest Ohio Big Dogs 10u team home the Nations Perrysburg Select Clas-
captured the 10u Nations “Gold” Ohio sic Championship, the runner-up title in
State Title with a convincing 8-3 win over the Nations Carter Park Classic, and third
the top seeded Cincinnati Weststars in place in the Cody Brown Memorial Tourna-
Pickerington on June 18. Five members ment.
of the team hailed from Williams County...
four from West Unity and one from Edon. To go from a sub-.500 team to the top
The Big Dogs were seeded #10 in the team in Ohio and the fourth ranked team
gold bracket after a round of pool play in America is an incredible feat, and Head
games. The road to the title was long and Coach Eddie Robison of Pioneer had a
arduous. In order to advance, they had to ready answer as to how it came about.
upset the #7 seed, the #2 seed, and then “Growth and maturity,” he said, adding,
the #3 seed to make it to the championship “If you would have told me that we would
game where they played the Weststars for have come in and won 20 ball games this
all the marbles. year and won the Ohio State Tournament,
Challenge issued...challenge accepted. I wouldn’t have believed it. We were 10-
First up on the hit parade for the local 12 last year. We committed 92 errors. We
boys was the tournament opener against were a typical nine year old team, playing
the Raiders of North Columbus, who were real baseball for the first time, right out
dispatched 8-6 on June 15. The following of ‘coach pitch’. We were a long way from
day, the Big Dogs took a bite out of the where I thought that we needed to be. They
Olentangy Thunder, 12-11. On Saturday, came into practice a whole different ball
June 17, the Blakeway Titans and the Big club, although they were the same group,
Dogs went toe-to-toe in a slobberknocker with one new kid. They just matured. It’s
that saw North West Ohio prevailing by an crazy what one year did. The maturity level
18-13 score. Later that day, the Licking and their work ethic was night and day dif-
County Settlers were knocked off by the ferent. They worked their tails off.”
Big Dogs, 6-5.
The semifinal match of Sunday, June It wasn’t just a tournament to remem-
18, saw Northwest Ohio tangling with the ber for the Big Dogs, but an entire season
Garland Eagles for the right to advance to made possible by hard work. That hard
the championship game. The Big Dogs’ of- work paid off in strong showings in regu-
fense again rose to the occasion, posting lar season tournaments, a 6-0 run in the
a 9-6 win that sent them to the title game State tournament that left the opposition
and the Ohio State championship. wondering ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’, individ-
The boys of the Big Dog squad first ual championship trophies over a foot tall,
played together in 2016, and went 10-12 and a team trophy taller than a lot of the
for the season. The 2017 Big Dogs ended kids that did battle to win it. Hard work
their season with a 20-4 record, the Na- does indeed pay off.

Timothy Kays can be reached at


Haynes (West Unity), Keandre “Pockets” Singleton (Defiance), Aiden Lichty (Ant- & SUPPLY CENTER
werp), Derek Hines (Antwerp), Devin Dempsey (West Unity), Joseph “JoJo” Wil-
liams (West Unity) Middle - Micah “Big Mike” Nofziger (West Unity), Kahlil Ligon BLAKESLEE, OHIO
(Defiance), Kane “Dizz” Jones (Paulding), Kyler Sapp (Edon), Brandon Schroeder
(Paulding) Back - Coach Brian Lichty (Antwerp), Coach Kyle “Big D” Sapp (Edon), * General Contractors * Commercial *
Head Coach Eddie “Big Dog” Robison (Pioneer) * Industrial * Residential *


WILLIAMS COUNTY CONTINGENT ... Members of the State Champion Northwest Tri-County
Ohio Big Dogs hailing from Williams County include, front - JoJo Williams, Raace Repair, Inc.
Haynes and Micah Nofziger of West Unity, Kyler Sapp of Edon, and Devin Dempsey
of West Unity. Back - Head Coach Eddie Robinson of Pioneer, and Assistant Coach A/C work - Auto -
Kyle Sapp of Edon Farm - Truck

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Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle - 3


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4 - The Village Reporter / The Hometown Huddle Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

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