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The Village Reporter - September 27th, 2017

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Published by Forrest R. Church, 2017-09-26 19:58:54

The Village Reporter - September 27th, 2017

The Village Reporter - September 27th, 2017

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Fall Lawn Care Tips For Homeowners Potential Indicators Of Roof Trouble

Spring and summer may be the sea- With regard to home re- REPAIR OR REPLACE ... Homeowners whose roofs
sons most often associated with land- pairs, homeowners may be have some years under their belt may want to consider
scaping and lawn care, but tending to able to delay some projects replacing them.
lawns and gardens is a year-round job. If until the weather permits
lawn and garden responsibilities dip con- RAKE ... Remove leaves from the lawn in or they find room in their may come back even af- the age of the roof. Asphalt
siderably in winter, then fall is the last the fall to not suffocate the grass. budgets. But other areas, ter brushing it off, so ho- shingle roofs typically have
significant chance before the new year the top few inches of soil. Follow any ad- including the roof, may de- meowners should keep an life expectancies of 20 to
that homeowners will have to address ditional manufacturer instructions as mand immediate action. eye on areas of their roofs 25 years, while roofs in-
the landscaping around their homes. well. that get little sunlight. In stalled over existing layers
Few homeowners give addition, trapped moisture of shingles may need to be
Fall lawn care differs from spring and • Aerate the turf. Aerating reduces the roofs of their homes can be very harmful to a replaced after 20 years.
summer lawn care, even if the warm tem- soil compacting, facilitating the delivery much thought until a roof, so it may be wise to
peratures of summer linger into autumn. of fertilizer and water to a lawn’s roots. problem arises. But learn- exercise caution and have Recognizing minor roof
Homeowners who want their lawns to While many homeowners, and particu- ing to recognize potential roofs with mold or fungi damage before it escalates
thrive year-round can take advantage of larly those who take pride in tending to indicators of roof trouble growths inspected. into a larger problem can
the welcoming weather of fall to address their own lawns, can successfully aer- can help homeowners pre- save homeowners sub-
any existing or potential issues. ate their own turf, it’s best to first have vent potentially drastic • Age: Another indica- stantial amounts of mon-
soil tested so you know which amend- situations down the road. tor of roof trouble may be ey.
• Keep mowing, but adjust how you ments to add after the ground has been
mow. It’s important that homeowners aerated. Gardening centers and home • Light: Homeowners Fireplace & Stone Veneer
continue to mow their lawns so long as improvement stores sell soil testing kits with attics in their homes We carry 7 brands to choose from
grass is growing. But as fall transitions that measure the pH of soil, but hom- can inspect the ceilings
into winter, lower the blades so the grass eowners who want to test for nutrients inside the attic for signs
is cut shorter while remaining mindful or heavy metals in their soil may need of holes or leaks. Light
that no blade of grass should ever be to send their samples to a lab for further peering through the top of
trimmed by more than one-third. Lower- testing. the house indicates a hole
ing the blades will allow more sunlight or leak, as does stains or
to reach the grass in the months ahead. Fall lawn care provides a great reason streaks on the ceiling.
to spend some time in the yard before the
• Remove leaves as they fall. Much arrival of winter. • Worn shingles: Shin-
like apple-picking and foliage, raking gles should lie flat against
leaves is synonymous with fall. Some the roof, so any that ap-
homeowners may wait to pick up a rake pear to be buckling or
until all of the trees on their properties turning up are damaged
are bare. However, allowing fallen leaves and in need of repair. A
to sit on the ground for extended peri- single damaged shingle
ods of time can have an adverse effect on does not require a full roof
grass. Leaves left to sit on the lawn may replacement, but inspect
ultimately suffocate the grass by forming all the shingles nonethe-
an impenetrable wall that deprives the less. Another indicator
lawn of sunlight and oxygen. The result of shingle problems can
is dead grass and possibly even fungal be found when cleaning
disease. Leaves may not need to be raked downspouts or gutters.
every day, but homeowners should pe- If the gutters and down-
riodically rake and remove leaves from spouts contain lots of
their grass, even if there are plenty left to shingle granules, the roof
fall still hanging on the trees. may soon need to be re-
• Repair bald spots. Summer exacts a
toll on lawns in various ways, and even • Moss: Moss on a
homeowners with green thumbs may rooftop may give a home
end up with a lawn filled with bald spots character, but that added
come September. Autumn is a great time character is costly. Shady
to repair these bald spots. Lawn repair areas of a roof can be sus-
mixes like Scotts® PatchMaster contain ceptible to the growth of
mulch, seed and fertilizer to repair bald moss and fungi because
spots, which can begin to recover in as moisture can be trapped
little as seven days. Before applying such in such areas. If possible,
products, remove dead grass and loosen remove moss or fungi from
a roof with a stiff brush
or hire a professional to
do the job instead. Moss

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Commercial • Industrial • Residential Echo Fall One Day Sale

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

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New Homes

Pre-Engineered Remodel We have the area’s lowest prices on
Amish made furniture, including oak,
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Custom Design and West Unity cherry, hickory, maple and more!
06559 St. Rt. 34 Phone: 419-636-3173 EQUIPMENT 419-924-5210
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Bryan Lyons - Woodville T Edgerton - Bryan
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419-636-4238 419-923-4725 E 419-298-2388
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What To Do When A Project Stalls Growing Trends In Today’s Homes

Upon embarking on a home improve- Although the heydays
of the real estate boom of
ment project, homeowners who have the early 2000s have not
never before lived through such undertak-
ings are often told to expect their projects quite returned, things
look positive. In the Unit-
to take more time than initial estimates ed States, 1,226,000 new
suggested. Unforeseen complications can
compromise project timelines, and some homes were built in 2016,
homeowners may find their projects stuck according to data from
in neutral. Consumer Reports. That
Stalled projects can make life at home was the most since 2007.
difficult, and homeowners may feel help- Resales also have been
less with regard to getting a project back more promising. The Na-
on course. But there are ways for hom- tional Association of Re-
eowners to get stalled projects back on
course. altors® says the median
number of days a home
• Start off on solid financial footing. It’s was on the market in April
important that homeowners who want to
upgrade their homes enter the home im- 2017 reached a new low
of 29 days. However, low
provement process with a realistic grasp of supply levels did stanch
their finances. Many home improvement existing home sales some- CHARMS OF YESTERYEAR ... New home trends have
projects stall when homeowners run out what. By mid-2017, the merged the technologies of today with the charm and
of money. Homeowners can avoid such market was a seller’s coziness of the past.
unfortunate situations by only begin- market, with more people
ning a project they know they can afford. CAN YOU DO IT? ... If the answer is no in the market for homes nance on larger proper- Many homeowners are
Whether funding a project with a loan or either due to skills needed or time there than properties available. ties. The National Asso- embracing smart tech-
savings or a combination of both, hom- is no shame asking for help. But sales during that time ciation of Home Builders nology throughout their
eowners should make an honest assess- back on track. Certain home improvement were still outpacing sales states buyers are now homes, but it’s not just
ment of what they can afford to commit projects may not require advanced skills, figures from a year prior. looking for smaller, more lights that turn on with
to a given project. If the amount of money and even friends or family with little or no In fact, in May 2017, home livable homes with flex- voice command or more
available does not add up to the estimated home improvement experience can pitch sales in Canada increased ible floor plans, energy- efficient thermostats. In-
cost of the project, delay the project now in to complete such projects. When more to their highest level in efficient appliances and novative technology in-
or you might be facing a stalled project advanced projects stall, homeowners may more than five years, ac- plenty of storage space. cludes toilets that can
down the road. want to hire contractors to complete the cording to the Canadian autonomously stay clean
work. If budgets have not left much room MLS® Systems. • Matte finishes: Stain- and sanitized, refrigera-
• Honestly assess whether or not you for hiring a contractor, homeowners can less steel and luster have tors equipped with cam-
can finish the job. Do-it-yourselfers may perform some of the labor on their own. Low interest rates on been popular for years. eras so homeowners can
have the abilities to complete a project, mortgages and more con- However, the next big see the contents inside
but they should not let their pride get in • Be mindful of permits. Some home fidence in the economy thing is matte finishes and indoor food recyclers
the way of their ultimate goal, which is improvement projects require permits, has driven many people on faucets, appliances that can turn food waste
the completion of the project. In addition and these permits often have expiration to make improvements to and even in countertops. into fertilizer.
to money, time or lack thereof, is often dates. Homeowners must keep permits in their existing homes. As These less flashy finishes
the culprit behind stalled projects. Ho- mind when projects start to stall, recog- is typical, the things ho- are prized for their warmth Staying abreast of the
meowners with full-time jobs, families or nizing that they may need to reapply for meowners are looking for and elegance. While some ever-changing trends in
both may not be able to find the time to permits if projects go unfinished for espe- in 2017 have evolved from high-end models with home improvement and
complete a job in a timely fashion. If the cially long periods of time. years past. The following matte finishes have been real estate can help con-
project has been stuck in neutral and no are some trends that are available for several years, sumers make the best
sudden windfall of free time is on the hori- Stalled home improvement projects helping to steer the real even less expensive mod- choices with regard to
zon, start contacting contractors to finish can be a nightmare. But homeowners can estate market further. els are now available. buying and building their
the job for you. address such delays in various ways to get homes.
projects back on track. • Smaller homes: Home • Smarter technology:
• Ask for help. There’s no shame in ask- sizes in the United States
ing for help to complete a project. Some steadily increased for de-
homeowners may underestimate the cades, eventually leading
scope of a project until it’s too late. Asking to an average of 2,453
family, friends or neighbors for help might square feet in 2014, ac-
be the only way to get a stalled project cording to U.S. Census

Recognize & Prevent CO Poisoning figures. However, Realtor.
com reported in 2015 that
new construction homes
within 20 feet of an open tents or campers. have already begun to
window, door or vent. The CO poisoning can cause shrink by 40 square feet.
exhaust from such items There seems to be a slight
can vent into enclosed ar- very serious consequenc- trend toward more modest
eas, increasing the risk of es, including death, but, all homes as people consider
CO exposure. instances of CO poisoning affordability and mainte-
can be prevented.
• Do not leave motor ve-
hicles running in enclosed
or partially enclosed spac-
es, such as a garage. Bring Your
• Do not run genera-
tors, pressure washers or Down ToSIZE
gasoline-powered inside
FIRST ... Infants are basements, garages or RENT THE TOOLS YOU NEED!
among those most likely other enclosed structures, 826 N. SHOOP AVE. WAUSEON, OHIO
to get sick from exposure even if windows are open.
to carbon monoxide. • Do not operate char- 419-330-4344
coal grills, hibachis, lan- BEDROOM

The National Center terns or portable camping COMMITTED TO PRICE & QUALITY SINCE 2001
for Environmental Health stoves indoors or insides
FREEDOM SALES & RENTALthe elderly and people
says that breathing CO
can cause a variety of
symptoms, including
headache, dizziness, vom- • Construction
iting, or nausea. Infants, • Remodeling
• Redecorating
with chronic heart dis- • Cleaning
ease, anemia, or breath- • Gardening
likely to get sick from CO • Maintenance
exposure than children, Offering a complete selection of outdoor power equipment along with quality service. • Repairs
adults and people without
the aforementioned condi- Still Serving All Your
tions. Rental Needs!!

CO POISONING? • We sell Industrial Milwaukee tools
Flip Deck • We repair what we sell
Even those people who Mowers • Our service staff is continuously trained
do not lose their lives to
moderate or severe CO 0% for 48 months Archbold, OH 419-445-0030
poisoning can suffer long- Bryan, OH 419-636-7066
term health consequenc- see us for details Defiance, OH 418-782-6615
es, including an increased Perrysburg, OH 419-872-9944
risk of heart disease, as a 400 Freedom Drive • Napoleon, OH 43545 • 419-599-7737 Adrian, MI 517-263-3023
result of their exposure.
So it behooves everyone to
take steps to prevent CO
poisoning from occurring.

• Do not run a mo-
tor vehicle, generator,
pressure washer or any
gasoline-powered engine

Spray Foam
Commercial Roofing
Blown Insulation


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Must-Have Kitchen Remodel Features Chimney Maintenance A Part Of Home Safety

WHEN REMODELING ... Take the time to pick out the newest features in modern As temperatures drop and thoughts NOW IS THE TIME ... To fix and main-
kitchens to incorporate the ones you like into your dream kitchen. once again turn to lighting fires and sit- tain your chimney before winter use.
ting down with a good book, it’s impor- been split for several months to a year.
Homeowners looking to renovate of- foot controls, which are popular in doc- tant to revisit chimney maintenance. “Green” wood creates more creosote.
ten see room for improvement in their tors’ offices and hospitals. Turning on Even though chimneys do not require
kitchens and bathrooms. The Nation- the water with the tap of a foot can re- daily upkeep, regular maintenance ef- • The top-down method of building a
al Association of Home Builder’s Re- duce the transfer of pathogens to fau- forts help chimneys operate safely and fire produces less smoke. This means us-
modeling Market Index Survey, which cets from hands during food prepara- prevent deaths and injuries while pro- ing larger pieces of wood on the bottom
measures conditions in the remodel- tion. These pedals also free up hands for tecting homes from fire. and the smallest twigs and kindling at
ing market, indicates that, in 2015, the other tasks. the top. The fire will burn from the top
two most common remodeling jobs were Various problems can arise when and down, igniting the wood beneath as
bathroom remodels (81 percent) and BOTTOM’S UP chimneys are not well maintained. Such it goes.
kitchen remodels (79 percent). Accord- People likely spend more time raiding problems include chimney fires, carbon
ing to HGTV and Statistics Brain, a new the refrigerator than the freezer on any monoxide poisoning and early failure of • Put a cap on the chimney to keep
kitchen remodel for a kitchen measuring given day. Rather than having to bend the chimney and heating sources that out rain, snow and small animals.
12 by 12 feet may cost homeowners any- down to seek out that favorite flavor of the chimney vents.
where from $17,000 to $37,000. Greek yogurt, choose a model with the • Keep fires small; otherwise, the in-
fridge on top and freezer on the bottom, Carbon monoxide can be scary, as tense heat may damage bricks and mor-
Before investing so much into their re- especially if anyone in the household it is virtually invisible without a proper tar in the chimney. Repair any damage
modeling projects, homeowners should has mobility issues. When shopping for detector. The National Vital Statistics promptly before lighting another fire.
think carefully about the features that refrigerators, French-door style units System says that, in 2015, 393 deaths
will improve their time spent at home. may offer even more access, making it resulted from unintentional carbon mon- • Open the damper and fireplace
When planning a kitchen renovation, easy for homeowners to slide fruit trays, oxide poisoning in the United States. doors so that air supply flows freely and
homeowners may want to consider the sheet cakes and other large items into When carbon monoxide is breathed in, can vent the smoke promptly, reducing
following upgrades to make the room the fridge. it builds up quickly and combines with residence time in the flue; otherwise, cre-
more enjoyable while improving its func- the blood, reducing the blood’s ability to osote can form.
tionality. EXTRA LIGHTING carry oxygen. The Canada Safety Coun-
A kitchen should be a balance of form cil says that body tissue and cells can’t • Install smoke and carbon monoxide
OVERSIZED SINK and function. A combination of overhead function without oxygen. alarms throughout the home and rou-
Although high-efficiency dishwash- lighting, decorative lighting and task tinely check the batteries.
ers are popular, deep sinks to soak soup lighting can illuminate all areas of the Chimney fires are another potential
pots or woks are still useful. Deep sinks space effectively. byproduct of poor chimney maintenance. Learn more about chimney mainte-
may be preferable to double sinks, es- The Chimney Safety Institute of America nance and find a certified chimney sweep
pecially for homeowners who use lots of APPLIANCE GARAGES notes that chimneys expel the byprod- at
kitchen tools when preparing meals. Architectural and design resource ucts of combustion, including smoke,
Houzz says that appliance garages are water vapor, gases, unburned wood par-
SOFT-CLOSING HINGES popular kitchen additions, too. Set at ticles, hydrocarbon, tar fog, and assort-
When replacing cabinets (or just countertop level, these cabinets allow ed minerals, which can condense on the
the hardware), consider installing soft- people to keep small appliances plugged inside of the chimney flue. The residue,
closing hinges and slides on doors and in but tucked neatly behind closed called creosote, is highly combustible.
drawers. These devices eliminate slam- doors. With the right conditions, a chimney fire
ming and caught fingers, reducing noise Kitchen remodels are a sizable invest- can occur.
and injuries in the kitchen. ment, and renovations can be custom-
FOOT-PEDAL WATER OPERATION ized to make the kitchen more hospita- To avoid chimney fires and other
When outfitting a sink, think about ble for all in residence. risks, take these precautions, courtesy
of CSIA, HomeAdvisor and Popular Me-

• Have chimneys inspected annually
and properly cleaned by a professional
chimney technician.

• Make sure tree branches and other
obstacles are cleared away from the top
of the chimney.

• Use seasoned hardwoods that have

Did You Know About Lead?

Lead is a naturally occurring element found in the earth’s crust that can be toxic
to both humans and animals. Lead can be found in air, soil and water, and human
exposure to lead can often be traced to human activities, such as the one-time use
of leaded gasolines and previous use of lead-based paints in homes. The U.S. Envi-
ronmental Protection Agency notes that lead also may have been used in ceramics,
pipes, plumbing materials, and even some cosmetics. Perhaps the most troubling
aspect of lead is its potential effect on children. The still-developing brains and ner-
vous systems of children are more sensitive to the harmful effects of lead because
their bodies absorb more of it than the bodies of adults. Parents who suspect their
children have been exposed to lead can speak with their youngsters’ pediatricians,
who may order blood tests to check for lead exposure.

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What To Do When Your Vehicle Breaks Down Signs Rotors May Need To Be
Replaced For Smooth Braking

The braking system of YOU CAN FEEL IT ... Anytime you feel something con-
most vehicles consists of sistently different in your break pedal, you should have
brake pads, calipers and your mechanic check it out.
metal discs called rotors
IT HAPPENS ... At some time in ones driving experience, everyone experiences a that work to slow down a rotors. If the rotors pro- and advice website.
break down, from a flat tire to a mechanical issue, knowing what to do and being vehicle. When the vehicle duce squealing or squeak- Speak with a qualified
prepared will help to make the issue less stressful and get the car back on the road. needs to stop, the calipers ing noises or even scrap-
squeeze the brake pads ing noises while braking, mechanic to see if a lathe
Knowing what to do when a car breaks • Be especially careful before exiting against the spinning ro- they may need to be re- can be used to shave off
down can make such unfortunate situ- the vehicle. Exiting a broken down ve- tors. Because a lot of fric- placed. a little of the rotors and
ations much less stressful for drivers. hicle can be very dangerous, especially tion is generated, rotors, get a few more miles out
Smartphones and wifi networks may when drivers are forced to pull over on like brake pads, need to Warped rotors also of them. Otherwise, to en-
make it less stressful to cope with bro- busy highways. Drivers who have pulled be replaced periodically. may produce vibrations sure safe, adequate brak-
ken down vehicles. However, wifi net- over into the right shoulder should wait However, drivers may not that can be felt when the ing, rotors will need to be
works are not always accessible in re- to exit the car until there is ample time know when these compo- brakes are applied. A replaced anywhere from
mote locations, so drivers would be wise for them to get out and safely make it to nents need to be changed pulsing or rough feeling 30,000 to 70,000 miles
to revisit these tips for handling broken the shoulder. If necessary, crawl across or if other services can be can vibrate through the depending on the type of
down vehicles, courtesy of Esurance, in the front seat and exit using the pas- done to prolong the life of entire chassis, says Your- brake pads and motorists’
advance of their next road trip. senger-side door. All passengers should the rotors a little longer. Mechanic, a vehicle repair driving style.
exit the vehicle on the passenger-side if
• Turn on hazard lights. Hazard lights the car has been pulled onto the right The first step is to in-
inform other drivers that something is shoulder. spect the braking system.
wrong with your vehicle, and the sight A healthy brake rotor
of hazard lights typically compels fellow • Call for help. Only after they have will be smooth and have
motorists to give drivers a wide berth safely gotten their vehicles off the high- an uninterrupted sur-
and facilitate their moving off of the way should drivers call for help. Passen- face that is free of dust,
roadway. gers may want to avoid calling until the grooves and grit, advises
car is off the road as well, as it can make automotive retailer Cars-
• Attempt to get off the highway. Af- for faster relief if callers wait until they Direct. If brake pads have
ter turning on their hazard lights, driv- know their exact location to call for help. caused grooves to form,
ers who know or suspect something is the pads or the rotors may
wrong with their vehicles should try to • Set up flares or triangles behind need to be replaced.
get off the highway. Move into the right- the vehicle. If it’s safe to do so, set up
hand lane as soon as possible, ultimate- flares or triangles behind the vehicle. If Another tactic is to lis-
ly trying to get onto the shoulder. Avoid the flares or triangles are buried in the ten for brake noise when
the left-hand shoulder if possible, as the trunk, drivers can ask a passenger to driving. Mechanics state
left lane is a passing lane and motorists serve as lookout and warn them if they that noise is commonly
likely won’t be expecting vehicles in this need to get away from the vehicle. associated with bad brake
area of the highway.
• Pop the hood. An opened hood is an- Address Windshield Damage Promptly
• Turn the steering wheel away from other indicator that a vehicle is broken
the road. Broken down vehicles are un- down and can be especially valuable to Windshields are designed to protect FIX IT SOON ... Windshield replacement
predictable, and drivers may not have drivers who do not have flares or trian- drivers and their vehicles from wind and or repair is a necessity when windshields
the luxury of pulling over onto flat road gles. other natural elements while the cars chip or crack.
surfaces. Turning the steering wheel are in motion. retailers. If a crack is less than six to 12
away from the road prevents it from roll- • Wait for help. Do not attempt to fix inches long, it can probably be repaired
ing into traffic if drivers are forced to the vehicle on the side of the highway. Windshields are not impervious to as well. However, more significant dam-
pull over on an incline. Doing so leaves drivers vulnerable to on- damage. All it takes is a single rock or age will require that the entire wind-
coming motorists. piece of road debris to be kicked up from shield be replaced.
the roadway and hit the windshield to
cause a problem.

Every day, motorists encounter peb-
bles or other small missiles that bounce
up from the road and come in contact
with their windshields. Many deflect
with no problem, but under high speeds,
debris can cause chips, dings, and even
cracks in the windshield.

Cracks easily spread from road vibra-
tion and heat and can compromise the
integrity of the windshield. If your car’s
windshield is cracked and it shatters
during a collision, you and your passen-
gers are at great risk of injury. In ad-
dition, police officers can write tickets if
windshields appear to be unsafe. So it’s
in drivers’ best interests to repair dam-
aged windshields promptly.

Drivers may be able to repair small
dings themselves with a do-it-yourself
windshield kit available at automotive

ECKENRODE AUTO REPAIR The All New Estle Chevy Buick

Andy Eckenrode National Institute For
A.S.E. Certified Master Technician
Josh Eckenrode Automotive
A.S.E. Certified Automotive Technician Service
800 E. Main Street • Montpelier
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Brakes • Exhaust • Tune-up • Engine • L.O.F. FREE ALIGNMENT with
Tires • Electrical Repair • Computer Diagnostics 4 tire purchases through

M-F 8 am - 5 pm; Sat. 8 am - 12 pm October 31, 2017


ENGINE on set of 4 Select Tires

HASCH BODYOwner: Rex Hasch DUPONT Tony Bray Tom Bellamy
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1302 E. High St., Bryan, Ohio
• GM Cluster Repair • Alignments • Tune Up
• Engine Diagnostics • Steering + Suspension • Oil Change
• Engine Repair • Differential • Air Conditioning

Rex H Custom Exhaust Bending • Tires • Transmission - Repair + Rebuild
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1302 E Hi h St B Complete Interior $24.95
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Why Clean Air Filters Are Important Prepare Vehicles For Harsh Weather

Vehicle owners likely As the seasons change, motorists WIPERS... Replace existing wiper blades
know to check fluid lev- must take steps to safeguard their vehi- at the beginning of each winter so driver
els and get their cars’ oil cles, especially when the season chang- visibility is not compromised.
changed, but air filters es from fall to winter. Each winter, many cally cleaned off. Flush the underside
may not be at the top of vehicles are subjected to sub-zero tem- of the vehicle whenever possible, taking
their maintenance check- peratures, snowfall and icy roads, and advantage of any dry, slightly warmer
lists. Despite being a rela- such conditions can take their toll on ve- days.
tively inexpensive part, air hicles over time. Taking steps to prepare
filters often go overlooked. vehicles for winter weather is a vital step TIRE PRESSURE
that can make cars and trucks safer for According to the automotive retailer
Air filters have an im- drivers and their passengers. Pep Boys, vehicle tires lose a pound of
portant job in a vehicle, air pressure for every 10-degree drop
prolonging the life span of BATTERY in temperature. Many modern cars will
engines and helping cars Old batteries should be replaced be- alert to changes in air pressure, and
run more smoothly and fore winter begins. Without a strong, drivers should be diligent in maintaining
efficiently. properly functioning battery, engines the proper tire pressure. Fuel economy
cannot turn over. Most batteries last as well as handling ability can decline
PURPOSE OF VEHICLE BREATH EASY ... Replacing air filters is an inexpensive between three and five years. However, when tires are not inflated properly.
AIR FILTERS way to keep vehicles performing at peak capacity. extreme cold can compromise batteries, Tires can be refilled at many gas stations
especially those that have been around for little cost.
Vehicle combustion result, spark plugs can be tion cycle, says the Auto- awhile. Batteries are made up of acid
engines operate with a negatively affected and the motive Training Center. and water, and cold temperatures can
mixture of fuel and air. engine may idle roughly or • Enjoy more power. freeze the water, thereby affecting bat-
Without oxygen, gaso- misfire. These scenarios A filter that is saturated tery performance. According to AAA’s
line or diesel fuels cannot can greatly affect fuel ef- with dirt will restrict air Automotive Research Center, at 32 F,
burn properly and power ficiency as well as cause flow. In such instances, the average battery loses 35 percent of
the engine. The air filter’s engine deposits from rich drivers may notice a lack its strength.
job is to prevent dirt, dust fuel. To save money and of power during accelera- Newer batteries can be protected by
and other debris from be- trips to the fuel pump, re- tion. Replacing the filter starting the vehicle each day to warm
ing sucked into an engine. place filters regularly. Ac- can easily restore that up and recharge the battery. Let the car
Otherwise, grime can cording to GearHeads, for pep. run for at least 10 minutes if you cannot
build up and impede en- older cars, studies have • Reduce vehicle emis- take an extended drive.
gine performance or cause indicated that by replac-
erosion of parts under the ing a dirty air filter, one sions. Environmental EXTERIOR MAINTENANCE WIPERS
hood. can improve gas mileage concerns are a priority for Keeping a car waxed and sealed can Visibility is key in hazardous weather
by as much as 14 percent. many people. By keeping help maintain a durable exterior finish. conditions, and keeping the windshield
It is much more cost- the engine working prop- This includes not only the paint, but the clean is a priority. This means ensuring
effective to routinely • Reduce stress on erly, with the advantage rubber and vinyl parts of the car’s exte- there is enough windshield wiper fluid in
change air filters than the engine. Because of of clean, unobstructed air rior. the car and that it is a product that will
replace expensive engine the air-to-fuel mix in en- entering the chamber, a Winter is a good time to switch to not freeze.
parts. Rather than ignor- gines, even a mixture vehicle may produce lower a heavy-duty synthetic wax that can Wiper blades can freeze and crack in
ing air filters until the last that is slightly off balance emissions. shield against water and road salts. the winter. Older blades may be more
minute, drivers can take can affect what is going Replacing air filters High-quality sealants can be used on susceptible to damage. It’s a worthy
steps to keep filters clean on under the hood. That is an easy fix that many bumpers, trim and rubber door seals as investment to replace existing wiper
and functioning at peak means the engine must drivers can do themselves, added protection. Speak with an auto- blades at the start of each winter. When
performance. work harder to get enough or ask their mechanics to motive retailer or even the car dealer- vehicles are parked, pull the wipers off of
clean air into the chamber do during oil changes or ship if you are unsure which products the windshield to safeguard them from
• Improve fuel efficien- to complete the combus- other repair shop visits. will make your car’s parts most durable sticking and cracking.
cy. Clogged air filters re- for winter weather. Cold weather requires drivers to amp
duce air flow to engines, Do not stop washing your car just be- up their vehicle maintenance routines.
resulting in an improper cause the weather is cold. Slushy, wet Consult with a mechanic or automotive
ratio of air to fuel. As a roads and snow-melting salts can speed retailer for more ideas and products that
up the formation of rust or other de- can help your vehicles operate safely
Choosing A Vehicle Based On Wheel Drive cay on the undercarriage of the vehicle. and efficiently this winter.
These materials will need to be periodi-
Several factors are considered before is easier to install. It is also less heavy
drivers purchase new vehicles. Wheel than others, helping vehicles to be light- How You Can Reduce Risk Of Vehicle Theft
drive may not be the first such factor to er and consume less fuel. In rain and
come to mind, but it can be an impor- snow, FWD has excellent traction, so According to the Insur- by security cameras, can • Remove personal
tant consideration when car shopping. it’s an asset under poor weather condi- ance Information Insti- be a strong deterrent. items and valuables from
tions. Front-wheel drive vehicles are not tute, more than 700,000 the vehicle. Automobiles
Despite the considerable rise in popu- prized for their handling because the motor vehicles were re- • Park in public areas. should not be used as
larity of sport utility vehicles, automotive front wheels have to put power to the ported stolen in the Unit- Avoid parking in areas rolling storage facilities for
expert Edmunds says most passenger ground and steer the car. Furthermore, ed States in 2015. And that are off the beaten various reasons, All driv-
cars sold in the United States today use unlike RWD, which is more rugged and car theft is not exclusive path. While this might ers should make sure to
a two-wheel-drive system. With options durable, FWD is more fragile. to the United States, as make for easy parking, remove all valuables when
such as 4WD, AWD, FWD and RWD, the Insurance Bureau of such areas are also en- exiting their cars.
consumers should understand the dif- 4-WHEEL-DRIVE Canada reports that au- ticing to prospective car
ferences of each type of drive in order to & ALL-WHEEL-DRIVE tomobile theft costs Ca- thieves worried about Car theft is a legitimate
make the most informed decision. 4WD is designed for rugged, off-road nadians roughly $1 billion people witnessing their concern for drivers, but
applications and AWD is for pavement each year. crimes. savvy motorists can take
REAR-WHEEL DRIVE driving. Pure 4WD is good for low-trac- steps to reduce the risk of
With rear-wheel drive, the power goes tion situations off of pavement, where Car thieves are often • Install an alarm sys- their vehicles being stolen.
to the back wheels to drive the vehicle. additional grip is needed. In some 4WD highly skilled, but that tem and anti-theft device.
This used to be the system of choice be- vehicles, this drive needs to be engaged does not mean car own-
cause RWD systems were relatively easy through a transfer switch. In such auto- ers cannot take steps to WE INSTALL RADIATORS - ALL MAKES & MODELS
to manufacture, offers Kelly Blue Book. mobiles, the vehicle operates in FWD or reduce their risk of being
RWD is the choice for many trucks be- RWD until that switch is engaged. victimized by auto theft. 419-445-2030
cause added load can offer additional All-wheel-drive provides the best of
traction in the back. Furthermore, rear- FWD, RWD and pure 4WD systems. The • Take the simple steps. 3889 CO RD 24 • ARCHBOLD, OH 43502
wheel drive is coveted for sporty vehicles main advantage is excellent traction on Suggestions like keeping
and luxury cars. That’s because, as ve- both dry pavement and in poor weather. cars locked at all times
hicles accelerate the weight is transfered Some AWD vehicles may be able to go off- and rolling up all windows
to the rear wheel, enhancing traction roading as well. Potential disadvantages before walking away from
and further acceleration. This drive also to AWD include cost, vehicle weight and, the car may sound simple,
distributes weight more evenly, so cor- because there are more components in but they’re also effective.
nering and handling is better. AWD, more parts can fail and require
servicing. AWD typically comes in part- • Park in well-lit areas.
FRONT-WHEEL DRIVE and full-time versions. Well-lit parking lots may
The National Motorists Association Choosing a wheel drive requires an not prevent cars from be-
states that front-wheel drive, which has understanding of how one plans to use ing stolen, but such lots,
become ubiquitous in cars produced to- the vehicle and which attributes are especially ones monitored
day, is cheaper to design and build than most important.
RWD. Fewer parts mean the drivetrain



Replace Front or Rear pads or Shoes, Machine Drums

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