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The Village Reporter - March 22nd, 2017

The Village Reporter - March 22nd, 2017





“Unwilling To Be Scapegoat”
THE In Railyard Project Decision Continuing To Build Upon The
Foundation Of God’s Love
By: Timothy Kays
Montpelier & West Unity INTENSE DISCUSSION ... Swanton Mayor Ann Roth THE VILLAGE REPORTER
Daddy-Daughter Dances discusses her report at the Village Council meeting.
The Compassion Medi-
•••• cal Clinic has seen a lot
Edgerton Village Council in its decade of service.
Asks State Auditor To Be There was a lot of obser-
Formally Released From vation groundwork that
went into the
Fiscal Emergency other 13 years to be ex-
•••• act. It may seem like a
lot of time lost, but when
Edon BOE Stays Close To viewed through the lens
Home For New of God's timing, as ex-
Superintendent plained by the Reverend
•••• Michael Kelly, Chairman
of the Board of the Com-
A Night Of Baloney passion Medical Clinic,
Celebrates Local Music & everything fell into place
exactly when and how it
Salty Food In Fayette was supposed to. The re-
•••• sult has been a blessing
to the residents of Wil-
Montpelier Elementary liams County.
Honors Little Loco Leaders
"When we first start-
•••• ed this," Pastor Kelly re-
Williams County Business And called, "...we ran smack
into the depression that
Industry Set For March 28 came along. At that time,
•••• there were seven to eight
thousand adults living
Maple Syrup Fest Set in Williams County that
were not covered by any
THE VILLAGE REPORTER Southern about possible time, the Bryan Medi-
“THE HOMETOWN” annexation as the rea- cal Group had a policy
Swanton Township, af- soning for the change of in which you if you owe
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22ND, 2017 A WEEKLY SPORTS PUBLICATION COURTESY OF "THE VILLAGE REPORTER" ter many months of bat- heart. “The Village stated them money you could
tling Norfolk Southern right out that they were not see a doctor unless
Railroad over the con- looking to annex that por- you brought cash for the PHOTO BY TIMOTHY KAYS, STAFF
struction of a railyard de- tion into the village. That appointment. As a pas-
signed to store hundreds was something that we tor, I was dealing with a A DECADE OF GRACE ... Chairman of the Board, Pas-
of coal cars destined for and our residents could lot of people coming in tor Michael Kelly, and Executive Director Diane Ullom,
transport to consumers not allow,” said Mr. Mi- and asking for 60, 70, or continue to keep Christ at the center of operations at
in Michigan, reached an chael in the article. 80 dollars in order to go the Compassion Medical Clinic.
agreement with the Rail- to the doctor. They would
DANCING ON TO COLUMBUS way to forgo all actions At the March 13 Swan- then come back the next hundred dollar tab...and pects of the Mennonites
to stop the project in ex- ton Village Council meet- day and say that they still need $125 to buy the that year was that they
PHOTOS BY BILL BRAY, STAFF change for $2.5 million ing, Administrator Rosan- saw the doctor, but now prescriptions. I've been wanted to focus on pro-
IT'S ON TO COLUMBUS! ... NWOAL Sweeps Regional Titles and other considerations. na Hoelzle categorically they needed $125 to cov- dealing with this for over viding health care for
as both Archbold and Wauseon advance to FINAL FOUR in denied this was the case. er the prescriptions that 20 years as a pastor in people who didn't have
their division!!! In a Toledo Blade ar- Ms. Hoelzle said the Vil- the doctor had written. It this community. That is it. I came back to town,
ticle published on March lage was aware of the was the same if you went what caused us to begin to thinking, 'Okay God... I've
We Make Shopping Easy With Financing Customized Just For You! 10, Jeff Michael, chair- agreement but was in no across the street. If you say that we needed a free been looking at this for
man of the township way a party to it and ... went across the street, clinic. I saw this problem eleven years. Maybe it's
TAX REFUND SALE trustees, cited conversa- CONTINUED ON PAGE 7 the hospital would treat back in 1994, and that time to move forward with
tions between the Village you for free, sort of, after was when I spoke with an it.' I came back to my of-
the hospital bills you 9 attorney about beginning fice, and sitting smack in
Area Farmer Helps In Relief Efforts times and decides not to a free clinic. The church the middle of my desk is a
send you to collections. was in a space where it brochure that Stacy Bock
For Victims Of Plains Wildfires You still had the doctor was growing, I could not (the United Way of Wil-
and the radiologist, which devote the time to a free liams County Director at
By: James Pruitt teamed up with a Utah-based long-haul bill separately. So you clinic, and quite frankly I the time) had left for me.
THE VILLAGE REPORTER trucker to bring bales of hay and cow’s went across the street to didn't want to do it. I'm a She knew of my interest
milk supplements to the disaster area. the hospital, and you still pastor. I'm not a medical in a free clinic, and she
A Williams County farm is sending Traxler wants to get the word out to the have a $300 doctor bill, a person. As we looked at came across this orga-
aid to a Kansas ranch left devastated area so other farms might send their $250 radiologist bill, and it over the next 10 years nization called the Ohio
by a wildfire that covered across several surplus to their fellow farmers in need. you still have the $125 for though, the need kept Association of Free Clin-
states. prescriptions. You went growing and growing. The ics. Their brochure was
CONTINUED ON PAGE 7 to the emergency room more that I looked at the waiting for me when I got
Dave Traxler of Basswood Farm has where it's 'free', but be- numbers, the more I real- back. The Mennonites
hind that are five or six ized that there are people just talked about access
PHOTOS BY JAMES PRUITT, STAFF other doctors who are not that are simply not going to health care. I get back,
free, and they're not going to the doctor because they and on my desk is this
BALES APLENTY ... Dave Traxler of Basswood Farms donated 34 round bales of to write it off. So people don't want to run into thing from the Ohio As-
hay to wildfire-relief efforts to Kansas. More than 1 million acres were scarred by could not go to the Bryan debt, or they can't see the sociation of Free Clinics...
the blaze earlier this month wiping out the pastures and killing hundreds of cattle. Medical Group because doctor. It was one of those and they were going to
Taking the hay to a ranch in Kansas is trucker Daisy Delaney (center). Assisting in they would not see them, situations where it simply have a conference in Oc-
the loading of the hay bales was Brock Zuver of Pioneer. and if they went across kept getting worse and tober. One of the points
the street they were still worse, and the numbers covered in the conference
going to get a five or six of people without cover- was to be how to start a
age kept getting worse free health care clinic.
and worse. That's the root This was no accident. I
of how we got started." went down to the confer-
ence in Columbus, and it
That little aforemen- didn't take me long to fig-
tioned part dealing with ure out that all you need-
God's timing was soon to ed to start a free health
come into play for Pastor care clinic was someone
Kelly. "Grace Community that was somewhat orga-
Church became a part of nized. They provided a lot
the Mennonite Church of paperwork and a lot of
USA Ohio Conference in structure that helped us.
March of 2005," he said. It just took someone to
"In July, 2005, the Men- work through that struc-
nonites had their biennial ture. When I ...
conference in Charlotte, CONTINUED ON PAGE 6
North Carolina, and I at-
tended. One of the as-

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The Compassion Medical Clinic: Continuing To Build Upon The Foundation Of God’s Love

came back to town, the first thing that I did was go to zero and you had no children, you didn't get Medic- way to help us. Every time that we've needed some-
Troy Simon. He ran the Bryan Medical Group at the aid. Medicaid at the time was strictly aimed at families thing, they've been there for us. A lot of our volunteers
time. I asked him what he thought about a free medi- with children. What governor Kasich did that was so come from there; they've been a huge help to us."
cal clinic, and he said that we needed a free medical incredibly good was first move the level from 100 to
clinic and that I needed to talk to the doctors. That 138% of the poverty guidelines period that opened up We're doing everything that we can to accommo-
was on a Thursday. We went to the meeting of the a lot of people, a lot of people with $8 and $9 jobs now date people, to make access to medical care easier.
doctors the following Monday at the Medical Group. qualified for Medicaid where they didn't qualify before. That's our make it so that they can actually
I explained that we were looking at setting up a free Plus, he said that it didn't matter if you had children come. We've seen people who were dying of cancer,
clinic, and asked if they would be interested in getting or not. Suddenly, single people, married couples with- who had no medical help whatsoever, but came here
on board. I left that meeting with twelve doctors." out children, and couples living together were now because they had no place else to go. We were able to
qualified for Medicaid. That probably took five thou- help them. We weren't able to alter their outcomes,
Everything was falling into place for the clinic, and sand people off the table in Williams County alone, but we were able to be beside show that
Pastor Kelly continued, "I had all these doctors signed right there. Just those two changes. love." Diane interjected, "Several of our patients said
up, so now I needed a Board of Directors. I asked Dr. that they would be dead if it wasn't for us. They came
Robert Sharrock to be the Medical Director. Jan Da- But doesn't ACA marketplace insurance make to us shortly after we opened, and before any changes
vid joined as the Nursing Director. I talked to (CHWC something like the Compassion Clinic unnecessary? were made with the ACA or Medicaid. They refused to
CEO) Phil Ennen, and he said yes. I talked to Dan and "The problem with that," Pastor Kelly explained, "... go to the hospital, because they couldn't afford to have
Diane Ullom, and they agreed to serve as the Direc- and at the place where the ACA was wrong, is that a a big bill. They didn't understand that it's a non-profit
tors. Diane has lab experience, and Dan is an RN. We person goes out now and pays $50 to $100 per week hospital, and if you go there they could treat you free."
went around three states, and looked at around ten for medical insurance. They have about $5,000 a year
different clinics to see what they were doing. Mean- invested in medical insurance, which has a $5,000 to The Compassion Medical Clinic is always willing to
while, we continued to develop the Board. We needed $6,000 per year deductible. A person making $25,000 accept donations, but Pastor Kelly says that the best
a lawyer, and Karen Gallagher came on board. We a year has $5,000 a year in insurance payments and donations would be in the form of financial contribu-
needed a pharmacist. We needed someone who was $5,000 a year in deductibles. With that, this person tions. "If you're going to make a donation to us, it's
good at building. We needed people who understood has $10,000 or $11,000 out of his pocket, prior to his best to make it in the form of money because of the
prayer. We put a board together, made of people who insurance paying a penny. That's half of that person's way that we buy stuff. We buy stuff below retail, and
do these things for a living. My job was just to organize income! Yeah, they've got insurance. They've got a via- a lot of the time below wholesale. We can therefore
and to bring people together. By early 2006, we could ble insurance. In truth though, they are worse off now make the money go a lot further. We can buy the sup-
have opened the clinic if we wanted to. In our tour of than they were before, because now they are putting plies that we need, at prices that the public simple
clinics though, we noted that everyone had started as out $5,000 out of their own pocket that they were not can't get. You might have to spend $250,000 to get the
a Christian organization, yet none of them remained putting out before. The ACA dug them a deeper hole. same things that we can get with our $50,000 annual
as a Christian organization. That was one of the things The working poor, the guy that we are really aiming budget."
that helped form us. We decided early on that we for, got worked over. We really try to respond to that."
would not lose that. As long as Diane and I are func- The Compassion Medical Clinic is also always
tioning here, this will remain a Christian organization. Seeing the pitfalls of the ACA, the Clinic Board of seeking volunteers to fill several skilled and non-
This isn't just a clinic to give people health care, it's a Directors made adjustments to compensate. "We have skilled posts. "They could be a medical professional
place to show the love of God, and that Jesus Christ made some changes here," Pastor Kelly said. "Our of some sort," Pastor Kelly explained. "The other side
provides for their needs, personally...hence the name." original policy was 200 percent of federal poverty of the coin is, we have people who are greeters. We
guidelines or below, and we would treat you if you had have people here who work in the kitchen. We need
Having secured the mission, the Board and the ser- no insurance. We have moved that up to 250 percent people, churches primarily, who can provide meals for
vice personnel, all that was needed was a place where to open the doors for more people, then we opened it our volunteers once a month. If someone would like to
the business of care could be conducted. "It was origi- up so that if you have insurance, but if you have a de- come in and clean the offices and the toilets, we'd love
nally my intent to find a place, a storefront uptown," ductible of $2,500 or more, we would see you for free. to have those kind of volunteers. We have spaces and
Pastor Kelly recalled about the most profound display Then we made a third change in which we moved out needs for non-medical personnel, as well as medical
of God's timing and providence. "We could have done to anyone...period. It doesn't matter if you live in Wil- personnel. Just because we are a clinic doesn't mean
it, but God had a different plan. What the doctors liams County. We made that change in our last Board that we only want doctors and nurses." Anyone inter-
wanted and needed as far as a location space goes, we meeting back in November. A fourth change was made ested in becoming a volunteer, or asking about cur-
could not find. I woke up one morning, and thought when we decided to dispense our prescriptions, free of rent openings can call the Clinic at 419-630-0313.
about this building on Edgerton Street that the Living charge. With these changes, we have adapted to the
Word Christian School owned...and they didn't even ACA. We adapted by increasing who we would see by As their first decade of service draws to a close, the
know that they owned it. It was 13,000 square feet; 200 to 250% of the poverty guidelines. Now, you could work of the Compassion Medical Clinic continues un-
we could remodel it for anything. I wrote a letter to make $55,000 or $60,000 a year, and still qualify for abated. There will be a ten year celebration on June
Living Word, saying that I knew that they wanted to the free clinic, if you have a family of four. That's how 1, with light refreshments served and the public wel-
sell the building to fund their school, but asked if they generous our guidelines are now. On top of that, we comed at the 614 East Edgerton Street office. This will
would consider donating it to us, promising that every decided to give out all of our prescriptions that we sell also be a Thursday night though, so although there
square inch would be used for the cause of Christ. A here, free. By itself, that's a huge number. That's a will be a festive atmosphere at the Clinic, it will also
few weeks later, I got a letter back from their Board, monster expense. We wanted the people to have this be a work night for the staff. Should you need to set
saying that they would give us the building. God hand- when we saw that they were having trouble even pay- or inquire about an appointment, please contact the
ed us the keys to a $400,000 building. Then He pro- ing our cost. The prescription costs are out of sight, Clinic at 419-551-7169.
vided over $350,000 to remodel this $400,000 build- and every year it just gets worse and worse. Stuff that
ing. God had a plan for this building all along... it just we used to pay $15 for now costs us more than $50 in Timothy Kays can be reached at
took me a year to figure it out! Pastor Sam Byroads just a few years time. We have some inhalers now that
came out here and worked on the building every day cost us $70, and just a few years ago they retailed for
for almost a year, helping oversee the remodeling of $40. Now they cost us $70, and they retail for $150. Edgerton To Host
this building. We have a $50,000 budget per year. God The decision to give the prescriptions away affected Chamber Of Commerce
has provided that $50,000 every year for ten years, our bottom line, big time. We're talking tens of thou-
and we don't really do much work in raising funds. He sands of dollars per year, but the changes have made a Farmers Market
simply provides for us. We receive nothing from any huge difference. I can't tell you exactly how much it is,
governmental entities, and by our choice, we no longer but I would guess that we give out $50,000 to $60,000 The Edgerton Chamber of Commerce will have a
receive funds from the United Way. We send out a let- retail in prescriptions, per year. Now, that guy that is Farmers Market downtown.
ter per year, and some years we don't even do that. We laying out $5,000 a year for insurance that he can't
will be glad to come out and speak to any group that use, can come here, get his doctoring free, and get his “The Market on Michigan Avenue,” will be open 2-6
asks us to come. We would love to come and speak to prescriptions free. Under the old way, he still put out p.m. Fridays, May through October. A vendors meeting
your group! Your church group. Your missions group. that $5,000, but he got no value for it whatsoever be- is set for 4:30 p.m., at the Edgerton Village Hall.
Your civic organization...any group. We'd love to come cause of the deductible. He would be afraid to use it.
and tell our story, because it's a powerful story about It's catastrophic insurance, really. That's all that it is." The meeting is open to all prospective local and re-
God's ability to provide everything that you need. As gional vendors who would like to join in the discussion
long as you stay focused on Him, it all comes in. We What about those labs and radiologies that the doc- about the market, as well as sign up to be a vendor.
opened our doors in June of 2007, and we are coming tor orders, though. What happens with them? "Nothing Vendor applications, as well as additional information
up on our tenth anniversary." from here is charged against your insurance deduct- are available on
ible, simply because we don't charge anything," said
The clinic has seen a lot of changes over those ten Diane. "What is billed through the hospital is between It is the chamber’s and village’s intentions to sup-
years. The most recent change has been in days of you and them. We're not involved with that." Pastor port family farms and small “cottage” businesses by
operation, which is now Thursdays exclusively. Ob- Kelly added, "Our patients that we send to the hospi- providing a format to showcase locally grown high-
viously though, there were other changes made that tal for lab work are automatically scheduled into the quality fruits and vegetables and handmade gems. The
radically changed the medical landscape nationwide. hospital's charity cases tract. That means that they're market will bring in fresh choices, promote business
"Two years ago, the landscape of access to medical probably not going to get billed, or they'll get billed at and trade, as well as, foster a social community envi-
care changed radically in every county," Pastor Kel- a very reduced rate... and that bill can very easily be ronment.
ly said. "The Affordable Care Act came along. With it written off because the patient is already in the char-
came Ohio's decision to change Medicaid. Governor ity tract. It saves the hospital time and energy doing For further information, contact Shawn Clifton or
Kasich made a huge decision, a very expensive deci- it this way. One of the benefits that we provide for the Dawn Fitzcharles at 419-298-2722 or visit edgertono-
sion and a very good decision. The way the Medicaid hospital is that we save them from extra paperwork
was set up in the beginning it was that you qualified if in the back room. The hospital has been extremely
your income was 100% of the federal poverty guideline generous to us. The Community Hospitals of Williams
or below, and you had children. If your income was County, and CEO Phil Ennen, have gone out of their

Open House

April 7th & 8th
~ Demo Models
~ Special Pricing
& Financing
~ Refreshments
& Lunch
~ Door Prizes

Buehrer Farms llc
24703 US HWY 6 419-267-5196
Stryker, OH 43557 877-301-2939


6 - “The Village Reporter” / Weekly Northwest Ohio (Williams & Fulton County News) Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

Williams County Talks Christmas Montpelier Elementary
Decorations With Bryan Chamber Honors Little Loco Leaders
following resolutions:
By: James Pruitt -17-110-Moving the Dog Warden into PHOTOS PROVIDED
the Williams County Humane Society KINDER KLUB AND KINDERGARTEN ... Montpelier Elementary School held its
It may seem like Christmas is a long and paying $1,285 per month rent and monthly Little Loco Leaders assembly for the month of February on February 23rd,
way off, but talks about next winter’s $25 for each dog brought in. The two en- 2017. The word of the month was “Friendly” and specific students were recognized
celebrations began March 16 at the Wil- tities will continue to operate as separate by their teachers for being friendly and kind. Miss Anderson went into the class-
liams County Courthouse. businesses. rooms and taught students about being friendly to others, and giving a proper
handshake is another way to show friendship. Students were given the opportunity
The Williams County Commissioners The Humane Society will perform all to drop their name in a bucket as a “bucket filler” to have a chance to be drawn out
met with Chamber Director Dan Yahraus the duties relating to the care of any dog randomly at the assembly as well. The students were given prizes donated by Bill’s
and Jim Kozumplik regarding the Jubilee in the Dog Warden’s possession, includ- Locker Room III, Tano’s Pizza, and Subway. Pictured from Kinder Klub and Kin-
permit and the Santa/Courthouse deco- ing feeding, watering, cleaning, exercis- dergarten are: (left to right)—JyAir Rodgers, Skyler Crandall, Nathan Priest, Josh
rations permit. The pair were asked to ing, euthanizing, providing the dogs with Hawkins, Josiah Eich.
come up to update the board on the Ju- care and attention, etc. 1ST GRADE ... Front Row (left to right): Klayton Maugherman, Luxi Fry, Tayla
bilee, what the plans are, Yahraus said. Dohner, Zepplin Morales. Back Row: Daelyn Zuver, Helena Gambler, Samantha
The Humane Society shall pay for Walkup, Mason Brown.
The chamber would like to erect the costs associated with such care, includ-
same orange fence as this past Christ- ing but not limited to euthanization cost 2ND GRADE ... Front Row (left to right): Austin Brunt, Piper JoHantgen, Maggie
mas to keep people off the Courthouse and mediation costs, and food, water and Jacob, Benaiah Harris. Back Row: Justin Evers, Rozzlynn Kolbe, Wesley Barron,
lawn, Yahraus said. all other necessary costs. The Humane Brayden Fisher-Haskell.
Society shall comply with all statues,
“With the construction last year, we rules, regulation or policies of the Dog BUCKET FILLERS ... Front Row (left to right): Toby Champion, Dakota Fox, Masen
did find that worked very well for our Warden pertaining to the care, treat- Boles, Daelyn Zuver, Cianna Shoup, Mya Moore, Madisyn Endicott, Bryson Stuck.
committee and clean up and also with ment, and euthanization of all dogs that Back Row: Ryan Riggenbach, Malachi Smith, Baylee Davis, Neriah Thorp, Emme
keeping the integrity of the courthouse,” are in the Dog Warden’s possession. Miller, Alyssa Calhoon, Alex Fedderke, Carsen Nixon.
Yahraus said.
All dogs brought in by or through the Fulton County Celebrates
Kozumplik asked if the county is going Dog Warden will be considered their prop- Board Of Developmental
to repair the lawn this year and Commis- erty for the first three days, not including Disabilities 50th Anniversary
sion President Lewis Hilkert said that is the first day brought in, weekends, and
the plan. holidays. Dogs may be reclaimed with all
money going to the Williams County Dog
Commissioner Terry Rummel stated it Pound.
will still be fresh grass and to keep them
off would be best. The commissioners The Humane Society will take posses-
agreed it would be a good idea to once sion of the dogs after that.
again use the orange fencing.
Any employee of the Humane Society
Discussion was also held regarding who the prosecutor determines is neces-
watering the Courthouse Lawn in areas sary to provide testimony in any criminal
that are not fenced off. or civil case involving the Dog Warden or
her/his duties shall so testify and coop-
Hilkert wanted to move on to the erate with the Prosecutor at their current
Christmas decorations and Santa's hourly rate.
House. He said he thought it looked very
good last year, even though the court- The Humane Society will provide a
house was in the middle of construction. workstation area for the Dog Warden with
enough room for a desk, file cabinets,
“I think the biggest hassle that any of printer and computer and miscellaneous
us had was Santa's House coming on and office supplies. The Dog Warden will have
off because of keeping that north side- access to internet, all utilities and rest-
walk open,” Hilkert said. “I don't see that room/breakroom. The Humane Society
as a problem this coming year. will pay the costs of such services. There
wil at all times be at least five stalls avail-
Constant communication between able for use of the Dog Warden’s dogs.
himself and Clerk Anne Retcher worked The Dog Warden must provide her own
very well, Yahraus said. Retcher kept phone line.
Yahraus in the loop on what was going
on, moving it in and moving it out, he -17-102 The board approved a mow-
said. ing contract with Loran’s Lawn Service
for the equipment and labor to mow the
“The utility was really good about be- Oak Meadow’s Drainage Ditch #606 at a
ing patient on hooking it up,” Yahraus cost not to exceed $900. The term of the
said. “So, I don't think there was any agreement is from March 6 through De-
problems with that. cember 31.

Hilkert said the way some decora- -17-103 The board approved a credit
tions were readjusted, meant the theme application by HD Waterworks Ltd., for
changed as one went around the court- purchasing wastewater treatment plant
house. Not having it all inter-mixed was supplies. The application was brought
a good idea, he said. forth from the county engineer’s office.

The only comment Yahraus received -17-104 Approved Agency Agree-
was a lot of people wanted the Nativity ment with LEADS Online, LLC on behalf
scene back on the east side. of Sheriff Steven Towns for use of the
LEADS electronic reporting and criminal
“We are going to discuss that as a investigation system for use of Law En-
group,” Yahraus said. “The problem with forcement Agencies in their official du-
that is the wind, the heaviest part of the ties, at a cost not to exceed $1,391.75.
wind is on (the east) side of the square. The agreement is in effect from March 15
So, when the wind comes in, any type of through December 31, 2017.
wind knocks those things over and those
are very fragile. -17-105 The board appointed Dan
Clum as Prevailing Wage Coordinator for
We have had Santa fall over twice. all projects for Williams County as need-
In the last two years, (he) broke his arm ed during the calendar year.
twice, and that is $2,000 worth of dam-
age on him and he sits over there.” -17-106 The board urges the Ohio
General Assembly to take immediate ac-
Kozumplik would like to see an op- tion against the potential loss of approxi-
portunity to put more lights in the trees, mately $433,515 (7.5 percent) of sales
something Commissioner Brian Davis tax revenues associated with the Medic-
agreed with and said he would like to see aid MCO sales tax by adopting an equi-
lights year round. table solution that addresses the funding
needs of the state and counties on a con-
The commissioners also met with Aar- tinuing basis.
on Hellers regarding the Blanchard River
Demonstration Farms. The SFY 2018 – 2019 Executive State
Budget proposes disparate treatment for
Hellers is the project manager for the the state and counties by recommend-
Demonstration Farms; he was in Bryan ing to fully replace forgone state sales tax
to make the board aware of this project and Medicaid matching dollars for the
and how it effects agriculture in Williams next biennium while providing counties/
County. He also invited the commission- transit authorities with a one-time allo-
ers to come out to the farms if they were cation that ranges from approximately
part of the County Commissioners Asso- three months to a year or more of the for-
ciation’s Water Quality Task Force or the gone revenue,
Ag & Rule Affairs Committee.
-17-108 Approved a proposal from MNJ
The Blanchard River Demonstration Technologies Direct, Inc. for the purchase
Farms Network and the three demonstra- of new computers and related equipment
tion farms currently involved (Stateler at a cost not to exceed $8,108. Don Bulla,
Farms; Kellogg Farms; and Kurt Farms). Deputy Director for the Williams County
The program began in 2015 as part of the EMA/911, submitte the prosposal to the
Great Lakes restoration program. board March 13.

The three farms are at different spots -17-109 Approved a proposal from
in Blanchard Watershed and are working NW Brown Electric for the
to determine the effectiveness of systems purchase and installation
designed to contain non-source pollut- of eight waterproof outlet
ants lockable covers and eight
keyed alike locks at a cost
The commissioners also approved the not to exceed $587.
-17-111 Approved the
recommendation of Dog By: James Pruitt brought in and three were picked up.
Warden Pam Welch, to hire THE VILLAGE REPORTER Two dogs were redeemed.
Emily Pearson and Alicia
Zimmerman as Assistant The board received notice the Ohio The office collected $230 in licenses
Dog Wardens. Pearson and Department of Transportation is up- and fees.
Zimmerman’s first working dating the Statewide Transportation
day will be March 27. They Improvement Program and will have a For the week ending March 11, the
will be on call for approxi- public session in the county. office had 14 dogs picked up or stray
mately fourteen days per and 11 redeemed.
month and would earn an The open house is part of the second
on-call rate of $20 per day, step in the STIP development process. The office collected $120 in licenses
plus $11 an hour, with a This provides an opportunity for the and fees.
two-hour minimum, when public to review and comment. The STIP
responding to a call that is the four-year planning document The commissioners approved Reso-
takes them off of the Hu- which presents a fiscally balanced, lution 2017-231 which authorizes any
mane Society’s premises. multi-modal transportation program. deposits made by the county to quali-
fied individual accounts be reversed and
James Pruitt The open house is scheduled for 3-6 forwarded to the Alternative Health In-
may be reached at p.m., March 28 at the Archbold Com- surance Plan. Not all county employees munity Library. are eligible for contribution to a health
savings account.
The county’s appointment of Michael
Horst at apiarist for 2017 has been ap- The commissioners approved a reso-
proved by the state Department of Agri- lution celebrating the 50th anniversary
culture. of the state’s creation of county Boards
of Developmental Disabilities.
The Dog Warden report for the week
ending March 4 shows one dog was James Pruitt may be reached at


Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 “The Village Reporter” / Weekly Northwest Ohio (Williams & Fulton County News) - 11

Swanton Board Of Education Gets Update On Construction Projects

By: James Pruitt -$500 from Epiphany Community -Classified Substitute 2016-2017 Volunteers 2017-2018 School Year Sa-
THE VILLAGE REPORTER Services for High School Principal's Ac- School Year James Robinson – Grounds mantha Ohlinger with Kayla Brownfield
count Maintenance - $12/hr, April 3-October
Construction has been moving along 28, 2017–extended to November 11 for Swanton Middle School
at all the Swanton school buildings. -$50 from Luce Chimney for High playoff games if needed Board Report
School Prom
That was in a report to the Board of -Shelly Schmidt – Clerical, Library Track season practices began March
Education at its March 15 meeting. -$50 from Oak Valley Realtors for Aide, Playground/Lunch Aide, Athletic 6. As part of the career readiness pro-
High School Prom Worker gram at SMS, eighth grade students
High winds March 8 created havoc traveled to Penta Career Center at the
at the Crestwood site, blowing down -$40 from Michael & Terri Thompson -Student Aide Michelle McFarland – end of February for the annual Career
the framing. Repairs were swift and the for Girls Basketball Team Fundraising Clerical, Library Aide, Bus Aide, Play- Expo. This event highlighted the career
project was under way again by March Account ground/Lunch Aide, Student Aide Rec- tech programs that Penta offers and
9. reation Contracts 2016-2017 School the students had a great time. There
(Roush Cleantec) Dave Craft of Car- Year Sandy Eitniear – Spring Soccer were many Swanton High School Penta
The preschool at the high school dinal Bus Sales, and Kuba Szczypiorski Field Maintenance - $8.15 an hour up students on hand to show the middle
should have drywall and painting com- of Blue Bird Corporation gave a pre- to 10 hours per week school students programs.
pleted. sentation of the benefits of Blue Bird’s
Propane powered buses. Some of the -Liam Bloom – Baseball/Softball The Middle school Destination Imag-
The crews have been busy at both topics will include Operating Costs, Re- Field Maintenance - $8.15 an hour with ination Team ( Ellie Sachs, Logan Pel-
Park and Crestwood addressing areas duced Emissions, Tax Incentives/Cred- 25 hours per week and 40 hours per land, Jack Kitzmiller, Saylor McNally
of concern. These are mostly items that its on propane, Fueling station options, week during tournament weekends and CJ Santchi) competed at Delta
were held up until it was decided what and Propane's proven safety. They will at the end of February and took third
direction the district would be going, i.e. be available to answer questions about -Timothy Ricard – 2017 Baseball Di- place.
lighting, painting, and other items. the pros and cons of adding a propane rector - $1,200
bus(es) to the fleet. For more informa- It is now time to start talking about
The grounds crew will be starting tion, visit http://www.roushcleantech. -Timothy Ricard – 2017 Softball Di- State Standardized Testing again.
sometime the first part of April. With com/blue-bird-vision-propane/ rector - $1,200 Swanton Middle School will begin the
this last wind, there are a lot of limbs first round of testing on March 28 and
down. There was nothing major but The district’s one bus left for spot -Brooke Chinni – U4-U6 T-ball Di- 29.
cleanup will be needed. inspection was looked at March 2. The rector - $400
annual inspection date will be June 9. The Swanton Middle School Charac-
A tree came down near the MS foot- Bus 9 was once again at Cummins for -NWOESC Substitute Teachers 2016- ter Committee received the Character
ball practice area as well as some trees emissions-related problems, the mani- 2017 School Year Katherine Kaser Lau- Grant from The Swanton Local Schools
that have fallen into the fields that are fold ended up needing replaced, but, so rie Nofziger Karin McGilvery Raymond Mini-Grant.
being farmed. far, all is good. Orben Jr. Washington DC 2017 Chap-
erones Brooke Chinni Theodore Burch Meal Counts for All Schools In
One major project on the agenda is The rest of the fleet has seen regular Anne Dodd Dennis Thornton Carolyn February 2017
to clean up the area west of the high maintenance for the most part. Fickel Kelly Gelske Carl Matheny Travis
school in the Land and Soil program. Weigel Ariel Ohlemacher Melissa Miller Breakfast Total: 4,475 ; Lunch Total:
Crews will be taking out a number of Two sub drivers pass their driving Ryan Pawlowicz Daniel Zawodni Leigh 12,620
dead or nuisance trees. tests, Greg Kohler and Shelly Schmidt. Pancoast John Pratt Donald Szalapski .
Both have been doing great, Jason Di- Meal Counts For All Schools Year to
This will allow crews to mow the area voll Transportation Director, said. -Recreation Volunteers 2016-2017 date:
three to four times throughout the sum- School Year Scott Wiemken – Soccer;
mer. It was Teachers Night on, March 7 at Tiffany Malone – Soccer; Luke Gardner Breakfast Total : 26,398; Lunch To-
the high school, as the district hosted – Soccer; Brooke Chinni – Soccer; Curt tal: 77,014
This year’s Fourth of July fireworks an International Teachers Night in the Bowman – Soccer; William Avery – Soc-
have been scheduled for July 1 with a SHS cafeteria. cer; Leigh Pancoast – Soccer; Ted Burch The numbers in 2017 shown above
rain date of July 2. This year’s set up – Soccer; Stephany Williams - Soccer are for reimbursed meals. Totaling over
will be a little different. Nearly 20 teachers from around the ;Scott Haselman – Soccer ; April Ogles- $35,000. Interest in breakfast contin-
world were on hand to share a little bee – Soccer; Matthew Laney – Soccer; ues with great help from the schools
The fireworks will be set off in the bit about their cultures and also learn Laura Strietelmeier – Soccer; Ed Stri- and their principals reminding students
same area with the red zone extended about ours. There was food, interactive etelmeier – Soccer Mandi Stinehelfer that Free and Reduced also applies to
for safety reasons. The vendors’ area displays, and activities for the entire – Soccer; Brett Loman – Soccer; Adam breakfast as well. Numbers are up from
will be relocated to offer room for more community. This was done in partner- Pancoast – Soccer; Eric Butler – Soccer; last year as interest in the lunch pro-
vendors. It will be approximately 50 ship with BGSU and their College of John Osborn – Soccer; Scott Oglesbee gram continues to grow. Change in the
yards from where it was but much more Education. – Soccer. high school breakfast menu has been
accessible to everyone. implemented to help with participation.
2017-2018 scheduling has begun -Student Teacher Volunteers 2016-
After this last all-day rain there were and students will begin meeting with 2017 School Year Alexandria Scheerer James Pruitt may be reached at
some leaks in the middle school roof. Mrs. Moeller to plan their schedules for with Shannon Berry. Student Teacher
Buckets handled the problem and it next year. After students have chosen
should be okay as long as the school their schedule, parents must sign off on Library News
doesn’t get torrential downpours. the final selections.
Pampered Chef Cooking Demo
The staff has been going through Students will then be inputting their Coming To Bryan Main Library
things and disposing of items that are schedules online. Administration will
no longer needed in preparation for then build the final schedule for next Pampered Chef Independent Direc- pered Chef shopping before the pro-
“THE MOVE”. year during the first week of April. tor Megan Carpenter will be putting on gram, go the following link https://www.
a “Cooking Demo” at the Local History
The “04” building is also being gone It was a great winter sports season Center of the Bryan Main Library on penter/guest-landing/9035780340891
through and there is disposing of items at SHS. Both boys and girls basketball Tuesday, April 4. The demo will be held or contact Megan Carpenter at carpen-
that have been piled there for years. teams were able to cut down the nets as in the 2nd floor Conference Room from or at 419-553-0646
Things are being sorted for the upcom- Sectional champions. 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Learn easy to make
ing auction. recipes, taste delicious food, and shop The Bryan Main Library Local His-
The bowling teams also had a for Pampered Chef kitchen products! tory Center is located at 107 East High
“Kigar Realty and Auction” has been strong season, with the boys knocking 25% of all proceeds will be donated to Street. For more information, please
contracted to handle the auction. The off league champion Bryan at a home the Williams County Public Library. contact Kylee Matthews at 419-636-
format will be an “Online Auction” with match early in the season. 6734 x 274.
a tentative start date of March 27 with If you would like to do some Pam-
an end date of April 9. The wrestling team sent three wres- INFORMATION PROVIDED
tlers down to the State Tournament,
An open house and tour of the Cher- as well as won their first sectional title Play “Bingo For Books” At
ry St. building from 9 a.m. to noon, since 1990. The Edgerton Branch Library
April 8 is planned.
SHS will be putting on “The Lion On Friday, March 31st the Edgerton Branch Library will be holding “Bingo for
The kitchen equipment that will not King Jr.” April in the SHS auditorium. Books” from 3:30 to 4:30 pm. Winners who get a Bingo get to choose a free book!
be used has been added. This will end Mrs. Zedlitz and her cast, along with This event is open to school-age kids and is limited to 20 participants.
at a later time. Mrs. Lovell and the set crew, have been
working nonstop to get things perfect The Edgerton Branch Library is located at 319 North Michigan Avenue. For more
There were many trophies found for the show. New this year, there will information or to sign up, please call the library at 419-298-3230.
during the cleanup. Bettyjo Sadowski be four shows: 7:30 p.m. Thursday,
offered to come in and clean them up. March 30, Friday March 31, Saturday, INFORMATION PROVIDED
They have been grouped together by April 1, and 2 p.m. Sunday, April 2.
date. The plan is to offer them to the Guitar Classes & Writers Group
public for a nominal price. Some of Reserve seats are $15. General ad- Offered At Swanton Public Library
these trophies date back to the 1920s. mission are $7 (good any night) for first
come, first serve seating in the upper Is learning to play guitar on your “someday” list? Come to the library on Thurs-
Everything there is pretty much sta- level of the auditorium. day, March 23 for a beginner guitar class. Participants can sign up for half-hour
tus quo with the park except for the blocks to ensure more one-on-one instruction. Class times are at 6:30, 7:00, and
construction. Staff has been starting to The board approved the following 7:30. Beginners and pickers who would like to learn a little more are all welcome.
dispose of items there also. The process recommendations: The class is free; registration is required.
to interview summer sub custodial help
for the schools this year has begun. Two -Rescind Classified Supplemental Do you have some guitar knowledge already? Come to the library on Thursday,
crews, the regular cleaning crew and a 2016-2017 School Year Nick Tschantz – March 30, at 7:00 pm for a guitar class geared toward Intermediate and advanced
moving crew will be used. Reserve Baseball Coach – 9 percent players. The class is free; registration is required.

The board approved a resolution au- - Rescind Recreation Contract 2016- Do you want to write but are not sure how to get started? Are you a writer who
thorizing a contract with Genesis Con- 2017 School Year Marty Thorpe – Biddy is interested in input on your work? If this sounds right up your alley, look for a
tracting to remove the underground Wrestling - $700 writers’ group coming this April. Local freelance author Nathan Jacobs will lead the
storage tank related to the abatement group, which will meet from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm on Thursday, April 6. Attendees
and removal of the high school and for- -Certified Supplemental 2016-2017 should bring works in progress or finished stories to share, and be prepared to par-
mer junior high school at 206 Cherry School Year Justin Reckner – Boys ticipate in discussions about tools to help improve writing skills.
St. The cost is not to exceed $22,000. Track Assistant – 9%
To register for any of these events, call the library at 419-826-2760, visit our
The board approved a resolution to -Classified Contracts Jeffrey Betz – website, or in person any time during our regular business hours.
approve a contract with Midwest Envi- Lawn Maintenance – April 3-October
ronmental related to the abatement of 28, 2017 – extended to November 11 for INFORMATION PROVIDED
the high school and former junior high playoff games if needed
at 206 Cherry St. The base bid amount
is $54,000. -Classified Supplemental 2016-2017
School Year Shane Bloom – Reserve
The board accepted the following do- Baseball Co-Coach – 4.5%
-Kevin Kohlman – Reserve Baseball
-$22.55 from Ohio Pyle for High Co-Coach – 4.5%
School Principal's Account
-Rick Roe – Girls Track Assistant –
-$200 from Julie Wright for High 9%
School Principal's Account
-Da Netra Smith – Junior High Boys
Assistant Track Coach – 5%

Make An Easter Craft At
The Pioneer Branch Library

Kids in preschool through 6th grade are invited to create an Easter Craft at the
Pioneer Branch Library. The program will take place on Thursday, March 23rd at
3:00 pm. All supplies will be provided by the library. You don’t want to miss out on
all the crafting fun!

The Pioneer Branch Library is located at 106 Baubice Street. For more informa-
tion, please call Rose King at 419-737-2833.



16 - “The Village Reporter” / Weekly Northwest Ohio (Williams & Fulton County News) Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

Evergreen School Board Stryker Inducts New Members
Handles Routine Meeting Into National Honor Society

By: James Pruitt ly student enrollment of 16,000 or less, PHOTO BY ANGI CAMPOS, STAFF
THE VILLAGE REPORTER must enter into an agreement with the
governing board of an educational ser- STRYKER NHS MEMBERS … Front: New Inductees: Kaitlyn Wonders, Haley Doeh-
The Evergreen Local Board of Edu- vice center, under which the educational rmann, Kimberly Stuckey, Madison Myers, Amanda Oberlin, Gabriele Stuckey and
cation met in regular session last night, service center shall provide services to Jalyn Dickerson. Back: Hayden Clingaman, Emily Cadwell, Emma Shindledecker,
Monday, March 13, 2017 at 7 p.m. There the district. The Evergreen Board of Edu- Tricia Wolfrum, Maygen Wray, Gabbie Clark and Cameron Frey.
were three visitors present. cation, in compliance with Ohio Revised
Code §3313.843, hereby authorizes and By: Angi Campos doing so without seeking praise.
The Board conducted the following approves the Agreement with the North- THE VILLAGE REPORTER Leadership is taking initiative in
business: west Ohio Educational Service Center for
the provision of services for the 2017 – The Stryker chapter of the National class and school activities and striving
* Approved the February financial re- 2018 school year. The services included Honor Society inducted 7 new members to train others to the same objective. It
ports presented by the Treasurer. in the agreement shall be determined by into one of the most distinguished high also means to sacrifice and forgo an in-
the Superintendent on behalf of the Board school organizations: Kaitlyn Wonders, terest for the sake of others. Leadership
* Accepted the amount and rates de- of Education and shall be provided to the Madison Myers, Haley Doehrmann, influences positive attitude and positive
termined by the Budget Commission and district in the manner specified in the Kimberly Stuckey, Amanda Oberlin, behavior in others, demonstrates aca-
authorizing the necessary tax levies and agreement. Gabriele Stuckey and Jalyn Dickerson. demic initiative, holds school organiza-
certifying them to the County Auditor for These young ladies were inducted based tion office and is reliable in any position
FY18. * Approved an agreement with North- on the qualifications of not just grades of responsibility.
west Ohio Educational Service Center and GPA, but of their merits in the 4
* Accepted the following donations: (NwOESC) to cooperatively participate principle objectives of the National Hon- Another principle guideline is Ser-
- $765 from South Fairfield Arbor #607 in special education services for fis- or Society. vice. Service can be gauged by willing-
of Gleaner Life Insurance Company to Ev- cal year 2017-18 at an estimated cost of ness to work without monetary compen-
ergreen Elementary Principal’s Activity $758,822.14. The Board and NwOESC The National Honor Society was sation or recognition, volunteerism in
Account (0189221) for Mad Cap Puppets. agree that $683,822 of this amount shall started in the early 1900’s by the Na- the classroom or outside activities such
- $5,040 from Evergreen Music Boost- be paid pursuant to R.C. 3313.845 or ap- tional Association of Secondary School as Girl/Boy Scouts, church activities or
ers to the Evergreen music department for plicable law by having this amount de- Principals. They chose the 4 areas of family duties.
the purchase of two new French Horns. ducted from the Board’s state foundation scholarship, leadership, character and
* Approved the following teachers, as payment, with any remaining balance service as the basis of virtues. The students are chosen by the fac-
needed, to provide summer school in- being invoiced and paid directly to the ulty adviser Mrs. Jimenez, the Stryker
struction at $27.50 per hour: NwOESC. The Scholarship criteria is met any High School Principal Mr. Schultz and
-Jake Dawson, Sharon Purdy, Karin junior or senior that have a cumulative the faculty council: Mr. Donovan, Mrs.
Walker, Melanie Yoder Note: These amounts are based on esti- gpa of 3.50 or better, who have taken or Baldwin, Mr. Marshall, and Mrs. Domi-
Summer School sessions will be held mated costs and may be modified. are currently enrolled in a total of 4 col- nique based on these 4 principles.
for 12 days near the conclusion of the lege prep elective and have participated
school year, with two teachers per day * Rescinded, effective July 31 an agree- in two activities per school year. These 7 young ladies were chosen by
providing instruction for approximately ment with Mercy St Vincent Medical Cen- the council and their principal, based
20 students. ter that is set to expire on July 31, 2018 Character is based on the qualities of on their participation in sports such as
* Offered new high school counselor, and to enter into a new 5-year agreement reliability, honesty, sincerity and striv- basketball, cheer leading and softball;
Sarah Roper, up to 10 additional work- with Mercy Health – St. Vincent Medical ing to always make the right choices. school activities such as the band or
days for training and transitional purpos- Center LLC. The new agreement will pro- Also, being of good character upholds plays and musicals; their display of fam-
es at the per diem rate of pay before her vide expanded athletic training services at the principles of morality, ethics, com- ily values, their service and leadership
contractual period begins on Aug. 1. a cost not to exceed $15,000 per year and plying with school and classroom regu- to the community and Stryker schools.
* Accepted the retirement resignation becomes effective on August 1. lations, showing respect of others and
of Joanne Pinkava, occupational thera- Angi Campos may be reached at
pist. Pinkava’s retirement becomes effec- *Under Discussion and Information:
tive June 30; her services for our children 1. Soccer and Football Fields: Superin-
will be missed. tendent Jim Wyse reported that he hopes
* Approved a contract with Northern to have more detailed information from
Buckeye Education Council (NBEC) for the architect for the soccer and football
services to be provided by the Fiscal Ser- fields at the April Board meeting.
vices Coordinator on an as-needed basis 2. District Financial Outlook: Treasur-
beginning on Feb. 24 through June 30, er Denise Leu presented a brief overview
at a rate of $45/hour up to 40 hours per of the district’s financial position based on
week, to assist with payroll reporting is- her recent unofficial update of the 5-year
sues. (Note: Services needed at this point forecast, in preparation for Board discus-
are not anticipated to exceed one day). sion at future meetings regarding whether
* Approved an agreement with North- or not to renew the .5% income levy. She
west Ohio Educational Service Center also presented various filing deadlines
(NwOESC) to provide Occupational Thera- should the Board decided to put this is-
py Assistant (COTA) Services for the 2016- sue on the November ballot.
2017 school year at a cost of $11,704.00. The Next Regular Board Meeting will be
* Adopted the following resolution: at 7 p.m. April 10 in the Loren Pennington
WHEREAS, Ohio Revised Code Learning Center.
§3313.843 provides that the board of ed-
ucation of each city, exempted village or James Pruitt may be reached at
local school district with an average dai-

Call a Local Tax Professional for Knowledgeable Service

Professional Tax
& Bookeeping Service

• Start Up Assistance for New Business
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114 East St., Liberty Center •

Extended hours for evening & weekends by appointment

If your individual income is $65,000* or less, you 419-533-3898
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Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 “The Village Reporter” / Weekly Northwest Ohio (Williams & Fulton County News) - 21

Tree/Shrub Seedlings Available For Establishment

Tree seedlings may be ordered white pine, arborvitae, sugar ma- square feet. over the years depends on prop- 10 to 20 percent more seedlings
now until March 24th from the ple, swamp white oak, tulip pop- The District is equipped with er species selection for soil type. than needed will serve as replace-
Williams Soil and Water Conser- lar, highbush cranberry, and a Varying species where appropri- ment stock. In future years, pe-
vation District (SWCD). Order backyard packet. Wildflower seed a tree planter and tree planting ate is also beneficial. Roots should riodic checking and treatment
forms are available at the SWCD packets, marking flags, and fertil- bars. Call for more information. be moist when planted. Cultivate, for diseases and insects will help
office or one can be printed from izer tablets are also available to mow, mulch, and/or use her- maintain trees for their lifetime.
the website (www.williamsswcd. purchase. Trees can be planted as a wind bicides to control weeds, grass, For more information contact the
org). Trees will be ready for pick barrier for a home, livestock, a and other encroaching plants for Williams SWCD at 419-636-9395
up on March 25th at the Maple The America Wildflower mix is field, or for landscaping, or for at least three growing seasons. Ext. 3 or 419-636-2349 Ext 3 or
Syrup Festival at the Williams a blend of up to 20 different an- wildlife, a riparian corridor, a Water seedlings, as needed, es- stop by the office at 1120 West
County Fairgrounds. This year nual and perennial wildflower va- snow fence, a sound barrier, for pecially during the first summer High Street, Bryan. The SWCD
the District will be offering Colo- rieties that will give you many dif- erosion control, or forestry. Prop- and drought years. Replace trees is an equal opportunity provider
rado blue spruce, Norway spruce, ferent, vivid colors as the seasons er planting and maintenance over and shrubs as needed. Ordering and employer.
change. The packet will plant 250 the first three years is the key to
success. Tree survival and health




$8 FOR 1-20 WORDS, $10 FOR 20-40 WORDS; +$2 FOR EACH 20-WORD BLOCK

Help Wanted Help Wanted Help Wanted

Press Operator Needed All Shifts Be One of “The Pops People!” SuBmemOenreHoefl“pT-he2nPdopasnPde3orpdles!h” ift

Applicants must have the ability to lift 75 lbs consistently, Spangler Candy Company has openings on Spangler Candy Company has openings on

basic tool knowledge, and the ability to follow instructions. 2nd & 3rd Shift Production This S2unmdm&er,3BredOSnheifotf P“TrhoedPuocptsioPneople!”
Willing to work overtime and weekends is necessary. We
offer medical, dental, vision, insurance, 401k, and vacation Competitive wage and benefit package includes wage CoSmpapnetgitlievreCwaangedyanCdobmenpeafnitypahcaksagoepienncliundgessfworage
& attendance bonuses incentive program, shift premiums, health, dental, vision, inScuemntimveeprrPogroradmu,cshtiioftnprCemaniudmys,Phaecaklteh,rdpeonstaitli,ovnissio. n,
life coverage, paid vacation, holidays, pension program, life coverage, paid vacation, holidays, pension program,
STARTING WAGE $10/HR PLUS Competi4t0iv1ek,wcoamgepaannydpbroevnideefidt YpMacCkAamgeeminbcelrusdheips wage
OFF-SHIFT DIFFERENTIAL 401k, company provided YMCA membership incentive progarnadmtu, istihoinftrpeirmembuiursmems,enhte.alth, dental,
and tuition reimbursement. visiYonM,hCQlitfAuetppamcr:lo/oie/gvsmreepabdramaenigrn,gse4dlh,e0iipvpr1caikadai,dnnucddvaoaylmtsuc.bapistahitaoiloonannyunr,lcpedherimootarlvpibadidukpaer.lycsydsoe,tmmope:/ennts.ion
All applicants must be at least 18 years of age or older.
Quali ed individuals should apply to: EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER,
Apply Within:
Triple Diamond Plastics Apply onlinMe:inhortittpie:s///Fsepmaanlegs/lDeirscabainlitdieys/
Office Hours from 8 am to 4 pm EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER,
405 N. Pleasantview Dr. Minorities/Females/Disabilities/Veterans Equal Opportunity Employer,
Liberty Center, OH 43532 Minorities/Females/Disabilities/Veterans
Machine Operators and
Ready to be part of General Laborers Wanted Semi Truck & Trailer Mechanic
something great? Must be able to service equip-
No experience necessary. We are a plastic injection molder pro- ment. Brake Jobs, Welding,
Make a difference serving local patients & families ducing a variety of large plastic products. We have four crews Electrical/Wiring, Trouble shoot
providing excellent, professional nursing care and in covering 2 Shifts (6 a.m. – 6 p.m. and 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.). Work Air line-Valve issues, Replace trl doors, cross-member,
patient’s homes in Fulton & Williams Counties. 15 days out of 30 days a Month with a 3 day weekend every roof repairs. Pay depends on experience & performance.
other week. Starting wage is $12/hour entry to $13/hour skilled Inquire in person to: J&L Trailer Sales, LTD; (2 miles east
RNs Needed! based on experience, and shift premiums if applicable. An ad- on SR 6 of 127 intersection), 01955 Co Rd 16, Bryan,OH
ditional $1000 possible through our Perfect attendance and At- 43506. Phone: (419) 633-9210
Full-time / Part-time tendance Bonus Program. Benefits after 30 days. All applicants
must successfully complete a pre-employment Drug screen. HELP WANTED - The Pike-Delta-York Local School Dis-
Skilled home health & hospice. 2 yrs. clinical experience. trict in Delta, Ohio is searching for a Food Service Direc-
Hospice exp. a plus; training provided. Nonprofit agency OPEN INTERVIEWS • 9am to 4pm tor. Interested applicants should see job posting listed on
offering stability, competitive wages, benefits , mileage, the District’s website at:
uniforms, continuous clinical training. 20/20 Send resume to Antiques
Fax to: 419-485-5929

or apply at:
14620 Selwyn Dr.,
Holiday City, OH 43543

230 Westfield Dr., 127 Blakeslee Ave. ANTIQUES - Fort Defiance Antiques - 402 Clinton St.,
Archbold, OH 43502 Bryan, OH 43506 downtown Defiance. 419-782-6003. Mon.-Sat., 10-5.
Ginny George, RN, BSN
Sally Osborn, RN (419) 633-7590
(419) 445-5128

Apply online:

Legal Notice

that there will be a special meeting of the Board Of Ed-
Join our team at SPANGLER CANDY ucation of Montpelier Exempted Village School District,
COMPANY as an Electrical Technician. Williams County, Ohio, on the 22nd day of March, 2017
at 4:45 p.m. at the Bus Garage Conference Room, Mont-
Plans and performs all required operations pelier, Ohio. The meeting will be held for the purpose of
pertaining to the installation, maintenance awarding the bid for the General Contractor for the Rec-
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electrical and electronic equipment and circuits, held in open session.
hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and
circuits used in the facility.
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26 - “The Village Reporter” / Weekly Northwest Ohio (Williams & Fulton County News) Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

Wauseon Indians Punch Ticket For The State “Final Four”

By: Bill Bray Three times during the fourth quarter Wauseon en- the foul line. The 6-4 junior was a human study in con-
THE VILLAGE REPORTER joyed 10 point leads, but Elida did not fold. Another Gype centration and confidence. Not only did Gype make both
free throw had Wauseon up 38-30 with 2:49 remaining. foul shots, but he connected on eight straight foul shots
The Wauseon Indians (26-1) overcame a late offensive Elida showed the crowd what got them this far in the thereafter. Elida scored their season ending foul shot with
burst from Elida (17-10) to capture the Division II Re- tournament as they dug in their heels. A bucket by Bay- :34 remaining making the Wauseon lead 52-45. Over the
gional Championship with a 54-45 overtime win. len Stinson off an offensive rebound cut the Wauseon lead final :34 Elida missed their final three shots as the Indi-
to 38-32. A Wauseon turnover gave the ball back to Elida. ans won the championship 54-45.
The Indians got off to their usual fast start as a jump A jumper by Stinson was blocked by Rotroff but ended up
shot by Austin Rotroff gave Wauseon a 12-4 lead with in the hands of Unruh. Stinson fired and was good with Coach Chad Burt, who was a starter for the last Indi-
1:19 left in the opening quarter. The final points of the a three cutting the Wauseon lead to 38-35 with 2:22 left. ans team to advance to the Final Four in 1994, was smil-
quarter came with :58 remaining with a three-point goal An Elida steal by Drew Samo had the Bulldogs smelling ing from ear to ear. “It’s truly an unbelievable feeling,”
by Elida’s Calan Henderson to cut the Indians lead to five blood. Henderson brought the Elida crowd to their feet Burt said. “From the coaching side and the player side
points at 12-7. as he nailed a three to give the game its first tie 38-38 I understand the preparation it takes to get here. I’m so
with 1:50 left. A third Wauseon turnover in a row led to proud of my guys, I have a great group of kids that have
The game’s second quarter went the Indians way as Elida’s first lead of the game at 40-38 on a jumper from been a pleasure to coach.”
Elida was held to three points. At the 6:23 mark Dan- Stinson with 1:09 remaining. After a 30 second Wauseon
iel Unruh sank a three-pointer to close the gap to 14-10. timeout, Stinson fouled Gype sending him to the line for The two heroes standing out on this day were Rotroff
Wauseon responded with terrific defense and two points potentially the biggest two foul shots of his life. Calm, cool and Gype. Rotroff led all scorers with 24 points on 9 of 10
from Rotroff and a three-pointer by Carter Bzovi as the and collected Gype sank both shots to tie the game at shooting and 6 of 7 from the foul line to go with his seven
teams went to the locker room with Wauseon in command 40-40. Following a timeout from each team, Wauseon’s rebounds and one blocked shot. “I had confidence in ev-
19-10. entire tournament run could have come to an end with ery one of my shots, and my teammates were giving me
one second left, but reminiscent of the Napoleon playoff the ball in good spots, which is what made that happen,”
The game’s third quarter was played evenly as game, the last second shot by Uhruh was off target and Rotroff said. Gype was stellar down the stretch. The ju-
Wauseon won the eight-minute stretch 11-10. Wauseon the Indians dodged yet another bullet as the game went nior, scoring seven points at the end of regulation, added
built an 11-point lead 23-12 at the 5:43 mark with two into overtime tied at 40-40. 10 points in the overtime period to finish with 17. His 13
Brooks Gype foul shots. Elida answered with a small six of 15 foul shot totals were a main contributing factor in
point run to shrink the Wauseon lead to five at 23-18. The The Indians had their back to the wall. How would they Wauseon’s win. “Shooting is all about confidence,” Gype
Indians fought back thanks in large part to sixth man Levi respond? It was clear that Austin Rotroff was not about explained. “I had to move on from earlier misses and step
Seiler. Seiler, with his ‘take no prisoners’ style of play, to see his team’s season come to an end. The 6-9 junior up with confidence. It felt great.”
scored Wauseon’s next four points after contributing in scored the first five points in overtime to build Wauseon’s
a big way on the defensive end of the court. Seiler’s two lead to 45-40 with 3:09 remaining. But after a Gype steal, The Indians journey continues Thursday at 10:45 am
scores put Wauseon back on top 28-18 with 1:09 remain- the Indians turned the ball over leading to an Elida three when they will face the 22-6 Eastmoor Academy Warriors
ing in the quarter. The teams traded baskets to bring the with 2:19 left. With the score 45-43, Gype again was at at the Schottenstein Center at Ohio State University.
end the period to a close with Wauseon enjoying a 30-20
lead. Bill Bray may be reached at


SPRING 2017 Sports Schedules

MARCH 24 - March 30

BASEBALL (Mar 30) Edon @ Edgerton (Mar 28) Holgate @ Edon
(Mar 24) Bryan @ Coldwater (scrim- (Mar 30) Elida @ Bryan (Mar 28) Lake @ Delta

mage) (Mar 30) Evergreen @ Whitmer (Mar 28) Maumee @ Archbold
(Mar 25) Blissfield @ Delta (Mar 30) Fayette @ Stryker (Mar 28) Montpelier @ North Central
(Mar 25) Defiance @ Wauseon
(Mar 25) Edgerton @ Pandora-Gilboa (Mar 30) North Central @ Montpelier (Mar 28) Paulding @ Bryan
(Mar 30) Pettisville @ Hilltop (Mar 28) Stryker @ Fayette
(DH) (Mar 28) Waite @ Wauseon
(Mar 25) Evergreen @ Otsego (DH) (Mar 30) Wauseon @ Napoleon (Mar 29) Waite @ Swanton
SOFTBALL (Mar 30) Arcbhold @ Defiance
(Mar 25) North Central (Mar 30) Delta @ Fostoria
@ Liberty Center (DH) (Mar 25) Bryan/Central Catholic
(Mar 25) Ottawa Glandorf @ Archbold Maumee @ Rolf Park (Mar 30) Edon @ Bryan
(Mar 25) Scott @ Swanton (DH) (Mar 30) Evergeen @ Otsego
(Mar 27) Antwerp @ Edon (Mar 25) Crestview/Edgerton/ML @ (Mar 30) Fayette @ Stryker
(Mar 27) Ayersville @ Hilltop Elida (Mar 30) Pettisville @ Hilltop
(Mar 27) Bryan @ Ottawa Glandorf (Mar 30) North Central @ Montpelier
(Mar 27) Evergreen @ Swanton (Mar 25) Edon @ Antwerp (Mar 30) Wauseon @ Napoleon
(Mar 27) Fayette @ Hudson (Mar 25) Evergreen @ Notre Dame (DH)
(Mar 27) Montpelier @ Archbold (Mar 25) Hilltop @ Green Kayak Tour- TRACK
(Mar 27) Pettisville @ Hicksville (Mar 25) Archbold/Evergreen/Wauseon
(Mar 27) Wauseon @ Rossford nament
(Mar 27) Woodward @ Delta (Mar 25) Wauseon @ Defiance @ Napoleon Early Bird Invitational
(Mar 28) Delta @ Evergreen (Mar 25) Woodward @ Swanton (Mar 28) Antwerp/Hilltop @ Edgerton
(Mar 28) Edon @ Ayersville (Mar 27) Bowsher @ Evergreen (Mar 28) Bryan/Defiance @ Archbold
(Mar 28) Hilltop @ Pettisville (Mar 30) Fairview/Montpelier/Pettis-
(Mar 28) Liberty Center @ Edgerton (Mar 27) Edgerton @ Hilltop
(Mar 28) Montpelier @ North Central (Mar 27) Fairview @ Bryan ville
(Mar 28) Napoleon @ Bryan (Mar 27) Fayette @ Hudson BOYS TENNIS
(Mar 28) Stryker @ Fayette (Mar 27) Hicksville @ North Central (Mar 27) Springfield @ Bryan
(Mar 29) Waite @ Swanton (Mar 27) Montpelier @ Swanton (Mar 30) Bryan @ Archbold
(Mar 27) Wauseon @ Rossford (Mar 30) Defiance @ Wauseon
(Mar 28) Edgerton @ Fayette
(Mar 28) Evergreen @ St. Ursula
(Mar 28) Hilltop @ Pettisville


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