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We at Wiley, and many of those we serve, have been blessed in 2016! Please read our most recent Wiley News to learn more.

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Wiley News, Winter 2016

We at Wiley, and many of those we serve, have been blessed in 2016! Please read our most recent Wiley News to learn more.

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Wiley News

Winter 2016

So in Christ Jesus, you are all children

of God through faith.
- Galatians 3:26

This past summer, Lincoln Logs celebrated their 100th birthday with
residents of Wiley Christian Retirement Community and students of Wiley

Christian Preschool. A short video titled “Lincoln Logs, Celebrating 100
Years!” was filmed at the event and can be viewed on Wiley’s Facebook

Page or on YouTube:

I Am Thankful.  For this ministry and the part I play in it, I am honored and

appreciative. I count myself, as well as our senior leadership and dedicated staff,
responsible for Wiley Mission overcoming challenges, ensuring a fulfi゙llment of
mission, and ultimately, continuing to thrive.

That being said, Wiley and its ministries require outside as well as internal support to
meet the needs of our retirement community residents, behavioral health and medical
day clients, preschool students, campers, and the local families we serve through our
church ministry and food pantry. ハ This year, I am saying thank you to everyone who
has provided support to these vital ministries! Without it, we would have struggled to
provide the $300,000* worth of benevolent, unreimbursed ハcare last year to all of those

who were unable to provide for themselves. Thank you!

Gary F. Gilmore

* See page 9 for more details


01 Only a Few Shepherds
Rev. Cecil P. Gilmore, Jr.

05 Always a Good Day to be had at Wiley
Gary F. Gilmore

07 A Success Story
Matthew D. Myers

09 Being Benevolent

11 The Kingdom is Present
Pastor J. Douglas Gilmore

15 From My Home (Previously Printed in the Winter Wiley News, 1999)
Rev. Virginia H. Gilmore

God’s Faithfulness
Freda Dehoff

Only a Few

Cecil P. Gilmore, Jr. read a most interesting story about
Moses as he meets and hears from God
It is amazing to read just how much in an unusual place, on the other side of
shepherding has had an influence the wilderness. He is caring for the
throughout the Bible. On at least three sheep of his father-in-law. That
occasions which come to mind, a certainly does not seem very exciting,
shepherd or shepherds had a but things are about to change. There,
tremendous impact on the revealed at Mount Horeb, (The mountain of God)
Word from heaven. he is confronted by God in a scene that
seems impossible. He sees a burning
Of course, the scripture quickly comes bush, one that is on fire but is not
to mind at this time of the year when we consumed. As he draws closer to get a
remember how lowly shepherds out better look, God speaks to him, "Take
there on the Judean hills heard the off your shoes! The place where you
wonderful message of the birth of are standing is holy ground."
Jesus. What child's Christmas program
have you ever seen that has not Why did God speak to Moses, here at
reminded you of that great event. But I this location? First of all, when we draw
will touch on this later. closer to God, we can expect anything!
This is one of the key issues. People
A SHEPHERD DELIVERER who say they have never heard from
God will probably find out that they have
I n t h e O l d Te s t a m e n t w e fi n d never drawn close to the place where
shepherding having an impact on the the Lord can speak to them.
life of someone or some group of
people. Just turn in your Bible to Then, secondly, the words of God
Exodus chapter 3, and there you will instructed Moses to take off his shoes. I
may be reading more into this than is

Winter! 1

Chair Letter Winter

suggested, but there are times when we and do something, however small, to
need to "take off" some of the things bring a blessing to others.
that keep us from doing God's work.
Are there some things that are keeping A SHEPHERD KING
you from hearing from God?
Move on up to 1 Samuel 16. Here is
Thirdly, and most importantly, Moses another incident when God choses a
will hear a message to learn how shepherd to lead the nation of
God has been watching over Israel. David was the
the Children of Israel, who youngest son of Jesse who
for hundreds of years have lived in Bethlehem.
been slaves to the Samuel's mission was to
Egyptians. Exodus choose a man who
3:9-10, "And now the would become the king
cry of the Israelites has of Israel because king
reached me, and I Saul had been
have seen the way rejected by God.
the Egyptians are When Jesse knew
oppressing them. So the reason for
now, go. I am Samuel's visit, he
sending you to immediately lined up
Pharaoh to bring my his sons, from the
people the Israelites eldest to the
out of Egypt." youngest, to see
which one God was
If you are a student of going to choose.
the Word you know
how Moses finally There was Eliab, tall
relented to go and lead and handsome, but God
the Children of Israel out told Samuel, he was not
of Egypt, through the Red the one. He was reminded
Sea on dry ground, and out of that, "The Lord does not look
reach of Pharaoh. at the things people look
at....the Lord looks at the heart."
A message from the Lord to you may
not be as dramatic as that given to Jesse had all 7 of his sons pass before
Moses, however, do not be surprised if Samuel, and none of them qualified.
He asks you to leave your comfort zone, Then came the question: "Are these all

2 Winter

Winter! Chair Letter

the sons you have?" Jesse replied, the birth of Jesus was announced. The
"There is still the youngest. He is angelic messengers said, "Today, this
tending the sheep." very day, in the city of Bethlehem, a
baby is born, and He is not just any
Young David was brought in and the baby, He is the Messiah!" (my
Lord said to Samuel, "Rise and anoint paraphrase).
him; this is the one." Years later David
became the king, appointed by God, a But that wasn't all! To punctuate the
lowly shepherd boy chosen to be king. moment, God sent a tremendous
angelic choir to sing: "Glory to God in
God did not choose the tallest, most the highest heaven, and on earth peace
handsome man, nor the eldest son. He to those on whom his favor rests."
did not choose any of the other sons,
but he wanted the one who had a I don't know if you can grasp the
"heart" for God. How did that happen, moment. Allow your imagination to run
you ask? The answer seems simple wild with it! It is night, the myriad of
enough: David, while tending the stars shine over the heads of the
sheep, had a lot of days and nights shepherds. They have only one job, to
when he depended on God, and spoke watch after sheep to keep predators and
to the Lord, and learned to trust in Him. robbers away from them. Huddling
A leader is one who has had a close around a small camp fire I'm sure they
relationship with God and a "heart" for were already shivering in the cold night,
Him. when suddenly the sky turns brilliant
with heavenly light unlike anything these
THE EXCITED SHEPHERD HERALDS men had ever seen before. Then the
Angel speaks to them! Wow! I suppose
When the King of kings was born, one it was a voice unlike they had ever
would think the message would have heard before! And then the angelic
been announced by the angelic heralds choir! A choir unlike anything they had
to the political leaders of the day. But ever seen before! Is it any wonder they
this was not the case. No! It was given were afraid? Would not we have
to lowly shepherds, men who were wanted to see and hear this?
thought to have one of the poorest jobs
in that day. These were not well But above all, the message penetrated
educated men, and most likely because their being. They didn't just sit there
of their type of work, were rejected by and say to one another, "Wasn't that
friends and even family. But it was to beautiful." NO! This message was to
these men that the wonderful news of be told! "Let's go to Bethlehem and see

Winter! 3

this thing that has happened, which the doubt God chose them because He
Lord told us about." (2:15). could use them to do His work. And we
I don't know how many mangers they can be used as humble shepherds
visited that night, or how many times proclaiming the Good News of Jesus
they knocked on an innkeepers’ door Christ! But to do so, you must first put
only to be sent away, until they found yourself in the place where God can use
"the place" where Jesus was born. you! You must draw closer to Him and
They experienced a sight they would acquire a "servant's heart". And finally
never forget, and one that they could you must be willing to "go and do" His
not keep from announcing! Verse 17 bidding, telling the message to those
and 18 says "When they had seen Him, who are willing to hear, so that they too
they spread the word concerning what will be "amazed"!
had been told them about this child, and
all who heard it were amazed at what Have a Blessed Christmas,
the shepherds said to them."
Cecil P. Gilmore
YES! Shepherds have had their place
throughout the Bible, and there is no

4 Winter

Winter! CEO Letter

Always a Good Day

to be had at Wiley

Some days are better than others, but I solidarity of those around them at work
am encouraged to know that every day as well as from outside of these walls.
at Wiley is a good day. Perhaps that external support manifests
on account of the prayers from those
This thought was at the forefront of my who remember Wiley on a daily basis? Is
mind over this past Thanksgiving. No it the sense of gratitude they receive
matter the challenges presented on any from the individuals they serve? I have
given day, I can always count on the never been more appreciative in recent
compassionate service of Wiley Mission months of our staff and their efforts! 
staff providing excellent care to either  
children, veterans, the aged, those Recently in my daily devotions I read
struggling with addiction and mental from Ezekiel Chapter 2.  The verse
health, or families within our community emphasized was verse 2: 
at large. 
  “As he spoke, the Spirit came into me and raised
We can all feel the stresses that come me to my feet, and I heard him speaking to me.”  
from the demands of this work. I
imagine our staff often go home tired, Since Wiley’s early beginnings, the Holy
however, I’m confident that they feel the Spirit has brought different people to
rewarding sense of fulfillment which no their feet to meet the call.  We continue
doubt accompanies the labors they to need those with this calling and sense
completed that day.   of purpose to bring good days to the
people we serve.  
Those who truly pursue this calling
continue to persevere no matter the So, when each day, I see our committed
challenges faced.  They are unique and staff serving our residents, clients,
special. There is a support in the families and children, how can there be

Winter! 5

CEO Letter Winter

Wiley Veteran Appreciation Day, 2016

anything other than a good day? I am bI hope you will pray for this work each
confident in the leadership of our and every day. Pray for staff with a
directors who run their respective calling to serve. Pray for those whom we
departments. I notice the unsung heroes serve. Pray for the staff who already
who make the efforts behind the scenes have heard the call and now serve. Pray
to keep the ministries here maintained to staff will feel that spirit and rise up each
a very high standard; or when I was and every day. And pray God will
reminded at our recent Veteran’s Day continue to bless the work of Wiley
celebration of the numerous veterans, Mission and continue these good days!
found in residence at Wiley’s retirement
community and as clients within Wiley May the Christmas season be joyous and
Christian Adult Medical Day, who so the new year find you happy and
proudly provided service to our country.  healthy.
As we approach the Christmas season, I
hope you will consider providing us with
a financial gift. There are many
challenges ahead and some uncertainty,
however, we have the  faith God will Gary F. Gilmore
continue to lead this work.

6 Winter

A Success Story

A little over a year ago, a mother traveled
from Southern NJ to New York City to
search for her troubled daughter, “Grace.”
She found her homeless and frail. She had
found Grace doing everything she could on
the streets of New York to support her drug
addiction to crack cocaine. Grace’s mother
immediately pulled her off the streets and

brought her back to New Jersey.

Despite her mother’s best efforts, Management Services are struggling
Grace wound up in a critical to simply exist. They are certainly
emotional state and was hospitalized dealing with some mental health
at an inpatient psychiatric institution disorder, and usually have a history of
to stabilize her from being a threat to addiction or are actively using.
herself and others. Most make progress. Some move on.
It was from this short hospital stay Others are readmitted to psychiatric
that Grace was ultimately discharged inpatient facilities and yet others
to Wiley Christian Behavioral choose the streets over treatment.
Management Services in Pennsauken, Every day presents new challenges for
NJ for treatment. this population and those who treat
Many of the people who are referred them - and at Wiley Behavioral
to Wiley Christian Behavioral Health, those who treat these ailments

Winter! 7

Success Story Winter

are some of the best in the business of acquiring her GED and gaining
behavioral health. employment.

Grace presented as an extraordinary Today, through the Rowan University
challenge to the behavioral Equivalency Program, Grace is
management team. Still using crack enrolled in classes pursuant to
and prostituting, she was also receiving her GED and is scheduled
emotionally unstable, experiencing for a second job interview within
auditory and visual hallucinations and Goodwill Industries next week.
believed that she was seeing people in Grace pursues these goals and no
the room who weren’t present and longer needs the full five day week of
who were out to get her. Grace had care at Wiley that she had once
difficulty simply communicating and required. Wiley Behavioral Health
was not taking care of her own and our team now only need see her a
hygiene. She was diagnosed with few days every week for maintenance
bipolar disorder with psychotic and monitoring.
features and the treatment began.

Over the past year, there have been While we understand this level of
challenges to treating Grace and progress and achievement shouldn’t
challenges Grace has encountered as always be expected amongst our
she showed her strength and began consumers, nor is her continued
working towards her goals and success a guarantee, the fact that
objectives. Grace finds herself where she is now
Through patient and persistent case after where she had been only a short
management, psychiatric and year ago is in itself a success story.
pharmacologic intervention as well as God is good.
group therapy, Grace slowly showed Have a blessed Christmas and Happy
signs of change. True change. A New Year!
transformation. A metamorphosis
worthy of mention.

As I write this article, Grace is stable. Matthew D. Myers
Beyond that, she has accomplished so
many of her goals over the last year
and worked upwards to new goals of

8 Winter

Wiley Mission


“Desiring to help others;
Charitable; Good will; Kind”


Wiley Christian

Adult Day Services



$238,000 $1,600

Wiley Christian Total = Wiley Christian
Retirement Community
  Preschool & Camp
  Your support Financial
makes this
  possible - 2015
  Thank You! families
 Wiley preschool

$13,600 $14,100

Wiley Church Wiley Church
Food Pantry

“Many persons have a wrong idea of
what constitutes true happiness. It is
not attained through self-gratification,
but through fidelity with a worthy
- Helen Keller Pooled
Income Fund

Planned Provide an irrevocable
Estate Giving contribution of $1,000
or more, and receive income
Leave a legacy of
for life as well as a tax
philanthropic support by
benefit! The five-year
including Wiley Mission as a average dividend return
beneficiary in your will or life
is 4.8%.
insurance policy - and tell us

about it! Irrevocable gifts can

have immediate tax

benefits. Interested in supporting

Wiley in any of these, or

IRA some other specific way?
Please contact Matt Myers
Distribution at 856-983-0411 or

Make a charitable, tax free
distribution to Wiley Mission for more information.

from your IRA.

The Kingdom is Present

J. Douglas Gilmore

I write this “glorified on a cross” is finally as
article on the eve nonsensical as claiming to be
of Christ the King Sunday, a week “enthroned on an electric chair.”
before the beginning of Advent. The
Gospel reading for this Sunday is Such an odd route to glory and
from Luke 23:26-43, the crucifixion power certainly was not on the
of our Lord Jesus Christ and his minds of all those mockers who
response to the dying thief’s request, began so many sentences with
“Jesus, remember me when you “If . . .” that day. But that odd route
come into your kingdom” (Luke is God’s route. It was no mistake. It
23:42, ESV). Jesus responded with led to the glory of salvation.
the merciful promise, “Truly, I say to
you, today you will be with me in “Jesus, remember me when you
Paradise” (Luke 23:43, ESV). What come into your kingdom.”
a strange Scripture narrative to read What kingdom? You expect Jesus to
on Christ the King Sunday! say, “Forget it, buddy! Can’t you see
that I’m finished, washed up,
As Neal Plantinga famously said in a through?”
sermon some years ago, getting

Winter! 11

Pastor Letter Winter

But, of course, he says nothing of last, the least, the downtrodden. So

the kind. Instead he makes a what a perfect moment to make

promise: “Today you will be with me clear one last time that the paradise

in paradise.” of God’s kingdom is for those who

know they’re dead without it.

Even on his best days Jesus did not

talk much about paradise–in fact, Have you ever watched a group of

this is the only place in the entire children informally playing?

Bible where the word “paradise”

passes Jesus’ lips. Mighty strange Let me paint a scene that you’ve

moment to mention it for the first seen in one form or another:


The In a corner of a fenced-in

The only time Jesus kingdom of God backyard, four children
promised paradise to is where God’s between the ages of

anybody and he’s 4-6 are playing. It
almost dead! quickly illustrates
Maybe that’s that one little girl

because Jesus desires, God’s dreams is calling the
was just then shots. “OK,

closer to for this creation, God’s Billy, you stand
securing over there and

paradise for the will and God’s you have to
whole lot of us watch for wild

than ever before. intentions rule.  animals. Jill, you
All along he’d tried have to sit behind

to make clear that the me and get me

kingdom is not what you things when I need

expect: it’s a mustard seed, them. Eric, your job is

a treasure hidden, yeast that to . . .”

disappears in the dough. We’ve seen this scene before. And

we know what it means. In that little

Above all, Jesus made clear that the b a c k y a r d t h i s l i t t l e g i r l w a s

kingdom of God is most concerned establishing her kingdom. And she

with the dispossessed, the lost, the was the kingdom’s Sovereign.

12 Winter

Winter! Pastor Letter

In his fine book The Divine desires, God’s dreams for this
Conspiracy, Dallas Willard claims creation, God’s will and God’s
that we all have our little kingdoms in intentions rule.
The kingdom of God is where the
A kingdom, Willard says, is any area shape of life mirrors God’s design for
of life where my will and my desires life.
determine what happens and what
does not happen. As Willard writes, the kingdom is real
and it is real now.
“A man’s house is his castle,” the
old, rather sexist, adage says. And We can see it, right now, today.
indeed, in our homes, at our places
of work, we all have little spheres of The kingdom is present wherever
influence, little patches of this earth people pray the way Jesus taught us
where we make a kingdom for to pray.
ourselves, where we try to arrange
things so that what we say, what we The kingdom is present wherever
think, what we believe determines the Good News of Jesus Christ is
the shape of life. lovingly shared.

The kingdom of God is where God’s The kingdom is present wherever

Winter! 13

Pastor Letter Winter

Jesus nurtures certain behaviors and Lord named Jesus, then there–right
lifestyles that we call the fruit of the there and right here and right now–
Spirit. the kingdom of God is present
because the effective will of Jesus is
The kingdom is present wherever calling the shots.
people pour water over the heads of
babies or take bread and wine to When the Son of God came to this
their lips all simply because Jesus earth, he announced the arrival of
told us that this is the way we are to the kingdom. It’s not pie-in-the-sky
act in remembrance of him. and far off in the future.

The kingdom is present wherever a It is now.
believer somewhere refuses to go
along with some scheme because “Remember me,” the thief rasped
she believes it is untruthful and that out. The truth is that Jesus could
going along with it would make her never forget one such as this.
less transparent to Jesus.
Thanks be to God, he
Whenever and wherever a woman has remembered each
says no to abortion, whenever and one of us and we can be
wherever a college student refuses in his kingdom, now. 
to participate in some binge-drinking
party, whenever and wherever Today.
someone refuses to cut corners on
his taxes, whenever and wherever a Pastor Doug
kindly old woman brings light into a
neighbor’s darkness by speaking a
word of peace, whenever and
wherever immigrants are welcomed
no matter their race, color or creed,
whenever and wherever a man sits
down to tutor a homeless child, and
whenever and wherever all such
things are done because all these
people believe there is a cosmic

14 Winter

From My Home....

Virginia H. Gilmore Daughter of Wiley Mission founders,
the Rev. John and Jenny Hackett,
Virginia H. Gilmore was a regular
contributor to the Wiley News before her
going to be with the Lord in July of
2015. What follows is an article which
appeared in a Wiley News in 1999.
Though written over 15 years ago, the
words and expressions she had shared
then continue to ring true.

From my home... beginning of the work that is was our
calling to provide this place where
It is exciting to attend Wiley Church. Christian believers could live in this
Each Lord’s Day there is an kind of environment.
atmosphere of worship, and a sense ! However some of our
of the Presence of God. Those of us residents enjoy attending Wiley
who know the Lord realize the Church. Just recently one of them
importance of assembling of expressed to me his joy. “I am glad I
ourselves together with fellow am here.” he said fervently. As he
believers, as we share the ministry expressed his appreciation and we
of the Word, and experience the shared together, it occurred to me
comfort of spiritual nourishment. In how important this is. The life of the
fact, it is vital to our growth, grace church family is always available to
and preparation to face our world those who live on this campus, and it
with renewed strength and wisdom. is there for them when they need it.
! As you know many of our ! Wiley Mission is not only an
village residents attend their own institution that daily and hourly
churches. We are grateful for this meets the physical needs of those
because we knew from the under our care, but it is established

Winter! 15

Wiley Mission is not only an
institution that daily and
hourly meets the physical

needs of those under our care,
but it is established to provide
spiritual needs for all. I have
to say it again and again as I
see the benefits of this. Wiley
is a place where God dwells.

16 Winter

Winter! From My Home

to provide spiritual needs for all. I respond. It would be wonderful,
have to say it again and again as I however, if Wiley could be brought to
see the benefits of this. Wiley is a the attention of those who have
place where God dwells. As a result these available funds. What could
the atmosphere is established that be more worthy than to provide food
constantly meets the deep cries of and shelter for the deprived through
the human spirit. This is essential. a non-profit organization with the
There are many hurting people who integrity of many years of caring and
not only know the frailness of aging sharing? We would gladly accept
and loneliness, but who often come such funds. But it is the prayers of
face to face with the inner hurts and God’s people and their generous
turmoil of life’s burdens and need a giving that has made this work
healing only God can fill. Paul said it possible. And so as we present the
so well in his epistle to the challenges we look to the prayer
Corinthian church: “If only we have warriors and godly people who want
hope in this life, we are of all men us to continue to reach deeply into
most miserable.” the hearts of those who have
! We realize, as well, that we unfortunately been deprived and
can carry this through into the inner offer to them the love of the Lord
city as we daily meet the challenges Jesus who died for them and can
of the Adult Christian Day Care save them. This means more than
Center in Pennsauken. Young and food and shelter.
old alike remind us of the urgency of ! We are desperately in need of
the call of Jesus when He said: funds to enlarge the building in
“Inasmuch a ye have done it unto Pennsauken or relocate to one that
the least of these my brethren, ye would give us the means to do a
have done it unto Me.” better job of establishing the work so
! The ministry there cries out that we can perform our daily tasks
for the involvement of those who feel more efficiently and effectively. Join
the need to give to His work. There with us to pray for this.
have been many foundations ! We have this burden with us
established to make possible daily. We also have an awareness
charitable enterprises. And yet, over of the need to provide
the years Wiley has depended upon supplementary funds to those here
God’s people. As He speaks they in the home whose income must be

Winter! 17

“I was hungry and
you fed me.” These are

the words of Jesus. They
burn in our hearts as we
forge ahead in the work of

God, ordained by Him, and
created to produce His
love and grace.

supplemented. fed me.”
This is a necessary These are the
provision to worthy Christian words of Jesus. They
people who have served and loved burn in our hearts as we forge ahead
God, and now need us to intervene in the work of God, ordained by Him,
for them and make them comfortable and created to produce His love and
as they experience the frailness that grace.
comes with advanced years. ! I have poured these words
! There is a sense of urgency out of my heart today. Pray with me
that through and by the leadership of that God will provide so that we can
the Holy Spirit, we will be able to go forward in His will and produce a
continue to carry out the mandate caring, loving atmosphere that will
given to us over nearly 70 years ago, glorify Him.
when we took the motto for our !
inspiration. “I was hungry and you !!!
! ~ Virginia H. Gilmore

18 Winter


We often talk and sing about God's a week later. This resulted in a
faithfulness, but it becomes so much nineteen-day hospital stay, followed
more precious when we experience by two weeks of rehab, but God's
it personally. Recently I have once faithfulness gave me peace through
again experienced God's great many unknowns, new experiences,
faithfulness to me. It all began with and a second major surgery. He has
a doctor appointment in the also been faithful to answer the
beginning of August as I started on a many prayers that were prayed for
long journey dealing with some me.
medical issues. It continued through
the month, reaching a crisis point on Through it all God was faithful to
August 22, when the doctor called reveal His love and care for me in so
with the news no one wants to hear: many ways. He had shown me this
"You have cancer." God was faithful through the wonderful care I
right at that moment, for I wasn't received from all the doctors and
alone when the phone call came. A nurses. Everyone served with
friend was visiting at the time. That compassion and love and were very
same evening two more friends attentive to my needs. As an added
came to pray with me and another blessing, the Lord gave my friends
friend stayed at my house overnight. and me the opportunity to pray with
three of the nurses. What a blessing
God's faithfulness continued to that was!
me as I had major surgery.
Following discharge from the Every day I was overwhelmed by
hospital, a complication from the the prayers, love, encouragement,
surgery caused me to be readmitted and support of my family and friends.
Through their phone calls and visits

Winter! 19

God’s Faithfulness Winter

to me in the hospital, they ministered journey. Thank God for His

Christ's love and compassion. God provision!

used them to be a blessing to me. I With God's help I placed the

was reminded once again just how unknowns in His hands. The enemy

much God loved me by the way He tried to fill my mind with the "What

showed His love through other if..." questions. But by giving the

people. He was faithful to show unknowns to God, He gave me

Himself to me in this way. perfect peace. The words in

While lying in the hospital bed Philippians 4:6,7 were proven true:

each day looking at the wall in front "Do not be anxious about anything,

of me, I was once again reminded of but in everything, by prayers and

God's faithfulness. A beautiful petition, with thanksgiving, present

picture of a white daffodil your requests to God. And the

reached out to me in 3-D peace of God, which

beauty, reminding me that In His transcends all

God's love and faithfulness God understanding, will
Presence were right guard your hearts and
t h e r e i n t h e r o o m reminded me that there your minds in Christ
reaching out to me. are no unknowns with Jesus."
What a comfort and Him.  Nothing takes It has been a long
blessing that was!
journey, but a very
In His faithfulness God by surprise. rewarding one, for God
God reminded me that was with me each step

there are no unknowns with and each experience of the

Him. Nothing takes God by way. He continues to be faithful

surprise. He had everything planned in going with me through my

out for me beforehand, for God is my radiation treatments. I praise the

Jehovah Jireh, my Provider. He saw Lord for His wonderful love, care,

to everything ahead of time. I never and provision for me. What a great

had a need that was not already met God we serve! It has been a

in His mind. God always had the blessing for me to take this journey

right person there just at the right with my Lord. He deserves all the

time to meet my needs. He also glory and praise for His faithfulness!

beautifully provided two friends who

were with me every day through this Freda Dehoff

20 Winter

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