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GPC4 Statement of Qualifications

Statement of Qualifications
GreenPeak C4
490 Wheeler Rd., Suite 108 Hauppauge, NY 11788 Ph. 631.630.1400
Construction Management General Contracting Design Build Energy Owner’s Representation Pre-Construction Services Procurement

Over view
GREENPEAKC4 (GPC4) is a high performance construction firm that believes it is critical to interweave the key elements of Construction methods, Energy Management, Design Integration and Sustainability into the way buildings are built and operated. Using a holistic approach we promote true collaboration within the construction team and ownership throughout the construction process. The approach delivers the value that owners demand along with the environment people need to do their best work and live their lives in comfort in the buildings they occupy.
The project methodology we use incorporates a matrix that segments each project into 4 building categories: construction, energy, design and compliance.
Applying our matrix to each project we incorporate best construction practices and team collaboration. We also consider whether there are newer and better building technologies, methods and materials we can use in the project to produce a modern, high performance building that minimize energy usage and environmental impact. Our approach creates a roadmap for successful completion of each building project we manage.
The GPC4 team of seasoned professionals includes specialists in project management, technical services, energy systems design and management, engineering, design, environment, building processes and operations, compliance, life cycle costing, sustainability, cutting edge building methods and innovative technologies. It has the experience and the resources to deliver the services you expect from more heavily branded construction companies but with GPC4 you do not sacrifice the intimacy you are looking for and appreciate.
The climate within the building industry is continually changing. Building codes are more stringent and focused on sustainability while owners are more driven by microeconomic considerations. They want more value for every dollar they spend on their building projects. In other words, value, performance, compliance and sustainability have become the driving forces in construction and building operations. We understand success.
At GPC4 everything we do for our clients is considered mission critical. The goal of every member of GPC4 is to meet or exceed the client’s expectations and objectives.

Ser vices
At GreenPeak C4, high performance construction consists of the integration and overlapping of many key components. This is what makes up the C4 and is the basis of our services; Construction, Energy, Design, and Compliance. In an effort to provide the comprehensive suite of Construction Management and General Contractor services necessary to support the project, GreenPeak C4 provides:
Construction & Pre-Construction Management Services
At GreenPeak C4, we consider the Pre-Construction and planning phase to be of the utmost importance to the execution of a successful project. It is during this phase that critical planning, scheduling, budgeting, value engineering and quality decisions are made that will have a significant impact upon construction and the final building product.
GreenPeak C4 takes pride in the fact that we are able to energize and guide the pre- construction process by interfacing our staff fully with the owner, architect, engineer and consultants to provide a genuine team effort. Professionally done, pre-construction lays the foundation for a successful project. By facilitating the process of master planning and integrating design and construction activities, we not only facilitate and speed the process but also create a communication stream that provides the project team with accurate and timely information.
GreenPeak C4’s Technical Services Group has the capability to provide comprehensive, detailed estimates throughout the entire design process. This will ensure that the project falls within the approved budget. Estimates are produced in house for all trades, including the mechanical and electrical specialties. This gives us greater control, especially during the earlier estimates, as we do not rely on outside subcontractor input for important cost information. The Technical Services Group utilizes a regional cost history database and a computerized estimating system to assist in the preparation of cost estimates. Our cost estimates can be provided in any format, so that everyone, including non- technical people, can understand the estimate. To aide in the understanding of the estimate, a narrative describing, in detail, exactly what is included is provided.
The Technical Services Group will develop pre- construction phase estimates during the project design development phase. At the completion of construction documents a final estimate will be produced to confirm all earlier assumptions. The budgeting information produced will assist with the establishment/verification of owner budgets, control re- design costs and develop early level detail in the absence of drawings and specifications.
Peconic Bay Medical Center Progressive Care Unit Renovation

Ser vices
Pre-Construction Phase
During this period, before any drawings or specifications are produced, GreenPeakC4’s Technical Services Group will inspect each site and evaluate the scope of work contemplated to confirm budgeting and scheduling assumptions. For each element of the work, suggestions will be made identifying materials, construction duration and potential costs. Alternates, a “shopping list”, for each work element will be proposed, so that decisions can be made early and the construction budget and schedule confirmed. In providing this service, we will work very closely with the design group and the owner/owner’s designated representatives.
Early Project Design Development Phase
Early in the design process, while material alternatives are being considered, the Technical Services Group will produce a conceptual budget, based on preliminary design specification outlines and “single line’ drawings. The conceptual budget is prepared using the most current cost data accessed through GreenPeakC4’s regional cost database of trade pricing and unit costs.
Project Design Development Phase
This phase evaluates/defines design issues and delivers a preliminary specification for all building systems and enhancement of the drawings. Based on the schematic criteria, GreenPeakC4 will prepare quantity surveys and trade pricing. This updated budget will enable the design team and GreenPeakC4 to track and assess the project as it is currently designed, and to employ value-engineering techniques as required.
As the drawings and specifications become more developed and embellished with additional detail, the quantities and pricing become more refined, allowing greater flexibility to the design team and GreenPeakC4 to control costs and implementation of value engineering suggestions. Construction methods and techniques are reviewed to minimize cost impact, if any, and initiate preliminary discussions for subsequent bid packages.
Construction Document Phase
This phase will incorporate all value engineering studies, design changes, and other suggestions, in order to produce 100% specifications and drawings that will be indicative of the project, as it exists to date. The verification of these documents will be achieved by the solicitation of subcontractor proposals for all trades, as well as a complete cost estimate. During this phase, we continue to refine phasing and logistics plans, and construction schedules; develop the contracting method; and define specific contract packages. Our final estimate includes an in-depth narrative that clearly defines project scope, the document list, defined assumptions, clarifications and allowances utilized, in addition to general conditions, special conditions and temporary facilities costs.
Hampton Bay Radiology Article 28 Conversion

Ser vices
Value Engineering
Through years of hands-on construction experience, continuing research and development of new building products and techniques, value engineering and value management has become an integral facet of all of GreenPeakC4 development and construction services. Throughout the duration of every project, our technical specialists will assess the design and construction planning to ensure improvement in quality and cost of client facilities.
Based on innovation and creativity, the value engineering process examines all building products, systems and program functions to determine viable alternatives as they relate to cost savings, constructability, life cycle costs, schedule impact, quality control and aesthetic merit.
These alternatives and modifications are achieved without reducing functionality and original design intent and are tracked with establishment of a value engineering log. GreenPeakC4’s value engineering process does not provide simple cost cutting, as this lowers quality and/or reduces scope. Rather, GreenPeakC4 seeks to improve the quality of a project, while eliminating unnecessary costs. GreenPeakC4 strength in value engineering remains a significant factor in our delivery of the highest quality and most efficient projects.
We are particularly proud of planning effort. We compile a construction execution plan for each project. This workplan takes into consideration: project objectives, budget, purchasing strategy, schedule, material handling, personnel access, temporary facilities, and overall site logistics. We plan the total job at the beginning, and most importantly before construction.
Planning is not a one-time event, and must be continued throughout the project. The plan is updated as often as is necessary.
The project schedule is a key component of the overall plan. Our scheduling effort is very closely tied to the overall design completion. We have the experience to predict project durations based on very early information. As the design progresses, we can update and provide more detailed information, ensuring timely completion of scheduled tasks.
Scheduling Management
Accurate scheduling of labor and material deliveries to this project may be the most critical cost control step taken. We will provide a Master CPM Schedule for the Pre- Construction and Construction Phases of this project. We will monitor and report on its progress and make recommendations to improve upon the schedule as the documents and information are developed. It will be our intent to include within the Master CPM Schedule time frames for submitting and approving shop drawings, samples, and lead time requirements for materials and equipment.
The Master CPM Schedule will be set up in such a manner that those responsible for administering the schedule will be able to monitor the progress and cost trend of the project. This information will be used to make recommendations for implementing improvements. The preparation of the schedule is assigned to the Project Manager. The Project Manager consults with the Project Team for pertinent specialty experience.
Staff meetings are held throughout the Pre-Construction Phase in order to formulate a detailed Master CPM Schedule that will accurately forecast the construction duration. This schedule is critical for a forecast of the total cost of the project. We utilize “Primavera Scheduling System”, but will provide schedules based on other specific programs or formats preferred by the Owners. The Decisions/Issues Management System will be linked to the scheduling system so progress and milestones will be posted and tracked.

Ser vices
Construction Phase Services
Proactively planning the construction efforts from the earliest days of scope development and design through the pre-construction phase consistently results in better cost control, schedule control, and quality control throughout the remainder of the job. Solid management of all aspects of the construction process is the continuation and the successful culmination of that effort - something GreenPeakC4 excels at. Construction phase services include all activities involved in coordinating and managing the construction to a successful conclusion.
Permit Acquisition
Early in the Pre-Construction Phase we will begin the processes for obtaining all the permits required in the construction of the project.As the documents are being finalized and the dates for putting out the contractor bids are set, our Project Manager will coordinate with the Architect for the filing of the applications for the pre- construction approvals. Once the documents are completed, the Project Manager will assist the Architect in getting the plans filed and the necessary permits drawn.
Construction Phase-In
Toward the end of the pre-construction stage, the Project Executive shall supervise the phase-in of the Construction Phase Staff. In-house meetings shall be held in order to integrate the efforts of the Pre-Construction Staff with the Construction Phase Staff. Utilizing the Project Manager throughout the Design Phase will allow for an easy transition to the Construction Phase.
Contract Awards
Before the documents (plans, specifications, general conditions, etc.) are issued for bid we will:
n Review the final drawings and specifications prepared by the Architect/Engineer
n Advise on the scope of each bid package n Recommend the inclusion of certain unit
prices in the final documents
n Recommend potential bidders and focus on MBE/WBE participation in the bidding process
After the bids are submitted we will:
n Review for accuracy and completeness
n Create a bid analysis chart summarizing the bids, alternates, and exceptions
n Assist in obtaining the construction contract awards and notices to proceed
n Elicit and review insurance certificates, bonds and other pertinent contract materials for winning bidder
n Negotiate the Trade Payment Breakdown, exceptions to the schedule, and establish the Site Mobilization Plan
University Physicians Practice Brooklyn Administrative Offices Conversion
Tuttle Avenue School LEED Gold Certification

Ser vices
Management, Communication and Reporting Systems
As there are many players in the Construction Process, it is critical that personnel assigned to the project be able to work together as an efficient unit. Prior to actual site mobilization and in a cooperative effort with the Project Team, we will prepare and distribute to all management personnel a Project Procedures Manual describing the Project and the Management Systems to be used.The Project Team will formulate these procedures and systems through a series of in- house meetings.
The Procedures Manual will layout the organizational structure, provide forms, describe systems necessary for the management of the project.The manual will also provide methods and systems for shop drawing processing, testing and inspections, safety management, change order processing, requisition processing, communication management, an Affirmative Action Plan, and quality control.
If the Owner’s on-site personnel desire linkage into the Management Information System, it can be accomplished through the use of Prolog Project talk.This policy can allow the ProjectTeam to communicate freely and to work faster, as requests for information from all the systems will be able to be accessed directly by all personnel. In addition, we will prepare a monthly project report that incorporates documentation of the status of the schedule, cost, cash flow, requisitions, requests for information, change orders and safety program.
Coordination with the successful Contractors will begin upon selection, starting with a series of meetings to achieve site mobilization at the earliest possible time. During mobilization a weekly meeting schedule will be established for coordinating the efforts of the ProjectTeam and the Contractors.
GreenPeakC4's philosophy of procurement as a Construction Manager is to apply the purchasing strength and experience of the company to the partnership with the Owner to obtain the best trade construction talent at the best possible price. All subcontract bidding and award procedures are open book with the Owner.This includes establishing bid lists, preparing bid packages, bid analysis, trade scope review meetings with the contractors, and contract award. Recognizing that all members of the ProjectTeam have valuable experience to contribute to the procurement process.
The importance of the construction schedule to the project necessitates a procurement plan that starts with the pre-purchase of long lead materials and equipment and follows through with a contract award schedule that supports the overall schedule. Equally important is design management that integrates the design document deliverables with the procurement plan.
PASKR GPC4 Project Management Suite
During the Construction Phase of the project our management team will utilize computer programs to administer all aspects of the work:
n Submittal processing
n Change order management
n Scheduling requisition processing n Cost control
n Issues management
Total job documentation will be managed through use of an on-site Prolog software package.

Ser vices
Pre-purchasing and early bid document packages should focus on the long lead items identified in the pre- construction phase to ensure that the material and equipment is available safely in advance of the need onsite.
For each of these critical building elements the contract awards must be in accordance with the procurement plan to ensure that shop drawing approvals, mock-ups and tests, and fabrication are completed so that delivery to the job meets schedule.
In addition to the pre-purchasing effort, the packaging of the remaining trades must be organized such that trades, which are dependent on each other for coordination and construction sequence, are purchased at the right time and in the proper order.
Controlled Inspection / Permits
We are very familiar with the regulatory controlled inspections and permits required. Not only through our Construction Management and General Contractor experience, but also from having experienced the process through our own development projects.We will coordinate and monitor all the controlled inspections provided by others as required by the building codes and regulations.We will assist in the bidding process for the purchase of these controlled inspections.The management and scheduling of the controlled inspection firms will be through our site office supervisory staff.
Contract Compliance / Quality Assurance Control Program
The most visible function of the Construction Manager is making sure that the contract documents are complied with and that the building components, materials and equipment are installed in the manner that the Owner intended to create.To this end, we will have an experienced construction staff on-site to ensure the work is being performed properly. Materials stored on and off- site will be inspected and checked against approved submissions. Deficiencies found will be logged into the Issues Management System for tracking and resolution.
To avoid deficiencies and provide quality work the first time is to employ and strictly enforce a sound Quality Assurance Program.
When sections of the work have progressed to substantial completion, they will be punchlisted.The spreading out of the punchlist procedure over the duration of the project ensures that, for example, issues arising during the erection of the superstructure will not be left for correction until after the finished walls are installed. Items that are not resolved promptly and to the Project Team’s satisfaction, will be brought up in job meetings, tracked in correspondence logs, valued from the Punchlist System, and possibly held against the requisition.When the entire project is deemed substantially complete a final punchlist will be developed with the Design Consultants.This document will then become the starting point of the Close-Out Procedure.
Site Safety
While it will be the various Contractors’ responsibility to provide their own Project Safety Program, it will be the Construction Manager’s duty to see that the program is correct and adhered to. Our personnel are well versed in OSHA’s - Occupational Safety and Health Standards - for the Construction Industry (29 CFR 1926). It is in the best interests of the Owner, the Contractors, and the workers that the project is always as safe an environment in which to work as possible. Our staff will oversee the entire Site Safety Process.
We place a strong emphasis on regular Site Safety Inspections, and meetings where deficiencies are investigated, and corrected in as short a time as possible. The GreenPeak C4 Program remains one of the most significantly successful in the New York area. (The national average EMR is 1.00; GreenPeak C4 is substantially below the national average.)

Ser vices
Requisitions / Change Orders
Difficulties in payments and disputes over values are a prime cause of construction delays.We will address this problem by establishing the payment protocol in the construction documents and by orientating the Contractors to the procedure to be followed before the first requisition or change order is submitted.We will meet with the Owner’s personnel in charge of the process to develop a full understanding of all the requirements that must be met.We will then develop and issue a checklist for requisitions and change orders that must be completed before either of these items will be accepted for processing.
The best way to handle change orders is to act immediately and start a file the moment it appears a change to the work may be required.At that point the issue is entered into the Computer Management System and any information regarding the issue is recorded.
A careful evaluation of the condition is made; contract plans and specifications reviewed, and then an initial determination as to its validity and assignability will be performed. If it appears to be valid or marginally so, a cost analysis will be performed.
This analysis then becomes the basis for negotiation and will be included in any additional costs transmitted to the Owner. If it is agreed that the claim is valid, we will write the change order, package the pertinent backup as attachments, ensure that the checklist is complete, enter it into the system, and transmit the change order to the Owner.The change orders will then be tracked through the process until they are executed and payable under the requisition.
As-Built Drawings
GreenPeakC4 will assemble, compile record documentation for the completed project and turn over to the owner all as-built documentation, including record drawings, equipment manuals, warranties, guarantees and certifications, etc.
Cost Control
Throughout the course of the construction one of our most important duties is to track and report the status of the projected final cost of the project.The Projected Final Cost Report (PFCR) is the summary project report that tracks the Final Buyouts and General Conditions Estimate (Final Cost) on a line item basis.This report tracks these costs and approved changes against total projected cost resulting in a savings or overrun.These Cost Control Reports are prepared on a monthly basis to the Owner and regularly scheduled meetings are held to discuss the status of the costs. GreenPeakC4 aggressively pursues necessary follow-up action.
40 & 80 Cuttermill Road Design & Efficiency Modifications

Ser vices
Start Up & Commissioning Activities
A detailed start-up and commissioning plan will be established to define procedures for completion and start- up of the various equipment and specialized systems. Our goal is to ensure the orderly progress of the project’s completion and start-up work within the established schedule to avoid disruption to any existing operations and to document the inspection, testing, demonstration and acceptance of each system.
A smooth start-up, commissioning and completion process is necessary to achieve Summit Medical Group’s occupancy goals. Our responsibilities for systems commissioning and start- up typically include:
n Coordinate the commissioning activities with construction activities
n Monitor and control commissioning schedules, providing appropriate reports to NYC Parks and Recreation Dept.
n Provide design and construction schedules to the commissioning team so that material delivery dates and system installation projections are known
n Obtain and distribute all necessary documentation from subcontractors and suppliers (including but not limited to O&M manuals and “As-Built” drawings)
n Maintain commissioning files, records, test data, drawings and manuals for transfer to NYC Parks and Recreation Dept. upon completion of commissioning
n Review all procedures to assure that references to standards, testing criteria and documentation requirements are consistent with the project design documents
n Assure availability of appropriate subcontractor personnel during onsite testing, start-up and personnel training
Project Close-Out
All of our management staff is familiar with our standard project closeout methodology as described in our corporate “Project Procedures Manual”. In this manual we provide a close-out check list which includes such items as obtaining as-built drawings from contractors, filing for and obtaining Certificate of Occupancy, turning over operating manuals to the Owner, completion of punchlist, closing out change orders and turning over the building keys.These issues will be itemized and tracked by our staff, so that we can complete the project in a smooth transition as the Owner takes over and occupies the new construction.
Carlton Regency Energy Efficiency Project

Milan Condominium Energy Project Lighting Replacement
2 Horatio St.
LED Lighting Retrofit
Environmental Controls
Building controls are one of the most overlooked and underrated systems in commercial and institutional buildings. Inadequate building control systems can lead to 50% higher energy costs and add 25% more to a building's operations and maintenance budgets. GreenPeak C4's energy team looks at four specific areas related to controls: HVAC, Lighting, Plug Loads and Metering and Feedback.
The HVAC system is a natural target for improvement. Because HVAC equipment is increasing in efficiency there are savings to be gained from simple equipment swaps in existing buildings and substantial savings that can be obtained in lifecycle costs for new and existing buildings.
GreenPeak C4's energy team can conduct an early energy utilization analysis of plans for a new building project or the plans for a renovation or expansion project for an existing building. It can identify where savings would be achieved from the use of new environmental system with improved configurations, better recovery and more sophisticated controls.They can also conduct an energy audit of an existing building to identify how its environmental controls can be improved to convert it into a high performance building.
In addition to analyzing energy used for environmental controls GreenPeak C4's energy team has the expertise to assist owners in obtaining financing for energy efficiency projects such as environmental controls. Funding for environmental controls is often available to owners through energy suppliers and governmental organizations. Owners can also benefit from tax credits for energy savings.
GreenPeak C4's energy team has the track record and expertise to manage complex lighting projects. For new projects the energy team can provide valuable insights into energy efficient lighting applications which can result in substantial savings in energy, construction and building lifecycle costs. Our energy team will look for advanced lighting solutions such as LEDs, along with the integration of daylighting and controls, as primary targets for energy savings.They can also provide installation and retrofitting from incandescent or fluorescent lighting to LED’s and can offer enhanced lighting controls to reduce energy usage fur ther.
Lighting in commercial and institutional buildings is responsible for 38% of electricity consumption.When GreenPeak C4's energy team looks at total energy consumed in commercial buildings, lighting is the largest individual use of power. It accounts for one fifth or 20 % of the energy consumption total of the building.The energy team can help building developers, owners and managers reduce their lighting costs.
In addition to analyzing energy used for lighting and developing and managing installations and conversions GreenPeak C4's energy team has the expertise to assist owners in obtaining financing for energy efficiency projects such as lighting. Funding for lighting is often available to owners through power suppliers and governmental organizations.They can also benefit from tax credits for energy savings.

Because of its in-depth experience in managing co- generation projects, also known as combined heat and power (CHP) projects, GreenPeak C4's energy team can assist building developers, owners and managers in significantly lowering their energy usage and costs in new buildings, expansion and renovation projects.
To produce a CHP system the energy team combines a group of proven technologies and operates them together to co-generate electricity and useful heat concurrently. Because the cost of natural gas has continued to decrease over the last several years natural gas turbines are frequently brought into service to generate electricity.The waste heat from the turbines is then captured and used it for either cooling or heating or both.The co-generation process stretches every resource to its maximum potential, ensuring economic benefits and energy efficiency while improving the environment.
Our energy team and project managers have the technical and managerial expertise to provide energy supply, through the development and implementation of cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) projects. It conducts energy audits; project design and construction management and verifying energy savings according to accepted industry practice. It can also assist owners in obtaining funding grants through energy suppliers and governmental organizations while helping them benefit from tax credits for energy savings.
Alternative Energy
GreenPeak C4's energy team can assist building developers, owners and managers in identifying and implementing alternative energy systems in their buildings. The team's members have in-depth knowledge and significant experience with solar, wind and geothermal systems.
When brought into a project early in its development the team can contribute to the planning and implementation of the most efficient alternative energy solution for a new
building, retrofit or expansion project. It can also provide the management to move the project forward and can also assist the owner in obtaining financing and subsidies for its alternative energy project through the local energy supplier, the state and the federal government.They can also assist in obtaining special tax credits to reduce project costs.
Building Envelope
The building envelope is like the skin of your building - it prevents air, moisture and heat from flowing in or out and protects what's inside. It consists of exterior walls, windows, doors, basement walls, ceilings and the roof. By analyzing the integrity of the envelope and checking it for problems, GreenPeak C4's energy team can identify sources of energy loss, correct them and prevent future problems.
Energy Savings from LED Lighting

The climate within the building industry is continually changing, making it necessary for New York building owners, developers and managers to become more vigilant about building construction and renovation codes, particularly those concerning energy and sustainability. Green Peak C4's compliance team assists building owners, developers and managers in complying with the rapidly evolving green building codes at the design, implementation and maintenance stages. It also assists them with LEEDS certification. For existing buildings Green Peak C4's compliance team assists owners of existing buildings with over 50,000 Sq. Ft. of space with the following:
n Assist building owners and managers in complying with Local Law 84 (LL84). LL 84 is designed to determine how much energy and water a building uses and how its usage compares with that of similar buildings. It gives give building owners and potential buyers a better understanding of a building's energy and water consumption. Its intention is to eventually shift the market towards increasingly efficient, high-performing buildings.The first law in GGBP it standardizes the process capturing information using the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's online benchmarking tool called Portfolio Manager.
n Assist building owners and managers in complying with Local Law 85 (LL85). LL85 requires buildings to meet the most current energy code for any renovation or alteration project.The requirement is based on a series of local energy laws, collectively called New York City Energy Conservation Code (NYCECC). NYCEEC currently comprises the 2010 Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State (ECCCNYS), Local Law 85 of 2009, Local Law 48 of 2010 and Local Law 1 of 2011.
n Assist building owners and managers in complying with Local Law 87 (LL87). LL87 mandates that buildings 50,000 gross square feet or larger undergo periodic energy audit and retro-commissioning measures. It anticipates that by benchmarking annual energy and water consumption will give building owners a much more robust understanding of their buildings' performance, eventually shifting the market towards increasingly efficient, high- performing buildings. GPC4's compliance team will conduct thorough audit of a buildings Electricity, Gas, Fuel Oil, Steam and Water systems through an online benchmarking tool created by the EPA. Benchmarking energy and water use enables owners, managers, residents, and building professionals to better understand their buildings' performance.The audit will determine if a building needs to comply with LL87 and what year it is due.At the owner's or managers request GPC4's compliance team will submit the EER report once every ten years to the City.
GPC4 Compliance team can assist an owner or manager in determining if his building is in compliance with Local Law 84; Lighting and Sub-metering 2025, the law requires that lighting in the non-residential space be upgraded to meet current New York City Energy Conservation Code standards code and that large commercial tenants be provided with sub-meters. If the building is not in compliance the GPC4 can plan and manage the upgrade of lighting to bring the building up to current New York City Energy Conservation Code standards, and to install electrical sub-meters for each large non- residential tenant space and provide monthly energy statements.

Habitat Properties Schematic Design & Feasibility
GreenPeak C4's goal is to produce a successful high-performance building by applying an integrated team approach to the project. When our design team is brought in during the planning and programming phases it can leverage the expertise of each specialist participating in the project, making the whole team effort greater than the sum of each of its parts. Design, construction, energy and compliance are can each stand alone, but when they are into a single whole, it makes each expert's contributions to the process more valuable.
From early architectural concepts to engineering, environmental, energy, building envelope and waste removal system designs, our integrated approach anticipates problems and eliminates them before they can occur. It maximizes the benefits of newer, better and more effective technologies, methods and materials while it enhances efficiencies, accelerates the time line, improves outcomes and produces the best high performance building that the budget will allow.

The GPC4Team

Dr. Ron J.Vitori
President, CEO
Dr. Vitori has over 25 years experience in design, construction, and administrative and consulting roles in commercial, educational and medical arenas. He holds degrees in medicine and engineering, and patents resulting from unique solution designs in medicine for research and diagnostic facilities. He is a principal and founder of Green Peak Group, LLC and GreenPeakC4, Inc. where he contributes his expertise in value engineering, project development and administration. Dr. Vitori is active in energy and environmental issues, “Green Construction” and is a LEED Accredited Professional. He has lectured at the Empire Energy and Environmental Exposition in Albany, and the NYS Health Planners on “Greening Healthcare” and sat on the revision committee for the 2006 edition of the “Guidelines to Healthcare Construction”. He is a founding member and Past Chair of USGBC- LI and a board member of LIHLSA. Some of his recent projects include the Master Planning of Peconic Bay Medical Center, ED Expansion of Southampton Hospital, Construction Advisor for Interfaith Medical Center, Pre- Construction/Design of exterior rehabilitation of Coler Goldwater Hospitals, Pre- Construction of the OB- GYN Suite, and infrastructure upgrade at Southampton Hospital, as well as budgeting value engineering, and master plan of Southampton Hospital and Central Suffolk Hospital.
Memberships / Associations
AIA Healthcare Facilities Construction Guidelines2006 Revision Committee USGBCLI Founder,-Chair, Board of Directors
NYS Energy Funders: Member / Advisory Board
EBANYS Taskforce: Building Healthy Schools
EBANYS Taskforce: Brownfield Development
EBANYS Taskforce: Building High Performance Hospitals HIA Environmental Committee
Certifications / Training
ASHE & AIA/AAH - The New AIA Guidelines: Understanding Your Role in Construction/Renovation Code Compliance, Certificate
New York DOH; Infectious Disease Control, Certification

Project Experience
Southampton Hospital at Hampton Bay Radiology Article 28 Conversion, NY
Project Executive for the renovation of an existing radiology practice to conform to the standards of DOH Article 28. This required the installation of several restrooms, new sprinkler system, exhaust systems, and final filters in an active, occupied radiology practice.
Medi-Sys Dialysis Center of Queens, Queens, NY
DOH compliance consultant for the construction of a new 24 bed dialysis center in Queens. Responsibilities included plan review, construction inspection, DOH Document preparation and recommendations for both construction and clinical inspections.
Carlton Regency Condominiums, New York City
Project Executive for Steam to Gas Conversion and installation of high efficiency condenser boilers to these 2 high- rise multi-residences in New York City. Project included the uniting of 2 buildings with the installation of crossover piping, Installing new boiler room in mechanical penthouse, new gas lines and controls systems. Value Engineering of the project was also performed to reduce costs by $400,000 to bring into budget.
Tuttle Avenue K-2 Elementary School, Eastport, NY
LEED Consultant assisting in the design process and energy performance of the out of ground construction of LEED Gold Certified School for the Eastport School System. Sub consultant to the architect for all LEED related issues and documentation.
Habitat Properties
Master Planning and development of 1,155 acres for expansion of an existing 4 seasons resort into a destination community. Project scope includes 2547 units, 68 room boutique hotel, 18 hole signature golf course, single family residences, town homes and condominiums. Responsibilities ranged from schematic design, density studies, financial projections, presentations, funding, SEQUA, approvals, town meetings and more. Projected is envisioned as a Certified LEED Neighborhood Community.
Community Wellness Centers of America (CWCOA), Rochdale, NY
Sr. Medical Director of Healthcare Construction with responsibilities to functional programming, design, cost analysis and forecasting of various locations for multiple wellness centers and diagnostic facilities. Once locations are identified and acquired, responsibilities shifted to complete design build services which included complete design team selection, coordination and construction. Estimated budgets for 2013 $50 million
Southampton Hospital ED Expansion, Hamptons, NY
Pre-Construction, Budgeting, Phasing, Value Engineering and supervision as the Project Executive of multi-phased Emergency Department Expansion. Dr. Ronald Vitori Project Executive
Peconic Bay Medical Center Master Planning and ED Expansion, Riverhead, NY
Project Executive with responsibilities for overlooking the budgeting, phasing, schedule and construction of Master Plan budget of $28 million and $7.5 million ED Expansion. Project included the renovation of 3 floors of occupied patient treatment area, relocation of all utilities, remediation of ruptured 20,000 gallon oil tank, site work, and out of ground construction of a 40,000 sf state of the art Surgical Pavilion including recovery rooms and new 18 bed Acute Rehabilitation Unit. Projects also included the renovation and expansion of the existing Emergency Department.

Project Experience Continued...
Interfaith Medical Center East Building, Brooklyn, NY
Project Management Consultant/ Construction Advisor for new construction of approximately 100,00 sf 5 story building housing Medical Laboratories, Information Technology, Human Resources, Finances, AR/AP, Procurement, Billing and Clinical Outpatient Services. Responsibilities included planning, scheduling, phasing, relocation, F&E procurement and construction supervision.
Monter Cancer Center at the Center for Advance Medicine, North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System, Long Island, NY
Project executive and project management for 37,000 sf renovation of Trident missile factory to state of the art ambulatory chemotherapy center incorporating many energy and environmental design considerations.
Southampton Hospital OB-GYN Labor & Delivery Suite, Hamptons, NY
Pre-Construction, Budgeting, Phasing, Value Engineering and Infrastructure upgrades necessary for the construction of Labor Delivery Suites, Nursery, OB and GYN patient floor.
Health and Hospitals Corporation Coler Goldwater Memorial Hospitals – DASNY Project Mechanical Upgrades and Elevator Rehabilitation
Projects included infrastructure upgrades to the mechanical systems of both facilities along with rehabilitation of all elevators. Construction cost of $50 million.
Health and Hospitals Corporation Coler Goldwater Memorial Hospitals – DASNY Project -Exterior Rehabilitation – Pre-Construction/Design Phase
The project is a 3 phased project to repair exterior façade, and replace all roofs and windows. Projected construction cost of $120 million. Provided Pre-Construction services including phasing, scheduling, budgeting, budget reconciliation, and value engineering.
Hampton Bay Atrium Radiology Center, Hamptons, NY
Project consisted of renovation of existing radiology suite and creation of new MRI and CT scan suite. Challenges to the project included the building of a 110,000 pound vibration isolation pod to support the MRI and isolate the traffic vibrations to ensure image quality. Provided Value Engineering and site redesign to achieve a 10% overall savings
on the construction budget and the delivery of a better end product.
Winthrop University Hospital Facility Expansion & Upgrades, Mineola, NY
This is a multi phased project which required extensive phasing and coordination. It included a second floor addition which is structurally capable of supporting two additional floors. The projects includes: Electrophysiology Laboratories, G.I. Suites, Central Sterile Service Renovations, Health Information Management Services Area Construction, Renovations to the Coffee Shop. A portion of a main bearing wall had to be removed to make room for new steam tunnel washers. Dr. Ronald Vitori Project Executive.
North Shore Long Island Jewish Health Systems Cardiac Center Renovations
Project was a complex multi phased endeavor beginning with the creation of temporary office space and recovery rooms. Three state of the art cardiac catheterization laboratories were constructed along with an associated recovery room. The equipment rooms for these second floor laboratories were created by building, or infilling, a second floor in an active corridor with 25 foot ceilings. The project also included the building of a new rooftop chiller plant to service the new areas.

Rocco J. Rezza
Registered Architect/ Project Director
Mr. Rezza is a New York State Licensed Architect with over 30-years of combined experience. A Project Director familiar in all aspects of Architecture, Construction and project development. Holding a M.S. in Energy Management, he is also familiar with Heat Loss - envelope and fenestration calculations, RES - check energy conservation code software and other code parameters. He is experienced in Property Condition Surveys and Capital Needs Estimating.
Certificates / Training
NYS Registered Architect
PASKR Construction Management Software
UNIFIER - Primavera
Wood Design Seminar for High Wind Regions
Exterior Cement Board & Interior Moisture Protection
New York State Code Conference
I.C.C. Code Member since 2006 – Professional Association dedicated to the Protection of Public Health, Safety and Welfare through making buildings safer.
Zoning and Land Use Seminars
Green Building Seminars
Project Experience
Coler Hospital, Roosevelt Island, NY
Project Manager for DASNY Projects - Project includes mechanical HVAC upgrade, mechanical and electrical system general constructing, nurse call duty stations and paging upgrade, sprinkler monitoring and elevator rehabilitation. Total contracts value exceeds $4.5M
Goldwater Hospital, 1 Main Street New York, NY
Project Manager for DASNY Projects - Project includes mechanical HVAC upgrade, mechanical and electrical system general constructing, sprinkler supervision upgrade and elevator rehabilitation. Total contracts value is over $3.8M
Harbor Ridge Senior Living Facility, Port Washington, NY
Project Executive with responsibilities that include project development, real estate technical review and analysis, land development cost analysis, estimate Q.A.Q.C. review, on-site inspections, testing & consultant facilitator, material & services research, acquisition and purchasing of necessary equipment . Budgeting review, cost accounting and value engineering feasibility analysis. Further responsibilities include securing the necessary bid proposals, scope identification, writing requisite purchase orders as well as change order approvals. 400-Unit C.C.R.C. (Continued
care residential community), 6-story, 700,000-sf facility with a construction value of $125M

Project Experience Continued...
Riva Ponte Condominiums, Weehawken, NJ
90-Residential Units built on an existing pier, 6-story, 113,500-sf of housing complex with a construction value range of $32 to $34M
Port Morris Inc. & F. Lanzilotta & Son, Inc.
Project Manager: Responsibilities Include - Granite & Stone detailing which include material research, slab acquisition and purchasing as well as field supervision and inspections. Scheduling of workforce, cost accounting and analysis. Further tasks include securing trade contractors bids, scope of work identification, writing out requisite purchase orders and invoices. Liaison between shop fabrication labor and field installation crews. Highly experienced in the preparation of installation plans and fabrication documents such as piece tickets.
NBA Store, New York City, Main Entrance artwork / sculpture
2-Columbus Ave, New York City, 40-stories, Marble Main Lobby and 133 residential units U.S. Federal Courthouse, Islip, NY, 11 floors and atrium
Edwards Supermarket, East Islip, NY
Trump Tower Waterfall Renovation, New York City
75 East End Avenue, New York City
830 Third Avenue, New York City
Piaget on 5th Avenue, New York City
Bertelsman Entertainment Building, New York City
Viacom Cafeteria & Lobby Project, New York City
745 Fifth Avenue, New York City
St. John's University, Queens, NY
E.M.G. (Environmental Management Group)
Project Manager for New York and New Jersey Property Condition Surveys:
Project responsibilities included on-site inspections, building, fire, health and A.D.A. compliance verification. Writing reports and capital needs estimates for immediate and reserve replacements. Identification and prioritization of capital needs to be performed pre-closing and post funding as well as required term replacements.
The Greenwood Care Center: Evanstone, Illinois, (7-Stories, 145 Assisted Living beds)
Albany Care Center: Evanstone, Illinois, (Multi-Story Building, 135 Assisted Living beds)
The Brighton Manor Nursing Facility: North Carolina, (1-Builiding, 80 Assisted Living beds)
Oak Grove Health Care Facility: North Carolina, (19,500-sf Offices, 8-A.L. Beds on 3-Acres)
Cardinal Retirement Village of Bedford: Bedford, Ohio (1-Story Building, on 20-Acres and has 188-Independent Living Apartments and 217-Occupants)
(Approx. 90 other projects reviewed)
Capobianco & Zemsky, Architects & Planners
Draftsman and Assistant Project Manager:
Project field measurements, conceptual design, to final construction documents. Expanded services included field supervision and light construction management.

Project Experience Continued...
Taverna Medical Building and M.R.I. Facility
Stefan’s Florist Warehouse – Design Build Project
Stefan’s Florist Retail Facility and Apartment Exterior Renovation Acme Skillman Office Renovation
Quadrozzi Concrete Office Renovation & Building Feasibility Study Capobianco & Zemsky, Architects & Planners cont’d
D & D Electric Warehouse
Jepetto’s Italian Restaurant
Bagel Times Restaurant
Plaza Hotel, New York, New York
Coordinated refurbishing of the main kitchen in multi-phases to keep all the various restaurants and food services operational.
Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, Queens, New York
Supervised the Boiler Plant renovation and Chiller Plant addition on major, $104M, multi-phased renovation project of the entire complex. Directed all construction, directed project meetings and composed project meeting minutes.
Columbia University, New York, New York Multiple projects between $50K and $1M each. Queens College, Flushing, New York
Responsible for overseeing both the Mechanical and Electrical work for the construction at Klapper Hall.
Various projects; responsible for overseeing the design layout, piping, equipment selection, control logic, personnel supervision and vendor contact for various HVAC and dust/fume collection systems. Completed process area dust/ fume collection systems, and control rooms for the petro-chemical and chemical industry in this country and abroad. Specified and purchased mechanical equipment for these facilities including cooling towers, pumps, chillers, compressors, fans, scrubbers, filters, bag houses, agitators, etc.

Ronald Merhige, PE
Senior Project Manager
Mr. Ronald Merhige is a licensed PE and serves as the Senior Project Manager in charge of Energy and Infrastructure for GreenPeakC4. He is also the President and Founder of RLM Engineering PLLC. He possess over 25 years of experience in building energy efficiency, project development, HVAC design and financial energy management.
Mr. Merhige heads up the energy efficiency division of GPC4. His expertise includes the development and implementation of projects that ranged from improving the emissions of 800 MW power station to meet revised compliance standards, retrofitting a 6000 ton steam chiller system to improve efficiency that resulted in over $500,000 in annual savings and converting a residential boiler plant from steam to hot water to reduce costs and energy usage.
Ron is also a certified Technical Assistant (TA) with PSE&G. Working in that capcity Ron and GPC4 can maximize the incentives and rebates for energy programs and provide surveys and feasibility studies and reports at little to no cost to the client using the programs provided through the TA process.
Memberships / Associations
American Society of Heating and Refrigeration Engineers (ASHRAE) National Society of Professional Engineers US Green Building Council (USGBC)
Association of Energy Engineers
Certifications / Training
Master of Business Administration (MBA), 1997 – Loyola University in Maryland Baltimore, MD Bachelor of Engineering (BE), 1985 – SUNY Maritime College – New York, NY
Registered Professional Engineer (PE) – New York State
LEED Accredited Professional – USGBC
USCG 3rd Assistant Engineer – Steam and Diesel Technical Assistant Certified (TA) - PSE&G

Project Experience
1 Madison Avenue, New York, NY
Commissioned all base building systems including air handling units, chillers, pumps and controls for this 1.2 million square foot building. Project was funded 50% by NYSERDA. The building had 47 air handling units delivering over 30,000 CFM each. A total of $230,000 in savings was determined to be available from implementing multiple improvements and upgrades to the air handling unit systems alone of the $350,000 in total savings available. Air handling unit improvements included outside air damper replacement and controls upgrade, static pressure control optimization to modulate the variable speed drives for the fans, removal of the reheat coils and improving the filter replacement cycle.
1285 6th Avenue, New York, NY
Upgrade of four 1250 ton steam turbine drive centrifugal chillers and the installation of a 750 ton electric centrifugal parallel drive on one machine. Project value was $4.5 million. Obtained a $1 million NYSERDA incentive for improving the efficiency of the machines. In addition building saved $550,000 per year in energy costs.
1515 Broadway, New York, NY
Upgraded two Carrier 17M steam turbine drive centrifugal machines and installed one 1000 ton steam turbine drive parallel compressor. Machines were completely renovated including new tubes, compressors, controls and refrigerant. Project value was $3.5 million.
Bellevue Hospital, New York, NY
Replaced two 2,500 ton steam turbine drive centrifugal machines with new York custom made steam drive centrifugals. Machines component were built in the factory for assembly and testing on site. Project was valued at $4 Million+.
Long Island Jewish Hospital, Lake Success, NY
Installation of four York 2,000 ton centrifugal chillers in a new central chiller plant that designed to serve the hospital campus. Two of the chillers were steam turbine drive and two were electric drives.
The Plaza Condominium, New York, NY
Providing energy auditing and commissioning service for all base building systems including air handling units, chillers, pumps and controls for this 1 million square foot mixed use building. Project is funded 50% by NYSERDA. The project was recently approved for NYSERDA funding and is now in the process of being completed.
11 Madison Avenue, New York, NY
In the process of commission base building systems including air handling units, chillers, pumps and controls for this 2.3 million square foot building. Project is funded 50% by NYSERDA. The commissioning study was recently approved and is now in the process of being completed.

Project Experience Continued...
IRS Data Processing Center, Martinsburg, WVA
Provided custom air handling units to a new IRS facility constructed in Martinsburg. Highlights of the air handling unit design was incorporating four separate air handling units into a single rooftop unit with internal vestibules for access. The entire unit was constructed as a single piece in the factory and then disassembled for shipment to the site for reassembly.
FAA Tracon Facilities – 5 Centers in various states
Provided design for air handling units to meet the FAA requirements for noise levels and reliability. These facilities housed air traffic controllers that monitor air traffic over 20,000 feet. The air handling unit design required the use of plenum fans selected to deliver the lowest level of supply air sound. Fan isolation and duct work attenuation were also part of the design to insure the lowest delivered noise level.
US Embassy – South Africa
Designed air handling units constructed to the meet the rigid US Embassy specification standard. Units had to be built in the United States then disassembled for shipment to South Africa. Highlights of the units include special filtration system capable of removing toxic chemicals from the air stream, low leakage level casing construction and low fan discharge sound levels.

John Lialios
General Superintendent / Safety Manager
Mr. Lialios has more than 30 years’ experience in the construction industry, having begun as a plan clerk and progressing up through the ranks as a Superintendent and Project Manager. During that time, he added to his extensive experiences in the field by supplementing his training as an assistant to the project accountant, and performing estimating work. He has worked on public projects as well as high end residential and commercial renovations which included everything from a radio station to hospital renovations and upgrades.
Certificates / Training
OSHA 10-Hour Safety Training
OSHA 30-Hour Safety Training
New York City Superintendent License
Project Experience
Carlton Regency - 1.4 MM
This was a conversion from steam to gas with installation of 4 new boilers, core drilling and piping within two towers of a residential occupied building. Responsibilities included but were not limited to selection of trade contractors to bid, reviewing bids, negotiating bid proposals, establishing and writing scopes of work, buyouts, managing submittal process, managing and negotiating proposed change orders, managing requisition process, interacting with A/E team and owners, and monitoring field activities as required to ensure schedule and safety compliance.
MoMA, New York, NY - $425 MM
This was a combination of new building construction, and renovations to an existing building. There was an extremely elaborate and extensive hollow metal and security package that required extensive coordination.
New Academic Building and Mechanical Upgrade of existing Facility, SUNY Old Westbury, Westbury, NY - $55MM
The new building consisted of sixty new classrooms with associated faculty offices, main lecture hall and student lounge. The building included a new mechanical penthouse with eleven air handling units and associated building maintenance control systems. Responsible for direct supervision of all civil and architectural work including but not limited to inspection of all associated work. Duties included review and implementation of contract documents, change order control, requisitions and scheduling. Coordinated the work of contractors, SUNY personnel, and the Architect to achieve final product within budget and schedule.

Project Experience Continued...
New York University Dormitory and Athletic Facility, New York, NY - $200MM
A 16-story student and faculty dormitory. The structure is steel up to the fourth floor, changing to concrete up to the roof. In addition to the 981 beds in the dormitory, the building includes 65,000 sq. ft. of athletic and recreation facilities including an NCAA-regulation swimming pool and basketball court, as well as exercise spaces for dance, aerobics and weight training in two- basement floor.
Maternity Wing, Southside Hospital, Bayshore, NY - $11 MM
Out of ground construction of a new maternity wing inclusive of new Labor & Delivery and recovery rooms. The new maternity wing was built adjacent to the existing hospital facility and the buildings were tied together maintaining elevations between new and existing corridors. Project required intense coordination and planning.
jetBlue, Queens, New York - $31 MM
Construction of 16 different venues including but not limited to food courts, restaurants, Dunkin Doughnuts and kiosks within 350,000 square feet in the new Terminal 5 at JFK Airport. This was to be accomplished in a 14-week schedule. Eight superintendents reported directly to John on a daily basis for schedule reviews, safety issues, quality control, coordination with the other ongoing construction activities, and resolution of any outstanding construction issues.
Emergency Department Renovations, Southside Hospital, Bayshore, NY - $9 MM
Renovation and upgrades to an existing functioning emergency department including medical gases and fire protection systems. The working emergency department was maintained while renovations were ongoing. Special care had to be given to the hospital and patients at all times. Sterile conditions were mandatory due to the nature of the areas being worked, and minute by minute planning and scheduling was crucial. All work was performed within occupied and partially occupied spaces and required detailed planning and coordination, and well as maintaining hospital “sterile conditions”.
Federal Courthouse Building, Central Islip, NY - $200MM
New construction of a $200MM, 1,000,000 Sq.Ft. Federal Courthouse Building. Responsibilities included but were not limited to oversight of the masonry, security coordination, and stair installation, as well as assigned areas of the building. I also supervised the construction of the prison cells, holding areas, and courtrooms.
Cardiac Catherterization Suite, Southside Hospital, Bayshore, NY - $1 MM
Renovation and rework for a new cardiac catheterization room in an existing cardiac suite. Work included demolition and construction of waiting room, administrative rooms, procedure room and support areas. Work was performed while maintain full operations of the existing suite.
Coty Products, Empire State Building, New York City - $15MM
Interior renovation of two floors in the Empire State Building for a total of 88,000 square feet. High end renovation included construction of 8 mechanical rooms, 2 IDF rooms, several conference rooms, several pantries, architectural metal and glass wall partitions, and a featured stairway between floors. Heavy coordination was required between the architect, subcontractors, and the owner’s vendors.

Project Experience Continued...
Psychiatric Center Renovations and Upgrades, Southside Hospital, Bayshore, NY - $1MM
Selective work and patient room upgrades was performed in a functioning psychiatric center. Besides the normal challenges of working in a 24/7 healthcare facility, special attention had to be paid to maintaining security and suicide prevention protocols at all times. All work had to be performed with the use of special screws and hardware designed for the prevention of suicide, theft and escape.
Menorah Nursing Home, Manhattan Beach, NY - $90MM
A new, four-story, 320-bed nursing home. Includes a one-story addition and renovation of the existing first floor. The addition consists of a new lobby and offices, circulation spaces that tie together the existing and new building. The roof patio on the existing building will be enclosed and linked to the new building by an enclosed bridge. Site work includes construction of a new parking lot, a new entrance drive, and the development of an esplanade with outdoor patios and landscaping.
Fox News, New York City - $8MM
Construction of a new control room, broadcasting room, communication/rack space, office spaces, and a mechanical room on a partially occupied floor for Fox News.
NewsCorp, New York City - $1.7 MM
Fast track construction of a new communication/rack room including two new HVAC units, pre- action sprinkler system, and installation of a UPS system.
KISS Products, Port Washington, New York - $8 MM
Corporate headquarters for KISS Products located in Port Washington, New York. The project was a high-end design build that cost over $200 a square foot. The scope of work included demolition of an existing 15,000 square foot office area, adding an additional 20,000 square feet of office space in an existing warehouse. The areas were divided into executive office space, workers office space, computer room, showrooms, warehouse space, and a 110-seat multi-tiered presentation auditorium.
Frank Lowe Rubber & Gaskets, Inc. - $12MM
Corporate headquarters for Frank Lowe Rubber & Gaskets. The project consisted of construction of a new 60,000 square foot building including 20,000 square feet of office space out of the ground.
North Shore Towers, Floral Park, NY - $1.3 MM
Three buildings 33 floors each. Scope of work included demolition of existing lobby finishes, and installing new finishes. This was a logistically challenging project due to the fact that the tenants required full access in and around the construction areas.
Polytechnic Kitchen Project, New York, NY - $9MM
A new kitchen, servery, and dining facility in Polytechnic University. The kitchen is designed to feed up to 300 people. This project was designed to be built in two phases with the kitchen, servery, and part of the student dining facility to be completed in phase 1. Phase 1 also included a new mechanical room, boiler room, acid neutralization room (for the University), two elevators, and an electrical switchgear room. The work was accomplished in a fully occupied building.

Project Experience Continued... Mercedes Benz USA, New York, NY - $3MM
Renovation of office facilities, show room, and repair facility was completed via design/build within an occupied space.
EMMIS Broadcasting, 395 Hudson Street, New York, NY - $5.5MM
30,000 sq. ft. radio station (Hot 97 and KISS-FM) that consisted of drywall, ceilings, a conference room and kitchen, raised floors, construction of radio studios, HVAC, new electrical system and emergency generator.
Sanford Bernstein, Inc., 767 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY - $10MM
7,000 sq. ft. renovation encompassing two floors for this financial investment firm. The scope of work included a trading floor, administrative offices, HVAC and electrical service, millwork, marble and computer/telephone communications system.
Barclay Bank, Park Avenue, New York, NY - $1.2MM
5,000 sq. ft. occupied office space, which included millwork, tile, electrical upgrade, and an extensive alarm system.
National Football League Headquarters, New York, NY - $2MM
7,000 sq. ft. commercial renovation that included the computer room and a high-tech review and re-play room for league officials.
New York City Technical College, Brooklyn, NY - $1.1MM
5,000 sq. ft. renovation of occupied space, which occurred in two phases. The scope of work included drywall, ceilings, HVAC, Halon system, millwork, raised floors and a computer room.
The Gruss Residence, New York, NY - $2.5MM
6,000 sq. ft. luxury apartment renovation that included custom marble, millwork, ornamental finishes, a new electrical system and a Lutron track dimming system.
The Burden Residence, 1020 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY - $3.0MM
6,500 sq. ft. luxury apartment renovation that included custom marble, millwork finishes, a new electrical system and a Lutron track dimming system.
The Marron Residence, New York, NY - $3.3MM
6,500 sq. ft. luxury apartment renovation that included new HVAC, custom, custom millwork, ornate plaster, marble, wood flooring, and a new electrical system.


Projects | 2 Horatio Street
2 Horatio Street LED Lighting Retrofit
FS Energy
Design build energy project for the lighting replacement of a mixed use multi- residential landmark building.
Project included lighting surveys, financial projections, rebate processing, tax incentive strategies, and material recommendations. High efficiency LED lighting and lighting control elements were used to provide energy savings.

Projects | 40 & 80 Cuttermill Road
40 & 80 Cuttermill Road Office Buildings
Belter Realty and Development Company
Owner's representation for the design of energy efficiency modifications to the buildings HVAC system.
Project included the design modifications of air delivery systems with the addition of building management control points, sensors and installation of building controls. Two (2) commercial buildings were included in the project and the BMS included remote internet access.

Projects | Carlton Regency
Carlton Regency Multi- Residential Buildings
Cooper Square Realty
Energy efficiency project was to install new gas fired condensing boiler plant to service two (2) 26 story high end residential buildings in the mechanical penthouse of the south building.
A new 6" gas line was to be installed in the sub-cellar and traverse the buildings into the new boiler rooms. Two (2) hot water (supply/return) lines were also installed. Lines had to run through the lobbies of the two (2) buildings and required modifications to custom millwork to hide the new piping. New building controls system was installed. Additional challenges was to maintain the existing heating and domestic hot water systems during the construction process in a very space challenged project.

Projects | Wellness & Healthcare
Multiple Wellness and Healthcare Facilities
Master Planning, Owners Representation and Construction Management services for the construction of wellness centers initiating in the Queens area.
Services include site evaluations, budgeting and forecasting for the feasibility of clinical centers. Dr. Vitori was made Sr. Medical Director of Healthcare Construction in order to facilitate this goal. Initial centers include an outpatient radiology center in the Rockaways, a 4,000 sf wellness practice located in the common areas of a multi-residential complex and the design/ construction management of a 36,000 sf medical office complex to be constructed over an existing shopping mall. Investigation are also underway to access the feasibility of re-opening on of the area's closed medical facilities. CWCOA has much political support for these projects with an estimated cost of $17,000,000.

Projects | Habitat Properties
Habitat Properties
PLVP Properties
Planning and Development for a 4-season resort community in the Catskill Mountains of New York.
Initial phases includes the schematic design and feasibility of the overall project, financial projections, and phasing. Funding is currently being negotiated and the SEQUA/Approval process will commence shortly thereafter. Initial phase is for 1200 residential units with sale projections of $485 million.

Projects | Milan Condominium
Milan Condominium
FS Energy
Design build energy project for the lighting replacement of a high end 23 story multi-residential building.
Project included lighting surveys, financial projections, rebate processing , tax incentive strategies and material recommendations. High efficiency lighting and lighting control elements were used to provide energy savings with a return on initial costs in less than 2 years.

Projects | Eastport School District
Eastport School District, Tuttle Avenue K-2 School
Wiedersum Associates Architects
Out-of-ground construction of new K-2 Elementary School for the Eastport School District with design requirements to reach LEED Gold Certifications.
GPC-4 acting in capacity of LEED Consultant to Architectural team from concepts including building envelop sitting, energy modeling, design elements, material selection and documentation. Innovative design credits for the use of geothermal well water return lines to be used for irrigation purposes and the use of the facility for LEED Education purposes.

Projects | Hampton Bay Radiology
Hampton Bay Radiology Article 28 Conversion
Southampton Hospital
General Contractor for the conversion of this outpatient radiology center to conform with DOH Article 28 requirements.
DOH code requirements included the installation of fire suppression and detection systems, final air filtration of the clinical areas, addition of three (3) bathrooms, and other renovations. Project included value engineering recommendations and required construction to be performed while maintaining full functionality of facility. Responsibilities also included documentation and coordination for all DOJ and local inspections.

Projects | SUNY Faculty Offices
Faculty Offices and Laboratory Modification
State University of New York, School of Medicine
This was a design-build project which required multiple phases of build-out and relocations.
Project consisted of the building of faculty and administrative office space as well the relocation and modification of research laboratories. Challenges were consistent with those of modification of mid 50's construction with abatement, plumbing and heating issues.

Projects | UPB Administrative Offices
Administrative Offices
UPB (University Physicians Practice Brooklyn)
Design-build project for the conversion of classroom laboratories at the University Medical School at Downstate into administrative offices for the physician outpatient practice.
Challenges faced are those of typical renovations of old structures and fitting the current needs of modern offices into the space constraints of the existing. Swing space and tenured faculty's cooperation always adds interest to the project.

Projects | 661 Deer Park Avenue
Long Island Pediatric Cardiology: 661 Deer Park Avenue
GPC4 Design Build
2,000 sf pediatric cardiology office that was completed as a design build project. Special attention was made to both incorporate the fun of the pediatric center while maintaining a professional appearance to allow the office to be used for adult patients as well.
Finishes were selected to maintain an economical budget so various playful colors were used in the flooring and one main primary color in the exam rooms. Pendant lighting utilizing the same primary colors were used on the curved reception counter to provide a visual boundary without the need for space limiting soffits. Corian finishes were used at the patient transaction surfaces for infection control and longevity.
The HVAC system was also designed to be connected with the Hospital’s main Building Maintenance System so that the environment can be monitored and control remotely by the hospital’s engineering department.

Projects | PBMC Progressive Care Unit
Peconic Bay Medical Center Progressive Care Unit
VFA Architects
North wing conversion of PBMC into a progressive care unit was carried out as a staged project to minimize the amount of beds out of service at any given time. Time was of the essence in this project which was delivered on time without any Contractor driven Change Orders.
Project included but was not limited to the addition of medical gas systems to an existing wing of the hospital as well as rehabilitation of all finishes, new millwork, new nurse's station, HVAC modification and rehabilitation of all patient bathrooms and showers. In addition, the work was performed during normal working hours without any patient disruption, no accidents or incidents, and ingress/egress through an occupied space. Using GPC4’s procurement division custom mosaic tile work was installed at no additional costs to the Owner.

Projects | GSH Hematology
Good Samaritan Hospital Hematology / Oncology
Wiedersum Architect Associates
This was an upgrade and modification to a busy off site hematology practice for Catholic Health Services. All work was performed on off hours without accidents or incidents while maintaining full operations of the facility
Project included the reconfiguration of offices into treatment rooms, replacement of patient reception millwork, upgrades/replacement of flooring, painting, and wall coverings and reconfiguration and renovation of treatment areas. Project was delivered on time without change orders. GPC4’s staff was given accolades for their help and considerations to the patients and practice staff. Referrals available upon request.

Projects | JF Maintenance Garage
Jefferson’s Ferry Maintenance Garage
GPC4 Design Build
This project incorporated sustainable considerations and operating costs in the design and construction process. A structural insulated panel (SIP) system was used to provide superior insulating properties to minimize the need for heat and cooling of the space. A structural ridge was designed into the project to provide an unobstructed working area without columns and 16’ ceilings.
The project was designed to incorporate the residential look and feel of the complex and then given to GPC4 to engineer into the SIP delivery system. The panels were fabricated off site while the foundations and site work was being performed. Delays in the approval process pushed the start of the project into the winter months and bad weather. Despite the cold and snow, the project was delivered with no contractor driven change orders.

Projects | JF Balconies Renovations
Jefferson’s Ferry Balconies Renovations
GRCH Architecture
227 balconies suffered damage due to water infiltration and needed remediation. Project consisted of the removal of existing screening, railings, soffits and siding to expose the steel supporting structure. Damaged areas had to be scraped and clean and then sprayed with fire proofing to re- establish the proper fire rating requirements.
Once performed, then proper attention and craftsmanship was need to maintain the flashing detail and re-leveling of porches to insure that further water infiltration would not occur. Once this was achieved then residing and re-installation of all screens and railings. Flashing detail and repairs were developed by both the Architect and GPC4’s Project Supers. Throughout this project and multiple inspections of various stages of each remediation (over 1,000 in all) there were no punchlist items. Once again the GPC4’s crew, who helped many resident through and out of the snow, were taken in as family by the many residents and permitted access through their private homes to gain access. GPC4 was honored as Business Partner of the Year for the delivery of this quality project in a very personal and respectful way.

Projects | Medi-Systems Renal Care
Medi-Systems Renal Care Center
TOC Architects
This project started as an Owner’s Representative to assist in the DOH Design and Code Compliance. The project is a 15,275 sf, 25 chair Dialysis Center incorporating Marcor Dialysis Equipment.
Value Engineering and functional design elements were introduced during the construction of this project in consideration of the required inspections by the Department of Health.The general contractor was discharged from the project at approximately 60% completion and GPC4 was hired as the CM as Advisor to complete the project. This included the negotiation and administration of all trade contracts. A major challenge was maintain a construction schedule during this period of turmoil and maintain the same trades on site for the completion of the project.

JV Projects | Onekey, LLC
330 East 57th Street
This 37,000 square foot, 16 story, 14 condominium unit building was completed from the ground up. The construction on this project took approximately 16 months and required maximum coordination between sub-contractors due to logistical constraints that included only 36 feet of frontage, small floor decks and surrounding hi-rise buildings.
The facade was finished with ultra lite stone panels and a glass entry way. Each condo unit was finished with pietra cardosa countertops and custom wood cabinetry in both the kitchen and bathroom areas. The kitchens include stainless steel appliances, double sinks and stone walls. The bathrooms were finished with custom imported marble tile on both the floors and walls, glass enclosed showers and custom light fixtures. Construction also included common areas, such as, a lobby, gymnasium, multi-purpose room and individual storage units. All units were finished with maple hardwood floors throughout, custom light packages, state of the art security systems, private terraces and 10 foot high window walls at the front facade and double hung aluminum windows at the rear facade, both offering breathtaking city views.

JV Projects | Onekey, LLC
57 Bond Street
Onekey built this six story condominium building – including ground floor retail space; located at the cross section of Bond and Bowery Streets, it has inspired other developers and architects to incorporate non-traditional materials into their projects.
The liberal use of AlucaBond Panels in a residential environment provides the basis for departure from standard design. Other finishes include Maple flooring throughout, with marble floors and surrounds in each of the bathrooms. Granite Countertops, Sub-Zero Refrigerators, Wine Coolers, and Poggenpohl Cabinets can be found in the kitchen. All of this is supported by a Cast-in-Place Concrete Structure; High Speed Traction Elevator; Champion Windows with McQuay PTAC units installed at the exterior.

JV Projects | Onekey, LLC
146 West 22nd Street
We served as General Contractors for this Thirteen Story Residential Building – including ground floor retail space.
Cast-in-Place Concrete Structure; High Speed Traction Elevator; and PTAC units installed at the North and South exposures. This building features a Vericon curtain wall façade, incorporating granite stone panels and EFCO windows. The interior includes maple floors throughout and Italian bathroom fixtures, marble floors and tub enclosures in all bathrooms, Poggenpohl Kitchens, Sub-Zero Refrigerators and Wine Coolers.

JV Projects | Onekey, LLC
Thomas Pink
Thomas Pink is a leading London Shirt Maker with stores located throughout the world. Pink’s most recent addition is located in the new AOL/Time Warner Building located at Columbus Circle.
OneKey was selected as the General Contractor for this exciting project because of the vast experience that we bring to high-quality, fast-paced retail projects. Working in the mall was full of unique challenges. We had to work around incomplete structural work, the absence of exterior windows or sidewalks. Nevertheless, we were able to produce finely crafted millwork, delicately detailed trim work and an interesting array of lighting. The success of the project was brought about by an excellent team which included the full participation of the owner and architects.

JV Projects | Onekey, LLC
Crate & Barrel
The Madison Avenue Super Store.
Coffered ceilings, fascias, soffits, beams, round columns, multiple floor openings, hang it here, hang it there, move it over, “HOLD-IT” Another project completed On Time.

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