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September 2019 HHA Parent News Magazine

Complete September 2019 News Magazine





Welcome to Hampstead Hill Academy!

Vision Statement

Hampstead Hill seeks to be a safe, nurturing, diverse, family-friendly neighborhood school with rigorous, effective academic
programs and exciting, engaging extracurricular activities. We believe all parents want the same thing for their children: more and
better opportunities for college and career. We believe in the importance of the arts, and we want our students to be great
communicators, listeners and writers. Our students will be forward thinkers, persistent, responsible, caring, dependable and healthy
members of the greater community.

Mission Statement

Hampstead Hill Academy is a neighborhood public charter school that exists to educate children living in both our attendance area
and throughout Baltimore City. Our talented staff uses research-based curriculum to develop and implement rigorous lesson plans
that continuously raise the academic bar for our students. Our whole school community is dedicated to working together to
challenge our students to succeed in a fair, consistent, just and joyful learning environment.

Hampstead Hill Academy Note from Principal Hornbeck…
500 South Linwood Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21224 Dear HHA Parents,
Welcome back! HHA needs you to take action.
410.396.9146 tele. 410.396.3637 fax Because we no longer complete lunch applications, the district cannot accurately
counts students and their families. Without a
Matt Hornbeck, Principal [email protected] count based on family income, HHA loses
John Paz, Assistant Principal [email protected] hundreds of thousands of dollars, field trips, loan
forgiveness for teachers, fresh fruits and
Cassandra Bailey, Assistant Principal [email protected] vegetables, and gets compared to much
wealthier, more advantaged schools. In the last
Hampstead Hill Academy three years, HHA has lost 49% of our poverty
is operated by the Baltimore Curriculum Project, a local nonprofit rate because the district cannot count our kids
correctly. YOU CAN HELP NOW! We are
organization celebrating more than a decade participating in a City Schools pilot. Fair Funding
Forms (FFF) will be completed by every HHA
of service and student learning in Baltimore. family for each child in the family. We need
100% participation. Forms will be sent home
Laura Doherty, President Monday, September 9th and take five minutes to
[email protected] complete. Please return the form the next day
John McGill, Director of Academic Affairs to your child’s homeroom teacher. If you
[email protected] misplace the form, you can come to the office
and complete one. Thank you for your help with this important initiative.

HHA Parent News Magazine is published monthly for the families and
community of Hampstead Hill Academy

Geraldine Swann
Director of Community Outreach

Matt Hornbeck, Principal

Magazine contributions from:
HHA staff

Club coordinators
Community Organizations



 9/5, PTO Tutti Gusti Night 3 pm Top News Stories page 3
 9/6, Orange Friday
 9/9-9/13, Book Fair  Current HHA information along with
 9/9, Padres Unidos/Parents United 8 am upcoming events
 9/9, PTO Meeting 6 pm
 9/12, Back to School Night 5:30 pm News from the Teams page 9
 9/13, Purple Friday
 9/16, PTO Bee Fit Planning Meeting  What your child is doing in class along
 9/17, Girl Scout Parent Info Meeting with resource, enrichment and ESOL
 9/18, Parent Cooking Class 8 am information
 9/18, School Family Council Meeting 3 pm
 9/18, Cub Scout Parent Meeting Club/Activities News - end of
 9/20, Orange Friday the News Magazine
 9/20, PTO Happy Hour 6 pm
 9/24, Conexiones Latinas 8 am Updates and announcements for the many
 9/25, Parent Dance Class 8 am clubs offered at HHA
 9/27, Purple Friday
Family Information page 13

 Issues important to our parents on a
variety of subjects

PTO News page 15

 News from the Parent/Teacher
Organization at HHA

Let Us Know What You are
Thinking page 18

 Use this form for any question,
comment, concern or suggestion you
may have



Please note this important change on your calendar. There will be no school
for students or staff on Wednesday, November 27, 2019. Thanksgiving break
begins Wednesday, November 27th, and students return to school the following
Monday. Break is one day longer this year. Enjoy the extended time to travel
safely and visit with family and friends.




Hampstead Hill Academy is one of Baltimore’s finest schools. We are a safe school with a caring, talented faculty focused on teaching students
what they need to know and be able to do to succeed. Even in the early elementary grades,
our eye is on high school, college and career readiness. We want what you want for your
child, the very best opportunities and choices life has to offer. To achieve this, we need your
help in several areas:

1. Attendance is everything. We can’t do our job unless your child comes to school
regularly. You need to send your child to school EVERY DAY school is in session or
she/he will miss what is needed to move forward.

2. Make certain your child has enough space, time and support from you at home to study and do her/his homework.

3. On school nights, insist that your child get plenty of sleep, eats a good breakfast (whether at home or school) and comes to school ready to
learn with a positive attitude.

4. Read with your child each day, and encourage independent reading. Even older students like to read together. Pick a good book and make it
part of your afternoon or evening routine. If your first language is not English, reading in your first language is great too! Just have fun.

5. Practice grade-appropriate math facts, simple addition and subtraction and/or multiplication and division with your child. Automaticity of
foundational skills is very important.

If the great start we had this week is any indication of what to expect, we will have a wonderful year full of learning and community. Whether you
are new to our neighborhood or a returning family, we welcome you and thank you for choosing Hampstead Hill Academy.


HHA students outperformed their peers in City Schools and the state as a whole. Our performance on
PARCC puts us first in the city for 7th grade reading and second in 6th and 8th grade reading. Our students
were second in 6th and 7th grade math and 3rd in Algebra I. HHA is number one - beating out Roland Park -
for performance among middle school African-American students in reading and second with the same
demographic in math, just behind Roland Park. We are proud of the performance of all of our students
and recognize that the gap in performance between our highest performing and lowest performing
student groups is persistently wide. There is an active Equity and Diversity Committee analyzing the performance of all student groups, the
composition of students identified as gifted or advanced, and making recommendations to better support the high academic performance of all
HHA students. More to come!


Parents must pick up and supervise their children after school unless HHA is pleased to announce that every student will receive a new
there is a pre-arranged club or activity. Dismissal is at 2:40 pm each official HHA t-shirt by the end of September at no cost to families.
day, and there is no one to supervise your child after dismissal. Shirts will be a different color each year. The color is still being
Nearly all students are outside the building by 2:50 pm. There is a finalized for this year. Official HHA t-shirts may be worn as a
ten minute grace period until 3 pm. Students may not wait across uniform shirt on any day of the school year. School pride and
the street, in nearby restaurants, or at the park and then return to promotion of our high quality school brand are the main reasons for
school for pickup without written parent permission. The first time this giveaway.
a parent picks up later than 3 pm, the parent will receive a letter of
concern. A second late pick up will require a meeting with the
principal or an assistant principal. If your child is invited to use the
playground after school, your child must be supervised by an adult
who is on-site.


Please note that HHA students will not be released early on the days
City Schools are scheduling teacher professional development. As a All students receive free breakfast and lunch regardless of family
charter, we chose to exercise our prerogative not to participate for income. Therefore, there are no lunch applications and no student
the following reasons: ID numbers to remember on the lunch line. This federal program,
making City Schools a Community Eligibility District, is designed to
 working parents generally prefer the consistency of a full-day provide nutritious and tasty meals to every student regardless of
student schedule; income.

 student attendance goes way down on early release days; YOU ARE INVITED TO
 HHA places a high value on “contact time” between teachers BACK-TO-SCHOOL NIGHT

and students. Early release days reduce that contact time; Join us at school Thursday, September 12th from 5:30-7:30 pm for
 on early release days it can be challenging to reschedule pickup. Back-to-School Night. Learn what your child has been working on
during the first weeks of school. The evening starts at 5:30 pm in
Therefore, a number of parents are unable to send their your child’s homeroom class with a State of the School video
children to school at all because there is no one to pick them presentation by Mr. Hornbeck, Mr. Paz and Ms. Bailey. The business
up; portion of the meeting will include information on our BUILD
 HHA teachers already have specific weekly and monthly time organizing work, our participation in the Strong Schools Maryland
set aside for professional development during and after school campaign to fully fund the recommendations of the Kirwan
hours. Commission to improve Maryland’s public schools, schoolwide
achievement and attendance data and an update on the budget.
Please note this difference in our calendar. Remember: Every school Parents will follow their child’s schedule throughout the evening and
day is a full day at HHA! receive a syllabus for each class. A reception sponsored by the Food
for Life program will be held in the cafeteria. The first 100 families
PLEASE COMPLETE A FAIR FUNDING FORM (FFF) to arrive receive a ticket to win a $50 Safeway gift card. This is a
FOR EVERY HHA STUDENT IN YOUR FAMILY. FORMS parent meeting and not an evening for students. We ask parents
WILL BE SENT HOME ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9TH. not to bring children to this event. The evening is geared towards
parents who want to know more about our budget and programs.

There is a committee of parents learning about ways to prevent food waste at school. This ON OUR WEBSITE, YOU CAN:
month’s key point is that you should know your child is not required to go through the breakfast
or lunch line each day. Going through the line is optional. Only students who wish to get a lunch  Check out our school calendar for
should get in the line to pick up a lunch. Also, the fresh salad bar and fresh whole fruit are back days off and upcoming events
this year. Every day there are between 450-650 students who enjoy a school lunch. Whether
your child decides to bring their lunch or eat at lunch at school, the choice is up to each family!  View the latest news magazine
HHA also has a share table in place in the cafeteria. Using “share tables” is an innovative  Sign up to receive your information
strategy to encourage the consumption of nutritious foods and reduce food waste. Cafeteria
staff uses a set of protocols in determining what is placed on the share table. via e-mail
 Find contact info for all of the HHA
 Look up your child’s schedule, green
HHA is participating in a new initiative called “Idle Free MD” to minimize and eventually
eliminate the idling of vehicles around our school. Please shut your vehicle off and do not idle top assignment, school supplies and
while waiting to pick up your children. Staff will be around to ask everyone to shut off their much more
vehicles. According to the attached fact sheet, “car exhaust contains air pollutants that can  Click a link to check out our Facebook
cause cancer, respiratory issues, reproductive effects, birth defects and other serious illnesses. page
One minute of idling produces more carbon monoxide than three packs of cigarettes. Exposure  Find community resources and so
to vehicle exhaust increases the risk of death from heart and lung disease. Children breathe 50 much more!
percent more air per pound than adults. Because of their developing lungs and higher breathing
rates, air pollution is especially dangerous to children. Car exhaust increases the symptoms of CHECK US OUT AT
asthma—the most common chronic illness in children, and the cause of most school absences.” WWW.HHA47.ORG.


BCP and HHA responded to the City Schools Request for Proposals last
EVERYONE June. In mid-August, City Schools’ staff asked for a meeting with
Principal Hornbeck and BCP President Doherty. Five members of central
____________________________________________________________ staff from the Office of New Initiatives and Operations met with HHA
staff on August 22nd. We were informed that our application will not
We ask parents to park legally and walk to pick up their move forward. There is no operational funding attached to the building
children since there is plenty of parking within a three- at this time. No other proposal was approved. There are no plans for
block radius. Nearly everyone is supportive and recognizes the building at this time. There will eventually be a written response to
the importance of planning ahead for pickup. There are a our proposal, which will be shared in the news magazine.
handful of parents who routinely double park or simply
stop in the middle of the street when picking up their Southeast and Canton parents and community members have
children. Please know that double parking may result in a repeatedly voiced their support for BCP and HHA as the operators of a
$252 ticket, with no warning. Also, this activity is new school in Canton. We commissioned a feasibility study on the
dangerous because other cars attempt to drive around the building at 801 South Highland Avenue that showed the total costs will
parked or stopped cars, creating extremely hazardous be about $13M, which is a bargain by today’s standards for 700 quality
conditions for our boys and girls. Don’t double park or student seats. One thing remains clear, since the old school closed five
stop in the middle of Linwood Avenue or Fleet Street. years ago, BCP is the only neighborhood, trusted, successful operator
Also, please set a good example when interacting with that can accomplish renovating and opening a 700 student school in
other parents – be civil. No matter how frustrating the Canton.
traffic issue may be, there are more than 800 children
around – many under the age of eight. They are watching One final note for this month: A number of families have spotted a large
what you do. If you see a problem at dismissal, please call crane vehicle in the parking lot of the Canton building. It might be
the main office at 410-396-9146 or, if there is a serious related to the cell phone towers positioned on top of the building. We
incident, call 911. don’t think there is construction taking place but if you learn anything
about what the crane is doing, please let us know!


HHA is in the process of recruiting advisory team members. This team will consist of several HHA parents. Members of this team will be asked to
attend Council meetings and give their input regarding issues pertaining to the school. In addition, members are asked to be available to meet with
Mr. Hornbeck regarding the budget and other school related issues. If you would like to be a member of the Advisory Team, please fill in the form
at the end of the news magazine and return it to Ms. Swann.


Hampstead Hill Academy would like to thank the HHA PTO
and The Redemption City Church for their commitment to the
New Families Welcome Party held Saturday, August 24th.
This event was a huge success!


Summer Custodial
We have a stellar group of new staff joining our talented ranks. We
Team! welcome Kim Rice (Talent Development Specialist), Leonard Lee
(Testing and Technology Specialist), Mandi McCalin (Assistant
We need to thank Ms. Chris, Teacher with new K Teacher Cassandra LaBella), Monikai Tinson
Ms. Melanie, Ms. Rasheed, (Urban Teacher Resident with Kirby Costello), Gabriella Pellegrini
(Grade 5 Reading Teacher), Hayley Ruppenthal (Grade 5
Ms. Davis, Ms. Olivia, Science/SS/Writing Teacher), Katja Kleine (Grade 6 Math Teacher),
Ms. Flora and Ms. Carmen for Kevin Ball (Urban Teacher Resident with Kat Locke-Jones and Amy
their commitment to getting Kosmer), Brooke Petruzzelli (Grade 7 Science Teacher), Stephen
Lohrman (Grade 8 Science Teacher), Dr. Alyssa Schardt
the building ready and (Psychologist), Marissa Lowery (Occupational Therapist), John
making everything shine. Polanco (Hopkins/Bayview Family Therapist), James Edwards
(Physical Education Teacher) and Stephanie Chevalier (Primary
Music Itinerant).

Congratulations to the following members of our talented staff as
they transition into new and former roles: Matt Cobb (Director,
Student Outcomes and Wellness), Jen Burt (Program Specialist,
Enrichment and Equity), Cassandra LaBella (Kindergarten Teacher),
Rachel Douglas (Grade 1 Teacher), Ashley Lefever (Assistant Grade
1 Teacher with Ms. Douglas), Marybeth Smith (Grade 2 Teacher)
and Brandon Pratta (Grade 4 Math).

Ms. Rice is excited to begin her

role as the new Talent

Enrichment Specialist. She is an

artist, educator, and the proud

parent of two amazing HHA

students. Not completely new

to the school, Kim assisted in

the kindergarten classroom last

year. She is also an active

Ms. Rice and her children member of Padres Unidos/
Parents United and the

Diversity committee at HHA.

When she is not working, Kim can be found attempting the monkey bars

and having impromptu dance parties.

Mr. Lee is super excited to join the HHA Ms. McClain is excited to join Ms. LaBella,
staff. He is a Testing and Technology as a kindergarten assistant. She has a
Specialist originally from Washington, DC. degree in Special Education from Liberty
He enjoys music, art, gaming and being a University and has taught in the private
Dad. If you see him buzzing around the school sector for over 10 years in both her
hallway please stop him, and say “hello”. hometown of Richmond, Virginia and in
Arnold, Maryland. Ms. McClain enjoys
Mr. Lee watching sports and loves making creative
projects, music, reading, traveling and
cooking. She is looking forward to being
part of the HHA team!

Ms. McClain and
her daughter


Ms. Tinson is excited to join HHA this year as Ms. Pellegrini is thrilled to join the HHA
one of the Urban Teacher Residents. She'll team as the 5th grade Reading/ELA
be student teaching alongside Ms. Costello in
4th grade social studies and science. As a teacher. For the past five years, Ms.
Baltimore native, Ms.Tinson loves crab Pellegrini taught 3rd grade in Harford
cakes, visiting museums like The BMA,
biking, baking, and hiking in the local parks. County. She received her Bachelors in
She is currently enrolled in the Johns
Hopkins University School of Education in Elementary Education & Special Education
pursuit of her master's degree and is eager
to get to know all of the amazing students at from Towson University, then went on to
pursue a Masters in Leadership from

Notre Dame of Maryland University.

Ms. Pellegrini is a Maryland native and is

Ms.Pellegrini local to the Patterson Park area. In her
spare time, she enjoys yoga, running and
Ms. Tinson
socializing with friends and family. Ms. Pellegrini is eager to start the

school year and is looking forward to a wonderful year

Ms. Ruppenthal is excited to join the Ms. Kleine joins the HHA team as the
HHA team as the 5th grade Language new 6th grade math teacher. She has
experience as a Baltimore high school
and Science teacher. In 2013, she math teacher and is excited to bring
her knowledge to middle school.
received an undergraduate degree Ms. Kleine loves to travel and spend
time outdoors. You might see her
from Towson University, majoring in running around Patterson Park in her
free time.
elementary education. This past May,

she graduated from Johns Hopkins

University, obtaining a Master’s in

Education with a concentration in

Supervision and Administration. For
the past six years, she taught 4th and 5th

Ms. Ruppenthal grade in Baltimore City. In her spare
time, Ms. Ruppenthal enjoys cooking,

traveling, and watching sports. She looks forward to becoming an avid Ms. Kleine

part of this wonderful community!

Mr. Ball is ecstatic to join the HHA Ms. Petruzzelli is thrilled to be part of the
HHA school community as the 7th grade
community this year as an Urban

Teacher Resident. His focus will be science teacher. She is originally from

teaching English Language Arts and Philadelphia and enjoys going to the
Humanities in 7th grade with
Ms. Locke-Jones and in the 8th grade beach, attending concerts, and eating at

delicious restaurants in Baltimore during

with Ms. Kosmer. Mr. Ball was born her spare time. Ms. Petruzzelli graduated

and raised in New Jersey, studied from University of Delaware with a

History and Philosophy at West Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and from

Virginia University and taught English Johns Hopkins University with a Master’s

as a Second Language for two years in degree in Education. She has taught for

Madrid, Spain. During his free time six years in various Baltimore City Public

he enjoys playing soccer, going to the Ms. Petruzzelli Schools. Her homeroom mascot is the
Temple Owls to honor her mother’s
Mr. Ball beach and hiking. Currently, he is

continuing his education and earning notable basketball career. She loves teaching science and guiding

a master's in Education from Johns Hopkins University. He is eager to students to explore the world within and around them!

share his enthusiasm for English and History with his students.

Mr. Lohrman is excited to join the Dr. Schardt is delighted to be HHA’s
wonderful staff at HHA. Mr. Lohrman is School Psychologist. She earned her
originally from Buffalo, New York and has Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the
a passion for Buffalo sports teams and University of Minnesota with a research
the Orioles. He has taught in Baltimore focus on increasing students’ academic
City for the past 12 years teaching science engagement and motivation. Previously,
and physical education. Dr. Schardt was a high school special
education teacher and has experience
Mr. Lohrman and Dr. Schardt working with students of all ages and
his child backgrounds. Dr. Schardt grew up in
Chicago and enjoys playing with her dog,
hiking, baking and biking in her free time.


After a year of teaching at HHA, Mr. Edwards is thrilled to join the HHA
under the guidance of 5th grade
team as the school's Physical Education

teacher Ms. O’Connor, Mr. Pratta is teacher. His primary role will be getting
thrilled to join HHA as the 4th grade
all students moving and fostering a

math teacher. Mr. Pratta originally commitment to active lifestyle through

hails from Wilmington, Delaware sports and other athletic endeavors. He

and in his spare time, he enjoys rock taught PE, math and health in Prince

climbing, running, cooking and Georges County for many years and is

playing guitar. He currently attends delighted to be working at HHA where

Johns Hopkins University in pursuit his daughters attend. He is originally

of his master’s degree in education. from Rockville, MD and enjoys spending

Mr. Pratta His anticipated graduation date is Mr. Edwards time with his family, riding old unreliable
May 2020. His excitement for motorcycles, rooting for the UMD Terps

teaching is contagious, as is his enthusiasm for all things math! and exercising. He is looking forward to a rewarding school year!

Mr. Polanco is very excited to join the Ms. Chevalier is excited to join the

HHA community this year as the faculty of HHA as the primary music

Bayview Family Therapist. His primary teacher. Ms Chevalier is originally from

role will consist of helping students and Washington, DC, and as child lived in

families with any emotional, behavioral Southern Maryland. She is thrilled to

and/or interpersonal concerns that may be in Baltimore after 25 years away

appear during the school year. from her home state. Ms. Chevalier

Mr. Polanco spent the last two years studied piano and voice at St. Mary’s

working for outpatient mental health College of Maryland with Graduate

clinics and crisis hotlines in the studies in Opera at Cincinnati

Mr. Polanco Baltimore/Prince Georges county areas. Ms. Chevalier Conservatory of Music. As a
He enjoys staying up to wait for music performer, Ms. Chevalier sang with The

releases and loves going to the movies. Mr. Polanco also speaks Washington National Opera at the Kennedy Center for 10 seasons and

Spanish fluently and is looking forward to being a valuable resource to as a soloist throughout The United States and Europe. As an educator,

Hispanic families in need of mental health assistance. she has taught young people at The Levine School of Music, The

Catholic University of America, The Frost School of Music at the

University of Miami, Beaver College, Prince Georges Community College

and The College of Southern Maryland and most recently, the

Charleston Academy of Music in Charleston, South Carolina.

Ms. Lowery will be the Occupational Uniform Items - If your child borrowed a uniform
Therapist joining the HHA team this
school year. Ms. Lowery was born and item from school, please send it back as soon as
raised in Maryland and enjoys possible. We need those items to be available for
spending time with her family, other students that may need a change of clothes. We
especially her golden doodle puppy, also are accepting gently worn uniform pieces only.
exercising, dancing, traveling and being
a youth leader in her spare time. Please bring the items to the office.

All lost and found items are held for one week only.

Items marked with the student’s name will be returned to the student.
Please come into school as soon as possible to check for any lost items.

Please make sure all of your child’s belongings
are marked with his/her name.


NEWS FROM THE TEAMS Families had a great time at the
HHA Meet Your Teacher Event!

Ms. Klenk and Ms. Kaminaris: – Welcome new PreK friends and families! The PreK team is excited
to get to know each of our new families and begin a joyful year of learning, laughing and loving
school. For the first few weeks of PreK, students will focus on learning the rules and procedures in
school. They will practice using and taking care of their supplies such as pencils, crayons and
scissors. Please make sure everything you send to school is labeled with your child's name,
including lunch boxes, daily snacks and extra clothing. The first unit of study is All About Me! During
this unit, students will explore their individuality and share what makes us special. PreK days are
very busy so it is normal for children to be extra tired during the first months of school. Please help
them to do their best in school by maintaining a regular early bed time and packing a healthy snack
every day. Please check in with your child's classroom teacher if you are not signed up for the
Remind app. We look forward to working with you!


Ms. LaBella, Ms. Maciel and Ms. Wallis: Students will take this month to learn procedures and
school rules. They will learn the school wide expectations, classroom rules and daily procedures. In
addition, they will take time to become more comfortable with the building, the teachers and each
other. Students will also practice class routines, learn how to be a good friend, begin to learn letter
sounds, and learn new language skills. Please continue to support kindergarten by returning all
information forms and checking your child’s green folder daily. As a reminder, at dismissal, parents
must wait until all students are lined up. Please check in with the teacher before leaving with your
child. Dismissal tags must be handed to the teacher before leaving. Please keep in mind this is for
the safety of the child. We look forward to an exciting year!


Ms. Bierley, Ms. Clary and Ms. Douglas (Grade 1)
Ms. Bonner, Ms. Weber and Ms. Smith (Grade 2): Students will work on becoming acclimated to
their classrooms and learn school and classroom procedures. They will also do work in reading,
language, spelling, math and Core Knowledge. Remember that your student must bring a healthy
snack every day due to their late lunch period. The teams look forward to sharing information
about the 1st and 2nd grade classroom and the curriculum at Back to School Night.


Reading – Ms. Kaplan: Welcome back, families! Students will begin to learn about the important
elements of a story. These include characters, setting, plot and solution. Reading at home every
night is extremely beneficial. Have your child practice identifying the characters, setting, plot and
solution. Please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Kaplan with any questions or concerns
([email protected]). Happy reading!

Language/Social Studies – Ms. Sparwasser: Students will focus on clarity and writing complete
sentences to build paragraphs. They will also learn editing marks to become better writers. In social
studies, students will study American cities and maps with a focus on Baltimore. They will make
new friends and learn about classroom routines and procedures.

Math - Ms. Knudsen: Ms. Knudsen is excited for a year of breaking down problems, mastering facts
and learning new strategies. Students will complete a unit on place value. They will work on
decomposing numbers, answering multi-step equations and rounding.


Reading – Ms. Schultz: Students will be challenged in Reading Mastery Signature 4 to read and
understand rigorous text daily in class. They will read a selection of fiction texts this year, including
The Wizard of Oz and The Prince and the Pauper. They will also read non-fiction texts about
historical events and animal science. Students will show their understanding through answering
comprehension questions and responding to text in writing. As always, if there is anything
Ms. Schultz can do to better support your child this school year, please reach out anytime by phone
or email at [email protected] She is looking forward to a wonderful school year.


Language/Social Studies – Ms. Costello: Students will begin to learn a variety of skills such as writing clear sentences and identifying and
capitalizing proper nouns. Students will receive homework Monday through Thursday that will help them to practice new skills. In social studies,
students will start the first unit on the geography of the United States and Maryland. They will learn how to use different map skills to learn more
about the world, and will be able to express their understanding of these skills by creating their own unique map.

Math – Mr. Pratta: Students will complete the Whole Numbers unit and begin work on the Four Operations of Whole Numbers unit. The students
will work on place value understanding, various ways to write numbers, comparing and ordering numbers, and adding, subtracting, multiplying and
dividing numbers up to hundred thousand place value.


Reading – Ms. Pellegrini: Students will begin to read a variety of texts such as The Doughnuts, The Odyssey, The Circuit, and My Superpowers. They
will build vocabulary, read fluently and monitor comprehension as they read. In addition, students will answer questions during and after reading,
and will develop written responses to texts.

Language/Science – Ms. Ruppenthal: Students will learn how details change the meaning of sentences. They will use tools and strategies to
organize information, punctuate sentences, and express ideas in sentences that are clear to the reader. In science, students will start the school
year reviewing the scientific method and lab safety. They will then start the Quarter 1 Investigation; Life Science. During this investigation,
students will learn about the nutrient, transport and sensory systems. They will explore how human activities can have major effects on plant and
animal systems.

Math – Ms. O’Connor: Students will utilize the Eureka Math curriculum this year. A ton of great information and resources for parents can be
found online at Students will begin the year with a review of 4th grade skills and then will move into the
first module of Eureka Math: Place Value and Decimal Fractions. This module will cover place value of both whole and decimal numbers, decimal
operations, standard, unit, and word form and estimation. This will give students the foundation they need to be successful in 5th grade math.


Humanities – Mr. Farber: Students will work in the Springboard curriculum for English, which was created by The College Board in order to better
prepare students for college. Students can expect one or two major written assessments per quarter. They will also soon begin the first set of new
vocabulary words, which parents/guardians can help students study by using For social studies, students will work on projects for
National History Day, an in-depth research project which they will begin in late September and will be due in late January. All humanities work will
be done on Google Classroom, so parents/guardians can easily keep track of their students' assignments and monitor their progress.

Math – Ms. Kleine: Students will review and develop a deeper understanding of numbers. In the first unit, Number Concepts, students will apply
operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide) to more complicated rational numbers, such as fractions and decimals. They will also explore how to
compare rational numbers, and use these skills to analyze real-world experiences.

Science – Ms. Poole: Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! Students will explore the world of science through many hands-on labs and
activities, as well as through readings and class discussions. As scientists in the making, students are encouraged to ask questions and discuss
theories with their families. The curriculum will focus on the following four units: Physics: Can I Believe My Eyes?; Chemistry: How Can I Smell
Things from a Distance?; Biology: Where have all the Creatures Gone?; Earth: How does Water Shape Our World?

Students in the 6th grade will also have the opportunity to
attend a free trip to North Bay from October 7-11. North Bay
is an outdoor education camp with an emphasis on character.
While students spend their day outside in classes and fun
activities, their evenings are spent in furnished and
temperature controlled cabins. More information about North Bay will be provided at Back to School Night on
Thursday, September 12th. In the meantime, please email Mr. Farber at [email protected] if you are interested
in chaperoning the trip.


Language Arts – Ms. Locke-Jones: Ms. Locke-Jones and Mr. Ball are so excited and honored to be teaching 7th grade humanities this year.
Students will continue to strengthen their abilities to think critically, read actively and communicate effectively. They know that the 2019-2020
school year will be the best one!

Math – Mr. White: Students will work on adding and subtracting positive and negative rational numbers (integers, fractions, mixed numbers and
decimals). The students will also explore number properties (additive inverse, commutative property and associative property).


Science – Ms. Petruzzelli: Students will begin the year with an introduction/review of the scientific method, with a focus on questioning and
gathering data. They will work through many different inquiry-based labs together while identifying experimental variables, analyzing data, and
drawing their own conclusions.

7th grade students will take part in a FREE five-day overnight expedition with Outward Bound
from Monday, October 7th to Friday October 11th. Your child will either be hiking on the
Appalachian Trail or canoeing on the Potomac River with chaperones from Outward Bound and
staff members from Hampstead Hill Academy.

Please ask your child to bring home a packet of information or visit You can read over all of
the information and complete the various forms online. Parents must complete these forms
(NOT STUDENTS), and they can do so by using a computer or their smart phone. A parent
meeting regarding this trip will be held in the near future. Details of the meeting will be sent


Language Arts – Ms. Kosmer: Students will start the year by analyzing their summer reading, I Am Malala. They will work together in a Socratic
seminar and learn history around Malala’s story. After the summer novel review, some students will read Diary of Anna Frank and other students
will start to write a narrative about someone in their life.

Algebra 1 – Ms. Luthers: Welcome back! Students will be challenged and learn rigorous math this year. In this unit, students recognize and
generalize patterns using words, tables, expressions and graphs. They will also generate rules for solving simple linear equations and inequalities,
as well as absolute value equations and inequalities. When out with your child, please ask her/him what patterns they see. Noticing patterns in
everyday life helps students to see them in the math classroom.

Pre-Algebra – Ms. Luthers: Welcome back! Students will be challenged and learn rigorous math this year. In the Eureka module, students will
focus on number sense by extending the properties of exponents to integer exponents. They will use the number line to support their
understanding of rational numbers and the number system. Students will also learn that irrational numbers exist. Ask your child, how do you know
if a number is rational or irrational?

Science – Mr. Lohrman: Students will learn about scientific inquiry and life science (Biology). Scientific inquiry is how scientists study the world
and use evidence to explain their work. In the life science unit, the main focus will be about how organisms look the way they do.


Leaders Go Places (LGP) is a rigorous middle grades leadership program that motivates students to achieve excellence in scholarship, leadership
and citizenship. At its core, LGP is designed to inspire students to become well-rounded, studious, civic minded individuals. In its 7th year, LGP has
become part of the middle school culture at HHA. Each quarter, students who reach LGP Levels are rewarded with a school dance, an out of
uniform day, a Recognition Ceremony and a field trip. We had a great 4th quarter last year:

 96% of students were on level for Leadership, based on their behavior.

 84% of students were on level for Scholarship, based on their grade point average. That means
84% of students had a 3.0 GPA or higher.

 84% of students were on level for Citizenship, based on their community service hours.
Collectively, our students completed more than 1,290 hours of community service during the 4th
quarter alone.

 75% of students made LGP Level in all three categories.

In an effort to give our oldest students a greater voice, we are entering our 3rd year with an LGP Student Committee. The students in this
committee completed a rigorous application process in the spring. Now, they will be in charge of a $30,000 budget. Students will design the LGP
t-shirt, choose incentive field trips and plan service learning events. LGP is truly building leaders for tomorrow.




DRAMA Ms. Demas: This semester, all students will learn proper hand
washing, kitchen hygiene and safety. Students in PreK and
Ms. Durkin: Ms. Durkin is excited for a year exploring creativity and kindergarten will taste and describe a rainbow of nutritious whole
the magic of theatre! PreK and kindergarten students will engage in foods. Grade 1 and 2 students will learn how different vitamins help
dramatic play to develop an understanding of acting. Grade 1-8 their body and will sample a variety of vitamin-rich foods.
students will participate in a variety of developmentally-appropriate Grade 3- 8 students will learn about the spice trade, and grade 3 and
activities to build ensemble with their classmates, develop basic 4 students will prepare spice mixtures for popcorn. Grade 5 -8
storytelling skills (get excited for show-and-tell!), and practice students will prepare recipes from India, North Africa and the
conflict resolution skills through role-play. Grade 7 and 8 students Caribbean.
interested in working on a Shakespearean monologue or scene
should see Ms. Durkin to sign-up for Shakespeare Club! HHA's Got NATURE EXPLORATION
Talent will be in October this year, and audition sign-ups for
grade 3-8 students is posted outside Room 309. Lastly, now is a Ms. Riorda: Ms. Riorda is so excited to reconnect with returning
great time to sign up for the HHA Theatre Events Remind to be the students and to engage students new to HHA this year! Nature
first to receive updates about HHA performances and local theatre Exploration class offers all students the opportunity to connect with
opportunities! See the flyer at the end of the news magazine for our local environments, investigate different ecosystems in our
instructions on how to sign up. community and learn about the dynamic relationships we can find in
nature. Our youngest students will explore plant and animal life in
PHYSICAL EDUCATION the school garden and in Patterson Park. The upper elementary
students will look at the complex interactions between plants and
Mr. Edwards: Mr. Edwards is looking forward to working with animals, and middle school students will investigate the impact of
students as the new Physical Education teacher! Physical education abiotic factors on local flora and fauna and will conduct water
offers all students the opportunity to increase their physical quality studies. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately
competence, health-related fitness and self-responsibility. HHA's for the weather when their class is scheduled for Nature Exploration.
younger students will work on gross motor skills including different
types of locomotor movement and personal spacing. Elementary Art
students will hone these movement skills and refine their throwing,
kicking, catching and running motions, and middle school students Ms. Butcher: Welcome back! Students have many exciting projects
will explore team sports, develop long term fitness goals and begin a coming up in the art room this year. Ms. Butcher looks forward to
fitness journal that they will use throughout the year. Once another school year filling your child with creativity and a passion for
students know their schedule, make certain to have them bring the world of art.
shoes that allow for participation. Finally, the HHA gym has a brand
new look - a new gym floor. It looks great! 12


Mr. Garner: Welcome back HHA instrumentalists! You have an
exciting year ahead. September brings refreshed skills, and for
newcomers, foundational skills that will help you excel in all future
musical learning. A flyer will be sent home the first week of school
for new students looking to join the program. The flyer will have
important information about the program and needs to be
completed in order to join. Students already in the program do not
need to fill out this flyer as you already have a spot reserved.


Ms. Burt and Mr. Cobb: Mr. Cobb and Ms. Burt are excited to
introduce Health and Wellness as a new resource for students
PreK - 8 at HHA. This course is designed to help students develop
and maintain a lifestyle awareness of their physical, mental,
emotional and social health needs. This course promotes the most
accurate, up-to-date health information to build a foundation for
making educated, responsible and healthy personal decisions.
Ms. Burt will teach grades PreK – 4, and Mr. Cobb will teach
grades 5 - 8.




Ms. Kannam: Welcome back! The HHA Library is full of thousands of dollars of new books to enjoy!
Encourage your student to come by and check one out. There are mysteries, love stories, fantasies
and so much more. This month in celebration of Latinx Heritage month we are highlighting books
written by Latinx authors, featuring Latinx characters and Spanish/English bilingual books. Come see
this growing and important collection.

The Scholastic Book Fair will overtake the HHA library September 9 - 13. Students and families are
welcome to come by any day that week and after school until 3 pm. This fair raises over $4000 yearly
to buy new books.


Ms. Guitian, Ms. Burt and Ms. Rice: Ms. Guitian and Ms. Burt are excited to have Ms. Kim Rice join the Enrichment/GAL team. Ms. Rice will work
with issues of equity and talent development. Ms. Burt is looking forward to continuing her work with Emerging Scholars, which begins in October.
Ms. Guitian will continue to work with GAL students, supporting them both in the classroom and in small groups. If your child has been previously
identified as gifted, advanced or talent development, be on the lookout for details about their program in the coming weeks. For more information
about formal gifted identification and the GAL program, please check out the HHA website.


Ms. Shaffer: Welcome Back! The Special Education department hopes you had a long restful summer!
As we get back into the swing of things, we like to remember September is a month to draw attention to
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Month is a time
to recognize how many people, young and old, suffer from this condition. About 5% of the world’s
population is affected by ADHD. While some people tend to look at ADHD as a non-issue, the special
education department tries to educate others. We look forward to the new school year and working
with our families.


Ms. Bailin, Ms. Gonzalez, Ms. Hicks and Mr. LaBarr: The ESOL team is excited to see all of the returning students, as well as new additions. During
the first few weeks, students will receive forms that require parent signatures, so please be on the lookout for these forms and return to your
child’s homeroom teacher as soon as possible. Here's to a great school year!


As a reminder, students will not be permitted to join two clubs that meet on the same day.




 1% of the school year is done
 3 of our 180 student days are completed
 There are approximately 140 school days left until our 3rd – 8th

grade students take the MCAP Assessment in reading and math
beginning Monday, April 20th.



 Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP) for grades 3 to 8 - April 20 – June 2
 Report Cards – 11/14 (1st Quarter), 2/3 (2nd Quarter), 4/16 (3rd Quarter), Last Day of School (4th Quarter)

Please put these dates on your calendar and be sure NOT to plan activities outside of school on test days!
Remember, scores on the tests help decide whether students move on to the next grade.

What Does the MCAP
Look Like for Your Child?

Spend some time learning about this new
state assessment for your child at the
Maryland State Department of Education at


 No gum at school. It is distracting and prevents students from reading aloud clearly.
 No smoking in or around school property. This is against the law on school property.
 No double parking or idling at drop-off and pickup. This creates a dangerous situation and you could get a $252 ticket for

double parking.
 No crossing in the middle of the street. Cross your child at the corner. Do not encourage your child to get to school by

crossing in the middle of the street! This can be extremely dangerous for your child.
 Please remind your child, especially older children, that ball playing is not allowed in front of the school or on the blacktop

during school arrival and dismissal times. Also, ask them to be mindful of smaller children to avoid accidentally bumping
into them.


HHA will participate in the Strive for Under Five attendance initiative again this school year. The goal of the
program is to encourage students to miss less than five days during the school year and improve
attendance in Southeast Baltimore. Each month, students will receive a certificate if they achieve perfect
attendance. With this certificate, students will have the opportunity to receive incentives from local businesses. Students who have less than five
absences at the end of the school year will receive a special prize. A letter with more details about the program will be sent home to families in the
coming weeks. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Mrs. Seymour at [email protected] or 410-396-9146.


Dear Friends and Neighbors - We hope you all had a phenomenal summer! As the school year begins, we want to make sure you have our office’s
contact information in case there is anything we can do to be of assistance. On top of our legislative responsibilities in Annapolis during the Session
each year from January through April, we continue to serve as your advocates with state agencies throughout the year. We work very closely with
our local leaders, including Councilman Cohen and Mayor Young, to serve your needs, yet we know it can be confusing to know which offices
handle which issues for the various levels of government. This is especially the case in the City of Baltimore where a number of state agencies
oversee local functions (i.e. Baltimore City Community College, a state agency) or have a blended state-local structure (i.e. Baltimore City Liquor
Board, Baltimore City Public Schools). Please don’t ever hesitate to contact any of us, as we’re always glad to help guide you to the right resource.

Community association leadership thought it would be helpful for us to differentiate between issues best addressed at the state level versus local
level of government. One of the best rules of thumb is that if the issue can be reported to 311 or 911, it is likely a local issue best directed to
Councilman Cohen’s Office or the Mayor’s Office. Some examples include:

 Illegal dumping and code enforcement,  tree trimming,
 broken street lights,  local zoning code questions,
 issues in our City’s public parks,  City tax credit programs,
 traffic calming,  issues involving any of these City agencies:
 animal control issues,


In addition, Baltimore City government is responsible for City-level real property tax bills, water bills and parking and red light tickets.

While we are happy to assist in all local matters, issues
best directed to the State Delegation include things like:

 Education policy and education funding, Team 46 from left to right Senator Bill Ferguson,
 Criminal law and civil law, Delegates Brooke Lierman, Robbyn Lews and Luke Clippinger
 Insurance issues (health, property, auto, home, etc),
 Tax assessments on real personal property or

 Business and occupational licensing,
 Environmental policy issues or concerns about

environmental law violations,
 Issues qualifying for social services programs,
 State tax credit programs (cyber security,

biotechnology, One Maryland, etc),
 Contractors working without a license,
 In-state higher education questions, including

 MTA bus, subway or light rail concerns,
 Issues or concerns with the MVA,
 Energy assistance,
 Issues involving any of the state agencies found here:

These lists are not comprehensive, so please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our offices if you are unsure where to direct your concern. As
mentioned above, we consistently partner with Councilman Cohen’s office, as well as a broader City Government. All of our contact information is
below and we look forward to helping wherever possible.

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

- Senator Bill Ferguson, Delegate Luke Clippinger, Delegate Robbyn Lewis, Delegate Brooke Lierman


Thank you to more than 25 parents,
teachers, staff and Stinger (our HHA
mascot) that came to welcome more
than 50 families at the New Family
Welcome Party and Uniform Swap on
Saturday, August 25th. Special thanks
Shallah Graham, Molly Burger, Alison
Bucklin, Carmelina Moser, Kelsey Schultz,
Rosa Martinez, Laura Isnaula, Jill
Vasbinder Morrison, Russ Graham, David
Bucklin, Jill Collier, Amber Lucas, Sean
Morrison, Rebecca Nicholson, as well as
the incredible volunteer team from
Redemption City Church.

Gracias a más de 25 padres, maestros,
personal, y Stinger (nuestra mascota de
HHA) que vinieron a dar una bienvenida a
más que 50 familias en la Fiesta de
Bienvenida a la Nueva Familias y el Intercambio de Uniformes el sábado 25 de agosto. Un agradecimiento especial a Shallah Graham, Molly Burger,
Alison Bucklin, Carmelina Moser, Kelsey Schultz, Rosa Martinez, Laura Isnaula, Jill Vasbinder Morrison, Russ Graham, David Bucklin, Jill Collier,
Amber Lucas, Sean Morrison, Rebecca Nicholson, y los increíbles voluntarios de Redemption City Church.


Upcoming PTO Events Include: The PTO needs a Box Tops
Coordinator! If anyone is
Tutti Gusti Night - Thursday, 9/5 at 3-8 pm - Join HHA on the first Thursday of each interested in helping the
month for a fun dinner out and help PTO raise money! Tutti Gusti donates 10% of all PTO earn money through
eat-in and carry-out sales from 3 – 8 pm. The flyer at the end of the news magazine Box Tops, please reach out
must be presented at the time of purchase. Flyer attached. to [email protected]

PTO Meeting – Monday, 9/9 at 6pm - Meeting dates have changed to the 2nd Monday
of the month at 6pm in the Library - Please come to join the PTO - memberships are
$5. Childcare will be available until 7pm.

Sandlot Happy Hour – Friday, 9/20 at 6pm (flyer attached) - Come to the first family
happy hour of the year!

Harris Teeter – Harris Teeter (flyer attached) - consider attaching your VIC card to HHA. When you shop Harris Teeter brands, a percentage of your
purchase is donated to the school that your VIC card is linked to. There are NO LIMITS to how much a school can earn.

Canton Canopy/CCA Plantings - November 2nd and November 16th - check out the Facebook links
( and ( to find out
where to meet Canton Canopy to mulch trees and beautify the neighborhood!

Save the date - Fall Movie Night - Friday, October 4th

The PTO Treasurer’s Report will be available at the first PTO meeting and in future news magazines.

Bee Fit Planning Committee Meeting

Date: Monday, September 16th, 2019
Time: 6pm
Location: TBD
Our annual BEE FIT fitness fundraiser is October 16th (raindate October 23rd). We need
volunteers to help with marketing, incentive gifts, day-of coordination, communicating
with teachers, sponsorship donations, and any other ideas you have for making this a successful event! The goal this year is $32,000 to be raised
for field trips, after school clubs, sports, classroom supplies, school dances, educational programs and more at HHA. We are looking for parents
and middle school volunteers (service hours awarded) to join the Bee Fit Planning Committee!

In partnership with the Leaders Go Places (LGP) middle school program, 6-8 grade students have exciting incentives this year to raise an average of
$40 per student for BEE FIT including water bottles and pizza parties! A special uniform-free day will be part of the school wide fundraising
incentives as well. Please reach out to Alison Bucklin at [email protected] with questions or to help. Please come to the meeting!

Bee A Leader and Join The Bee Fit Committee!!!

Staff and students would like to say thank you to:

The HHA PTO: Sean Morrison, Adrienne Ekas-Mueting, Jim Hanson, Rachel Douglas, Jill Morrison,
Beth Kemmery, Nathan Gorham, Carmelina Mosier, Shallah Graham, Alison Bucklin,
Fulya Gursel, everyone who helped at the New Family Welcome Event and to Canton Railroad and
United Health Care for their donation of school supplies!



 Southeast Anchor Library - located at 3601 Eastern Avenue; 410-396-1580,
 Friends of Patterson Park – located at 27 S. Patterson Park Avenue; 410-276-3676,
 Creative Alliance at the Patterson – located at 3134 Eastern Avenue, 410-276-1651,
 Patterson Park Audubon Center – located at 2901 E. Baltimore Street, 410-558-2473,
 Please check the back of the news magazine for additional event information!


Would you like to volunteer at HHA?
Complete the application at the end
of the news magazine and return to

your child’s homeroom teacher.


Organization Students, in particular upper elementary and middle school students, can be quite disorganized. Often,
this is not intentional. The part of the brain known as the prefrontal cortex is responsible for executive
functioning. This part of the brain is rapidly growing and is not fully developed until the mid-20s for
some of us. However, this does not mean that we simply excuse and enable students to be
disorganized. It does mean that we work with them to help them build the skills necessary to train
their brains to find organizational systems that work for them. Color-coded folders may work for one
child while a binder system may work for another—trial and error is the answer to see what works
best. HHA provides agendas for all children. Parents and students should use the agenda as a tool to
help in the organizational process.

Digital Awareness It is never too early to start promoting appropriate use of digital technologies. First, establish set
times and limits on using video games. All essential needs/activities must come first (nutrition, sleep,
exercise, homework, etc.). Also be aware of your child’s socialization in his or her digital world. As
cyber safety expert Bill Bond writes, “You don’t owe your kid an apology overseeing what they are
doing on cyberspace. Kids in their socialization process will sometimes make stupid decisions.” If that
decision occurs online, it could haunt them for years. Adults often misinterpret a child’s ability to use
technology with understanding how to appropriately use it. As adults in their lives, we have the
obligation to provide guidance not only in real life but also in their cyber lives. If your child has a
Facebook account then you should be on the friends list. Our professional recommendation is no
Facebook accounts until eighth grade at the earliest.

Sleep Last but definitely not least, getting a good night’s rest is extremely important. If your
child’s grades are slipping, it should be the first thing that you adjust. It sounds simple,
but getting enough sleep is often something that is overlooked.


Hampstead Hill Academy Feedback Form

School Year 2019-2020

Name and contact information if you want a response to your submission:_____________________________
I have a_____question_____comment_____concern_____suggestion.
Please return this form to Ms. Swann.

Application for Advisory Team Member Application
Hampstead Hill Academy
School Year 2019-2020

Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________
Student’s Name: ___________________________________________________________________________
Homeroom Teacher:________________________________________________________________________
E-mail address: ____________________________________________________________________________
Please return this form to Ms. Swann



Help is needed for the following activities at HHA:

 Girls’ Middle School Volleyball Coach (stipend position)
 2nd French teacher (per student charge)

If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact Geri Swann at 410.396.9146 or
[email protected]

ACTIVITIES WITH Middle School Boys' Soccer

Attention all middle school students interested in

INFO boys' soccer: A brief informational meeting will be
held after school on Thursday, September 5th in Ms.

MEETING Luthers' room. Please plan to attend the meeting if
you are interested in trying out for the team.

Tryouts will be held on Monday, September 9th and

Diversity Club Tuesday September 10th from 3-4:30 pm. Practices
will be held on Mondays, and games will be on
In response to student requests, HHA is happy to present Thursdays.
the second year of Diversity Club for grades 5-8. The

student club has the following mission: to promote Middle School Girls' Soccer
diversity, cultural awareness, and provide support to
students on multicultural issues within the school and Attention all middle school students interested in
community. The group takes a stand against prejudice,
hatred, and promotes an appreciation and understanding girls' soccer: A brief informational meeting will be
of tolerance of others. We look forward to exploring and held after school on Thursday, September 5th in Ms.
reaching the potential for this club, we hope your child will
join us! We will be an informational session for all Luthers' room. Please plan to attend the meeting if

interested you are interested in trying out for the team.
students on Tryouts will be held on Monday, September 9th and
Wednesday, Tuesday September 10th from 3-4:30 pm. Practices

will be held on Mondays, and games will be on


September 18th

from 2:45-3, in room 310. If you have any questions at all, please contact

Ms. Luthers, Ms. Knudsen, or Ms. Hohman.

Garden Club

Grades: 6-8
Dates: September 12 - October 24
Meeting Time: Thursdays, 2:45-4:00
Teacher: Ms. Demas
Description: Students will learn about growing plants by taking care of the school
garden. Students in this club will also prepare and serve a Harvest Dinner at Fall
Community Arts Night on October 24th and receive service learning hours for their
work. See Ms. Demas to join.


STEAM Club is offered for students in grades K-4, during 3, 8
week sessions throughout the year. This is an exciting
opportunity for students to engage in hands-on activities,
expanding their knowledge on subjects like Science,
Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. The first session of
STEAM Club will begin in October, and groups will meet on
Tuesdays. Keep an eye out for interest flyers to be sent home
during the first few weeks of school. Please email Ms. Burt at [email protected] with questions.

GIRLS ON THE Volunteers Needed for the 2019/20
RUN…SO MUCH Girl Scout year!
Daisies Girl Scouts are back at Hampstead Hill
Girls on the Run Fall 2019 Academy, but we need your help to make it a
registration will be open success. We can use help at all levels:
9/2-9/8/19! The lottery
to draw names for the  Daisies (K & 1st grade),
team will be held by  Brownies (2nd & 3rd grades), and
GOTR headquarters on 9/9/19. You will receive an  Juniors (4th & 5th grade)
email if your girl is selected for the team.
GOTR team will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays Roles from Leader & Co-Leader to Friends & Family
2:40-4:00pm 9/16/19-11/25/19. The end-of-season 5k Volunteer and Cookie Manager are open. Girl Scouts
is scheduled for Sunday, 11/24/19 8:30am at Druid Hill are G.I.R.L led. Join us in supporting our Go-getters,
Park. Attendance is crucial for weekly sessions and the Risk-takers, Innovators, and Leaders! Contact Jill
final 5k! Vasbinder Morrison at jill [email protected] or
attend our parent information session with your girl
Please reach out to Coach Amanda Smith on Tuesday, September 17th at 5pm. Check
([email protected]) with any questions or for more information on the Girl Scout
concerns! philosophy.

Join the HHA Cub

Scout Pack!

This Pack Welcomes
Girls and Boys from HHA to join!

Grades K-5
Registration Fee is $50 and

$5 dues per month.

Wednesday, September 18th  French Club
6:30pm-7:30pm  Chess
 Soccer for Grades 2-5
 Lego Simple Machines
 Lego WeDo 2 and much more!

Spanish Club at Hampstead Hill Academy

We are excited to be offering another year of Spanish Immersion Classes with The Language Project this fall.
The Language Project’s hands-on, interactive, and high-energy approach ensures students are motivated
and engaged while learning a new language at the same time. This fully immersive, independent learning
program is helping thousands of students worldwide unlock the benefits of bilingualism.

Spanish Club at Hampstead Hill Academy Starts October 3rd
Thursdays from 2:50 - 3:50 pm
Class Levels:

PreK & K - New & returning students
Level 1 - New students - 1st grade & up
Level 2 - Returning Students
Level 3 - Returning Students
Price (30 weeks):
1 payment of $404 (reflects pay-in-full discount) or
9 payments of $47 approx.

For more information about the program and to register your child, visit,
then select Enroll Now, Maryland Programs 19/20, and then Hampstead Hill. Sibling discounts available at
checkout. If you have any questions, please contact Jean Meile at [email protected] or

When a program is available
for students, an interest form

will be sent home. Please
check your child’s folder/book
bag for these forms. Forms
received after the due date
will be added to a wait list for

that club. If you have any
questions, please e-mail
Geri Swann at
[email protected]

Hampstead Hill Academy
Staff Contact Roster 2019-2020

Name Title Contact Info
Matt Hornbeck Principal [email protected]
John Paz Assistant Principal [email protected]
Cassandra Bailey Assistant Principal [email protected]
Cindy Varner Secretary [email protected]
Rosalia Castelan Office Assistant/Translator [email protected]
Megan Trainer Academic Coach [email protected]
Katie Johnson Academic Coach [email protected]
Michael Lucas Academic Coach [email protected]
Carey Fetting-Smith Academic Coach [email protected]
Ramona Piskor Administrative Assistant (through 9/19) 410.396.9146
Laura Guitian Director of Enrichment [email protected]
Kim Rice Talent Development Specialist [email protected]
Matthew Cobb Director, Student Outcomes & Wellness [email protected]
Jen Burt Program Specialist, Enrichment & Equity [email protected]
Nicky Seymour Guidance Counselor [email protected]
Steven Plunk Director of Restorative Practices [email protected]
Leonard Lee Testing & Technology Specialist [email protected]
Chris Kotchenreuther Facilities Manager [email protected]
Geri Swann Director of Community Outreach [email protected]
Felicia German Director of Latino Outreach [email protected]
Morgan Klenk* PreK- 9201 [email protected]
Rebecca Brezenoff Assistant [email protected]
Michelle Kaminaris PreK- 9202 [email protected]
Lucy Mendez Assistant [email protected]
Joanna Maciel Kindergarten - 9101 [email protected]
Katie Vincent Assistant [email protected]
Ashley Wallis Kindergarten - 9102 [email protected]
Teresa Smith Assistant [email protected]
Cassandra LaBella Kindergarten - 9103 [email protected]
Mandi McClain Assistant [email protected]
Rachel Douglas 0101 [email protected]
Ashley Lefever Assistant [email protected]
Meghan Bierley 0102 [email protected]
Pat Foster Assistant [email protected]
Jacqueline Clary 0103 [email protected]
Helen Tucker Assistant [email protected]
Reza Bonner 0201 [email protected]
Maureen Weber 0202 [email protected]
Marybeth Smith* 0203 [email protected]
Liz Kaplan 0301 [email protected]
Casey Sparwasser 0302 [email protected]
Lindsay Knudsen 0303 [email protected]
Kelsey Schultz* 0401 [email protected]
Kirby Costello 0402 [email protected]
Monikai Tinson Urban Teacher (UT) Resident [email protected]
Brandon Pratta 0403 [email protected]
Gabriella Pellegrini 0501 [email protected]
Hayley Ruppenthal 0502 [email protected]

Ellie O’Connor 0503 [email protected]
Jason Farber 0601 [email protected]
Kelli Poole* 0602 [email protected]
Katja Kleine 0603 [email protected]

Name Title Contact Info
Kat Locke-Jones* 0701 [email protected]
Kevin Ball Urban Teacher (UT) Resident [email protected]
Brooke Petruzzelli 0702 [email protected]
Brian White 0703 [email protected]
Amy Kosmer 0801 [email protected]
Stephen Lohrman 0802 [email protected]
Christina Luthers 0803 [email protected]
Jennifer Shaffer* IEP Chair and Testing Coordinator [email protected]
Tony Berry Specialized Tutor [email protected]
Sarah Hohman Special Educator [email protected]
Ian Haupt Special Educator [email protected]
Meagan V.W Special Educator [email protected]
Amanda Smith Speech Pathologist [email protected]
Kenya Tucker, LCSW-C Social Worker [email protected]
Alyssa Schardt, PhD Psychologist [email protected]
John Polanco Hopkins/Bayview Family Therapist 410.396.9146
Jason LaBarr ESOL [email protected]
Colleen Hicks ESOL [email protected]
Nancy Gonzalez* ESOL [email protected]
Sara Bailin ESOL [email protected]
James Edwards Physical Education [email protected]
Jacy Butcher Art [email protected]
Eugene Garner Band/Orchestra [email protected]
Sonya Kannam Librarian [email protected]
Cathy Geleta Library & Community Outreach Asst. 410.396.9146
Kelly Durkin Drama [email protected]
Ariel Demas Food for Life [email protected]
Julie Bryan Fruit and Veggie Program [email protected]
Melissa Riorda* Nature Exploration [email protected]
Stephanie Chevalier Primary Music Itinerant 410.396.9146
Judith Burlock Nurse [email protected]
Anita Ash Nurse Assistant [email protected]
Marissa Lowery Occupational Therapist [email protected]
Gwen Moore Cafeteria Manager 410.396.9146
Latanga Best Cafeteria Server 410.396.9146
Angela Mayo Cafeteria Server 410.396.9146
Mattie Colson Cafeteria Server 410.396.9146
Michelle Brown Cafeteria Server 410.396.9146

Tiffany White Cafeteria Server 410.396.9146
Jackie Korycki Substitute Teacher 410.396.9146
Rebekah Nicholson Substitute Teacher 410.396.9146
Irene Protopapas Substitute Teacher 410.396.9146
Darius Tarver Substitute Teacher 410.396.9146
Regina Vargas Lunch Assistant 410.396.9146
Claudia Kane Lunch Assistant 410.396.9146
Melanie Wright Custodian 410.396.9146
Fariydah Rasheed Custodian 410.396.9146
Wiesenia Davis Custodian 410.396.9146
Desher James Director of FFG (Afterschool) 410.732.8778

Application for Volunteer Positions at Hampstead Hill Academy

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year. This will be an exciting new year for our students and parents. We are now in the process
of recruiting volunteers for the school year. We are looking for individuals who would be willing to volunteer their time in the
following areas:

Cafeteria Food for Life Room
Time would be in the morning during breakfast from  Assist teacher with the handling and distribution of
7:45-8 am and during the lunch shifts from food items
10:20 am-2:05 pm. Jobs would include the following:
Office Assistant
 Helping students carry their food to the tables and  Help with various office tasks such as counting out
opening items that are difficult papers to be sent home, making copies, sorting
papers, helping to keep donated uniforms and lost
 Encourage students to eat and talk quietly and to get and found items organized
 Notify the staff member on duty if a problem occurs  Work at events such as PTO fundraisers, community
 Walk students to designated locations if they have to dinners, etc. with set up and take down

leave the cafeteria area Career Day
 Wipe up tables when students leave  A one-time event where you would talk with
students about your career and the education
Playground needed for that particular career
Time would align with the lunch shifts. Jobs would include
the following: Meetings
 From time to time, parents are needed to attend
 Keep a watchful eye on students so they do not specialized meetings held away from the school.
wander from the playground You would be asked to be a representative from the
school and to give your opinion on matters being
 Assist in organized games with the students discussed. There are approximately four meetings
 Help a student to the nurse if an injury occurs per year of this nature. The meetings are held in the
 Encourage students to play together nicely evening or on Saturdays.

Art Room Launder Uniforms
Time would vary depending on the groups you would be  When needed, wash school uniforms that students
helping. Jobs would include the following: have borrowed.

 Help students with art supplies
 Assist in getting art work organized and delivered to

classrooms after completion (There are times that
art work needs to dry before the student can take it
 Help to clean up after the students are finished

If you have other talents that you would like to give to our school, please describe _______________________________________
If you would like to donate items, services or money, please indicate what you would like to donate:________________________

_____ Check here, if you are not able to volunteer at school, but would be interested in doing work from home.

Per City Schools’ regulations, a designated HHA staff member will clear your name with the Sex Offender Compliance and Enforcement registry
( If you are listed in the registry, you will not be allowed to volunteer.

Benefits of these positions:
 You have time with your child during the school day and get to meet his/her friends.
 You develop a rapport with other children and serve as a role model/mentor.
 You have the opportunity to share your knowledge with our students and become a vital part of our school community.

Position(s) you are interested in doing: ____________________________________________________________________________

Time(s) you are available: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian/Volunteer Name

_____Please check here if you speak English and Spanish and you could help with translation services during evening parent
teacher conferences.

Home Address

___________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________

Student’s Name (if applicable) Homeroom Teacher (if applicable)

Telephone Number ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Email Address (please print clearly) _____________________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Information (Name and Phone Number)__________________________________________________________


Volunteer Guidelines

 When volunteering, we ask that you dress appropriately. You will be a role model for students so it is important that you dress
comfortably to impress.

 Be aware of the way you speak. Our staff works very hard to teach our students proper language skills. We would like our
volunteers to reflect consistency with this strategy. We ask that you do not use foul language, slang, insulting comments, etc.

 If at any time during the course of your volunteering a student exhibits a behavior issue, tell a staff member. Do not reprimand
the student.

 We know that children are adorable, but please refrain from touching and hugging them.
 Please do not leave the area of the building where you are volunteering.
 When you enter the building, please sign in at the main office, get a pass and proceed to your designated location.
 Most importantly, during the course of your time in the school building, you may hear or see students/adults in a situation that

would not be a favorable representation of their character. To protect the privacy of our students/adults, this information
should be not shared with others by means of gossip. This would not be fair to the student/adult or their families.

Please sign the following:
I have read and understand the guidelines to being a volunteer at Hampstead Hill Academy. I also understand that whatever occurs
in the building while I am volunteering should remain in the building. If I do not abide by the guidelines as presented, I will be asked
to discontinue my volunteer work at the school.


Parent/Guardian/Volunteer Signature Date

Thank you for offering your help to the staff and students of Hampstead Hill Academy.
Please place this completed form in Ms. Swann’s mailbox located in the main office. You will be contacted by Ms. Swann.

Per City Schools’ regulations, a designated HHA staff member will clear your name with the Sex Offender Compliance and Enforcement registry
( If you are listed in the registry, you will not be allowed to volunteer.

Tips for Walking Safely to School

Walking is fun, but you need to be safe while doing it. Follow these tips to make sure you get
to and from school without any problems.

Walk together

Younger children should always walk with an adult. Tell your parents that walking is great
exercise and a nice way to spend time together.
If your parents say that you can walk to school on your own, remember these tips:

• Walk with a friend when possible.
• Ask your parents to help you pick a safe route to school; one that avoids dangers.
• Stick to the route you picked with your parents. Don’t let friends talk you into shortcuts

that are more dangerous.
• When you are near the street, don’t push, shove, or chase each other.
• Never hitchhike or take rides from people not arranged by your parents.
• Talk to your parents and teacher about any bullying that may happen during your walk.

Be seen

Remember, drivers may not be able to see you well. Always wear bright-colored clothes and if
it is dark or hard to see, carry flashlights or wear reflective gear.

Look for traffic

Watch out for cars and trucks at every driveway and intersection on your walk to school. Look
for drivers in parked cars. They may be getting ready to move.

Cross the street safely

1. Stop at the curb or edge of the street.
2. Look left, right, left and behind you and in front of you for traffic.
3. Wait until no traffic is coming and begin crossing.
4. Keep looking for traffic until you have finished crossing.
5. Walk, don’t run across the street.

Obey traffic signs, signals and adult school crossing guards

For more resources and information on Safe Routes to School, please visit the National Center for Safe Routes to School Web site at




According to the Earth Policy Institute, Idling doesn’t just affect air quality. No one would knowingly purchase a
more than three million people die each It puts the entire ecosystem at risk. vehicle that guzzled gas while getting
year from the effects of air pollution. Related pollution impacts streams, zero miles to the gallon. Yet that’s what
Tailpipe emissions that form ground- rivers, lakes, bays, and coastal waters. happens when we idle. Wasteful and
level ozone can lead to a variety of If everyone in Maryland eliminated unnecessary, idling is harder on engines
serious health conditions. That’s why unnecessary idling, local ecosystems and less fuel-efficient than driving.
it’s important to be aware of how idling would be healthier. Consider the economic impact of idling
impacts those around you and turn your the next time you’re behind the wheel.
engine off at every opportunity. n Each gallon of fuel burned emits
about 20 pounds of carbon dioxide n Idling leaves residue on spark plugs,
n Car exhaust contains air pollutants and introduces varying levels of increases fuel consumption by up to
that can cause cancer, respiratory nitrogen into the atmosphere. five percent and can reduce the life
issues, reproductive effects, birth of your exhaust system.
defects, and other serious illnesses. n Over the course of a year, one car
idling for just five minutes each day n Excessive idling can damage your
n One minute of idling produces more can emit as many as 25 pounds of engine and add as much as $2,000
carbon monoxide than three packs harmful air pollutants and about 260 per year in maintenance costs.
of cigarettes. pounds of carbon dioxide.
n Idling consumes up to a gallon of fuel
n Exposure to vehicle exhaust n Excess nitrogen can fuel the growth an hour and wastes about six billion
increases the risk of death from heart of algae blooms in the bay, which gallons of fuel each year.
and lung disease. can block sunlight from reaching
underwater grasses and create low- n The average person wastes about
n Children breathe 50 percent more oxygen “dead zones” that suffocate one to two tanks of gas every
air per pound than adults. Because marine life. year by idling.
of their developing lungs and higher
breathing rates, air pollution is n About one third of the nitrogen in the n Idling for more than 10 seconds
especially dangerous to children. Chesapeake Bay comes from the air. consumes more fuel than restarting
your engine.
n Car exhaust increases the symptoms n Airborne nitrogen is one of the largest
of asthma—the most common sources of pollution affecting the n Idling contributes to serious
chronic illness in children, and the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. environmental and human health
cause of most school absences. Poor water quality affects submerged issues that can affect local
bay grasses, blue crab, oysters, and economies.
fish species.


For more information, contact [email protected]

Parent Teacher Organization

Your Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is excited for the
2019 – 2020 school year at Hampstead Hill Academy! We
invite everyone to join us at our first PTO meeting of the
school year in the school library on Monday, September 9th
at 6PM. All parents and staff at HHA with an interest in our
children and school are welcome.

At our first meeting, we will begin preparations for our two
biggest annual fundraisers: “Bee Fit” this fall and “B3” in the spring. We will be discussing other news and events for the
coming school year too such as our family restaurant nights, movie nights, and other fun events. We’d love to hear your
ideas and suggestions!

Last year we had over 140 PTO volunteers throughout the year help with and lead our various initiatives. Together, we
raised over $60k to support our school! The funds go toward teacher funding requests, audio-visual equipment for
music and drama, classroom wishes, school field trips, leadership activities, after school clubs, and much more. We
hope we can count on you to be a part of our successes this year too.

We encourage anyone with a willingness to volunteer or questions to
contact us any time via email, text, social media, by leaving a note in the
school office, finding any board officer in person after school, or at our
monthly PTO meetings. We look forward to meeting you and having a
fantastic year together at the best school

in Baltimore!

Sincerely, PTO Board Officers
& Teacher Representatives:
Your HHA PTO Sean Morrison (443-762-4408),
[email protected] Adrienne Ekas-Mueting, Vice President Jim Hanson, Treasurer Rachel Douglas, Secretary
Jill Morrison, Member-at-Large
Beth Kemmery, Member-at-Large
Nathan Gorham, Member-at-Large
Carmelina Mosier, Member-at-Large
Shallah Graham, Member-at-Large
Alison Bucklin, Member-at-Large
Fulya Gursel, Member-at-Large
Costello, Teacher Representative
Lefever, Teacher Representative
Schultz, Teacher Representative

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PTO? The PTO is YOU! All parents of HHA students and HHA staff who have a vested interest in our children
are members of the PTO.

What does the PTO do? The PTO helps build our school community by hosting events, promoting volunteer programs,
and enhancing the educational facilities and opportunities for our children by sponsoring and funding various clubs,
special projects, events, field trips, and classroom supplies that are not included in the school budget. Last year, the PTO
engaged in more than 20 initiatives and raised over $60,000 in support of the school!

What did the PTO fund last school year 2018 — 2019? The PTO funded brand new audio-visual equipment for the
school to use at music, drama, and other events. It provided aid for field trips and buses for every grade. The PTO
supported many clubs and afterschool activities. Nearly all teachers had classroom and resource wishes fulfilled by the
PTO to enrich students’ school experiences. We also paid for student pizza parties, held staff appreciation breakfasts,
supported the staff’s end of year celebration, and the list goes on.

Where does the PTO get the funds for everything? We solicit donations and fundraise! The PTO runs 2 major
fundraising events each year, “Bee Fit” in the Fall and “B3” in the Spring, along with 20+ other fundraising activities
throughout the school year. The more we raise, the more opportunities we can provide for our students and our staff!

What is Bee Fit? It’s a health and fitness themed field day held each Fall for the students in Patterson Park. Students
raise money via donations, pledges, and can earn awesome prizes! Last year we raised over $22,000! Bee Fit will be
held this year on Wednesday, October 16th.

What is B3? “Bingo, Bidding, and Bites” is held in Spring each year at the school as an over-21 fundraising event. Money
is raised through ticket sales, silent auction, bingo games, bar sales, raffles, etc. Food and auction items are arranged
with support from local businesses and families. Last year we raised over $29,000! B3 will be held on Saturday, April

How does the PTO make all of that happen? Last year we had more than 140 volunteers like yourself help make it all
happen! The PTO has 9 officers and 3 teacher representatives that organize and plan for the school year along with YOU
– the parents, teachers, and staff at HHA that help throughout the year by volunteering time and talents to help execute
all of our activities! All levels of help are appreciated, whether you can donate just an hour or more of your time or skills
that can be put to use, we need YOU to get involved!

What can I do to help? Get involved! Come to our monthly meetings, volunteer, participate in fundraisers, lead a new
activity, have your voice heard, and help enhance HHA for our kids! Please consider providing your phone number and
email address to be included in our Together in Education roster and PTO email distribution list; follow us on Facebook
(; and be sure to check the school website, calendar, and monthly newsletter for info
on all of our latest activities. You can also simply leave a note to the PTO in the front office or send email to
[email protected]

A lot goes on at Hampstead Hill Academy, so here’s a summary of PTO events this year. Some events are run by the
HHA PTO; some by HHA staff; while others still are a collaboration of parents, teachers, and/or staff. You can find
wonderful coverage of all events in the school’s monthly newsletter from Ms. Geri Swann, editor and Director of
Community Outreach. Here we’ll focus on events that directly involve or are run by the PTO. Check the school calendar
at for exact dates!

We love this school. We know you will too. We look forward School
to seeing these amazing children play, learn, and grow at HHA. Start

Bulletin Board Upcoming events, student creations, and fundraising goals are Monthly
showcased down the main floor hallway towards the cafeteria.

Monthly Meetings The PTO meets regularly, at least once a month to discuss Monthly
what’s going on at school and vote on funding requests.

Happy Hours, Drag Queen Evening socializing at local sites like Cocina Luchadores, Tutti Monthly
Bingo, Restaurant Nights Gusti, Paulie Gee’s, Sahomja, Panera, Verde, & others give a

portion back to HHA and are great for meeting & connecting.

Attendance parties Every month, the PTO sponsors a pizza party for the grade Monthly
with the highest attendance. Delicious attendance.

Harris Teeter We’ll set it up for you. Provide the phone # associated with Ongoing

your account, and they will give back a % of the stuff you buy.

Box Tops for Education The classic program from General Mills is switching to receipt Ongoing
scanning, but HHA gets 10cents each if you set it up.

Movie Night Family in PJs; grab a blanket; and munch on pizza, popcorn, & Fall &
snacks while enjoying a movie projected onto the gym wall. Spring

One of our biggest fundraisers of the year for children, HHA Fall
students collect donations & pledges for prizes and an all-day
athletic field day in Patterson Park. Fall
Marathon Cheer In collaboration with Leaders Go Places and Girl Scouts, HHA
kids salute fitness & cheer on runners passing by the school.

Miracle on Hudson Street Dinner and Santa at Silks restaurant.

Teacher Appreciation In collaboration with Padres Unidos, we treat all of HHA’s Winter &
Breakfast amazing teachers to a full spread of deliciousness. School End

Classroom Wish List PTO gathers & grants teacher wishes, then opens up Winter &
Square One the rest on an Amazon wish list for parents and the Spring
community to fulfill.
Turn your child’s artwork into cups and keepsakes.

Bingo, Bidding, One of our biggest fundraisers of the year for over-21, this Spring
& Bites date night event held at school has games, amazing silent
auction deals, & a delicious smorgasbord. Spring
End of
Elementary School Dance Your child gets to take you (or some other responsible adult) School
to a themed evening of music and dance in the school gym.

Volunteer Appreciation We celebrate and reflect on all the above events you helped

Party with at our annual invite-only and tastily catered party.

Voting Member Registration
You are invited to join the HHA PTO as a Voting Member! Please submit a completed registration no later than 14
October 2019. The annual voting period runs from October 1st through September 30th each school year.

As a Voting Member, you can help decide how PTO funds are distributed by voting on funding requests that are
presented to the PTO throughout the year by staff, students, and families at HHA. Every year, Voting Members help
decide how thousands of dollars are invested towards trips, equipment, clubs, events, supplies, celebrations, and more
at HHA.

PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY and return this completed registration form along with dues payment to the PTO mailbox in
the school’s front office, send it in with your child’s folder, or bring it to the PTO Meeting on 9 September or 14
October 2019 at 6pm in the school library. Thank you for your support!


Hampstead Hill Academy PTO Voting Membership
Make checks payable to HHA PTO

□ I would like _________ (how many) Voting Memberships at $5 per person
□ I would like to make an additional tax-deductible donation of $ _________

Parent's name: ________________________________________________________________
Phone number: _____________________Email address: _____________________________

Parent's name: ________________________________________________________________
Phone number: _____________________Email address: _____________________________

Child's name: _______________________________________________Grade: ____________
Child's name: _______________________________________________Grade: ____________
Child's name: _______________________________________________Grade: ____________

□ Please do NOT add me to the HHA PTO mailing list
□ Please do NOT add me to HHA’s annually-renewed Together In Education roster where a percentage of my

Harris Teeter purchases are donated to the school (at no cost to me)

Join Hampstead Hill Academy

Friends and Family Night Out!

Bring this flyer into Tutti Gusti on
Thursday, September 5th
from 3-8pm

10% of Food & Drink purchases
(eat-in or carry out) will be donated to

Hampstead Hill Academy PTO

Come enjoy great food as well as a night out!

Gluten-free options available

Tutti Gusti
3100 Fait Ave.Baltimore.21224


First PTO Happy Hour
of the year!

Bring your families! Bring your friends.
We will begin the year at Sandlot Baltimore!
We will find an area to socialize. There are games, local
food and drinks. This location does not take cash!

September 20, 2019
6 pm

Harbor Point
1000 Wills Street
Baltimore, MD 21231

Please link your VIC card to
Hampstead Hill Academy!

Connect your VIC card to our Together in
Education account and HHA earns. There is
no cost to you. When you shop Harris Teeter
brands, a percentage is donated back to the
school(s) your card is linked to. There are NO
LIMITS to how much a school can earn. VIC
cards just have to be relinked annually. We
can link you, friends, and/or family
automatically if you sign up here:

Alternatively, you can associate your VIC card yourself by going to
your Harris Teeter account every year and linking to school #2488.

Sign up for the HHA Theatre Events Remind
to be the first to receive information about
HHA performances and local Baltimore
opportunities for PK-8th grade students!

Sign up for important updates from Ms.

Get information for Hampstead Hill Academy right on your phone—not on handouts.

Pick a way to receive messages for HHA Theatre Events:

A If you have a smartphone, get push
Join HHA Theatre Events
On your iPhone or Android phone,
open your web browser and go to Full Name
the following link:
First and Last Name
Phone Number or Email Address
Follow the instructions to sign up
for Remind. You’ll be prompted to (555) 555-5555
download the mobile app.

B If you don’t have a smartphone, To
get text notifications.
Text the message @hhatheatre to the
number 81010. Message

If you’re having trouble with 81010, try @hhatheatre
texting @hhatheatre to (443) 577-4229.

* Standard text message rates apply.

Don’t have a mobile phone? Go to on a desktop computer to sign up for email notifications.


With Patterson Park Audubon Center

Programas con Audubon en Parque Patterson

¡Invitamos a su familia a programas sobre naturaleza en español!

Saturday, September 7th, 9:00-10:30 AM
All ages welcome! ∙ Free!
Meet at the wetland garden, uphill & northwest of the boat lake in
Patterson Park. Build bird habitat in Audubon’s native plant gardens in
Patterson Park! We need volunteers to make sure they remain healthy
habitats for the park’s birds and butterflies. Weed, mulch, and/or plant
while spending a relaxing morning outdoors with friends, family, and
Audubon. We’re happy to sign community service hours for helpful
students. For directions or questions: [email protected] or

Sábado, 7 Septiembre, 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Mariposas Maravillosas
Empezamos en la mesa al lado noreste del lago en el parque
¡Bienvenidos! Audubon imparte este programa educativo y divertido
sobre naturaleza. Venga para explorar el parque y los cambios de las
estaciones y como les afectan a los animales y plantas. Se enseña en

Intro to Bird-Friendly Gardening
Monday, September 9th, 5:30 – 7:30 PM
Enoch Pratt Free Library, Orleans Street Branch ∙ 1303 Orleans Street

Tuesday, September 10th, 5:30 – 7:30 PM
Enoch Pratt Free Library, Southeast Anchor Branch ∙ 3601 Eastern

Bird-Friendly Garden Design Please register in advance: [email protected] or
Monday, September 16th, 5:30 – 7:30 PM 410.558.2473.
Enoch Pratt Free Library, Roland Park Branch ∙ 5108 Roland Avenue Audubon imparte este programa infantil sobre naturaleza donde los
Open to the public! ∙ Free! niños exploran artes, juegos, e historias, todo alrededor de un tema
Welcome, gardeners! Come learn how to transform your urban central – ofrecido en español.
dwelling into a native wildlife paradise! Audubon experts will be on Registración: 410.558.2473 o [email protected]
hand to share practical tips and scientific support for gardening with
native plants outside urban homes. Leave with resources you need to AUDUBON’S ALL-AGES BIRD WATCHING WALKS
beautify your outdoor space and attract birds, butterflies, and other Saturday, September 21st in Druid Hill Park, 8:00 – 9:30 AM
beneficial wildlife! Space is limited. Please register in advance: Meet at 3001 East Drive
[email protected] or 410.558.2473. Saturday, September 28th in Patterson Park, 8:00 – 9:30 AM
Meet at the fountain, closest to E. Lombard St. and S. Patterson Park
BILINGUAL TINY TOTS | AMIGOS PEQUEÑITOS BILINGÜES IN Ave. All ages and abilities welcome! ∙ Free!
PATTERSON PARK Over 200 bird species have visited Patterson Park, an important
Friday, September 13th ∙ Viernes, 13 Septiembre migratory stopover in Baltimore City! Audubon experts will lead us in
10:30 - 11:30 AM search of avian friends! Bring the whole family! No experience
Flying Things ∙ Todo Esto Vuela necessary. If you would like to borrow binoculars, drop us an email –
Meet at the picnic tables on the northeastern shore of the Boat Lake we have plenty to share! There is no need to RSVP for this event, just
Empezamos en la mesa al lado noreste del lago en el parque arrive ready to explore! To borrow binoculars:
Ages: 2-5 ∙ Para niños de 2 a 5 años ∙ $5 suggested donation per [email protected] or 410.558.2473.
child, with an adult
Tiny Tots is an early childhood environmental education program
where kids make a craft, play a game, and read a story around a
nature theme. Space is limited.

Children’s Programs
at the Canton Branch

in September

Preschool Storytime Tuesdays, 4:00 p.m.
Baby & Toddler Storytime Fridays, 10:30 a.m. & 11:30 a.m.
Saturday at the Cinema: Dumbo Saturday, September 7, 11:00 a.m.

Baby and Me Yoga Mondays, September 9 – 30, 11:00 a.m.
Canton Chalk Night Mondays, September 9 – 30, 4:30 p.m.
French & English Family Storytime Tuesday, September 24, 10:30 a.m.
Craft Lab: Notebook Collage Wednesday, September 25, 4:00 p.m.

Canton Branch The free educational and cultural programs at
Pratt libraries are made possible by the generous
1030 S. Ellwood Avenue support of donors to the Enoch Pratt Free Library. your journey starts here free TO BMORE


Craft Lab:
Notebook Collage

Collage the cover of your own unique notebook, then
make your own stickers to decorate the pages.

Wednesday, September 25 4:00 p.m.

Canton Branch The free educational and cultural programs at
Pratt libraries are made possible by the generous
1030 S. Ellwood Avenue support of donors to the Enoch Pratt Free Library. your journey starts here free TO BMORE


your journey starts here free TO BMORE


Aging Services in Baltimore City

Come join us to learn about all the programs the Baltimore
City’s Aging Services provides: caregivers’ grants; subsidy
assistance; housing; in-home care and support; Medicare
enrollment; senior center activities; falls prevention;
Medicaid Waiver; Volunteer opportunities; and much more.
You will come away with valuable information!

Lunch and refreshments will be served.

Wednesday, September 18 12:30 p.m.

Canton Branch, Meeting Room The free educational and cultural programs at Pratt
libraries are made possible by the generous support of
1030 S. Ellwood Avenue
donors to the Enoch Pratt Free Library.



Fri. Sept 6, 5-9 PM Primer Viernes caminata de arte

Highlandtown First Friday Art Walk: “State Fair” VIE. 6 de SeptieMbre, 5-9 PM
Celebrate the arts with games, food a puppet petting zoo & more!
Primer Viernes Caminata de Arte: “Feria Estatal”
FRI. Oct 4, 5-9 pm ¡Celebra las artes con juegos, comida, un zoológico de
marionetas y más!
Highlandtown First Friday Art Walk: “Nocturne”
Meet artists as they paint & create art live that night! VIE. 4 de Octubre, 5-9 pm

LANTERNS, CANDY & HAUNTED FUN THIS FALL Primer Viernes Caminata de Arte: “Nocturna”
¡Conoce artistas que pintan y crean arte en vivo esa noche!
SAT. Oct 26 (RAIN DATE: SUN. OCT 27]
Great Halloween Lantern Parade
Celebrate 20 Years of lanterns & fun in Patterson Park! SAb. 26 de Octubre (FECHA DE LLUVIA: Dom. 27 de OCT]
3:30pm Festival | 6:30pm Line-up | 7pm Parade | FREE!
Gran Desfile de Linternas
Thur. Oct 31, 3-6pm ¡Celebra 20 años de linternas y diversión en el
Parque Patterson! ¡GRATIS!
Trick-o-Treat on Main Street 3:30pm Festival | 6:30pm Preparación para el Desfile | 7pm Desfile
418 S. Conkling St
Trick-or-Treat in costume at businesses on Main Street! Goodies, Jue. 31 de Octubre, 3-6pm
games and more for kiddos in front of Filippo’s Restaurant.
Hosted by the Highlandtown Business Association. Trick-o-Treat on Main Street
418 S. Conkling St
FRI. NOV 1, 5-9 pm Disfrazate y recibe dulces en los negocios locales en la
avenida Eastern. ¡GRATIS!
Highlandtown First Friday Art Walk: “Haunted”
Vie. 1 de NOViembre, 5-9 pm
Sat. NOV 2, 5-9 pm
Primer Viernes Caminata de Arte: “Embrujado”
Dia de los Muertos w/ Artesanas Mexicanas
Mexican celebration including community processions, special SaB. 2 de NOVieMbre, 5-9 pm
performances and traditional food & altars at Creative Alliance.
Dia de los Muertos w/ Artesanas Mexicanas
HOLIDAY TREE, TRAIN, LIGHTS & SHOPPING Celebración mexicana incluyendo procesiones comunitarias,
actuaciones especiales y comida tradicional y altares.
SAT. NOV 30, 9AM
Small Business Saturday!
Celebrate local Highlandtown businesses with morning treats, SAB. 30 de NOViembre, 9AM
coffee, shopping & more!
Sábado de Pequeños Negocios
FRI. DEC 6, 5-9 pm ¡Celebre los negocios locales de Highlandtown con golosinas
matutinas, café, compras y más!
3601 Eastern Ave (Outside Southeast Anchor Library) Vie. 6 de DiCiembre, 5-9 pm
Festivities include tree lighting, photos with Santa, opening
of the Highlandtown Train Garden AND merriment into the CELEBRACIÓN DE NAVIDAD EN HIGHLANDTOWN
evening on the Highlandtown First Friday Art Walk! 3601 Eastern Ave (Afuera de la Biblioteca de Sureste)
Las festividades incluyen iluminación de árboles, fotos con Santa,
SUN. DEC 8, 11 AM-5pm apertura de la Maqueta de Trenes de Highlandtown y alegría en el
Primer Viernes Caminata de Arte en Highlandtown!
Highlandtown Shopping Spectacular AND
Merry Mart at the Creative Alliance (3134 Eastern Ave) DOM. 8 de DICiembre, 11 AM-5pm

www.i Compras Espectaculares de Highlandtown Y
Merry Mart en Creative Alliance (3134 Eastern Ave)



9A.M.- 12P.M.




September 2019
Elementary/Middle Tradi

Monday Tuesday Wednesday 5
3 Turkey Sausage 4 Plain Bagel
Labor Day Breakfast Pizza Cinnamon Raisin
Assorted Cold Cereal
Graham Crackers Assorted Cold Cereal
Black Plum Graham Crackers
Fresh Peach Banana
Fresh Peach

9 Oatmeal Breakfast 10 Turkey Sausage 11 Peach & Raspberry 12
Bun Breakfast Pizza Yogurt 19
Assorted Cold Cereal Assorted Cold Cereal Crunchy Granola
Graham Crackers Graham Crackers Clusters
Banana Fresh Peach
Apple Slices Black Plum Assorted Cold Cereal
Graham Crackers
16 Pancake 17 Turkey Sausage Banana
Chicken Sausage Breakfast Pizza Fresh Peach
Syrup Assorted Cold Cereal 18 Plain Bagel
Graham Crackers Cinnamon Raisin
Assorted Cold Cereal Black Plum Bagel
Graham Crackers Fresh Peach Breakfast Pizza
Ginger Gold Apple
Black Plum 24 Turkey Sausage Assorted Cold Cereal
Breakfast Pizza Graham Crackers
23 Oatmeal Breakfast Banana
Bun Assorted Cold Cereal Fresh Peach
Graham Crackers
Assorted Cold Cereal Black Plum 25 Peach & Raspberry
Graham Crackers Fresh Peach Yogurt
Ginger Gold Apple
Black Plum Assorted Cold Cereal
Fresh Peach

30 Pancake
Chicken Sausage

Assorted Cold Cereal
Nutrigrain Bar

Ginger Gold Apple
Black Plum

This institution is an equal opportunity provid

itional Breakfast Menu

Thursday Friday Options Available Daily at
Chicken Breakfast 6 Peach & Raspberry
Fillet Biscuit Yogurt Cold Cereal Options-
Apple Cinnamon Cheerios,
Assorted Cold Cereal Blueberry Muffin Multi-Grain Cheerios, Original
Graham Crackers Assorted Cold Cereal Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast
Banana Crunch, Golden Grahams,
Ginger Gold Apple Graham Crackers
Assorted Fresh Fruit Honey Kix

Chicken Sausage & 13 Cinnamon Glazed 1% White Milk, Fat Free White
Egg Breakfast French Toast Milk
Sandwich Syrup
Menu subject to change
Assorted Cold Cereal Assorted Cold Cereal
Graham Crackers Graham Crackers Milk
Apple Slices Assorted Fresh Fruit

Chicken Breakfast 20 Strawberry Banana
Fillet Biscuit Yogurt

Assorted Cold Cereal Blueberry Muffin
Graham Crackers Assorted Cold Cereal
Apple Slices Graham Crackers
Assorted Fresh Fruit

Chicken Sausage & 27 Cinnamon Glazed Breakfast Condiments
Egg Breakfast French Toast Daily Available Option Nutritionals
Sandwich Syrup

Assorted Cold Cereal Assorted Cold Cereal
Graham Crackers Graham Crackers
Apple Slices Assorted Fresh Fruit


September 2019

Elementary/Middle Lunc

Monday Tuesday Wednesday 5
3 Steak Burger 4 Korean BBQ Chicken
Labor Day BBQ Sauce Cup over
Tuna Salad
Saltine Crackers Brown Rice
Hummus Plate Deli Sandwich
Emoji Fries Falafel on Flat Bread
Autumn Salad
Autumn Salad

9 Hamburger on Bun 10 Breaded Drumstick 11 Chicken Burrito Bowl 12
Cheeseburger on Bun Vegetable rice Sour Cream
Veggie Burger on Tuna Salad Deli Sandwich
WG Hamburger Bun
Roasted Butternut Saltine Crackers Falafel on Flat Bread
Squash Hummus Plate Fiesta Taco Black
Seasoned Greens Beans
Autumn Salad Autumn Salad
Autumn Salad

16 Breaded Cheese Sticks 17 Steak Sub 18 Curry Chicken 19
Marinara Sauce Cup Cheese Steak Sub Brown Rice
Veggie Burger on Tuna Salad
WG Hamburger Bun Saltine Crackers Deli Sandwich
Corn Hummus Plate Falafel on Flat Bread
Steamed Carrots
Autumn Salad Autumn Salad Broccoli

Autumn Salad

23 Breaded Chicken Patty 24 Tuna Boat 25 Beef Nachos 26
Sandwich Saltine Crackers Sour Cream
Deli Sandwich Deli Sandwich
Veggie Burger on Hummus Plate
WG Hamburger Bun Corn Falafel on Flat Bread
Autumn Salad Pinto Beans Autumn
Steamed Carrots
Autumn Salad Salad

30 Fish Nuggets
Deli Sandwich

Veggie Burger on
WG Hamburger Bun

Vegetarian Beans
Autumn Salad

This institution is an equal opportunity provide

ch Menu Friday Daily Available Lunch
Thursday 6 Cheese Pizza
Turkey Pepperoni Milk Options:
Sloppy Joe on Pizza 1% White Milk, Fat Free White
WG Hamburger Bun Carrot Sticks
Autumn Salad Milk, sometimes Fat Free
Tuna Salad Chocolate Milk, Fat Free
WG Bread, 2 slices
Veggie Wrap Green Strawberry Milk
Seasonal Fresh Fruit
Beans Autumn Apples, oranges, nectarines,
Salad plums, watermelon, peaches,

Zesty Italian Cold Cut 13 Cheese Pizza bananas
Sub Turkey Pepperoni All rolls, breads, and tortillas
Baked Chips Carrot Sticks are made with whole grain.
Tuna Salad Autumn Salad Menu is subject change.
WG Bread, 2 slices
Veggie Wrap 20 Cheese Pizza Lunch Daily Available Nutritionals
Rosemary Garlic Turkey Pepperoni
Pizza Condiments
Potatoes Carrot Sticks
Autumn Salad Autumn Salad Milk

WG Chicken Tender
Honey Mustard Cup

Tuna Salad
WG Bread, 2 slices

Veggie Wrap
Vegetarian Beans

Autumn Salad

Spiral Rotini w/Italian 27 Cheese Pizza
Meat Sauce Turkey Pepperoni
Dinner Roll Pizza
Tuna Salad Carrot Sticks
Autumn Salad
WG Bread, 2 slices
Veggie Wrap

Autumn Salad


September 2019 HHA Activities

Thursday, September 5, 2019 Monday, September 23, 2019

 3pm - 3:20pm MS Girls' and Boys' Soccer  2:40pm - 4pm Girls on the Run

Mandatory Meeting  3pm - 4:15pm MS Girls' and MS Boys' Soccer

 3pm - 8pm PTO Tutti Gusti Night Practice

Friday, September 6, 2019 Tuesday, September 24, 2019
 Orange Friday
 8:10am - 9:05am LGP Community Circle  8am - 10am Conexiones Latinas

 2:10pm - 3:10pm Lock Down Drill

 2:45pm - 4:30pm Grs 2-5 Soccer

Monday, September 9, 2019  3:30pm - 4:30pm MS Girls' Soccer Game

 Book Fair September 9 - 13

 8am - 9:30am Padres Unidos/Parents United Wednesday, September 25, 2019

 3pm - 4:15pm MS Girls' and Boys' Soccer Tryouts  8am - 9am Parent Dance Class

 6pm - 7pm PTO Meeting  2:40pm - 4pm Girls on the Run

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 Thursday, September 26, 2019

 3pm - 4:15pm MS Girls' and Boys' Soccer Tryouts  2:45pm - 4pm Garden Club Gr 6-8

 2:45pm - 4:30pm Grs 2-5 Soccer

Thursday, September 12, 2019  3:30pm - 4:30pm MS Boys' Soccer Game

 9am - 10am Fire Drill

 2:45pm - 4pm Garden Club Gr 6-8 Friday, September 27, 2019
 Purple Friday
 5:30pm - 7:30pm Back to School Night  8:10am - 9:05am LGP Community Circle

Friday, September 13, 2019 Monday, September 30, 2019
 Purple Friday
 8:10am - 9:05am LGP Community Circle  2:40pm - 4:20pm Gr 4 Emerging Scholars

 2:40pm - 4pm Girls on the Run

Monday, September 16, 2019  3pm - 4:15pm MS Girls' and MS Boys' Soccer

 2:40pm - 4pm Gym - Girls on the Run Practice

 3pm - 4:15pm MS Girls' and MS Boys' Soccer  3:00pm – 4:30 pm Talent Show Auditions


 6pm - 7pm PTO Bee Fit Planning Meeting NEED INFORMATION QUICKLY?
Tuesday, September 17, 2019
 3pm - 4:15pm MS Girls' Soccer Practice

 5pm - 6pm Girl Scout Parent Info Session

Wednesday, September 18, 2019  Check out our school calendar for
days off and upcoming events
 8am - 9am Parent Cooking Class
 View the latest news magazine
 2:40pm - 4pm Gym - Girls on the Run  Sign up to receive your information

 2:50pm - 4pm Diversity Club Meeting via e-mail
 Find contact info for all of the HHA
 3pm - 4pm School Family Council Meeting
 6:30pm - 7:30pm Cafe Scout Meeting  Look up your child’s schedule, green

Thursday, September 19, 2019 top assignment, school supplies and
much more
 2:45pm - 4pm Garden Club Gr 6-8  Click a link to check out our Facebook
 3pm - 4:15pm MS Boys' Soccer Practice  Find community resources and so
much more!
Friday, September 20, 2019
 Orange Friday
 8:10am - 9:05am LGP Community Circle

 6pm - 7pm PTO Family Happy Hour

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