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Published by habitatricecounty, 2018-01-09 13:00:36

Sophie's Story Kids Picture Book

Sophie's Story Kids Picture Book



Hi, My name is Sophie
and this is a picture of
me and my mom.
When this picture was
taken we were living
in a small, one
bedroom apartment.
My mom and I had to
share a room. I didn’t
like it. There was no
place for me to put
my things – it all had
to be in the living
room. Plus, we
couldn’t get a dog
because we were


My mom worked really hard. She even
had three jobs! But, we just didn’t
have enough money to buy a house of
our own. And, we really wanted our
own house. My mom and I want a
garden and, did I tell you, I really want
a dog!

Then, my mom learned about Habitat
for Humanity. There was a lot for her
to do to apply – it was like doing a lot
of homework she said – but, all of a
sudden my mom told me we were
going to get a house of our own! I was
so excited!


My mom was excited, too. We
kept going to the land where
the house was going to be built!
Then Habitat put a sign on the
land and we had a big ground
breaking celebration with our
friends and family before the
build started.


My mom got to help build the house. That was
really cool. She got to do things she never had
done before! She got to put up the roof, the
siding, the drywall and the flooring. It was really
neat to go to the house to see all the work that
was getting done.


Have you ever
seen the
ground before
a house gets
built? It was
really neat. I
liked how the
dirt made
walls on the
side. Then
they had to
put in the
“footings” –
that helps the
house stay up.


Here’s a
bunch of
working on
building the


Then they built the walls with these
“FORMS”. I think they’re kind of
like lego blocks. Then they poured
cement inside the forms. I guess it
makes the house really STRONG
and my mom says it’s really energy
efficient. We’ve been learning
about energy efficiency in school so
I thought it was pretty neat.

This is a picture of our basement
made out of these FORMS.


Here’s the first floor
with no roof or doors
or windows yet. But,
I know where my
room is going to be!


This is what
the inside of
the house
looked like
when they
were putting
the roof on.


And then once
the roof was
on it seemed
to go really


And before I knew it my house was done! I LOVE IT! 12
My mom and I got to pick out our siding color.
We love blue so that’s what we picked!

Some people think our house was free. That’s not true.
My mom says we pay a MORTGAGE. I don’t really know what
that means but my mom says it’s how we pay for the house.

Here’s a picture of our kitchen and living room. I like that it’s all one big room!


And here’s a picture of my mom’s room and
my room. We have three bedrooms.


We love our bathroom because it’s so big!
We also have a basement but I don’t have a picture

of that. That’s where we do laundry! It’s nice to
not have to go to a laundry mat anymore!


I drew this picture and my mom liked it so much she put it in a frame. It’s hanging in my room now!


Having our house built with Habitat was a really
cool thing. I got to meet a bunch of great people.
Did you know people VOLUNTEERED to help build

our house? That means they didn’t get paid to
come and do this hard work. Lots of them came to

help because they were our friends. But lots of
people who we didn’t know came to help, too.
Some help because they believe God teaches us to
help others, others came to help because they
think our kind of housing is important and others

just like building stuff.
This is my friend, Larry.
Larry really likes building stuff.
He spent over 200 hours
helping to build our house!


If I could give every Habitat volunteer a bit HUG I
would. My mom and I are much happier now that

we have a house of our own.
I have my own room – I don’t have to share with
my mom anymore! I think I’m doing better in
school because I’ve got a quiet place to study at
home and we made some really good friends!


But Habitat for Humanity didn’t
just help my family. They help

lots of other families, too.

This summer, they’re going to
build four more houses. I know

the kids in those families are
super excited. Their parents are

pretty excited, too, I guess.

People who get chosen for
Habitat normally live in

apartments or houses that are
not good. There’s one woman,
Clara, who lived in this place.


Clara’s place was in rough shape. There
were holes in the floor and whenever it

rained the ceiling would leak. In this
picture they tried to catch the water with a

garbage bag.

I’ve learned that people who live in houses
like this it’s not their fault and they didn’t
do anything bad. They work hard and have

jobs but they just don’t have enough
money to fix things that are broken.


But, now Clara lives in this house that Habitat built.
She’s thankful, too, for the volunteers with Habitat.


My mom says that Habitat couldn’t help all these families if it weren’t for volunteers and people
who give money. I sure hope people keep volunteering and giving money because I know this

house has made me really happy. I want other kids to feel happy, too!

THANKS Habitat for helping my family!


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