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Published by Nazhif Jamil, 2020-07-15 13:40:19

e book 2

e book 2

Awareness on Local Endangered Animals
Through Graphic Design

idea proposal



In some places, people’s
iving condition still relies on forest

logo design

logo rationale

Design Element

The logo is based on the
Gestalt Principle
Positive/Negative space of the
critically endangered
Sumatran Rhinoceros, with a
person hugging it and also a
The cloth/fabric texture and
the stitching design
symbolizes eco-material to
promote the eco-image of the
The cursive/handwritten font
reflects the informal and
friendly nature of the brand


The colour symbolizes a sense of balance and calm as well as a
connection to nature
Like the calm seas, blue inspires a sense of calm and spiritual awareness
along with feelings of trust.
The colour combination symbolizes the colour of the Earth and the logo is
in round shape represents the planet Earth.

background research

Malaysia is recognised as one of 12 mega-diversity countries
with many of its species occurring in unusually high densities
(for example, there are estimated to be around 1,500 species of
terrestrial vertebrates alone).
Many of these species are, however, threatened (for example,
14% of Malaysia’s mammals are listed by The World
Conservation Union (IUCN) as endangered).
The common factor that connects them all is that by conserving
them, we are also conserving rich habitats and addressing
major threats that impact on a variety of associated species.
Generally speaking, the main threats that these animals face
stem from either the loss of their habitat or the removal of
individuals from the wild.

problem statement

Generally speaking, the main threats that these animals face
stem from either the loss of their habitat or the removal of
individuals from the wild.
Poaching, for instance is an important issue for many of our
flagship species: Malaysia’s population of Sumatran rhino, for
example, has been almost completely wiped out mainly
because of the monetary value of its horn. In fact, illegal trade in
wildlife is on the rise in this region of the world.

This is however, the lack of awareness among the

authorities and the public had also led to the decline in the
numbers of species.

research objective

swot analysis


Accurate depiction Immature Effective platform Less sustainable
of real scenarios. technology for the 21st Not suitable for
Interactive Substantial time century education old-fashioned
Improve commitment in the learners
knowledge development stage Suitable in both
retention Motion sickness education and
Improve interest High cost
on saving wildlife Encourage active
Matches lifestyle learning
of Generation Z.

Recognizable and Some people’s Groeing use of Poaching still
the largest living condition multimedia and poses a large
organization still relies on forest graphic design, threat animal
Many events and Some initiatives able to reach out conservation
exhibitions to proposed by WWF to a wider activities
continue to spread are inconvenience audience, young Global warming
awareness to humans and old. and environmental
Has more than 5 Company CSR, issues
million supporters allows WWF to
in more than 100 establish relations
countries with companies to
create awareness.

current situation analysis

The survey is
handed-out through

Google Form.

current situation analysis

The survey
managed to collect

115 responses

data collection

Malayan Tiger
Malayan Tapir

Sumatran Rhinoceros

Malayan Tiger
Malayan Tapir
Sumatran Rhinoceros

data collection

Pygmy Elephant
Maximus borneensis

The Borneo elephant, also called the Borneo
pygmy elephant, is a subspecies of Asian
elephant that inhabits northeastern Borneo, in
Indonesia and Malaysia.

Pantera tigris jacksoni

Malayan Tiger Orangutan Colourful
Panthera tigris jacksoni Pongo illustration
A tiger population The orangutans are Realistic
native to Peninsular three extant species pencil drawing
of great apes native
Malaysia to Indonesia and

reference Pictures MaTlaapyairnMTailgaeyran

creative design strategy

Pantera tigris jacksoni
Pantera tigris jacksoni

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design implementation
and evaluation

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