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its been a while

its been a while

Its been a while since I wrote about her, it's not because anything is wrong it's just because our
relationship has evolved in other ways. She has fully filled my soul, my heart and mind, to this
day since we first met, I still think about her every minute of every hour. It's amazing how I still
check my phone hoping she text me even if my phone did not chime. I guess we are both
secure that we captured each other's heart, but I do enjoy reading her texts, listening to her
voice calls that how I truly found out her true qualities. I know we are both busy with work,
family, kids, personal time, etc. but I crave her mind her thoughts I want to know all her
thoughts, all her desires, I want to totally understand all hers needs. She has the ability to fuel
me, to satisfy all my needs, she is one amazing woman.

I want her to be in my daily life as my wife, my best friend, my lover and my soul mate. It's
amazing that when we are together weather at home or in public our love is undeniable. When
she kisses me with A + kiss, she makes me weak in the knees. I look forward to our Thursday
night dates it's our time to truly be connecting. Taking her out to eat or for drink she is the most
beautiful and sophisticated woman in the place. I love dressing her and watching her get
dressed especially when she is wearing something I bought for her. When she sends me a
morning photo it's so sensual and sexual like her sharing and showing me her beauty and
sexual side it's such a huge turn on for me, it's drives me crazy, it fills my desires, it makes me
crave her more. She has no idea how it makes me hunger for her, fill her fantasies, and make
passionate wild love to her. It's like eating your favorite Ice Cream everyday and not gaining any
weight. We are good for each other we thrive off of each other, we are stronger, more confident,
sexually adventurous,and most of makes her feel so beautiful.

She is so beautiful in more ways than you could ever imagine, her eyes just fill my heart when
she looks deep into my soul, her hair is always perfect I love pulling her hair, love to bite her
neck and leave a small mark or bruise on her. Her breasts are so perfect with the greatest
nipples that ever to fill my mouth. I bought her some low cut tops that she totally rocks. Her
sexuality just drips from her when I take her out on date night, if she only knew what she truly
does to me she would do it 24/7. When I'm in her company it's like I loose all control, she turns
me into this man that I always desired to be loving, caring, giving, loyal to her and only her. I
want to give her all she wants, needs and desires if she only allowed me totally into her mind, I
want to take her places she only dreams about giving her security, family, love, filling her sexual
desires and bring her to new desires. I want the excitement, I need the excitement, I desire her.
Thursday night is fast approaching it and I will send her a text of what I expect from her that
evening, I want to take her like never before, her mind, her body, her passions I can't wait to
send her the text. I will see her tomorrow for coffee a hug, a full kiss and grab her ass.
Tomorrow I will disclose some of my plans for Thursday , what she is to wear, from her panties
and bra to shoes and hair she will know and understand she is to please me and I'm to please
her. We are magical together and I never want that to end

Love you for ever


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